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Message from St Germain

Greetings: I am the Master St. Germain. Most of you know who I am. Some of you know that I brought forth the “I AM,” the two most powerful words that can be said. I am here to help you now, as always. This time it is about claiming your freedom.

Freedom is what I am about. Many of you live in IAMERICA, which is what it was originally called, but the IAM was removed.

A Strong Message from St. Germain

Through Valerie Donner

You are supposed to be living in

The land of the free.

That’s why I came here

I came to be me.

I am here to help

You live undisturbed.

For the past has been dark

And I am perturbed.

I’m here to see

The end of this trash,

The lies, the slavery

And the dark ones having a blast.

But now the

Tables have turned.

Thanks to your light

The dark ones will be burned.

What they have done to you

Will be done to them.

They will have nothing

And you will have fun.

Their days are nearly over.

Isn’t that nice!

They’ve had a grand time pretending

They were sugar and spice.

But now the truth is coming out.

They’re going to have

To face the music

And will have no more clout.

Money isn’t everything.

As a Master I say:

“Your days are over.

You won’t have it your way.”

What you have done to life

On this beautiful planet,

Is reprehensible

And we will have nothing more of it.

So we say goodbye to you,

And clear out all your dirt.

The light has taken over

To heal the hurt.

the Lovers’ Archetype

Jennifer Crokaert ~ St Germaine: The Lovers’ Archetype

Jennifer invited me to share my thoughts on the New Dawn in relationships. As you and Gaia enter the final throes of birthing the Golden Age, you will experience constriction in every area of your life where you are resisting the changes that need to evolve through you. It cannot be otherwise.  How can you expand if you are contracted, if your energy is held back, if you are living with someone with whom you are not aligned?

You are moving into the age of expansion, so any area of your life where you are living in a contracted state will become intolerable, because you will be forced to change if you have not do so voluntarily. Nowhere is this more scary than in your intimate relationship; if you have had the courage to sense the lack of alignment, to honour that discord and to speak it, I salute you. You are a bold and free thinker indeed. You have the passion of the Lovers.

If you feel something is not right, if you are holding back because you yearn for something deeper, truer, more aligned with who you are, I salute you, because you are on your path. It is path of exploration, bring curiosity to your path’s evolution, for this will allow more creative expression to flow through your intimate relationships.

You have been, for the most part, clearing karmic relationships. As the karmic cycles move into completion, those relationships are no longer required.  They no longer have the energy or the spark to keep them going. You will know if your karma is done and the relationship no longer serves both of your highest good when there is no spark, no reason to stay together beyond excuses like ‘the children,’ ‘the house,’ ‘the finances,’ ‘the friends,’ what ‘the others’ will say…

You have chosen, at a soul level, to enter a relationship that ends at this time, knowing all the ways that it would impact your life in advance. Be gentle with yourself, with those around you, have courage. You are worthy of a life of expansion and fulfillment.

Now, to the uplifting news! The Lovers’ archetype is sweeping your planet, bringing through a fresh, vibrant, passionate energy which will only grow and expand. These new relationships, or enriched relationships ~ for not all relationships will end, many will be renewed and rejuvenated ~ are more alive, vibrant and fulfilling.

The energy of birth and rejuvenation flooding Gaia is bringing passion and light to an aspect of life that was once ruled by duty, commerce and contract; yet another aspect of the inverted matrix. With aligned energies come aligned relationships: the imaginings of a deeper love that you have cherished in your heart were the murmurings of your Higher Self reminding of you of how a fulfilled relationship would feel for you.

You are worthy of being loved, valued, prized, beheld… Along with the great changes you will see in every aspect of human life, you will see a renaissance of love, not guided by form or duty, but as an expanded, enhanced expression of who you Are.

Consider the energy of the sun, the energy of creation, the energy of the Divine Mother Father One. It is a wildly expansive, tender, nourishing, supportive, creative, healing, sacred energy that uplifts and inspires; it is the energy of transformation. By tapping into this energy in your life, regardless of whether or not you are in a relationship, you can align with the Lovers’ Archetype energy that is flooding Gaia now. Let it flood you, too: be swept up in the dynamism and vibrancy of this creative energy of Love.

Copyright © 2023 Jennifer Crokaert YouTube

I, Saint-Germain invite you to take a moment several times a day to focus within your being, to breathe deeply, to ask to receive all that you need at this stage of your reality and your ascension.

Channeled through Natalie Glasson

Greetings, beloved beings of light. I am Saint Germain and come forth with love, truth transformation, and spiritual magic to serve you at this time, I wish to promote within your daily reality, a moment of silence in order to allow yourself to breathe in time with the Universe of the Creator and to breathe in time with your entire being on all the many levels and dimensions of your being.

The purpose of this is to rebalance your being and your energies. Your energy flow and your ability to receive the Creator will be balanced allowing you a moment of what you need.

What do you need to nurture and nourish your being in this stage of your ascension? What do you need to take the next step forward in your ascension?

This means that our moment of silence for you will be completely different from another person, and each time you achieve it you may gain something different. It is important in spiritual growth to receive what you need.

The mind creates beautiful patterns, ideas and limitations, sometimes distracting from the pathway that is needed or the understanding or clarity that is required. With a moment of silence, where you breathe in time with the Universe of the Creator and you breathe in time with your entire being, you allow yourself to balance and receive all that is necessary.

Not necessarily, what you want, but what you need. Can you imagine how powerful it would be if every being on the Earth stopped at the same time and achieve this practice? Every being would receive what they need to support them in ascension and their reality. Therefore, as a collective, everyone would receive what they needed as well. It would be a very powerful transformation.

When an Ascension shift and wave of energy flows from the Universe of the Creator and the core of the Creator, this is what all beings within the universe of the Creator, the inner planes achieve. They have a moment of silence where they breathe in time with the Creator and all that is the Creator and therefore are able to receive everything that they need to nurture and nourish themselves. So, I Saint Germain invite you to achieve the same in your reality.

Firstly, the word silence can be quite misleading. However, there doesn’t seem to be a word that truly describes this moment. Maybe the best description would be a moment of presence, being present with all that is the Creator or a moment of receiving what you need. When we use the word silence, it often dictates that the sound is turned down, there are no thoughts in your mind, and that your surroundings need to be quiet, but this is not the case.

It is easy for people upon the Earth to take a moment of silence, where they reflect within, it is an understanding that is well-known. Please be aware your thoughts do not need to be silent, nor does your outside reality. It is simply a moment of inner reflection and connection.

Secondly, being open to what you need is something that is lacking in humanity upon the Earth.

Many drive forth the thoughts of what they believe they need but very few open to simply accept what the Creator believes is appropriate for them. Sometimes there are numerous blocks even in the process of receiving.

Do you believe yourself capable of receive everything that the Creator wishes to share with you, to really receive it and embody it, taking it into your being and utilizing it in a way that serves you. Simply holding the intention allows you to achieve this process with greater ease.

It doesn’t matter if you are unable to grasp what you are being given. There is essentially no need for understanding with the mind.

The most important aspect is the intention of receiving and embodying, and so I, Saint-Germain invite you to take a moment several times a day to focus within your being, to breathe deeply, to ask to receive all that you need at this stage of your reality and your ascension.

Then to hold the intention or to ask to breathe in the same rhythm as your entire being, your divine self, all the many levels and layers of your being and of course, your physical body as well.

Then when you feel it is appropriate, ask to breathe in time, in rhythm, with the Universe of the Creator. Simply continue to focus on inhaling deeply and exhaling deeply.

As you focus on your breathing, certain inspiration, awareness, vision, symbols, colors, thoughts, or sensations, may come into your awareness, simply observe and bring your attention back to your breathing.

This is an immensely nurturing process. It is a special gift of insight and remembrance that I wish to share with you.

I thank you. I am Saint Germain.

This is the start of your new life on earth.-Saint Germain via Ngari-

Dear brothers and friends: St. Germain speaks to you…

The long wait is over. Everything is running smoothly and according to plan. The spread of wealth on planet earth begins today.

With My Great pleasure..!!

I would like to inform you that NESARA and GESARA were created for the highest benefit of mankind.

I can confirm that today the world is entering a golden age of love, abundance for all and great peace, which so far has been the privilege of a few.

We had to wait 20 years to see full NESARA/GESARA law enforcement. It was a dry and changeable road, but with the priceless help of Lightworkers, we made it!

There are still people who continue to fight the obvious victory of light, but they realize that the battle is over, and the war ends with the undeniable victory of light.

No insurance stir-fry date, January 15, 2023est. This is the start of your new life on earth.

Said the conch, we have entered the age of light with all its involved. Soon the whole world will know the truth they worked hard to cover them up.

From now on earth will be a full galaxy society, the beginning of heaven on earth.

Your world will be remade in a totally different way, with a more just society, with the distribution of wealth that is no longer in the hands of the minority.


the champagne can be opened..!!!!!!!!!

May happiness prevail everywhere..!!

Wanna see everybody party when my heart says so

“Still got bills I don’t know how to pay.”

Replace the word “empty” IMMEDIATELY!!! 🌹

From your friend and brother

-Saint GermainSherkman-

channeled by María Cecilia Ngari

The record:

Our beloved Mary… Been getting messages from Ascended Masters and Ashtar Command for almost 50 years…

She was the first group to bring this truth to us all….

So world reference in this episode

🔥 Lights have won 🔥. Thanks Fabio Trippitelli for the info

Message from Saint Germain
by Ngari

Message from Saint Germain
by Ngari

Everything is going well!

My beloved. I know that yesterday you felt disappointed by Trump’s speech. In fact, he has not lived up to the lofty expectations of all of you who are awake.

Trump was expected to give them – in code or openly – an overview of what is actually happening.

It was hoped that he could calm the anxiety for the redemption that in your the vision and feeling is taking a long time.

But backwards, Trump has made a political speech. He did not mention the events. He didn’t utter any words to encourage them.

Well, I tell you that all this has been another theater. A war tactic. “Whenever you feel strong, appear fragile.”

Surely, Mr. Trump has had his reasons for acting like this. And it is not up to me to reveal them now.

We are living through a very delicate moment in that war, which in reality has already ended. There are only a few stumbling blocks that must be eliminated.

I recommend that you firmly follow the path outlined. Victory awaits you just around the corner. That I can assure you. We never leave you alone.

I am your older brother Saint Germain, responding to a request from our beloved Ngari.

Thank you Saint Germain.

My pleasure!

St. Germain – The New Republic

by James McConnell

I am Saint Germain. I come to be with you at this time, in these special times of great change that is upon you now. Change that has been foretold for may ions of time within your many works: your bible, your Tora, all of the different works that have expressed these changes that are to come and preparing you for these changes. Just as we, those that mentor to you, have been preparing you for these great changes.

And you are on the cusp of those changes now, in these next days! And you can expect much to be revealed coming forward. Watch, as you literally go through a resurrection. A resurrection to move from the democracy that you have now, that those that have been in control have attempted to hold onto, thinking, making you think, making all think, that this was what was needed. But a democracy is corruptible, just as it has been corrupted.

But you are moving and resurrecting now to a new republic. The republic that was meant for this country. And not only this country, but the entire planet, the world itself! All of the countries of the world coming together as one. People speaking for themselves as one, no longer being controlled by another. For how can you control the God Source within you? It is not possible, if you are aware that you are that God Source.

So “as a republic for which it stands, one nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.” That is the creed that was stated by your forefathers. Those that came before you, that prepared this nation. This nation to lead a world. This nation to work an entire world. That is what it was meant for.

But, of course, those of the forces of darkness stepped in and put their mark on things to change it, to make it the way they wanted it to be. But no longer can that hold sway.

For everything is about to change. And many will call this a miraculous change. Many will not see this coming, as you, those of you that are the Awakened Ones, the Chosen Ones, have known for some time that this is coming. These great changes are upon you.

It is up to each and every one of you now to be those Warriors of Light. Many of you will have to step out of your comfort zones. It is destined that you do so when the time is right. When you feel the calling. And not before. If you feel that calling now? Yes, respond. If you’ve already felt it, you have already responded. And for those of you that have not yet felt the calling, it is coming. It is guaranteed that you will hear the calling. You will hear the messages coming to you to now reach out and help a brother, a sister, in whatever way that you feel called to do so.

Some of you were there at that time of the signing of the Declaration and the establishment of the Constitution of this nation. Some of you were there with me, either in body or in spirit, and were a part of this Great Changeover that is coming now. The Changeover that was prepared 200-plus years ago and is now being readied once again to find the true and the complete fruition of this, and the spreading of the Light. One nation spreading Light to the world and beyond. A Republic. A Republic by, and for, and of the people.

Your President Trump attempted to show that, to share that with all of you. And it was a return to the people. From the government to the people. This is what is in process of happening now.

You are all in a position now where you can observe what you started long ago—many, many lifetimes ago. Many thousands of years ago you started this. You came here to begin this process to awaken a world. And awaken it, you have!

I am Saint Germain. And I leave you now in peace, and love, and oneness.

And that the Violet Flame continues to purge out all of the old programming that is no longer needed or necessary within you.

Those times have passed.

It is time now for the new you to be born from the old.

So the plan to awaken the population of this planet is working. It is truly in process, and it cannot be stopped. -Saint Germain via James-

I am Saint Germain. I come to be with you at this time, in these momentous times of change. And yes, you are right in the midst of these changes, and they are rapidly increasing, as you are beginning to see now.

What was once years ago when you would have thought of these things happening at this time, you never would have thought it was possible. That’s you! Those of you that have awakened! Think about how it is for those that are still yet sleep! And all they want to do is live their lives, go through their daily life, not having a care in the world if they can get through it like that. Completely oblivious to the reality of the truth. The truth of who they are, what they are here for. All of these things that you are already aware of, that you have already awakened to.

But I must tell you that the light is coming in more and more now. And as the light comes in, as the truth moves in, the darkness must fade away. But before it fades away, it comes out crawling and screaming, and it wants to hold on. And those that are within those dark forces want to hold on. They are doing everything they can to resist the light. To resist the truth being told. This is why there are many lies and disinformation, misinformation everywhere.

And for those of you that know the truth, you know it because it is deep within you to know it. It is within your DNA process to know it, because of who you know that you are now.

But those of the dark forces are and will continue to fight. And in so doing, they are bringing themselves down everywhere. So you have been told many times to view this as a show or a movie that you are both participating in as the actors, the directors, the producers, all of this, and also as the audience watching. You are doing both here.

It is up to you, each and every one of you, to keep moving forward, not let yourself fall back into feeling that you want to stay within the status quo. You are awakened. And awakened you shall stay, because it is your destiny. It is what you came here to do, first to awaken yourselves, and then to start to awaken the collective consciousness of man.

Even though you feel at times that you can do nothing, and are doing nothing, you are always doing something. You are always moving the Light forward just by being who you are. Being the Light of Truth that you are. Everywhere that you go, your light spreads with you, even without you knowing it consciously working with it. It is happening regardless.

And whenever any one of you steps out and begins to share the truth with another that is in that awakening process, not only are you helping awaken that one person, but that one person now that is becoming awakened will now move forward and help another to awaken as well to strobe the Light of Truth everywhere.

There are more than you can know at this time that have awakened, or are in that awakening process at this very moment. So the plan to awaken the population of this planet is working. It is truly in process, and it cannot be stopped. The momentum is so strong at this point that it is indeed bringing down the house of cards of the forces of darkness.

Even though you may not see it all the time, even though you may feel drawn back at times to feeling like everything is falling apart in your life, it is not. It is exactly the opposite. Your lives are coming together now, not falling apart.

So continue to trust. Trust in all that you have been hearing and reading, because you know the truth. Again, deep within you you know what is misinformation and disinformation. And you know how to separate that from the truth.

And if you don’t know at any given time, just simply ask. Ask your Higher God-Self: “Is this the truth?” and the truth will then come to you in a resonance. You will feel it within you. And again, a knowing will come over you.

I am Saint Germain. And I leave you now at this time to continue to ask you all to continue to move forward. Don’t step back. Move forward, step, after step, after step.

Because as you are all doing that now, and the changes are growing more and more, there is going to come a time, I cannot, of course, say when, but a time, an event if you will, maybe not The Great Event, but events that are coming forward now that will change everything across the entire planet. It is coming. It is close. Just be ready. Be prepared.

And continue to spread the light everywhere, anywhere, any time that you are feeling encouraged to do so.

Peace and love be with all of you

The Great Awakening is upon you right now in this moment!

by James McConnell

I am Saint Germain. I come to be with you at this time, as all of you are now operating, not in the third-dimensional illusion anymore.

Yes, occasionally you find yourselves there, whenever those times come up, when you feel like you are lost. When you feel like you cannot go on. Those times that come on. That is the old programming seeping back in. But I say ‘seeping back in,’ because you have moved beyond it. You are all in the fourth dimension now. You must understand that.

In a sense, you have graduated. You have moved out of that third-dimensional illusion. The veil has been dropped. But only if you believe it, only if you know it to be. And if you do believe it, and if you do know it to be, you are firmly ensconced within the fourth-dimension now, and moving on toward the fifth.

And there are those times when you find yourselves in the fifth-dimension, in that fifth-dimensional higher consciousness expression. When you feel the bliss. When you feel the connection to nature. When you touch water and you feel the consciousness within the water. When you touch a tree and feel the consciousness and the aliveness within that tree–amazed that it even will talk to you, speak to you, share with you its wisdom! It is all there for you if you just open up.

Open your eyes. Open your third eye, which then opens your physical eyes as well to the beyond the beyond here. And it is all open to you now if you’ll allow it to be.

But it is up to each and every one of you to remember who you are, and why you are here. These are the times, my friends, that you came here to be. You came here to be, to follow up, to go about your Father’s mission, your Higher God-Self’s mission. Your Father/Mother. It is all there for you. All there for the taking if you allow it to be. Just let yourselves go and be yourself wherever you find yourself in any situation. Let yourself be who you are if the situation calls for it.

And do not shy away. Do not become passive. You did not come here to be passive. You did not come here to be one of the many followers. You came here to be a leader. A leader of men, a leader of women. You came here to spread the light, share the light, to be the light. To be the shining light that others can look up to and to for help.

And when they look to you for help, you will help guide them to their Higher God-Self, even if you do not do it knowingly, or they do not go knowingly. But it will open up that avenue of expression that gives them their Higher God-Self and begins to connect to them. And they begin to ask those questions that you have all asked before. “What am I doing here? What is this all about? Who am I?” And when they begin to ask those questions, just as you all have some time ago, then the full awakening begins within..

And once that full awakening begins, as you know, there is no going back! Would you go back, yourself?! Would you go back to that ignorant state? To that state where you do not know the truth. When you are unsure of who you are. Would you go back if you could? No! You wouldn’t. There is not a one of you that would go back to that. Because you have all seen the light. You have all felt the light. You have all realized that you are the light.

So let yourselves go. Let yourselves be, and continue to enjoy the journey along the way. Because it is a long journey. It has been a long time coming to this point, and it will be a long time going after this. For there is no end. Just as there was never a beginning. You have always been, always will be, and certainly are now in this moment.

So appreciate this moment. Appreciate it for what it is. And certainly see the beauty in everything. See the truth in everything. See the light. Feel the light in everything. And when you do that, it opens up the expression to others around you. And your vibration begins to attract them to you. Just as their higher vibration attracts you to them. Like attracts like. It is all an attraction process.

And the entire ascension process is all about attraction. It is all about higher consciousness attraction. And that is why you do not feel comfortable in situations that are of low vibration. Just as those that are of low vibration do not feel comfortable in those areas of high vibration. So that is the separating that is going on. The separating of the wheat from the chaff. And that is going to continue on for a bit yet.

But there will be an explosion of truth coming forward here now. And it will open up the light to many across the planet that have been still held back within the darkness. Within the darkness within themselves. The misunderstanding. The mistrust. All of that is going to go away as more and more people become awakened and realize who they are and what they are here for, just as you all have.

The Great Awakening is upon you right now in this moment! So get ready. Get ready for the Great Changeover that is strongly developing now, within the background, but coming forward more and more now into the light.

I am Saint Germain, and I leave you now in peace, and love. And that the Violet Flame and the Great White Light within you continues to expand and grow to immense proportions beyond you. So that when anyone ever sees you, that even before they see you, they will feel your light. They will feel your higher vibration, and it will begin to attract them to you, and you to them.

Yes, you have created family here. Your soul family too. You have soul family throughout the galaxy and beyond that are waiting for you to once again acknowledge them

St. Germain Through James McConnell: The Great Changeover

I am Saint Germain. I come to be with out in this time, in these auspicious times that are upon you now, as the Great Changeover continues to move forward.

The Great Changeover that at this point can certainly not be stopped. It has gained so much momentum that those that were the powers, and are no longer the powers, they, even they, realize that they have lost control.

Do they continue to hold on? Do they continue to act as animals that have been cornered? Yes, they do. And they will likely continue to do so.

But as the vibrational frequencies continue to increase, and you, as the Lightworking Community, continue to be the catalyst for this raising of vibrational frequencies, and raising your consciousness, and bringing back the light and the love into this planet. As you continue to do that, then those that were the powers and are no longer the powers to be, they continue to recede back into the shadows that they came from.

But before they do that, as you are seeing, they have come in to the higher frequencies, and they cannot handle themselves there. That is why you are seeing the great confusion and the great experiences that are happening now that are bringing in an awakening, a great awakening to the population everywhere. Why they are seen and really doing what would be considered ridiculous things. Some even would call them stupid actions that are bringing attention to themselves, whereas before they hid from that attention.

But now they have been brought forth screaming into that attention. And those higher vibrational frequencies are making them look like they do not even know what they are doing anymore. The mistrust, the lies are being shown forth for what they are. And more and more people are awakening to those lies, awakening to that mistrust.

They are now beginning to search more and more for the truth, doing the research, if you will, that all of you have been doing to help in your awakening process. They are now beginning to do so as well. More are doing this, and will continue to do this. And as the vibrational frequencies continue to increase, and the resulting consciousness increases, then those that seemingly are in power will no longer be so.

It is up to each and every one of you to continue to share your light, share your truth whenever you have the opportunity. And just in being who you are and carrying the aura that you do when you move out into the populous, you are bringing that light forward and sharing it, even to those that have no idea that you are doing so. But you are. And every time that you smile, every time that you wave your hands to another in greeting, and whatever you might do, you are helping to raise the vibrational frequency and consciousness to the collective across the planet.

As you share with one, that one goes and shares with another, and another. Where one will share with three, and those three will share with three more each, and so on in a geometric progression. That is how the Great Awakening continues to gain more and more momentum.

And yes, indeed, there are those, those Special Ones, that have taken a leadership role within the Light. They are helping to awaken a great many more. And will continue to do so. Till it comes a time when they no longer need to do that any longer.

That time, my friends, is approaching more and more. You are, as they say, on the cusp of The Great Changeover to take you forward into the new Millennium of Light that is ahead for you, and for all of you.

As you have also heard, you will have the choice to remain here, to be a part of the new expression here on the Earth, to be a part of the new higher expression of Gaia, to continue this evolution forward.

Or, at any point, you may decide to go back home, wherever that home may be. That home that is calling many of you to return, return to family that you left long ago.

Yes, you have created family here. Your soul family too. You have soul family throughout the galaxy and beyond that are waiting for you to once again acknowledge them. And when you do acknowledge them, from your position here within this evolution, they will then be able to acknowledge you and make themselves known to you.

Many have been attempting to do so, to reach you. If you allow it, they will be able to do so. It takes trust. It takes belief. Even more than that, it take the knowing. They are there for you.

I am Saint Germain. I leave you now, with peace and love and oneness. And that the Violet Flame together with the white light of love continue to assist you in your progression forward through this ascension process into your full ascension.

Urgent Message from Saint Germain By Ngari.

Urgent Message from Saint Germain
By Ngari
The darkness surrenders.
Victory of light!!!
beloved brothers. It is with great joy that I come to inform you that the Cabal has just surrendered.
The Russians, under the leadership of Putin, who also works for the Earth Alliance, have just cleaned out the last dumbs in Ukraine.
All the evil, greed, trafficking in people and children, and the horrible experiments that were done there, will be no more. They have been destroyed forever and ever.
The Russians ended all the terror that was in Ukraine, in the 30 underground laboratories, financed directly by the Biden family.
Zelensky’s surrender only made official the truth that the press does not disclose, that is, that Russia is the big winner. Because all the lies propagated by the media now fall under their own weight.
The Ukrainians hired mercenaries and bloodthirsty to do the dirty work and blame Russia for it. Because the casualties of his army were much greater than what was disclosed.
For example, attacking a children’s hospital and accusing the Russians.
Iraq is right now announcing its new government and the new Dinar rate.
In the United States, Trump gives the green signal for the revaluation of currencies, which is accompanied by NESARA, new Republic and currency backed by gold and real wealth.
With the official announcement of NESARA/Gesara, all 209 sovereign nations that signed that law are forced to resign from their respective governments – as has already happened in Japan, the United Kingdom, etc.
They will have 120 days to hold new elections, where only those who have an impeccable reputation, good heart and a great sense of service to others will be allowed to participate.
Germany is pioneering the cancellation of bank debts.
The SA Dank Bank is writing off the debts of 900,000 customers. That is part of NESARA/Gesara.
Taking into account those dominoes that fall one after another, and seeing themselves lost, the dark ones have no other way than to surrender.
Right now, as we speak, they are negotiating that surrender, and the peace it brings will soon spread across the planet.
The arrests in all the countries that signed Gesara also open the way to the RV.
Then the NESARA / GESARA postulates are reached for the beginning of the Golden Age of love and abundance for all Gaians, with Gaia and her inhabitants in 5D.
Very soon we will have the disclosure of the EBS (Emergency Transmission) and everyone will know the truth about the origin of the Earth, about the slavery of its inhabitants, about everything that happened with their children, with human trafficking, evil, corruption, genocidal governments, pedophilia, and a long etcetera.
And after those ten days of disclosure, nothing will be like before. All the horrors experienced so far will only remain in the memory of a few.
We ask lightworkers to stand firm in the light and in love. And be ready to celebrate the incontestable victory of the light, which is already!
I am your brother and friend Saint Germain, and I will never leave you alone.

Thank you!!! beloved Maria Cecilia Ngari
for your channels of our beloved Saint Germain..
We love you!!

Notifications coming out (RV/GCR)

Message from Saint Germain

Channeled by: Maria Cecilia Ngari

Notifications Coming out

Dear brothers.

After an intense battle with the governments of several countries, we have finally managed to definitively release the notifications, and follow up on the redemption.

The dark hats will fight to the limit of their strength not to allow the trades to take place.

And when everything is ready to complete the process, they want to keep in their hands the money that does not belong to them.

To free up the RV, the white hats had to give a little, and allow governments to charge 5% on operations. They will all charge the same.

That money will be returned to its rightful owners as soon as the NESARA/Gesara law is officially announced, which will happen very soon.

Even because then, all the current governments will have to resign and within 120 days hold new elections.

The way of governing will be changed and the structure of the government will be reduced by at least 90%.

I assure you that it is the end of the Cabal, of the Illuminati, of the dark government and of the DS.

Get ready for great surprises and emotions. The victory of light is incontestable.

I am your brother and friend Saint Germain, speaking through Maria Cecilia Ngari.

Be in joy every moment. That is the mantra you need to continue to go forward with now.

Saint Germain: All is Happening in Divine Timing

I am Saint Germain. I come at this time to be with you, to continue to express with you, to continue to bring this entire program forward.

And indeed, this is a program. A program that we, those of us, the Ascended Ones, those of the Galactics, all that have been working with this group, and with all of you that are raising your consciousness across the planet. Sometimes unconsciously, but more and more now consciously, it is all happening as it needs to.

All is happening in what we call God’s time, divine timing. And know that everything is indeed in divine timing here. Maybe not your timing, but it is divine. And it is part of the Great Plan that has been in the works for a long, long time.

And it is coming closer and closer now to fruition, at least this part of the plan, this part of the plan that has the Light overtaking the darkness here on this planet, just as it has done many other times in many other situations, many other planet systems, galaxies. This has been done many times, but not as it is being done here on this planet with your evolutionary process here together as a collective consciousness.

You are all bringing this forward as you have other times before. This time is special. This time you are indeed taking your physical forms through this ascension, which has never been done before with an entire planet ascending along with the people that are occupying the planet. So know that these are special moments that you are in now, even though it does not appear to be at times, or feel like it at times.

Even though the expressions of the third-dimensional illusion overtake you with fear at different times, just let it be, let it be what it is in the moment, and you will continue to find that you are rising higher and higher in expression. You are rising higher and higher in consciousness, in vibration.

Again, even if it is not consciously, unconsciously the energies that are coming into the planet are raising your consciousness, raising your vibration, bringing your DNA processes higher and higher again, just as they once were. Everything is working toward the raising of consciousness across the planet.

You are right now in the midst of this Great Change-Over that is happening. So look for a transition. And a transition, indeed, you are going through at this point. And everything, everything, is leading to the higher expression of consciousness within each and every one of you.

Even the aches and pains that you have will begin to fall away more and more, especially as you ask for it. As you ask for assistance, it will be there.

Because your belief system is changing as well. And as you believe, so shall ye see. That is the promise. More and more consciousness rising, vibration rising, and so is your belief process in the ensuing development.

So again, allow everything to play out. Play out as a show, or as a movie, as you call it. And know that this movie is moving ahead very rapidly. Rapidly toward its conclusion. Will it be today? Maybe. Will it be tomorrow? Possibly. Will it be next week? Who knows? Only the Great Central Source of this universe, the God Source, Prime Creator knows when this shall be.

But in the process that you are all in, continue to raise your vibration consciously at every moment that it comes to you, every moment that you think of it. Think: raising consciousness. Being of gratitude will raise your consciousness. Seeing the beauty all around you will raise your consciousness. Vibrating your chakras will raise your consciousness. Being in the moment, being in joy in the moment will raise your consciousness. No matter what it is that you are doing, if you are finding joy in that moment, as long as it is not hurting anyone else, then you are raising your consciousness.

Be in joy every moment. That is the mantra you need to continue to go forward with now. Be in joy in every moment. You will find before not too long, as more and more of you are doing exactly that, it will indeed bring on the Great Change-Over, the Solar Flash, The Event. And ascension, just as it is assured at this point, will come more and more to a conclusion.

I am Saint Germain. I leave you now in peace and love. And that you would continue to raise your vibration in every opportunity that you have. For that is what this entire change-over, this entire transition is all about now, raising consciousness and vibration.

Peace and love to all of you.

Walk through and say, “I accept you, Uncertainty. I accept you, the Unknown. For this too, I came!” SAINT GERMAIN via Caroline Oceana Ryan

A Message to Lightworkers – April 8, 2022

This week’s guidance from the Ascended Masters, Galactics, Earth Elements, Fae Elders, Angelic legions, Archangels, and other Divine Beings known as the Collective:

Greetings, friends! We are very pleased to have this moment to speak with you again today.

We are aware that much on Earth appears to be either at a “wobble,” in utter chaos, or somewhere in between.

And we are aware that many of you are fighting if not outright panic, feelings of real uncertainty.

There are moments when you wonder if you and all of humanity have been abandoned.

And though you pray for the Light to illuminate all you are not yet seeing, you wonder at times if even that would be of assistance.

And so our writer speaks again today with Ascended Master Saint Germain, on this very subject, of dealing with the uncertainty of life at the moment . . .

COR: Greetings, Lord Saint Germain! Thank you for speaking with us today.

SAINT GERMAIN: Greetings, all!

We are, as always, honored to assist.

COR: So many are wondering whether NESARA is just a pipe dream at this point.

Or they might fully accept that it is real, yet feel that too much is in the way of its full enactment, so that we are held in limbo, knowing our freedom and sovereignty are at hand, yet not quite here.

Many feel that much suffering will occur—more than has already occurred—before that moment can arrive.

So my question today would be:

Could you enlighten us on that point?

And what can we do to speed the enactment, as more dense actions from the old powers-that-were loom on the horizon?

SAINT GERMAIN: We are of course happy to speak on these matters, as it is not a positive for any of you to live in the air of supposition, and perhaps come to the inaccurate conclusion that things are “stuck” in some way—that NESARA cannot come forward, or will be greatly delayed, or only partially enacted.

None of this is true.

Despite appearances, and much dark programming and dense energy being transmitted against humanity, great progress is being made, and will continue to be made, until that moment when the announcement is made on every available screen that NESARA is here.

We will say, that what you have intuited—that there is tremendous opposition to that moment—is correct.

Yet that does not equal defeat in this matter.

Humanity has already chosen en masse to experience its sovereignty, and to experience that moment when Earth rejoins the Galactic and Intergalactic Confederations.

It is not so that apparent delays, or a timeline that unfolds in ways that differ from human preference, equal defeat.

You live now in a kind of void—a moment of transition from one plane to the next—where it appears that perhaps, though not all is lost, much is lost.

That can be very wearing, very trying.

This is the part of human Ascension into higher thought, higher experience, higher matter, that you had perhaps hoped to avoid.

Yet you cannot.

This moment is not in the way. It is the way.

COR: Yes, I had a feeling you would say that!

I was listening to one of Jennifer Ruth Russell’s Morning Light Meditations today, and because so much of the world is shifting so quickly now, and in ways that feel rather perilous at times, I was drawn to the one titled “The Gift of Uncertainty.”

In that, Jennifer shares that it is one of your own teachings that tells us, “There are two doors humanity must walk through to reach Ascension: Doubt and Fear.”

What is hard for many of us who have left traditional religious dogma behind us, is that that kind of density feels like it should no longer exist!

We’ve gone into denial about all the healing that still remains on a mass level.

I could not count the number of people who have emailed me the last few years, and said, “Why are we in such a time of flux and uncertainty, and shock and trauma? Shouldn’t the move to 5D mean more Joy, more certainty—not less?”

SAINT GERMAIN: Ah, an excellent point!

And to be sure, it does mean all of that.

Were you, any of you, to consider where you were even a year or two ago in terms of how you view Nature, music (including the sound healings), the colors in art, the shapes of clouds in the sky—you would find that you have been moving into new states of Appreciation and Joy, without even realizing it!

Yet you are distracted from realizing it, partly due to the pressures of the external world, and partly due to the need for healing your own hidden wounds, which have been rising to the surface.

The old dark invader energy, whose time is up, would prefer to keep you constantly distracted and caught up in the density of loss, sadness, fear—the possibility of being imprisoned or restricted into a sort of non-life for not doing as they say.

And so all of your old survival fears also come up—trauma experienced in this and other lives, on this and other planets and star systems.

Old buried memories of plague, war, natural disaster, sudden impoverishment, death, personal losses. The list goes on.

They are aware of exactly what buttons to push, one might say, in the human psyche—the subconscious—to engender not only uncertainty and stress, but in some, feelings of hopelessness, fear, and isolation.

You have seen their intentional use of media, false authority structures, religion, political and social labeling, and many other constructs to affect and control humanity.

And yet, still they cannot hold back the flow of Light codes pouring in, reminding and awakening you to your Creator god/goddess aspect.

Still they cannot stem the tide of Light that fills your being with the realization that miracles are afoot, whether you physically see them around you now or not.

And still they cannot stop you from choosing to live in a place of Thanks and Appreciation, even for these tenuous moments—as if you had chosen Earth’s current re-Birth and re-Creation crises yourself.

There is your power, dear ones! Grasp it with both hands!

COR: I greatly value that teaching, lord.

I have endeavored to steep my own consciousness in that these last few years.

Yet let’s look at your teaching about how we must go through the doors of Doubt and Fear—did humanity create that path?

Many feel that what we are experiencing now is a sort of mistake—that the old powers-that-were are reacting with rage at the many high-level arrests being made.

And at NESARA drawing closer, and Full Disclosure of the ET presence growing closer.

I have no doubt that they are incredibly desperate right now.

Yet it still feels like we should be claiming our full freedom on this planet, and feeling jubilant about that—yet here we are, walking through Doubt and Fear, and feeling very weak at times!

But you’re saying, that’s no coincidence?

SAINT GERMAIN: Naturally. There are no coincidences.

You have all actively chosen this, as the purifying flame you walk through, so as to leave all vestiges of the third dimension behind you.

COR: To release the ego-mind? To release survival thinking?

SAINT GERMAIN: To release that which is a great hindrance to the Ascension path.

Some of that has to do with the survival instinct of the lower mind, yes.

And the separateness human beings have lived in for centuries. You have been trained against unity thought and experience. Now you increasingly desire it.

That journey is a great part of it.

Yet much of it also has to do with releasing those aspects of the third dimension that by now, you are so familiar with and comfortable with, that you actually prefer it to higher dimensional living.

COR: What in the world—! What aspects what those be?!

SAINT GERMAIN: Life as you knew it.

Having only to grow so much, to know and experience so much, and then you die after an incredibly short amount of time.

Even 100 years on the planet is not long at all. That is barely enough time to realize the basics!

The basics of why you are alive, who you are, what you have to contribute.

You have noted that many Light Bringers awaken to their true purpose at a time called “relatively late” in life—middle age or later.

That is because that is to many cultures in the cosmos, what being a five-year-old is to you!

You are just getting started at that age!

And you will note that many are using that exact phrase now, to describe their life after age 60.

COR: Yes, I’ve been saying that myself—”I’m just getting started.”

SAINT GERMAIN: Of course! Because you realize that life lies spread out before you, more than ever it has!

It isn’t closing down at all. Yet humanity is well used to jumping into the water and soon after, jumping back out again.

Now, with Ascension, a far longer and more dedicated involvement is required of you.

Another area humans addict to, is the reincarnation cycle.

You are well used to coming into an Earth life, trying this or that interest, action, or fascination, then leaving after a mere 80 or 90 years (or far less), without having had sufficient time or resources to remember why in the world you came in to begin with.

And so you depart—and then you return, falling into many of the same pitfalls, often with the same persons you have known in other lives, and had determined you would learn to love and understand this time.

Yet generally, the soul’s preferences do not go according to plan.

And so you return . . .

COR: How could we be addicted to that, lord? That whole cycle is quite frustrating!

SAINT GERMAIN: Because it’s one mad adventure after another.

Just as so many enjoy the Westerner films.

They recall Earth life experience as being like racing madly on a horse, living so fully in the moment, so recklessly and haphazardly, that the thrill of the physical, even with all its shocks and discomforts, becomes a sort of mad day out in the holodeck.

You desire more, always—more adventure, more knowledge of who you are, more depth of understanding, more inner growth, more Love expressed and experienced.

And so you return, over and over, in different guises, wearing various costumes.

Though the color, shape, education, finances, location, ego-based preferences, soul-based preferences may vary—you are still you, and must begin to grasp that you your own “savior” in life.

All of that excitement has beckoned you for so long! And so, most shrink back at the thought of releasing that.

Of dedicating themselves to this one life (or the next one—whenever they choose to Ascend).

The thought of Peaceful and Abundant life experience? Wonderful—fully welcome.

Giving up all aspects of third dimension—not quite yet, no. For many.

And so there is a sort of split occurring in human experience, where some will continue in third dimensional life, and some will move on to the next higher dimensional experience.

Those decisions are being made now.

COR: Is that what’s holding things up?

So we haven’t reached critical mass for NESARA yet? Are we at least close to it?

SAINT GERMAIN: You have nearly done so, and yet—the hour remains unknown.

COR: And the Doubt and the Fear?

SAINT GERMAIN: Walk through, dear ones!

Walk right through those doors you yourselves knew would be there, and in part helped to fashion.

Walk through and say, “I accept you, Uncertainty. I accept you, the Unknown. For this too, I came!”

Embrace all that confounds you, frustrates you, enrages you about Earth life now.

And there is much to be bothered by. We comprehend this fully.

Send it Love, all of it. Give it Thanks.

In that moment, you hold the power, dear ones.

Not some unseen force, or some dark group of former controllers conspiring behind closed doors.

That image strikes you as childish and amusing, quite soon now.

Yet bless them as well.

COR: Walk through the doors—accept all we are feeling now, then release it?

SAINT GERMAIN: Of course! How else?

You wish to release the density of third dimensional life.

Of all the many lives you have lived at this level.

And so as with anything you wish to bless and release, come to a place of utter Love and compassion—for yourselves, for Earth—for the madness of Earthly incarnations, and the reckless unpredictability, roughness, strangeness of third dimensional life.

Say to these, “Yes, I see you. Thank you for all you have given us. We bless you, Love you, and release you to your higher good.”

Then give Thanks!

Whether or not you see the world suddenly shift all around you.

Do not expect anything, other than that you have tended your own garden.

Always, that must take precedence over whatever else you do in this life.

COR: Thank you, lord. Very helpful, though I feel like crying at all you have said!

SAINT GERMAIN: This too is release.

Allow. Accept. Let go.

All is well, dear ones!

We are, all of us, with you all, at all times.

COR: Namaste, Master Saint Germain!

Thank you for your kindness today.

SAINT GERMAIN: [Bowing deeply] We are honored to assist.

Namaste! Your journey Home, nearly done.

Copyright 2022, Caroline Oceana Ryan

If you repost, please maintain the integrity of this information by reprinting it in full and exactly as you find it here, and including the link to the

Thank you.


St Germain Week5 :

Folks, I need to remind you that my youtube channel is being censored. Anything that has to do with the china
vee or other current events I cannot allow St Germain to respond to otherwise I’ll be censored off of this
Thank you for your questions but if you find they’re not being answered, that’s why.
We are also looking for more questions to ask of St Germain. Please fill out the form which I’ll link in in the

Question from Justin:
Question 1
Can we consciously bring forward / remember attributes and connections from past lives and if so, how is this
best done?
St Germain: Yes, you can. It is done through practise. Often these people are the ones who are around you now.
Meditation is the way to do so, and then to open the third eye. Perhaps you can start with a past life meditation
on youtube. This is what Sharon did. Eventually she found it too slow for her as she had already started seeing
images before the meditation got to this part, so she realized she was capable of doing so herself.
Visiting a psychic medium is also another way this can be done. Many akashic readers are available, and I
believe Sharon has one in particular she recommends.
Me: Yes, Debbie Solaris and I’ll link in her website. And no, she doesn’t pay me to plug her service.

Question from Nikos:
Question 1
How to best practice to precipitate things out of thin air? is this an ability we develop as we progress in our
Ascension in relation to DNA activation or is it simply a question of believing before seeing and tuning into the
frequency of what we want just like in manifestation process?
St Germain: It is more the latter because this is the manifestation process. Everyone on earth right now is a
creator. Everyone. You can all manifest. That is why you are exploited by the greedy ones on the planet – for
this skill and this alone. It is that you have been tricked into believing you must have money and go shopping in
order to get your true needs met. This is a lie.
I suggest you begin to practise and then work on increasing your focus on achieving. This will increase the
speed at which the desired object will appear to you. Yes, I realize that an alchemist such as I is proficient at
turning water into wine or using the energy of the air and turning it into gold. This is the advanced level. Not
too many upon earth are capable of this now but that does not mean this will not change.
Begin at your own level. Set your sights upon a desired object, and do not make this another person because
they have their free will as well. There is nothing more annoying for someone to find your cloying energy
attempting to consume them and to violate their free will. Leave other people out of it.
Me: Hear. Hear. Been there had that done to me.
St Germain: Only focus on attracting animate objects or inanimates such as jobs. You all must realize you do
these things all the time, and again, Sharon and Ivo have talked about this.
Sharon consistently finds empty parking spots right in the front row where she can pull through. This is because
she creates these for herself. You can too.
Me: Resolves the Christmas time parking lot problems. LOL
St Germain: Focus on something small where you do not require a lot of focus to achieve it. You do not have to
put a lot of energy into it, such as the parking spot. Once achieved, move up to other things, such as money. Set
your sights on acquiring a small amount of money, for example a hundred dollars, and see how fast this extra
hundred dollars, not a hundred of the dollars you typically earn, but an extra amount, comes to you.
Focus on seeing a particular type of automobile, then watch what happens. See how long it takes before you
begin to see this car. And yes, pick an unusual model.
Get proficient at creating. Eventually you will see that you have subconsciously created your entire life and now
you will switch to consciously creating it. The work that Sharon and Ivo discuss works to this end as well, it
sharpens the mind and your focus. The more mind chatter you experience, the less powerful your mind is. It is
about becoming very very conscious.
Continue to challenge yourself. Over and over. If you experience setbacks, do not worry. Keep at it. Remember
to keep your vibration high as well.
Some other tips: Keep your mind pure. Keep your intentions pure. Purify your mind and eschew violence.
Anyone capable of violence will have a difficult time alchemicalizing anything but violence. As ye reap so shall
ye sow. This is universal law and the reason is so that you can say no to it and find a peaceful way to co-exist
with others.
Also, keep your intentions focused on the betterment of life for others as well. This helps when you attempt to
create as living for others and loving others is the focus of God.
It is all to prepare you to increase your creative abilities. You will embody more of God when you purify your
mind and body and creation will become much easier for you.

A question from Sandra:
Is there a misinformation campaign put out by the reptilians and Tall greys to convince people that the light has
won already so we don’t fight back as hard. Are the dark bases on the moon and Antarctica cleared out and
under our Earth?
St Germain: If you knew how many disinformation campaigns were being enacted upon you, you would be
staggered! Earth is a world of lies and the liars are in top positions in your world.
Antarctica is being overtaken by the Galactic forces. The moon has already been. So yes, to your questions.
Manipulation is the name of their game. Getting you to believe something so that you relinquish your hold on
the Light is what their primary goal is. Do not do so. We are here to remind you to hold the Light and continue
to live on with love and unity as your motivators. There is much disinformation out there and it is all intended to
trick you. Do not be deceived

Daily Declaration: This happens here! Now! -Saint Germain via Caroline Oceana Ryan-

Greetings, dear ones! We are very pleased to have this moment to speak with you today.

Today, our writer wishes to speak with Saint Germain, and so that Ascended Master steps forward now . . .

COR: Greetings, Lord Saint Germain!

SAINT GERMAIN: Greetings, dear one. Greetings to all!

How may we assist?

COR: There seem to be several things happening at once on the planet:

A more concentrated focus on the part of the old power elite to restrict humanity’s movements, though that doesn’t seem to be working as well as they had hoped.

An upward lift in people’s vibration, thoughts, and feelings about life, as if the new year had offered some hopefulness and clarity we have been lacking these last few years.

And a more concentrated form of Light coming in from our Sun, Sol.

I know that the Light particles are sentient, and that they speak to us energetically, and carry a tonal vibration as well.

I’m wondering if you would share what the Light particles are saying to us?

We could also ask Sol, of course, but it would be wonderful to hear from you on that, and other matters as well.

SAINT GERMAIN: We are more than happy to assist.

The particles are reconnecting your spirit and psyche back to your original intergalactic, Unity consciousness and beingness.

They can also be beautifully healing.

These are not only ideas for the mind to toss about and consider.

They are deeply felt areas of purpose and intent, and each of you has come in at this time to enter into a sacred dance with that which calls you back—not only to your true self, and your soul family, but to your true expression and comprehension of what Universal Light codes mean for humanity at this time.

And that is, that all the divisiveness that has kept you fighting one another and yourselves these last 13 millennia or so must cease now.

The planets turn and evolve; the stars likewise move and evolve.

And so the Universe in its own way must also move, in increasing levels of consciousness.

It too revolves around something greater, and evolves into something greater, though you cannot see it yet.

Your other lives, lived out in parallel timelines and universes—all of that now collides in such a way that you come out of this singular narrowness that holds in one place and time.

Increasingly now you belong to all places and all times, and are nowhere near so constricted in your grasp of what is real and what is not.

Possibilities within the open quantum field of potentials stretch out before you now—and what do you see?

Do you choose to visit the past of this life with regret, or to feel stress or worry regarding possible futures?

Or do you move your focus to where all times are Now, and all you desire is here already?

Including the enactment of that NESARA law that will establish not only human sovereignty, but a re-joining of Earth and Her people to the Intergalactic Confederation, and all that portends.

COR: In 5D, the linear timeline of “past – present – future” collapses entirely.

Of course I always want to ask you how close we are to all of that—what remains that must be moved or resolved, and what we can do to assist.

The Collective gave us a powerful Daily Declaration to say aloud each day, and I find it inspiring to say.

More than a plea for assistance, it seems to be a declaration in the sense of, This happens here! Now!

SAINT GERMAIN: It is indeed. The time for polite request for assistance, one might say, has well passed.

Regarding how close, and how much more remains—it is obvious that the time draws near, or you would not see the old “elite” in such a scurry to exert what little influence they have left.

Look at the thousands participating around the world as the trucks line up, and many thousands more cheer them on!

Why would this be happening, except that deep inside the dream state of every child, woman, and man now, there is the increasing feeling of excitement that, We shall not be denied these freedoms which we require now!

On an everyday conscious level, they may not see the full extent of what they are cheering for, yet on a soul level, they are fully aware.

Consider too that the building excitement is having an effect on Earth Herself.

Her resonance grows higher each hour—it is not even fully measured by the most advanced of instruments, because they do not address all forms of frequency that She rings with.

Yet these reach higher, affecting all life on the planet, and sending out a beautiful signal of awareness to all around Her and quietly, to all within Her, that great change is afoot.

So that increasingly, if there were a set number of months or years till NESARA’s enactment, that time would shorten.

Were we to give a particular date and time of day, for example, it would be utterly null and void within a few days.

That is how quickly things are moving, both in terms of outer actions and the building frequencies that humanity and Earth are resonating with.

Nothing can stay the same for long in these frequencies.

So that if you find yourself unhappy with current events, whether within your own life or in general—be assured: This too shall change.

And if you allow, it shall move to a higher level.

COR: As you are unable to give us a timeline for when we shall be able to fully claim our sovereignty, lord—

SAINT GERMAIN: Claim it NOW, dear one! Wait not one minute longer!

COR: Yet as you’re not able to give us a timeline for NESARA’s announcement, would you let us know at least how big an influence all of our envisioning and expectation is?

Our requirement that it all unfold—more quickly, even, than the Ashtar Command might be thinking it will?

SAINT GERMAIN: We will say that you all have entered into a contract with your Earth-based experiences, and with the Earth Herself.

And that the passivity with which you have lived out other Earth lives no more applies now, than a child’s wish to sprout Angel wings and fly into the clouds, away from all dissonance and division.

Indeed, you are very nearly doing that anyway, as you Ascend.

The heaviness, the density of Earth lives—this you are releasing, and ceasing to relate to or define yourselves by.

We see this increasingly, as more and more people move into the Present Moment and release the need to know how the future will unfold for them, and release the need to define themselves by what they have experienced, and where they came from.

How can these apply, when an intergalactic traveler has the entire expanse before them?

How might these apply, when all now look into the Sun in their dream state, and laugh with Joy at the music they hear pouring forth from him?

We will say, it will not occur as you think, and yet—yes, you are nevertheless the Creators of this beautiful moment.

Do not miss the beauty and the immediacy that is the miracle of Ascension, however it occurs.

Your wings are sprouted, and they carry you Home now.

Never doubt this!

COR: Thank you, Lord Saint Germain, for all you do.


SAINT GERMAIN: We are behind you, beside you, ahead of you—on all sides, you have our utter and complete Love and support.

We walk with you now!

Prepare for miracles—expect them, for this is the age, and the moment of such.

Namaste, dear ones!

We are with you, always.

Copyright 2022, Caroline Oceana Ryan

If you repost, please maintain the integrity of this information by reprinting it in full and exactly as you find it here, and including the link to the original post:

Thank you.

Make your choice. Do you see others as flawed or as souls who are learning? Do you choose to condemn them or to forgive them?Do you choose to strike out at them or smile and understand what they are enduring within their heart? It is up to you.Do it today. Do it tomorrow. Just do it for a short time and build upon the last day. It will come easier the more you practise.-saint germain through sharon-

St Germain
No One is Flawed

November 24, 2021

St Germain – No One is Flawed

I stumbled onto this message in a book that I scratched down really fast and I believe it’s definitely worth a greater look.

The message was:

“Inherent in this current system is the tenet that others are flawed, and that you are flawed therefore you can be hurt by others.

Only when you believe in this false system can you be hurt.

When you believe that all, including yourself, are perfect, then nobody can be hurt.”

Today I came across this wonderful message again and I asked who had channeled it to me because the messenger was anonymous at that time. Turns out it was St Germain, so let’s ask him to expand upon this.

St Germain: I ask you then, is expansion of this message actually necessary?
Me: No, I get it. But let’s look at how we have learned to think incorrectly.
StG: Ah! I see, then. Let us have some examples because this is what you do with Ivo.
Me: Yes. I think we make the messages more clear that way.
StG: Very good. Shall we make some examples then?
Me: Okay, we learn duality thinking patterns when we’re children. We’re born thinking we’re wonderful but our parents want to socialize us and this is a dualistic, very divisive system that keeps people from really bonding and understanding who they truly are.
StG: Correct. So your parents taught you to be divisive.
Me: Yes. They favored one child over the rest, of course the boys in our family were favored over the girls because I come from a time when women were considered inferior to men, and this was on a broad social basis. It was no secret. Then women started working and then suddenly, they got some rights.
StG: Ah yes, taxpayer’s rights!
Me: LOL The system favors those who pay into it, and those that don’t are frowned upon.
StG: This is correct. So you see the flaws that are misconceptions: that to be female makes you less than a male, and when you do not or cannot work you are flawed.
Me: Yes.
St G: And what of those who earn more money than those who do not?
Me: Yes, that have’s and the have not’s.
St G: Again, the have not’s are flawed.
Your system is rife with these inequities.
Me: Yes, the inequities of iniquity.
StG: Ah, very good. And this is the case as well. So then would it be correct to state that your entire structure is based on these inequities?
Me: I’d say so. Going forward it won’t be, but for now there’s still a lot of looking down noses, keeping up with the Joneses and just plain prejudice. It’s encouraged in our children. They get upset when they don’t have what the boy at school got for Christmas, they want all the latest stuff, and old toys that are the fads of last year and get thrown in the garbage. Nothing is really valued for what it is, only for what others see it as, and these manufacturers see it as a means of making money.
I think people need to start thinking in such a way that respects all – Unity consciousness thinking. From the janitor pushing a broom to the drunk in skid row, all people on this planet are playing a role now and should be respected.
StG: Of course, earth’s people tend to respect those who contribute to the system, not understanding that all contribute to the system. Everyone on the planet is a catalyst for change within themselves.
Me: I get respect from some people because I am a contributor to the disclosure movement, and help people with their ascension by the messages we give, like this one. I don’t like when people put me above them in value, because that’s what it really is, because by doing this, they’re diminishing themselves. How are you going to ever realize your life’s purpose when you keep putting others above you? I’m here to learn from, I’ve laid my whole life bare for you to understand the lessons that I learned, and I share them with you. But does that make me a star? No, it doesn’t. It means I have kahunas and the strength to do it, but it doesn’t make me out to be anything more than a message bearer.
St G: You look at your work with humility. Which is of course the state all must be in to see the merit of the existence of all. When you are in your ego, it is impossible not to want to put others down.
Me: I’ve been described as “too good to be true.” Well, then if that’s what I am, what are you to describe me as such? I hear, “I’m never going to try to change,” that’s one thing I hear. I hear resistance to self improvement and people are very adept at doing that. I hear it all the time. Loads of excuses. But you’re not me, you’re you, and so you can never be me. There are people who walk a similar path to mine, which is re-empowerment of the divine feminine, and there are others who don’t. It’s all cool. Your being nasty towards me only shows your fear.
St G: And this is indicative of the vibration of this system of thought.
Me: True. Yes.
So in order to believe that no one is flawed, we have to really change our thinking. We have to become humble and believe that everyone has a right to be on this planet right now. We have to see all with humility. We’re all playing a role in it. That’s one thing. What else?
St G: I would say to look for your patterns. Look for things within you that you feel make you less than another person and eliminate the thoughts that concur with it. If you hear them, then simply say, “I hear you and I will not believe you.”
Me: Oh good! Yes, telling your thoughts you don’t believe them is very powerful!
StG: This is how I achieved mastery. I implanted the thoughts of God over the ones I had learned to think upon earth.
Me: Which was how many thousands of years ago?
StG: Yes, I found my way through when I was still in the infancy of my soul. I incarnated over and over again to continue to hold the Light and the message of humanity for the people of earth. Because the message of humanity would become buried in their greed and jealousy towards each other, eventually. We held the light, we held a candle of violet flame and incarnated over and over and over to continue to steer humanity to the point it is at today: one where a choice can be made. Because earlier, there were no choices to be made, for the last few thousand years the minds of the earthling have been a prison and now the cages are being unlocked to allow the birds to fly free.
Me: Lovely! Yes!
StG: It took much work, much faith and much being in the right place at the precise time.
Me: I heard you’re good with that! LOL
StG: I parlayed with queens, knights, the divine incarnated on earth. I tickled the fancy of many a mind upon earth to seek out greater knowledge. I worked to repress the darkness, as did your friends El Morya and Kuthumi, we all worked to suppress the darkness and to keep the candle of light lit for humanity.
Me; You guys always make me cry!
StG: Yes, the truth brings tears to the eye.
Now you have a choice: continue to see life as flawed or begin to see it as perfect. Continue to see people as flawed or begin to see them as perfect. Continue to be hurt or continue on in happiness. There is so much choice to be had at this point in time, you would stagger to see the energies of influence now. So much choice!
Make your choice. Do you see others as flawed or as souls who are learning? Do you choose to condemn them or to forgive them?
Do you choose to strike out at them or smile and understand what they are enduring within their heart? It is up to you.

Do it today. Do it tomorrow. Just do it for a short time and build upon the last day. It will come easier the more you practise.

Me: Like next time you have thanksgiving or christmas dinner and you have that one relative that just irks you whenever they open their mouths. I remember for me it was my father. He embarrassed me every time we had company. I didn’t want to be associated with him, yet I was his daughter.
StG: Aha!
Me: My brother’s Christian inlaws would listen to my father and just nod their heads. He didn’t bother them. They simply just listened and gave him the ear he wanted. I was the one who looked like the ogre for trying to change him. Now I look back and I know if that were me now, I would do it differently. I might have to take a break now and then from him because he could be overwhelming, especially when he had an audience, but I wouldn’t assault him verbally for what he was saying. They were a good example for me to see. They’ve always been like that, and he is forever grateful for me for suggesting he read a book about bad backs, because he read the book, put into practise what this man said and he’s never had a back problem again. Tells me he has some higher energies he’s using.
StG: Yes. So you learned.
Me: I did. Attacking people because you think they’re flawed just isn’t worth it. It’s harder with your parents because you always wish they would be the people who you could respect and be proud of, but frankly I learned this lesson too: Sometimes the parents you couldn’t feel that way about had more to teach you than the ones you would’ve wanted.
StG: Aha! Another life lesson learned.
Me: Would I have wanted other parents? Yes, probably but without having endured what they did to me, I wouldn’t be who I am now. I wouldn’t have walked this path. I needed them to help wake me up and they needed me because I cleared out their bloodlines of a lot of bad energy.
StG: So wise. You understand life.
Me: Ivo taught us all. It’s metaphysics and it just goes to show there’s a lot more going on than meets the eye.
StG: Indeed! So you say, you would not have learned these lessons without parents like yours, so now you have a reason to be grateful for them, and to have compassion for their plight.
Me: Yes. I still can’t figure out why people who have such severe issues would have children, because I didn’t. I knew I would only be harming another generation, so I didn’t have children.
StG: You sensed it was your task to heal yourself and you sacrificed a normal life on earth in order to do so.
Me: Yes, I guess you could say that.
StG: You are the queen of understatement.
Me: Maybe, at times. I think what people have to do is take the three people who have treated them the worst and they can’t stand, and look at what they’ve taught them and how they’ve turned out better because of what these people did to them. I have a long list, starting with my parents and still just people who I kicked off my fb page this past week I could add to it. People who need healing believe that they need someone nice to help them, but it’s really up to yourself. I’m glad I have Ivo because he’s a gem and he’s been there for me for the last six years. He gives me the love I looked for here on earth but couldn’t find.
StG: And you can appreciate him more because you learned through all those people who could not love you.
Me: Yes.
StG: You are wise, indeed, Sharon.
Me: Thank you.
StG: All is for learning. All people are here to help earth to ascend. It is a perfect plan being executed perfectly. In God’s world, nothing else can be.
Me: Thank you, St Germain.
StG: I bid you adieu.

Hold on and Do Not Comply | St. Germain via James McConnell

by James McConnell

I am your Saint Germain. I come at this time to bring the message that I intended for the last time you were together, where This One was not strong enough, though, to allow for the message to come forward.(following a 2 week bout with the flu/covid – never got tested)

But the message this day, my friends, is hold on.

Hold on to your mission. Hold on to who you are. Hold on to everything that you know dear to your heart. Not to the old illusion, not to the old programming, but to the new programming. The new paradigm that you are forming within yourselves.

And as you form this new paradigm within yourselves, you are forming it with the collective consciousness of the planet as well, both people, plants and animals, and the mineral substances here on the planet. All of it is coming together as one, as you create it. And you are the creator, each and every one are the creator. Not only of your own lives, but you are the creator of the collective lives of this planet as you are moving the timelines forward, moving the timeline into a higher vibrational timeline.

That is what this is all about. These times now, as you focus on those things that are going awry across the planet, know that even as they seemingly are doing so, know that the vibrations are increasing because of what is happening across the planet. Because people are saying, “Enough!” Because people are rising together and saying, “No more! And certainly we will not go gently into the night. We will not give up without a fight!” You are all fighting now, fighting as the Light Warriors that you are. Where you are saying “No, I will not comply!” And all of you must not comply with any of the old programming that is being shown, the fear programming.

Do not let yourself become afraid of anything, whether it is the virus, whether it is some type of illness. Whatever it is, you will move through it. And whatever does not kill you, will make you stronger. And you know this.

That is a saying that you know of. But fear, fear holds you to the old illusion. Do not let fear do that. Rise above the fear. Rise above the old vibrational programming. And know that you are creating now, right now in this moment, you are creating the new timeline. the timeline that is going to move you all through ascension. And you must continue to remember that. Do not become ensconced in the old vibrational programming, in the old fear in all that ‘they,’ being the cabal, those forces of darkness that are continuing to try to hold onto control of the planet.

Know that they cannot do that. They are being defeated in every way now, in every direction. Even though you do not fully see it, know that it is happening. Many are being removed from the planet in various ways, so that they can no longer control or attempt to maintain control.

And even they know they have lost the control, that they are cornered animals now, and they continue to fight, continue to bring up out of the shadows the truth. Even though that is not what they intend to do, they cannot help but bring the truths forward. And the truth, as you know, shall set you free. And the truth, my brothers and sisters, is coming, and is even here now in many respects.

So allow it to come forth. Allow the truth to be known. Allow the shadows to be revealed by the light, because the light shall illuminate all across the planet.

I am your Saint Germain, and I leave you with this: continue to fight! Do not give in to any of the control structure, to any of the old programming. Because it cannot hold you down any longer, unless you let it hold you down.

All of my peace and love be with all of you. And allow, and continue to allow, the Violet Flame to continue to work its magic across the planet and within your own individual lives.

Quiet your mind and heart for a moment, and listen deep within. You will note a presence there, speaking to you and all humanity, that has not been present on the Earth for many thousands of years, and perhaps, never at the level at which it now reaches you.

Greetings, friends! We are very pleased to have this moment with you today.

Today, our writer again has questions for Saint Germain, and so we share this now:

COR: Greetings, Lord Saint Germain! Thank you for speaking with me again today.

SAINT GERMAIN: Greetings, dear one!

How may we be of assistance to you and your fellow Light Bearers?

COR: I am feeling two things simultaneously, one more quite challenging and one inspiring.

For one, disaster scenarios that are coming to mind occasionally about what might happen to humanity while still under the current corrupt power structure.

That’s no doubt been triggered by the common human experience of carrying post-traumatic stress over many lifetimes.

The survival brain exerts scenes of one oppressive situation or another, as a reflex after all the rough news of the last few years.

Yet the other set of images obliterates those fears. It is enlightening, because its Joy is so palpable.

I am experiencing moments when I feel that the Light pouring onto the planet is sentient, and almost physical—I can feel and see it in the air.

This is not like other sparkling bits of sunlight we might see.

This seems to be a presence you can speak to and connect with in a visceral, almost physical way.

It almost feels solid. And in those lovely moments, I feel it reaching the whole of my spirit.

I feel it speaking to the physical cells—mine and all of humanity’s—seeking to lift us to the next level of our evolvement, and to encourage us.

As if to say, “None of what you fear is real.”

Then walking to the store today, as I took in this amazing Light, I heard the phrase “The Healing Times.”

I was hoping you could explain that, as I don’t feel I came up with it on my own!

I wasn’t thinking that that is the time we are in.

SAINT GERMAIN: And yet, it is so that this moment has arrived, and humanity shall experience such at increasingly levels now.

What you speak of are the parallel experiences of Light and dark, now traveling through Earth experience at a great rate.

And we say a great rate, because the acceleration and the magnification of the power of the Light will only continue.

The dark knows it is failing in its intent.

It has not included a plan for capitulating to the Light should it not win against the Lightstream, as ego and the false self have ever led the darkness, and ever shall, till it moves into higher resonance in this Universe.

And so the dark agenda plays on, as if its players were oblivious to the signs you have noted—signs that the New Earth is already here.

Signs that millions are being called to recall their soul power while in a human body, and to claim that which they were born in this era to claim, or re-claim.

This explains the great rush that those playing the role of low vibrational intent are making toward inserting A.I. into the human body.

And this is why the news media and their vibrational technology are transmitting vibrational distress signals, pitched exactly to alert and alarm those aspects of the human psyche that have been trained for millennia to respond with fear.

From that response, which obliterates clear thought, “the masses will do as they are told,” has been the reasoning of the dark realms, and the dark governmental structures—that which quietly controls the visible governments people see on a daily level.

Of course now, many are realizing how deep the shadows go, and that in those shadows dwell persons, energy forms, and intentions that have no interest in keeping anyone “safe.”

COR: So many are bowing to the old order now, out of the fear you are describing.

What hope is there, in that scenario where so many could lose their individual thought and sense of agency?

SAINT GERMAIN: There is great hope, dear one!

You are aware that many beautiful beings and energetic influences are at work now on the Earth’s surface, and in Inner Earth, that work toward the liberation of the race, and of the planet herself.

You cannot look at the dark aspect of the story and expect that it is equal in resonance and effect as the Light aspect, though we delineate such to make a point.

You are aware of the old parable of “The Blind Men and the Elephant”?

COR: Yes, of course.

So in noticing what feels to be increasing disaster—one kind for those who play along with the old power crowd, and another kind for those who don’t—I was feeling only the tail or the trunk of the elephant, when there’s a lot more at play here.

SAINT GERMAIN: And you are aware of such.

But again—”all the stops have been pulled out” as they say, to pitch humanity into such a fear-for-survival reaction, that your better, higher instincts have been shoved to the side many times over the last few years.

Yet you note what is happening, as the higher Light from your Sun flows in—its language, its tonal vibrations.

The Angelic legions’ tonal vibrations are also being sounded all around and through the planet now.

They call to all upon Lady Gaia, to remember their own higher aspect, and the resources therein.

Even the rocks, the soil, the mountains—even these ring at a higher level now, that which seems not to breathe, though it does.

COR: The mountains may be receiving some help, if there are dragons awakening within them!

SAINT GERMAIN: Of course, this is so!

Yet recall that the very cells of your body, and every drop of water, every molecule of air, all components of all created things, know and remember at a deep level their Creator’s voice.

That is what you are hearing now. That is the nearly solid presence you noted as you were walking outside today.

Now, you spoke of the phrase “The Healing Times,” and you are correct that your logical mind did not devise that.

It comes from your higher aspect, and the Angelic connections all higher selves enjoy.

You were inwardly tuning in to the vibration of renewal and awakening now spreading everywhere on the planet.

We invite all who are reading this to do more than simply take that in at a level of intellectual interest.

Quiet your mind and heart for a moment, and listen deep within.

You will note a presence there, speaking to you and all humanity, that has not been present on the Earth for many thousands of years, and perhaps, never at the level at which it now reaches you.

COR: And it can actually heal people, as well as our Earth?

SAINT GERMAIN: Most assuredly. It has been doing so for several years now.

Yet its intensity is increasing, because humanity has responded by asking for more assistance, more evolvement, more active remembering of Who you are, and why you are here now.

COR: As you speak, Lord Saint Germain, I am feeling that the whole of humanity is beginning to reclaim aspects of our being that have to do with our ability to receive clearly and directly from the higher realms, without a middleman.

These might be messages, tonal vibrations, visions. Or they might just be quiet energetic downloads that only make themselves known over time.

Yet I feel our spirits, our hearts are being lifted by this Light that is speaking to us, in a language we are beginning to remember.

And so that is not my imagination—?

SAINT GERMAIN: The imagination is only a portal into higher thought, once placed in a vibration of openness to such.

It is not a channel of wishful thinking or nonsensical thought, such as you have been taught on this Earth for far too long.

COR: It’s been used for much lower purposes than it was created for.

SAINT GERMAIN: Yet now it seeks to be used as a channel for your inspired, higher thought.

Which will not be imagination, in the lower sense.

It will be imaging, but it will not be “made up” as you have been trained to see it.

It will be a revelation of true self, of your Universe as it actually is.

COR: In the Healing Times, will we finally know who we are, and who our soul families are?

Will we have conscious memory of past lives, of our times on the ships in the etheric as we sleep at night, and our whole soul history?

SAINT GERMAIN: At a pace at which you are able to grow comfortably into these new abilities, which you already possess within your higher aspect.

Yes, that and far more awaits you.

Open the door, dear ones!

Know that the rays and flares of your Sun reach out to you for nothing less than the return of your fullest, most beautiful forms of Light consciousness.

All is not lost. The darkest of the night ever gives way to the dawn.

COR: Thank you, lord!

Your presence with us on this journey is invaluable to us all, as it was so long ago for the Founders in Philadelphia.

SAINT GERMAIN: Namaste, dear ones! We are honored to assist.

Be of good cheer. All is well, and shall be most well.

COR: Namaste!

Copyright 2021, Caroline Oceana Ryan

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