St Germain Week5 :

Folks, I need to remind you that my youtube channel is being censored. Anything that has to do with the china
vee or other current events I cannot allow St Germain to respond to otherwise I’ll be censored off of this
Thank you for your questions but if you find they’re not being answered, that’s why.
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Question from Justin:
Question 1
Can we consciously bring forward / remember attributes and connections from past lives and if so, how is this
best done?
St Germain: Yes, you can. It is done through practise. Often these people are the ones who are around you now.
Meditation is the way to do so, and then to open the third eye. Perhaps you can start with a past life meditation
on youtube. This is what Sharon did. Eventually she found it too slow for her as she had already started seeing
images before the meditation got to this part, so she realized she was capable of doing so herself.
Visiting a psychic medium is also another way this can be done. Many akashic readers are available, and I
believe Sharon has one in particular she recommends.
Me: Yes, Debbie Solaris and I’ll link in her website. And no, she doesn’t pay me to plug her service.

Question from Nikos:
Question 1
How to best practice to precipitate things out of thin air? is this an ability we develop as we progress in our
Ascension in relation to DNA activation or is it simply a question of believing before seeing and tuning into the
frequency of what we want just like in manifestation process?
St Germain: It is more the latter because this is the manifestation process. Everyone on earth right now is a
creator. Everyone. You can all manifest. That is why you are exploited by the greedy ones on the planet – for
this skill and this alone. It is that you have been tricked into believing you must have money and go shopping in
order to get your true needs met. This is a lie.
I suggest you begin to practise and then work on increasing your focus on achieving. This will increase the
speed at which the desired object will appear to you. Yes, I realize that an alchemist such as I is proficient at
turning water into wine or using the energy of the air and turning it into gold. This is the advanced level. Not
too many upon earth are capable of this now but that does not mean this will not change.
Begin at your own level. Set your sights upon a desired object, and do not make this another person because
they have their free will as well. There is nothing more annoying for someone to find your cloying energy
attempting to consume them and to violate their free will. Leave other people out of it.
Me: Hear. Hear. Been there had that done to me.
St Germain: Only focus on attracting animate objects or inanimates such as jobs. You all must realize you do
these things all the time, and again, Sharon and Ivo have talked about this.
Sharon consistently finds empty parking spots right in the front row where she can pull through. This is because
she creates these for herself. You can too.
Me: Resolves the Christmas time parking lot problems. LOL
St Germain: Focus on something small where you do not require a lot of focus to achieve it. You do not have to
put a lot of energy into it, such as the parking spot. Once achieved, move up to other things, such as money. Set
your sights on acquiring a small amount of money, for example a hundred dollars, and see how fast this extra
hundred dollars, not a hundred of the dollars you typically earn, but an extra amount, comes to you.
Focus on seeing a particular type of automobile, then watch what happens. See how long it takes before you
begin to see this car. And yes, pick an unusual model.
Get proficient at creating. Eventually you will see that you have subconsciously created your entire life and now
you will switch to consciously creating it. The work that Sharon and Ivo discuss works to this end as well, it
sharpens the mind and your focus. The more mind chatter you experience, the less powerful your mind is. It is
about becoming very very conscious.
Continue to challenge yourself. Over and over. If you experience setbacks, do not worry. Keep at it. Remember
to keep your vibration high as well.
Some other tips: Keep your mind pure. Keep your intentions pure. Purify your mind and eschew violence.
Anyone capable of violence will have a difficult time alchemicalizing anything but violence. As ye reap so shall
ye sow. This is universal law and the reason is so that you can say no to it and find a peaceful way to co-exist
with others.
Also, keep your intentions focused on the betterment of life for others as well. This helps when you attempt to
create as living for others and loving others is the focus of God.
It is all to prepare you to increase your creative abilities. You will embody more of God when you purify your
mind and body and creation will become much easier for you.

A question from Sandra:
Is there a misinformation campaign put out by the reptilians and Tall greys to convince people that the light has
won already so we don’t fight back as hard. Are the dark bases on the moon and Antarctica cleared out and
under our Earth?
St Germain: If you knew how many disinformation campaigns were being enacted upon you, you would be
staggered! Earth is a world of lies and the liars are in top positions in your world.
Antarctica is being overtaken by the Galactic forces. The moon has already been. So yes, to your questions.
Manipulation is the name of their game. Getting you to believe something so that you relinquish your hold on
the Light is what their primary goal is. Do not do so. We are here to remind you to hold the Light and continue
to live on with love and unity as your motivators. There is much disinformation out there and it is all intended to
trick you. Do not be deceived