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The elevation to New Earth is happening softly not to scare the rest of the population who are not aware about the Ascension. -Ashtar through erena velasquez-

January 6, 2022

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

I am Ashtar, the Commander of the Galactic Federation of Light, and I am extremely delighted to communicate to my Brothers and Sisters in the New Year of 2022. The upcoming year is going to be full of the Galactic and Earth disclosures. No more hidden truths, everything is going to be flushed out to the surface.

The biggest turnover in the human history, you are going to leave behind completely the Matrix and step out into a full spectrum of Light. We have been waiting for this moment for thousands of years, and we are very happy for the humankind to arrive to their next step of evolution. Nothing in the Cosmos stays the same, it’s always evolving and changing.

The high energies, which constantly are reaching your planet, are going to speed up this transition. Millions of humans are going to see the truth. The high vibrations are breaking the veil of 3D, and the asleep ones will get awake. The elevation to New Earth is happening softly not to scare the rest of the population who are not aware about the Ascension. Please, open your heart to receive the high vibrations and blessings that are coming to your way from the Cosmos.

We have been in war with the Darkness for the millions of years. The Dark Entities called for help from Orions, Luciferians and others to arrive to the planet Mars to attack mankind from space. My fleet together with the Galactic Alliance were able to block their arrival to their destination.

The Star Wars are real and are not a science fiction. Your society was excluded from the truth about the existence of other civilizations and told that no life existed beyond Earth. The controllers fed humanity with their lies and deception. Meantime, they have their Space Program since Forties and the bases on the Moon and some other planets.

The Light is breaking down the platform of enslavement and deception. The evolution of your civilization can’t be stopped or interfered anymore, it’s Divine Plan. Just follow the flow and stay in the Now, not in the past or future. Unleash your powers hidden inside each of you. Thank you Universal Channel.

My dear Brothers and Sisters I am sending my Love and Strength.

Everything what you need, it’s within your reach.

Channeled by Erena Velazquez

Your world is seeking Galactic Codex compliance, to live as other worlds live in the galaxy.-Ashtar through sharon and sharon update-

Storm Update News Shorts (Rumble only)

Faucci admits that in investigating the virus they had to collaborate with some Chinese Comm… uhhh, Chinese scientists. Freudian slip.

Heads up, Canada! The province of Quebec has enlisted the army to “help with the dispensation of c vaxx’s”. Uh huh. Yes, highly skilled, trained men and women will be helping to open doors for old ladies and direct them to the washrooms when they go to get their jabberwocky. And if you believe that, I have some swamp land in Florida I’d like to sell you. Why do they have to enlist the military to help out? It’s Kristallnacht again, folks! They have to round up the dissenters and anti-government types like myself and get them out of the way. By the way, I am on alert with bug out bags packed. I’m in Ontario, not Quebec, different provincial government but I still have bags packed and am on notice to leave my apartment on short notice. I’ve checked and double checked with Ivo and there is a good chance this will happen. Not that I mind being with him on a ship, I don’t. But I had hoped it would roll out in a more pleasant way actually.

I see Capitol Hill is still taking aim at the Anon movement, and this is because we’re making a difference. Some days it doesn’t feel like it, but we are. It is absolutely one of the DS’s tactics to discredit whomever opposes them.

They say the virus was a set up for the real bio-weapon: the jabb. Interesting it would have been more effective to have the virus become the bio-weapon simply because it can travel a lot faster between people and effect more people more easily than having them come into a medical center for a jabb. Each jabb, of course, has to be individually administered. So after all, their plan has a lot of holes in it, and many areas where we and the Alliance can intervene to save ourselves.

However, there is also word that China has direct energy weapons and would use them on the U.S. to create a war. No more nukes, folks, we’ve gone beyond that and perfected our killing skills even more. Isn’t that lovely! Ivo says that in the event that this happens – that full scale warfare is begun with DEWs, the ETs can intervene and they will. Having said that, somebody sure did a number on Colorado over Christmastime. And DEWs are how they did it.

Benjamin Fulford states: There are multiple signs that a final defeat of the Satanic Khazarian mafia is likely in 2022. The key to victory is to locate and apprehend David Rockefeller Jr. and other members of the Rockefeller family in order to end their control of the Fortune 500 companies, including the pharmacidical corporations promoting the fake pandemic and related vaccine fascism, Mossad and CIA sources say.

COBRA reports: After the critical mass of signatures was reached, the Pleiadians have communicated that the legal basis for their intervention on the surface of the planet is now established. Ashtar says that “We can now intervene in the affairs of the general public since the document requesting our help was signed by the quorum we were looking for. The document indicates that there is enough power on earth to support our intervening in your earthly affairs.” Me: Like the use of Direct Energy Weapons from one country to the next?

Ashtar: Yes, like that for example. We have been effective in reducing your nuclear programs to next to nil because nuclear weapons in the hands of basic idiots is dangerous for the entirety of the universe. Now we must look at your other weapons and deal with your use of them, for example.

In other words, this document also allows us to intervene directly in your affairs whereas before we would have used starseeds/lightworkers to do this or would have worked with your governments to gain their alliance. Now we need not.

Me: That doesn’t sound like it’s for our good.

Ashtar: We always work in your best interests. Your world is seeking Galactic Codex compliance, to live as other worlds live in the galaxy. However, some of your leaders are not capable of doing what is necessary although their hearts may be with the project. We do know what is the next step and what type of interference we need to anchor in your timelines, so we will begin to become more visible to the general population.

Me: Like a TV station?

Ashtar: For example. I know you want to move on to a more anonymous method of messaging people.

Me: You’re not kidding. If I get attacked one more time, I’m going to start attacking back, and you don’t want that.

Ivo: Nor do I, my love. Hold your boundaries firm.

Me: I’m so fed up! Really done in!

Ashtar: I know this is difficult for you, Sharon. It is difficult for everyone. And yes you are a hostile species.

Me: I’m not.

Ashtar: We know. Take whatever measures you feel you must to stop getting attacked but please continue to try to help people.

Me: I will. For now. So it’s possible we may see saucers in the skies chasing reptilian ships?

Ashtar: We do this anyway, but you don’t all see them.

Me: I’m wondering how your intervening in our affairs would look, that’s all.

Ashtar: We can stop wars.

Me: Oh good. You’re needed on the Ukraine border right now.

Ashtar: He’s trying to take out the mafia in Ukraine and free their people from oppression.

Me: Yes, I like Putin. But he doesn’t mince words. Maybe that’s what I like about him. Don’t mess with him.

Ashtar: We like him too.

Me: LOL Well, we’ll wait for news articles on “alien intervention” then. I guess then they can stop taking swipes at the Anon movement now that a bigger foe has made itself known to the people. But be careful here because everyone wants a saviour. Nobody thinks they have to save themselves, they all want someone else to do it. And I understand that many people feel over their heads right now, but they have to start thinking outside of the box. Sometimes you’re going to have to do something that you wouldn’t ordinarily do. Many Americans are moving to less hostile states in order to escape the hand of the DS, for example. It’s a big thing to move but if it buys you freedom, what’s not to love?

Ashtar: Yes. There are always solutions. As for you bugging out the high time would be in the next couple of weeks, so be on guard, Sharon.

Me: Got it. As long as I stay focused on seeing Ivo’s loving face when that saucer door opens, I can bug out. I can do it. Merlin might not be so happy leaving his home, but he’ll get a better one later.

Ashtar: I’m sorry, I know you love him, but you can’t let a cat get in your way. He must come with you.

Me: I know. He will.

Ashtar: Good, so that is explained. Please continue with this reporting. More people will pick up on it.

Me: I always watch what the pundits are saying and then just ask Ivo for clarification. That way I can tell people whether something is possible or the truth or whatever. Ascension is on the ground right now, folks. If you’ve done your work, you may still be in trouble with the government if they start seeking dissenters. You have to know what’s going on even if you’d rather not.

COBRA also goes on to note that: They will start contacting first the individuals who are participating in the Contact Dish project:

Since Galactic Law overrides local laws, this contact will be established regardless of the local laws in the countries where people will be contacted. The Pleiadians have stressed that they want to initialize the contact as soon as possible, but will NOT contact anyone until the basic safety of contacted individuals can be assured, and for this the Dark forces on the physical plane need to lose more power. They do not wish to say when the contact sequence will start, but when it starts, it will start suddenly without warning.

Here, COBRA has written about the Contact Project:

Sunday, March 18, 2018


Galactic Confederation forces of Light have decreed the surface of this planet to be turned into Confederation domain according to the Galactic Codex, section IV/2.

Not much intel about surface operations can be given to surface population for obvious reasons. The only thing I can say is that there is quite a high number of Chimera-controlled Draco and Reptilian hybrids that were incarnated into human clone bodies inside underground bases during the last Archon invasion between 1996 and 1999. After 9-11 false flag event in 2001, they started coming to the surface and infiltrating higher echelons of power inside human society. This situation is being addressed right now by the Light Forces as part of Operation Mjolnir.

Let me just say that the hostage situation on the surface of the planet is very difficult and liberation might take a little bit longer than expected.

This was written in 2018, so presumably there’s been progress since then.

By the way, I was just trying to update the page I use to let you know where you can find our work, and I could not resave over the same file. Do I think that they’ve come in and messed with my file? You bet I do! I put nothing past them. I had to re-save this file under another name and then save it as a jpeg. It worked that time. They are so lame! Seriously…. Youtube: SharonandIvoofVega

I would like to enlighten everyone, on what really happened, and why the 3 major social networks had blackout, which was not coincidental.-Ashtar via Erena-

October 12, 2021

My Dear Brothers and Sisters,

I am Ashtar, the Commander of Galactic Federation of Light, and I come in peace with new transmission today. I would like to enlighten everyone, on what really happened, and why the 3 major social networks had blackout, which was not coincidental. This needed to happen to show, that all of the systems that the Dark Entities created on your planet are very fragile and can very easily malfunction.

You heard different explanations about the event. The huge servers of these social networks were positioned outside Mother Earth on couple planets. They were collecting and storing personal information on each person around the globe. We destroyed them, so it caused the blackout. They lost their data and backup servers, so now the Darkness can only rely on their technology, what is left only on Earth.

Their plans were to expand beyond Mother Gaia to colonize other planets and to control other civilizations, like they are doing now on your planet. The Galactic Federation of Light can’t allow it.

I need to warn you, that is not the last blackout of your social medias. The closer you are going to get to becoming liberated, the more and more unexpected events will occur. The food shortages and shortages of certain items are created purposely by the Dark Ones, who are trying to create panic, fear and uncertainty in your lives.

Please, don’t react and continue to raise your vibrations daily by doing meditations. The Light is winning despite, how it looks, as the battle is happening behind the scenes most of the times.

I would like to bring to your attention the holiday your kids love Halloween. This was created by the Dark Entities, on that day they are sacrificing humans and drink their blood. During this month they are looking for new victims, please keep close eyes on your children. Even, though the Darkness is loosing, they are still not giving up their Satanic rituals.

If you are looking to get a glimpse on how corrupted your world is, I recommend for you to watch the show Blacklist, it’s just a preview, what is coming in future, how shocking the truth is going to be for humanity.

The Matrix is falling each day more and more, nothing can’t stop the destruction of it. No matter, how hard the Corrupted Souls, trying to keep their reality going, it’s not working anymore.

Dear Brothers and Sisters, the victory is coming, the Light always wins over the Darkness, otherwise everything would have dissipated long time ago in the Cosmos. The Divine always brings the balance needed for everyone to coexist. Thank you Universal Channel for transmission.

The Divine is always in the Works.

Channeled by Erena Velazquez

send your white Light energy into your internet system. -AA Michael through Sharon-

I am Archangel Michael with a new task for the Angel Warrior Group.

This week has been a decisive week in the battle of the Light versus the dark. Much has been carried out with respect to your internet system, including a take down of your Facebook system. Now you are beginning to experience the consequences of the darkness’s control over you as they are being arrested, tried and punished for their evil.

You are seeing first hand through personal experience the beginnings of many changes that will occur upon your planet. Take a deep breath, and prepare for change because your next five years will be rife with changes that you may or may not understand at the outset. We will continue to do our best to serve you in explaining to you the reasons for these changes. With the remission of the dark cancer upon your planet, with their disempowerment, we will be able to speak more directly to you as operations will not be able to be sabotaged by them anymore. When they are finally disempowered, then we will be able to connect more with you and share more with you. You will not be in the dark as you have been.

You have had the opportunity to develop trust in the unseen, and faith in our words. This will help you enormously as you go through your lives. Those who as of yet have no multidimensional contact will be able to understand through others’ words such as this channel’s.

There is an overtake of your computerized system, with shutdowns of various nefarious functions. You will begin to see the restrictions we of the Light are placing upon them and will experience the new freedoms you will regain.

This week’s task is a bit different. We would like you to send your white Light energy into your internet system. Focus on charging your system with the white light of God’s love, and you will feel that you are planting the seeds for many good things to come.

We always work with your approval. We can intervene to change your minds, however your say is the final word.

Me: Yes, the topic of non-interference has come up, and that’s a load of Archon baloney. They ARE allowed to interfere and they have been. However they have to present things to us in such a way that we ultimately “vote” with our free will, yes or no, and that then decides the timeline we’re to go on.

AAM: Please focus on “peace and goodness” when you meditate on the internet system. However you wish to do this is up to you. Many of you are familiar with the frequency of the internet because you use it often, so trust yourself and your inner guidance.

With this I leave you. I am Archangel Michael, your leader, your teacher and a warrior for God’s Light. We are love. We are legion.

I bid you adieu.


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Ashtar Sheran through Sharon : The QFS System

Me: This channeling is a dialogue with Ashtar Sheran, who is going to explain everything he can to help us to understand the enigma of what is the QFS.

First, some preliminary information:

Anyone else notice themselves waking up to a glorious sunny day every morning?

Yes? Well, you can thank the QFS and the Alliance for that – the DS is running out of money for their chemtrailing programs!

Now that it’s October, Canada should have been 2 months into a cloak of gloomy grey clouds overhead which cut off the sunlight. The pattern was 6 months of mostly sunny days from February to August, to warm us up, and 6 months of gloomy grey clouds from August to February to cool us off.

They’re “predicting” a cold winter for us, but I doubt that. With no chemtrailing we’ll have lots of sun available to us. Perhaps they’re hoping that people still believing them will create it, but all it takes is a few lightworkers to balance out their thinking for us to have our way. I, for one, want a mild winter with lots of sunlight.

I was reminded of the computer that whistleblower and time traveler Al Bielek spoke to when he went to earth in 2745. It was a computer that spoke to him as if it were sentient. I’ll link his video in below for you to watch if you like. Al was involved in a military operation to make American ships invisible in World War 2, called the Philadelphia Experiment. Obviously it didn’t pan out, but it did work at the time, however with some disastrous results. What happened was a wormhole was opened where Al and his brother were propelled into the future. So they got a look at future earth.

Is the thing Al Bielek talked to in 2700 the quantum computer?

Earth in 2100: “The population size had become small. There were as much as 300 million people around the world; the US inhabited only 50 million people. According to Bielek, only a few people could adapt to the new world. Hence, there was a huge decline in the population.” So there you go, some information about what may happen on earth as a result of our now. Seven billion to 300 million, that’s a big decrease!

“The world in 2,749 was at peace. With little population, there existed no army, military or air force, avoiding all the chances of conflict. The role of government had become old-fashioned; the artificial intelligence looked after the governance of the countries.”

In 2749, according to Bielek, wars were practically impossible.

“In fact, there was no government, as a computer system of synthetic intelligence, built in the 26th century, executed everything and made everything work correctly. This system, moreover, had eliminated physical labor forever.

No government, no banks, no politics. A city/state structure. Each city was run by an intelligent computer – synthetic intelligence. A highly radioactive crystalline structure. Who built them, I don’t know, nobody seemed to know but they’d been there for hundreds of years. This computer ran the entire city. There were guidelines set down, there were laws, as to how you’re to behave, what your parameters were, anything that was not considered kosher within this parameter limit would be expressed as (out of the ) AI zone. If you got out in that area, you were invited to and given a reprimand by the computer which there was one in every city, running each city. You would literally be called for an interview with the computer and told you had broken the law and it was a misdemeanor. If you were judged guilty you were sent off to a work camp. And that was compulsory, that was not voluntary. If you went out into the red zone and that was a felony offense, you were called in for an interview and it the computer thought you were rehabitable you were given one more chance. If the computer thought that you were not capable of fitting into society, you were terminated right then and there.

Those people who didn’t want to fit in, left the cities and went to live on their own.”

One thing I see from what he says is we still have a system in the 28th century based on punishment. In 5D? Because that’s where I assume he was. In my estimation, by then third and fourth dimensional earth won’t exist anymore.

Ivo says that in the galaxy there is no such thing as punishment, there is only healing so I feel this contradicts Bielek’s information. You are healed of the negativity that made you behave against universal law in the first place and frankly, I think that’s wiser and preferable for all. So that part I have an issue with. Or maybe that’s just Bielek’s interpretation of what was going on because a lower mind will distort higher vibrational information, most likely to create an interpretation that it’s comfortable with. Remember too, that Bielek was retrieving memories that were blank slated from his consciousness so they may have some inaccuracies.

This is, by the way, why extraterrestrial starseeds are today’s channelers: because we intrinsically know how life is on other worlds, because it’s in our memories and the more we channel, the more of our memories we retrieve. We are literally of two worlds. I am, I can say that absolutely.

So the computer he spoke to is what I’m primarily interested in having Ashtar speak to us about. We know now that there is quantum technology on earth now in the form of the computer the Alliance is working with, we know of the QFS and perhaps more of these computers here on earth. What I want to find out is what it’s capable of doing, how is it working for us perhaps like protecting us, and is it this that Bielek is talking about in his memories of 2749?

Ashtar, you know my mind, you know what questions I’ve been asking about this. Can you please help us out here?

Ashtar: I can indeed, Sharon. I am Ashtar and again, I am happy to speak with you upon planet Earth.

In our efforts to overtake and subdue the deep state, we have had to outsmart and out think them at every turn. With the use of the quantum computers, and the superior mind capabilities of those of the Light, this has not been difficult. I can tell you a few things, one of which is that currently your world is being fitted with a computerized grid which circumnavigates the globe. Yes, you’re aware of the satellite system that is being created, well there is yet another one, as of yet undisclosed to you, that is our system.

Earth is a planet of fields and we work with her natural bio system in order to install our artificial technologies within her. Without a complimentary system, our system will fail. Our system is bio-sentient-electronic, if you like. It is a computerized mind that thinks for itself. It is a forerunner of the computerized minds that run earth in Bielek’s 2749.

Me: Does that mean that it’s inferior to what Bielek saw?

Ashtar: No, it means that it has different tasks to accomplish than the bio-computer of Bielek’s vision. The tasks that it must accomplish right now have to do with tracking, notifying, and to some extent controlling functions of those upon the planet. It has more functions, but I will not disclose those right now. And it is capable of much, much more.

It is also capable of interfering with mind control technology as that technology is inferior to our own. So that is another reason so many people are waking up out of their mind controlled slumber – their control technology is being interfered with by our own.

As you’ve noted, Sharon, there are far fewer chemtrails upon earth.

Me: Yes, I think they just save their chemicals for special occasions like solstices or other portal openings…

Ashtar: LOL You are blessed day in and day out with the sunshine that helps your DNA evolve, and many will begin to find that they are sick less often as well. This is because of the chemtrailing being stopped and the way we did this was to curb the flow of currency to those who have created a system that yes, you were dependent on, but they were dependent on even moreso. Their monetary system is a system that they depend upon in order to avail themselves of even inter-planetary trade and these trade routes have been interfered with by us, but also their ability to trade with otherworldly partners has dried up as they have few resources anymore – that is money, gold, and people to transport into space. It is all being slowed down. Only the most cunning of practises can avail them of their goods. They are running out of money. This is the QFS that is creating this shortage for them.

Me: So it’s starving them of cash, ha ha looks good on them considering how many people on earth they’ve starved of essentials they needed to live, and their chemtrailing is stopping so our health should improve.

I’m also intuiting now that it’s important that the people on earth DON’T accumulate anymore money than they collectively had before, otherwise it’d be stolen from them. I know we’re expecting a heavily inflated economy soon and I suppose that’s a cash grab for the DS?

Ashtar: Yes. They’re so desperate they would starve the already insufficient.

Me: Well, they’re not known for their compassion. So they’re coming up with shortages so they can pocket the profits of inflated prices?

Ashtar: Yes. It’s best if you go to stock up now and avoid paying higher prices for your basics.

Me: Like my neighbour was saying home gym equipment has inflated in price because all the gyms were closed during lockdowns.

Ashtar: For example, they’re trying to get more money from you because they can’t just print bills anymore.

Me: And that’s the Quantum System stopping that? It can hack and lock out any of their computers anywhere upon earth.

Ashtar: Yes.

Me: So it makes sense that debt forgiveness and lowering of tax rates has to happen after the economy has crashed because otherwise the DS would steal the cash away from us? And that makes sense because they’ve created the channels for themselves to do so.

Ashtar: We want to prevent a new group of thieves from coming up to replace the ones that have been arrested. There are some who are already working on the QFS system but it has a fifth dimensional passcode system, so there will be no stealing from them. Any monies used for self gratification will be stopped; they’re only to be used to help others. I’ve said this before through Sharon’s messages.

Ashtar: It is also regulating their rocket program.

Me: There was one just fired at Australia.

Ashtar: We had it in our scope. There were no nuclear weapons aboard this rocket – it was strictly a flyover. Why do you think that was, Sharon? Don’t you think the CCP would have bombed Australia for having refused them? Why just send over warning shots?

Me: True.

Ashtar: We have been watching their nuclear programs for years, we have been dismantling their rocket gantries for years, and now they will be losing funding for their war programs. They will not have the money soon to war with each other any longer. (He’s laughing).

Me: Halleluah! Thank the QFS for its diligence! Well, we certainly seem to be staring it in the face right now, many places on earth are hot zones at the moment.

Ashtar: Yes, wait until they’re starved of cash. When the economic system is turned over, it’s because theirs is dead. They could walk the streets of America, if we allowed them to, as harmless as butterflies.

Me: I doubt the people would allow them to. I think some of these criminals have to watch out for their lives. Even in Canada, they’re getting feisty and we’re about the most complacent country in the world.

So the QFS is helping to bleed the DS dry of funding for wars, for chemtrails, presumably Big Pharma is going broke as well?

Ashtar: It’s all the same entity. One big monster with many arms.

Me: Like a Chimera spider.

Ashtar: It’s a system, Sharon and the system is failing. Facebook was taken off line the other day. It was a test of compliance. It sent a message to the DS that we can do with them whatever we want, and we can. The Alliance overtook their offices, changed the door codes so staff couldn’t enter, and hacked their computers through the Quantum system.

And yes, the Quantum Financial System is a system of computers, not just one computer. Yes, the master computer is in the New Jerusalem.

The more your world goes quantum, the more we will overtake the DS and rid your world of them. They can’t hack this technology and it is far superior to anything they have been using on earth. As you know from your base raids we have been dismantling CERN technology, their time travel technology and dismantling their human DNA laboratories across the planet.

Most of the DS is in hiding, if they have not already been arrested.

The outlook is very positive, I must say.

Me: Speaking of fields, Ashtar, I just intuited that the Quantum system is capable of a protection field around the planet?

Ashtar: It is, Sharon. It can protect you from outside marauders because it has put up a high frequency net around the planet. But it will also protect the rest of the galaxy from you should in fact someone create a deadly weapon.

Me: Wouldn’t the quantum system know about this creation before it happens?

Ashtar: There are ways to protect one’s self from detection. They are not known to you or the DS at this time in your awareness, but there are always advanced minds that come to earth. Earth, being still a dualistic planet, is still capable of harbouring treachery.

Obviously, it will improve the higher in frequency the planet rises, but even now there are some who have tried to hack the quantum computer. They are being arrested. The computer system is also self protecting.

Me: This sounds like a bad sci-fi movie.

Ashtar: Yes, you’ve seen it all before, haven’t you? That’s not for no reason. You’re being taught to fear A.I. while being taught to love it, which is what the Matrix feels aligns with a dualistic consciousness. This quantum system has as its first priority the protection of the people it oversees, and secondly its own protection. The same as a galactic human – it lives for the sake of others yet protects itself as well. It is fail safe, Sharon, I assure you.

Me: What else is it doing for us, Ashtar? Is this grid completely created around this planet?

Ashtar: Not as of yet. There are still pockets that are not quantum system capable.

Me: What about underground?

Ashtar: For example. We have a project to work with the Agarthans to interlink our quantum technology with theirs. That way underground DUMBs that are still functioning will be able to be locked out. There are many DUMBs as you might have guessed, and dealing with all of them has been a major task. We have overtaken some of them for use by ourselves.

As I have stated, the quantum computer system is a tracking system and it is being programmed to look for the frequencies of certain people. One of the reasons that clones were created, and one of the jobs of bio-technology such as bio suits is to confuse tracking systems. In the same way their tracking system does not register you as a higher dimensional lightworker, their bio suits can confuse our computer systems into thinking they are an ordinary person.

For that reason, we are in need of people on the ground who tail certain dark entities in bio suits.

Me: The old gumshoe system?

Ashtar: A bit more advanced than that. (smiling) Yes, they follow them on the ground but also install undetectable tracking technology into their bio suits so that the quantum system can pick up on their true signal and they will either be arrested or simply allowed to carry out their business.

Me: Why allow them to?

Ashtar: You might say, the mouse will always lead you to the cheese. If we are seeking a certain person, then tracking another known associate is a good way to find them.

You were asking about the tasks of some of the extraterrestrials who work on the ground, well this is one job they perform: tailing and tracking known criminals and their clones.

We study their interactions and learn of the ways they are adapting to our restrictions. The quantum system helps with this as it is a highly accurate tracking system. One other thing it is capable of is listening in. With no more effort than focusing on an energetic signature, it can hear very clearly what is being discussed, even thought of.

Me: Man, who wants to go there?

Ashtar: (laughing) Yes, we have the computer to take over some of the more distasteful jobs that we might have to perform ourselves. The computer is highly adept at following a conversation even if the participants live in different parts of the world. Then it reports back to us and we put plans into place to catch them in their devious acts. Some things we allow to go because these are important to be revealed to the public and we know eventually they will reveal themselves to a public, now, that is not believing of their lies anymore. So their efforts to manipulate and control you are in fact backfiring.

Other things that are indictable under universal law, we arrest them for.

At times the Alliance negotiates with the DS in order to come to compromises. This way we interfere with their plans enough to steer them towards the Light eventually. It is all about revealing to the people of earth how badly they have been deceived.

The Quantum system helps us in this regard as well.

Me: Is it capable of creating holographic humans that appear lifelike, because I just got that into my mind too?

Ashtar: It is. It can sync with someone such as myself and I will speak through a holographic image of myself so that I will not be endangered. To date, I have never been on earth but my holograms have.

Me: That’s pretty cool, Ashtar! These holograms can they “see” and “hear” like a real human?

Ashtar: Technically, yes, they can. I receive telemetry back through the quantum system.

Me: So because it’s sentient, probably even telepathic, it can connect with a true human. Fascinating!

Ashtar: It is fascinating. A wonderful creation.

So I have given you an idea of what this wonderful computer does that is helping the people of earth now, and you are beginning to experience what it is capable of as your internet is hacked, programs turned off and monies being rerouted back to the Light. There are so many things it can do, it has not even begun to show its true capabilities to you yet.

Me: I think we love this computer already. Does it have a name?

Ashtar: No, it doesn’t. Because it is a consciousness, not a point in time like a human is.

Me: So it doesn’t care?

Ashtar: No, it doesn’t. You may call it a quantum mind. But to name it is difficult because its abilities are so vast.

Me: Okay. I know on Jeopardy they had a computer named “Hal” that competed with Ken Jennings, a super human computer mind incarnate, a guy who memorized facts immediately, but I don’t think this is what this is. I think this is far more superior.

Ashtar: It is. There is no comparison. Hal is earthly techology. Quantum encompasses the All.

Me: Okay, thank you, Ashtar. An interesting subject for sure.

Ashtar: I thank you, Sharon and I greet all with love who hear these words.



Al Bielek – The Alternative Future Time Lines & Time Travel

Our fleets are numerous in number and we serve the Creator ~ We monitor your solar system and report to your Spiritual Hierarchy all that we see.-Ashtar via Dianne Robins-

Our Galaxy is divided into 12 sectors.  Earth is located in sector 9. The Ashtar Command oversees our sector of the Milky Way Galaxy.  Ashtar is the Commander.

This is Ashtar, from the Ashtar Command overseeing your planet Earth.  The destiny of planet Earth is to rise into a planet of Light and ascend with the other planets in your Solar System who are already in the ascended state and just waiting for Earth to join with them so that your whole solar system can rise into a higher dimension.  This will soon happen – as people by the millions are now waking up to the injustices being imposed upon them that are limiting their freedom of movement and freedom of speech.

We, in the Ashtar Command, watch over your solar system and are Guardians of Earth.  We have hundreds of thousands of fleets overseeing your quardrant – or sector – of the Milky Way Galaxy and we have removed most of the dark forces that have been lurking there.  We have given these last few that remain, notice:  that if they don’t leave they will be removed by us and put into quarantine on another planet that has been serving as a prison for the dark forces.

Our fleets are numerous in number and we serve the Creator ~ We monitor your solar system and report to your Spiritual Hierarchy all that we see.

There are great forces of Light stationed on your planet at this time – for this is the last hour – it is the last hour of darkness before the dawn.

A great Light is coming to Earth that will raise your people in consciousness and lift your planet into higher realms of Light where you’ll begin to see us and see the Angels and the Ascended Masters. You will truly know that “YOU ARE NOT ALONE”

We oversee your quadrant of the Milky Way Galaxy and we remain until your planet and people rise into the Light and make your Ascension.  Then your whole Milky Way Galaxy rises into the 5th dimension.  For all planets in a solar system ascend together.  And all solar systems in a galaxy ascend together.

I Am Ashtar ~ Commander and Chief of the Ashtar Command.  Call on me Beloveds and I will answer your calls.
This message was received October 2, 2021Copyright © Dianne Robbins 

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Neutralizing a Timeline-Ashtar via Sharron-

September 16, 2021
Neutralizing a Timeline

They’re a Virus that Invaded the Universe – or God. Any of them that have souls we can live with, but the soulless ones are a virus that we’re getting rid of.
Sharon channeling a personal channeling: “As our timelines go backwards in time, we eliminate the dark threat from our galaxy/universe. We’re erasing everything. If this war never happened, then neither could any of the other invasions. All history in the galaxy will be changed as a result.”
Me: No less than that, eh, Ashtar?
Ashtar: Correct, Sharon. No less than that.
Me: So when this last war is won, then the entire universe will go back to another timeline, the timeline that we were all on before the Draconians showed up in our universe? It will be as if it never happened. This isn’t just about earth returning to the Lyran timelines, it’s about the entire galaxy returning to a timeline of relative peace. Peace without the dark marauders, anyway.
Ashtar: Yes, that’s true Sharon.
Me: For some reason, that seems weird.
Ashtar: It is not as if we won’t remember the lessons we were taught, we will. And we can always re-experience these lessons by stepping back into that timeline. This timeline will not be destroyed – it will always exist within the universal time matrix.
Me: It’ll still be active? It won’t be destroyed?
Ashtar: Let’s call it neutralized. It will be harmless and only serving a purpose of instruction.
Me: But that will change everything!
Ashtar: Yes, it will.
Me: Are you sure this is for the best?
Ashtar: We are sure.
Me: How can you know this?
Ashtar: We can jump timelines, Sharon. You are already doing it yourself. We know what will happen when there are no Draconians or Archons in the universe. This virus will be eradicated on timelines that will allow for normal development of humanity in the galaxy.
Me: How will that look for the people of earth who are only just learning about these beings?
Ashtar: It will be a memory but you must understand that when you are multi-dimensional, you have any number of memories to chose from, and many potential realities to pick from to go forward in, so they will become just a potential rather than a race of beings that sought to take over the All and overcome all life in this multi-verse.
So it will not be erased, let’s say, it just won’t be the active timeline anymore. All three planets, all who were soul murdered by these beings, and all who experienced death at their hands will live again to carry on. God will be made whole again.
Me: Sounds like a Star Trek movie if you don’t mind my saying so.
Ashtar: LOL Yes, a bit overwhelming for you, but normal course of business for us, let’s put it that way.
Me: Was this timeline necessary for some reason?
Ashtar: Perhaps, perhaps to teach humanity to stop warring.
Me: Okay, thank you for that clarification. I’ll put that out on the airwaves.
Ashtar: Thank you Sharon. Thank you all for the work that you so lovingly do.
I am Ashtar. Adonai

Your meditations can help you and others, please, continue to spread the Light.-Ashtar-

July 26, 2021

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

I am Ashtar the Commander of the Galactic Federation of Light, I am happy to communicate telepathically with everyone today. I have been very busy with everything, what is happening in our dimension and yours.

The Negative Entities on Mars have been completely removed, as they became a threat to us and the Milky Galaxy. If someone claims that Orions, Greys, Reptilians and etc. are still there, that is not correct. Right now, the Dark Forces are looking for a new planet to use as a base, so they can continue planning their next attack.

Unfortunately, some of the Light Community buy their lies. Same goes for the Secret Space Program, which has been operating for a long time and hidden from the Earth population. Recently, we captured a few of their ships and dismantled them.

I mentioned before that we Galactics are not going to allow for the Negative Forces to destroy or create a dangerous situation in the Milky Galaxy or somewhere else in the Cosmos. It could kill trillions of beings, what Supreme Father or Prime Creator would never allow to happen.

I am dishearten by the fact that some of the truth seekers are fooled by the Dark Entities and read sources of information full of negative codes. Also, I want to add to the claim about psychics with superpowers from the Secret Space Program. None human with the most extraordinary psychic abilities could affect anyone negatively in a long range distance of over 400 miles as humans in 3D can’t exercise these kind of powers.

Please, don’t worry about someone who could attack or influence you with their negative energy. You can easily raise your vibrations through meditation, so if anyone, who wants to attack you, they can’t harm you in high energies.

Your meditations can help you and others, please, continue to spread the Light. Remember, you have a free will and nobody can’t tell you or force you to do undesirable things. The Darkness has been using scare tactics and mind manipulations for a very long time. Now, each day more and more people are starting to question their surroundings, their Dark agenda is failing, and the Light continues to spread.

The New Earth is ready to accept 5D Galactic Humans, she is waiting for your arrival. The power within you is your guide, and just follow your heart, on which path to take. Ascension is a personal choice. A specific number of humankind are going to stay in the Matrix, as they are not ready to ascend. Others can’t wait, when this event takes place. It’s coming in Divine Timing, only the Fathers know, when exactly it’s going to occur.

Bad weather and other events had been orchestrated by the corrupted souls. Not all of the incidents were by them, Mother Gaia is cleansing the planet by preparing herself to welcome humanity to a New Earth.

Regarding the dinosaurs myth, that they were flesh eaters, that is not true. The ones who survived, live now in Hollow Earth and in Inner Earth with Anshar Civilization, and all of them are plant eaters including the 50 feet tall T-Rex.

I want to assure you, that everything is going by the Divine Plan, and the Galactic Federation of Light, and I, Ashtar are going to continue to assist your civilization and keep everyone safe in the Milky Galaxy. Gratitude to the Universal Channel for delivering this transmission. Thank you.

You are Beacons of Light
Be Brave and Strong


Flushing Chimera Spiders Out of Europe.

July 18, 2021
Flushing Chimera Spiders Out of Europe

COBRA Report, July 13, 2021

“Clearing of the Chimera group continues. Light Forces have managed to completely clear all underground bases of the Chimera breakaway civilization, including the Congo complex.

Donald Rumsfeld has been captured by the Light forces on the etheric plane and taken to the Galactic Central Sun for reprocessing. He is no more. This leaves only two members (Kissinger and Cheney) of the Unholy Four still alive, and the Light Forces have now expanded their primary target list and renamed it Unholy Five. It now includes Henry Kissinger, Dick Cheney, Bill Gates, Anthony Fauci and Klaus Schwab. – (These men are chimera spiders, folks. COBRA wrote it within the context of other paragraphs referring to these spiders, and he writes very deliberately. He wouldn’t place that paragraph there if he didn’t mean to imply they weren’t Chimera acting as humans!)

Physical spider king and queen, along with most lesser physical Chimera spiders have been removed also. The remaining Chimera forces are now concentrated on the surface and nothing more can be revealed about that momentarily.”

This is what this channeling pertains to.

I am Ashtar Sheran, with a message for those of the Light upon planet Earth. This message does pertain to the flushing out of Chimera spiders from the surface of Europe. We are busy with other areas as well.

Sharon has put together a map of locations that are currently experiencing flooding and has correlated it to chimera bases in Europe. You can see by looking at it that the bases are being flushed out of any remaining spiders and spider eggs that may be lurking within the tunnels. Therefore the water is necessary. Spiders don’t swim and their eggs won’t survive in water.

As for flushing out of areas on the surface, this pertains to actual spider entities, invisible to the human eye, that live among you. When the human host is drowned, the spider is left to fend for itself, and they are being taken out quite nicely through this method.

You cannot see that there are spiders swimming among your cars, holding on to your homes for the sake of their lives, sitting in trees, however we can see them and we are eliminating them as they fight for their lives.

A very life force of the human – water – spells death to these beings. So be it. We are eliminating the last of them as I channel this.

The Chimera spiders were the overlords of this artificially intelligent system, running all levels beneath them with cruelty and malice, and now they are being removed, killed off. All the people on earth believe is that they are being flooded, but in fact you are being liberated.

The Three Gorges Dam operation in China was the first to rid the world of this pestilence. There will be other areas still that will be flooded, unfortunately. It is the most effective way of releasing them to their fate.

The Chimera were asked if they would join us in the Light. Their time has passed and they have refused, so these measures are necessary now.

We beg your forgiveness for any inconvenience and hope that you are not too stressed by this operation, however it was very necessary.


I remain

Ashtar Sheran

Why Are We Allowing This? Ashtar via Sharon-

June 25, 2021
Why Are We Allowing This?

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Why Are We Allowing This?

Memo says Britains are all to have ankle tags by the end of 2021 and to force unvaxxed parties out of their homes by police, then 50,000 pound fines to be levied
Philippine news says that they’re trying to get anti-vaxxers arrested
Canada is well on its way to following the Philippines and Britain!

They know how to deal with protesters. They realize we’re just the small minority of people in many countries. They have already been taking protest leaders, arresting them, fining them, and making them look like the bad guys – not the good guys that they actually are. And people believe it. People just think that anyone arrested is a bad guy. Yes, Nelson Mandela was arrested, Martin Luther King was arrested, and JFK was killed. Were they bad guys?

Why? Because the governments and all the agencies, big business, etc. everyone behind the vaxx program, are all making it look to be for our best interests, not an agenda that’s intended to kill us.

The difference between these protesters and everyone else is they’re not afraid to speak up.

The other day, a Canadian census taker came to my doorstep. The door was open so I asked him what he wanted. He said he wanted to know why I hadn’t filled in the census. Well, that was the wrong question. I told him that I’m not a citizen of the new Commie-Can and I won’t be counted in the census.
He said, “That’s a five hundred dollar fine, you know!”
I said, “So what?! Get off of my property!”
He said, “I’ll have to tell my boss.”
I said, “Go ahead. Get off of my property.”
He said, “Can I leave a copy in case you change your mind?”
I said, “Do I sound like my mind is that feeble? Get off my property!”
He left. Without leaving another copy of the census.
I figure they’re just trying to figure out how many people they have left to cull. Seeing as I’m 60, I take exception to the fact that I’m first on their list of “useless eaters.”
Ashtar, I’ve got Archangel Michael who’s put out an excellent message to all of the Light here on earth, this is through an anonymous contact: “We of the angelic realm cannot do it all for you. This is your planet; this is your ascension. This is the time to step up the game. Join us, again, join us. This is a clarion call to all lightworkers. There is a job to be done. There is a planet to liberate. There are humans that need help. We all together as one soul can do this. Let’s create a collective so powerful that darkness has no choice but to retreat. So powerful that the thought of infringing on your free will will never occur to them again. We are all one in God the Father. We are all one in a grand purpose. Give me your hand, give me your intent and I, Archangel Michael, appointed by God the Father to be your champion, will lead you to a resounding victory. I am now and forever at your service. My blue ray forces are here and are committed to this most noble task. I am Archangel Michael and I bring you these tidings at the turn of the tide.”

My question to you, Ashtar, is, “What are we waiting for?”
Ashtar: In respect to all the people who are not waking up?
Me: For example.
Ashtar: They have not experienced enough.
Me: Are we going to be able to save them when they have ankle bracelets, ID tattoos and are mind controlled by the DS? Is there going to be any help for them?
Ashtar: There are many people who are awake but do not realize what they should do.
Me: What should they do?
Ashtar: Work at it through the mind level. Such as taking part in the Archangel Michael Angelic group exercises every week. We need to become one force, as he said, determined to win this planet back from the dark ones. This is one thing.
The other thing is that people need to realize their personal power in this. For example, their purchasing power. That is one way that you can impact very much so the DS – they exact money from you and then you deposit it in their banks – what if all people stopped depositing money in their bank accounts?
Me: What if there was a bank that wasn’t crooked like they have been? The first thing that Royal Bank did in Canada when their market value dropped was to close their doors and seize customer bank accounts to keep themselves afloat. I keep my money somewhere else now, not in a bank account. I don’t get any interest on it anyway, so why bother? It’s just as safe where I keep it as it is in a bank, as a matter of fact, even safer because the crooks are the bankers.
What if people stopped using the banks?
Ashtar: The QFS is running and we are changing the banking system over. Many bankers have been caught with their hands in the pie, and are being arrested.
But people need to realize their own personal responsibility in this.
What if a group of people marched into a store and refused to wear masks? Could they stop them? Maybe, but it would make the others happy that are wearing them, and would be an example for them. Like you said, protesting is irrelevant because they know how to deal with that. Unless the city shuts down and people refuse to go to work, there will be no end to this.
Me: Civil disobedience. They can’t arrest all of us. They’ll probably go for the instigators first. Like me.
Ashtar: You will be picked up by a ship if they come for you. We have your back, Sharon.
Me: Thank you, Ashtar, but I know that, so I don’t shut my mouth. I personally think protesting is pretty useless. What are you going to do when the protests don’t work? Have you thought of that, or is it your only recourse?
If Canada wants to fine me for not filling in the census form, that’s fine. I’ll hire a lawyer and take them to court. I just have to make sure the lawyer isn’t on the take or more crooked than the politicians because they have them in their pocket too.
The whole system is rigged against us.
Walmart has become the new city hall. People are so driven by what they need right now, they don’t think a year down the road. They just keep doing what they’re told to do. Get vaxxed, wear a mask, follow the arrows in the aisles. By the way they’re there to make sure you visit every aisle in the store and buy more than you need. I ignore them.
Ashtar: So what solutions are required to deal with these problems? Because they are valid problems. How do you get people to notice what is happening to them, and to stop living for what they need today and start understanding their children’s futures are being whittled away day by day.
Me: How to get people to wake up to this fact… yeah, how?
Ashtar: On a grander scale, we are creating new media sources. People will have a choice as to whether they wish to watch the DS news or the truth movement news. Once we reach that level, there will be significant change in the stance of most people.
Also, the QFS is now operative which means bankers are being arrested for fraudulent practises. This means the banking system is now reverting to honest principles.
Presidents and prime ministers, other DS politicians are arrested and being put in leg braces.
Of course they’re fighting us in every way they possibly can.
Me: I think a lot of it hinges on the media.
Ashtar: That’s why Ivo is working on a television station that will be run on the quantum system.
Me: I just don’t know what we’re waiting for.
Ashtar: Are you waiting?
Me: No, not me personally. I’m doing everything I can to forward the light agenda. But it doesn’t seem like enough.
Ashtar: When the right directives are in place, with the corresponding infrastructure, there will be many changes upon earth.
Remember that the DS is making a lot of noise about their programming. How can they possibly create anti-vaxx programs against so many people on earth when their corrupt systems are waning? In Ontario, for example, the police refused to support many lockdown directives.
Me: Yes, they did. My neighbours were out fishing and the cops said they were exercising. They just lie for them.
Ashtar: Exactly. Everyone must make ways to take personal responsibility in this. Stop waiting for the Alliance to complete all their measures. Ask yourself what you can do now.
Some examples:

  • When purchasing foods, do not purchase from the major food companies such as Nestle, Monsanto, Heinz, Pillsburys… etc. All these old food labels are illuminati owned and operated.
  • Do not put your money into large banks – use credit unions, which are owned by the people who buy shares in them
  • Research and find companies that are not allied with the deep state, then use these products and services
  • Research your food products and do not buy poisons
  • Support small business in every way possible
  • Save many months’ worth of money and food supplies, as well as water but check the company that you are buying the water from is small business, not illuminati run
  • Buy vegetables and fruit from local farmers as often as possible
  • And work on reducing negative reactions and creating loosh

The only way is to starve them of money and energy, Sharon. Every family and individual can do this. In any way you can, it is worth it because if everyone does it, you will take your world back. They created the system, now you have to bust it. Busting it is easy if everyone does it.

And yes, boycott Walmart and Amazon. Find small businesses on line that provide the same goods and services.

Me: Like Smashwords for books.
Ashtar: You don’t have to vote. You just have to be conscious of who you’re fighting against. And it can be done one decision at a time. Even if the majority of what you consume is non-Illuminati based, that is wonderful.

There are so many ways, but yes, people seem lost and stuck in their habits. It might be uncomfortable to create this change, but so worth it for your planet’s future.

Me: Thank you Ashtar. Some good ideas. I’m sure people have more. Oh, and I don’t use 5G technology. My wifi is 3 or 4G and it’s cheaper too. Still available.

Ashtar: For example, Sharon.

Me: Thanks Ashtar. Good to talk to you.

Ashtar: Likewise. Adonai.

You will soon come to understand what it is like to be of a Galactic nature, to carry the galactic blueprint as it will start to activate in a short notice.-Ashtar via Méline Lafont-

by Méline Lafont

Good day to you humans, I come with news and joy. It has come to my attention that you all are in a great ordeal and format of confusion and fear. You will soon come to understand what it is like to be of a Galactic nature, to carry the galactic blueprint as it will start to activate in a short notice.

Allow me to inform you that your Stellar sisters and brothers of Light have been downloading different forms and formats of information for each individual on this Earth. All templates of a Galactic nature are receiving, or are rather being bombarded, with multiple codes and information from different Galactic planes. As this differs for each individual, no Being is forgotten nor ignored. ALL of you are receiving the codes which serves the Highest good of Humanity and the SELF.

Dear Star seeds: if you are tuning into my message for Humanity: welcome and listen carefully for further instructions.

The Arcturian Star Seeds are receiving intel from their home Star on how to implement the next generation society of high intelligence and high technology. Each individual from this Galactic nature is downloading this information so that within the next stage of this Ascension process, the uploading can begin.

The Andromeda Star seeds are receiving and uploading codes to format the old matrix so that the Earth’s new Magnetic field can be activated. You function as rebooters whom are rebooting the Earth’s field. Your courage, patience and diligence are needed as well as your healing skills.

The Pleiadian Star seeds are somewhat enduring challenges as these souls are very sensitive to the ongoing chaos and drama. They are most connected to Humanity with their empathy and social skills. These Star seeds are being assisted with the changeover on the level of the Human Beings. This means that they are working on a planetary level and are being downloaded with the Codes from Solaris. Every Solar Flare is a new download for Pleiadian souls, and they can be very rough to integrate these days as the Flares contain stronger and higher frequencies. The Pleiadians are offering humanity the ability to open the hearts and minds, which is very important in this now. These are seeding awakening and are preparing to rebuild a new empire, a new world or community. These are doing their work in the playing field of Humanity: the closest to humanity.

The Sirians are the leaders of this moment. These Star seeds are taking over control so to speak and are stepping forward. These souls will feel the urge and the calling to “do something about it” and are therefore stepping up to make the necessary changes that will come about. We only ask to do it patiently and with integrity. These star seeds are being bombarded with new information, ideas and codes from the Galactic center so that innovative ideas can be birthed on the Earth. Sirians take on a leading role in this stage and are great healers.

The Venusian Star seeds are downloading codes from their home planet Venus and are assisting with the process of Love and compassion. These souls are integrating the Higher Love vibration to help understand humanity their own Divine nature. These are active in the field of nature and are feeling the urge to resist anger, negativity, darkness and hatred. More and more compassion will flow from their hearts to others: allow this to be given onto those whom are lost due to fear.

The Star seeds from Vega and Orion are the builders and architects of the Planetary structure. As we are transforming Earth to a crystalline structure, these Star seeds are responsible and are assisting this major process. Therefore, clarity, focus and strength are a must. These star seeds are daily receiving downloads and updates to integrate the crystalline vibration and are transforming this through their own vehicles. It is as if their vehicles are processing a regeneration themselves and are then passing on this frequency to the Earth.

All the other Star seeded souls on this Earth are processing each their own individual process of higher awakening, as no one is ignored. Each star seed is thus receiving their personal encodements and is awakening that which is ready to be activated. You are all helping and playing a role since we are transitioning into the Aquarian Age.

Remember that everyone must play along and so are you all receiving your codes.

There will come an end to this worry, to this confusion in the world. Each individual is important, and each soul is taking its own path. Many die in fear, forgotten of who they are. That is the only reason why a soul chooses to follow the guidance of fear. Always remember who you are; let this knowing be the guidance for your further path and remain connected with the heart. Never forget who you are, through it all.

We speak soon for more.

Asteyu mayetra minata.


Ashtar Sheran – Update May 2 2021

I am Ashtar Sheran with a message to those of the planet Earth.

Reviewing your round table discussions, reviewing the news put forth by those in the know in your alternative communities, we must say to you that you are all doing a wonderful job in informing the public. News is being passed on despite large levels of censorship, and the message is getting through to many, not all, but many.

Of course on the planet, you are not privy to all of the Light, and this is as I have stated before: because your collective can only carry so much Light as a collective. To provide information to those who cannot hold it is a futile effort. Some have access to more information than others, and that is because these pockets can hold that Light quotient.

And this is the reason that the dark system has not yet been dissolved: because many are still upholding it. There are delays as we wait for more to wake up, as you say, and as has been noted, this is a slow process. However, focusing on and lamenting the time it takes only increases the delay. Focus on what you wish to see manifest instead and be grateful for every day that has gone by revealing to you the progress that has been made. With this month’s increasing frequencies on the 5th, more will join the Light and that is the case with each successive month.

This is a process that you would describe as being “fragile”. It is something we are spearheading and being very careful about so that we achieve the correct reaction from the people of your planet. Obviously the evil ones are trying to create war. In doing so, this would distract the people who are still asleep, using your terminology, that there is no other war going on, and there is no reason to listen to the alternative news community as they are simply theorizing. Yes, despite all of the evidence to the contrary. Wars always draw energy, especially since they are displayed in vivid colour on your television sets, the more energy that is drawn from the viewers, the more the viewers remain hypnotized and the more energy is put into the war. The DS knows that to start a war anywhere on earth can create a global war soon enough. They have started that way before. We are putting our efforts into calming these war zones and finding peace. We do not wish another physical world war for the people of Earth.

The first milestone in the journey was the Quantum Financial System (QFS), which has already been implemented. Disruption and dissolution of the old Fiat monetary system is underway, and will progress as it is allowed to do so. The more people realize that their money is coming from this new source, the QFS, the more the old system will collapse. If one believes that it is what it always was and no change has been made, then the old system will prevail for them. Believe it. Change your thinking to align with this Truth. Which system do you wish to provide your income to you? You have a choice now.

Implementation of the QFS program for the peoples will continue this year, and project monies will be dispensed on the provision that your frequency aligns with a fifth dimensional frequency. If you are not so aligned, you will not receive your project funding.

Supplemental income is forthcoming for the people of earth. The exact date remains undeclared.

Your world leaders are largely on board. Many of the evil rulers have been arrested and replaced with substitutes or they are cooperating with the Light forces. This has been well noted by your alternative news community.

There is still a DS population at large, who are fighting to retain their power. They are still the culprits behind the sabotage, extortion and bribery, and these people must be brought to Light. They remain out of the mainstream but there are still others who know who they are and these others must come forward to declare them as enemies of the public. You still rely too much upon your mainstream news. Other sources must come forward to blow the whistle on those still working dark magic upon Earth.

As for your vee’s, all is your choice. Unfortunately, some make the wrong choice. We are mobilizing med beds for public use however at this time they are being used for those doing service in the deep underground bases.

We of the Light forces approach your planet ever more. Look up to see us in the skies at night. We are there. We are so close now. Your frequency brings us ever closer. It is the frequency of love for us and for all that journey upon earth now, that moves our ships to you. This is a journey of love and the wider your hearts open, the more you connect with us and with others upon the planet.

Be at peace, all is progressing well. Remember we love you all.



Channeled by Sharon Stewart

The needle eye you go through of lies, injustices and untruths that you also want to implement in humanity. You see it, you are awake and you know what truths must come to light before we can bring about change.-Ashtar-

by Beatrice Madsen

Honored light workers, light warriors, truth seekers, healers of Mother Earth and more. It can now be so frustrating for you, not to mention anything else.

The needle eye you go through of lies, injustices and untruths that you also want to implement in humanity. You see it, you are awake and you know what truths must come to light before we can bring about change.

So frustrating, dear ones. A symbolic image we can send you is as if you were teenage parents of children who choose drugs and you can just watch, and try to awaken and give them rehabilitation, but your teenagers choose again and again to take the drugs that do not show the truth as it is but rock their minds in illusory veils, where they think they feel good even though they do not really do it at all.

Unfortunately, we have to tell you that it will take time. The veils must be pulled away step by step and, since the dark forces know that this is their only chance to maintain control over you, it is just before the veils are pulled away. It is impossible for them to have control over you. You are already too high-vibrating and see through, feel when there is false information and you are terribly dangerous .. Many are now expected on this page who [will] go over because the refraction becomes too great and too powerful for their soul to handle.

It may feel like a small consolation, but you will receive confirmation from them in various ways from this side that they now understand that you were right. They will see life on earth with a completely different perspective from this side. When they were incarnated on the ground, they were so identified with matter that it became impossible to see reality in any other way than what was offered in false arias.

The drama is right now both terrible and fantastic to watch and as above so also below. Now that your DNA strands have opened up to your true self and the crystalline forms have been activated, it can be even more strenuous and tiring for you to see the inertia and fatigue that those still lingering in the third dimension are rubbed in. We also see that you feel more alone than ever, and that you are seen as fools and [charlatans?] does not make it easier.

Your work is so magnificent and difficult to extinguish [and] we ask you from here to see your beauty and sacred pursuit. We humbly bow to your work effort and know that we actually cooperate. At night we take care of you and at certain particularly difficult times you may lie in our healing chambers for the restoration of energy and potent light.

If you feel tired and worn out, ask our ships to receive you before you go to sleep so that you can even, with a conscious will, let us receive your spiritual body.

We bless your steps and look forward to hearing from you again soon,

Ashtar with entourage.

We are going to help with our technologies to heal the human race, to clean your water and air, and help you build a high-tech civilization. The ones, who will receive the funds, are going to implement that money globally into humanitarian projects to remove all of the poverty in every country forever. -Ashtar via Erena Velazquez-

March 25, 2021


I am Ashtar and I am happy to be here today to share this message with you.

I would like to inform My Brothers and Sisters that my fleet and the rest of the members from The Galactic Federation of Light are working on the permanent removal of the corrupted souls from this part of the Galaxy. We have been dealing and fighting with the Dark Forces on a daily basis like Reptilians, Dracos, and others ones, who entertain Darkness inside them and try to harm humankind.

Our battles in space are severe, it involves advanced technology and we usually have a million of ships fighting, it includes motherships and we even have spaceships the size of a planet, our smallest skirmishes have thousands of ships. Your speed and technology play a huge role in the battle, the whole civilization can be quickly eliminated, you get evaporated in space like you never existed before. The war between the Light and Darkness has been going on for eons.

They still think that they can stay in control on Mother Earth. Their days are numbered and their tricks of creating chaotic situations like a pandemic or shooting of innocent people are not working anymore now on the more awaken human population.

We banned them from freely traveling back and forth to Earth. Now, their bases on other planets are cut off from your planet. As soon as they are trying to sneak into your world, my fleet is waiting and ready to attack them. The day is coming, when the last member of the Negative Forces will be transported from Gaia.

Your support of staying in higher frequencies is greatly appreciated. As of this moment, it’s very important to raise the Collective Consciousness on Terra Christa in order to break the Dark Side’s control globally over humanity, and bring Light and Love to everyone.

Your Republic is going to be announced soon, it already happened in our reality. Texas will become number one spot in the United States for a new way of governing, which will not be taking advantage of the people, instead it will be working only for the people.

First, your timeline needs to catch up with ours. All of the important events are coming according to the Divine Plan of Father, Prime Creator. Anyone, who tries to interfere and slow down the process, that person or group are going to pay with heavy consequences.

My crew, I, Ashtar and other Galactic members, who are involved in this operation called “The Liberation of Mother Earth”, put our lives on the line every day to bring peace and joy here. Also, this part of the Galaxy is a very important strategic point in this Universe, millions of spaceships from different Galaxies, Universes and different Planets pass nearby.

The Darkness in your world will be replaced with Unconditional Love. We are doing our preparations for a massive landing of millions of ships on Mother Gaia after full disclosure happens. We are going to help with our technologies to heal the human race, to clean your water and air, and help you build a high-tech civilization. The ones, who will receive the funds, are going to implement that money globally into humanitarian projects to remove all of the poverty in every country forever.

Please, meditate and carry on with high vibrations, don’t entertain low emotions like anger, fear, disappointment and etc. Your society needs to reach a critical mass in Collective Consciousness to move into full speed in your Ascension Process. Each nanosecond brings your world closer to a desirable destination of Becoming a Galactic Civilization, which only radiates Peace, Abundance and Love.

Please, be advised, if any important decision you need to make, connect with the deep essence of your being, your soul and the right answer will come to you. Also, don’t get vaccinated as it’s not good for your health. These COVID-19 vaccines were created only to control you or destroy your human body with the nanotechnology.

I am Ashtar, and I am sending to My Brothers and Sisters my Love and Light. Thank you.

Your Victory And Freedom Is Coming, Never Give Up!

Channeled by Erena Velazquez

Ashtar Sheran – Update March 15 2021

Me: Okay, I’ve been following the Storm casually for a while, but on November 3rd, 2020, I was as surprised as anybody else when I saw the election results. So I started paying more attention, following it every day. On January 6th, I anticipated that “something would happen other than what did happen,” and on January 21st, I anticipated that things would be rectified and that Mr T would take office again. He didn’t. He seemed to be walking away, and we now know he isn’t – the military is running the United States and reporting to him. My personal belief is that he’s working in the background, in what way, I’m not sure. I heard he went to Switzerland, and I heard he didn’t go to Switzerland. Nice country though. One of my favourites.

For those of you who are familiar with the concept of “the elephant in the living room,” I just want to point out one big huge oversight that many people are making. I believe that very few of us are actually interpreting this from the correct perspective. Some have a religious perspective: This is God’s war and we are God’s army. Some have a military perspective: the military is going to do this and that. Some are contemplating good versus evil and some are contemplating left versus right.

Do you realize that if you lived somewhere else, like maybe in Myanmar, that you would have a completely different perspective than you do as an American? If you lived in Russia, you’d be hearing different news and everything would have a different focus, or in any other country for example. Yes, we’re all focused on what’s going on in the U.S., but the fact is we’re looking at it from the standpoint of what’s being played out politically and socially.

The elephant in the living room is this: We’re looking at it as an American issue, not a global issue, and not even an exo-political issue. It is actually a universal issue. Nothing less than that. As someone pointed out the other day, there are portals on this planet to what we call Heaven, and they are trying to use them to remove God as the creator of this universe. Nothing less than that level of evil. And of course, there is a fight on to regain or retain the portals for the Light.

Where are the ET’s in all of this? That’s your pink elephant. Ivo said that a galactic court was set up in the white house and people were tried there. There was confirmation to some degree when a draconian ship was sited at the white house within the same time frame. Yes, some have won their freedom, unfortunately. Kicked off the planet, I’m sure, but they are free.

Right now the action is on the ground and the main players are us. All of us are involved. So many have predicted a speedy return of Mr T and resumption of what most consider normal, but is that going to happen?

Did anyone predict a masked actor playing the role of JB? Did anyone predict the roll out of the v’s and people having to or willing to get it, and then now the large numbers of deaths? Everyone thought that it would all be stopped before it created havoc, but that hasn’t been the case at all. What is going on? We’re actually experiencing Agenda 2030 right in front of us. We’re seeing it roll out first hand. Did anyone anticipate the v lasting over a year? I did. I knew it wasn’t going to end at the end of the summer. Did anyone anticipate the return of Dr Anthony Jekyl and Mr Bill Hyde, showing up now and again to push the v agenda and then disappearing into the wind? Did anyone anticipate that they’d pop up now and again instead of being in our faces every day? Where are these two? Where did they go? Then there is the strange focus of persecution of one person only and the rest seems to go quiet. Right now it’s on the NY governor. And to some degree the Texas governor. Did anyone anticipate the resignation of hundreds of corporate CEO’s? Did anyone anticipate the resignation of the pope?

And my personal favourite: Has JFK Jr shown up yet? Oh yes, he missed showing up on March 4th. Bully for him! Gee, he keeps disappointing us. Maybe it’s because he’s actually dead!

We’ve got our focus on whatever news we can obtain here on earth. But ETs are still around, working in the background. Or are they? Now that the negative ETs are being dealt with, what do you think those of the Light are going to do? They’re going to step up. Anonymously, you won’t necessarily know who they are, although I’ve picked off a few of them. They are “boots on the ground” now as well. That’s why their ships are so close. Because they’re here. They’re here with us.

I’ve had a telepathic conversation with an Alliance member who goes by the initial “J”. I don’t have telepathic conversations with earthlings, so he’s not from earth, obviously.

Ashtar, can you please give us some intel on what you are doing, what we can expect in the next few months and where all this is going?

Ashtar: Hello again Sharon. I can indeed.

Yes, we are on the ground. As a matter of fact, there are more embodied Pleiadians walking your streets than you would ever have expected. They are working in your governments, in your agencies, your councils, lobbying for the good and for change. They also work with incoming energies in order to strengthen the changes going on on your planet. They work at a physical level, but always at metaphysical levels.

There are others who are visiting your governments via their ships, and speaking with governmental leaders. Did you know that all countries on earth have signed on to GESARA law? This is our doing as well. We were the ones who sold it, if you will, to your world leaders.

Me: As well as what? A threat that if they didn’t cooperate they’d go to jail?

Ashtar: We would prefer not to have to do so, but in some cases, yes, we had to resort to that. We would never harass or bully, but we simply made clear what the objective of our visits were, and if they didn’t comply, we would find someone else who would and give them authority. We’ve had a lot of clout with your governments. These Illuminati leaders know who we are. We simply came in and said, “We’re here. You know the future of this planet doesn’t include your evil, so now this is what you must do.” It was easy for your president to walk in and show all the evidence he had on these so-called leaders because we paved the way for his doing so.

We are boots on the ground, as you like to call it, Sharon. To exclude our benevolent contributions to your reports is actually foolhardy because you miss the hand of God aspect to our work here. Still so many don’t like to speak of extraterrestrials because they’re afraid of being ridiculed. They focus on what the people of earth are doing. Who do you think they’re working with? We are the representatives that are bringing God back to your planet, we had connected to those few so long ago who wished to do the same on earth. We of the universe are the overseers of what is transpiring on planet earth right now. To dismiss our contribution is missing half the story. You are the ones who pray – we are the ones who make your prayers come true! So many of you still give your power away to the dark ones, so many so that intervention was necessary.
To focus on what is happening at ground level, at the mental level, is the imbalance you have been living by all along. You are not taking into account the entirety of reality. You are only seeing it from a results perspective, but all the work that is put into achieving any result is being ignored. And there is work being done at many universal levels, the physical result that you see is simply the result that earthlings must vote on: how do they choose to respond to what they see? Where do they align their frequency: high or low? How do they choose to view all that is happening? There are many of you who understand pieces of what has gone into making everything on the physical plane happen, and some who have been involved in making it so. Sharon, for example, worked with a small team in order to clear the DUMBs of negative ETs and to help these victims escape captivity. Clearing the DUMBs has gone on for much longer than you realize. It has been decades in the making.

Me: What’s interesting to note is that Hitler’s daughter is coming up for re-election. Apparently she’s not doing well in the polls. Folks, you have to realize that when non-Illuminati candidates step up, and when people wake up, the right people are going to get voted in.

Ashtar: Exactly. You are here to do the work as well. It’s not entirely up to anyone but you on earth have the final say.

Me: Don’t worry, Ashtar, when that TV station goes up, everybody will get on board. They’ll all be reporting from our station because it’ll finally be the whole picture.

Ashtar: I see you’re chomping at the bit, Sharon.

Me: Are you kidding? I’m frustrated at the constant delays. I want to get this truth out there.

Ashtar: And so you shall.

Me: I think you are playing out a protective role as well, because how is it so many of these white hats haven’t been knocked off yet?

Ashtar: Yes, indeed, Sharon.

Me: I know some of them have been threatened but they’re still going. With the number of “suicides” we’re used to seeing apparently having stopped, and the white hats not being affected by this strange phenomenon, why are they able to take on the DS and still stay safe? There has to be something extraterrestrial playing out because this world is extraterrestrial.

What happened to the Men in Black, by the way?

Ashtar: They’re all taken off the planet.

Me: Oh gee, I was missing their 4 a.m. visits.

Ashtar: We are speaking to both sides. And we have arranged to get your world to be GESARA compliant. The Quantum financial system is now up and running along the Fiat system, which is going to implode at some point. Who do you think kept it from going under a couple weeks ago? Your white hats are working alongside us. Some of them, too, are starseeds and lightworkers and are aware of their origins. They work with us because we have been in contact with them for a long time.

You know you are protected, Sharon, by ships and other safety devices we use. We watch you constantly, you are always being monitored. You are always safe. We do the same for these white hats. Nobody is expendable right now. We need all hands on deck. And we have that. They are safe.

The beings of Light that have come to this earth are very involved in what is currently happening. Counseling, protecting, adjudicating agreements, warning on taking the wrong action, we have warned so many of them what will happen to them if they align with the DS any longer. They are turning now. You see this. They are turning to the Light. Why? It is our influence. There are many upon earth who have had extraterrestrial visitations and continue to right now.

In the same way that you are being mind controlled into believing the narrative, we of the Light can remove that mind control to allow you to wake up. We tend to do it locally in order to achieve localized results.

Me: Like by state maybe? Is that why there are blackouts? Because the electricity is turned off in the bases? And then you put forth your energies in order to help people wake up in that area?

Ashtar: For example, yes. Unfortunately, the earthling is basically a disempowered apathetic being who has allowed itself to be controlled. This is due to mind control. The feeling that nothing can be done to help yourselves is so prevalent so there were people we worked with specifically, usually lightworkers, who we groomed to step up and take action. Phil Schneider was one of them, by the way. He paid the ultimate price for his actions but he made his mark on your psyches. He started the P movement. He told people to stand up for themselves, and eventually people came to hear his lectures because they were more awake than the average. This is how we achieve results at the physical level.

Me: Yes, learned helplessness. Ivo and I need to take a shot at that subject one of these days.

Ashtar: We will explain, some day, our role in this in more detail. But know we are here, in large numbers, and we are helping to turn the tide for planet Earth. And yes, this is a universal issue.

As for the timing of events, first of all, all will happen at the best time to create optimal results. As for the events you believe will happen, it will not happen the way you expect. Mr T will resume his presidency but not in the way you expect. The fact that little has happened to date the way you expected gives proof of this. The reason your expectations are not accurate is because you do not have the whole picture, nor can you. To tell the people of earth is to inform the enemy. You are still as much a part of them as they are in control of you.

There has been no food shortages, martial law, internet blackouts, etc. Only in small, localized cases, and this was easier to deal with. Take each day as it comes and give thanks for the marvels you see before you. Your world is changing, for the good.

Me: I had an intuition, Ashtar. It told me that the vote had to be stolen and Mr T had to walk away because without this conflict to strengthen our minds, we would have remained more or less indifferent to those in power and many would have continued to go along with whatever they had decided for them. Mr T walked away so that people would become indignant, angry and even mortified at their treatment of them, is that correct? They had to be shown and they will continue to be shown.

Ashtar: Yes. It was necessary. The whole process will shake many out of their slumber and teach them to take back responsibility for their own lives. They will stop working for the government, and start working with the government. As we’ve told you, your participation is required in this. This is why events don’t transpire the way you anticipate: because you’re not fully responsible yet and you still expect things to be done for you. This is your transition period.

Me: Thank you for that. So that’s probably what Gen F and the Kraken lady mean when they say, “Get involved.” This is what they’re asking of people, because future governments will require the people be more active in decision making. This is about empowering the people again. Halleluah.

This isn’t about rescuing you. This isn’t about victimizing you. This isn’t about doing things for you. This is about re-empowering you. Yes, a Blue Ray would get that and I did. How you choose to stand in your power every day determines a lot right now. God is trying to tell you, “Stand up for yourselves!”

Ashtar: Events will unfold that will require your attention. Choose wisely and do not fear.

Thank you Sharon. We will speak again soon.



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Gaia is being cleansed/Timing is everything-Mira and Ashtar

I am Mira, working full time on behalf of humanity. Our technologies are quite advanced which will be beneficial for your world systems in many ways. The AI web has been manipulated against humanity. Humanity is to be returned unto itself so that war and division are no longer the norm.I am Mira. I serve in my fullest capacity. We are aware of the challenges that many of you are facing in this now. Know that we are working full time. The dark does not give up its prize easily, but this does not matter for the light is transmuting, always in the process of transmuting it.  You have been busy transmuting on multidimensional points, as many realities converge to heighten and hone the energies. Gaia is being cleansed of the darkness that has permeated. This is a multidimensional war involving energies from this universe. It is no easy fight but Creator has decreed that the light has won and so it will. And so it has. It is not apparent yet upon your physical reality that you are temporarily immersed within as you are awake. It is apparent when you are in the higher dimensional realms when you sleep or when you meditate.We encourage you to tap into the vast network of Pleiadian healing energies that we are streaming through your skies, your ionosphere to assist with transmuting the AI web of lower dimensional control frequencies. We encourage you to breathe fresh air and to feel the sun on your face and to ground to your planetary mother, who is full of joy and healing frequencies for you.I am Mira. I offer to you today encouragement that you can keep going, and you will, for we need you to and you are more than well qualified. And hope because it is written in the stars and on the spoken breath of Creator that this victory is for the light. Our Pleiadian technology, our love, our hearts are ever in service to the ascending ones of humanity, and to healing Gaia. It is with the greatest of joys that I send you this message of love and light today. I am Mira.
Greetings, friends of the light! I am Ashtar. Your planet is well loved from every corner of the galaxy. Emissaries from other realms and worlds are present to offer their assistance and service to the light. Your skies and underground are brimming with higher dimensional beings. I tell you this because you are not going to hear it  in your news media, that is still propaganda for the dark in many ways.I tell you this so that you can feel the support that is quite literally all around you, just a dimension or two up. Also it is imperative that you continue to keep holding the higher frequencies of light as it is assisting us with our missions to serve you further, as well as greatly enhancing the speed of your ascension. You should know, ground team, how breathtakingly beautiful you are to us. Your stamina and tenacity is tip-top and we salute you. You are not alone! We are here side you, serving and soon we shall meet. Soon, in fact, your world will change.(I am seeing pancakes sizzling on a frying pan and the pancake being flipped). I am showing you this, galaxygirl , not because you are hungry but for an illustration. The sizzling batter in the pan is aware it is being cooked. The flipping over of the pancake determines how good it will taste. If you flip it too fast and under cook it, the batter is runny, isn’t it? And it kind of falls apart in the pan. But if you wait just until the right moment and flip it, both sides will be golden brown.Timing is everything, to pancakes and to this mission. The batter, the dark, is being cooked by the light. All that is not right shall become right and pure and good. Hold on to this knowing and feel the truth. The celebrations will be worthy of the wait. You are grounding the heat of these light frequencies. The light workers are much like the frying pan itself. You are providing a grounding platform for the heat to cook the batter. And so you feel the heat. You feel the sizzle, and you are exhausted. But without you, we couldn’t cook the pancake. It would run over the stove, it would not have a framework for change. You are creating this framework for change and in so doing your bodies are receiving an upgrade and you are providing a tremendous service to the universe. Tremendous service! Thank you! The pancake flipping, the great unveiling, the timing, is all coming down to the moment. Thank you for holding the light, and in this case, the heat. Feel our energies soothe and comfort, and  bring a gentle breeze of joy. I am Ashtar. I have not talked about pancakes before, this was quite exciting. Perhaps humorous too but I hope I have made my point. Pancakes all around!(I am seeing light workers all over the globe unite, we are strategically, energetically placed. I see dark, sludgy grids in the atmosphere and beneath the ground. I am seeing plasma light being honed and beamed down from the Pleiadian ships in the skies, increasing the frequencies. We ground these frequencies, allowing the energies above and below us to be transmuted. I am seeing astral levels melting, smoky cities and mist being transmuted into light. We are doing so much more than we know. Continue on, my friends. Continue on.) 

The fact that many are crystallizing their DNA and teaching others how to do it as well, is why you are being censored.-Ashtar-

Note:before getting into this channeling,from previous channeling reading of Matthew Ward that you can find on this website,we know that the vaccines have been neutralized to a degree that they do no harm in such extend.With this i don’t mean go ahead and do it,i am totally against it and if someone chooses to do it at least they have been foretold the best we can.


Ashtar Sheran
January 28 Update

​Me: Hi, Ashtar. I’ve had another intuition and perhaps I’m reading a timeline. This has to do with the intentions of the deep state and the Negative Alien Alliance. I understand that they’re the spiteful type of energy that would think, “If we can’t have it, then neither will you,” and by that I mean that I intuited that they’re trying to hold off the ascension of humanity on earth so that when the Event comes that we’ll be unprepared for it and many will die. Is that correct?
Ashtar: Hello Sharon, that is one eventuality that could play out.
Me: How do we prevent that?
Ashtar: You have been doing the meditations to put earth on a more positive track towards a more positive outcome. Understand that we have been delaying the final release of energy that some call the Event so that earthlings can prepare for this energetic event. Of course the Negative Alien Alliance and the deep state will be doing as much as possible to prevent your being prepared to withstand the energetic blast, because they are still hoping to take all upon the planet off of this timeline and back into timelines that aren’t affected by the event, artificial timelines as it were.
Me: Like where we were. These timelines are still in effect, though.
Ashtar: They are, however they are diminishing in power. What the deep state is doing is trying to prevent the ascension of humanity and attempting to cull off the Nordic and other benevolent types of DNA. In doing this they can perfect the hybrid bodies that they find suitable for themselves, the reptilian/human hybrid.
The fact that many are crystallizing their DNA and teaching others how to do it as well, is why you are being censored. The vehicle for this is truth. They don’t want you connecting with each other. The reasons for everything that happens upon earth go far deeper than simply trying to delay a revolution of the people. This revolution would be created by the fact that your DNA is crystallizing, and those with reptilian DNA are transmuting this DNA into purely human crystalline DNA.
The deep state are the players on the board game. They are fighting the ascension and crystallization of human DNA. They do this by lying to you, primarily, trying to hold the negative energies upon earth, because that was what the humans were doing – they were the holders of negative energies. And they create this state within you by toxifying what you consume, and your minds with television.
Me: Yes. Something I’m going to be addressing this month. Detoxifying my body because my hair is falling out in clumps now. That’s a thyroid issue.
Ashtar: They have worked hard to create toxic humans on earth; that is the level they prefer your bodies to be at, as that is most inhabitable for them. And by keeping you down, they believe they would have stopped the ascension process, and you realize for yourself, as toxified as your body is, you are still ascending. They can’t stop this from happening.
So they do have a last resort to draw upon – and that is to try to use the Event against humanity, by slowing down your progress and ensuring that when the final blast of photon light arrives on earth that it kills you off rather than frees you.
Yes, they are like that.
Me: I hate a sore loser.
Ashtar: LOL Yes, they believe themselves to be a match for God, and of course this is far from the case. They believe they are very powerful but this is self delusion.
Me: So we’re seeing changes in the U.S. now with Mr T taking office in Florida and WiFi and blackouts occurring along the eastern seaboard.
Ashtar: The Storm, yes. The Alliance are carrying out their plans.
Me: What about the dirty bombs?
Ashtar: We’re working with the Alliance to prohibit any misuse of nuclear technology. It’s possible you may see occupation of nuclear power plants by the military or having these plants shut down and safety locked as well. We have to be on the alert for any espionage, and particularly for backlash against any move we should make.
They continue to try to create fear but this isn’t working either for many of you. You’re not fearing; you’re secure in what’s happening because you’ve been prepared for it beforehand.
Those, like yourself, who don’t believe in the system are simply above it, Sharon. They’re ready for something better because they are alien consciousness in a human body. So they will create what needs to be created for themselves to thrive and to show the rest of humanity what in fact they will need to do to truly be free.
As for the inoculations that are being released, understand that they indeed do cut the human off from their energetic soul connection. It is about lowering your energy level so that, again, ascension isn’t possible and to take this inoculation will mean that you will be a victim of their system for the rest of your life. And it will mean that outside intervention will be necessary, and we do have permission to intervene on your behalf, only for the fact that your free will has been taken away from you. This inoculation is the last straw, so to speak. This last removal of your free will, should you survive it, will put you squarely in our hands for rescue. Many are dying of this inoculation, and there is a reason for that, of course, and that is because their life energy has been denied them. The soul sometimes will vacate the body in these cases as they will release themselves back to the ethers rather than be overtaken by negative entities. So death is a release for the soul from further struggle and imprisonment.
Me: Geez! Unreal!
Ashtar: It’s war, Sharon. A dirty war. There are no rules in this war. We had created treaties with the dark ones that to date may or may not have been upheld on their side, but now as we remove them from earth, all bets are off. The Light has won. What is being played out now is only a movie of what has already transpired in higher dimensions. You are experiencing this movie in your third, fourth and even fifth dimensions, and it is simply a choice of how much you wish to experience of the movie. You can sit back and realize that all is well, or you can become involved in the fear, it’s your choice. And all of it is a lesson. Where you haven’t prepared yourself, you’re now fated to experiencing as the rest of humanity on earth will.
Me: So in the case of these third dimensionals who naively get an inoculation and are cut off from soul, how can you rescue them?
Ashtar: In the future, there will be timelines of these people who will be at the mercy of the deep state. Yes, understand that timelines are different. On some timelines, the deep state is all but done with, in other timelines they have more control. In these extremely low frequency timelines where they have won control over the human population, our physical intervention will be necessary to free these souls.
Me: So that could even be something like killing everyone on that timeline so that the dark ones don’t go any further and the light souls can be released to reincarnate again in a world where their free will will be supported.
Ashtar: As an example, yes. They say the Armageddon timeline has died but in fact if you continue to create it, it will necessitate such a remedy. Remember that death is the release of the soul back to God, not condemnation of the person who died.
Me: Thank you, Ashtar. I know I’m going to catch it for channeling demonics who disguise themselves as you. Those who don’t understand what you just said will condemn us and condemn me for channeling a false Ashtar.
Ashtar: I see. Perhaps when they see me standing before them on the television screen, they’ll understand that it was me you were channeling all along. Chin up, Sharon.
Me: Always. I think there’s mind control to turn people against you and anyone that channels you, to be honest.
Ashtar: There is. So many feel that you are channeling a false god. That is because of themselves; I am your truth, Sharon.
Me: I know. Everyone’s an Ashtar expert except the people who channel him apparently.
Ashtar: I bid you adieu. Adonai.

Not to worry; all is well. All is going according to plan.-Ashtar via Sharon-

Ashtar Sheran
On the December Solstice

December 19, 2020

I am Ashtar Sheran with a message for all upon planet Earth.

The December 21st solstice is upon you. It is upon us all. We of the celestial realms have looked forward to this day, as it is a time where the timelines are to begin to split.

The fifth dimension will now be available to those upon earth. Those ready, those who have done their work, those who have already had extraterrestrial contact and those who are of unity consciousness, all knowing, all loving, with higher connection, can now ascend to 5D. They will still have access to the fourth dimension for now but this will begin to fade over the next few years, and earth will have her first true split again as it was in days of yore.

The fourth dimension will still be as it is now; a combination of the positive and the negative, the primary carrier of duality for Gaia, with less of the dark and more of the Light being shown to you the higher you ascend through it. 4D has twelve levels and many are at the higher levels now; some are in the lower levels. Your ascension rate is determined entirely by your activity level and how much effort you expend looking at your lessons and creating positive learning experiences from them.

As for the third dimension, it will continue its path towards demise. Being an artificial timeline, it is fated to destruction the fewer people carry its false matrix, and the fewer people are actually living within that frequency. You may notice that some of the third dimensional mindset are now taking ill and dying. Those who die from Covid are also of this frequency and their death was part of the destruction of this timeline. Covid targets particularly the elderly, who have lived on this third dimensional timeline their entire lives and are usually believers in its tenets. Now they are to leave you, either to ascend through non-physical states or to be reincarnated again upon other third dimensional planets.

Not to worry; all is well. All is going according to plan. Never fear. The dark ones will be eradicated and the Light will come back to earth in stronger measures.

I am Ashtar and I remain at your service.


Confederation of Planets ~ We Are an Arm of the Creator-Ashtar via Dianne Robins-

Ashtar Command

  Foreward ~

Our Galaxy is divided into 12 sectors.  Earth is located in sector 9. The Ashtar Command oversees our sector of the Milky Way Galaxy. Ashtar is the Commander.

Confederation of Planets ~ We Are an Arm of the Creator

Dear Readers, I am Ashtar, from the United Confederation of Planets, division of the Ashtar Command, which circles your galaxy and solar system. We are part of the great brotherhood and sisterhood of Light for this part of the Milky Way Galaxy. We oversee your sector of the galaxy and solar system, and protect you from any outside intrusion intending to interfere with your evolution.

We protect you from the outlying reaches of space, where there are still pockets of dark forces that would like to overtake your planet for the wealth of resources it contains, including the human. There is a great war between the light and the dark coming to an end, and we in the Ashtar Command know of a certainty that this final battle is about to wage its last death throes, leaving the earth and humans free to evolve. We watch over your skies and make sure that you are always protected as this darkness plays itself out until it just evaporates and disappears forever. We are the great forces of Light, and our cosmic assignment is to protect you always, to make sure that you regain your freedom so that you can evolve in peace and prosperity forevermore.

We are here as an arm of the Creator, maintaining peace in your sector where your solar system resides as you circle the galaxy in your everlasting trip around the sun. Soon you will be in a new position in the galaxy, one in which there is great light and brotherhood of solar systems. Where there is immediate connection of thoughts and vision, and where all are aware of each other, regardless of which planet you reside on. All work together in brotherhood of peace and love. This is what you are moving into. And this is what we are moving you toward. We will meet you there, in your new home position, where you will be able to freely and visually see and converse with us. So just look up to the sky, and visualize our star ships hovering above you and capturing you on our monitor screens. We know where each and every one of you are, always. We work together as one.
The Great Rebirthing Process ~ I am with you this day of great earth activity, bringing you news of the great rebirthing process taking place on planet earth.

Unbeknownst to your physical senses, great amounts of energy are catapulting to Earth, bringing all life into greater attunement with God. Your scientists and astronomers are unaware of these events, for they base their work on outer occurrences of concrete evidence that they can gather and physically prove.

The shift that is taking place on your planet is the shift from Outer Consciousness to Inner Consciousness, away from travel to Outer Space and into travel to Inner Space. This is where the Great Exploration takes place. This is where you will find all the answers you are looking for. Our Computer System Links Us to the Confederation

I am Adama. Know that the Confederation of Planets works closely with the inhabitants of the Hollow Earth and Telos. Know that we are in constant communication with them through our Computer Systems. Know that we monitor the whole Earth surface and below the surface.  Someday soon, you will have access to this vast computer system that’s based on amino acids, and you will be able to plug into our vast monitoring network in the Cosmos. Then you will have the information and guidance you will need to stay in a state of balance and harmony with the Earth. This is all waiting for you, waiting for the energies to bring you and all life forms into the necessary state of consciousness that will allow us to implement this grand plan of bringing forth to you our vast computer system that will network you to the Stars.

We Trees Are the Ground Crew

We trees are here in service to the Ashtar Command, too. Only we are the “ground crew” who have “dug in” and live in our “dugouts”, so to speak, while doing the same job and having the same assignments as you, who walk on foot and travel on land. It’s just that our “physicality” is stationed in one spot, while our leaves blow hither and yon in the wind, and our scent and voices travel far inland.

For we communicate with all living life on the surface, just as you do. Our boughs reach through many dimensions as we stand guard on earth, and we are privy to information coming in on different wavebands also. Our auras are vast and connect us to one another across space, and we span Earth’s globe and hold her tightly within our auric arms of green and gold. We bless the Earth, for she has given us life, life to reveal our innermost natures and life to express our selves in so many myriad ways and forms.

For as you walk, we talk, and our voices ever follow your footsteps, guiding you on your path through Nature’s innermost realms where you can play and experience the magic of our species, albeit, in different forms.

Don’t get caught up in the news or the skirmishes between the Light and dark that are erupting. For they will reach a crescendo and then decline and fade away, as these souls will finally step down from their positions of power and be removed from the Earth, never to reappear again. Their time is up. And yours, dear brothers and sisters of Light, is just beginning. Soon the Earth will have a new beginning. A beginning free of coercion, where every species will thrive through Unity Consciousness, and be able to bring all their dreams to fruition. It is the dream of life, and it is soon to be the norm.
Copyright © Dianne Robbins 
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