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Guided Ecstatic Dance on 432hz.

High Vibes everyone!

I have prepared a almost one hour guided ecstatic dance session for you so you can try it and experience it in the comfort of your house by yourself or with your loved ones as many times you like.

Make a donation from 10$ or higher on my paypal and send me a message through paypal described “Guided Ecstatic Dance” along with your email and you will receive the file in the next 24 hours.

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blond woman in dress standing in green meadow with arms raised in ecstasy
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Message from my Higher Self (7 Nov.2022) -Nikos Akrivos-

You came into your physical body as a soul wanting to explore a human experience, knowing fully that by doing that you will expand and serve the whole by choosing to follow the path of joy in all circumstances however your perception would be in every now. Along the way you explored all emotional states from fear, hate, shame to anger to love to peace and abundance and all states in between. In other words Source through you has had and is having experiences that no one ever experienced before and through this exploration you as having a human experience become a Master in the emotional states all across The Universes. This is why everyone, no matter what emotional state she/he experiences, every time she/he allows more expansion of Source and more knowledge through a particular experience that no matter how it looks, it is always serving the whole. That is why everyone no matter where they stand in their awareness is of service to All The Universes.

And once one realizes and knows how deep within how true authentic joy and appreciation and peace feels, one knows that she/he is one with Source. And the more one practices to get into this state by choosing deliberately to go within and calm the mind for at least 15′ the more one becomes aware of The Oneness with Source , with The One and True Love that is without conditions. And the more one knows that, the more one frees the self by choosing deliberately to feel good. That is why the message remains the same: Your purpose in life is to be in joy. And if today it seems like the same day like yesterday, listen carefully to your inner guidance, keep the valve of your heart open, it will guide you to walk in another street maybe today or take a hike or do something that you didn’t do for quite some time. Decide now to have a lovely day. Intend now to choose the action that feels more than fine and see what this day and the next and the next bring to you.

I Love You.

Your Higher Self.


Nikos Akrivos









PRICE FOR THE 2 DAYS : 50 euro participation.

Alternatively just for Day 1: 15 euro and for Day 2 : 35 euro participation.

Possibility of staying at Secret Garden for Saturday night up to 3 nights at super low cost : 15 euro /day

Limited capacity (33 p. max.)

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Renewal , Restoration, Transformation.

The time has come to witness the unfolding of our inner works in aligning with our I AM Presence out there in the physical world too. We have collectively reached a momentum of allowing The Great Transfer of Wealth to flow in our experience. If you are reading this, it means you have attracted this information to you as a confirmation of something you know deep within. And yes it is a personal experience of one being in alignement with Source. Not everyone is there yet. And those that are doing the work are already experiencing all forms of abundance and prosperity, well being , love and kindness at all times. It is all about sustaining the frequency of THE KINGDOM OF GOD IS WITHIN AND LIVING IT EACH AND EVERY MOMENT. It is also called 5D, 6D, 7D and beyond. And so the more one is aware of this transformation taking place within the more one witnesses the unfolding of all sorts of miracles taking place wherever they focus their attention on. In other words my experience and your experience of how we live our Ascension process is a very personal way and choices we make all along the way. And what i am about to share is more about what i experience in my journey this far and how i see it going from here through my perspective. This is my tapestry of creation that i also call The Feel More Than Fine Project.

So this is more of an invitation to walk in my shoes and feel if you enjoy the ride of what i am about to share. As always take what resonates and leave all the rest 🙂

About 12 years i had a vision that every body on the planet will be healthy and wealthy and free. I did not know much about Ascension process and everything we become aware today. During the next years and after 2012 i went on a transformation journey where i became aware of being a first wave of Ascension and i participated in shifting the planet towards the timeline where WE KNEW THAT LOVE HAS WON. Nobody around to guide me or know anything, including myself about the traumas i had to let go except from guidance from channeled messages that i was resonating with and that i shared and keep sharing here in this website. This is just to say that wherever you are on your journey, there is now a vast network of Space Holders all around the planet that have been and are doing more than their fair share of The Light work that is now supporting yours along the support of course and always of Mother Father God and entire Company of Heaven (including The Benevolent Galactics). This does not diminish your work whatever work you are doing as all works are spiritual of course!!!!..the only difference is that some are recognized in financial terms by service given and some are not. In fact those that are not, are of the biggest service for the highest good for all. So we come now to know more about vibrational currency of Love and Light as nothing is more valuable than that. And since everything is ONE and when we align with source we become aware that we are The Essence of everything we desire.

Back to our subject 🙂

So how does this transfer of wealth is happening on the planet right now? a bird just told me that all the monies given through taxes are coming back to each and everyone (debt forgivenness too) that has paid any starting in U.S.A. through the implementation of NESARA and now happening globally with GESARA with all participating countries having been compliant with the new rules that work for the highest good for all. I do not care what is being transmitted out there through the news media or internet. This is what i witness in my reality. This same implementation worldwide is allowing each country to take their sovereignity back and be free. As we each personally know our sovereignity, it also happens globally. As within so without. Does this mean that the 3D manifestation is all fairy tales? yes if we know where to look at and perceive each and every moment. Fairies are real you know ;)Just like Unicorns;) and Sky IS NOT THE LIMIT;) They might not been seen with our physical eyes but we can feel their presence if that’s our focus. So wherever we place our focus we then have a lot of assistance on witnessing the unfolding. The BRICS countries are already Gold backed and will be joined by Turkey and many others. This is going global. Fiat money goes away and is being replaced by Gold backed. This means that every Banknote now has true value and can not be created out of thin air and that every banknote has a correspondent number in gold, silver or other precious metals in a vault somewhere around the planet. So coming back in 2015 i got involved in some crypto investment loosing all of it but this helped me to see and hold a vision of how this way of tokenizing money would affect the future timelines. I was thinking to myself: ok so if we take such a system and there is an abundance of monies to be distributed to all people, including in the vast populations in Africa where most have no accounts in banks, just mobile phones, this is definetely an awesome idea to proceed and develop in a form of an app…i was thinking of bringing teams together to do this and boom after few years of working on that idea in my mind and sharing this with passioned humanitarians, being totally not involved in crypto, last year i discovered this app called Lobstr app that allows to buy XLM (Lumens Stellar) and i felt this is truly speaking to me. And so i invested a few bucks( 30$ to be precice) and bought myself some XLM knowing nothing much about it, just following inner guidance. I KNOW IN MY HEART THAT XLM IS THE PEOPLE’S CURRENCY. XRP too in the beginning stages and many others, up to each and everyone preferences where the common denominator will be XLM. Just me feeling, i might be wrong i might be right 🙂 During the course of these past months i witnessed the fight between those that wanted this to work and those who didn’t. Those that were for keeping things the way they are in finances and those that envision each and everyone on the planet being free, healthy and wealthy. And today all i can say is that is GOING TO BE STELLAR!!! 🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀(have you witnessed how many rockets flew through Space X and Elon Musk’s Starling network for free internet? ) Now, imagines that every continent or country or area create their own digital currency that is backed by precious metals and then take away the middle men (all national banking institutions globally) and allowing each and everyone according to their intentions and visions for the highest good for all work on their own tapestry of creation and rebuild and restore the planet towards one of pure Love and Beauty, also called Earth 2.0 or New Earth of 5D and beyond. A Quantum Financial System that can read our intentions and where we have access to through Quantum Mobile Phones distributed freely to all around the planet. This to take place once the vast majority of those that are against our Ascending Journey are taken off planet. This work is done naturally as frequencies are rising on the planet through our inner work, yes, each and everyone dedicated Light Worker is A White Hat too and right now also happening through the military that is taking action globally bliss their hearts and work of all those involved. We send Violet Flame to allow these works to happen in the most effective way with as less as possible loss of human lives. GOD THY WILL BE DONE, NOT MINE.

Do not ask me about details of how this is taking place. I am not going to send you to any narrator telling their version as i know in times of war no one speaks truth and it is mostly psyops. But what i can confirm to you is again that LOVE WAS WON. IT IS A DONE DEAL AND ALL IS WELL. And so where we go from here and what do we choose?

AM i feeling aligned with source more often that noT? how am i dealing with fear or anger issues with myself and all others. AM i loving and kind to myself and all others no matter what arises? Questions to answer and know our readiness.

And This is how i chose to explore New Earth Reality so far through The Feel More Than Fine Project focusing in these themes that i ‘ve been holding intentions for :


  1. Conscious Celebration locally and globally
  1. Holistic Wellness Centers including Medbeds and Celestial Chambers in Europe.
  2. Blueprint of eco sustainable free energy communities attuned with Mother Earth (WWW.THEVENUSPROJECT.COM maybe too?)
  3. Feel More Than Fine Africa (charities support for orphans in Uganda and Senegal to begin with).
  4. Grass roots charity work locally and globally.

And here is what is already at works on our dear beautiful transforming planet , at least some some of it 🙂

  1. The Line (NEOM) (to be finished in 2030)

The Line (3)



Bringing together state-of-the-art approaches of industry 4.0 and the circular economy – to create factories of the future for products of the future. This will be a place where innovators and entrepreneurs can accelerate ideas from labs to market, and a city where people come together to live, work and play – in thriving communities. Our fully automated next-generation port will offer unparalled connectivity to global markets, enabled by an integrated physical and digital supply chain.

OXAGON is strategically located near the Suez Canal at the world’s crossroads in the northwest of Saudi Arabia on the Red Sea. With 13% of world trade passing through the area, OXAGON will have local, regional and global connectivity.

Another notable project of Neom is an industrial area called Oxagon, which is floating on the sea. It will be 40 km² in size



Construction of residential and office facilities in the staff village of the Trogina project, which will contain a residential complex of more than 640 housing units, a number of administrative buildings, playgrounds, a hospital, schools and various commercial facilities..

When human creativity meets natural beauty; One of the wonders of the new world takes place; #trogina in NEOM.

For the first time in history, Saudi Arabia will host the Winter Games in the mountainous suburb of Trogina 2029 ❄️ ⛰

Want to know the details of the #trogina launched by His Highness the Crown Prince


Watch the video from fantasy to reality.

Thank you for walking in my shoes this far, i hope you enjoyed.

Feel More Than Fine

Nikos Akrivos

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A Simple Guidance Map made for you.

Our intention is to assist each and everyone on their soul’s journey, to become aware of how good it feels to be aligned with Source and since Source is you, to be aligned with you really are. To feel good is to feel God. And the better one feels the more aligned with Source is. Does it get any better? yes it does and we are at the very beginning of global awareness of what this truly means for each and every incarnated soul on the planet in the present moment. It never ends and it gets better and better. And the purpose in all that is to learn to be satisfied with the journey itself instead of just the Final Creation/Manifestation. First comes the joy then comes the manifestation. And everything we desire, we think that in getting them will make us happy and when we are first happy in the now this is how all desires manifest in our lives.

We came in our physical bodies for the purpose of Joy and Expansion. And when we appreciate each and every moment, however this seems or looks, in contrast – as contrast shows what we don’t want in order to create what we want- and in full manifestation -knowing fully that I AM the creator of MY OWN reality-. It is a step by step believing and trusting process enjoying the gift of Life every moment that we also call The Feel More Than Fine Lifestyle.

And you are the High Vibe Tribe!

We hope this simple map we are offering serves you and that every time you read our content you feel more than fine, knowing fully that this was, is and will be always a work from within out first.

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Feel More Than Fine


1:1 classes on zoom : How to sustain 5th Dimensional Frequencies.

The 5th dimension is a place we find within when we feel good.
To feel good is to be aligned with Source which is no other than you.
The 5th dimension is The Kingdom of Heaven right here right now every tine you align with who you really are.
The question is how to sustain that all day & night long.
I am doing 1:1 zoom classes for those of you that want to learn how to do that in fun playful ways.

Send me email :

Price is on donation basis: give what you can.

You will also receive powerful information on how to make 10x more in return of what you are donating.


Are you in pain right now? Here is something for you.

If you are in pain right now that you can’t really explain, here is something that may assist you in this now that i just shared with a brother :

Divine has many ways to bring the best in our lives and well if there are little or bigger pains along the way is only working for the best seen in the longer perspective…i come to realize this many times, since i have been in intense pains due to Ascension process for many years…nobody to understand me around for many years, just me and my Higher Self / Light Beings communicating with me and letting me know: ALL IS WELL.

And right now i totally get what this means for the next waves of Awakening process…only difference for the next waves is that the process is much much faster and more intense now (solar flares=incoming light accelerated intensified) but this time for all of you that go through this there is somebody around fully equipped to inner stand what you go through :

I AM one of those that gets this. fully. truly.

And just like i did it i consider each and every ONE amongst you equally capable of doing it in your own way, within your own guidance from within.

Truly. all is well.

Truly. this too will pass.

Truly. you are doing awesome.


PS.If you ever need a 1:1 guidance you know where to find me.

It’s the reason we do retreats and bring more conscious awareness to what is taking place within. To prepare you for what is coming. Better prepared, less pain, less struggle, more joy.

In this now moment I offer 1:1 retreats online and also offer the possibility for you to come over to Greece and stay around for 3-7 days including accomodation and Vegan Organic Meals twice a day.

You get an impression of what this is all about by checking out the pictures i share , pics speak for themselves.

For extra information feel free to send email , being clear about the reasons and intentions you contact me🙏



Cheer UP!!! (and message from Ashtar through Sharon)

Ashtar comes with a powerful message and before sharing this with you, i will share part of my experience and why i feel it is the best way to move forward with ease and grace, especially for the already awakened ones that are doing the big part of the work as boots on the ground, always of course supported by Mother Father God and entire company of heaven.

You know who you are and more and more are joining!!!

At the same time this is an active discussion i am engaging with with the Light Beings seen from my perspective.

So, back in 2012 we were told that Ascension was going to happen and it it did not happen because our souls collective chose that all humanity will ascend and not just a few, which i find beautiful and at the same time, made me kind of angry when i became aware of it. Since i already do the work on myself , assisting others 1:1 and doing large healing events…now instead of ascending we will stay around for as long as it takes to allow others to become aware of the power of alignement with source -which btw it takes only 15-20′ daily inner work, going within and feeling and becoming addicted to the only form of addiction i say yes!!! =alignement to Source-

And so being here, the observer of all that is taking place now , having done the work of shifting the whole planet to the higher dimensions and having lived in communities without use of money and having experienced the plus and minus back in 2012 and 2013, my take on this is that for as long as it takes for humanity to wake up collectively i will live my life abundantly and enjoy my multidimensional life and be a way shower through my own example of living a prosperous life on all fronts while using money in whatever form it comes, digital or other and i will enjoy this experience because i came here for the purpose of joy. Yes, i have been busy and still i am creating autonomous/ eco-sustainable/ high tech and galactic and vegan conscious communities and events and i am planning to stay around for very long time within my physical body to get this done…as it has already begun…there is 20 billion $ city build by Elon Musk in Africa and 500 billion city being build in Arabia Saudi…there is already The Venus Project existing for many years… and of course all the Light cities already existing in the Higher Dimensions…All will connect at some point!!!! There is a new financial system (QFS) being put in place to serve all, it will take time to reach all as each and everyone must do the work to go within while also being supported along the way to do so…the journey has always been from within out and our free will planet did not make that easy at all. The Galactics know all this of course! So are we going to be patient or see the things all around us and be eager and excited??? To me the sense of patience, or when in channeled messages it says: it is not finished yet…my answer: well, it never gets done, it always unfolds, that’s Ascension and one can choose to struggle being patient-which in my sense carries a low vibe as a word, while for others is a quality…i like to say : no i am not patient, i appreciate what is and i am eager for what is coming and i enjoy the journey all along , i vibrate high and i create reality that is beyond the wildest imagination as i allow all 12 aspects of Deity to flow through me with ease and grace at all times:


And when more Light and Love comes from Source and i feel any kind of resistance, i go within and allow the divine energies to make me more of what IAM. One with God and One with All Creation.

There is only joy and love here and ALL IS WELL AT ALL TIMES.

AND i am expanding this love to Source from within my being and to all Light Beings and particularly Ashtar Command in gratitude and appreciation at all times. Namaste, I Love You, We are ONE.


Here is the channeled message.

September 2, 2022
Ashtar Sheran
The Next Steps

Me: I’m always being led to things I need to see, all the time. In the creation of my life, I co-create with my guides in order to bring information to you. I describe my process and my own education and I came across a HUGE puzzle piece this morning. I personally believe we all work together in this process, no one works alone.
David R. posted a video with a guest who knows and lives Constitutional Law – the laws that the Founding Fathers of America along with St Germain’s help instituted upon the inception of the United States of America. What this guest named Paul and this guy is a dynamo, made clear is that Constitutional Law aligns with Universal Law. Right now Corporate Law or Maritime Law is being practiced and that has nothing to do with your rights, particularly your God given rights to freedom and self-determination.
I know I’m going to get a lot of flack for this video because there are people either opposing this message or people not ready to hear it. I feel sorry for you. Channeling Ashtar Sheran is only as controversial as mentioning Mr. T. these days and I’ll be doing both. All I can say is: “Congratulations!You guys have another 26,000 years to change your mind so don’t let this message panic you.” As for the ones who are ready to hear it, these are the next steps: Re-instituting Constitutional Law and it’s not anything near what you’d think it is.
Ashtar: Yes, Sharon. Hello everyone. Yes, It’s not what you think it is. How can you understand Constitutional Law or the Law of Freedoms, Universal Laws when you’ve never experienced it or have used it without realizing you were?
The system that you work within, we have pointed out to you, is a financial system and the entire point of it is monetary gain. If you’re not rich, then assume you’re one of the ones doing the giving, not the taking. The system is based upon exploitation of the people of earth, particularly children.
Now, what is happening on this earth right now but particularly in America is the re-introduction of Constitutional Law which is based upon Universal Law. The gentleman in the video defines it very clearly and I do recommend you listen to what he has to say.
You have been incorporated from the very day you were born, you became an asset in the system. You have been bought and sold, traded for the very potential you have to make someone else rich. Yes, and it was pointed out that on government documents your name is always printed in capitals because this is part of the incorporation, the embodiment of you into the system. How do you make others rich, you ask? By the taxes you pay, by the amount you earn, the amount you purchase and the amount you pay out in taxes particularly. Your bank accounts earn profits which you see nothing of, instead you are made to pay for use of the ATMs which cover banking salaries and so forth. The unseen monies are then paid off to your owners. Yes, your owners.
Me: Creepy!
Ashtar: Indeed, Sharon but none of you were any the wiser. The person who owns two cars is then double of value of the person who has one car. The more they drive and the bigger the car’s engine, the more the American dollar will be buoyed. The economy car, such as yours Sharon, is not that valuable hence your net worth is less to the powers that be.
Records of your expenditures, your purchases, are collected and are available to anyone who wishes to purchase you or others from your country.
Me: Super creepy!
Ashtar: So Constitutional Law, which aligns with Universal Law, dispenses with all of this. These laws recognize you as being a sovereign person and in charge of your own identity and your own life, your own possessions and so forth. It sees you as being self responsible and responsible to others.
Me: Yes, I keep saying there’s freedom in responsibility but few believe me. They mistake freedom for escapism.
So, Ashtar, will we see many of the money making institutions being dispensed with? Such as taxation organizations?
Ashtar: Yes, they will be. Upon re-institution of the Constitution Mr T will be the next Constitutional president after a hiatus of 200 plus years. He will be in charge of dismantling the Corporate American system. There will still be a financial system in place but this system will be more benevolent to Americans and will continue until such time they are ready to disband it and work on other terms.
The work isn’t over yet, my dears. Not at all.
And yes, Mr T is a Jesuit. He is part of the system that wanted to allow for free people in North America and he has been working as many of his ancestors have for years in order to free the people of America and ultimately the world again. The Jesuits recognize universal law. They are an old religious order that worked with universal law and had knowledge of alchemy. The Jesuits were suppressed in Europe and fled to America in order to start their own colony, a colony of free men. Of course they were infiltrated a hundred years later and the rest is history.
Me: I’m just wondering, Ashtar, why they would do this instead of trying to take us over themselves and exploit us themselves? Is this part of a retaliation strategy against the Rothschilds or just a “look and see what we can do” kind of thing?
Ashtar: They are people of a higher order, Sharon. They are the families of Light that I have spoken of. To see their brethren restricted and exploited as they have has hurt them. Those who practice Law of One as the Jesuits do understand that to free yourself all must be free as well. In the beginning, of course, they will still profit from the system at hand. The entire system will not be dissolved immediately. People will still go to work and moguls will continue to profit, however there will be less suffering on the part of the people.
Me: Aha. Thank you for that, Ashtar. LOL I feel sorry for them having to fight for 200 years to practice Law of One openly on this planet. Nothing is lonelier than those who understand it, even rudimentally, who are aggressively confronted by dualistic thinkers.
As for the moguls still making money off of your sweat, folks, that system isn’t going to disappear until we learn to live without money. Money is an institutionalized tool that holds a lower frequency. People in the galaxy don’t use it because they’re of higher frequency than financial systems are. However the Jesuits are obviously not beyond profiting. They’re not martyrs; they’re still human. So it seems like they still want to make money and get rich but in a system that’s improved from the system we have now, correct?
Ashtar: Yes, that’s correct. Rome wasn’t built in a day, it’s said. And of course, as the people grow, life on earth will take on an ever-increasing freedom. As you come to understand more of what God’s freedom is, the more you will embody it.
Me: It seems counter-intuitive to have a financial system where people go to work with governments that honour the Law of One, but you can’t change everything in a flash. It will continue to change as people evolve and become more like their galactic brethren.
Ashtar: You’ve been talking to Ivo who tells you what life is like on your home planet so you don’t understand Law of One living as being possible with the dualistic system you’re in now, the money earning system but then earth has to transition, Sharon. What happens on Elteron is not possible yet for most people on earth. You have to change and evolve to that point. Remember the people of Elteron are millions of years ahead of earth’s consciousness now. As for you, you’re making that shift and you remember life there as one of never having to carry a wallet. You know how to live that way already. Those who do tend to find living on earth very limiting, in fact.
Me: Yes, true.
Ashtar: Now you are being led to this point in time, the point in time where the corporate bandits are being overthrown. You are only beginning to understand what true freedom is and it will take time before you fully understand again what it’s like to be a sovereign individual in a collective system, the same freedom we in the universe experience under the Law of One.
You will be taught. We will be here to help you but you will take your collective power back and begin to stand in your own rights. This shift is already starting and there is no stopping it now.
In future you will be driving your own system with little need to be governed by anyone. It will be the people’s system, not one of ownership.


Manifesto for smooth wealth transfer for the highest good for all.

The better i feel and the more fun i am having the more i am closer to all kind of manifestations in all areas of life i am focusing on along all lessons that my soul wants to direct me.

I AM NEW ME on steroids! There is nothing and i mean nothing that can affect my inner chat of creation and i witness all kind of manifestations as a responsible creator to create the new being focused at all times on how i feel, no matter what news are being broadcasted.

I am here to create financial abundance for myself and all humanity because i am having fun with it and the longer that something takes to manifest the more fun i have, blazing the violet flame to transmute all unwanted realities towards ones that are wanted. I focus on visualizing the new. I see all currencies delivering to their promise as i know the white hats want me to take control of my sovereignity and create. I speak only of what i want and ignore anything else including all chats discussions as i know all are the perceptors of their own reality and as such the experience is different for each and everyONE.

ONE person connected to source is more powerful than millions who are not, it is the meaning of WWG1WGA, my perspective, my perception my creation and all prosperity funds and asset backed currencies of the Quantum Financial System deliver to their promise on the dates that they will say they will do so, even if this did not happen in the past, i transmute all past experiences into the violet flame and create the new in high vibes where my imagination is REALITY and I KNOW IT.


The better i feel, the more i am aligned to my truth , the more i am aligned to infinite abundance and money comes to me in powerful ways as i speak these words.

And so it is.