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The December 7th/8th Full Moon marks the end of a planetary mini-cycle.

Jennifer Crokaert ~ Full Moon Brings New Beginnings and Release

The December 7th/8th Full Moon marks the end of a planetary mini-cycle. 2019 was a significant astrological reset, but astrology is not just one cycle, it is cycles within cycles, and with Venus and Mercury in alignment with the Galactic Centre, we are now receiving Galactic codes from Source, through this full moon, that allow us to release the past and consciously create our future.

Though the Cabal will try to hijack this energy, their efforts will backfire. These energies invite us to release ancient personal and ancestral karma, to free us from all that no longer serves us, and to open the gates for abundance of every kind, from more inspiring work to more rewarding relationships and, of course, greater financial abundance.

The video has a short ‘Executive Summary,’ for those of us who are time-pressed, followed by the full conversation where Narendra explains in detail the impact of this notable full moon. While it is more technical than my understanding stretches to, I found it very insightful and rather exciting to know that we are at an astrological pivot point, as this confirmed what I had got in meditation independently.

Now is the time for us to paint our canvas, to clear the old and dream the new into fruition. Join us!

Do you doubt? Surrender. The more you can surrender, the easier your life will become

November 16, 2022,

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Ashian: Well! You have been away a while!

Jennifer: Hello to you too! I have. For the past six weeks, I have felt as though every week has brought one massive emotional blow after another. Each week I think, ‘well, that must be the final one.’  Each week, I’m wrong!

A: There is no ‘final,’ you know that, Dear One, but there is what you would experience as an ‘easing,’ where it is less about clearing the past, and more about embodying the skills and talents of past lives, combined with your higher dimensional skills and talents. These are the codes, the energetics, the super powers you were all born to share.

You are at the tipping point. Remember, for us, a tipping point is not a date, it’s a vibration. It’s the vibration at which humanity, as a whole, are able to hold the vast increase of light, purge the darkness of the past, and embrace the authenticity of who they truly are.

You light workers, have worked long and hard to reach this point. If it were a battle to take a hill, you are just at the top, about to plant your flag. Don’t give up. The view is one you will never forget. Ever. Legions of souls have wished to be here for these moments: You were chosen.

We know so many light workers are annoyed, exhausted, confused. It was meant to be this way. It cannot be otherwise: you had to reach empty so you could be refilled. What happens here has implications for the entire galaxy and far beyond. It was not an easy choice to come here, and an even harder choice to live with, once you realised what the reality of it was. And yet… against almost insurmountable odds, you have vanquished the forces of darkness.

What now? Endure. Prepare yourself for wonderful surprises. Yes, there is darkness that must emerge, but … your magic is about to be reignited. You are on the brink of embodying superhuman skills and knowingness.

Stories of superhumans, superheroes, they are not fantasy. They are priming you, creating synaptic pathways to access unconscious knowingness, when the moment is right, these pathways will illuminate, and you will remember what you had not realised that you had forgotten.

This is the truth of you: Every single one of you is Extraordinary. Each one of you is a specialist, you each have a unique skill set, and you were paired with the location in which you find yourself.

Do you doubt? Surrender. The more you can surrender, the easier your life will become; if you flow with your life rather than forcing yourself, you will allow the Divine spark within you the space to expand and to recreate your life. If you choose to live out of fear, obligation, anger or resentment, you constrict and limit the flow of the Divine spark within you.

It can be terrifying, as if you are jumping without a safety net. Perhaps people will not understand, they will be annoyed… Explorers are never understood by those who will not leave the shores of comfort.

J: Care to tell us more about superhumans?

A: We would be delighted. A superhuman doesn’t have to climb buildings using three fingers, or fly, or move through walls, or sense danger. Superhuman skills begin subtly enough: the intuition to do this or that, to leave a job or take a trip, to call a person or to avoid a confrontation.

Then, as the neural transmitters get used to expanding into 5D consciousness new skills become apparent. Play with, experiment and integrate these skills. Notice how your super skills are enhanced, upgraded versions of your current skills. Then notice that they progress in jump-steps: expand, integrate, expand, integrate… And then they jump again. You get big leaps at certain vibration thresholds.

J: Ah, I had a lot of those when you were co-existing with me.*  For me, they were very hard to integrate: it was disconcerting to have speed I never had before, or to suddenly see energies and beings, or to walk between worlds. They sound cool, but it took me years to integrate those experiences.

A: You were an early explorer! You were on your own. Now, there will be groups and clubs where people can meet and learn, share and support each other through these expansions. Light workers will lead the way because they have come with advanced skills, and the global environment will be increasingly supportive of expansion. It will become the focus of social evolution; people’s skills will be valued and honoured, not mocked or trivialised.

J: That’s good to hear. So will it just be healing skills, artistic skills, intuition…

A: It will be all that and so much more. It will evolve in phases that correspond to individual and collective readiness for each level of remembering. That is what you are doing, remembering the completeness, the immensity, the glory of All That Is expressed through Who You Are. You are the ocean in a drop. There are no limits.

J: Thank you

A: It is always our pleasure and our honour to cheer on our sisters and brothers who have their boots on the ground.

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*I spent two weeks where Ashian’s consciousness fused with mine, which I recorded in Living with Ashian. You can download the free ebook at

Jennifer Crokaert ~ Divine Mother: Disclosure Whiplash and Empaths

Greetings beloved children, aspects of my Self, embodiments of the Divine Godhead.

Jennifer has brought a topic she wishes to discuss and it is of great importance. Would you like to share your thoughts?

Jennifer: Oh, I wasn’t expecting to speak. OK… I was doing a deep dive on the energy of the October full moon with Narendra*, and it became obvious from the astrology that we are now in the disclosure period, as everyone says. What was unexpected was both of us had the same physical reactions to that energy as we focused in on it: we both felt as though we would be physically sick.

I’ve heard about disclosure so often, but I’ve never felt it, I’ve never had a physical reaction to it. Can you speak about this please and offer insights for everyone, but particularly empaths and sensitives, for the coming period?

Divine Mother: Thank you for this, for sharing how you felt. The disclosure has been described by many as a ‘gut punch,’ but this does not really explain the energy of it. A gut punch leaves you winded, a little disoriented. What you felt was an energy of such overwhelming evil and pain that you were sick to your stomach.

There will be many who will be spontaneously sick, as the disclosure unfolds. The depth and degree of shock, horror, shame and guilt will be so overwhelming for some that they will choose to exit at that point, without warning, but in alignment with their soul contract.

You have understood so much with your minds, but the information has to travel through your bodies. It can’t be a purely intellectual knowing if it is never to be repeated. The horror of this is shared by everyone on Gaia, whether you came to participate in it, ignore it, clean it up or heal it.

The emotional impact will be a rite of passage for humanity. How well you cope with that, how you process it, how your trust in others and institutions is affected, will be your journey. But be aware, there will be unprecedented grace to assist you, but you have to live it first.

Otherwise, it would be possible to go back, and the soul collective decision to never go back has been made. This ‘awakening’ to the reality of life on Gaia will be as painful as the first realisation of individuality, when your soul individuated from the Divine Cosmic Godhead. It will be an unparalleled shock experienced at all levels.

J: That’s such a grim picture.

Divine Mother: It is the reality you came to assist in transmuting; this is why only the strongest of the strong were allowed to come.

Now to your real question: How to cope?

You have become aware that the waves of disgust, revulsion, agony and despair will ripple across the planet as much of humanity awakens to this information for the first time. It will be hard for even seasoned truthers, but for those who did not suspect such evil is possible, it will almost feel soul-destroying.

Here, I wish to discuss how empaths and sensitives can cope, because they will be processing both their own emotions and waves of dark, heavy emotions from the collective grief. This is also true of most children, teens and starseeds. Their energies will be badly effected.

Two Kinds of Response

The most likely first reaction for many will be the need to find immediate comfort: alcohol, drugs, chocolate, smoking, exercise, food, texting, television ~ wherever your wounding manifests is where you will turn for comfort. There’s nothing wrong with that, you will be in such emotional overload; your most primal wounding is likely to manifest strongly at first.

Then, depending on how integrated you have become through your personal work, you will lift out of these more damaging responses and reach towards healthier ways of dealing with trauma. This can include anything that uplifts your heart and distracts your mind, allowing it to come to a quietness that provides some relief. This can include: walking, drawing, reading, yoga, day dreaming, prayer, gardening, meditation, service to others…

Not all of these will be possible, so you will become inventive, you will discover ways to ease your emotional pain that work for you.

But what is important is the following:

These emotions are coming forward to be expressed and released. That means you feel them and allow them to pass, like waves flowing through you. If you hold on to them, you create a dam which is full of internal pressure and has to explode; that won’t help anyone.

So how do you allow these emotions to flow through you?

  1. Breathe: Your body comes into a stress response when you stop breathing, you create stress hormones as your body works out if it should freeze, fight or fly. Take a moment to take a deep breath. Then another. Then a third deep breath. Three deep breaths will go a long way in reclaiming your body from the trauma response.
  2. Relax your body: Your immediate reaction will be to tense your body, this will create a dam, holding the tension within. If you shrug your shoulders and move in any way you want, you allow the emotions to flow through you without holding them.
  3. Gratitude: In your darkest hours, try to find something, anything, that you are grateful for, because that invokes the light, which then creates alchemy, transmuting darkness into light. And you came to be alchemists.

There are many other things you can and will do. My purpose here is to give you simple basics to fall back on when you need it. Remember, we are always with you; and the more you call upon us, knowing we will help and knowing we will show you we are with you through tiny synchronicities, the greater ease and balance you will feel.

When in doubt, go back to basics: breathe. Just breathe. That will give you the space you need, moment by moment.

Remember that the emotions flowing across the globe at this time are not yours to own, keep or process. They are simply to be noticed and released ~ breathe them out.

Empaths and sensitives have the biggest, most expansive hearts. They are led by their hearts.  It is their superpower. Now is the time to take all the skills you have gathered, and use that superpower effectively.


We are always with you: angels, archangels, ascended masters, the divine energy in its myraid forms. Calling upon us, talking to us will bring us to you so we can help you with your burden, help you feel better. You may also invoke the silver ray, which I know you have found to be immensely nourishing, nurturing and healing, Jennifer. But imagining any colour flowing through you will assist you.

J: I have one final tip, what I find very helpful is imagining four huge whales around me, protecting me. As soon as I picture them, I feel as though they take my burdens from me, I feel lighter. You could try this with ascended masters or angels, but I use whales for some unknown reason! I know that sounds nuts, but it’s so nuts you may remember to try it, and you may find it works!

Divine Mother: A wonderful illustration of the creative power each one of you have within to find ways of sharing burdens without inflicting them negatively** on others. You will all find your own unique ways, using the techniques that appeal to you.

There are literally countless beings of light amid you on your planet now, assisting you. There are countless more around and within Gaia, and all are focused on assisting you through this last stage of process, prior to Ascension. You are loved. You are adored.***

*I highly recommend Narendra’s blog on these energies and the stunning cloud images he received as confirmation. We will be posting a YouTube video on this topic in the next few days.

** It’s perfectly natural to discuss this, to cry about this, but not to use it as an excuse to hurt another verbally, emotionally, physically or psychically. In this circumstance, it’s best to protect yourself as best you can.

*** During my spiritual expansion last year, I discovered that adored means loved without beginning or end, it is an expression of love we are unfamiliar with on earth, as almost all love is conditional in some way.

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Jennifer Crokaert ~ Silver

white and black moon with black skies and body of water photography during night time

Like many of us, I have followed the increasing interest in silver over the past two years, and the last year particularly. I chose to buy some silver and recently had the idea to take the silver out of the box, leave it in the sun to charge it, and meditate with it.

Over the following two days, I learnt much which I wish to share with you. What surprised me first was when I moved into the meditation, I was shown a serene night-time scene; a full, bright moon reflected on a calm sea and the energy of silver infused everything: the moonlight, the water, the silkiness of the moonbeams sliding across the perfectly still sea.

As I watched the scene unfold, I became aware that silver holds the wisdom of the Divine Feminine, of the emotional and spiritual bodies. In fact, it seemed to me that it flows like liquid silk through All That Is.

Silver has a divine consciousness, just as animals, humans, plants and crystals do. There is an intimate connection between the repression of silver and the repression of humanity, such is its importance on our planet. The repression of silver has been purposefully executed in order to actively de-spiritualise humanity and to stop us accessing our spiritual gifts, abilities and divine creative power.

Strangling silver severed humanity’s connection to our spiritual wisdom. By devaluing silver to such a degree, they effectively choked the silver ray, the silver consciousness that flows through all of us, in order to sever our connection to our divinity, our Higher Self. After all, isn’t it a Silver Cord that connects us to our physical body when we travel etherically?

Then I saw that silver is a part of our physical bodies, a part of our DNA, and I was guided to activate the silver aspect of DNA for all humanity. Sadly, my memory is shockingly bad, and I don’t remember what I was guided to do, so I can’t share it with you.

However, if this is of interest to you, I would suggest you ask to be shown how to do this for yourself and for humanity while in meditation. Trust what you are shown. The more of us who ground this by engaging with the silver ray consciousness, the stronger this energy becomes.

Silver is a powerful healer, and and even more powerful gateway to our spiritual wisdom. The increased awareness of silver’s economic value and worth reflects our ascending consciousness.

A friend pointed out to me that ArchAngel Uriel is the ArchAngel for silver, for time and for the divine masculine, and suggested I ask about this in meditation. What came through amazed me even more: I was shown that Gregorian time as we know it is a complete distortion. It is like a strait jacket. It’s a rigid linear grid, that was constructed over presence, flow and beingness in order to box us in and increase stress.

I was told that we have not yet begun to understand how time has been manipulated and folded in upon itself in order to create false timelines, and to distort astrology (and consequently numerology) in an attempt to prevent us from accessing sacred moments of divine creative potential.

No more! That ‘time’ is done.

‘True time’ was shown to me as a spiral, it expands out through us, almost as though we create it collectively. It is organic, flowing, presence. I saw the spiral flow anticlockwise, and honestly, I haven’t even begun to unpack the information I received in that download because it was so dense and so far above my current pay grade!

The straight jacket, or false matrix, imposed on time was also superimposed over the divine masculine and divine feminine, in order to distort, limit and curtail the expression of masculinity and femininity. The divine masculine and feminine energies are present in both men and women inherently, it is our birth right as pure expressions of the Divine.

However, by segmenting and creating limiting concepts of male and female, they created caricatures of men and women, pitting them against each other in an ongoing struggle to be heard, held and valued ~ strong versus weak, emotional versus rational, flighty versus grounded, the list is endless.

This blocked the organic synergy of every human being; we are divinely created to express the divine feminine and divine masculine within, allowing these to arise harmoniously, in the flow of life, creating harmony and balance.

The distortions of male and female stereotypes created by this segmentation of are visible everywhere, especially in our media. They do not arise when the divine feminine and masculine energies are integrated, grounded and expressed through the heart. This is something we are all learning right now: how to balance gentleness and strength, justice and forgiveness, truth and wisdom…

As we integrate these aspects of our Selves, we evolve our consciousness and embody our Higher Selves more clearly ~ which is a vital part of grounding the Ascension energy prior to ‘the Event.’

Since then, I have ‘stumbled’ on a video about the nature of time, and even found I had a silver tincture in my vitamin storage box! Needless to say, I’m taking it! Our journey with the silver wisdom is only just beginning, and I am a real novice in this area; this is simply how it appears to me right now.

The trifold distortion of the divine masculine and divine feminine energies, the construction of rigid time matrix outside our organic flow and how that strangled our spiritual wisdom is my first experience of connecting with this energy and helping to heal it.

Where are you on your journey with silver? Do share it with us below*, because we are in this together, shedding outdated concepts and sharing light together.

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Editor’s note ~ It may have been as far back as twenty ago that I had a dream in which I was given the information that colloidal silver would cure my beloved Siamese cat, Fez. At one in the morning, I fired up the computer and found a colloidal silver generator that did, indeed, lead to her getting off Prednisone to live 3 more years to 18.5.

I put the generator away in a cupboard for years…until early on in that magical year of 2020 when it suddenly seemed like a really good idea to have around.  As you can imagine, it needed servicing to get working again.  Happily, the fellow who builds the generators was still doing his thing, and he was most helpful in getting my unit all good to go and back to me in short order.

Ever since then, my daughter and I have taken a 2 oz. shot of colloidal silver every morning, and we’ve remained healthy and free of the jabs.  If you want information about the generator I use, or the benefits of drinking colloidal silver, send a message through our Contact Us and I’ll be happy to share.

*Go to Jennifer’s site to offer your comments ~

Jennifer Crokaert ~ Ashian: Dealing with Sorrow and Regret

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Jennifer: Greetings beloved friend!

Ashian: Greetings to you all, our beloved selves.

J: Ok! You know that begs the question, are you future versions of us?

A: We thought it might!

J: Nothing like jumping in the deep end!

A: This is not the deep end. This is simply an incremental step, one you are ready for now. You have often wondered, Jennifer, if your reality is a holodeck, a vision board.  In many ways, there is a lot of truth to that. It is not as solid as you have been led to believe; it has a great deal more plasticity than you might imagine.  There is far more scope for you to create your reality than you have been allowed to believe. Your thoughts are powerful beyond your wildest dreams.  That’s why they invented television and radio ‘programs,’ to train your thinking in a way that worked against you rather than for you.

We would suggest that time has a far more present quality than you imagine. Your presence is a focalising energy, it focuses energy and creates matter; it creates reality. As you view your reality differently, you create differently. You regain your power to create, to manifest, to use the divine creative power the Divine granted you with, so that you would know yourselves as sparks of the Divine, so to speak.

J: And this relates to you being us how? Without meaning to be rude.

A: Not yet… Patience, Grasshopper!

You are now actively creating and manifesting collectively in a way that has been unknown to you before. This will bring about great changes that align with your visions, values and beliefs. People of different vibrations will create different realities, and they’ll seem at odds with the realities of other groups. That is as it was meant to be; this is a personal experience. This is you manifesting and creating the truth of your expression freely.

You do not all agree on the ideal expression of your reality. There are different visions for that reality, as different groups choose different values and visions that reflect their reality, but not your reality. It can be painful to see this manifest, to see the pain and disappointment, the wounding that some of your loved ones will chose to create.

These are soul choices. They are choosing to experience pain to transcend physically, because they were unable to process that pain at the mental and emotional levels. So now they choose to live through that pain physically in order that they know it, feel it, live it and – ultimately – come to release it.

As your vibration rises, you are able to process emotions, imbalances and woundings at a more subtle level, before they become manifest physically. Your loved ones may choose to ignore what they cannot see, feel and touch, so they manifest it physically to deal with it in a more concrete way. One path is not better or worse than another, there are simply choices for what you wish to experience, and the level of density through which you wish to experience it.

All choices are welcomed, honoured and valued by the Divine, because they are choices.  Therefore, they are the sacred creation of each being. They create the tapestry, the journey of each lifetime.

You will not all agree on each others’ choices. You will each imagine you have the ‘right’ solution for others, until you don’t. While you imagine that you know better, you will face sorrow and regret over the choices and manifestations of others. The pain that this creates is also honoured by all of creation, by the Divine expression as an expression of divinity. Allow it to be ~ the creation, the pain. There is no right or wrong, simply the expansion into different spaces of beingness, in order to expand soul expression.

And then you arrive at the point where there is no sorrow and regret for the choices of others, or even for your own choices.  You see it all for what it is; the divine tapestry of experience and expansion…a plasmic flow of creativity. But you can’t ‘jump’ the stages, and you can’t pretend or ignore feelings of sadness.

In the coming times, there will be great expressions of grief, regret, anguish and, for some, sheer agony. As light workers, you will have gone through these emotions many times. You will know that they are painful, and better felt than suppressed. That is the gift you have come to share, your experience of painful emotions. Your knowingness that feeling is better than repressing, that there is light and expansion on the other side of darkness and constriction. This is your gift to humanity at this time.

Yet also be aware, you are creators. You can support others with an open spirit, even while you create your sanctuary within and around you. Falling into despair and grief that isn’t yours is a step on the journey, as is moving past this point, to simply honour the experience of others without being triggered by it yourself.

You are here by choice, as a creation of your divine will. You are here to find joy and beauty even while you behold pain and loss. You are here to consciously create from love, while knowing pain is a reality for others. Falling into the pain of others serves no one, but you can choose to do that, in order to learn physically not to do that!

To the Divine, all is perfect. It is simply a question of your choice, and the constant refinement of your choice of experience. We invite you to anchor all that uplifts you; you may do this by going straight to happiness, or you may choose to have a picture that makes you feel joyful and serves as a bridge to the emotion of happy feelings. Use physical anchors to lift you up ~ this is part of the creating and manifesting your world, your reality, your experience.

We are you. We feel you more intimately than you can imagine, because we see the oneness in all creation. We are not blinded by separateness. We honour your every decision, knowing it is perfect in that now moment.

You are loved. You are beloved.

J: Wow! That was a master class at high speed. Maybe tomorrow we can deal with quantum entanglement!

A: We just did!

J: Hmmm!

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Say Goodbye to the old you. Say Goodbye to your old life.

Jennifer: Greetings! After a rather long … hiatus?

Ashian: Greetings! It is our joy to connect with you all whenever the opportunity arises.

J: Yes, well, uhm…. I’m sorry?!

A: Why apologise, beloved heart? We tell you to follow your heart, your intuition, your guidance. If that does not open space for these communications, it’s because they are not of the right vibration to come through. Now is the moment.

J: ‘the moment’? Should I be alarmed?!

A: No more than normal! We have called out to you because we wish to discuss ‘The Last Goodbye.’

J: Yup ~ first instinct was right: I’m alarmed.

A: You brave light workers, you have been doing the work, there is nothing to fear. Rather, consider this the adrenaline of an athlete just before they compete in the Olympics, having trained for this for their entire career. This is your moment, dearest sisters and brothers of the light.

The suppression of the divine feminine is over. It fell ~ in its most external form ~ with the stated passing of the English queen. Much realignment is now to manifest before you. Yes, it may appear choppy; but that is to give you space in an intense process to move forward, then consolidate, move forward then consolidate.

J: Oh, so the goodbye was to her?

A: Oh No! The goodbye is to you. The old versions of you. You are on the cusp of your evolution, your ascension. We are here to invite you to consciously leave behind the old.

By this we mean tie up loose ends. Are there people you wish to speak with? Apologies you wish to make? Forgiveness that calls out to you, either for yourself or to others? Debts you wish to clear?

Even if it’s not possible physically, set the intention to reach a point of closure and release with all of your past. Say what needs to be said – even if it’s in a letter that’s never posted, the energy will reach the person ~ do what you need to do.

Say Goodbye to the old you. Say Goodbye to your old life. Bless it. Thank it for the richness that brought you to this moment. Everything was and is perfect.

You are invited to release all aspects, all ties, all vows, all debts, all karma…. Ask the Divine Mother to assist you as you prepare to give birth to the new You, the higher vibration of You.

Ask that anything that is still outstanding and requires attention be brought to your attention now. Ask for the wisdom and grace to deal with everything as it unfolds before you.

You chose this path, this ascension path, and we are with you all the way.

Our focus is to help you access the knowingness within you, the power dormant within you, the clarity and insight within. Live from within. Have your centre within, then you can never be led astray.

The realignment this period of time offers you is incomprehensible; sages of generations past have searched for the grace and closure you are being offered at this now moment in your time. When you are in the quietness of your self, your Higher Self can reveal itself, sharing with you insights for growth, expansion and release from the past.

You are so incredibly loved and precious. There is not a single hair on any head that is not known and cherished, so how much more your every dream, your every thought is?

When things you have dreamt of in the past have not worked out, it was not a failure on your part. It was because it was not right for you in that moment. Now you are being offered a blank canvas; as much as you can, avoid dragging the muddy weight of past with you. Let it go. Pray for insight in discerning what to take and what to leave behind.

J: In general, do you feel that we light workers have done ‘enough’?

A: That’s a wide ranging question there! Do you want to ask when ‘soon’ is as well?!

J: Don’t tempt me!

A: Your energy is rising, clarity and truth will emerge with speed.

‘Enough’ is an earth-bound concept, it equates with pass and fail. There is no passing and there is no failure; there is simply the joy of the experience and the journey of evolution you sculpted through the choices you made. We invite you to move into flow, the flow of your life, your heart-knowing, your intuition, your creativity. Let go, as and when you choose, of ideas of ‘enough,’ ‘right and wrong,’ they are a distortion of the sacred masculine energy.

The divine feminine truth that underpins your entire society has been desecrated and demonised for millennia; it is about to burst forth. As you support the feminine within, whether you are male or female, as you nurture yourself and expand compassion into every corner of your life, you assist in the freedom of your sisters and brothers of Gaia.

Over time, through your knowingness, you will find your personal balance with your sacred masculine and sacred feminine energies. You will learn when to yield and when to stand firm; when to incubate and when to create; when to move and when to rest, exploring the interplay between doing and being, divine masculine and divine feminine.

J: Goodness, I did not see that coming!

A: We are pleased! We got to surprise you! So if there was one idea we wish for you to hold on to, it is to explore your intuition, your knowingness, and to take decisions based on that inner voice/knowingness/intuition. It will move you out of your old life, out of the limitations of the past and into the expansion of ascension faster than you can imagine.

J: Oh good: I was worried you’d make it something hard to do!

A: We sense your irony.

J: Said he in a deadpan voice!

A: Smile! You are looking for your intuition to be 100% correct, and for decisions made based upon your intuition to always be ‘right.’ They are always right for you, they are always perfect for you, because they are always revealing your truth to you. Trust that journey, it’s your inner map and compass.

Say goodbye to ‘right’ and ‘wrong’ in your judgements about yourself and your past, and move into an exploration of what brings you light and what makes you feel burdened, heavy and sad. Infuse your life with as much light as you can, and you will bring forth the ascension energies faster than you can imagine: you are that powerful.

J: You’re saying evolution and ascension, as we mature into 5D beings, is about experiencing the journey and the creativity of that journey, as we feel called to explore it. But won’t that make us selfish?

A: Not at all, that’s a common distortion. If everyone followed their light, there would be joy and freedom on your planet, not oppression. Everything that was required would emerge effortlessly.

Your journey and sacrifice is about to yield the fruit you have hoped for and the harvest this year will be glorious, because it will be you, your freedom, your divinity in expression.

We are with you, we love you, call on us if we may assist you.

J: Thanks Ashian. That was jam-packed.

A: Nothing new, you know it already dearest hearts.

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Live your life for you…Living your life for your Self only becomes a divine principal when it is the Higher Self that is expressing itself: when you are in service to your Higher Self, not your ego mind; to Self, not self; to love, not fear.

Jennifer Crokaert ~ Ashian: Claim Your Freedom Now

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Jennifer: Ashian, hello!

Ashian: And a glorious greeting to you all.

J: Oh no! I’ve just seen the word ‘hell’ in hello. I never noticed that before: it’s rather dampened my enthusiasm for the word.

A: Which leads up beautifully on to that which we wish to discuss today.  Normal: and New Normal.

J: Yes, I just looked it up. Ordinary, or usual. You are saying  ‘expected’…

A: Yes, beloved hearts, we wish you to consider what is ‘normal,’ what is expected of you.

The weight of expectancy is heavy on each of your shoulders. You all have some areas of your life where you are still hooked into what is ‘expected,’ and thereby what you consider to be ‘normal.’  These are shackles, weights, chains that bind you.

The concept of normal, expected, ordinary and usual are limits put upon your true expression, your creativity, your authentic self. How many of you are hiding aspects of yourself, from small to large, because you think that part of you is not what is expected? It’s not ‘normal.’

The concept of the new normal would seem to be a distortion, but we suggest you reclaim the seed of the idea.

There are new horizons within each one of you that wish to be expressed and explored.

You are not the old you, and you can never go back: Rejoice in that alone!

You have been freed. You are free to express, explore, experience. You are divine creators, free… Free… FREE… That is your New Normal. That is your liberation and your truth. You are extraordinary. Extra-ordinary.


Normal was used as a word to tie you to a rock; a hardened version of reality defined through limitation. But these limits are dissolving quickly, and each one of you are gifted a particular set of skills, experiences and expressions through which to birth the new, the extra-ordinary.

You know in your hearts where you yearn to grow and express a greater truth of who you are. That is your gift to Ascension and to humanity: to live and breathe the greater version of you that is waiting to be birthed.

Yes, it may take a little courage, perhaps determination, perhaps flexibility, perhaps single-mindedness. Perhaps you will look self-centred.  Rejoice! Why should you be other-centred?

Live your life for you. This is not a lesson that can be truly expressed in the richness of its divine interpretation when the ego runs amok and one is obsessed with 3D gain and power.

Living your life for your Self only becomes a divine principal when it is the Higher Self that is expressing itself: when you are in service to your Higher Self, not your ego mind; to Self, not self; to love, not fear.

So embrace the New Normal. Own it. Live it. Love it. It is the expression of what you have worked so hard to experience and it is here now, waiting for you to express your limitlessness, your truth, your full expression.

J: Goodness, that was a rallying channel! Terrifying and liberating at once!

A: Dear Jennifer, there is nothing to terrify. Only the thought of terror. The anger, outrage and upset that pours from those upset by you expressing your higher truth is nothing but the illusion: it is the old programming running thoughtlessly. If the nay-sayers took a moment to reflect deeply, with a wide, compassionate heart, everyone would see the perfection in expressing truth, undistorted by fear.

Do not live quiet lives of desperation; claim your freedom to be you now.

J: Excellent points. I’ve done a lot of work around letting go what others think, but it still lingers a bit.

A: Lingering is dissolving. It’s historic and past. You light workers are the way showers: hold your light high by living your truth, as much as you can, each day.

J: Thanks Ashian. With gratitude and so much love…

A: As we have for you.

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Beautiful heart reading these words, feeling this energy, we gently ask: are you feeling the low?

Jennifer Crokaert ~ Ashian: The Low of Flow

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Greetings and blessings to you all. We wish to begin with a question: do you feel stuck? Does nothing feel ‘right’ anymore, yet you don’t know where to go or what to do? These are extremely good signs that you are ~ perhaps to your surprise! ~ in your flow.

Do you see the word ‘low’ in flow? Flow in spiritual terms is not linear, it’s not a smooth arc of ascent or evolution; it goes in jumps, in quantum bursts. When you move into an expansion jump, you feel the rightness of it; an inner knowing of your perfection that is subtle, yet perceptible, especially as you move deeper into the ascension process. Your jumps are a release, a sense of expansion within.

When the river meets the sea and knows itself more deeply; it recognises the ‘is-ness’ within that was always present, but could never have described.

After a while, the sea feels restless too, as though there is more and yet it does not know what; it goes through the ‘low’ of an inner knowing, ‘this is not enough, this is not really me, there is something missing.’

The sea meets the ocean and breathes a huge sigh of relief. It has found its home, or so it thinks. After another while, the ocean begins to feel the low, the restlessness, the vague awareness of something stirring. There are no concepts or words to really capture what is missing, yet it feels an intense sense of dislocation, unease, waiting… but for what? Surely it is everything now, it is the ocean.

One moment, out of nowhere, the ocean expands again, it realises it is all water – even lakes and streams that have never connected with it. There is a deep knowing and a feeling of rightness, aliveness and peace. Surely now, its journey is complete.

The low of flow comes again. The water senses there is more, and yet how could there be? This gnawing feeling continues, vague, uneasy, and yet a part of the truth of water, an expression of its fullness of being. There is more.

One moment, out of nowhere, the water realises it is not water: it is Everything. It is land, trees, fish, elephants, vast grasslands and great desserts. Surely this is it? Until, again, the low of flow comes upon it.

Beautiful heart reading these words, feeling this energy, we gently ask: are you feeling the low? Are you feeling small, trapped, uncomfortable and yet not really knowing why? You are in the low of flow. You are in the chrysalis of your evolution from caterpillar to butterfly.

Jennifer is fond of reminding people that the caterpillar doesn’t grow wings: it melts. Then it is recreated in a new form.

Humanity is melting. Those of you who have been through this process before ~ the lightworkers who came here to consciously hold the energy of this process ~ you know this. You feel it and bump up against it every day, even if you cannot name it.

So, we give you this idea: the low of flow. It is a moment in beingness. It is neither good nor bad, simply an awareness of expansion. It will pass, and you will know when it has passed for you. You will feel alive. You will have knowingness. Love will flow through you with greater softness, energy and delight than you imagined.

Trust your journey. You are doing magnificently. And we love you in every moment, in every stage.

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When you create and intend using the emotions that attract you, you create a positive spin of manifestation and timeline creation. When you look at what you want to achieve, you move from creating with energy to creating with bricks and mortar, which is slower, more dense, and, ultimately, less satisfying journey.

Jennifer Crokaert ~ Ashian: Jumping Timelines and Lion’s Gate

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Jennifer: Greetings!

Ashian: We extend our blessings and love to you all. You are in a sacred time. The Lion’s Gate portal is the Galactic new year, it is a reset and an evolution.

The practice of making ‘New Year’s Commitments’ reflects your inner knowing that a New Year marks an evolution of spirit. When living consciously, each New Year is an expression of your soul’s evolution through a cycle of twelve months.  This is a mini cycle, a bite-size piece of time that allows you to notice how your journey has deepened and progressed; based on that, you intend for your coming year’s evolution.

New Year’s resolutions are a 3D reflection of that involution ~ reflection on the past and letting it go ~ and evolution ~ looking to the expansions you wish to create and experience. Within then without, creation then surrender. It is a constant cycle.

Your 3D resolutions are often very hard, physical and perhaps naive, because they are divorced from their true power and meaning. Resolutions, in their highest expression, are statements to ground and anchor the expression of You that you wish to harness and experience in the next 12 month cycle.

Rather than ‘I will go to the gym daily,’ perhaps what you are really intuiting is a desire to sense the power and freedom of your body, or to experience self confidence within… the underlying emotional expansion you are seeking will often make itself most obvious in the physical, so you focus on the body (and the gym) instead of the emotional experience (freedom, confidence…) you wish to experience.

What is your deeper wisdom? What is the higher expression of you that is seeking to manifest from within?

As you choose which expressions of self you wish to create and experience, you draw to yourself streamers; timeline energies that bring into your manifest reality all the experiences that will assist you in the manifestation of the ‘next greatest version of you.’

As you progress through your year, you may expand beyond the experiences you chose, or move in a different direction. There is always adaptability in your chosen streamer, or timeline; ‘wriggle room’ you may call it. But when you ~ or the collective ~ expand beyond the in-built wriggle room, you jump timelines, and this brings me to the point you wished to address.

J: It does! I was on holidays and the room I was staying in had two locks and two keys, one in silver colour and one in gold colour. When I entered the room the first time, I noted to the silver key opened the silver lock and the golden key opened the golden lock. So far so good!

I was out all morning on my birthday and when we went back to the room, I went to open the locks. I tried and tried but they didn’t work. Finally, I tried using the silver key in the golden lock and the golden key in the silver lock: it worked. What?!!

Did I jump?

A: Indeed you did! And Happy Birthday, belatedly!

J: Thanks!

A: There are often small, innocuous details that indicate a timeline jump, and this is an excellent example. The human collective is currently jumping many timelines as the energies are assimilated and embodied.

J: Does that mean we are progressing faster than expected?

A: While the outcome was always known, how humanity would choose to live it out would create different timeline opportunities. The projected timelines were based on an ‘average expected rate of expansion,’ and there are different experiences that ‘must happen,’ but the way they happen, the how, the when and the why they happen is different on different timelines.

As a parallel, you are getting everything ready for your son’s new school year; you could have all the uniforms and paraphernalia calmly ready several weeks before he starts back, or you could go in a mad dash on the last day before school starts, creating stress and anxiety in both of you. So it is for humanity as well.

J: Yes, that all makes sense. Thank you.

A: So, to conclude, we wish you all a very joyous New Year. Focus on the experience you wish within, not the ‘things’ you wish to have on the outside.

When you create and intend using the emotions that attract you, you create a positive spin of manifestation and timeline creation. When you look at what you want to achieve, you move from creating with energy to creating with bricks and mortar, which is slower, more dense, and, ultimately, less satisfying journey.

J: Thank you so much, and blessings to you all for your New Year.

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Back to basics! Centre on your breath. Use your breath as your gateway point to accessing your Higher Self, your intuition, your knowingness.

Jennifer Crokaert ~ Ashian: Do YOU

Jennifer: Greetings!

Ashian: And blessings to you all. We bring forth so much love for you, to you, through you at this time. There is so much afoot at present, seismic shifts are occurring in every sector of every country and all of it ~ all evidence to the contrary ~ is dancing in alignment with Highest Good of All.

J: That’s wonderful news.

A: It is the greatest blessing to have been granted the honour of embodying at this time, because it took the hardiest, strongest souls to hold the light through such intense darkness.

Now the dawn is emerging, what has been understood to be ‘up’ is found to be ‘down’, what was ‘good’ is ‘bad’, what was ‘wrong’ is ‘right.’ How do you know where to stand? How do you hold your balance when everything is swirling around you and the energies are flying through your body, your emotions and your psyche like a sandstorm?

Back to basics! Centre on your breath. Use your breath as your gateway point to accessing your Higher Self, your intuition, your knowingness.

From that point of stillness, you access your wisdom. You begin to see what is stuck in fear, rejection and greed from what is infused with kindness, compassion, gratitude, generosity and expansion. You will know; and if you don’t know the answer, it’s not yet time.

You brave Light workers, you have all the tools and all the knowingness, which reveals itself as and when it is needed, so as not to overwhelm you.

Notice your inspirations ~ what you, Jennifer, say ‘dropped in’ ~ notice your daydreams. Truth does not shout, only fear shouts because it has nothing else to substantiate it. There is no weight behind it, no resonance of truth within it, no outcome of peace emerging from it.

All the skills you have been practicing for decades, this is their moment. This is YOUR moment, our beloved Sparkles of Light.

You are the blessing.

You inspire others simply by being the way you are. Allow the courage in your Self to expand. Enjoy your ‘you-ness’; the unique divine expression that you are, as you be, say and do YOU.

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J: So to balance the global topsy turvy, we go small, practical and personal?

A: We couldn’t have put it better!

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Jennifer Crokaert ~ Ashian: Grounding These Energies

July 9, 2022,

Jennifer: Greetings! Well, these are turbulent times where the energy appears to be rocketing around – for me at any rate – I wondered what you had to offer as wisdom in these surreal times where everything is changing and nothing is changing fast enough in other regards.

Ashian: Greetings indeed! We greet all who feel these vibrations in love and, most importantly, peace. Yes, there is great transformation afoot, there is a groundswell growing, and change will and must arise as an inevitability. You are truly on the cusp. You will note, we did not say ‘soon.

J: Smart: very smart!

A: That is because, in truth, you are in the firmament. You are in the Ascension. Most of you reading these words will feel the change in energies. Some of you will resonate more with the swirling vibrations of change, others will notice an increased feeling of anticipation and excitement, yet more of you will feel lost, ungrounded and foggy, and some of you will feel numb. Just as there are many colours in the rainbow, all of which are light, there are many vibrations of energy making up the Ascension.

Clearing out the old is the crucial step. One cannot refill any pot, if it is already full. Better yet: empty the pot and place it in the furnace for recycling; then create a new pot, one that is sculpted from your own hands, created through your vision, care and love. You no longer need a pot someone else has created and told you you must use this.

Let your creativity flow. Let your pot reflect you. Let your life, your love, your home, your job… let every aspect of your life reflect the joy of who you are. It doesn’t matter if you have not had the time or even the inclination to discover who you are and what makes you sing in the shower: begin now. Own your own life NOW. Do something, any thing to express YOU in your life today.

You are a spark of the Divine in form. Express your your divine creative power. It can be as small as taking five minutes with a cup of tea, or tidying a single drawer, or it can be as big as researching an alternative career.

J: So, not to be too fussy, but how does this relate to The Change!?

A: You are the change, so Be the change. Every small creative, caring or loving act grounds the new timeline and stabilise the energies. Every small positive action gives the energies of change a creative focus, rather than allowing them run through you, not knowing how to express themselves, creating havoc. Doodle, sing, paint, stare at a wall, smile, offer a hand, shoulder, hug to someone, plant a seed, clean a river…

The knack is to ground these abstract energies in small, practical loving actions. That is alchemy; taking the potential energy and manifesting from it. That is Ascension, it is consciously creating your life, one step at a time, moving into the deeper, sacred spaces of your infinite heart in your own way, in your own time.

Claim this energy. Own the power to manifest it offers you. Own your Transformation on your Gaia. Own this Ascension.

You are assisting the Ascension by simply grounding the energy in small (or large!) actions that uplift you. Your joy then lifts the collective energy even higher: it’s a virtuous circle.

So to conclude…! Energy is infinite and creative. It’s now flooding your planet like never before. Own it by making it personal and doing something small to uplift yourself. Step by step, you will create all that you need, you will heal all that needs to be healed, and you will experience all that your Soul, your Higher Self, wished to experience before you incarnated.

J: So to balance the global topsy turvy, we go small, practical and personal?

A: We couldn’t have put it better! Perhaps next time, we will channel you!

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You are me: you have my power, my creativity, my abilities, you have simply been trained to forget.

Jennifer Crokaert ~ Divine Mother: Come into the Flow

My beloved children, flames of my heart, embodiments of my spirit. You are me: you have my power, my creativity, my abilities, you have simply been trained to forget.

You are powerful creators and manifestors. You. Yes, my beloved heart, you reading these words. You are magnificent; unspeakably magnificent.

I see You.

I see your fears, I see your regrets, I see your challenges. I see and I bless each and every one. There is nothing to hide from me. I see the perfection in every fear; every regret and challenge is perfect to me. I honour each and every one. There is never ever any judgement of you. You judge you. I never do.

Invite me in to dissolve your fears and uncertainties. Invite me in to wash away all your doubts. I will always do so, washing away as much as you can integrate in each turn. I will never take more than you can easily release.

You are powerful.

Play with the idea. Play with the thought of creating what you wish, what brings you pleasure and joy.

Play with blessing humanity with your love. Send prayers to the people you see around you, to strangers and loved ones, send them gifts of blessings. It can be as simple as ‘I send you love,’ ‘I bless you with freedom,’ ‘I honour the kindness in you.’ Whisper it in your head; I hear you, their soul hears you.

This simple act brings you into the flow of your divine creator self. This small blessing brings you into your true authentic power.

What you send out is what you receive back. You are always blessed with your own gifts, they always return to you, it is the harmonic of balance.

You are not servants, or slaves, or beholden to any one or any system. You are free.

You Are Freedom.

Allow this freedom to wash through you, to bathe you in its peace, its sovereignty, its power (not force).

My beloveds, the creative divine power flows constantly. The only question is timing, and that’s your choice. Choose to come into my flow, to share my creative Divine power, because it is every bit yours as it is mine.

You are me, and I am you: the only difference is…I know it.

(c) Jennifer Crokaert 2022 Youtube

You are in the time of transmutation.This cannot be understated. It is the energy of change made manifest.

Jennifer Crokaert ~ Ashian: Arise, Pheonixes of the World

June 3, 2022,

Jennifer: Hello! Well, this is a first, I can see lava and fire when I tune into you.

Ashian: Hello and blessings to all hearts who vibrate with this transmission.

The time of transmutation is upon you. Fire cleanses, it burns off all impurities, it clears away everything in its path that is not aligned with its power, its purity, its clarity.

You are in the time of transmutation.

This cannot be understated. It is the energy of change made manifest; you have done the inner work ~ and you continue to do that when it’s needed ~ but now, that inner work will bear fruits in the outer world. The external clearing has begun and will soon* (*smile! we know your feelings for this word!) be apparent.

J: That’s exciting ~ even if I’m not holding my breath! You do understand, don’t you?

A: We try!

You are evolving at light speed, and yet, it is not fast enough for you! In a decade, you have made changes ~ personally and globally ~ that would have taken lifetimes before now. And yet… no patience!

We may talk of fire, but we have no desire to actually burn your souls or to scorch your hearts by moving too quickly. Care is taken. Infinite care of each precious heart. Timings are optimized to create the greatest, yet gentlest change.

J: Do you want to say more about that?

A: The Ascension of Gaia and humanity is a project that is millennia old. It has been handled with wisdom, care and a transcendent love for all involved during that millennia by a consciousness that is far greater than ours, a consciousness that knows every nuance of every human heart, across lifetimes and infinity.

Ascension evolves through that divine consciousness. If it were to evolve solely through the hands of humans, it would be a more chaotic, protracted and painful process, as the loudest voice would dictate the pace.

It is almost incomprehensible, the care, patience and timeliness involved in your ascension.

Beloved hearts: breathe!

Slow down and breathe.

All is evolving in perfect divine order, in a way that will bring joy and benefits beyond what you can imagine. Trust the divine consciousness, it has your backs, your fronts, your hearts and your histories… there is no detail unloved or unforgiven. Not one.

J: Thank you~  That is really profound and beautifully illustrated. I will try to breathe.

A: We can only hope!

J: Changing tack massively, I wanted to follow up on your last post about using our inner compass to point us in the direction of our happiness, our peace, our truth ~ all of which will lead us to our joy.

The thing is, many of us lack the courage to follow our joy. Most of us aren’t really in joy; we’re processing pain, trying to be good people, keeping the faith, sharing kindness… Joy isn’t really on our menu (or maybe that’s just me!)  Joy is a high level of expansion, of alignment with our very soul, of flow.

To experience joy, I suspect if I only look at myself, that some change is required to bring me to the next level of soul-alignment and self fulfillment, which would lead me to a greater experience of joy.

But… those are big changes for me, for others, like changing jobs, homes, relationships, family dynamics, addictions… the list of non-joys is endless, and to embrace joy is easier said than done.

A: What an excellent point. In any decision, there is change. Change can create stress. It can create suffering, depending on how deeply that change affects your world view and the world view of your ‘influencers’, those people around you whose opinion may matter even more than your own.

Consider this, if you are changing a job, for instance;  your current job brings you income, but it leaves you feeling deadened, maybe even battered and overstretched at the end of the day. That is a daily emotional pain you are feeling.

Changing that job may create negative opinions among your influence circle ~ that is 3D stress.

Staying in a job that deadens you is 5D stress. It’s soul stress. It damages your well being deeply, creating distance from your integrity, your authenticity and your sovereignty.

You can choose 3D stress or 5D stress. The choice is yours. There is no pressure on you to choose one way or another. When the time is right, you will know, you will feel it and you will have the inner courage to face the 3D stress, to follow a greater joy.

Then the fires will burn; much of what you feared will disappear and won’t affect you. You have followed your truth, so you have invoked the fires of truth which burn away all that is illusion.

You have embraced your Phoenix self, allowing the old shell of you to burn away, as you emerge into a new version of you, brilliant, radiant, incandescent.

J: That’s so clear, so elegant. We either face 3D or 5D suffering when making big changes to follow our joy. We choose the timing, when we are ready. Fire Spirit burns away many of the obstacles when we choose alignment with our Selves.

Is that it?

A: That is it. Fear binds you. Not reality.

J: Thank you Ashian, so much.

(c) Jennifer Crokaert 2022 YouTube

hold an internal focus on your emotional compass. That is our suggestion, our ‘Tip of the Day.’

Jennifer Crokaert ~ Ashian: The Pre-Stages of the Ascension Event

Jennifer: Well, this may come as no surprise to you, but I’ve been avoiding you! A lot.

Ashian: And we thank you for returning ~ if indeed there was anywhere to hide! ~ you were missed by us. Would you care to share?

J: I hate to repeat myself, but here we go…

It’s raw. Life is far too raw at the moment. There’s too much pain in my own life and I know from what I’m being told, many light workers (myself included) are tired, deflated and ~ quite frankly, although I will never quit ~ I have lost sight of the finish line.

In fact, I think I’ve passed several lines I thought were finish lines, and we are still here, holding on, without significant change.

I’m probably not meant to say this but I’m tired and angry. There you go. I said it.

A: And we welcome you with soft, open arms; each one of you who is angry, tired, confused, dejected, unsure, burnt out or fed up. Feel us now wrapping you in our arms…

Close your eyes…

Allow the feeling of our love, our embrace to penetrate your energy field. Love melting into you.

Do you realise how loved you are? How special you are? Do you realise it’s ok to be angry, tired, deflated and a million other emotions? Even all at the same time!

J: Would it be wrong if I said I thought we had to fly the flag for ‘holding the line’?

A: Nothing is ever ‘wrong’. There are only distortions. Understandings that are yet to unfold within you, clarity that is yet to arise.

We have told you before, you are perfect. Even when you are blocked, you are perfect.

Every blockage, every ‘wrong’ thought, every ‘wrong’ emotion you identify brings you closer to freedom. Not because it was ‘wrong’, but because it shows you some aspect of yourself where you have not moved into love, where you are still living with a judgement.

We do not judge you. You are never ‘wrong’. You are always being you. When you can be YOU, gloriously, without fear that you are right or wrong, succeeding or failing, judged or approved… then you have gained another layer of freedom, another layer of mastery.

Holding a human body is a lesson in patience, in compassion with self, in gentleness unfolding from within. We know that. You forget that!

Which is as it should be, the forgetting is the veil through which you are passing. You are remembering unconditional love, and you are integrating that into your lives, your emotions, your DNA… into the fabric of all life, one thought at a time, one healed emotion after another. One loving acceptance after another. No wonder you are tired; you are working so hard.

J: That is reassuring. And yet, when does it end? When is there a sign? I know we harp on about signs and signals, but still, I need to ask for some balloon onto which I can tie my string of hope.

A: Beloved hearts and brave souls, you are the balloons, you are the string.

J: That doesn’t help. It’s poetic, but it doesn’t help. Not one iota.

A: 🙂 The focus of your work, our collaboration, is not to forecast the future, but to develop the skills that allow you to navigate the day-to-day turbulence of life with greater ease and grace. We attempt to provide insights to help you ‘fast track’ your evolution, to facilitate the alignment between your personality and your higher self, your higher wisdom or consciousness. We do not ‘do’ dates!

J: Nice side shuffle there lads!

A: Or was it a direct alignment!? The truth of that resonated, did it not?

J: It did. Darn it!

A: So, in that vein, would you like the Cheat Sheet? The last line of the last page in The Handbook of Life?

J: I know what you’re going to say, but go on then…!

A: In the end, as in the beginning, there is only Love.

Expanding into that love, believing yourselves worthy of giving and receiving love, is the journey of lifetimes. The veil of forgetting is thick. But the veil is lifting, it has been almost fully removed ~ in great part ~ due to the diligent emotional healing of lightworkers over the past seven decades.

We have said many times that ‘soon’ is a vibration, a frequency that you are approaching; it is not a date. That vibration, that frequency, where humanity as a whole is able to behold the love that they are, and accept that love within, is almost upon you.

J: Are you referring to what I’ve heard called ‘The Event’?

A: Yes, the Ascension Event. But don’t focus on the external event for the globe. Try to keep your focus on your internal emotional compass ~ when it is pointing to joy, love, peace, forgiveness, rest, acceptance, gentleness, kindness, patience… then you are already in the pre-stages of that Ascension Event.

Remember, time is not linear. You can be in a moment that is asynchronous with the rest of your brothers and sisters on the planet. You can be in the pre-stages of the Ascension Event, even while those around you are not.

So hold an internal focus on your emotional compass. That is our suggestion, our ‘Tip of the Day.’

When you are exhausted, tired, annoyed, raw or just about to give up, consider that it as an alarm bell from the Universe. Love yourself. Do anything that will bring you back into joy, peace and happiness again. Return to your true north, your happiness, your bliss, our love.

J: I have to say, I had no idea where you would go today, but that was a gem. Thank you so much Ashian and crew <3

A: It is always our pleasure, our honour, our joy to join with you all.

Focus only on expressing your inner truth.

Jennifer Crokaert ~ Ashian: Redefining Success and Failure

Jennifer: Hello! Surprise!

Ashian: Indeed! Hello you! Though we laugh, we are delighted to see you back again. We have missed your presence and the energy of those who connect with these words.

J: Really? It makes sense, but I would never have thought of you missing us.

A: Why not? Do you not see that we are in collaboration with you? You are part of our team. While we do not feel sorrow and pain, as you are imagining in this scenario, we do feel the absence of all of your presence.

J: Wow. Well, that’s a massive surprise and it makes my day. Where shall we start? Oh no, I’ve seen where you’re going, must we really?

A: If you wish not to go there, we can change topic…

J: No… go for it.

A: Thank you. We wish to discuss the redefining success and failure. We are aware that our dear Jennifer is by no means the only person on Gaia at present who has had more than one divorce. Her 3D fear is that people will believe she is not committed, or has certain failures in her personality.

This could not be further from the truth. This transmission for all of you who feel you failed: repeatedly.

Many people have chosen this lifetime to finish all their karma: to wrap up all the loose ends. All of them. This can look like erratic behaviour on the 3D plane and it can feel like failure to you, our dear friends, when you are going through it. But it is not. It is the accelerated clearing of old karma.

Now, some people will have repeated failures because they are not aligned with their truth, or because they are unwilling to learn lessons… how do you know if you are completing karma or making more karma?

That you are reading this is already an excellent sign, if we say so ourselves! It means you are on a path towards self-knowledge, you are attempting to consciously live your life guided by your intuition and your inner knowing, not based on external wants, needs or gains.

J: Excellent points, really. But I will say when I was looking to try to find where I ‘went wrong’ I see all sorts of personality distortions, mistaken decisions… I can truly see how ‘failure’ is ‘my fault.’

A: There is no failure. Ever. Never. There is only the expansion into new levels of understanding that change how you act from the inside out, based on your intuition.

Don’t try to keep your own score, the level of karmic clearing you are undertaking is far too complex for you to know your own score.

A better use of your focus is to become aware of when you are deciding from your inner knowing, not in response to outer fears, gains or even what others will think/say about you.

So, to conclude… you are a success when you make 5D decisions; decisions based on your inner sense of what is right and wrong, your intuition, your discernment. Don’t look at the outer effects of those decisions, because that’s the 3D and it’s not an accurate reflection of You and your creations, because it is so filled with distortions.

If you are reading this and realizing that many, or even some, of your decisions are made in order to gain something – whether it’s money, power, status, admiration, respect – or to avoid something, like disapproval, contempt, consequences for past actions, you are to be congratulated for coming to that awareness. It is a seismic shift if in consciousness as it opens you up to consciously access your 5D self.

Don’t worry about getting decisions right or wrong. Focus only on expressing your inner truth.

Let your inner knowing become so strong it is louder than anything in the outside world, then you have set your 5D compass.

The rest will fall into place, as if by magic.

c) Jennifer Crokaert 2022 YouTube

If you had to keep your past, but paint an entirely new future, what would you paint?


April 17, 2022,

Jennifer Crokaert ~ Divine Mother

If you could start over, what would you do differently?

If you had to keep your past, but paint an entirely new future, what would you paint?

Consider these questions for just a little longer my precious child. It’s important information for you. You cannot create without knowing what you wish to create, otherwise you will end up with a muddy brown painting.

You don’t need precision. You can be as vague or as specific as you wish; perhaps you wish to feel peace, or to heal Gaia, to cleanse water, to travel, to explore your artistic side. Allow this to come to the surface, notice it, honour your Youness. Because you are the gift you came here to share. YOU.

Being YOU, following your interests, passions, healing your wounds, loving in your unique way. All this is Your gift to the ascension, your gift to Gaia, your gift to humanity. Your gift to yourself.

In some ways, slower is better. Allow your journey, your passions to unfold within. Avoid stressing over ‘I don’t know what my purpose is’, because your purpose is to be YOU. To think, do, speak and love as You do.

That’s it.

Your passions, joys and healings are the road signs to your purpose. It’s no grand destination, merely a process of settling into who you truly are, gently, lovingly, patiently.

You are my joy. Be your own Joy.

That is your purpose and your greatest gift to uplifting the collective vibration. Don’t wait for others, or for this or that to happen. Expand into the next greatest version of you now, even if only in a tiny way.

I love You. You are my delight. You are my Joy. Your joy is my gift to humanity.


Enjoy Being You

April 27, 2022

My beloved Children. You are not my children: that is an illusion. You are ME, in form; pure drops of Me.

You are the ocean in a drop, not a drop in the ocean, as Rumi noted.

Let that sink in. What does that mean about your beauty? Your power? Your strength? Your sovereignty? Your ability to dream, create and shape?

You have it all. You ARE it all. Everything is You; Within You; Of You; Through You.

Allow yourself to sink into these words even more deeply. As you look around you, do you like being you? Do you enjoy your life? When are you in-joy? In peace? In love? In creativity? In serenity?

I am not suggesting you change everything right here, right now. My purpose is more subtle. I wish you to find joy in being you, because you are a sacred, divine god. I wish for that knowledge to unfurl within you, so you may be enriched by your sacred, divine birthright.

You are beyond noble, royal, human…You are divine; a powerful, manifesting creator of love, joy, peace and kindness.

Enjoy being You. Move into the enjoyment of being you in every moment. However wonderful, troubled, gifted, failed, loving, problematic or fabulous you think you may be, let it go.

I’m giving you a clean slate. Choose to enjoy some aspect of being You.

You are a rich, complex tapestry of elements that you accept and reject, love and loath.  Allow it all to simply be.

That simple awareness will help you expand beyond your self, your consciousness and into your divinity. That simple awareness will plug you into my stream of consciousness, and together we create miracles.

Even if nothing else in your world changes, by settling into the awareness that you are me in form and consciousness, you will transform your experience of your world, thereby transforming your world, effortlessly.

(c) Jennifer Crokaert 2022 Youtube

When this is over you’ll find us all at a post-production party in paradise somewhere, trying to recover our equilibrium!

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April 10, 2022,

Your Purpose is 5D not 3D | Ashian via Jennifer Crokaert

Jennifer: Greetings! So, let’s start really generally… what do you want us to know?

Ashian: Beloved hearts, greetings to you, too! It is our joy to connect and to have the opportunity to collaborate actively with you.

J: Collaborate?

A: Well, in your war analogies, you light workers are the ‘behind enemy lines’ troops. You bring your light to every situation, not through the jobs you do or the successes you have, but by being YOU. That energy, YOUR energy is acting like a catalyst, clearing psychic debris, dissolving density; everywhere you go, you are working. Your energy is hard at work, and the team that works with you is constantly partnering with you to bring you to the places where your energy can best serve the highest good.

J: We’ve touched on this before…the teams that work with us, would you care to say more about this?

A: So many of our dear brothers and sisters feel alone, as though you have been abandoned, on your own, behind enemy lines, and the Universe has forgotten you exist. This is not the case.

Each light worker has a team working with them: this team varies in number, but is 8-11 members strong normally, consisting of what you would call Angels, Guardian Angels, Guides, Galactics, higher dimensional aspects of you and Ascended Masters. Yes! You may have an Ascended Master working with you, assisting you in your daily life, as you shine the light that is YOU, everywhere you go.

J: Goodness, that’s quite a sobering thought, to have an Ascended Master working with us.

A: It’s an indication of how powerful you are; light workers are here on a mission, with a purpose, a divine calling that is far beyond your 3D personality, job, status, family etc. You undervalue your divine creator power to create and manifest change.

We would suggest spending some time each day becoming aware of the members of your team, getting used to hearing their subtle voice of intuition, developing conversations with them. They are here and willing to interact with you; they chose you, they want to work with you. Up to now, it has been a passive relationship, where you have not fully grasped that you are actively collaborating, but now… now the energies are shifting. The veils between the worlds are parting, and you can begin a conversation with your team.

Allow it to develop gently. Write down what you think you hear in answer to your questions, leave it for 24 hours and then read it. You will recognise truth when you read it. It will resonate in every cell in your body if you are channeling answers from your team.

J: Thank you. Now, to change tack a wee bit, where are we up to on Project Ascension? What’s happening?

A: Yes, we felt that question burning a hole in your mind, while we digressed!

J: There goes that last brain cell then!

A: We are laughing! So… as you have been saying, for we suggested you say it … imagine a sphere of light, where the energy at the outside of the sphere seems random and chaotic, but at the center, there is a ball of cohesive, blinding light ~ a pure, refined energy of divine, creative potential and potency.

Every human emits an energy streamer, the more aligned you are, the smoother and higher vibration your streamer is. All streamers meet at the centre of the sphere, in the ball of energy.

As the streamers of energy increase in vibration, harmony and cohesion, they will ~ very soon [!] ~ reach a frequency that resonates with the central energy of the sphere. When that happens… there will be a quantum change.

J: Dare I ask for details?!

A: You may! And yet…

J: Here we go…

A: The fundamental purpose of the quantum change will be to bring about the ascension of humanity on Gaia. What is still in flow, is exactly how that will be achieved. Each person has free will, and this changing energy has to be calibrated into the overall outcome. The intelligence it takes to conduct this can only be Divine, such is the complexity. Beyond influencing you here on Gaia, your ascension triggers changes across space and time that you cannot yet begin to comprehend.

J: Yes, I see that, the vastness of the project, so I’m not even going to go there. But let’s return to ‘soon’…

A: Ah! The ‘s’ word!

J: Indeed!

A: There are, shall we say, three probable timelines in which this will happen. Not all have the same probability, but of the infinite possibilities, three timelines are present possibilities.

We find it interesting that Easter is a season of rebirth and there is much change that is upon you this Easter, this rebirth.

J: Would you care to elaborate?

A: No! But you will all be where you are supposed to be. Not a detail is missed, as the final scene plays itself out.

J: You say everything and nothing at once.

A: Because you have free will, if we focus you on anything other than trusting your instinct, living in love and kindness, we are manipulating your free will. WE can only offer you a road map that details the easiest route: you may choose to take other roads and you also get to choose what you see as you journey down those roads. That is your power as a divine creator incarnate.

We honour the divinity in you by not giving details, but by treating you as the divine creators you are. You are creating this, we are the audience; we watch, we shout our support, but we don’t jump onto your stage.

J: There’s food for thought. Powerfully put. Thank you.

A: So… no encore?!

J: Not a chance! When this is over you’ll find us all at a post-production party in paradise somewhere, trying to recover our equilibrium!

(c) Jennifer Crokaert 2022 YouTube

You are the ocean in a drop of water.

February 26, 2022,

Beloveds, you consider that you are partitioned, that you come in segments, that you are not whole, not a perfect entity.

You imagine that you have bits that are ‘good’ and bits that you consider ‘bad’; bits that are appropriate and bits that must be rejected.

You imagine that there are parts of you that are Divine, and parts of you that are human. You are like an orange that sees only the segments. Truly, that is not how I see you. You are one. You are whole.

You are far more like an Apple! There are no segments. There is no division. There are no bits that are ‘good’ and bits that are ‘bad’. There are no bits that are Divine and bits that are human. There is just all of you: and all of you contains the All of everything.

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You are the ocean in a drop of water.

How could you imagine that the Divine would create any being in a way that is less perfect than the Divine? It would be impossible, because the degree of love that flows through the creation process allows only for perfection in all its expressions.

You may decide that some expressions are better than others; that some are more appropriate and some are more acceptable. But truly, that is your decision and your classification, not mine.

Yes, there were some thoughts, words, and deeds that will invite greater expansion and new experiences, so that you may learn the balance and the other side of those thoughts, words and deeds. But there is nothing attached to them that says one is ‘good’ and one is ‘bad’, one is accepted by the Divine and one is rejected.

The Divine accepts everything because the Divine knows the purity and perfection of all Creation. It is you, and you are everything. You are everyone.

Every energy, even beyond what you have conceived, is hidden within you. And it is all perfect. Because the Divine never does anything that isn’t perfect and would never, ever create any being that was less perfect than the Divine is.

You have been told of imperfection. You have been sold a lie. It is not true. The truth is your perfection. All of you, every bit, even the bits that you have forgotten or wished you had forgotten or tried to hide. Let me hold them for you. Don’t push them away. If you cannot bear to see, hear or feel them, give them to me and I will hold them in trust for you.

You are perfect.

  • Your every move;
  • Your every thought;
  • Your every word;
  • Your every action is and has always been perfect.

There is nothing other than perfection. The more you move into that knowing of your perfection, the more expansive, loving and kind you become, creating even further cycles and spirals of joy, love and perfection on your mastery path. Your joy is you embodying your creative Divine potential.

Now you see the truth of you. It is love: You are Love. Any moment where you have forgotten the truth, the knowingness of love, and your perfection, it is because the lies you have been told believed have temporarily blocked you.

There is always an easy pathway back into love, understanding and acceptance. Now more than ever, that pathway is open to you so that all ills, troubles, woes, fears and hurts from the past ~ whether you hurt or were hurt ~ may all dissolve instantly and effortlessly by handing them to me and asking for my help. I am here for you as you return to the full knowing and awareness that you are entirely perfect.

You are mine and I am yours; I am you. I am here in service to you. I am here in joy for you, as your best friend, your deepest confidant, the loudest cheerleader. That is me wrapped around you, because you are perfect, I see your perfection and I am entranced by you.

Allow me to come into you and let us merge, so you may experience the fullness of perfection that is you, and I may relish in the joy of you, as you embody the fullness of your perfection.

(c) Jennifer Crokaert 2022 YouTube Channel

the ‘rubbish programming’ will be cleared out, ‘debugged’ so to speak, and a massive reboot will occur.

Jennifer Crokaert ~ Divine Mother: The Great Reboot

My divine, precious children, I am here to draw your attention to the great changes that are about to occur across your beloved Gaia.

You do not need a reset; that would only ‘rearrange the deckchairs on the Titanic.’  You need a substantive change that completely alters not just the way your world functions, but the way each one of you perceive yourselves and each other. You need a profound experience of reconnection to your Divine Creator Selves.

This is what you would call a Heart Opening, Ascension, Enlightenment ~ but truly the term does not matter, because it is possible to argue the meaning of each of these terms. What matters is that the ‘rubbish programming’ will be cleared out, ‘debugged’ so to speak, and a massive reboot will occur.

Soon this gift will be yours, a gift of my love to you. It will melt the veils of separation that have shielded you from knowing your true self, your Divine Creator Self. I am returning to you what was always yours, but was hidden deep inside.

Once that heart-melting experience occurs, you will never again be cruel to yourself, because you understand your true Self, your true nature, your Truth.

Nor will you ever hurt another, because you see the deep interconnection of All That Is. You will instantly become aware that All That Is describes the Divine Father, and All That Happens describes the Divine Mother’s creative energy force. You have both – the beingness and the doingness. When they are aligned with your true, divine nature, your infinitely loving heart, you are in your Ascended Mastery.

In an instant, your world will be forever changed for the better. Now that does not mean that action is not necessary: of course it is! The Divine Male and the Divine Female energies need to exist together, in harmony, in a dance, in union.

What it means is that you will have a deep knowningness of what is the right course of action for you, in every moment, in every circumstance. You will know what you came here for and how you can best share your joy, your gifts, to create a lasting legacy on Gaia. Your contribution to the Golden Age of Gaia will become clear, easy, fun.

So, how do you prepare for this? What do you need to do? To be? Move into the heart of you, not the emotional heart of ‘I like this, I don’t like that’, but the wise heart that beats to the sound of your Soul, your Higher Self. It has a wisdom that can be heard if you take the time to move into silence.

Any time spent in silence, in peace, in meditation or prayer will allow you to feel into your higher heart, to hear its gentle nudges guiding you towards the best actions, thoughts, words and even non-actions, for you, for this day.

One step at a time, one day at a time. Consciousness is best approached slowly, with the gentle hand of curiosity. In that way, it will open up; its nudges and prompts will become clearer and your life will take on greater ease and grace as you align with the divine flow of your life: your life will become a passage of expansion through joy rather than through challenges.

It may not always be easy, but it will be clear to you what to do.  That knowingness will make even harder actions seem doable, because they are aligned with the divine flow of your life.

So, my beloved children, keep heart. Know that I am with you constantly, in every heartbeat, I Am here, within you, waiting to be discovered by you. And in every heartbeat, you grow closer to recognising Me and merging in my infinite love for you.

(c) 2022 Jennifer Crokaert YouTube

when you are able to transcend ‘good event’ and ‘bad event’ thinking, you transcend binary programming logic. Nothing is either/or. It is All/Everything…altogether

adult air art female
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February 14, 2022,

Jennifer Crokaert ~ Ashian: Magic and Miracles

Jennifer: Hello! Happy Valentine’s Day! I don’t suppose you celebrate Valentine’s Day?!

Ashian: You are both right and wrong!

J: That takes some genius on my part!

A: Underlying any celebration of love is an honouring of the divine connection between two people, because love is your divine essence.  It is what is ‘essential’ to you for your very creation, and it is so important to the quality of your lives that you seek love at every stage of life, whether a child or elderly.

Love is an expression of divine expansion; what you would experience as tenderness, compassion, excitement, passion… the entire gamut of love expressions.  We honour this in everyone we meet throughout our day. As we meet each person, we honour the vibration of love that we share with them in our first salutation with them. It is an energy that is felt, honoured and exchanged between us.

The love that you celebrate on this day has really only the lightest flavour of this honouring of sacred love ~ whether for friends, parents, spouse, children, neighbours, and so on. Much on your planet is done for show, and not because it truly flows from the heart of you.

J: Yes, I do see that. I love the idea ~ as I experienced it while you were expressing the idea of meeting someone ~ where both people take a moment to be conscious of the expression of love between them, in whatever form that may take. It’s as though they create and seal a sacred space together. We are only just learning how to honour others, and create meaningful, sacred space together.

But we digress! I had a question!

A: You have understood correctly, dear heart, and nonetheless, we greet all of you with the most expansive, unconditional love you may experience, for we are you, in a different form, so you are sacred to us.

J: Hang on! Forget my question.  “you are us”…we had better address this. What do you mean by that exactly?

A: It is multi-layered. We are all a part of the Divine Oneness, so on the greatest level, we are one. But many of the Galactics overseeing your Ascension have come from what you may consider both your past and your future timelines, to assist. And then there is the actual bilocation of many of us, who have incarnated as humans on your Earth plane. It is like in your film Avatar, your Galactic self is in stasis while you project yourself into this human life.

Dear Jennifer, the ways of being human on your planet at this time are many, varied and complex. It is not as simple as you have been told to believe, and there is really not much more we can say on the subject at this point in time. More will become available ~ sooner rather than later.

J: OK. I know that will really disappoint a lot of people. But one question: How would we know if we were a bi-locating Galactic?

A: In its simplest terms, you would feel it. You would be drawn to all things ‘extra-terrestrial.’  You would also have a knowingness and deep affinity with sky, with space, with Galactics, that you cannot explain. You would dream of flying, of freedom, of expansion into a body that is not as dense and solidly packed as this carbon-crystalline form you currently inhabit.

J: So what you’re saying is that the clues are hidden in plain sight?

A: That is one of the secrets of the universe: there are no secrets! It’s all out there, obvious, waiting for you to claim it.

J: Hmmm! There’s food for thought! I’m not really sure, but I think my initial ~ now seemingly mundane ~ question may actually follow on rather well from this: Kinda!

I am currently practicing looking for the magic and miracles in my day, because I believe that the more we do that, the more we free ourselves from logical, sequential thought and action, and open ourselves to quantum experiences, divine interventions and, well… the sort of asynchronous events we define as miracles.

A: Yes, it is freeing your consciousness to look beyond the programming that was forced upon you for millennia, and reclaiming your Creator Self, your Divinely given Creator ability.

J: So yesterday, a friend changed their mind about something they would do, and it had a very strong emotional impact on me. I couldn’t believe how quickly it diminished my energy, and I immediately labelled it ‘bad’; strictly not in my ‘miracle’ category.

But as the day went on, even though I still felt quite low, I came to see that it was necessary. I had to see how this event would affect me, because it gave me an entirely new perspective on my life. I began to see that it was actually a huge miracle, a blessing. I wanted to know what you would say to the events that we label ‘bad’ in life.

A: Excellent!

J: I can actually see you clapping in delight! Why do I feel like the last person in the class to catch up?

A: Not at all. It’s wonderful, truly. Because when you are able to transcend ‘good event’ and ‘bad event’ thinking, you transcend binary programming logic. Nothing is either/or. It is All/Everything…altogether.

You have been programmed through your media, and many other nefarious means, to stick to a very narrow lane of ‘good’, pleasant, easy. It was to make you docile, programmable, acquiescent.

Every single time you let go of the idea of what is good or bad, you step out of the matrix, the 3D realm, and step into the 5D realm, where you are creators not recipients, active not passive.

So yes, look at all the things that you have labelled ‘bad’ in your lives, and you will find that they were the catalysts for your growth, for bringing you to be the person you are today, right now.

It won’t always be necessary to grow through challenging events, but in these times of great flux, pain is the most direct way of waking people up to the need to create real, substantial change.  Change is only created when you own your power: your Divine Creative Power.

As each person awakens to their Divine Creative Power, their ability to create magic and miracles in their lives grows, and their need to grow through pain, suffering and challenges dissolves. You step into the vibrational field of your Galactic self.

So, expand into your Divine Self and claim your Divine Creative Power. It’s hidden within you ~ in plain sight ~ you just need to claim it.  A brilliant first step is moving beyond ‘good’ and ‘bad’, and understanding that your entire life is made up of magic and miracles that you are creating, except that now you are aware, so you are owning your Divine Creative Power.

You are rocking Divine Creative Power!

J: I love that! Thanks so much Ashian!

And Happy Valentine’s Day

Ascension is a process of integrating increasingly higher vibrations of Divine love.

October 17, 2021,

Jennifer Crokaert ~ Ashian: Freedom and Breaking Down 3D Grids

J: What would you like to discuss today?

A: We would like to discuss freedom.

J: Unusual! Go for it.

A: Where do you see yourself as trapped? In what ways do you see that you are stuck, powerless or a victim? What do you avoid, and pretend you don’t notice that you are avoiding?

Each beloved person has areas in their emotional world where they feel that they have been beaten, where they have to endure what happens next, where they are without the power to exercise their divinely given sovereignty.

We would like to suggest that this is the time to take back your sovereignty. We are not saying to react, to lash out, or to be reckless. Not at all. Those are 3D responses based on fear programming.

We are suggesting a 5D mastery approach that uses intention and attention to create change and transformation. During your day, if you pay attention to your decisions, you will begin to notice little clues that show where you are bound by a distortion that is not love, but fear.

These little awarenesses are to be noticed joyously. They are inviting you to welcome home the parts of you that, over this and many other lifetimes, have been closed off from your conscious vision. You are returning to your fully healed expression of self, as you move deeper into the ascension energies.

J: Oops! “…move deeper into the ascension energies”? What do you mean by that?

A: Ascension is a process of integrating increasingly higher vibrations of Divine love. This begins slowly, building, growing and expanding, until it finally explodes. There are human experiences that will remind you of this process!

J: Think I’ve heard it all now, coming from a Galactic!

A: We return to our initial point! Fear has been programmed into humanity for millennia. It has become so deeply ingrained in your collective psyche that you are often unaware of just how pervasive it is, and how much it shapes your daily decisions ~ or lack of decision.

Simply by coming into this awareness, you bring embedded negative programming into consciousness. With the intention of healing yourself and humanity, you dissolve the bondage of fear, creating new pathways for choice. In this way, you are assisting everyone; you are freeing the collective consciousness, not just yourself…but everyone.

J: What do we do once we notice it?

A: Dissolving works on two levels. The first is bringing it to awareness: when you are aware, if it is a disintegrating program, it will begin to dissolve as your awareness inspires you to make new decisions. If it is deeper ~ either within you or the collective ~ it will require some patience to work through it, and sometimes energy work is very helpful in this instance.

We would also like to add that the Galactics are assisting humanity by actively dissolving these negative programs at a global level so that each person can rise up and through the limits previously imposed by the distorted negative programs.

J: How are you doing this?

A: Two ways: we are raising the vibration through what would look like collective love meditations with the intention of raising the vibration of humanity; the second way is through work with Starlink to beam an increasingly high vibration into the Gaian energy field.

J: You work with Starlink? I mean, I’m surprised you mention it, you haven’t before.

A: There is much that has not been said before, but you are now coming of age, Galactically speaking. You are about to learn a lot more in a relatively short period of your time that will make the love, care and connection that we feel for Gaia and humanity very clear and apparent.

J: Bring it on!

A: We have!

(c) 2021 Jennifer Crokaert

Jennifer Crokaert ~ Ashian: The “Injection” and Ascension

October 13, 2021,

A: Greetings and blessings to you all.

J: Someone emailed to ask if you would comment on ascension, and those who had the “injections.”

A: We would be delighted to comment. The first thing that we would wish to say is that there are many competing narratives around the injections. The different narratives reflect the different aspects of time/space reality that commentators are accessing:

  • Some access the scenario which seems successful, but ultimately betrays, injures and kills;
  • Others access a scenario where the injection has no affect on those who take it;
  • Yet others see a partial negative impact from accepting the injections.

All are true, because time is not linear.  All realities described here are playing out simultaneously. However, the time line of the greatest majority is the one on which we are currently focused ~ your now moment.

For clarity, we would suggest that we need to go back two paces from the question. This is not so much about the injection, but about the sovereignty engaged in making the decision to take or reject the injection. When a decision is made that is free from fear, and aligned with the inner knowingness and inner resonance, the result is different from a decision taken through fear or coercion.

The degree of sovereignty employed in decisions is the barometer for ascension, not the injection itself (or anything else you would give power over you).

Sovereignty can be engaged prior to the injection or after the injection. The injection is the catalyst, not the cause. So if one awakens after the injection and comes into full sovereign alignment, they place themselves on the ascension timeline. Those who, at a soul level, decide to remain in victim mode, or in slave mode or in passivity, align themselves with a different experience of ascension.

J: So what does that mean? Sorry to ask such a crude question, but will some ascend and others not?

A: Yes and no.

J: Brilliant! That cleared up a lot!

A: Let us consider ascension this way: Ascension is an energy vibration, a frequency of the divine. The closer you are to that frequency, the more clearly you can receive that energy. If you are not closely aligned with a frequency ~ like a radio for example ~ you will hear some of the music, but it will not be so fulfilling an experience.  It will be partial.

Translating that, (before you ask, Jennifer!) we mean that they will benefit from as much of the ascension energy as they can hold.  What they cannot hold will be held “on account” for them, until such time as they are able to resonate with it more fully.

The Divine is not an autocrat or harsh.  The Divine energy is infinitely loving towards all beings.  This wisdom shares only what is aligned with each being’s highest self. You would not give a priceless sports car to an 8-year-old who can drive a go-kart! You would wait until they were able to appreciate the car and use it appropriately. So it is with ascension energy: it is held in trust for all, and as your resonance comes into alignment with it, you access more of that energy.

But there is another aspect to this question that we would like to address: beneath this question we sense fear, concern, apprehension.

These are emotions that are not aligned with the energy of ascension, and while we understand them, we would like to suggest this: every soul has made their choice aligned with their higher self. It is only then, in response to the soul’s decision, that the Divine pours forth the ascension energy, which is like an explosion of love from the heart of the Divine.

No one is forgotten, ignored or left behind.

Everyone is gifted an abundant experience that is tailored to their higher self’s decision. No one is left behind. So do not fear, dearest hearts. Can you trust that there is an infinitely compassionate wisdom beneath this entire experience?  Come into your sovereignty, your light and your love. In that way, you assist everyone in refining their frequency so that they may accept even more ascension love.

(c) 2021 Jennifer Crokaert