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Those days of continual confrontation are over and time is best spent in bringing people together, sharing the wealth of the world to raise living standards…There is so much to look forward to in the near future, so prepare yourself for the wonderful times that are coming up.

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January 2022. Mike Quinsey. 

One year ends and another commences and I believe that people are now ready to accept that we are not just in a year of change. It will be the way our New Age settles in bringing with it the energies that will enable new ways of doing things, so that we can bring the New Age into being and enjoy the beneficial changes that have been held back from us for so long. The positive energies far outweigh the negative ones and we have much lost time to make up.
Know for certain that we shall be helped to replace the old with the new.
Best Wishes to all for a happy New Year.
Mike Quinsey.

7th January 2022. Mike Quinsey.

The years fly by and here you again sensing that the problems created by Covid are now short lived, and looking forward to an end of the virus so that life can return to some semblance of normality. The authorities seem keen to extend their control over you and appear to desire that you are regularly vaccinated against the virus. Whether it is justified and really necessary is still to be determined. There is a growing disquiet amongst many people as they see an authority ready to force people to vaccinate, when many have declined the offer out of choice.
In general terms it would seem that the vaccination program is unable to cope in spite of millions of people having already had the jab. There is clearly a need for some clarification as to how effective the injections have been, as it would appear that they cannot establish how long protection lasts. Clearly some people have stronger Immunity systems than others, and those with weak systems will experience more extreme forms of Covid that can be extremely difficult to eradicate.
The experiences you have been pushed into have in their own way brought many problems to the surface inasmuch that they cannot be ignored. Extreme weather has occurred all over the world affecting humans and animals alike and has resulted in the destruction of their habitat and loss of life. You expect things to fall to the lowest level before they get better and with your help, they can be speeded up so that you can plan for the future and get a clearer picture of what is necessary. You realize that things will never be the same again and changes must take place that reflect the New Age that beckons. We can assure you that you will get help but first we wish to see what are your true intentions.  It is time those who lead start to see peace as their first priority and stop fermenting the seeds of war. Those days of continual confrontation are over and time is best spent in bringing people together, sharing the wealth of the world to raise living standards. The wealthy countries are awash with money and it must be shared around if you are ever to raise the standard of living and protect lives. In these modern days it is a disgrace that so many people still do not have the means to survive the changes taking place now.  A World Government would seem to be called for but not one that simply promotes the wealthiest and strongest to positions of power. The right people for the times you are in can be found now in all walks of life and will be available if their services are requested.  Looking back serves little purpose if any at all, but can confirm where Man has failed to move on, clinging instead to that which enriches him. Wealth is not evil in itself but how it is used and you have just come out of a period where the Money was worshiped and used  at the expense of millions who live below the breadline. It is true to say that what you do to one you do to all, but remember negative things are often returned to the sender. We say again “You are One” and it is time you started to act like One by attending to the needs of the poorest. It does not mean ignoring your normal responsibilities but spreading any form of help fairly and foremost where it is the most needed. Dear Ones, positive actions made out of true sympathy eventually return to the sender in some form or another. It is just the way things are and you sometimes say that it is because “One good turn deserves another” and in so doing you build up your good karma as a result. You do not need to seek rewards as you automatically attract the positive energies by your actions.  As time passes you will find that negative actions will bring an automatic response.
Karma is not intended to be carried forward any longer but you will find it quickly dealt with. We say again that you should keep an open mind as to your future, as you will have so many opportunities to advance that you have not yet become aware of, that already exist. Holding fast to old expectations will only hamper your progress. By your earlier actions and deeds you have set up various possibilities that will come to you at an appropriate moment. So allow things to happen naturally and be sure they will be to your advantage. Some of the new ways may only be ideas at present but you will know that they exist. Your brothers and sisters in Space draw nearer each day knowing that in the immediate future the reunion will take place with much joy and love expressed. It will be a special occasion when families reunite with great celebrations. It is not that you do not know them or that they would appear as strangers, as they have all kept in contact with you mainly during your sleep time. However, you do not take those memories back with you when returning to the lower levels. Sooner or later you will have the most memorable times with your Pleiadian families. As the vibrations continue rising up  your enjoyment of life will increase until it  becomes a continual flow of love and happiness. It will be what you expect as the dark energies are gradually left behind and no longer able to interfere with our evolution. You will live longer and reach a point when your body shall always enjoy complete health. There is so much to look forward to in the near future, so prepare yourself for the wonderful times that are coming up.
I leave you with love and blessings, and may the Light brighten your days and path to completion. This message comes through my Higher Self, my God Self and every soul has the same connection to God.

In Love and Light.
Mike Quinsey.

Love, Nancy

You are such a treasure to others and most of all to yourself, for in being a treasure to yourself, you are that to others.

You are being prepared to advance so quickly that you will develop skills and abilities that one would only expect from beings in the higher realms. Yet it is every soul’s opportunity to rise up and leave the lower levels behind.

10th December 2021. Mike Quinsey.

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    The Pleiadians have undertaken to stop “horror and suffering” but not exactly when, but as we are preparing for an upliftment in the vibrations as part of our advancement, logically it cannot be very far away. Certainly the higher vibrations will overcome the negative energies to bring about harmony for all life forms. These will be necessary to get you onto the path that leads to fulfillment and Ascension. Much is lined up to be manifested as you rise up and experience an increase in your levels of consciousness. By comparison the Pleiadians are already on a much higher level.

    Now they hope that you accept they have been your mentors having followed your progress for a very long time. You are reaching the end of your journey in the lower vibrations and they stand ready to help you to success as you travel the path that releases you from the lower vibrations. What joy will abound when others know of your success, and it will be quite an occasion that will echo around the Universe. When you recognise the depth of your achievements you will most likely be amazed to have come through your experiences unscathed.

    You are being prepared to advance so quickly that you will develop skills and abilities that one would only expect from beings in the higher realms. Yet it is every soul’s opportunity to rise up and leave the lower levels behind. Your experiences have given you the strength to overcome whatever challenges you are still to face, and we have no doubts whatsoever that you will stand tall and achieve success. Many races have gone before you and been successful, so we know that as you follow in their footsteps you too should also be as successful.

    These are times when you must concentrate on your own needs, knowing that every soul is getting help and every opportunity to rise up into the higher realms. There has never been such a time to make major progress and maintain it, and it will lead to Ascension, and already some of you are beginning to understand the bigger picture, although without help it is difficult to see very far ahead. Understand that you came into this time frame because it was the most likely one to offer an opportunity to ascend. There has never been such an opportunity in this cycle previously and you are being given every help to ensure you succeed.

    Many souls have worked hard to achieve success, and be assured that we give every encouragement to keep you on the right track. Things are pretty chaotic right now on Earth but out of it shall come peaceful resolutions that will see the end to infighting and threats of war. We will have some input into such matters as it is time to lay down your weapons. It may be hard going to get a worldwide agreement but it has to start somewhere.

    The more that people project an idea of world peace the sooner it is likely to come about. It is the old maxim that things will get worse before they get better, but they must improve because you cannot go on forever in such chaos, and a way out must be found. It will help when you have leaders who are dedicated to bringing about world peace, and be assured they are waiting for their opportunity to take charge. It is what you might call a waiting game to seize the opportunity to take over when one arises. So you will appreciate there is a plan to bring you peace and freedom and it will be played out and nothing will stop it manifesting.

    The old ways of working do not cover your needs any longer and new ways are certain to be introduced. You already have people with the ability to bring the ideas to fruition so it will not take too long before they commence to be introduced. Many of your younger generations are also here to take part using their higher knowledge. So you can see that once the way is clear to go ahead, there is nothing to stop progress being made. Thinking back you will recall that Tesla had many new inventions patented although some of his work was kept from the public by the dark Ones. The pinnacle of them was his demonstration of free energy yet his knowledge was kept secret. Those with vested interests in keeping the “status quo” made sure that anything new that would affect their position and profit was shelved.

    However, all secrets will be revealed in the course of time, and the benefits made available to all people because you are in a new Age of Revelations. Those of you who are well advanced and pass on before the secrets can be revealed, will likely be reborn quickly and active in bringing the new into people’s lives. You could say that everything is on the horizon waiting for the right opportunity to be introduced. So whatever happens you can be assured that you will benefit from all of the new inventions that are being held back, that will be released in the near future.

    One of the most important things to bear in mind is that there is only one Human Race and all souls are equal in the eyes of God. Indeed all souls should be equal in your eyes as no one is any better or worse than another. The confusion comes from seeing souls in their different roles and believing that is all they are. For growth in your evolution you try different beliefs and modes of life, so that you can understand what motivates people and it gives you a greater understanding. People seem to focus on the differences between them without appreciating what they have in common.

    Dear Ones, once you break down the barriers between people you will work in harmony and the world will be an altogether better place. All people seek a peaceful and fulfilling life but that will not be achievable until all accept the differences that exist between you. Religion is often a subject that rouses people who believe they are the only ones to hold the truth. All religions have an element of it within them but not one is really superior to another. Let people practise their beliefs as long as they do not try to impose them upon you, as in time all of them will gravitate to the truth. With God inside you can worship and pray in the privacy of your home, but there will still be people who like to get together and do it that way.

    I leave you with love and blessings, and may the Light brighten your days and path to completion. This message comes through my Higher Self, my God Self and every soul has the same connection to God.

    In Love and Light.

    Mike Quinsey.


You are such a treasure to others and most of all to yourself,for in being a treasure to yourself, you are that to others.

Now that you are gradually lifting up, the future looks very exciting and understand that as time passes you will be preparing yourselves for a great leap forward.

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26th November 2021. Mike Quinsey.

As you progress through the weeks and months, so there will be more revelations to advance your understanding of the truth. You have previously been given a minimum of information but you are now more advanced and ready to learn some greater truths. Many of you have grasped the fact that your souls are eternal and realise that you must have had many, many lives. It will undoubtedly surprise you to know that any incarnation can be “called” back as a live person that you could speak with. It could for example open up a lot of possibilities that allow for the truth as history to be verified. The examples are endless, like being able to speak with family members that had already passed on before you were born.

After having been isolated on Earth to some extent, it will be exciting to be able to converse with other “off planet” Beings either directly or through the power of thought. The possibilities are endless and will open up a new phase including family and friends regardless of how far away they may exist from you. However, there is always a word of caution before you are let loose which is why it must be safe for you as there are still negative entities in your solar system. Bear in mind that we are looking into the future, and matters will first have to improve upon Earth before these changes can come into being.

Now that you are gradually lifting up, the future looks very exciting and understand that as time passes you will be preparing yourselves for a great leap forward. In reality only a small number of souls are sufficiently advanced to be ready to ascend, but it is never too late to aim for the highest level possible. Meantime, you can help others by setting a good example by being in harmony with all other souls. It is a state of mind that allows you to keep calm regardless of whatever is happening around you, and even directed towards you. You may find that you have to walk away from such situations rather than engage in disputes that can often lead to negative exchanges.

There is nothing like actual experience to test your ability to keep calm in all circumstances. Any doubts will soon be overcome and when you can handle negativity you will be surprised how easy it is. By now you possibly realise the need to keep control of your emotions and how much better you feel as a result. Getting annoyed or worse losing your temper upsets your body functions that take some time before they settle down again. In the worst scenario you may also become ill which is why it is a good idea to leave before things get out of hand. It is continually testing your resolve to keep control of your feelings, and the more you can do so the easier it will gradually become.

Dear Ones, nothing would give us more joy than seeing you overcome any changes in your resolve to keep a peaceful countenance in all situations. It clearly helps if you can avoid situations where you may be subjected to abuse or even worse by physical harm. We will be with you but there is a limit to what we are allowed to do to physically help you. There are some situations where we are unable to intervene but we are never far away, and you may at times feel you are alone fighting the odds against you. Sometimes you must make your own way forward, when we know you have the ability to control your own future.

Because you are entering a new phase in your evolution where the greater truths are starting to be revealed, we ask you to keep an open mind so that you can adapt to the changes. It is best that you release your old beliefs where possible, so as to allow for an expansion of your understanding. The old beliefs were limited to keep them in line with your ability to absorb and use the information. Now it is time to learn some of the greater truths about life and the world around you. The illusion that you were the one of the only life forms in your Solar System has been broken. When you bring peace to the Earth the floodgates will open and many of your off world friends will be free to visit you.

From time to time there have been isolated visits from other civilisations but these have been closely monitored and controlled. It was important that your experiences were not disturbed by outer happenings. You had lessons to learn and it was important that you were not distracted. Your experiences have been controlled but at the same time your freewill has still been observed. You have often appealed for outside help little realising that we have always been on hand to do whatever was permissible.

The real you is a much more advanced soul than you might imagine, for purposes of ensuring you get the necessary experiences to evolve each life is carefully planned to ensure the most successful outcome. As individuals it is your Guides who ensure you follow your life plan as far as possible. Although it may not seem possible, every life is set for certain experiences including any karma that needs clearing, although many souls have already done so. It is all down to the individual’s needs and some no longer need to experience karma as such.

No soul is left behind because there is no deadline as such to achieve ascension, and as now there are times when the circumstances are more favourable. Your brothers and sisters such as the Pleiadians have closely followed your evolution and as we have mentioned recently, are present in your solar system to help you through the end times of the last Solar Cycle. You are continually helped in far more ways than you are aware of which is why you are still alive today and have avoided an early demise. For example we took steps to prevent a third World War that would have destroyed the Earth.

However you are assured of a safe experience leading to Ascension and as always we at our higher level will ensure it is so. Attempts by the dark Ones to destroy the Earth have been to no avail and they will answer for the evil they have been responsible for.

I leave you with love and blessings, and may the Light brighten your days and path to completion. This message comes through my Higher Self, my God Self and every soul has the same connection to God.

In Love and Light.

Mike Quinsey.

Unlike the past the present time is of a higher vibration, and responds more easily to your positive vibrations. By looking ahead and preparing yourself for a gradual upliftment in your vibrations, you will be assured of staying on your chosen path.

    19th November 2021. Mike Quinsey.

    The future is an open book and there are so many opportunities coming up to satisfy everyone so set yourself on a course that achieves your ambition. Good things are coming and waiting to be activated to open up a new vista that will give you a new perspective of life. So look on the bright side knowing that your future is assured that it will bring you much happiness. The dark Ones will have been left behind finding the higher vibrations beyond their reach. The turmoil that you are in at present will reach a point when all will settle down to give you the start of a peaceful period. So as you look into the future be positive and help the better be times an opportunity to manifest. Clearly there is much to sort out before things can settle down but it will come because it is your destiny.

    We say again that as you think so you are helping create your own future, so see it as peaceful as you can imagine. The negative influences are slowly losing their power and no longer control Man’s future. So shake off the negative energies and only think and act in a positive manner. You will find it rewarding and even exciting as you will see the bright future coming into view. Many who have already passed on will start coming back very soon and grow up with the new energies. They will have bodies that do not succumb to illness and stay healthy all of the time. Also as we told you recently, they will be born with all of the abilities and skills they had previously. You will now understand that the higher vibrations will lift you to a new level.

    Already you have noted that there is a more helpful approach where many are concerned, There is a more friendly approach to each other and help given where it is needed, and so it will continue and we look to those in power to organise it. You are all brothers and sisters in the eyes of God and in essence capable of being loving and caring Beings. You are all One and colour and creed count for little in the higher dimensions. You name it and you have been it through your many, many lives as you have evolved.

    Dear Ones can you not feel the Oneness of all life forms and accept that all life comes from the One Source you call God. You have periodically been called back to the Godhead only to be sent out aging to experience further, and so it continues in the great Solar Cycles. How crazy it must seem that Man fights with his brothers and sisters often to the extent of death. Man draws lines between others simply because they are outwardly different, not realising that in essence all souls are equal and the same. All playing a part in the great drama of Human life to the best of their ability to live as One. Well many souls have awoken to their true selves and go forward to the time of Ascension and find themselves as a Higher Being.

    It is very difficult to find adequate words that can describe the peace and beauty that you will finally experience, but your intuition will sense the changes that will take place. Heaven on Earth may spark your imagination but even so the sheer beauty of the higher levels has to be experienced to be believed. How can you describe colours outside of your spectrum, it is nigh impossible as it would the unending natural beauty of nature. You are used to plants dying off even after one summer but imagine those that never stop blooming. You haven’t really lived yet but through your experiences have learned to appreciate the experience that you have had.

    In actual fact over the course of your many lives you have acquired much through your experiences. Believe us it does take quite some time for a new soul to Earth to get used to living in such an environment. Imagine the contrast from living in virtually a totally different life because of the temperature changes. Then again there is the lifestyle from one continent to another, it can be quite challenging. However, you would never be put into a situation that was totally alien to you. Certainly the experiences you gain hold you in good stead for greater challenges as you progress to a point where you will have learned the lessons they have given you.

    You have a plethora of experience that helps you take on more challenging life plans and often to guide others along a path that helps them evolve. Holding out a helping hand is instinctive with humans who are basically very friendly towards their fellow travellers. After all you are on the same path and have the same goal in mind even if you do not realise it. Evolution is ongoing and accordingly your life path may change according to your needs. Choice does come into it and before you incarnate your needs are discussed so as to give you an experience that furthers your advancement.

    The time has come to reflect on what you want out of life because your actions will speak louder than words. You are projecting an energy that creates a path ahead of you and attracts what is needed for it to become your reality. It is being careful what you wish for as few realise the power of the spoken word. It does not take much to imagine what you are creating for yourself with negative thoughts. After all these also attract similar energies to you, so be careful as to how you express your thoughts.

    We have often pressed home the need to express yourself in a positive manner by using “I am” rather than “I wish”. You may for example say “I am happy” in which case you will attract more of it to yourself that is clearly desirable. Try to be positive about your needs, then allow the energy to respond in its own way. Unlike the past the present time is of a higher vibration, and responds more easily to your positive vibrations. By looking ahead and preparing yourself for a gradual upliftment in your vibrations, you will be assured of staying on your chosen path. Clearly each soul that is ready should create their path to Ascension, and take this wonderful opportunity to evolve beyond the lower vibrations, never again to have to face them. It is a state of mind and not nearly as hard to maintain as you mighty imagine. 

    I leave you with love and blessings, and may the Light brighten your days and path to completion. This message comes through my Higher Self, my God Self and every soul has the same connection to God.

    In Love and Light.

    Mike Quinsey.

You have beaten the odds that feared you would lose out to the dark Ones, and you do not yet realise what a magnificent victory you achieved.

12th November 2021. Mike Quinsey.

As each year passes so the vibrations increase a little more helping souls on the path of light to evolve easier than any earlier occasion. The upliftment gives much encouragement and is just reward for the effort you have put in. The truth is the more you get used to it the easier it becomes and there is no holding you back. There is no reason why a soul who chooses to receive messages should not be successful. It is a matter of having the confidence to do it and not be too self-critical.

Many of you have talents that you are unaware of and you will know when you are being called upon to use them. Normally you bring them with you from one life to the next, but they may seem new to you. Intuitively you should know what may be possible, particularly when it comes to what you would call pastimes or hobbies. Most things are intended to be part of your life but not necessarily of great importance. However, whatever it may be you will be guided to ensure you get the best results. Be assured that you will be given the talents or skills you need to make a success of your life. More often than not you will join a family who can pass on their talents to you.

At present the future is wide open to possibilities as many new technologies are coming into being that are all part of the upliftment needed to enter the New Age. In anticipation many souls have already been born to Earth. Everything is carefully planned to give you the tools you need to fulfil your life plan. Freewill still remains and most souls intuitively know what they are born to do and many are at a very young age already talking about what they came to do. There is no doubt that many of the souls born today are already focussed upon what they want to do when they grow up. In general terms there are guides that control who incarnates and when, according to the type of soul needed to bring about progress upon Earth.

Things are reaching a point when the New Age must be seen to take off, and attention given to the climate changes that are proving to be real and coming about at a faster rate than anticipated. With some people there is a reluctance to accept that there is an urgent need to deal with the likely outcome, but as time passes the need for action becomes more pressing. Why wait until the problem becomes urgent because if it is left it is likely to be more costly and difficult to control. You will leave it too late at your peril and the people will never forgive you.

We have said it before and say again that it is important to listen to the younger generations who see a clearer picture of what needs to be done. It is also their future that is at stake more so than the older generations, it is no wonder that their voices are getting louder and louder. They see what is looming closer and closer and how more urgent matters are becoming. Get the bigger countries to lead the way and by example make the right decisions that will encourage others to follow their example. Otherwise the world will do too little too late to avoid a catastrophe. Paying lip service to the problem helps no one and instead action is required without delay.

Understand that your ET friends are willing to help but first you must show you are prepared to take action without delay. It will be to your benefit in the long run and we will offer our assistance when required. We say again that any effort you put in now will be well rewarded as you have yet to see a glimpse of the future for Mankind. It will bear no resemblance to the last Age, as you will be taking a great leap forward. You have earned the right to move into the higher realms where all will seem like perfection compared to your previous experiences. You cannot imagine how much will change for the better and be without the perpetual interference of the dark Ones.

Once you have dealt with the virus a new era can commence that will take you to the time of Ascension. You will never return to the actions of the dark Ones who will by then have moved onto a different path to answer for their continual assault upon the Human Race. Although you now still have work to do to rid yourselves of their attempts to hold you back, their supporters still represent a threat to you. However, you are on a path that will bring you success and nothing can prevent it.

Light workers have achieved remarkable success in bringing sufficient Light to the Earth, to weaken the effect of actions taken against them to hold back their evolution. The dark Ones will so to say fight to the last man but it will be to no avail as the battle has already been won. Their last attempt to eradicate most of the Earth’s population has failed although they have still caused the death of thousands of people. They will not suffer as a result and will become aware that their experience was part of their life plan.

Understand that in the long run you now have everything to gain as from here on you will notice that matters are taking you in a direction that will lift you up. There is however something of a clearing up to take place so that a new path can be taken. You have the promise of better things to come and already the signs of change are indicating a better future. For so long you have toiled hard to overcome the endless challenges, but soon you will see a more peaceful time approaching. Nothing can stop the changes for the better and the Forces of Light will ensure the right outcome.

It is time to put the past behind you as the last Age has served its purpose, and you have come through it successfully. One day you will learn what a tremendous achievement it was to overcome the darkness and attempts to prevent you from being successful. Even those souls who wait on the other side of the veil to meet you again, know of your success and eagerly wait to celebrate your amazing achievements. You have beaten the odds that feared you would lose out to the dark Ones, and you do not yet realise what a magnificent victory you achieved.

There is so much to do to put right what has been destroyed and help Mother Gaia to clear the remains of many, many years of destruction and spoiling of your Earth. Help is at hand and be assured that you will not be left alone to make good the damage. There is of course the heavy pollution of the seas and we will help to carry out the marathon task of restoring them to their pristine condition.

I leave you with love and blessings, and may the Light brighten your days and path to completion. This message comes through my Higher Self my God self and every soul has the same connection to God.

In Love and Light.

Mike Quinsey.


You are such a treasure to others and most of all to yourself,

for in being a treasure to yourself, you are that to others.

a new Earth will be home to those who ascend and it will be well deserved, as you will have dedicated yourself to lifting up your vibrations and been successful in spite of the attempts of the dark Ones to prevent it.

24th September 2021. Mike Quinsey.

Dear friends In a time of great changes many of the Kryon messages gave information that is new to us but relevant now. The extract below is indicating a major upliftment in the consciousness levels of some of those souls being born now. They will already have an advanced level of consciousness, and able to express themselves intelligently at a much younger age than you would consider normal.

Mike Quinsey.

Kryon. The Future is what’s coming, dissolve your own tumour.

Scenario 3 – The Multi – Dimensional Human Being. Starts at 14.51 minutes.

You can examine your own body while you exist and are here. The muscle test – kinesiology will find out something that you ought to know. You have to access Innate completely and totally separately. The multi-dimensional Human Being is going to use that for the 24th pair of chromosomes that you think you don’t have, that is multi-dimensional and it is not yet understood, seen or recognised. It is the one the Pleiadians gave you for today because it starts to work in you and generation after generation, When consciousness starts to increase you start to see things and you start to see quantum things, it will reveal itself in the double helix.

The new born will be born with Innate, their own healer. They will know all about their blood chemistry without a test. They will know when any disease tries to attach to them instantly the moment it happens, instead of waiting for something to grow and have pain. They will be their own medical intuitive. That multi-dimensional piece of your DNA that you can’t even see is going to bring your consciousness in line with your Innate. What is your Innate attached to, that is also a mystery that you cannot easily access and it is called the Akash of the Human Being. You are going to be connected to your Akash, it will be one of the most significant evolutionary steps of humanity, the marriage of the Akash and the Innate and consciousness, That will be the multi-dimensional Human Being and when it takes place you will then look at the fact that you might have come from the Pleiades, and you will know who they are and you will understand as it’s all part of the scenario of the connection of coherence with your brothers and sisters from the stars. That is the future, do not fear these things because they come from you.

24th September 2021. Mike Quinsey.

Almost on a daily basis changes are coming and going but not always to your liking. Now the dust is settling, the time has arrived for a reckoning to take place. You cannot go through so many changes without some repercussions that are happening worldwide. The effect of the Covid19 virus has so to say turned things upside down, and now the time has arrived for the cost of it to be taken into account. Coming on top of other problems that have since arisen, the cost to mankind is being assessed. It is clear that all countries will have serious decisions to make as to how the Pandemic will be paid for in times when everyone is feeling the squeeze.

Very few of the economies can recover without financial help and hard times ahead are expected and unavoidable. The only consolation you will have is that it constitutes a new beginning, as much that you are familiar with is no longer suitable for the times that you will be in. You have hard times ahead but eventually all will lift up, and with the benefit of new technologies life will become much easier and more enjoyable. So bear with it as you only get out what you have put into it and the effort will prove to have been well worthwhile as you will see.

Look to your young people for an insight as to what is possible, as they have arrived with new ways and ideas that will advance progress. Listen to their views and opinions as they will contain a lot of common sense. They came into life knowing that their knowledge and experience was needed. It is a normal upliftment that has been prepared for in advance. How you may ask, and the answer is that higher Beings have far more insight as to what is coming up and can prepare for it well beforehand.  They also have the experience behind them on which to base the nature of action necessary.

You could say that you have a foot in each of two worlds, one that is the old world that has served its purpose and will fade away, and a new one that is in pristine condition and prepared ready for those souls who will have raised their vibrations to a higher level that excludes the dark Ones. You talk of dimensions but in actual fact the energies simply meld into each other. However, a new Earth will be home to those who ascend and it will be well deserved, as you will have dedicated yourself to lifting up your vibrations and been successful in spite of the attempts of the dark Ones to prevent it.

Much of what you are being given remains a mystery until you acquire a greater level of consciousness as will happen when you have ascended. However, your awakening will grow as you rise up and your vibrations increase.  What was hidden can now be revealed and from time to time you will be enlightened as you are now ready for a greater understanding. Looking back you will wonder how you ever got out of the illusory lives you have led where the truth was kept from you, but you are worthy of your success and it will never be as hard and difficult for you again.

I leave you with love and blessings, and may the Light brighten your days and path to completion. This message comes through my Higher Self my God Self and every soul has the same connection to God.

In Love and Light.

Mike Quinsey.


You are such a treasure to others and most of all to yourself,for in being a treasure to yourself, you are that to others.ReplyReply AllForwardEdit as new

Things appear to be moving very slowly when in reality it is quite the opposite, as for a considerable time matters have been speeding up.

16th July 2021. Mike Quinsey.

Things appear to be moving very slowly when in reality it is quite the opposite, as for a considerable time matters have been speeding up. They are reaching a point when it may be considered appropriate for the public to know what has been happening and how it will affect your future. Clearly the truth cannot be kept from you for too much longer and it should be uplifting and explain some of the more unusual happenings. In general it will be good news, as for the first time the Alliance can be open about their activities to contain and reduce the powers of the Illuminati and free you from their control. Their leadership is in disarray and unable to succeed in their plan to control the population. Be assured that they will answer for their murderous and diabolical plans to eliminate a large number of people through a more deadly version of Covid19. They have had to be allowed freewill, but higher forces have prevented their actions from resulting in large scale death.

Now that the situation has been reversed it may be possible to release some details as to what has been taking place, but be assured that your future has already been written and as we often mention, it is very bright and will be welcomed by all. The Forces of Light have not been idle and have clearly monitored all actions taken by the dark Ones. It may sound strange that they are still allowed some freedom to carry out their heinous crimes but that is what happens in a “Freewill Universe”. We tell you again that by Universal Law the dark Ones have to make known what their intentions are and from thereon it is up to the Light Forces to respond as they see appropriate. When the Twin Towers collapsed people were taken by surprise and events since that time have revealed it was to cover up the “removal/robbery” of Gold Bullion kept in the basement of one the Towers. You could say it was the one that got away. In time many happenings attributed to them will be revealed, and mainly in a Court of Justice.

Your history reeks with battles between the dark and Light but whatever happens you can be sure the Light will be the dominant force. With the commencement of the new cycle in 2012, the Light was lifted up and defeat of the dark Ones assured. Since then much progress has been made to curtail their activities and many of their supporters have been taken out of circulation, and so it shall continue. Conflicts have taken place both above and below the Earth’s surface where so many battles have taken place. The whole story would fill volumes and you have little knowledge of what has really been taking place, and much would sound unbelievable and even like fiction. Yet, the battle has rolled on for many years for the mind and soul of you all. The truth is stranger than fiction and it will come out in due course of time. Your lives have been controlled by the Illuminati simply because they have had their supporters in many positions of control and importance.

Bright and happier days lay ahead and you will have earned every accolade and reward that will be coming your way. You have never been forgotten or left to face the problems alone and be assured that there are great and mighty Beings who oversee your progress, and you are assured of victory even though you have experienced some very difficult times. Within it all karma has played a big role and the result is that many, many souls have cleared their personal karma and are free to join the Light. As you can see from your history, no situation is without a positive outcome even if it cannot be understood at the time. Each individual soul will know  of their plan for advancement that they would have been informed of before they incarnated, and would also have agreed to in advance.

It does seem possible that a major event is looming on the horizon and at long last there will be revelations that will open everyone’s eyes to the truth. Such things come up quite regularly and when you think they will be revealed, nothing happens. Clearly it is all for a good reason but it is so disappointing for you to feel let down once again. However, matters cannot keep on being held back, and as time passes revelations about your future become a matter of some urgency. Few people are opposed to the truth coming out but the dark Ones would rather you were kept in ignorance so that you were more easily controlled. So the battle goes on and time passes more quickly than ever, and the need to enlighten you as to what the future holds becomes more urgent. A point has been reached when it is becoming vital that you are put in the picture so that you are prepared for future events.

You are so far behind events that you need to know a lot more about them so as to be able to take your place with them. There was a time when it was thought you could not handle the truth, but you have been given so much that indicates the direction Humanity is going in and you are in fact ready to learn more. That would make it easier to lead you on to an even greater understanding so that you were fully prepared for the great changes that are coming. In the past there has always been a reluctance to reveal too much but there is now a certain urgency to “put you in the picture”. It must happen so that you can be prepared for even greater revelations, we talk of course of positive events that will help you understand what the future holds for you.

Things have moved on so quickly just lately that you are so far behind in your understanding that some people will be unable to accept what is happening. At times we have hinted at the changes that have taken place but now it is imperative that you are put in the picture. Be assured that many changes will be very acceptable by moving you into the New Age where technology is concerned, a little at first and then a gradual introduction into a new way of thinking and working. We have touched upon these previously so they will not necessarily come as a surprise to you. The quality of your life will be lifted up giving you much more time to yourselves to advance your own understanding of the changes around you. You are in the New Age and will become Beings who are equipped to handle it. However, do not expect too much all at once but know that there are many acceptable things to be introduced to you to uplift your quality of life.

I leave you with love and blessings, and may the Light brighten your days and path to completion. This message comes through my Higher Self my God Self and every soul has the same connection to God.

In Love and Light.

Mike Quinsey.


You are such a treasure to others and most of all to yourself,for in being a treasure to yourself, you are that to others.

This battle has been raging for millennia of time but it is drawing to a close. You have won the battle and now it is time to clear the planet from their influences.

18th June 2021. Mike Quinsey.

The end of the worldly troubles is in sight but even when you return to what you would call normality there is much to be done to start anew and leave much of the old behind. With lockdown many countries have been laid bare and their shortcomings so apparent. It is not always the result of mismanagement but circumstances that have led to the acknowledgement of antiquated systems and a lack of foresight. Inequality has led to a great disparity between countries, although it is also due to the misuse of funds that have been kept for personal gain. These situations are coming to light and steps are being taken to remove those who have abused their power for their personal benefit.

Times are approaching when there will be no hiding place for those who have committed criminal acts against the people. There are of course genuine and honest people amongst you but sometimes they are overwhelmed by the actions of those who only serve self. It will all change, it has to if society is to be seen openly working for the betterment of all people. Sadly the dark Ones have had the power to move into positions of authority from where they further their own agenda. Many promises are made but thrust aside to allow abuse of their power and these actions are often carried out openly, but in future they will be closely monitored and action taken to prevent a recurrence.

The time is approaching when the people will rise up and demand an end to poverty and look for a more equal society. There are more than ample funds in the world to allow for such changes and it is just a matter of having a fairer system of distribution. This would be without claiming the funds “stolen” by the dark Ones to pay for their projects such as Space flights and all that is associated with them. You really are the Cinderella of the world but your day will come, perhaps much quicker than you might imagine. It always seems that the dark Ones can get away with whatever they wish, but be assured their power is already being limited. Nothing can be revealed in advance or broadcast about the tasks ahead, as secrecy is the best way to shield them but you may be assured that when successful they will be made known to the public in due course.

These are the times when we are in touch with your Space friends who would gladly help you out when in need, but apart from giving you encouragement they cannot directly help you but do their best to influence you to take the right action. Much is done that you will probably never become aware of, but you will realise you always have your unseen helpers around you. They do their best to ensure that you have every opportunity to help the Light in its battle against the dark Ones. This battle has been raging for millennia of time but it is drawing to a close. You have won the battle and now it is time to clear the planet from their influences.

The future for many of you is going to be exciting as you take part in reorganising the Earth to its original plan, and the beauty of it is that as the vibrations continue to rise you will find less and less obstruction to your work. Little by little you will find that your powers have increased so be alert to the changes that are coming. These are strange times but suddenly the purpose behind everything will become apparent, and it is preparations for your Ascension. Obviously it is now very important that you keep the Light around you and do not allow the dark Ones to interfere with your continued evolution.

As we have often suggested, you should concentrate on the path you are following that is of your choice. The more progress you make the quicker you will establish yourself within the higher vibrations, and become free of the attention of the dark Ones. There will come a point where they can no longer keep pace with you. Even now you can safely avoid negative issues or actions by keeping inside your aura. When you are within it no one can interfere with you because you are well  protected.

The Earth erupts to the raucous sounds that are emitted often in the name of music, yet when it is serene and gentle in a classical way it is actually of a healing quality. As you will learn through your experiences of sound it can actually harm or heal your body and the choice is yours. Mozart for example was overshadowed when composing and his music has a quality that can be very healing.

Sound has often played a part in various types of healing including mental afflictions. The vibrations can pass in to your body and put right any imbalances that may exist. Think upon the way that soothing music can help send you to sleep, even when you may be unsettled within. Equally when music is used romantically it can almost send people into a peaceful trance. You may experience most of these feelings without giving a thought to what has brought them about.

It is very much the same where colour is concerned, and there is certainly more awareness of its healing qualities. It all comes down to vibrations and most of you have almost certainly experienced feelings about the colours you wear. However the subject of colour is certainly not new to many of you, and it has been used to good effect in many places such as hospitals. In the near future the whole subject of vibrations will become common knowledge, and used in many ways for the benefit of humanity.

Forget for a moment all of your troubles and turn to music that can help you in many ways. You could certainly say that it has been used for a very long time to evoke feelings of joy and happiness, and it will continue to be so. You can also understand music used for special occasions such as weddings or funerals, so it is apparent that you have understood its various qualities even if not exactly the nature of what has taken place. However, you are now in a new Age when all of these “secrets” will be understood and revealed. Then you will really see how much will change and lift you up and widen your understanding of things around you.

I leave you with love and blessings, and may the Light brighten your days and path to completion. This message comes through my Higher Self my God Self and every soul has the same connection to God.

In Love and Light.Mike Quinsey


You are such a treasure to others and most of all to yourself,for in being a treasure to yourself, you are that to others.

We reiterate that “small is beautiful” and much will revolve around relatively small groups that are easier to run.

4th June 2021. Mike Quinsey.

There are two main groups on Earth at present occupying each end of the spectrum, you would know them as those of the Light and the Dark. They are both fighting for control of the Earth and as it stands the Light is leading the way.  The dark Ones will try by every means possible to regain their position but it will be to no avail. You could say that the dark Ones have had their day but they will not accept defeat. However, as events move on and the vibrations increase their place and influence will cease to have the power to dictate the future of mankind. With the arrests that have been taking place their strength has been diminished and their plan for world domination is in tatters. It is difficult to see it with so much unrest all around, but the people have awakened to what has been going on. They have been making their protests all over the world and will eventually be heard and taken notice of. In reality it is the people who hold the power and when they put their petty squabbles behind them and come together amazing things can be achieved.

Understand that the people are the backbone of society and when properly organised can achieve almost anything they set their minds upon. We for our part will guide them and protect them so that they can make progress. So the sooner Man gets himself sorted out the sooner we can help to ensure his efforts are productive. Covid19 has caused such a mess on Earth, it may seem that it will be eons of time before it can be sorted out, but with our help we can assure you things will progress quite quickly. After all there is much to be done and without our help it would take you much longer. You have earned the help that awaits you but first we must see you taking the right actions in preparation. With a grasp of the full situation we can plot the future to ensure you get the best results.

The time lapse has given you an opportunity to judge whether your proposed actions meet the needs of the moment, and there is so much that needs revising. There is much debt in the world and you clearly do not want to add to the problem. It will be a long haul to settle down again but with care and planning you will eventually overcome your problems. Many souls have come to Earth specifically to help you through the inevitable difficult period you face. You are entering one that will be the start of a new era and if it is handled correctly you will benefit enormously. We wish we could come to you openly and such an event is to be part of your introduction to the Galactic Age.

It is an exciting time to be on Earth and when the dust and remnants of the old Age are cleared away you will see the new Age emerging. Passing the marker has opened so many doors for you and is why you will be overjoyed at what they will bring. The New Age is exactly what it says which is why we encourage you to think forwards and leave the rest to the history books. It has taken a long time to reveal the methods of the dark Ones and they are not finished yet, but they are in retreat. Slowly but surely all that which was unseen is coming out of the shadows to be cleansed by the Light. There is much preparation being made to ensure that those who have hidden their actions against the Light are brought to justice. There will be nowhere to hide and all will be eventually revealed.

Many projects are on the drawing board that await the appropriate time to be released. The time scale is up to you but as soon as you are perceived as ready, there is much that can go ahead. We reiterate that “small is beautiful” and much will revolve around relatively small groups that are easier to run. The big conglomerates are no longer ideal for such a set up and they are busy planning how to tackle the changes forced upon them, and clearly they have to downsize quite considerably. Changes of this nature come from time to time and it is led by the needs of the people. The changes will be far reaching but should not cause great disruption as some believe, and there is no reason why they should not involve a smooth transmission.

Clearly free energy is going to bring about major changes as it affects almost every aspect of daily life. Such energy comes from an everlasting source, and how nice that would be in one of your coldest winters by not having to worry about the cost of heating. No more cold freezing nights when you cannot afford the heating you need to keep warm. It is going to take time for the benefits to be spread widely but how comforting it is to know that great hope is on the horizon. Yet free energy is just but one of the benefits waiting to be introduced.

It is nice to know that the future is going to be vastly different to what you have been used to, and all for the better. Humanity is due for great changes and not before time, can you believe that you have been deliberately held back and denied many changes that have not seen the light of day. The dark Ones have so much to answer for and their day of reckoning is approaching ever nearer. It must be difficult for you to understand that a group of human beings can have so little caring for what you might call the rank and file. Be assured that there will be a day not far into the future when their activities will be drawn to their attention and have to be answered for.

We have to tell you that the worst of the dark days have passed, and as soon as you have straightened yourselves out the changes will begin in earnest. You have been promised much in the past that has not always been possible to introduce, but now the situation is much better and we see no reason why good progress cannot be made. In the past you have been let down by the politicians, but in the future you will be truly represented. Politics at present is in something of a mess and does not work correctly for the people but soon that will be put right.

You have been very patient and deserve every benefit that is coming your way and so far we have only scratched the surface. In time you will have been compensated for all of your troubles and life will take on a totally different meaning. Words cannot do justice to what we see lies ahead for you and we know you will not be disappointed. Soon the true leaders will come to the forefront and you will know that they are genuine.

I leave you with love and blessings, and may the Light brighten your days and path to completion. This message comes through my Higher Self, my Godself.

 In Love and Light.

Mike Quinsey.Love,Nancy

You are such a treasure to others and most of all to yourself,for in being a treasure to yourself, you are that to others.ReplyReply AllForwardEdit as new

Things normally move very slowly on Earth but from hereon they will come more quickly as you now have a focus on the future that you desire.

28th May 2021. Mike Quinsey.

Matters are now moving on very quickly and at last the end is in sight of all the problems associated with the coming of Covid19. It is a situation that was allowed to take place, and used to give you more time to think carefully about changes to your way of life. Much has been learned from the lockdown, and there is no doubt that it is obvious that many aspects of your way of life will have to be changed for good. We see it as part of your experience that has caused you to take a deep breath and consider how you could make your experiences more appropriate and uplifting. You will make the decisions with our prompting although as we have told you many times, the final choice will be yours in accordance with the freewill given to you. We see the potential for you and wise decisions will ensure you have chosen correctly.    

Although it will not necessarily seem to you that you are passing through one of the most important periods in your lives, you should be aware that you are setting out a plan for your future. For certain it will be full of promise and take you quite quickly into a new phase of your lives where the “promised land” is yours to create. You will have so much more help and gradually the negative forces will lose their ability to interfere with your plans for a free and beautiful Earth. The Human Race is by nature gentle and loving and as the vibrations gradually lose their instinct to fight for what they want, there will be a natural move towards a peaceful and happy society that works for world peace. You are at the door of all that you could wish for yourselves and soon it will open for you.

There have been earlier civilisations that have travelled this road and inevitably they saw that there is only one way to total peace on Earth. You have learnt that “love thy neighbour” means worldwide regardless of the colour or beliefs, and when you take it to heart and put it into practice you will find others will respond to it and such differences can be overcome. We say again that “You are all One” sharing your individual choices so that all learn from each other. No one group is superior to another, they are simply at different stages of their evolution. By nature the human instinct is to help others when in need but the dark Ones have played upon those differences to cause separation amongst you.

Because the Earth is of the lowest vibration it is home to all types of humans, some being of such a low level of evolution they are virtually no different to what they were hundreds of years ago. Clearly such a mix creates its own problems, yet in essence all are souls on a pathway back to the Creator. However, there is naturally a time when certain groups take a different path consistent with their level of evolution. That time has come for you and each group will take an appropriate one that suits their level of understanding. It comes about because souls begin to understand their true origin, and with the acceptance of eternal life, understand that each soul has all the time it needs to evolve. There is no pushing or limits set for development and all can take it at their own pace.

You will find that more help will be given to you as you progress and it is always consistent with your needs and never set too high. So it is not as you might say “pushy” and it is accepted that there will be times when you will stray off your path, but that is taken as inevitable and that you will find your way back to it. It is all experience which makes each soul unique. At this stage no one can claim to know the whole truth but some souls are naturally more advanced. The most important aspect of progress is that a person believes in God regardless of how they see God, it ensures that they are on the path to light and eventually they will find themselves holding the truth.

Even with the low vibrations on Earth a soul who has found the truth will draw away from the lesser vibrations and should never look back. You can be sure at this stage you will get ample help to continue on the correct path. Even now you are helped at this stage and there will be no going back as the Light remains with you. It brings about a peaceful embodiment that remains with you for all time. It is also your protection against the lower vibrations as you are surrounded by them. Your presence amongst others is going to create a peaceful energy that some will feel and be drawn to you. It is the positive energies in your aura that cause this attraction. It makes people feel better and literally can even be healing.

Things normally move very slowly on Earth but from hereon they will come more quickly as you now have a focus on the future that you desire. In next to no time it will become apparent that everything has speeded up and you can be sure that already there are moves to bring the new into operation, the ideas are there already and all it needs is the intention to make them become your reality. In part the souls who have the knowledge and abilities to introduce new ideas are ready to make their knowledge known, and we see many new inventions and ideas materialising. The dark Ones can no longer stop them coming to fruition or simply keep them for their own purposes.

Take heart Dear Ones nothing is quite as bad as some believe it is just that your media is still controlled and the good news is often suppressed. It gets through somehow but not to the general public who are left in ignorance. But that will clearly have to change before too long and you will eventually get a Press that reports the truth and is not distorted in any way. There are already plans for what you might call a “truth channel” and it is on its way. So keep your vibrations high and do not let them be influenced by false news.

I leave you with love and blessings, and may the Light brighten your days and path to completion. This message comes through my Higher Self, my God Self and every soul has the same connection to God.

In Love and Light.

 Mike Quinsey.Love,Nancy

You are such a treasure to others and most of all to yourself,for in being a treasure to yourself, you are that to others.ReplyReply AllForwardEdit as new

keep on keeping on

21st May 2021.Mike Quinsey.

We see you rather confused and worried about events on Earth that every now and again take a turn for the worse. Be assured that what you are seeing is the final outworking of old ways of dealing with each other. There is less enthusiasm or support for them and there will be no place for them in the coming higher vibrations. How many more times will you try to settle your differences by using force when diplomacy, common sense and a desire to create a peaceful dialogue would result in a peaceful solution. The people tire of violence being used to settle differences and are rising up in anger at their leaders, who seem unable or unwilling to seek answers that bring peace. Eventually common sense will prevail, but how many more unnecessary deaths will occur before peaceful negotiations take place with the necessary “give and take” that will enable success without bloodshed. Peace will come and not a single drop of blood need be spilt in the process.

The biggest change you will experience is when compassion takes a prominent place in your life. With it comes caring for all life that is seen as precious and a gift from The Creator. For centuries Man has fought battles with those considered to be his enemies, and very few attempts have been made to understand the meaning of their differences. Now there is a movement growing that has become tired of the destruction and loss of life, and is beginning to protest loudly to encourage people to sit down with each other and talk peace. Why does it have to be that way when an end to war is inevitable and could have been avoided in the first instance. Before long it will all change, it will be the people who demand an end to confrontation and hostilities, and their voices will be heard and positive action taken as a result.

The thought of permanent peace is so uplifting and attainable if those in power approach it with the right frame of mind. It would be a new era when the establishment of peace was foremost in people’s minds. What rejoicing there would be and old differences could be put behind them for good. It would be quite a surprise to many people as to how quickly friendly relationships could be established and renewed. Everyone benefits from peace and those dealing in armaments would be the great losers, because on many occasions they have played one side against the other for profit with little care about the loss of life.

With big changes there are always losers and the closing of the big stores top that list. It is really a case of moving with the times and the needs of the people. Covid19 has caused a lot of pain and hardship, yet has also given everyone the opportunity to consider what they want out of life. After all, everyone is being affected by the changes and having to consider what is best for them where the future is concerned. You had known for some time that changes would be inevitable if you were to keep pace with the changing needs of the people. The recent period has shown the depth of some problems and given you every opportunity to put things right. You cannot cling onto the old ways that are unsuited for the new way of life that is emerging.

It is some 200,000 years since intelligent life forms such as you know them first came into being, and in that relatively short time they have experienced the depths of the dark energies yet evolved. They have survived and finally risen up in your life times to achieve the opportunity to ascend. There is a plan for your future but how you get there is largely up to you, and if you keep projecting thoughts that are positive in general terms rather than in detail the best results will be yours. You are already laying down the foundation for what you would like to see, and the potential is undoubtedly far greater than you could presently imagine, however keep an open mind that will allow for the unexpected.

After all you have left the old behind that has no future and you can expect many exciting changes that will raise your quality of life. Bear in mind what we have often mentioned in terms of “small” is beautiful because it is going to be the key word, small but able to provide everything that you are likely to need for a pleasant and undemanding life.  All that you have experienced has led you to this point, and you have everything to gain and nothing to lose. You are ready to take more steps to increase your knowledge and understanding, and there is nothing in your way to stop complete success.

There should be joy on Earth at what the future holds yet the uncertainty and doubt that exists prevents many souls from grasping what there is for them.  Clearly the old habits still exist but the futility of matters such as warlike actions paints a different picture. Such ways of conducting yourselves are being opposed by the people and their voices will be heard and acted upon. They can no longer be ignored but if they are your leaders do so at their peril and they would face the collective power of humanity. Those who would act in accordance with the changes called for patience and wait their opportunity to come forward and carry out the wishes of the people. Their day will come very soon when the changes shall speedily occur.

Mother Earth is already making preparations for the changes and the cleansing of it. Man has poisoned the Earth with chemicals and destroyed so much of the woodlands and the land itself. Yes, we are aware that there are groups who care for the Earth so much that they try to lessen the damage and restore it, but it is a mammoth task that can take some years to come to fruition. However, at the appropriate time we will lend a hand as what can take you years to put right we can see to in a very short time. Some of you wonder why we do not go to the trouble to put the wrongs right, but it is your responsibility to make good the damage you have caused. However, when you show willingness to act we are only too pleased to help you out.

You have a nice expression “keep on keeping on” and it is appropriate for the present time, as you must not lose sight of your path to Ascension. We keep reminding you because it is so important to you, as the dark Ones will try anything to distract you from your goal. We of course hold the upper hand and do everything to encourage you to keep to your dedicated path. We are with you all of the way and will use our influence to help keep you on track.

I leave you with love and blessings, and may the Light brighten your days and path to completion. This message comes through my Higher Self my God Self and every soul has the same connection to God.

In Love and Light.

Mike Quinsey.Love,Nancy

You are such a treasure to others and most of all to yourself,for in being a treasure to yourself, you are that to others.

In Europe the Covid19 virus seems to be in decline and relaxation of the measures to end its effect, are beginning to take place

Note from Nikos:i resonate with mostly everything at this channeling except from the fact that one should be happy because doing the work in this life means there will live in future lives no longer in lower vibrations. For some of us,we are taking our bodies with us,we are ascending within our physical bodies and can and will live hundreds if not at least thousand years. Mebdeds are going to be here and so much more. I want to clarify this as message coming from My Higher Self.Namaste.

7th May 2021. Mike Quinsey.

In Europe the Covid19 virus seems to be in decline and relaxation of the measures to end its effect, are beginning to take place. Freewill and karma are in play so that some souls will have a totally different experience to others. Even a soul’s life plan is involved so you cannot say for certain how things will work out. However, on a greater scale for humanity in general, all will be affected in one way or another as things cannot return to the way they were before the lockdowns.

Many changes are envisaged that in the long run will prove beneficial to everyone. It may not seem so at the moment but given time you will see the making of a new society that cares for each other and brings more equality into being. For too long a privileged group of people have used their position and wealth to try and create a system that makes all of you subservient to them. Their last attempt has failed and whilst it will take time to create a fairer society the intention is present and it will succeed.

There is a plan for humanity that will eventually right the wrongs of recent times, and the promise of a happy and satisfying life. It cannot happen overnight but the mould has been cast and you will see the signs of the changes mentioned. For too long you have been held back and not allowed to develop in a way that would have lifted up your quality of life. The dark Ones have purposefully placed obstacles in your way and created friction between nations sometimes resulting in wars. You can imagine the harm they cause and not least of all the cost of human life, the damage to your dwellings and facilities.

Matters are changing for the better but give it time as centuries of war and the destruction that comes with it, cannot be put right over night. Know that happier times are coming along with peace and answers to your problems. Eventually all will live in peace and friendship whilst accepting the difference in views and opinions that add to the great variety and spice of life. Long standing customs will not change overnight and should be welcomed as part of the character of those involved.  Much hinges upon how quickly you can accept each other’s differences, and come together as a community whilst welcoming them as an equal part of the Human Race.

For you who know the future will bring peace to all nations, lays the task of uniting those who are your neighbours regardless of their colour or creed. At heart every soul seeks peace and happiness, and it is destined to come within many of your lives. It is planned and is being helped by the desires of the people, who desperately want to see a permanent end to disputes and differences that in the past have led to confrontation and hostilities. The mood of the people will enable them to stand up to those who are warmongers and stop their activities. In the past they have played one side against the other and profited from backing the war machine. The people have “spoken” and will not tolerate those who believe that “might is right”. Permanent  peace will come for certain as the level of consciousness rises and rejects warlike actions or words.

In the midst of chaos we are of the Light that will lift people up and bring peace about for everyone. Those of the lower vibrations will have no place in such a future, and will have their own path to follow that will give them another opportunity to rise up through a greater understanding and appreciation of how a harmonious life should be. Those dear souls who oversee your lives have never ending patience and love for you and are always ready to assist when you call for their help. There are many unseen helpers who help you follow your life plan and arrange opportunities accordingly.

Many of you have reached a level of evolution that enables you to rise up with the increasing vibrations and continue to do so all of the way to Ascension. In doing so you are also helping those who follow you and can learn from your example. We salute and bless those of you who hold your heads up high, and with determination march ever onwards prepared to face whatever obstacles are placed in your way. You are the ones creating a path that others can follow and are to be thanked for your resolute intentions to drive ever forward. It should be comforting to know that you will not have to spend any future lives in the lower vibrations.

I leave you with love and blessings, and may the Light brighten your days and path to completion. This message comes through my Higher Self my God Self and every soul has the same connection to God.

In Love and Light.

Mike Quinsey.

Mike Quinsey’s Higher Self Message, April 30, 2021

30th April 2021. Mike Quinsey.

Time marches on and in general terms you can sense that in many parts of the world Covid19 is under control and having less effect. You could say the end is in sight but you have little idea as to the time scale. In some parts of the world such as India the situation is dire and has not yet peaked. It was to some extent expected as the virus is significantly more dangerous to those souls who are of Asian birth. Their immunity is not as successful for them, and in consequence more fatalities can be expected. However, be assured that the souls involved are immediately cared for and helped to overcome their experiences. Great help and love is exercised and any fear or harm experienced is quickly replaced by calmness and caring. Like all souls that have passed over they are quickly restored without carrying forward the result of any aging or experience they may have been involved in.

You are experiencing the effects of a cleansing and upliftment of all souls, and it will continue as the vibrations gradually increase. This period is the final stages of changes that are necessary if you are to become prepared for your journey that will take you all the way to Ascension. You cannot take your baggage with you and consequently it must be discarded. As with any changes be assured that you will be helped all along the way and guarded from any interference from the dark Ones. However take care and be aware of any attempts to draw you away from your chosen path. Few souls at this stage are truly aware of the magnificence of their achievements in having made it to this point in their evolution.  You have tried unsuccessfully to do so on many occasions but have learnt from your experiences and finally achieved your goal.

You have yet to fully learn of your true potential but from here on you will gradually grow in consciousness. At present you are but a glimmer of your true selves and now that you are leaving the lower vibrations behind your evolution will speed up substantially. You are being given an opportunity to create the path to your desired objective, and as you evolve you will have increased power that will eventually enable you to create instantly. It is no exaggeration to say that you will be God like and that is your destiny. Now you will understand why your evolution has attracted so much attention as you have reached a critical point that the dark Ones will try to prevent. Have no fear as providing you keep to your path they cannot stop you succeeding.

Dear Ones, you have come a very long way to reach this point in your evolution and be assured that much help will be given to ensure your success. One day you will be able to look back on your achievements and will no doubt be astonished by your experiences in the midst of the lowest vibrations in this Universe. It augurs well for your future as you have strength of character that will help you fend off any attempts to interfere with your progress. Bear in mind that you have souls around you such as the Pleiadians who seeded you and have followed your progress for eons of time. So accept that you are great souls now finding your feet and ready to travel your chosen path to the higher dimensions. For us it is quite as exciting as it is not every day that there is such an important event coming as your Ascension.

Having been told that you have had many if not hundreds of lives on Earth, you may wonder why you do not appear more advanced than you are at present. The simple answer is that you incarnate for each life with the skills or knowledge that are necessary to enable you to carry out your life plan. In other words as you evolve you intuitively know what you have come for, and if necessary with some prompting from your Guides are assured of complying with it. Some life plans are so important to your evolution and nearly always include other souls who are part of it.

Friends and partners can also take part in it so you see it is quite involved. Obviously close partnerships are pre-arranged and much work goes into ensuring you meet the right person. Sometimes It goes wrong because you still have freewill, but be assured every step is taken to get you back on the correct path you agreed to prior to incarnating. Obviously on some occasions it can badly go wrong and should it be necessary your life plan can be held back to be played out in a later life. Some souls are so backward and wayward in their activities that they have to rely on other souls to ensure their karma is carried out.

Life can seem to be full of random happenings and indeed there will be many instances of them that are of no real consequence where your life plan is concerned. It is a beautiful system that helps you to evolve which is the purpose of incarnating upon Earth. In this present period those souls who have cleared their karma are enjoying a trouble free life, and have the awareness of what their goals are and will have no problems in fulfilling their life plan. It is a great system that deals fairly with people’s needs and ensures that if necessary lessons can be repeated many times.

Some souls are placed together because they need the experience that they can give to each other, which would not necessarily have been their choice. Hence the experience can be fraught with problems because in some ways they are incompatible.  It may seem a strange way of doing things but in fact it helps both souls to evolve because of the challenges they face from each other. They help to highlight their weaknesses and undoubtedly learn some hard lessons in consequence. Realise that the methods used have been tried and tested for millennia of time and proved successful.

Know that because you are now in a different cycle the old ways of experiencing are no longer applicable and you are responsible for setting out the path you wish to follow. Obviously you still get help as your Guides are ever present but you have more control over your experiences. You will have a goal in mind that you call ambition and some of you are totally dedicated to achieving your aims. Providing you maintain your sight and focus upon your goal you are assured of success that ultimately means achieving Ascension. You are to be congratulated for reaching the final stages of your life plan.

I leave you with love and blessings, and may the Light brighten your days and path to completion. This message comes through my Higher Self my God Self and every soul has the same connection to God.

In Love and Light.

Mike Quinsey.Love,Nancy

You are such a treasure to others and most of all to yourself,for in being a treasure to yourself, you are that to others.

The stranglehold that the Illuminati have had on you is slowly but surely being broken, and so much is waiting to be revealed that will propel you into the New Age.

16th April 2021. Mike Quinsey.

The stranglehold that the Illuminati have had on you is slowly but surely being broken, and so much is waiting to be revealed that will propel you into the New Age. Progress is slow yet all of the time preparations are being made to release information that will prepare you for the changes that are to come. There is so much that needs to be done to lift up the quality of your lives so that your future experiences leave you feeling happy and satisfied. For a long time subtle changes have been taking place to lay down the bedrock of your future, so that you can enjoy life without the intrusion of the various plots hatched by the dark Ones

Nearly all wars of recent times have been brought about by the dark Ones to keep you in a state of fear and uncertainty. However, the Forces of Light have also been busy and are well on the way to successfully removing the enemies who have wished to annihilate you. Their mind set is such that they are even prepared to die for their cause, it reveals how dangerous they are to humanity. However, do not allow their presence and activities to alarm you as they thrive on your energies of fear. Like all souls that lack the Light they are not at ease in the presence of it.

Many other civilisations are keenly interested to see how you come out of the present period of so much unrest and turmoil, because they are aware of the sacrifices being made to overcome the problems that exist. It is quite involved and at best you learn very few truths about what is happening without your knowledge. It is best it happens that way as you already have enough to worry about. The more you can put distance between yourselves and the dark Ones you will better serve to the Light. You must stay calm and keep focussing upon all that is pure and of a high vibration. By doing so you are keeping your feet firmly on the path to Ascension.

In your many, many incarnations you have lived in all major countries and have a wealth of experience that you can now put to good use. It means that subconsciously you have a knowing about other life styles and religious beliefs that helps you understand and accept them. All religious paths lead to God or whatever figurehead some worship. It is a learning process and when you are ready to “Move On” you will be encouraged or directed to the next stage in your development. For some it means another life when you can follow your intuition as a guide to what you need to further your evolution.

In all matters you get guidance yet the final outcome is down to you and your freewill choice. However, it is sometimes necessary to override it if you are faced with a “One Off” choice that affects your future life plan. Much is already decided before you reincarnate and you are born with an inner urge to follow a certain path. In other words nothing that has an important place in your life happens by chance. However, you do have your say when decisions are made affecting your life experiences, but in seeing your life plan you are more than likely to accept it.

We have often made the point that some souls have their life plan charted for them when they do not have the ability to do so themselves. In general terms you would be surprised how closely your evolution is followed and how much help is given you. What you may call coincidences when something of importance in your life has depended on a “chance” happening is almost certainly a special arrangement for you. It is often for example where you have avoided a serious accident that was probably life threatening and would have caused changes in your life plan.

In your religious writings you will sometimes find a reference to people of the distant past who lived for hundreds of years.  It seems unbelievable in view of the short period that you live at present, yet it is true and not all that far into the future you will experience much longer lives again. It comes with the increases in the vibrations and it means that you will obviously have a body that can last a very long period of time because it continually renews itself. By comparison to merely a few thousand years ago you are now gradually extending your period of life. Obviously the standard of health then had an immense bearing on it but in general people lived shorter lives.

The bonus of living in the higher dimensions is permanent good health and a power of thought that can conjure up virtually anything you need. So living in the higher dimensions gives you unlimited freedom to go where you wish and to have all of your needs provided instantly. It bears little if any resemblance to what you are used to on Earth. In fact the Earth is an open prison where you meet all types of people who are in the main still in their early stages of evolution. It takes them a long time to wake up to their true self, and it is difficult for them to raise their vibrations which is what you have to do if ever you want to evolve and eventually rise up.

As Man ascends so the next civilisation is reaching a point where humans were a long time ago, and ready to experience severe testing similar to the Human experience. At whatever level you are in the emphasis is on evolution and you will strive for it, because you are motivated from within. It is an urge that keeps you going on a quest looking for the answers to evolution and what you need to do to progress. Help is always on hand particularly from the Angelic Realm. Evolution is the answer to everything and your life plans are accordingly arranged so that you can get onto the right path.

Great things lay ahead and we ask you to have patience as all will come out right in the end, It would be a rare occasion if a soul failed to reach a level that would lead to Ascension. So never give up as there is every help given to ensure you can ascend.

I leave you with love and blessings, and may the Light brighten your days and path to completion. This message comes through my Higher Self my God Self and every soul has the same connection to God.

In Love and Light.

 Mike Quinsey.


You are such a treasure to others and most of all to yourself,

for in being a treasure to yourself, you are that to others.

changes will come so quickly you will hardly have time to take it all in

9th April 2021. Mike Quinsey.

More than once recently the Light has been in a position to take control over the dark Ones, only to be confronted with threats of carrying out atrocities on such a scale that thousands of lives could have been lost. But in conceding to them it has not stopped the plan that is still taking shape to weaken their power base. Furthermore the arrests of Illuminati members continues at a fast pace, and there will be no let up until their web of negativity is destroyed to allow peace to descend upon Earth. The Covid19 lockdown has created an opportunity for the Forces of Light to speed up actions being taken with record results in apprehending Illuminati members. Be assured that the Light continues to be the dominant force and is winning the battle for the freedom of the people of Earth.

Dear Ones, you are on the road to success as the plans of the dark Ones to achieve their objective have failed. In consequence the trillions of dollars spent on making a virus to spread their evil intent to kill millions of people has failed. It is why the virus does not have the potency intended or the ultimate aim for total control of the world’s population. There is of course a cost to be paid but it is miniscule compared to what it might have been. Your experiences have made you strong and many are ready to take their place in the higher vibrations. It gives them the experience needed to help other souls on their journey, so that those who feel ready to advance to the higher dimensions are given every opportunity to do so. However, no one is left behind without help and those who are still awakening to the truth are being led to give them the experience they need to rise up.

All souls on Earth at this time have been selected for the benefits that the experience will give them. It will speed up their evolution and avoid the necessity for many more lives on Earth. We know how tough it is to experience the negativity that comes with duality, but it is a quick way to face the challenges that will propel you forward. It is an opportunity too good to miss and we will do our best to help you successfully get through it. Few souls realise how much outside help is given to you on Earth, meaning that you are given as much help that you need to ascend.  Those who cannot make it this time around will get another chance with the greater possibility that they will make it with our help. After all, providing you learn from your experiences there is absolutely no reason why you should not be successful.

You have successfully come through the last Solar Cycle which is why this period is one of opportunity to carry on going forwards. It is also why it has attracted so much attention as it is such a special occasion resulting in Ascension on a mass level. Clearly not every soul is ready for it and the experience at this time is bound to help you expand your level of consciousness. It is the key to your continued evolution and the opportunity to become a Galactic Being. It is your destiny and something to greatly look forward to that will leave the negative energies behind never again to interfere with your evolution such as they have done previously.

Please remember to focus upon all that is positive, so as to avoid giving power to the dark Ones by becoming involved with negative energies that they thrive upon. Can you not see that all of their actions are calculated to cause negativity that feeds their needs, so keep calm in all circumstances and do not be drawn into arguments or disputes that might cause you to lose control of your feelings.  We know it is hard if you have been used to letting lose when goaded or pressurised by being taunted and abused. You can do it and it may take practise so do not give up if at first you do not succeed..

The dark Ones gambled on Covid19 as a last major attempt to control the world population, but have failed due to Man’s progress by becoming more of Light Beings. It enabled and allowed the Higher Forces to intervene on your behalf thus reducing its effects that were intended to wipe out millions of you. They will never get another opportunity of that magnitude, and now face a humiliating defeat. The net is drawing closer to their minions who have no way of escaping justice for their crimes against Humanity. Be assured that their dreams of world control lie in tatters and there is no chance whatsoever of them being able to avoid justice. 

Many souls still have one foot in the past and we say the sooner you forget it the quicker the New Age will come about. All of the good things you have been promised are on the horizon and you have much to look forward to that will greatly lift your quality of life. At such times many highly evolved souls enter your world with the task of raising your quality of life to levels that you have yet to experience. The drudgery and demands upon you in the lower vibrations are slowly being changed so that you are prepared for greater things that will give you enormous satisfaction and joy. Realise that the Light always wins in the end and all souls are all the greater for it. It is a way of preparing you for your future by raising your vibrations. It cannot be fairer as only those who have “qualified” can lift up through their success in achieving a higher level.

After a period of apparent stagnation you will find that matters will advance very quickly and many that have been held back will be released. You have much lost time to make up and changes will come so quickly you will hardly have time to take it all in. Life will change in such a way that a whole new vista will open up before you, enabling you to expand your consciousness so that you are literally a new person. You have been but a mere shadow of your true self that took on the challenge to experience the lower vibrations, yet so many have come through that can leave the old ways behind forever. We say well done and you deserve every reward that comes your way. 

The most exciting times are coming when you shall meet souls from your background who have known you for eons of time and celebrations will be in order. Old friendships will be renewed and your Galactic family will be present. It is all coming so forget the unpleasant times and difficulties of the past and leave them there. Start thinking of how it will be in the future and it should bring you much joy and happiness. Keep your spirits high and leave those who dwell in darkness to a life of their own making.

I leave you with love and blessings, and may the Light brighten your days and path to completion. This message comes through my Higher Self my God Self and every soul has the same connection to God.

In Love and Light. 

Mike Quinsey.


You are such a treasure to others and most of all to yourself,for in being a treasure to yourself, you are that to others.

The very future of the Earth and its people totally depends on the outcome of present events, but have no fear because they are in the hands of the higher Forces of Light.

2nd April 2021. Mike Quinsey.

There is so much going on behind the scenes that cannot yet be made public knowledge, but it should be sufficient to say that all progresses well. The size of the tasks ahead would be beyond your imagination, they involve many thousands of people working for the Light who are gradually dismantling the web of control that the dark Ones have built over a great period of time. It has taken years of planning to build up to the point where the Light has achieved its power, not to just match the Cabal but to overpower them. However, it is not as simple or easy as it may appear to be because the dark Ones will stop at nothing in their efforts to maintain their position, and hold onto the power that gives them so much control over the Earth and its people.

Many times the Light has had victory in their grasp only to have to concede their position to them, so as to avoid threats to annihilate millions of the world’s population in retaliation. So over a long period of time the Light has arranged matters so that they could achieve their objective in a more subtle manner, keeping the dark Ones in check whilst weakening their methods of control. The Light now has great support that includes the armed forces who have been very active during the lockdown. The very future of the Earth and its people totally depends on the outcome of present events, but have no fear because they are in the hands of the higher Forces of Light.

The dark Ones cannot accept that they are now losing the battle for the Earth, and are at their most dangerous as like a wounded animal they will hit out at whatever stands in their way. However, it is too late for them to turn the tables, and they will not leave quietly but cause as much trouble as they can even at the risk of their own lives. They are prepared to die for their cause believing in a distorted way that they are the “Chosen Ones” and will be rewarded. It is inevitable that the Forces Of Light will have to make sacrifices in winning this battle but that is unavoidable in the circumstances. It is reassuring to know that they are fighting the last battle upon Earth, following which there will be a great period of cleansing and a rapid move into the New Age and all of the benefits that come with it.

Bear in mind the future that lies ahead of you is going to be so different to what you are experiencing now. It hardly bears any resemblance to what you are used to and is a totally different form of existence, notably that you will become so much more independent. Since you will be able to provide for all of your needs by using your power of pure thought, clearly you will have become much more independent and not depend on others for your well-being. It is by your reckoning quite a long way off but you can bring it into manifestation more quickly through your power of thought. Your consciousness is expanding much more quickly now as you head towards becoming a more evolved being, and so it will continue as you raise your vibrations.

Forgetting your immediate problems for a moment, you should be able to visualize the coming period of Light. It puts power into your hands because you will have reached a point where you have risen above the negative energies that will no longer have any influence upon you. Many of you have already been able to do so and have full control over your thoughts and actions. It is very testing in the present times but can be achieved if you put your mind to it. Life becomes more acceptable and your confidence grows in your ability to keep calm in all circumstances, regardless of what is going on all around you. Stay calm  and forgive yourself if you should be overcome by the circumstances around you. Learn from your lapses and you will be well on your path to success and Ascension.

In general terms there is a possibility that you will now find life returning to normal where you have freedom to plan your own experiences. That does not however mean it will be exactly the same as too much has happened that has brought about changes that will continue. They have given you an opportunity to re-access what you want out of life, and there are some things that have changed for the better that you will want to keep. Personal relationships have been under pressure simply because you would not normally be able to spend so much time together. As a result many have realised that they need to change their way of life and for some that means continuing to give their family more of their time.

The Illuminati are behind the Covid19 virus but where they intended it should decimate the population, the Forces of Light have so to say watered it down so that it is not as effective as intended. It is often the case that events that were intended to have a serious effect on the people have been altered in such a way as to lose their planned effects. However, Universal Law is at work and in a freewill civilisation certain protocols have to be followed that prevent outright interference. Through his actions and thoughts Man has always had a hand in creating his own future, but will inevitably find that events will always end up by keeping to the plan for his future development.

All experience is of value for each individual and helps their spiritual growth regardless of their life plan. The whole issue is so complex as too many factors are involved that without having a wider understanding of how things operate it is difficult to understand at your level because you will not have the full story. It is sufficient to say that when you are ready to comprehend the greater picture, it will be possible because you will have acquired a greater level of consciousness. It is already happening to some of the more evolved souls who have the ability and understanding to help others make progress.

Be assured that you will be all the greater for your experiences and well prepared to help those who follow in your footsteps. It is only natural that those who have achieved a higher level of consciousness reach out to those who are on the same path. So you are never left to flounder without help but remember that it should be called for as it is never forced onto another soul without their agreement. The system works very well and has been tried and tested over many millennia. You may not be aware of the loving help that is freely given but all benefit from it and the truth will be revealed in good time.

I leave you with love and blessings, and may the Light brighten your days and path to completion. This message comes through my Higher Self.

In Love and Light.

Mike Quinsey.


You are such a treasure to others and most of all to yourself,for in being a treasure to yourself, you are that to others.

We expect some major announcements in the very near future that will explain what has been taking place largely without your knowledge.

12th March 2021. Mike Quinsey.

At last events appear to have reached a point where it seems possible for a major event to take place, it could be just weeks away but the timing must be absolutely correct as so much is at stake. It will certainly not be broadcast in advance, as it would give the dark Ones warning of a long established plan to make their supporters answer for their crimes against humanity.

Such action would be the forerunner of many changes to restore freedom and the right to be allowed a peaceful life without fear and threats of violence. For too long mankind has been controlled and continually involved in wars or threats of wars, that have been instigated by those whose agenda was for total world control and a major reduction in the population.

To many of you such claims may sound preposterous and that is because the dark Ones have been clever at hiding their activities. Although they have been bound by Galactic Law to make known their intentions, those with the power to respond to them have not taken sufficient action that could have thwarted their plans.

However, matters have taken a turn for the better and the Forces of Light now have the upper hand. It is only a matter of time before you shall become aware of what has been going on. If you wonder why the dark Ones have been allowed to reach such a point that the world has been under threat, it is because the “game” has to be played according to Universal Laws that revolve around not coming into conflict with “your rights to exercise freewill.

Out of the chaos will come some massive changes all for the good, although it may take some time before you see an obvious plan in them. Your freedom will be returned to safely release all that is unsuitable for the New Age that promises much that will ensure a happy acceptable existence. Naturally the inequality of life that presently exists will be gradually changed, so that all will enjoy a happy one in the prosperous times that lay ahead.

We tell you these things so that you know your present suffering and the poverty many are experiencing will end. Understand that all souls are equal and that their roles on Earth are to gain the experience they need to evolve to a spiritual level, where the vibrations are much higher and where the negative Ones and their energies cannot exist.

You must have wondered at times what life was about and its purpose and hopefully it will now have become clearer to you. Unlike the last Age that finished in 2012 you have since been given more freedom to decide your future and are laying down a pathway of opportunity that will reflect your desires. It will also be a time when your Galactic friends can come closer and help with your progress. Know that they are all of a similar form to you and some are almost identical.

There are also robotic types that are normally used as workers in the same way as you have developed, but they are not recognisable as the human form. Automation has come a long way since you first developed it and compared to the potential that exists, you have so to say only scratched the surface. All will come in good time and as you become prepared, ideas for your future will be given to those amongst you who have the ability to develop them.

The wait-and-see period continues as matters start coming to a head, and most certainly most of you will be surprised when you realise what has been taking place behind the scenes. We expect some major announcements in the very near future that will explain what has been taking place largely without your knowledge, although some of you have suspected what is behind all of the activity in the USA.

In this present period where most people are housebound or very limited in their movements, it is an ideal time for moves to be made to curtail or stop the dark Ones from escaping justice. There are moves to take them into custody and face trials for their crimes against humanity. However, it would not be the first time that proposals for such action have been held back, but it is inevitable and plans are so advanced there is no doubt that they will go ahead very soon.

After many, many years of planning the final days of the dark Ones are drawing near, but no doubt as is their nature they will fight to the bitter end. They are not noted for “coming quietly” and to say the least there are many scuffles or worse to be expected. As we have mentioned, it is while the present conditions are ideal to make arrests by giving them little chance of escaping.

As you might imagine it will be a mammoth task to carry out but in numbers the Forces of Light are in a superior position. There is unlikely to be another opportunity like the present time so you can be sure that making the best of it is under consideration, so do not be surprised if action suddenly starts unexpectedly.

Everyone who is of the Light can help future events, and be the maximum help by thinking positively and sending Light and Love to those souls who are in the front line and acting in the name of peace and justice.

There are clearly great risks involved to life and limb when confrontation takes place, but be assured that they do receive love and protection. Those of the light act to the universal rules of engagement whilst the dark Ones will use every trick they know to avoid arrest. It will however be to no avail as the odds are now against them as far superior forces are on the side of Light.

Remember that the power of Light is formidable and will repel and destroy the lower energies. It can be used by anyone who is a Lightworker, and providing it is focussed and directed in a positive manner it will help overcome the dark Ones. You have come so close to being the prisoners of them, not imprisoned behind bars but under their control but they have failed in the final stages of their planned takeover of the Earth and her population.

The Forces of Light were never going to allow them their final success but it has been quite a battle to save Humanity from their heinous plans. People will be shocked to learn the truth because humanity could have been almost completely decimated. Have no fear the danger has now been passed and peace and happiness in a free world is on the horizon. Be patient and do not lose hope as everything is destined to ensure you benefit from the changes that will at last bring you all that you ever wished for and much more.

I leave you with love and blessings, and may the Light brighten your days and path to completion. This message comes through my Higher Self.

In Love and Light.

Mike Quinsey.

Nothing can now interfere with your progress to Ascension, and the opportunity has been well earned through many incarnations and challenges that have been placed before you

5th March 2021. Mike Quinsey.

There is so much taking place that you are unaware of which is why when a major announcement is made about it, it will go worldwide. At the appropriate time you will be told why certain action has been taken, and the explanations will be received with both shock and surprise. Unbeknown to most people there has been a major battle taking place between the dark Ones and the Light for millennia of time. It is drawing to a conclusion and as a result many changes will take place to release you from the false position you have been placed in for so long.

Many, many people have been involved in negative activities that have threatened the very fabric of society and kept mankind captive in false circumstances. The truth of your history must now come out, and it is a feature of the New Age that all shall be revealed as soon as it is safe to do so. If you know you are of the Light you may already be aware that providing you maintain your level of vibration, you are certain to ascend. Whilst there is no urgency to reach the higher levels, the sooner the better to ensure you are safe from the interference of the dark Ones. They will go to extreme lengths to stop you from being successful.

Mankind has come a long way since the last cycle began, and has progressed in spite of the many obstacles placed on it’s path. In the circumstances it is a great achievement to have evolved since many souls have achieved it against such immense odds when it was not expected. Those of you who have succeeded deserve all the plaudits you get and you are a shining example to others who follow in your footsteps. You took on a tough challenge without knowing about your true selves and have excelled in what was often a hostile existence. We admire your tenacity and strong intent to find your way through the jungle created by the dark Ones and you have done it in excellent style by overcoming the negativity all around you.

The negativity still exists even although the main instigators have lost a lot of their power and influence. At present you are on the crest of a wave that will carry you all of the way to the finishing line, when there shall be great celebrations. It is a “once in a lifetime” achievement because you were ready to pass the marker. Now you are on the way to a level where only the Light exists although some time will elapse before you reach the final stages, you are destined to do so. These are times when you can concentrate on your own needs, and we encourage you to do so. Be assured that all souls will be looked after as their future is planned according to their needs. No soul is considered as any less than another, it is simply an acknowledgement of their present place on the ladder of evolution.

Nothing can now interfere with your progress to Ascension, and the opportunity has been well earned through many incarnations and challenges that have been placed before you. It is why you are so near to openly meeting your mentors who are equally pleased that the opportunity has a last arrived. Every life you have spent in the lower vibrations has given you a wide range of experience that will hold you in good stead for the future. You are near to becoming the Masters that you really are and assured of a return to that high level of vibration, in what you call the 5th dimension. Words can hardly describe the wonderful times ahead of you and not least of all being able to progress without interference.

We know it is difficult to find the words that describe the coming changes, but we can hardly talk about it without conveying a sense of peace and happiness. You have lived many lives of poverty and depravation, horror and shock yet you have stood firm and still recovered much to our delight. Not all souls have managed to rise up but they will succeed eventually and will be assisted all of the way, as no one is left to flounder – even the lowest of the low. It may at times seem to you that there is discrimination but know that karma is at play and some souls have brought hard lessons upon themselves that have to be cleared. There is no such thing as punishment, merely making good your mistakes by learning from them.

With the coming of Ascension we know that the question that often arises in your minds is  what happens to your possessions and without them what can you expect. You will not be surprised to know that everything you need will be provided and you will want for absolutely nothing at all. Much of what you have now will not serve any purpose in a higher vibration, after all you will be living a happy and much more relaxed life that will be so different to what you have been used to. Your power of thought will be sufficient for you to “think” things into being to provide for your needs. There will no longer be a need for factories or similar facilities and you can be assured of an all-round healthy and happy living. The need to work will virtually disappear and you have already touched upon the idea of using robotic beings for this purpose.

Have patience as the future unfolds as you commence to take new paths to the New Age. You cannot have everything at once but slowly but surely you will change over from your antiquated way of living to a modern Age. Keep all of this in mind as sweeping changes come about because in the long run it is all for your benefit. With the experience that your Space friends bring they will help you and make short work of things that could take you many years. The truth is that the dark Ones have kept advances for themselves thus denying you the chance to evolve at a much faster rate. However, you will be helped to make up for lost time and once the changes commence will go speeding ahead.

At present you are still in a turmoil over Covid19, but it has made you look seriously at how you should continue your lives once you can recommence them and return to normal. There is much resistance to change from those who have dominated your lives, but it will not prevent the inevitable as you cannot go back to how it was previously because much is unsuitable for the changes that are coming. You cannot hold back progress and no doubt very few of you will want to cling onto the old when you understand the advantages of the coming changes. They will cause hardship for some of you but in the long run all will work out very satisfactory and to your liking.

This message comes through my Higher Self, my Godself that all of you also have as Beings of Light.

In Love and Light.

Mike Quinsey.


You are such a treasure to others and most of all to yourself,for in being a treasure to yourself, you are that to others.

Changes will come quickly that will be intended to lift you up, and make you ready for greater events that will bring great hope and the intention to leave the old behind that has already served its purpose.

26th February 2021. Mike Quinsey.

You must know by now that nothing happens by chance and therefore the Lockdown caused by Covid19 that has resulted in a virtual standstill of your normal activities. It is a worldwide phenomenon during which you have had more than ample time to consider better ways of conducting yourselves and living in peace. There are many matters that affect your way of life and how you relate to others, so that instead of being separated you could come together in mutual respect and understanding. After all you are One yet many, who could come together as brothers and sisters on a human journey where your goals are the same. All of you who have awakened to your divine self are seeking the truth, and no matter what name you have for God there is but the one Universal Prime Creator.

Your beliefs and traditions may be different but ultimately all of you will find yourselves on the same path. Since Ascension is expected to take place by the year 2030, clearly there will be a gradual coming together as any remaining prejudice and erroneous beliefs will be overcome. When each soul realises that all of you have had experiences of the different religions it will become clear that you are all travelling along the same path. It would therefore seem logical that you would all come to the same spiritual conclusions and truth. There have been many advanced souls that have come to Earth especially to guide you ever onwards, and each religion has a leading soul with great knowledge and understanding to impart to you. The truth will always come to the surface and permanently remain where anything less will fall away.

Always have an open mind and be ready to learn a new understanding, as religion has at times been more of the Word of Man rather than God. When you have reached the stage of being an old soul you will be much more aware and understanding of the truth, and intuitively sense when teachings are not completely true. Teachings from spirit are almost certainly true but nevertheless still need careful consideration. The most recent teaching of the “God Inside” a soul is the result of you passing the marker in 2012, showing a readiness to receive a greater one. We take care not to give you a greater truth until we are sure you are ready for it. This teaching tells you that all souls have the same God, and that knowledge alone should draw you closer together. There has to come a time when you realise that one religion on its own cannot hold the complete truth.

To hold to one religion serves its purpose when you are in the early stages of understanding. However, as you move from one to another you begin to understand the true teachings that will always surface no matter how long it takes. We do not rush you into new teachings as all things come in good time when you ready for them. Even atheists have a belief system and when they realise there is something more to life, they will begin to search for a truth that satisfies them. You cannot help but feel that there is something more than simply life on Earth. Even by looking at nature with its seasons and the yearly return of growth after the seeming end of each period when you get re-birth again.

Even, man himself can have the experience of remembering events of a past life. Recognising places upon a first visit, and in a similar way to strongly feel that you already know someone you are meeting for the first time. Sometimes a person will pick up an object and “feel” the energy given to it by a previous owner, that illustrates how someone has transmitted their energy to it. Quite clearly if you want proof of past lives there is much evidence to support it, and the physical body is a mine of information about the soul who resides in it and this energy can be passed on to physical objects. It is evident by those physic souls who can handle objects and “read” facts from it about its owners life. So there is much evidence that all objects seem capable of transmitting energy carried within.

Man is not his physical body and although some do not recognise that they have a soul, the fact is that they do. It is not unusual for some people to leave their bodies and be able to look down and recognise it as such, and it shows that the soul can have an out of the body experience. The examples are endless and it goes to prove that you are not just your bodies and for some it proves that life continues after the death of it. Some souls have vivid dreams where they meet family or friends who have already passed on and they prove very real, simply because they are. All of this proves that there is no death and that the soul lives on and reincarnation occurs. This opens another chapter in your lives as to how you are to carry on with its life plan and reincarnate again.

There is so much more to life than most people realise until they reach that point where they start to seek more understanding as to the meaning of it. Without one it naturally seems without true purpose and even pointless. However, there would certainly be arranged events in their life that would awaken them providing they took an interest in it. It is not that there is any urgency as there can be unending lifetimes that allow for experiences that will eventually awaken the soul. Understand that the soul will often accept that they are destined to carry on re-incarnating without questioning the purpose of life. Fortunately there will inevitably come a time when a soul begins to realise that there must be more than the continual cycle of reincarnation.

Presently you are in a confusing period when the purpose of life seems to elude you. The comfort of the old ways has gone and the future is uncertain, except you must by now realise that changes are imminent indeed inevitable. The changes that will take place are all intended to lead you towards a new Age of great meaning that takes you away from the turmoil and uncertainty of the present time. Changes will come quickly that will be intended to lift you up, and make you ready for greater events that will bring great hope and the intention to leave the old behind that has already served its purpose. Your new reality will clearly show you that there are good times ahead when eventually the dark Ones will be left behind to experience their own demise. From thereon you will experience true peace with harmony and love, and you will know that the lower vibrations can no longer interfere with your lives.

This message comes through my Higher Self my Godself that all of you also have as Beings of Light.

In Love and Light.

Mike Quinsey. Love,Nancy

You are such a treasure to others and most of all to yourself,for in being a treasure to yourself, you are that to others.

Now you have the opportunity to decide what you want for your future

19th February 2021. Mike Quinsey.

You seem to be at a midway point with no idea where you go from here, yet with the numbers of people catching the virus noticeably becoming less, it would seem that the time has arrived for a final program to be introduced. One that will quickly restore life to as normal as possible, so that the effects of lockdowns can be dealt with in such a way as to restore freedom to lead a normal life. Habits have changed due to the length of time people had to accommodate a new way of life, and most likely some changes will become permanent. It was always going to cause people to look at ways of improving their experience, and give them a realistic opportunity to accept that there would be inevitable changes. 

On a wider scale humanity has taken a new approach to uplift their expectations, knowing that if progress was to be made it had to be looked at as a major change as to how you viewed the coming years. Using the technologies for advancement to a more acceptable way of living that removes the drudgery and boredom of daily life already exists. Now you have the opportunity to decide what you want for your future and when it is seen that you seriously desire to better yourselves and create more time for personal development it must be provided. Automation has gone some way to helping in that respect, but there must be more opportunities to follow your desires.

You live in the most exciting times even if it is not yet apparent to you, and as soon as it is safe to land upon Earth, your friends from Space will feel free to visit you and help with your Ascension. The vibrations are continuing to rise and will do so until the end of this period and you will benefit by moving into levels that are too high for those of a negative persuasion to follow and exist. So slowly but surely the dark Ones will lose their ability to interfere with your progress. They will have served their purpose as a balance between the positive and negative energies. In the meantime they continue to try to hold you back and use everything they can to do so. However, they have already been weakened by losing some of their key personnel, but it only requires a small number to make a nuisance of themselves as you have found out. However the Forces of Light are superior but unlike the dark Ones operate to the rules and because of their sheer numbers are winning the battle. You are not normally aware of their actions as it is not wise to advertise your intentions beforehand.

Your future is very exciting and there is much to lift you up to new levels that you are currently heading for but changes will come very quickly, as you have missed so much having been held back by the actions of the Illuminati. They have not only prevented you from having free energy, but stopped many inventions that would have improved your quality of life. The main one is free energy that is all around you in an endless supply and already used by them. However, you will soon have it and with it will come immense changes in your way of life. There is so much that has been kept back from you, but you will learn of them in due course and it will change your lives forever. You are beginning to realise that previously you simply did not have adequate time for yourselves, and the Covid 19 problem has made that quite clear. Fortunately you are already in a higher vibration as you must of necessity move with the times. The ideas are there with the “know how” but up to now you have been deliberately held back, but that is to change. The help is there and as the effects of Covid 19 slowly disappear you will find yourselves in a better position than previously and able to develop your ideas.

You have had glimpses of the future and you are for example already making a major change by going over to electric cars that at a stroke help lessen the pollution caused by petrol driven cars. They are a major source of pollution and ill health and you are noticing already the benefits of less of them on your roads. The change to electric cars has arrived although it will clearly be some time before you feel the full benefit. It is a step in the right direction and along with free energy that is in a limitless supply all around you would completely overcome the heavy pollution of your atmosphere, and the resultant effect on people’s health. A bonus would be clean air and more healthy people without the problems caused inhaling fumes from petrol driven vehicles. But you are already aware of it and the problem has been considered almost too big to handle. However, you have started to deal with it and must progress even so big companies at risk of changes will try to delay progress. Mother Earth has commenced her cleaning and changes are already very apparent and will continue all in aid of the coming “New Earth”

Those of you on the Path of Light are being given what is virtually a one-off opportunity to go all the way to Ascension. Take it with both hands because as we have often informed you, such a big opportunity will not come around again for a long time. There is so much going on around you but do not be distracted, as your path will lift you up out of the lower vibrations. Do not worry about the fate of family and friends as all souls will find themselves exactly in the right level that will carry them forward. Be assured that you are being helped on your way, and your Guides will always give a helping hand when it is needed. They guide you along your chosen path but will not interfere with your choice should you deviate from it. For some of you there are “out of the body” meetings usually while your body rests and it is possible that they will be remembered upon awakening. In actual fact most souls go out of the body while asleep and might meet up with their Guides, family or friends. You may have a feeling that something has happened like that but be unable to bring back the memories with you.

Keep your eyes on your goal and with determination you will certainly reach it. You should already know if you are ready to ascend and if you can absolutely say that you are not distracted by any outer happenings, you are certainly well on your way to completion, and you will know it yourself. If you are such a soul we say “well done” and rewards are due to you for such an achievement. In other words you create your own pathway through your actions and deeds, and all of the time you are positive in all you do you attract good karma to yourself. Conversely, if you are negative you attract similar situations. It is a process of living and learning by your actions and deeds so do your best at all times and treat all others as you would be treated yourself.  

This message comes through my Higher Self, my Godself that all of you also have as Beings of Light.

In Love and Light.

Mike Quinsey.Love,Nancy

You are such a treasure to others and most of all to yourself,for in being a treasure to yourself, you are that to others.

You already know that with your intent to ascend you are given guidance and help to keep you on the right path.

12th February 2021. Mike Quinsey.

Extract from “KRYON – NEW PLANET EARTH”.

Multi-Dimensional Physics.

Anti-War. Physics create Multi-Dimensional Fields that will not begin to touch consciousness or biology, they will be completely blind to these fields because they are isolated and specifically for one purpose – to keep an explosion from happening through controlling the mass of an object.

It means no more war. End of organised religion. Because you have consciousness you will not need your physical body. You will always have free choice and wisdom. Over 90% of people will take the path to enlightenment. Everyone will think alike. Life span will triple and more. Leaders will create a new doctrine.

             *                  *                  *                 *                  *                 *                  *

12th February 2021. Mike Quinsey.

Being given details of what is happening in the broader picture is largely for the need to keep certain activities as secret as possible to protect the Forces of Light. Much is happening that you are unaware of and protecting you from the activities of the dark Ones is a priority. They may have been weakened by your activities to arrest many of them, but they still pose a threat as they have no regard for Universal Law and your lives. In this respect we protect you as far as possible and we are gradually depleting their forces. In the ultimate there will only be one winner as the Forces of Light will reign supreme.

For so long we have been waiting for an opportunity to openly meet you, but as you know for our safety and more so yours we need a situation where we can be confident that our plan will not endanger you. The dark Ones are by no means as powerful as they were largely due to our presence, but even a few can present a danger to great numbers of you. We take no risks and have the patience to wait for the right opportunity to overcome them which is inevitable. It has taken a long time to get this far, and we have no intention of rushing matters when we are so near to a great victory.

You too are on the path to achieving a great success, even though you are presently in a confusing situation wondering if you will ever get back to something like “normal” – yet you will even though it is going to be much different to what you have been used to. Even now you are beginning to see that great opportunities are arising out of the changes forced upon you. When you can go forwards there is no gain in going back to the old ways, they are finished and served their purposes very well.

The future is not clear to you but you may rest assured that it is very bright by bringing you a peaceful future that has no place for wars and similar activities. The Kryon extract you have been given tells you why we can be positive about such matters and how we can ensure peace without using weaponry ourselves, because that is not our way as Keepers of the Peace. So all of your efforts to see this period through will be rewarded much more than you could imagine. Stay calm in the face of many restrictions that are imposed upon you, they will not last too long and if you follow them the pandemic will be over in good time.

What happens in the USA is the key to the future and major changes are imminent that will set the scene for a great leap forward. You will undoubtedly be very surprised but not when you understand the implications of what has happened and also see the potential for making that country great again. There is so much wrong with it at present and the changes have to start somewhere, and our hope is that it will be very soon. So all in all there is much to look forward to even if you are unaware of their nature. Know that there are greater powers than those on Earth who hold the key to your future, it is destined to be a Golden Time in your history.

Can you feel the new energies beginning to bring peace to your planet because they are already starting to make a difference. They will continue to do so and take you all the way to Ascension. Many changes are still to take place and all will be part of the reshaping of your societies to a more manageable size. Big is no longer beautiful or suited to your needs as you have already seen. Dear Ones you will be part of history and people will look back in admiration at that period and wonder how you ever managed to come through it. Unlike the past, this time history will reflect accurately what happened and how you successfully came through it.

There is a light at the end of the tunnel and it shines brightly and is growing all of the time. It couldn’t be any other way as your path has already been laid down. It may twist and turn but whatever happens you are assured of reaching your goal. So think positively about your future regardless of what is still to come, as everything will work out as planned. Yes, you still have freewill and hopefully you will still find your way to the finishing line. You already know that with your intent to ascend you are given guidance and help to keep you on the right path. Indeed as time progresses many friends from other planets will land on Mother Earth when she is at peace and they will be joyful occasions.

You are in times when you have so many people dreading the future because of financial and personal problems, and they need assurance that all will work out well even if it takes a little time. It is worth reminding you that you were aware that this incarnation would be demanding and call upon all of your skills to get through it. Necessity often draws people together and these times are no exception, as many souls volunteered to incarnate at this time because they felt they had a lot to offer those who would be in need. It brings out the best in people and with so many Lightworkers on Earth at this time aid is not far away. Bless you Dear Ones you make such a difference to so many people’s lives.

Go about your daily activities with joy and spread happiness where you can and see the smiles return to their faces. Happiness is catching and helps lift up those who feel overwhelmed by everything that is happening, much of which they find hard to understand and are bewildered.

This message comes through my Higher Self and I leave you with my love and blessings.

In Love and Light.

Mike Quinsey.Love, Nancy

You are such a treasure to others and most of all to yourself, for in being a treasure to yourself, you are that to others.

keep your sights upon the future that you envisage, and do not let anything distract you. By doing so you help give it the power to manifest.

29th January 2021. Mike Quinsey.

As sometimes happens an expected event has not taken place yet all the signs pointed to it occurring. So how can the outcome be explained that would help overcome your disappointment, after it was expected to be so positive. The intent was quite clear and very convincing because the outcome was considered beyond doubt.

Yet a different path was followed to ensure that it laid down an opportunity that could be taken advantage of without causing great trauma and upset. The path to fulfilment may be full of twists and turns but the result is assured and you will progress as intended. The object of what took place will set the scene for further changes that will carry you along the path that allows for those that are necessary to speedily move you into the next phase.

It goes without saying that there is no turning back to the old ways, and once things return to some semblance of order your immediate goal will become apparent. Never forget that behind the scenes many people are working hard for the Light, not least of all those who have come to Earth especially for this occasion to help you establish the New Age.

Most work quietly not seeking publicity or adoration, and help direct humanity onto the path that will lead them out of the difficulties they are in at present. At each stage opportunities are given for you to decide which one to take, as you must bear in mind you have total freewill. The tasks ahead of you are formidable yet with the right approach you will find your way even if is not clear to you.

Remember that once you have expressed your intent to follow the Path of Light you allow others to help you where needed. Keep an open mind and allow yourself to be guided by following your instinct or intuition. It may at times seem to be a lonely journey but be assured you have your entourage ever present guiding you as necessary.

The period you just passed through has been more successful than you might imagine, and your main and necessary advancement was to claim back your sovereignty and independence. You have broken the back of the Illuminati’s hold on European Countries that were slowly having their freedom taken away to decide their own future.

They were working towards establishing three main blocs making their world control over them much easier. It is the beginning of the end for them and they are totally aware of their position. You can also add their general loss of power, leaving them unable to establish world power that they had been working to achieve for a very long time. In fact they were never going to be allowed to reach their objective.

We have often mentioned how much you have to catch up on having been denied advancements that would have seen you already enjoying freedom and a peaceful way of living. The potential that awaits you will quickly move you into a new way of life that will prove much more acceptable.  However, you have to first put your house in order and bring peace to the world.

A World War is totally out of the question and only minor scraps will be allowed, and in time even these will cease. Bring peace to Mother Earth and you will attract visitors from Space who await your “Coming of Age.” So stop your petty squabbles and do not forget that “You are all One” and treat others as your brothers and sisters and as you do so peace will soon settle upon Earth.

Patience is a virtue that many have little of yet. You must allow changes to go ahead that will firmly put you on the right road to Ascension. The opportunity you have will not come around again for a very long time so grasp it with two hands You talk of a chance of a lifetime and that is where you are at present so do not let it slip from your grasp. You have worked through so many lives to get this far, so do not throw away this opportunity through lack of understanding or patience.

All of you have spent many lives getting this far and have earned this opportunity to leave the old vibrations behind. Already the higher vibrations are lifting you up and will continue to do so until you reach your goal. It is why the Avians are stationed in your Solar System waiting for peace to descend upon Earth before announcing themselves. They have been linked with you for eons of time like parents keeping an eye on their children.

The chaos in the world overshadows the changes that are taking place that will ultimately lead to your release from the activities of the dark Ones. There is a plan for your future that will ensure that the old ways cease to affect you, and it is already beginning to set you upon another path that will lift you up to a more acceptable level.

In part it is you the people that are setting the pace of change so continue to set your sights upon all that is good and wholesome, and frees you from the tentacles of those who would still keep you imprisoned. It is for good reason that the Earth is known as the Prison Planet albeit an “Open Prison.”

Have you never wondered why you have formed the opinion that there is little life beyond your planet, when the fact is that the Universe is teeming with life. Even now there are those who are eager to meet you and share their knowledge but the circumstances must be such that it would not imperil their lives.

The Universe is a wonderful place where you can meet all different types of beings that are nevertheless similar to your human form. Of course most are more advanced compared to humans, but pleased to share their knowledge when you are ready to receive it.

Hitherto they have kept at a distance from you because your vibrations have been so low they would be unacceptable for them, but thankfully you now have the opportunity to lift yourselves up to a higher level and many souls are eager to do so. They understand that to take this opportunity to ascend they must prepare themselves for it. Be assured that in doing so you will be helped to reach the required level and again you will be helped to be successful once you have decided what is to be your goal.

Mother Earth is preparing to make changes in readiness for her own Ascension. It will entail reforming parts of the Earth so that it is ready for its own upliftment. It will become a planet of beauty and it will be known as Paradise. You have so much to look forward to and any effort you put in will be well worth it. So keep your sights upon the future that you envisage, and do not let anything distract you. By doing so you help give it the power to manifest.

I leave you with love and blessings, and may the Light brighten your days and path to completion. This message comes through my Higher Self my God Self, and every soul has the same connection to God.

In Love and Light.

Mike Quinsey.