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Light Penetration by Archangel Metatron

Archangel Metatron

Channeled through Natalie Glasson – Original Source: Sacred School of OmNa

Greetings and celebrations, I Archangel Metatron come forth to share with you the light of the Creator to ignite the light already present and active within your being. The light current, the Over Lighting Project has come forth and is continuing, it is imprinting light into the cells of all beings on the Earth and the Inner Planes, this is awakening wisdom. A wisdom that is a remembrance or has not yet been acknowledged on the Earth. It is an exciting time as illumination, inspiration, and enlightenment dawn. The wisdom is dawning within your being now.  It is essential as you sit in quiet time that you acknowledge and give space for yourself as a wise being.

You can say to yourself, ‘I am a wise being, all the answers and wisdom I require are within my being.’

As you settle into this awareness, your cells will begin to open, activating and releasing the wisdom that is essential and important for you to acknowledge and receive into your awareness. This blossoming of wisdom may be impactful, or it may gently trickle into your awareness, gradually sharing insights. It is important as we enter this New Year that you enter as a wise being. You have always been a wise being; wisdom is always present within your being. The Over Lighting Project, this current of light coming from the Creator, is to activate the wisdom that has been present within your being always, thus there is a need to give space for this wisdom to activate. Otherwise, you may miss the activation and flow of awareness because you are distracted elsewhere.  It is imperative to give space, even if it is only a few minutes a day, for the wisdom to fill your being, to activate and integrate with your awareness.

It is a wonderful time to begin to ask questions, asking yourself without expectations of an answer being given. Any form of question is appropriate. Questions about spiritual existence or your journey, about your physical reality situations, the manifestations of dreams, health, healing, whatever you wish. Simply do not expect an answer to come. As you give space and ask a question, a knowingness within you will dawn that all the answers and information you require are within your being.

We could invite you to imagine a year ahead where you have the understanding and knowledge that you require, and this would be a beneficial visualisation. However, we wish to let go of all expectations and so, we invite you to simply acknowledge that you are wise. You have the guidance, the intuition, the inspiration, and the enlightenment within your being to navigate the year ahead and bring dreams into a reality.

A year ago, we began the journey of the New Earth Ascension Blueprint. An opportunity to manifest anything and everything that you wish for, recognising within your being that anything and everything is possible. Now, we move forward with wisdom. Anything and everything are possible, and you have the wisdom within your being to create it. As you allow yourself to embody yourself as a being of wisdom, it is important to recognise that light from the Over Lighting Project is still penetrating your being, still penetrating your cells. You are glowing, your light is being magnified and enhanced. All your cells are radiating light, your energy vibration is quicker and higher, it is important to be aware of this because it is creating momentum within you and acceleration of your ascension. You may realise and recognise that your ascension journey begins to accelerate, things come into place, skills and abilities you have been waiting to access, you connect with, and they become available to you. You can achieve more than you imagine at this point because your light is being magnified.

 I, Archangel Metatron ask you in your ascension journey:

What is it that you wish to achieve, to embody, to remember and recognise?

There is a pocket or a window in this moment, where your light is being magnified and you can achieve that which you wish to in your spiritual ascension journey. It only requires your focus. You can ask for what you wish to be activated within your being as the light penetrates your cells. You can also ask for what you wish for from the light, from the Over Lighting Project. The current of light will flow delivering and anchoring what you wish for into being. For example, you may wish for more focus during meditation, you may wish to be able to channel, to have visions of the inner planes, or enhance your healing abilities, whatever it is you can ask of the light, and you can invite the light to activate this through your being.

As you experience this light penetration and it will be for two months from this moment and then it will dissipate, this will be its most impactful time. It is a pocket, a window, where you can really accelerate your ascension as you experience light penetration into your cells, with an advanced light speed, vibration, and presence. As we enter the New Year, we are really beginning to embody and ground our ascension journey, wisdom, and inner knowingness, as well as the power to direct and further activate your Ascension.

We invite you to stand very grounded on the Earth as beings of embodiment. Embodying power, truth, love, and peace, it is a very beautiful presence and vision to begin a new stage of your ascension for yourself, and for others. I invite you to remain in that place of power and to continue to develop that place of power for yourself in the coming days, weeks, and months.

I love you eternally, I thank you,

I am Archangel Metatron

Intergalactic Transformation by the Andromedans.

 Channeled through Natalie Glasson

Original Source: Sacred School of OmNa

Greetings, we are the Andromedans. We come forth in and with the vibration of love, we wish to speak of Intergalactic Transformation and Ascension. We wish to speak of the space that exists between galaxies, between the stars, and between the planets.  When we speak of Intergalactic, we are speaking of galaxies as well as space, the space between anything and everything, that is the Creator.

We bring forth Intergalactic Transformation because we wish for you to connect with the Galactic Level within the Creator’s Universe. We wish to encourage you to draw upon and embody within your being, the Galactic vibrations and Rays of light that are emanating so powerfully and strongly from the Galactic Levels, overseen by Melchior. This simple intention will allow you to begin to acknowledge the Intergalactic Transformations and Ascension which is taking place upon the inner planes. The transformations and ascensions are like eruptions or activations of light as if a volcano is erupting with light and the light is distributing and being transported across the entire Universe of the Creator. It is for you to access these activations; these eruptions of light that are taking place at the Galactic Level and the Intergalactic Levels. As you absorb these light vibrations, they will infuse your being with greater volumes of light, almost like an electrical charge that awakens and activates light that is dormant within your being at a physical level or at an energetic level.

You can see that we are using words like electric and erupt. We wish to give you the understanding that the activations taking place at the Galactic and Intergalactic Levels are magnificent, they are electrifying, they are potent and immensely powerful. It is like a fireworks display.

While it is amazing to watch it is so important to absorb the energy which is being activated. It is an activation of power that creates a surge within your being, a surge that allows the light and Creator qualities within your being that are dormant to activate and come into your awareness and embodiment at this moment. It is important to say that only the light, skills and abilities that are appropriate to activate within your being will be activated. The Galactic and Intergalactic activation is being overseen by your soul. You can relax and trust that which needs to be activated as light within your being will be activated. This can take place through a simple intention.

Call forth us the Andromedans to surround you as you invite your entire being to connect with the Galactic Level and Melchior the overseer of the Galactic Level. Experience and allow yourself to breathe in the Galactic Vibrations, then state to us the Andromedans and Melchior that you wish to benefit from the Intergalactic and Galactic Activations taking place now. Ask that the appropriate light within your being that may be dormant and has not yet been recognised by you is activated, recognised, and experienced by you. This is one phase that we encourage you to achieve currently.

We also wish to speak about intergalactic activations in another way. We invite you to recognise the space that is in existence. What we mean is the space between a table and a chair or the space between a star and a planet. The space that is between your emotions and your thoughts, the space that is between your physical body and another being’s physical body. It is important to recognise that there is space and when we say space, we are thinking of the nothingness of the Creator. Between everything whether it is small or large, there is the nothingness of the Creator. It is easy to recognise this between galaxies because we can recognise that between two galaxies, there is nothingness, there is space. It can be more challenging to recognise that between each step of your ascension process the nothingness of the Creator is present. There is space between each thought in your mind, between each emotion, between each dream, between each manifestation, between yourself and physical objects, yourself and guides, and Spiritual Beings. There is space, there is the nothingness of the Creator. We understand that within the nothingness of the Creator, there is all that is the Creator as well, the entire Universe of the Creator and so much more.

When we begin to acknowledge the space between everything, we recognise that the Creator is present not only in that which manifest but also in that, which does not. Not only in that which has a purpose but also that which does not have a purpose. The more that you contemplate the space, the nothingness between everything, and everyone, you begin to acknowledge the presence of the Creator, the support of the Creator and the divine will or divine plan of the Creator.

The Intergalactic Ascension and Transformation that is taking place is actually on the inner planes. Within the nothingness of the Creator, the nothingness of the Creator you might say is being strengthened and empowered. As this takes place, so it radiates across the entire Universe and into your being. You are being invited to recognise the space. The space between things, the space of the Creator between the Creator. You are being invited to recognise this because if you recognise it, then you can begin to enter that space. At a very advanced level when you enter into the space between things, you actually shift in dimensional vibration. However, at this moment, that is not what we require, more so we wish for you to familiarise yourself with the nothingness of the Creator and the sense that within the nothingness of space, of the Creator, there is the Creator fully. When you begin to acknowledge this, you recognise the oneness and completeness of your being, of the world around you which is immensely important. It changes your mindset, it changes your perspective, it changes all that you are and all that you create. It changes and shifts the reality around you.

What will you discover in the space? What will you discover in the nothingness? We invite you to align with the Galactic Level of the Creator’s Universe and ask to experience the Intergalactic Transformation.  In doing so, you are able to connect with the space, the nothingness within the Galactic Level in order for it to emphasise the nothingness that is within your being and your reality. It is far easier to recognise the nothingness within the Intergalactic Levels because it is empowered, and it is emphasised. You can achieve this simply through an invitation or an intention.

We, the Andromedans will assist you, and you can begin to acknowledge the nothingness within your being. First recognise the nothingness between yourself and another person or an animal, a tree, or a plant. This allows you to really begin to acknowledge you can place your attention into the space between you and all that is.

As you place the attention into the space between you, the attention of your third eye, your awareness wherever that space may be, bring that space into your heart centre and your higher heart chakra.

Allow yourself to acknowledge, allow yourself to acknowledge that space within your being, the space of nothingness. Where everything is present, and nothing is present. It is important to not get caught up in separation, that is something different. We are connecting with the togetherness, rather than separation. When you bring it into your being, you can recognise the nothingness of the Creator within your being. The space between you and different aspects will change, alter, and shift the more you experience it as will your concentration, your attention, and your depth of understanding of the nothingness of the Creator. You will be able to understand and access this more fully, it will create peace, a sense of stillness, enlightenment and it will create further activations. This sense of peace is a very deep peace, it is also a sense of connection with the Creator and all that is the Creator. All of this is desperately needed upon the Earth now.

We encourage you to be a force of light striding ahead, to aid and develop the ascension process for yourself and all currently.

We thank you and we love you,

Creator Structure Matrix by the Andromedans

 Channeled through Natalie Glasson – 
Original Source: Sacred School of OmNa

Greetings, we are the Andromedan civilisation. We come forth with the vibrations of truth and peace, which we share with you and deliver into your being now. As we bring forth this energy and light to embrace you. We wish for you to imagine, to acknowledge or understand that within energy there is a matrix. In fact, there are numerous maybe hundreds, thousands of different patterns of the Creator’s light and these patterns support the manifestation of light into physical matter. As you allow yourself to acknowledge this understanding, you begin to recognise that there is a matrix or many within everything and everyone and that these energy patterns hold wisdom, knowledge, qualities of the Creator and healing.
With this in mind, we, the Andromedan civilisation, wish to bring forth to you the Creator Structure Matrix. This supports you in connecting on a deeper level with the Creator and acknowledging how the Creator’s energy is transported from light into matter. This matrix supports you in recognising the structure of the Creator. Recognising how the Creator manifests on different and diverse levels and dimensions. While the Creator is nameless, formless, and limitless, for your physical mind there is the need to bring structure. The Creator Structure Matrix works especially well with your mind as it allows your mind to understand light.
It uses the causal chakra right at the back of the head, which supports the transformation and understanding of light into language, visions, or sensations that the body can understand. The Creator Structure Matrix is like a template that forms from the Cosmic Level. The Creator Structure Matrix holds all the dimensions within its vibration. Thus, it supports you in understanding the manifestation process of each dimension and level of the Creator’s Universe. Within this matrix, you have akin to complete instructions of how to manifest in each dimension. It supports you in bringing structure into your manifestations as well as the Creator’s vibrations, creating a structure, a foundation for yourself that serves you in existing as your divine light. Thus, creating foundations for your ascension journey to continue and to evolve.
Even your reality requires some form of structure and within your reality, you can begin to acknowledge the structure that is placed by you and the structure that is placed by the Creator or your soul. Often, we can recognise structure as limits. There are some limits that are required, especially in the physical reality to contain your vibration and energy, which is limitless, containing it allows for grounding or anchoring your energy into the physical reality.
We, the Andromedan civilisation invite you to ask:
What structures do you wish to place within your reality?
What structures do you wish to have present within your reality?
Do you wish to have structures that emanate peace? Do you wish to experience structure that emanates the limitless vibrations of the Creator?
Even within a structure, there can be the infinite vibrations of the Creator. Maybe your structure is also a foundation that holds love, truth, kindness, healing, or the advancement of your spiritual evolution. When you begin to consider the structure of your reality, the limits that you place upon yourself and your reality, you begin to acknowledge the type of reality you create for yourself. You begin to acknowledge the way that you manifest and the manifestation process. What you choose to manifest and how it manifests because maybe some of your limits, your structures are fear-based. Therefore, some of your manifestations are born from fear or limited by fear. Your structure is your foundation, it is the way that you choose to live your reality on the Earth. These structures you cannot see, they emanate from you continuously. Like the frames and the foundations of a house, this is your reality. Contemplate, the structure that you place within your reality and begin to alter it through simple contemplation, invitation, and intention.
Creator Structure Matrix
We, the Andromedans, wish to download the Creator Structure Matrix into your being from the Cosmic Level. We have an interesting meditation process for you to download the Creator Structure Matrix. 
We wish for you first to set the intention that you wish to download, activate, and embody the Creator Structure Matrix. Call forth the Andromedan civilisation and Cosmic Beings to support you.
We invite you to begin to count from 352 backwards to 1. There are 352 dimensions within the Creator’s Universe. As you count backwards from 352 to 1, you will be downloading the Creator Structure Matrix through the dimensions and through the dimensions and aspects of all your being.  You will be achieving it for yourself and for the Ascension process. Each number represents a dimension, each number allows you to download the matrix into that dimension and into your being.
When you reach 1, you will be fully grounded, fully activated and have full embodiment of the Creator Structure Matrix. If you find your mind wanders during the process, simply return to the last number that you remember.  It might be that you become distracted by dimensions or that integration on certain dimensions is required. It might take you many days to achieve this process. Always return to the last number that you remember and continue to count backwards. The Creator Structure Matrix will support you in understanding the energy of the Creator more fully, allowing you to understand the manifestation process of light to matter. As you count backwards this is what you will be achieving, for each number will represent light and gradually you will be transforming it and transporting it into matter. You will access a greater understanding of the Creator’s energy and the process of manifestation, as well as recognising your own reality and foundations. You may initiate through this process transformation within your reality and foundations, embodying the Creator more fully. Accessing a deeper connection and intimacy with the Creator. As you count backwards, you may feel your attention is becoming more and more grounded into the light and the Creator within your being.
It is now time for us, the Andromedan civilisation to depart. We give you the gift of the Creator Structure Matrix. We also invite you to ground the Creator Structure Matrix into the world, so that the structure of the Earth, the structure of ascension, and even the structure of your own being, maybe transformed, filled with light and embodied fully by the Creator.
We thank you,
We are the Andromedans

Cellular Treatment by the Arcturians

Channeled through Natalie Glasson – 
Original Source: Sacred School of OmNa

pink sphere splashed by green liquid
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Greetings beloved ones, we are the Arcturians. We come forth with the truth, the love and peace of the Creator. We bring forth to you our energy, we bring forth to you our divine inspiration so you may benefit from all that we are achieving on the inner planes, to serve Mother Earth and all of humanity. Today we come forward to support the physical body, and in truth to support the heightened and quickening of your vibration on all levels of your being.

We wish to share with you a treatment that is to assist your ascension and to aid your physical body in becoming balanced with your divine self. Meaning that your physical body embodies your divine self and is equal to and a reflection of your divine self. It is important that this takes place so the physical body can easily move through the ascension processes that are coming forth, that are ready and available for you to experience and achieve. Your physical body is such a powerful tool. It anchors the energy, it allows you to express, to experience, to put into action all that is the Creator. Your physical body alerts you to any baggage that you are holding on to, any wounds, anything that is blocking your connection with the Creator or causing a separation between you and any aspect of the Creator. Your physical body is filled with so much wisdom and knowledge. Your physical body understands all aspects of your ascension and is in communication with your soul. Your physical body is like a sponge, it absorbs so much and supports you in every moment of your reality.  It is important to recognise that your physical body can absorb and be impacted by outside energies, as well as habits or negative thought patterns that you choose to hold on to.

When your physical body equals the vibration of your soul, your physical body is upgraded, rejuvenated, regenerated. You have a vessel that is of advanced energies. All your senses, physical senses as well as spiritual senses, awaken. The skills and ability of your physical being and entire being activate thus you can see into other dimensions, hear into other dimensions, and sense into other dimensions. Your physical body even becomes prepared to walk into other dimensions, to make transitions between dimensions, realities, vibration, and frequencies. At a very basic level when your physical body’s vibration equals that of your soul it is so much easier for your soul to express through your physical body, a unity, and emerging takes place. Thus, you begin to walk as your soul, as your Divine self upon the Earth.

Cellular Treatment Activation

We, the Arcturians, have a special activation that we wish to share with you to support a vibrational heightening and advancement of your physical body. It is known as a cellular treatment. On the inner planes, within our civilisation, we have many treatments, many activations, initiations, and all are created from the purest vibration of light, the highest intentions, and the most sacred expressions of the Creator.

For the cellular treatment, we create cells of light. We first scan your own physical being; we scan your soul and all energy bodies of your being. We recognise the vibration you are currently holding. We recognise the vibration of your soul, and we merge these vibrations.  Connecting with your current vibration and your soul’s vibration, we merge them and fill them with light. This creates for us a vibrational frequency which is the aspects of your physical body that have been healed and the vibration of your soul. This process is very clean and clear. We do not add any other light, we use the light of your soul to create the cells.

Once we have scanned your being and have determined the vibration of frequency that your soul is and your healed physical being are aligned with. We then access this vibration to recreate cells of light. When you are ready, we come forth, creating a circle around you with many Arcturian Masters of Light. We begin to pour light that is not from our civilisation, it is directly from the Creator through our beings into your being. As we send this energy, we begin to integrate the new cells of light that hold your vibration of a healed and complete body and being, and the highest vibration of your soul. We support these cells in anchoring into your own cells. This process may take time and you may wish to lie down to experience it fully. You may experience it as your entire body being lit up with the most glorious and fantastic light. You may experience old wounds drifting away.

You may experience, new understandings coming forth. As you experience the cellular treatment, your entire being is shifting and transforming. There is a union, a synthesis emerging of your soul new-higher aspects of your soul download into your physical being. You may feel a fondness, a deeper connection with your soul or deeper awareness of your soul. The outcome will be that your physical body will be filled with light and supported to rejuvenate, regenerate, and maintain a high vibration. As well as heal wounds and pains, with greater ease, your physical body will be able to hold on to the light of your soul. Therefore, you feel a deeper connection and embodiment of your soul. We believe this transformation is essential now. It also eradicates from your being old habits, old negative energies, and information, especially anchored into your being from the collective consciousness. Therefore, allowing the consciousness of your soul to be embedded within your physical body. This will create a greater freeing and release, allowing you to follow the guidance of your soul with greater ease.

You only need to ask us to come forth to experience with you the Arcturian Cellular Treatment and we will do so. We will begin to scan your being, then we will surround you and begin the transmission of the light cells into your being. It will be important to ground yourself, to breathe out through your feet, your Earth Star Chakra, and your Root Chakra into Mother Earth for some time until you feel fully anchored and fully present.

This is a powerful transition and creates greater freedom and the sense of divinity within your being. If you feel that this process is not for you, then please we wish for you to follow your inner guidance. It may be that you can achieve it at a later time or maybe it is simply not for you. Ask within to see whether you need to experience the Arcturian Cellular Treatment to aid your ascension and to support your physical body in these times of ascension.

We thank you, we love you,

We are the Arcturians

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Roots of Your Divinity – Archangel Metatron – Natalie Glasson

Channeled through Natalie Glasson – Original Source: Sacred School of OmNa

Greetings, and love I extend to all beings present with me today, I am Archangel Metatron. It is a joy to bring forth the vibrations and frequencies of the Angelic Kingdom to embrace you, to support you and assist you in your current stages of ascension. It may feel now that everything is moving, that there is momentum. It may feel that things are uncertain and unstable as if you cannot quite find the right footing to stabilise yourself in your reality or your ascension. It is important to recognise this moment in your ascension journey. To recognise whether it is a moment where you feel fully grounded, fully centred, stabilised, and balanced or whether you feel as if you are walking upon a pathway that is constantly moving, therefore tricky to find your footing, to discover your centre, your balance, and your stability.

Take a moment to recognise what is occurring for you in the current stage of your ascension journey. It is important to recognise that stages pass quickly even if you feel unstable at this moment. You will feel balanced, grounded, and centred once more. You may find that a part of you feels unstable and the rest of you feels grounded, centred, and balanced. Maybe in this current phase, everything feels unstable, or you are not quite sure in which direction you need to travel. You may be concerned about what you should be focusing upon, the next stage of your ascension, or how to heal an aspect of your being or reality. Maybe situations or expectations, dreams or plans have altered, leaving you feeling unsure? Maybe even untrusting and uncertain of the next stage.

It is so important to value and to give attention to each phase of your ascension process, even the phases that are more challenging and more painful. When you sit in the energy of each phase to observe and contemplate the energy being demonstrated, you begin to understand it, release it and allow yourself to gain the insights that are required.

It is often thought of that insights are needed for the next stage of your ascension, to bring forth the clarity and understanding you desire. While this is true, the most important aspect or process is grounding, and discovering your roots. When you allow yourself to discover the roots of your divinity, you allow yourself to re-centre, recalibrate, to heal and to stabilise, or to ground. In doing so, you release the energies that no longer serves you and you returned to an aspect of yourself, which is your truth. As you bring your attention back to this aspect of yourself, your truth, this is when the understanding, you might say the insights and realisations dawn. However, the plan, the understanding, the enlightenment, the insights have always been there because every step of your ascension, you could say is planned. Your soul knows exactly what it is doing, even when it feels as if it is thrown into turmoil, chaos, or instability. It is all part of the journey and so the answer, the next stage of your ascension is already there, waiting for you, waiting for you to discover and to realise it. Therefore, when you root and ground yourself into your divinity this is when you discover the next stage, and the insights you require.

When you ground yourself or root yourself into your divinity, what are you achieving?

We think of roots as extending out as far, or further, than we are aware of, they create a very concrete and secure footing. A sense of being very grounded, centred, and secure. When you allow or imagine roots from your being, maybe from your root chakra, your feet, chakras, or your earth star chakra, you anchor and ground yourself further. When you then add the intention of grounding or rooting yourself into your divinity, this takes you to a new level of grounding, a new level of stability and of the awareness of truth.

You do not necessarily need to know what your divinity is to ground or root yourself into your divinity. We can recognise your divinity is your true self, your soul, your soul group, your expression of the Creator. The expression of truth, the love and peace that you embody and emanate within your divinity is also all that you have collected in knowledge, wisdom and understanding. Your divinity is like a treasure chest of your spiritual and natural nature. When you root yourself into your divinity, you are rooting yourself into a level of your spiritual nature that will serve you in this moment of your ascension. Sometimes it is not necessarily a higher vibration or frequency. It is the energy that serves you in this moment of your ascension.

When you ask to ground and root yourself into your divinity you are grounding yourself, becoming centred, and balanced within your truth. You are allowing your soul and soul group to bring forth and stabilise you in the energies that serve you the most. Maybe it is deep understanding and love, or creativity, strength, confidence, and trust. It is very easy to describe divinity in emotions or feelings. Often, your Divinity is simply a vibration like a thread of light and maybe this thread of light, is a memory from the inner planes, a memory of learning or understanding, remembrance of the Creator. Thus, you ground yourself into this thread of light to serve you in bringing forth new skills and abilities.

It is very important to ground and root yourself into Mother Earth for she is a spiritual being and allows you to further move with the momentum of ascension on the Earth. It is needed to root and ground yourself into your divinity. The less you try to control what your divinity is the more it will surprise you offering insights and greater understandings, bringing forth more tools, more skills, information and enlightenment.

I, Angel Metatron, invite you to take some time to simply contemplate and ask to be grounded and rooted into your divinity especially if there is an area in your reality or within your being that feels chaotic, unstable, or unbalanced. Think of the situation, experience or part of your being and ask to be rooted and grounded into your divinity. Take some time to sit and meditate with it. Even repeating,

I am rooted and grounded in my divinity.

Allow an awakening, opening, and blossoming to take place within your being. Without expectations, allow yourself to recognise, when you feel more stable, balanced, secure in your footing, in your presence and in your actions as well.

When the road ahead is rocky, it is within your being that you turn, not to isolate or to protect yourself, to strengthen your connection with the Creator and step forth securely, even when the ground is rocky.

My presence, my love is with you always.

I am Archangel Metatron.

I thank you.

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You Are The Anchor by Grandmother Anna

You Are The Anchor by Grandmother Anna

Channeled through Natalie Glasson – Original Source: Sacred School of OmNa

Greetings, namaste, blessings, I am Grandmother Anna. It is a joy to be in your presence, bringing forth my vibration and truth into your awareness and reality.

Have you ever thought that you are a being of expression? You are a being of receiving; you are a being of flow. One of your main purposes in existence upon the Earth is to be consciously aware of the energy flowing from your being and what you are creating with it. It is to be consciously aware of what you are receiving, what you are bringing and drawing into your body, being, soul, chakras, thoughts, emotions, every aspect of your being and your reality. It is your mission and purpose to be aware of this flow and how you are in the centre of this flow.


You are the anchor of the Creator. You are the anchor of this two-way flow. When you are consciously aware of the energy you express, and the energy you receive you begin to dance with the Creator and with your Creations as you manifest them from within your being and your reality.

I invite you to contemplate what is happening in your reality that maybe is unbalanced, that you are not happy with or are concerned about, you wish to change or shift or alter? When you think of something that could be hindering you or occupying your mind, allow yourself to acknowledge:
What am I anchoring in this situation?’ What energies am I allowing to flow through my being from the Creator or simply from my mind, from my emotions?  What energies am I receiving? What energy am I receiving from the Creator, from the outside world, from my situations, experiences? What am I receiving? What am I expressing?

Therefore, what am I being? What am I anchoring? As you acknowledge this, you begin to understand how you are being present in the world, how you are being present in your physical body, and how you are being present in your reality. Thus, you can create a shift.

You can also ask yourself:

What do I wish to anchor instead? What do I need to anchor to make the necessary change, transformation or shift that I desire? Or what do I need to express from the Creator through my being? What do I need to receive from the outside world, and from the Creator? Therefore, what am I being, what am I anchoring? When you allow yourself to recognise what you need to anchor, what you need to be in that moment, in the situation you begin to acknowledge and create a transform thus, creating yourself as an anchor of a new energy. An anchor of a new aspect of your being thus releasing what is no longer needed. You are being present, grounded, anchored in a new way. You are being present, grounded and anchored in a new way as the Creator This is something I encourage you to explore in the coming days. It is amazingly simple process and yet it can transform your reality and your experiences as well as transforming your embodiment, the way you act and react within your reality and ascension.

As you recognise yourself as an anchor in every given moment of your reality and ascension, receiving energy from the Creator, expressing energy from the Creator, I encourage you to contemplate this. Recognise they are all the same, it is the same process and yet you can feel yourself breathing in, receiving energy from within your being and radiating it outwards thus, expressing and radiating the Creator. Receiving divine energy from the Universe of the Creator, from your guides and bringing it into your being, into your embodiment. Exhaling beaming out the energy of the Creator, inhaling the energy of the Creator. We can see that it is a flow, it is a process and although our perspective is slightly different, the process is the same. When we think of expressing the Creator, and when we think of receiving the Creator, it is still a good idea to recognise these two aspects because we ground two levels of energy. We bring forth a heightened vibration with each expression and with each receiving. We allow our entire being to receive, express, and to anchor. We involve our wholeness and our completeness in this process and that is what is needed in this moment. It is essential and important for us to recognise our wholeness, and completeness, therefore whatever our actions are we are in a space of wholeness and completeness of the Creator. Whatever we may be doing, thinking, or feeling we are coming from that space of entirety, the ultimate whole and complete vibration of the Creator, this is essential on the Earth at this time.

It is important to come to terms with yourself as an anchor, asking yourself in meditation, what does this truly mean for me? What practice, meditation, or thought process will allow me to really embody that I am an anchor of the Creator and anchor into the Earth of the Creator’s energy? This is something entirely personal for you to acknowledge, understand and to explore. What practice, what thought process, what meditation, what technique will allow you to really acknowledge yourself as an anchor of the Creator’s energy? It can be something that comes into your awareness, it may be a technique that you are aware of or a healing process that you are aware of. It may be something that you are doing for yourself, and maybe working or co-creating with another. It could be walking, could be running, could be exercise, whatever it is, it is very important that you recognise this process now and that there is something you can do to really heighten your awareness of yourself as an anchor. There is a need for you to have the perspective in your mind for you to really exist as, embody and walk the Earth as an anchor for the Creator so that everything you do, think, and feel comes from the knowledge and understanding that you are an anchor of the Creator’s light. You then approach everything you are and everything you create from this knowledge of being an anchor. You draw into your body more and more light, more and more vibrations and high frequencies. Like a lotus flower in the physical, your physical body, your chakras, your mind, your energy systems, your emotions all begin to open up and you blossom. You become your ascended master self on the Earth through this anchoring and grounding process because you are saying, not only to yourself, not only to the Creator, to the world that you are an anchor of the Creator’s energy light, truth, and love.

This creates an opportunity for great expansion, a great opening within your being, as a physical being upon the Earth. Therefore, spiritual energies, your spiritual aspect, your spiritual master self will be able to come forth because you are creating this opening, you are creating a very strong and powerful foundation. You are allowing yourself to open and become your truth. In many ways, we can think of it as there is nothing standing in your way, you are an anchor, you are bringing these energies into your being, into the Earth, into your reality. Everything within your being is opening up, your intelligence opens up, your intuition opens up, every part of your being begins to open, to express and receive this flow of the Creator and you anchor further. You become the Creator upon the Earth.  Not only do you recognise this, you really embody it and you experience it.

I am an anchor.

I am a Creator anchor.

I invite you to affirm this to yourself in the coming days:

‘I am a Creator anchor.  I am an anchor of the Divine energies and I co-create with the Creator in the physical.’

This means through your physical being, perceptions, expressions, receiving, attractions, through co-creation, manifestation, everything that I am and the truth of the Creator. Imagine yourself in this way, how will others perceive you now? Not that it matters how others perceive you, but what I am saying is that others will be inspired. You will be a strong foundation of the Creator’s light.  This will be magnetic, it will be inspiring, it will encourage others to be the same in your presence, not that you will awaken anything within them, nor that you will influence them. They will be in your presence experiencing this flow that you are an anchor, that you are so strongly grounded in your spiritual self and in the vibrations of the Creator that they cannot help but open and become their truth. It is not even about directing your energy; it is just about you being present as an anchor. It will transform so much within your world, within your reality, within Mother Earth and the entire world, it is immensely important in this moment.

Recognise yourself now as an anchor and allow yourself to realise that this is your pathway forward. Allow yourself to acknowledge what you become, how you become, in what way do you act and react. Do not try to guess, just allow it to be and you will see yourself transform, you will see yourself becoming something so amazing, beyond your imagination. I trust in you and I am present to support you and assist you in every moment.

You are a Creator anchor.

I love you always.

I am Grandmother Anna

Truth of Chaos – Archangel Metatron

Channeled through Natalie Glasson – Original Source: Sacred School of OmNa

Greetings and love, I am Archangel Metatron, it is an honour to be present with you today. Let us be present with the vibration of truth, the truth that flows from the Creator. Let us be present with the vibration of chaos, a chaos that is and can be created even with the vibration of the Creator. As we are present with truth and with chaos, we allow ourselves to exist in a space of balance where we are grounded, centred, balanced, able to receive, to accept, to acknowledge, to know and understand. We are able to exist without reacting, we are able to express from peace, from a centre of calmness within. We can also acknowledge exactly what is occurring on all or many levels of reality. As we are present with truth and with chaos, we enter into a space of acceptance, knowing our inner truth and our inner wisdom.

Every being existing upon the Earth is created from the frequency, light, and the truth of the Creator, every being on the inner planes is the same. You are a being of the Creator, you are an expression of the Creator, you allow the Creator to flow through your being. To some extent, this is not a choice, it is a natural habit of your being and body. When you exist upon the Earth you exist in a reality that you can create, you can create anything and everything if you wish. You have the ability to create, to manifest through your thoughts, through your emotions and your intentions. The energy flowing through your being from the Creator supports and fuels manifestation.

Beings upon the Earth have a choice, they can choose if they wish to accept lower vibrations of energy. They will still except the high vibrations of the Creator, however they will recognise and focused upon lower vibrations. We can recognise lower vibrations as negative emotions or thoughts, maybe even emotions such as anger or frustration. Although it is complicated to really describe what the lower vibration could be because everything is an aspect of the Creator. It is important to remember that even a lower vibration is simply a different stage of development. Each person has a choice if they wish to accept a lower vibration and focus upon this then of course they can, if they wish to express a higher vibration and focus upon this, it is their choice. When you express, receive, and focus upon a negative or lower vibration the manifestation is often chaos, confusion, anger, frustration. The feeling that you are not getting what you want, things are not going the right way, upheaval and so forth. Chaos can manifest in numerous ways and each person who has existed upon the Earth has experienced some sort of chaos whether within their being or outside. When you allow yourself to connect with a negative vibration or a lower vibration, your chakras do not work at their heightened potential and they tend to send energy outwards, therefore you become very depleted and this in turn supports the creation of chaos, as well as the energy going outwards. Due to an outward focus the divinity, the truth of the Creator, and your intuition are somewhat ignored and not allowed to flow. The flow of the divine through your being is hindered. If you are constantly focusing upon negative vibrations, lower vibrations, and expressing these through your emotions and your mind you will become depleted needing to gain energy from somewhere.  I will remind you that this way of being is a choice.

If your energy is constantly focusing outwards, you may be drawn to people of higher vibration or a positive loving vibration to receive energy from the outside world.  These people express the natural flow of the Creator through their beings. The person of a predominant lower vibration or connections is drawn to a spiritual being, in order to draw energy into their being to sustain themselves, their vibration, frequency, emotions, mind, and their body. It is easy to recognise that someone connecting with negative or lower vibrations is not allowing the flow of the Creator, is focusing outwards, is aligning with, and creating chaos, and therefore becoming depleted within. They are fuelling and using higher vibrations and energy flows to fuel more chaos.

It is important to recognise within your being as a spiritual being that you may enter these cycles at some points during the day, and this is natural. It is a natural and normal part of your existence. There are other beings upon the Earth, those that you may know, those that you may not, that exist in this space always and it is these beings that are creating chaos within the world. It is not their fault and there is no judgment because we recognise that everything is a process of ascension. Therefore, we can recognise that chaos in the world is created in this way and we can also recognise that each person upon the Earth has added to the chaos in the world at some point or other. Again, there is no judgment, we simply seek to understand and create transformations and shifts.

As a spiritual being connecting with higher vibrations, focusing your mind on love, peace, and joy, allowing and encouraging yourself to be the flow of the Creator, to be an expression of the Creator, you may be aware that others try to absorb your energy. This is nothing to worry about because your energy cycle and flow is constant. You have the abundant love energy of the Creator to give to all, you can never be depleted of energy because there is always more Creator energy to flow through your being.

If you find that you have become depleted in energy, maybe after being with another person, in another situation or thinking of a circumstance, then realise simply that the person, situation or circumstance has chosen to connect with the lower vibration and that you have taken this on, you have aligned with that lower vibration. There is no need to disconnect, simply realign yourself as an expression of the Creator with the light, flow, and divinity of the Creator, therefore everything will be erased, and you will be recharged. When you feel depleted, it is important to acknowledge this, it is also important to realise that you have the abundance of energy to give all beings. When you send energy to a person, a situation or circumstance that you believe is connected to a lower vibration, you send it to the purpose of increasing the divine flow, and divine expression through that person, situation, or circumstance. Rather than sending the energy for them to transform or heal, you are sending the energy to awaken once more their remembrance of the divine flow, divine expression of the Creator, because focusing upon the divine expression of the Creator, your true existence is a choice, and it is something that you choose or do not choose in every moment of your reality. Always send energy to the flow of the Creator, within a person, or a situation, this will realign them to a higher vibration thus shifting and transforming their thoughts and their emotions allowing the Creator to come forth and thus in that moment, they stop creating chaos. With the energy flow they become energised and charged. They then receive an energy, vibration, and inspiration within them to make the changes for themselves taking responsibility for their reality and their existence, choosing to remember they are an expression and the divine flow of the Creator. This is a way of transforming another being and bringing forth healing.

When we look at the world, the reality, the Earth, using this technique is a way of transforming situations of chaos in the world. You send energy to open, to awaken the divine flow, the divine expression of the Creator in situations, in countries, whatever, wherever there is chaos upon the Earth. When you achieve this, you recognise that you are being a beacon of truth. Not only are you recognising the truth of chaos. You are recognising chaos as simply an alignment, a creation from an alignment and that you do not need to become involved in the chaos. Rather, you connect with the flow of the Creator for yourself, or for others. Chaos begins to dissolve gradually and easily, the more that other beings focus upon their truth and the divine flow of the Creator the more chaos simply slips away, dissolves, it becomes no more. This is the healing that is required upon the Earth because there is chaos within many beings. There may be chaos within your being that you are ignoring or maybe you are aware of it and there is chaos in the Earth, in the world that is being created. I, Archangel Metatron, simply wished to bring forth this simple message so you may gain a greater understanding of how you can be of service.

As a beacon of light upon the Earth, you are the energy flow. You are the one that energises, you are the one that creates the intention, directs the energy and the light of the Creator. It is now time for you to be a director of the Creator’s energy for yourself and for all. I do hope that my words have inspired you and inspired you to recognise how powerful you are, and how you can make transitions upon this Earth because you have the flow, you are energised and you have the divine flow of the Creator, as well as the intuition, the guidance, the ability to see, sense and acknowledge the Creator’s presence and how to bring forth the Creator.

My love is with you always, I thank you.

I am Archangel Metatron