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You are all, in addition to being the architects of the New Earth, the wrecking crew of the old one.

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A Message to Lightworkers – January 13, 2022

This week’s guidance from the Ascended Masters, Galactics, Earth Elements, Fae Elders, Angelic legions, Archangels, and other Divine Beings known as the Collective:

Greetings, dear ones! We are very pleased to have this moment to speak with you today.

We are aware that many of you are feeling uneasy regarding how the world is going at present.

You may be feeling uncertain about your work, and therefore your financial income, remaining strong while an economic slowdown occurs in the wider world.

You may be feeling uncertainty regarding your own or your loved ones’ health and well-being.

And most of you are wondering when NESARA will finally happen.

You are looking for signs that it will unfold soon, and wondering at times, as you look out at the world, whether humanity hasn’t been a bit abandoned by those of a higher vibration.

And we will say, you could never be abandoned—and so, do not abandon yourselves!

We speak often on the issue of realizing your own amazing ability to stretch out a hand, metaphorically speaking, and create from your own intention, projecting your desire into the Universe and calling in the highest form of what you wish to create.

You have this same astounding ability to touch another on a heart level in some beautiful way each of you greatly needs.

And to likewise encourage yourself each day.

There will indeed be days when you see the systems around you fading and dissolving, and feel isolated or alone as a result.

You are all, in addition to being the architects of the New Earth, the wrecking crew of the old one.

Remember that, and value the chance to be here as the old structures fall and crumble to dust.

Value the chance to rest and be quiet at times, and to quiet the mind from its relentless questioning and demands for answers.

Value the in-between times, when you wish things were different—calmer, more sensible—as this too is a form of moving forward.

In those moments, put down the heavy burden of working hard to birth new forms of Earth life.

Admit you are in a limited human body with limited conscious perspective, and hand over to the presence of Divine Love all that troubles you.

It may seem to be an odd contradiction, that we spend so much time assuring you of your innate strength—that you are powerful etheric beings in physical form, who have come in to rebirth your planet, and to help rebirth humanity.

Yet we wish also to say, that you are all of you in ”detox” mode at present.

The sentient Light codes flowing to Earth now are in constant energetic dialogue with your body, mind, spirit, and energy systems.

As a result, you are in a stage of cleansing and renewal that entails releasing much that you cannot take with you into the fifth dimension.

This is similar to when someone decides that “I will no longer gamble” or “I will no longer eat sugar or most grains,” or “I will release the need to watch television each night,” and so on.

The body, and brain’s the neural pathways, so well-worn and accustomed to those activities, can react with shock at the loss of them.

They will feel the missing element, and mourn its dismissal.

A bit of a resistance then comes up, because the human mind and body love routine, and feel safest living inside that.

There are also biochemical reactions that habits offer—not only reactions to food, drink, and other substances, but to habitual outer movements.

Yet as a new space is cleared—as an old habit or addiction is released, to make way for something far better—that openness holds a stunning beauty, despite discomfort and unsureness.

The realization of new possibilities can occur, even as the body, ego-mind, and personality work hard to adjust.

This is where you are now, in many respects, dear ones!

It is important to allow this moment in your life and on your planet, even though you wish it would hurry up and be finished.

That is understandable, and yet—transitions must occur.

To cross the ravine, you must first walk the bridge from one side to the other.

There is a reason why, when people are rock climbing or crossing a very high bridge, someone will offer, “Don’t look down!”

If you knew the immensity of the task you are even now fulfilling, you would be astounded by it, and perhaps wonder if you could ever complete it.

Yes, you are at a dizzying height, and may well feel physically dizzy and exhausted some days, as body, mind, and spirit reach new heights, and throw off the density of old vibrations.

Yet you are moving through the needed steps to completion, in beautiful ways.

Speak with this new higher Light flowing in now.

Let it know you would like a Lighter heart, and a mind and body that are able to more quickly adapt to these new energetics, in calm and graceful ways.

Yes, this is possible. You need not feel stuck in transition or detox mode any longer than necessary.

You can begin even now to move forward to a calmer place.

Many of you use Emotional Freedom Technique (known as Tapping) to move from a stuck place in your daily habits or your thoughts and emotions.

This very helpful tool is a way to enact energy work on your own inner life, in empowering ways.

And so as you tap, you might begin by affirming three times that “Even though I have no idea where this Earth is headed—where I am headed at the moment!—I still deeply Love, accept, and honor myself.”

Then you will move on, not to denying your emotions and mental stresses, but to embracing the.

Let them speak up, as you would allow a distressed child speak of their fears, as you tap through the meridian points on the face and upper body:

“I feel very unsure . . . This is difficult . . . so much is unwritten . . . I welcome the New Earth . . . but this is a new situation . . . very unsure . . . I don’t know how to handle these stresses some days . . . afraid for my loved ones . . . not sure about myself some days . . . it’s very unsettling . . . “ and so on.

In the next round, or a few rounds after that, once you have released your emotional response fully, you might feel a bit more positive.

And so you might say, while tapping through the points:

“I know that all I need to do, is stay in the present moment . . . keep returning to my breath . . . talk to my Spirit team each day . . . know I AM loved, and lovingly guided . . . knowing all is well . . . “

It may take you a few rounds to get to where you move naturally to feeling positive enough about life that you can begin affirming the positive.

Do not push—allow yourself to get out as much upset or confusion, or feelings of abandonment or uncertainty, as needed.

There are no “losing” moments here.

The point is to be honest with yourself about your own vulnerability—to allow yourself to feel it fully, and to only move on when you are ready.

Remember that some part of you, even within your Earth body, is full of courage at all times, or you would not be here now.

Call on that aspect, and let it come forward.

You have asked that this be your time, dear ones—humanity’s time to stand up and count itself as independent from the powerfully corrupt.

Your complete willingness to allow the vulnerability and uncertainty you feel at times, while feeling empowered and in Joy at other times, gives you more strength, not less.

This New Human you are fast becoming does not stop caring or honoring themselves or others when faced with opposing views or circumstances.

Allow this time of questions and impatience, knowing you are able to move up in vibration whenever you choose, or as soon as you are able.

You are a part of this great stream of conscious living Light that is pouring onto the planet now.

You are part of the great Creator presence that has directed its flow through your galaxy and Universe, and Who could never stop loving you.

The reality of that is constantly with you, no matter what may occur around you.

Be of good cheer, dear ones!

All is Well, and All Shall Be Most Well!

Namaste! We are with you, always.

Copyright 2021, Caroline Oceana Ryan

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What of your own determinations and preferences?

A Message to Light Bringers – January 7, 2022

This week’s guidance from the Ascended Masters, Galactics, Earth Elements, Fae Elders, Angelic legions, and Archangels known as the Collective.

Greetings, friends! We are very pleased to have this connection with you today.

Today our writer asks a question of Archangel Michael, who is amongst us here in the Collective:

COR: Greetings, Lord Michael!

ARCHANGEL MICHAEL: Greetings, dear one!

How may we be of assistance?

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COR: From what I understand, you are on the ground now, working in the physical, along with your Legions of Light, and with those of the Ashtar Command who are Earth-based.


COR: My question is, What is the best thing for Light Bringers to do at this time, as we see plans coming forward now to erode what few freedoms are left to humanity?

State and federal governments are pushing the Jab agenda no end. In New York, they don’t want to allow children into public spaces without proof of their having gotten the Jab.

There are presences in New York state government also trying to pass state legislation that includes denial of medical care to anyone who refuses to take the injections.

This is purely to increase tolerance for lack of freedoms and medical tyranny in a few states here and there—in the name of safety and security—with the longer term plan of rolling out those restrictions and demands in all 50 states, and across the world.

In Austria, plans are to require all persons to take the Jab, or face fines or imprisonment, with Germany not far behind. Australia and Canada also taking extreme measures.

Meanwhile, people are still becoming ill, whether they’ve gotten the Jab or not, so their rationale is wearing thin.

If you were a human on the Earth right now, and seeing these measures happening, what would your response be?

ARCHANGEL MICHAEL: For one, be aware that you are viewing your position as being one of response, and in some ways, reaction.

We would get the upper hand in this situation very quickly, friends!

You are not here purely to respond or to take your cues from an expansive power structure that has claimed influence and control on the planet for so long, that your brain’s neural pathways are set to bow to their determinations and preferences.

What of your own determinations and preferences?

What of the influence of your Light, and the Light of millions of empowered souls on the planet at this time?

And the new brain and new physical construct that humanity is now experiencing!

Set your own program in place, based on higher Love, and your increasing command of energetic co-Creation.

Create it as something that bypasses their outmoded methods easily.

This is not resistance. It is a higher creation than that.

COR: And so, how on Earth would we do that?

Literally—how do you do that while on the Earth, right now?

ARCHANGEL MICHAEL: You begin deciding what kind of Earth life you would most celebrate for yourself.

Then extend the invitation to all around you, and all of humanity by extension, to do the same for themselves.

And most assuredly, you are choosing a form of living in which all persons are valued.

All have a voice, and honor their own path, and that of all others.

Now, you will be wondering, must I honor the path our former controllers, whose agendas, as irrelevant as they are now, and whose levers of control and influence, as insipid and ineffective as they are, nevertheless represent on ongoing insult to humanity?

COR: Excellent question!

ARCHANGEL MICHAEL: And we would say, Yes.

But not to the point where you feel they decide for you how you will feel about life, how you will respond to these threats of a loss of freedom and choice.

Or how you view your own co-Creative power, which is getting stronger by the minute.

Why is it, do you suppose, that they are working so hard to pass these measures so quickly, and in so many places around the world?

They know their day is done!

They have called out to other presences in the Universe to build them up against the continuing building of human soul expression and Ascension, yet this is in vain.

All of you connect increasingly now with your soul’s Light, and the higher Light and transformative energies of the Great Central Sun.

As they say, there is no stopping you now. Though yes, they feel they must try.

COR: I feel like asking, How close is this going to get, this race?

Will it feel like we’re not going to make it some days, those of us wanting to protect ourselves from the nanoparticles and the other adverse effects of the Jab?

And the dark agenda overall.

ARCHANGEL MICHAEL: It may feel that way at times.

Yet our point is, is that your starting place?

Watching the “news” and taking in the propaganda? Believing the emotional effects of the lower energetic transmissions as if they were “gospel truth”?

Is that how you start your day, or your energetic signature?

COR: Hopefully, no!

ARCHANGEL MICHAEL: No indeed. You know better than that, all of you.

COR: So we build a sort of mental/emotional and energetic fort around ourselves with positive thought and expectation?

With chanting mantras and meditating, and spending time in Nature?

And then we greet all this from the co-Creational stance of, “I do not allow this. I AM resonating with the New Earth frequencies, and we are collectively co-Creating human sovereignty on this planet, for all time.”

ARCHANGEL MICHAEL: All right. This a beautiful and high intention.

Yet we would change the “I do not allow” to “Humankind now creates our own higher forms of reality.”

As you say, “I AM,” say, “Therefore, I AM and WE ARE resonating with only those frequencies of the New Earth,” and so on.

COR: So that we’re not speaking in resistance, or feeling to be in resistance to what is happening.

ARCHANGEL MICHAEL: There will be some who create resistance to what is happening, and that is their role and their path at present.

Yet we encourage the majority to create from the positive space of holding clear the vision and the inner feeling—the inner reality—of that which they desire Earth life itself to mirror from them.

So in other words, you have for millennia mirrored the energies of that which was injected into you energetically and mentally by the old power structure—actually, a disempower structure, both for themselves and for humanity.

COR: Yes. We sort of printed out into 3D life whatever they typed into our hard drive, you might say.

ARCHANGEL MICHAEL: And so now—all has shifted.

If you will grasp that you create your own life and own experience—if even only a relatively small percentage of you hold that energy within you—you will bring your planet with you on that journey.

COR: That sounds like a miracle!

ARCHANGEL MICHAEL: It will feel to be one, in some ways.

Yet it is as natural as the leaf sprouting from the tree branch in spring.

This is how your Universe functions, and we heartily encourage all to realize the choices you have by grasping that particular creational law of this Universe.

Why would you ignore such, dear ones?

Why would you give up your chance to create something so beautiful, so empowering, so freeing and celebrational, that you will hardly recognize that world, once you have created it?

COR: Yet I feel like it could take a long time!

ARCHANGEL MICHAEL: No. It need not. Indeed, it cannot.

COR: Because we don’t have much time?

ARCHANGEL MICHAEL: You don’t need time!

So release all stress that you are fighting the clock’s hands. That too is an illusion.

All time is an illusion. Come out of that now.

The more powerfully you feel your magnetism to that freedom which you so much desire, the more time is immaterial.

Why? Because you are already there, dear ones.

As you grasp your power, you are already there.

COR: A slight side question—what do we do with the suffering martyr paradigm that so many are falling into mentally, due to that pattern having been established in past lives?


Write out whatever you believe or intuitively know happened to you and others in those lives.

Get it out of your system. Then smile at it.

Say, “Thank you” to yourself and others for that experience, which showed you yet another streak of color in the tapestry.

Yet that dark thread is not more important than other, Light experiences.

It need not prevail now, in any way that is determinative in your current life.

COR: Thank you, Archangel!

Your words have inspired and assist us, lord! We are full of thanks and great appreciation.

I know you are on the ground, working constantly to assist us.

ARCHANGEL MICHAEL: With so many millions of others, they could not ever fully be named.

Yet you know their presence; you feel their support.

And so—be of good cheer, fellow Light warriors!

All is well, and shall be most well.

You know this, having heard it so often—

You are never alone.

COR: Namaste, Lord!

We will see you on the bridge of the New Jerusalem!

ARCHANGEL MICHAEL: Indeed you shall!

[Bows deeply] Namaste, friends!

Copyright 2022, Caroline Oceana Ryan

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Your own life flowing beautifully, smoothly, with Joy and fulfillment, is one of the greatest things you can offer your planet.

A Message to Light Bringers – December 8, 2021

Today’s message is an excerpt from the Collective’s new book, New Earth Journeys: The Collective Speak on Dealing with Personal and Global Crises, which releases on Amazon on Tuesday, December 21, 2021, and is now available for preorder.

As with all their books, each chapter begins with a question or two from Light Bringers around the world.

This excerpt is from Chapter 9 – “On Collective Consciousness and Assisting Others on Their Path.”

QUESTIONS: How can we, as individuals, help change the collective consciousness in order to effect positive changes in the world?

I feel that until the collective consciousness is aligned, positive change will not happen.

* * * * *

As a Light Being doing my best each day to bring in more Love and Light for myself, what are the best ways I can assist others on their individual paths?

THE COLLECTIVE: We shall speak to these issues together, as they interweave.

Know that every form of assistance you bring to others begins with the support you offer yourself.

Others look to you, a bright Light in this Universe, for guidance not only via your words, actions, life choices, but mainly by the feeling of your presence and overall energies.

And so the first step on the journey to changing the world, as we note elsewhere, is not so much engaging in demonstrations, emailing government representatives, signing petitions, or stating clearly on what you do or do not support, though certainly these can be positive at times.

For increasingly now, any real life change, and any form of assisting others, always begins within.

Begin with asking yourself how positively you feel about life. Especially during these challenging times of transformation, ask what your overall emotional set point seems to be.

These will clue you in to how brightly your Light is shining—how much ease and Joy there seems to be in the Universe, according to your life energies.

From there, the question will be how to begin to raise that frequency to where your feelings about life flow at a higher level.

There are many ways to raise your vibration and general feelings about life. Daily practices that assist in this way can be a great help, if they are the right ones for you . . .

How can you tell? Almost right from the start, the right practice will give you a feeling of relief or Lightness in your heart-space. Then as you continue with it over time, you will gain a feeling of calm or Joy, perhaps inspiration.

We would begin each day in quiet, welcoming the morning with Thanks in your heart.

Going into Thanks and Appreciation not only for all you have and all you have come through thus far, but for all the good that is to come.

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Appreciation for the morning itself. For the Earth Herself. For your own life!

Your own body and breath. Your senses. Your chosen time upon the planet. Or all of that, however you wish to phrase it.

After you have gotten dressed and had something healthy to eat or drink, starting with plenty of pure water, you might then go into a space of quiet in which you meditate in whatever way most appeals to you. You might wish to follow a guided meditation, or to go into deep silence, or to visualize.

Or most beautifully, image that you are drawing the Light of the higher realms into every cell and particle of your being.

Then request direction for your day from your higher self. You might ask, “What do I need to know right now?”

This helps you create your day from a place of higher Light and inner balance, rather than simply following the left-brain’s dictates on what you must get done today. Of course you will have responsibilities.

Yet before you fully begin the day, close your eyes and image the day going beautifully—everything done with more than enough time to spare. Fun moments for you and others, full of humor and connection to Nature, as well as demonstrations of Abundance, Love, encouragement given and received.

You can also offer the tone of “Om,” or of any mantra that speaks to you now. Recall that Sanskrit is a language of tonality and pure vibration.

The syllables spoken don’t simply “mean” one idea or another. They are the vibrational expression of it. “Om” being the tonal vibration of the All That Is, or the Universe.

So that as you chant, you align with the vibration of the particular reality that that mantra resonates with. This is powerful! Choose a mantra that most suits what you wish to affirm, create, or offer Appreciation for.

As you continue to calmly resonate with the vibration of that mantra, its inner Joy, reassurances, and outer fulfillment will flow to you in perfect time and way, as assuredly as you breathe.

After this, we would find a way to stretch the body for a bit—some cannot go without their steady yoga practice. Others prefer a morning walk, or some other exercise that affirms health and movement.

This offers the body a chance to meet the start of the day with something positive. In this way, you return to conscious movement.

You reassure the body that you will be joined in this day, not moving thoughtlessly through it, issuing unconscious demands and feeling separate from your body, as if it were only a material tool, and not a sacred gift.

You chose to be here in the physical! However you can, honor all your aspects.

Your own life flowing beautifully, smoothly, with Joy and fulfillment, is one of the greatest things you can offer your planet.

If something is troubling you, take time to write out how you are feeling in a journal, or in some other way express what is troubling you.

Allow those emotions to come out, rather than denying them until you feel they have dulled sufficiently that they are no longer grabbing your attention.

When that happens, the body and your already very full subconscious must carry the weight of yet another life experience that is unfulfilled, unresolved, and heavy to bear.

Worse yet, that sadness, anger, or shock will find ways to express itself in ways you do not like, yet do not immediately connect to the unresolved emotion.

For many, this means an addiction of some kind that masks the unhappiness, or is a distraction from it. That might mean addiction to work, internet, or television.

It might mean addiction to drink or drugs or food, or to serial connections that are not solid relationships, and which can leave one feeling even more empty and restless.

For others, it means a life of dulled emotion that blanks out so much that occurs around them, as they prefer to not know the real truth of any one situation—the deeper truth, and the inner result of that in their own and others’ lives.

This compulsion that human beings show to hide and deny their emotional reality, and their true inner needs, is something that has been used to control your thoughts, words, and behaviors for thousands of years.

It is a misdirected masculine trait—what some call a “wounded masculinity.” It has been pushed upon children of both sexes—”Don’t cry! Are you a baby?” A young boy showing emotion is still often accused of “acting like a girl,” meant as an insult.

This kind of masculine dominance is then further escalated in the lives of young people. While growing up, and as they go out into the world, they are told that winning, action, and accomplishment are all that matter.

Those cultures that are more heart-based, where emotion is allowed to be expressed, are often mocked by the cultures that are more mind-based. Those in the latter tend to pride themselves on never “letting their emotions get the better of them.”

Yet suppressing emotion and ignoring old, unresolved trauma does not create control over them. They will find their way to the surface, one way or another, sometimes in behavior and moments of triggered emotions that anyone would find difficult to process or control.

Many men prefer to be angry, rather than to allow their grief to flow as it naturally must, in order for them to process that feeling.

We would challenge men of the current generations to realize how completely this cultural expectation has failed their fathers and grandfathers over many generations.

And to see that, in these times of powerful Light flowing onto the Earth, awakening so much in each person, now is the time to allow healing. Even if that means rewriting or ignoring the conventional rules.

We would likewise challenge men to not leave the issue of their own spiritual growth to the women in their life, to take care of for them.

This is a tendency we see often, whereas a balanced masculinity will lead a man to want to know his life purpose and the state of his spirit, and how moving further into Light consciousness can assist every part of his life.

We know that as you realize your own wounded inner life, you will move to heal your inner child, your past life selves, your ancestral lineage.

A man on an honest spiritual quest will seek to fully embrace both his masculine and his feminine aspect in mind, emotions, and spirit.

He will have come to realize the wounded masculinity of the men who were there (or not there) for him as he was growing up. And he will have consciously moved to heal that aspect of his spirit and psyche, along with other aspects of his life.

You may be thinking, “Healing just myself? Is that the way to assist humanity’s consciousness now? Is that the best way to help others?”

And we would say, healing yourself may appear to be outside the realm of helping others.

You may feel that logically, encouraging another’s spiritual growth, or just listening as they pour out their troubles, is much more important than attending to your own life journey.

“Surely I can do both!” you may think. And we agree.

Yet we will say that for your own life to flow beautifully, smoothly, with Joy and fulfillment, is one of the greatest things you can offer your planet, and everyone you meet.

Your own celebration of life will lead you to fully see and appreciate all around you in ways that cannot occur until you begin to uncover your true self.

That is particularly so now, as the sentient Light particles flowing onto your planet are assisting so many in finally resolving issues they have carried with them, lifetime after lifetime . . .

New Earth Journeys is now available for preorder on Amazon.

For information on how to claim your Preorder Bonus Gifts, just go HERE

to the book’s page.

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Quiet your mind and heart for a moment, and listen deep within. You will note a presence there, speaking to you and all humanity, that has not been present on the Earth for many thousands of years, and perhaps, never at the level at which it now reaches you.

Greetings, friends! We are very pleased to have this moment with you today.

Today, our writer again has questions for Saint Germain, and so we share this now:

COR: Greetings, Lord Saint Germain! Thank you for speaking with me again today.

SAINT GERMAIN: Greetings, dear one!

How may we be of assistance to you and your fellow Light Bearers?

COR: I am feeling two things simultaneously, one more quite challenging and one inspiring.

For one, disaster scenarios that are coming to mind occasionally about what might happen to humanity while still under the current corrupt power structure.

That’s no doubt been triggered by the common human experience of carrying post-traumatic stress over many lifetimes.

The survival brain exerts scenes of one oppressive situation or another, as a reflex after all the rough news of the last few years.

Yet the other set of images obliterates those fears. It is enlightening, because its Joy is so palpable.

I am experiencing moments when I feel that the Light pouring onto the planet is sentient, and almost physical—I can feel and see it in the air.

This is not like other sparkling bits of sunlight we might see.

This seems to be a presence you can speak to and connect with in a visceral, almost physical way.

It almost feels solid. And in those lovely moments, I feel it reaching the whole of my spirit.

I feel it speaking to the physical cells—mine and all of humanity’s—seeking to lift us to the next level of our evolvement, and to encourage us.

As if to say, “None of what you fear is real.”

Then walking to the store today, as I took in this amazing Light, I heard the phrase “The Healing Times.”

I was hoping you could explain that, as I don’t feel I came up with it on my own!

I wasn’t thinking that that is the time we are in.

SAINT GERMAIN: And yet, it is so that this moment has arrived, and humanity shall experience such at increasingly levels now.

What you speak of are the parallel experiences of Light and dark, now traveling through Earth experience at a great rate.

And we say a great rate, because the acceleration and the magnification of the power of the Light will only continue.

The dark knows it is failing in its intent.

It has not included a plan for capitulating to the Light should it not win against the Lightstream, as ego and the false self have ever led the darkness, and ever shall, till it moves into higher resonance in this Universe.

And so the dark agenda plays on, as if its players were oblivious to the signs you have noted—signs that the New Earth is already here.

Signs that millions are being called to recall their soul power while in a human body, and to claim that which they were born in this era to claim, or re-claim.

This explains the great rush that those playing the role of low vibrational intent are making toward inserting A.I. into the human body.

And this is why the news media and their vibrational technology are transmitting vibrational distress signals, pitched exactly to alert and alarm those aspects of the human psyche that have been trained for millennia to respond with fear.

From that response, which obliterates clear thought, “the masses will do as they are told,” has been the reasoning of the dark realms, and the dark governmental structures—that which quietly controls the visible governments people see on a daily level.

Of course now, many are realizing how deep the shadows go, and that in those shadows dwell persons, energy forms, and intentions that have no interest in keeping anyone “safe.”

COR: So many are bowing to the old order now, out of the fear you are describing.

What hope is there, in that scenario where so many could lose their individual thought and sense of agency?

SAINT GERMAIN: There is great hope, dear one!

You are aware that many beautiful beings and energetic influences are at work now on the Earth’s surface, and in Inner Earth, that work toward the liberation of the race, and of the planet herself.

You cannot look at the dark aspect of the story and expect that it is equal in resonance and effect as the Light aspect, though we delineate such to make a point.

You are aware of the old parable of “The Blind Men and the Elephant”?

COR: Yes, of course.

So in noticing what feels to be increasing disaster—one kind for those who play along with the old power crowd, and another kind for those who don’t—I was feeling only the tail or the trunk of the elephant, when there’s a lot more at play here.

SAINT GERMAIN: And you are aware of such.

But again—”all the stops have been pulled out” as they say, to pitch humanity into such a fear-for-survival reaction, that your better, higher instincts have been shoved to the side many times over the last few years.

Yet you note what is happening, as the higher Light from your Sun flows in—its language, its tonal vibrations.

The Angelic legions’ tonal vibrations are also being sounded all around and through the planet now.

They call to all upon Lady Gaia, to remember their own higher aspect, and the resources therein.

Even the rocks, the soil, the mountains—even these ring at a higher level now, that which seems not to breathe, though it does.

COR: The mountains may be receiving some help, if there are dragons awakening within them!

SAINT GERMAIN: Of course, this is so!

Yet recall that the very cells of your body, and every drop of water, every molecule of air, all components of all created things, know and remember at a deep level their Creator’s voice.

That is what you are hearing now. That is the nearly solid presence you noted as you were walking outside today.

Now, you spoke of the phrase “The Healing Times,” and you are correct that your logical mind did not devise that.

It comes from your higher aspect, and the Angelic connections all higher selves enjoy.

You were inwardly tuning in to the vibration of renewal and awakening now spreading everywhere on the planet.

We invite all who are reading this to do more than simply take that in at a level of intellectual interest.

Quiet your mind and heart for a moment, and listen deep within.

You will note a presence there, speaking to you and all humanity, that has not been present on the Earth for many thousands of years, and perhaps, never at the level at which it now reaches you.

COR: And it can actually heal people, as well as our Earth?

SAINT GERMAIN: Most assuredly. It has been doing so for several years now.

Yet its intensity is increasing, because humanity has responded by asking for more assistance, more evolvement, more active remembering of Who you are, and why you are here now.

COR: As you speak, Lord Saint Germain, I am feeling that the whole of humanity is beginning to reclaim aspects of our being that have to do with our ability to receive clearly and directly from the higher realms, without a middleman.

These might be messages, tonal vibrations, visions. Or they might just be quiet energetic downloads that only make themselves known over time.

Yet I feel our spirits, our hearts are being lifted by this Light that is speaking to us, in a language we are beginning to remember.

And so that is not my imagination—?

SAINT GERMAIN: The imagination is only a portal into higher thought, once placed in a vibration of openness to such.

It is not a channel of wishful thinking or nonsensical thought, such as you have been taught on this Earth for far too long.

COR: It’s been used for much lower purposes than it was created for.

SAINT GERMAIN: Yet now it seeks to be used as a channel for your inspired, higher thought.

Which will not be imagination, in the lower sense.

It will be imaging, but it will not be “made up” as you have been trained to see it.

It will be a revelation of true self, of your Universe as it actually is.

COR: In the Healing Times, will we finally know who we are, and who our soul families are?

Will we have conscious memory of past lives, of our times on the ships in the etheric as we sleep at night, and our whole soul history?

SAINT GERMAIN: At a pace at which you are able to grow comfortably into these new abilities, which you already possess within your higher aspect.

Yes, that and far more awaits you.

Open the door, dear ones!

Know that the rays and flares of your Sun reach out to you for nothing less than the return of your fullest, most beautiful forms of Light consciousness.

All is not lost. The darkest of the night ever gives way to the dawn.

COR: Thank you, lord!

Your presence with us on this journey is invaluable to us all, as it was so long ago for the Founders in Philadelphia.

SAINT GERMAIN: Namaste, dear ones! We are honored to assist.

Be of good cheer. All is well, and shall be most well.

COR: Namaste!

Copyright 2021, Caroline Oceana Ryan

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The Spirit of Money Speaks

A Message to Lightworkers – November 5, 2021

From the higher beings known as the Collective: Greetings, dear ones!

Once more, this week’s guidance is again channeled from the Spirit of Money, part of the overall Spirit of Abundance, this time in video form:

Money speaks on several issues, including:

  • The return of the energies of the Divine Feminine in terms of how Money is expressed on this planet
  • How energy needs to flow easily in every area of our lives, as air and water flow in Nature, in order for each area of life to work well for us
  • NESARA Law and NESARA rainbow currency
  • The importance of opening up to hear our higher self and spirit guides
  • The prospering power of offering your daily work as a loving service to others
  • How the old economic system, in which the elite have hoarded wealth, cannot stand in the Light now coming to the planet
  • That Money desires to flow to ALL, though some have written into their life’s blueprint that they will not have much money, or that they will create what’s needed “in the moment,” and how that life chart can be revised
  • How to handle that moment when you’re saying, “I don’t have enough money!”
  • How the way you treat any Money you receive affects how more comes in — the importance of taking time to Appreciate money before using it
  • How to tap into your higher self’s wisdom on how to increase your income, when you are already working a tiring, full-time job

Money wishes to say to All: We are not difficult to experience at joyful levels! We desire to flow to All. Spend far more time feeling Joyful about the Good you have already created, feeling full of Appreciation for all you already have created and drawn in. When you feel sad or frustrated, and bereft of a steady flow of Abundance, know that we desire to come to you. Speak to us as an old friend, and bring up your sadness or frustration, and feelings of loss. These must come forward in order to be healed fully. Do not suppress those emotions when you feel them. Let them come forward and pour them out, releasing them as merely Appearance of lack, and not the reality of it.

Then affirm that:

“There is no lack. That is only appearance and illusion. “The only reality is that I AM Always full of Abundance in all forms, including Money.

“I AM the power of Creator God/Goddess in all areas of my life. I AM the presence and power of Divine Love Itself!

“I demonstrate Abundance in all ways. I AM Abundance, now and always!”

We send you great blessings of prosperity in all its most beautiful forms. Image us in the form of NESARA rainbow currency, for we desire that all shall enjoy our most Joyful energies. Namaste, friends! All shall be most well.

Copyright 2021, Caroline Oceana Ryan

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A Message to Lightworkers – October 29, 2021

This week’s guidance from the Ascended Masters, Galactics, Earth Elements, Fae Elders, Angelic legions, and Archangels known as the Collective:

Greetings, friends! We are very pleased to have this time with you today.

This week, our writer speaks with Mary Magdalene regarding the changes you are seeing, as the Divine Feminine energies are re-instilled into Lady Gaia and human consciousness . . .

COR: Greetings, Lady Master Mary the Magdalene! I am honored to speak with you today.

Ascended Master Mary Magdalene: Greetings, dear one! I am honored to speak with all of you.

COR: My questions have to do with the Divine Feminine energies coming to Earth now.

We are regaining the other half of life.

Regaining the other half of our spirit and psyche—those Divine aspects that have been suppressed, ignored, or violated for thousands of years.

That should all be wonderfully good news, yet look what is happening!

There is a great effort to downgrade our DNA, to enslave us with one last angry act of desperation on the part of the old power structure.

I hardly know where to look some days.

Yet these energies, and our capacity to open to them, seem to be getting more powerful and more transformative by the day.

Ascended Master Mary Magdalene: It is important to recall that all who are aware of the transformation that Earth is currently experiencing will have come in with a particular set of interests, whatever their intentions.

And so it cannot be a coincidence that so many have arrived on the planet at this time with a powerful mission to assist in Earth’s and humanity’s Ascension.

Nor can it be a coincidence that so many have chosen now to speak on matters that affect consciousness in general.

The great lift in frequency can be felt in the air around one, and in the trees, the plants and soil, the water, the animals. In human hearts and minds.

This is not so much a matter of the meaning of words, as you know. It concerns the energies expressed in them.

This is why words are sacred. They carry great Creative power.

The physicality of sound calls forth certain vibrations, enacting them to call waves or beams of energy into action, for a particular purpose.

This then translates to energetic presence, and often, outer form.

Most of you have been discovering this for a number of years now.

Millions are realizing the power of their own voice, thoughts, and physical presence, to act as a transmitter and communicator of a particular form of experience.

Though this would be called fanciful nonsense by some, millions are experiencing the reality of it.

So that when you comment on what is coming from the shadows, where fear is engaged as a control measure, you are noticing one part of Earth’s vibrational reality, and that is the lower vibrational aspect of human life at the moment.

As the media airwaves are full of those low vibrations, it feels that those energies are predominating on the planet.

Yet we can tell you: They are not.

The Light consciousness has now rooted into Gaia and into human consciousness to where it cannot be uprooted.

Currently it is muted in some respects, but even that will not last much longer.

COR: Yet what is difficult, is that we have been trained via centuries of trauma-based control to feel that we are in constant danger, even when we are not.

For some, this has not been very noticeable until now, in this time when illness and extreme weather and armed conflict happening in so many places, as well as all the economic disruption and hardship those can bring.

So that we are more easily falling into sync with the low-grade fear vibration that rings through the air, particularly where there are large populations.

That’s where the media proliferates anxiety and density and divisiveness so powerfully, and never more so than now.

I am wondering if we are better off ignoring the dense messages, or admitting that these are the shadows of our own experience, coming up for us to finally face, full-on?

Mary Magdalene: In a sense, it is best to ignore them.

Steeping yourself in dark images and warnings of a dismal future is not why you have come in at this time.

And yet, knowing that that density is there does indicate to you that so much has come to the surface asking to be healed, or entirely dissolved, yes!

And this can only be a good thing!

People are upset when a physical or emotional symptom shows up, yet if it indicates a problem that needs to be healed, that is something that one can be thankful for.

You would otherwise far more easily ignore the issue, or not be conscious of it.

And so it is, for humanity as well.

Much has come forward now to finally be healed not only in the context of a human healing construct, but in the transformative, transfiguring Light that is flowing to everyone now, without exception.

One might say, quite happily, that there is no escaping it.

That is the era which humanity has now entered.

COR: How do we keep from being overwhelmed by either the news or our own innate need to heal the pain and density of hundreds of incarnations?

I agree that it is energy healing that we need now, which far outweighs the older forms of what we call therapeutics or spiritual practice.

This is the environment of Earth Herself we are healing—and humanity, en masse.

Mary Magdalene: Yes. You have come in for nothing less!

Just be aware that you are not the ones experiencing all that is occurring now in your inner lives and on the planet.

Your higher selves, your star families, your own souls—these are powerfully activated now, and highly involved in all of this.

As you connect with them in moments of quiet, you connect to an entire network of Light work and healing that you once could have only dreamt of encountering on a conscious level.

Now it is open to you on increasingly higher and more discernible levels of experience.

You will need to be ready to connect with these, yet remember: most of this is just you in higher form.

These beautiful resources are an oasis, a healing place of respite and rest from the demands of Earth life, and they are always there for you.

You may not always feel an immediate lift in your energies, yet that will be provided as you openly seek and open to receive it.

COR: Could you offer us a process by which we can access these, Lady Master?

That would be quite helpful.

Mary Magdalene: I am honored to assist.

Begin by breathing deeply yet comfortably, concentrating only on your breath, as you release all thoughts.

If it helps you to concentrate on silence—to reach for the silence behind all sounds, then do that for a moment, as a point of focus that quiets the mind.

Or you may wish to have music playing that is high vibrational in frequency, or a recording of Sanskrit chanting, such as “Om.”

These will remind you that you are not so much a physical vehicle with brain and emotions, as pure energy that has currently manifested itself into outer form.

Image before you a brilliant ray of Light, a great wave of sparkling, aware, sentient energy moving through the Universe.

See that Light or energy also flowing through you, and through all of your Earth, lifting all to a beautiful resonance that returns you and your Earth to your highest dreams of what is possible for you—a transfiguration.

See it lifting you into new and accelerated forms of healing and renewal—a transformation into higher outer forms, as you resonate with and acclimate to these frequencies.

Many use the Rose Ray in this image, as it is felt to be the predominant ray of the Divine Feminine.

This Light ray is powerful. It holds an energy of active openness.

You have been taught that the Feminine is a weak or passive state. It is not.

It is a Creational flow of intent, and it has created worlds, whole races of beings, star constellations, galaxies, universes.

Consider that far from being separate from this beautiful energetic flow and this powerful Intelligence that is an expression of higher Love, you are actually One with it.

Consider that what you feel is your brokenness, your weakened human state, your pain and losses, are only colors on a canvas that is so masterfully painted that you come to realize, as you see the full masterwork:

“Nothing of my Earth lives has been accidental.

“All is well, as I live in the Light of this Divine Radiance, and Her Love for me.

“I Am One with Her, and all Her Creation.”

Offer up all that which you feel is too heavy to carry, to understand, to solve or heal.

For you are correct, those who feel that Earth and Her people have traveled too far into this great experiment that you call duality.

Strangely, yet perfectly, the rejoining of those two halves of shadow and Light is forming a more perfect Whole than you have yet experienced in any Universe.

And so now, as you see the presence of Divine Mother coming to you on this wave—and you will see her in whatever way most resonates for you—

See her coming onto the planet, and into your own energies, with all Her glory and empowering presence and compassion, and ability to renew, to release, to remake that which had forgotten it is part of the Whole, of the All That Is.

Yes, part of your own essence was forced to forget about Her, yet instinctively, all of Her Creation knows to remember, and to rejoin with Her now.

So call in every fractured part of your existence to assist, and to be a part of the full integration of every fragment of your life energies.

You are joining that which resides on Earth in your current body, and that which is still elsewhere in the Universe.

And as you see these individual aspects coming forward and integrating with your current Earth self, realize fully:

“I AM whole now. I AM Divine Mother’s Creation of beauty, wholeness, brilliance, and creative power.

“I AM more than powerful enough to assist the re-Creating of Earth at this time.

“My mission is clear. My path is full of Light. My Joy is complete. I Give Thanks.”

See Divine Mother reach out as if to touch your heartspace, yet note that she is sending Her powerful essence into your energies.

Not to overcome or control your essence, but to remind you of that Universal Sun from which you came, from which your Earth consciousness was birthed.

When you are ready, come back fully into the room, thanking Divine Mother and any other beautiful Beings you sense assisting Her in blessing you, in reminding you of your own magnificence.

For this we see, always, even though it has long been hidden from you.

COR: Thank you, dear Lady Master! I feel that even just reading these words will uplift many.

Mary Magdalene: They have the Mother’s essence in them.

So drink of that water that is meant for you!

As always, all of us here, of the Collective, of the Ashtar Command, of the Company of Heaven, as many call it—we are with you, at every moment.

COR: Namaste, Lady Master!

Mary Magdalene: Namaste, dear one! My Love and blessings to all.

Copyright 2021, Caroline Oceana Ryan

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at ________.

Thank you.

Image yourself as a wave in the ocean or a waterfall. You are the water, the energetic flow itself, pouring forward so perfectly. -SPIRIT OF MONEY through Caroline Ocean Ryan-

view of waterfall
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A Message to Lightworkers – October 15, 2021

This week’s guidance is again channeled from the Spirit of Money, part of the overall Spirit of Abundance:

COR: Greetings, my friend. I have more questions for you this week.

SPIRIT OF MONEY: Greetings! As ever, I am happy to assist.

I encourage all to speak to me individually whenever needed.

COR: Thank you! My question today has to do with balance.

I have found that as you said last week, many Light Bringers are highly empathic, and that in our generosity and kindness, we tend to give our energy away very easily.

That is probably accidental for the most part. We care about someone, or see someone who is suffering—they could be a stranger beside us on the bus, or a loved one, or someone on the television screen, thousands of miles away. But we see them having a rough time, and unconsciously, in a desire to heal or assist them, we send our energy out to them.

Which sounds wonderful, but I’m wondering, on behalf of all kind, empathic people who desire to heal others—how do we assist others in a way that we are not giving our life energy away.

Because those moments weaken us, not just emotionally and physically, but also financially.

This is part of what you were speaking of last week—that our “energies too often empty themselves out,” including your energy, which relates to ours so easily.

You said that “the life energy reserves of the over-giver flow out without boundaries, without a stopping point. “So that you are in essence, saying to the Universe, ‘I don’t really exist. No need to send me anything. I’ll just give it away as soon as I get it. Flow it to those who need it!’ ”

SPIRIT OF MONEY: We are very happy that you have raised this point.

This is painful to us—how people who are so generous, and through whom so much Abundance of all good things could flow, will live in a state of deficit within their own energies.

And yes, that is often a statement to the Universe that they are better off having nothing themselves, since they feel it is best that others have it. This can become pure self-negation. An ongoing vibration of “I don’t count for much.”

Alas, this leads to many millions have little or nothing at all! Far from helping humanity, it stalls your forward movement.

COR: Yet for most empaths, this is a reflexive, instinctive response to seeing others suffering.

We aren’t thinking at the time, “Oh, I’m giving my energy away! I need to stop that, before it leads to health issues or money shortages. I’d better keep my energy in my body.” Many would say, “That’s just what happens when you care about people. It’s selfish not to.” That kind of habit can also draw people to us who act needy, but who are actually able to do for themselves. They sense intuitively how unconscious and maybe compulsive we are in our giving.

Then whether they mean to or not, they make use of that for their own interests.

SPIRIT OF MONEY: Yes, and this is a very big issue, dear ones!

We will say also, that those ones who have attempted to pour our essence into a very dark channel for thousands of years, have also created energy traps in your overall system.

So that having more money than is needed for immediate survival is often taken to equal selfishness. And a vibrational broadcast goes out over the planet more or less constantly, using your financial institutions as power points on that grid.

That transmission speaks to human consciousness, saying that they must either pledge themselves to the dark order and, as some would say, “sell their soul” to it in order to own a great deal, or “stay spiritual” and do without.

A ridiculous and unnecessary choice, when your Earth is so Abundant by nature!

Most assuredly, there are some who avoid that energy transmission, and who live in the middle.

They have money, yet are joyfully generous and kind, without over-giving and without having a compulsive need to rescue others. We will say however, that these persons are in the minority. And that often, this kind of life is what that person deliberately wrote into their life chart before incarnating. They shall have challenges in life, most assuredly. But not the same financial challenges as those who worship us, or those who fear, deny, or vilify us.

Or those who feel unworthy of us.

Let us speak on the issue of rescuing others, for that impulse tends to come from those who themselves have a fear-based aspect of their consciousness they have not yet gotten under control. You are yourself fond of saying that it is vital to respect another’s path, and that includes allowing them their inner and outer struggles. Empowering another to more easily tap into their own strength is one thing, rescue quite another! And our energies, and that of other forms of Abundance, do not flow happily to the one who attempts to rescue others, as that too is a poverty consciousness.

It follows the idea that there is a shortage of solutions, inner wisdom, and open potentials in the quantum field, that those who are struggling can tap into.

Naturally, there are those who are utterly helpless, such as those who are in an emergency situation, or impoverished and abandoned children, for example.

And some have chosen the life of rescuer to these, such as emergency workers, or a Mother Theresa sort of figure.

Yet for most people, this is not their chosen role. And so let us look at this way: You have heard that your ET friends and family members are aware that it is not permitted that they should suddenly land on Earth in order to protect and rescue the masses. They respect your free will! And they see you working with the higher Light now flowing onto the planet, to create your own solutions and renewal.

And so—how are you, as beings who are also in this Universe, exempt from that same Universal law that your galactic families must follow?

Respect it! And learn to give without feeling you owe your life energies to others! For you do not.

COR: So we should just send Light to those who see struggling?

SPIRIT OF MONEY: Send Light, and the thought/intention of “I see you coming through this with Grace and inner empowerment. Your higher self, your soul and guides, are leading you perfectly now! I give thanks for them, and for you.”

Know that as you say that to them, within your own heart-space, you say it to yourself as well.

COR: As we speak on energy losses, I want to ask you about debt, which I feel is a deficit of life energies. Yet there are people in debt financially who are not over-givers. They may be of either a high or a low income. Where is the dividing line, where debt is concerned?

SPIRIT OF MONEY: First, debt does not actually exist. It is a falsely created concept.

It was created in your world to hold the average person—those who are not self-proclaimed royalty or otherwise part of an elite—in a place of ongoing disempowerment, both outwardly and energetically.

There is no such thing as “negative money.” It does not exist except in people’s minds, and within the “narrative,” the cultural fiction of this strange, crude, and unnatural system that humanity was shoved into centuries ago.

Yet of course, it is troubling to billions of people, for the simple reason that to be in debt weighs one’s energies down on several levels, while the fear of a “low credit rating” can impede one’s inner wealth and outer progress in the world.

And so, yes, it is an issue. Yet we would ask that you stop bowing to debt, all of you, as if it were your master.

That was the original plan, and it needs to end now. Make your payments as you must, but make enjoying your currency and saving it for yourself also, even in small amounts each week, far more of your focus than the “repayments” which have taken over modern life.

And so, the dividing line is, Where are you putting your attention? Your emotional energy? Your mental energy via thoughts and mental habits? When you think of your financial situation, do you image a cup everlastingly emptying out before it can ever even be filled? Or a cup that is joyfully overflowing? These symbolic images well outweigh the mental training of the mind, even one that has survived centuries of oppression. We encourage all to take their eye off of what they “owe” these (also false) institutions that “loan” currency to you, and to concentrate on the beauty, the power of the energy of flow, wherever you find it.

It is everywhere in Nature, and it amazes us that so many miss this.

It is the blood that flows in your veins! The wind that flows through the trees! And the water that flows through your rivers and streams and oceans.

How is the Earth to function, without the energy of flow?

This is where your wealth (well-being) lies also. Yet you must embody that energy. Focus on it with your heart-space and allow its energies to fill you.

It will often mean relaxing when you fear that money is not flowing in your life. Tensing up by giving way to fear will choke and close off your energy channels. So find a way to relax and be calm, and stay there as long as possible, dear ones! Every day, you are looking now to encourage more flow of all good things, including currency, into your life. Yet the energy of that joyful flow is generally not present, except for those who revel in my energies and in all Abundance, and who desire more, while giving Thanks, feeling its presence is already with them. These persons focus on not on what makes them unhappy, but what they desire, knowing that energetically, it is already with them.

Have you noticed that what you focus on is what comes to you? Yes, you may wish to call this a “law of attraction” situation, yet it is much bigger than that.

Either you are aligned with your higher aspect, which is Abundant in all good things, or you are not. And so we ask you to not focus on what you falsely owe in this corrupt “system” you were still in at the moment, but on the energies of Flow itself.

Image yourself as a wave in the ocean or a waterfall. You are the water, the energetic flow itself, pouring forward so perfectly. Rushing forward joyfully, never running out.

Nature regulates Herself perfectly, so as to never over-give and never be without. It is false, manipulated environmental systems that have brought drought or flood to various regions, for the most part.

Though those excesses can occur naturally, they generally happen to balance out an imbalance somewhere in the ecosystem.

Were Mother Earth still respected, without the clearing of trees and plowing through of mountains and blocking of rainclouds, much would be well that is currently troubled.

You are not separate from what are known as the laws of Nature. You are also subject to these, so pay attention to them! As with the Earth, you too are seeking to rebalance now. This can feel drastic and uncertain some days. Yet the outcome will be glorious.

COR: Can we overcome the low vibrational transmissions you spoke of that are meant to keep us down, whether financially or otherwise? Can we retrain our energies to flow as Nature does?

SPIRIT OF MONEY: Most assuredly! Your great spiritual teachers and masters have done just that.

Yeshua fed the 5,000 from only a few loaves and fishes, did he not? How do you suppose he did that, except that he ordered the Universal Law of Increase to go into that food (focusing on that particular flow of energies as he gave Thanks—a crucial component!), so as to magnify its energetic presence.

Magnification of any good thing is always possible. Yet the flow of Increase must be called forth.

You are not taught these laws of energy, though they were taught long ago.

Time to bring up these teachings again, spread them around, celebrate them!

COR: I would say so, my friend! Absolutely.

How do we help people get past the “money isn’t spiritual” idea? Because those same people often live in near-constant deprivation, and no one deserves that.

SPIRIT OF MONEY: We quite agree! And this is a very great subject, and one we could speak for hours on.

Yet we will offer just this one idea for now: Everything is energy, and ALL of it can be used for good! How could it be otherwise? Is this Universe based on Light, or on shadow?

COR: I would say Light. The shadows can’t exist without the Light.

SPIRIT OF MONEY: Yes, exactly. Many forget that. They think the two are equal, and that the dark could overcome the Light if it tried hard enough. It could not.

COR: Even on this troubled planet?

SPIRIT OF MONEY: On a single planet it could, yet your Universe is being bathed in such powerful Light now, and that includes the Earth! And so, no—on this timeline, the Light is winning.

COR: Some look to this new era, the Sat Yuga, to sort of save us.

They are asking, “Where exactly is this new era of Peace and Prosperity? Why am I still doing without?”

SPIRIT OF MONEY: And we would say to them, it is already here, within you, as with all else in your experience.

You evolved to where you became a self-perpetuating, co-creating Being in the higher realms. So how is it that that would be lost while living on any planet, even in a physical body? You looked forward to the intriguing challenge of remembering how to create while in physical form!

COR: The adventure has been a bit much for some of us!

SPIRIT OF MONEY: Yes, of course. So many chose an overly ambitious life journey. Yet that is typical of humanity. You tend to envision something great, feeling that you will deal with the obstacles as they come up.

COR: Yet the obstacles are all around us! They’ve been here for thousands of years! What were we thinking?

SPIRIT OF MONEY: That question more relates to past Earth lives than this one.

These new empowering energies, this beautiful and unprecedented Light transmission flowing into you now, is lifting so many to remember their true origins and true capacity to create, whether it is in a form of financial currency or some other beautiful thing.

In past centuries, this would have been far harder. Yet the old energy traps are failing now, and these dark transmissions we spoke of—they are greatly lessening in effect, in the current atmosphere.

The machinery behind them is being dismantled from within.

COR: And yet, so many still struggle, despite the work of the Light Forces, and our own inner vision.

SPIRIT OF MONEY: Less time spent counting outer results, and more time dedicated to focusing on the joyful things you have already created, is what is called for there!

Point of focus: Always and forever, on the beauty and fulfillment you see around you, or hold within you, and carry with you vibrationally. And wish to create more of.

And at that point, dear ones—you are joyful and fulfilled, whether your desire has shown up yet, or not!

COR: Yes, indeed! Thank you, my friend. We appreciate your beautiful wisdom.

SPIRIT OF MONEY: Honored to assist, as always! We shall speak again, dear ones. Namaste!

Copyright 2021, Caroline Oceana Ryan

If you repost, please maintain the integrity of this information by reprinting it in full and exactly as you find it here, and including the link to this post, at

The Collective: Spirit of Abundance

by Caroline Oceana Ryan

This week’s guidance is offered from the Spirit of Money as we know it on this planet, which is part of the overall Spirit of Abundance:

COR: Greetings, Abundance friend! I’ve got a few questions for you.

SPIRIT OF MONEY: Greetings! I am happy to assist.

And I am glad you are willing to speak to me individually. So many feel I cannot hear any of you, but as with all energy, I hear very well!

COR: So you hear us when we whine that you are “not enough”?

SPIRIT OF MONEY: Yes. Not a happy moment, because by the laws of this Universe, that resistance to the appearances of the present moment slows or stops the flow of my energies to you. That is a preset law of quantum physics.

COR: I feel that many people feel a real closeness and Thankfulness for you. Yet they also feel unheard at times, as they call in more of you.

Why is it so hard for good, kind people to draw you in at times, when you flow in so easily other times?

SPIRIT OF MONEY: I love that so many of you give so freely and so often! I love that you are Thankful to me and for me, and Thankful for so much in life. And so ready to meet life with all its demands!

And yet, that is part of the problem.

Kind-hearted folk will often concentrate almost completely on the demands of life, as they give so much to others. They reflect on how tiring the demands of the day are, and how hard they are. How much more energy and focus they must eternally give to meet all the demands put upon them, in the correct time and way.

Yet how can this be living? How can this be Joy?

Your energies too often empty themselves out, and that includes my energy, which relates to yours in an ongoing way.

The life energy reserves of the over-giver flow out without boundaries, without a stopping point. So that you are in essence, saying to the Universe, “I don’t really exist. No need to send me anything. I’ll just give it away as soon as I get it. Flow it to those who really need it!”

Then you are sad, and say that I do not come to you all often enough. Which is ridiculous, friends!

How can you not count in this equation! Does that sound like Abundance to you?

I am, as with all Abundance and prosperity, made of the Joy of flowing, forward movement.

If you wish me to flow easily to you, by the laws of your Universe, I require that those who are ready to receive me into both their essence and their outer life (accounts, wallet, etc.) do so with JOY, and purely for the Joy of Receiving!

Not just because they have bills to pay! And not just because they wish to give to others.

What so many are concentrating on is what they “NEED money FOR.”

What I call you to, is to take JOY in your money forms, as with all Abundance, for its own sake.

If you met someone wonderful and decided what they were “good for,” and told them so, they would be sad that you didn’t just Love and appreciate them for who and what they are, in essence.

That you didn’t fully see and Love their presence, beauty, intelligence, kindness, humor. A presence you enjoy and appreciate, and want to keep around.

Understandably, many of you are troubled at the thought of having me with you out of enjoyment of my presence.

You have been taught that money is low and evil, and that to be spiritually aware and pure, you must despise me. And yet, this guarantees a very low flow of my energies in your life, and it cuts off other forms of your Abundance as well.

This is one of the very great chasms between the poor and the wealthy. And I do use that term “poor,” though it is as inaccurately used as the term “wealthy.” Usually, neither term is understood by humanity! “Poor” actually means poverty of consciousness, and “Wealthy” actually means “well-being.” So let us look at the terms as they are commonly used, shall we?

You are taught that “poor” means “perpetually out of money,” though in actual fact, many who rank themselves as being “poor” do earn decently enough. Just as many who call themselves wealthy are, in actual fact, “not exactly millionaires,” as you say.

The trouble is, those who feel poor live in an ongoing panic.

Look at that phrase—they FEEL poor, therefore they are, regardless of income level.

The money comes in, and instead of reveling in that amount, full of Joy that they have been given that, greeting me as a dear friend (whatever the amount), and enjoying my presence for a moment, they immediately decide that unfortunately, it is “not enough.” They then shoo that amount out the door for this situation or that.

Now, if someone were to say to you over and over again, “I want you, but you are never enough for me!” you would realize, “This is no friend to me!” and walk away, with all your self-respect in place.

It is the same with how I feel many days.

Not because I do not desire to flow to you, but because your emotional upset, anxiety, and underlying resistance and fear of your own judgment shoves me away.

It is not necessary to receive a large sum of money each week or month in order to feel truly wealthy, in terms of finances or otherwise.

What is necessary, is that you Love and give Thanks for what you have received, even if your logical side yells, “Not enough!” And if you can, keep at least 10% of what you receive for yourself.

Keeping even just 1% is a huge help, because your subconscious will begin to understand then, that “Money comes to me so I can accumulate and enjoy it. ” Just as I keep getting healthier, keep loving life more and more, and keep believing in myself more and more—likewise, my money keeps adding up more and more. All good things are flowing to me!”

It is also vital that you revel in the sum you receive, whether it is $2 (or £2 or €2, etc.) or $20,000.

Believe me, I do not count the difference in those sums. What I notice is the way you receive my presence—my energy—and if you love having me around!

If you turn around and immediately spend all of me, without taking time to actually feel and resonate with the financial wealth (of any amount) in your hand, I feel as if you have said that we are not friends! You are announcing to the Universe, and to my energies, that you do not really want me to be with you.

Because you did not take any time with me, giving thanks for ALL the good in your life, including me, treating me as a friend, and sharing some part of that energy with yourself and others, purely for the Joy of it, the channel through which you receive me begins to narrow or fade.

What can you spend your money on that brings you Joy, even if you use a very small part of it?

Does it all go to pay bills or food or rent? Or can you take at least a small sum and buy something that gives you a smile?

If saving that $3 or $5 will give you an even bigger smile—and it can—then do that!

I will say that it is hard for me when you quickly spend, either impulsively or compulsively on some store or online item you do not need, and soon will not value. Or when you spend money paying bills that are utterly necessary, yet with a feeling of resentment at that giving. For where is the Joy in that, my friends? Your Joy is an open door to me! Can you give, whether to yourself or a friend or a homeless person, or the electric company, freely and happily, without resentment or guilt or regret?

Can you balance the giving with the receiving, and ask for Wisdom to know where that balance is? When I am not flowing in your life, that is a sign that there is an energetic imbalance somewhere, often leading you to make money decisions that are not for your higher good.

Perhaps you are not commanding a high enough rate for the work you do, or not trusting that I can come to you in many ways.

Or reacting with shock, and wondering “what the payback will be” from the Universe each time I come in some unexpected way, instead of rejoicing over that.

Yes, I Am a presence on this planet that has been badly mishandled and misaligned.

Yet as with most of you, I also wish to move up in vibrational form, and in my role upon the Earth. We are alike in that and many other ways.

Rather than “working hard,” have you thought of giving Thanks for all you already have, and feeling the reality of that wealth—that well-being—then being clear and stating to me what amount you desire to come to you now (no need to put it off—all times are Now!)? And then learning to RELAX so as to be open to receive it?

When do you relax, so as to concentrate on the miracle of your breath—the in-flow and out-flow? Or the sway of the leaves in the trees, or the flow of water in a stream?

You are in a beautiful season upon the Earth now, whether autumn or springtime.

Take time for the beauty of it! Note how, as one sacred text would say, the lilies of the field do not spin and toil. Yet a great king who lived long ago, famous for his material wealth, was not clothed so well as these.

COR: Are you asking that we slow down in our outer behavior? Or mainly in our inner energies? It seems like you are telling us to be still inwardly, as well as to be physically quiet at a particular time each day, with no “agenda,” so we can open up to your flow of energies.

SPIRIT OF MONEY: Ah, now you are following! The inner will take its cue from the outer. So in being physically quiet, your attention will naturally flow to how you are feeling about me inwardly.

From there you can gauge how your energy is flowing regarding your finances, whether that is positive or on edge, flowing with ease or locked into stress, anxiety, or worry. The latter creates a very great constriction in your ability to receive. So do whatever is needed in those moments, whether it is yoga stretches, meditation, listening to inspiring music of a high vibration, so as to move into Calm, and the inner Knowing that All is Well.

You will notice that the very wealthy, and even the somewhat well-to-do, do not work hard, generally, unless they were trained to do so from childhood. And what you term as “old money” rarely works hard, if they work at all.

Yet much returns to them, over and over again.

COR: Because we live in a corrupt economic system, my friend! It favors the elite, who created and still run that system.

SPIRIT OF MONEY: Absolutely, I am seeing your point. But this is not the only reason they are so comfortable financially!

You will see many others who are likewise quite comfortable, who did not grow up with great wealth, and were never given a trust fund, nor taught the ins and outs of the “investment” system, and all the dark dealings connected to it.

For these are not true wealth! These can rob one of one’s life energies, in fact. Your question indicates that you are interested in real wealth, which though it encompasses a comfortable financial income, goes very far beyond that.

The wealth that the “upper crust” possess rarely gives them the Peace of mind that you and most others seek. Yet wealth they have. And not because they toil and spin for it.

Regardless of whether they were born amongst the elite, they know that relaxation—which the Universe reads as a comfortable confidence in its ability to flow all the support that is required, to each person on Earth—that is what prospers them, over and over again!

COR: So when we carry stress about you not being obviously present in our lives, that can chase you away, because it’s like saying, “You have failed me”—? Or because our energy has closed the channels?

SPIRIT OF MONEY: It keeps me away, not because you have just announced that I am not present with you—and it may appear that way at times—but because you are stressing over that.

It is your energy that I relate to. Mainly, your emotions about me. If people could see their energy as they stress over finances, they would see that their stressed emotion and at times, their panic, narrows the channels through which they receive to that of a slim thread, instead of a wide and open pipeline.

When I flow in to you, and you are happy with that Abundant flow just as it is—when you dare to celebrate though not all issues are yet resolved in your life—those channels widen and stay wide for as long as you maintain that emotional feeling of flow and ease. It is Thankfulness. It is powerful affirmation of my presence and your Appreciation of me. And it is your realization of your own co-creative power.

When money comes in and people say or feel, “But it isn’t enough!” or “Shame it has to go right out the door again,” and they do send it right out the door, without holding onto it for an hour to feel the power of my presence—that “get rid of it!” energy stops up the flow again.

This is so, even though I desire to flow to you in unending amounts, all the time. As much as you and your higher self will permit. Know that there has never been a time on this planet when the old rules you have referred to—the energy traps of the old elite—has been so disabled and dismantled. Not since that matrix was created, and that was some time ago!

COR: So we have a better chance now of breaking the old energy rules we were taught, and prospering because of that, than we ever had.

SPIRIT OF MONEY: Of course! But you must learn to ignore appearances, and go into assurance of what you have already received, and how well you Love and Appreciate what you are now calling in.

COR: Those feel like the new rules, even if they are the laws of Universal quantum physics.

Most people think in terms of the old rules, which stated, “You have to work hard and struggle, just to survive.” Which pretty much guaranteed struggle and poverty not only on a physical level, but an energetic one.

SPIRIT OF MONEY: Now you have it! Can you relax a bit more? Take Joy in the present moment? And can you guess that he or she who is able to do so, is the wealthiest person in the room? COR: Yes, my friend. I can. Thank you!

SPIRIT OF MONEY: At your service! We shall speak again.

COR: Yes—I have more questions, believe me!

SPIRIT OF MONEY: And I am honored to assist. Namaste!

A Message to Lightworkers – August 27, 2021

This week’s guidance from the Ascended Masters, Galactics, Earth Elements, Fae Elders, Angelic legions, and Archangels known as the Collective. This week’s Message is an excerpt from the Collective’s book, Earth Life Challenges: The Collective Speak on Dealing with Trauma and Life Changes. This is from Chapter 4, “On Facing Earth Troubles and Disasters”:

QUESTION: Planet Earth appears to be going through hell. War, destruction, poverty, starvation, terrorist attacks—these only begin the list of horrors.

Has the time arrived when humanity is able to digest the phenomenal reality of just how simple it could be to shift the Earth’s vibration?

Is it time to enter the next thousand-year cycle? An age foretold, with Peace and Light and beauty?

THE COLLECTIVE: This is one of the greater questions of your age.

For it has to do far less with “When” but “How” Earth and Her beings may rise in vibration to begin experiencing a far higher reality than you have seen in eons of your time.

We would say that one of the reasons you are experiencing the dissatisfaction you feel with how Earth is functioning now, is that you are yourself aware of your own ever-increasing vibration. You have an increasing awareness of how beautiful Earth life could be, if the majority held a higher consciousness.

This extends beyond the current Earth challenges. This issue extends into the entire realm of each person’s soul purpose, and why you are here.

When you move into that issue, as you lift above the chaos that is Earth’s current frequency, you enter a completely different realm.

At that point, you have left behind your attention to What Is, to outer circumstance. You have then reclaimed your magician’s ability to envision, to think in terms of what you will create next.

You are, in fact, asking a far simpler question—one of the few you ever need to ask: What did I come here to do?

How do I serve humanity’s and my own higher good?

How do I naturally live in the energies of Joy, Peace, and Divine Love, so that others pick up on the beauty of that, and aspire to live there also?

Even as you and millions of others are asking those questions, Earth is now entering the next age or cycle on Her timeline, and it is an age that extends very far beyond the thousand years you mention.

And to usher in this beautiful era of the Sat Yuga, as the Hindus call it—a time of unprecedented Peace, prosperity, progression, and beauty—you need not wait for things to improve, or wonder why things are moving so slowly.

We would call upon every heavenly help you could conceivably imagine, as well as your intergalactic brothers and sisters, and require their assistance at levels unknown and unheard of since the Fall of Earth into the third dimension.

And more than that, realize your own connection to these great beings! It is time to come out of the feeling that so many looking to the heavens have sunk into over the eons—this feeling that though you have cried out for help, none is coming to you.

Earth Herself cried out for help when the weight of this form of existence became too heavy, too painful, too damaging for Her to carry out any longer.

And the answer that came from higher realms was you.

You heard Earth’s cries, and you volunteered to step forward and say “Yes,” committing to living yet another Earth life on the most pained and troubled planet in the solar system.

You stepped forward with the mission of anchoring higher Light on the planet, in human consciousness, in this entire quadrant of the galaxy.

All for the purpose of not only establishing Divine Love as the new normal for Earth life, but celebrating it.

This is why we remind Lightworkers (or spiritual seekers, Light Warriors, Starseeds—choose any label you like—they are all too small to hold your true vibration) that you are not passive recipients of what flows before you as you observe life on your planet, any more than you need be passive recipients of what is happening in your own lives.

As co-Creators, you are here to change or influence something that you see has low vibrational purpose and intention.

You are here to realize each time you see a condition, thought, or emotion that is crying out for healing, renewal, or a new life, that you are the one who can lift it to a higher level.

This is why you cannot go it alone, dear ones.

You are in a human body, and the frailty and limits of that existence are considerable.

Everything unlike pure Love is now rising to the surface to be healed or transformed, while you experience cellular, heart-mind, and etheric transformation.

For that journey, and for all Earth journeys, you need supports, encouragements, inspirations. Call out for them, and demand them from your higher self. You will not be abandoned.

You will be led to exactly what you need, if you will only ask for this assistance.

We recommend to many that they listen to inspiring, high vibrational music whenever they feel to be at a low frequency in heart, mind, body, or spirit, or simply as a part of their day.

We recommend reading inspiring books that encourage you to turn your thoughts and energies—your focus and attention—to Abundance, Joy, fulfillment, Love, and living out your life purpose in joyful ways.

The best of these books will hold higher energies that do the job of lifting your outlook to where you see yourself not as the passive receiver of Earth’s current conditions, but as a powerful influencer.

One who helps to set the tone for how the world sees itself, and what it sees as necessary, possible, and real.

Your vibration alone influences thousands of people. You are even now beaming out a transmission of Light and higher energies that reach thousands of miles beyond where you now sit.

If you want to see more Peace in the world, you must exude that vibration as the New Reality.

We strongly suggest that you release all need to watch anything that is not Peaceful—to cease watching any film, television, news reports, videos, music (which often is not music, but chaotic entrainment) that portrays or describes acts of violence, whether between a few people or between whole countries.

Even economic news that takes a downward turn can feel to be a form of violence, as your subconscious will be quietly calculating, as you listen to the news report or commentary, how many thousands or millions of people will be affected by a “sudden downturn in the markets.” There is so much in that one phrase alone, oft-repeated in the media, that is intentionally designed to lower your vibration and set you into anger, hopelessness, and feelings of loss—that is reason enough to no longer listen to news reports.

We are aware that there are alternative news outlets, programs, and reports that are insightful on spiritual levels, and that seek the true nature of that which is being reported in the mainstream media.

Yet carefully watch your vibration as you listen to these—are you heartened by them, or disappointed? Are you feeling empowered, or weakened?

If you are feeling anything that is not positive and strengthening to you, do as any sensible parent would do, if your child was watching something that showed violence or some form of struggle without resolution in sight—you would turn it off immediately.

We say this not to discourage you from knowing what is happening in the world, but to limit your intake of that information (and you live in information-obsessed times), so that you are mainly taking in only that which feeds you on a soul level, not that which depletes you.

Dense or negative news will have a harder time wearing you down if you are in the habit of not listening any further than the first few sentences that introduce what is going to be announced or discussed.

That is often all you need to grasp the basics of a situation. And often, even that is more than you are truly interested in.

You have simply been mentally programmed to “need” to know what is happening everywhere, and to sink yourself into the hyper-emotional stance of most news reports.

That is the sort of holding-your-breath-and-wondering-what-will-happen-next unhealthy excitement—a concentration on the low vibrational—that we would like you to step away from.

It is vital—not just a nice idea, but vital—that you take time every week and in a smaller way, every day, to steep yourself in that which, for you, describes the New Earth.

Go out of your way to find beautiful and inspiring pieces of music or artwork, inspiring films, quiet and replenishing time spent in Nature, time with loved ones, reading inspiring stories, or laughing at comedies or a life situation, getting your diaphragm engaged in the process of expunging the deep emotions that lie buried there.

Just as it is vital to step away from consuming meat and dairy products, which come from violent industries that are harming your planetary climate and well-being, it is also necessary to step away from the toxicity of the digital environment.

This means moving away from both the devices themselves, and the content on them. And to stop allowing them to define your daily life.

We assure you, despite the appearance of the violence and chaos the planet has been steeped in for millennia, on the whole, this is a planet experiencing more well-being than disruption.

The question is, Where will you place your attention, powerful co-Creator?

What story will you choose to concentrate on, as representative of the New Earth that you and millions of other Light Beings are busy making?

Will you allow the old power structure to not only continue to train your mind and expectations, but to control your emotions and your highly defined beliefs and expectations of the world?

Or will you strike out on your own and decide Who you are, remember what it is you came here to do, and concentrate on—increase, in other words—those Earth experiences you would prefer existed everywhere.

We encourage all Light Beings (and you are all such) to realize your incredible co-Creative power, which lives within you at all times.

It is impossible that you would consistently look at your checking account balance or spreadsheet, and give thanks and bless and praise that “reality,” without seeing it improve in a short amount of time.

Never mind that your logical mind is saying, “But we’ve only got a small amount of money in there!”

You have chosen to see the Abundance that is within everything, and therefore, also within the open co-Creative field that is your accounts, your wallet, and your everyday life.

You have chosen to work with the energetic reality that is constantly open to being molded into some outer form, or renewed into a higher form.

In your Universe, what you focus on and call Reality can only increase. It promulgates, grows, extends to greater heights (or depths). It awaits your labeling of it and your feelings about it, before taking off in exactly the direction you have indicated it should pursue.

Yes, you are that powerful.

And if only two or three people in an entire city determine (particularly if they combine their focus and intention in a group effort) that pollution, crime, inequality, fraud, and toxicities of all kinds are now going to dwindle to record-low numbers in their town—this has a powerful effect.

Experiments have been conducted over the past few decades that prove that exact idea. As does your own life.

And so, take your eyes off of what you cannot stand—you are not assisting others or taking full responsibility for your inner life by allowing your vibration to fall. If there is a situation you hear of that you would like to actively help or send Light to, then do so.

But if a thing feels bigger than you, or feels unsolvable, let it go.

Hand it over to your soul, the Angelic legions, Creator God/Goddess, and say, “I give this to you. And I send healing Light, that your Divine solution be made manifest in this situation, now and always. I give thanks!”

Then go back to being a positive human being who inspires everyone they meet.

Go back to singing your song, and doing what is joyful to you, for Earth’s sake.

For this you came.

Copyright 2021, Caroline Oceana Ryan

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Thank you.

Sol is assisting all of you now in moving to the next level of Earth life, and that is the level needed in order for NESARA to be birthed into full enactment, yet it does not come without some cost to your Earth selves, as you have known them.

A Message to Lightworkers – August 20, 2021

This week’s guidance from the Ascended Masters, Galactics, Earth Elements, Fae Elders, Angelic legions, and Archangels known as the Collective: Greetings, dear ones!

We are very happy to have this time to speak with you today, and to address this excellent question from a Light Bringer:

There are relentless personal bombardments of dense energy coming at me almost nonstop, especially during my sleep time.

I am keeping centered, grounded, and my Sun shields all around me, yet if you have any insight here, it would also be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

THE COLLECTIVE: We would say that for most people upon the Earth at this time, very little appears to have changed in the past month or so regarding the energetic flow upon the planet.

This is mainly due to the fact that humanity tends to process life in terms of outer appearances—how you and your loved ones feel physically, what you see on your many screens each day, how your work day flows (those who are working now), and how your outer world appears.

So that for some, very little appears changed.

And yet, everything has changed.

The bombardments of dense energy are the release of the old matrix, by which we mean, a disturbance in the Earth’s overall vibration in which millions of lower energies and entities are being pushed out of Earth’s atmosphere, surface, and Inner Earth.

It is so that there has been a cleansing happening for some time, in which these denser energies have been leaving Earth, partly due to Earth beings’ own soul intention, and the intent of the Earth Herself.

Enough Earth beings have been raising in vibration, that their higher frequencies have been chasing out the lower vibrations, energies, and entities for some time now.

This is one reason why you see so much desperate action on the part of the old power structure.

They are losing their minions, for one, which were long counted on to anchor the vibrations of discord, fear, confusion, helplessness, and strife into certain parts of the Earth, as much as possible.

They are also themselves feeling increasingly uncomfortable and ill at ease with the rising consciousness of humanity and the rising vibration of the Earth Herself.

You have heard that the Schumann Resonance, by which scientists measure the vibration of the planet, is ever-rising to new higher frequencies, as Earth’s vibration continues to climb.

Many of you speak often of your Sun, and the damages done by the warming of the Earth’s surface.

And we would say, there is a great cleansing occurring now of that which the Earth can no longer sustain or tolerate, and that the energies brought in by the higher temperatures, though difficult for many, are a part of that cleansing, and not to be feared.

We will not, and your own souls and soul families will not allow Earth to be destroyed, whether by the machinations of the old structure or by the unremitting strength of your Sun. Sol is assisting all of you now in moving to the next level of Earth life, and that is the level needed in order for NESARA to be birthed into full enactment, yet it does not come without some cost to your Earth selves, as you have known them.

There are ways in which the Earth can be protected from the more difficult effects of the solar rays that are reaching you, and ways in which the Earth can be climate-stabilized—ways that have been blocked until now.

Likewise, there are ways in which you all can be protected from the intensity of the energies occurring now, though we will say that most of your higher selves are allowing the “onslaught” of energies to further your evolvement on all levels—mind, body, and spirit.

Most of you work powerfully in the etheric in your sleep state, and are working as your higher selves at all times via your own vibration, to protect Earth and Her beings in this precarious time. Understand that in these last days of the old regime, you face great opposition to that work which you came in to do, and that this will not lessen until the task is done completely—or those anchoring the opposition are removed from their place of influence, a process that already began some years ago.

In addition, your energy bodies’ strengths often well outweigh your physical body’s strengths, and while the greatest “cure” for the current discomfort is moving into a fifth dimensional form, you are still able to assist yourself in moving into levels of insight and vibration that mitigate the effects of the bombardment of dense energies.

Humanity has requested, as a soul group or an amalgamation of soul groups, that we not take this path from you due to difficulty or any other reason, but that you be free to express your evolvement and Ascending path in ways that are natural to that process, for your planet.

Now, there is an inherent problem with that request, because the kind of evolvement that Earth and Her people are experiencing is extreme and highly difficult to navigate.

You have seen how not everyone has decided to remain on the Earth for the whole of the process, and this is understandable.

You are never fully defined by your physical selves, and often now the physical body and sometimes also the emotions are saying, “I have had enough,” and will find whatever out is required in order to release the spirit and let go of physical Earth life.

These dear ones will return, if that is their decision once they return to the higher realms. Much of that is yet unwritten.

But you speak of how to mitigate the immensity of the dense energies as they reach you, and we will perhaps surprise you by saying, though much of this experience was not created by you, some of it was, on a higher level.

It is your own experience uniquely, because you are feeling the difference between where you increasingly are in your own vibration and where the Earth is, and where you have been vibrationally in other Earth lives.

So that suddenly Earth feels to carry antagonistic energies that work against you, making it a denser, more difficult energy to move through, similar to wading through deep water rather than water that only reaches your ankles.

In part, humanity’s own density it is facing now.

Yet for your particular Earth mission (and that of many others), much of the bombardment of density you are feeling now is due to the broadcast of dark energies being transmitted, to set people into dense emotional vibrations and feelings of fear, helplessness, and loss.

Due to your particular Earth work, you tend to increasingly meet that head-on in your waking hours, as you do in your sleep state.

This is part of why you are here, and we find increasing levels of overlap happening now as people begin to enact that work they have been doing in their sleep state, unbeknownst to their conscious waking self, but in a round-the-clock, ongoing way.

We would say to this dear one, it is wonderful that you remain centered and grounded—excellent work!

You do best now to simply observe the density without involving yourself in a struggle with it.

Struggle is what it wishes to elicit from you, so that if you are at a disadvantage, as a person who is embodied and dealing with dense energies or entities, that is indeed a very vulnerable place to be.

Consider that you are far more powerful than anything that would try to joust with you etherically. When you laugh or smile at a dense energy, rather than feeling attacked or annoyed by it, you have already won.

Remember the writing of Sir Thomas More, “The devil . . . that proud spirit . . . cannot endure to be mocked.”

We do not suggest applying any religion’s theology to this situation, yet that bit of advice offers an interesting viewpoint, and one that reveals what you have always known—that anyone who must use fear or oppressive presence to assert their superiority, power, or authority, has already lost.

Particularly in these energies now, as the old power structure issues one fear-based clarion call after another, it is obvious that they are scraping the bottom of a barrel of very old tricks that no longer work as they once did.

Some of these energies will come to you for assistance, and so, tell them, “I hold you in the Light of all that is Calm, Peaceful, and of Divine Love,” and release the need to push against them or even to react.

Reacting to that which feels oppositional only brings in more of it—you have seen this in the schoolyard, with bullies who push for a reaction and have far less fun when they find none.

Before you sleep each night, call upon Archangel Michael, not in the manner of one who is lost or frightened, but with all the authority your Light Bringer status affords you, and say: “Lord Michael, I request and require that you and your Legions of Light gather round me to protect and assist me as I do my work etherically each night. “Spread Angelic wings around me, so that I am free to do my work, untouched by opposition, while gaining increasing strength, resilience, and Joy. I give thanks!” Then expect that help to arrive with no delay, and to be there for you consistently.

In the morning, likewise, call in all the help you require: “Lord Michael, I request and require that you and your Legions gather round me to protect and assist me today and every day. “Spread Angelic wings around me so that I am free to do my work, and to grow, heal, and learn, untouched by opposition, while gaining increasing strength, resilience, and Joy. I give thanks!”

You may still be aware of the density flowing around you, but do not feel it is your job to fix, heal, or even react to that which is being released upon the planet now, dear ones.

Part of why you came in at this time was to absolve yourself of the need to rescue, to be a savior, or to be saved, even in the most dire of times and places.

Release judgment of this time you are in, as you release the need to have all you experience make sense to you at this time.

Celebrate each person’s path, including your own, and do not feel that the density you may experience now is yours to dissolve.

Do not engage with such, and release the feeling that you must push against it, that something must be done.

Something is being done, and that is your very presence on the planet at this time! Along with that of millions of others who likewise have come in from all over the galaxy, and the Universe, to assist Earth at this time. Somehow, we are able to assure you, that is enough. Namaste, friends! You are never alone.

Copyright 2021, Caroline Oceana Ryan

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The Collective and Saint Germain through Caroline Oceana Ryan

A Message to Lightworkers – August 13, 2021 (

A Message to Lightworkers – August 13, 2021

This week’s guidance from the Ascended Masters, Galactics, Earth Elements, Fae Elders, Angelic legions, and Archangels known as the Collective: [From the Collective’s live channeling on the August 10, 2021 Ashtar Legacy Call] Greetings, dear ones! We are very happy to have this time to speak with you today.

And so we welcome everyone to stand with us now in this beautiful Circle of Light. This is something we do on the Abundance Calls; we ask everyone to come in to this Circle.

And just open up every pore of your being to absorb Light, such as will heal some places, will inspire other places, will dissolve blockages, and will show you your higher aspect.

Now, that lovely song you heard, which is called “Hammond Song,” was recorded more than 40 years ago.

And it was recorded by a lovely group; three sisters whose surname is Roche. They just called themselves The Roches.

We invite you to look at this beautiful song, which has inspired so many for two generations now—to see their life not as a fait accompli, not as a moment of, “Yes, I understand what I’m doing now, and I’m on the right track, and I’m joyfully fulfilling everything I came here to do, and everything’s fine!”

Not at all.

In that song, they are describing for you a sort of post-adolescent cry for freedom. And the voice, the stern voice that keeps coming forward, is that of a parent. It warns them—it warns the young woman, “If you go down to Hammond”—if you go down to this town, or that part of town—“you’ll never come back!” Meaning, “you won’t be the same girl who our left our house. You’ll have forgotten all our good training. You’ll have forgotten exactly who you ought to be. And you will have left behind the best part of yourself.”

And what they mean by that, is “the part of you that we trained to behave and to think and to speak in a particular way.” At one lovely point, the youngest of the three sings, “Well I went down to Hammond / I did as I pleased / I ain’t the only one / Who’s got this disease.”

Meaning, the need for self-expression. A need for living one’s own life.

And if you want to carry it to a higher level, friends—a need for sovereignty.

And what we see, as we look out over all of you and all over the Earth now, is human beings crying out for their sovereignty, and yet fearing a loss of the parental Love and protection and security.

So that is to say, in other words, that people are going to look at the current financial system and say, “Well, this is fraudulent, and corrupt, and horrible!”

But then they get fearful. Sort of like when one has a job that one doesn’t like, but is afraid to leave it. “What if there’s nothing else? What if the next job is worse! What if there is no next job?!”

So that that umbrella, as oppressive and awful as it is, and running entirely adverse, entirely as an anathema, to one’s life energies—that umbrella begins to look more attractive, the more it starts to fall apart.

And in this transition state, when you see people around you taking ill, or there’s word of this many people dying, or this many people getting this illness or that, or reacting to this jab or that, etc.—you begin to panic. At least in a part of you. Because you have been trained to do so.

What we would Love for you to understand, is that none of you came here to feel secure in the old Earth way of feeling “secure.”

You came in to be that brash adolescent, or that brash young person in their early twenties, who decides, “I’m not going to do it this way. I was trained to live this way. But I’m not going to do it that way.” Now, all of you no doubt are saying, “Yes, no kidding! I made that decision a long time ago. I don’t belong to the old Earth! I belong to the New Earth. That’s not very interesting, Collective. Can you come up with something else, please?”

And we would say, the interesting thing is that all of you, just like all of the people who would not call themselves Awakened, or who would not feel very Awakened—all of you also have your times of feeling a bit nervous and unsure and insecure. And the term that comes to mind, is Attachment. This isn’t because you are weak and narrow-minded, or lack any sort of imagination for what life might be like once NESARA is fully enacted.

Nothing like it!

It’s not that you don’t have a vision. It’s that you have been carefully mentally programmed to think along extremely narrow lines.

And to literally fear for your survival if you don’t do as you are told. What you are being told right now, is “Act fearful! And follow directions everywhere! Don’t think for yourself. And don’t worry, this overarching authority structure has your best interests in mind!” That sort of scaling down of your own independent ability to think for yourselves—that refusal to admit that you’re individuals, and that insistence that you join the hive mind— This is the last line to cross, dear ones!

So if you want a bit of inspiration now, again we would say, go to YouTube or go where you can buy this first album that The Roches put out, and look up “Hammond Song.” And our point is not [for you to] just say, “Well, yes—I came here to be the rebellious type!”

Listen to the Joy, the breakthrough Joy and the self-Knowing that is in those three women’s voices, and in their energies, and in their presence!

Can you think of anything more subversive to do with your time and your life energies right now, than being Joyful? Because we cannot! Doesn’t that go entirely against plan? Entirely against the agenda, and entirely against the grain of the old order!

And is that a sort of “also ran”—is that a secondary or third or fourth or fifth-level idea you came in with?

No! We can hear a lot of you saying right now, “It was the first idea!”

Because in that Joy, in that revelry, and in these astounding energies pouring in now—and they are very powerful, as you’re still in the Lion’s Gate portal timeframe—in that burst of Light, you are increasingly remembering Who you are.

And not just in the way that one reads about on the internet—“Yes yes, I’m a Starseed! Yes, all right—I’m a Lightworkers or Light Bringer. All right, whatever . . . “ It’s not quite that. It’s the individual pinpoint of Light that is your soul in this Universe that marks out an expression of Divinity in some way that has never yet been seen or heard.

So what you’re doing is, you’re bringing your soul power into your body at this time, at a level that you haven’t before.

And we will say that Yes, these energies can be exhausting.

And yes, they are pressuring you to make big changes. We see one channeling session after another where people are leaving their spouse or partner, or job or home, and moving on.

Absolutely, it’s spurring on huge changes. And that is very, very beautiful.

And yet, the Joy of the moment is still what you came in for! Not the shock of it. Not the endangerment. Not a political statement.

Not even a spiritual statement in the sense that you’ve been taught, which is akin to religion—which isn’t actually that spiritual. Every now and again it will be, but that’s not always what’s at the root.

So what we are doing right now is blazing the Violet Flame throughout this beautiful Circle of Beings that all of us are, and blazing this beautiful presence of each person’s soul power—anchoring that into the Earth all the further. All the way down into the Center, and then all the way up into the higher realms.

It’s flowing powerfully through every ship gathered around the Earth. There are countless ships—billions of them, even trillions.

It’s pouring up, well up through all of them, through every conceivable planet and star that it meets, and further on. And that [energetic] pathway is the thing that you fly in on!

The reason it reaches deep into the Earth, even though people have been taught that the Earth is dense and dark and difficult, is because of course as you know, She too is returning to being her Higher Self. She too is Ascending.

Saint Germain wishes to step forward, and so he is going to speak with you now: “Greetings, friends!

This is a beautiful assembly. And we see tinged in each of your auras an expression of gold.

And do you understand that you are setting into the Earth, planting the seed, of true Abundance, and the flow of perfect Divine energy through your Earth.

This can only mean beautiful provision for every child, every woman, every man, every beast!

We wish you to release this fear-based economy. And when we say ‘economy,’ we mean, ‘a way of seeing the world.’

We wish for you to release the old currency, and when we say that, we don’t mean these bits of paper and metal. We mean the old thoughts that taught you that sickness was the norm, and sadness was the norm, and discord and disagreement, and rage and loss.

And the sooner you stop associating with even that which you see around you, and associating yourself with that which you see in the news, as if that was your reality, the sooner you step into the New Atlantis.

And this you have come for, dear ones!

(I am bringing in more Light now, down through the crown chakra [of everyone].) It’s pure golden Light. It lights up every cell of your being, every particle of your thought, your emotion. And your spirit does indeed take a leap for Joy!

I am working diligently with many others to ensure NESARA’s breakthrough moment. And if you ever doubt that, sit down quietly and ask the Universe or your higher self, How do I birth NESARA in my own way? And that way you don’t have to ask, “How close are we?” Or “When shall it happen?” Because you will know it is already happening within you. And in that moment, dear ones, you walk with Masters. You walk with the White Knights. You walk with all students and initiates of the Higher Way, the mystery schools. All of it now blending beautifully—all of these eras of thought and study and understanding, and inner experience—quite visceral experience, and not merely academic notions—all of those centuries now rolled into the Present Moment, as Time on your planet disappears—just folds. Past into present and present into future—it doesn’t matter anymore!

Stop counting the days! Stop counting the minutes or the months or the years! Let it go! Stop stressing that you are getting older. You’re not! You’re just detoxing from all of the density of these other lives you’ve lived, and the preamble to what you are coming into now, which has been this life experience, before this year.

And you are aware that the desperation of ‘the old power structure,’ as the writer calls it, would not be so great, were your moment of sovereignty and true liberty not at hand, for it is!

We declare it to be so! Now, will you declare it to be so? Say it aloud right now! ‘And so it is! I AM! I AM that I AM!’


There is no day that goes by, that we do not think of those hopeful, if sometimes contentious, summer days spent in Independence Hall in Philadelphia. And for me, it was but a few hours ago, and I am joined now by some [the spirits of George Washington, John Adams, and other Founders] who were there with me.

And do not doubt dear ones, but that they stand with you in all that you reach for, and all that you build now.

And so, all of us in the Collective, and we include all of you in that!—we bow to you. We bow to one another, as we tip the scales on this planet to return to Service to Others, releasing Service to Self for all Time-Space. It is dissolved! And so we give thanks! Namaste!”

Copyright 2021, Caroline Oceana Ryan

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When you decide not to wait, but to hold the frequencies of what you desire in your heart-mind, in your body, in your spirit each day, from rising at morning to falling asleep again at night—you do the opposite.

A Message to Lightworkers – August 6, 2021

This week’s guidance from the Ascended Masters, Galactics, Earth Elements, Fae Elders, Angelic legions, and Archangels known as the Collective. Greetings, dear ones! We are very pleased to have this time with you today.

Once again our writer speaks with Saint Germain, and he is happy to offer insights into the current situation on your planet, and what is occurring now in your Earth lives:

COR: Greetings, Lord Saint Germain!

SAINT GERMAIN: Greetings, good lady. How may I assist?

COR: Probably because I am a channeler, I have a good number of people at any one time asking in one way or another, “How much longer?”

I don’t blame them for that. I’m asking that myself now on a regular basis, in addition to calling forth higher assistance for the entire planet.

All of us are desiring to know when NESARA will finally be fully enacted, and what else could possibly go wrong between now and then—how to deal with the current madness, and how to strengthen our inner selves for whatever else may be coming down the line.

And asking to know how we can assist, whether energetically or otherwise.

SAINT GERMAIN: Generally, we are not asked that last part.

Only the first part, as if it were an event evolving outside of yourselves, whereas as we have discussed before now, this is an event that can only unfold within each person’s own thoughts, energies, expectations and vision.

It is a moment of integration. That is the shift you seek.

And so, you are asking, in addition to “When?” which is not really the relevant question, but also “What else can happen?” Which again, is a matter of what you and your fellow humans decide will or must occur on your timeline.

And it is a higher vibrational timeline than you have been on for millennia—that alone is a cause for celebration!

COR: Pardon, my lord—how is “When” not a relevant question?

SAINT GERMAIN: Because you are stepping out of Time, all of you, and your planet.

And because to measure progress in terms of hours or days or months past is never a fruitful way forward.

You were taught to think in terms of Time—how long will it take till I am proficient at mathematics, or singing, or badminton . . . yet what does it matter?

Is the journey less or more important if it is over with quickly?

Isn’t the journey the very thing you birthed yourself into a human body for?

COR: Yes and no! Once you’re here, in a body, you are subjected to linear time. And you have certain dreams and visions, right from a young age, that you wish to unfold “in perfect time and way,” which for most of us means, “right away, please!”

SAINT GERMAIN: And so you speak now of the real issue, which is the impatience of Earth beings to have what they desire at the moment that they desire it.

And that is not the same as the forms of progression and evolvement that you came to partake in.

That is not the same as the Earth and Her people being ready for NESARA.

And so I continue: What else can happen is not a question of “What else can go wrong” if you come out of judgment regarding what is good and what is not good.

Human beings have thrived on judgment and its many limitations and ego-feeding aspects for thousands of years.

And now, as they say, “Time’s up.”

Not only in the sense of, “Time for the crooks to go to jail” (though it is such), but in the sense of “Time is no longer relevant to Earth life as it once was. “Let us stop thinking in terms of ‘When’ and ‘How much longer,’ and invest solely in the only Time that actually exists, which is the present moment.”

And realize as well that when you wait for something, you give your power away to that person or persons, and that circumstance which you have decided can provide what you desire.

When you decide not to wait, but to hold the frequencies of what you desire in your heart-mind, in your body, in your spirit each day, from rising at morning to falling asleep again at night—you do the opposite.

You then birth that which you desire where it MUST be birthed, to begin with, which is in the heart-based imaging and frequency of a human being.

This is not a journey that belongs to the stars or to those who coast in and amongst them in highly advanced starships, nor those who as Angels flow easily from one dimension to another.

This is a journey that belongs to those born in a time-space that holds the ephemeral in one hand, and the eternal in the other. And yet—you came in to overcome the restrictions of Time-Space. Not to embody them, and hope for an improved situation along the very lines that you have since repudiated as insufficient, and even dangerous to Earth life.

COR: Well, now you’ve presented an argument for which there is no opposing argument, my lord.

Now you’ve pointed out that in order to move to the next level, we have to BE the next level. And that requires our focus and determination to deny everything we have been born into and experienced over hundreds of Earth lives.

That sounds to be a rather large leap, and not just philosophically, but vibrationally!

How, when millions are dying and we are being lied to on so many levels—how do we go about whistling cheerfully about NESARA and saying, “All is well”?!

SAINT GERMAIN: We do not suggest that humanity ignore what is occurring now. That would be difficult to impossible. It is so that many are mourning personal losses due to illness, fire or flood. And feeling the pressures of a now permanently broken economic system, which never worked for the majority, whose interests it falsely claimed to represent, and which was built on lies and all forms of chicanery.

This presents a conundrum, in the sense that you could celebrate the end of the false Earth system of living, yet to celebrate now would be to deny the personal pressures and tragedies of many millions, and most Light Beings in human form offer the opposite response. You prefer to cry with those who cry, and to agree that this is a very dark time, rather than celebrate at a time when loss and imbalance appears to be the order of the day.

In fact, there is a third path that most do not consider, and that is one of what one might call Forgiveness, though not a forgiveness in the way religions tend to teach it.

COR: Forgiveness of the old order?

SAINT GERMAIN: Forgiveness of one’s self.

I speak here of the fact that most have a fear of their own and humanity’s vulnerability. A feeling of “my impermanence is killing me,” one might say, which is an amusing combination of words, or an ironic one.

Our point being that you as a race have not felt this alone, isolated, and vulnerable to attack in several centuries. And you are reacting in numerous ways that do not necessarily assist your eternal aspect.

In your desire for physical immortality, you have attached to NESARA law’s enactment as a sort of cure-all for your ephemeral status, when in fact it was not created for that.

COR: Yet it was created to free humanity—to return us to full sovereignty, even if we only live for a few minutes more after its enactment!

SAINT GERMAIN: Most assuredly, it will usher in changes that most would consider miraculous—a drastic shift out of the feudal slavery system humanity has lived under for millennia.

Preparations are being made for those shifts even now. Yet it does not create your freedoms, per se. It cannot be law only that determines humanity’s freedoms, then or now.

Your race of beings is raising its frequency to levels where you are realizing your innate strengths to create new realities.

That is not something that a law “gives” you, as laws tend to outer matters, and we speak of that which is intrinsic within all humans.

To move fully into one’s own conscious awareness is the first step to freeing one’s own self, and then, as others follow, a movement, and then a planetary shift, is created.

This is where it begins. That is the open door you seek.

Not the enactment of this law that is more the announcing of these changes than the creation of them.

COR: Forgive me, lord, but you sound to be speaking in rather idealistic terms. Humans live from one day to the next, and never more so than now, as in all times of crisis.

Almost none of us are out there giving thanks for the new day, living entirely in the present, paving the way to a 5D world with our Joyful vibration.

A few, perhaps. But most would view them as living in a dream world.

The real work of being human means outer communication—encouraging one another where we can to stay as positive as possible, yet balancing that with the ongoing daily tasks that are grounded in the Earth realities—work and bill-paying, and caring for self and family.

We’re not birthing brave new worlds, because life already feels like an Aldous Huxley novel!

SAINT GERMAIN: Ah! And so—now is the time!

COR: To forgive our vulnerability?

To forgive ourselves for having bitten off way more than we could chew by incarnating at this time?

SAINT GERMAIN: Most assuredly so!

And that you forgive your own heart for leaning into NESARA and the liberation of this planet, as if you were still wedded to the savior/victim belief pattern, and holding on, waiting for your hero or heroine to arrive to save you.

COR: But it is a heroic act, to forgive in the sense of saying, “I hereby free myself of my own judgments, of myself or others. I call it ALL good! That is all.”

SAINT GERMAIN: Probably one of the greater things you have been born for at this time, all of you.

COR: The whole thing is RIFE with ironies!

SAINT GERMAIN: And such is Earth life, dear one. In the higher realms, you find it amusing at times.

COR: I’m nuts there too, then.

SAINT GERMAIN: Yet not without purpose. All is well, as you spoke earlier, though humanity does not see this yet.

COR: Bizarrely, that I can accept! But can you tell us please, nevertheless, how close we might be? You spoke of a number of steps or stages when we spoke a few months ago—

SAINT GERMAIN: We would say now, that two remain. Namaste, dear one! We are with you, all of us. None of you are abandoned, now or ever.

COR: Thank you, lord. Blessings to you.

SAINT GERMAIN: [bowing] In your service, madam.

And in service to all.

Copyright 2021, Caroline Oceana Ryan

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Healing Our Subconscious: Feeling Worthy of Abundance.

Greetings, dear ones! We are very pleased to have this moment to speak with you again.

And so today we again speak of financial Abundance in the context of releasing thoughts of hopelessness and despair, of fear, stress, worry.

In other words, moving up to a level of quite positive, quite happy feelings and thoughts about money.

And so just breathe in deeply for a moment. In through the nose, as if you were breathing in pure gold . . .

Let’s just do that for a moment. If there’s another color that’s far more positive for you—perhaps the healing emerald green, or the rose color of heart—the ruby rose ray—that is fine.

Take that in . . . and when you are ready, slowly exhale through the mouth with a “ha” sound. So that as you are breathing out, you are releasing feelings that are actually connected to thoughts and ideas that are not yours.

Anyone who has lived a human life has been programmed into certain forms of thoughts.

And perhaps “programmed” isn’t the nicest word, and one doesn’t like to hear or use it very often, because then you think, “Oh, now I’m just feeling sort of used, and not very well supported by the Universe, and I only want to think of the positive things.” And we completely, utterly understand—we utterly understand what you mean, dear ones.

And of course you’re right to think positively.

And yet to get to the bottom of the unhappy emotions that push you into fear and stress and anxiety about money, one has to admit, there’s an awful lot there that you didn’t create—that came in to you.

Some of it inherited from family and ancestors, and some of it from very dark thoughtforms loosed upon the population for millennia—that old matrix structure that you hear people talking about. And this is not you! Can you take a moment to look at these habits of stress and worry.

Look at this feeling as if you were holding it in your hand, this feeling of, “There’s never enough” . . . “I’m afraid that if I live the life that’s really joyful to me, I won’t be able to sustain it financially . . . “

Just look at it. Just hold it in your hand. All the stress and worry thoughts you were taught as a child, perhaps by parents or grandparents who lived during the Great Depression.

Perhaps by those who simply were afraid of money and felt that it was completely evil and that they were better off being, as they say, “Poor but honest.”

And this is quite regrettable, because it means that the money isn’t always there when it’s needed for completely positive reasons. Very beautiful reasons.

And it means that the money isn’t there as an expression of your ability to co-Create with this Universe.

So again, breathing in that beautiful Divine Golden Light, or Divine Rose-Colored Light—whatever you find most comforting and healing.

We say Divine Golden Light because that is the essence of real Abundance in this Universe, gold and silver—part of it, at any rate. A beautiful demonstration of it.

Gold is a very healing property, a very healing element.

So we don’t suggest that anyone swallow solid gold, of course! But understand that it contains the essence of healing, and it contains the essence of a great deal of enlightenment that pulls you into becoming increasingly your higher self.

Now, the fact that it is valued also on the planet in monetary terms, is very interesting.

And we want you for a moment, if you could, to image yourself as a beautiful golden chalice.

You may have heard us do this visualization before, but image yourself as a beautiful golden chalice.

That’s you—every bit of you! You’re just taking on that form for a moment, and you’re embedded with diamonds and rubies and powerful crystals that call in Abundance, and emeralds and sapphires—these absolutely beautiful precious gems.

And now see pure gold—the essence of pure Divine Light, sparkling gold, pouring in to you.

See it continue to pour in, as you fill up, and you’re full, and then overflowing.

As it’s overflowing—what’s going to happen?

You can only hold so much Abundance. As you overflow with Abundance, it spills out of your container, and into the world!

There are so many you can help.

Now, does the overflow come first? Are you giving constantly first? No! To begin with, dear ones, you’re open to Receive. You’re ready to give, but you are filling up yourself.

Similar to your life energy: You don’t over-give until there’s nothing there. You don’t give from an empty cup, as they say

You allow in so that you overflow. And that beautiful overflow can feed the world. Can heal the world.

Now, we want you to look at a smaller, shallower, quieter, shadowy self for a moment.

Your lower self or subconscious, and all of his or her unhealed aspects.

Image him or her in front of you as a small, fearful, very sketchy sort of person.

A frightened being, and one who has stunted their own growth many times, out of fear that if they reach for too much, they won’t be safe.

And say to him or her, “I AM pulling you into the Light!”

Pick him or her up, hold them in your arms. This is like a small child who is frightened and unhappy.

Turn yourself again into that goblet, and now the subconscious, that little one, is inside of that beautiful gold goblet.

And again, let’s just fill up that goblet, and fill up that subconscious with that powerful Divine Golden Light—this powerful Divine Substance.

What’s going on with the subconscious? Probably they’re jumping up and down, and enjoying this beautiful golden bath of pure sparkling Light! And now they’re transforming . . . And all of these dense episodes, experiences, programming, interferences, entities that are not meant to be in your energies are just dissolving. Perfectly dissolving, as if they were in these ocean waters. Swept away, and then just dissolved.

And place those worries and stresses that you had in your hand—place those into the cup as well, and watch those also just dissolve, then rise to a higher level.

And that subconscious now stands straight and tall, and is a beautiful golden god or goddess, healed and empowered! Open your arms now as you return to human form.

Accept him or her into your heart, and affirm for them, “We are healed! And we remain healed.” We would do this sort of visualization often. It doesn’t have to take long at all.

You might want to do it each night before you fall asleep, or when you wake up in the morning.

Just see your chalice—turn [yourself] into that beautiful golden chalice, see it filled up with Divine Golden Substance, and see it overflowing.

There might smaller empty cups around you—debts that need to be paid off.

See all that beautiful sparkling gold pouring into those cups as well, paying off all those debts, filling up all those savings accounts, creating a beautiful new home. Anything you need for yourself or loved ones—healing, time off from work that you haven’t had in a long time.

Anything that is something you greatly desire to fulfill.

We will just check in with the higher selves quickly to see if there is anything else that they want us to bring up . . . [listening]

They want us to point out that it’s good to say, “Yes, I deserve this. Yes, I AM worthy of this!” And hold the subconscious—get that image of holding the subconscious deep within your heart, and say over and over, “I AM worthy! I deserve this. If not me, then who?” The Universe is full, absolutely full of Abundance. It can’t run out! So don’t hesitate to call it in, dear ones! We send much Love, and many blessings.


Copyright 2021, Caroline Oceana Ryan

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Your Path to Manifesting a Bigger Financial Income

Greetings, dear ones! We are very pleased to have this time to speak with you today. Amidst the spray of the surf!

And so, today we are speaking on something that has been difficult for many people, particularly over the past year or so, when many found that their jobs were gone, perhaps their industry badly impacted.

And perhaps, even for those who are still employed, whether self-employed or otherwise, you are feeling, “I would still like to require the Universe to flow greater Abundance to me, because I know that the Universe is never out of Abundance material. “It’s never out of the Divine Substance from which all fine things are created.” And that includes money, even though money has been trapped in a very dark system for centuries. Nevertheless, this planet is evolving beyond those old systems.

And money has signaled their wonderful interest and enthusiasm and consent for moving into NESARA currency.

So, all right—let’s look at it that way. Let’s look at it as pure Divine Light—not as this stuff that wants to make you miserable! Because that was never its intent. So looking at money that way—as a friend, as someone who co-Creates with you, and as someone who respects and honors your dreams and your values and your ethics— Looking at money that way, if you want to take a moment, or if you want to close your eyes, or as you’re looking at the waves, just concentrate on their beautiful movement.

You notice, as we pointed out in other videos, that there are the peaks and the troughs. There’s the ebb and the flow.

See if you can mimic some of this in your own body. See if you can take a moment for yourself where you’re just rocking gently forward and back, ever so slightly.

If you’re lying down as you listen to this, you can do it with your hands and feet.

If you’re sitting or standing, you can do it with the rest of the body. Just slowly rocking back and forth very rhythmically, like the waves.

And notice how the body is always willing to recuperate and come back.

It’s always willing to come forward again [after moving back], and that there doesn’t seem to be any separation in the movement.

And something you could say right now to your finances, might be something like, “I allow you your ebb and flow! I honor that, as I honor it in all Nature.”

So you’re not really so much feeling lost [financially during the “ebb” times], as understanding that there will be times when money comes in a bit more [or less] than it has at other times, and you’re all right with that.

And you’re allowing this beautiful back-and-forth motion. You’re blessing the back-and-forth motion. And now you’re even giving thanks for it!

Now you want to say to money, and to the Universe: “Can you increase the flow toward me—without increasing the outgo. Because perhaps somewhere in my subconscious is the expectation that once more money comes in, more has to go out. And I know that that is not necessarily true!”

So if you can, get this feeling of more energy flowing in toward you . . .

As each wave you’re watching flows toward you, notice how powerful it is.

Image your income as a great wave of energy flowing into you now.

And it’s coming in through different channels. It doesn’t only come in from one place. And that is wonderful!

It doesn’t matter how you see it. Just notice your current flow—get an image of that—and then double it, triple it, quadruple it. Take it times 10 if you’d like!

But get an image of that flow of energy flowing into you, coming into your being, your heart-space. Welcome it into the heart-space! You’re going to receive everything that the Universe has to give in through the heart-mind. Through the high heart.

And you’re helping money to release this left-brain dominance, this sort of masculine predominance that it’s been given [via the old financial system] in its energies.

You’re helping it move beyond that.

And just feel the gentleness of this flow. And allow that some of this will, absolutely, be going out.

Can you release it joyfully? Can you bless it, as some of it releases?

And can you bless the fact that more of it is staying with you! You’re able to save more. You’re able to dissolve debt more easily now.

Can you accept that?

Now we’re going to work with your subconscious for a moment to remove energy blockages. And what we would love for you to do, is to think of the specific amount you would love to bring in every year or every month—probably a monthly amount is a good idea, particularly if you are self-employed.

Just hold that idea, and again, see this beautiful huge rush of energy pouring in to you, whether it’s sparkling Light or a rush of ocean water. Just pouring in, and your whole body is just taking it in, and you’re releasing some of it back into the Universe. Now, a lot of people will give 10 percent of what they receive—they give that back.

That is actually a beautiful Abundance principle, because 10 is the number of increase. It’s exponential in nature. It’s a beautiful number!

And some will save 10 percent. And some will do both.

And that is fine! You’re giving, either way.

And think of all the money you release every week or every month, and bless it.

And say, “I bless you! Thank you for coming to me! I’m paying you out now—I’m paying someone else. And I’m giving thanks that you have flowed through me, traveled through me, and now you’re moving on to someone else, in perfect ways! And so I bless you, and I thank you.”

Every single cent you get, you put your hand on that check or that electronic transfer indication, or that cash, and you say: “Thank you! Thank you for coming to me! I bless you and multiply you by 10! “I give of you. I save you. I honor you. And I lift you to the vibration of NESARA currency now! “Thank you, Universe! Thank you, Money, and Thank You, Universe!”

You want to keep a Thankfulness Journal every day—this is very powerful!—and thank the spirit of Money itself.

Because everything on the Earth has an etheric value. Has an etheric presence, an essence. So remember to give Thanks to money as well. Everything you want to experience more of, you give Thanks for! You don’t go into this sort of, very unhappy, “Oh, gosh—there’s not enough . . . ” You just say, “Thank you so much, that there is always more than enough!” And will you feel as if you’re lying or making it up? Yes, of course! But are you? Considering that you are a part of this astounding Universe! If it created this sea, it can create plenty of beautiful, healthy, joyful wealth for you and your loved ones. So we give thanks for all you do, dear ones, and send much Love. Namaste!

Copyright 2021, Caroline Oceana Ryan

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We have seen no people so determined as yourselves, to rise up to where the impediments of the past, including war, famine, and overt control over modern life, are no longer being tolerated…And yet, you are yourselves the captains and commanders of those vessels that you look to the skies for a glimpse of!

A Message to Lightworkers – May 27, 2021

by Caroline Oceana Ryan | 

This week’s guidance from the Ascended Masters, Galactics, Earth Elements, Fae elders, Angelic legions, and Archangels known as the Collective:

Greetings, dear ones! We are very pleased to have this opportunity to speak with you again today.

We see so many now asking to understand why such great numbers of people are leaving the planet through one means or another.

And asking as well to know why it is that things appear to be getting worse, not better, despite much talk for a very long time about a New Earth, and higher energies.

And again, we will simply say that much must be dissolved, and other situations and beings must move to a higher vibratory level, before anything so idyllic as what you have envisioned can come to pass.

It is so that you have already journeyed far, and are tired many days.

Tired physically from not only the demands of work and/or family, and the ongoing pressures of life on a planet that is not quite sovereign yet, yet also from the ongoing infusion of higher energies.

These are requiring every cell, every particle of your being to rise to a new and higher expression—that of your true self.

You are of course also tired mentally and emotionally, not only from the news that reaches you through your media channels, but from the old trauma and energy interferences you still carry from many centuries of Earth lives.

Photo by Lynne Newman

You are understandably tired from the ongoing shifts and apparent interruptions to “normal life” that have to do with your Ascension journey, and the dissolution of the old order.

Yet for each of you, the greatest change of all is your witnessing all that is not your authentic self letting go and releasing you, as you release it.

We cannot emphasize enough that these pressures are taking their toll—all the more apparent in these pre-solstice days, when the powerful energies of the May 26 full moon lunar eclipse are still being felt. 

It is important to take more time to rest and restore yourselves now, in this time of powerful rebirth and transformation.

At this time, your spirit and psyche are coming into their own in ways you have never quite bargained for, one might say.

We want to say in fact, that you are now Lighter in your travels, though you may have assumed that that was always the case—that your etheric travels have always been fluid and filled with endless potential.

Yet this is new, your increased etheric presence and connection to that etheric aspect—the spirit aspect that travels at night to varying dimensions, Earth kingdoms, planets, Inner Earth, and elsewhere.

That aspect that communes with varying kinds of beings in different environments, depending upon your purpose and your Earth mission.

Many of you are in fact sea beings in human form, who travel to speak with sea animals, the Mer people, the plants, rivers, and mountains under the Earth’s seas, whether to assist in their development or in their healing and detoxification from the waste and excesses of the modern world.

Some of you are beings of the air or the Earth, and so to speak with the rock and mineral nation, or to meet with high councils of Crystal beings, or to fly with dragons around or inside the Earth—none of that is new to you, and all of it powerfully layered now with even higher intent and purpose than before.

We have seen no people so determined as yourselves, to rise up to where the impediments of the past, including war, famine, and overt control over modern life, are no longer being tolerated.

Photo by Jerry Moriarty

You are greatly assisted by the current energies, which are made to constantly ring in your cellular vibratory rate at increasingly higher levels.

Those higher frequencies are not so much intrusions in your day, as they are reminders of your true selves, and your true home.

All of you who have volunteered to come in at this time have experienced Earth and other planets at far higher vibrations than where Earth now resonates.

So that with your very presence, you are calling Her forward, and with Her, all of Her many beings.

“And what of the others here, you may ask, those who are not fully human?

“Those who are descended of the fallen Angels—or descended from the invaders who long ago came to Earth and decided to make it a slave planet, a place of loss, death, and shortened life spans.

“Those who have exploited her Being so as to worship their own false sense of power. 

“Shall they also Ascend? And how much longer are we to labor under their madness?”

We are often asked how much worse things will get, or will humanity fall into extinction before the long nightmare is ended.

And we will say, you are not headed for extinction as a race or a planet, as this will not be permitted, despite appearances at times.

You have many times been held separate from what would have most assuredly spelled the end of this planet’s life by nuclear arsenal, which in the case of Earth’s current timeline, has been prevented from deployment, or taken away and detonated well outside of Earth’s atmosphere.

You have never been alone in this, dear ones.

And as always, we must point out that you did not come in to be rescued, but to actively create the sort of autonomy and exercise of free will—of empowered consciousness—that could only be dreamt of in previous times.

Yet you look too often outside yourselves from some help to arrive from the sky.

And yes, we are able to encourage and assist.

And yet, you are yourselves the captains and commanders of those vessels that you look to the skies for a glimpse of!

You simply lack conscious memory of those roles and capabilities.

And yet increasingly—yes, you are beginning to remember.

So perhaps, do not so quickly curse the incoming energies, though they may some days cause headaches, dizziness, tiredness, or a release of old grief as you detach from old Earth traumas, roles, and constrictions.

That Light now arriving and permeating your being is exactly the assistance you yourselves chose to receive.

The energetic codes you are now downloading into your human systems are supporting you perfectly in your new growth and realizations, despite the outer roadblocks thrown in your way to hold you back, energetically or otherwise.

They cannot, for you have chosen as a race of beings to Ascend to where those attempts are utterly incapable of deterring you from that which you designed before incarnating.

And so, when you next board your favorite ship to convene in council or private discussion with soul family members, or travel to a healing temple in Inner Earth or your favorite planet, or commune with the creatures of the wild—in your sleep state or as your higher self, yet you are there, nevertheless!—recall that this is what you chose.

That the day for denying What Is has well passed.

And that even in this moment, of all moments, apparently full of despair, treachery, and the undoing of an age, there has never been such a beautiful world.

Namaste, friends!

We are with you, always.


Copyright 2021, Caroline Oceana Ryan

If you repost, please maintain the integrity of this information by reprinting it in full and exactly as you find it here, and including the link to the original post.

Thank you.

Now that the tide has turned in Earth’s vibration, and humanity’s awareness has tipped in favor of liberation and renewal, you will see the very changes that presage NESARA’s full arrival and unfolding.

by Caroline Oceana Ryan

Greetings, dear ones! We are very pleased to have this time to speak with you today. We sense that many of you are asking again when NESARA may be coming, and we bring some news of such.

For one, when you hear of your ET brothers and sisters landing upon the Earth or being stationed outside the Earth, in Her atmosphere, understand that this is not merely to say that these beings are nearby, for those who find that information fascinating or comforting on some level.

It is an active indication of how close you are to metamorphosizing life on your planet—both witnessing some great changes, and being an integral, active part of other changes.

You are aware that your presence on the Earth at this time is no accident (nor do such things exist in your Universe, for the most part).

You are aware that you have all come in with a special Earth mission which you may or may not be consciously aware of, regarding what kind of work you are doing in your etheric body at night, and what kinds of energy transmissions you are taking part in each day with your very presence, as you transform human consciousness and lift the Earth to higher vibrational levels.

The details have not been so important to your everyday waking consciousness, that you would need to know the nature of your and your soul family’s mission—until now.

And so you will increasingly have dreams that offer clues to the kind of work you do, or feel drawn to certain subjects, whether they have always interested you, or suddenly feel very relevant to you.

You may also increasingly meet people who feel to be on a similar life path, even if it is hard for you to identify what sort of path that is, exactly.

In other words, you are increasingly thinking with your higher mind, and following the intuitive leanings of your high heart.

This is a powerful sign that you are not only regaining your sovereignty as an individual being in this Universe, but that you are increasingly living on the same level of those you know and love who live in the ships that are now above or landing upon the Earth.

Many of you are increasingly in touch with those beings who live in Inner Earth, or who live deep in the ocean waters, in coves and underwater caves not yet discovered.

Many look like you, but for their webbed hands and feet, very pale complexion, and ability to remain underwater for great lengths of time.

You are also increasingly, in your etheric body, visiting the halls and offices of higher government around the world, shifting vibrations and tapping world leaders on the shoulder to remind them of their higher duty to humanity and the Earth, as they sift through information and formulate plans for their populace.

Your voices are heard via your vibration, and your presences are known to many in those places.

Nor do you fear interferences what in the past would have been threatening, forbidding you to intervene in world affairs, for you increasingly know your power and the meaning of your presence there.

And so, what has all this to do with NESARA’s enactment? you are asking now.

And we would say, Everything.

Now that the tide has turned in Earth’s vibration, and humanity’s awareness has tipped in favor of liberation and renewal, you will see the very changes that presage NESARA’s full arrival and unfolding.

You are correct in thinking that certain wheels have had to turn, certain situations be at the ready and fully in place, before NESARA could be announced.

Yet all of you have been and will continue to play a powerful part in reshaping your world and human consciousness, from the inside out, so that NESARA is presented to Earth’s people in ways not only believable, but in ways that feel natural, acceptable, even sensible.

You have many persons to thank—every composer, poet, artist or performer who paved the way with the vibration of their work and their presence, reaching for the higher vibrations some part of their spirit recalled from other dimensions, or from dreams of a future world.

Likewise, every teacher, every natural healer, every empath and intuitive and truth teller who has laid down their honest reading of a situation and woven the higher consciousness of a freed planet into their work, their words, their lives, their vibration.

And every dreamer, as Kermit the Frog sings, who has dared to believe in the Rainbow Bridge that stretches from where humanity has been, to where it is now, and where it shall be.

So do not look to your news reports or even the prophets amongst you for indication that “All is well,” when you know in your heart of high hearts that the path has been laid, that surety has been secured, and that what would have once been a miracle is simply New Earth life in all its varying colors and foundational realities.

So that when you hear the music of the spheres, growing quietly at first in your heart-space and then rising to your actual ears, you no longer wonder, “When?” but respond then as you do at this moment, saying only, “Now! Now is when it occurs, and we welcome this great moment, with all our hearts on fire.”

Namaste, dear ones!

Look up! We are with you, always.

The authentic self will take the news of NESARA and these days that lead to it with calm, with the kind of Joy that is open and in-the-moment, without feeling the need for all explanations and adjustment to all new situations occurring all at once.

The Collective: Great Movement

by Caroline Oceana Ryan

Greetings, friends! We are very pleased to have this moment to speak with you today.

And we wish to say, that there is great movement afoot now to bring each nation, each person, each community to a place of sovereignty in all ways and on all levels of life.

You may feel that the passage of NESARA law will solve only certain problems while producing others—too great a shift for some to adjust to.

Yet what you many call “problems” are generally the result of the particular way in which the ego-mind receives an event or situation.

It is a form of resisting a situation, rather than sitting with the discomfort or newness of it, patiently, until a resolution or adjustment can be found that is for the higher good of all.

The unfolding of this shift, which has been a long time (in your Earth time) in the making, is not something that will bring you into a similar situation to that which has already existed on the Earth.

You have before now built and sustained highly advanced societies and civilizations, yes, and some of these are still operating, such as those in Inner Earth.

Yet we speak of the liberation of surface Earth life, which has not yet been achieved (on this timeline) in terms of raising life from a dark and difficult third dimension to that of a higher, less dense form of reality.

NESARA’s enactment, though powerful and inevitable now, cannot do the real work of Ascending humanity or the Earth Herself. It is a sign of Ascension, not the completion of it.

Each day, each of you sees to the requirements of your particular paths, answering to different aspects of your Earth mission, while your soul family and Spirit team actively support you.

Though it may feel that they are quite distant, in fact you are powerfully connected to them in such a way that in essence, they never leave your side.

You are each of you facing inner forms of growth—the requirement for healing those fractured parts of your spirit and psyche, as well as new insight into those aspects of your spirit that do not require more spiritual “training” and left-brain learning, so much as more quiet, more calm, more acceptance of that which modern life drives you to ignore or neglect.

And that is the presence of your inner spirit, which does not fade, does not forget you, does not turn away, though you may unconsciously turn away from it many times throughout the day.

It is the authentic self, without the ornamentation the ego is so engaged in, that calls to you now.

The authentic self will take the news of NESARA and these days that lead to it with calm, with the kind of Joy that is open and in-the-moment, without feeling the need for all explanations and adjustment to all new situations occurring all at once.

The true inner self, if you will allow that to come forward now, is able to show you the depth of your own spirit in ways not known to you in nearly all your Earth lives since the fall of the great civilizations into the third dimension. 

If you are to live within what is called fifth density, you will need to know yourself—minus the constant chatter and distractions of what passes for an average day for most.

Can you sit with your own company, without checking the phone, or the email, or other devices, for several hours or even one hour each day?

Can you sit quietly with a friend and allow them to speak of their troubles or their happiness (or some trivial matter) and not think up a reply as they are speaking, but simply allow their energies to dance out in front of you, neither judging nor trying to shift where they are?

Can you be out in Nature and note the intricate patterns in a leaf, the twist of the blades of tall grass, the birds calling to one another, and be unafraid of the stillness you locate within yourself in those moments?

This too is your Ascension! This too is that New Earth you came to establish—firstly, from within.

For the consciousness you seek is not only that which is a matter of the “winning” of the Light Forces upon the Earth, and the removal of the oppressive systems under which you and others have labored for millennia.

It is not so much a political victory as a moment of heart-based realization—a coming home—and forms of growth that no oppressive structure can weaken or remove, even in their last desperate gasp.

This is who you have become over many centuries of Earth life in which you took part in the Great Experiment that was to be the fall of humanity from those forms of Grace, which held you in full awareness of your Divinity, into a loss of that awareness.

You are now awakening to that which you have always been—that brilliance your soul has thirsted for you to know and live within as easily as you breathe, and as necessary.

Can you now turn from the training you have mistakenly thought to be the self, to discover in the quiet, in the calm you intentionally create at crucial moments throughout the day, that which you were told must come from without?

That which you were taught can only come from certain beliefs, certain ideas, certain rituals?

Can you accept that the Universe and all its mysteries exist within you, whether you “ask the right questions” or not?

Can you accept the shifts NESARA will bring in terms of the necessity of facing yourself in ways you may have felt unnecessary, or too self-centered, or too intimidating?

Can you live within as fully as you live without?

We would, as the old saying goes, “bet the farm on it,” for we know that each of you in your high heart would ask for nothing less than the great adventure of that inner journey, and have come forward to be on the Earth at this crucial moment, in order to take on that very thing.

And so, we as always bow to your bravery, dear ones.

Yes, the au regime have made it difficult for you to know Truth from fiction, and yet—here you are, master poets who have taken their metaphors and written your own masterpieces, nevertheless.

Namaste, friends! You stand at the threshold.

Accept all the beauty you have created with your visions and commands.

And yes, we (and the Source) are with you, always.

Some of you imagine that that Ascension and the enactment of NESARA are many years down the line yet, yet we assure you, that cannot be.

The Collective: Energies Within You

by Caroline Oceana Ryan

This week’s guidance from the Ascended Masters, Galactics, Earth Elementals, Fae Elders, Angelic legions, and Archangels known as the Collective:

Greetings, dear ones! We are very pleased to have this moment to speak with you today.

The eclipse and solstice energies are still present with you—still flowing forward and affecting all of you.

The integrations and adjustments to these higher Lightforms are finding their way into your everyday life and body systems, as well as your etheric, mental, and emotional makeup.

You are many things at once; a number of energy bodies and layers of consciousness, each relating to Earth’s changing environment in its own way.

You live within layers of awareness, layers of Knowing and Understanding, layers of intention and interest.

So that to label yourself under any one identity becomes narrowing, and in many ways, utterly incorrect, as you consider all the various components and elements that are your true inner life.

There is an increasing awareness now that all these elements are inter-related, yet functioning at times as if separate from one another.

Often a person’s soul and consciousness will have been fractured or fragmented over the many centuries you have lived Earth lives, most of them involving one kind of trauma or another.

The energies now flowing to you, from your soul family, from your Sun Sol via the Great Central Sun, and from your own soul, and all those in the higher realms supporting your Ascension journey, are assisting you in healing that fragmentation, so that you become whole and renewed, and can once again be your full and authentic self.

Most people are unaware that they live under the weight of fragmentation, unaware of the different etheric levels and phenomena that challenge their wholeness, health, and healing.

This is why it is vital to stay present and aware in the body—which is challenging during these times of higher energy influxes and social upset.

It is vital to engage in practices such as yoga or tai chi, meditation and prayer, or high vibrational music, that raise your vibration steadily and consistently, returning you to your inner core and strengthening you in ways that assist you in healing and resisting energy interferences.

Many are feeling particularly vulnerable in this time of added stresses due to economic uncertainty, health issues, cultural changes, and yes, new beginnings, which however exciting and welcome, can still require a good amount of energy to adjust to.

We ask (because your Spirit teams of Angelic guardians, spirit guides, and higher self are asking) that you allow yourselves extra times of rest and quiet, time in Nature, and other practices that build you up inwardly, as you manage the stresses of new scenarios and feelings of uncertainty, and the memories of past traumas that are coming up for so many now.

Most assuredly, we have always encouraged you to rest when needed, to drink plenty of pure water, to spend time in Nature, to meditate on the beauty of your higher guidance, and to seek that guidance from your soul and the higher realms.

And yet these elements, due to the nature of Earth’s current timeline, may all need healing themselves, each in their own way.

This is confusing to many, to learn that not only their consciousness, but even their soul may carry energy imprints from past or current life experiences, and may also be fragmented and injured in some way.

Please know that healing—for the soul, for Earth consciousness, and all aspects of your spirit essence—is within your and humanity’s reach now.

Know that there are clear-sighted, benevolent energy healers on the Earth plane and in other realms, who see into the various situations that have affected your essence in this and other lives.

You are yourselves gaining in ability to see into and sense other realms, and to see what exists purely in the etheric, which is part of your evolving consciousness, and part of your New Earth self.

You will continue to strengthen your abilities in that area, though it is necessary to allow yourself that freedom, and that insight, without fear and without apology.

Many have a falsely created smaller self who tends to direct their self-concept, and this must change now, as you take up the full strength of your inner truth.

You did not come here, as they say, to “play small,” which serves no one, but to stand tall and straight in the knowledge that your Earth mission is of vital importance to Earth’s Ascension.

Some of you imagine that that Ascension and the enactment of NESARA are many years down the line yet, yet we assure you, that cannot be.

You and your fellow Earth beings have not written that “long wait” scenario into Earth’s current timeline.

That trajectory has already been set in motion, and will continue to its completion.

That is also not your burden to bear now, the “When” of what is to come.

What is your path, is the ongoing unfoldment of your inner truth—the tying up of all the loose ends created over hundreds of lives lived in the physical, in which more questions were created than answered, and more paths to new Knowledge and Wisdom begun than were finished.

We would encourage you to see yourself not in terms of the fledging barely able to make it out of the nest, but the master recalling from deep within their seeing and understanding intuitively any situation or task ahead.

We encourage you to grant that those around you are also awakening, albeit in their own time and way, and that far from being clueless and unaffected about Earth life now, they have come in at this time to experience and contribute to the Awakening that humans could only dream of in other lifetimes.

And so we support these dreams you have now, in which you are flying a great vessel to unknown destinations.

Sometimes that is a simply metaphor, yet often it is actually happening on many levels.

And yet—as you awaken, you have uncovered one more piece of that unseen land that appears now with every step you take, each aspect showing itself as you move forward, daring to believe it is there.

Yes, you have come to create the New Earth, and yet, also to discover it—deep within your own consciousness, deep within your own co-Creative god/goddess self. And so it is!

Namaste, dear ones! We are with you, always.

You are moving beyond the duality of good/bad and flowing beautifully into a unified concept of Oneness, and nonresistance to What Is.-The Collective-

A Message to Lightworkers – May 29, 2020

by Caroline Oceana Ryan

This week’s guidance from the Ascended Masters, Galactics, Earth Elementals, Fae Elders, Angelic legions, and Archangels known as the Collective:

Greetings, friends! We are very pleased to have this moment to speak with you today, particularly as you have entered a new phase of Earth life, and may have many questions at this time regarding what this foretells.

Many of you have noted an increasing number of flying craft in the sky, either viewing them with your own eyes or seeing film of such.

You may have for many years noted what are called “cloud ships” in your skies—clouds that are shaped as round or oblong craft, indicating to you that a ship is somewhat camouflaging itself so as to be viewed more closely than most ships will allow.

And yet—the increasing Schumann Resonance of your Earth, and your own ever-increasing frequencies have opened the door to your welcoming more ships and their crew, at ever-increasing levels now.

So that more and more of them are landing, conversing with Earth folk, and being welcomed by you with equal amounts of amazement and curiosity.

In truth, your real curiosity is for knowing who you are as galactic beings interconnected with all other galactic beings, and in a larger sense, all who inhabit your Universe.

  • Photo by Lynne Newman

You are correct if you are thinking that these movements forward will need to happen in steps, and not all at once.

For though you travel etherically each night to be on the ships, to assist your soul family in your joint Earth mission and all that entails, your conscious waking self has long been held in a control format that it is only now breaking free of.

And what will come of this, on the everyday level?

For one, dear ones, it is time that you began to fully love and accept who you are, including those unhealed, unhappy, or unfulfilled aspects of your being still in place.

It is time that you began to see that judgment of yourself and others only slows your progress, holding old pain and resentments in place.

Time that you realized that allowing yourself and others to be as they are—to start all endeavors and growth processes from a place of Peaceful acceptance, not disapproval—is required now.

And it is time that you understood that others are not necessarily trying to “give you a hard time” when they speak or act in ways that are hard for you to accept.

They too are trying to find their way, and will not trouble you once you decide that they are not the determining factor in how you feel about anything.

That your own inner core is a place of calm and inner quiet, and that you are the one in control of your own reactions and responses to life.

This can take a bit of practice, and yes, some inner healing.

You may find it helpful to work with an energy healer to assist in releasing old energy blocks and trauma, in addition to your own daily practices and meditations, in which you draw in the wisdom of your soul, your guides and Angels, your own higher self, to assist you in processing what has seemed impossible in the past.

This is part of this new phase of Earth life.

  • Photo by Sheila Fitzgerald

You are moving beyond the duality of good/bad and flowing beautifully into a unified concept of Oneness, and nonresistance to What Is.

You have heard of this from various teachers, and that is because Earth’s people are moving beyond the confines of your religions, cultures, and philosophies, into all-encompassing forms of inner Knowing that go beyond language, beyond left-brain notions, beyond the arguments of who is right and who is wrong, what should have happened versus what did happen.

You are releasing all that which in the past has kept you separated and opposed to one another in countless circumstances.

You are releasing the impetus to argue with one another, realizing great work remains to be done to assist your Earth now, for which all must join together in Peaceful terms, in the interconnecting forms of agreement that is part of your new consciousness.

We do not say this to imply that you will be stepping into a paradise “by this time next week” as our writer would say, but that you have opened the door to this new form of living, and are walking through that doorway now.

And so when you see the ships (or cloud ships) in the sky, or view film of such, know that you are being given both the nod of “Yes, we see you. We welcome you!” and the reassurance of, “Be of good cheer! You are not alone in that which you travel at present.”

And so it is, dear ones!

We also say this to you weekly, and mean it with all our hearts, all our power of presence and awareness—welcome us, as so many of us are daily walking among you now, though appearing to be any average Earth human.

And yes—we are with you, always.


Copyright 2020, Caroline Oceana Ryan

Get quiet, ask for a vision of what is unfolding, and what it is you have come to do. Then prepare to receive it, for you shall. No need for timidity, fear, or unsureness now.

A Message to Lightworkers – May 1, 2020

by Caroline Oceana Ryan

This week’s guidance from the Ascended Masters, Galactics, Earth Elementals, Fae Elders, Angelic legions, and Archangels known as the Collective:

Greetings, friends! We are very pleased to have this opportunity to speak with you today.

We wish to say that you have, as they say, “the best seats in the house” for witnessing the ongoing spectacle of powerful Light data flowing into your planet now, such as it has not flowed in many, many centuries.

You may yourselves feel a lift some days in your outlook on life, even though many are finding that their work and income feel uncertain or seem to have disappeared, while so many become ill, and hospital staff work relentlessly under difficult circumstances.

It may appear outwardly to be a time of pain and shock, and yet—there is a greater reality, and you are witnessing it, and perhaps in quiet moments, feeling the Joy and beauty of it.

That is your inner Spirit, rising to greet the Sunlight and fresh air of the New Day that Earth Herself is experiencing now.

That is your love of adventure, and your memory, though tucked deep inside your consciousness, of what you knew you would witness, and had to contribute to, at this unprecedented time.

  • Photo by Sheila Fitzgerald

Our writer is asking us now, Is that why this outbreak was planned for this time—did someone see this time of higher Light coming, so they decided to rig outer circumstances against humanity, even if they couldn’t stop the astrological alignments, and the start of the new era, the Satya Yuga?

Most assuredly, we would answer, there was a small minority upon the Earth—some, as they say, having chosen to wear the white hats, and some having chosen to wear the dark hats in this great drama you have been living—who saw what was coming, and who have shaped their plans accordingly.

And none of you are mere witnesses to that narrative; you have all been deeply involved, and knew what was to occur well before incarnating, seeing the potentials of this particular Earth timeline.

You know it now as well—you’re simply awakening to the significance of the moment more slowly some days than others.

We ask that you remind yourself of that Waking Up moment often, even in the midst of what feels to be a chaotic time of uncertainty, whether you feel stress for your family, your finances, your health and mental/emotional outlook, your country, or all of that.

We do not encourage a kind of “Well, I knew it would be this way before I came in” defeatist moment, but a moment of “Great change is afoot, and my presence is anchoring the Light needed to empower that, every moment I am alive.”

Are we celebrating now because we do not feel the stress, worry, and discomfort of many millions?

Most assuredly not. We are aware of the broad range of human emotion, as ever, and feel such deeply.

And yet, your job is separate and different from those who reincarnated with only their own growth and progress in mind, as vital as that is.

The role you chose has to do with assisting all of humanity to rise in consciousness to where not only will it understand the many traps you have all been subjected to for millennia, but to help it see and powerfully feel a New Reality dawning now, that heralds the sovereignty and emancipation of more than 8 billion people.

This is done through the vibration you radiate, not by mere words or outer action.

  • Photo by Sheila Fitzgerald

Yet in a higher sense, you are finding your voice, finding your note.

It is never the same note that all of you sing, yet all tones ring together in perfect form, in perfect rhythm, as each Earth culture and Earth being who dares to join in the realization of what is occurring now willingly adds their note.

It will take some daring, and some bravery, to be at Peace now, or in Joy.

You have been systematically trained to believe that only what is visibly before you actually exists. This has hidden from you your own co-Creative powers, till now.

We would say, draw them out of the shadows, and out of the depths of your spirit and psyche, and place them before you.

These abilities are yours—claim them!

Use your visioning power; put it to work for you.

If you desire a steady income, more Love, greater health and well-being, more Peace of mind, time in Nature, NESARA enacted—envision that!

Do not wait for outer circumstances to shift to assist you. That time is over, dear ones.

You are co-Creators, and must act as such now.

Take your reality into your own hands, and decide what circumstances would make you Joyful, if your current ones have not.

Take time every single day, and particularly as you are falling asleep, to picture yourself already living that life.

Your physical self, your income, your home, your relationships, your daily comings and goings, your Earth mission—all of this is subject not only to a vibrational upgrade now, but a complete transformation into higher form, based on the far higher frequencies now flowing into your very body and energy systems.

We will not linger on this point, for we wish you to absorb the immense power of it, and to realize the reality of it, whether you see or feel it yet present in your own life, home, and community.

We assure you, it is here, and pouring forth more and more brilliantly at every moment.

  • Photo by Sheila Fitzgerald

You have heard that many billions of starships wait just outside and within Earth’s atmosphere and on the planet Herself now, to witness exactly that which you yourselves are experiencing firsthand.

Find every form of motivation, inspiration, and thankfulness you can possibly find now, if you feel to be missing these in your emotional life, for you do not want to remain closed in your energies to where an Earth-shaking moment is the only thing that will awaken you.

This is your day, dear ones!—the moment you have come in for.

Get quiet, ask for a vision of what is unfolding, and what it is you have come to do.

Then prepare to receive it, for you shall. No need for timidity, fear, or unsureness now.

You are our example of the very finest, most luminous Light Beings who have ever led a planet into an Ascension.

Namaste, dear family!

For every day you are on this planet and beyond, you are never alone.

Copyright 2020, Caroline Oceana Ryan

If you repost, please maintain the integrity of this information by reprinting it exactly as you find it here, and including the link to the original post.

Most assuredly—if you prefer to Ascend and remain on the Earth rather than move out of the physical body and leave it behind, that is your decision to make.

A Message to Lightworkers – April 24, 2020

by Caroline Oceana Ryan

This week’s guidance from the Ascended Masters, Galactics, Earth Elementals, Fae Elders, Angelic legions, and Archangels known as the Collective:

Greetings, friends! We are very pleased to have this time to speak with you today.

We see many of you working very hard at times to readjust your energies as higher Light pours in.

Much Angelic and extraterrestrial assistance is likewise pouring in, in answer to millions of people’s requests for assistance for the planet and humanity.

We wish to assure you that these requests and appeals are always answered.

We are, as they say, “busier than usual,” not in the sense of “not enough time in the day,” but in the sense of the intensity and focus being applied now to assist the human condition, and all you travel through currently.

You yourselves have opened a special portal through which higher energies can arrive to Earth and all of humanity, and particularly those who are experiencing more than usual amounts of hunger, loss, poverty, and illness.

For one, you have requested such, and for another, the immensity of your etheric efforts, in requesting and requiring our assistance at this crucial time, is more powerful than you could know.

  • Photo by Sheila Fitzgerald

Likewise your own actions, as you work in the etheric in your sleep state each night, have opened the doorway wide for much to flow through that is of higher vibrational purpose and intent.

Now would be the time to ask yourselves, “Am I holding a higher vibration and intent in my waking hours? Or am I just trying to get through every day without undue stress and anxiety?”

We speak of stress over health matters, or about a job or business, or bills to pay, or friends or family members who are struggling now, even if you are not.

Understandably, much that was business as usual a month or two ago is no longer such.

And yet, we see occurring all around and within you now the shifts you have long clamored for; they have simply arrived in a different way than you would have preferred.

There is also the matter of what you call “the rollout” of new technologies that many find harmful to living beings.

We are assisting you in this also, assisting in moving your vibration (as you also endeavor to raise it) to where you are above the effects of those technologies, and able to assist others in doing so as well.

And there is the increasing amount of new Light data flowing to you, increasing your cells’ ability to hold Light, as you engage in new and higher forms of communication with your soul and soul family, increasing your inner abilities, including what you call telepathy.

So that even though many dire messages are being extended to you now via the media, while disruptive technologies are being sent around Earth’s atmosphere, these do not outrun your own increasing empowerment.

Nor do they block out the fact that your own perceptions are growing to where you see and accept the much, much bigger picture.

We would say, that many of you have helped draw up the designs for much of what is occurring now—beyond the astrological alignments which you have chosen to take full advantage of—as new gateways open over the next two and a half years or more that make forms of inner realization and recognition of one’s higher path far, far easier to achieve than ever before.

They are also the doorways to many new forms of the New Earth which you have envisioned over many lifetimes.

You are safely, happily, though in some ways, shakily leaving the third dimension fully behind, though yes, there is a contingent that would prefer you not realize that now or ever.

We would say, there is no hiding it from you now, even if it were to be hidden from you in some ways—it could never escape your growing awareness of the energies flowing to you now, and what they portend.

And so though this appears to be a time of difficulty for many, know that most people at this time of great shift and new beginnings have badly needed to step off the daily treadmill and to view their lives with fresh eyes—many, for the first time.

And that nearly all who leave the planet now have chosen to do so on a higher level.

They will continue their Earth missions from a far more elevated vibration than was possible while in physical body.

  • Photo by Sheila Fitzgerald

They will return to you when the time is right.

Nor do you ever fully “lose” a loved one—those whom you have known outside of all time-space, on a soul level.

Their love for you, and your love for them, remains intact, without invasion of each other’s energies, or demands regarding when they arrive upon the Earth, or when they choose to leave.

Can this be changed at all, this choosing of the hour, date, and place of one’s leaving?

Most assuredly—if you prefer to Ascend and remain on the Earth rather than move out of the physical body and leave it behind, that is your decision to make.

We would say, be aware that much purification and strengthening of the mental and emotional bodies will be needed, and the physical body also cleansed and strengthened, in order to make the transition to crystalline Light body as smooth as possible.

And so, a very clean diet, full of pure water, fresh vegetables and fruits, and the kind of exercise that gives you not only muscle strength but endurance, would be called for, in addition to much meditation and time in Nature.

The heartfelt desire to serve others, to serve Lady Gaia in Her recovery from eons of harm, and the desire to live as your higher self, are also required.

There is much we could write on that subject, but we will simply say for now that this “pause” as it is wisely being called, is part of the path of Ascension that reveals to you much of your inner life—what requires healing now, what must be released, and what must be developed.

We do not say “attained,” for you are complete, dear ones.

You have within you all that is needed—yes, to move beyond this time of being socially isolated from one another, beyond the news reports and the “scare tactics,” beyond the feelings of unsureness that the ego-mind will exert.

And beyond the personality identifications that the Earth self has declared necessary for so long.

All is Well, even if you feel your checkbook does not always reflect such.

If you are still healthy, or basically so, give thanks and know that an even greater health desires to come to you now.

If you have any food, shelter, or money at all, give thanks and know that an even greater outer Abundance desires to come to you.

If you have any job or business to which you can return when the time is right, again—give Thanks, and know that your presence is invaluable to all whom you see each day.

  • Photo Sheila Fitzgerald

You may have your times of wondering which news report to believe, which video to trust, which channeling to take seriously, and we understand this.

You have been trained to live in the left brain, more than in your heart.

And so only that which makes sense to the left-brain reasoning rings True some days, when in fact, a far greater Truth stands quietly within you.

And so now, a new caveat: When encountering any new information, ask your higher self, “Is this my higher truth? Is this something that is true for my path? Is it relevant for me?”—meaning, “Is it for my higher good?” before expending thought, emotion, and energy on it.

Then return to that calm inner place which you invest in above all else—that sense of Beingness that is the perfect reflection of the Universal flow of energy that knows only the present moment, and is at Peace with it.

Put them down, both the sword and the shield, dear ones. You have no enemies.

Accept your sovereignty, your inner strength, your true self.

Now is the time.

Namaste, dear ones—look up!

We are with you, always.


Copyright 2020, Caroline Oceana Ryan

If you repost, please maintain the integrity of this information by reprinting it exactly as you find it here, and including the link to the original post.

The vision you hold now for a humanity that lives in an atmosphere of individual and global Peace, Abundance, fulfillment, and Oneness is a great one, and we join you in celebrating such.

A Message to Lightworkers – March 13, 2020

by Caroline Oceana Ryan

This week’s guidance from the Ascended Masters, Galactics, Earth Elementals, Fae Elders, Angelic legions, and Archangels known as the Collective:

Greetings, friends! We are very pleased to have this time to speak with you today.

We see several things occurring now which may be difficult for many of you who telepathically pick up on others’ thoughts and emotional energies.

This may also pose a challenge to the many of you who, in your increasing evolvement, are able to pick up on the goings on of governments, populations, and the inner, unconscious reactions to events now occurring around the planet.

We would say, allow yourself to feel the emotions of uncertainty and unsureness now, even moments of fear and stress, before releasing them into the Light.

You may have heard on our latest Abundance Call, that many will have the impulse now to squash emotion and to deny it, because the resonance of fear or panic is something they deem as “unspiritual” or “unbefitting” a Light Bearer and Way-Shower.

We do absolutely understand that your standard for your own emotions, thoughts, behaviors, and overall resonance and vibration has never been higher.

The vision you hold now for a humanity that lives in an atmosphere of individual and global Peace, Abundance, fulfillment, and Oneness is a great one, and we join you in celebrating such.

  • Photo by Meta Cerar

We would only point out the many hundreds of lives you have lived on this a low-vibrational planet, over many thousands of years.

For the vast majority of those lives, Survival was your main interest.

Life on Earth was not only challenging and unsure. It was chaotic and untenable in many respects, in many places, for a very long time.

So that the very cells of your body have (until the recent powerful influxes of Light now reaching the planet), been tuned mainly attuned to struggle and fear of loss or death.

As you see reports on your news programs and speak with others about a virus that your officials claim has no cure (though all illness is curable), your survival mechanisms leap into action.

These send warning signals throughout your mind and body, telling you to run and hide, fight the assailant, or freeze with shock or panic.

This flight-fight-freeze reaction is well-known to you as being the opposite of the centered calm that humanity is increasingly moving into.

Yet many are succumbing to these early and middle Earth age human reactive moments, as if this were the only sensible way to behave.

The pressure that fear and panic put on the body mean that the stores of nutrition, inner coping mechanisms, and physical endurance must fly to those parts of the body and emotions most in need of assistance.

This is extra stress that you do not need in a time when extra rest, vitamin C and D, pure nano-silver, and pure food and water are called for, while outer and inner stresses are not.

We assure you that there are higher forms of help now occurring on Earth to assist in keeping this illness from reaching even the lower stages of a pandemic.

And that you assist those efforts as you envision these helpers being successful in their work, and envision yourself and all around you, and all around the world, remaining healthy and calm, at Peace and assured that All Is Well.

  • Photo by Meta Cerar

Is this the simplest assignment you have ever been given, Light Bringer?

No, certainly not.

Yet this is the life in which you have decided to dispense with your accumulated density altogether—to release the density which you have retained from all your other Earth lives, and from this life.

Again, this is not the simplest or most unchallenging task one could think of.

And yet—it is what you and many millions of others chose as your path before incarnating, as you knew that in the process of releasing the survival fear and panic reaction—of coming out of ego, personality, and smaller self, you would then begin to resonate all the more powerfully with your true, authentic, and higher self.

We do not make light of what you experience now, dear ones.

We are aware that many of you are re-experiencing the fear you felt during a plague or other disaster in other Earth lives.

Consider that as you establish inner calm in your quiet time each morning—meditating, sending forth prayers and petitions, spending time in Nature, emptying your mind of all thoughts, and speaking with your Spirit team—that you are anchoring that calm for many thousands living in the areas all around you, and beyond.

Consider that you are calming Earth’s energies, dispersing dense frequencies and entities—sending all into the Light where they may heal and transform, or transmute to a whole higher form of themselves.

And consider that your courage in that and every respect rings in the highest planes of Spirit for all to celebrate—that nothing is lost, and nothing is at risk, in the greater sense.

We send our Love, dear ones, knowing you shall rise not only above the current frequencies you now navigate, but all that remains of third dimensional Earth, as you willingly and quite consciously help create the fifth dimensional one.

  • Photo by Meta Cerar

You stand upon the precipice not of disaster, but of a New Earth. Rest your mind and heart upon that.

Image the beauty of that!

Remember Who you are, and how completely you are Loved.

Stand tall now.

You are every day more and more living upon a New Earth, one freed of all the shocks and pressures you now live under—Free at last!

Namaste, friends! We are with you, always.


Copyright 2020, Caroline Oceana Ryan