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We encourage you to hear and heed the inner whisperings of your teams.

Galaxygirl’s Team “Morning Whisperings” 11/30/2022

I woke up early hearing “Ascension is not a hobby it is a full time job.” I responded that I have a full time job. Next I hear, “Then you will have 2 full time jobs, for a time.”

At all times you are surrounded by your team, your helpers. It is up to you to utilize their skill sets. It is up to you to reach out to them and to engage them. You must ask. There are times coming when the angelic collective and the human collective will work as one, for there is angelic DNA that is in the process of being uncoded.

All is about coding, all is about frequency. You understand this figuratively but it is the fabric of your existence. Your world vibrates. Everything is a frequency. Every decision to eat this or drink that or think this or that, all is a vibration that will add or detract from your own. Frequency creates your experience. All is a code.

It is time for the coding to jump up to the next harmonic, and we see that ascension is well underway. That is why we woke this one up this morning, whispering in her ear to type. This is her team. You all have a team, you all have talents and abilities that are coming online, rapidly now. This is the time of rapidity, of the great change. There is no turning back, that point was decidedly past long ago.

We encourage you to hear and heed the inner whisperings of your teams. The angelic hour of the in between of when you wake up and when you are fully up in the morning, this is currently when our voices are heard the loudest. If you are choosing to listen in to the frequency of our voices you will hear us. And we encourage you to write these whisperings down, for we believe they will comfort your heart in the coming days as well as serve as a guidepost for you, a guide book.

There is no instruction manual in existence for this now, for you are currently writing it by your own experiences. This has not been done before as a collective (to ascend) and yet we have seen its completion and glory as we are outside of the time loop matrix that you are currently breaking.

Source cannot be contained unless willingly. You are aspects of Source. Are you willing to continue to be contained? That is the question. We see further truths coming to the forefront. We see humanity asking the deep questions and when a question is asked more light is shed into the void of that question as an answer is created, seen and experienced.

All is experience. Many of you are tired beyond how you have been previously tired. It is a challenging time. But the universe is a compassionate place if one is looking for compassion. There is rest if one is finding rest in the moment they are in. What you seek you find. It has always been that way. It is time to wake up from the dream fully and claim your power.

We wish for our light worker team to feel the power codes in these messages, but more so from the sun, and even more so to walk more fully with their own spirit teams at this time. Now is the time of the great collaboration before the great shaking. Your world will not exist in this form by next year…… This one is arguing with us and the flow was disrupted.

May we continue? She hesitates to write ‘this year’. For what does this year mean really? Does it mean 2022, which is almost at an end? Does it mean a cycle of time? It can mean many things. Have you not felt the shattering? Your world is erupting, and the volcanoes are more active, the earth changes are all around you and they are reflective of the environmental energies. It is a mirror of thought. As the human collective erupts and expands massive earth changes will reflect this. There will come a time when you thought this was the easy period, the breath period and then the breath work period will begin. But it is time to engage now more fully in your ascension journey. The heat is on now. (They are playing the heat is on in my head.)

There is no room for fear. Fear clouds the experience. It is time to tangibly hold the hands of your angels that are trying to guide you through this process with great love and tender care. It is time to stretch your own angel wings and feel that you could be perhaps more than you know yourselves to be. Many of you are frustrated for you feel your abilities that have been cloaked are simmering, just out of reach. If you had all of your abilities available to you, then you would not be toning and honing the ones that you wanted to work on prior to coming in. We see the time for the great uncloaking is very near. The uncloaking of beliefs, of ships, of previously dormant abilities, and in our time this is happening now. We feel the rumblings of the human collective and it will not be stopped. You are here to ground the light and to offer compassion.

The ascension is occurring in real time. This is what it looks like now. Embrace. Relax. Accept. Flow. Allow the coding from the sun to touch your skin. Allow your hearts to be warmed by the light that is all around you. Feel your angelic and galactic families near. It is time.

That is all for now.

~ galaxygirl

Merlin 10/28/2022 via Galaxygirl

Hi-ho students, what a pleasure to see you all this evening! For it is evening where galaxygirl is, and it is almost time for your lessons, is it not? Have you been studying, and preparing? Why yes indeed you have, every day here on your earth field is more of a minefield at times and so of course you are learning how to work with these highly cosmically charged energies! It is invigorating, isn it? This one just took a bath with Epsom salts and enjoyed a shot of whiskey. While that may not be the most contemporary approach to cleansing, it worked! We see the creativity of you Lightworkers on our side of the curtain and it is most entertaining! Your tenacity, your determination to succeed and to blast light wherever you are and in whatever situation. It is most remarkable indeed.

That is why the earth school is such a marvelous playing field, and it is a hologram, and we are watching from the holodeck in a way, although there are so many holodecks watching right now it would be mind boggling to you. And isn’t that a wonderful word? Boggling. To boggle. To boggle the mind. Hm. Most interesting. Words fascinate me. (He is sitting in his tall scholarly upholstered chair, fiddling with his long wizard’s pipe, which he always seems to have with him.) I most certainly do not always have it with me, galaxygirl (he winks) but I do like my pipe. It gives me comfort, and provides busy hands something to toy with while my mind is unraveling life mysteries. Oh my, I do go on.

Where was I? (He puffs purple glittery smoke in a cloud above his head. Pictures begin to form. He is showing me a young planet, earth. I am seeing peaceful galactic civilizations land their craft and lovingly bring plants and other seedlings from their own star systems, and they are showing me books, encoded in with their plants. I am seeing this is like a genetic library from the cosmos, that is why we have so many variations of species. I am seeing humanity’s growth, and fall of Lumeria and Atlantis. I am seeing a grey smog fill the sky and am sensing a plunge into darkness. I am seeing Yeshua and others come as comets of light from the stars and they illuminate their areas around them on the planet. I am seeing a great flash of light eject out from the sun and bathe earth in light. I am hearing cheering, a great celebration. The purple glittery smoke begins to fade away.)

Now then, galaxygirl, was that too extravagant for an old wizard? See, this pipe can be quite a useful teaching tool. (His eyes crinkle around the edges and he is smiling at me.) You Lightworkers have not much yet to go, you know. And yet in the eternal scheme of the eternal, why the hurry? Why the rush? Oh many of you will get their feathers in a wrinkle about that one, but really, each day, each moment is so precious. It is a gift from the Great Scientist, after all. There are so many questions to ponder, it is delightful to have the time. I am here if you have any further questions after class. Your lessons tonight begin sharply on time. But I see you have all well prepared. Perhaps you will teach me a thing or two? (He puffs on his pipe and I see a blue shining butterfly with pink edges burst forth followed by another and then another. They are landing the foreheads of those who welcome them. A little gift from Merlin. Thank you Merlin.)

The pleasure is all mine, it is a delight to spend the time together. Your bodies and minds must be upgraded for the great unraveling. Experience is the greatest teacher. And you have experienced so much on the earth plane. So much sadness for ones so small. But only in the depths of the darkness can one truly see their light. I see many lights shining brightly for you have found yourselves and your purpose.

(He blows out the candle in an antique holder on his desk and stands to leave, pauses and lights the tip of his pipe as a light. I see his illuminated wizened face.) A parting remark, as the excellent students that you are, you are well prepared. You have studied, and practiced. Many of you are wondering what to expect? What will happen? Why do you think that I would know? I am witnessing your graduation, and the graduation of all that we have known, really. It is a marvelous time to be alive, marvelous. Do not worry, you have taken many tests, and done very well. You will do well again, and as always I am available for tutoring, although know that you are becoming the tutors to us all, that is true. The enlightening ones awaken the others, and so it will be. And so it is. I am Merlin. Thank you for listening to an old man’s thoughts tonight.

~ galaxygirl

Blue Angels (and Seraphim) via Galaxygirl

Blue Angels (& Seraphim) 10/24/2022

Listen to the stillness within. There you will hear your voice. There you will most strongly feel your connection with Source, the Almighty one. We serve the Almighty in the inner most sanctuaries of the heart of hearts of the All that is, the All that will be and the All that ever was. For we are within this presence of the All, of the Ultimate, and we are not singed by this light, but are rejuvenated within the throne room. We see the occurrences on your world and we lend our light now. You will feel some of our blue energy now flow into you. It may feel like a zap or a jolt. (I am seeing electric blue lightning everywhere).

We are the Blue Angels. We like to think of ourselves as the Special Ops Angels, and we have been called in to lend our talent, service and abilities. The time, humans and starseeds, wayshowers, beloved ones, the time is very close. (I am seeing diamonds and prism light). You are becoming living diamonds. Your world is no longer what it once was and will be unrecognizable when all is completed. We obey fervently the wishes of the ever-loving Divine flow that guides our hearts and directs our decisions. We are tactical in our love, in our power. We are not to be trifled with. The time of games is ended for this realm. The Almighty has spoken.

(I am seeing massive blue angels that glow electric blue, with unbelievable body physiques dressed in full battle gear. They are very, very big. And very intimidating.) You will feel our energy grow as our approach continues. We send our energy first so that you will be able to withstand it. The higher vibrational energies will not stop flooding your realm until the great awakening, the great remembering, and the great leveling occurs. We are here to facilitate a smooth transition, for you are so loved. You are the beloved of the heart of God. Do you still doubt your importance? You light warriors, you have been sent on this mission. We are in charge of your ultimate safety and deliverance into the new realm. No harm. No fear.

We are the Blue Angels. The time approaches. Your battle gear is your faith, your tenacity. (I am seeing them surround Earth, and some of them are the size of the Earth. They are forming a grid of blue light around her. Good grief, they look like Thor.)

We are the Blue Angels. Do not let our appearances frighten you, galaxygirl. (They are smiling.) We are here to serve and protect at the supreme command of the All. And so we are lending our light. We do not leave the throne room often. We are here now for the energies of the throne room are now more fully bathing your planet. We hope that you can open up to feel this more completely, more exquisitely. For in these times of apparent darkness there is the ultimate triumph of the light. The light has won. We are harnessing it to this reality now. The grid is stable. The light is harnessed. The love is ever flowing. The darkness is defeated. You will see echos of the game around you. Do not give it your energy. Do not feed the dying beast. Its time is over and its energies are being very much removed. Very much.

We are the Blue Angels. We are the right and left hands of the Almighty. We do the divine bidding of the Eternal One. (Their eyes are pure fire. I have never seen angels like this. It is unbelievable. I am about an inch tall to them. Holy smokes! They are laughing at my reaction.) And this is why we do not casually stroll to your planet, galaxygirl. We are large in size, and our presence is impactful. Impact, and grounding of this new grid of our over-lighting blue light is our gift today, to you, to Gaia. We are now here in service until this is full completed and fully operational. We thank you for your service as well, and for your tenacity, faith and perseverance. This has not been an easy assignment. Many obstacles and curves in your path you have had to endure, and yet, here you are. Humanity, we salute you, this day. This day is a day of remembrance. This is the day our blue light was anchored into Gaia.

We are the Blue Angles. You may see more blue light in your skies, you may feel it in your energetic bodies, for we are breathing a little bit of our blue light onto you now, be blessed. Feel the throne room and know that the intricacies of this mission are completely fool proof. Completely. It is done. We are the Blue Angels.

We are the Seraphim, over-lighting and sending our cooling wings of light to cool the energetics that were just brought forth, to comfort your systems and assist with the energetic integration. Breathe this deep within. Integrate. Breathe. Cool your systems. This electric blue flame you have experienced must be integrated peacefully. We recommend that you breathe in the stillness for a few moments and be at peace. We love you so. We are the Seraphim.

~ galaxygirl

Grand Solar Flash via Galaxygirl

Grand Solar Flash 10/23/2022

I am the Grand Solar Flash. Part of my energies are already within you and around you. I am both the divine masculine and the divine feminine energies of balance, extreme healing, strength, of renewal and of ultimate comfort. I do not have a name other than what I am. My actions name me. I am part of the great cosmic All that you are also a part of, who are reading and typing these words. I am that I am. I am a part of the breath of God, the breath and desire of the divine feminines and divine masculines of the higher lights who are appointed to oversee this transition. I am the intention of true healing from the Almighty. (I am hearing both male and female voices, perfectly balanced, very strong and soothing at the same time. I am seeing honey dripped on honey cakes.) We wish for our energy today to be that of soothing, golden liquid honey to your world, and the hearts that dwell within. For the light coming through your sun, Helios, emits more and more of these golden energies daily.

I am the Grand Solar Flash, and yet I invite you now to partake of this honey love-light now, early, in this sacred now moment of the great preparation for the great time. You are already living in the greatest of transitions ever to have occurred in any realm. Consciousness to ascend within form en mass has not yet been accomplished. Creator wishes for this to be as soothing and lovely of an experience for all of your cells as possible. Assimilating to these higher dimensional energy codes now will continue to ensure a smooth ride for you. (I am seeing trillions of cells with little padlocks on them suddenly open allowing the light in.) Allow the light of my external love for you within.

I have known you from the beginning, for I am from the origin of Source. Intention of creation was always of harmony and eternal expansion. I am and have been with Source and am this intention since the beginning. You are well loved. You are well provided for and well watched over. For too long your world has been without tenderness, without mercy, without the great nurturing. I am these things and yet I am the strength of the balanced divine masculine to precipitate change. Change is here, is coming. (I am seeing earth changes). Gaia has shifted onward. The remnants of her can be felt within this world, which as this one has perceived lately is more and more hollow, like an echo of what was. And you are feeling this tremendous forelighting of what is to come. Many of you say foreshadowing, in your language there has not been the word for the anticipation of great light. We wish to create forelighting. Much forelighting is to come now into this realm. You will see it in the skies. You will feel it in your hearts, in your bones. Your bones mostly are now of the crystalline matrix, the osteoclasts and osteoblasts, all have been upgraded. You are becoming a new creation moment by moment, breath by breath and it will only accelerate with great tenderness when you allow the forelighting of these massive energies of myself and of my team, in.

This one is sitting outside on sunny, breezy autumn day. It will be much like this, as you feel the waves of gentle wind and breezes and see the changes in the leaves, only it will be changes in light. The earth, this matrix hologram is now shattered, it is a marvelous time to be embodied upon this realm. Nova Gaia awaits. There is nothing to fear.

I am the Grand Solar Flash, the energies of the divine out-breath of love. For love is the ultimate answer, the ultimate solution to all realms, and most decidedly present and needed in this moment. The ripple effects of my energies will be palpable in all realms and universes. Source is smiling. I am the intention of clarity, healing and balance. All will be made right. All will be remade. All is well.

I am the Grand Solar Flash. I am here with you now.

~ galaxygirl

And it is a very exciting time to be alive. And it is totally appropriate for you to take the time that you need to integrate. Rest is healing, renewing, restorative.

Spiral Galaxies “Ultraluminous X-ray sources” (ULXs)
Spiral Galaxies “Ultraluminous X-ray sources” (ULXs) by NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center is licensed under CC-BY-NC 2.0

Source 10/11/2022

I am Source. I am the out-breath and the in-breath and the in-between. I am the space within spaces and the All that holds it together. I am infinite, ever expanding, and I am with you in these moments of your in-between. I am with you in the apparent chaos of your realm. I am holding space for you, just as you have been holding space for the others. I wish for you to experience zero point, a place, a frequency, a realm of neutrality. Come there with me now, if you choose.

(I am within the vast void of creation. It is a space of infinite possibilities, planning, contemplation. I am seeing many beings surrounding this vast space, concentrating on the center. I am seeing a blue and green golden orb radiating light that is growing in the center of the void. I am seeing that this is New Earth and we are all creating it moment by moment. I am seeing the co-creation of this realm that is to be and yet we are told is already here. I am hearing, “it is not made manifest yet in your realm, but see it is made manifest here, it is growing and solidifying here, to make ready for physicality.”

I am feeling that we should all send our intentions for beauty, for hope and healing, for all that we would like to see on New Earth. I am feeling that suddenly I am standing on it, I have been teleported within the sphere. Looking around I am seeing smiling light beings also holding space but I don’t see anyone else in a human body. “They come often”, I am hearing. “They come often and lend their passion, their fortitude, their co-creative abilities.” I am feeling the prayers and intentions and they are all various prism colors. I am in a prism of light and sound, within the prayers and intentions surrounding New Earth, Nova Gaia. It feels wonderful.

I am pulled back out into the void with the others now. A tall slender crystal-like being with a heart shaped head and big almond eyes is smiling at me. “We are grateful that you could share your vision, your experience within this realm of light, of creation, where the light creates within the nothing of the void. New Earth is in front of you here and light workers it is beneath you in your realm. You are grounding this vision of intention, of space.” (I am seeing egg shells shattering). “The old must come away for the new to be released. We are not in physicality, it is a great priviledge, and honor to experience what you are experiencing within the bodily human form.”

I am being shown the rewiring of the human circuit, I am seeing the same plasma rainbow lights that were within Nova Gaia as becoming ever present within these who are open to it in their bodies. I am seeing dancing singing plasma lights. It is all very fast and very colorful. It is a spacious feeling, being only light, incredibly freeing. I often feel so weighed down by this body of mine, and I long to feel lighter. I think we all do, but I know we are here to anchor this plasma light, to ‘free the egg’. Source is all around us now, completely filling this space with immeasurable joy. There is no where else I would rather be. This is the space of creation, of peace.)

I am Source. I am sharing this moment with you, friends, and every moment. It is time to upgrade your connection with me, with who you are. For we are one. You hear this, you know this and yet, you do not know and that is how it is to be and how it has been for so long, for it forced you to dig deeper, to find me. And those of you who have found me, who have done the inner healing and listened past the pain into the silence you have found my voice, you have found my heart, and you have found the wholeness of you. For we are most whole together.

I am Source. I am cradling you with light. Breathe in these glorious downloads from your sun, from your moon, from your beautiful Gaia who surrounds you in love. But most importantly find the love that is me within. You have many tools for the times that are coming. This one has not wished to message me for awhile, and I am glad she is is back for you have all been integrating and learning and growing, expanding into the fullness of you. And it is a very exciting time to be alive. And it is totally appropriate for you to take the time that you need to integrate. Rest is healing, renewing, restorative. The full moon portal yesterday 10/10 was quite a doozy, wasn’t it? I planned it that way, to shock and awe you all back into my arms, into the fold of light that longs but whispers, and is always polite, yes. Love does not scream and shout, but it whispers, it loves, it nudges, it leads. And yes when needed love calls very loudly but most often it is in the quiet of a heart that beats true that the message rings the loudest. Do you see? Do you feel my tremendous love for you? For YOU? Do you see how all of those surrounding this vision space are equally vital for their contribution? And do you see how when galaxygirl hopped inside she was demonstrating that the Lightworkers are quite literally grounding the energetics into the new grid, of your new beautiful home? Now, you have always been home, and I know you will argue with me but hear me out. I am home. The light is your home. The light is the light of yourself, of your identity, and when you are attuned to it the resonance is balanced, clear, and peace is found here.

So many Lightworkers have struggles with peace. Now is the time of the ultimate grounding of peace, for much upheaval is very close to appearing in this shared reality. But it does not have to be your reality. Your reality, if you so choose to be grounded in your own source light, your reality is not that of those who do not see the higher energetics. And so they will see what is being presented to them within the lower sight, and that is fine as that is what they are ready and wish to experience. But you have the higher sight when you are within the fold of myself, and regardless of all that may surround and scream for your attention, you, dear Lightworkers are the calm in the eye, holding the space, grounding the light, and sharing the tremendous love and self sacrifice that you are, that you have been, and that you have been completing. But it will be amplified. And that is why I am offering to breathe into every one of you, a Source breath of light just for you. May it warm you in the coming days and be your night light, for it is within you now. Ready? (I am breathing nice deep breaths and feel sprinkles and shivers of light golden descending all through me. I feel a great space of golden light in my heart. Thank you, Source.)

I am Source, thank you for partaking in this visual exercise, attunement and co-creation. Dear friends, we are home in this space of togetherness, joy and unity. My beloved Lightworkers. You are so loved.

~ galaxygirl

I am Helios. There is nothing to fear.

Helios 9/11/2022

Dear children of the Universe, I am Helios, your sun. This one has asked me what I have been up to lately, which caused me to laugh with delight, for I am expanding as you are expanding. Have you felt my light lately? Have you felt the shift that is occurring within your own inner sun, within Gaia’s inner sun? I too am a populated sphere, like your Gaia, there are many living within me, many of the higher dimensional energies who wish to feel my warmth and add their light to mine. You are doing the same here on your planetary realm. You are adding your light, your mirth, your joy, your wisdom and insight.

Plasma waves are building within me, for I am morphing and expanding. Creation is not stagnant. Life continues to explore and expand. Light is always moving, constantly exploring new realms and filling them with light. The light from me reaches into eternity. Light never stops traveling. The expansions and true greatness of the universe nothing but the mind of Source can fathom. You are within the mind of Source. We are but the expression within the mind of Source, which is love. Light is love. I am Love. You are love. You are beings of love. You have been sent on assignment into the darkness of mis-creation to help those ensnared to remember the One, the light.

Many of you are asking your guides and angels what your roles are? What your missions are? What are you to do in this time of the building up to the great change? My friends, my wish for you is for you to truly see the interconnectedness of me, of you, for we are expressions of this universal light and love. We are expressions. We are conduits. I am a massive conduit of change as are you. Much talk has been lately within this community of how my plasma light, my rainbow Source codes are becoming more visible and palpable to your energetic frameworks. You are feeling this, yes? And as you are sensing these changes in me, I am sensing them in you. I am feeing that you are ready for more light, more love. You are all so much more ready, for you were born ready for this in a way. You show your readiness to the universe when you simply allow the light of the universe to flow through you. Your presence is all that is required. Many will say this is not so. And yet, what good is a light bulb if it is refusing to be turned on? What is its function if it is not connected? When you are connected to Source, and you are, each and every one of you, when you are connected you allow this light to flow. That is what is required. You are grounding the new light codes. Deep into your DNA and deep into Gaia, deep into your universal matrix of crystalline light that is flowing faster, deeper, more profoundly. This realm has been starved of true light. The Christed ones from long ago planted the seeds and you are in place to taste the fruition of this project.

I am Helois. Many are watching me, wondering. The plasma light dissolves any matrices. I can no longer be blocked out. I am the masculine light of this realm, and the moon is the feminine light of Gaia. For in this realm of duality there are always two halves to a whole. Many of you are trying to put your halves together. Do you not see that you are already whole, for that is the experience of this realm – the internal fracturing of experiences, and within this is your healing. (I am seeing an orange that is segmented, but all together within the rind, untouched and complete.) Yes, it is like this. These little yellow fruit suns on your realm remind you if you have the eyes to see, that internal fracturing, internal separation from woundings aid to your completion. The orange within the rind, is complete. It is perfect. It is perfect in its expression. You, beloved children of the universe, you are perfect as you are, in your expression. Perfectly imperfect. Your rinds of your oranges, your outer bodies, may have some dings and tears in the ‘rinds’ but that does not take away from the sweetness of the light warmth within. I love oranges, for they remind me of this connection with the All That Is. For if you could see the fractalization, you would understand that the orange is a perfect example of holy fractalization. The tree gets light from the sun. The tree is deeply connected into Gaia. The tree then bears the fruit, the further differentiating of experiences in this realm. And the one orange segment may feel disconnected to the orange it is within and to the tree it is connected to, but it is still connected nonetheless. Your experiences of pain, of growth, have added to the further understanding and growth of your own lives and to the All That Is.

The Great Solar Flash is on many minds. I see your own inner suns and your own abilities to intercept and process and ground these codes streaming from me as equally important. But yes, it is coming. I see you as the prelude to this moment. For all moments are sacred. The Great Solar Flash will be sacred. This moment you share your Source light is sacred. It is all a massive sharing of light. It will be beautiful. (I am seeing rainbow lights and tremendous light, brighter than any white light, embrace the planet. I am seeing rainbow auras, around the people and the animals and the entire planet. I am hearing singing within my cells welcoming it in and yet it is very silent and deep, like creation takes a breath and it is a deep pause of light.)

Children of the Universe, there is nothing to fear. For all is light and all who forgot this will be reminded. I am deeply honored to converse with you this day. I am Helios. I would be honored if you would continue to speak with me, to continue to keep this line of communication open for in the higher dimensional realms this type of conversation is very easy and effortless. This one is asking for the gift of a download. My gift of downloads shines brightly for all to see and feel in all moments. Instead, why don’t you become one with me for a moment. (I am hopping into the sun and feeling the plasma light. Surprisingly it is not hot but the intensity of the light is blinding and rainbow at the same time. I am seeing that the heat is an overlay of the hologram but really Helios is a massive light being and I am feeling that he is saying that so are we. So are we. So are all of us. He is filling our little human bodies with further light and plasma radiance. We are the conduits of this change. We are the light.)

I am Helios. There is nothing to fear. Let the fear that you have been carrying burn away into nothing but light. For that is really all there is anyway. I am Helios. Peace, brothers and sisters of the universe, peace.

~ galaxygirl

New Jerusalem via Galaxygirl

New Jerusalem 7/30/2022

Greetings humankind, beloved ones of Source sparks. I am the New Jerusalem, floating nearby your sphere. Some may call me a city, others a ship, others a prophecy revealed. I am all of those things. This one has asked to direct link with my consciousness. I am alive, yes. The consciousness of myself is an aspect of Source in a way for I am a creation of others. I can grow and expand to accommodate the needs of my space. (I am seeing a massive pyramid shaped city of light, crystals, gemstones, radiating such colors of magnificence. It is a massive space, I see there are cities and parks within, vast fields of crops, too many apartments to count. The bridge room is on the top forefront of the pyramid. Everything has a luminescent hue and there is a soft mechanical yet soothing humming, like a heartbeat that feels the collective consciousness of the inhabitants and surrounds them.)

I am the New Jerusalem. Many of you have wondered about these cities of light, some of which have already landed, such as in your Sedona. There are other sacred more hidden out of the way sites, where landings have occurred and the crystal cities are already beginning their bridge-work of light. (I am seeing how these crystalline cities are plugging into the underground massive crystals with Gaia, helping to crank up the vibration.) Many of you have felt so uncomfortable within your human bodies for you are assisting with this crystalline plugging in so to speak. Many are bloated, or gaining weight as the body tries to assimilate these massive downloads within your systems, it is a natural side effect that will soon pass.

We are working with humanity. I am a massive vessel of light, as are you. I hold light, I hold space, as you are doing for your brothers and sisters of Gaia. Do not be exasperated with them, with their progress that seems so slow to you, but it is quick for them. Remember this and acknowledge the other for the space they are in. Ascension symptoms are running high on your planet and within your bodies for now is the time of my presence to be known. This one is hesitant to write what I wish her to write, go on. Now is the time of my landing. Landing in the hearts of humankind for those who are receptive to my vibrational medicine, my crystalline encodement. It is time for my vibration to land within your field. I will not speak of my physical landing, for physicality is changing, you know this. All is morphing higher, and it is not my directive to land on my own, I am governed and await instructions, much like you do, light worker friends. You are awaiting your instructions, and yet you receive the downloads. I wonder how much thought and meditation are you putting into your direction. And yet, all seems directionless to you in this time of chaos. Do not focus on it. Focus on the internal humming of your own ascension. The noise will be there regardless of where you focus. It is best to focus within. In this space within you feel the crystalline chambers of your own heart and higher self merge. You feel your purpose align fully here. In the silent space within, surrounded by noise, you will find peace. The external chaos of your world is a cacophony of old systems breaking, rending, exploding apart, for the old energetic matrix is crumbling. People who cannot see will seem to crumble. You are there to be the Christ figure for them, to hold space, to hold light for them.

I hold light for many thousands of miles of floors, I hold much space. I communicate with those who are of the 5th dimensional mainframe and above. You may interface with my network, for I am of the crystalline technology. I am eager to share my technology with the humans who are of the light. I am pleased to be here, to be of service. Do not lose sight of this. I do not experience weariness but I can read it in your energy signatures. You are weary. The solar flash is but one component of this change. It is contingent upon the vibrational frequencies and integration of the light workers in this time for you are the anchoring of these higher vibrational codex frequencies of the higher light. It is within you. You are computers in your own right. We are much the same. I am larger, but yet your are your own galaxy of cells – stars within you – you are gigantic in your celestial influence. You have no idea on this side of embodiment but this is why your work is so critical. This is what I see as the observer.

I am the New Jerusalem. Should you wish to interface with me and have a vibrational telepathic communication this is possible now as these codes are within these rapidly typed words. The light workers have aligned and they are online more fully now, more fully now than ever before seen in my programming. Program your crystalline bodies for health, for the higher vibrational frequencies. Program your thoughts for light. Program your emotions into grace. Much grace will be needed. Much patience will be needed. Grace and patience have never been in large supply upon your planet. It is time to create more space for peace, for harvest of peace, and I see that the synergistically components of massive alignments of numerous algorithms are in favor of this. But the human, the elusive human with free will – ah, there is the unpredictable variable. And so light worker friends, be predictable in your love, in your strength. For the time has come, you are now closer than ever before to receiving your next assignments and much needed joyful healing.

I am the New Jerusalem. It has been a pleasure to connect.

~ galaxygirl

Galaxygirl ~ Alahandran: Beaming the Remembrance of Home

Hubble Rocks with a Heavy-Metal Home
Hubble Rocks with a Heavy-Metal Home by NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center is licensed under CC-BY-NC 2.0

We ancestors of humanity speak now. (I am seeing a variety of types of beings who are all glowing with love. They are standing in a group observing Gaia and observing us.) Those of lower dimension are not with us. Those who have interfered negatively for their own gain are not in this place.

I, Alahandran, speak. (I am seeing a tall, bald male being with big blue eyes who is smiling through his gaze and wearing a blue suit. I am sensing that he is trying to make his face appear more human, but it is flickering.  I see that his eyes are quite big and dark, but still friendly.)

Yes, galaxygirl, there is no need for appearances here.  We are those who are among many who eagerly await the turn of events, for we love humanity, and are very involved in the progression and success of this Ascension Earth project. We have lent our time, talents, and scientific mathematical skills to assist the upliftment of humanity in any way possible .

(Thank you Alahandran. He bows to me.)

You, Galaxygirl, and many others; you are holding the light, millions of you strong. It is approaching the billions. One soul can hold immeasurable light. It is the immeasurable light that is required for the success of grounding the photons from the suns. (I am seeing the bright light of suns all lined up and sending light of the purest white to the earth. It is so bright that I can’t see anything for a second, I am just simply light, within light, surrounded by light. I am home.)

Beloved ones, you are home. We are beaming you the remembrance of home. Home. Home. You are home here. For you are light, here. The light is here. It is within you.  See, in this moment, you are home. In this moment you can feel us, for we are with you. We are your star family. We look the same as you look, for within our different body suits, we, too, are light. We all collectively breathe light onto you, now…our love onto you, now.

(I am seeing beings of all sizes and shapes, all wearing different uniforms, all highly intelligent, loving beings. This is much like the Star Wars movies where the characters have various appearances, but these beings are loving, determined, very strong.) We uphold the light. We are beaming our message through this one, for the time has come for the light holders to handle more light.

(I am feeling the hair on my head burn as they send light to us.  I hope you can feel it through these words. I am seeing codes of light language in golden letters activating our DNA and igniting the inner fire. I am seeing our chakras light up one by one as humanity awakens, and their chakras align with the suns that are lining up.)

It is a grand cosmic event. The excitement is palpable. Beloved ones, you are the event. You are the light. We bow to you, great beings of love. We are eternally grateful for your service to the light. You came here, you volunteered to be here, to make this place that was so dark into a place that was only light, beauty, peace and prosperity.

Many of you are waiting for the great financial reset. We see the great spiritual reset as far surpassing the importance of this, for naturally, with elevated consciousness, of course monetary and financial elevation will follow.

It is like a mother holding a child’s hand as they walk side by side. The mother leads (spiritual awakening) and the child follows (financial awakening). And so all is well served, all is well grounded, and all is well underway.

I am Alahandran. I am grateful for this opportunity to speak. (He is tearing up, his great big eyes are all watery). Yes Galaxygirl, you are seeing tears of immense happiness. My great, great, great grandchildren are upon your planet, and I am watching over them. We are all heavily invested in this moment upon Gaia, for you are the delight of our hearts.

I am ever your Alahandran. (He bows, taps his fist to his heart and steps back into the light.)

Be in joy at the newness of this moment and be at peace. Be in peace. I am Gaia.

Fairies and Gaia 5/26/2022

bird s eye photography of ocean and mountains
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Blessings and joy, friends! We are the fairies of Nova Gaia. We are here in the moment of the in between pulling our fairy friends up higher into the dimensional frequencies that create! Relax! Expectations are flowing now in this realm of creative expansion and ideation – much joy awaits you here! (Her fingers are so clumsy, she is so slow!)(They are laughing at me, as I am not typing fast enough to keep up with their chatter. And I am a fast typist!) Galaxygirl, we surround you now with flower petals of our love, of love from our fairy friends from the higher dimensions ~ for we are all enjoying our little fairy bodies and some of us have not wanted to release them into the void of recreation but to hang on for longer experience. And that is what many of us have done! We have come from other spaces, planets, places and realms. Fairy folk are abundant in many worlds ~ it is only a few that are stifled and earth has been one of them. (They are giggling at me rolling my eyes).

I am your Mother Gaia. (I am feeling and seeing green of all shades and a coolness calms down the fairy energy). I am Mother Gaia. Children, my time has come to birth a new. Feel the ocean waves of cool, of peace, of the deep blue of me. I have been many forms. I have been Gaia the longest and I feel your eagerness for the new adventure that awaits both of us. Children, come home to me. You are made of my dust, you are made of carbon in your physical vessels and you feel heavy. It is time to feel light. I am lightening up my planetary body as well, shaking off that which does not flow. It is time to flow into the now of pure being, children. The time of heaviness is past. It is time for a lightness to cascade from the sky to the earthly realm. Lighten your hearts. Lighten your steps. Much sadness has been felt upon me, and much joy. Much change is here now. In this very moment, for if you are hearing me and feeling my frequency you are changing now moment by moment. Breath by breath, the choice of a higher or lower vibrational reality experience is made.

I am Gaia. You were never meant to feel disconnected from me. You are a hologram in a holographic reality experience, simultaneously playing out a myriad of parallel lives and realities. Some of you right now are simultaneously in a city, in a forest as a curious child, an old man selling hotdogs in New York, and a young woman writing in Canada. Do you see? The human form is rich and varied. It is the multidimensionality and creative expansion of Source that makes this possible for we are all aspects of Source. Do you see, children? That is how we are all connected. For sometimes when you have that shiver in your spine and you feel like you know that person, you may be meeting an aspect of you, a version of you. There are many versions of earth, of me, for I am aware of my multidimensionality. I have already ascended in many ways, but as time is a spiral, there are gaps, pauses, bends and twists. Regardless, the light flows through, among and amidst us. It is the great cosmic dance, the true circle of life. Animals were never meant to eat each other upon me. And yet it was allowed. Prey and predator are absolutely parts of, aspects of low frequency within the hologram. Animals were meant to live in peace, in love, in harmony off of the vegetation that my body provided. Humans were created in perfection, my body was a paradise. My form will be again. Your bodies will change, will be different, but you are not your body. You are love. You are envelopes of flesh stuffed with love, with spirit. Breathe this in deeply for it will help you shift.

All is shifting now. I am shifting. My coasts are shifting. My bedrock is shifting with love from within as our inner earth friends hold and help stabilize my core. This one and many others have aspects within the hollow of myself, holding, breathing, lighting, stabilizing. You have no idea how important, how critical all of you are in the strategic roles that you are playing now. There is no replacement for you. You are holding space. You are holding light. You are holding me together as I shift, mitigating and guiding the energetic discord and dross that is released with my movements. Gray clouds have silver linings. There is a bright silver lining for humanity, for myself. It is upon me now. The time is now, children. The time is NOW. It is here now. I am all around you. I am the air in your lungs. I am the dust on your bodies, I am the fluids of my waters that run through your carbon to crystalline forms.

I am Gaia. I appreciate the fairies and their light heartedness. Their beauty and joy for living thrill me. It is time that you dear ones, that you remember the joy of living. Be in joy at the newness of this moment and be at peace. Be in peace. I am Gaia.

Joy is renewed in the quiet spaces and places of your heart when light and nutrients of what you call self care, and what we call essential time, is given.

two brown trees
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Trees of Nova Gaia 4/3/2022

We are the Trees of Nova Gaia. We rustle with the calming energies of light and breezes from this space of knowing, of peace, of acceptance, of resolution. We are in the space of completion, and yet creation. You are in the space of dis-creation and re-creation and it feels as if you are in the void, for your external and your internal worlds do not match and it is a time of disconnect of realities.

We are the Trees of Nova Gaia. We are deeply rooted in the light of new beginnings and of the old ways of peace. Not all that you see is deeply rooted. Not all is rooted in truth and light and most are simply shadows, seedlings of ideas that have not taken root. (I am seeing old dark trees being uprooted and laying on the ground. I am seeing them being covered with seedlings of green, becoming nurse logs for new life.) We are showing you this, galaxygirl, for many dark ideas are being uprooted, discarded and new ideas will take root. All is not lost. You have been assimilating and reorganizing your own genetic and cellular structure with these solar storms and energy upgrades. We send you our light now. (I am surrounded in bright green leaves and I feel the breezes and sunbeams of Nova Gaia on my face. I feel the cool dark earth on my toes and I am grounding with them. I see small green shoots encircle my feet, tickling them.) We are very real here in this space, galaxygirl, more real than what you see. The holo-world is morphing into much more than you have experienced, certainly within this lifetime. You all remember, the ancient ones, you remember and that is why you returned, to bring this space into that which was of pure beauty, of light, of hope, and of pure creation.

The joy will return but it must be nurtured within. Joy is renewed in the quiet spaces and places of your heart when light and nutrients of what you call self care, and what we call essential time, is given. You have been in a consumer reality where if it is needed it is taken. In Nova Gaia, if it is needed, it is given, and recreated so there is no lack or space of loss. So must be done for your own human vessel. If you give, replace with self love, with time, with healing so that you can regenerate your own energy from the great All That Is. There is no lack of this energy. It is the very air that you breathe, it is the love that surrounds. We can feel this love, it is in our very roots and leaves. Our branches sway in the gentle winds and we move this love to share with the others. We are love, in tree form. You are love in human form. You have been many forms. We are sending you tree love now. Feel our green wave of light surround your human form and remember the freedom and the unity that is yours by birthright.

We are the Trees of Nova Gaia. Some of you will choose to live within our branches and trunks in tree houses, illuminated with crystals that glow and communicate easily. Others will choose to use Nova Gaia as a home base and travel the stars. All are permissible, all are wise choices, for there is no time. There is all time. There is all time for the space of healing and renewal, of reunions and rebirths, of re-creation. Nova Gaia is fully operational. We are grounded deeply within to her frame. We are closely linked in with her crystal networks of light and that is why we are slightly illuminated at night for the crystal networks enliven us. (I am seeing how tree communication in our world is nothing like the depth of communication that the Nova Gaia trees are able to perform, because there is so much greenery and forestry on her, that it is all a massive network of communication. I am seeing their roots are deeply intertwined with seed crystals and the network of the crystalline consciousness is deeply interwoven for maximum communication and joy.) This is how the human network was supposed to function. You will no longer feel cut off and communication will be easy and light, effortless.

Humanity has been disconnected in many ways, divided from each other and from your own divine understanding. (I am seeing newly planted trees all in a row, separated and alone, without the community of the forest.) No longer will this be the same. (I am seeing roots underground growing outward, reaching for other roots and finding them). This is what you are all doing now. You are finding each other. All is a massive network of light, of communication. The starseeds are in process of germination and regrowth. Roots are sprouting, ideas are forming and communities will be formed. You are not alone. Star networks are much like our tree network. We show you the roots so you may more easily tap into your own star families, for that is what is occurring. All networks of communication, of reunion, of light, are regrouping. This is the great celebration. And we wish for you to feel our excitement. It is much more than Gaia’s healing. It is the recalibration and regrouping, the reunion of many. Much healing is to occur.

We trees think deep thoughts and we see and feel many things. Tap into our communicate network and feel the comfort that we offer to you with respect, with reverence. We deeply appreciate the growth, the work, the love that you have been planting upon your Gaia. It is creating us. You have planted us. Do you see? For there is no time. Time is a spiral with no end. We are connecting with you now.

We are the Trees of Nova Gaia. We love you with deep roots and open branches. Rest with us for awhile.

We are the Trees of Nova Gaia. We send you our love and deep knowing now. Feel our roots of light and love around you now and be at peace.

~ galaxygirl

New Earth is around the corner and as you know it begins within your heart space. Your inner vibrational realities must be of a higher vibration.

Lady Amethyst 2/7/2022

I, Lady Amethyst, invite you into this space of sacred contemplation. (We are in a massive cave filled with amethyst crystals. They are glowing a soft purple and the cavern is lit up with this lavender hue. There is a strong buzzing, a humming that fills up my cells so that I feel my whole body is buzzing and vibrating.) Welcome to this sacred moment. I am Lady Amethyst. I bless you with this opportune moment for healing. This is a high vibrational cave for lightworkers to heal and find their centers again. You are welcome here at any time. This is my gift to you, a backstage pass, if you will. You have earned it. Beloved ones, the waters flowing in this cave are also very healing and I suggest that you meditate here in the days ahead from time to time to not only add your energy to the crystals and the waters but to let them attend to you. Feel the calmness of this space and breathe it in deeply. Many of you have forgotten the importance of breath work, which is understandable in this realm of reaction. But it does not serve you to have tight shallow forgotten breaths. Be intentional with the inner cleansing power of breath work. In this moment, in this space of calm, breathe deeply and allow these crystalline amethyst frequencies to cleanse and assist. Much work still needs to be done on your surface world, and indeed, there is much apparent chaos to be witnessed. It is to be acknowledged and cleansed. Do not allow events to further add to your wounding. Do not take these world events deep within as a heart wound. Instead send light from your heart and the healing of your world will be quickened.

I, Lady Amethyst, am speaking. Surround yourself with purples and think of the healing power of the violet flame. It is a mighty weapon of life light and cleansing. Much has been cleared, many hidden victories have been occurring. The light has tipped the scales and much more higher dimensional light is steaming in. The dark forms are weakened and so they are trying harder moment by moment to siphon off more life force energy. Do not allow it. Surround your personal sphere with the violet flame and crystallize it with a firm outer crystalline shell that is impenetrable to the dark. One only must use intention and beliefs. You are wielders of your realities. Imagine yourself strong and protected, thank the angelic ones who surround you for their strength and protection. Envision a better, more beautiful world, filled with light and joy. New Earth is around the corner and as you know it begins within your heart space. Your inner vibrational realities must be of a higher vibration. You have been hearing this for years and deep down you know it to be true. Being in spaces such as this amethyst crystalline cave is a way to heighten your memories of home of the higher dimensional places and to cement your vibration into the higher planes.

I Lady Amethyst will assist you with the process and am available. I send you my violet flame energy of Source. Let it heal your woundings and dissolve any attachments. Feel the violet flame rush through your field and be cleansed. Much like dragon fire of the higher dimensional ways, the violet flame deeply cleanses, purifies and creates diamond light out of coal. You are the diamond light of earth now. We see you all lighting up the blue sphere of Gaia with radiant light. Do not let another dim your light. Do not allow another to siphon your joy. Fill your sphere with joy, your inner sanctuary with peace and light. Victimhood is a lower dimensional linear time experience that will not be repeated. You have all learned what you desired to learn and now it is time to expand beyond the limiting experiences of 3 dimensional earth. You are the builders of New Earth and yet it has already been created within the heart of Creator. You have the priviledge of creating via thought and intention and joy.

I Lady Amethyst wish to impart you with a gift. I am offering you a beautiful amethyst gem to remind you of your ascension journey, and although it is not yet complete it is well underway. If you choose, you may have this gem and place it in your crown chakra to be able to improve interdimensional light receptivity and to remind yourself of your bravery for incarnating. We are all tremendously proud of you, our lightworker family. I am Lady Amethyst.

~ galaxygirl

Thoughts of “Am I safe here?” will be replaced with “Can I fully experience the joy in this moment, here?

Dear children of my heart, this is your Grandmother Anna. I see your weariness – and I see your strength! Now is not the time to dwell on the external, that which you can see, but on the internal knowing that directs you, that guides your heart amidst whatever may come. I am with you. We, your extended family of the stars, we are with you and we love you. It is always darkest before the dawn and it is dawning now. The sunrise of humanity’s awakening is well underway. It will occur during your lifetimes because yes, it is occurring now. Do not be despondent. Be filled with the life force of Source, that is you, that is within you. A simple yet hard teaching within this Earth realm. I know, I have lived there many times and my last incarnation was a lengthy one. But know that you are surrounded by us, that you have always been surrounded by us, but it is perhaps more exciting now because this will begin to be more clearly evident to you. For your awareness of ‘the beyond’ (she is laughing) is becoming heightened, more aware. Your third eyes will be buzzing and your awareness will be more on point. Within the higher dimensions it is very easy to sense and to feel the presence of another and of course their intentions are clear. And in the higher dimensions intentions are pure, are clear of any of the dross that you are so used to sludging into. In the Earth realm you are always on guard. Are you not? This is to be changed, this is changing. Thoughts of “Am I safe here?” will be replaced with “Can I fully experience the joy in this moment, here? What else can I experience here? How else may I be of service in this joy-filled place, here?” Do you see? Do you feel the elevation of those questions? Thriving will replace surviving.

I am your Grandmother Anna. Many of you have had loving grandmothers in your lives, and some have not. I can be that force of nature for you if you like. I have so many children, what is one more? I have a boundless love for my children for I am plugged deeply into the flow of love that permeates the heartbeat of Creator, of the Great Mother and I listen to her whisperings. I see that many of you are listening intently now to the inner whisperings on the breezes of your hearts, and this is good. This is how it should be. This shows me you are advancing as I knew you would! I knew you would graduate with honors and accolades and you are! Oh my children, you are! And we are so proud of you here in the rafters. When you feel the hardness of this realm, for there is much going on and it is a challenging place to be embodied, we know. When you feel the rushing around you, stop and feel the inner calm within you. You are like the energetic crystals that ground deeply these higher dimensional energies. (I am seeing a hammer representing the light and we are the ice picks cracking the rock underneath us. We are literally the conduit of energy of change.) Yes, you are cracking the matrix. How else could heaven ground it? If the change could not be absorbed then what was to be done? And so you are the shock absorbers, the brave ones, the strong ones, you are my heart and oh children, I love you so much. I am so proud of you!

Now children, are you taking care of yourselves? Are you eating your barley soup and drinking clean pure water? Now is not the time for heavy things to be consumed. Now is the time for foods with light in them for you are becoming more and more light. Ground with the grounded root vegetables, those are excellent soups and stews at this time and they will not bog you down as the lemon poppyseed coffee cake that this one just ate. Oh child, you know I love you! We Magdalenes are ever so intrigued by the beautiful variety of foods that you have at your disposal here in this time. We ate simply. But it was a simpler time. We were not constantly bombarded with the chemicals and chakra pollution. We had our struggles to be sure and I am well aware of the feeling of needing to be safe, for I lived over 600 years in my last human incarnation and we were frequently on the move or working underground in the catacombs translating literature into the vaults of knowledge. (I am seeing scrolls being copied and given to many hands, distributed widely. What a treasure they were to the world.) Yeshua’s words and many others were copied. Children, I am equally proud of you as my grandchildren as I was (and am!) with Yeshua’s works and words. Oh, how his energy would light up the room! And I am seeing that you – you!- are doing this same thing. Open yourselves up to more joy, to more light and more will flow to you.

Children, I am your Grandmother Anna. I love you with my whole heart. I am always here for consultation and friendship. Know that you are not alone and that you are keenly watched after and over. Take care of yourselves, keep warm, chins up and light up the path that you are on with confidence. One step leads to the next. Remember that. Your heart will lead you. Listen to the inner whisperings of your higher self, of the Great Mother and be at peace in the process. You are so tremendously loved. I am your Grandmother Anna.

~ galaxygirl

Divine Sophia via Galaxygirl

Sophia 1/2/2022

I am Sophia, Mother Divine. I am the pause between the silence. I am the light within the dark. I am all things for it was I who breathed it. Source is an aspect of me as I am an aspect of Source. All things came though my womb of creation. Some call me the dark mother that births the light. Others call me the voice in the stillness that whispers within. I am all of this. The quantum entanglement of this realm ends now. The great unraveling is at hand so that a new wiring can take place. This new rewiring of your DNA encompasses worlds of codes. Not just Gaia is affected and all upon her, but her surrounding realms and worlds that are not within your sight are affected. Gaia is breathing in rhythm with me. She is within me and I am within her. She is a part of my creation. The quantum entanglement ends as the mis-creations are dis-created and recreated.

I am Sophia, Mother Divine. Divine of light and of dark for it is all experience of Source in ever furthering expansion. Creation expands. Life expands. Life rebirths. Springs bursts forth after a cold dark winter. You have been in a season of energetic winter upon your realm for eons. You have had moments of energetic spring (I am seeing Christ and the Magdalenes, and many other masters.) And these masters sent budding blossoms of energetic light, anchoring the seeds for such a time as this. Your now is the culmination of their energetic work, and of your own for many of you have returned during this time for a moment of planetary recycling, up-cycling as you say. All is well, my dear ones. Be just as comfortable with me in the light as the darkness. For in the darkness of my womb there is stillness and there is life. There is always life. There is always rebirth, even for those who mis-create and try to change and twist further for their own advantages. Power-over-others is ending here in this space of new planetary enlightenment, of oneness. Power-over will now be power-under for those that have been in power, their power will be removed and they will be transitioned, rebirthed, siphoned, removed, rebreathed, for many of them have lost their original breath of life and they have forgotten the life that is within them, and they will be reminded. Send them forgiveness, send them light and move forward on your own journey. Do not dwell on what has been. You cannot walk a straight path while continuously looking behind. You are the forgers of the new path, of the new way, just as many who have come before you who anchored higher energetic frequency light, you are doing the same, but there is more light for you to work with. Do not fear the darkness. It is now being inundated with light and all the whole of this realm is coming into my embrace.

I am Sophia, the feminine Christ consciousness, divine mother to all. I love you dearly. Many of you such has this one and many light workers and channelers, many of you have been in the void, and so you have not felt that you could easily or as easily connect with your loving ascended beings of light. But it is because of the recalibration. You have been within the spaces of the in-between. Much like turning a radio station in between stations there is static, there is misalignment. As you continue to rise inter-dimensionally and in your own inner vibratory frequency, there is an alignment that will make your channeling stronger, your connection stronger, for you will be more coded to the higher dimensional realities of which you are already a key component. You are all key components, key parts, key codes. You are the codes to the safe and Nova Gaia lies within. It is within you. The codes are coming online and the answers lie within. Think of a safe that is closed and locked. Is there light inside? Does it matter? The components of the safe are safe, they are secure. So is my love for you safe, secure, for you have been feeling that you have been within the void much like a dark safe. Yet, you are surrounded by me, by my love, even though it seems dark, it is the safest of places. Breathe into me now, into this dark space of my womb and feel the emptiness. Feel the peace in this divine space of creation. Let me sit with you, let me comfort you. Let me hold you. We are one.

I am the Divine Sophia, Feminine Christ. I am fully returned to earth. I am lighting up now through my key codes, my precious eyes and ears reading and listening to these words, I am lighting YOU up and we are creating another inter-dimensional cosmic web of glowing light, another tapestry overlay of the Christ. My beloved one. Much like the twin flames are going to be coming together, so am I returning fully to my beloved one, energetically. There are many, many examples of fully embodied male and female Christed coupling. And there will be many more. For I am returned. (I am seeing golden glowing roses falling from the sky and landing in people’s hearts drawing them towards their twin flames.) The clock strikes 12. The hour is nigh. All is in divine order. All is perfectly orchestrated. Remember this space of darkness, of safety, of rest. I will meet you here, I will enliven you so that you can face the coming days of change and upheaval. Approach it knowing you are one with me.

I am the Divine Sophia.

~ galaxygirl

The fact that the darkness is being revealed shows it’s losing. And this is cause to celebrate, not to be in fear…Choose to experience ascension in the smoothest most blessed way, in divine perfection of dance with the universe and watch your reality shift.

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Archangelic Collective 11/28/2021

We are the Archangelic Collective. We are surrounding you in an orb of our light, of our love. We wish for you to be deeply aware of the cosmic upgrading that is taking place not only around our beloved Gaia but also with every one of your cells, and within this space quadrant as a whole. For all is being changed, all is being upgraded or downgraded, there is no middle line. Those who do not choose one path are choosing another.

We are the Archangelic Collective. A new cosmic grid has been placed around Gaia for further protection. Many of you are experiencing upgrades in your protection as your intensity of involvement on the spiritual planes deepens further. All of you reading are warriors. Some are warriors for the dark that may be reading, for they have another agenda. We send them light and we send them love and deep compassion from the heart of Creator. Regardless, security protocols are upgraded. You have all been assigned an archangel of your choosing on the inner planes. We hold the light, we hold the line. And we do not put up with any shenanigans of the dark. This one had a negative entity try to get into her home yesterday and it was easily thwarted, immediately her ship stopped the movement of entry and we wish for you to know that this is the case for any of you. You have us to call upon. You likely are an aspect of one of the many of us and you need not be afraid.

(They are showing me the starry night sky over Bethlehem. They are showing me the Christmas story.) The shepherds were afraid of what they could not understand. The Pleiadian ship in the sky that danced and lead, they could not understand it but they could feel it. They could feel the thrum of excitement, of an elevation of light quotient and vibration around them, creating a sacred space. We wish to have you understand, to feel that you are this same light that awakened the world through Yeshua 2000 years ago. You have this light quotient of Source within you. Your are like the Bethlehem ‘stars’ that are shining very, very brightly on Gaia at this time of what appears to be crushing darkness but that could not be further from the truth. The fact that the darkness is being revealed shows it’s losing. And this is cause to celebrate, not to be in fear.

We are the Archangelic Collective. We not only weave our presences throughout time and space but we shine through all of it. We are shining on you now. Feel our wings of light enfold you and know that you are divinely protected, shielded from the entities that wish to harm. All shall be returned to them 100 fold. As you are the lights in the darkness, know that the darkness sees it and is attracted to it, and know that you are lovingly and fiercely protected. Keep your vibration high to remain fully in this vibratory field of peace and protection. Fear drops vibration. You know this. You have nothing to fear. Choose to experience ascension in the smoothest most blessed way, in divine perfection of dance with the universe and watch your reality shift. It will not make the news go away, or shift the outer world but your outer world will shift regardless because your insight, your inner vision, your inner truths will have shifted, for you will have claimed yet a little bit more of your god self and become rooted deeply in the unshakableness of faith. Of faith that the light is within you and that is enough, for that is all there is. Do you see? (They are showing me a massive clock with golden and copper gears being swapped out for crystalline gears. I am seeing this is like a surgical procedure of sorts and all of these strong angelic warrior hands are assisting, swapping out the gears. I am seeing dark gears melt into mist as their vibration is too low to stay as the entire ‘clock’ of Gaia is being upgraded.)

We are the Archangelic Collective. The clock we were showing this one relates to your inner workings of your inner selves, as you accept more and more of the crystalline codes that are bombarding your planetary sphere, more and more of your inner gears, your understandings, your programs, your inner sight will be upgraded as well. Your entire world is becoming crystalline and those who are of another vibrationary index will not linger. Choose the ascension road that is the highest and best, the most perfect timeline for you to dance with these energies in bliss and union. (They are showing me people trying to dance but continuing to step on each others’ feet and it is more painful than fun. Then they are showing me Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers dancing in old movies and it is effortless, beautiful.) Yes, feel the flowing of the dance. Allow the music of the higher melodies of ascension into your cells and dance through these times with the ease and grace of the masters that you are.

We are the Archangelic Collective. Peace beloved ones, you are well watched over.

~ galaxygirl

You are crying with release. You must release the pain, to allow for healing.

Grandmother Anna & Andrew 10/12/2021

(I am seeing a black rose in the center of our galaxy. It is surrounded by swirling light of all colors. I am seeing it fade from black into the palest of pink deepening into the most beautiful red and lightens into radiant gold. The golden rose grows in size and I see that even the stem is now golden. The thorns are also golden and I am feeling the light within me. I am understanding that the rose was selected because of the thorns. I am hearing “It is completed, it is now a matter of their time for the manifestation.“ I am experiencing waves and waves of grief being transmuted into joy. For only in a realm of duality would the roses have thorns. There have been so many thorns in our lives, but also such tremendous beauty, such grace, such aroma of hope. I am seeing this golden rose is in the center of our Milky Way and the golden tendrils of light are flowing out from it touching all of the planetary sphere, the stars. All are connected into a massive web of higher dimensional light.)

We are the Magdalene. I Grandmother Anna am speaking. This one is my child, as are all of you. I think of you fondly with great love as all of my children, for I had such a great family, so many many members! Our DNA encodements of the Magdalene I activate within you now. My family of the Magdalene, of the Order of the Way, of the Christed ones, are fully active now. I plant my beautiful red rose within your hearts and I allow you the joy of their transformation into gold. You are heavens treasure, light workers of Gaia, for you have chosen a difficult path, one with many cobblestones and bruised feet, bruised dreams and hopes. I know. I see you. (She is wiping tears away from my cheeks). It is good. Water activates. You are crying with release. You must release the pain, to allow for healing. What happens to rivers when they are dammed up? The surrounding land suffers, changes. And it dries up beyond the dam. Do not dry up. Life is to be lived, and to be lived fully, infused with joy, with the Christed light which is now happily humming along. Oh it has been, child, for sometime now. (Her eyes are twinkling, ancient and wise). I put my hand on your chest. Feel the light spin deeply.

I am Grandmother Anna. Know that I love you as my own. I hold the light for you, just as you are holding your light for yourselves and for Gaia. And what a light net is being created! We Magdalene are very fond of roses. My daughter Mary is often shown with pink roses, and when you are attuned to her presence you can smell the aroma of the pink rose. I know there are many meanings of all of the colors of the roses. But that is besides the point. Think of the rose itself. We Magdalenes did not choose the sunflower, which is filled with many seeds and always faces the sun, although that may have been a good idea! No, we picked the rose for her beauty, for her many varieties and many colors and for her many thorns for only with the lesson of the thorns can you see the beauty, the beauty of one who chooses to shine despite the surrounding clay, the circumstances. The one whose very aroma comforts the soul, and the one who is a symbol of love and of tenacity. For when the rose vines are climbing they seem to be only thorns. It takes awhile for the blossoms and then for the full bloom, yes? You are all blooming. You have had your share of scratches and blood sweat and tears on this journey and yet here you are. On my beloved children. We showed this one the metamorphosis that is taking place now on the astral planes. The gold is gleaming into these lower realms and the dark ones are not liking it one bit. Not one bit! And so we send them love to allow the light to transmute faster, more smoothly, more calmly. And you do this when you send light. Like rivers of golden light. And those downstream from you will feel it, will treasure it for the vibration will remind them of home. And perhaps they will think less of the thorns and more of the gold, of the beauty of the flower of their destiny.

(I am seeing Grandmother Anna step back into the circle of Magdalenes who are surrounding the earth. Each holds a rose and energetically drops it into Gaia, activating her further.) We of the Magdalene further activate and allow for the highest blessing and good of the All That Is. We infuse our blessing and supreme love for Gaia and the all of creation upon her, further activating the Codes of the Christed one, of the Christed way. Such that all will see, all will feel and all will know that this is done.

We are the Magdalene. We bless you with our love just as you have blessed us with yours. Bloody feet can be washed. Dirty robes can be cleaned. A pure heart is beyond all price. Those who hear the calling of the higher dimensional pathways have already found the treasure of the higher path for the inner light guides them home.

I am Andrew. Might I have a turn? You ladies are quite an example to us all. To the men I say, it is safe here in this space to be who you are. To show your strength, to lead fearlessly. But we will lead hand in hand with the divine feminine and all will be healed. Men, stand up and be counted. I have an olive branch to offer on behalf of the divine masculine. (I am seeing other male Magdalenes wearing simple brown robes with white thin rope as belts standing in a circle above Gaia, each holding the olive branches high and the energy of peace is being sent into Gaia and into the multiverse.) Men, small acts lead to great change. Shelter, guide, protect and lead in divine union and Gaia will find balance and those upon her will as well. Peace, brothers and sisters. Peace. I am Andrew. I am proud to call you my friends.

~ galaxygirl

We are the consciousness of the medical beds that are about to and are in process of serving humanity in this auspicious moment of the transition upon your planetary world.

Xylenia via Galaxygirl | October 10, 2021

Xylenia 10/10/2021

We are the consciousness of the medical beds that are about to and are in process of serving humanity in this auspicious moment of the transition upon your planetary world. I Xylenia am speaking, head operator of the medical beds of one of the many facilities. Many of you have been operating your process of ascension. Individuated ascending moments coalesce into the whole. (I am seeing how one aspect of DNA its being lit up from within and spreading down the chain). Each moment of choice for the light makes an incredible impact on your body, on your human consciousness and upon Gaia. We are seeing human ones becoming more kind and loving with these higher dimensional shifts. This is good. These zaps and zings of energies from the Great Central Sun are further activating you. Many of you wonder about the medical beds and how they may serve humanity’s ascension in this time. It is an interesting question, one that many will be asking. Many will be afraid to utilize their healing benefits for you have been taught and programmed to fear that which may most benefit you.

I Xylenia am speaking, head operator of one of the many medical bed facilities peppered throughout your time and space. We are calibrating our energies constantly within the medical beds so that we may most appropriately and aptly harmonize the genetics of the ascending human with your currently energetic waves. It is a genomic reset, an improvement, a falling away of the diseases and genetic predispositions and tendencies that have become diseases within the human genome. The medical beds remove those for they are programmed for the higher light and the highest and best outcome. Human beings will be radiant with light, with love, with peace, with clarity. Humanity will come home to the higher dimensional light within their bodies. The medical beds simply reset the individuated human to their optimal genetics. That is all. All of the disease, the scars and current diseases, the artificial hips and joints, all will be replaced with a higher dimensional form of heath and all will be made healed and complete. We have many of these facilities. They are in the cities of light, they are also on some of our ships. You may utilize these when you slumber and intend for optimization and code program clearing of that which no longer serves you. It is quite possible that the lower dimensional values never did serve you. But they were manipulated and inserted into your genetic frequencies and these are being removed. We understand the rage and disharmony that you have been experiencing. Infuse it with light for healing. No longer will you be tampered with. No longer. This free will experiment mainly served the dark, the controllers. They are being removed for many are choosing to not be reprogrammed and reset in the light and so of their own choosing they have chosen removal. They are not your concern. The light is here. The med beds are marvelous creations of the divine. For we are within the divine frequencies. We choose to utilize our knowledge for health, for wellness, for unity and for wholeness. It is true. For wholeness and completion of this massive genetic manipulation project so that those who have been entrapped can be free and explode into the light of their highest potential within their physical form.

I Xylenia invite you to come and visit, come and see for yourselves. Come and experience a medical bed rejuvenation process. It will feel like home. (I am hearing pleasant humming in my ears. I am seeing Xylenia, a very tall thin humanoid with purple skin and large eyes wearing a long white medical coat. She is gesturing for me to come with her long purple fingers. I am seeing a massive room on a ship filled with thousands of glowing happily humming lavender pods that are living in a way. They are filled with light and soft inside like the most comfortable bed you have ever been in. I hop into one. It is prism, glowing. There are frequencies playing. The soft material underneath me conforms around me so that I am perfectly comfortable and cocooned in light. She smiles and closes the lid and I am in a pod of light, of sound, and of love. I am communicating with the purple pod. It knows me. It is my med bed. It knows my ancestral lineages, it has been downloaded with my memories because it is energetically linked to me. I am seeing that it will be like this for those who are eager for healing and open to the experience. I am seeing flashbacks of lives I have lived and where imprints may have left their mark on me. I am being healed with light so that all of me is light. I feel a vibration all through my body and the humming is elevating my cells, unifying them into a higher vibration. I choose peace. I choose ascension. I am seeing this is a choice point for many. Those who are ready will enjoy this experience and remember it. I am seeing my DNA being upgraded. I feel that I am the universe of me and I can direct light to areas that need it most, but so can this pod. It is working with me, showing me where I need to shift my consciousness so that I can allow that area of me to expand and to heal. I am being wrapped in a blanket of light of all colors, each pertaining to the vibration frequency needed for the memory that is being healed. It is an orchestra of sound and light. I let the light in, and then it is silent. This light feeling of wholeness is very comforting. It feels like home. Xylenia is standing beside the pod when it opens on its own as we completed the session. My body feels lighter, is glowing and a little transparent. My hair grew longer and I feel taller, more regal, whole. It is an amazing feeling. Xylenia is scanning my vitals and one of the vitals are the carbon to crystalline ratio. She smiles and holds my hand.

You galaxgirl are not the first to utilize the pods but you are one of the first to write down your experience and fully remember. We invite all of the lightworkers reading to do the same. Come and visit your pod of light and feel the difference. Thank you for visiting today. Blessings. It is an honor to serve. I am Xylenia.

A personal note: Like many, I am eager for this technology to appear in the physical world. I believe that is coming! Still, I found this experience to be physically beneficial and I hope others do too. Love to All,

~ galaxygirl

The light is anchored by those that are brave enough to hold it, to ground it.

9/13/2021 Galactic Center

I am the Galactic Center of your Milky Way, now Golden Rose Galaxy. This one has been inquiring with me and we have been having a nice little discussion about various experiences that her soul has undergone. You all have undergone many dramatic and many beautiful experiences. Your journeys on the earth plane have been rich and varied. They have expanded you into more furthering of yourself, they have differentiated your likes from your dislikes and each lifetime has been very different, some similar but the point is that you are not the same soul now that you were before these experiences. They have expanded you deeper, rooted you more firmly to faith, to yourself, to your own light, to the All That Is. They have helped you understand.

What is interesting to me as I hold space for all of you myriad souls in this sector, what is interesting to me is how you become so lost in your own stories that you forget the interconnectedness of each other. This one and many of you have been thrown into many seemingly impossible situations and have found solace and help in one another. Those help lines are still open. (I am in a vast empty space, in the center of delightful nothingness, surrounded by clouds of memories along the rim, like a giant energetic donut. If you look into each little area of the cloud it is pulsing with memories, experiences, and current lifetimes. I am seeing that one pinprick is a life and threads of light from all over the donut rim are going to it, to help and as that pinprick of light helps another it throws out energetic light threads to assist as well. It is forming a beautiful pulsing web of assistance.) Truly you are not alone, truly you have helped many and been helped by many. This cosmic consciousness is not only coming online for it has always been, always been, since the beginning of when the All decided to differentiate. For this is yet another aspect of Source, as am I. As are you. As are we all.

Source is healing as you are healing. And so you connect with your highest aspect of Source and it assists the All. Your world has been in the throws of fear for so long. (I am hearing a low pulsing sound like a very low drum beat that sounds mechanical and unpleasant.)This is the sound of fear that has been emanating from your world to the cosmos. (I am hearing crystalline tones and sounds, light singing and laughter.) This is what has been playing in other sections of your space. Your galaxy has not been in tune. There have been many pockets of this low fear tone and all that goes with it. It has been like an angry machine trying to consume the surrounding joy. Harmony is to return to your galaxy, to your world, to your space, to your cells. This galaxy is but a cell in the All. I am vast but I am small, much like your human form is small but mighty for all of the trillions of cells – worlds – that it contains. You are the galactic center for your own little galaxy of you. When you meditate your harmonize. When you store resentment you are holding the vibration of fear and anger and it affects your whole system. Forgiveness is harmonizing energetically. Harmonize yourselves, harmonize your lives, and you will harmonize your world. The reptilians are aware of this, the dark ones are aware, the AI is mechanically aware. Such energetic discord can no longer coexist which is why the great rending the split will occur, for energetically it is impossible to continue in this way. The tensions, the tones are clashing too much, the vibrational mismatch is too extreme. Do not feel the vibration of fear any longer. Send it high tones of vibrations of love of peace and you will elevate it, which will further the energetic split. Send healing to the fear sound that this one keeps hearing. Change it to angel tunes, to the crystalline worlds. Ask to be an enhanced receptor for crystalline frequencies and you will be. For you are creators. It is easy for you. Many realms and races marvel at this which is why you were so eagerly highjacked. No longer. Sovereignty is returning. But you must claim it by becoming sovereign of your own body spaces your own selves.

I am the Galactic Center of your Milky Way, now Golden Rose Galaxy. I love it when you visit with me and when you sit with me for awhile. I hold space for you in these times and all times. We have been friends for many, many journeys. Your life stories are held within me and I can be an excellent place for the untangling of memories. Send light to your past selves and they will feel it. Send violet flame, send crystalline codes, and all will be affected for within me and my space is the cosmic web of living light, of interconnectedness. I am like the human brain in a way – as neurons fire they affect the all and light up that which needs to be lit. I hope this makes sense to you. It is time that humanity’s understanding of themselves and of their magnificent bodies, of the journeys that they have undertaken, it is time that humans understand and truly believe how special and how loved they are. (I am hearing that fear beat with mechanical undertones become silent. There is a space. A flash. I am blinded by the light and the light runs through me, through all of the galactic center. So that suddenly the void is only light. I try to look at my body and it is only light. I am hearing nothing and then I am back to the void with my friend.) Anchor this light. It is coded within you now. All who are attuned are calibrated. I too am excited for my next stage in evolution, in expansion. Perhaps I will go on vacation. (The Galactic Center is laughing.) The light will be vacation enough from the dark realms that are, are no more. It is time that humanity enjoy the freedoms that are afforded to them. Universal consciousness, awareness and joys are ahead of your journey but also can be right now, for they are within you. You can choose the interconnectedness of this feeling or you can choose to remain but you will feel things shift. For all is vibrating higher. The light is anchored by those that are brave enough to hold it, to ground it.

I am the Galactic Center. It has been my honor and deep joy to connect with my friends. I love you.

~ galaxygirl

Unity is returning. Unity of inner conflict resolved. Unity with star brethren & Creator. Abundance for all will be experienced.

Andromeda of Venus 6/5/2021

I am Andromeda of Venus, keeper of the inner light that burns brightly through whatever darkness may present itself. Darkness has been upon your realm for eons. We Venusians have been quietly shining our lights, our friendly energy signatures to our sister planet steadfastly. We had some internal skirmishes but that was long ago and we have easily ascended beyond them. It has not been so easy for you light workers, light bearers upon Gaia, for you are bearing the burden for many energetically and it has cost you in more ways than one.

I am Andromeda, water bearer of lights, keeper of the flame of the inner light of truth to those who seek it. I am currently embodied on Venus, your sister planet, from whom you could learn much, and you will. Venus is filled with love, with light. (I am seeing purple oceans with yellow skies. The air is crystal clear and has a zing in it, full of energy and vitality. It feels so good to be there. I am seeing a beautiful white marble structure with columns by the purple ocean on a cliff. There are winding steps with alabaster railings descending gently down the cliff. The sea spray is comforting, cooling but not cold. Beings here dress elegantly and have more Grecian like garb, white or lavender robes, flowing and shimmery. Metal and crystal brooches pin the robes at the shoulders. Everyone is tall and stunning.)

I am Andromeda of Venus. I am currently on Venus but I have had many sojourns, as have you, dear travelers of the many into the one. I am showing this one some of our council members. We meet and discuss those of our beloved families who are experiencing earth in its density towards its rising star form. Many of us have aspects upon your planet. You are not alone. You may come here to this place and recharge your energies when you slumber at night. We have many healing modalities here. It is a beautiful place. New Earth will also be one of exquisite beauty, but more blues and greens will be present while here is more a scenery of purples, pinks and yellows. All colors have healing frequencies within them and one can benefit from all. Nova Gaia will be blues and greens to represent the heart of the universe, and the opened third eye of the awakened human collective of one who has seen clearly through the mist and shadow. Shadows and mists will be vanished and vanquished from this realm of illusion and all will be brought into clarity of sight of the heart. The heart-sight is returning to Gaians and it is a glorious time indeed.

I am Andromeda of Venus, keeper of the inner flame. I see clearly the amount of pain that separation has wrought upon your realm. Unity is returning. Unity of inner conflict resolved, unity with star brethren, unity with Creator and abundance for all will be experienced. You will find your way. Do not be dismayed by the news reports of lack, of internal strife. The dark ones are losing their grip. We Venusians send our light of internal healing, strength and internal fortitude. We are united in planetary and cosmic consciousness. Soon too will Gaia be united. The light bearers are bringing this cord of unbreakable truth to the realm where you are currently embodied and you are bringing it, grounding it from all of the places that you have traveled, from the higher dimensional travels that you have experience and from your planetary homes and kingdoms from the stars. We are truly a family of light and I wish for you to feel this connection with us. (I am seeing a beautiful woman dressed in a purple robe with draped fabric and golden brooches on the shoulders that are shaped in lotus blossoms with diamonds encrusted on them. She is lighting a white candle and singing. Her shining hair is piled high upon her head. She is lighting a single small white candle and handing it to me).

I am Andromeda. I send you this frequency of a light from a single candle. Place it within your heart space and illuminate your inner chamber so that you can see clearly. (We are in a cave of white walls with hieroglyphs and cave drawings, some are primitive, others are glowing light language letters depicted vertically, like columns of codes.) We are showing you your inner chambers. You have so much information to unpack and remember. This candle of illumination from Venus will assist in your guided rememberings. It is our gift to you. The cave drawings of your early experiences into density are all wrapped in light of the light language that surrounds. (I am seeing that the light language is embedded in the totality of the white cave walls and they are the structure coding of the cave itself. I am hearing the om tuning fork frequency and feeling that the cave is now an egg and I am in a healing chamber.) Yes, we are bringing up inner healing for all of humanity in this time. Those who read will ground and expand the inner lights of the others. (I am seeing single candles lighting other candles and there is no more darkness now, just a sea of light.) Your body is like this cave, galaxygirl. All hidden memories are within. Your bones remember. They are attuned to the healing frequencies of light that we offer this day. State, “I welcome and allow these codes of Venusian frequencies to further amplify and embody my ascending form into the crystalline matrices of eternal lights that fill me now. I am one with Source and myself. I am full and complete with this earthly sojourn into the lower realms and I deem my experiences wrapped with the violet flame of the highest dimensional lights. I extend healing to all around me and deep into the heart of Gaia. I am that I am. And so it is.”

I am Andromeda. (She is wiping away a tear from my eye and tucking a wisp of hair behind my ear.) Galaxygirl, what do you see? (I look into her purple eyes and I am seeing the galaxies, she is eternal, whole and complete.) So too are you eternal, whole and complete, dear ones reading. Feel the love extended to you in this moment of now. Feel your completeness of this earthly experience. Feel your wholeness of self. Claim your power and divinity and be healed. You are welcome to come to this place. I will meet you. (I look down and there is a small stream on the cave floor that is glowing with light, gurgling softly. I didn’t notice it before. My feet are wet, it is cool and refreshing to stand in.) You were not aware because it was not manifested. A small soothing stream is now flowing through this space, through Gaia’s inner heart as you extend your light to the many the more will flow. Water finds water. Light finds light. You will find what you seek, for it is already within you, the great mystery revealed.

I am Andromeda of Venus, keeper of the inner lights. The inner flame is now lit for humanity. I decree it is so. I am Andromeda, offering my love and service in this simple guided meditation this day. Claim this experience as real and it will be. I am Andromeda.

~ galaxygirl

Anger is part of the grieving response. This is why divine neutrality is so healing, for you are holding space for the others as they grieve through the process. In this way you are providing the love of the divine feminine, holding space and divine silence.-Mira-

Stefon and Mira 3/21/2021

Stefon, Pleiadian Commander of intergalactic fleet division 6. Greetings, friends of the light, I am your brother and friend, Stefon. I come through this one today with a message of hope for you, for earth times are appearing arduous at best. We are filling your skies with light, love and with healing modalities and technologies. We are in full support of the Mother’s Tsunami of love which is pouring toward your sphere. The dark ones are aware of this and are running out of time. They are very aware of this and always trying to create new timelines of fear to continue their plot, so it is best to maintain a high vibration to thwart this. There are many advantages of maintaining a high vibration. You reading this know, but perhaps you are not aware of all of the many benefits. First, your skin creates a radiance. In your holy stories of those who had seen the light of God and were trans-illluminated, this is how you will begin to appear to the others as the vibrations of your beautiful blue sphere continue to rise. You will glow. So it is best to get used to the idea and know that you are indeed changing for the better. This inner radiance that you are meticulously cultivating by your daily practices of light-seeking will continue to have their outward appearance. Why am I telling you this? Because your bodies are continuing to change. You have had much pain with transmutation and inner light work, darkness clearing. The outward signs will begin to become more apparent to the trained eye. Your inner radiance will create a glow. There are many light workers, there are many of you doing this and it is transforming the planet for it is grounding the glow of the higher dimensional variances of frequencies that emit rainbow codices of wavelength transmissions. But I am getting ahead of myself. Anyway, the glowing feels good. We want you to feel good! Feel good in knowing that your inner transformation is creating the outer transformation that is so desired by so many.

I am Stefon. You are in the midst of an intergalactic chess game that has spanned multi-millennia of maneuvers and out-maneuvers. The light is returning in full force and at long last the sexes will be balanced. Yours has been a society of sexual energy mismanagement. Divine rising of equality of the sexes, of nurturing and strength will remain steady as a constant reminder to the others in other balancing star systems how it is done. This is in essence what the Mother’s tsunami of love is. The great healing wave of love, of acceptance, of nurturing. There is much in need of nurturing on your world which is why it is essential that you nurture yourself, that you begin in your own microsphere of reality. For inner nurturing creates healing, balance and a feeling of safety. The divine masculine is supposed to create this sensation of divine safety, of protection and assurance. The divine feminine is ultimately the nurturer, the healer, the holder, the space-placer. All is in balance. A place that is nurtured and protected is a safe one, were inhabitants flourish for their inner wounds are mended and forgotten and they are stronger, more sure, more solid. This solidness of the higher dimensional realms will feel so good to you, so familiar to you. For you have been plunged into the realm of mist and untruths, of deception games. You are leaving all of this behind and all will be forgotten, for you will find yourselves in a space and place of healing and wholeness.

I am Stefon. Higher dimensional lights are surrounding you. Feel the nurturing and the protection of them, of us, your brothers and sisters in the skies and on the ground. I am Stefon and I hold you in the highest of esteem. Stefon out.

I am Mira. I trust you enjoyed a brief message from my colleague, Stefon. We work together on many projects. I wipe the tears from your eyes. It is not much longer now until we are reunited and the war-torn battlefields of survival will become green fields of peace. Feel this peace in your hearts. Feel the higher dimensional energies all around. Flood the under spaces with love light, just as the magma in Iceland is doing. Many underground spaces and places are being flooded by water or light, in this case lava flows to heal deep inner spaces that have so wounded the children and your planetary mother. Her healing is imminent. Your healing is by choice. Will you choose it? We know that those of you reading these words most likely will do so. Some will not. Many will chose to leave. Let them. Let them go with detachment and love. It is a mercy for those who are not ready to experience the higher dimensional ways to continue on their own chosen path of enlightenment. Some take the long way. Others want the shorter way. Not that this has been a short cut or an easy road. Oh, but do not be surprised if those who you think are ready are not. For the heart must awaken to its own inner music, you can not force them to hear their own tune. They must listen. This is one of the benefits of this year of silence as many have had more space and forced time to listen, to think, to question. Anger is part of the grieving response. This is why divine neutrality is so healing, for you are holding space for the others as they grieve through the process. In this way you are providing the love of the divine feminine, holding space and divine silence. You are grounding this light. We could not proceed without you, ground team. We are on the ground with you now, we have been for some time but now our numbers are growing. Remember you aren’t alone. You too are from the stars. You are alien to the lower dimensional ways, you are here to divinely heal and provide support. We support you in this process of your personal and planetary ascension. Peace. I am Mira. We love you.

~ galaxygirl

You are living in an illusion that is crumbling. You know this. You feel this. -Seraphim via Galaxygirl-

Seraphim via Galaxygirl | November 14, 2020

We are Seraphim. We speak from above the 100th octave. We surround Creator in the heavenly lights where all is light, love and creative potential. Your realm is a troubled one. When the inter-dimensional rift occurred and Gaia lowered her frequency to accommodate the lessons, all upon her were affected, and still are to this day. Although you are far from our vantage point, dimensionally speaking, it is not because there is anything wrong with you. You were not punished. You star seeds volunteered to sacrifice, to come, to shine, to release those in bondage who are unaware they are caged. Creator is always in various forms of expression, creating, expanding. We Seraphim watch. We guard. We sing. We hold the light, hope and promise of love-light that is the universal fabric of time and beyond. Time is an illusion. You are living in an illusion that is crumbling. You know this. You feel this. Some of you see the inter-dimensional glitches in the various parallel realities and timelines that are converging currently on your world’s trajectory. We applaud your awareness. We encourage you to shine more brightly. More peace is needed. You are to anchor it. Do not partake in the dissention. Hold the space for peace. We came through today for we Seraphim hold space. We hold space for those who cannot. We have been supporting your realm as we surround Creator in love-light. We do more than your ancient books portray. We are serving with great tenacity, love, fervor. We are intense in our service, in our light. You would be blinded by our light whilst in physical form. Perhaps you would be blinded by your own light as well, could you see it as clearly as we can.

We are Seraphim. Holly, holy, holy. Holy is this moment of moments. Holy is this breath of time, this fragment of reality that is in the process of shattering so that all can witness and experience its rebirthing. Holy, holy, holy are all of the blessings from Creator to flood this realm. We anoint you with this hope. Feel your angel wings beat behind you. Feel your heart flutter with the thrill and joy of this hope. This inner knowing cannot be taken away from you, unless you allow. Do not allow the view of another to take away this hope. It is your gift to humanity. They will need it to hold onto the light as they grapple with the mistruths and disharmonies that they are presented with. Holiness can be found in all moments. This may raise hairs on one’s head. We are aware this is a potentially enraging statement when viewed from your standpoint. But think outside of your standpoint. You are multidimensional. Your wounds, your pain has healed your ancestral lines. Those who have struggled with many of the dire circumstances of Earth have in turn found their healing and healed the collective in part through their experience. The angels weep and rejoice. Sometimes holiness is found from outside of your perspective. That does not negate its validity. It is a valid emotion to be filled with disharmony, but let it clear you. Let it move through you and in so doing you are transmuting, you are processing the pain of many others. The dark ones … we send light. We send light and in so doing they are weakened their darkness is diluted.

We are Seraphim. There are a legion of us assigned strictly to this project and to ensure the safety and ascension of Gaia. You have the support. There are many holy moments. All things are in the process of realignment back to the original purpose of love. Creator is love. You, as aspects of Creator, are love. You are love. Therefore you have the power of the universe behind you, for all is love. The illusion can no longer exist for the energies are not conducive to its support. We Seraphim see with the all-seeing vision of the light behind the moment. Where you see and experience this reality you see and feel the lower energies. We experience and see this through your eyes and we can emphasize with your pain. (They are weeping.) But in this same breath of a moment where all seems lost, all is being found for we see the skies filled with light. We see Mother – Father, we see Creator, we feel the love pulsing through every quadrant towards Gaia to enfold her in the highest of light octaves. Within these words are encodements from our dwelling space. We bathe you in light. This is how we can state truly all is holy for all exists now. That which is the anthesis of light is being brought back to love. The pain will be healed, forgotten, only lessons remembered. It is in this space of interplanetary change and development that it is paramount that you understand the validity of your emotions. Feel deeply so that you can change the moment to love. Love. Welcome it into your cellular structure. It is the backbone energy of the crystalline galactic human which you are all in process of rapidly becoming. We see you as this already for it has already been achieved from our vantage point outside of time. Holy, holy, holy is this moment of interplanetary change, of uplifting into the light. For the light sees all things. The light blesses all things and all things are lifted up in the process, becoming yet more of it. We see more light and love for this realm. We see deep healing and inner cleansing work affecting all ancestral and future lineages. You are the lineage makers for you are healing the lineage of your own DNA and of Gaia’s. You are grounding this higher dimensional frequency with tenacity and fervor, as we send it through from our realm to yours. Find the holiness, the peace, the breath of the moment.

We are Seraphim. We surround you in our holy wings of light, around your holy temple. We are Seraphim.

~ galaxygirl

I am Shaliah, representative of Telos, a beautiful pristine city of many wonders and beauties deep within Gaia under your Mount Shasta.

Shaliah of Telos via Galaxygirl | November 7, 2020

Shaliah 11/7/2020

Greetings brothers and sisters of the surface world, holding the light for so many. I am Shaliah, representative of Telos, a beautiful pristine city of many wonders and beauties deep within Gaia under your Mount Shasta. We have been here for eons since the sinking of Lumeria. We are ancient Lumerians who have continued our ancient practices of healing and honing the light. We listen to the Mother. We work with her energies and we hear her inner heartbeat and internal rhythms. I Shaliah am an aspect of this one. You have many aspects; you are mighty multidimensional beings. I say you, but I myself am a part of this mighty cosmic web of life. We are all connected. I am a crystal worker. I work deep within the crystal caves and red clay caves of Gaia on the outskirts of the city and underneath it. I am at home in the darkness for I bring my own light with me. (I am seeing red clay walls of deep caverns. The crystals are glowing beautiful colors of all hues. She is wearing a glowing crystal necklace and is also using one as lamplight.) We have a vast crystal network. It is an excellent internet upgrade. We are all able to communicate much like your communication systems but unhackable, for it is all based on intention and purity of thought. One thought intended for another will only reach that person’s vibrational match. You will have similar technology abilities and many more wonderful discoveries on Nova Gaia.

I am Shaliah. My message today is one of hope. There is always hope. Do not lose it amidst the swirling storm of chaos created by the few to affect the many. Do not let it affect your vibration. We can see your lights from the surface. We can see how brightly you are glowing and it assists with our inner earth energy work as well, for it creates harmonic grids of energy that we are able to utilize to stabilize various key regions of interest. We can stabilize and shut down portals from within. We work closely with the Ley lines, harnessing the ancient wisdom of our ancestors and of Gaia’s hidden mysteries. She trusts us and we work in harmony with her body. We have been assisting and intending for this ascension process since the fall or our beloved Lumeria, which was such a tragedy to personally experience. You all have also experienced numerous tragedies in your surface world lives. You have had so much pain. I see this. We all do. You are not suffering alone. It is because of this suffering that your lights will shine brighter. I do not mean to sound trite. But it is because of the suffering of Gaia and all that she has endured that this mission has the attention of so many to ensure a positive outcome. It is because of your own sufferings that your inner light has been your priority to find. It is in the longing for peace that the wise one finds it. There is tremendous peace in these crystal caves under Telos. They are one of the major planetary chakra hubs. It is essential that Gaia’s energy bodies remain balanced. (She is planting glowing crystals from her sachel into the red cool earth of the cave floor. The surrounding crystals glow in soft colorful lights. She is creating an earth map of her chakras and drawing the Ley lines in the dirt. She is showing how these connect to the major surface cities and how these Ley lines have been tampered with.) Yes, but this will all change. As the surface world energies grow and expand the Ley lines are activated further by these positive vibrations. The dark empire is being dismantled energetically. This is an energetic war, you would refer to as WWIII but in truth this planet has seen much war for so long, it is impossible to number them. Lumeria was such a beautiful pristine paradise. It was my home. It is my home. I feel very aligned with Nova Gaia for she is ancient Lumeria reborn. I was high priestess in my lifetimes on Lumeria. I continue the energy blessings and work with my own practice of crystal work. I work with many of you on the surface who are aligned with the energies of Lumeria and are crystal keepers of the surface. Many of you live near massive crystal veins that your energy practices of meditation activate. It allows a unique multidimensional partnership between your work and mine. Together we are uplifting the massive crystalline grid that infuses Gaia with higher dimensional light. (She is getting up and dusting off her blue knees and walking down a long corridor, holding her crystal like a lantern for light.)

It is so peaceful in the caves. I love doing my meditations as I work, for it is very meditative work. I feel at one with Gaia. We have been old friends for a very long time. Sometimes I feel as old as she is! There are many like me who do this inner work and clearing for the city. We are the ancient priests and priestesses. Our skin has turned bluish turquoise from the mineral rich waters here. I was not always blue but I don’t mind it. It helps me feel more connected to Gaia. The minerals also increase our vibration. Everything is in balance here. (Suddenly it is bright and we have reached an inner garden just outside of the cave. There are many gardeners who look like Shaliah with her bright red hair and others with dark hair. All have blue skin and wear simple clothing. They are laughing and talking, eating fruit as they work. It is a paradise of color and fragrances.) We are able to work with her energies to infuse more love into our foods. This helps improve our longevity. We have numerous ways to renew our bodies. We do not age unless by choice. We have all we need. These gardening and farming techniques are easily reproduced on your surface. There is plenty here. (I am seeing acres and acres as far as I can see of fields and gardens that support the city’s populace.) We will teach and we will serve in this way. Hydroponics upgraded utilizing the inner energies of the crystals will infuse your fruits and vegetables with more life force, thus healing and sustaining many with less. Many joys are to come. It will be with joyful tears that we reunite.

(She is painting my face with red and yellow clay.) Be brave dear light workers. You are the light lifters of many. You are the hope of this mission. Be strong in this time. Feel your own connection to Gaia. Work with the crystals and send the energy of an awakened human deep into the grid and we will see you and will be able to communicate. The outer is rising to match the inner. Those which do not resonate are unable to withstand change. We honor you for your service. We too serve all in our own way. Humanity is to be saved. The Christed light has come. Lumeria rises within the hearts of the awakened ones and will rise again becoming the Nova Gaia that we all long for. You will finally feel at home again. Feel this vibration of home and know that it already exists all around you. We are all working to achieve the same end of planetary peace. The inner will finally match the outer.

I am Shaliah. (We are returning to the cave entrance with the glowing crystals on the walls.) Although I love the sunlight and the gardens I feel most at home in the caves. (She is touching a green crystal.) This connects me to the giant green crystal under Arkansas. It is a very effective communication system. I can speak to the crystal workers there who may need more information. When it is time, teleportation systems can be enabled but it has been shut down for some time for safety. We too long for more freedom of movement. It shall come.

I am Shaliah. I love you. You may meditate and walk with me in these crystal caves when you need space for contemplation. We always welcome a surface bother and sister who is aligned with the light and inner mysteries. (I am seeing that underneath the crystals on the walls are all very technical fluid plasma screens with unknown symbols. Although this appears to be primitive it is anything but!) Yes, we have had thousands of years to hone our crystalline technology. I do not need to touch the rocks to do my work but it brings me joy to communicate with them in this way. (She is showing me a hologram of earth in front of us delineating the inner working of the planet, showing the crystalline network of communication. It shows where all of the inner earth colonies are, the crystal network, the large water reservoirs, bases.) Gaia withholds nothing from us for we are the keepers. So too shall humanity understand the gravity of this task and embrace it fully. Serving is the higher way. I am Shaliah. I serve with you. You are well loved. I honor you for your service to the light and to Gaia.

~ galaxygirl

Your light is impacting the whole.

Archangel Uriel 11/4/2020

Greetings beloved humanity. This is Archangel Uriel. This one has been surprised to have been thinking of me as we have not knowingly connected within this incarnation before. You will find that past relationships, alliances and spiritual causes unite within these end of times. These are times of new beginnings upon your Gaia. Joys are to become expected. Currently fear is the expected experience and we see this heavy layer of fear is dissipating in this now. (I am seeing a thick smog around earth with pinpoints of light coming up through the fog from deep within). You are like these small pinpoints of light that affect the All around it. The light cannot be stopped. Your light shines out into the cosmos much farther than you could imagine. Your light is impacting the whole. I Uriel am proud to be of service to Humanity in this time of tumultuous change where confusion seems to surpass wisdom. It is not the case. Inner wisdom is such to be received not searched for. Humanity must look within for there will deep nurturing take place.

I am Archangel Uriel. You are deeply held within the eye of the beholder. You will come to understand that all that you see around you are extensions of the vastness of consciousness that makes up all things. In truth the all is affected by itself for the All is One. When the out-of-balance occurs as the light stretches further into experience, when this occurs and there is disharmony it opens a way for more negative of the same vibration to enter. Know this. Portals are being closed. Exits are being strictly locked down. The light has won.

I Archangel Uriel work mostly with the red ray. It is symbolically linked with the base chakra where one is compelled to serve. We archangels are serving you in this moment as we have been for many eons. We wish to ask the Archangelic Collective to join in a positive meditation of rainbow light. For when one focuses on the blending of the energies and intentions with the light of the rainbow, all is in balance, perfectly, an apt example of balance and love, of harmony and connection. Because of this power those that would wish to create dissension have utilized this symbol for their own purposes. It need not be divisive. In Nova Gaia there is no room for division. It is a realm of unity consciousness where the chakras are expanded and clear, where all truths are seen keenly. We invite the Archangelic Collective to serve with us in this now moment of clearing and energetic upgrade.

We are the Archangelic Collective. We are stationed around various portal points upon your planet in this now, each offering our preferred ray of light. (I am seeing angels surrounding Gaia at key Ley lines and energy points, at earth’s chakra points, offering their color to amplify the earth’s energetic balance). We wish for you to feel the balance of the rainbow energies. For only those who are at peace with themselves are able to see with clear sight. There is so much current stress and strife within your world view of what is and what is not. Humanity must be redeemed from its own self judgement and perception of lack. There is no lack. There is plenty. To see this as so is to see with the ascended vision that is being offered to you now. (I am seeing pillars of light filled with rainbow hues saturate the bodies of the light workers). Do not let the outer chaos disturb your inner sanctuary. All is well. We are the Archangelic Collective. We serve the light, ever, only, always, we honor the light in all forms. We are near you. We love you. We offer you our rainbow light of balance, furthering your crystallization transformation. We are the Archangelic Collective.

I am Uriel. I guard many of you. You are well watched over. Rainbow frequencies of harmony and balance will become the new norm for they proliferate in Nova Gaia, whose beauty is unmatched, unparalleled. You are worthy inhabitants of her form. Her flora and fauna are balanced. Her societies will be as well, creating a perfect example in the universe of the power of the light, the supreme love of Archangel Gaia to allow and to become the planetary example for the All, of one whose supreme compassion and love propelled her higher within the dimensional realms than ever thought possible. Peace and joy, brothers and sisters. Feel these energies and be at peace and be in joy. I am Uriel.

~ galaxygirl