In a sense, astrological shifts have become multivitamins for your inner being.

Astrological events now provide bonus materials for your being.

Dear Ones,

Rest is essential as you recharge your inner batteries for the next phase occurring in a few days. Perhaps you wonder if this new phase is connected to lunar activities or is another step into new you.

It is both and neither, for astrological events do not affect you as they once did. These events are now more access gates than forward pushes. You no longer need to define your differences or seemingly odd behaviors with signs from the heavens.

Astrological signs have not necessarily changed – for example, the moon continues to shift your body’s liquids and the oceans – you have changed. Instead of fearing or being hesitant about an upcoming eclipse, full moon, equinox, or any astrological event, you are using the energies of the aforementioned changes and many more to help you accelerate your growth. In a sense, astrological shifts have become multivitamins for your inner being.

Astrological events now provide bonus materials for your being. With each event, you will become more of the self you wish to experience and display. During some astrological shifts, you will function as you expect, and with others, you will surprise yourself with your needs and direction.

The particular event happening now is a full moon. Instead of confusing you and others, you will discover Sagittarius’ activities, thoughts, and actions highlighted worldwide. You will use those thoughts and activities to explore those pieces of new you that mesh. The parts of you aligned with Sagittarius will be activated, and the Sagittarius elements you have been afraid of or trying to ignore will shift into an acceptance of all things Sagittarius.

This Age of Aquarius is about acceptance. Such is impossible if you refuse to accept parts of your new segments or world. As you flow through this year, you will become more and more accepting of your totality, as well as of others.

“Everything is beautiful in its own way” is the perfect phrase for who you are becoming

You are expanding your heart by accepting all of you, including those pieces of every segment within your being. Your current segments were selected for specific physical and emotional skills and their comprehensive astrological abilities.

Those who have wondered how to love others when they seem so different from you – or, in more human terms, wrong – are beginning to expand their comprehension of the new by accepting themselves with all their multi-faceted segments. You will have many “Oh, of course” and “Aha” moments moving through the next few months as your inner being doors open month by month and astrological event by event.

You are no longer a linear or helpless being. You are becoming more powerful by the minute. A power dictated by acceptance and understanding – first of yourself and then of others with the same segments.

And because everyone transitioning beyond 3D has the same multi-faceted segment elements, you will discover more likes as the year progresses. Likes in terms of understanding the needs and positions of others because you know and accept the totality that is new you.

You will no longer bemoan your experiences or creations of what you now consider negative feelings or actions. For you will understand that the full array of emotions and astrological aspects are necessary for everyone transitioning.

New you is a finely crafted being that includes all the elements of previous human experiences plus those of other dimensions and frequencies. You are no longer a simple being comprised of a few elements or experiences. You are multidimensional within and outside your being.

You will take the first step into that astrological multi-dimensionality in the next few days, fully experiencing and relishing your Sagittarius segments – as will happen with the next astrological event and the next and the next. And as you do, you will understand why others may differ in their opinions of an activity or action, but that they are you, and you are them. So be it. Amen. To receive Brenda’s Blog, subscribe via Or, click the Subscribe Button on the upper part of her “Blog & Subscribe” website page ( and click the – Subscribe to Brenda’s Blog by E-mail – line. Complete your subscription by entering your e-mail address and accepting the e-mail confirmation. 

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The Universe believes in you, it is time to start believing in yourself.

Start Believing

JUNE 4, 2023

(The Creator Writings)

The Universe wants to make one thing very clear to you. You can affect change! You have always had the ability to do this, however, your society has done everything in its power to say you cannot. How many times have you heard that one person is unable to do anything? How many times have you heard that one voice does not matter? The truth is…one person, one voice can be the catalyst that begins and keeps a change moving in a positive direction.

It is comparable to your own personal growth. Thoughts and wishes are good; however, action is needed to complete a goal. Please remember…you are much more powerful than you give yourself credit for. Within you is a Divine Spark that can brighten even the darkest corner. You can change your world. It is just a matter of believing. The Universe believes in you, it is time to start believing in yourself. ~ Creator

Transcribed by Jennifer Farley, ThetaHealing Instructor/Practitioner

Activate Your Bills [Morning Light Meditations]

a confident woman holding bundles of cash money
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There’s no reason for you to wait to begin to use the new faith currency. It is meant to be used now in practical ways.

In this meditation your Guardian Angel and the Golden White Unicorns take you through a guided visualization to increase the Opulence – the new faith currency, through your bills. LISTEN HERE!

This meditation is directly from our book, Opulence Infusion – a new faith currency. Get your copy here.

Opulence Light Codes, is the song beneath this meditation.  It is on the Light Language EP, Opulence, that is a complement to the book, Opulence Infusion – a new faith currency.

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The Federation of Light via Blossom Goodchild | June 4, 2023

4th June

by Blossom Goodchild | The Federation of Light

It’s me! Hello! Many are enthralled by your ‘staring’ into the camera without blinking. Would you like to talk about that?

Welcome and much Love to you, Blossom, and to All here. The ‘staring’ is a ‘device’ we are able to enable through you … your eyes, Blossom, in which we can conduct a frequency of Energy/Love that is able to reach into the Hearts of those that are willing to receive it.

You say you send messages to each individual … how is that done?

So very easily. The Heart … when engaged through ‘your eyes’, can pick up through the wavelengths, that which it is Being sent.

How can it go to each individual though?

Because that individual is ‘tuning in’ to that which they need to hear.

Hear from you? Or, from their own consciousness?

Everything is Consciousness. We would say that it is One and the same … in this case.

We are able to align one with the message their Being desires to hear, through the Vibrational impulses that we emit as we use your eyes as the conduit.

So, you could say that we are the transmitter … and the Soulself of each individual is the receiver.

Is every message different?

Every message is received according to the Vibrational frequency of the receiver.

Many say they cry due to the Love that touched their Heart.

Yes, the emotional outcome is due to the Love that we send through being of a particular Vibration that is conducive to that individual Soul. It will reach them on a Higher Vibration than that which they function upon and therefore, they are overcome/overwhelmed by that Energy ‘showering’ them with a Love that is Higher than they usually resonate upon/within.

In turn, it raises the Vibration of the individual, and that Vibration reaches within and is able to remain.

Not everyone cries, Blossom. Yet, Each Soul receives exactly that which they need to.

And what of the no blinking? What’s with that?

It keeps the flow ‘intact’.

How do you make me physically able to do that?

It is not difficult. We simply switch off your ‘blinking automation’.

Could it go on and on for hours?

No. Because it would drain you physically and there are very few that would feel comfortable staring at you/us for that long.

You see, Blossom, the messages that we bring forth in this way, are received on a level according to the Vibration of the individual reading or hearing them.

Of course, they are enhanced by the Energy and resonance of the tone that is offered through the ‘Gentleman Joe’ … of which in this moment, we take the opportunity to thank him deeply for his continual service/role.

We are not saying that if another voice were to read our words that the ‘job wouldn’t be done’. Yet, we are saying that the resonance of his voice allows the Heart of one listening to be soothed and therefore, understood on a deeper level.

It is too, that the Heart of the Gentleman Joe …

I Love that …. Gentleman Joe! That’s bound to catch on!

Indeed. The Heart of this gentleman is of a Pure Light and desires only to assist and play his part to the Highest of his ability. Therefore, all the ‘ingredients’ that are in the mix with this Soul, add to the Vibration that you are then able to receive.

Should we say, that as with you Blossom, there were many souls that auditioned for the part, yet, in our wisdom, we chose the ones most suitable for the role.

Thank you. I know Joe will be thrilled to hear that. He is a most valuable part of the team!

Let it be understood, Blossom, that even down to those who post our messages in other places, they too, are playing their part.

When the translators offer their time and Love to allow those who do not understand English to be able to receive our messages into their Hearts, they too, are doing a MIGHTY SERVICE.

Down to … you, Each One who have found these messages … YOU ARE PLAYING YOUR PART.

You are receiving them and relating to them and then acting upon them … which raises the Vibration of the self and therefore, The Whole.

It is not just by reading and understanding them, it is by filling your Hearts with self Love, as we have suggested, that improves the quality of the self and therefore, The Whole.

This Tribe of Light that we are all a part of, are finding each other across, not only your Planet, yet, on other Planets and Systems that you are completely unaware of.

Imagine that … Galaxies, Universes … all coming together AS ONE … because of understanding that the UNITY OF LIGHT cannot be surpassed.

We speak of translators and yet, IN ALL TRUTH … THE LANGUAGE OF LOVE HAS NO WORDS.

THE LANGUAGE OF LOVE ONLY FEELS and then, with all respect to that of ‘communication’, does a very poor job of trying to express those feelings.

Words are a tool to communicate. On many Vibrational planes, words are cumbersome and discarded for thought. Telepathic thought is instant and can be acknowledged more quickly in understanding

Words take time to speak … telepathy comes in ‘blocks of expression and understanding in one and the same instant’.

Words carry Vibrational pulls. One would be quite astounded as to the effect ‘intention’ of any given word can have.

Yes. I have to admit to swearing quite a bit in my everyday use of the spoken word and yet, much of it is said in a ‘Light Hearted vein’, so I don’t feel it is as bad. That is my excuse anyway!

Blossom … words are words. We have said before now, it is the intention within them, coming from them, that gives them the quality of that which they are.

Will it be that as our Vibrations become Lighter, we will become more adept at telepathic communication?

Yes. Indeed, this is so … and yet, we would add also, that within your time and space NOW, telepathy is easily accessible. It is a matter of ‘training’ the self to tune into the Vibration of thoughts from another that are to come through.

Adding to that another poignant factor of TRUST.

Trusting that the self is capable of receiving thoughts from another, either on the Planet or off.

I was talking with a friend about the difference between Knowing and Trusting.


Well, we sort of came to the conclusion that it is one and the same. If I TRUST … FULLY TRUST that my life will work out just fine … then is it not the same as KNOWING my life will work out fine?

Are you asking us that question? Is it not that it is, in itself answered?


Because ‘who’ or ‘what’ are you TRUSTING?

The ‘Everything’ … God/ Consciousness/ The Universe.

And that TRUST … if you say you Trust fully, 100% … has to, indeed, be fully KNOWN … A KNOWN FEELING from within you.


Yet … Trust can waiver … depending on how one’s life is flowing.

That is different from TRUSTING 100% is it not?

You either Trust or you don’t … you cannot Trust a little bit … that simply cannot be.

In the same way … you either KNOW or you don’t.





We are aware that it may seem so very long and drawn out a process, and that for so long one seems to be hanging on by a thread.

Yet, we tell you Dearest Souls …

That which you are walking into … the journey that lies ahead … will not only blow your socks off …  it will blow your toes off too!


More and more of you are becoming so much more in tune with your Higher Awareness … look back … we say this over and over.

Take note of the journey you have travelled and how different you are.






Classic statement!






I KNOW! Thanks so much, Guys. In Gratitude. In Loving Service. I AM.

Messages from Ann & the Angels – 06/03/2023 • The Value of Feeling

My dear friends, we love you so very much,

Are you in touch with your feelings on a regular basis? Most of you would answer “Yes.” You know when you’re happy, sad, or upset. Strong emotions are easy to recognize. However, It is an art to be more in touch with your subtle feelings – those first indicators that your mind and your mood are headed in a particular direction. For example, suppose you wake up in a good mood. You are clear and focused on your priorities. You know what you need to do before work and have plenty of time. Then you get a text or receive an email that concerns you. You think about the issue as you go to eat your breakfast. You absentmindedly take more time than you meant to take. You get up and forget where you put your keys. You leave the house or get to work a little later than you planned. Nothing terrible has happened, but you are no longer focused or happy at this point. You may feel distracted, less focused, or a little worried. You may get upset when a coworker contacts you about an issue before you can settle into your workspace. If you’re not careful, you can find yourself stressed and upset by the end of the day without realizing why. For the sake of your happiness and vibrational well-being, it is a valuable skill to start paying more attention to your subtle feelings. In this example, suppose you recognized a slight shift in your emotions immediately after reading that text. You notice that suddenly you don’t feel as good as you did a moment ago. Now you can take corrective action. You can ask yourself, “What feels better?” You can look out the window and see the beautiful sky. You can think about a loved one. You can say a little prayer, give the problem to the Creator and get on with your day. You can refocus and reclaim your good mood in so many different ways. It is far easier to do this a little at a time than to resurrect a good feeling once you’ve allowed circumstances to erode your good mood. We know that there are times when you are plunged into the depths. You lose a loved one, have a health scare, become concerned about finances, or feel a shockwave when someone is unkind to you. After one of these challenges, it is hard to feel good. We never ask you to feel good about things that don’t. We simply remind you, with great love, that even when there are large, difficult circumstances in your life, there are always smaller things that can soothe you. There are always things to focus on that will feel better. If you’ve lost a loved one, looking at happy photos or calling a good friend may be soothing. If someone has been unkind, praying or focusing on the good people in the world can be helpful. If you have a financial challenge, reminding yourself that you have the Creator of Universes working on your behalf can help. Talking to someone else who has a better perspective can help. Walking outside, looking at the sky, and reminding yourself of the vastness of creation can help. Perhaps a cup of tea and a good book is the key. If you’re ill or worried about your body, remind yourself that when you sleep, silence your mind, or distract yourself with something happier, you are getting out of the way and allowing your cells to speak directly to God, who, in every moment, is directing the entire universe (your cells included) into a greater balance. You can find so many things that can temporarily soothe, comfort, and uplift you. In so doing, slowly but surely, you take the small steps to a better feeling space. By paying attention to your subtle feelings throughout the day, you can much more easily give yourself the love you deserve, prevent the outer world from hijacking your joy, and even maintain better health. You deserve to feel good dear ones, not only about the “big” things in life but in a thousand little ways each day. Look for the things that inspire soothing, comfort, relief, or joy. Be with them more often in your thoughts. That way, when the “darkness of ignorance and misunderstanding” presents itself to you – be it via a news article, a disturbing story, or the person that cuts you off in traffic – then you can go back to choosing your news, your views, and therefore your mood.

God Bless You! We love you so very much. — The Angels  

A Transmission from Mira from the Pleiadian High Council Through Valerie Donner May 30, 2023

Greetings. I am Mira from the Pleiadian high Council currently on a assignment with the Earth Council for the ascension of the Earth.

I am pleased to speak with you today. What I have to say is even beyond words so I want you to realize the energy and frequency behind this transmission. We are stepping it up due to the nature of the hour. Our work is plentiful and rising beyond measure.

The higher frequency codes that you need for Ascension are activated. Everything is in place to elevate you beyond the lower frequencies of the third dimensional Earth. That is one of the reasons you might feel strange, as if you are in several different worlds at one time, which indeed you happen to be.

Please come with me to the place of the higher mind. Access the creativity and light that are now available in abundance. Valerie was discussing magic and miracles and this is the world in which we live. It is how you will be creating and living in higher consciousness. You will no longer feel dragged down by the negative sources that tried to usurp you from your plans and made you forget who you are as a part of creation.

On the Earth Council we monitor you closely. We see how many of you are struggling for a variety of reasons. What we want you to know is that it’s important to just keep rising. Rise above everything that is happening. We understand it is a lot. We know some of you have had major losses of loved ones, family, friends, pets, jobs, finances, and health. We see old friendships shifting and going in separate ways. These could be close relationships, family and friends. It is happening due to the frequency shifts and the rising consciousness in some but not in others. It becomes uncomfortable for these relationships to be maintained. Therefore, we recommend to not be attached to anything. We know this is easier said than done, but it is the only way to move higher because you will magnetize to yourself other like-minded, like frequency people into your lives. This will allow you to soar higher on your mighty paths.

Many of these relationships create painful losses. They must be grieved as best as you can grieve them. Some of these relationships are long overdue for you to release. For some brave and strong lightworkers, it will be freedom from the darkness.

Please remember that life is not an endurance contest. It is meant to be enjoyed. Even though it could be challenging right now, decisions might need to be made. Your happiness, joy, harmony and freedom will be worth it.

I am telling you these things because your ascension is in full process. Please trust that I know what I am talking about because we as Pleiadians assist other planets with their ascensions. We are happy that you are progressing and we are proud of you for your wonderful work. Please look out for each other and be kind to yourselves and to others. Stay as grounded as you can. Know that ascension is a natural process and that you were divinely chosen to be here now.

With love and gratitude, I am Mira.

Apollo through Valerie Donner

Here’s the latest from Apollo: “Greetings. I am Apollo. I come to you from the rising spheres of creation. The Earth fits right in there and so do you. Much is shaking loose on your planet. You might find that happening within your own self, as well as, everywhere, when you’re looking. The old fixtures are falling apart. They no longer belong on the Earth, for their vibrations are far too low to withstand the forthcoming changes. So reach for the stars, ground crew, because you are from the stars and you are one of them. Seek your own illumination. Track the light, for wherever you look it is there. It is part of creation itself. It’s where you originated. Deeply within you, and especially in your heart, there is a model of your future self. This model is activated and is blooming into the full realization of Self. This is a significant shift pointing the way to higher consciousness and your true purpose and destiny. You are moving into the area of light, the Golden Age and your divine assignment. The most important part is that you incorporate your true self, your I Am presence, into every day life. All of creation is excited to welcome you back home. We are standing at the corridor where the portals are about to open so that we can reclaim the Earth.”

Saint Germain: Welcome to the Great Awakening

by James McConnell

I am Saint Germain. I come to be with you at this time in these great times of change, in this time of the Great Awakening which was spoken of earlier in your discussion. The Great Awakening that is indeed upon you now, upon all of you now.

But it is not only the Earth. It is not only Gaia that is in this great awakening, but it is the entire solar system, and even out into the galaxy that is in this awakening process, this ascension process.

You are all moving through it at your own various paces, some faster, some slower. But you are all gaining momentum as you continue to move on, move on leaving the third-dimensional illusionary expression behind. And that’s what this time is all about, this time of great change, and the changeover that is occurring, as you move through this transition more and more.

And yes, indeed, it can look like it is difficult times ahead. And if you see it that way, you will create it that way. But if you see the beauty in front of you, if you see Gaia in all of her pristine glory moving into the fifth-dimensional empire, and all of the people that are ready to move along with her. If you see it that way, then that is the way it shall be for you. And if it is that way for you and many, many more of you, then it becomes that way for the collective consciousness as well. So more and more will become a part of this great awakening. If they haven’t already, they are destined to become a part of it.

And yes, indeed, there will be some that will refuse this, or that will not accept the light. And as you have heard many times, those that shall not accept the light will be consumed by the light. And that is their choice. And it is not for you to be concerned about. You be concerned about yourself in your own great awakening, and your own personal ascension. And again, it’s you are concerned about your own personal ascension. Then the collective consciousness becomes the part of that. But one leads to the other, and to the other, and to the other, and so on, and so on, until higher consciousness has spread completely across the planet. The old programming, the old memories that are no longer needed or forgotten, and you can move on beyond the veil, the veil of forgetfulness, but to forget no longer.

For you shall remember. You shall remember fully who you are and why you are here, and what this is all about.

Your questions shall be answered, as you are ready to receive those answers. So always, whenever you are in the process of the question, ask the question. Do not hold back, ask and you shall receive. That is the way it works. If you do not ask, you do not receive. If you do not ask to have our presence, then you do not receive our presence. But, if you do ask to receive our presence, then we are here with you, just as your I AM Presence is always with you when you are aware of it. So practice that.

Practice that each and every day, each and every moment that you think about it, about the I Am Presence within you. That it is the awakening that is happening within you, as consciousness continues to spread within yourself and throughout others. And the consciousness that is connecting, not only you with another human beings, but you with the animals and the plants, and the valleys, and the rivers, and the oceans connecting all the mountains, connecting all as one. For it is indeed, all is one, and one is all. Always remember that as the ascension process kicks into higher gear now as you are moving forward. And freedom, freedom is within your grasp, again, individually and as a collective.

So reach out, my brothers, my sisters, reach out for that freedom, that sovereignty that is a part of your expression, a part of your life, if you allow it to be. You are born free. You are meant to live free. So be that freedom within you. And trust, trust in the plan as it continues to weave its way through the many different detours that it finds along the way. Freedom indeed is there in front of you. And you all shall be free.

I am Saint Germain. I leave you now in peace, and love, and oneness. And, as always, that the Violet Flame continues to purge out the old programming. And remember: “forgive, forget, and move on”.

Message from Matthew (June 1st 2023)

June 1, 2023

Light’s progress; Illuminati fortunes; lightworkers; Creator; origin of the universe, souls, good, evil; entry of reptilians

With loving greetings from all souls at this station, this is Matthew. When weaker civilizations fell prey to the darkness, they were captive within its low vibrations. Warring, ignorance, poverty and fear, which are bereft of light, is how dark ones controlled populations, and that is what befell Earth’s peoples.

When a dearth of light put the planet’s very life at risk about 90 years ago, Gaia asked for help. Out of love for her and her residents, highly evolved civilizations infused the planet with light and souls started leaving their advanced worlds to incarnate on Earth to add their light.

That intensity of light is the reason conflict and chaos are occurring around the globe—it is part and parcel of a world being freed from the grasp of darkness. Light’s high vibrations are clashing with and overwhelming the low vibrations, thereby bringing a long, long era of darkness to its close.

Dear ones, we know you want clear, irrefutable evidence. You want to know when G/NESARA will be announced; the new global economic system will be implemented; the illegal Biden administration will be removed; and the Federal Reserve System, whose tentacles reach all countries, will be abolished. Citizens who are rebelling against their corrupt governments want to know when they will have leaders with wisdom and integrity, and all of you want to know when the many truths still hidden will come forth.

We wish we could say more than “on the near horizon,” but we don’t know exactly when those vital developments will occur. What we can do is assure you the Divine Plan is smack on target and extraterrestrial family members are part of the liberating forces of light that some call “White Hats.”

And, let us remind you of the light’s progress in just the last two years or so. The Illuminati’s efforts to start WWIII failed; so have all their attempts to demolish strategic cities with nuclear warheads on missiles. Their covid-19 virus did not kill billions of the populace and trying to achieve that goal via vaccinations is not working either. Their hold on major media is cracking. In several countries their bioweaponry laboratories and storage facilities and centers for sex trafficking, pedophilia, satanic rituals, adrenochrome production, money laundering and cyber warfare have been demolished. Many of the individuals at the top of their diabolical pyramid have been removed.

The Illuminati’s stronghold is their illegally and immorally amassed fortunes, and the light forces are working to separate them from their funds so that money can be used to end mass impoverishment. If you think helping in an undertaking of that scope is beyond your ability, let us tell you, it is not—it is right up your alley, so to say. Your light that has been helping the peoples awaken has been undergirding every effort to vanquish darkness from Earth.

We know it is hard for you to think of yourselves as the powerhouses you are, and this is understandable. You get sick, moody, disillusioned, angry, impatient and exhausted. Some of your efforts fall short and you make decisions that in retrospect you realize were poor. You don’t always have satisfying jobs or enough income or fair treatment, and some days are just plain miserable.

That is part of life in a third density world, and before you volunteered to go to Earth—and you did that with fervor—you knew that is what you would experience. You also knew you would surmount whatever obstacles you encountered because those feelings and circumstances are not who you are. You are eternal beings of love-light, and your energy’s high vibrations have been creating betterment on the planet during all the years you have been there. Simply by BEing, you are that powerful, that influential!

“Probably souls at your station know some scientists don’t believe the ‘Big Bang’ happened. If it didn’t, how was the universe created? Also, how were souls created? How did good and evil begin?” First let us say, always Big Bang has been a misnomer—the Beginning was completely silent as Creator/Source/Creation expressed Itself as light. Creator, the Ultimate Being and Supreme Ruler of the cosmos; Source, from whence everything in existence comes; Creation, Its action and “products,” immortal souls. For simplicity of speaking, we say only Creator, and It as designation for I AM, Totality, Oneness of All is with utmost reverence and respect.

While light may be thought of visual, or science, and love as a sensation, or spirit, light and love—or science and spirit—are one and the same energy, and it is the most powerful force in the cosmos. This energy is Creator’s infinite, eternal omniscience, omnipotence and omnipresence as pure love-light.

At a time unknown, Creator created the first souls, whom you call the archangels, and they had proportionally the mind and power of Creator. That didn’t diminish It one iota—the archangels were Creator experiencing Itself.  At some point It endowed them with the capability to co-create—they could use Its energy to make whatever they could think of. First they made a lower realm of angels, then gods and goddesses. Those souls, which also had proportionally the mind and power of Creator via the archangels, added to Its experiencing and to their co-creators’.

After the archangels made materials for forms so each soul could choose to have a body or remain pure spirit, Creator selected a god of pure spirit to co-create whatever he desired and rule over this universe and chose other gods or goddesses to do the same in six other universes. Our god made myriad souls, all of whom had proportionally his mind and power. As his experiencing selves, they did not diminish his entirety in any way at all—he is an amalgamation of all souls, in physical bodies or in spirit, in this universe.

Some of them helped him make galaxies with billions of astral bodies, and all souls could choose to incarnate within or upon those bodies or be free spirits. The energy of love-light—good, or godly—was the total essence of everything that was manifested throughout this universe.

It was reptilians, mutated descendants of Luciferian energy, who brought evil here. By agreement of our god and the ruler of the universe where reptilians originated, a portal was briefly opened so some of them could enter ours. At that time in antiquity they were the most intelligent species in the cosmos, and the agreement was intended to benefit both universes.

By reproducing themselves as well as procreating with souls who lived here, the incoming reptilians would genetically impart their superior intelligence while absorbing this universe’s love-light energy. When they returned to their universe, they would spread this energy’s high vibrations throughout their civilizations, and their progeny in this universe would genetically endow successive generations with superior intelligence.

The win-win situation the two universal rulers anticipated did not happen.

Some of the reptilians who came did become beings of love-light as they passed on their genes, but they did not go back home. Neither did those who refused the light. They also proliferated and all of them have caused havoc ever since the first ones came eons ago. They initiated warring and rendered dormant ten of twelve DNA strands in civilizations they conquered, making them susceptible to falling into darkness.

Now then, Gaia is the soul that embodied as the planet she called Terra—somewhere along the line Earth became its name. Gaia, God and Sol, your solar system’s sun, manifested pristine verdant lands; crystal clear seas; magnificent trees, flowers and other plants; and the mineral kingdom. She gave animal design ideas to residents of Jupiter, where similar conditions existed, to manifest and transport to Terra.

When everything was ready, Gaia asked some souls in highly evolved human civilizations if they would like to live in a marvelous new world, and at the speed of thought, they arrived. Others came later, by spaceships, astral travel or incarnation. The people, animals, plants and minerals knew their Beginnings in Creator’s infinite love-light and their eternal connection with each other and the ruler of this universe. All life forms communicated telepathically and flourished as a harmonious symbiotic Oneness.

Darkness, or evil, came into that paradise when people with only two strands of active DNA settled there. As time passed, their brutal behavior amassed so much negativity that it almost extinguished Terra’s light. To save her planetary body, Gaia released the negativity in a series of earthquakes that lasted several decades. One quake of a magnitude sufficient to release that amount of negativity would have exploded the planet into countless fragments instead of preserving its life.

Terra’s land mass broke into several extensive regions, large and medium-sized islands and many thousands of small ones; new coastlines had peninsulas, bays, cliffs and beaches. Terra’s gently rolling terrain became rugged mountain ranges, volcanoes, canyons and deserts. The placid sparkling seas turned into oceans with strong currents, lakes, rivers and streams; and the sea bed’s flat terrain became similar to the new surface formations. No longer was the climate pleasant—massive areas of ice developed in polar extremes, mountains were covered with snowpack, and intolerable heat built up around the equator.

After millennia passed and the planet was habitable, a new civilization began. But darkness reentered and committing atrocities once again became the nature of the people. This time Gaia released the accumulated negativity abruptly, with an ice age, and after its drastic effects subsided, the repopulating process started over. Since then civilizations have risen and fallen, including those in Atlantis and Lemuria.

The purity of love-light that permeated young Terra and her first inhabitants never has been repeated. However, indigenous peoples know they and all other life forms on Earth are connected with each other and the ruler of this universe. To prevent their knowledge from spreading, dark forces inspired explorers from European nations to kill most of the natives in the lands they claimed for their respective royal families; later, colonists continued the genocide. However, tribal survivors passed on their knowledge to descendants, who generation after generation preserved it, and the light within that truth helped Earth survive in deep third density until the infusion of light enabled her to start ascending.

Now souls around the world are standing strong against oppression and all other injustices spawned by darkness. Despite, or perhaps because of turmoil, destruction and grief, there is more goodness, kindness and compassion than ever before in the planet’s recorded history. In this respect, beloved sisters and brothers, you have done your part magnificently.

You can inspire, but you cannot push anyone toward the spiritual and conscious awareness that puts them on the personal ascension pathway—that is each soul’s choice. It is a joy for us to behold those who are firmly on the pathway, and that many others are starting to trust their intuition is greatly encouraging. Upcoming solar flares—the energy surges that raise vibrations—will offer slumbering individuals more opportunities to awaken.  You, too, dear ones, will reap benefits, and the light you radiate will continue to uplift our family on Earth.

All light beings in this universe honor you for steadfastness in your mission and support you with the power of unconditional love.



Suzanne Ward


Patricia Cota-Robles

June 1, 2023
Due to the shifts of energy, vibration and Consciousness that Mother Earth and all Life evolving upon her experienced during the powerful Eclipse Series we were recently Blessed with, the Heavens are Rejoicing. That Eclipse Series began with a New Moon Solar Eclipse on April 21st, the day before Earth Day. Joining in that Global effort were the Solar Logos from Suns beyond Suns. As billions of Lightworkers around the World focused on Healing the atrocities that Humanity has inflicted on the Elemental Kingdom and the Body of Mother Earth, the Solar Logos bathed the Earth with unparalleled Solar Flares and Coronal Mass Ejections. This monumental influx of NEW Solar Light Codes built in momentum throughout the entire Eclipse Series. On May 1st, Saint Germain and Mother Mary began their month-long Activity of Light involving the Violet Flame of Cosmic Forgiveness and Humanity’s Initiations in Mother Mary’s Temple of the Immaculate Heart in the Inner Planes. This Divine Intervention prepared the masses of Humanity at a cellular level for the events that would take place during the Wesak Full Moon Eclipse on May 5th. On that sacred day, through the unified efforts of Heaven and Earth, Mother Earth reached a Critical Mass of Comprehensive Divine Love. That event Created an unstoppable shift that allowed the Mighty Elohim to Inbreathe Mother Earth and all Life evolving upon her a quantum leap up the Bridge to Freedom, which is the mighty Shaft of Light that connects Heaven and Earth. This Cosmic Inbreath Breathed Mother Earth into the initial frequencies of her brand NEW SOLAR REALITY. The Company of Heaven has revealed that the success of this phase of Mother Earth’s Ascension process changed the course of history for this blessed Planet. Our Father-Mother God have acknowledged that the magnitude of just what this means for each of us and our Ascension process is truly beyond the comprehension of our finite minds at this moment. However, we are being assured that this lack of comprehension is a temporary situation that is being remedied, moment by moment, as our I AM Presence translates the Solar Light Codes we are now receiving into our Conscious minds.
  I know that from outer appearances this seems impossible, but our Father-Mother God and the Company of Heaven have confirmed that it is true. In order to help Humanity comprehend that Truth the Beings of Light are reminding us, as they have many times, that the unawakened souls who are committed to wreaking havoc on Earth and are desperately trying to block Earth’s Ascension process involve a miniscule fraction of the 8,000,000,000 Sons and Daughters of God embodied on Earth who are adding their Love and Light to the World in myriad ways every single day.
  A few days after Mother Earth Ascended into the initial impulse of her NEW Solar Reality, astronomers reported spotting the largest Cosmic explosion ever witnessed. It is ten times brighter than any known exploding star or supernova. This is just the beginning of the Celestial events we will now be able to perceive from Mother Earth’s new, more rarified, position in the Cosmos. On June 4th, we will experience the third Full Moon Festival of Spring which takes place each year during the Full Moon in the Sun Cycle of Gemini. This Global celebration is known as the Goodwill Festival of Humanity. During this Full Moon, the Path of Divine Love that was greatly amplified by Jesus during the Full Moon in the Sun Cycle of Aries and the Enlightenment of Gautama Buddha that was greatly amplified during the Full Moon in the Sun Cycle of Taurus will join together as One buoyant, joyous influx of Light. This Gift from On High will be received and acknowledged around the World through the Goodwill of Awakening Humanity and it will continue blessing all Life on Earth until the amplification of Light on the June 21st Solstice.  
  Dear One, please ask your I AM Presence to help you comprehend the full magnitude of the following information through the Flame of God’s Illumined Truth in your Heart. Our Father-Mother God and the Company of Heaven want us to KNOW that the elevated shifts that have taken place within the Prana and Life Force of Humanity’s newly balanced Masculine and Feminine Holy Breath is what allowed the miracle of Mother Earth’s Ascension into her new Solar Reality to be God Victoriously accomplished. Now, it is this frequency of Prana and Life Force within Humanity’s Holy Breath that will hold and sustain the Presence of Mother Earth and all her Life in the vibrational frequency of her NEW SOLAR Reality. Remember, our Holy Breath is our direct connection to the Source of All That Is, Our Father-Mother God, the Cosmic I AM. For this reason, our Beloved God Parents are now Breathing a higher level of DIVINE INTELLIGENCE through the Prana and Life Force in every Holy Breath we take. The Divine Intent of this assistance is to help each and every one of us stretch our Consciousness into higher and higher levels of Divine Perception and Comprehension so that we will fully understand on a Conscious level the Guidance we are being intuitively given now that will help us to sustain Mother Earth in her New Solar Reality. Today, we have been given a powerful Visualization that will assist us in comprehending what is occurring now through our Holy Breath in this New Solar Reality. Initially this Visualization may seem complicated, but with a little practice you will become familiar with it step by step. Once you are familiar with what is occurring with every INBREATH and OUTBREATH you can just Breathe normally and ask your I AM Presence to take over the multidimensional control of this Breathing process. As you focus on this Visualization KNOW this is both a wondrous opportunity and a tremendous responsibility that we are being Trusted with by our Father-Mother God. This Gift from On High is stated in the 1st person so that each of us will KNOW that every word is referring to us personally and collectively.  And we begin.  I AM the Holy Breath of God Sustaining Mother Earth’s NEW Solar Reality.
I AM my I AM Presence and I AM One with my Father-Mother God. My 5th-Dimensional Crystalline Solar Light Bodies are pulsating within the scintillating Flame of the Immaculate Concept that is blazing in the Crystalline Lotus Blossom in the newly Ascended Heart of Mother Earth.
  My I AM Presence is also One with the I AM Presence of every man, woman and child on Earth. Collectively, Humanity’s I AM Presences now merge into One Luminous I AM Presence which is cradling Mother Earth and my 5th-Dimensional Crystalline Solar Light Bodies within the Divinity of Its Unified Heart Flame. My individual I AM Presence now expands and expands into a Luminous Being of Light that is cradling the collective I AM Presence of ALL Humanity, Mother Earth and my 5th-Dimensional Crystalline Solar Light Bodies within Its Immortal Victorious Threefold Heart Flame.
  Now, the Heart Flame in my 5th-Dimensional Crystalline Solar Light Bodies pulsating in the Heart of Mother Earth, and the Unified Heart Flame of all Humanity in our collective I AM Presence, and the greatly expanded Heart Flame in MY Luminous I AM Presence are all three merging into One Glorious Immortal Victorious Threefold Flame. Now, with every Holy Breath I take, this Trinity of God’s Infinite Light is bathing Mother Earth and sustaining her in the vibrational frequencies of her NEW Solar Reality. Breath by Breath, I AM Consciously aware that Humanity, the Elemental Kingdom and Mother Earth are now Breathing in unison with me as I affirm: I AM INBREATHING through my newly merged Immortal Victorious Threefold Heart Flame the highest frequencies of God’s Divinely Intelligent Prana and Life Force that I AM capable of assimilating. This Holy Breath Ascends into my spiritual brain centers and my physical brain structure Restoring, Renewing and Resurrecting every facet of my brain to its full Divine Potential. My Holy INBREATH now Ascends through the fully open Crown Chakras in my 5th-Dimensional Crystalline Solar Light Bodies, in Humanity’s Collective I AM Presence and in MY expanded Luminous I AM Presence, into the very Heart of my Father-Mother God. Instantaneously, my Holy INBREATH absorbs all of the Infinite Light in the Heart of my God Parents. Now, on my OUTBREATH this Infinite Light descends back through the Crown Chakras of my Luminous I AM Presence, Humanity’s Collective I AM Presence and my 5th-Dimensional Crystalline Solar Light Bodies, into my newly merged Threefold Heart Flame. As I continue my OUTBREATH, the Infinite Light I absorbed within the Heart of God now flows through my Heart Chakra into Mother Earth’s Crystal Grid System of Comprehensive Divine Love Blessing every facet of Life belonging to or serving Mother Earth.
  I AM now Consciously aware that with every INBREATH and OUTBREATH my Father-Mother God’s Infinite Light and Comprehensive Divine Love are now Creating the foundation for the tangible manifestation of the patterns of perfection for Mother Earth’s NEW SOLAR REALITY. As I continue this Living Breathing Activity of Light day by day, with every Breath I take, my I AM Presence will take control and perpetually Consecrate my thoughts, feelings, words and actions with Loving Gratitude for my Gift of Life and the selfless service my Father-Mother God and the Legions of Light serving the evolutions of Earth are rendering to Humanity, the Elemental Kingdom and Mother Earth. And so it is Beloved I AM That I AM.
Dear One, as you become more and more familiar with this Holy Breath it will become an automatic Activity of Light with every Breath you take. As we progress through this amazing and wondrous time, the Company of Heaven will guide us through our FREE Weekly Vlogs with more information about what it means to be living in a New Solar Reality. You may sign up to receive these Weekly Vlogs on our
God Bless You,
Patricia Cota-Robles
Era of Peace
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Allow your light to be the medicine your world needs.

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MAY 31, 2023

(The Creator Writings)

Another opportunity for a collective ‘here we go again’ is approaching. Are you ready for it? The Universe could repeat the stay-grounded/stay-peaceful/stay-calm litany, but you already know all of this. Instead…

Manifest! There are things you have been putting off because they felt too big. Time as you know it is folding in on itself and the opportunities for instantaneous gifts are greater than ever.

Be mindful! Take time to step back and look at the thoughts you are generating. Like a pebble in a pond, each and every thought creates a ripple that goes out into The Universe and returns to you. You choose what you create/co-create.

Be kind! Your actions during the next step in this shift will determine how the remainder of your year will unfold. Kindness to yourself and others is of utmost importance. Allow this to be your guide as you move forward.

Finally, release the need to be drawn into the madness that is transpiring around you in this moment. Imagine your society, your world as the human body with an illness. A fever is generated as a natural defense to heal, not harm. Sometimes, the fever must rise before it can trigger the elements of health from within. Allow your light to be the medicine your world needs.

As always, during this somewhat challenging process, you are loved, supported and cherished beyond your wildest imagination. Go forth with a bright heart and all will be well. – Creator

Transcribed by Jennifer Farley, ThetaHealing Instructor/Practitioner

mental whiplash…Your world will feel foreign until you experience joy as your new skeleton becomes the framework of your new life.

Dear Ones,

The changes or shifts you are undergoing are not necessarily easy. Not because the changes are wrong but because they are outside your comfort zone.

Throughout your life, you had expectations of what you should achieve or aspire to achieve and when. But this change, this shift, does not follow a 3D pattern or any pattern you have yet conceived of. A change that likely feels right sometimes and very wrong at other times. The phrase, “What am I doing?” probably pops into your thoughts daily.

Everything is moving so rapidly with little forethought or preparation. You feel as if you have mental whiplash. It is this, no this, no this – all within days or hours. And you are exhausted. It feels like it is too much – and often, like a mistake.

Even though you are following your inner voice, it does not feel as correct as many of your 3D moments. Your possible rightness is followed by many qualifiers of “I hope.” And very few certainties.

Somehow, those uncertainties are discarded as you push forward, much like when you initiated your inner work months or years ago. You know you have to do it, but getting there, wherever there is, does not always feel comfortable or right.

Because you are on your unique path, no one can assure you that what you are doing is right – including you at this moment. Your new direction is so outside your 3D comfort zone that you cannot understand why you are driven to do or be this.

At the same time, as you move into this new space, pieces that seem overwhelming fall into place with limited effort. As if it was meant to be – or you are extremely lucky.

This phase is so counterintuitive you do not have the energy to fight your inner directives as you might have had a few months ago. Logically, your new direction probably feels wrong, but within yourself, there is a sense of rightness you cannot understand.

Will you be pleased with this action or thought? Will the sun and stars shine brightly because you have moved in the correct direction? The answer is a resounding yes – perhaps not on day one, but as you grow into who you are becoming.

Somewhat like building a new home. Once the framework is in place, the house looks smaller and less inviting than it did in the preliminary drawings. But as your new home is flushed out with walls, floors, and decor, you love what you have built.

You are in the framework stage, so your new direction seems less than you imagined. “I gave up all this for this?” will be a common refrain until your new you skeleton is flushed out.

There are pieces of your current life that will remain within your heart – your feelings of joy at that time in your life. But you have moved beyond that time. Reading your first paragraph book gave you great joy, even though finding that same happiness with the same book as an adult is impossible.

You are through with 3D in all aspects of your being. There is nothing more you can experience or deeply feel other than comfort, as is true with an old shoe. You are now ready to attend the ball and need different shoes.

New is in, and your former life is no more. Allow yourself to know that throughout this uncomfortable phase as you shift into your new skeleton.

The old world is gone for you and anyone who wishes to move beyond 3D.

Your world will feel foreign until you experience joy as your new skeleton becomes the framework of your new life. So be it. Amen. To receive Brenda’s Blog, subscribe via Or, click the Subscribe Button on the upper part of her “Blog & Subscribe” website page ( and click the – Subscribe to Brenda’s Blog by E-mail – line. Complete your subscription by entering your e-mail address and accepting the e-mail confirmation. 

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Oh you are so loved!…We want for you what you want for yourself—and more.

Messages from Ann & the Angels – 05/27/2023.

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My dear friends, we love you so very much, We say this every week, but in truth, we whisper it every moment of your lives. We love you. Take a moment and breathe that in. We love you. You don’t have to earn our love or maintain it. You can ignore us for years, then come to us in need, and we will be there. You can be angry and yell at us, and we will continue to love you. You can tell us to go away, but our love cannot leave you any more than the ocean can leave a wave, for we are extensions of Divine love. So are you. When you doubt your dreams, we remain steadfast in holding the energetic blueprint for all you desire. When you see the impossible, we whisper the next step that is possible. When you feel discouraged about your relationships, we encourage you to care for yourself first, to be honest with yourself first, and then from there, to be lovingly honest with others. We hold a vision of harmony for your hearts and your lives. We want for you what you want for yourself—and more. Dear ones, we love because it is our nature to love. We feel the presence of the Divine within us, and nothing less will satisfy. We love because that’s who we are, and if we were to stray from our loving nature, we would feel as terrible as you do on Earth when you stray from your own loving nature. We love for our own sake, and we know that in choosing to love you, we are as well, choosing to love and honor ourselves. We are birthed from the heart of love. So are you. We feel best when we remain true to the spark within. You do as well. If you could surrender deeply enough to feel our love for you, the sheer magnitude of it would overwhelm you. You would be awash with waves of bliss, one after the next, pouring through you, elevating your sense of dissolving into oneness while at the same time being cherished as the individual you are. You would be the wave, feeling the magnitude and the motion of the ocean within. You would know beyond doubt that there is no separation between you, us, the Divine, and all of life. The reason that we often entreat you to sit, breathe, and receive is simple. We want you to know the love that we do. We want you to feel it, drink it in, and remember it as the very essence of your own spirit. Love is sustenance for your soul. The vibration of love reminds you – beyond words —that you are precious, perfect, unique, and have value. Love relaxes your body so it can heal its own ills. Love is what allows you to believe in, and therefore experience, the goodness, and grace of the universe. Love is what opens you to guidance, miracles, solutions, ideas, and inspiration. In the vibration of love, all things are, indeed, possible. Reaching this vibration of love seems difficult to you at times, but in truth, it is not as hard as you make it. We say this often—reach for the best feeling thought, and you are reaching for love. Do the kindest thing for yourself in a given moment, and you are choosing love. As you continue to reach for good feelings, you will know—beyond words—a taste of the love that is available to you in greater and greater measure. As simple as it seems, the exercise of sitting, breathing, and receiving is one that can change your life. Try it now, if only for a few moments. Hold an intention to receive our love. Then as you breathe, slowly and deeply, pay attention to your breath and how good it feels. Focus on anything that feels good as you breathe. See if you can relax into feeling even more.

Don’t look for us and our love. Receive us. Imagine if you like that you are a funnel opening wider at the rim to allow our love to flow into your crown. Imagine, if you like, that one of your angels stands beside you, hands on your heart, or perhaps one rests behind you as you lean into them for support and comfort. For a few moments, lay your cares aside and focus on one simple statement of pure truth, “I am loved.” As you embrace this, in this simple exercise, you will carry the truth into waking life… I am loved. Indeed you are dear ones. Always. God Bless You! We love you so very much. — The Angels

Is this website helping you in your spiritual journey?

Everything i share here is to assist each and everyone on their spiritual journey and yes, once in a while, it is very much appreciated when you, the reader is showing your appreciation. I do inner-stand that there are many amongst you do not have the financial means to do so in this now and in that case, your love is appreciated. And i also know there are quite many amongst you that have the means to show your appreciation through a monthly or one time donation. The circle of life is about giving and receiving at all times. It is the very definition of currency. When we give, we receive and when we are able to receive, we can give. And when we are able to open our channel to receive more as soon as we give then more is coming back.

Opulence portal is here.

Thank you.

Feel More Than Fine.

There is nothing we can not be, do or have.

Everything that we desire in life, can be manifest, if we allow it to take place, keeping our belief and expectation at the same place, which means synchronicity is at hand more and more. Yes, it takes practice but the practice is more into feeling into the state of what we desire than taking physical action unless physical action is inspired from within which then leads to be closer and closer in fulfilling our desire.

I FEEL, I BELIEVE, I EXPECT. This is how one can come out of the circle of same old same old which more often than not has been automated within one’s being as a program believing that one is trapped in the same reality. It is not the case and the proof will come once one begins to practice into feeling into what one wishes to create, manifest, do, be and have in life. There are no limits. You are Source, you are God with a big G.

And so when we ask for something it is already given. So the only thing that remains to do is practice gratitude every step along the way. Happy, happy, happy, happy, happy, happy no matter what. The way one feels is LIFE itself.

So today and every day i invite you to practice feeling into all things you wish to be, do or have in life, as we ascend within our physical bodies and live in gratitude and love the gift of Life knowing fully that ALL IS WELL.

I invite you to make this mantra your daily habit : EVERYTHING ALWAYS WORKS OUT GOOD FOR ME.


and thank you Abraham Hicks for all these beautiful teachings.


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Feeling Good is Feeling God.

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