mental whiplash…Your world will feel foreign until you experience joy as your new skeleton becomes the framework of your new life.

Dear Ones,

The changes or shifts you are undergoing are not necessarily easy. Not because the changes are wrong but because they are outside your comfort zone.

Throughout your life, you had expectations of what you should achieve or aspire to achieve and when. But this change, this shift, does not follow a 3D pattern or any pattern you have yet conceived of. A change that likely feels right sometimes and very wrong at other times. The phrase, “What am I doing?” probably pops into your thoughts daily.

Everything is moving so rapidly with little forethought or preparation. You feel as if you have mental whiplash. It is this, no this, no this – all within days or hours. And you are exhausted. It feels like it is too much – and often, like a mistake.

Even though you are following your inner voice, it does not feel as correct as many of your 3D moments. Your possible rightness is followed by many qualifiers of “I hope.” And very few certainties.

Somehow, those uncertainties are discarded as you push forward, much like when you initiated your inner work months or years ago. You know you have to do it, but getting there, wherever there is, does not always feel comfortable or right.

Because you are on your unique path, no one can assure you that what you are doing is right – including you at this moment. Your new direction is so outside your 3D comfort zone that you cannot understand why you are driven to do or be this.

At the same time, as you move into this new space, pieces that seem overwhelming fall into place with limited effort. As if it was meant to be – or you are extremely lucky.

This phase is so counterintuitive you do not have the energy to fight your inner directives as you might have had a few months ago. Logically, your new direction probably feels wrong, but within yourself, there is a sense of rightness you cannot understand.

Will you be pleased with this action or thought? Will the sun and stars shine brightly because you have moved in the correct direction? The answer is a resounding yes – perhaps not on day one, but as you grow into who you are becoming.

Somewhat like building a new home. Once the framework is in place, the house looks smaller and less inviting than it did in the preliminary drawings. But as your new home is flushed out with walls, floors, and decor, you love what you have built.

You are in the framework stage, so your new direction seems less than you imagined. “I gave up all this for this?” will be a common refrain until your new you skeleton is flushed out.

There are pieces of your current life that will remain within your heart – your feelings of joy at that time in your life. But you have moved beyond that time. Reading your first paragraph book gave you great joy, even though finding that same happiness with the same book as an adult is impossible.

You are through with 3D in all aspects of your being. There is nothing more you can experience or deeply feel other than comfort, as is true with an old shoe. You are now ready to attend the ball and need different shoes.

New is in, and your former life is no more. Allow yourself to know that throughout this uncomfortable phase as you shift into your new skeleton.

The old world is gone for you and anyone who wishes to move beyond 3D.

Your world will feel foreign until you experience joy as your new skeleton becomes the framework of your new life. So be it. Amen. To receive Brenda’s Blog, subscribe via Or, click the Subscribe Button on the upper part of her “Blog & Subscribe” website page ( and click the – Subscribe to Brenda’s Blog by E-mail – line. Complete your subscription by entering your e-mail address and accepting the e-mail confirmation. 

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Oh you are so loved!…We want for you what you want for yourself—and more.

Messages from Ann & the Angels – 05/27/2023.

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My dear friends, we love you so very much, We say this every week, but in truth, we whisper it every moment of your lives. We love you. Take a moment and breathe that in. We love you. You don’t have to earn our love or maintain it. You can ignore us for years, then come to us in need, and we will be there. You can be angry and yell at us, and we will continue to love you. You can tell us to go away, but our love cannot leave you any more than the ocean can leave a wave, for we are extensions of Divine love. So are you. When you doubt your dreams, we remain steadfast in holding the energetic blueprint for all you desire. When you see the impossible, we whisper the next step that is possible. When you feel discouraged about your relationships, we encourage you to care for yourself first, to be honest with yourself first, and then from there, to be lovingly honest with others. We hold a vision of harmony for your hearts and your lives. We want for you what you want for yourself—and more. Dear ones, we love because it is our nature to love. We feel the presence of the Divine within us, and nothing less will satisfy. We love because that’s who we are, and if we were to stray from our loving nature, we would feel as terrible as you do on Earth when you stray from your own loving nature. We love for our own sake, and we know that in choosing to love you, we are as well, choosing to love and honor ourselves. We are birthed from the heart of love. So are you. We feel best when we remain true to the spark within. You do as well. If you could surrender deeply enough to feel our love for you, the sheer magnitude of it would overwhelm you. You would be awash with waves of bliss, one after the next, pouring through you, elevating your sense of dissolving into oneness while at the same time being cherished as the individual you are. You would be the wave, feeling the magnitude and the motion of the ocean within. You would know beyond doubt that there is no separation between you, us, the Divine, and all of life. The reason that we often entreat you to sit, breathe, and receive is simple. We want you to know the love that we do. We want you to feel it, drink it in, and remember it as the very essence of your own spirit. Love is sustenance for your soul. The vibration of love reminds you – beyond words —that you are precious, perfect, unique, and have value. Love relaxes your body so it can heal its own ills. Love is what allows you to believe in, and therefore experience, the goodness, and grace of the universe. Love is what opens you to guidance, miracles, solutions, ideas, and inspiration. In the vibration of love, all things are, indeed, possible. Reaching this vibration of love seems difficult to you at times, but in truth, it is not as hard as you make it. We say this often—reach for the best feeling thought, and you are reaching for love. Do the kindest thing for yourself in a given moment, and you are choosing love. As you continue to reach for good feelings, you will know—beyond words—a taste of the love that is available to you in greater and greater measure. As simple as it seems, the exercise of sitting, breathing, and receiving is one that can change your life. Try it now, if only for a few moments. Hold an intention to receive our love. Then as you breathe, slowly and deeply, pay attention to your breath and how good it feels. Focus on anything that feels good as you breathe. See if you can relax into feeling even more.

Don’t look for us and our love. Receive us. Imagine if you like that you are a funnel opening wider at the rim to allow our love to flow into your crown. Imagine, if you like, that one of your angels stands beside you, hands on your heart, or perhaps one rests behind you as you lean into them for support and comfort. For a few moments, lay your cares aside and focus on one simple statement of pure truth, “I am loved.” As you embrace this, in this simple exercise, you will carry the truth into waking life… I am loved. Indeed you are dear ones. Always. God Bless You! We love you so very much. — The Angels

Is this website helping you in your spiritual journey?

Everything i share here is to assist each and everyone on their spiritual journey and yes, once in a while, it is very much appreciated when you, the reader is showing your appreciation. I do inner-stand that there are many amongst you do not have the financial means to do so in this now and in that case, your love is appreciated. And i also know there are quite many amongst you that have the means to show your appreciation through a monthly or one time donation. The circle of life is about giving and receiving at all times. It is the very definition of currency. When we give, we receive and when we are able to receive, we can give. And when we are able to open our channel to receive more as soon as we give then more is coming back.

Opulence portal is here.

Thank you.

Feel More Than Fine.

There is nothing we can not be, do or have.

Everything that we desire in life, can be manifest, if we allow it to take place, keeping our belief and expectation at the same place, which means synchronicity is at hand more and more. Yes, it takes practice but the practice is more into feeling into the state of what we desire than taking physical action unless physical action is inspired from within which then leads to be closer and closer in fulfilling our desire.

I FEEL, I BELIEVE, I EXPECT. This is how one can come out of the circle of same old same old which more often than not has been automated within one’s being as a program believing that one is trapped in the same reality. It is not the case and the proof will come once one begins to practice into feeling into what one wishes to create, manifest, do, be and have in life. There are no limits. You are Source, you are God with a big G.

And so when we ask for something it is already given. So the only thing that remains to do is practice gratitude every step along the way. Happy, happy, happy, happy, happy, happy no matter what. The way one feels is LIFE itself.

So today and every day i invite you to practice feeling into all things you wish to be, do or have in life, as we ascend within our physical bodies and live in gratitude and love the gift of Life knowing fully that ALL IS WELL.

I invite you to make this mantra your daily habit : EVERYTHING ALWAYS WORKS OUT GOOD FOR ME.


and thank you Abraham Hicks for all these beautiful teachings.


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Allow yourself to flow into yourself through your inner voice, no matter how unnatural it might feel at your first inkling of what your new you requires. Then let that information process until you know that moving forward is more beneficial than stagnating as you ponder the pros and cons of your decision…Just as you became a young adult after 3D puberty, you will move forward physically and/or emotionally in the next few weeks. Your change is in the air.

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Dear Ones,

Likely, you have recently experienced a surprise that points you in a new direction. Some of you are comfortable with this, while others are terrified or are randomly experiencing both emotions.

You have been content to restrict yourself, using Covid or your inner messages to limit your interactions. Filling those limiting days with activities that now seem pointless or a waste of your waking hours.

Your long rest is over.

In the past few years, you shed 3D karma, friends, and relatives and curtailed your activities. Perhaps you were among those who traveled, continued to entertain, or worked in a group setting. But as you performed those activities during this rest and regenerative stage, those activities became more work than fun.

That which is new is capturing your attention. A new activity that is not logical or who you thought you were – opening your being to new thoughts and possibilities.

No one can tell you if this new activity is right for you, including soothsayers, psychics, and mind readers. Similar to someone with an elementary school education attempting to inform a scientist about the technical aspects of their position.

Unless the psychic is on the exact path as you – which is no longer possible – they will not understand the nuances necessary for you to make your decision. You must follow your inner messages, which will initially waver.

For those of you who are psychic or otherwise otherworldly, you will understand the need to hone your skills before your inner messages are as clear as you would like. As was true when you first started reading or channeling for others.

You will likely have peaks of clarity with emotional ups and downs as you decipher your new internal messages. The changes you are contemplating are much deeper than choosing a mode of transportation, marriage, or giving birth – all actions documented by eons of 3D participants.

Your inner directives are new. So you have little precedent, personally or globally, to confirm your rightness or even some of the steps necessary to achieve your new-found happiness.

You are new with new inner directives – few of which will seem logical, for those directives are designed to shift you in new directions. So your questions to yourself and others will be, “Should I do this? This seems right and wrong; what should I do and when?”

Questions that no one other than you can answer as you flutter between yes, no, and maybe. You want the correct answer before you take the leap. But the necessary information is only available to your inner being. A segment of your new totality you are just beginning to access.

Knowing you are the only being with the information necessary to help you decide what to do likely feels overwhelming at times, for you are not used to declaring independence from social norms.

Should you wait until this or that happens? Should someone who knows you better than your 3D self make the decision for you? What if you are reading yourself wrong, and you move in a direction that seems counter-intuitive but feels right? And on and on as you battle with yourself, trying to force a seemingly illogical action into a clean little box of rightness.

Just asking yourself the questions will clarify why this seemingly illogical move is right for you. For this shift, this move is most likely the skeleton of your new being. In essence, you are creating the framework of your new being despite the illogic of doing so as you learn how to listen to your inner being.

You will ask yourself repeatedly why this action seems right for you and why it is presenting itself now. And then, you will deny the answers until you can no longer deny yourself. This shift/change/concept will initially feel more wrong than right. That is until you accept the wisdom of your inner voice without qualifiers or pleading to be allowed to ignore your inner voice.

In 3D, significant decisions were most often more straightforward because you had eons of precedent plus the urgings of your family and friends. Those safeguards and bridges are gone. You merely have you.

The glory of no longer requiring input from others, including your past life segments attuned to 3D, is that you are becoming a self-contained Universal entity. Step one of that entity is to create your new skeleton, the phase you are in or will soon enter.

A skeleton that becomes sturdier as you move into the totality of your new being. Many of you are pushing yourself beyond what you expected a few days ago. Do not fret. You have the strength to create your new skeleton because you have been preparing for this particular push throughout your isolation/rest time.

If you have not discovered any dreams, new interests, or possibilities, do not worry; you will when the time is right. Dreams that might be a building block to your new skeleton or the new skeleton. It does not matter, for you are now in the building phase of a new you, something you have never before experienced while of the earth.

Allow yourself to flow into yourself through your inner voice, no matter how unnatural it might feel at your first inkling of what your new you requires. Then let that information process until you know that moving forward is more beneficial than stagnating as you ponder the pros and cons of your decision.

Just as you became a young adult after 3D puberty, you will move forward physically and/or emotionally in the next few weeks. Your change is in the air. So be it. Amen. To receive Brenda’s Blog, subscribe via Or, click the Subscribe Button on the upper part of her “Blog & Subscribe” website page ( and click the – Subscribe to Brenda’s Blog by E-mail – line. Complete your subscription by entering your e-mail address and accepting the e-mail confirmation. 

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Raise Your Money [Morning Light Meditation]

Today’s Morning Light Meditation is with Beloved Kwan Yin and Mother Mary

There are deposits of lack and money trauma that have been stored in your etheric body, the body of your soul memories.

Are you ready to release pain, shame and quilt around your money?

In this meditation Mother Mary and Kwan Yin help us forgive and heal our financial experience.

The tenderness and mercy of these Lady Masters is incredible healing. LISTEN HERE!

 believe is the song under this meditation.  It is on our CD be.

You can access the entire be collection on


P.S. I’m excited to begin rehearsals with the newly formed choir at Unity of the Midlands in Columbia, SC. More God goodness expressing.

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Peggy Black and the ‘team’ ~ Honor Solitude

We are here. You and many like you right now are living in several realities. You and others are opening more fully to your multi-dimensional aspects and connections. So there is an overload of energy, an overload of information and data to process and integrate.

When you are constantly interacting with others in your 3D reality there is a back-up, a stall in the energy being downloaded; you and the others feel overwhelmed and can feel stuck, anxious and buried with too much to handle.

It is important to remember to rest, meditate, and just be quiet. This is important for several reasons. One, it gives your circuits the opportunity to absorb all that they have received; the rest and quiet times also give us and other celestial beings the opportunity to work with you in gentle ways with less interference.

photo of wooden boat on sea
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Let us put it this way, your planet is undergoing an unprecedented flood of energy, data, and information. The level of energy that is moving in your energetic field has never before been so escalated. This energy is bathing your entire planet, the consciousness of planet-earth and the consciousness of all living things.

There is a speeding up, this energy is a gift from ALL THAT IS. This energy is given to assist humanity and this planet to make the next evolutionary step, a quantum leap to move more fully into the awareness of multi-dimensionality.

As a sensitive, you and others may be feeling wobbly, realizing your physical body is shifting. You may be experiencing strange symptoms, dizziness, floating sensations, disorientation, puzzlement, sleeplessness, exhaustion. There are a variety of physical reactions happening to everyone on many levels. This shift, this energy surge can be welcomed or resisted. Those who resist are experiencing chaos, depression and pain.

We will use the example of your computer. Imagine you are working at your computer; you have many programs operating at the same time, you are going along, doing multi tasks when all of a sudden your machine ‘freezes’. It stops all processes, you are stuck. You cannot access any solution, you cannot move forward, you cannot continue. At last in frustrated desperation you turn the machine off.

There is material that you were working on that will be lost yet you cannot proceed because the capabilities of your machine are overloaded. This is a simple illustration of what happens to you. Your activity in your third dimensional life is busy with excessive interaction with others. You are receiving much information from the other realms, the other dimensions, you are integrating new awareness and remembrances and you have overloaded your circuits.

It is important right now for humans to spend a considerable amount of quality time receiving and integrating all that is going on within their reality. It is important to be alone for periods of time without so much stimulation. This allows for a greater degree of integration and balance in you operating systems.

Think of it this way, the more you interact with others without, the more you need to integrate with time within, in silence, in meditation. Your society does not honor solitude or silence. Everyone is always filling their space with stimulation; you as a person have become addicted to distractions, to visual, emotional and mental stimulation.

We are suggesting that you observe yourself and notice how you use these distractions, rather than allowing yourself to go within in quiet reflection. It is the quiet reflection, the solitude which allows your system to process all the changes and all the energy that you are now experiencing. It is in the quiet reflection, in the quiet stilling of your active mind that we and other celestial beings can connect more fully with you.

Pause throughout your day and still your mind. Allow all information coming in from so many different sources to be integrated. As you begin to see and sense more there is more information to process; you and others will need to give yourselves the quality conscious time to integrate and assimilate all that you are receiving.

Humans are awakening to their multidimensional self, they are now becoming aware of how all the outside stimulation offered by your society is a way to distract and control.

Pull yourselves away from some of those distractions; these distractions fill your time and activate your busy mind. Allow yourselves to drop into a quiet place, practice conscious deep breathing which will support your intention to quiet your mind. It is in the quiet space where you will begin to truly hear guidance and messages from spirit.

Everyone is feeling like things are speeding up, this is true. Your concept of time is shifting. Everyone is expanding, as they are taking in more. Everyone is managing the multifacets of many dimensions. Everyone is reacting differently to these infusions of energy. You can look out and see and sense what others are experiencing. This is high drama. This is the cosmic play, the cosmic dance.

Remember when you feel overwhelmed or even depressed realize your need to be silent, reflective, recognize your need to be within, to be solitary. This silent reflection can be a few moments or hours or even a day. The rewards will be great; your systems will run more smoothly. You will experience peace of mind in the midst of chaos. You will be more open to guidance.

This is an important aspect, a lesson and an awareness for all on your planet right now.

By going within you can more fully move out; out into the universe. We welcome the opportunity to meet you more often in your place of solitude. Be in your joy in this quietness. Be at peace, Beloved.

~ the ‘team’

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We love those who love life.

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Messages from Ann & the Angels

My dear friends, we love you so very much,

You love your lovers of life! You love those who are true to themselves and in love with their own spirit. You adore your puppies, kitties, and innocent children who run up to show you their latest art. You love your authentic influencers who walk the talk and share from the heart. You love people who love what they’re sharing. You love people who love their own jokes even if you don’t love their jokes! 

When you are a lover of life—a person who often focuses on what they love about life—you can’t help but attract others who do the same.

These relationships give you great joy whether they last for a lifetime or only a few seconds in line at the store. These connections feel deep and wonderful, even without an apparent reason. These are the connections in which you meet in love, share love, and experience love.

Lovers of life are fascinating people. They attract others easily, whether or not they are classically beautiful or not. You find yourself fascinated by their ideas, whether you agree or not. They can be quiet or bold, young or old, well-known or unknown. At first glance, it is sometimes challenging to determine why you are attracted so much to these individuals. You often say, “They’re amazing… but they aren’t my usual  type.”  

Your “type,” dear ones, is typically a person who matches a long list of qualities, characteristics, and physical features you find attractive. There’s nothing wrong with having a “type.” However, you will discover amazing connections when you open your hearts and minds and allow yourselves to enjoy individuals who aren’t your typical “type” but are entirely resonant with your loving vibration.

For example, you might care less about fixing a truck but meet someone who genuinely loves to work on trucks. This individual is passionate about the topic. You can tell they are happy and in love with life. They connect with you warmly and easily. They want to share their love of trucks with you, so they patiently and kindly explain how they’ve fixed their vehicle. You feel their love of trucks and life and enjoy the vibration of love in their presence. You might still care less about trucks, but you find yourself entranced by their love, enjoying the radiance of their spirit, and loving their passion for what they love. You are a vibrational match.

Contrast this with another person using the same words and explaining the same topic but coming from a different vibration. They may be coming from a vibration of needing to be acknowledged as helpful or intelligent. They may be coming from a vibration of insecurity. They may be coming from a purely intellectual vibration. Even though the person is saying the same thing and sharing the same information, you might feel bored, disinterested, and not nearly as connected as the previous person. Although the topic is the same, their vibration is entirely different.

The first person is enthusiastic, energetic, loving, generous, and kind. The second is needy, bored, or trying to impress. Even though they share information, the first is in a giving vibration, while the second is vibrationally trying to “get” something, be it your attention, approval, validation, or applause.

You sense these interactions all the time, dear ones. This is why you may not resonate with a person, even though everything looks right about them on paper. This is why you might be attracted to someone who usually wouldn’t be “your type.” Look at some of the people you admire. Some are your “type,” and others aren’t. In all cases, they are a vibrational match.

You can, if you like, focus on the haters, attune to the haters, hate the haters, and attract the haters. You can focus on a selfish ex so obsessively you keep attracting more selfish people. You can focus on that horrid boss long enough to attract the next one.

Far better, dear ones,to focus on the people you can easily love and what you can love about the others. Far better to focus on the things in life you naturally love and the things about yourself you can love. You can choose from the HUGE buffet in life and select the things you do love to focus on.

In so doing, you become lovers of life. In a vibration of love, you will naturally attract others in love as well. The more you find things to love about life, the more you will allow life to love you right back. This is a far better and easier way to attract all you seek—relationship, healing, money, or joy. Life loves you. Find things to love about it, and you will be attuned to love in a myriad of magical, seemingly miraculous ways. Find things to love, and inevitably, more will appear.

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
— The Angels

New Ways

With the changes taking place right now, it may be very challenging to keep your heart, mind and arms open. Your usual methods of protection and self-preservation are fading slowly into obsolescence and navigating your Earth place may begin to feel unsafe. Please keep in mind, my darling one, that you have never been left unprotected. New ways of managing are being introduced to you every day…it is just a matter of identifying and practicing them. Kindness and compassion toward your fellow humans is and always will be the key to moving forward in any shift. Why? Because there has never been price tag attached to either one of these things. ~ Creator

Transcribed by Jennifer Farley,

The Health Upgrade by Solar Logos Helios and Vesta through Natalie Glasson.

Greetings, beloved beings of light upon the Earth. We honour you now for your existence upon the Earth and we delight in our connection with you. We, the Solar Logos Helios and Vesta, have a constant connection with you. We are distributing energies from the Solar Level within the Universe of the Creator delivering and directing them especially to you. We deliver many ascension shifts that come through the higher vibrations of the Creator and ground them into the Earth.

We wish to speak of an ascension shift that is entering into your atmosphere, into your auric field and into your being. Should you choose to accept it, you can imagine our ascension shift as warm golden beams of light from the sun, very much like the sun’s rays. Our purpose in extending our energy to you, is to support a health upgrade. The energies flowing from the Creator at this moment, are deeply nutritious and nourishing. This means that when you accept the Creator’s energies, you can nurture and nourish yourself, anything you wish to create or manifest or anything in your reality. Whatever, and wherever you choose to place your focus, you can distribute and magnify nourishment and nurturing.

Take a moment to contemplate this for a moment. 

What would you nurture and nourish within your being? 

What would you nurture and nourish around you?

 And what ideas would you nurture and nourish?

To nurture and to nourish, is to give energy to it, to give focus, attention, but it is also about the vibrations of light. It is a wellbeing energy that supports a greater complete wellbeing and health. You can contemplate what this would look like, feel like, be like if the energy of wellness, nourishment, nurturing was grounded into your being into certain areas of your being, into others, into your reality, into ideas and even into Mother Earth.

Can you imagine all the plants, the animals, the waters thriving? Being as green and as strong as ever, the waters being as pure as ever, the animals being as healthy as ever.

How would this support you and your reality?

What would you see, sense and acknowledge in your own reality?

Maybe you already feel well, nurtured and nourished, there is always more to absorb. Imagine your soul being nurtured and nourished and filled with wellness. Imagine your mind being nurtured and nourished and filled with wellness. Your cells, your body and so forth, there are so many areas to imagine and to contemplate.

You can call upon us, Helios and Vesta, to deliver our Solar Light of wellness,
nourishment, and nurturing into your being. Sit with our energy, meditate with it. Be aware of this presence, its influence, and its impact. Think of any areas that you wish for wellbeing, nurturing or nourishment. Direct the energy in these areas or simply let the energy flow to where it is needed. When you feel full and complete with the energy of wellness, nurturing and nourishment, then let it flow through you to Mother Earth, to areas of the world, to everything and everyone. What a blessing, this gift would be.

Within the Solar Level energy of wellness, nourishment and nurturing there are also minerals and vitamins within the light vibrations, that not only support your physical body and auric field in being well, in experiencing greater health, but also these vitamins and minerals are essential for the next stage of your ascension. I know, you may not believe that it is possible, but sometimes the level of vitamins and minerals within your being, can hinder your ascension if they are lacking. When your body, especially has all the minerals and vitamins that it needs, it is easier for your physical body and in fact, your entire being to rise to a new vibration of light, and to receive more light. Sometimes there are specific vitamins and minerals that are needed for specific ascension shifts. You might find that you eat something, maybe it is different to what you are used to or you eat more of it and it could be your body stocking up on a certain mineral or vitamin.

In order to support you in the next stage of your ascension, it is wonderful to see the body and the auric field working as one. Everything has a purpose and every aspect of your body and your auric field, your chakras and so forth each have such an important role in assisting each stage of your ascension. You can invite us Helios and Vesta to deliver to you the Solar Level energy of wellness, nurturing and nourishment containing the vitamins and minerals for ascension to boost your current health and well-being. Then allow yourself to receive. You can receive it during meditation or quiet time. You may also wish to receive each night maybe for a week or so while you sleep and this will not only support your physical body, but also your energetic bodies and your ascension. It will create a health upgrade, not only for you and for others as well. If your physical body is suffering with illness or pain, you may need to continue this process for longer than a week to receive the energetic upgrade. It may be that several months are needed. It is important to follow your intuition as to what is appropriate for you.

We give this energy to you, to empower you and assist you in your existence upon the Earth and your spiritual ascension.

We thank you for being present with us.

We are Solar Logos Helios and Vesta

to assume the sacred role of leader of your own life expression.

Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young ~ The Leader of Your Own Life Expression

Trusting yourself as the empowered expert of your own life expression gives you clarity. This is very important for those who were conditioned to listen to others rather than the yearnings of their own hearts.

The truth of the matter is that any advice you get from others, be it friends or family members, is going to be based on what is right for them and their own life expressions. While they usually mean well, the fact is they simply are not privy to what you are on the planet to do, where your soul wants to lead you, and what self expression would bring you the most joy.

Following your heart and your truth is the way forward into your most authentic life expression. We urge you to follow the beckoning of your soul for that is the best way you can honour yourself. If you are unsure of what that is, start to get curious about what lights you up and commit to getting to know yourself in a deeper way than ever before.

confident businesswoman
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If people have been trying to put their will and opinions over yours for a long time, it can help to ask yourself, “If I didn’t know a single soul on the planet, what would I do?” That can help bring you some clarity and get you to start thinking about what is a true match to you, or something you would like to try to figure out if it is or it isn’t.

It is time. It is time to lovingly take your power back from those who think they know better, and to assume the sacred role of leader of your own life expression. The world is waiting for you to do just that, because that is exactly what you came onto the planet to do.

Believe it or not, your emotions are burning away the 3D dross.

Jennifer Crokaert ~ Divine Mother: Purging the 3D Releases the 5D

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Divine Mother: My beloved sparks of eternal creation, I am over-joyed to be here with you in this moment.

You realise there isn’t one thought that I am unaware of, much less the energy ~ from anger and despair to joy and hope ~ that is embedded in your prayers/conversations/rants with me! I am here…with you…in every now moment. I am present…always.

What you experience as the vapours of hope, the frustration, anxiety and despair, are actually the flames that are burning off the 3D. It is pure energy, unbridled energy, focused on leaving behind the old. Believe it or not, your emotions are burning away the 3D dross.

You have come so far.  You think that you cannot take any more.  You think your patience has been exhausted time and again. You are the strongest of the strong. Now is the Present: you are in the unveiling, the revealing. Surely you are starting to see it now?

Jennifer: Hello! I don’t normally interrupt your channels, but …! So many people write to me about their exhaustion, with lives in free fall, overwhelmed by emotions of pain, feeling unable to move, and confused. What can you say that’s practical, helpful, not just ‘cheering on the troops?’

Divine Mother: Your honesty creates freedom. How many of those who write to you are willing to express their honesty? How many are willing to speak their truth to those around them ~ and in this case, I do not mean world truths. I mean Personal Truths. How many of you are creating uncertainty, anxiety, fear, rage and helplessness as a way of avoiding difficult conversations?

J: It’s like you know me!

DM: I may! I may just know you all. And I would very gently share this with you: most of you have new layers to explore.

By this I mean, you cannot bring anything with you into your crystalline reality that is not aligned with your highest truth. You do not have to be perfect. You do, however, have to take actions and move towards your highest visions. You are seldom as powerless as you make yourselves out to be.

Sometimes, you are looking for the path, thinking ‘I will do/say/be X when I see the pathway through.’

This is 3D thinking: first solution, then action.

It’s the other way: Take action. Then the pathway will be revealed.

As you leave behind the 3D remnants of your identities and lives, you move into your creative divine force.

Pathways are not created for you, they are created by you; by your actions. By your thoughts on the subject, by your words.

You are no longer spiritual children. You are masters. In Mastery you step forward; you do not need to see the path, you trust the journey.

Each one of you has a direct connection to the Divine within you. It’s your imagination. It’s your intuition. It is the subtle signs that reveal themselves right in front of you, nudging you to take the next step and the next.

By all means, get support by talking to others who are like-minded. However, talk is not a substitute for action when you know that action must be taken. This is your moment to truly hone your skills, to trust your intuition and to follow through.

J: I hate to say it, but that really applies in my life. I totally get what you’re saying. It’s easier to moan about how hard it is rather than take courageous action aligned with what I know to be true. It’s because it’s so scary to move outside the comfort zones we created when we ‘jumped ship’ on the 3D.

DM: It is. But you cannot take anything of the old with you. It will slow you down and injure you much more if you try to bring it with you: it is like building a 5D mansion on the foundation of a 3D ruin.

Yes, you are being purged of everything that no longer serves you. Yes, it is deeply painful, uncomfortable, even disorientating.

I gently suggest you face that pain, discomfort and disorientation.

You can’t outrun it.

No solar flash will dissolve it for you.

You are called to take action. You are called to live in complete alignment with your Personal Truth.

Following your intuition, wherever it takes you, is standing in your mastery.  It is not just claiming your ascension, but embodying your ascended, 5D self. Ascension isn’t just physical; it’s a mindset, it’s a strength of character, it’s a commitment to exploring and expressing the Divine within in all its guises … not just the aspects that you like.

Ascension is an unflinching commitment to the Truth of You; Your Personal Truth.

Your life so far has prepared you for your life now, your Divine knowing of You…now.

You are never alone. We are always with you, seen and unseen. Ask for our help, allow us to work with you as you move through these last vapours of the old world programming within.

J: Thank you so much.

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