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I would like to tell you that this is a time for celebration.When you reach the state of Oneness, of surrender to heart consciousness in your life on Earth, then you have reached your goal-Jeshua via Pamela Kribbe-

by Pamela Kribbe

I am in your midst; I am Jeshua. I love being with you; feel my presence in this room. I am an equal, your friend and brother.

I would like to tell you that this is a time for celebration. I know that many of you still have doubts and fears about choices you have to make in your life. But Christ consciousness is awakening in all your hearts like a flame. It is still very tender and not yet stable, but it is there; it is awakening. When we are together, like we are now, when we recognize each other from the heart, from the soul, this enables us to light a fire inside us.

Please feel me in your heart. I was very human like you, so do not see me as an elevated master high above you. I want to share with you your joy and laughter, as well as your pain and loneliness; I want to be with you through it all. Feel the embrace of hope. You can be at Home here; you can now relax. You have done very well; you have been very courageous.

You are walking a difficult path in your life on Earth, and I will tell you a little bit more about that path. You belong to a family of souls I will call lightworkers, and you have lived on Earth numerous times. Your soul has evolved through many, many centuries, but at a certain point, a deep change took place in your heart and your soul. It is difficult to summarize that change in a few words, but I will try in the following way.

As you start your journey as an individual soul, you begin to explore the universe and experience life, not just on Earth, but on several places in the universe, which is infinite. But you also feel separated from Home, from the original Oneness of which you were a part, so being born as an individual soul brings with it a birthing pain.

In the beginning stages of your journey as a soul, you try to heal that pain of separation by looking outside yourself. Your ego tries to gain power in order to feel good and at Home; to gather power and rule over others in order to have a sense of control, which gives you a temporary peace. But as you go on and evolve, you discover that there are no external ways of easing the pain of separation. When you deeply and truly realise this is when you begin your spiritual journey.

Even though you do not yet have the answers, you do realise that the answers are inside you and not outside, and this is when you become a lightworker. You start to let go of the ego and you start to open up to the consciousness of the heart, although for a long time, you are sort of stuck in the middle. You want to let go of ego-based consciousness, but you cannot yet truly trust heart-based consciousness.

What is now happening to many lightworkers on Earth is that they have been born with a genuine and deep desire to attain heart-based consciousness in this lifetime. But society, as it currently exists on Earth, has not yet made the leap into heart -based consciousness.

When you are growing up as a child, you are bombarded with information about what a “good life” is supposed to be. You are taught to fit into society and to attain the ideals that society offers you. There are a lot of images and pictures impressed upon you from society during your upbringing about what it is like to be a good and successful human being. But as a lightworker, you do not fit in with these ideals or requirements; they do not resonate with your soul. You feel different, and you feel like you cannot adjust to what society tells you.

When you do not recognise yourself in the people around you, you start to feel lonely and even desperate. You start to doubt yourself and have negative judgements about who you are, and doing that is harmful to you. The tragic thing, and the paradox, is that you are meant to feel different on Earth, that you are meant to not fit in. Can you feel that you fulfil your soul’s mission by being different, that you bring a new awareness on to Earth?

What is happening right now on Earth on a global scale is that the dominance of ego-based consciousness is destroying nature and Earth. Ego-based consciousness is directed by a need for control and therefore cannot have complete harmony with nature and other beings. The ego is always yearning for control; it is like a big hole that constantly must be filled, so it craves for love from the outside, for recognition, for success.

I am not here to judge this type of consciousness, because it is a part of the soul’s evolution, but I am here to tell you that you are now beyond that. You do not have to listen to the rules and the standards of society which are still based on ego consciousness. So I am telling you to have self-esteem and to truly value yourselves. I would like you to stand up and be proud of yourselves. You are the teachers, you are the bringers of light in this world.

Feel my call upon you. What I am asking you to do is nothing less than to be yourself – to be different. Share your views, your original ideas, your intuition with the world. Do not be afraid of rejection, and do not seek recognition outside yourself. Feel your inner strength; be aware of it. That is what is needed right now in the world.

There is a paradox here. When I ask you to be proud of yourself, I do not mean the ego type of pride. What I am asking of you is to open up to the true power and radiance of your heart. The greatest pitfall now for lightworkers on Earth is a deep lack of self-esteem. They often feel lonely and abandoned by society, and their inner child is in need of love and protection. That is why I very often emphasize how important it is to embrace your inner child, because that is the part which is most vulnerable and inclined to seek external solutions. So embrace your inner child; be aware of your beauty, the vibration of love and compassion you carry in your hearts.

As we sit here, feel for a moment the vibration that is present in this room; the vibration of your souls. Feel the light and the wisdom gathered over so many lifetimes. This light that is now present is yours, it is not mine; I am here to remind you of it. And I am here to tell you that it is okay to be different; you are meant to be different; you are messengers from another dimension.

You are meant to move beyond ego consciousness. Of course, you still have to deal with fear and doubts inside yourself, but you have the understanding and the compassion in your heart to see yourself with accepting eyes. Be kind and gentle with yourself, because you are so used to judging yourself, to “beating up” yourselves.

I would like to end with a little exercise. Imagine you are holding up a torch in your right hand and you are not hiding it any more. See yourself in your everyday environment holding that torch visibly in front of you. Now see if there is something in your life that wants to change, that would change if you held up your light in this way. Is it something in your relationship or perhaps in your work environment? Let the torch of light, which is yours, guide you.

Never be ashamed of this light, and see it for what it really is. This is your light, so what does it tell you? Feel it’s purity. It is an eternal light; it is your soul’s light. Your soul wants to come Home; it wants to let go of separation. After many, many journeys in the universe, it wants to return to the center of Oneness. It wants to experience the joy and inspiration that belong to this state of Oneness.

I started this message by saying there is now reason for celebration. That reason is because there are now so many people on Earth, so many lightworkers who have this same longing for Oneness, for Home, that things are really starting to change. The purpose of your life is to bring Home down on to Earth. When you reach the state of Oneness, of surrender to heart consciousness in your life on Earth, then you have reached your goal. When you are able to hold this consciousness in an environment that is still in transition from ego to heart, than you are the teacher that you are meant to be, so be the teachers that you are.

I love you deeply and I am always with you as a brother and a friend.

Thank you.

You carry the creative force of the Sun in you, and you are here to instill that force into me so as to bring forth flourishing and abundant life on Earth. In return, my gift to you is that I receive you, I provide shelter for you in which to live, so you can enjoy this life.-Earth via Pamela-

Pamela Kribbe channels Earth

Dear friends, I am the voice of the Earth.

I am beneath your feet and greet you all with warmth and a deeply felt welcome from my heart. I am with you, so very close by. Feel my presence in the air you breathe, the water you drink, in your own body that accompanies you in this life from beginning to end. I want to feel you, to absorb your presence, because your consciousness enriches me. I can learn from you and also you can learn from me, if you want to do so. We are here to create and work together.

You have a consciousness that by its very nature is both creative and resourceful, and because of that special type of consciousness you are distinct from other living creatures on Earth. Everything that exists has a consciousness, a soul, but you have a creative power in you that distinguishes you from all other living beings. You are on your way to becoming gods – you are gods in the making – and you are learning how to become aware of, and to accept, your creative power.

However, you are often not conscious of your creative power, or you do not know how to handle it very well. There is a part of you that feels lost, rejected in this life on Earth; a part of you that is not connected with the Source of everything, the Source that carries the whole of life. And I want to encourage you today to engage in this connection with the greater whole, the Source – God if you will – that carries you throughout your life. It is the only connection through which you can truly feel unconditional security and an absolute acceptance of who you are.

That connectedness is what you are looking for, and from that grounded connectedness your creative power will take on a positive expression. When you try to create without that basic security of feeling carried by a larger field of love – when you, with your creative power, stand separately – you feel lonely and lost, and then this creative energy can, at times, turn against you. Just look at your everyday life, at how often you feel cut off from the Source that carries you, and then you begin to fret, your emotions confused and chaotic. All this has to do with that lack of connectedness and of not being able to let go of trying to control life; not knowing that you are being carried by the Source.

How do you make the connection with that Source, the essence of who you are? Wherever that Source reveals itself, there you are also. You are not actually separate, there is a web of life that surrounds and permeates all forms, all creatures. You are this whole web; but, at the same time, you are a part of it: you are simultaneously part and whole. This is perhaps difficult to grasp with your mind, but you do not need to understand it with your intellect, it is a feeling. And my gift to you, what you can learn from me, is to surrender to this vast web of life.

Just look at the natural world, at non-human life. All beings in that web sense that they are carried and nourished, supported by the environment while they develop their own individual potential. A flower that blossoms in the field makes use of the forces here on Earth: the sun, the wind, the rain. It asks not whether there will be sunshine at the right time, or water in the ground, or the shelter of a tree with sufficient shade. It expects that the right circumstances will present themselves, and even when the right conditions do not come about, this natural life energy surrenders to what comes to it and, if necessary, it will die in order to flourish again in another form. That power of surrender is present in the whole of nature: the animals, the plants, the stones. Everything that lives knows how to behave inside this all encompassing web – except you, who so often seems to be confused and without roots, adrift. Why is that? You are confused and adrift precisely because of your great abilities and talents, your creative powers. The path back to clarity, and to feeling rooted once again, is also the path to a peaceful implementing of your creative power. And the joyful experience of that is by way of the Earth, by returning to a oneness with all other life around you – that is the key, the solution. Try to feel that unity for a moment, starting with your body, which is my gift to you. Feel life flowing there, feel your body as a living field of energy. Do not look at what is wrong, or where there is a problem, but merely feel life itself for a moment, flowing and pulsing throughout your body.

This body is beautiful and innocent, an expression of the meaning of the life-force. Allow the Sun to shine on it, and imagine that you are completely in that light and that all the cells in your body drink in the power of the Sun, which symbolizes so much more than just physical light. In the Sun, a heart is beating, the same as in me. In the Sun pulsates a wisdom, a knowing. The Sun is the fundamental creative force in this solar system. I absorb its light and energetic force which I then transform into life forms. You are part of the Sun, and you could say that you come from the Sun, although I mean that metaphorically. You carry the creative force of the Sun in you, and you are here to instill that force into me so as to bring forth flourishing and abundant life on Earth. In return, my gift to you is that I receive you, I provide shelter for you in which to live, so you can enjoy this life.

Trust in me. Many of you mistrust me, not consciously perhaps, but there is so much that you were taught by the traditions of the many dominant cultures on Earth. Their doctrines and theories say that the body is in one way or another inferior; that nature is below humans and is less developed, less important; that this nature in you, your lust for life, your senses and emotions, and what the body wants, must all be transcended for the benefit of “spiritual truth” – although no one knows exactly what that entails. You are so alienated from your human nature, your unity with me, the Earth, that this makes you sad and lonely. I see your alienation daily. You are bombarded with stimuli from around you and especially from your own confused thoughts. You have lost your way because your fundamental connectedness with the field of power that I am has escaped you.

Now give yourself over to my strength and let me receive you. Let yourself be who you are and do not try so hard to be different than what you are, to feel differently from what you feel. You are good as you are. Your “way” is to be who you are and never to be someone other than who you are – your way is to be always yourself. Just as does a flower, when it blooms, reveals its deepest purpose, so you come into a blossoming when you allow your heart to radiate as it naturally wants to, without trying to restrict and stifle it by ideas that are not of your nature. To return to your natural state of being, it is necessary that you rely on yourself, and not on a so-called “higher self” on which you should focus. Rely on your own humanness and put a listening ear to that. What does the human being in you want?

This whole idea that you should focus on a higher order of existence, a hierarchy that is elevated above the Earth, is a misconception. You are not here to transcend your humanness. It is precisely in your humanness wherein lies the connection between Heaven and Earth, between solar power and earth power. Precisely by being human can you become complete and whole, and therein lies your destiny. It is not by suppressing your humanness, but by embracing it that you come Home to yourself and you become that beautiful flower that you are destined to be.

What is this humanness that has become so suppressed, judged, and condemned from the head through thinking? Your humanness has to do with your feelings. You are here on Earth to learn by daring to feel, by allowing your emotions to be, and by riding the waves of those emotions. Learn to live from your emotions, and dare to trust that doing this will bring you Home. You are carried within a dynamic field of movement, which naturally strives for balance and growth. However, you do not believe that concept because your emotions often seem confused and difficult to understand, but your emotions bring you Home, your emotions are the messengers of your soul.

By listening without reservation to your emotions, or what you may call the inner child, you will discover where things have become unbalanced within yourself. Your inner child, your emotions, is leading you to your roots. Imagine for a moment that you see a little child come to you, a child that arises from your body, from that deep place within yourself where you do maintain a balance of energies. Take the child on your lap. Let this image unfold by itself, or simply create a connection with your feelings – you do not have to see anything.

In you is a living child: a child of the Earth and of Heaven. It wants to tell you what it needs, it wants to point the way to feeling peaceful and secure on Earth. Let this child tell you how it feels, what emotions run high in it, and allow this child to express them. If you allow the child to do this, you will see that it becomes more peaceful and happy. You can take it by the hand and, together with this child, move through life in close connection with your humanness.

What you all need most profoundly on your path is to receive yourself, to really say “Yes” to all aspects that arise within you. Only when you actually say “Yes” to everything within you – your thoughts, your emotions, your fears, your confusions – can your creative power extend to, and embrace, everything. Your creative power, which I compare here with the Sun, is a radiant power that extends from within to without; a power that wants to give and unite and manifest. I, on the other hand, am a receiving power, the receptive Earth that absorbs. These two forces need each other to actually arrive at a balanced creation – a co-creation.

You have both forces within you, Sun and Earth, giver and receiver. You can more and more develop the receiving strength – Earth power – in you by truly saying “Yes” to your own humanness, by truly having compassion for the deepest needs within you, as well as with the darkness and negativity that prevail there. Can the light from this inner Sun shine upon you? Can it warm you? That is why you are here, to form a bridge between Heaven to Earth. If you truly know how to receive, and also to not judge any aspect of yourself, then your creative power, the rays of this Sun, really penetrate to the core of your humanness and to the core of the Earth. Then you become illumined within by your own light, your own warmth.

Allow that to happen – be the Earth. Imagine that you are the Earth and let this Sun shine upon you and penetrate you. See how this Sun puts everything within you into the light, and does so without judgment so that everything is allowed to be. Feel the relief of that – nothing is forbidden, nothing is bad. Allow this Sun to shine. Imagine that you are lying flat on your back on the Earth and that you take in everything and feel: “I am allowed to be who I am.” By being who you are, you become who you are meant to be – the Sun and the Earth united within you. This union of forces manifests itself as a sense of peace and well-being, and are the signs that you have made the connection, that you have put up the bridge. If you feel quiet and peaceful within yourself, then that is good. You do not have to do more than that, the rest comes of itself.

I ask you to pay attention to this receiving from the Earth, knowing that you are one with me and saying “Yes” to yourself. If you know how to embody this connection, you truly bring down the light to Earth, and also you become a giver, a creator, a radiant Sun. You will see that these two apparently opposite things are one and the same thing – the giving and receiving are one, not two. A beautiful flower, a rose, gives by being itself, by knowing that it

is carried by all the nourishing elements around it. You are like that. Be like a rose, trust that you are nourished by the elements. The giving and sharing of your beauty happens by itself, by being who you are. I greet you all. Accept my gift.

The moment you find yourself within this silence, this core place, you begin to Live, with a capital L -Yeshua via Pamela Kribbe-

by Pamela Keibbe

Dear people, I am Jeshua. I am your friend and soul mate. I come to you with reverence and respect for who you are and for the path you are traveling on Earth. All of you put down roots into the Earth from which you build your life. You are born as a helpless baby, at the mercy of the powers of the Earth and the society in which you live.

You absorb a huge amount of stimuli as a small child and you collect that energy in your emotional body. In the very beginning, it is still not at all clear who you are in the midst of all these stimuli and impressions. But slowly an “I’ forms, a center point in the energy field that you are. Gradually a ground emerges beneath your feet and an inspiration arises in your heart that is unique to you. And by “you”, I am referring here to your greater self, your soul.

When you incarnate, you take a plunge into the deep, you surrender; you allow yourself to be flooded by the impressions of a new life. And your earthly personality becomes conditioned and formed by the many impressions you receive. But in you is also a still place, a quiet space, that comes straight from your soul.

That quiet space comes directly from Heaven, from the cosmic dimension from where you came. It is through the art of living here on Earth that, over time, restores your connection with this place of stillness, this quiet space in your heart, in your being. The moment you find yourself within this silence, this core place, you begin to Live, with a capital L – you no longer are “lived” by the many external impulses that determine your emotions. Something is born in you, something rock solid that gives you direction, and at that moment your inner channel is open. You may remain under pressure from a lot of influences in your life, many of which do not really fit you and may not nurture you, but there is now a counterforce. You now have a solid foundation to work from, so you now can focus on the re-discovery of your self.

Ideally, in a highly developed society, this turning point, from where you are going to find yourself while in the midst of all the impressions, occurs during your adolescent and teen years. A highly developed society will foster in children and young people a certain respect for tradition, but it will also encourage them to find their own way in life and in society. A highly developed society in which there is spiritual awareness, in which there is wisdom and knowledge about the soul, will encourage young people to find their inner path and free themselves from expectations and antiquated traditions.

Unfortunately, this highly developed society is not yet a reality, and you now see how in the lives of many people this turning point is reached much later, or not at all. It is possible that someone does not find or recognize or feel their own soul, and they will then become “lived”, literally. However, life tries to wake you up – it beckons you, sometimes by pain and crisis, to go within, to listen to your soul. But it would make a big difference if people were aware of their potential and received an explicit encouragement from the people around them to find their own unique way as they were growing up.

I am telling this to you, because you who are present here naturally want to play a role in this awakening process of your society and on Earth. You stand in the midst of life and you have also heard the call of your soul. But, perhaps, that call is still not entirely clear and so there are times when you feel yourself drift away from your inner voice. Yet there is a definite movement in each of you to be on the path and to make a difference in your environment and society.

I ask you, first of all, to make this inner movement a search with the intention of finding your own voice and true nature. Look within yourself and feel your own desire to wake up, to allow your soul energy to flow, to be inspired, to search with trial and error.

In each of you is a determination, a driving force, to bring your own soul and spirituality to Earth. It is important to honor and respect this part of yourself, because this need to develop that part of yourself is not yet something that is acknowledged by the world. It calls for courage and determination by you to do so, because when you do this, you are, in a sense, stepping outside societal norms. Feel that power and courage in yourself. In a way, it is not even something you do – it is something you naturally have to do. And it is a sign of maturity of the soul when the soul, by its own nature, longs for a degree of inwardness and seclusion, and again wonders why things are the way they are.

Honor yourself and imagine how you literally place one foot outside society, where society stands for unquestioning surrender to the traditions, fears, rules, and coercion to which you have become adapted. Yet there is also that other part of you: the foot that is placed outside society, so move your consciousness, your attention, to that part. And imagine you have a place somewhere in nature that reflects the part of you which is an outsider. It can be a wild place in nature, or whatever place comes to mind. This is the place where you can make a connection with your soul; where your channel can open to your original impulses that want to manifest in your life.

Imagine that you can walk or sit in that wild place where there are few human influences and sense how “at home” you feel there. It is because you realize just how at home you feel when you are only one step away from the world. There is something or someone there that wants to greet you and to make you welcome. See what you find there. It can be a human or an animal or a guide, or perhaps a force or sense of something, and feel how you are received with gladness and joy.

You are an inhabitant of two worlds. When you open the channel to your soul, you are also someone who will change things on Earth, for it is by the influx of the soul’s energy in many individuals that this reality is slowly transforming into more developed societies. Through turning inward to yourself, you connect with an inner dimension that is as much your home as is the Earth with all its familiar parts. See, when you get in touch with that guide or energy in that wild place within, if you can receive a message. It can be a simple message of friendship, encouragement, support – it does not necessarily have to be a command. Something wants to be given to you, so be open to receive it. And you need not know immediately what it is; you just have to say: “I am open to receive.”

The biggest barrier for people to really opening that channel with their own soul and inner wisdom is they have to step through that barrier and to step out of the field of human society. That step calls for a “no” to what does not suit you in your surroundings, and saying “no” calls for courage and clarity of mind. For the soul’s energy to be born on Earth, everyone has to step through a barrier of fear and of old attitudes and patterns. You have to dare to refuse what stands in the way of your soul’s energy, and those are all too often ideas, opinions, and expectations which you have absorbed from the world around you, and from your parents, acquaintances, and even from friends and partners.

That road, that step through and out beyond the barrier is a step you do alone. No one else can take that step for you. It is your inner dedication and desire for truth and inspiration which leads you to take that step. Sometimes you need a nudge to take that step, and there is a logic and dynamic at work in life which will make sure you do receive that nudge. Just look back in your life to see if there have been such nudges in which something happened that did not feel good at the time, which might have been very painful and even seemed overwhelming and meaningless, but which later gave you something very valuable. At the time when all certainties break down, you arrive automatically in that wild place that nobody knows, in which the knowledge you have learned from the past no longer works. You are pushed; spit out, almost.

Take advantage of these circumstances to go deep within, to listen to another voice, one that becomes clearer as you dare to leave the familiar and the past. And when you feel enriched and inspired by what you have received in that wild place outside society, many of you will want to return again to society and that is as it is meant to be – there is where you will let your light shine. But it requires courage and fortitude to remain true to that other dimension, the voice of your soul, because there also lives in you an anxious child who still wants the confirmation and approval of those around you, even if those people are still stuck in the past with its limiting beliefs. It can still hurt you deeply if you are rejected by other people.

That is why keeping alive your light, and staying true to your own voice, is actually an ongoing inner work that calls for dedication. Although this work is invisible to many – this keeping the inner road free, the inner channel open, by discovering for yourself that a certain amount of seclusion, of stillness, is necessary – it is, at the same time, the most down-to-earth, practical work you will ever do. And this work includes the courage to break with influences, situations, and people who no longer nurture you. In that sense, some kind of fortitude is demanded from a lightworker: a constancy and a daring to say “no”, because only from there can you connect to society in a meaningful way.

You have something to give society that undermines things and structures, so be aware of that aspect of yourself. You are, in that sense, a revolutionary and it is a revolution that is needed, and accomplishing that revolution calls for a strong personality. And by a strong personality, I mean that you are aware of the fears and doubts which are still present in your life; that you are aware of, and supportive of, the inner child who still looks for recognition and approval from outside itself. That is the true inner work that is the foundation upon which you can stand in the world while you continue to hear and to give form to the voice of your soul. And each of you here is dedicated to this inner work.

Therefore, respect yourself. And I will say it again, because it is not obvious. When you find that you honor and respect yourself, you create the space you need to accomplish this work. The light that comes on this Earth will be born through people, and that light begins to shine in the world by the inner transformation of each one of you. You are the instrument through which this birth happens and being that instrument requires a lot of inner strength, courage, and dedication. It is for this reason that I deeply respect you. I greet you all and, from my heart, I am connected to each one of you. Thank you very much.

You want to help the new reality on Earth, which is what you are called to do. You are being encouraged from within, because it is your soul that demands it of you.-Jeshua-

By Pamela Keibbe

Dear friends,
I am Jeshua. I greet you all in love and friendship. We are the equals of one another.

You are part of a group of souls who are on Earth to help with a change of consciousness that spans the entire world. It is a fundamental change of perspective in the ways of looking, feeling, and acting. This change is necessary because life on Earth is changing. Conscious-ness wants to grow further, and not only among humans, but also in nature: the animal and plant kingdoms, the whole of the Earth. There is an urge for innovation, a new birth.

You have heard the call of the Earth and heard the call of humanity. You want to be part of this consciousness transformation and you are pioneers and leaders; sometimes against your own wishes. You carry something in your heart: a budding heart consciousness that makes you suitable for this role as forerunner, as innovator. Feel this in your heart.

Connect with your heart. Feel the expansion and the silence in your heart and know that you are waiting for something – for renewal. You want to help the new reality on Earth, which is what you are called to do. You are being encouraged from within, because it is your soul that demands it of you.

There is love in you for life on Earth. In a way, you are a parent, a mother and a father, for life on Earth, for consciousness here. You want to help it, as well as your own uniqueness, to flourish; you want to realize your true nature. Feel the nurturing, loving energy in your heart and that it is an expression of what you are. Feel the warmth and love you want to share with the Earth and all beings. You have matured as a soul. You have experienced much and lived through much, through all kinds of lives on Earth and elsewhere.

This is a lifetime of integration, of becoming whole, where you are again bringing back all the lost parts of yourself and surrounding them with light so that the flower that you are can open and bloom, so that its radiance, its light and sweet smell, can spread. Feel that flower in your heart. See if there is something that symbolizes it: a color, a form. See or feel the flower in your heart and now ask how this flower can become rooted in the Earth and, especially, in your daily reality. Imagine this flower in its most radiant form, pure and pristine, and refined by so many experiences. Feel how precious is this gift you have to share on Earth. Then ask the question: “Is there room for this flower in my daily life, in the work I do, in the environment where I am?”.

Take a situation in which you often find yourself, whether it is work, or a relationship in which you have doubts or feel something is missing or does not flow well. Imagine that you are in the midst of that situation and then see how the situation affects the flower in your heart, how it reacts. The flower is a living being; it is either nurtured or smothered by a certain influence or situation. Look at what you can do to feel good in this environment, or with these people, or in this work. What does this flower need to be itself, to be inspired, and to be able to radiate?

Sometimes that flower in your heart needs more protection. Sometimes you absorb too much of your surroundings, of the people around you: energies which can deplete your energy, because they do not suit you well. If you absorb too much or give too much – and taking on too much of the energy of others is a form of giving – your flower withers, gets exhausted. In order to remain vital, it is necessary to restrict what comes in and to protect yourself.

See what you need in that situation, and what kind of boundaries can best serve you – then give that to yourself, energetically. Imagine that you surround the flower in your heart with either a color or a force that completely protects the flower. Or it is possible that you see something completely different; for example, a symbol, such as a knight or a sword, or some kind of clear boundary. Allow yourself to set firm limits for an open heart.

This is a problem for many of you, a thorny issue. Your heart is open and should remain so, because that is who you are now on your evolutionary journey as a soul. Your heart is consciously open and well-developed – this is who you are. At the same time, you move in a world, in an energetic environment, where the heart consciousness of many situations is still only dormant, not fully awakened. There is a lot of fear and hostility and misunderstanding, in other words, negativity, and against that you need to protect yourself.

How do you do that? By being aware of what the energy outside you does to you and not giving what is impossible for you to give and in where it is not well received. Thus, to discern very accurately where your energy is valued, where it flows, and where it does not. Where it is not flowing, where there is resistance, it rebounds on to you. And this can be painful, because sometimes you are very committed to another, especially to those you hold dear, or when it is your neighbor. If that person cannot receive your energy, because their heart is not open in the way that yours is, then it means that there is distance between you. If you know how to protect yourself, a certain feeling of withdrawal happens, and that can be experienced as painful. But if you do not, if you give too much of yourself, you do harm to yourself and it deprives the flower in your heart of its radiance and energy. So realize that the love in your heart must be disciplined, strict, and take good care of itself.

You often fear solitude and loneliness. Precisely because you are developed, and often cannot vibrate with the energies outside you, you distance yourself from others or you do not feel at home in the world. This is part of your path. You are different; you bring something new. Do not fear the loneliness. If you are to remain who you are and to really allow yourself sufficient protection, you need to connect only where you feel you are received, where you are appreciated. When you allow this strict discipline, which is actually a form of standing up for yourself, and you learn to adopt this rigor, you will attract connections with the world that will nourish and inspire you.

If you choose very consciously what feels good, what is truly inspiring for you, then it seems that in the beginning everything falls away that you once held dear, but you open the way for something new: for more spaciousness for yourself, for true self-realization. Learn to receive; you are not here only to give. Only by both giving and receiving will the flower of your heart develop.

The developed heart consciousness takes root in the daily, earthly reality. To take good care of yourself is to respect your heart energy; to respect the love that wants to be born on Earth. The heart consciousness in you is not separate from the heart consciousness in other people: heart consciousness is by definition not separate. The more you know that the heart consciousness within yourself is protected, and the more you move consciously and freely in this world, the stronger will be your connection with the overall heart consciousness on Earth.

There is a connection between you and like-minded people on Earth that you can not always see or feel, but it is there just the same – also with friends and guides on our side. The more you dare to really be yourself and to express yourself on Earth, the more that inner bond, that inner connection to your soul family – those kindred spirits – is enhanced and becomes stronger.

To conclude, I ask you to open your heart to the kindred energies on Earth and on the other side, on our side. Feel that you are supported. You are not alone, even though it sometimes seems so. There is present an overwhelming amount of love and gentleness, humor and support. Receive it; receive this energy. Allow yourself to be nourished and inspired. Allow yourself to get what you need. You are valuable, and to give form to the new energy on Earth, you have to take care of yourself so you can become the channel you are meant to be. In this way, you are connected.

I greet you all with reverence and respect.

Your essential contribution and achievement in this life is, first of all, an inner one, namely, that of your soul’s plan.

Mary Magdalene: The Forbidden Female Energy

by Pamela Kribbe

Dear friends,

I am Mary Magdalene, your sister, your equal and kindred spirit.

I am here with both joy and sadness. I love you as my sisters. I see your struggle and I see the flame in your hearts: the flame of love, passion, and deep connection with life on Earth and with your fellow humans. That deep enthusiasm and compassion in your hearts, I know from within. You are sensitive women, who at the same time have much power: an inner strength that you have accumulated and built up over the centuries, through many lives.

In this lifetime, there has been an accelerated maturation and integration, which is how you reap the benefits of many lives. Fragments of your soul want to merge with you and to reveal their gifts and talents. In the history of your soul, this is a moment of harvesting. But that harvest is sometimes different in character than you perceive from your human mind. What you reap from the lives you have led on Earth – the pain, the joy, the peaks and the valleys – is first of all an inner harvest, an inner coming to fruition, that is the result of your lived wisdom sounding through you as an earthly human, as a woman or a man.

You have come for this alive, flesh and blood, human wisdom. You have come to experience this wisdom in this lifetime, which is the completion of a cycle of lives. Based on your socially determined view, however, you have the tendency to overemphasize outer results. You often look at what you have done in the world and its efffect on others, and that leads you to judge how successful or effective you are, including the mission of your soul. There is too much of a tendency to look at outer results, even in the spiritual world, because that is what you have been taught. This is the result of an overly external, and essentially materialistic, worldview.

Your essential contribution and achievement in this life is, first of all, an inner one, namely, that of your soul’s plan. You are completing something you have been working on during many lives on Earth; something you do in a human body with complete soul consciousness.  Therefore, your personality is not to be transcended by a higher consciousness that you will develop. Rather, your personality is a precious instrument that has gradually become steeped in your own soul’s knowledge that has developed over many lives and now wants to manifest and be known in this life in a subtle way.

This will, of course, affect everything you do. It touches the people around you, whether in your personal relationships or in your work. When your soul consciousness descends that deeply, it touches the Earth and your daily life, and then you spread a special light. But it is not a light of: “I know better, so I’m going to tell you what’s going on”. No, it is a light of love, of shared humanity and the wordless understanding of another.

That energy you carry with you has a great non-verbal component. You could think of it as the aura of an old soul, of a richly lived, wise soul who understands the art of conveying energy in a simple way. The more you embody your soul’s knowing, the more you also remove yourself from the existing ways of thinking and doing, from the many habitual thoughts and worries which you have been taught. You are more “into the flow”, as it has been called. This current of being is, in fact, a very earthly stream. It has to do with sinking deeply into your abdomen and connecting with your body, and not with a mere material shell, but with a sacred instrument whose living, flowing energy preserves its connection with the Earth.

I would ask you to first connect with your body and to approach it as a living river: a flowing, dynamic energy field full of colors, movements, energies, and feel it as such at this moment. Imagine your body as a river and feel the flow of its water from head to toe and back again from toe to head. See if there is a place in that stream where the water moves wildly and is turbulent; a place in your energy field where the water – your energy – moves irregularly or restlessly. Then send light to that place: the light of bright vision and clear knowledge.

Ask yourself, “What does this place need energetically to come into balance and be peaceful?” You may see it in the form of a color, a feeling, or a symbol, to giive to that place. Ask yourself, “Is there anything I can do to bring peace there – a calmness and composure?” Let the answer come in the form of an intuitive knowing – it does not have to be in words. Connect with that inner knowing that is so near to you, because you actually do know.

Do you sense the consciousness of your body? You will get answers there more quickly than through your thinking. The more you are in this flow, the more you just know. And that is a very good feeling, because the noise of many thoughts and also of restless emotions then disappears. So, feel that point within yourself where you just know – where silence and knowledge are linked. In your body field is a quiet, inner knowing that is connected to the Earth, which is why it is very well-grounded and not shaky or impulsive – it has a solid foundation underfoot.

It is very important that wisdom or knowledge is grounded. In many spiritual circles or theories there may be wisdom, but what is really needed are people who radiate embodied wisdom so as to convey that wisdom. They may be able to discuss spiritual theories or knowledge from their head, but that knowledge does not have the intended effect, or any effect at all, and can also create confusion. It is always about the quality of the underlying current, the flow, that can be found in the depth below the mental.

First, you went to a place in the flowing water of your energy field where the water was turbulent and restless, and brought peace there. Now, I ask you to go to a place in your energy field where the energy is just dead, dammed up so the water is stagnant and where more movement is needed. See if you can feel somewhere in your energy field a rather dead place where there is too little movement. Take your time. Sink into your abdomen and take a deep breath. See if that place calls to you: a place in the shadows that falls a little outside your daily field of vision. Maybe there is sadness there, too, because it is a neglected place, a part of you that has not been seen and recognized. Who or what is there? You can imagine a woman there, a part of you who could not fully show herself, a part that has been hidden or forbidden – a forbidden woman within you. Who is she? Can you see her? Her eyes, her body, her stature?

You all live under the pressure of a ban on the original, authentic, female energy. It is an energy of deepening, of connection, of intuition and it is linked to the third eye, of being able to see through things. The energy of the third eye belongs to the forbidden woman. It is the energy of a pervasive wisdom that exposes things. It is also the energy of deep connection, of one’s feeling for that of another. And it is the energy of leadership through connection. This energy has to do with the qualities of being a visionary, of connection through intuition with the future and with the possible realities that want to come to Earth, and not through thought, but through inner imagination. Those are all feminine qualities that have fallen by the wayside.

You all long for your own depth. Both men and women yearn for a greater inner depth, and that has to do with the forbidden female energy. That is the depth you are looking for, both in your work and in your relationships. You look for it not only in intimacy, in a sexual encounter, but also in your work, in your creativity. They are not separate from each other. What you are looking for, essenially, is yourself, so that you may experience and show that “self” on the Earth in all aspects of your life.

There is also a deep wound there, because that energy and the ability to experience and show yourself on Earth is forbidden. But instead of you thinking about that, I am asking you to make an energetic connection with that forbidden woman within yourself, to feel her in certain places in your body, and to recognize her and to welcome her. Because remember: it is your inner mission to welcome her into your life; to reconcile with her, to bring her to life in your life. You do not have to change the world, it is about you. It is about your calling, which is to redeem yourself and to make yourself whole.

What does she need from you? How can life, the water, flow through to her? See what color, energy, feeling, or quality is needed in that place. Often it has to do with daring, and the courage to integrate, to fully experience that part of yourself, to stand up in life from that quality. This is a time of change, so in that sense you have the “wind at your back” in this life. Feel the power of Mother Earth. In the end, her power is much greater and more resilient than that of humanity as a whole. Know nature is on your side – feel safe on Earth.

I salute you all and I am connected to you – you are never alone.

You are connected to kindred spirits, and you are very much loved.

Thank you very much.

I am the voice of the Earth…This is your base, your foundation!

Pamela Kribbe channels Mother Earth


Dear People,

I am the voice of the Earth. I greet you from the ground deep beneath your feet; I am the heart of the Earth who speaks.

I want to restore the connection with you all and to experience and celebrate that connection, because life here on Earth is meant to be joyful.

You are here to experience joy, although it is possible that you will first go through painful events so that you can re-discover and know again the natural joy that belongs to the essence of all reality. But always remember that at its core, life is good.

There is a positive current that quickens growth and flowering on both the inner and the outer planes. This current is the essence of the universe: a life-giving, positive, encouraging energy. And that is ultimately where your security lies, with a safety at its most basic level.

When you know that life is good, that the universe offers you a grounding in which you can develop and grow; when you can experience that positive feeling, then are you able to truly relax.

The ability to feel secure and to relax are inseparable; you can not relax if you feel unsafe. A part of you then pulls back, is not entirely present, and can not participate in the flow of positive growth, in the joy that is natural to you.

When you feel tense, you cut yourself off from the wonder of life. You cause yourself to be somewhat dead inside.

Out of fear, you turn away from life and, therefore, you will not see all the possibilities that life offers. You limit yourself to what you know and to what makes you feel safe.

But real security does not come from restrictions or rules. True security comes from the feeling that all is good, even though you do not know with your mind how and what and where all this is going.

To experience real safety, you need to get out of your head, out of your thinking mind and away from the fear, because the fear and the thinking mind often work together.

There is a fundamental fear in many of you: that feeling of insecurity that causes you to search for solutions with your thinking mind and to take measures that try to make life manageable and secure. But doing this does not work, because it amounts to an expression of tension, of a deep feeling of being unsafe.

Allow yourself to relax right now by starting with your body.

Imagine that all the tension drains slowly from the muscles of your body. Your body knows how to relax; it is usually the fears that prevent that from happening. So tell your body: “I give the lead to you! Tell me how I should sit and breathe in order to relax.”

And then tell your inner child, the seat of your emotions, that it, too, is free to relax; that it, too, may express all the emotions it feels. There is no taboo in your spirit, in your consciousness; everything is allowed expression and there is room for everything.

Feel how doing this both increases and expands your consciousness.

You allow your body to find its own way and rhythm, and you allow your inner child to express itself: it knows how to do that, how to let all this happen. And you trust that all this is possible, because in the depths of your being you know that life is good, that life is a positive flow.

Allow yourself to become very still inside, as you energetically breathe-out all the way. Allow everything to drift away from you: the concerns, the tension, the anxieties of everyday life.

There is in you a silence, a space that is unaffected by all the fuss, all the stimuli and thoughts.

From this quiet place, you are one with God. You are not someone who is separate and alone; you are one with the Whole. You are embedded and secure within that vast Whole that is God, and that includes the entire universe.

There is an indestructible security and it is good. Know that at the base and origin of everything lies a good and loving strength, one that is creative beyond imagination and from which you were born .

Perhaps you see that Source appear before you as a very pure white light, so let that white light flow around and through you. This is your base, your foundation! Herein lies the origin of all the safety and strength you are looking for.

It is very often the case that, in everyday life, people are looking for security and find, or attempt to find, that security in the roles they fulfill, especially in regard to other people. They are a father or a mother, an employer or an employee, a friend: someone’s support and refuge, or they are important in the world of their work and activities. And many people derive a sense of security from being those things, so they can relax for awhile when they are in their role. They then feel they have meaning and value to other people, which makes them feel they are worthy. They fulfill a role, which makes them feel recognized and accepted.

But sense how behind that role-fulfillment lies a deep fear of not being sufficient and, therefore, of not being safe.

You are trained in this life to focus on outer roles and goals.

It is as if everything in your upbringing and education is designed to prepare you for the outer world. Yet there is an implication in that preparation that says: you are not good as you are. There must be all kinds of things wrong with you; therefore, you need to be polished and perfected and made acceptable.

And even though things are changing in the world, shifting in this time, and there is more respect for the inner world and toward what someone naturally carries within themself, there is still much progress to be made in this area. Many people are still burdened by a fundamental sense of insecurity, of not being good enough, of being unworthy as they are.

See if you recognize that sense in yourself of being afraid to fail, of feeling the need to always perform at your best by carefully making certain you do an acceptable job. Or always needing to look for compliments: having to present yourself in a certain role, because doing that gives you permission to feel as if you are someone who then has the right to ask for something in return. You all are trained to base your self-awareness on who you appear to be: someone who is seen in the outside world for what they do.

I now ask you to take a step backward – a very radical step backward – and to understand deeply that when you seek confirmation from the outer world, you let yourself down.

Then the insecurity, which is already there inside you, grows larger. The more you turn to the outside world to gain your right to exist, the deeper becomes the hole inside you: that black hole, which feels like a scary place where you do not feel at home. In that hole, you are all alone; no one is there to tell you that you are doing it right.

How, then, do you get affirmation, and how do you get the feeling you have a right to exist? The “how” happens when you turn away from all those external sources of confirmation.

And if you do that in a conscious way, you then turn toward that black hole, toward that fundamental sense of insecurity – the fear. You enter into it, and you do not allow yourself to be distracted or seduced by what the world around you says. You have most likely already experienced, at a deep level, that making yourself dependent on external certainties does not work.

Life has brought you to this point, so you then turn toward the inward path and many of you stay there a long time, immersed, so to speak, in the fears, the uncertainties, the pain that is piled up in there.

And you do not come through that process without effort, because in that black hole is a reservoir of repressed emotions. After all, how long have you denied yourself by becoming the roles that do not fit you, or only partially fit you? How long have you denied yourself of receiving love from others? The larger purpose of entering into this black hole is to discover that it is actually a tunnel – although a dark tunnel – and that at its end you are released and become free to again enter into the white light that I just described.

The primal core of life is in some way impersonal, because it is universal.

The white light says to you: “You are all right just as you are; you are perfect in your unique reality.” It is impersonal in the sense that this light does not say: “You have got to do this or that thing well, or what you did was less than good, or your achievements are okay.”

The Light is not personal and not selective; you are loved, absolutely, just as you are. All the judgments about yourself, whether you are successful or whether you have failed entirely, fall by the wayside. This light is, therefore, so otherworldly that it seems to be far from your everyday reality.

Yet I ask you to maintain intimate connection with this light in your daily life, because doing that brings innovation and change, and a deep relaxation to your body and energy field.

Feel the primal core of life; it is a joyful flow.

That is not to say that everything in your life will feel good and fine – not at all. The universe, life, is on a search; it feels called to develop, to grow, to investigate.

On that search, you will find painful places, most often within yourself. But when there is this fundamental sense of safety in you, there is always an undertone of joy in spite of everything you are going through. That is something you can not find in the world outside you; that Source is within you.

I know that you sometimes see life on Earth as a vale of tears, a struggle with resistance, negativity, sluggish energies, pain, and suffering. However, all these sad and painful energies do not come from the Earth itself; they are the result of opposition to life by human beings. They arise from fear and a wanting to control the natural flow of life.

Now feel my energy, the heart of the Earth. Feel how I want to help you to restore the connection with your essence, with the white light in you that fully affirms that everything is allowed to be. That you are free to explore everything that is in you.

Feel blessed and liberated by this light. You are a child of the universe and you are infinitely loved. You are so great and important that there are always helpers with you, guides and friends. You are never alone, but only through this white light can you feel and sense this fully and restore the connection with your helpers. Do not feel an outcast any longer, lonely and estranged. Open yourself again to the core of all life.

I now ask you to place the soles of your feet on the ground so they can absorb my energy and so you can experience how I am your carrier of that white light, the light of joy. Allow my energy to flow upward into your legs. Feel borne by me! Let my energy flow through to your thighs and pelvis, and up into your abdomen and stomach. Feel that it is time to relax.

I am grateful that you are here. I work together with you by accepting your soul light as it touches me. Your soul light is a precious gift you give to me, and I receive it with respect. Receive also my gift to you; the love and the safety of the Earth.

Thank you so much.