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FEEL MORE THAN FINE Founder ENERGETIC THERAPIST/PERSONAL TRAINER/REIKI THERAPIST AND INSTRUCTOR (Healthcare) Accomplished professional healer and energetic therapist with extensive experience in providing treatment as well as personal training utilising various holistic healing techniques. Commenced medical education but changed track and decided on pursuing an artistic career and became a dancer, a DJ, a restaurateur and model agency business owner; however finally reached the actualisation of self and pursued education in reiki personal training. Expertise in offering therapeutic services for clients by mainly combining music therapy and reiki. Rich experience in establishing and mutually achieving short- and long-term objectives ensuring better post-therapy life for clients. CORE COMPETENCIES ▪ Therapeutic Restoration ▪ Understanding Therapy Techniques ▪ Client Requirement Analysis ▪ Personal Training ▪ Nutritional Planning ▪ Exercise Demonstration ▪ Motivation ▪ Client Health and Safety ▪ Strength, Healing and Conditioning ▪ KEY SKILLS Therapy Intervention – Recognised for hands-on experience in providing therapeutic services to harmonise the body, mind and spirit for overcoming and resolving various conditions/issues of clients including health, money, relations, stress and fear, among others. Expertise in energising clients and helping them activate their inner healing power utilising a combination of techniques such as reiki, qui gong, pilates, yoga, cardio training, dance, tantra and therapeutic music. Client Management – Adept in identifying clients’ dilemma and empathising with their situation by discussing their past experiences and current problems. Significant experience in successfully delivering distance treatment at prearranged times for resolving issues of long distance clients and transporting the vibration energy flow through email and Skype. Program Planning – Outstanding track record of understanding client’s needs and developing detailed programs aimed at achieving defined goals. Skilled in creating structured programs encompassing therapy, exercise, conversation and diet as well as giving guidelines to clients to achieve a peaceful, joyful and abundant life. Interpersonal and Communication – Proactive professional with proficiency in English, French, Spanish, Greek and conversational Dutch and German and the ability to communicate confidently and effectively with clients as well as providing specialist advice and training on energetic therapy for clients from diverse cultures. KEY DELIVERABLES Clearly communicating the program and explaining the process prepared for clients. Undertaking client consultations including medical history and preparing notes. Pre-treatment, ensuring the client is as comfortable as possible either lying on a couch, or seated. Placing hands in a sequence of positions covering the whole body to guide energy and activating the healing process. Treating clients by applying the energetic principles of Reiki as well as performing distance treatment at prearranged times. Adhering to established industry guidelines and providing safe therapeutic recommendations to clients. Planning the routine by comprehending the needs of clients and designing nutrition as well as diet plan for the client, as applicable. Interacting with client and strengthening client relations. Adhering to all personal trainer policies and demonstrating as well as teaching exercises to clients and providing feedback on techniques used. Preparing self for treatment, raising own energy levels and attuning self. Researching, strategising special techniques and increasing knowledge to introduce clients to innovative wellness programs. Constantly motivating clients to achieve maximum gain utilising provided therapy. Maintaining punctuality and preparing for all appointments with clients or professional staff. Attending mandatory and optional staff training classes. Designing rehabilitation program to manage specific physical conditions, injuries, diseases and swiftly responding to emergencies, if any. Handling client grievances and swiftly resolving conflicts by negotiating an amicable settlement. CAREER PROGRESSION Personal Trainer and Energetic Healer Natural Mente Festival,Camping La Playa, Ibiza Jul 2011 – Present Personal Life Coach Feel More Than Fine, Ibiza May 2010 – Present Energetic Healer Consciousness Festival, Rimini Energetic Healer Workshop Interconnectedness, Amsterdam Healing DJ and Therapist Healing, Ibiza Master Reiki Reiki Healer level II Reiki Healer level I International Career DJ and Producer Personal Trainer and CardioFunk Classes Fitness 1st (Passage), Brussels Co-owner Model Agency Pure Star Management Vilnius and Paris Club Manager/Choreographer Cova Santa, Ibiza Restaurant Owner L'empire des sens Professional Dancer Classes of Dance & Cardio Fitness Instructor Fitness 1st, Brussels Commenced career as a professional dancer and simultaneously working as a DJ and music producer. EDUCATIONAL QUALIFICATIONS Certified Energetic Healer & Life Coach Certified Reiki Master Certified Personal Trainer Fitness 1st Belgium June 2013 Dec.2012 Mar 1997 Medical and Physiotherapy Studies University of Brussels, Brussels Oct 1988 – Jun 1993 Graduation High School May 1987 High Level Athletics as sprint runner Sep.1982 – May 1987 PERSONAL INFORMATION Date of Birth: 2nd Nov, 1970Nationality: GreekMarital Status: SingleDriving Licence: European Driver’s Licence References available on request

If your holiday activities activate joyful feelings, enjoy them! If they activate painful feelings, then it is time for a change.

Messages from Ann & the Angels – 11/26/2022 • Have An Authentic Holiday Season

My dear friends, we love you so very much,

As you move into your holiday season, breathe. Remind yourself to relax, slow down, and enjoy the moment. It is better to do less with more love than more with less love. It is better to fully engage in the activities you choose rather than rush through them and, in so doing, miss the moments of your life.

The universe responds to you as you are now. No matter what you have or haven’t done for lifetimes, decades, or even in the past five minutes, now is all that matters. You are who you are because you are thinking thoughts now. You are experiencing what you experience because the universe is responding to your vibration now. Often what you are vibrating to is the result of many thoughts you have thought in the past. You develop patterns, momentum, and, therefore, vibrations that are well-practiced. Nonetheless, the universe is responding to you now and only now.

Suppose you were a musician. Imagine you practiced a song until you could play it by rote, only to discover a little later, that a few notes were off. You would have to re-learn the song. Teaching yourself the new notes might take a great deal of practice and perseverance since the old ones were so well-practiced. You could do it, of course. It would just take some effort.

Likewise, you have many practiced patterns of thought. Some are “on key” because they create feelings of love in your life. Some are off the key of love because they don’t make you happy. Some are complex notes – a little love mixed with a little less. It may take some work to practice new thoughts that feel like love. It may take some diligence and compassion for yourself to develop new habits. You can do it, however, and the rewards are well worth the effort.

The holidays, especially, have many practiced patterns of thought. Some activate beautiful feelings within you. A song, a smell, a particular food, the twinkling of lights, or the lighting of a candle can activate vibrations of warmth, joy, and comfort. For others of you, these can activate very painful memories.

If your holiday activities activate joyful feelings, enjoy them! If they activate painful feelings, then it is time for a change. Create new traditions, new beliefs, and new activities that please you more. Do this, whether or not the new is related to the old. You don’t have to celebrate just because everyone else is. You don’t have to mail cards, go to gatherings, or play special music if it doesn’t give you joy. You may prefer a quiet retreat or a simple gathering of friends. Do what makes your heart sing. Bring a new you to the present moment. Be like a child. Look for what is interesting, pleasing, and fun – wherever you are. A child may cry one moment but then quickly look for what is more enjoyable the next. So can you.

Dear ones, your holidays are meant to be a season of light. Emotions are running high this year, yet you can embrace the light and the love within you more dearly than ever before. Permit yourselves to slow down, savor the moments, and live in a state of love. What you do or who you are with, who understands, approves or not, is infinitely less important than whether or not you choose to honor your own heart.

As your world struggles to recreate itself, let the light of the season be born within you once again – in this moment and the next, with honesty, authenticity, and a commitment to your own good-feeling season.

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
— The Angels

Your Choice! | The Creator via Jennifer Farley

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Your Choice!

NOVEMBER 23, 2022

(The Creator Writings)

Your earth plane existence has never been about The Universe’s will, choice or decision. It always has been and always will be about what YOU choose. Any path, any direction travelled, and any decision made is blessed, celebrated and joyously assisted by The Universe. ~ Creator

Transcribed by Jennifer Farley, ThetaHealing Instructor/Practitioner

Guided Ecstatic Dance on 432hz.

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if you complete tasks that you find interesting and fun, you will be energized. A simple formula for who you are now…Self-comfort is your word and action of the week.

Dear Ones,

You are beginning to note the difference between what is expected of you and who you are. It is a confusing time, for if you do not do something, who will? Yet, you do not necessarily want to do it. So you ponder your options and your needs. “Should I continue doing this because I want to or I feel I should?”

These new options were not expected for you are used to doing what you believe is your household, family, friendship, or work roles. “I’m doing this because I’m supposed to.” But for whom? You or others?

Perhaps you have expectations of yourself or your environment that others do not. So how do you decide if those expectations are outside your needs if that something is not completed to your satisfaction? How indeed?

When are your self-expectations part of your social world instead of what you hold deep within? And if you do not wish to complete something, how do you feel about yourself?

Many of your activities are tied to shoulds instead of personal needs or interests. Maintaining a clean home, repairing items, or activating work tasks that others ignore or refuse to do is not wrong. But if you are completing those items for accolades from others, you are acting on 3D shoulds. If you find yourself uncomfortable with a task not completed even though others could care less, it is a function of your new being.

Everything you do, think, or say is now spun through your inner being. So if you complete tasks for others, you will be exhausted or angry. And if you complete tasks that are unreasonable for your energy or skills, you will be exhausted or angry. But if you complete tasks that you find interesting and fun, you will be energized. A simple formula for who you are now.

Your formula was more complicated in the past because your central core of knowingness was limited. Numerous activities were completed for others – jobs, children, marriage, schooling, and holiday celebrations. Event after event to please others and deny yourself.

Separating yourself from the needs and interests of others as you are doing now can be frightening and self-anger-producing. “Where is my energy? Where is my interest?” “Why do I have to take care of everything?”

Your self-examination of shoulds contrasted with new interests will continue throughout this holiday season and likely a bit beyond. Your actions and shoulds are so deeply tied into your earth life that it will take some time to separate who you are from your 3D self-expectations.

That is not to say you are of 3D, but instead, that you are breaking many 3D habits you were unaware of before.

Why would you not want a clean house or a complete work project? If those actions are part of new you, you will not become angry, miffed, or sad if they are not held in esteem by others, for you will know they are your projects. And if others do not meet your childcare, employment, or home care standards, you might ask yourself why it is important for those duties to be completed to your standards? Are those standards new you or holdovers from 3D?

Even though many of you may be angry that something has not been completed according to your criteria, your criteria may not produce the end product you want. For is a clean house or completed repairs not a call for comfort? Anger, because something is not done to your standards, is not comfortable.

Before you do anything that feels exhausting or otherwise uncomfortable, go within to determine if that action is inner-directed or a 3D holdover. For 3D shoulds now create exhaustion, anger, or frustration.

Shoulds are never complete and never have been, for they are generated from outside your being. It is only those pieces, thoughts, and actions from within that will provide you the comfort you so need at this time.

A comfort that is essential as you eliminate what you were comfortable with in 3D. Self-comfort is your word and action of the week. So be it. Amen. To receive Brenda’s Blog, subscribe via Or, click the Subscribe Button on the upper part of her “Blog & Subscribe” website page ( and click the – Subscribe to Brenda’s Blog by E-mail – line. Complete your subscription by entering your e-mail address and accepting the e-mail confirmation. 

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The release of fear is a small price to pay for the ecstasy of full merging with the Divine.

Dear One,

Having come to a time of decision, you want to make the right one. You know that what you decide will carry on and you are concerned and even fearful of the “what ifs.” The only way you can truly make decisions that will best serve you now and in your future is to come to a place of peace and calm within. And this means being in harmony with your Higher Self.

It is from this place that you will make decisions that are for the highest good of all concerned. When you bring fear into your decision-making process, it limits you by preventing the full expansiveness of the Divine Mind from working within your conscious mind. It is this merging with God which enables you to feel free, whole and open enough to receive that which is right and true for your life at this time.

No matter how difficult it seems, it is very important that you learn to release the fear that constricts your thinking and actions. Where your attention goes, energy flows. When you focus on the fears, problems and the “what ifs” of your future life, this focused energy magnifies your fearful state. It becomes ever more powerful and can even take over your world — if you allow it to do so. Instead, put your energy into the creation of that wondrous state of being that will best serve you.

The first step in doing this is to breathe deeply and know in your heart that you are being divinely guided at this moment and at every moment in your life. Prayer is also helpful in adjusting your attitude and opening yourself to truth.

You can say, “I surrender this fear to God, and I allow the Divine Mind to work in all my decisions.” Even if you still have the feeling of fear in the pit of your stomach, the simple act of praying for release will start you on the path to right action and thoughts that will open you to your highest good. Yet often it takes a short while for the physical body to catch up with the mental processes, so it is important to give yourself sufficient time to come to a point of relaxation and expansion before actually making your decisions.


Take several relaxing, balanced breaths. As you sit in this peaceful moment, allow your exhaled breath to drop heavily like a stone, down below your feet, into the depths of the earth. This will take the frantic energy from your mind and give you greater clarity.

As you inhale, see yourself expanding with the pure light of God. See it clearing your mind and calming your heart as you connect with your divine nature. Now replace the fearful thoughts that so pervade your worldly consciousness with images of what you really want in your personal and professional life — images of radiant health, harmony in relationships, abundant cash flow, peace within your own heart. Allow these images of your greater good to permeate your being. Then give thanks for receiving them into your life.

Because you have been trained to be fearful and to worry, even though it is not productive, it takes practice to release the fear and to merge with your true divine nature. The Angels are here to help you do this, enfolding you in wings of pure light and guiding your way to peaceful living.

So ask and you will receive. Allow yourself to be open to the Divine Goodness within all things, and be receptive to all the beauty and truth within and around you, so that this good can begin to manifest and work throughout your world. If the bounty of the universe is what you want in your life, all you have to do is to let go of the fear that limits you, and allow the grace of God to work for you. After all:

The release of fear is a small price to pay for the ecstasy of full merging with the Divine.

Shanta Gabriel
for Archangel Gabriel

My dear child, The Universe no longer needs a burning bush to get your attention. You ARE that burning bush.

by Jennifer Farley

Take some time and think about this; there is an accumulation of miracles in your life so subtle, so minute that you barely take notice. Then, at the precise moment you are ready to experience the full force of these miracles, there is a shift in your awareness, and you will often stand in awe in how you missed this before.

My dear child, The Universe no longer needs a burning bush to get your attention. You ARE that burning bush.

Archangel Michael Week 83 Message

I am Archangel Michael with a message for the Angelic Warrior Group.

World activities are such that they are coming to a head. Reveals are being made at an astounding rate. New energies are coming in to strengthen the light and to weaken the darkness on earth.

However the dark still have their cards to play. It was just revealed that the reluctance to delve in more aggressively has to do with bombs that have been planted in major U.S. cities. If you live in such a city, you might consider moving. It matters not whether the city is blue or red, many have been targeted because of their propensity for damage to its citizens.

For this reason then we ask you this week to target those of the darkness, no matter who they might be. It might be someone in your personal community or one of the Bilderberg group or the hidden dark families that give orders at the top. We need to take this menace off the planet and with your help this can be accomplished anonymously by you.

I am Archangel Michael, the archangel of war. We are a group, we are a family, we are legion.


Youtube: SharonandIvoofVega

Messages from Ann & the Angels – 11/19/2022 • Living in Appreciation

My dear friends, we love you so very much,

Those of you who are soon to celebrate your holiday of Thanksgiving know that the holiday centers around appreciation. You take time to appreciate family, friends, or some quiet time for yourself. You take time to appreciate a diversity of food, fun, activities, or rest. You take time to put the world’s problems aside so you can enjoy the things that truly matter in your lives – love, laughter, relaxation, sharing, & caring. Even if you spend the holiday alone in peace, you take time to commune with that which is peaceful and beautiful inside yourself. Dear ones, every day can be a day of giving thanks. Every moment offers opportunities for appreciation.

In traffic, you can appreciate your car, the songs on the radio, the person you love the most or the sky overhead. If you are ill, you can appreciate the warmth of a cozy blanket and a cup of tea. If you are feeling scared, you can appreciate a moment of laughter with a friend or perhaps a song that gives you a few moments of peace. You can step outside, pluck a blade of grass, and appreciate the miracle beneath your feet.

While the world rants and raves about its problems, you can see its miracles. While those around you might try to convince you of all that is wrong with life, you can seek out and appreciate what is right. While the doomsayers tell you the economy is failing, the world is coming to an end, and that your climate is going to hell in a handbasket, you can smile and choose to live in God’s economy. You can appreciate the moment in front of you – right here, right now. You can take a moment and marvel at nature’s miraculous ability to regenerate, sometimes without the slightest bit of help.

Dear ones, make every day a day of Thanksgiving. Make every day a day of seeking out things and people to appreciate. In the meanest of individuals – if you were to look hard enough – you could find something to appreciate. Perhaps they have a passion that comes out in unpleasant ways but is nonetheless still a passion. Maybe they are angry because they feel helpless, because in their depth they care strongly about an ideal. Perhaps the person who just cut you off in traffic is afraid of being late, but at least they care about meeting their commitments. We are not saying you should stick around for bad behavior if you can avoid it. We are not saying you should pretend it doesn’t exist, or give it another second of your focus. However, when bad behavior is unavoidably in front of you, you can still look around for something to appreciate.

When you don’t like something on the news, you can appreciate your remote control and switch the station! When the relative you try to avoid starts lecturing you, you can point out something about them that you can appreciate and then change the topic. “I love that you care about me so much. I love that you want the best for me. Thank you.” then change the topic or walk away. Or maybe you’re around someone ranting about their beliefs and trying to impose them upon you. You can easily say, “Isn’t it wonderful to be alive and to care about something so passionately! Better than being apathetic!” then switch the topic or walk away! You have the power to find something to appreciate in any given situation, and while some are certainly harder than others, you have the choice to align with the love that you are and feel good – or not. Your choice to focus on appreciation is for you first.

Dear ones, you are the lightworkers More accurately you are the light-focusers. You are the lights that can choose to shine your love upon the areas which you can appreciate, and in so doing amplify those vibrations upon your earth. Look for peace. Notice peace. Be peaceful, and more and more examples of piece will come into your field and awareness. Look for levity. Be lighthearted. Appreciate those who are and more and more of that energy will come into your awareness. “Seek and ye shall find,” dear ones. Seek things to appreciate, and you will find more and more wonderful things in your world to appreciate.

Spending your life seeking out things to appreciate enables you to open the windows of your perception to all that is good, loving, and beautiful. In so doing, you will see the light amidst the darkness, harmony despite the chaos, beauty, love, and grace, even in a world that is certainly stirred up at the moment.

You are the light workers, the light focusers, the appreciators, and the ones attuning your world into a higher, happier, more beautiful space… one moment, one soul at a time.

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
— The Angels

You have the ability to bring yourself closer to Source, all day, every day.

This Homecoming is Coming ∞The 9D Arcturian Council, Channeled by Daniel Scranton

“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We are destined to experience that homecoming, that return to Source, that is inevitable for all beings in all times and all places throughout this universe. This is what ascension is essentially about. It is about getting closer to home. You have the ability to bring yourself closer to Source, all day, every day. You do not have to wait for anything to happen that would make it easier for you to experience Source as your true self, as an aspect of you that exists within your very being-ness. In fact, for some humans the path has been to go as far away from Source as they possibly could with their consciousness so that the snapping back would feel so much more exciting and life-affirming. 

To give oneself the experience of complete ecstasy, sometimes, in some universes, like ours, great pain and suffering is a part of that journey. Everything that you feel consciously brings you to a place where you can feel everything, and that includes the heights of ecstasy. You can get there without the help of anyone or anything. You don’t have to wait for some beautiful person, or beautiful e.t., to come into your life to assist you with getting there. You just have to acknowledge that everything exists inside of you, and as you put your attention on your inner realm, you can feel for the potential that exists within you to be in a state of complete alignment with Source. Nothing and no one is stopping you from that.

We know that people talk about the bad ones out there who are trying to prevent ascension from occurring, but we wonder if those same people are going within to feel for what ascension is all about right now in their very bodies. All of that you can read about online is a distraction from what exists inside each and every one of us. The Source Energy portal is there within every being and every collective, and you can tap in to it right now by focusing on the center of your heart and focusing on your breathing. Sometimes there are blockages there; we know this. And many of you have felt those blockages as well, but the only way to get past those blockages is to go right through them, and you can do it with your focus, with your intention, with directing your consciousness to the very center of your heart.

It’s all there, everything you could ever want and everything you could ever have that also exists outside of you, including every experience with every other being. Give yourselves the experience of ascension right now, and then you will be waiting for nothing. You will be in a timeless realm where everything is possible, where you are everything. 

There is so much more for you to tap in to, and sometimes you just need the right nudging at the right time to go to the right place, and the right place, right now, for all of you, is within. Go to the center of your heart; feel for the love that is there. Know that it is the true you, and see how much of it you can feel and expand out to all corners of this beautiful universe of ours.

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”

Message from Saint Germain
by Ngari

Message from Saint Germain
by Ngari

Everything is going well!

My beloved. I know that yesterday you felt disappointed by Trump’s speech. In fact, he has not lived up to the lofty expectations of all of you who are awake.

Trump was expected to give them – in code or openly – an overview of what is actually happening.

It was hoped that he could calm the anxiety for the redemption that in your the vision and feeling is taking a long time.

But backwards, Trump has made a political speech. He did not mention the events. He didn’t utter any words to encourage them.

Well, I tell you that all this has been another theater. A war tactic. “Whenever you feel strong, appear fragile.”

Surely, Mr. Trump has had his reasons for acting like this. And it is not up to me to reveal them now.

We are living through a very delicate moment in that war, which in reality has already ended. There are only a few stumbling blocks that must be eliminated.

I recommend that you firmly follow the path outlined. Victory awaits you just around the corner. That I can assure you. We never leave you alone.

I am your older brother Saint Germain, responding to a request from our beloved Ngari.

Thank you Saint Germain.

My pleasure!

Do you doubt? Surrender. The more you can surrender, the easier your life will become

November 16, 2022,

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Ashian: Well! You have been away a while!

Jennifer: Hello to you too! I have. For the past six weeks, I have felt as though every week has brought one massive emotional blow after another. Each week I think, ‘well, that must be the final one.’  Each week, I’m wrong!

A: There is no ‘final,’ you know that, Dear One, but there is what you would experience as an ‘easing,’ where it is less about clearing the past, and more about embodying the skills and talents of past lives, combined with your higher dimensional skills and talents. These are the codes, the energetics, the super powers you were all born to share.

You are at the tipping point. Remember, for us, a tipping point is not a date, it’s a vibration. It’s the vibration at which humanity, as a whole, are able to hold the vast increase of light, purge the darkness of the past, and embrace the authenticity of who they truly are.

You light workers, have worked long and hard to reach this point. If it were a battle to take a hill, you are just at the top, about to plant your flag. Don’t give up. The view is one you will never forget. Ever. Legions of souls have wished to be here for these moments: You were chosen.

We know so many light workers are annoyed, exhausted, confused. It was meant to be this way. It cannot be otherwise: you had to reach empty so you could be refilled. What happens here has implications for the entire galaxy and far beyond. It was not an easy choice to come here, and an even harder choice to live with, once you realised what the reality of it was. And yet… against almost insurmountable odds, you have vanquished the forces of darkness.

What now? Endure. Prepare yourself for wonderful surprises. Yes, there is darkness that must emerge, but … your magic is about to be reignited. You are on the brink of embodying superhuman skills and knowingness.

Stories of superhumans, superheroes, they are not fantasy. They are priming you, creating synaptic pathways to access unconscious knowingness, when the moment is right, these pathways will illuminate, and you will remember what you had not realised that you had forgotten.

This is the truth of you: Every single one of you is Extraordinary. Each one of you is a specialist, you each have a unique skill set, and you were paired with the location in which you find yourself.

Do you doubt? Surrender. The more you can surrender, the easier your life will become; if you flow with your life rather than forcing yourself, you will allow the Divine spark within you the space to expand and to recreate your life. If you choose to live out of fear, obligation, anger or resentment, you constrict and limit the flow of the Divine spark within you.

It can be terrifying, as if you are jumping without a safety net. Perhaps people will not understand, they will be annoyed… Explorers are never understood by those who will not leave the shores of comfort.

J: Care to tell us more about superhumans?

A: We would be delighted. A superhuman doesn’t have to climb buildings using three fingers, or fly, or move through walls, or sense danger. Superhuman skills begin subtly enough: the intuition to do this or that, to leave a job or take a trip, to call a person or to avoid a confrontation.

Then, as the neural transmitters get used to expanding into 5D consciousness new skills become apparent. Play with, experiment and integrate these skills. Notice how your super skills are enhanced, upgraded versions of your current skills. Then notice that they progress in jump-steps: expand, integrate, expand, integrate… And then they jump again. You get big leaps at certain vibration thresholds.

J: Ah, I had a lot of those when you were co-existing with me.*  For me, they were very hard to integrate: it was disconcerting to have speed I never had before, or to suddenly see energies and beings, or to walk between worlds. They sound cool, but it took me years to integrate those experiences.

A: You were an early explorer! You were on your own. Now, there will be groups and clubs where people can meet and learn, share and support each other through these expansions. Light workers will lead the way because they have come with advanced skills, and the global environment will be increasingly supportive of expansion. It will become the focus of social evolution; people’s skills will be valued and honoured, not mocked or trivialised.

J: That’s good to hear. So will it just be healing skills, artistic skills, intuition…

A: It will be all that and so much more. It will evolve in phases that correspond to individual and collective readiness for each level of remembering. That is what you are doing, remembering the completeness, the immensity, the glory of All That Is expressed through Who You Are. You are the ocean in a drop. There are no limits.

J: Thank you

A: It is always our pleasure and our honour to cheer on our sisters and brothers who have their boots on the ground.

Copyright © 2022 Jennifer Crokaert YouTube

*I spent two weeks where Ashian’s consciousness fused with mine, which I recorded in Living with Ashian. You can download the free ebook at

Mother Earth: Abundance Lies Within

by Pamela Kribbe

Dear friends,

I am Mother Earth. I am so happy to join with you on this day. I am the spirit that inhabits your planet, that pervades all nature, including your body and you. Please become aware of my energy, the Earth energy in your own body, and know that your body has a natural rhythm and wisdom.

If you want to know the answers to your life’s questions, than please be aware that you can not truly receive them without connecting to your body.

So now relax your body. Become aware of your hands, your feet, the way you breathe, and be aware that your body stores a lot of emotions, even if you are not aware of that happening.

The more relaxed you are, the more these hidden emotions can come to the surface where they can be expressed. Often your thinking keeps these feelings hidden behind locked doors, and from my perspective, the perspective of nature, you are far too much inside your heads, and it is not natural to be that way.

Just imagine that your awareness descends down through your jaw and throat and into your chest, very softly like a gentle breeze. Say “hello” to your body, and with your awareness go into your abdomen and down into your thighs, your knees, your feet.

Remember that you are part of nature, a creature of the Earth, and that there is a flow of life running through you that can not be controlled by the mind. This natural flow of life, to which your body is so attuned, is in accordance with your soul. The soul and the body are good friends; it is often the mind and the judgments that interfere in that relationship.

I invite you to explore the issue of work and abundance from the level of your body and soul.

Imagine that you are walking in a beautiful place in nature. Your feet are bare and you are aware of the Earth beneath your feet. You feel the sunshine on your skin and hear the sounds of nature. You feel that you do not have to prove anything, that you can truly relax and focus on the light of the Sun.

Feel that there is an inner dimension to the Sun, just as there is an inner dimension to the Earth. And feel the sunshine in your heart; it wakes you up and reminds you of the abundance that is present in your own heart.

Remember what it is like to be joyful, carefree, and playful. It is similar to how nature feels: the animals, the plants, the flowers. They do not know the heavy energy of worry nor the dividing energy of judgement. They are very present in the now and that is an important part of abundance: being carefree, being joyful, and not being worried.

Please remember that true abundance is an inner quality, not something outside you. You can have all the money in the world and many material goods, but if you are still a prisoner in your mind, and you worry a lot, you will not enjoy your wealth. Real abundance lies within, and you can give it to yourself, now.

The first thing is not to limit yourself in your own dreams. Ask yourself in a carefree way: “What gives me the most joy in life? What makes me feel excited, happy, most like a child?” Let that energy of joy go through your body and know that this is your true purpose in life: to find this energy of joy.

That is what true abundance is about. You can only find that joy, and allow yourself to have it, if you really believe in yourself: “I am allowed to have this joy, to feel this way.” Can you sense how far removed this idea is from your ordinary thinking?

It makes me sad to see how many of you feel that you are not really good enough and that you have to work so hard, and to try your best to be worthy.

Look at yourself and see if you can find inside yourself the voice that is telling you: “Be good, work hard, perform”. Please know that this is not the voice of nature, and not the voice of your soul. It is the voice of society with its traditions.

This is why it is often difficult to find work that really resonates with you. To do that asks of you to break away from society and many of society’s standards. Society will tell you: “You can’t do that; you can’t be like a child again; you have to grow up; you cannot be a dreamer.” Do you feel how sad this is and how it goes against the rhythm of nature?

So I ask you to change this attitude and to bring a new energy into society by being different and by listening to the voice of your heart.

You can do this in your everyday life by not continually asking: “What does society expect of me and what do other people want from me?”, but by turning your questions around and asking yourself: “What do I want; what really gives joy to me?”

At first glance, you may think: “This is selfish! How can I focus just on me and what I like?!” But saying that shows you do not understand the truth of what I am asking you to do.

The truth is that if you listen to your heart’s joy, you will bless other people with your joy; and you will be an example to other people. They may be afraid when they see someone who dares to break free and who pursues their own path, but in the end, it is every person’s mission to find their own heart’s voice.

So trust the language of your body and your emotions; trust the voice of joy.

Thank you for your presence.

One day you’ll look back on this time and say, “This is when the fun started.”

Sophia ~ The New Humans

by Sophia Love, November 15, 2022, via email

It is the One.

There are things scheduled to come to pass that you need to be aware of. These things will infiltrate your regularly scheduled activities and become predominant in your minds.

It will be a major mind-shift, as your thoughts become pre-occupied with larger and life-altering changes on a regular basis.

You are not accustomed to proceeding through your days this way, and it will be an adjustment.

You are about to experience the intensity of global alteration in your lifetime. This is not something you are witnessing from a distance.
This is something you are participating in, as well as creating
Because of your level of participation, it will occupy your conscious mind.

The switch then, of which is spoken here, is from a part-time hobby of focus on Ascension – to full-time engagement.

Not only will you be told the truth of what is going on and its impact on your daily life, but, along with a remembering of your purpose and your truth, you’ll also immediately grasp your role.

Your life is about to feel a great deal more engaged than it does now. One day you’ll look back on this time and say, “This is when the fun started.”

For you are each here with a mission, and your life has been taking place in preparation for that mission. Without conscious awareness of specifics, you’ve placed yourselves in the precise locations with the correct people in order for you to be successful. A part of you always knew the truth, and a part of you operated from that knowing.

You have talents and experience both, to carry out a successful transference for and with the occupants of planet earth.

The change will be of massive proportions. Earth’s occupants are not used to considering how their actions impact the population on a larger scale. This is the sort of thinking that will be thrust upon them.

Once truth emerges, it will be evident that everything has been a lie and all of society has been co-opted to generate submission, obedience, slavery, and in a word – FEAR. These are not attributes of a healthy society but a sick one.

Earth’s society has been manipulated to become and remain sick and complacent. The institutions that have been set-up “supposedly” for your benefit, such as medical and educational, in fact do just the opposite. They are geared towards dependence rather than independence, illness rather than vitality, and compliance rather than intelligence.

What you will learn, and quickly now, is that you were born with the capacity for brilliance and joy. These things have been beaten to dullness through repetition, competition, slavery and debt.

As the depth of Earth’s capture sinks in, and your purpose is once again activated, your life will drastically change. Your mind will never be bored or dulled. Instead, you will utilize that unused portion of your brain to contemplate possible solutions and invent new alternatives.

In every area these are needed – food, commerce, transportation, medicine, mental health, finances, construction, faith, education, child-care, etc. This is a partial list that merely scratches the surface of what will be changing.

Your entire society will transform while you are living in it, and the process will take decades to be complete.

You are the New Humans, and you’re here to begin the process now. It will not be burdensome, but joyful. The capacity you hold is unknown to you, and once you access it, you will experience ease and satisfaction in the use of your abilities. You have come to change the world and the time to begin is upon you.

You are in for such a treat. It will be worth every step taken.

That is all.

Thank you.

You now need to explore that freedom. Similar to living in poverty for decades only to inherit billions of dollars. What will you do with your new resources? Will you explore the possibilities or continue a poverty mentality?

silhouette of man standing on mountain during night
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Dear Ones,

You have transitioned beyond 3D. Indicators of that are your new interests and needs. That which once was interesting or acceptable is likely no longer. And that which was seemingly impossible or difficult is becoming your norm.

Even though you have always known who you would become, you hid that knowledge from yourself and others until your inner being shouted to your consciousness that it was time to shift to your new being.

It is as if your former being has died, and your new being is fresh with ideas and thoughts. You have become a young adult whatever age your physical being is.

You cannot jump between 3D and beyond any longer. Nor can you hold yourself back from the light of your new being as you have done earth life after life. Pretending you are not as powerful as you are. Covering your power with submission, omission, and fear.

Throughout your 3D journey, you had the ability to be new you, to explore differently than you allowed yourself in your 3D world.

But to fully understand 3D, you needed to experience it – not as an observer, but as a full participant. And so you did, earth life after earth life. Sometimes in the persona of outer-directed power and at other times submissive to outer-directed power. You played every role possible in 3D – and you are tired. Not of the earth, but of the roles you felt you needed to explore before you could shift your being and the earth beyond 3D.

You no longer need to hide your Universal power. Nor do you need to pretend you are someone you are not – or that fear is your dominant life direction. You are free.

You now need to explore that freedom. Similar to living in poverty for decades only to inherit billions of dollars. What will you do with your new resources? Will you explore the possibilities or continue a poverty mentality?

You are determining who you are as a complete Universal being instead of a partial 3D human. A shift that requires a bit of study and personal research – your current phase.

You might feel that holiday celebrations are almost an intrusion of your new being. While those yet of 3D expect you to perform as you have in the past. That which was is no longer. And that which you now are is demanding more of your energy than you can understand.

This personal research phase just happens to coinside with the upcoming holidays – confusing your thoughts and actions. Not because you need to be confused, but because you will likely be inundated with shoulds and have tos that are no longer fulfilling.

What will you do?

Your new being is such a strong pull that you will disappoint those wanting you to return to 3D. As a result, you might be upset with yourself despite an inner knowing that you can no longer play your 3D role. So initially, you might feel wrong returning to your 3D role, as well as claiming your new being.

Your 3D life is over. And if you attempt to return to your former 3D interests and skills, you will find yourself waylaid with minor ailments or discomforts – perhaps a head cold, an untimely car repair, a canceled flight, or similar unexpected life turns. Nothing life-altering, but most certainly activity-altering.

You are, in a sense, forcing yourself to be new you. Something that might feel frightening as you read these words but so affirming once you realize you have pined for this personal freedom in every previous earth life.

You are home within yourself. You are finally free to be Universal you. And free to claim your new interests and directions.

There is no need to worry about others. There is no need to slow down or retrace your steps so others know how and when to move forward. There is no need to be less or more than you are.

You are a new being in a new world, as are millions of others. You are no longer alone on a strange planet adapting to that planet’s heavy dictates. You are a free agent in a free world, ready to experience a new life of joy. And all that is required to do so is to listen and follow your inner voice of freedom. So be it. Amen. To receive Brenda’s Blog, subscribe via Or, click the Subscribe Button on the upper part of her “Blog & Subscribe” website page ( and click the – Subscribe to Brenda’s Blog by E-mail – line. Complete your subscription by entering your e-mail address and accepting the e-mail confirmation. 

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