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There is a second level of awakening, and that is the awareness of the ‘other plan’ that is also in place. Be aware of that one and lend your support. How can you do that? Support the person who stands in the position of American President. -Magenta Pixie-

July 15, 2020, FaceBook post

After reading the details within the document doing the rounds entitled ‘Operation Lockstep’ (1) ~ this is my reply;

So this is pretty much ‘the plan’ with several different fallbacks, plan B’s and various other strategies.

What they didn’t account for is the most important political position in the world being held by someone not of the family. That position is the American Presidency. Now held by someone who is NOT of their family and supported by a great many individuals in positions of military, medical and political power.

So there is another plan in operation simultaneously. A plan in opposition to this one. A plan to free the people from this draconian tyranny. So what we have here is not a planetary takeover of Humanity (if the female candidate with the initials HRC had won yes this would be exactly what it would look like but she did not win) but an ‘attempted’ planetary takeover.

The key here is the word ‘attempted.’  So what we have here instead is a war conducted behind the scenes and on multiple levels, including on the spiritual levels.

Understanding the plan and the takeover agenda is very important, but if you believe this is the only outcome for our planet, you are lost. You will think we are doomed.

There is a second level of awakening, and that is the awareness of the ‘other plan’ that is also in place. Be aware of that one and lend your support. How can you do that? Support the person who stands in the position of American President. They can only complete this horrific agenda once he is OUT. If he wins for another 4 years, their agenda is over.

They cannot possibly complete phase 2 or even begin phase 3 if he stands in their way. Wake up to the truth, stop listening to the lies about this man and realise what he is doing behind the scenes. We also have the back door channel to the public that stands as the letter of the alphabet that comes after the letter P.(2)

I am so very grateful that whilst I have been given information about this agenda presented here, and yes it IS the plan pretty much, I have also been given information about the other agenda – the one that is FOR the people, and believe me it’s excellent. But this works spiritually and magically, so please do not give up.

This is about the law of magnetic attraction on a global scale, creating the future that we want to leave for our grandchildren and great grandchildren.

  • Do not give up hope.
  • Cultivate emotional stamina.
  • Be in the moment.
  • Know that you are powerful enough to live through this time.
  • Move into the second awakening and see what the plan is behind this one.

Being ‘woke’ to the dark agenda is only the first step to the truth. When you have really given up and feel we are doomed and everything is hopeless, then it’s time to wake up to the ‘light’ agenda and do whatever you can to help.

I personally have absolutely no doubt who will ‘win’ this war on consciousness, but the interim period between now and then is going to be very difficult for us all.  We’ve got this and we can do this. The power has been, is and will always be with the People. United We Stand.


Magenta Pixie

Footnotes ~

  • (1) SGT Report on Operation Lockstep ~
  • (2)  QAnon ~

it is unity and harmony that shall be the building blocks of the new Earth and YOU are the builders!-The White Winged Collective Consciousness Of Nine-

June 18, 2020

Humanity’s Call (Solstice, Ring of Fire Eclipse) 20th, 21st, 22nd June 2020

From a FaceBook post of June 16 ~

During your Solstice moment, Solar Eclipse ring of fire throughout 20th, 21st and 22nd June 2020, there will be a continuous call put out to fifth-dimensional and higher harmonic fourth-dimensional individuals across your globe and throughout space and time.

For the psychic battle and spiritual war begins for the ‘Final Showdown’ in respect to the control of consciousness and timeline creation. Whilst the light has ‘already won’ if you will – you are called to draw this pre-matter blueprint into your physical reality and create that which has been created.

Pre-matter remains pre-matter until it is drawn down by the holders of magic in physical incarnation. This, through focused negative intention can be inverted into an illusory, false and opposing presentation when service-to-self magic is performed and this is the plan and plot for your Solstice, Solar Eclipse three days of the New Dawn, New Earth seeding of 20th, 21st and 22nd June 2020.

The call is for all those with Christed, Kryst connections across the board to join in telepathic union to deliver the counteracting force and thus the antidote to the negative, inverted intention magic. Christians, Buddhists, Pagans alike – all religions and those who follow no religion but stand for truth, harmony, sovereignty and honour, you are called to action on these days.

Hold joy in your hearts (we realise this is most challenging at this time in your current nexus moment yet you have the tools to do so when reactionary to inner realities taking precedence over outer until the outer harmony templates root themselves upon your planet) – so hold joy, togetherness, unity and in your minds you hold one another, you draw one another close through unconditional love for your fellow man and you rejoice.

For they would separate you through fear and terror and your antidote is unity within love and safety. For your cheers of success, your relief at your freedom and liberation and your unconditional love of one another is that which creates this within the physical.

Therefore we say love and act as if the reality you seek has already happened. Wake with joy each morning for the richness, healing and abundance that the New Earth offers. Even whilst this may not have actually occurred within your physical reality – you live as though it has.

You exist holding the emotions as though it has already happened for this is global and collective manifestation through the power of the law of magnetic attraction. During these three days, this is the consciousness template you are being called to hold.

These are unity templates with tangible seeds of alchemical unification within. True and tangible alchemy on Earth. The unity templates hold the harmony templates within as holographic containers. For it is unity and harmony that shall be the building blocks of the new Earth and YOU are the builders!

Starseeds, awake and enlightened individuals and all those who stand for truth, you are thus called. 20th, 21st and 22nd June 2020 – Your Solstice point, Solar Eclipse Ring of Fire….New Earth Creations.

~ We Are The White Winged Collective Consciousness Of Nine 💙💙💙💜💜💜💙💙💙

Alcyone Portal 2021

”…just as the negative polarity are given permissions for certain acts shall we say so too are the positive polarity given permissions to provide antidotes for those acts…”

”…at this time therefore one must use all their powers of discernment to differentiate between the dark artificial technology life extension black box programs designed to enslave humanity and humanity’s collective consciousness and the neutral working alongside the light artificial technology utilized as assistance to natural organic evolution of 12th dimensional consciousness and organic longevity programs aside from your own empathic awareness psychic site…”

”…we shall therefore say that you are the shepherds the three wise Kings are within each and every one of you follow that star the true guiding light the Polaris North Star Star of David and star of Christ that which is celestial Christ and stellar Krista and Christo’s this star shall show you the way…”

The vaccine is the false immunity.Our collective power of light is the true immunity.

“Coronavirus – Origins and Antidotes” The White Winged Collective Consciousness of Nine through Magenta Pixie

Because it’s a 12-page document, we provide the information here in bullet pointed/synopsis form.  Most of the words and phrases are from the transcript itself.  All italics are.

  • The virus is still mutating and evolving both spiritually and biologically.
  • Mutations do not hold power over organic structures that harmonize with Source Frequency.
  • There are 3 coded seed points of origin for the virus that are important to understand for manifesting the antidote.
  • The first two are black box programs that had other intentions.
  • The first seed point intention was as biological warfare to be used as insurance policy in battlegrounds, not for civilian use.
  • Believing that service-to-self factions have the power and ability to unleash biological warfare on Humanity creates extreme dis-empowerment, and activates the victim/savior template through fear.
  • The second seed point intention was hybridization experimentation with biological life forms, such as gene splicing and cloning. It used animal and plant DNA, not Human.
  • The creation was god-complex related as well as to genetic testing.
  • The third seed that resulted in the mutation was of natural means. Not black box, but still dis-harmonious. It was around the exploitation and disregard of and cruelty towards animal life forms.
  • The three seed points came together over a period of time and through a series of events to create a distorted, mutated virus at the cellular level within a certain faction of the captive animal kingdom.
  • It then spread to the wild animal kingdom through deliberate means.
  • It then migrated into the Human kingdom becoming a virulent strain as it once again mutated.
  • It was accidental in its version as Coronavirus.
  • There have been other ‘Coronaviruses’, but none like this one, yet it bears the same name.
  • Saying it was deliberate is partly but not completely true.
  • Saying it was naturally occurring is also partly but not completely true.
  • Fighting about it brings about the black box program to divide Humanity.
  • Individuals allows themselves to be hijacked by taking a polarity stance.
  • Humanity at large is targeted when it comes to the creation of division within, however it is the individuals themselves who allow themselves to be hijacked this way when they take a polarity stance.
  • The Antidote is to hold balance and a disposition that is pragmatic, objective, alert, aware, open, accepting, logical, intuitive and non-judgmental within the higher thought processes.  It’s making judgments with integrity within 3rd dimensional reality.
  • The virus has been hijacked to create fear, panic and chaos in order to prevent carbon to crystalline transformation within Humanity, cosmic memory recall and thus, Ascension.
  • Humanity at large has been targeted for this. However, it is of the utmost import for you to be fully aware of and know that the hijacking can target the carbon aspect only.
  • The crystalline aspect cannot be hijacked and your knowing of this IS your antidote.
  • The crystalline code shields and shelters the carbon aspect, making you immune.
  • The chemical antidote vaccine is a major black box program false antidote containing DNA scrambling codices to prevent crystalline transformation and ascension.
  • This vaccine is a false antidote.
  • Critical mass for the ascension timeline has been reached by humanity, and all black box programs are backfiring and mutating themselves from dark intention into light as manifestation.
  • The antidote in its entirety is a lifestyle, a mindset and a spiritual path that must be undertaken by you, the spiritual warrior.
  • You create the antidote together, at the collective level, as One. You shield those that are unable to add their consciousness to this antidote.
  • The vaccine is the false immunity. Your collective power of light is the true immunity. Your knowing of this at the deepest intrinsic levels gives you the immunity and thus you build your architectural, energetic shield.
  • By the time the virus reaches humanity at large it is no longer any threat to the healthy individual with strong immune system in place.
  • Regarding 5G ~ The electro-magnetic aspect of the human organism is scrambled or miscoded, creating an immune compromised human organism through close proximity to original 5G testing areas.
  • The 5G created grid is a false bandwidth and wavelength.
  • It’s partly but not entirely true that the coronavirus is 5G poisoning. Original 5G scrambles the DNA code, and the human biofield connects to the false energetic signalling. This took place around the same time as the mutated virus migrated over to the human kingdom, yet was a different and separate black box program that was subsequently hijacked and linked together. As we have said, this situation is a convergence…

From this point in the transcript (at page ten), The Nine go on with more detail for those who “feel called towards intensive study in this area.”

They offer more information on working with crystals, engaging in energy work and physical exercise and practicing mindful nutrition as part of the true antidote for us.

They tell us that further work is to be undertaken, but to ground such planetary and global antidote, the incantation they present shall suffice, holding with it the light coded seed point into synchronicity and magick for that further work or discovery they speak of.

And thus you shall say ~

I am immune from accepting random, negative or infiltrated thought, seed or program from becoming suggestion, energetic or physical code.

I am immune from accepting infiltration beyond my own personal infinity sphere and I hold strong that boundary with the sovereignty of the Excalibur Codex.

I ask and call all lightbeings and angelic ascended master and Archangel structures of positive polarised source consciousness to stand by me in my endeavours as a light warrior of Gaia in transition.

I hold fast to the diamond light and rainbow gemstone codes and fields as an activated starseed of multidimensional awareness.

I make this my call, my plea, my bond and my forever code.

So shall it be and so it is.

Within this I stand with compassion, love and gratitude.

~ We are the White, Winged, Collective, Consciousness of Nine