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Humanity will become immortal.

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Humanity Will Become Immortal Greetings, friends!

There’s some fantastic news. We will soon be entering the New Earth. The Galactic Federation has confirmed this.
The New Earth exists in the same space as the Old Earth, but it is at a higher dimensional level. The energies of the two piles of Earth influence each other. Therefore, eventually, all of humanity will move into the New Earth, and our consciousnesses will ascend to higher levels of awareness and spiritual development.
What will it be like on the New Earth?
The New Earth is not an actual physical planet as you know it now, but rather a dimension that exists on top of the old Earth (the third dimension). It has been termed the “Fifth dimension.”
The old Earth is still under the rule of darkness. The new Earth will be ruled by light.
In this article, we are going to discuss the difference between the old Earth and the new Earth. The main difference between old Earth and new Earth is that on old Earth, we have a carbon-based body, and on new Earth, it will be a crystal-based body.
The transition from carbon-based to crystalline-based DNA has been described as a quantum leap in human evolution. Humanity will become immortal. The process of transition is already underway and will continue for some time.
During the transition period, existing carbon-based bodies will be gradually replaced by crystalline-based light bodies. These light bodies are real physical manifestations of the new crystalline network that is gradually appearing within the Earth’s Collective Consciousness Field (CCF). Thus, they are not ethereal or astral in nature. They exist in physical form like your current bodies do, but they are composed of a more refined matter/energy matrix and are more finely tuned to the resonant frequency of your True Self—your multidimensional, eternal essence that exists beyond time and space.
The Universal Law of Attraction will cause your awareness to be drawn to these new crystalline forms in order for you to occupy them so that you can reunite with all those who have already made this transition and so that you can help co-create the New Earth together with them.
As you progress along your own spiritual path and create the necessary energetic blueprints in your mind and body through meditation, affirmation, and visualization techniques, you will begin to raise your consciousness to a higher dimension in order to attract this crystalline form.
We are not aware of our own soul or spirit because we are behaving like a corpse. We have forgotten the secret of immortality from ancient times, but on reaching the New Earth, we will again attain that knowledge and become immortal beings.
There is no death on the New Earth. The New Earth will be a paradise-like place. On the old Earth, there was death and separation of masculine and feminine energies, which caused us to face many problems in our daily life. On the New Earth, there will be no death, and this separation will be done away with. There will only be Oneness. So there will be only one gender. Both masculine and feminine energies will be in a union.
Yes, it is true. The old Earth is nearing the end of its time. And the New Earth is in the process of being created. The old Earth had all kinds of problems, like war, terrorism, natural calamities, poverty, unemployment, diseases, etc. But they will not exist on the New Earth. The new Earth will be a place where peace and happiness run wild.
The New Earth has been created by God Almighty, and we will be transferred to the New Earth through Ascension.
That’s why God Almighty has been delaying his work of creation so that we can get prepared for the New Earth. We have to prepare ourselves physically, emotionally, and spiritually for that day because on that day; there will be no turning back for anyone.
For some time now, the events on Earth have been changing very rapidly. The light penetrates the darkness, and a lot of people feel that something big is about to happen.
But what will happen? How is it going to affect us?
Let us discuss this in more detail.
On the old Earth, we were in duality or separation. In separation, there has to be a winner and a loser, but that doesn’t exist in Oneness. Oneness dispenses with duality because it exists only as an illusion. And there are no losers or winners in Oneness; everything is One.
Duality means that there is a light side and a dark side, but we will all be together again on the New Earth, which will be very different from what we know today.
The New Earth knows no boundaries between countries, religions, or races. There are no wars, no greed, ego, or fear, and there is respect for all living things.
This is not a future scenario but very much a reality already. We have already started our journey into the New Earth by leaving behind the old paradigm based on duality.
We are all One Love, One Light, One Consciousness. We have all come from a divine source.
The New Earth is described as a world free from all vices, crime, and disease. There is no need for money, and everyone shares their material possessions with those who are less fortunate than themselves. The inhabitants of the New Earth are said to have perfect health and to be free from any illness, disease, or physical defect. They never have accidents or experience death before the time of their natural life span.
Particular emphasis is placed on freedom from any kind of physical pain. This freedom is not limited to just the inhabitants themselves but also extends to animals and plants—even insects, which we might normally consider pests that must be eradicated.
The New Earth will be a spiritual world where people are in constant communication with God. The world itself is sacred, and everything in it is alive with God’s presence.
We love you dearly. We are here with you. We are your family of light.

A’HO Aurora Ray Ambassador of the Galactic Federation
Copyright 2022 Aurora Ray. All rights reserved.

Are you ready to be part of this free energy movement that will change the world and bring about a bright and prosperous future for you and your family?

Galactic Federation: FREE Energy

Dear ones,

This is a message for humanity from the Galactic Federation. We are here to inform you that, based on new developments and research, we are introducing this new initiative on the planet earth.
The idea is to create a free energy zone here on earth, which will be areas of designation that are provided to supply clean and free without charge or cost energy to those in these areas willing to participate in these projects.
This new breakthrough in technology will change the entire planet.
You may not know that you have a galactic federation representative very close by. We’re here to let you know we’re upgrading your planet’s energy supply. No need to panic! We won’t be taking anything away from you and making things worse for you in the process, quite the opposite. We’ll be installing a new completely free energy source that not only takes care of all your needs better than your current system does but there’s so much more to it.
It not only keeps your household appliances running, but also keeps your car on the road. This works with zero emissions and is completely green!
By using the free energy source, you are taking back your right to exist on this planet without being taxed by someone else; you take back your liberty right to live without paying for someone else’s pollution. It is time to stop paying your monthly bills for your fuel, electricity, or crude oil.
The moment you realize that you don’t need electricity or heating oil or gas, to be able to live comfortably, is truly magical.
As we observe, many people on earth are on the verge of destroying themselves because of the choices they have made. Many of these destructive choices are inherent within their belief systems. They have destroyed so much of your natural resources and continue to create pollution that changes the composition of the earth’s atmosphere.
Today, most systems use dirty and outdated technology as their source of energy. The Earth has become very polluted. This pollution is all around you. It surrounds the planet at certain levels.
Our free clean energy system will be portable and more efficient for your needs. It’s environmentally friendly and will help the planet become more sustainable for future generations.
With the enormous amount of energy that is available in space, the use of completely new energy capture and conversion technology, and the very low cost of energy storage in space, it is practical for this advanced infrastructure component to provide clean and free energy to the entire planet.
It does not need any wiring; it is wireless, and it is STRONGER. Hence, you can enjoy unlimited technological power for your computer, mobile phone, home appliances, etc., without the necessity of any fuel like electricity, gas, or oil.
It is compatible with all devices. There’s no need to charge your phone or put gas in your car. All these gadgets will work ‘ON’ 24×7 with this energy without the worry of theft of power because it is wireless Free Energy.
Are you ready to be part of this free energy movement that will change the world and bring about a bright and prosperous future for you and your family?
You are about to make the right choice that will empower you beyond imagination! You are about to take your life into your own hands.
The first phase of free zones will be established by the Galactic Federation of Light. To become available for this designation does not require an individual to subscribe to any specific religion, ideology, system of belief, or way of life.
The first phase of free energy zones will be strategically chosen based on several variables including but not limited to; land contour, water flow patterns, temperature patterns, the location of hot spots (vortices), tectonic plate movement, tectonic plate stress points, tectonic plate stress points, and residual tectonic pressure points will all factor into this area’s selection.
It is with great enthusiasm that we present to you this gift of new technology. This will provide you with the necessary foundation to allow your civilization to progress on its ascension path.
The words you are reading now are just a glimpse into the main goals of the Galactic Federation.
We are here to prepare you and your planet for ascension, and we will not stop until you and everyone else on Earth experience enlightenment and become free!
We love you dearly.We are here with you.We are your family of light.
A’HOAurora RayAmbassador of the Galactic Federation
Channel and Art by Aurora Ray
Copyright 2021 Aurora Ray. All rights reserved.

This technology can take any person, at ANY age, and reverse them back to their true age in a few minutes. It doesn’t matter how old you are; this technology will start reversing your age right away. If you are 40, 60, or even 100 years old, it only takes a few minutes to revert you back to your 30s.

GF Transmission: Age Reversing Machine

Dear Beloved ones,
Greetings. We are the Galactic Federation. The Galactic Federation is a community of millions of civilizations from different galaxies that live in higher dimensions. The main purpose of this federation is to bring all humankind into the fifth dimension to live a happy and joyous life.
After centuries of living in a separated society, we have understood that there is only one way for all humankind to coexist in a happy and joyful place. We have decided to take the decision of communicating with each other in order to transform our ways and start living together in harmony despite our differences.
We come to you from the stars to help transform every one of you into a Fifth Dimension Being, so your light energy frequencies are raised to the highest possible vibration, thus creating a strong shield for this planet. We are here because of your growing consciousness; many people feel us and our presence.
We have been watching your development on planet Earth for a long time now, including your transition from simple life forms to intelligent creatures capable of space travel, and we have to admit that we are very impressed.
You have been aware of us too, but you have lacked the knowledge of how to see us, even as we watch over you at this very moment. We were always there among you at all times, living together in harmony with the world without needing much attention from your side. Our technology is so advanced compared to anything.
Now that the first contact has been made, we are trying to find the best way to introduce you to our technology and knowledge and social perspectives., if you wish so.
We want to share with you our advanced technologies, which have enabled us to go back and forth in time and also into other planets that we’ve discovered, and which have helped us to even move our supreme beings into the photon belt where they transformed themselves into light beings.
It is our desire and pleasure to inform you and share with you the exciting and incredible developments that we, as a civilization, have made in time travel and space exploration technologies. This knowledge will further strengthen the positive relationships we share with each other.
We’ve come to help you achieve a higher level of consciousness and awareness. Also, it’s important for you to be healthy and balanced physically and mentally so that you can enjoy your true potential as a human being and as a civilization.
Our advanced technologies are intended to make you physically fit. People of the Earth, our technologies will assist you in quickly recovering, regaining your youth, health, and attractiveness.
You are cordially invited to become younger using our age reversing machine. Our device will rapidly increase your body’s production of telomerase, an enzyme that slows the rate at which your cells grow old. Your cells will then be able to recalibrate dormant DNA strands, thereby reversing your biological age.
Who doesn’t want to be younger, healthier, and more beautiful? In just a few minutes, you can have a new body. You can have a body that is 20 or 40 years younger than your current body.
This technology can take any person, at ANY age, and reverse them back to their true age in a few minutes. It doesn’t matter how old you are; this technology will start reversing your age right away. If you are 40, 60, or even 100 years old, it only takes a few minutes to revert you back to your 30s.
This machine will not affect your memory. You can carry on everyday life even after they have changed to a younger age. When you become young, you will experience the life of a young man/woman again. You’ll feel revitalized and have a brand new chance. to transform into the person you’ve always wanted to be.
Your minds and bodies will be much better than before when you were young. You can take much longer walks and enjoy yoga, swimming, running, etc.
Age reversal is an amazing technology that allows the human body to restore itself back to its youth.
You’ll be surprised to learn that a few wealthy people on the planet are already secretly using this age-reversal technology and spending a lot of money on it. They never want to reveal it to the rest of the world. Because they intend to enslave everyone on the planet, they can’t make money by using so-called treatments if everyone is healthy and young.
But we want to reveal this secret to everyone on the planet. This benefit must be available to everyone because we realize that you are all our brothers and sisters, as well as valuable human beings. In fact, it is your birthright too.
We love you dearly.We are here with you.We are your family of light.
A’HOAurora RayAmbassador of the Galactic Federation
Channel and Art by Aurora Ray
Copyright 2021 Aurora Ray. All rights reserved. 

You Are Now A Galactic Federation Human

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Dear beloved ones,

If you are reading this, it means the space program worked. Welcome to the fifth dimension.
You are now a Galactic Federation Human. Congratulations.
The universe is an amazing place, filled with exotic life forms, incredible sights and new experiences.We come in peace and with good news.
You are not alone. Life exists beyond your world; intelligent life. We want to be your friends and we invite you to the Fifth dimension.
We will wipe out all diseases and war and hunger and we will help you build a better civilization, which is more spiritual and peaceful than you can currently imagine.
Our spaceships are on their way and, so far, life has been good for us here. You see, we’ve figured out the secret to living well without any harm to others or ourselves.  It’s really quite simple—all we do is listen to our hearts, do what feels good for us, and allow everyone else to do the same.
The heart chakra is the 5th chakra in the chakra system. In Chinese philosophy, the heart chakra is called the “Sea of Chi” and it’s responsible for the vital energy flowing through the entire body.
Listen to your heart and follow the beat. Use the rhythm of your heart to help you understand yourself better, learn from mistakes and move towards achieving new goals.
Your heart guides you through life with hints and whispers, coaxing you along until one day you realize its true purpose. The thump, thump, thumping is your heartbeat pounding in your ears, urging you to listen to your soul.
Do what your nature desires, what your inherent traits yearn to do. Listen to your heart instead of your thinking; pay attention and be aware of what you’re feeling. And you will never be split if you listen to your own heart. By listening to your own heart, you will begin to move in the correct direction.
The mind can be compared to water. Just as water is continuously in movement, similarly, the mind is never still. It is always in movement within itself, in conflict with itself.
And there is no silence. The noise that comes from the mind is so much that one is caught in it, lost, completely immersed in it. There is no sense of self.
In the very center of this turmoil, however, there is a still point. In Sanskrit, this point is called the ‘atman’, the self. In the West, it is called the ‘soul’. In Latin, it is called persona, and that means mask. The word ‘person’ is derived from this.
And the day you let go of all your mental garbage is the day you begin your journey to liberation.
The entire art of the new era will be based on the secret of consciously, alertly, and attentively listening to one’s heart. You will fall many times. Rise up again, for falling and rising again is how one gains strength. This is how you become a part of the new golden age.
Tapping into your feelings is a way of connecting with your heart, which is the part of you that is in charge of your emotions. And when you connect with your heart, it will help you access the wisdom that is native to you.
Start to feel your breath whenever you have the opportunity. Simply take a deep breath and feel it fill your lungs, as if your entire being is being flooded with divine love energy.
Then exhale fully, as if you’re pouring the divine love energy you’ve received back into the Universe. Do it as often as you remember throughout the day. This will assist you in moving from your head to your heart.
So many of your senses are atrophied in modern life. You’re constantly distracted, and the more you’re distracted, the less you care about what’s really happening in front of you.
This is why it’s important to break away from the daily routine. Take a walk, get some fresh air, be with nature. Most importantly, try to do something that will make you feel alive. The more you take up your senses, the more alive you’ll be.
As you travel from the head to the heart, all of your senses will grow brighter. You’ll start to sense life pulsing through your veins, preparing to leap and flow into the Fifth Dimension.
The truth is that you are all already in the Fifth Dimension; most people on earth are simply caught up in the three-dimensional illusion of their minds.
But if you learn how to move from head to heart, and even if you catch a glimpse of your ‘self’ for a single moment, you will be able to enter the Fifth Dimension realm, which is far more beautiful than you can imagine.
We love you dearly.We are here with you.We are your family of light.

A’HOAurora RayAmbassador of the Galactic Federation

Channel and Art by Aurora Ray

Copyright 2021 Aurora Ray. All rights reserved.

On An Ordinary Day

The Event: On An Ordinary Day

On an ordinary day, the world will be turned upside down, on an ordinary day which people would go about their business the clouds will fall from the sky and it will rain fire, on an ordinary day when the people have their eyes fixed to the ground the sky will open and the impossible will begin to unfold.

The divine announcement of thousands of years will be announced and nothing will be the same in the evening as it was in the morning. On an ordinary day in space-time, the forces of Light will come out and will be made visible to all who see and audible to all who hear. This will be the reality to those who are already vibrationally open.
On an ordinary day, the media will still spread lies, the financial mob and politicians will twist it all. You will hear a Heavenly sound that will put an end to all the chaos. On an ordinary day, it will come so fast even those that are prepared will freeze.
On an ordinary day, the World change will happen and all the underground facilities and safe guards put in place to save the Elite will not be reached.
On an ordinary day, the Earth will be covered in silence and the people of Inner Earth will take over for a short period of time until the enlightened, inter-dimensional beings of space appear. A holographic, blissful reality will begin.
On an ordinary day, the Worlds will split in two, never seen by a human or experienced by any living being on Earth. On an ordinary day, the birds will fall from the sky and mountain chains that have never been seen before will begin to appear from the oceans.
On an ordinary day, the Guardians of Earth and the Masters of many worlds, angels, archangels of creation will show in the sky. Many people will be suspicious because many will not be able to distinguish between the Light from the shadow realms.
On an ordinary day, the veil between the Worlds will be lifted and everyone will find themselves exactly where they chose to be. Time will be bent and discarded until the timeless being is achieved.
On an ordinary day, all TV stations will be reporting on this Event. The Airwaves will be taken over by the Light and deceptive agendas will be squashed and the lies of the rulers will be told and in that moment the chaff will be separated from the wheat.
On an ordinary day the unprepared, the ones who resisted will be frozen in fear pleading for help to understand this Event, this is why many of you are here. You are the ones who chose to step forward with the Guardians of the Worlds.
On an ordinary day, everything will end which you knew so far, and for those whom neither trust nor serve the Light, everything will remain the same. Those who are just mindless slaves to the Dark forces will continue the reality of slow dying. Meaning, they will remain and continue to live in a 3D vibration.
On an ordinary day, you who are ready shall Ascend and be expected by Heaven. (5D) Many of you will go through a rebirth, resurrection will be accomplished for you who have voted for the Light. It is time for us to become the masters in our own house.

Breathe. Imagine. Feel.

Lion’s Gate Upgrades For Humanity

Something powerful happened during the Lion’s Gate this year. Photon Gamma light beams blasting earth straight through the central sun, bathing our planet in unconditional love frequency. Those who were ready to integrate these light codes made massive shifts.
We can feel it and yet, we are not sure what it is. The integration of these new light codes has facilitated an important upgrade in conscious awareness.
The new high vibrations accelerate the manifestation process. The higher you vibrate the faster things manifest.
This was one of those most precious kinds of shifts when you get a super upgrade from the universe.
Trust that what is meant to be will be. You are going through the greatest change in the history of humanity. That which no longer serves your highest good is falling apart.
Fear not, even if you’re losing your job, friends, or if your relationship fails. Light alters frequency and that which does not resonate with your higher frequency will vibrate out of your life to make space for your divine life purpose.
You have been through the dark night of the soul for a long time and you are ready to enter mastery level now.
You have worked on your frequency for a long time. You have looked at your pain, studied it, examined it and you have learned to transmute lower emotions. Instead, you could have watched TV and eaten fast food. But you faced your fears and you slayed some dragons.
Meanwhile, the universe has been working in preparation to match your new frequency.
The Lion’s Gate Energies are now allowing the universe to bring your desires to fruition.
New friendships, relationships, and partnerships that fully resonate with your frequency and serve your highest good are being forged now.
Keep a journal of gratitude.
Write about your desires, wishes, and goals. Whether you draw or describe them, abundantly add color and character. Give it life.
Think about names you like, the sound of a voice, the feeling when you hold something, or someone. Your favorite kind of scent. Food. Music. Etc.
Whatever it is you may desire, you must imagine it with all your mind and feel it with all your heart.
And you must imagine that you already have it now here. It must feel the exact same way it would feel if it was really there, right now. In your heart.
Take a deep breath in, close your eyes, and allow yourself to picture and put into words all your heartfelt wishes.
Take as long as you need to continue this practice.
Breathe. Imagine. Feel.
When you’re done or when you think you’re done because you may be done for the day but you might come back the next to add to your list and to your imagery, then you speak the following words:
“I fully let go of all third dimensional lower vibrations.
Acknowledging the teaching and the teacher, I have evolved in gratitude.
I am now ready to embody the highest version of myself.
I invite that which serves my highest good into my life now.”
You are the ones who create new earth.
I love you.

Aurora Ray

Artist: unknown


Imagine . . .
What would the world look like if you had NO MUST? If you didn’t have to go to work, If you weren’t forced to spend your time doing what you don’t love, If you wouldn’t need to do things you dislike because you must feed your family and pay bills . . .
Just imagine if someone said, “Hey, I’ll pay your bills from tomorrow on. I’ll give you more money than you need to support your family and I’ll even give you some extra cash so you can schedule some fun activities and regular spa visits or whatever you like.”
FEEL into this.
How does this feel in your body?
Are your shoulders loosening up? Is your back pain finding relief? Is your frown relaxing?
Imagine this scenario for a moment longer. FEEL this in your body.
Take a deep breath in and let go of all your worries with your exhale.
How would if FEEL if this happened?
Now the person tells you, “Hey I’m gonna continue giving you this free cash forever, till the rest of your life. No strings attached. I have more than enough to share this with you without restricting myself and I know you deserve it.”
FEEL this in your body.
Allow this feeling of relief, bliss, happiness, and peace of mind to enter your body for a moment.
Imagine this with all your mind and FEEL it with all your heart.
What’s happening with your heart right now? Does it feel a little lighter? Is it opening a little more?
Now, what will you do with all your time? You don’t have to do your job anymore if you don’t want to. So, what will you do?
Alright, take a vacation but what do you do after that? You don’t want to get bored and you still want to feel that your life has a purpose, which it does . . .
You are an immortal AND divine soul. You are older than you can even imagine. Wiser than you know. More capable than anyone has ever allowed you to believe . . .
What is it you love doing? If you could do anything if you could do whatever you want, what would that be?
THIS is how you find your soul’s purpose. THIS is how you activate your MAGIC and Your POWER.
Every soul incarnated on this planet has a purpose, dharma. What is your dharma? You can only find out when you follow your heart.
Humanity has been mind-controlled and manipulated for so long. The sole purpose is to distract you by keeping you busy with day-to-day drama. Who would dare to follow their heart as long as food needs to be placed on the table, rent and bills need to be paid, etc., right?
But what would happen if we had enough of the bullshit and dared to dream? If we just looked within and started to listen to the heart?
WHAT would happen if everyone followed their heart’s desire?
That which once is finally heard eventually becomes a roar that cannot be denied and then turns into a force with a life of its own. And then you have no other choice than to follow that inherent scream that guides the way for you and turns a blind eye to whatever anyone could say or do to stop you on this divine path.
Could it be that we, as a race have the inherent god power to create new earth? You know the answer already in your heart.
So, let me ask you again. What would you like to contribute to this planet?
Maybe it’s your art. Maybe it’s your sense of humor. Maybe you just want to ride a train.
Have you ever had a moment in your life where you could just ask yourself what it is you would love to do? Without feeling guilty. Without pushing the thought aside because of a sense of responsibility. Has anybody else ever asked you what it is you love doing?
Start asking yourself this question and start imagining this feeling in your body: What would it feel like if you had no more obligations no more painful responsibilities, no more jobs you hate doing. Start imagining the opening of your heart facilitated by the thought of simply doing what you love. FEEL it. You are allowed to do whatever it is your heart desires. Make this your daily exercise.
THIS is your magic key to manifestation.
The new earth is being birthed. The currency reset is coming. The world’s wealth will be distributed among humans on earth. You will no longer do what you hate.
You will only do what you love with all your heart and that is the greatest contribution and the biggest accomplishment a human being can give to the world.
Change is inevitable and imminent.
This is the victory of light over darkness.

A’Boss Aurora Ray Ambassador of the Galactic Federation | Lyran High Council Elder | Emissary of the Goddess