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Peaceful revolution must be followed by unconditional forgiveness!-Babaji-

Message from Babaji: Victory of Light and Triumph of Love

By John Kassl

Beloved humans,

What is announced to you today, here and now, is the unshakeable truth – it is the course all developments on earth are taking from now on.

Humanity is climbing up the stairs of light, and more and more people are getting closer and closer to the truth of love.

How can you tell that the light is victorious?

• By the fact that now everything is brought to light! That’s how you can tell.

• By the fact that nothing can be hidden any longer, not even with greatest effort. That’s how you can tell.

• By the fact that the forces that have proliferated on earth to the damage of many and the advantage of few, are discordant and fighting each other. That’s how you can tell.

• And by the fact that more and more people feel the pressure, pressure that raises questions that normally would never be asked. That’s how you can tell that fundamental changes are happening and an awakening on earth unlike any before is now in process.

What you are currently experiencing, beloved human, is the victory of light! Each day new truths are revealed to you. The denial of facts is getting harder and harder, because you are made aware of them daily.

This procedure – this process – is speeding up day by day. Similar to an exponential function, this growth in awareness has become unstoppable.


If you ask why so many people are still unaware and asleep, I respond to you: It is the fear that paralyzes them. Someone who is fearful can neither think clearly nor get a sense of their own emotions. A fearful person is a pliable mass. That is the cause for the many current crises arising on earth. Fear is the means intended to keep up old structures.

That is why along with the victory of light the biggest fears surface, too. This co-existence of light and fear will end as soon as humans rid themselves of their fears by realizing that fears are owed to the illusion that someone has power over them. This redemption of fear is in process now, too, because the victory of light means: complete absence of fear!

Very soon, you need to contemplate the triumph of love – this is the practice that will take you to mastery.

What is all this about?

All that presents itself now carries the danger of causing people to drift into payback or feelings of revenge. The extent of exploitation and injustice is so large that many people will demand revenge and payback. Many are calling for it already.


This is a development that needs to be prevented. That is why I instruct you to practice forgiveness every single day.

Never may you drift into hatred, revenge or payback if love is supposed to triumph in the end!

What matters now and during the upcoming challenges, is: How do you react to the disclosures and how do you wish to deal with those responsible for them?

I’m telling you: Peaceful revolution must be followed by unconditional forgiveness! Only then the shift is complete, and only then you have reached perfection.

The world merges with the Divine Light of Love – and as soon as you have forgiven every being, by the power of your light and love, you will go along with this development.

The victory of light will reveal itself to you these days. For the triumph of love, you still need a little imagination. Nurture this vision within until you have forgiven everybody everything, and until you can love yourself unconditionally.

This is the path to walk on for anyone who wishes to fulfill their missions on earth and to return home to God.

The light is victorious! Now it is up to you to take care of the triumph of love! With complete love I am with you, always.