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The truth is a lot of positive events are happening now on Earth, and nobody is talking about it. This is going to change in the near future.

July 11, 2021


I am representing the Blue Avian Civilization, I come in peace to introduce myself and my race. My name is Tear-Eir. We are peaceful beings, who believe in Prime Creator’s statement that we are all One.

We are humanoid covered with indigo blue feathers over our bodies. We are from 7th and higher dimensions. Our Masters are multi-dimensional beings of the 12th density. We are slim and 8 feet tall. Our favorite form of communication is telepathic, we also have developed our own language, and we can communicate with sign language by using one hand.

We visited Earth a couple billions years ago. We like to move around and not to stay too long in one place. My civilization evolved from small little birds and became advanced both in spiritually and technologically. Our spacecrafts are huge the size of a full planet with the look of a round sphere. When we are stationed with our ship, no one can get through to us, especially the Negative Forces, we purposely block all of the portals in the area.

I am a peacemaker, so I travel to many different Galaxies, Universes and Star Systems and participate in meetings to keep peace in the Cosmos. Not every race wants peaceful coexistence like the Orions, Archons, Reptilians and etc., who love to destroy and enslave other civilizations.

We work closely with Pleiadian High Council, Galactic Federation of Light and many other Alliances. The Masters do their best to share our wisdom with other races. It’s important for us to spread our beliefs of living in harmony and peace with other beings. I like to use teleportation to see my students as I am 12th dimensional Master.

When humanity moves to 5th dimension, we have in the plans to come and visit your planet and share with you our enlightenment and knowledge. Each of you is a creator and can create your own future, and you don’t need anyone to tell you how, as you are multidimensional beings on the verge of creating a New Earth.

We recommend for you to use your own discernment about, what is the best for you as too many in your reality are trying to confuse and distract you from your real purpose of making Heaven on Earth. With each passing moment the veil is becoming thinner and thinner, and nobody is going to be able to hide the truth anymore from humanity.

The time is going to arrive when the ones, who mistreated and lied to you, are going to pay their dues for everything, they have done to the Human Civilization. All of the secrets hidden from the humankind are surfacing right now. The Dark Entities are starting to run without looking back. The truth is a lot of positive events are happening now on Earth, and nobody is talking about it. This is going to change in the near future.

I am grateful to Universal Channel for letting me speak to all of you today. Thank you.

The truth is in front of You.

Channeled by Erena Velazquez

there has never been a grand planetary ascension like this before. This is the first. -The Blue Avians-

by Davey

Greetings dear ones of the planet earth. We come back to you at this time, although we never really left. We have been watching and assisting from the higher dimensional realms, to help our human brethren, our brothers and sisters, through these tumultuous times, into the next phase, which is soon to be upon you.

These are exciting times, although we do know that many of you see these as disturbing times, as times you would rather have avoided. But alas, this is how it had to be, this is part of the grand, great plan. A plan that has been in the works and dynamically changing with the ebb and flow of love returning to this planet, like the tsunami of love which you have all heard it called before. These are wonderful times, if you have the eyes to see it as it truly is, a metamorphosis, a transformation of the greatest kind ever to have impacted a planet. We say it like this as there has never been a grand planetary ascension like this before. This is the first. And it has succeeded beyond all wildest dreams. Again, even though you may not see it like this. From our eyes, our perspective, in the sixth density as you might call it, this is the greatest of times.

We urge you to see it from the perspective of your heart, now more than ever, it is so important for you to connect into your heart space. Merge, blend, into your true essence within your heart centre. Your truth is right there. It never left you, it is not hiding around some corner waiting to be found. It is ever present. It was always there, it is there now, it shall ever be there.

It is an amazing gift, to give yourselves, to simply enter into your heart space and be who you are, remember who you are. THIS IS THE GREAT AWAKENING!

To become awake to your god/goddess self your true nature. You are source energy beings, as the Arcturians are so fond of reminding you (smiles). And this is good remembrance.

We wish to convey a further message through this one, and that is one of great hope.

Please do not see these times as signs of things to come, this is a birthing dear ones. This is a removal of the old outdated paradigm of the dark. Their ways and consciousness is dissolving into the light. And it is not going with ease, but this is as expected.

The light pouring in now is of such measure, such depth, that is rocking the very foundational core of what was. Much was built on top of this, and so to is shaking to the ground. These include your societal structures, your scientific paradigms and even the very fabric that your buildings are made of. The strata of the earth is changing, the water is changing, everything is changing, it has to dear ones. It has to align with the new fifth dimensional matrix, the new light grids that is.

Oh dear ones, this is birthing very fast now. Those that are sensitive, you can feel this, you know this.

We wish to convey this message with peace and love in our hearts for you. We have watched you labour long and live through the trials the tribulations, the ups and downs, the torments, the pains and the sufferings of your great journeys here in assisting Gaia in this magnificent process, this birthing process, that is soon to come to completion.

These are glorious days dear ones, oh we wish you could see it as we do. You would not worry or fear, you would rejoice.

That is all for now, we leave you on peace, love and serenity. And remind you once again, please dear ones, enter your heart space, at least once a day, preferably more. You will be surprised what you find there…

Peace be with you and all our love. Goodbye for now