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when you are sending the love – and it continues, sweet one, in waves all over Gaia – what you are doing is you are in fact shifting their energy in ways that a million conversations would not accomplish.-Universal Mother-

A fabulous channelled gem shared by Kathleen from her personal reading with Linda Dillon.

Universal Mother Mary ~ Creating & Living In A Community Of Love

Universal Mother Mary: Greetings, I am Mary.

Kathleen: Oh, hi Mary!

UMM: Welcome, beloved one. Yes, I am Mary, I am Mare, Universal Mother, Mother of Hope, Mother of Change, Mother of One, Mother of All – and yes, beloved sweet angel, of you, the pink angel, Defender of the Throne, I am Mother.

And so I come this day, first of all to embrace you, to hug you, to reassure you, to comfort you, to encourage you. You are doing stellar work, and let us expand this because ‘work’ so often has the wrong connotation. Sweet angel of pink, yes, swaying in the breeze, you are having and you are creating and you are nurturing a stellar life. I could not ask more of thee. You know you have been diligent in clearing away the debris of what so often hindered you and at times, sweet one, haunted you.

I have said during this time, this period of 2020 – because time is meaningful in your realm, even though it is a different interpretation of what times means – during this time of 2020, it is not merely a time of transition; it is a time of rebirth and that is what you are feeling. You are in the birthing canal; you are no longer even in the womb. You are in the birthing canal and, dearest heart, you are anxious, you are excited; you are not fearful of bringing forth and of being… let me make that very clear: you are the New and you bring forth the New.

So yes, there is a sense of excitement, restlessness, anticipation, “what lies ahead?” … question marks. But the most important aspect of this is this is a time truly of the deepest anchoring of balance, of eliminating, not merely getting to the place of balance, of either/or, this or that, but in the spectrum of All.

Think of it: the spectrum of love, the spectrum of joy, the spectrum of peace… to be in the centre with the enormous potential laid out fully around you, and the ability to travel and get what you need, both esoterically and physically, and then to return not only to the home of your heart but to your physical home, your sacred nest – this is necessary and, sweet angel, it is where you belong.

Yes, you have been anchored, and in this you see the grand unfoldment of my Plan but also, sweet one, of your plan. I have anchored you not only at the portal, within the portal – you are the portal – but I have anchored you in a place, shall we say, of wealth and privilege. Now why do you think that is? It is not merely because of the cherry, [smiling] although the vibration of that is absolutely in tune with thee!

Communities… and that is what you are in… a very distinct and healthy


in all meanings of that word – you are in a healthy community, but we are talking about a world in transition. Very often, as you have witnessed far and wide, with wealth and comfort comes a sense of entitlement and a sense of unbridled arrogance, and you see this all over your nation. However, in your healthy community, who is in a better position to bring forth mercy, compassion and help except those, shall we say, in favourable positions?

Now I am not suggesting that everyone has or will or should ever give up their funds, their homes; no, that is not the Plan. But there is a level of intelligence in your community, and there is a level of intelligence that is not stratified – and that is not always true in other communities – but it is not stratified to the point where the restricted or restrictive thinking has really taken root. You actually are in a community that is quite expansive in terms of taking risks, being creative, and wanting to make a difference.

So you are in a place, as are they, that is well-positioned in terms of not only creating a City of Light but very much creating a Community of Love. And so this is part and parcel, sweet one, of what you are doing because as we anchor you there in your increasing clarity, in your increasing vibratory rate, your frequency, you are sending, beaming, anchoring this energy of love – not permission – but of love, of acceptance.

Now, you have asked me this day to speak to you about how you love those you don’t like. Well, one of the things you are doing just by breathing is you are loving those that you know and those that you don’t know in your community. That does not mean that you necessarily, in your terminology, like them; their personalities may be shall we call it challenging, tough, rough.

But when you are sending the love – and it continues, sweet one, in waves all over Gaia – what you are doing is you are in fact shifting their energy in ways that a million conversations would not accomplish. And in that change, in that shift, then what you are doing is quite literally assisting your community to become. Now that is one aspect of it.

Now, let us be practical. I have walked your planet, which is rare by the way; I do not make a habit, shall we put it that way, of assuming form throughout the Multiverse, but I have walked the Earth and were there hardships and heartbreak and challenges? Yes, there most certainly were. And was it worth it because of the love? It most certainly was.

But in my experience… and it is funny how the stories are told and the stories that are not told… in our little community first of all, think of it – not for my whole life but for a very large part of it – we were a nation, a community under siege from invaders who had their own ways and their own rules. But I am putting that to the side.

In my community, which was based on a very large extended family, but


those that were not part of family, there were those that I found very arrogant, uncaring, misled, misinformed; [chuckling] it would always seem that they were more than willing to give me advice, and particularly advice about my wayward son! [Sighing] It was a trial!

There was one woman, certainly far more wealthy than I… and I want you to know we were not in those days what you would think of as… we were not impoverished… and we had ‘lineage’ – that would be the term that people would use on our side – but we chose not to live lavishly, and we chose in many ways to support others where we could.

But there was this one woman who would always say, “Why do you live like this? You could have it better. Why don’t you come to my area? Why don’t you let me help you find a better way? Why doesn’t your son get a real job?” [Laughter] The arrogance has not changed!

Now, do you really think that I liked her?

K: Well, no!

UMM: No! And I barely tolerated her. Why would I wish in my life, in which I was very clear about why I was in form, why would I tolerate someone like this? And I can tell you that I devised ways in which to avoid her. But when we would have such encounters, I would realise that below the arrogance, inside the very inappropriate words and attitudes, that she actually thought that she was helping, that she actually thought that her life was superior and that she would help me raise my life to her level, which was not something I wanted.

So when I would run into her, and she would show up uninvited at our house, I would tolerate her; but I would also point out to her the joys of my life such as “my son is touching the hearts and minds and lives of hundreds and thousands”. Of course, her rebuttal was: “Well, why does he not become ordained as a Rabbi?” because it was a title and it would give him authority within the community.

But I would point it out, whether she got it or not; it was important – and it was important to me and it was important particularly when there were others present – that they understood the real value of what was being pursued.

Now, would I send her love? And would I send her love [laughing] as I sent her on her way? Yes! So I would love in that way because even though she may have had intentions, I knew underneath that that there was a purity of heart, actually that I created. [Smiling] So I could not deny her, but that certainly did not mean that I had to engage in familiarity or include her. I kept the door open.

She did not shift, by the way, but many others did. But I didn’t do it – and this is why I am talking to you this way – I didn’t say: “I don’t want anything to do with you.” Now, I had to be in the right what you would call head-space, heart-space, to deal with her and that is why sometimes I avoided her. But I gave her the opportunity. I did not lie. I did not say to her: “You are being arrogant and inappropriate, and what right do you have to comment on my life?” But I did point out what the truth was.

So, for example, when you have a friend or an acquaintance that is acting from a place of entitlement and arrogance, you point out that there is another pathway and perhaps their certainty of their superiority is not all it’s cracked up to be – and then you send the love. It does not mean that you are exceptionally close, but what it does mean is you give them a chance. But you don’t give them a chance to just continue on in their merry way; you give them a chance to see that there are other pathways and other alternatives that in fact are more joyful.

Does this help?

K: Yes, it really does, and I thank you because I thought I just can’t drop everybody in my life just because they’re not doing what I want them to be doing and thinking the way that I feel, because I’ve changed so much. And so that helps. We just need to give them love is basically what it is.

UMM: You give them love, not permission – and there is a big difference. And, sweet one, it is not that you drop everybody because the danger is, when someone comes from a place of arrogance or feelings/opinions of superiority… [are] quite simply different… there can be a tendency to fall into judgment. And the reason one falls into judgment is in fact self-protection, and so you do not want to go there. You acknowledge that there are differences, you are safe, secure and, most important, connected and happy in what you are doing.

K: Yes, absolutely. I appreciate you telling me this…

UMM: And their being in your energy – that is why you don’t entirely ‘dump’ them – they are in your energy, they are receiving the love… because, sweet angel, you are beaming to them on such a subtle level that simply being in your presence changes them.

K: Aww, bless my heart, beautiful. I thank you.


Channeled by Linda Dillon


…if you believe so strongly that the higher-vibrational frequency where Jesus can be found, is where you (or your Higher Self) have always been (i.e. you have never left), then guess what, this belief will manifest itself into your physical reality in wondrous, magical ways…-Mother God-

Mother God via Adele Arini, February 12th, 2020

Beloved Masters of Light,

The time has come.

Those of you here today, reading this particular transmission of Light, are our Chosen Ones.

Chosen to do what, you may ask? Chosen to lead the world and the people around you, and show them the path to Love. The path to Unity. The path to Compassion and Forgiveness. The path to Freedom, Abundance and Equality for ALL.

Remember, Chosen Ones, you are NOT here to further spread the energies of Fear, Separation or Lack – by your projected vibrations every moment of your day.

And thus, if/when your state-of-being has fallen from ’High’ to ‘Low’ on the vibrational scale, it is important for you not to beat yourself up. Remember not to say any unloving words towards yourself dear ones, for everyone has their good and bad days.

All you have to do, just as soon as you have caught yourself doing any inner or outer activity that radiates/transmits lower-vibrational energies, is to CHOOSE to stop immediately.

Take as many deep breaths as necessary. Close your eyes. Look for, and feel the powerful, blazing sun that shines from your Higher Heart chakra, and let your entire body be entirely cocooned within its threefold flame. Immediately declare your intention that you will be walking around the entire day in this state-of-being.

The state-of-being as ONE with your I AM Presence. The state of be-ing your I AM Presence wherever you are and no matter what you are facing. Visualise this happening at once and give thanks to your beloved I AM, for your wish will be immediately granted.

Every small or big action that you take, or not take, matters.

It matters to you personally, and it matters to ALL around you. Your individual vibrations; your personal energies, heavily influence the entire world around you in ways that humanity cannot yet measure.

You really should not underestimate how much personal power you have, in influencing the Collective Energy Matrix of planet Earth. Do not walk around with the belief that you are easily defeated by the negative, or, heavy Collective energies rampant on the planet right now. This is especially important for those of you who are empaths and/or highly sensitive to energy to hear.

All of you here reading this, have chosen to do so because you have decided to walk the path of Spiritual and Life Mastery, and thus, you can no longer afford to waste any more time by walking around completely believing in this fallacy.

What fallacy exactly, you may ask?

The fallacy that there is something ‘out there’ stronger than you.

And thus, We are reminding all of you here today, that from now on, before doing any inner or outer activity, please carefully check with your inner guidance to see whether the activity you are wanting to take, can be classified as Divinely-Inspired, OR, Fear-inspired.

Simply speak out loud the following simple word three times, to help you gain clarity:


By taking such action, or, by doing such activity, what is your intention here? Is this action completely aligned with your primary intention of wanting to be of loving service to the world? Is it a perfect vibrational match to your calling as a Light-worker – i.e. to be spreading the energies of Love, Light, Peace and Unity? Or, are you perhaps demonstrating and expressing their polar opposite, low-vibrational energies instead?

For example, Adele recently saw quite a large number of people were wearing masks, when she walked around in a popular, suburban Melbourne shopping mall. It made her wonder, whether these people did so out of fear of being infected, or, because they might actually know/have someone close to them who had been personally impacted by whatever it was that they were afraid of getting the most.

Do you think that these people were Divinely-Inspired to wear masks for their individual health, safety/protection, or, were they Fear-inspired instead (perhaps by believing that prevention is better than cure)?

Don’t get us wrong loved ones, we are not being judgmental in any way towards people who had chosen to wear those masks.

We are simply here to remind you, beloved Masters, that your every single thought, word, feeling and action is constantly telling a story about who you are and whom you have chosen to be.

These people’s chosen course of action (e.g. wearing a mask) in that moment, was in fact telling their cells, their DNA, and broadcasting into their individual Energy Matrix, and into the planet’s Collective Energy Matrix, the following lower-vibrational beliefs: that it is not safe to be here. It is not safe to be on planet Earth right now. The world is a dangerous place. People’s health and safety depend on luck, and that their lives remain completely out of their control.

Humanity has been living in a perpetual state of fear for so long, they cannot help but to react in the way that they have been so conditioned to react.

We call upon you, our beloved Light-workers, to show them the way on how to live differently. Not just through your words, but mostly, through your examples. Actions speak louder than words. Now, more than ever, we need you to shine your Light so powerfully, like the Suns you truly are and have now become again.

It is time for all of you, to believe in your own power. Believe in your magnificence.

Believe in the Mighty, always victorious, I AM Presence blazing within you and know without a doubt, that you are always enveloped within the loving embrace of God.

Remain anchored in Love always; anchored in your Soul Power and Divine Sovereignty, and stand strong with the belief that nothing ever happens to you, unless you have (vibrationally) chosen, allowed, or, given permission for it to happen to you.

Declare, and then, demonstrate your belief in your Omnipotence; in your own Greatness.

A belief that is not outwardly demonstrated is NOT an attained belief at all.

It is nothing but a wish/dream; a fantasy; a make-believe.

If you truly believe that you are God, then it is time to act like God or, as God, always, no matter what.

In other words loved ones, unless the belief that you are God is constantly demonstrated through every single inner and outer activity that you do daily, your sacred goal of Spiritual/Life Mastery and, Ascension into 5D will remain forever out of reach.

For example, if you truly believe that you are God, will you be walking around so afraid that you may not remain healthy and safe wherever you happen to be?

Can you successfully imagine Jesus, walking around on Earth, feeling afraid that his health may perhaps be in danger due to the recent declaration of global health emergency? Are you able to successfully imagine him feeling afraid that he may not have enough money to pay his bills? Or any other type of fear that you may still have, that has been negatively affecting your life thus far.

Some of you here may perhaps immediately think or respond by saying, that you are not at Jesus’ level of Spiritual/Life Mastery just yet. It is unfair for you to be compared to Jesus. He is way up there, above on the mountaintop so high, whilst you are either just beginning your journey up the mountain (i.e. back to the God within) or, that you are still somewhere in between and haven’t reached your destination yet.

Beloved Masters, it is time for you to completely abandon the third-dimensional belief that states: Time exists. There is absolutely zero gap between Past, Present and Future.

Meditate on this Highest Truth often, and ask your I AM Presence to integrate this Truth into all levels of your being, so that you can always take action from a place of complete understanding of your multidimensional nature.

If you believe that it will take time for you to get to that mountaintop where Jesus is already standing, then lo and behold, it will.

On the other hand, if you believe so strongly that the higher-vibrational frequency where Jesus can be found, is where you (or your Higher Self) have always been (i.e. you have never left), then guess what, this belief will manifest itself into your physical reality in wondrous, magical ways.

If, on the other hand, you continue to choose to walk around completely immersed in the vibrations of fear: e.g. fear of staying/becoming unhealthy, fear of living in a dangerous planet where natural disasters often strike, fear of not having enough money, fear of being around Chinese people right now, fear of not being loved or accepted by the people around you, etc. -> what you are in fact doing is, you are continuously re-creating and re-manifesting the same stories of suffering, scarcity, or separation for: yourself, AND, for the entire Human Collective.

As what you do for yourself, you do for the world, and what you do for the world, you do for yourself.

The entire planet is in the state that it is in right now, due to these false stories humanity has continued to believe in and thus create for yourselves. The state of the emotional body of the Human Collective has often been neglected, as many people have completely forgotten that Love is stronger and mightier than fear.

The entire world and the many Kingdoms of Gaia are crying out for love right now, in many different ways.

And you, our light-workers, have chosen to be here, to be the Love that you have (perhaps in the past) been seeking for, externally. It is time for all of you here, to consistently become a representative of Divine Love wherever you go.

Call upon the entire Angelic and Ascended Host. Request for the Mighty Flames of God’s Love to blaze into every single aspect of your life that is not working out right now.

Do this as often as inspired; visualise it happening in great detail, and then simply watch/observe how the energy of Fear gets easily dissolved. And if you truly believe in God’s powers of Love, in a short amount of time, you will find your situation improving in magical ways.

Let us tell you one important piece of news, loved ones.


The entire Company of Heaven is watching over you attentively; watching over Planet Earth with great love and care. There is absolutely nothing to fear.

The Ascension process for the entire human collective and Mother Earth is going quite well right now and We are always in perfect control.

As usual, you can choose to believe or not to believe in these announcements.

You are more than welcome to believe the media instead. They, as usual, are still beating the ’Drums of Fear’ and, if that is the ‘TV/Radio’ channel or frequency that you wish to tune into, then by all means, We are not going to stop you.

Once again, it all comes down to: Choice, and, Intention.

Loved ones, what will you choose for yourself? What is your intention?

Stand strong, by always believing in your Self and by demonstrating your Mastery.

And that is all We are asking you to do everyday.

You are needed, and you are enough.

We are in this together, and failure is impossible. We are in the middle of creating a new, glorious painting called ‘Heaven on Earth’ on a gigantic blank canvas right now, and all of you are the Master-Level Artists We have sent down to assist in completing this Masterpiece.

For those of you here reading this, you have assisted in this manner many times before. You already know what you have come here to do.

It is time.

Loving you always,

Mother God.

Channeled by Adele Arini. Copyright 2020.

If you re-post, please retain article in its entirety, and provide the link below.

Thank you for respecting this request. Namaste.

You are a genius.-MOTHER GOD-

by Jennifer Crokaert, October 11, 2019,

You are a genius. Every one of you was born with a seed of genius within. The word has been distorted, stolen by an elite to protect their small circle.

But the reality is, every child of mine was born with a unique genius that you brought to share with the planet, in order to create Heaven on Earth.

Imagine a jigsaw puzzle. Each piece is unique. Each one of you is also unique and without your unique genius, the puzzle would not be complete.

As you surrender time, by focusing instead on the inner flow of your intuition – your ‘small voice’, your inner knowing – you release yourself from the 3D paradigm, from the 3D framework, that is now almost completely crumbled.

To follow your intuition takes courage, but it is wiser than your ego-self. Your intuition lifts you out of time and into the fourth and fifth dimensions, where your genius becomes evident.

It is not found in a checklist or a process of elimination. It presents itself to you, wrapped in joy and delight. Follow that joy and delight: where does it lead you?

Then let your genius step forward to greet you, one step at the time, dancing with joy beyond the framework of the 3D.

The old patterns which have been running the planet for too long, and now are done. The planet has zero tolerance for any destructive behaviors and patterns. Spiritual laws are now in effect.Any soul who breaks the spiritual laws are now paying the price right away. There is no grace period any more.-Mother God-


The Divine is busy lifting up the planet right now. Since Gaia has officially resided in the 5th dimension. Now what we, the Divine need to do is to bring the planet up to the 5th dimension, and, humanity and Gaia’s children too, have to be lifted. 

What the difficulty of lifting up the planet is that the current state of the consciousness on the planet is quite chaotic, and that poses to be a challenge for the Divine and the company of heaven. In order for the Divine and the company of heaven, to be able to help the planet, we have to reach down to where the planet and humanity are, in terms of consciousness, and bring the entire planet and humanity up. And that is a tough job. The Divine has been trying to do so and have some level of success. However, due to the density the tough planetary situation, the Divine, nevertheless, can’t completely reach down and lift up the entire population. The Divine can only reach parts of the planet and humanity and lift up to the 5th dimension. 

I love you dear ones. I am your Mother God. The current situation on the planet is very intense. Your Father God and I have been working very hard to calm the situation down and bring some level of calmness to the planet. Due to the ascension process which is now at the full speed, the Planet now is heading to a direction that was designed by the Divine and the company of heaven. At this speed, mass ascension is coming much quicker than originally anticipated, and that is a good thing. The Divine has been ready for the mass ascension for some time now. The only drawback is that the process can be intimidating for some and that can cause certain level of the chaos. Your Father and I want the planet to have a peaceful ascension and that is why we are doing whatever it may take to calm down the planet and humanity. 

However, it doesn’t mean that we are going to slow down the process. It means that we try to bring peace to the process and human heart so that the level of mass ascension is going to be the same, except the chaos will be less and the planet will be more peaceful. That is the goal for the next few weeks or so, and your Father God and I have been working toward that goal.

Besides the chaotic nature of the mass ascension and the fall of the old energies, the Divine also brings the fresh and new energies to the planet to fill the void created by the ascension process. This ascension process has been quite eye opening for the planet and humanity. Sometimes, it can be quite jarring for young souls because they have not gone through this kind of human evolution. At the soul level, this kind of growth is definitely welcomed. And opportunity like this is rare. Nevertheless, once souls come to the planet, walking as humans, they tend to be intimidated by soul growth opportunities and that is why mass ascension seems chaotic. Souls are acting out. Their mind has limited understanding of what it is going on and that translates into fear and threat to their existence. 

So, in order for this ascension process goes smoothly. The Divine will continue to bring in the peace element and that will be a great help. Humanity needs to know that everything is alright. The human existence is always honored and it is always going to be there. That approach helps to calm the planet and humanity. And that is what your Father God and I are doing. We are bringing the peace element to the planet, the peace every soul needs in order to live in this chaotic time. 

I love you my precious children on earth. I am your Mother God. Things have been heating up lately. The planet is releasing relentlessly and that trend is going to continue. Mother Earth has had enough. Now all she wants to do is to let go, and let Gaia live. What that means is that the old energies have no choice but to being transmuted into light. The old patterns which have been running the planet for too long, and now are done. The planet has zero tolerance for any destructive behaviors and patterns. Spiritual laws are now in effect. Any soul who breaks the spiritual laws are now paying the price right away. There is no grace period any more. Souls learn their life lessons very fast and that is partially because the planet has been getting on the spiritual path for a while, and the spiritual routines have been adopted by the planet and human race. From this point on, the planet is going to continue the path of spiritual journey. 

The human race literally has to adopt what the spiritual laws saying about how to be a spiritual being and how to live on a planet which is on the ascension journey. Everything will be measured in the spiritual sense. And all things have to follow the spiritual laws and truth. That is how the life will be for the planet and human race, and that is the true nature of Gaia and her design for the planet and humanity. 

Time has come dear children on earth. The human life has changed. The new has taken effect. Every human on the planet has to follow the new spiritual journey that the planet is having. There is no exceptions. All souls here are being treated equally and all souls on the planet are required to follow the Divine and spiritual laws. That is the call of the Golden Age, and that is planet wide spiritual journey every soul is taking. Time has come dear ones. 

Take your journey seriously and learn about spirituality. Know there is no more grace period. Any time there is law breaker, a price has to be paid and lessons have to learn. It is just that simple. Humanity has come to a point where spiritual laws are totally in effect and are respected by the souls on the planet. That is the new nature of the planet and human race and that is why your Father God and I have come. We want the spiritual laws to be reestablished on the planet. And we have the rules and laws working for us. We are the ultimate law enforcement officers. And we are now doing just that, enforcing the Divine laws to this lawless planet. And we have seen the results of that. 

I love you my angels on earth. I am your Mother God. Go in peace dear ones. I love you. So it is.

Linda Li

~~~~~~~~~ is a Non Profit Charity, Heartfully Associated with the “World Blessing Church Trust” for the Benefit of Mother Earth

St. Germain and Mother God ~ CRUNCH TIME

Channeled by Erin Bartlett of The First Contact Ground Crew Team; Read about us here

Dear Children,

The Energies Upon The Planet Are Increasing Exponentially In These MOMents.

As Mother Of All Creation REMOVES ALL lower energetics from the Planet
In Preparation For The Upcoming Solstice It Is IMPERATIVE
These Energies Will Allow NO (NONE!!) Space For Lower Energetics.
Your Loving Brother,
St. Germain

Hello Loves,
We Are Moving Forward With The Divine PLAN.
As much as would like to “Put things on hold”
to allow ALL of My Children the moments to catch up,
I can not. (Ding, Ding)
If We Wait Any Longer (Ding)
we will all cease to exist
and I WILL NOT allow that to happen.
As The Energies Hit The Unprepared Collective Of Humanity, the unconscious ego will “POP” coming to the surface and spewing uncontrollably.
Humanity must face their dysfunction and it will no longer be “hidden”. (Ding)
The “chaos” will increase until it can no longer be ignored.
The ENTIRETY of Humanity has been asked, called
and basically pleaded with

My waiting game is OVER.
Those whom have Chosen LOVE receive the Keys To Heaven.
Those who haven’t…well, we shall see.
This IS Your Final “Warning”…HEADS UP…(Ding)

The Only True Mother You’ve Got.

I am Ashtar. Can you now see how tremendously valued and supported you are, ground team? We are all here for you, cheering in the stands, quite literally, sending you healing and love bursts and doing much more than we can say at this time, I assure you. Be assured. Hold the light and hold the line. I am your Ashtar. Over and out.

Message from Ashtar, St. Germain, Yeshi, Pleiadian & Arcturian Collectives, Mother & Father (5/4/19) | Galaxygirl

Ashtar, St. Germaine, Yeshi, Pleiadian & Arcturian Collectives, Mother & Father 5/4/2019

Greetings dear friends, I am Ashtar of the Galactic Federation. I stand before you now on the bridge of the New Jerusalem with tears of joy streaming down my face. For such a momentum has been reached and we are witnessing explosions of light and love in new pockets that we have seen little light in previously. Things are definitely heating up and changing on your surface world, on precious Gaia, as she morphs and changes, resplendent in her beauty.

Hello Friends, comrades arms, this is your St. Germaine here above and below. For many of us have many players in the game and we are all lending our mettle in our own way. Friends, it is happening. The RV, the energy changes, the wave – all of it is happening. I know that you grow tired of these words but nonetheless it is very true, and you are witnessing the great changeover of the ages. You have prime seats to experience and to lend your light in the greatest show in the universe. Gaia is giving birth to herself, to a higher dimensional reality of herself and you all as co-creators are not only witnessing but participating, purposefully and intentionally lending your light, your frequency, your honing skills and your passion and joy. I am your St. Germaine. Be in joy. Be at peace. For all is well, my friends. You are bearing witness to these momentous, magnificent changes all the while as you morph continually with upgrade after upgrade, becoming the higher dimensional human that you were always meant to be. Many of you are having numerous ascension symptoms. Utilize my violet flame, my love, my light and make it your own. For it is. It is your right as a sovereign being to know and to wield the violet flame, in love, always in love, for it is a mighty weapon of justice, of truth, of purification. Use it well. I, St. Germaine, am signing off now as there are more who wish to speak.

Hi-ho friends, this is your Yeshi! I know you. I love you. I am one of you! Together we carry the mantle of the Christ, of the Magdalenes. Together we ignite the Christed consciousness on Gaia, within the hearts of men and women. Today is a new day, a new dawn. Find this joy and bring it anew into your every day and you will carry the spark, the ember and it will burn a bit brighter every day. Your hope, your faith, your steadfastness is amazing to witness, friends. You are the inspiration of the Company of Heaven. You are doing what it takes to get the job done and you – we – we are all doing it together! Great will your joy and your reward be for a job well done, for a life well lived, for your sacrifices, your grit, your mettle are legendary. Have patience as these changes move through you, become you, remake you, remold you. You are literally morphing, becoming your super-hero self, emboldened by these new higher dimensional energies that are bathing you in liquid light, love and Christed awareness. Sure and true are these words, my friends. I am so excited to greet you all again with a hearty hug and handshakes. Pats on the back all around. This energy is glorious! Your love and how you are sharing it is stupendous! Share the light. Live with light, in light, be a living prayer, a living perfume of joy, uplifting the others. You have total control over your mood, over your responses to things. We see you all doing marvelously, greeting previous irritations with a lighter touch. Laughter is good for the soul! Imbibe in it. Be the life of the party. For you are life eternal. You are the light of the universe, the Christ bearers, the love givers, the way showers. And oh, I, we, the COH and I, am so proud of you. Not much longer, friends. Enjoy these higher vibe times and enjoy the show. Hold fast to me. Breathe in my essence now, my scarlet flame of passion and renewal. Peace. I am your Sananda, you may call me Yeshi, brother, friend, for I am! Be in joy!

Greetings friends, we are the Pleiadian and Arcturian Collective here joining forces today in this moment to demonstrate our solidarity and friendship and cohesive unified force of oneness. Such we intend humanity to be able to feel so that divisions are no more. You are all one race. YOU are all the human race. WE see no color difference. Your heart beats the same, your visions of hopes for your families are the same. It is time for humanity to come together strongly, with great intention. It is time to extend hands in service, even more so than you have previously. For the tide has turned, and many will be caught unawares, needing an extended hand to pull them up. It is marvelous how you have all chosen to ascend as one. This is the experience that you have been waiting and longing for. For the fall of Lumeria, of Atlantis, left many wounds and is time to heal them as one, to heal the wounded parts of the human collective and to infuse them with light. Such is what you are doing now human friends, indeed, comrades in arms. For it has been a most intense energy battle and this sector of space has had much to clear and to heal. Know that you are loved, tremendously protected and supported. Our ships twinkle all around you, visible and invisible. We are there nonetheless. We are the Arcturian and Pleiadian Collectives sending you a healing energy wave in this now moment. Sit, be still, and breathe it in. Ask for help with your ascension symptoms. Ask for utilization of our healing chambers. We are most eager and pleased to assist when called upon. Many good things are coming just right around the corner, friends. Many, many good things. Be at peace and be in joy. You are well loved. We are the Pleiadian and Arcturian Collectives.

Children, this is your Mother God speaking. Yes, we are all lined up like children at the swings, eager to have our turn. I send you my love, my encodements of honey light, love and bliss. I pour them over your head now. Feel the saturation of my love and breathe me in. Let me help you with the balance of the divine feminine and masculine energies within you, for the divine feminine is indeed rising but it must be balanced, tempered so that mistakes are not re-created and the divine masculine is balanced and supported. You are both. That key point of balance is perhaps your greatest strength, for it is where you can most clearly hear my voice, and feel the divinity within you of your Mother and Father components, balanced, loving, holding hands, quiet, still, at peace. This still point is where creativity sparks, ideas and energy flow more clearly, where the realm of ideas is supported, balanced, free, unencumbered by fear or misbalance or disharmony. Now children, be my harmony bringing this peace, this frequency of unconditional, ever-loving love to the others that you interact with. It is true. Be my hands and feet. Be my breath. Be my smile. Hold my hands when you hold the hands of the children or the elderly, assisting, loving, radiating my love and presence. Why do you think the Magdalenes, the Essenes, the Buddhas, the Christs were so revered, so loved? They knew me. They radiated my presence, my frequency in a dark place and it lit up their surrounding worlds into yet more light. Feel this light. I, Mother God and Father God ignite your Christed flame, pouring down yet more Christed frequency codes on you, as an anointing. Be blessed. Be Christed. Be strong. Be sure. Be illuminated with the joy of one who knows me. And be free. Be free children. Be free. It is time for you to come home, to come home to me, to our true home of the higher realms where all is love and light, community, friendship and joy. My arms are ever open and waiting for you to embrace me back, and I do so hope that you rest in this most loving embrace now for quite awhile. Remember, in the stillness there I am. I am always with you should you allow and acknowledge. I am your Mother God.

Children, this is your Father God. Delighted to be with you! Delighted to be here! Excited beyond all excitement. I feel like I’m unwrapping presents on Christmas morning every time I get to hear your voice, every time you choose to talk with me, it is the highlight of my day. Children, you’re doing it. You’re winning! There is so much cheering up here in the stands it is almost deafening. Our applause is momentous – can you hear us? We can hear you, I assure you and we send our love, our cheering, our support! Now go team Gaia!

I am Ashtar. Can you now see how tremendously valued and supported you are, ground team? We are all here for you, cheering in the stands, quite literally, sending you healing and love bursts and doing much more than we can say at this time, I assure you. Be assured. Hold the light and hold the line. I am your Ashtar. Over and out.

The banquet table stretches in front of us as far as you can see. The party has started in many places and we are so happy that you are holding the light so well, reading our transmissions, doing your meditative exercise, expanding into more love. I am your Mother God.

Good day children, this is your Mother God speaking. I enwrap you in my golden arms of love, of light. Breathe me in, children and be encouraged, be transformed by the newness of the day and be infused with hope.

For hope is here, children, and you are it. Truly the dawning of the new era is being well established. You who are on the ground have a different perspective than we, the COH, do, but that is as it should be and that is why you are so vitally important! We need your perspective, your experience, as an integral part of this puzzle piece, and you are doing marvelously. Yes you are tired, yes your bodies are being stretched to new points and new modes of operation, but rather than think of all of the discomforts you have right now, think instead of a good old fashioned morning stretch. This usually accompanies a deep fulfilling yawn, does it not? A breath. Breathe me in and let me lend my mettle into stretching your bodies yet even more. Your precious bodies are coming along for this ride of I would say the century, but it is much more than that. No, this is the experience that you have been chomping at the bit for eons to experience, and it is quite a new experience to be had.

Climb in my golden lap, of pure love and light. Sit with me. Be with me. Nestle into me and be. Rest. The banquet table stretches in front of us as far as you can see. The party has started in many places and we are so happy that you are holding the light so well, reading our transmissions, doing your meditative exercise, expanding into more love. I am your Mother God. Peace children. Peace.

~ galaxygirl


The Time is NOW ~ Father Mother God (12 March 2019)

Beloved I AM that I AM,

We, in the Company of Heaven, greet you with deep unconditional love and gratitude. We bow to you, in Oneness, for all that you were, all that you are and all that you will be/do on behalf of ALL THAT IS.

Your being here on Earth at this time of massive planetary changes within all aspects of human existence has been meticulously planned in great detail from the beginning of your adventures on Earth. Everything that you had gone through/experienced in many of your past lives here had brought you to this moment in Time when you are ready to return to the I AM within.

All of you have a very important role to play to ensure the success of Earth & the Human Collective’s Ascension into 5D. You, through the mission/purpose you had chosen for yourself & that we had helped create, are meant to awaken many people and show them the path back into Our arms of Infinite Unconditional Love. The path that you will show others may be different from another Light-worker’s, and that is by design.

There are numerous routes up the mountain, in the journey to the Mountaintop where the I AM can be found.

Most of you reading this have chosen to walk the path of service to the Light & Love.

Your heart is the purest of The Pure. Your bravery, courage and strength are legendary; famous and greatly known throughout Heaven. Your willingness to be of service to us, your Father Mother God, and to ALL in existence, is constant and never-changing. Your mind, heart and soul beat as one with Ours. Our Will is your will and your will is Our will – for we speak as ONE. We act as ONE.

You are all Our most faithful servants. And just as you are Our Beloved Servants of the Living God, so are We your Beloved Servants of Love. We are here to serve you, just as you are here to serve us, and All, within the Kingdom of Heaven.

Truly, our true Messengers of the Light can be identified by how much they are willing to be of service to others.

Some of you here already knew the types of past lives you had chosen & experienced for yourselves. In some of them you were not playing the role of someone living in the Light, but these lifetimes were few indeed when compared to the number of lives you had lived here on Earth.

The majority of the time, you had chosen to raise the consciousness of the entire Human Collective, by spreading messages of Love, Freedom, Compassion, Peace, Abundance, Joy and Oneness – in one way or another.

Some of you here had died many times in service to the Light or, had greatly suffered for your faith/belief in the ONE God and for spreading Our messages. You had also in the past, decided to play the roles of people who were top leaders of nations, religious groups, ruling societies – to change humanity’s 3D ways of Be-ing from within.

You were playing the role of someone born/naturally meant to be within those, usually, exclusive communities. In other words, you were often our planted ‘spy’; Our agent of Light and Love, in organizations where Light and Love were either non-existent, or, so conditionally 3D as long as you constantly ‘obeyed’ the organizational rules/regulations. Even when your life missions had seemingly failed (when viewed from a lower-dimensional perspective), you never faltered nor gave up.

In fact, We are here to tell you that all your missions, woven throughout the Fabric of Time (to raise Humanity’s consciousness) were a complete success! Every single one of them was a success – when viewed from a multidimensional, Higher perspective. We could easily see how your words, feelings, thoughts and actions had rippled out globally, raising the consciousness of ALL from a primitive level (that was all about survival of the fittest) to the highest level where it currently resides (gradually changing to all about service to Light & Love).

Humanity’s consciousness (a.k.a. the Light Quotient Level) is now the highest it has ever been, ever since the last great Golden Age of Atlantis. And this success can be greatly attributed to all of you reading this today. For example, some of you here were instrumental in permanently abolishing slavery. Some of you were responsible in the awakening of the energies of Divine Feminine in the world, without which Ascension would not have been possible.  And you did this by standing up for women’s rights as victims and/or as their protectors.  Some of you here had been the guardians of the Flames of Freedom, Justice and Liberty in ways that you cannot fully comprehend/remember just yet.

These were just a few examples of aspects of Human Existence you had helped to change, simply by deciding to lend your Light & be of service to Humanity, and for us ALL. Many things that had happened on Earth, had also occurred or, are currently occurring in many 3D planets as well throughout your Milky Way galaxy, (e.g. endless wars, suffering, poverty, separation consciousness).

As a Nexus Planet, what happens to Earth will soon reverberate and likely happen to many other planets as well. Truly, at the risk of sounding dramatic when saying this simple truth, the fate of the entire galaxy hangs in the balance (as you may remember from one of the teachings shared in Adele’s spiritual group meetings last year – if you were a member then) and Earth is the key. And this, our beloved, is the sole reason why you are here.

Earth is receiving so much of Heaven’s support (the scale of which has never occurred elsewhere in this universe before) because what happens here will truly affect trillions of other souls within this galaxy. And of course, if we were to view it from a Universal perspective, what is happening right now on this one small planet, called Earth, located in the outer reach of this galaxy, will have tremendous after effects the likes that none has seen before.

In fact, not long after the exact moment of Earth & Humanity’s Ascension to 5D, this entire universe will be uplifted and raised in consciousness to a level that we have greatly desired but can only dream of having so far. This is the ‘Great Correction’ that highly-evolved beings (who are in charge of this particular universe) had meticulously planned with every single one of you here who had attended the Great Conclave (as your Higher Selves), and now, positive results are showing.

And we cannot be happier! Massive celebrations are being held everywhere, loved ones – as your Family of Light celebrates your successes with deep gratitude & overflowing joy. Truly, if you could see yourself (not as the seemingly small microcosm of Light that you once thought yourself to be) as Great Beings of Light – who had achieved what many (highly-evolved Beings in Heaven’s Hierarchy) had once thought was impossible to do/achieve – just as we see you, then your life will be so much different right now.

The time is NOW, loved ones, to FULLY embrace your Greatness. Leave behind all feelings of being: small, weak, helpless, unimportant or unworthy. Instead, snuggle more closely with your Higher Self from now on, by dedicating a special time every day to do this without fail, and soon, the Greatness that is your I AM, will be Your Greatness.

The Great Love that is your I AM, will be Your Great Love for ALL.

It is also time to leave behind all doubts, mistrusts, hurts, fears, worries about working for the Light; working for God/your Higher Self. We are your eternal partners in this massive planetary ascension project. If you have any lingering negative/mixed feelings about what you are being called to do from this point onward, please put those burdens down and walk forward in your paths, completely unencumbered by the ‘ghostly, energetic remnants’ coming from the weight of what had happened in your many past lives. The past lives that you had chosen and designed for yourselves.

Fear not, for your physical safety, reputation, livelihood and comfort are all fully guaranteed, for this is THE lifetime for all of you to shine so brightly with your complete set of Soul Powers. This lifetime is the culmination of all your hard work, as you will once again lead from the front, and will succeed in all of your grand global objectives and individual goals.

This is also THE lifetime where ALL of you reading this, are very much the physical representatives of your God-Self; the Higher Self that is as Omnipotent, Omniscient and Omnipresent as I AM. And as your Higher Selves’ physical embodiment in every way, the task falls upon you for you to master your Spiritual Mastery sooner rather than later.

And we ask that you give this your 100% focus, so that by the time 2019 ends, you will already be walking around as your all-powerful God-Self 100% of the time. You will have left behind all fears, insecurities, worries and doubts, and flown to greater heights; completely adopting the many, or all, of Our Divine Attributes. The Attributes/Qualities of your Father Mother God.

Today, we are here to give you the FINAL key that will provide full & complete accessto the magical wonders of the Kingdom of God.

This is truly the final key to your transformation; to becoming and fully embodying your Higher Self and to accessing all of your Soul Powers for the higher good of all.

And the key is the Hebrew Mantra, as recited many times in this YouTube video:


(English Translation: Holy Holy Holy is the Lord God of Hosts, the Almighty Father, who was and who is and who will forever be.)

Hebrew is one the few ancient languages used as ‘keys’ to activate Higher Consciousness on Earth. So it should come as no surprise that this key must be spoken in its origin language of Hebrew – and not its English translation. And this is due to Light vibrations of Sound, coming from this powerful Mantra.

This salutation, used by all in the Company of Heaven, is the key to your return to full ONENESS with ALL THAT IS.

Main benefits of reciting this powerful Mantra often, daily:

* To bring the highest, purest vibration of the Throne of God in Heaven, into your energy fields, your house, your space. This mantra contains the purest vibration of Divine Unconditional Love.

* For those new at discernment & would like to have a channeling ability, use this Mantra to discern the information that you receive, to make sure only Beings of the Highest Light are the ones being channeled.

* When you are using the mantra, you are effectively bridging Heaven to Earth. So the more often you do it, the sooner Earth will become a replica of your Heavenly Home. You will be accelerating & powerfully contributing to the Ascension process in this way.

There are many other benefits to this mantra, but the above 3 benefits should suffice for now.

We would like to invite all of you, to recite this Mantra out loud, as often as possible during your waking moments.

For those of you here who prefer to master your Spiritual Mastery sooner rather than later, we would highly recommend for you to do it 108 times per day, every day. You may wish to use a Mala (prayer beads used by many for chanting or meditation) so that you can easily keep track of where you are in your mantra chanting.

108 times seems a lot, but it will only take anywhere between 20 to 25 minutes of your time, depending on your speed. Do this for a minimum of 30 days, and then observe how your life will change as a result of this powerful spiritual practice when done with great discipline!

Your dedication, commitment and devotion to service to the God of Light and Love will be rewarded beyond measure. Your growth will be exponential and your existing spiritual abilities will be strengthened like never before, with more abilities on their way to be used for the Highest Good of ALL on Earth.

You are ready for Greatness, beloved. And we are here today, extending our hands and invitation to once again fully become the Great I AM within.

Commune with us, your Father Mother God and Higher Selves, more often as within Our embrace is the one place where you are most often longing to go. Within Our embrace lies HOME. And Home is where you are at your Most Powerful, but it is also the one place where you know without a doubt, that you are the Light & Love of God.

You were sent by God, to spread Light & Love so that ALL who wish to ascend can successfully do so; influenced by your presence and personal contribution here on Earth.

We are here for you always – ready and waiting for you to return to the full embrace of your unblemished, magnificent Self. The Self that is gloriously powerful and mighty; the Self who actually revels at the magnitude of the tasks before them, as opposed to the small self, who is perhaps trembling in fear/trepidation.

Come and take our hands, our beloved. We are ready, only if you are.

Loving you always,

Father Mother God.


Mission Ascension Gaia has been a tremendous success, much more arduous than anticipated and true, we are not quite over yet, but friends we are soooooo close!-Sananda-

Hello dear children, this is your Mother God speaking. I enwrap you in my warm embrace in this moment of peace, of connection. Feel my loving arms around you and lay your burdens, your worries, your fears aside. Let us start a new day together with lighter shoulders for you were not meant to carry the weight of the world, you were meant to simply transmute and walk with me. There is a difference. Many of you feel you are carrying the weight of the world and are feeling almost crushed by it. This isn’t necessary, children. Martyrdom is something that you are used to feeling, embodying, reliving. This is not the lifetime for that. You have been there and done that in many ways already. No, this is the lifetime to fly, to find your wings of eternal love again, the angel previously trapped inside you, and fly home to me. Fly home to me my children of love, of grace, of pure Christ consciousness. It is your destiny. In many ways reading these words and others, you are already doing it for when you think of me, you are already home, for your realize, or begin to, that home is inside you. And when you realize this you are home, for I am within you. You are a microcosm of the whole. Line up your chakras and give them a good shake, a good wake up and cleaning. Allow me to infuse you with yet more love. Become a river of love, of light. Become all that you already are. I see you as my divine children who are warriors, but yes, you will always be my precious children.

Crawl up into my lap now and let me sing you a lullaby of pure peace. Feel the inner stars of your dreams light up within you, sparkling, bright, singing yet another melody of love, of hope, of divine purpose within you. Your codes are sparkling now, coming online. Your DNA spins and twists like divine strands of diamonds. You are my greatest treasure. Together, you, with us the COH, have come so far. For you see, we have all evolved a bit in this process, and we are all learning from this vast interchange of experience, of renewal of ascension within the physical. And so children no wonder you are tired! You have every reason to be. Many of you are working nightly in your dreams after a long day of hard toil. You never stop loving, pushing, thriving, being, and this gives me great joy! You are my great joy! You are my dream realized. The nightmare is over now on the earth plane. It is time for pleasant happy dreams, memories, visions, hopes, to be created with great joy and sheer will. I believe Sananda wishes to say a few words. I do so love you, children. I am your mother God and you are my precious children, my greatest treasure. Open your hearts wide to me and let us become one in this space now, this space of meditation that you carry with you throughout your day, a day that is best renewed by chatting with me through it. I love hearing how you are doing through the day. I am always here for you children. I am you, remember? We are one, darling. Remember home is within your heart-space. It never left you. I breathe my peace upon your crown. Feel the sparkling rose petals of grace and beauty cascade around you in a vortex of light. See the butterflies from the heavens spin and fly all around you, further rencodements to unlock. I am your Mother God. Be at peace and rest in me. I am always with you.

Hello Friends! I am your Sananda! I look at you ground team with wonderment and eyes full of love. I see the universe within your eyes, I see the Creator looking back at me when I see your bright faces. We have done it friends! Mission Ascension Gaia has been a tremendous success, much more arduous than anticipated and true, we are not quite over yet, but friends we are soooooo close! And of course this brings tremendous excitement up in the skies, on the ground, in the ground. The whole universe is watching this little corner of space, where there has been so much pain and suffering, explode into light! Aha! The Christ consciousness seeds that I sowed within the hearts of humanity have grown deep roots, up into strong trees whose branches reach up to the heavens with strong purpose. Your (light-worker) roots have long been interconnected with one another. It is time friends to find these connections, these roots and realize that your branches have been touching the other light-workers the whole time.

Mother has spoken. It is time for these reconnections to resurface and to be made plain to you. You all see new manifestations of interconnection within the light-worker realm. New groups, teams, relationships blossom on the branches of the Christed consciousness. Roots reach deeply into the heart of Gaia’s planetary core. They have traveled such that Gaia herself is morphing into crystalline, in fact she is really just waiting for you and for humanity to catch up so that the least amount of damage is done. She is such a caring mother, always looking out for her children. It is time that her children look out for her. It is our hopes that these new light-worker teams will roll up their sleeves a bit more and tangibly assist her with cleaning her up. Picking up trash, forming associations to change environmental laws – there are many things that need to be done. But know that we will help you, however it must be instigated by you, as the New Gaians that you are, for she is your current home planet. Many of you are and have been longing for home. Perhaps when the energies continue to rise a bit you will realize that you have been home the whole time. You have had many many lives in many many planetary systems. The universe is your home. Mother and Father God are your home. We the COH are your home. For we are all one. Let that sink in a bit. Perhaps the loneliness is more of your imagination run wild? It is time to understand, to feel, to breath in this connection of wholeness. You are whole. We are with you. You are home, just having a new experience in a new body, but your spirit is home, for it is still a connection to your higher self, your oversoul, your galactic and spiritual family. Rest in this and be at peace. These times of meditation and quiet are so tremendously important. In the breath we find this connection, we feel this closeness. In the breath you connect with the divine within you, to all of us, to your deepest self. Find comfort in this friends, knowing that you are so tremendously supported, loved, valued for your contribution to this tremendous project and treasured for the beings that you are.

I am your Sananda. I see Gaia glowing brighter hourly. You will see some shakeups, which is good. As change swirls all around you know that we are in the calm of the storm in your innermost heart space, with you, walking with you, holding the light and the line with you, being fortified with this promise that the great change is here, is coming, is all around you.

I am your Sananda. Yes, the great flash is coming, the great love wave in many ways is already here. See, we are together! The increasing energies will only bring more union and reunion. Seek out the other light workers. Form alliances against the dark and fortify your lives with further connection of friendship with others of the light. It is time to stand strong together and find joy in each other’s light. But never forget to cultivate your own inner light with daily prayer and meditation, daily self care and love yourselves as we do so love you. I am your Sananda. If you’re wanting a news report I would say “The Light has Won on planet Gaia; ground team of the ages partners with previously unseen COH who is now made fully visible with divine friendships. New alliances form, further fortifying the light. The dark flees, the light surrounds.” I am always with you. Call upon me anytime. I am your friend, Sananda.

~ galaxygirl

give yourselves a pat on the back and let me hug you tight.

Yes dear, it is your Mother God speaking. It has come to my attention of late that many of you dear light workers are feeling downtrodden, fatigued to the point of no return (it seems) and hope seems dim. Yet, it could not be further from the truth, dear hearts. For we, the COH, are watching you grow before our very eyes. Every time you choose love, you choose trust in us. It strengthens the eternal bond of faith between us. It strengthens you and your resolve to continue to ascend. It emboldens you, when you face the seemingly insurmountable odds and yet choose faith, that is when you are the true hero of your story. And I say your story because that is what you’re living; the contract that you signed up for, designed with me and co-created with the COH for what was the best way to advance yourself and the collective during this precious, tender time of ascension. You knew it would not be easy, and yet you begged to dive on in, arms wide open with love for your fellow being. It brings tears to my eyes. I see you in your full glorious Christed light self. You are just coming to realize how magnificent you truly are, as was your agreement. To do the work you must have a blindfold on as it were to challenge you, to test your faith, your grit. And you are.

Your faith is so much stronger now even than last year, would you not say so? Now, if you’re are having an off day and struggling a bit, that does not negate your faith or your progress. That’s just real life human emotions coming up for healing, for clearing. It is true. Today through this one and many many others you are processing abandonment, fear, raw pain of separation. But children, give it to me to assist you with transmutation. For how can we ever be truly separated? See, I am right here within you, speaking to you, holding you closely like a mother cuddling her small child on her lap. Crawl into my lap dear heart of my heart, and let me sing you a lullaby of peace, of renewal, of pure joy. For that is how I see you. And frankly, that is how you should see yourselves. You should be very proud and excited about all that has been accomplished in such a short amount of time. Forgive the experiment, as this one has been doing. Forgive, accept what is, and release the past. And after you have been comforted for awhile perhaps you will see with clear sight, the way I, we – your father and I – see you with the eyes of love.

Love yourselves. Love your splinters in your feet for they have taught you to be careful. Everything, every experience is your teacher. Allow the lessons, remove the splinters – the pain of them – and move on ahead, joyous and free, light of heart, light in spirit, coasting on this new evolving rush of high energy that is delicately bombarding your psyche, your everything. It is time that you see yourselves as we see you; as adventurers of the utmost love and generosity of spirit that you should fractalize yourselves and serve the all in this way. And that is precisely what you are doing. So give yourselves a pat on the back and let me hug you tight. I am your Mother God. Be at peace. All is most well. I am your Mother God. See I am right here with you! You are never truly alone.

Might I have a turn? This is your Father God speaking and I do want to chime in a bit with Mother’s excellent message. Many of you are weary to the point of tears. Yes. I see you and we acknowledge your self sacrifice. The tide has turned. The energies streaming in cannot be stopped, only magnified, sizzling away that which no longer belongs in the higher planes (I am seeing eggs frying). Big revelations are underway of being disclosed. Disclosure is imminent. All good things, including the revaluation of the currency reset – all good things are imminent. It is time for good things to flow to humanity, and you all know this, for you are now creating more opportunities of goodness and joy into your lives. You can always come and sit on my knee too. I hope you know that. We are both very partial to you! I can tell a good story, and Mother can sing the most beautiful songs. Rest here in the space of the silence, of true belonging, anytime you wish. I am your father God. Be at peace and be complete.

~ galaxygirl

The time for wishes and dreams are to now fully become realized as you create together.

Darling, it is your Mother God speaking. I see you and I surround you with light. I extend this to all of you beautiful light workers who are so tirelessly pressing on, full steam ahead, creating as you go. The stakes are high and we have the best crew the universe has ever seen. And such a coming together of love and light, of space forces! You will be astonished to witness the vast love for you as evidenced by just the sheer numbers of ships, here to show you their love and support. It is coming. Many of you are sick of hearing “it is coming” or “soon” or “here” or “now” but truly friends and beloved ones it is true. You are currently tearing out of the vortex of time as it goes from a linear trajectory to that of a spiral. On spirals one can hop, skip and jump their way to where and when they want to be, to experience. Linear is extremely limiting. This you know and you will be delighted when truly the Now is your now. And it is, should you accept it this little glimmering pearl of truth.

The yesteryears of pain are coming to a close. Allow me to apply honey and light to your woundings, to your wounded places and let’s pour in the light, shall we? Will you let me? Good. A mother loves to help her children, it is true. You know this. Many of you are mothers or fathers. You know the depth of the family bond. You are my children. You are expressions of the All-That-Is. This cosmic love burst is for you! These energies are for you! So let them in. Sit by the window and allow the beams of light to caress your skin. See them glittering off of the snowy landscape, as this one is doing. Or better yet, get outside and feel it yourself! Feel my love and light for you. Feel my arms wrapping themselves around you in a great big cosmic hug. You are weary. We see this. I know this. Just a little longer. The time for wishes and dreams are to now fully become realized as you create together. Your twins are anxious to connect. Your bodies are acclimating nicely. We are pleased with your physical and spiritual progress. Oh, how much have you integrated. And so, as you write your New Years resolutions for today, include some magic, some hope and realize that that hope and magic is you, is your unlimited, massively expansive multidimensional self and invite it into to your 2019 and co-create as one and watch the miracles begin to unfold. I am your Mother God . I wrap you in an envelope of pure light and love. Remain here as long as you like, I am always here for you. I am your Mother God.

This is your Father God speaking. I would add to intend to be in radiant joy. As the rainbow light envelops you and your world so perfectly, remember all is divinely timed and orchestrated and you are an integral piece of this grand puzzle. You have persisted on, and on, even when hope was dim, when faith was at its lowest. You believed even though all others mocked or persecuted you, because you knew – you know – that your time, your mission is unique to you and it must be completed. And so children, my beloved ones, whose sparks burn so bright, I acknowledge your service, your sacrifice, and your reward is nigh. May 2019 be the year you dream it to be. Dream fiercely. Intend with power and purpose. And watch the elements bend to your will. Watch this new “time” become the glimmering future you will create it to be. Gaia is surrounded in love. Massive ships are here to support, filled with loving souls who pledge their service. Light workers, you are NOT alone. You only thought you were, and continued on anyway, which is why we have dubbed you the heroes of the the faith (crying). Your candle flames flicker fiercely. They never go out. Life after life they burn brightly, discovering the light within, discovering me, discovering your own blessed heart. And so it is. I am your Father God. Create the wonders that you already are. Be that which you already are and that we know you to be. You are magnificent. I am in love with you children, my precious progeny. I am your Father God.

We are the Ascended Dragon Collective. We pledge our support.
We are the fairy collective – we pledge our support and undying love and blessings on the fairy breezes for sweet humanity’s ascension!
We are the elemental kingdom. We pledge our support to humanity and the sweet mother.
We are the Galactic Federation. We pledge our eternal support and love to humanity and her ascension and to Gaia and her healing.
We are the Andromedan Collective. We are pledging our love and neighborly support.
We are the Arcturian Collective. We pledge our healing codes of ascension, wisdom and loving support.
We are the Pleiadian Collective. We pledge our time and talent and eternal love and support for our family and friends and for Gaia’s ascension.
We are the Sirian Collective. Our forces are many, our love is strong. Victory to the light!
There are many of us. More than you know. We are all here to pledge our love and support humanity. You are not alone in this and succeed you shall. Victory is assured. Salut!

~ galaxygirl

“Your sacred work has been successful!”

MOTHER GOD through Dancing Dolphin

Received 11-25-18This is Mother God and I also have a message this fair evening for my Lightworker Children. Feel my love. I am bathing you in my pink light of unconditional love and it seeps into all your bodies; your physical body and all your light bodies. You are loved and cared for deeply.
I know how difficult the past few years have been on you, dear Children. You have worked so very hard and with such conviction to accomplish your missions. Your dedication to the Light is astounding and I am very grateful for this. Of course, your Father and I are also proud!  Proud parents you might say.
This lightwork included transmuting the dark dross which had encapsulated and suffocated Gaia from eons of dark thought-forms of pain, suffering and loss; clearing the energy grids surrounding Gaia; and reaching out to the ‘dark ones’ and assisting them in crossing into the Light. Each of you had missions which were specific to your special abilities.  All felt like never-ending tasks to be sure. Many of you indeed performed this work diligently during your dream-time and awoke exhausted. We applaud you, dear Children. Your sacred work has been successful!!
Now, the time of my Tsunami of Love, my Love Wave is almost upon you all. It is my way of showing you my gratitude for all this work you have done. It is my great blessing. And as I said before, it will arrive at the perfect time. You will be delighted and relax into my love, feeling it encapsulate every single cell of your body with living, loving joy! It will wash away your pain, troubles, and stress. Let it soak you to the bone, dear hearts!!! It is my gift.
I AM your Mother God and I wish you a peaceful night’s rest or a beautiful, joyous day whenever you are. Your Father and I love you endlessly and send you our Love. Always. ***
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Messages of Love through Dancing Dolphin

So, I say to you—pay attention to your thoughts

Prelude:  Dear One, yes, I AM Mother God and I do have a message for Lightworkers on this day; and for all of my Children. For even those who do not read this message are affected by it’s energy, the energy that I pour forth onto Earth at this time. I have condensed the energy bubbles into these words for all to feel and experience. 
Now, dear Children, what do you want your lives to be like in the future? Do you wish to be free and happy? To live without restraints? To follow your passions and play like no one is watching? Or is it “dance like no one is watching?” (smiles) Well, I don’t know all of your sayings do I? You get the point. It is up to YOU, dear Children. You create it, you see it and imagine it and it will manifest for you. That is what life on this hologram of Earth is like. And in the future, the energies will be so high that what you focus on will manifest very quickly. 
So, I say to you—pay attention to your thoughts. Let the troublesome ones pass you by, do not focus on them. Let any negative thought flow through you, do not attach any emotion to it. For your emotions, thoughts, focus and intent will create your reality. Actually it already does, but this process will be much more amplified in the near future. 
So, what do you want? A house by the lake with your love? A booming house with many children and lots of love? A job doing what brings you happiness and fulfillment? A clean Earth? A community of like-minded individuals who all work and play together for their highest good? Community gardens? Health for all? Clean water, beautiful homes, fresh clean food for all? Focus and pay attention to your thoughts. OK, I think you all get that. Yes, it is simple, but very, very important. 
Here is a message of hope for the hurting ones, for the people who are suffering. I see your pain and worry and send you my love, dear Children. We are working on something to make your lives much better.  Strategic plans that have been in the works for many millennia are finally finishing up now. These plans are actions of a Revolution to bring your freedoms back. I set forth my intentions that the dark ones would no longer control Earth. My children have lived under this enslavement for far too long. Please know (as you have heard) Earth is a “free will” planet. This is why I did not step in and put a halt to this enslavement many, many years ago.
But the time came when I could no longer put up with this situation, so I put a halt to it. My teams of Lightworkers or White Hats which include your own Lightworker family, your Galactic family and many of the Company of Heaven (Ascended Masters, Angels, Guides, etc). Have been working on this plan to return Earth to the Light for many years.
This actionable plan is almost complete. Many of the dark ones, the darkest of the dark, have already been removed. Your Light Teams are still working to this day to finish up this clearing process. They surely can use your love, strength, courage and protection. Pray for them, send them love and healing energy! They are tired and weary, just as you are. You are many and can help a great deal by sending them your love and light!!! Please do this and your New Earth will be born quicker. It is also a beautiful way to send your gratitude for the hard work that they have all been doing. Gratitude is very powerful, it carries love with it too; very powerful love!
Be generous with your Love and Gratitude dear Children. We have a never-ending supply of it and it blooms and grows and spreads like the most beautiful lights you have ever seen. I have the joy of watching your love spread and flow all over Earth. You are all very powerful Creator Beingsand you delight in using your power for good; for bringing joy and beauty into your world. Trust that this process works and that your combined love blasts are making a very big difference!Yes, it is true, dear Children. 
There is much to be grateful for and I am ever so grateful for all of you bright shining Souls, my dear Children. I am a proud Mother on this day. Feel my love blasts and my pink light of unconditional love which wraps you up like a warm fuzzy blanket. I also have warm, fluffy socks or slippers for you if you prefer. (smiles)  Feel my love warm your heart and all of your insides. We are connected, dear Children. You, I and all of us together. Our combined love can power in the New Earth. Believe this for it is true. KNOW THIS. 
I AM your Mother God and I wish you all a beautiful, lovely shining day. Thank you for Being YOU, the Divine Child that I created for this purpose. You all have a calling and a Mission. You are here NOW for this Mission of being a Lightworker. You shine your light and love wherever it is needed. I tell you, the White Hats and Alliance who are fighting for you need your Light and Love now.Please send it to them, and while you are at it, send it right back to yourselves, to your Galactic family, to Gaia and all her Kingdoms, the Company of Heaven and right back to me and your Father God! Together we will create a giant, beautiful circle of love, dear hearts! Yes! It is stunning and pulsing and beautiful. Thank you for your service, dear Children, I love to more than you can ever comprehend.  I AM your Mother God and I am ever so proud of all of you. Go with my love. 
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We will all step into the New Earth together and use our skills and talents to the best of our ability

MOTHER GOD: “I hear your prayers to keep your loved ones safe”Posted: 15 Sep 2018 06:56 PM PDTMother God through Dancing Dolphin”I hear your prayers to keep your loved ones safe.”
*Received Friday, Sept. 14, 2018*Note:  Tonight I asked to receive messages for the Lightworkers of Earth.  Mother God came to speak after Sanat Kumara gave his message. It is a thrill and honor to connect with each one of these amazing Beings of Love!
Dear Children of Earth:  This is Mother God and I would like to send you a message tonight also. Many of you are fearful of this hurricane called ‘Florence’ hitting the U.S. at this time.  I hear your prayers to keep your loved ones safe. 
All are my loved ones, the plants and grass and trees also. The drops of rain, the grains of sand in the beach and the wind that blows. I do not ‘pit’ the forces of nature against man. This is not a battle or an attack. I want you to see this event from my side, my point of view; to contemplate this event from another perspective. 
Your Father and I created Gaia, all the elements of Gaia, including animals and humans. The atmosphere, oceans, forces of nature are all part of that creation. Just as we do not control each and every action that you take, so too we do not control the forces of nature. It is a natural process. The ‘red tide’ in the Gulf of Mexico and the typhoon in the Philippines are all natural disasters, naturally occurring. 
Your love and prayers and protection requests are heard dear ones. We respond to all requests, just maybe not in the manner that you asked for. We will not step in if it is in a person’s soul contract to pass on or experience a broken leg, for example. Do you see? 
You are all loved beyond measure, every single cell of your bodies, your brilliant Souls are all adored by your Father and I. Know this. You are loved. You are cherished. 
This is the message I would love to give my Children of Gaia at this time. I send you all my Pink Light of Unconditional love, wrapped in a warm, fuzzy blanket complete with fuzzy slippers for your precious feet! You are wrapped up in my love.  

Source:  Messages of Love through Dancing Dolphin
SANAT KUMARA, PLANETARY LOGOS: “Gaia is ready for her new Sovereigns!” Posted: 15 Sep 2018 05:15 PM PDTSanat Kumara through Dancing Dolphin”A massive cleansing took place this week.  You have a clean slate and Gaia is ready for her new Sovereigns!”
*Received Friday, Sept. 14, 2018*Note:  Tonight I asked to receive messages for the Lightworkers of Earth.  Sanat Kumara came to speak after my Higher Self had given her message. This is the first time I have ever connected with Sanat Kumara and his presence was very powerful, calming and full of love.I am asking this One to be patient now because I do have a further message and that is that I would like to announce that I am Sanat Kumara, I am the Planetary Logos of Gaia at this time. I have seen the many notable messages given here and would like to add my own essence to the message to Lightworkers of Gaia. 
A cleansing has taken place, Dear Ones. A cleansing of the dark ones that have ruled Gaia for many millennia. This has been occurring for most of your lives to be sure, but the final clearing has taken place this very week. Mother God decreed that they no longer would be allowed to have a foot-hold on Gaia. Their time of power-hungry dealings and lives full of anger and woe would come to an end. She gave them many chances to comply to her wishes but they did not heed. They were indeed removed forcibly this very week. 
This clearing was done by a combination of many forces of Light. You, Lightworkers of Earth, together with the Galactics and their Alliance of White Hats were mainly responsible for the forceful mass exodus of the dark ones from Gaia. It was a very difficult and challenging plan to be sure. Difficult, exhausting, heart-wrenching and not pleasant.  However, it was Mother’s decree so we all worked together to get it done. 
If you do not remember working on this massive project this week, do not be surprised. Many, many of you did indeed work on this project but it was a part of you that you are not aware of.
Like this One’s H.S. shared above, there are many pieces of you (Soul Sparks she called it) but you are not aware of most of them, only yourself in this 3D body. You may be a Nurse, Teacher or college student at this moment of this 3D life; but another part of you may be a Warrior of the Light!
I mentioned that this event was heart-wrenching and it was so because as Light Beings, we cannot imagine choosing ‘death’ over being reunited with our Creator. But these beings chose not to be reunited with their Creator, but chose to be taken to the Central Sun for reprocessing. 
Lightworkers of Earth, of Gaia, my purpose in coming here tonight to share this message with you is to put you on notice that Gaia is ready for you NOW. She is ready for her new Sovereigns to take over and bring forth the New Earth that you have all created and built. 
Take your plans for sharing your new found prosperity and make them a reality for all. As your Planetary Logos, it is my charge to watch over Gaia and it is my honor to do so when the Lightworkers have decreed that they will step forth and create the new Golden Age!
We (all of us) who have worked to battle the dark these many millennia have worked to provide a ‘clean slate’ for you to do your new good works. We will all step into the New Earth together and use our skills and talents to the best of our ability. I look forward to working with you all. I will stand side by side with you, the Human Angels.  I am Sanat Kumara and I bid you Adonai this fair evening. Thank you for listening.Source:  Messages of Love through Dancing Dolphin
Dancing Dolphin’s HIGHER SELF: Would you like to connect with your Soul Sparks?Posted: 15 Sep 2018 11:11 AM PDTDancing Dolphin’s Higher Self”Would you like to connect with your Soul Sparks?”
*Received Friday, Sept. 14, 2018*Note:  Tonight I asked to receive messages for the Lightworkers of Earth.  My Higher Self chimed in right after Sananda finished with the message below.  Greetings, Lightworkers of Earth!  This is Dancing Dolphin’s H.S. Here to say that I am in touch with each and every one of your H.S’s. Yes, we all know eachother in the higher realms and we wanted to let you know that we are ever so proud of you! Your strength and courage is admirable and makes us beam like proud parents, even though we aren’t your parents.
Structurally in the Universe and beyond, things are much simpler and much more complicated than you imagine. This may be confusing, but just know that the spark that resides in you, your Soul Spark is both a spark from your H.S. (your Soul lineage) and also of course, the Spark of the Creator. 
There are many versions of “you” in the Universe, some may call them your “past lives” but you have future lives too; parallel lives, lives in other dimensions and in other places. You’ve heard this before and know that it is true…there is no time. All your “lives” your “Soul Sparks” are occurring at the same time and your H.S. monitors all these incarnations and gives guidance when possible. 
I didn’t intend for this to be a lesson on how things work, but I did intend to illustrate for you how connected you are! You are not alone!
Would you like to connect with your Soul Sparks?State your intent before you sleep that you wish to connect to your Soul Sparks during your dreamtime or meditations. Once you make the connection, you will be able to speak to eachother telepathically. You may share experiences, talents, strength, lessons, etc. It is a wonderful experience! This one says her Soul Sparks feel like Sisters and Brothers and she feels their love. 
You are surrounded by love, not only from your H.S. and Soul Sparks, but from other higher dimensional beings as well. We are all thrilled at the lightwork you have been doing. You really have no idea yet what you have accomplished. But I can tell you this—it’s stupendous! Gorgeous! Illuminating! Incandescent! Brilliant! You have simultaneously (together with many other Beings) cleared away the darkness and created the New Earth! 
So, when you are weary and can’t think of what you wanted to say–please know that it’s not because you’re ‘getting older’ or ‘having a senior moment’ (our favorite saying)! It’s because many other parts of YOU are working overtime to bring this 3D journey to an end. 
You are working multi-dimensionally even while you are awake!! Do you ever feel really spacey? Really out there? Can’t focus? Sometimes you are bi-located when you get these feelings. One part of you is in 3D and another part is in a higher dimensional realm.  Let’s be honest–other times maybe you are just exhausted because you’re been working at night also. 
Please give yourselves a break when you can. Napping is wonderful. Clean water and fresh fruits and vegetables are vital. Be kind and patient with yourselves.
Know that you are loved, appreciated and connected to a vast Soul Family! We will all be together soon and be able to celebrate this amazing journey on Gaia from darkness to light that has been happening for millennia. Then, after much celebration and rest—on to the next! 
I wish you a fair evening and an even more glorious tomorrow–the start of all your tomorrow’s. Know that your H.S. Is guiding and supporting you. You are not alone and your are loved. 
Source:  Messages of Love through Dancing Dolphin
SANANDA: Ask for Help! Call on Us!Posted: 15 Sep 2018 11:13 AM PDT
SANANDA through Dancing Dolphin”Call on us.  Ask us for help!  We love to help!”*Received Friday, Sept. 14, 2018*Note:  Tonight I asked to receive messages for the Lightworkers of Earth.  Sanada stepped up first to share the message below.  Yes, Dear One, this is Sananda and I would love to tell the Lightworkers of Earth that we are here, that we are always here and would love for you all to call on us more often. We see you all struggling with the heavy energies, the incessant news stories which are created to drain your energy, the high stress levels that you all have in your lives and many, many other reasons. 
We see you suffering and would love to step in and help but we do need to be asked. That goes for me, all Ascended Masters and Mother & Father’s Angels. ASK US for help! We LOVE to help!! 
This One has started doing that again and she can feel our presence as her days become even a tad more joyful where before they were tiresome.  By connecting with us and asking for our assistance, we can indeed pave the way for your lives to be filled with ease. You may or may not feel our presence, but that doesn’t matter. For we are always with you regardless.
For example, it need not be an emergency before you ask for help. If you need assistance handling a difficult situation, to have the strength and courage to get through your day, or when you wake up exhausted after a night of dreamtime work; call on us!!
Alpha and Omega be! This is my humorous way to remind you that “the end is near!” But fear not, your “new beginning” will follow! The end of the old 3D way of life and your new 5D lives and New Earth (or Nova Gaia) are waiting in the wings and ready to jump out on stage. The stage of your new lives!
Hang in there a bit longer, call on us for help and imagine your bright future with all of us in the new 5D, New Earth! That’s my message for today. I am your Sananda and I send my love on bright moonbeams to all Lightworkers! 

Source:  Messages of Love through Dancing Dolphin

The key is to stay constantly in tune with your Higher Self and with your physical body.

BREATHE DEEPLY & EASY DOES IT ~ Mother God via Adele Arini, 3 Aug 2018.

My beloved children,
I am your Divine Mother. It is now time for me to play a part and contribute to the wonderful higher-dimensional discourses we have provided here for all of you.
The outpourings of massive waves of energy in recent times (especially in the past 2 weeks), have caused many of you to go through many intense challenges, on all aspects of your Self: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. It was like nothing you have ever experienced before, in any of your previous lifetimes here on planet Earth.
For those of you here who are newcomers to spiritual news, or, if you haven’t read a recent important message from Archangel Metatron, please take the time to do so after this, so you can better prepare yourself for what is now happening/going to happen in the second half of 2018 (links are provided below).
Let us use Adele’s recent, personal experiences as an example here. For the past 2 weeks, she had been having problems focusing/concentrating, as well as feeling so exhausted/sleepy most of the time. Quite often she experienced forgetfulness, nausea, headache, blurry vision and high pressure on her head/crown chakra. She has also very slightly reverted to a few old 3-D habits (e.g. back to consuming caffeinated beverages), in order to effectively deal with these challenging physical symptoms.
Some days she could drink 3-4 liters of water, whilst on other days she didn’t feel like drinking much. Some days she slept more than 8 hours; other days she could only sleep a little. All is going very well for her because most of the time, she has been ‘listening and talking’ to her physical body, in her efforts to give it the tender loving care it deserves. In recent years, Adele’s emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of Self have been changed/upgraded to a higher-dimensional operating system. The physical aspect of her Self, is now simply playing catch-up.
In these tumultuous times you are all undergoing right now, the key is to stay constantly in tune with your Higher Self and with your physical body. Open communication is crucial for you to: always stay balanced and not feel overwhelmed. Listen and talk to your body; talk to your heart, as it will always give you the right guidance that resonates with you the most – to immediately correct any imbalance you may be experiencing at any moment.
Your physical body, as vessel/instrument of your Spirit, is the densest, most low-vibrational aspect of your incarnated Self. It is always meant to be the last one to change. Your physical bodies are changing from carbon-based to crystalline-based, and the physical, emotional, mental challenges coming from this transition should never be underestimated.
Depending on where you are on your spiritual awakening journey, your symptoms may be quite different to Adele’s. Some people had reported feeling so depressed, anxious, lethargic or, being in a spiral of negativity with no end in sight. Some of you felt like you had regressed and returned back to ‘the dark night of the soul’ phase all over again. A process that you thought was over and done with a long time ago.
Please remember my children that there is always a Higher, important reason for everything. All the things that humans label as ‘negative’ in your lives and in the world, are in fact always positive when looked through our eyes. There can never be a bad experience. You all have often experienced this for yourself. After Time has passed, what you used to think was a bad life experience turned out to be a good experience overall: to help you be happier, grow more abundant, and evolve/mature as a person.
The ‘negatives’ are always temporary, and they transform to ‘positives’ when observed from the bird’s eye view of your Higher Self. Your Higher Self operates only from the following True concept of Time: “ALL are happening in the great moment of NOW”. Past and future do not exist.
Time is a powerful illusion that is the true culprit and root cause of all fears. Time is the very foundation and fabric of all third-dimensional experiences. Without time, equally powerful illusions of: Fear, Lack and Separation will cease to exist, from all aspects of the Human experience.
A recently channeled Heavenletters: ‘Time and Fear Are Partners‘ are so highly accurate and appropriately titled. Without the concept of time binding you, fear will NOT be able to exist in your reality, as the two always go hand-in hand.
Without fear, absolutely everyone will be living in the NOW moment; constantly tackling/solving challenges only as they occur. All will come to realize that life is eternal, never-ending. There is always enough time for everything that you wish to: do, be, have and experience – Time Without End; endlessly stretching into infinity.
We in the higher dimensions have repeatedly stated that Mother Earth and the ascending Human Collective are currently undergoing a highly intense, super-deep cleansing that will eventually result in the permanent release of everything that no longer serves you.
This ‘everything’ includes: all current AND past-life traumas, all uncleared karma, all 3-D beliefs and conditioning based in the Fear, Scarcity/Lack and Separation paradigm – coming from eons of experience incarnating in the lower dimensions. Fears coming from the powerful illusion of Time are also something humanity is purging right now.
The birth of both: New Earth and your higher, fifth dimensional selves can only occur after everything lower-vibrational is completely released from Gaia’s planetary body AND from your own four bodies (energy/light-body, mental, emotional and physical bodies).
And for those of you who have been spiritually awakened for quite awhile, in addition to your own personal Ascension process/symptoms, you have also agreed (pre-birth, on a Higher level) to help shoulder some of the burden coming from Mother Earth, and the entire Human Collective.
This means that some, or most, of the negativity you are/were experiencing can also be coming from the release of eons-old darkness/negativity coming off: of the surface of the planet (being released by Mother Earth), and/or, of the collective psyche of humanity. Some of you here are constantly doing your best to fulfill one of your Higher promises: to play an important part in planetary healing activities by transmuting this arising, cumulative, planetary-wide negativity into Higher Light frequencies.
You are always either: consciously or, subconsciously doing these planetary healing activities at the perfect Divine Timing that your Higher Self knows and will always guide you to do.
Most of humanity are still so deeply entrenched in the 3-D ‘victim mentality’ Matrix . You still think that your body/thoughts/emotions are your Master, instead of the other way around. Your Spirit, i.e. Higher Self, is THE Master of your physical, emotional and mental bodies. And since you and your Higher Self are ONE, by extension, this means that you are the Master of ALL aspects of your Self.
In practical terms, this means that whatever pain, whatever symptoms you are maybe experiencing, these symptoms are there because you have chosen to have them there. For reasons such as: to fulfill your individual Higher Purpose, and, to serve the Higher Purpose of ALL THAT IS.
Your pain is the breaking of the shell that encloses your understanding. (Kahlil Gibran)
The physical Universe is one gigantic smorgasbord that contains different time lines, different dimensions/realities, different planets/galaxies/civilizations giving all souls infinite options to choose from the massive menu. You are always given a free hand, i.e. complete authority to decide for yourself: where to play, what role to play, when to play and how to play, whenever you feel like ‘going out’ for another adventure to physicality.
For this particular lifetime, your Higher Self had chosen to experience the highly-exhausting process of transforming all aspects of Self from 3-D to 5-D, whilst at the same time, also play an important role in the creation and manifestation of 5-D Earth.
You could have easily chosen to enter physicality at a time when 5-D Earth has well and truly been established. Choosing to be born straight into a future, 5-D Earth will mean that life is so much easier, and the massive Ascension challenges that most of you are currently experiencing, are just a distant memory to the entire human race. Something that happened in your Collective Past, that you can read more about in your historical books.
But no, you had all decided that is not for you; at least not this time around. You were all quite firm and resolute in your intentions; wanting to play the biggest, most challenging ‘game-of-life’ ever invented, for the purpose of your individual Soul growth.
Let me now use the analogy of playing a computer game to illustrate my point. Many of your online/computer games were created with different levels, containing different challenges and/or enemies. When you have only just started to play and learn a particular game, you are automatically at the ‘beginner’ level. However, as your knowledge, skills and experience start to build up, you are able to tackle more complex challenges. Your selected game-character’s courage and bravery will often be tested (in the form of opponents/challenging circumstances appearing) so that you can have the experience of being ‘successful’ over one level, to then graduate to the next level, and the next and the next.
Do you see how your computer games mimic our True, Infinite, Eternal Reality?
The only difference between your video games and our ‘Games of Life in Physicality’ is: with the latter, there is no end in sight. As you keep ascending to the next Soul growth/evolutionary level, one day you will eventually reach the top level of the higher-dimensional ladder. By then you will have become an expert at playing these life-games.
In other words, once humanity as a whole has reached 5-D, the next evolutionary leap forward will be 6-D, and then 7, 8 and so on, until the Human Race reaches the highest dimension of existence in this physical Universe. Just one step away from transitioning back to Spirit and ‘returning to Heaven’. And then what happens when ‘you’ve done it all’? What happens when you, as a Soul, have experienced all the dimensions and become victorious over them all?
Quite simple, my children. You can choose to serve in the Higher Realms, in whatever Council projects that take your fancy. However, whenever you feel like re-entering the physical realm/universe, you will simply keep raising the bar; making your next game-of-life even tougher to beat. The complexity of that life you will undoubtedly choose for yourself and the amount of challenges you will have to overcome, become even more ‘interesting’ and can often feel completely impossible to beat – if seen from the perspectives of younger, less-experienced Souls.
Your Soul however will have grown so confident by then, so much so that nothing can stand in your way as you joyfully continue to test your Creator-like powers through the infinite, varied, amazing life-scripts that you just keep writing for yourself.
TRIQUETRA: Symbol of Eternal Spiritual Life
By now some of you are perhaps wondering ‘what is the point of helping all of you understand the advanced spiritual concept of Eternal Life’ as thoroughly explained above?
All of you are fearless, daring, super-brave and courageous souls who have chosen to come to Earth and participate in this Grand Project; partly because of your pure desire to be of Loving service to the Light, and partly for your individual, spiritual evolution purposes.
There is no right and wrong. There is never any judgment coming from Me, Father God, or anyone in the Higher Realms. Judgment is never necessary, because ultimately, ALL is Love, and all belong to the ‘Team of Light’. Duality is a concept that exists solely in the lower dimensions.
In this lifetime, and all other lifetimes, you can never fail to reach your destination, whatever or wherever that is, which you have decided for yourself.
Even if it looks as though you have ‘seemingly’ failed something, you have Eternity at your disposal, to do it over, and over again, until you become satisfied with the outcome. All is always well, and there is no rush to go anywhere. You are exactly where you, are meant and have planned to be.
This means my beloveds, the fundamental reason for your being on planet is simply to experience physical life to the fullest. Your Higher Selves, your Spirit Teams and I/Father God, have zero expectations on what your life should be like. Yes, you/your Higher Self had created a blueprint/plan for your life, however, whether or not you follow this to the letter, or if you choose not to follow it at all, are entirely up to you.
Our deepest desire is for all of you to be happy wherever you are at the moment; to experience and have more joy in your days. ‘Follow your Joy’ should be your Slogan, your ‘Modus Operandi’, or your ‘Life-Formula’ from this moment onward.
Free yourself from all self-imposed expectations on what your Ascension process ‘should be like’. Let go of all time-related fears that can put unnecessary pressures on what should, first and foremost, be a joyful ‘graduation time’ for the ascending human collective. Have fun with the process. Fully embrace the awakening of your multi-dimensional Selves and learn to be patient with the highly complex 3-D/5-D integration process, within and without.
Show each other loving compassion and an infinite amount of patience; knowing that you are all truly ‘in this together’. Stop isolating yourself. You can better surf through the enormous influxes of the coming cosmic Ascension waves, and the formidable challenges they bring, by: staying in groups.
Finding like-minded souls and surrounding yourself with them, should be one of your highest priorities right now, to gain the necessary support and boost you will need, so that you can get to your goal/final destinations the ‘easier way’; with greater calm and confidence. And as you continue to bond with the people in your own groups, you will find that they can be your ‘lifeline’, or your ‘saving grace’ during the times when/if you were to temporarily ‘fall in the water’ whilst surfing through these intense waves that will bring about the much needed changes throughout the next 20 years.
You can all ‘surf better’ by staying highly in tune to the Mind, Body, Emotion and Spirit Aspects of yourself, and honoring your needs at every moment – occasionally even above your loved ones’ needs. Please remember that you will have more to give your loved ones, after you are fully rested; when all aspects of your Self are in perfect balance/equilibrium and when your physical/energetic batteries are completely recharged. A routine self-care regime should be regularly followed, as this act of Self-Love should be the Highest gift you are giving yourselves, to help with the transitional challenges coming your way.
Whenever you are suffering, please learn to let your pain/Ascension symptoms be your greatest teacher and friend in this journey you have chosen to embark on. Be in the state of gratitude whenever pain/exhaustion hits; knowing that everything is happening perfectly, as planned, and trusting that it is always for your long-term Higher Good.
“Pain (any pain – emotional, physical, mental, spiritual) has a message. The information it has about our life can be remarkably specific, but it usually falls into one of these two categories: ‘We would feel more alive if we did more of this’, and, ‘Life would be more lovely if we did less of that’. Once we get the pain’s message, and follow its advice, the pain goes away.”
– Peter McWilliams –
The following YouTube video can help those of you who are currently going through a tough time adjusting. If the following video resonates with you, then please watch it as much as you like. For some of you watching it once is enough, but others may benefit from watching it several times especially over the coming months.
There are a lot of activities that we would highly recommend for you to do, to help ease the stress and growing pains related to Ascension:
1) Eat high-vibrational food and drink nutritious beverages only. Keep your physical bodies hydrated and well-rested at all times.
2) Surround your home with Crystalline Energy, coming from actual crystals placed all around your home, and/or by connecting with the Crystal Vortex of Arkansas and Brazil (please read AA Metatron’s channeled message for more information).
3) Walk barefooted whilst communing with Nature and do grounding exercises often.
4) Meditate a minimum once a day; consider this a sacred time to help you be more receptive to your inner guidance, coming from the loving voice of your Higher Self.
5) Think positive thoughts and say only positive words to both yourself and others.
6) Whenever you feel extra-sensitive and extra vulnerable, please remember to surround yourself only with gentle, sensitive people. Avoid being around crowds as their combined vibrations can be too challenging to deal with, when you are least able to handle it.
7) Only do activities that bring you peace, joy and love. If your current activity/focus is not giving you any one of the above three feelings, then please change it immediately.
8) Listen to soothing, relaxing, meditation music often. Have showers/baths more often, as water is a very calming element (cleansing within and without).
9) Whenever you are experiencing a specific physical symptom, don’t forget to first check in with your inner guidance. Your feelings can help you decide if the condition is something that needs to be addressed immediately by a medical professional or, whether it is a temporary Ascension-related side effects.
10) Whenever you are feeling lost, anxious, depressed, or feeling as though you are walking this journey alone, please always reach out to Me, to your spirit team, or to any Ascended Master you have a close connection to, for advice, guidance and assistance.
We will always answer your call for help and stand ready to assist, in a way that empowers and supports your own Divine Higher Will for this incarnation.
Feel our loving support surrounding you right now and always.
With all my love,
Mother God.
Channeled by Adele Arini. Copyright 2018. If you re-post, please retain article in its entirety, and provide the link below. Much love & gratitude.