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Alligators on the path :)

Messages from Ann & the Angels – 09/16/23

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My dear friends, we love you so very much,

Suppose you wanted to go for a beautiful walk to a lovely destination. You are eager for the journey. It is a beautiful day. The air is fresh and clear, and you anticipate a wonderful time. However, not far upon the path, you encounter a huge alligator! You can’t believe it. The creature is large and blocks the entire path. There is no way around him. What to do? You wait a bit, but he’s not budging. You get frustrated and start to throw stones, and he becomes menacing. You say, “Get on! Go! Shoo!” and he growls. So here you are. You’ve been anticipating a fantastic walk, and now you’ve got a huge alligator in the path. Fighting him doesn’t work. Wishing he wasn’t there doesn’t make a difference. What to do?

Dear ones, this alligator represents the various things in life that show up and seem to block or thwart you from achieving your dreams. They are the financial challenges that seem to make things impossible for you, the seemingly insurmountable diagnosis, the people whose demands on your time appear to prevent you from having any of your own, and the challenges that seem to interrupt your positive progress. Each one of you has your “alligators on the path,” and like the one we imagined before, wishing they weren’t there doesn’t change them. Fighting them only makes them more challenging.

If you ran across this alligator or your life’s challenges, many of you would be inclined to give up on what you originally wished for. You’d turn back and give up on the walk. You’d tell yourself you can’t have that vacation or home you want. You’ll never enjoy good health again. Your dreams don’t matter because everyone else’s need do. Even as we say these untruths, we feel your energy and your lights dim, so let us quickly help you shift your vibration back to truth. In spite of any “alligator” you encounter, you can turn back to the love that lives within all things and beings and ask for assistance in creating a solution.

In our example, you could back off a bit, sit down, have a snack, and enjoy the beautiful day. You could send love to this alligator on the path, who would sense your good intentions, your love, and your desire for them to move, and they would eventually wander off the trail. Your willingness to believe in the good, in your worthiness, and in the Creator’s desire for all beings to exist in harmony would align you with that reality. You would fulfill your intention to enjoy the day, have a little magic on the path, and reach your destination.

Likewise, if you have a financial challenge, take a step back and enjoy your day. Count the blessings you do have. Look forward to the thing you can’t afford now due to the “alligator on your path” and wait for guidance as to how to proceed or the miracle that will assist. If you believe in the good, in your worthiness, and in the Creator’s desire for you to have all the good you wish, then you will aligned with this reality.

If you have a health challenge that someone has told you you must live with, take a step back from the struggle for a bit. What you can enjoy right here and now? What you can you do? What can you focus on that feels healthier and happier? If you believe in the good, in your worthiness, and in the Creator’s desire for you to experience your wholeness, then in spite of any “alligator on the path,” you will be guided to the solutions.

Even if you have challenges with very unpleasant and intractable individuals, the heavens can help you work around these “alligators on your path.” Perhaps you live with one — someone who snaps at you when you oppose them. Maybe you work with one — someone who won’t budge. Perhaps your child is married to one — someone who guards their “turf,” so to speak. In any case, you can take a step back, avoid opposing them, enjoy what you can, and send love. In this reality, if you believe in the good, in your worthiness to receive help, and in the Creator’s desire for all to exist in peace and harmony, then eventually, solutions will be revealed. Your heart will change. Their heart will change. You will receive guidance on how to communicate with or work around them.

The Creator of universes lives within all things and all beings — you and the “alligators” on your path. No matter how stubborn, unwilling to shift, or impossible they seem, the Divine can work around them. If you get in touch with Divinity, simply through your willingness to look for what feels better, is better, or even to imaging what could be better, then you are in a space to receive help, and to resonate with all good—even the divinity buried deeply within these scary and unpleasant “alligators” that appear to block the path to your dreams.

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
— The Angels

Turning it all to good

Messages from Ann & the Angels – 09/09/2023

My dear friends, we love you so very much,

Everything you have manifested in your life, intentionally or not, can be turned into something good. Even the most unwanted situations you have inadvertently allowed or attracted can be changed for your benefit. The fertilizer can grow roses. The illness can lead to an enhanced quality of life in the future, or bliss beyond reason in heaven. The ugliest relationship you’ve ever experienced can drive you more deeply into self-love. The death of a loved one can catalyze an entire spiritual journey and your own awakening to mystical abilities.

Did you create this unpleasantness to catalyze your growth and lessons? Not really, dear ones. While there are cases when you and other souls decide to help each other grow in some tough ways, God never plunges you into darkness so you can find the light. The angels never guide you into challenging situations so you can find your strength. You—by your decisions to dance with other souls—and by your vibration attract and allow vibrational matches. It is that simple in concept. In reality, your most challenging job is bypassing old conditioning, which teaches you to act first. As you learn to shift your vibration first, your life will continue to progress with ever-increasing ease.

Suppose you want a relationship. You feel desperate. You’ve wanted one for some time, and they’re not here! You’re emanating frustration, fear, doubt, and lack. You don’t realize that you’ve tuned into the exact opposite of all you desire much of the time, and so, in your frustration, you join an online dating site and begin the hunt. At best, you will attract no one. You’ll more likely attract others in a similarly frustrated space who want you to make them feel better. You found vibrational matches. Despite current frustrations, you can shift your vibration and turn this to good. You can tune back into love more consistently, focus on the delicious anticipation of the love you want to share, and, in so doing, change everything.

Likewise, suppose that after years of stuffing feelings, criticizing yourself, or feeling upset, you develop an illness. You weren’t given this illness to develop strength or to heal and help others. You just pinched off the love that was trying to flow to you on numerous small occasions, eventually taking a toll on the body. It is much the same as if you cut off the water to your plants a thousand times a day, and eventually, it begins to wither. However, here is the good news. You can change your vibration to one of love; in that frequency, even the most serious illnesses can shift into a profoundly beautiful reality.

A more difficult scenario is when someone you love dies or is going through a hard time. You didn’t create their reality. You can’t uncreate it for them. You came together in a mutual vibration of love and a desire for expansion and growth. Each of you has chosen—consciously or not—to attune to different realities and, therefore, create different outcomes. You don’t control their vibration or their choices, and they do not control yours.

So here you are, drawn together by love and a desire for expansion. Suppose you have tuned to love and created an easier path. Perhaps they were so hard on themselves that the only way to expand was to leave this brain and body behind and return to the glory of their soul. Perhaps they decided before birth to leave early and catalyze expansion for all. You have both grown. You have both expanded. You both love. But as a human being, you hurt. You miss them. We understand.

Even this, dear ones, can be turned into good, gently, slowly, and organically. The more you can shift away from the unpleasant emotions by focusing instead on how much you love, how magnificent your love is, and how deeply you care—the more you will feel your connection with your dear ones in spirit. If you can appreciate the love in your own heart, you will feel their love for you. Likewise, when you have a friend or family member who is suffering, focus on your love, their light, and all that is good in life. You will become a strong, positive, energetic influence if you can do this. Your influence does not come from words or deeds but rather from you being in a space of confident belief in their goodness and eventual success. You become a tuning fork for their benefit.

No matter how good or how challenging your life, tuning to love will shift reality and turn even the most difficult situation into good. Care about yourselves enough to reach for what feels better—one thought at a time—and in so “being,” you will create more good than all the “doing” in the world can do for you.

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
— The Angels

Receiving Heaven’s Broadcast

Messages from Ann & the Angels – 09/02/2023

My dear friends, we love you so very much,

There is so much love flowing to your planet right now. There are beings from many dimensions holding a beautiful focus on a loving future for all of you—individually and collectively.

Angels are waiting in the wings to nurture and support you. We broadcast only on the frequency of love. We constantly look for ways to guide you to the next loving experience you desire. We remain steadfast in our vision of you having every loving thing and experience you desire. When you waiver in your faith, we do not. When you feel unworthy of love, we know your worthiness. When you disconnect from love for even a nanosecond, we continue to love you.

We see the love beneath your so-called negative emotions, and we remain focused on this alone. When you worry, we see the love and care beneath your feelings of powerlessness. We focus on what you desire and on your inner power to create.

When you feel enraged that someone has treated you unkindly, we focus on your worthiness and your desire to be treated better. When you are upset because someone took something from you, we focus on your power to allow more to flow into your life. When you feel helpless and angry because you believe someone can rob you of your freedom, we focus on the fact that you are eternally free to create with the Divine.

Dear ones, we cannot and will never focus on or judge your shadows because we live to support your light. We mirror back to you in every way we can, the highest and most beautiful aspects of yourself. Frequently, we see you more kindly and powerfully than you see yourself.

When you reach for good feelings, you also tune into our steady stream of love. You open to grace, guidance, and goodness. When you focus on anything that does not feel good—although we remain in the highest frequency possible—you are not tuned to a different frequency. We never stop sending love. However, you can, and often do, stop receiving.

Think of it this way. We are broadcasting on a frequency of love in much the same way a radio broadcasts on a particular FM frequency. We are sending signals to encourage and guide you to all you desire. Whether you want a home, a relationship, better finances, a new outfit, or a new direction, heaven’s broadcast is always on, and always trying to assist you. We never broadcast fear, doubt, worry, upset, or other lower vibrations. We never send you to situations or people that match these lower vibrations. We broadcast only a steady stream of love, on a frequency of love. Our “channel” never changes.

Whenever you focus on anything that makes you feel good, soothed, or even a little better, you start to tune into our loving broadcast. You are closer and closer to the loving frequency of our “channel.” You begin to receive our signals more clearly. You feel our love more intensely. Best of all, you start to feel and see yourselves the way we see—powerful, perfect, worthy.

So when you enjoy the aroma of your morning coffee, you tune into our loving broadcast and might suddenly remember you have to run an important errand. When you worry about getting to work in time, you are not tuned in to our broadcast. You might miss our guidance to check the traffic. When someone smiles at you, and you feel good, you suddenly feel your heart attuned to the goodness in people and, in that moment, are attracting all good relationships. When someone cuts you off in traffic, and you scowl at their rudeness, you tune our love out and open to the other rude people on earth at that moment.

Your vibration is influenced by the outside world, but only to the degree you allow. Suppose, using the analogy above, you started to worry about getting to work on time and realized the worrisome thought didn’t feel good. You remind yourself that the universe has your back, that even if you are a little late, all will be well, and that it is better to relax than get worked up about something over which you have no control. You take a deep breath, and feel better. Suddenly, you feel the urge to check traffic, take a different route than usual, and arrive on time. Likewise, when that driver cuts you off in traffic, you might react momentarily but then quickly go back to listening to your music or audiobook. In that case, you have not tuned into rudeness long enough to attract more from the world. You have returned to the broadcast of love. Your day will flow more smoothly.

Dear ones, as we have said so very often, you get to choose your tuning. We have already chosen ours, and it is love and only love. You, too, can practice soothing yourself, distracting yourself from unpleasant thoughts, and relaxing into the arms of a loving universe that wants you to have all that you desire.

Your world is going through growing pains, but you need not. You can tune into our heavenly broadcast whenever you reach for a better feeling. We are here for you, now and always, steadfast in our focus on your beautiful hearts, your beautiful light, and the path to all you desire.

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
— The Angels

Messages from Ann & the Angels – 08/05/2023 • Giving up Your Worries…

My dear friends, we love you so very much,

There’s not a thing or a person on this earth that you need to worry about. There are, of course, people and situations that require attention, solutions, and plenty of love. There are powerful ways to assist even when you feel powerless in the 3D paradigm of reality. There are ways in which you can go beneath the worry, focus on the care in your beautiful heart, and share your light with the people and situations you so dearly wish to help.

Many of you learned to worry as a way of expressing your love. At its deepest essence, worry is born of love; however, it is a lower vibrational expression—watered down with substantial doses of fear. You love but worry about your loved one’s ability to change. You love but worry about your country, company, or companion. You love but don’t yet trust the Divine to offer solutions. So many of you witnessed others who expressed their love (and fears) in worry that it seems almost normal.

We see the deep and passionate love and care beneath your worries. We focus on empowering that love within you. We work with you to help you remember that you can take that love in your beautiful hearts and shine it on the solutions, situations, organizations, and people you care about. Fear feels bad. Love feels good. Worry feels bad by degrees based on the amount of fear mixed in with your love.

You don’t worry when you feel confident in God’s grace or know there will be a resolution to the situation you care about. You don’t worry when you know you can affect a situation or assist a person. You never worry about the things you know how to do or the schedules you know how to meet. You don’t worry when you feel confident in another person’s ability to help themselves or resolve a challenge. Worry comes instead when you don’t know what to do or don’t believe others will figure out what to do.

At a deeper level, worry is born from trying to control someone or something, even for the better. To calm your fears, focus on your own vibration, and reclaim your power, you must surrender to the fact that every being — man, woman, child, and animal—is vibrationally attracting what matches the energies they emit. You cannot change a person’s vibration for them.

However, you can be a powerful agent for positive change when you are in a high vibe. In this space, you can powerfully influence others’ vibrations for the better. You can lift, inspire, and help others shift their vibration by acting as a tuning fork. When you hold the vision and energy of what another wishes for, you help them attune to that vibration more easily and quickly. Just as two voices joined in song are more powerful than one, two souls joined in a similar vibration lift one another.

You can give your almost-grown children a million great career ideas and worry to death about their future while being of no assistance at all. Or, you can express your love and feel your confidence in their ability to figure it out, thus helping them find their confidence and hear their own hearts.

You can worry about the safety of your little ones, and they will likely become anxious, too. Or you can rest in the security of the Divine, trust in your inner guidance, and instill in your children a sense of trust in themselves. They are far more secure when they know they have inner guidance than when their anxieties keep them from trusting their feelings. You can help them find this peace and security by finding your own.

If you can find the love and care beneath the worry and find ways to express that love without fear, then dear ones, you become caring influencers and powerful uplifters. In your presence, others will develop new confidence in their abilities to change. You will inspire creative solutions. You will perceive your guidance more clearly. Your love will be received when it is pure, clear, and no longer watered-down with fear.

We never worry about you, and we never worry about your world. We stay in love and focus on your desired solutions and the world you wish to create. We have confidence in the love that lives within us all. When you don’t, sit and receive our love. We will do our utmost to bring you back to a more profound and loving truth, one in which worry dissolves into the powerful light of love.

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
— The Angels

Messages from Ann & the Angels – 07/29/2023 • Mining Your Negative Feelings

My dear friends, we love you so very much,

Breathe for just a second. Take in our love. Rest in that. Your world is going through tremendous change right now. During the pandemic, you all dove deep within. You faced yourselves. Without the distractions of your regular life, you were alone with your feelings about yourself, your life, and others.

You learned very quickly whether you loved or hated being alone. Your desire for deeper, more authentic connections intensified. Your love of nature blossomed. Your feelings of fear or loneliness intensified in many cases. You noticed whether or not you liked working from home or in the office. You figured out whether you appreciated your work or wanted to start a new business.

All of you, without exception, faced yourselves and your heart’s truths more deeply. You discovered a more authentic version of yourself. You pondered some tough questions. What do I want in life moving forward? How do I want to live? Who do I want to spend my time with?

As you faced these questions, some of you became excited and eager for change. If you practice high vibrational living, you’ll notice that options for your future are flowing freely. Follow the joy and trust the journey!

Much of humanity, however, got caught in very human feelings of frustration and impatience. Noticing what you don’t want is easy. Figuring out how to create change in your life can be challenging if you try to do it on your own.

Your world is going through a massive tug-of-war between desire and resistance. You feel the turbulence in the energy. One minute, your thoughts are hopeful, and the next, you feel off. It is increasingly important to take charge of your minds, dear ones. You can allow all you desire to come with ease and grace in this fast flow, or you can experience incredible upset if you are in vibrational resistance to what you want.

Don’t despair if you feel frustration, impatience, fear, upset, doubt. Your not-so-pleasant emotions give you two valuable bits of information: 1) they point to the fact that you want something different, and 2) they tell you that the thoughts you are thinking here and now about the situation do not align with what you desire.

Suppose you are caring for a loved one or a pet. You may feel overwhelmed and unclear on the best course of action. Your unpleasant feelings tell you two things: 1) you want clear guidance, ease, and balance, and 2) your thoughts do not yet align with what you want. Rather than agonizing over your decisions, you can take time daily to sit, breathe, and intend to receive our love. You can remind yourself, “The universe has my back. The Divine cares about both of us. My angels want me to be balanced. They want my loved one to receive good care. I can relax and trust the flow of guidance.” Or if that is too hard to believe, rest in our love, and we’ll whisper such truths until you feel them.

Suppose you are grieving, as so many of you are. Of course, you miss the physical presence of your dear one. Of course, you will feel sadness. We would never criticize your feelings. We see the immense love beneath them. Nonetheless, the unpleasant feelings tell you two things: 1) you want to feel love and connection with your dear one, and 2) your thoughts are not yet attuned to that connection. Happily, your dear ones in heaven are opportunists! They will take advantage of any small moment when you are distracted or focused on something that feels good – even if for a second – and try to get through with their love.

Be gentle with yourselves, and do your best to align your thoughts with your hopes and dreams. You will feel a shift when you do. You will feel lighter, more energized, and more able to breathe. You will feel a sense of knowing you will have what you want. You will feel relieved of the burdens of fear and doubt. As you think of your future with joy and imagine feeling wonderful, you open to it and the guidance that will get you there.

It takes practice and a willingness to mind your own mind rather than letting random thoughts control you. Many frequencies and vibrations are vying for your attention right now. However, as you slowly but surely practice choosing delicious, abundant, appreciative thoughts in any area of your life, you will see improvements in all areas of your life. We want this for you. We want each of you to know the bliss and support available.

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
— The Angels

you are perfect, ever-expanding, and constantly growing.

Messages from Ann & the Angels – 07/15/2023 • Perfectly Imperfect

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My dear friends, we love you so very much,

You are all perfect in our eyes, even as you expand into more. There are no criteria by which we judge, or the Divine judges you in heaven.
Nothing you can do, think, or say will change our view of you because we know who you are. We see your light, goodness, and the truth you seek. We don’t focus on your so-called mistakes or your so-called imperfections. These are ripples on the surface of a deep ocean. These are things that catalyze you to create. We see the love beneath, and only that.

What if you were to see yourselves this way? Could you spend an hour of your life assuming you are a perfect being of light having an experience on earth? When you get results that please you, you know you’ve been tuning according to your desires. When you get results that displease you, it’s time to recalibrate. Although this is a simple concept, the challenge is reminding yourself that this is how the universe works when you have all been trained by those who didn’t understand.

Your life can be so much easier. Is your day flowing? Celebrate, focus on your appreciation for it, and it will flow even more easily. Is your day a “comedy of errors?” Stop. Breathe. Remind yourself that all you have to do is recalibrate your energy field. What pleases you? Distract yourself for a few moments with enjoyable thoughts. Remind yourself you are doing your best. Take a moment and pause until you feel better. As a result of your recalibration, you’ll shift your whole day and enter the flow. The two to five minutes it takes to focus on a good feeling thought or something you enjoy right in front of you will pay off in hours, days, months, and even lifetimes if you get in the habit!

When you feel you’ve made a mistake, catch yourself when you start to criticize or beat yourself up. Dear ones, you are criticizing the light of God having an experience! Would you scold a child for learning? Would you criticize someone who didn’t know better? Would you tell your best friend what you are saying to yourself? Probably not. Be your best friend, dear ones. Talk sweetly to yourself. Recognize that your so-called mistakes are just opportunities, not a cause to feel that you are somehow flawed or “lesser than.”

We understand that you are unlearning old training. Many of you would argue that things can’t be so simple simply because you have learned they must be hard. And that is OK dear ones! You can vent your frustrations to the heavens, and instead of your anger, we’ll see your passion, desire, and deep, deep, intense love for what you seek to enjoy, experience, and create.

In our eyes, you are perfect, ever-expanding, and constantly growing. Try, as often as you can, to see yourself that way.

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
— The Angels

Messages from Ann & the Angels ~ Exercising Your Freedom

My dear friends, we love you so very much,

Many of you on this list recently celebrated Independence Day – a day of acknowledging your freedom.

Here in the heavens, before birth, you knew you were free and would always be. You knew that no matter what family you incarnated into or what administration you lived within, you would be free. You knew you would be free to think what you wanted and that you would be free to attune yourself to any reality. You knew that in a high vibration, you would be free from even those who might try to impose their will upon you in the physical world.

In the distant future, parents will raise their children to remember and operate within the vibrational reality. However, most of you were raised by those who forgot and, in their forgetting, taught you that you were subject to the opinions, ideas, and judgments of others around you. In an attempt to please others, so many of you ignored your feelings to satisfy demands and avoid judgment. Now you are reconnecting with your inner guidance, trusting your feelings to a greater degree, and granting yourselves the freedom that has always belonged to your soul.

The concept of being subservient to the actions and choices of others comes from the third-dimensional model of reality. If someone bumps into you, you feel it. When someone aims angry words at you, your conditioning inspires a reaction. However, before these things occurred in the 3D world, the invisible world of energy was already at work.

You may say to us, quite accurately and vehemently, “I don’t enjoy angry people! I don’t want them in my life!” and, in your angry vibration, draw more of them right to you. Or you may say, quite accurately and peacefully, “I like people who behave and are kind and courteous. It is such a joy to connect with them.” You begin to attract kind people, even as you think about and attune yourself to the wonderful ones you’ve met or know today.

Sometimes you focus so much on situations you would rather not experience that you tune right into them. “I am alone. I am alone. I am alone. I want a mate. I am alone. I am alone. I am alone.” Although you are telling the truth, your focus on being alone takes up more air time than the delicious reality of having the desired partner. In this scenario, you are not attuned to the vibration of the desired partner. Instead, you have tuned yourself into the condition of being alone, thus reinforcing it further.

Shift your story just a bit, and you can change your vibration. “I am so looking forward to my perfect partner. I am so looking forward to sharing all my love. I can’t wait to enjoy the things we’ll do together. I love the feeling of love. I’m in love with love now!” Watch what starts to show up in this focus.

“I don’t know where the money is going to come from. I don’t know how I’ll get it. I hate always struggling. Gosh, it will be nice to feel better when the money comes. I guess it always does. I guess I have a pretty good life. Today is ok. God will come through. I think I’ll get lunch. Mm, lunch is good. At least I can enjoy that.” In this case, you have shifted your focus to an abundant vibration, so more will come. Lunch will bring you more money because you’ve used the topic of a delicious lunch to shift your vibration to one of abundance.

“What is the world coming to? I can’t believe how crazy people are acting. I just got cut off in traffic for the umpteenth time. Things used to be simpler.” So far, this feels true, but you can shift to something better. “There are good people in the world. I know so many who are trying to make this a better place. I’m trying to make my world a better place. I like being me. At least I’m not the one cutting people off in traffic! Laughter. Well, I’m not going to solve this all today. I don’t have to solve it all. The happier I am, the better I make my world. Wow, I’m feeling better.” Following this train of good-feeling thoughts, you create a better experience of the world by attuning to a happier vibration.

You can tune into a factual reality you enjoy and thus attract or allow good. You can tune into an imaginary reality you like and thus attract or allow good. You can tune into a factual reality you don’t care for (or one you imagine) and block your good. You are free.

Good always flows, dear ones. Love always flows— forever in a steady stream. You can freely tune your feelings into that stream of goodness or ignore it and experience something else. Regardless, you are always free.

Right here and right now, choose a thought that makes you feel good. Now breathe. Bask in the good feelings. Stay there for 20 to 30 seconds.

You have just exercised your freedom to choose. You have just set the entire universe in motion to attract what you want. You have just shifted your course to a better reality.

It really is that simple. You really are that free.

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
~ The Angels

Messages from Ann & the Agnels – 07/01/2023 • I am suported I am loved.

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My dear friends, we love you so very much,

Right now, if you’re willing, take a deep breath. Take in the gift that is offered freely to you in each moment. Feel the air expanding in your lungs. Can you imagine the magnificent blessing you have just received?

Imagine your lungs are like little upside-down trees. In your inhalation, you draw in air through the trunk of those trees, and as you breathe deeply, it goes down every branch, every stem, and to every little last leaf in that tree. At the end of these little branches and stems, your cells begin the miraculous process of extracting oxygen and carrying it to each cell in your body. Your cells take in this oxygen to create energy for your body. Every time you move a muscle, your breath is involved.

A single deep breath assists in many other ways. It calms you. It moves your lymph so your body can naturally clean itself out. It helps to relax tension and stagnation. Furthermore, it is one vehicle through which the spiritual energies can flow into your body.

Breathe once again, deeply and consciously. In addition to the air, you deliberately pull the spiritual energies into your body. They circulate naturally, as does oxygen, without thought. Still, when you are intentional—drawing in both air and light through the breath—you can accelerate the body’s natural healing, open to the ever-present stream of love and life, and gift yourself with the ability to relax. When you rest, surrendering any lower vibrational thoughts by focusing on your breath, you elevate your vibration enough to allow the Divine design to inform each cell. You are open to the steady stream of love and guidance.

Such a simple thing, dear ones, to breathe, with intent, with focus. Take another breath, and tell yourself the simplest thing, “I am supported. I am loved.” Breathe out. Breathe in. “I am supported. I am loved.” Exhale by simply allowing the air to leave on its own. Inhale, “I am supported. I am loved.”

Perhaps as you go through your days, you can pause here and there, take a deep breath, and tell yourself, “I am supported. I am loved.” Perhaps when something upsets or concerns you, you can pause, take a deep breath, and tell yourself, “I am loved. I am supported.”

Pause. Breathe. Remind yourself, “I am supported. I am loved.”

Think of something that concerns you or upsets you, just briefly. Notice your body. Do you tense your jaws or neck? Does your stomach tighten? Just notice your body when you think of anything concerning. Do this only for a few seconds.

Now let it go. Pause. Breathe. Remind yourself, “I am supported. I am loved.” Take that truth in. Inhale it. Inhale the energy of love and support because you do so every time you breathe.

How do you feel now? Do this a few more times and notice the changes you sense in body and mind.

There are countless ways to counteract the so-called negative emotions—fear, anger, frustration, jealousy, etc.—but breathing is the simplest way to reset your body and mind. So simple. So accessible. So affordable! Dear ones, you can begin this practice now and use it for a lifetime.

Pause. Breathe. Remind yourself, “I am supported. I am loved.” If you practice this often, you will notice a marked difference in your body, mind, and vibration. As a result, you’ll notice a difference in who and what you attract into your life as well.

Your earth is turbulent dear ones, as everyone strives to find their truth. You can be blissfully calm. Pause. Breathe. Remind yourself, “I am supported. I am loved.”

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
— The Angels

Accept your Sweet Self

Messages from Ann & the Angels – 06/10/2023

My dear friends, we love you so very much,

Accept yourselves as you are. Accept yourself at this moment, whether you are feeling wonderful or terrible. If you feel bad, of course, you want to feel better, but right here, right now, stop fighting yourself. Stop criticizing yourself. If you feel wonderful, revel in those good feelings. If you feel terrible, accept and love yourself as you are.

Whether you feel beautiful or ugly inside or out, we see your light. We see your beauty. We see your truth as a being of divine love having an experience upon your earth. Sometimes you remember the love that you are, Sometimes you forget. Your true nature, however, remains unchanged. Water is water, dear ones, whether it takes the form of ice, liquid, or steam. Your essential nature is love whether your current experience is sadness, fear, anger, or expanded bliss

We hold a constant and steady vision of your health, happiness, abundance, and joy. We have great compassion as you uncover layers of resistance to feeling loved, seeing love, and being loved. The most stubborn layer of resistance to love is the resistance to loving yourself as you are, right here, right now.

Wherever you are, say to yourself, “At this moment I am who I am.”

I AM, dear ones, was the name God gave Moses centuries ago. The Divine was saying, “I am who I am. I am in all things and all beings. I am evident in what you consider good and hidden within what you consider bad. I am in your heart when you feel holy, and I am a diamond of light buried deeply, even in hearts encrusted with hatred.”

When you feel good, tell yourself, “I am who I am.” It is wonderful to feel good. When you do, you (vibrationally) offer everyone a hand up. You need never feel guilty for feeling good, no matter who is feeling good or down around you.

If you feel terrible, take a moment and tell yourself, “I am who I am. I feel terrible, and I want to feel better. But right now, I accept myself as I am. I’m pure light. I’m just having a tough experience.” Love yourself where you are at. Have compassion for yourself. It will be infinitely easier to reach for a better feeling, as we so often suggest, if you can love and accept yourself where you are—right here and right now. In this state of self-acceptance, you are free from resistance to loving yourself. You are open to allowing the flow of love to carry you into better and kinder states of being.

We never stop loving you. We never judge you. We never see you as anything less than the light that lives and breathes within you. As a good mother sees the goodness in all of her children, we see who you really are. We hold a steady vision of your health, happiness, abundance, harmony, and expression. The notion of a judgmental, righteous, and vengeful God is an invention of judgmental, righteous, vengeful human beings. God is love. We are love. Love yourself as we do, dear ones, and you will sail through life, riding its waves like a surfer rides the currents of the ocean, using all as momentum for your goals.

Accept yourselves, dear ones. Right here, right now, place your hands over your heart and tell yourself, “I love and accept myself as I am. I am a spirit having an experience, perfect as is, even as I grow into greater love and awareness.” Don’t say you can’t accept yourself. You can. Choose to do it now. In so doing, you change the course of your entire future. You open to the love that is already and always there for you.

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
— The Angels

Messages from Ann & the Angels – 06/03/2023 • The Value of Feeling

My dear friends, we love you so very much,

Are you in touch with your feelings on a regular basis? Most of you would answer “Yes.” You know when you’re happy, sad, or upset. Strong emotions are easy to recognize. However, It is an art to be more in touch with your subtle feelings – those first indicators that your mind and your mood are headed in a particular direction. For example, suppose you wake up in a good mood. You are clear and focused on your priorities. You know what you need to do before work and have plenty of time. Then you get a text or receive an email that concerns you. You think about the issue as you go to eat your breakfast. You absentmindedly take more time than you meant to take. You get up and forget where you put your keys. You leave the house or get to work a little later than you planned. Nothing terrible has happened, but you are no longer focused or happy at this point. You may feel distracted, less focused, or a little worried. You may get upset when a coworker contacts you about an issue before you can settle into your workspace. If you’re not careful, you can find yourself stressed and upset by the end of the day without realizing why. For the sake of your happiness and vibrational well-being, it is a valuable skill to start paying more attention to your subtle feelings. In this example, suppose you recognized a slight shift in your emotions immediately after reading that text. You notice that suddenly you don’t feel as good as you did a moment ago. Now you can take corrective action. You can ask yourself, “What feels better?” You can look out the window and see the beautiful sky. You can think about a loved one. You can say a little prayer, give the problem to the Creator and get on with your day. You can refocus and reclaim your good mood in so many different ways. It is far easier to do this a little at a time than to resurrect a good feeling once you’ve allowed circumstances to erode your good mood. We know that there are times when you are plunged into the depths. You lose a loved one, have a health scare, become concerned about finances, or feel a shockwave when someone is unkind to you. After one of these challenges, it is hard to feel good. We never ask you to feel good about things that don’t. We simply remind you, with great love, that even when there are large, difficult circumstances in your life, there are always smaller things that can soothe you. There are always things to focus on that will feel better. If you’ve lost a loved one, looking at happy photos or calling a good friend may be soothing. If someone has been unkind, praying or focusing on the good people in the world can be helpful. If you have a financial challenge, reminding yourself that you have the Creator of Universes working on your behalf can help. Talking to someone else who has a better perspective can help. Walking outside, looking at the sky, and reminding yourself of the vastness of creation can help. Perhaps a cup of tea and a good book is the key. If you’re ill or worried about your body, remind yourself that when you sleep, silence your mind, or distract yourself with something happier, you are getting out of the way and allowing your cells to speak directly to God, who, in every moment, is directing the entire universe (your cells included) into a greater balance. You can find so many things that can temporarily soothe, comfort, and uplift you. In so doing, slowly but surely, you take the small steps to a better feeling space. By paying attention to your subtle feelings throughout the day, you can much more easily give yourself the love you deserve, prevent the outer world from hijacking your joy, and even maintain better health. You deserve to feel good dear ones, not only about the “big” things in life but in a thousand little ways each day. Look for the things that inspire soothing, comfort, relief, or joy. Be with them more often in your thoughts. That way, when the “darkness of ignorance and misunderstanding” presents itself to you – be it via a news article, a disturbing story, or the person that cuts you off in traffic – then you can go back to choosing your news, your views, and therefore your mood.

God Bless You! We love you so very much. — The Angels  

Oh you are so loved!…We want for you what you want for yourself—and more.

Messages from Ann & the Angels – 05/27/2023.

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My dear friends, we love you so very much, We say this every week, but in truth, we whisper it every moment of your lives. We love you. Take a moment and breathe that in. We love you. You don’t have to earn our love or maintain it. You can ignore us for years, then come to us in need, and we will be there. You can be angry and yell at us, and we will continue to love you. You can tell us to go away, but our love cannot leave you any more than the ocean can leave a wave, for we are extensions of Divine love. So are you. When you doubt your dreams, we remain steadfast in holding the energetic blueprint for all you desire. When you see the impossible, we whisper the next step that is possible. When you feel discouraged about your relationships, we encourage you to care for yourself first, to be honest with yourself first, and then from there, to be lovingly honest with others. We hold a vision of harmony for your hearts and your lives. We want for you what you want for yourself—and more. Dear ones, we love because it is our nature to love. We feel the presence of the Divine within us, and nothing less will satisfy. We love because that’s who we are, and if we were to stray from our loving nature, we would feel as terrible as you do on Earth when you stray from your own loving nature. We love for our own sake, and we know that in choosing to love you, we are as well, choosing to love and honor ourselves. We are birthed from the heart of love. So are you. We feel best when we remain true to the spark within. You do as well. If you could surrender deeply enough to feel our love for you, the sheer magnitude of it would overwhelm you. You would be awash with waves of bliss, one after the next, pouring through you, elevating your sense of dissolving into oneness while at the same time being cherished as the individual you are. You would be the wave, feeling the magnitude and the motion of the ocean within. You would know beyond doubt that there is no separation between you, us, the Divine, and all of life. The reason that we often entreat you to sit, breathe, and receive is simple. We want you to know the love that we do. We want you to feel it, drink it in, and remember it as the very essence of your own spirit. Love is sustenance for your soul. The vibration of love reminds you – beyond words —that you are precious, perfect, unique, and have value. Love relaxes your body so it can heal its own ills. Love is what allows you to believe in, and therefore experience, the goodness, and grace of the universe. Love is what opens you to guidance, miracles, solutions, ideas, and inspiration. In the vibration of love, all things are, indeed, possible. Reaching this vibration of love seems difficult to you at times, but in truth, it is not as hard as you make it. We say this often—reach for the best feeling thought, and you are reaching for love. Do the kindest thing for yourself in a given moment, and you are choosing love. As you continue to reach for good feelings, you will know—beyond words—a taste of the love that is available to you in greater and greater measure. As simple as it seems, the exercise of sitting, breathing, and receiving is one that can change your life. Try it now, if only for a few moments. Hold an intention to receive our love. Then as you breathe, slowly and deeply, pay attention to your breath and how good it feels. Focus on anything that feels good as you breathe. See if you can relax into feeling even more.

Don’t look for us and our love. Receive us. Imagine if you like that you are a funnel opening wider at the rim to allow our love to flow into your crown. Imagine, if you like, that one of your angels stands beside you, hands on your heart, or perhaps one rests behind you as you lean into them for support and comfort. For a few moments, lay your cares aside and focus on one simple statement of pure truth, “I am loved.” As you embrace this, in this simple exercise, you will carry the truth into waking life… I am loved. Indeed you are dear ones. Always. God Bless You! We love you so very much. — The Angels

We love those who love life.

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Messages from Ann & the Angels

My dear friends, we love you so very much,

You love your lovers of life! You love those who are true to themselves and in love with their own spirit. You adore your puppies, kitties, and innocent children who run up to show you their latest art. You love your authentic influencers who walk the talk and share from the heart. You love people who love what they’re sharing. You love people who love their own jokes even if you don’t love their jokes! 

When you are a lover of life—a person who often focuses on what they love about life—you can’t help but attract others who do the same.

These relationships give you great joy whether they last for a lifetime or only a few seconds in line at the store. These connections feel deep and wonderful, even without an apparent reason. These are the connections in which you meet in love, share love, and experience love.

Lovers of life are fascinating people. They attract others easily, whether or not they are classically beautiful or not. You find yourself fascinated by their ideas, whether you agree or not. They can be quiet or bold, young or old, well-known or unknown. At first glance, it is sometimes challenging to determine why you are attracted so much to these individuals. You often say, “They’re amazing… but they aren’t my usual  type.”  

Your “type,” dear ones, is typically a person who matches a long list of qualities, characteristics, and physical features you find attractive. There’s nothing wrong with having a “type.” However, you will discover amazing connections when you open your hearts and minds and allow yourselves to enjoy individuals who aren’t your typical “type” but are entirely resonant with your loving vibration.

For example, you might care less about fixing a truck but meet someone who genuinely loves to work on trucks. This individual is passionate about the topic. You can tell they are happy and in love with life. They connect with you warmly and easily. They want to share their love of trucks with you, so they patiently and kindly explain how they’ve fixed their vehicle. You feel their love of trucks and life and enjoy the vibration of love in their presence. You might still care less about trucks, but you find yourself entranced by their love, enjoying the radiance of their spirit, and loving their passion for what they love. You are a vibrational match.

Contrast this with another person using the same words and explaining the same topic but coming from a different vibration. They may be coming from a vibration of needing to be acknowledged as helpful or intelligent. They may be coming from a vibration of insecurity. They may be coming from a purely intellectual vibration. Even though the person is saying the same thing and sharing the same information, you might feel bored, disinterested, and not nearly as connected as the previous person. Although the topic is the same, their vibration is entirely different.

The first person is enthusiastic, energetic, loving, generous, and kind. The second is needy, bored, or trying to impress. Even though they share information, the first is in a giving vibration, while the second is vibrationally trying to “get” something, be it your attention, approval, validation, or applause.

You sense these interactions all the time, dear ones. This is why you may not resonate with a person, even though everything looks right about them on paper. This is why you might be attracted to someone who usually wouldn’t be “your type.” Look at some of the people you admire. Some are your “type,” and others aren’t. In all cases, they are a vibrational match.

You can, if you like, focus on the haters, attune to the haters, hate the haters, and attract the haters. You can focus on a selfish ex so obsessively you keep attracting more selfish people. You can focus on that horrid boss long enough to attract the next one.

Far better, dear ones,to focus on the people you can easily love and what you can love about the others. Far better to focus on the things in life you naturally love and the things about yourself you can love. You can choose from the HUGE buffet in life and select the things you do love to focus on.

In so doing, you become lovers of life. In a vibration of love, you will naturally attract others in love as well. The more you find things to love about life, the more you will allow life to love you right back. This is a far better and easier way to attract all you seek—relationship, healing, money, or joy. Life loves you. Find things to love about it, and you will be attuned to love in a myriad of magical, seemingly miraculous ways. Find things to love, and inevitably, more will appear.

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
— The Angels

Be like a tree

Messages from Ann & the Angels -2023/05/13

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My dear friends, we love you so very much,

A tree’s ability to weather life’s storms lies in both its rootedness and flexibility. These two seemingly opposite forces actually support one another. The roots allow the tree to stand firm while it bends and sways in the wind, and its flexibility prevents the tree from uprooting. Together these two qualities provide a strength that allows your trees to reach unparalleled heights in the natural world, receive the nutrients they need from soil and sun, and give generously to the ecosystem around them. They live firmly centered in their own truth, which opens them to receive and share the unceasing flow of life itself.

You, too, are strongest when you marry the forces of rootedness and flexibility. If you know who you are and where you stand on a given topic, you can remain rooted firmly in your own truth.

For example, say you have a health issue. You know what types of cures work best for you and resonate naturally with you. Some of you prefer modern medicine. Others will prefer natural remedies. Some work solely with energy. Many of you like a mixture of modalities. Whatever your preferences, you can remain staunchly rooted in your own wisdom about what resonates with you regardless of the variety of helpful opinions others might offer. By all means, you can take others’ ideas as input, but when you are rooted in your own truth and the Divine, you will quickly know which ideas nourish you and which do not, simply by how they feel.

Likewise, you know in your heart and your gut which beliefs, behaviors, and ideologies “ring true” for you. If you remain rooted in your own paradigm, it will work for you. If, instead, you allow others’ beliefs to matter to you more than your own, you can get into trouble. Your guidance is uniquely tailored for you. What feels right to you when you are in a loving vibration is right for you at that moment.

Remaining rooted in your own truth is different from being rigid. If a tree were rooted yet rigid, it would snap in the storm. Instead, the tree remains rooted in its center but is also flexible. It bends and sways when nature’s forces press against it. It doesn’t resist the wind. It allows for the wind. Because of its strong roots, it can be flexible and dance with life without breaking.

You, too, will find that when you are rooted in the Divine and rooted in your own truth, you won’t “snap” when outside forces seem to press against you. When someone insists you should behave as they wish, you will listen and allow them their perspective. You’ll bend and sway but quickly return to your own truth. You’ll remain centered in self without the need to give into the demands of others and without the need to assert your own will upon them.

When you see ideologies, beliefs, or behaviors in the world that differ from your own, you will not let them “uproot you” from love. Instead, you will allow them to exist, then return to your center.

Rooted in the Divine, rooted in love, rooted in your truth, you will not allow the world to change you, nor will you have to change the world. Instead, you will dance with it, remaining true to yourself while allowing others their own truth.

There is great wisdom in your trees, dear ones. They last much longer than most human lives. Their non-resistance to the forces around them frees up tremendous amounts of energy they use to grow and produce seeds or fruit. A tree that bends deeply in the storm remains so rooted that it will pop back up when the winds cease. It will resume its business generously feeding and sheltering other plants and animals in the ecosystem. You can weather the storms of life in such a fashion too.

So, rather than waiting for the world to change, for others to agree, or to start behaving better, focus on your own rootedness and flexibility. Take time to imagine roots of light that flow from your feet and burrow deeply into the earth. When something or something comes at you that feels like a strong force, imagine your energy swaying, bending, but not breaking.

No matter what comes your way, you can return to your center, return to your focus on solutions, and return to your focus on love. No matter who is negative around you, you can choose to feel good.

You don’t have to make anyone agree with you. Instead, remain rooted in your loving truth, and stay faithful to that no matter what or who comes your way. Then, even amidst the storms and challenges of life, you, like the tree, will feel the rootedness and flexibility that give you a true, deep, and abiding strength.

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
— The Angels

Loving all your emotions

Messages from Ann & the Angels – 05/06/2023

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My dear friends, we love you so very much,

You live lifetimes within each day. Within each day, you can experience the gamut of emotions. You may have predominant feelings that seem to overshadow all else, but in truth, if you pay attention, you will find moments that cover a spectrum of emotions. You may feel happy but temporarily become enraged when you stub your toe. You may be stricken with the most profound grief you have ever felt, but then a memory inspires your joy. You may feel depressed and suddenly take a sip of coffee or feel the comfort of a warm shower, which becomes a saving grace. You may be celebrating but then hear of someone else’s misfortune and feel temporarily sad. Each one of you lives lifetimes on the spectrum of feeling each day.

It is helpful to pay attention to this, especially if you are going through a hard time. There is a tendency to think you can’t feel good when you feel bad, but there are thousands of tiny moments in your day when you feel relief, soothed, or uplifted. If you are predominantly up, you will still have your lower feelings from time to time, and these simply remind you to flex that muscle of choosing something that feels better as quickly as you can.

Your feelings don’t make you a good or a bad person. You already are good dear ones. You are pure light, pure love, formed from the spark of the Divine. You are no more or less holy if you feel good or bad. You are no more or less enlightened (filled with light) because you already are light. You want to reach for better feelings, not to achieve some “level” of spiritual evolution but because your experience on this earth matters, and you get to choose.

Sometimes there is comfort for you in your grief, until one day there is not, and that is when you reach for more. Sometimes there is power in your anger but not for long, so you reach for more. Sometimes there is motivation beneath your jealousy, and as long as you don’t stay stuck within it, it can inspire you to create more for yourself. Your emotions are not bad. They simply help you realize where you don’t yet believe you are loved and where you do. They simply tell you if your thinking is lined up with the Divine and your spirit, or not.

When someone dies, it is human to see the loss. The soul sees eternal relationships.

When someone criticizes you, you feel disrespected. The soul sees the others’ insecurity or pain.

When you witness abominations in your world, you see evil. The soul sees misunderstanding and cries for love.

When you do something that yields undesirable results, you see a mistake, but the soul sees an opportunity for growth.

When you see as your soul sees, you may still grieve the physical presence of a loved one, but you will also take time to receive their love and reach for their presence instead of focusing exclusively on their absence.

When you see as your soul sees those who criticize you are really saying, “This is the standard to which I hold myself, and if I do not meet it, I do not feel good enough. Therefore you must meet it too.”

When your soul sees abominations, it wants to send light with compassion and pray to heal the sad disconnection and misunderstanding that motivates such behaviors.

When your soul sees a so-called mistake, it revels in the opportunity to practice a better, kinder, and more uplifting way to be.

Dear ones, we understand your human feelings. The Divine lives within you and experiences each and every one of them with you without judgment. You are understood more than you will ever know upon your earth. We have great love and compassion for you. We comfort, soothe, and try to inspire you when you are in your pain, and we encourage you and cheer you onward when you are in your joy. We always do everything in our power to steer you towards kinder thoughts, a kinder reality, and a happier life.

When you get angry, we see your power sputtering to the surface.

When you grieve, we see the love in your tears.

When you are jealous ,we see your desire for better.

Always and forever, we remember who you truly are – love in human form. We recognize the love you are seeking to experience. We know the love you truly want to share. Beneath all appearances and all emotions we focus our attention on the love, hoping always to help you draw it nearer to the surface of your life – not for the sake of anything other than your comfort and joy.

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
— The Angels

Riding Life’s ups and downs

Messages from Ann & the Angels – 04/28/2023

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My dear friends, we love you so very much,

If you’ve ever been on a Ferris wheel, you know you will go up and down often quite a few times. You expect these cycles, and you enjoy the whole ride. Likewise, for those of you who like roller coasters, you know you’ll go up and down, up and down, up and down. You enjoy the ride. You don’t worry about flying up uncontrollably or crashing at the bottom.

In life, however, you have been conditioned very differently. You have been trained to feel wonderful in your up-cycles and not so great in your down-cycles. When your money is increasing or stable, you feel good. When your relationships are blooming or stable, you feel good. When your world seems to be on an “upswing” or stable, you feel good. When things aren’t so easy you don’t feel so great. You can learn to find good even in the down-cycles, always knowing that an up-cycle is sure to follow if you allow yourself to enjoy the ride.

As we’ve often said, you do not have to participate in the world’s down-cycles. You don’t have to fall into despair about the economy if you tune into God’s economy, which is always abundant. You don’t have to worry about the odds of something terrible happening. You’ll have God’s odds if you reach for better feelings often! You don’t have to feel devastated when someone leaves your life, although in the case of death, grieving is a very normal part of your culture. Instead, you can allow for your feelings, and then allow the normal and natural force of life within to slowly beckon you toward a kinder and happier reality once again.

Love beckons incessantly, so no matter what has inspired or caused a down-cycle, love is waiting to bring you back up. If you’ve lost money, counting your blessings and being grateful for the abundance within may be the first step on your up-cycle.

If someone has triggered hurt feelings, sometimes anger or upset is the first step on your up-cycle as you search for ways to feel powerful again instead of victimized.

If you’ve been ill, taking time to care for yourself and relax may be the first step on your up-cycle.

There is a human tendency to want a quick fix when things get tough, and we do understand this. Of course, you want to feel better! However, as we often say through this channel in sessions, “Slower is faster.” Focus on the small steps you can take to shift your vibration. Reach for a better feeling. Take a little time to be grateful for what is working. Your kinder, more soothing thoughts will shift your vibration, and little by little, you’ll have an easier time maintaining the vibration you want life to match.

You can turn nearly anything around, dear ones, unless you’ve decided you can’t. You can’t change the whole world. You can’t change the decisions and experiences of others to make yourself more comfortable. However, you can always tend to your own thoughts, your own feelings, and your own vibration. In doing so, you become the one who navigates and steers the direction of your own cycles.

Your down-cycles are not necessary for your growth. God doesn’t ever test you. Although you do grow through adversity, you can grow by simply acknowledging your heart and reaching for what feels better and inspires you. You can grow joyfully once you learn to stop resisting your very own heart.

Meanwhile, take the tiny steps to move into an up-cycle if you are down. And if you are already up, revel in it. You need not go down. If you do, remind yourself that it is just a matter of finding a better feeling to start yourself back up again.

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
— The Angels

No one gets to define you except you. No one except you gets to decide what is right for you.

My dear friends, we love you so very much,

Relax. Breathe. You are not being judged. You are not being evaluated. No one in the heavens is keeping score as to whether or not you have more loving or unpleasant days. No one in the heavens thinks less of you no matter what you do or don’t do, say or don’t say, think or don’t think.

We love you without condition. It is our nature to love, and we will always remain true to our nature. Anything less would not feel good to us. We love for the sake of loving and for the sake of feeling faithful to our essential being.

We understand that others have given you plenty of criteria that you use to judge yourselves. You have been taught what behaviors and beliefs “make” you lovable and which ones do not. Many of you were bullied, manipulated, and coerced into being something other than what you genuinely wanted to be. However, you can always reclaim your essential self. You can always choose to accept yourself as you are. It is, after all, natural to love and accept yourself as you are. Look at the innocent children who don’t make any apology for being true to themselves. Even if you were trained out of your truth and out of your natural sense of self-acceptance, you can, with a little practice, choose to accept yourself as you are. There is the reason God gave the name “I am who I am” to Moses. You are who you are, and that is enough. If heaven does not judge you, there is no reason to judge yourselves. It is just an old, useless habit.

It is time upon your earth to make the opinions of those who do not love you as you are irrelevant. We are not saying these souls are irrelevant. They have catalyzed your growth. You may love them very much. However, we are saying that their opinions of you are irrelevant to your choices and your earthly journey.

No one gets to define you except you. No one except you gets to decide what is right for you. No one except you gets to choose the experiences you get to create and the path you walk to reach them. You are in charge of your life, and it is time to stop trying to please others and to please the Divine within.

You will discover that as you stop trying to please others who want you to please them, you’ll attract those you naturally resonate with and those you naturally, please. You may lose a few people along the way. Some may no longer understand you or want to be with you because you no longer serve them at your own expense. Let them go.

There is a natural order to life if you allow for it. If you let yourself be you, then you will naturally be guided toward those who love you as you are. You were never meant to please everyone else. You were never meant to make everyone happy. In truth, it is not your job to make anyone feel anything.

Grant yourself the freedom to be you! In this reality, you will find happiness because nothing is more satisfying than remaining true to your own spirit without the need to justify, convince, or defend your right to be. As you give up the need to please and have others please you, suddenly, you will discover you are pleased more often. In this space, you will inevitably attract those with whom you have a mutual and natural dance of harmony here on Earth.

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
— The Angels

Messages from Ann & the Angels – 04/15/2023 • What to trust…

My dear friends, we love you so very much,

You are living in exciting times! So many of you are concerned about the state of the world, and yet from our eternal perspective, your world offers so many beautiful possibilities right now. You can connect with one another as never before. You can share information as never before. You can interact, witness, and experience more than ever before. The world has become your family and the entire earth your home.

Part of this is due to your modern technology. Your Internet opened up the gateways of connection for your entire world. Before this technology, most individuals grew up in relatively closed systems. They were influenced by friends, family, church, community, and maybe some carefully controlled news, but not much more. Now you can access ideas, inspiration, innovation, and just about anything you desire. You can make a recipe from a country you will never visit and encourage or assist a stranger you will never meet. More than ever before in human history, you are able to experience your connection with one another.

Likewise, your emerging technologies will give you access to whole new ways to combine information and bring your creative ideas into form. We celebrate your expansion and exploration. Technology does not control you, for you are the creators. You are the ones who choose how you will use it. It is neither good nor bad. It is simply a tool that obeys vibrational law in the same fashion as the rest of the created universe.

Use your technology with love, and you will find love. Use it with fear, and you will find the fearsome. Use it in anger, and you’ll connect with the angry. Nothing is outside of the laws of vibration. This is simply how your universe works.

In truth, the world is no better or worse than it was in ancient times. You simply didn’t have social media back then! You couldn’t see what others didn’t want you to see. Now you can. Now you witness the best and the worst of humanity. Now you can see things as they occur. However, what is revealed can be healed, and although some of the things you witness are horrific, the good news is that you – collectively – are doing something about them. You have taken those you will never meet into your hearts and prayers. Some of you have sent money or resources to your human family at one time or another in your life. Some of you have adopted children, signed petitions, or quietly sat in the comfort of your own home and focused all your love upon those less fortunate. Your connection is good.

With greater exposure to the world, however, greater discernment is required. More than ever before, it is important for you to manage your vibration so you can trust your feelings. When you are in a high and loving vibration, what feels good to you is good, and what feels bad is not what you want to focus upon.

This is especially important now because you cannot always trust what you see and hear. This is not a new phenomenon. There have always been “snake oil salesmen” who would put poison (or water) in pretty packages and sell it as a tonic. There have always been those who can tell a convincing lie or paint a false picture. With your social media, the Internet, and new technologies, the capacity to falsify information is even grander than ever! Then again, so is the ability to share wonderful ideas and information, connect in new ways, and embrace the fact that you are a human family.

So dear ones, keep reaching for better thoughts and feelings because you can trust yourselves in the energy of a high vibration. Don’t worry about who is telling the truth and who is not. Tell the truth to yourselves – that you live in a loving and magnificent universe that is always guiding you toward what you wish to experience. You are not at the mercy of technology, systems, or other human beings, no matter how imposing they appear. You are only, and always, at the mercy of your own vibration.

In a loving vibration, you align with the truth of the Divine within, and this Presence will always guide you in love.

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
— The Angels

Self Acceptance and Resurrection

Messages from Ann & the Angels – 04/08/2023

My dear friends, we love you so very much,

You are in a season of renewal upon your earth. You are collectively and individually re-creating yourselves. As a result of the tremendous upheaval these past few years, you are discovering your hearts in whole new ways. You want to live more authentic lives, worry less about pleasing others, and be more concerned with pleasing the Divine within. This is why so many of you are exhausted. You can no longer push yourself in directions that do not appeal. You can no longer pretend you want to do things you do not. You can no longer spend your energy trying to change anyone else – for better or worse – without feeling frustrated if they do not want to change. You will find, however, that when you pursue your passions – anything that calls to you, interests you, or makes your spirit sing – you will find incredible resources of time, energy, money, and support flowing into your reality for in your truth, in your love, you tap into the fast-moving currents of love that are flowing upon your planet. We say this often, but it bears repeating. If you are tired, rest. Stop fighting yourselves. Self-Acceptance is the easiest way to allow your spirit to take charge and fix nearly any situation in your mind, heart, body, or life. Your body knows what it needs. Your soul knows what it needs. Your mind knows what it needs. In your times of rest, you are incubating new life. In allowing yourself to feel your feelings, you allow love to wash in after their release. In allowing yourself to pursue a passion, you are allowing love to carry you in its flow. In allowing yourself to dream, you are allowing spirit to share ideas. In watching movies, you give your overactive mind a rest. In spending time alone, you learn to relate more intimately with yourself. In spending time with others, you see yourself in the mirror. Whatever it is you feel drawn to in a given moment, accept it. As you accept yourself as you are in this moment, no matter whether you would traditionally judge the situation or not, you are shining the unconditional love of the Divine upon yourself. As you accept yourself as you are, at this moment, you are saying to the universe, I am worthy of love as I am. “I am who I am,” dear ones, is the name God gave to Moses when asked. “I am who I am.” repeat that often, or better, “I accept myself as I am… even as I expand into more.” As you accept your heart in a given moment, you open to new guidance in the next. As you accept your so-called negative feelings, they will be granted release, then settle. As you accept your joyous feelings, they will guide you on the path of passion. As you accept your boredom, you stop fighting yourself and allow creativity to arise. As you accept your desire to get in motion, you allow yourself to ride the waves of inspiration. As you accept your desire to overeat, you will learn that you’d rather be more comfortable. As you accept yourself without judgment or criticism, your inner teenager will no longer have to rebel, throw tantrums, or stubbornly insist on its right to “be.” As you accept yourself without judgment or criticism, your inner child will no longer have to justify, explain, or defend their desires. As you accept yourself without judgment you are admitting a glorious truth, “You ARE perfect as you are, even as you expand into more.” An acorn wants to expand into an oak. An oak wants to make acorns. The green acorns sit in the dirt until their little shells crack open in perfection, and they once again reach and stretch to become oaks. You, too, have many cycles upon your earth and in your personal lives. Honor them. You are in a cycle of recreation so it is particularly important to honor your own personal cycles. In this fashion, the very force of life itself that lives and breathes within you will be allowed to rise up, guide you in grace, and inspire you to the life of your dreams.

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
— The Angels

Dream your dreams. Find ways to love life. Act when inspired.

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My dear friends, we love you so very much,

So many of you put so much pressure on yourselves to”get moving,” 
“be productive,” or “do something worthwhile” when you might otherwise want to rest, ponder, and dream. You might not yet understand that in your rest, pondering, and dreaming, you are taking time to recalibrate your vibration into a higher and happier space. You are leveraging energy vs. action. It is wise to listen to these urges when they arise.

The tendency to be harsh with yourself when you are not producing is unnatural. It is not native to the soul to judge itself for any reason. You learned to use external criteria to evaluate your worth. Your soul already knows you are worthy. You learned to “make things happen by the sweat of your brow,” whereas your soul knows all possibilities already exist in the world of energy, or the “mind of God.” Your soul sees you as a human tuner who can tune into any possibility to call it forth into your physical universe.

Do an experiment this week. Pick something you enjoy – lemons, kittens, a necklace you liked, a scent, a song, or a movie. Anything you enjoy thinking about will work. Perhaps you’ll choose a childhood pet or someone you love who is in heaven. You can choose something you want to experience, such as a tropical vacation or some extra money. Choose the first thing that pops into your mind.

Now think about this person, thing, or situation with great love. Think about it or them with appreciation. Think about interactions you’ve enjoyed in the past or ones you’d love to have. Imagine tasting that wonderful meal, wearing that necklace, petting those kittens, or feeling the presence of your loved one in heaven.

The only criterion is that your thoughts must please you! They must make you feel good. If you can’t find ideas that feel good on your subject, choose a new one. Luxuriate in your good-feeling thoughts.

Then write down the object of your loving attention and let go. Go about your work. Stay as positive as you can. See what shows up. See for yourselves how the universe begins to deliver the essence of what you desire with only a little energetic attunement and absolutely no effort on your part. See what happens. If you don’t get any evidence this week, wait and let the universe work its magic. Your first indication that you are drawing something to yourself is that you feel good thinking about it. If that is already happening, you’re done until you receive an inspiration to act.

You just spent a few moments being incredibly productive. You just saved yourself minutes to a lifetime’s worth of effort. You just set the entire universe in motion to bring you more of what you desire. If you need to act, you’ll feel inspiration. If not, relax. Enjoy your day.

Creation, as we know it, is a process of imagining new ways to experience or express love. It involves attuning your vibration to these desires by thinking of them with love and then taking only inspired and guided action.

Sometimes, the action you are inspired to take will be minimal. What you desire can sometimes appear in ways that are hard to explain. Problems often take care of themselves. Schedules will reorganize themselves as if by magic. Elegant solutions will pop into your mind.  

In other cases, you’ll have to put forth significant effort to manifest a dream or solve a challenge. However, if you act only when inspired, your work will be effective, efficient, and meaningful. Inspired action from a loving vibration will never feel like a struggle. It will be a joy. It will feel wonderful.

The most productive and worthwhile thing you can do is to spend time loving your ideas, dreaming your dreams, and enjoying the anticipation of your desires. Then and only then, act when inspired.

Time spent attuning your energy to a loving state of being is priceless, productive, leveraged time. If we were to write a book on productivity, the message would be short. “Dream your dreams. Find ways to love life. Act when inspired.” We do indeed find long-winded ways to convey this message, and we repeat it often because we are working to take you beyond your conditioned struggles into a joyful reality that has always been there but is very new to much of the human race.

You don’t need to push, bully, or criticize yourselves to be productive. Negating or judging yourself by superficial standards is not helpful. Instead, remember that you are energetic beings living in an energetic universe where actions taken from a loving energy are efficient, productive, inspired, and effective. Acting from any other space rarely works well.

You can see so many examples of these principles. Some people attract relationships easily. They live and act from their own joy. Other people are delightful souls, but they live and act from a place of feeling unworthy or trying to get others to love them. As a result, they find relationships a struggle. If you want someone to love you, love being you.

Some people attract money easily. They focus on their abundance of ideas or a loving service they wish to offer. They feel abundant and therefore attract abundance. Others can give unceasingly, but with a focus on lack, there can be no return.

Some people seem “lucky.” They count their blessings, look for the good, and see opportunity. As a result, “luck” finds them. It isn’t luck, of course. It is just vibrational law. The so-called “unlucky” tend to focus more on what doesn’t work. They have come to expect frustrations and obstacles, and as a result, their energy does not allow for the flow, ease, and grace you call luck.

We understand that external life can trigger you to focus in undesirable ways. Ultimately, you get to decide what you think, where you place your attention, and how much time you will give to any topic. You get to decide to use your mind or to allow it to use you. You, dear ones, can choose struggle or choose ease. Instead of pressuring yourselves to “get going,” try “being.” Focus your energy on feeling good and thinking thoughts that uplift you. 

The most productive, effective, efficient action will always be that which you are inspired to take when you are in a vibration of love.

Remember, dear ones, from heaven’s view, everything you do or don’t do, as long as you do or don’t do it in a vibration of love, is worthwhile.

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
— The Angels

A Moment is Enough

Messages from Ann & the Angels – 03/25/2023

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My dear friends, we love you so very much,

We have been working with you for some time to help you raise your vibration and trust your feelings as indicators of your guidance. As you move forward upon your earth, this will become increasingly important. You are learning to calibrate your energy, so you will clearly and quickly know what matches your vibration and what does not.

You are learning to be like a finely tuned radio, willing only to receive your chosen station. As you know, signals from many diverse sources bombard your radios – news broadcasts, weather, propaganda, opinions, music, entertainment, gardening, and so much more! However, if the radio is clearly tuned to a specific channel, then that is all it will receive and share

Similarly, you will receive and broadcast the vibrations you attune to. If you are attuned to joy, you will receive more joyful ideas, bump into cheerful people, and emanate joy. If you are attuned to sadness, you will attract others who may comfort you but not necessarily help you move toward joy. It may be challenging to connect with or benefit from those in a happier state. As you choose one more soothing thought at a time, you will shift out of this sadness into a more hopeful and helpful space.

If you are attuned to the vibration of dis-ease, physical or emotional, you will find plenty of information about how to heal. Without the clear guidance that comes with a focus on well-being, these options might trigger more stress and exacerbate the dis-ease. If instead, you are focused on anything that feels better, eagerly looking forward to what you can do when you feel well, or even just soothing yourself, you will be able to sort through the options and intuitively feel those that can help you the most.

Likewise, if you are attuned to hate – such as hating a particular political ideology – you will attract people, ideas, and articles to support and amplify the discomfort of your hate. By contrast, if you adopt a “live and let live” philosophy and attune yourself to loving the political ideals you love, you will attract people, ideas, and articles that help you promote these ideals in your world.

We want to clarify something here. The heavens and your angels can only support your loving vibrations. We never send you unpleasant people, ideas, thoughts, or situations. The world and other people do that quite well on their own. Instead, we send you joyful, soothing, or inspiring thoughts, love, and people with whom you can interact positively. We steer you toward helpful souls. If you are tuning in to even a little love, we can support that with all our hearts.

So, dear ones, ask yourself frequently, “How do I feel? How does my soul see this moment? How can I focus on things that feel better?” As you do, you consciously and deliberately use your minds as the tuners the Divine intended them to be. You start to take charge of your thoughts and thus your feelings, your vibrations, and your reality.

When you are in a loving vibration, you can trust yourself. When not, defer making critical decisions and drawing conclusions until you are. Nothing is more crucial than slowly and gradually improving your vibration, for this alone determines the degree of flow, grace, and guidance you can receive.

Don’t beat yourself up when you’re down. Self-criticism won’t elevate you. Instead, you can do something to change your mood and your situation. Reach for a soothing thought. Consider your options. Ask for assistance.

For example, if you feel stuck at the bottom of a stairway, you could say, “I am at the bottom,” do nothing about it and stay there, or you can take the first step. Perhaps you are disabled and can honestly say, “I am stuck here. I cannot walk up the stairs.” However, you can call a friend, ask for help, find the elevator, ask someone else to run your errand upstairs, or ask others for assistance to create a better space on the first floor if this is a living situation.

There will always be valid reasons to feel bad. The world offers them freely. You may have inadvertently created difficult conditions in your life to deal with. Others may have made decisions you wish with all your heart they had not made. You can remain stuck feeling down. We understand. We certainly don’t judge you. Or, you can take steps, one little thought at a time, to feel better. You can remain disconnected from grace, flow, and guidance or ease your way into it, one thought at a time.

Whether you do or not, we love you. We offer steady guidance, hoping you will be open to receiving it, even for a moment. You might feel miserable, but you can still listen to a small positive desire to stop and get a glass of lemonade. When you take that first sip, memories of carefree summers may come flooding back, and in that one moment of a higher vibe, we can get a thought through to you about how to solve your serious challenges.

Take heart, dear ones. You don’t have to exist constantly in a high vibration, although the more you do, the better you feel. Reach for those moments of good feeling, openness, and moments that remind you how deeply and dearly you are loved. It only takes a second of being in a higher vibe to receive the guidance that can turn your situation around.

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
— The Angels

Choosing to ride the joy waves :You have the right and the privilege of managing your own thoughts.

Messages from Ann & the Angels – 03/18/2023

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My dear friends, we love you so very much,

There will always be things upon your earth to delight, and there will be things you can’t stand. As we’ve said many times, you get to choose in this buffet of experience and vibration. Are you going to focus on the rotten or the good, that which disgusts or delights, that which hurts or that which soothes?

It is a choice. If you were taught this as children, it would be easy to choose a focus on what feels better. However, most of you didn’t have this behavior modeled for you. When you were very young, you knew better. If you bumped your elbow or scraped your knee, you went crying for love. If a caring adult picked you up and soothed you, you didn’t stay hurt or sad for long. You enjoyed your bandaid and went back to play. In your innocence, you knew to reach for what felt better.

Likewise, if someone put food in your mouth that you didn’t like, you either vehemently spit it out or opened your mouth and let it dribble onto the table! You might have played with it, but in your innocent wisdom, you knew that you didn’t want to swallow anything that tasted bad.

When you were on the playground, and a badly behaved child hit you, you might have become upset, but soon you wanted to walk away and play with the kinder kids. You didn’t want to waste your time feeling bad. Something in you intuitively knew that this person wasn’t worth your time or attention. In your innocent wisdom, you chose to deprive them of you!

Over time, however, you witnessed those around you. You saw and heard people focusing on things that felt bad – world problems, family problems, financial problems, spilled milk, the “wrongness” of crayon drawings on the wall, etc. You started to synchronize your energy with those who influenced you. You are all empathic. You all can tune into the life around you. Children, especially, try to tune into and anticipate the energies of those around them.

As children, many of you tried to synchronize your energy with those who were important in your life. Others rebelled! In either case, your capacity to feel good was diminished. Synchronizing with or rebelling against a bad feeling both tune you into the bad feeling.

Over time you learned to compensate. You learned to analyze and develop justifications for feeling bad. Society certainly supports this. You will frequently receive compassion, sympathy, and assistance when you feel bad or experience unfortunate circumstances. However, if you’re flying high, only those with a similarly happy vibe (or those who want to be in that space) can celebrate with you. While we always support you in seeking or sharing love and compassion, we also encourage you to reach for better feelings rather than staying stuck in an unpleasant space.

You will inevitably see things and people on your earth that are disturbing. You will see those who are dishonest, greedy, and hurtful. You still have a choice, however. You can see them as your adversaries, or you can see them as we do – wounded little children reaching for love in childish ways. You don’t have to give them so much attention. You will see systems that serve only themselves. We see people who, in their ignorance, don’t know the magnitude of Divine abundance that is available when you live and work in a flow of giving and receiving. You can turn your attention to systems that operate in greater love and integrity, or you can be part of the change in your own sphere of influence.

You will hurt at times for various reasons. When you lose a loved one, stub your toe, or watch someone you love suffering, it is hard to feel the flow of Divine love that is always available. Nonetheless, one thought at a time, you can gradually soothe yourself, surrender to love, and allow better feelings. You may need to comfort yourself, reach for help, or use a helpful healing modality. You. may “turn the other cheek” and look away from those who can’t behave while deciding to focus on those who can. There are so many ways to reach for better feelings. You are never stuck in anything except your own thoughts. Change those, and your vibration will change. Your reality will adjust to match.

We have said this many times, and it is becoming increasingly important as your world offers such a diverse buffet of contrasts –  You deserve to feel good. You deserve to focus on and experience the things, people, and situations that uplift, inspire, and offer helpful solutions.

You were not born to learn through suffering, although you certainly can. It does cause you to reach for more and better. It forces you to look for the good out of a sheer desire for emotional survival. It can catalyze you to find great strength within yourself.

However, you can also learn and grow through inspiration and joy. You can see the world’s problems and quickly focus on the ideas and people that will create solutions. You can feel the pain in your body but turn to something enjoyable on your television, read a good book, or laugh with a friend to distract from the pain. You can relax and allow the body to heal and rebalance as it was originally intended to do. You can work with kind and loving healers or doctors who soothe you until, often with their assistance, you allow healing to take place. You can grieve over the loss of a loved one’s physical presence, even while you reach for the comfort and bliss of the heavenly love they wish to share with you.

You have choice. Most of you didn’t learn this, which is why we spend a great deal of time reminding you about what your soul already knows. You have the right and the privilege of managing your own thoughts. At first, your mind will seem like an untrained puppy running all over the place. Just as you might speak to that happy little being when you want them to cooperate, you can talk to your mind, “Sit. Stay. This is what I want you to focus on.”

When you focus on things that make you feel better, you give yourself a “treat.” – the best one of all. You plug yourself into the ever-present stream of goodness, grace, guidance, abundance, healing, and above all, love.

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
— The Angels

Believe, Receive, Guidance never quits

Messages from Ann & the Angels – 3/04/2023

My dear friends, we love you so very much,

We say this every week. We love you so much. We love you because we love the light that lives and breathes within us all. You are one with us in that light. We love you because you are the courageous souls who came to earth to expand love beyond what it has been before. We love you for a million reasons, but the most important one is simple. We love you because it is our very nature to love, and when we are true to our nature, we feel good.

When we love you, dear ones, we love the light within us all.

We focus on all that is beautiful, good, and true about you, so you can more easily do the same. We maintain the vision and, more importantly, the energetic blueprint of all you desire. We see the life you want as if it were happening now. It is your only job to believe and receive.

Suppose you are in an airplane. You see a car on the road below you. You see their past, present, and future possible paths. Imagine you are in communication with this person. You hear their desire for a specific destination. From your position far above, you see this destination right now! You know the path to it! You see their future right here right now, and you know without a shadow of a doubt that you can guide this person to their desired destination if they are willing to believe in and receive your assistance.

You get excited when you see this soul receiving your guidance. You love them. You want to help. You want them to have what they want. As a human being, you might get frustrated if they ignore your instructions or don’t believe in your love. As an angel, you would always try to reach them with utmost love and devotion. You would understand that their reception is sometimes clouded. You would never give up on this being that you love. If they passed the destination, you would lovingly steer them back toward it. If they went the wrong way, you would not chastise them; you would only send them loving impulses to guide them back to their destination.

If they didn’t believe in your love or guidance, you would sit quietly and, with all the love in your heart, focus on their joy, destination, and celebration. Never, as an angel, would you need acknowledgment because you love. Never would you feel frustrated because you love. Never would you give up because love never quits streaming through open hearts, and our hearts, dear ones, are wide open to create an ever-loving stream of guidance.

Your only job as a human being is to desire, believe, and receive. Most of you have mastered the art of desiring! Many of you intellectually believe in our love and assistance. Most of you are still learning to become better receivers.

When we speak of receiving, we are not talking about it in the way you would receive a coin placed in your hand. Instead, we are referring to being energetic receivers, much like a radio tuned to the station would receive a broadcast, or a phone tuned to a signal could receive the call. In order to receive what you want to receive in your life, you must be attuned to it so you can receive its signal and our signal, before you are able to receive the actual thing.

You can’t see a television show until your TV is recpetive to the signal. You can hear a broadcast until you radio is receptive to the signal. You can’t hear you friend on the phone until your network is working and your phone is attuned to the frequency of your friend’s broadcast. Likewise you can’t receive somethig in tangible form in your life until you are attuned to its signal, and our signals of love.

We don’t require your belief or your reception. We want you to have what you want! You are on earth to summon pure life force through your desires and to allow love new expressions! You came to expand love into the physical universe in unique and beautiful ways, and we always support that – no matter which forms you choose as an expression of love. Whether you want to pay a bill, find a new and more flattering outfit, meet a lover, or feed the poor, this is how you choose to give love form in your life, and we begin to guide you the moment you have the desire.

The problem with doubt and disbelief is not that we stop guiding you but rather that you miss the signals. For example, if you ask for love but don’t believe in the universe’s ability to provide it. You might spend a great deal of time explaining and talking and thinking about how you have never had love. As you attune to the lack of love, you will miss every loving signal we send you. If a radio owner doesn’t believe in the signal, they won’t even turn it the radio on. Even if they do believe in the broadcast, if they tune into AM, they cannot receive FM.

For example, if you feel unloved and doubt the universe’s ability to provide love for you, you might walk down the street with your head down, heart withdrawn, pondering your loneliness. While feeling unloved and doubting you will find love, you miss all the happy, smiling people who want to share their joy. You miss the gorgeous blue sky that helps you experience the majesty of creation. You miss the sign in a coffee shop offering free samples, enticing you to come in and meet the love of your life. You ignore the dog that runs up to you trying to provide you with love so you can meet his owner and strike up a loving conversation. You glance up for “no good reason,” see someone you are attracted to, have an urge to talk, but then tell yourself, “What’s the use. They’re probably taken.” If you doubt what you want, dear ones, you will miss the signals that are all around you.

Likewise, suppose you have a large bill. If you doubt the universe’s ability to provide, tune into fear, feel lack, or desperately try to figure out how to pay it, you will be so lost in thought and worry that you can’t receive a helpful new idea. You might miss or dismiss that little voice that says, “Call a friend. Go out for coffee.” The friend could give you some good ideas. You might resist the idea of borrowing money or using savings to pay the bill. You might ignore the desire to explore a hobby that could become an entirely new income stream simply because you feel you cannot play until after you pay.

You will relax as you learn to desire, believe, and receive. You will think of what you want with joy, anticipation, and a sense of adventure. You may even let it go entirely, relax, and enjoy your life, truing that what you want will arrive in perfect divine timing. You may allow yourselves to explore interests that sound enticing, visit friends, do things out of the ordinary that appeal, or sit in peace. These things are all things your logical mind might talk you out of doing, but if you genuinely believe and are indeed in a state of energetic reception, you will be honoring the signals of your own good-feeling guidance.

Your brain is designed to be receptive to your desires if you give it a clear direction. Ask, “Dear brain, what would it feel like to have what I want?” “What would it feel like to be with the love of my life?” “What would it feel like to have work that I love that pays very well and makes me excited to awaken each day?” “What would it feel like to have my loved ones feel better?” Don’t try to imagine the feelings. Ask. Wait for your brain, the most incredible tuner in the universe, to find that frequency you requested. Wait for the feeling. Then, dear ones, bask in the feeling. Attune it as often as you can, knowing that the more you tune into love in whatever form you wish to receive it, the more you will hear our guidance, and the sooner you will reach the destinations you desire.

The creator moves the stars in perfect orbit, orchestrates entire ecosystems, inspires your body’s cells to maintain balance, and will –  if you become receptive to your desires – inspire you on a joyful path to their realization.

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
— The Angels