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We would rather call faith the ability to “focus on things unseen” or, even better, the ability to “focus on what you want to see.”

Messages from Ann & the Angels – 03/02/2024 • Angel Faith – How to believe in things unseen

My dear friends, we love you so very much,

Imagine you had a magical television. Whatever you were thinking would appear on the screen. The more emotion you feel about your thoughts, the greater the clarity and detail become. As your thoughts change, the picture changes. As your emotions change, the picture becomes clearer or fuzzier. The more you hold your focus, the more the story you are watching will evolve. Each time you shift, the picture on your screen shifts with you.

Dear ones, this is your life, except for one tiny detail. Unlike that magic TV, you get a time delay between what you think and what you start to see in your waking life. You get to build momentum before the “scene” starts to appear, and happily, you have time to course-correct before unwanted things begin to appear in your reality.

This is why faith, which many of you define as a “belief in things unseen,” is one of your most powerful tools. We would rather call faith the ability to “focus on things unseen” or, even better, the ability to “focus on what you want to see.”

When you:

F  – Focus your Feelings with
A  – Attention & Action
I   – In
T  – Total
H  – Harmony

you will eventually cultivate the faith you call a “belief in things unseen.”

Faith, as we know it, is not a passive belief in the benevolence of a God outside of yourself who will grant you favors. Faith is focusing your feelings with attention and action so as to exist in total harmony with the love that lives within you—the love that is you.

None of you will do this all the time, but the more you can, the better you will feel, and the more you will enjoy your guidance, magic, and miracles. Magic is not magical, dear ones; it is just a word you use when you begin to experience the synchronicity of the non-physical realms.

Miracles are not really miracles. They are scientifically predictable results of vibrational alignment.
Someday, science will understand this, but for now, understand that faith—your ability to focus your feelings with attention and action in total harmony with the love that you are—is your key to magic and miracles.

When you align with love, you align with the core essence of all things and all beings. You tune into a reality—the show on your life TV—where loving beings cooperate in ways beyond their individual comprehension. You are tuning into the reality where you are guided and in which you will experience beautiful synchronicities.

When you “focus your feelings with attention and action in total harmony with love,” then dear ones, you are not subject to the lower vibrational attempts to manipulate and control you. Aligned with love, you have compassion for all but a strong sense of self, trust in your guidance, and surrender to life’s daily offerings. You will have taught yourself, through experience, that what is in front of you will ultimately work out for you.

So how do you cultivate faith, dear one? We hear you ask this so often. The answer is a simple one but one that must be put into action. You practice. You focus your feelings with attention and action in total harmony with love as often as possible. You don’t try to fake love. You try to find things you can love. Don’t pretend to love people you don’t or can’t easily love. Focus on those you can. Don’t pretend to like the food you don’t like. Find food you do. Don’t focus your feelings with attention and action on what you despise to fight against it. Focus your feelings with attention and action on that which you love to empower.

If you fight hunger you will just see more and more of it on your life TV, thus empowering that “show.” Better to focus on those who like to feed and serve, thus empowering a more powerful reality. One will drag you down and disempower you. The other will raise you up, inspire you, and inspire others.

If you say you love and forgive your ex or former boss but feel your jaws tightening and your breath becoming shallow, then dear ones, your thoughts are noble, but your emotions aren’t there yet. Focus on something more pleasant! Use your precious tools of attention and action to be in total harmony with love by finding things and beings you can more easily feel good about.

If you love your dessert more than your former boss, bask in the glory of your wondrous dessert, wish this individual peace, then put them out of your mind by focusing on something or someone more pleasant. You would not want to watch every show on your television. You have your preferences. Likewise, you would not want to watch every show on your life TV!

Replace the things you no longer wish to observe with better thoughts. It isn’t that difficult. If we asked you to name the most frustrating person in your life and then list at least 50 better things to think about, you’d be able to write this list in no time!

There are no medals in heaven for choosing the hardest path to love, dear friends. As water tries to find the easiest course, love does, too. Be kind to yourselves. Don’t try to love the ones you can’t love right now. Love what you can, and eventually, you will be so filled with love that even your “worst enemy” (who we would call “your greatest teacher”) will be just another person on your path of expansion.

The more you practice “focusing your feelings with attention and action in total harmony with love,” the more you will cultivate what you traditionally call faith—a belief in things unseen. As you start to see your truly positive thoughts and authentically good feelings attract more and more in your life, you will see the vibrational universe in action.

You will come to know, through experience, that the unseen will not remain unseen for long. You will show yourself that the more you can focus on and feel what feels good, the quicker the good will appear on the “screen” of your life TV. We want the best show on earth for every one of you.

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
— The Angels

Messages from Ann & the Angels – 02/24/2024 • No need to fear the future

My dear friends, we love you so very much,

Many of you have experienced fears about the future of your world, country, or individual lives. This is understandable. Many in your world profit from your fears. If you’re afraid that being uninformed will make you vulnerable to attack, you’ll spend hours keeping yourselves informed. If you’re afraid of lack in the future, you’ll buy more than you intended when something is on sale. If you are afraid of getting sick, you’ll purchase goods and services to prevent your demise and spend countless hours reading about possible conditions.

As a human race, you are just now beginning to understand that no matter what preventative or corrective action you take, if you take it from fear, you will not get the loving result you desire.

You could, of course, do these very same things for loving reasons. You might keep informed because you love knowing about the world around you. You might buy something on sale because you love making good use of your money so you can enjoy more. You might purchase goods and services because you’d love to feel healthy and vital. You are performing the same actions, but the results of a fear-based action vs. a love-based action are vastly different.

Most of you perform these actions for a mixture of reasons, part fear, and part love, and you, therefore, get mixed or diluted outcomes. For example, say you hear that the economy is bad. You may accept this, put off purchases you wanted to enjoy, and start talking about the bad economy, thus focusing on financial lack and hardship and therefore attracting it. Or you might feel perfectly fine and say (with both your energy and words), “I live in God’s economy where I’m always cared for, and things flow when I need them.” In the first case, you attract what you focus on. In the second case, you attract what you focus on! The more of you that focus on God’s economy of abundant flow, the more your world will experience this. At the very least, you will experience this reality.

So, when you hear about events, trends, and possibilities in your world, stop right there and decide how you wish to experience your world’s future. When the world cries that you are doomed to lose your job and be controlled by a group of ill-intentioned individuals, stop. Decide how you wish to experience the future. Most of you would say, “I don’t want that reality!” What do you want? Many of you want to have meaningful work that supports the life you wish to live. Most of you would say you want your freedom. How would it feel to have work that you love and that supports your life? How would it feel to be free?

You can use your minds as the tools they were created to be. Recall a time you did something that you would do for the love of it, and remember how that feels. Recall a time when you felt free, if only for a moment, and luxuriate in that feeling. As you focus on the things that inspire these feelings, you are creating the future that you will experience. You are influencing your world’s future as well.

You are not at the mercy of the external world. Even if someone were to order that your area be bombed, in the vibration of resting securely in God’s love, you would be guided to a safe place from which to create your future. Even if the economy were to become abysmal, in a vibration of flow and abundance, you would experience helpful souls, great ideas, and opportunities to support all your needs and wishes. Even if you were to lose your job, in a frequency of divine love, you would be guided to the one you like more.

So when the world tries to draw you into fearful realities and futures, stop. What do you wish to experience? How can you find those feelings? Not a single one of you would ever say, we want someone else to control our future, yet when you give your minds over to the fears being spread by others, you do just that.

Dear ones, you are so beautiful, so powerful, so loved, and so loving. You have the capacity to recall or imagine scenarios that will inspire beautiful feelings you want to feel as you move through this time/space you call life. You have brilliant minds that can be used as tools to tune into feelings that create realities beyond your wildest dreams.

So you choose, dear friends. Will you create a fearful future or a glorious one that influences the world’s direction as well? At the very least, you will enjoy life. At the very best, you will be one of the vibrational notes or “votes” that sways the course of human history toward a glorious future.

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
— The Angels

If you are happy and having a beautiful day, you might still run into an angry person, but if they don’t match any frequencies within you, they won’t disturb you.

Disengaging from the darkness

Messages from Ann & the Angels – 02/17/2024

My dear friends, we love you so very much,

You are in a constant dance with the energies of life around you. You are all empathic beings, capable of feeling anything you tune into. You can feel the feelings of others. You can feel the resonance of life around you. You intuitively understand what frequencies are compatible with you in a given moment and which are not.

If you are happy and having a beautiful day, you might still run into an angry person, but if they don’t match any frequencies within you, they won’t disturb you. They’re not compatible with your loving vibration and can’t drag you down. You’ll have compassion, look at them curiously, or simply decide to avoid them.

If you have some upset lurking within you, they might “trip your trigger,” but, having practiced tuning your energy, you can quickly find your way back to joy.

If, however, you are already in a space of upset, such a person would resonate with you, amplify your own anger and upset you even more.

Likewise, if you’re sad, you might not want to be around someone emanating joy unless you are reaching for that frequency. If you are feeling empowered, you might not resonate with someone in a victimized mood, and if you are feeling victimized, you might not want to hear someone preach about how you can be more empowered unless you are reaching for that frequency already.

As your saying goes, wherever you go, there you are.

This ability to feel life around you is one of the many reasons it makes sense to love and accept yourself even when you’re down. You will attract and resonate with those who have similar compassion.

It makes sense to reach for the best vibration you can find so you’ll be able to feel your higher guidance and resonate with others in these higher spaces who can amplify your own good feelings and receive higher guidance.

As you choose to love yourself and find reasons to feel better, you will find that you no longer have any desire to engage in the dances of density and darkness.

There are those upon your earth who live in such fear that they demand your agreement, often in unloving ways. There are those who take their anger out on the innocent. There are those who learned in early childhood to get their way by being endearing, seductive, demanding, or manipulative and still keep engaging in these behaviors into adulthood. There are those whose pain is so great they cannot find a way out except to take it out on others.

These are not horrible souls. All souls are made of one light. However, these are souls who are lost, at least for a time, in the denser energies. Don’t drive them further into the darkness with your hate, dear friends. Remove your attention from their bad behaviors and pray for them, with the hope that one day, your prayers will help lift them into greater light.

We are not asking you to like unlikable behaviors. We are not asking you to feel good about bad words. We are not asking you to fall in love, in the human sense, with those who hate and hurt. We are simply saying this – you do not have to fall into density because others around you want you to join in their pain.

You can remain in your light, your joy, and your loving vibration no matter what others choose.

We know this isn’t easy, but it is the path to your deepest freedom. You may have to live with them, work with them, or get on the bus with them, but you do not have to engage in the energies they emit, for they are calling for attention in unloving ways. You do not have to give them your attention.

You get to choose where you place your focus. You get to choose what vibrations you empower. You get to choose if you will get sucked into the argument, become defensive when attacked, or feel a need to justify your goodness to those who couldn’t see it, even if your light was blinding in the moment.

Dear ones, we love you. Most of you have not been taught to exist in a space of soul-level love. You have been trained to make nice, defend your honor, demand respect, or despise those who are unloving to you. None of this is necessary. Life can be so much easier. You can live without letting the negativity and drama into your emotional space.

You can choose, and choose again, not to dance with the darkness, no matter who offers it to you or how vehemently they offer it.

Not everyone is in a space to understand your love and your good heart. Not everyone is in the space to communicate kindly. Not everyone is able to learn and dialogue in their present moment rather than demanding agreement. Not everyone is in a space to behave in a decent way on your planet, and yet that does not mean you need to engage.

When those lost in darkness cry for love and attention in unloving ways, give only their truth your attention. Give only good behavior your attention. Give their light within all things your attention, but withdraw your focus from hurtful words and behaviors.

If someone betrays you, don’t betray yourself. Give yourself love and kindness, seek soothing and healing, and then move on. Don’t give them further power over you, with your attention to their unloving behavior. You don’t need to defend your right to be treated with honesty. Of course, you deserve honesty. Not everyone is in a space to offer it. Withdraw from those who can’t, or at least ignore their lies.

If someone speaks to you in anger, either speak back in kindness or don’t say a word. Don’t respond. Let them sit in your silent presence with their own unpleasant vibration and then walk away when you can or change the topic. Their anger isn’t about you. Their anger is about their disconnection from their own loving spirit.

If someone attacks your character, embrace your true character. No one can damage your reputation to those who think for themselves! Others can only make you look bad to those who also look for what is negative. These aren’t the people you want to impress anyway.

Let your dignity, love, and good character speak more loudly than any words you could possibly offer. Let those who must think ill of you take responsibility for their own unpleasant feelings while you choose to feel good about yourself. Speak the truth of your own character only to those who can hear it.

“Don’t cast your pearls before swine” simply means that it is useless to offer your pearls of wisdom and truth to those who cannot recognize them for what they are.

It is time for you, dear lightworkers, to disengage from the denser energies that have tried, often successfully, to bring you down for lifetimes. It is time to stop dignifying the denser behaviors with your attention. A parent who peacefully sends a misbehaving child to their room with a loving but firm attitude is far more effective in teaching the child than one who hits, hurts, screams, and punishes. Likewise, when you send adults who are unkind “to their room” symbolically by remaining firm, loving, and refusing to dance with the bad behaviors, you are far more likely to have an impact than if you get knocked out of your own loving space.

When we, in the heavens, look at those you would call the most loathsome of all human beings, we see their souls. We remember their light. We pay attention to and amplify through our love anything good or kind they do, no matter how small. We do not dignify their density with our attention. When they wage war, either literally or figuratively, we gently whisper to their soul, “Remember. You are light. You are love. You want love. You want to feel safe. You want to feel right inside of yourself. There are kinder ways to go about this. Remember.” If we were to offer them only hatred and reproach, it would drive them deeper into their darkness. Our desire is to help all souls find their way home to the love that you are.

The paradigm of punishing those in darkness has never rid them of their darkness. The paradigm of defending your honor instead of just standing in such an honorable space that those who have the eyes to see it will see it has never convinced those who can’t. The paradigm of insisting that those who don’t respect themselves enough to be loving should respect you has never worked. An eye for an eye has never helped either party see clearly how to find and feel love once again.

Instead, you can stand so firmly and powerfully in a space of knowing your own goodness, light, and beauty that the unkind behaviors and actions of others will not find a way “under your skin,” so to speak. When you know who you are, you don’t require the validation of others. When you know how you should be treated, you walk away from those who don’t. When you respect yourself, you don’t need to lower yourself to dance with those who can’t. When you live and abide in the truth that you are precious, unique, and loved by your Creator, the opinions of those who are disconnected can no longer sway you.

You can withdraw, either literally or energetically, from the tugs and pulls of those who want to engage with you in the lower dances. You can remain silent, pray, send love, or simply focus on anything and everything that feels better.

Alignment with love is alignment with the power that breathes life into all creation. Whenever you focus on the simplest thing with love — your coffee, your spouse, your dog, the light filtering in through a window, a beautiful thought — you exist, in that moment, in alignment with the Creator. Stay there as often as you can, for in this space, the power that creates worlds will guide you with impulses of joy, grace, and ease.

Don’t fight the darkness, dear ones. Don’t engage with it energetically, no matter whose mouth or behavior it comes through. As often as possible, focus on that which you can love, for love is the only true power in the universe. When you empower love, the darkness cannot exist in those spaces.

We know your loving hearts. We know your light. Heaven knows who you are. Rest assured that if you rest in this love as often as possible, then those lost in darkness will have no power over you, and you will become powerful beacons of light for those who are reaching for a higher and happier reality.

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
— The Angels

The Richness of the Moment

Messages from Ann & the Angels – 02/10/2024

My dear friends, we love you so very much,

During a given day, you have thousands of moments in which you can appreciate life’s simple pleasures. In a single second or at a single glance, you have countless things to focus on.

Suppose you are drinking coffee with a friend. In a single second, you might appreciate the aroma of your beverage, evoking feelings of warmth or well-being. You could look deep into your friend’s eyes and notice their concern, evoking feelings of compassion. You might see the logo on your cup for the first time, evoking a sense of appreciation, curiosity, and wonder within you. You might notice the kind soul holding a door open for another, evoking feelings of love. You might notice the person next to you joking loudly, evoking feelings of humor. You might hear a song you like in the distance, evoking feelings of energy and inspiration. You might be talking about something that happened in the past, evoking all those associated feelings, or you might be talking about something you’d love to experience, thus evoking all the wonderful feelings associated with that experience.

There, in one second of your life, you have a rich tapestry of choices. When you see your lives in retrospect from heaven, you will see this way. You will see the rich opportunities for love, good feelings, connection, and appreciation in each moment. You will see the depth and breadth of vibrational choice you had in every second of your life. And dear ones, we don’t say this to put you down in any way, but in heaven, you will wonder why you didn’t take advantage of this wealth of love being offered to you more often. You aren’t bad if you don’t. You simply have a life experience that could be better. As your angels, we wish for you only the most loving and joyous life experience possible, and we constantly try to draw your attention to the best in a given moment.

For example, we know you miss your loved ones who have transitioned into their greater being. It feels like you have lost love, and in truth, you have lost the human sensory experience of it, person-to-person in 3D. But in the same instant that your loss feels so intense, your dear ones stand next to you in the present moment, offering a new sensory experience, a new and deeper connection, and an even more profound love. Reach for comfort when you’re grieving, and when you can, sit quietly, breathe deeply, and for a moment believe in the love that wants to embrace you. In time you will feel it.

Likewise, when you face a health challenge or when you’re in pain, it is hard to think of anything else. You do what you can. You can focus on the comfort of a blanket, the softness of a pillow, a beautiful song, the laughter of a child, or the dog who lays his head in your lap and demands attention. You can focus on a movie or a good book for awhile. You can explore new ways of eating. This isn’t easy, but the love is there in each moment, waiting to help open you to the life force that heals.

Even when you worry about your loved ones and your world, the love is still there. You can look for the good people in your life, the kind ones in the store, and read the stories of young people helping your planet. You can tell yourself humorously, “Well if the world is going to fall apart, I may as well have a good day!” You can appreciate a ray of sunlight filtering into the kitchen window or your meal cooking on the stove. How beautiful the present moment is and rich with opportunity to experience love.

The more you attune to the good in life, no matter how large or small, the more good you attract. The more you notice the things in your life with appreciation, the more there will be to appreciate. Even if you are sick, the more you notice the little moments without pain or problems, the more you support your body in good health.

The practice of looking for good when bad things happen feels counter-intuitive, but that is only due to your conditioning. A child is born looking for good. Your animals constantly look for good. All of nature grows towards what is to its benefit. Only humanity is trained out of this natural urge, but you can return to it. You can start to notice the abundance of love offered in so many small ways, in a given moment. As you practice, your life will slowly but surely become a tapestry of loving moments in a life rich with love.

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
— The Angels

Active Vibes – Here & Now

Messages from Ann & The Angels – 02/03/2024

My dear friends, we love you so very much,

Today, we’re going to go into a little more depth about the nature of your vibrational offerings, how the past affects the present, and how you can change that.

As you look back upon your life, you will recall many things that once seemed incredibly important, challenging, or frightening that now seem insignificant. As well, every challenge you face today will one day become only simply a distant memory. As you journey through eternity, you will all eventually conclude that the here and now matter most. In the here and now, you can be present in your current environment. You can also activate memories of the past or indulge in dreams (or worries) for the future. Wherever you point your thoughts, you are focusing your attention and therefore activating vibrations, in the here and now.

You might think of the analogy of your television. You can watch current news. You can watch the History Channel or any number of dramatizations of the past. You can watch futuristic movies, listen to predictions, or even journey beyond time and space into realms of fantasy. No matter what “space/time” you tune into via your television, you are doing the tuning in the here and now. You are not in the past or the future in the 3D sense. You are focusing on the past, present, future, or alternate space/time, and with this focus, you are activating vibrations within you. As you know, these vibrations will start to attract different outcomes.

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Each of you, based on a huge number of factors, will activate different vibrations. Two people can watch the same show and activate completely different vibrations. One person can watch a thriller movie and laugh through the whole thing, activating vibrations and feelings of security, humor, and joy. Another might watch the very same movie and be on the edge of their seat with anticipation, activating vibrations of suspense, anticipation, and feelings of cleverness as they intuit the plot. A third might become fearful and feel dreadful watching the same movie, thereby activating vibrations of insecurity and fear. None of these individuals is wrong. They are simply tuning to the same reality, activating different vibrations—either intentionally or by habit—and attracting like vibrations in their lives.

Similarly, you can recall or talk about your past and—for better or worse—activate all the vibrations associated with it. You focus on a desired (or a fearsome) future and activate all the vibrations associated with that. No matter where in space/time you place your focus, and no matter where the vibrations you activated originate, you are activating them here and now.

While this might seem interesting or even overly “technical,” our reason for pointing this out is that your power is in the present moment. Right here, right now, you can select your vibration consciously by deliberately choosing to focus on the thoughts and things that feel better to you, or you can allow external life to dictate your vibration. As you choose to tune into the thoughts and things that comfort you, soothe you, and help you feel even a little better, you begin to attract better. If you allow life to dictate your vibrations, then, dear ones, you are at the mercy of the external world, and this is not always the most joyful place to be.

There is much talk about the “unconscious mind” controlling you, but in reality, it only controls you when it becomes active in your present and you don’t choose to do something about it. Once you feel bad about something in your past, it is no longer unconscious. Once something reminds you of your past, it is no longer unconscious. Once you react to the present based on your past, it is no longer unconscious. Your unpleasant feelings are the indicator that you have activated an unwanted vibration in your here and now.

Once you notice unpleasant feelings or reactions, you can do something about them. You can begin to recalibrate your energy by reaching for a thought, thing, or situation that feels better. Only the active vibrations, in the here and now, affect how you feel and what you attract. What is unconscious and, therefore, inactive plays no role in your creations. Only when vibrations are activated do they control you.

You have the potential to access every channel possible on your television, but that only matters when you pick it up, turn it on, focus it, and select a channel to watch. Furthermore, you must remain focused on that channel to activate its vibrations within you. Likewise, your unconscious mind has access to every possible vibration you can emit, but only when these vibrations become active do they begin to create results.

We bring this finer point to your attention to help you reclaim your power to change, feel better, and attract what you wish. You can’t control something that is “unconscious.” However, the moment a vibration becomes active in your here and now, you will become conscious of it because you feel the associated emotion—good, bad, or neutral.

And here is a point that matters so deeply that it will give you your power back in a much greater way—It does not matter whether or not you know why a vibration is active within you right here and now. It doesn’t matter if that came from your past or your present. All that matters is how you are tuning.

Whether or not you realize that you are angry at someone because they remind you of your past, you can choose to reach for a thought that feels better than anger. If it helps you to understand why you feel as you do, by all means, go within. However, if focusing on your past just dredges up more bad feelings, focus on anything better! If you can’t do this on your own, get some help, dear ones because you deserve to feel good and attract good.

The therapy of the future will not involve finding and feeling your past pain so much as helping you find and feel your natural joy when you accidentally activate your pain. There are many movements involving the study and support of happiness beginning to sprout up around your planet that are the steps toward this path. Modalities are already arising to help people “rewire” to neutral states so their natural joy can arise. These will gain momentum even during your lives.

The healing of the future will not be biased toward fighting disease but rather by assisting well-being. There are centers, insurance incentives, and healers in both medical and metaphysical realms working this way right now. They will increase in number.

The future of business will involve more conscious tuning and less frenetic action. Mastermind groups and individuals are creating this way right now. It will become more mainstream.

In the future, when a world conflict arises, larger groups will come together to focus on the feelings and emanations of peace. These gatherings already exist on your planet. They will grow in number and cause even greater ripples of peace and compassion in the human pond.

Dear ones, your past is a set of practiced thoughts and beliefs that can activate within you. Your future is a set of possible focus points that can be activated within you. Even in your present space/time, you have much to choose from and many different vibrations that can ensue. Whether you focus on the past, present, future, or imagined space/time, you get to choose in the very next moment to focus on something better. You get to reach for a better feeling. You get to soothe yourself, accept yourself, and be kind to yourself even in your grief, pain, or fear, and in so doing, you are choosing to draw more love into your experience.

You are not at the mercy of the external world as much as you think. It can easily “trip your trigger” and activate old practiced patterns, but just as a bump in the road can temporarily set your car off course, you can quickly grab the wheel or refocus your mind and steer yourself once again on a kinder and gentler path.

All that matters is now. In this moment, shut your eyes, take a few deep breaths, and simply intend to receive our love. Sometimes, that is the kindest choice you can make for yourself. Whether your present moment is beautiful or unthinkably painful, we are here to help you find, focus on, and feel better. We are here to help you remember that love is always available right here, right now.

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
— The Angels

Message from Ann & the Angels – 01/27/2024 • The universe doesn’t keep score

My dear friends, we love you so very much,

It is so much easier to create change in your life than you might imagine. In fact, you can begin to turn your life in a new direction with the very next thought. It doesn’t matter if you’ve had years of disappointment or frustration. You can shift to a vibration that opens you to satisfaction. Even if you have a life-threatening illness, you can find the frequency that allows wellness to flow. If you’ve “blown” your fortune, wasted opportunities, or not appreciated love, you can still shift into a glorious existence, starting right here and now.

Even as you read this message, you can open to the ever-present, beyond-your-imagination flow of love from the Source. You will have that opportunity in every moment of your eternal existence. No matter what you’ve done, said, experienced, or chosen, you never “lose your right” to receive love, and love will never stop flowing. You are all learning to open to its broadcast.

If you look at life through the lens of third-dimensional, material reality, change can easily seem impossible. You may not have the knowledge, the resources, or even the energy to “do” what it takes to “make” your life change. However, through the 5D (energetic) lens, change is simple. You look around and find something to feel good about. You dare to fantasize about what you want and shift your thoughts away from the same old expectation of disappointment. You begin to live now, seeking good feelings now, drawing from what is around you now to raise your vibration.

You allow the universe to do what it does by its very design—love you, guide you, inspire you, and assist you in creating all that you want. Instead of agonizing over how to handle a situation, you surrender to your heart that wants to dream, feel, and allow good to flow.

As you continue to practice these subtle shifts throughout your days—in even the smallest ways—you are learning to tune your energy field. You all understand the concept of tuning. You grab your remote control, select a station, and tune into it. You push the buttons in your car to select a radio station, and you tune into it. Something catches your attention, and you tune into it. You think of a lemon, and you tune into that, causing your body to create chemical reactions that match. An athlete imagines dunking the basketball into the hoop, and their body begins to send nerve signals and cause muscle contractions that are the exact match to their imagined success.

Examples of tuning are everywhere. The person who says, “I get sick every year,” gets sick every year. The person who says and believes, “I don’t have time to be ill,” rarely gets ill. The person who says, “Money just flows to me,” experiences it, while the one who says often, “Money just seems to flow out the door,” will wave goodbye to their money quite often. The one who says and means, “I love life!” has love reflected in so many ways, while the ones who cry, “What is this world coming to?” seem to find more and more examples of insanity and impending doom.

Your world is a smorgasbord of frequencies and behaviors. You will notice what you tune into. Your body is a symphony of energy and chemistry that is highly attuned to the vibrations you create with your thoughts and feelings. A cascade of chemical and electrical reactions results from every thought and feeling.

As you learn how to tune your vibration, grant yourself grace. Sometimes, feeling “better” is not yet “best.” If you are deeply upset, having a good rant in order to let off steam can often make you feel better. Rant to your angels! We listen and hold space for your powerful self to emerge. Sometimes, thinking unpleasant thoughts about someone is a step above feeling victimized. Just don’t stay stuck in those spaces. Reach for better. You deserve to feel good.

For example, when someone treats you unkindly or when you witness someone behaving in a way that upsets you, you may find yourself re-living the scene over and over in your thoughts. You notice how bad that feels. You are vibrating at a frequency of “victim.” You may have truly been victimized in 3D. However, you don’t want to stay stuck there. You don’t want to focus on that and attract more. You want to find and feel your soul’s loving power.

Knowing what you know about energy, you can start to reach for better:

“They have no idea how painful and destructive their behavior is!” you rant. “I hope someone does it to them someday!” You start to feel more empowered, but if you’re honest, that doesn’t quite feel good enough yet.

“Actually, I don’t care about what they feel! I want to feel good!” Better still.

“I deserve to feel good. Is there anything I can feel good about now?” I think I’ll get a good meal. I truly deserve more than this!” Better yet, but you’re still a little focused on the upset.

“Wow, this meal is good. I have a good life.” You look around and see how small and insignificant the bad behavior is compared to the blessings in your life. You start to feel appreciation for the blessings. You genuinely feel relief. Now you’re tuning to love and manifesting better, too.

The universe doesn’t keep score. You could attract difficulties for decades, and after five minutes of genuinely feeling good about yourself and genuinely focusing on good things in life, you would start to run into kinder people and more comfortable situations whenever you go. You would start to see “coincidences” and synchronicities appear.

Every now is brand new. Every thought is a chance to feel better or not. Every feeling shifts your vibration either towards or away from what you want. Given no direction, your conditioned brain will likely go in and out of lower and higher vibrations to the point where not much changes. But when you can take charge of this and start to shift to feeling better, you start to create a spiral of positive momentum. Keep it going as best you can because, eventually, that positive momentum will start to show up as an avalanche of good feelings, people, things, and circumstances.

Change is entirely possible, dear ones. Right now, think of something that gives you joy—a loved one, a favorite meal, your blankets, the sunshine, anything at all. Think of it. Think of why you like it. Feel the good feelings. In this very instant that you have attuned to love, your past is irrelevant. What happened yesterday is irrelevant. You are now, in this moment, attuned to love and attracting better. You do deserve to feel good, attract good, and share good. The universe never keeps score, so when you wobble, try again. Keep it up.

Practice and you’ll eventually get so good at tuning, dear friends, that life will become a joyful, playful game of creation.

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
— The Angels


Messages from Ann & the Angels – 01/13/2024 • Too much?

My dear friends, we love you so very much,

The universe is unlimited. No dream or desire is too big, too small, or too frivolous for the Divine. No prayer is ignored. No request falls on deaf ears. The moment you have a loving desire, the Divine and your angels begin to guide you toward it. Your job is to allow us to assist and to be in a vibration high enough to perceive our guidance.

There are many reasons why you don’t receive what you are asking for, and they all have to do with your willingness to be in a receptive state. The Divine is not withholding love. Your angels are not withholding guidance. However, consider this analogy. Even if the pipes provide the water, none will flow unless the faucet is turned on. Even if the love flows eternally, you must open your “faucet” to receive it from the heavens.

Fear and doubt keep you in a vibration that makes it difficult for you to perceive your guidance. One of the biggest reasons you doubt that you will receive what you want is that, at a deeper level, you doubt your own worthiness.

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Prior generations often taught you to set aside your feelings or to put aside your dreams and “get real.” There were those who convinced you that your desires were “not important enough” to warrant Divine attention. Dear ones, many on your path simply did not know any better. As a result, they convinced you that you should not ask for “too much.” This was a subtle way of telling you that you were not worthy for all you desire.

The people who propagated these spiritual untruths didn’t know any better. They weren’t malicious for the most part. They were simply afraid that if you asked for what you wanted, you’d be disappointed, that they’d be unable to assist, or that by following your dreams, you’d be depriving them of their own.

They simply didn’t understand the way the universe works. They didn’t know the laws of vibration. They didn’t know that the Creator can satisfy the essence of all desires so elegantly that everyone ends up happy. Some taught you that you were selfish to ask for more. They didn’t know or understand the unlimited love of the Divine.

There were many who felt they must play God and satisfy your desires,, and when they could not, they convinced you that you were asking for “too much.”

Dear ones, what is “too much?” Is it a certain dollar amount? Or a certain number of prayers per day? Is it too much to ask for more when you already have enough or to ask for more when others have less? How do you define too much? When you think about it, the idea of defining “too much” is absurd when you’re talking about the Divine because the Divine has no limitations. The Divine is infinite.

Instead of worrying about whether or not you are asking for “too much,” we would urge you to simply be honest, and authentic in your prayers. Stop worrying about whether or not you are asking for “too much” and instead ask for what you honestly want. Do you dream of going to the beach even though you just returned from the mountains? Ask for help achieving this. Do you want more money even though you live well? Ask for help manifesting the things you want to add to your life. Do you want more but feel guilty because others have so much less? Do you want to live in peace even thought that dreams seems far away? Dear ones you cannot deprive others by your prayers, no matter how many or how grand. God is infinite.

The Creator is not a human person with limited time and resources. While your parents or your spouse may not have been able to give you the attention you wanted, the Divine can. While your teachers were physically not able to give all the children in the classroom attention, the Divine can pay attention to each of the 8+ billion people on your earth. While people have budgets and constraints, the Divine does not. So, while human beings might have sent you the signal that you could ask for too much from them, the Divine knows no such limitation.

You have heard the phrase, “Ask, and you shall receive.” We would say, “Ask, believe, know you are worthy, and then receive.” When you ask your angels for help, you do not deprive anyone else of their assistance. When you ask the Divine for more, none is taken from another. When you, like an innocent child, happily dream up a list of authentic desires, we delight in your joy and willingness to bring love into form. We get to work trying to guide you!

There is no need to “selflessly” deprive yourself of the creations you truly desire. We want you to be “your authentic self” and be rooted in the true “Self.” Do you want help managing your schedule today? Ask for help. Be willing to believe it can come. Trust the movement of your heart and the unfolding path that guides you through natural and inspired impulses. If you pray for safety and believe enough to receive you will be guided around any challenge or danger. If you pray for abundance and believe enough to receive, you will be guided to joyfully allow it into your life. If you pray for another—to the degree that they are willing to allow good to flow—you will assist them in their creations.

Dear ones, your asking deprives no one. Your desires, when they come from a desire to experience a more loving reality in any form are important to the Divine. You are part of unfolding creation and your desires allow love to flow into this world of form.

So, ask for the help, the hugs, the finances, the things, the feelings, the healings, and the help you desire. Then, let them go. Stop trying to figure out if you deserve it, if it will happen, when, and how, for worrying about how to fulfill your own prayers simply gets in the way. You cannot perceive loving guidance while focused on worry. You cannot hear the whispers of certainty when you feel doubt.

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If you, like the little ones, remembered your worthiness, you’d ask, believe, expect, and anticipate dreams come true. You;d go about your business, enjoying your days, while knowing that the Divine is always with you, and always encouraging you to listen to your heart, and follow the path of joy.

Dear ones, we love you. We celebrate your willingness to call the infinite info various beautiful and loving forms in your lives. You can never ask for too much when your asking is born of love. Be like little children—innocent, honest, and excited about watching your dreams take form.

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
— The Angels

Pie and Angels

Messages from Ann & the Angels – 01/06/2024

My dear friends, we love you so very much,

As you proceed throughout the coming year, remember you are never alone. We are here for you, always attempting to assist you in even the smallest of ways. It is our joy to help you find the path of love, grace, and ease.

You need not prove your worthiness to us. We already know it.

You need not justify your desires or prayers. You came to earth knowing you were here to create.

You need not explain your problems to us to gain our sympathy because, dear ones, we do not see you as helpless or hopeless ever. We see your light, your beauty, and your power. We see your ability to allow creations to flow into your life.

We see the streams of love flowing to you, simply waiting for your reception. We don’t spend any time at all focused on your problems. Instead, we maintain a steady focus on your solutions and your dreams, always attempting to find a way to guide you toward them.

Suppose you had a friend who felt it was their job to commiserate with you. You might say, “I’m having a hard time.” Your friend would say, “Yes, you are, you poor thing. I can’t believe how awful your life has been. No one deserves this… Life is so unfair.” Temporarily, this might soothe you. Temporarily, you might feel a little better because someone has seen your pain. Temporarily, you would feel relief. This is a shift in vibration—a beginning step towards feeling better—and we would not dream of negating the value of love in any form.

However, what if you had another friend, one who emanated love and joy, one who always wanted the best for you, who celebrated your every success and barely paid attention at all to your so-called mistakes? What if this friend was so loving that their positive vibe was contagious? Suppose you went to them and confessed, “I’ve been having a hard time.” They would look upon you with love, compassion, and respect. They might say, ” “I know it has been hard, but there is so much more ahead for you. There is so much love for you now. There is so much guidance. You don’t have to tell me how much you’ve been through. I already know, and I know it’s been so hard, but let’s not look back. Let’s look forward and figure out how to help you have a better, kinder, brighter future. You deserve this. You don’t have to tell me all about your pain. Just let that go now. Let me embrace you and comfort you. I love you. Rest, I’m here. We’ll help you find your way.”

We are that second friend, dear ones. We always try to comfort you, cheer you onward, and offer the kindest inspiration to help you overcome your challenges. We try to distract you from your doubts long enough to give you impulses that will bolster your faith. You simply have to distract yourself from your pain and worries long enough to feel our loving signals. A nap will often do the trick. Watching a movie that distracts you from your fears will help. Focusing on anything that feels good helps you remain open to our love.

We hold you in the highest esteem even when you do not see yourself this way. We don’t waste a moment focusing on your pain and problems. We focus unceasingly on your solutions and dreams. We don’t try to “fix your flaws.” We try to help you see your light, beauty, and grace.

As surely as a loving parent remembers the innocence and goodness of their child, even after that child has been cranky, thrown tantrums, or made “mistakes” in school, we hold steadfast in our understanding of your worth.

Whether your desires are small or large, as long as they are loving, we are working to assist. We can’t help you punish your ex! We can, however, guide you to much kinder relationships to the degree you’re willing to let the past go and focus on what you want. We can’t fix the parents who weren’t loving, but we can help you come to know and feel the love of the one true parent of all creation who loves you so much that you would be in ecstasy if you could surrender to a small fraction of that goodness. We can’t make someone understand you, but we can help you understand yourself so thoroughly that you don’t want to waste your time trying to prove your worth to anyone ever again.

Dear ones, we can help with all things great and small. Allow yourself to look for things to feel good about, for in that vibration of comfort, love, and kindness, you can feel your heart, sense your impulses, and therefore receive our love and guidance.

If you can, stop trying to justify your pain and problems. They’re there. We understand. But it does you little good to focus on the very thing you want to move beyond. Instead, focus on what feels better so you can be open to receiving more of that.

Our love for you is without end. You cannot ask for too much. You are already worthy. Receive dear ones. You don’t have to earn the love that creates you. You just have to relax into it.

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
— The Angels

Have New Year Filled with Love!


Messages from Ann & the Angels – 12/30/2023

My dear friends, we love you so very much,

As your year draws to a close and humanity gives itself permission to release what no longer serves and to look forward with hope and dreams alive, we celebrate with you. We love that you take this time to look within, recalibrate your life, and clarify your desires. We love that you give yourself these markers in your eternal journey. Every moment that you spend attuning to the thoughts that give you joy is a moment closer to having your desires appear in your life.

Resolve this year that you will give yourselves permission to find thoughts and things to feel good about, no matter the circumstances around you. We are not predicting gloom and doom in this statement; we simply observe what you already see everywhere you look—the contrast in your world is becoming more and more evident as hearts awaken, and countless souls begin to bring their truth to the surface.

This is not a tragedy but rather an incredible, rapid evolution of humanity. You are part of an exciting time on your planet. Events in recent years have driven so many inward, diving deep to reconnect with hearts long buried, dreams forgotten, and desires that were once cast by the wayside. It is becoming increasingly difficult to ignore your feelings. The alignment between your thoughts and your soul is becoming more evident. When you feel good, your thoughts are those of love. When you feel bad, your thoughts diverge from those of the loving spirit within.

Be true to yourselves in the coming year.

You were not designed to please others unless it truly pleases you to do so.

You were not designed to serve others at the expense of your own joy and well-being. Very few in the history of humanity have incarnated with the explicit intention to be martyrs, but those who chose that path, did, did it with glad hearts.

You were not designed to fight or fix people or systems but rather to serve the values and empower the ideologies you believe in.

So, in this time of intensified contrast, give up the fight. Give up trying to make others conform. Give up trying to make yourself conform. Like the roses and lilies, the grasses, trees, and weeds, simply be yourself and trust that the love that lives within all things and all beings wants its expression in diversity.

Diversity of thought, dear ones, leads to creation! If you all had the exact same beliefs and ideas, if you wore the same clothes, listened to the same music, and had the same solutions for the same problems and challenges, quickly, you would become bored and desire the stimulation for growth. In nature, diversity stimulates evolution. In humanity, diversity does the same.

In the coming year, wonder at the differences, seek to understand them if you wish, but remain true to your loving self. There’s no need to get anyone else to agree with you. There’s no need for you to agree with anyone else. Listen rather than argue. Love rather than hate. Be kind to yourself rather than self-deprecating.

It is a year where remaining centered and rooted in love to the best of your ability will yield a bountiful harvest in your life. It is a year when being true to yourself will feel magnificent. It is a year when you will want to listen to your heart and act on its loving impulses so as to take advantage of the opportunities being offered.

Dear ones, we know your world has a lot of turmoil as the eternally ineffective attempts to bully and manipulate one another into compliance go on. Wars can conquer nations and kill bodies, but they don’t change minds or eliminate souls. Political “wars” can inspire chaos, anger, and fear, but even the most “powerful” on your earth will pass into the unseen and learn whether or not their “power” was rooted in love and whether or not history and future generations will see them as brilliantly as they thought they once were or will look upon them with greater clarity and wisdom.

Fear not, dear ones. God is God. Love is love. Love is accessible to you in every breath, in every moment, in every thought, and in every choice. Love is the foundation from which you were created and the destination to which you will return. The more you choose to align with love, the better you will feel and the more magical and brilliant your life will become.

As you celebrate your new year and look forward to the year ahead, replace hope with a resolve to seek and see what is good, beautiful, lasting, and true in life, for in so doing, you will feel the love that seeks to flow into your life at all times.

Love never ends, dear ones. It is there for the taking, an eternal river of life, guiding you, loving you, embracing you, and carrying you forward.

Look back on this year and celebrate your strength, your growth, your loving choices, the people whose lives you touched, and the people whose lives touched yours. Celebrate the challenges overcome and the tenacity of spirit you all exemplified. Celebrate your beautiful meals, beautiful art, and beautiful music. Celebrate the day you stepped in the grass and appreciate its cool softness on the soles of your feet.

Celebrate the strangers who were kind to you and the times you were kind to yourself when others weren’t. Look around your home and celebrate all the little reminders of love. Do you recall the feeling you had when you bought a cherished item or a picture you enjoy to this day? Touch a blanket, a pillow, or a crystal you love and marvel at the exquisite sensations of texture as your touch sends thousands of signals to your brain.

In every moment, in every day, in every situation, you can find something to love. See and you will find. Knock and the door will be opened, and in this case, we mean the door to the never-ending, constantly-expanding, all-giving stream of love that is yours for the taking.

Happy New Year, dear ones. Happy New Moment. Happy New Opportunity to claim the feelings of love that are yours.

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
— The Angels

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Messages from Ann & the Angels – 12/23/2023 • You are the light

photo of white pine trees

My dear friends, we love you so very much,

Happy, holy holidays to all of you who celebrate, and happy, holy days to all, for all days are holy, all days have the potential to be happy, and all days can be a celebration of the light that you so beautifully focus upon this time of year.

Whether you celebrate the babe in a manger, the miracle of the oil, or simply the return of light after the winter solstice, you are celebrating a light that lives and breathes within you. This is your essence and your truth, and when you align with that light by choice—be it through a kind thought, word, or deed, for yourself or another—you will feel its radiance shining to you and through you.

This light is nothing less than your Creator, beyond form. This light can never be diminished. It cannot be put out. It burns brightly even in the toughest of circumstances, and as you surrender to it, attune to it, it guides you to all you seek.

Can you fathom, dear ones, that the light of the Christ child lives in you? The miraculous light that burns in the darkness lives in you. The light that emanates from your star lives within you. There is only One, and every moment you spend feeling something that feels even remotely like love—be it even comfort or contentment- you are, to some degree, feeling that beautiful love beyond description.

If you celebrate Christmas, imagine that light being lovingly nurtured in your own heart. Mary is that within you that nurtures your light. Joseph is that within you that protects your light. The shepherds are that innocence within you that beholds your ability to live in love with wonder and awe. The kings are those within you who value the light and want to support it. Dear ones, these people were very real historical figures but were also archetypal, and those archetypes live within you.

If you celebrate Hannukah, the light in the lamp that burns without end lives within you. There is no limit to your love. There is no limit to the miracles that can be created as you surrender to love. Nothing can diminish that light nor gain permanent victory “over it,” for this light lives in all.

Love can be ignored. It can be pushed away. You can refuse to feel it by focusing on that which is not loving. Whether or not you experience the absolute, magnificent wonder of you—your true essence—is always a choice, but regardless, that light lives and breathes and burns within you. It calls you to that which feels better. In even a moment of peaceful distraction, good ideas can arise that help you move forward out of a difficult situation. In even a moment of surrender, your answers can come. In even a moment of what many of you call ‘not giving a care’ about whatever you struggle with, you release the struggle and open to what you desire.

This holiday season, imagine that light within you. Imagine that with every beautiful or uplifting or soothing thought you think you are tending to that light, nurturing that love, and allowing yourself to feel its never-ending, nurturing, uplifting, inspiring flow.

You don’t seek better thoughts and feelings to become a good person. You already are. You don’t seek them to pass some test or avoid some judgment. You are not being tested, and no one in the heavens is judging you. You don’t want to feel good to prove to anyone that you’ve achieved spiritual mastery. You want to surrender to anything that helps you feel more love, more joy, more peace, or more soothed—for your own sake because deep in your spirit, you know you deserve to feel that good!

Even in your grief, you can comfort yourself or be kind and allow that light to shine. Even in your confusion, you can be clear about your caring heart. Even in the depths of your pain, you can open the window of your heart a crack by breathing and allowing us to assist you in attuning your vibration to that love.

With every soothing, loving, comforting, kind thought, word, or deed that feels better, you allow yourself to feel that light, and as you feel it, it flows through you into your created world. It begins to light up your 3D path, at first with better feelings, then with better thoughts, and then with things starting to flow easily and miraculously into your life.

The Christ child was not born on a tropical island on a smooth, balmy day. He was born in a dark, cold, and humble manger. The oil in the lamp did not burn in times of peace and glory. It burnt despite conflict and chaos. Your light, too, can certainly shine when it is easy, but how much more miraculous can you and your life become as you shine this light, even when feeling the dark around you? So much more joy is accessible when you surrender to what feels more loving.

Dear ones, if your lives are wonderful, and you gather with family or friends, let that light shine brightly. If you are alone, bereaved, fearful, or upset, take a breath, focus on something soothing, and surrender to love. We are here to love you at all times. The Divine never ceases. Make room in the manger, light the lamp, and allow yourself to travel on the kindest and most joyful path simply by dropping into the moment you are in and asking your inner wisdom, “What feels like love right now?”

You are light. You are love. You are loved. No matter what you say, think, or do, this light remains constant and unchanged. Our wish for you is that you slowly but surely learn the benefit of releasing your upsets in favor of better feelings so this light can illuminate your mind, your heart, your life, and eventually, your world.

Merry Christmas
Happy Hannukah
Peaceful Solstice

We love you without end.
— The Angels

When life is going your way, it isn’t luck. You can take all the credit!

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Messages from Ann & the Angels – 12/16/2023 • Managing your Momentum

My dear friends, we love you so very much,

In today’s message, we want to help you understand how to keep the momentum going when life is going your way and how to turn the momentum around when life seems to present one tough situation after the next.

The answer lies, as always, in vibrational reality. A radio can only receive the frequency to which it is tuned. A television can only display the channel to which it is tuned. And you, dear ones, will only see or receive the energies that match that to which you are tuned.

None of you reading this was born and raised with an understanding of the importance of your vibration. You were taught to “do” things, “fix” things, and “think through” things, and while you certainly do have “do,” “fix,” and “think” as part of your human experience, the overriding factor in terms of what appears in your life is based solely and completely on vibration.

When life is going your way, it isn’t luck. You can take all the credit! You are letting love in. Love flows from the Divine in a steady and constant stream. Love flows to you whether you feel it or not, believe in it or not, or even acknowledge it. Love flows whether you are loving or hateful. Love is trying to guide you at all times, in every breath, toward all you desire. Love never quits.

If you are relaxed, happy about anything, feeling appreciative, or simply content, you are tuned into a vibration of love. You are close enough to the “channel” of the Divine broadcast to receive inspirations to do the right things at the right time, be at the right place at the right time, and to focus on things at the right time. You call this a “flow state” because you are indeed aligning your energy with the steady non-stop flow of love from the Divine.

However, if something upsets you, you will feel a temporary wobble in your vibration. You might feel upset or sad and you’ll also feel a strong desire for better. It would be inauthentic to stuff your initial feelings. Even the “negative” ones serve a purpose. They are the first indicator that lets you know that your vibration is no longer attuned to love. If you can catch yourself when you feel these unpleasant feelings and reach for a thought that feels better, you’ll shift your vibration before you begin to attract chaos. If, however, you keep your focus on what feels bad, you’ll start to see and experience more of what you’d rather not.

At the first sign of a negative feeling, you have a few choices. You can ignore it and try to focus on something better. Sometimes, you can easily shift your attention and raise your vibration. Other times you need to give yourself a brief time to feel the upset, love yourself through it, and then focus on something better. This, too, will bring you back to a vibration of love because even self-love and self-acceptance when you feel down is a form of love.

Far too often, however, you do what you learned to do. You “chew” on the negative situation that inspired the negative feelings. You think about it, analyze it, analyze yourself, and analyze whether or not you should feel the way you do. While you certainly can learn from this sort of introspection, if it doesn’t feel happy, it would be far kinder to yourself to take a nap, go for a walk, do something you love, or distract yourself until your vibration rises. Then, from a happier or even more neutral place, you can review the situation, if you must, for any nuggets of wisdom it might offer.

If you focus too long on a bad-feeling incident, you’ll turn your aura into a tornado of energy that, like a real tornado, will suck in all the junk in the vicinity. You might innocently trip, but if you start to berate yourself, you’ll snag your sweater, forget something you need to do, or attract someone else to help beat yourself up. If you offered yourself compassion instead, you would quickly reset your energy vibration, and life would proceed in a more graceful flow.

If you get upset about the delays of being stuck in traffic, you may notice all sorts of other interruptions and delays in your day. If you feel guilty about being late, you’ll likely attract those who judge it. If you relax, breathe, and focus on the beautiful day instead, you’ll attract people who don’t make a big fuss about you being late.

So, on a “good day,” keep the positive momentum going by thinking about all the blessings you are experiencing. Think about the kind people, the ease and flow, the beautiful day, the happy surprises, the car you love, etc. Focus on anything and everything that you genuinely love and appreciate. The more you tune into anything with love, the more of it you will see.

On a “bad day,” stop for a moment. Sit, breathe, receive, and let us help you recalibrate your energy field. It only takes a minute to relax and allow us to assist. Such a simple act of receiving love can change the course of your entire day.

Dear ones, shifting your energy is not as difficult as it might seem. You do it with every thought you think. With every thought, you feel better or worse. The key to a life in which you navigate the ups and downs with grace is simply remembering that you deserve to feel good and that feeling good starts on the inside, with one better thought at a time.

If you wake up on the “right side of bed,” celebrate! If you wake up on the “wrong side of bed,” look for something to feel good about. Anything will do.

You are not earning love by shifting your vibration. We already love you! You are not proving yourself worthy of goodness. You already are. You are simply tuning your energy field to the steady, non-stop stream of love that can turn a bad day into good within moments.

You can all learn to be like radios tuned in to the broadcast of love. You can practice focusing on the good when it is easy and focusing on anything better when it is hard.

You will eventually get so good at shifting your vibration that life’s ups and downs will no longer spiral you into chaos. You’ll be able to recalibrate quickly and easily when you hit a bump in life and once again return to the flow of love, goodness, grace, and guidance that you always, eternally, deserve.

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
— The Angels

Messages from Ann & the Angels – 12/09/2023 • Let’s get back to Self Appreciation

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My dear friends, we love you so very much,

Today, we wish to speak to you about self-appreciation, for in appreciating the good within, you also appreciate the light of God within. In appreciating yourself in even the smallest way, you acknowledge the love that sources creation. If you love God, dear ones, you must include yourselves in the equation because you are born from that love, sustained by that love, and co-creating with that love. You unleash Divine love into the world with every good, kind, loving, appreciative, generous, playful, humorous, creative, or beautiful thought, word, or deed.

You, dear ones, are the lightworkers. You are adding light—through the smallest emanations of love— to the world every day. You are doing and being good in ways both great and small. It is time to drop the illusion of false humility, time to stop focusing on your so-called flaws, and time to own and appreciate how you allow the Divine light to shine.

When you wake up in the morning, acknowledge yourself. “I have chosen to come back to earth for another day. What a brave soul am I!” When you look around your home, can you appreciate the countless little expressions of love you see all around you? Perhaps there’s a stone on your desk that reminds you of a vacation. That, dear ones, is a touchstone of love. Can you appreciate the fact that you appreciate something so small?

As you feel the goodness of your morning shower, can you acknowledge the fact that you are loving the warm water and appreciating its flow? You are sending a ripple of love into the world with even this tiny thought. As you inhale the steam from your coffee and feel its warmth, can you acknowledge the fact that you are appreciating, and therefore blessing, the thousands of souls who dedicate their lives to giving you this moment? You care. You are feeling a vibration of love. That matters.

Self-acknowledgment is far from arrogance. You are not putting yourself above another. You are not saying you are the only one on earth who makes the best cup of coffee! You are not in any way diminishing another by acknowledging your own light, goodness, and gifts. In fact, the more you notice and acknowledge all the love you emanate, the more easily you will see others doing the same, for what you focus upon, you get more of.

Not a single one of you said before this lifetime, “I will come to suffer to prove my worthiness. I will try to make up for my flaws. I will work hard to convince people that I am good and loving on the inside.”

You have never fallen short in the eyes of the Divine. A loving parent would never tell their child struggling at a prestigious but difficult school, “What a mess you are! Why don’t you do better? Show me that you have earned my affection by being perfect!” A loving parent would acknowledge the child for their choice and willingness to learn even in a tough situation. A loving parent would acknowledge the child’s capabilities, resourcefulness, and ability to succeed. Likewise, your loving creator sends you a steady stream of support and acknowledgment.

When you appreciate and acknowledge yourselves, you are in agreement with the Divine’s perspective of you. When you criticize yourself, you are disagreeing with the Divine. God says, “You are perfect even as you grow into more.” If you stood before God (and you do every day), would you say, “I disagree! I am not perfect! I know more than you do, God, about me, and clearly I am flawed.” Beloved souls, God is right on this one! Surrender to love. Acknowledge your own light. Turn the cheek and look away from your flaws as soon as you notice them and acknowledge your ability to shine even more brightly. In this vibration of love, you receive natural urges and impulses to grow beyond your so-called flaws, as surely as a plant that is given good soil and water will grow.

We would love for you to take a few minutes a day (if not so many more!) to appreciate yourself in any and all ways that you can. Acknowledge yourself for incarnating on this earth to be part of a massive and pivotal change in the paradigm of human reality. Appreciate the fact that you get up and go to a job, have coffee with friends, or spend time in silent peace because all that you enjoy contributes to the vibration of love. Appreciate yourself for seeking a greater love. You would not be reading our words here if you were not. Appreciate the way you gently helped a stranger, made time for a friend, or prayed for a world situation. A thousand times a day, if not countless more, you strengthen the vibration of love on the planet.

Dear ones, true self-appreciation is never arrogant. It does not put you above others. It is simply and beautifully an acknowledgment of the Divine spark within. Every loving word, thought, or deed comes from the One Love. When you appreciate yourself, you appreciate God. When you appreciate the love within you, you appreciate the love within all. As you focus on love, you attract more love. As you focus on your good, you attract others who will, too. Can you imagine? You can appreciate your talent so much that others enjoy it as well. You can appreciate your ability to do a job so well you attract clients who love your work, too. You can appreciate your loving heart so much that, without effort, you draw unto you a loving partner who will do the same.

You can’t just think appreciative thoughts. You have to sit and truly feel appreciation for yourself. For some of you, this will come easily. For others, you might have to take time, try out different self-appreciative thoughts, and feel each one until you truly “dial into” the feeling of it. It feels good, dear ones. It feels joyful to love yourself and appreciate yourself. It feels innocent and natural when you truly tune into this vibration.

You can be as a child, dear ones, and view yourself through the eyes of love, appreciation, and wonder. In so doing, you will emanate love, attract love, and be the light that you truly are upon this earth.

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
— The Angels

Not one of you was taught in childhood that your actions matter far less than your energetic vibration. Only a few of you were encouraged to follow your inner compass rather than striving to please others.

My dear friends, we love you so very much,

So many of you have heard us discussing the importance of your vibration these past few years. Not one of you was taught in childhood that your actions matter far less than your energetic vibration. Only a few of you were encouraged to follow your inner compass rather than striving to please others. It is no wonder that embracing the 5D paradigm is challenging for so many of you. Today, we want to help and encourage you, explain things more deeply, and give you a new game to play to help you learn more about the power of your tuning.

Imagine that you have a dream in your heart. Imagine now that there is a movie on television about how you got from where you are now to the fulfillment of this dream. It is a lovely movie of synchronicity, joy, and triumph. We’re pretty sure you’d want to watch this movie!

Now, on a different channel entirely, there is a news broadcast. It repeatedly tells you about your past, present, and the people around you as they are now. It shares new about the world around you, as it is now. It has no understanding of manifestation. As a result, when it projects into the future, it simply rehashes the present or past. It is not so likely you’d prefer to watch this channel!

Now, suppose you have a magic tuner. When you think of something that makes you happy, you tune into the beautiful movie about your life unfolding gracefully! When you think of something that makes you feel unhappy, the good movie pauses, and you tune into the depressing news station right at a moment when it matches your own negative thoughts.

As you can imagine, on a daily basis, most of you would switch between the good movie and the depressing news a thousand times, if not more. Understanding that the good movie only plays while thinking thoughts that feel good, many of you could easily infer that you’d never reach the end! Back and forth, back and forth you go.

In reality, this is how many of you live your lives. You are the first generation to become aware of the value of your tuning. You are learning a new skill. It is reasonable to expect that you’d have to try, try, try again before learning to value your feelings and tune into things that feel better. It takes time, persistence, and practice to develop a new habit. Give yourself grace.

Now, suppose you really want to see your happy ending. Like a young child playing a video game, you start practicing your “tuning” skills. You play with your thoughts to find ones that feel good. You challenge yourself to see if you can find something that feels good enough to make the good movie start playing once again.

You start to notice thoughts that “knock you out of it.” Little by little, as frustrating as it might be at first, you learn to manage your tuning until you can watch the good movie for long stretches of time, and when you fall away from it, you become more confident in your ability to tune into the good and see it play once again.

Eventually, with practice, you become so good at tuning that you can watch that good movie to its completion.

Dear ones, your life is that good movie waiting for you to tune into it. Most of you learned to tune into the past or the present in front of you, no matter how good or unpleasant it feels. Rarely were you taught to care more about how you feel.

Can you imagine? You want a relationship, and instead of focusing on it (because it sends you into that oscillation of vibration), you challenge yourself instead to find things to love about life, to find ways to share love in life, and little by little without even trying to manifest a relationship, you tune into that good movie with all its happy endings.

You aren’t settling for feeling “just ok” even though you don’t have what you want. That resignation gets you more of the news. Instead, challenge yourself to find ways to feel good—here and now with what you have. You can use your brilliant mind to choose one of a gazillion possible good-feeling thoughts right here and now. You can notice and appreciate the sun on your face. You can marvel at the busy little bees that pollinate your crops so you can eat. You can ponder the amazing connection with millions of people who poured their love into the coffee you pour into the cup. You can sit, breathe, and receive our love and assistance.

Daily, you are surrounded by millions of small opportunities to feel good. It makes little sense to deprive yourself of the good feelings and the good movie that will lead to the good ending simply because you are upset that the good ending is not here now. You all want to be happy. Choose it now, and now, and now again, and the good movie will play, bringing you even more.

Some of you feel this isn’t fair, and we understand. However, you cannot apply human law to a universe that operates in terms of vibration and expect it to function as a human being would.

As a result, it is hard for so many of you to trust the universe to deliver your dreams. We understand. As these new concepts have been introduced into human consciousness, many of you still embraced the 3D paradigm of “doing” while trying to apply it to the 5D laws of “being.”

You learned to “fake it till you make it.” If doing so helps you achieve the vibration of what you want, we encourage this! However, you can’t fake vibration. No amount of action, fake positivity, or acting “as if” will matter if it doesn’t make you feel wonderful. Far better, as a few of you have said over the years, to “F*#! it till you make it!” Ignore any dreams you can’t feel good about and focus on things that feel better! Did we, the angels, just say that? Yes, dear ones. We say it with love, humor, and a realization that many of you will feel more inspired by shifting your focus than by trying harder to feel good about a topic you do not yet feel good about!

If you can’t feel good about the relationship you’ve been “trying to manifest” forever that still hasn’t arrived, focus on anything and everything else that feels better. You torment yourselves, trying to feel good about what does not. Look away. Turn the other cheek. Find happiness where it is easy to find, and let your vibration rise naturally.

So many of you learned to visualize, and it can be a wonderful tool if it helps you find the feeling you desire! If visualizing makes you feel worse because it makes you think more about what you do not yet have, it is better to visualize a good lunch that excites you!

You learned to make vision boards. We love them if these bring you joy, empower you to anticipate your dreams, and raise your vibration! But if you look at a vision board and think every time, “Yeah, right, it never happens for me,” then dear ones, take down the vision board and, in its place, put up an inspiring piece of art that elevates you every time you look at it!

You learned to quiet your mind and meditate, but if attempting that frustrates you, find an alternative. Listen to music you love. Take a walk. Cook a good meal. If you honestly try, each of you can find something that quiets the negativity and allows you to be present in the moment. Don’t give up and say that you can’t. You can. You just have to exercise your God-given power of choice and experiment a bit until you find your own way of feeling present and good.

You learned to be good and do good, and we completely encourage that because it is your nature to love, but when your “loving” actions cease to feel like love, then cease doing them! If you are helping an ungrateful friend, it may feel wonderful for a while, but when it stops feeling wonderful, stop doing it or find a reason to feel good once again.

So many of you have given so much you feel bitter and resentful that others don’t give back, but dear ones, you are the ones who chose to continue giving when it no longer felt good. You are the ones who chose to pour your heart more into others’ lives than your own. So many of you learned that it is “better to give than to receive” when, in reality, it is better to be in a balanced flow—filling then spilling, filling then spilling. The more you receive from Spirit, the more you want to give. The more you give, the more you want to receive from the Divine. Watch and listen to your feelings to help you stay in this flow.

As you learn to be more honest about your feelings, you will give when it is a joy, and refill the well when needed. As your vibration becomes one of giving joyfully, you will attract others who are in the vibration of giving joyfully as well. But if your vibration is one of giving because you “have to” or “should” (even when, “sigh,” you don’t feel like it), then you will instead attract others who feel equally empty and want you to give to them, as you want them to give back to you.

It is a misunderstanding to think that because you “give,” you will attract others who “give.” This would be a “law of doing.” but the universe operates on the “law of vibration.”

There is no “law of doing.” There is no law in the universe that says if you do more, the universe will do more for you. There is no law that says if you constantly do good, you’ll constantly receive good. There is no law that says if you give, you’ll receive. There is only vibrational law. No matter what you do, the energy with which you do it matters infinitely more than the actions themselves.

If you shop for shoes feeling abundant, you’ll attract more abundance than if you tithe with (“sigh”) a feeling of righteous martyrdom. If you indulge in your favorite activities with joy or explore new ones that delight, you’ll meet a partner sooner than if you trudge unhappily through online dating sites! If you love the hunt and the idea of meeting several new people each weekend and sorting through them, you could easily meet someone on a dating site, but few of you honestly feel that way. God has arranged meetings for centuries. Your “doing” is not important. Your vibration is.

If you are healing a physical condition and you love your doctors and the care they provide, they are likely to work well for you. If you mistrust doctors but love alternative therapies, those will likely work better for you. If you would rather ignore your condition and focus on other things that bring you joy, that will bring you joy and quite possibly healing, too.

What does not work is focusing on thoughts that feel bad and forcing yourself to do things that go against your grain. Even if you were to die, you would have lived happily until you transitioned happily and moved on into a blissfully happy reality. Your eternal journey can be fun now. Your eternal journey can be happy now.

The only thing that matters, dear ones, regarding what you will see in your future is vibration. Be kind to yourselves. You are courageous adventurers. You have incarnated on the earth during some of the biggest paradigm shifts humanity has seen in recorded history. You are learning to be tuners rather than doers and to allow your actions to be born of joy and inspiration.

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
— The Angels

Messages from Ann & the Angels – 11/25/2023 • Appreciate your sweet self

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My dear friends, we love you so very much,

Take a moment. Put your hands on your heart and simply sit in appreciation for yourself. Each of you is a brave soul who chose to incarnate upon this Earth at an incredible time in the evolution of humanity. Before you came to Earth, you knew you would be in perhaps one of the most intense, beautiful, fast-paced, and challenging times your planet has seen. You are connected as never before by your devices and your internet. News that once took months to reach you now flashes in front of you within seconds. You barely have time to integrate one idea when the next is presented.

Before coming to Earth, you knew that the incredible buffet of life experiences would catalyze all sorts of desires to create. You knew you wanted to create more light, love, and joy in many different forms. Some of you were so excited about raising children who would easily know their worth after you worked to find your own. Some of you knew that you’d engage in relationships that would challenge you but would also catalyze you to forge ahead bravely, learn to love yourself, and step out of age-old roles that no longer served you. Some of you incarnated to preserve the most beautiful elements of those age-old roles. Some of you wanted to be humanitarians. Others wanted to nurture an animal. Some of you love to play with plants and coax forth their finest fruits. Others of you love reading, dreaming, or planting seeds in the energetic realms for others to find and grow.

Each of you has contributed love to this planet in your own unique way. No matter how much or how little you think you have accomplished in the 3D world, each of you has contributed to the vibration of love. Material objects come and go. Money comes and goes. Everything you do in this 3D world will come and go, but the energy of love you create here on this Earth lasts forever.

You may not think much of the love you leave behind daily, but we see you emitting it like a lighthouse all the time. Even when you feel down, you take a moment to snuggle under a blanket, appreciate its softness, and love goes out into the world. Even when you sit at home in the house you admire, puttering around, you are admiring your home, feeling cozy, and emitting love. When you are kind to someone, you are emitting love. And when you took the few seconds to appreciate yourself, you were emitting a mighty beacon of love.

So be gentle and kind to yourselves. Acknowledge yourselves often and criticize less. You deserve your own love, dear ones. You deserve your own appreciation. You deserve whatever it is your heart desires. The more often you can be kind to yourself, the more you let in the desires that are trying to reach you on a high vibrational frequency of love.

This holiday season, give thanks for the gift that you are upon this Earth. Unwrap the present that is you by sharing a smile, a kind thought, or a prayer. You are all lights on this Earth. As you look at the lights in your holiday decorations, imagine how we see you. You are all bright bulbs on the tree of life. You are all here with one purpose alone and do it without even thinking, far more often than you realize. You are here to love.

We give thanks for you, for you are Earth Angels bringing this love into your 3D world.

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
— The Angels

Messages from Ann & the Angels – 11/18/2023 • Why bad things happen to good people

My dear friends, we love you so very much,

One of the questions we hear most often in heaven is, “Why do bad things happen to good people?” “Why do God and the angels not intervene and save people from the cruelty of others?” “Why does God not destroy those who wish to destroy others?”

These are questions worth asking because the answer will carry you beyond the world of your conditioning and into the energetic reality that governs how your universe operates.

You projected yourselves into your 3D reality because you wanted the adventure of creation. You were eager to immerse yourself in the vast diversity of life on earth. You knew that as you witnessed different things, behaviors, people, and situations, you would be inspired to create—through your focus and tuning—as never before. You knew you would call love from the intangible realms into this reality and, therefore, be part of the continuing creation of this reality. You were eager. You knew you’d have free will. Even if you chose parents who would catalyze great growth, you knew you had the free will to think what you wanted to think, focus on what you wanted to focus on, and, therefore, empower different realities.

In your 3D world, babies appear helpless. They are not yet mobile, verbal, or able to care for themselves. However, in the energetic reality, these brilliant souls are already emitting vibration, engendering reactions from life around them, and pointing their powerful love at what they wish to experience.

This begs the question, “Why are some babies born sick?” “Why are some born into unthinkable wars?” From the 3D perspective, this seems unjust, but the universe operates in a vibrational dance. Vibration does not punish and reward as you do in your human reality—vibration matches or not. A radio tuned to FM does not punish the AM signals by ignoring them. It simply cannot receive the differing signal due to its very nature. It can focus only on FM wavelengths.

So, too, there is a focus of energy in these souls coming to earth that will influence their family of origin, their circumstances, and, therefore, the experiences that transpire. The minute a soul incarnates in a physical body, they begin to emit vibration and attract what is a match. If they are born into a fearful family, it will take a great deal of focus from their soul not to fall into fear and experience fearful circumstances. They know this before they are born.

There are those among you who go to the gym to lift heavy weights. This is neither easy nor pleasant at times. However, these souls have a strong desire to become very, very strong, so the temporary pain is worth the gain to them. One could lift very gradually over a long period of time and become strong. One could visualize lifting in great detail and become strong. One could become a mother and become strong carrying their child! One could live their entire comfortably and never care about being physically strong. Each one of you would choose a different path—neither right nor wrong, simply different.

This analogy applies to souls coming to earth. Suppose you wish to create an unshakable focus on the security of God. In that case, you might choose a faithful family who acts as a role model. If you tend to worry and fret no matter what, you might face that tendency head-on by choosing a fearful family that would mirror that back and present a strong incentive for you to be different. If you wish to create more self-love, you might choose a family in which you see others love and care for themselves and follow those role models, or if you have a tendency to be hard on yourself, you might incarnate into a family that mirrors that until you, yourself, choose to remove your attention from the unloving and love yourself.

Sometimes, these souls are little angels who incarnate into families, knowing they will die with them, just to help guide the loved ones into the light. Sometimes, they go through the unthinkable to inspire compassion in the millions who will see their story on the news. Sometimes children come in with an illness as teachers weathering their challenges with amazing grace and inspiring all around them.

While immersed in 3D reality, it is difficult to understand that the eternal dance is more important to the soul than a possible, temporary experience of pain or challenge. Nonetheless, you are eternal souls. Some of you embraced challenges willingly as part of your pre-birth plans, and some of you embrace challenges that result from simply focusing too often on vibrations less than loving, that don’t feel good, to begin with.

This is why we teach, preach, and enjoin you to care about your feelings and choose thoughts that feel good. You experience more love, grace, and ease as you reach for the loving vibrations. Even if you came in determined to put yourself through challenges to incentivize the reach for love, you don’t have to continue on that path. You can reach for love now and shift out of those challenges.

The Divine gave you free will. Your angels must honor that. A parent could lock their child up in paradise to ensure a smooth and easy journey on earth, but the child would rebel. The child wants to experience life, make decisions, and expand. Likewise, the Divine could plant you in paradise, and for a while, you’d love it, but then you’d become bored. You’d want new experiences. You’d want choices and challenges. Would a child want a parent who gives them only a limited range of “safe choices?” Many of your parents tried! Did you appreciate it or seek your freedom to experience all of life?

Dear ones, life, within you and all beings and even universes, seeks expansion and growth. The Divine, your angels and soul who can truly love on earth, allows you the free will to make your own choices and experience your own outcomes. If you reach for help, we, your angels, can respond to all the loving vibrations in that request. To the degree you fear, you cannot hear. To the degree you hate, you make yourself wait for that love. To the degree you choose to look away from the pain and find the beauty in each moment, you open like a flower to eternal sunshine, love, assistance, and grace. It is always there.

So, “Why do bad things happen to good people?” You would have to examine each case individually for a specific answer, but the general answer is simple in all cases. Either they are open to the love flowing in each moment that can help them through even their chosen challenges, or they are not. Perfectly good people are hard on themselves and pinch off the flow of love, creating illness. Amazing earth angels feel they must martyr themselves instead of caring for themselves and often become silently bitter about it, thus pinching off love. Amazingly generous souls often ignore their warning signs and forge ahead with their giving even when it ceases to feel good.

We are not encouraging you to leave behind the love and goodness in your heart but rather to pay attention. When things feel good, in that moment, they are good. When they start to feel differently, make different choices. Good things happen to match good vibrations. Bad things happen when good vibrations have been sufficiently pinched off.

What you experience has nothing to do with your value or worth because you are already precious, already worthy, already encouraged by the Divine and your angels to choose a path that gives you joy.

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
— The Angels

Messages from Ann & the Angels – 11/11/2023 • Delegating to the Divine Assistant

My dear friends, we love you so very much,

Imagine you have a personal assistant available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Imagine that this person adores you and wants only the best for you. They coordinate your activities with the rest of the universe and are always aware of what you need to know, do, and say at exactly the perfect time. They are gentle, kind, loving, and persistent in their desire to serve. Imagine that they asked nothing in return from you other than that you ask for their help.

Ask yourself, “Would I be willing to accept this loving service? Would I take advantage of it to free my mind from worry, my time from wasted effort, and give my spirit breathing space? Or would I continue to do everything or most things myself?”

If you were willing to delegate all your worries and challenges to this assistant, knowing their incredible wisdom, competence, and connections, would you be able to release the challenges to their care and trust in their abilities, or would you micro-manage their activities to ensure they perform the tasks exactly as you would do them?

These questions are worth pondering because each of you already has this assistant, dear friends. The Creator of universes and your angels act in this manner. Whatever you are willing to release into our care will be handled with utmost love, sensitivity, and grace. Whatever you are willing to believe, you will receive.

So many of you worry so needlessly about your challenges instead of giving them to your Divine assistant. So many of you feel your conditions are impossible to resolve without handing them over to a love and wisdom who knows so much more than you. We are in no way calling you incompetent or unwise. As a human being in linear time, it is simply not possible for you to know all the billions of people on the planet, all the myriad possible paths to your desires, and how your dreams might synchronize harmoniously with the desires of others. By virtue of being in 3D space and linear time, you can’t even begin to imagine the countless paths to healing, abundance, love, and all that you seek.

Your Divine assistant can.

The only thing between you and all the help you desire is your willingness to ask and your faith in the outcome. Many times, you’ve heard it said, “What you believe you can receive.”

You are loved beyond anything you can comprehend. You are supported in ways you can’t even imagine. You are guided, and in every moment, the next step will be revealed. We’ll say it again. “The only thing between you and all the help you desire is your willingness to ask and your faith in the outcome.”

Your lives would be so much easier if you engaged in a practice of “delegating to the Divine” and trusting that what you need to know or do will always be revealed in perfect timing. While the man or woman of your dreams might not be delivered to your front door (although that can happen!), you might receive an impulse to buy the ice cream you’ve been craving at the perfect time to meet a beautiful soul in the grocery store! While we can’t always drop money into your bank account, we can inspire you to watch a video or talk to a friend who will give you ideas on how you might get that money. While we can’t solve all your interpersonal relationship challenges for you, Divine healing grace can soften your heart and the hearts of others and reveal steps to guide both parties to a kinder reality.

Your Divine assistant is nothing less than the Creator of Universes, the very same Love and Intelligence who gave you the free will to point your love in any direction and call it forth into your 3D world. Your Divine Assistant loves you and wants to inspire, guide, and facilitate your dreams. All you have to do is “delegate” your challenges to heaven, release them, and live your life as happily as possible now. Trust that what you desire will come in the perfect time and in the perfect way.

Many of you would say, “I have prayed, and nothing happened.” Many of you have prayed but have not truly “delegated” and released your problems and challenges. As you truly delegate and release your challenges, you naturally enjoy your life each day because you have faith that your outcomes will come. Without that faith, dear ones, you are like the boss who interrupts their workers’ ability to deliver by constantly demanding status reports and micro-managing all their activities. The Divine can handle your dreams. When you can avoid blocking it with fear, doubt, and worry, and instead, open to it with your faith, you will watch the magic happen.

You are loved beyond measure. Your Divine Assistant waits patiently for you to request help, believe in help, and enjoy your days while it works on what you have released to its care. When it is time for you to take action, you will be inspired to act. When it is time to speak up, the words will flow freely. When it is time to rest, you will feel like doing nothing else.

Delegate the things you don’t want to figure out yourselves, dear friends. There are no medals in heaven for proving your worth, your abilities, or your dedication to what you desire. However, there are rewards on earth for relaxing into a fine, fun, friendly flow in which you expect the help that is always waiting for you to ask, believe, and receive.

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
— The Angels

Message from Ann & the Angels – November 4, 2023 • Nothing is impossible…You want to surrender to love more than anything else on earth. The health, the money, the self-expression, the relationships, and the possessions you want are all wanted because you feel you will experience love when you have them

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My dear friends, we love you so very much,

You have all heard the phrase, “Nothing is impossible with God.” This is absolutely true but often misunderstood. “Nothing is impossible with God” translates into, “Nothing is impossible when you are surrendered to the vibration of love.” God is pure love, dear friends, and surrendering to the vibration of love is the key to receiving miracles and solutions you seek.

You want to surrender to love more than anything else on earth. The health, the money, the self-expression, the relationships, and the possessions you want are all wanted because you feel you will experience love when you have them. You will feel better in your new, safe car. You will feel more loved in the house that pleases you. You will feel more worthy of love and, therefore, more open to it when your spouse, child, or new partner shines their light upon you. You will feel more able to love when you feel good in your body.

You come to earth to play with creating love and experiencing love in many forms, which is beautiful. However, you can experience love here, now, and at any given moment. At any point in your life, in any breath, you can open to the eternal, unceasing presence of love that lies within all creation. As you do so, you open to the miraculous. You open to all that is beautiful. You open to the grace, guidance, and goodness that abound.

Even when you’re in pain, you can take a moment to turn your face to the sun, to feel its warmth, and to marvel at the miracle of feeling the love of a star so far from your planet. In the midst of financial ruin, you can stop and listen to the birds singing with appreciation for life and remember the eternal cycles that will bring you back up again. After experiencing the loss of a loved one, you can shut your eyes, feel your love and appreciation for them for a minute without the longing and loss, and in that moment, open to experience their great love for you.

These “magic moments” of opening to love’s presence cannot be underestimated. Each one is a doorway to the Divine. Each one is you turning on the faucet to receive the healing waters of love. Each one is you tuning out of the chaos and becoming quiet enough to perceive peace. Dear ones, your connection to the Divine — to Love itself — is not something that can ever disappear, nor is it something you are likely to feel all the time. It is, however, something you can practice opening to again and again until it is easy to open to love. The more often you surrender to love in this fashion, the more momentum you will gain as you allow it to flow into your heart, body, mind, and life. In time, if you practice this often, you will see your miracles and manifestations begin to take shape.

The quickest path to healing any situation is to distract yourself from the pain, fear, doub, and frustration as best you can and find things to feel genuinely good about. You can sleep as often as possible. You can watch movies or read books that take your mind off the pain. You can sit and breathe with spirit and trust that we will guide you to the proper help and healers without you agonizing over figuring this out yourselves. Dear ones, you can even surrender to love by going into your imagination and feeling all that is beautiful in the realms of fantasy — thereby creating blueprints for your future 3D reality.

You are capable of so much more than you believe. As you open to love, you open to the Creator of universes, who will always aim this loving energy towards all your heart desires.

We cannot emphasize this often enough:

You are worthy because you exist.
You are worthy because you exist.
You are worthy because you exist.

You do not earn this love. It is given freely. You do not have to prove your value. The Creator already knows. You do not have to be a “good person” to merit love. No healthy parent on earth stops loving their child even if their actions are not likable. The Creator loves dear ones because the Creator is Love. The sun cannot stop shining. It is its nature to shine. The Creator cannot stop loving. It is Divine nature to love. You do not have to earn the sunshine. You do not have to earn Divine love.

We repeat this because you have learned in so many ways that you must earn love. For many humans, this is true. Often, you are “rewarded” with love when you please others and punished with its withdrawal when you do not. Dear ones, this type of love is conditional.

Divine love is not conditional. Divine love is constant.

Breathe this in. “I am worthy because I exist. I do not have to earn love. I am always loved. It is only my job to let it in.”

You do not earn your water in the faucet. You do not prove to the sink you are worthy of its flow. So much more so, dear ones, the love of the Divine is ever present, waiting for you to open to its flow. In love and appreciation, the faucet is on. In doubt, fear, and anger, the faucet is closed. You decide. In just a moment of appreciating the cool flow of the water over your hands, you open the “faucet” to Divine love as well.

Rather than stressing and striving for solutions, reach for an open “faucet” by opening your heart to the good in the moment. Open to the smallest satisfying detail in the space around you. Open to the tiniest bit of inspiration. Take a tiny bite of a food you like and experience the exquisite miracle of taste and texture. Put on a soothing song and let its frequencies wrap you in a loving embrace.

Dear ones, nothing is impossible with God. Nothing is impossible when you exist in a vibration of love. Give your problems to the Creator and be open to love in every way possible. In so doing, you are open to the healing, nurturing, life-giving, solution-producing flow of existence. It is there for you always, no matter how impossible the answer to your prayers might seem.

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
— The Angels

Finding what is fine and fun

Messages from Ann & the Angels – 10/28/2023

My dear friends, we love you so very much,

There will always be those on your planet who are connected to the greater purpose, which is really very simple. You come to love. You came to explore contrast and design new ways to bring love into your lives, your hearts, and the world. You came to be receivers, broadcasters, and creators of love. Whether you bake a cake, admire a leaf or grass, or luxuriate in the comfort of a cozy chair, you are flowing love into this world. Judge not by the scale of it, dear ones, but rather by its authenticity.

What can you find to appreciate about this moment? What can you find to appreciate about yourself? You can easily find things to criticize. Most of you witnessed others finding fault quite a bit during your formative years. It is a human habit for many to notice faults and flaws. What if, however, you were to work on the habit of finding what is fine and fun?

What if you were to pour the milk and tell yourself,” I poured that milk brilliantly into my glass! I love the beautiful, clean color. I love the taste of it. I love knowing it is making my bones strong and healthy!” This idea sounds silly to many of you, but consider that if you dropped the glass, most of you would easily find fault with yourself.

Dear ones, you can start to look for what is fun and fine instead of looking for faults and flaws. You can train yourselves to look for things you are doing right, no matter how small. It is so easy for many of you to sigh at the slightest hint of a wrinkle, but how often do you admire something such as a patch of clear skin? Think about how easy it is to judge a tiny so-called flaw. Why does it seem ridiculous, then, to admire or acknowledge something equally small?

It is easy to call yourself stupid when you make a “mistake,” but how much more powerful it is to acknowledge the thousands of good decisions you make each day.

It is easy to get frustrated over a struck drawer, but it is far kinder to your spirit to appreciate the ones that glide open smoothly.

It is easy to get worked up over the one person who cut you off in traffic, but you’ll feel much better when you take the time to notice the hundreds of courteous drivers.

It is easy to get upset over a technical challenge that puts a kink in your day, but more powerful to give thanks for the millions of technologies that support you daily.

We are not here to make you wrong, shame you, or inspire guilt, but rather to point out that it is only conditioning that keeps you from your natural loving state of being.

Watch any young child. They are proud of the smallest things. “Look, Mommy! Check out my belly button!” “Look at my new drawing.” “I want to sing for you!” They dance and prance in front of the mirror, admiring the body they’re in. They feel happy about their tiniest accomplishment. They delight in the smallest detail that, to most, would go unnoticed. They live in a natural state of wonder and appreciation.

While there are certainly horrendous things on your earth that you can do little about in the 3D sense, there are numerous ways in which you can flow and ripple love out into your world as energy. These ripples, dear ones, join with the ripples of billions of others. They eventually turn into waves of love that may even, someday, reach the hardened hearts of those who don’t believe in good, don’t believe in God, and don’t believe in anything other than their own ability to manipulate and bully. They are sad souls, dear friends. Turn away from their antics and instead turn to admire the handle of the drawer you just opened, the pen you just used, and the fact that you have a hand that works.

If you were to practice looking for what is fine and fun every day, in the smallest of ways, you would cultivate such a habit of positivity that your problems in life would begin to melt away—not because you tried to solve them but because your vibration has risen above them.

Your world needs your love, your joy, and your focus on all that is good. There are always the lost who will try to steal your attention, but ultimately dear ones, you get to decide who and what is worthy of that precious gift.

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
— The Angels

In a world where so many feel hopeless, demonstrate that the light is alive and well with your kindness…It is okay to focus on the sensation of a warm cup of tea and appreciate its comfort even when so many struggle

My dear friends, we love you so very much,

Imagine you have a candle or little lamp that is your light in the darkness. If a wind were to blow, you would protect its flame. If the oil or the wax were to run low, you would give it more fuel. If someone tried to blow out the flame, you would do your best to move away from the unpleasant individual. If you were walking in darkness, you would go to great lengths to protect your light.

Likewise, in a world of contrast, it is important to care for the light within you. It is a kindness to yourself and those around you to keep yourself in as peaceful a state as possible. When you fuel your spirit with ideas, thoughts, activities, and surroundings that nourish your soul, you keep that candle burning within. You can’t always change your circumstances, and you certainly can’t change those around you, but you can always shift your attention. You can choose to exist in an inner space where your light cannot be dimmed.

For just a moment, shut your eyes and ask a simple question. “Dear Spirit of Light of Love within me, would you like to focus on right now?” See what pops into your mind. The spirit of Love that lives within you is nothing less than the Love that creates worlds. The Divine always knows what will warm your heart, bring a smile to your face, or lift you up. In times of fear, you may be surprised at the tiny little things that pop into your mind to answer this question, but they will, nonetheless, bring you a moment of comfort or joy.

When something upsets you, ask, “Dear Spirit of Light of Love within me, would you like to focus on right now?” Take a moment and luxuriate in the thought.

When something worries you, ask, “Dear Spirit of Light of Love within me, would you like to focus on right now?” Take a moment and feel the comfort that is being offered.

When you can’t fix something, someone, or some situation, stop and ask, “Dear Spirit of Light of Love within me, would you like to focus on right now?” The same Source that offers you this moment of goodness can guide you to solutions for any of life’s challenges.

There will never be a time on earth when everything is perfect. There will never be a time when two people agree on everything. It is a world of diversity, with billions of souls making millions of choices every day.

There are some things in your world that you will never feel good about. They’ll make you sad, upset or inspire feelings of helplessness. On a third-dimensional level, there may be nothing you can do, and it may feel impossible to feel anything other than grief or anger as you watch senseless, unloving acts in your world. Don’t waste that little candle trying to make the dark become light. Focus instead on what fuels your light and illuminate the darkness. The candle does not fight the dark. It shines, and the dark disappears in its presence.

In practical terms, you could spend a lifetime looking at the horrors upon your earth, feeling angry, sad, and helpless. You would do nothing to shift them. Alternatively, you could briefly look at this darkness and turn towards tending your light. Become a beacon, dear ones. In a world where so many feel hopeless, demonstrate that the light is alive and well with your kindness. In a world where there are the loud minority who are cruel, continue to outnumber them with your kindness. In a world where the lost and empty shout at one another and try to stir up fear and anger, be the waves of peace that drown out their angry missives. In a world where so much of what you see is manipulation, tend to the quiet light of truth within and focus on what you know to be right for yourself.

Dear ones, that little candle isn’t trying to put out the darkness. It just wants to shine, and shine, and shine every more brightly. The light of love within you wants to rest, be kind, and interact harmoniously and beautifully. When others do not, it is okay to “turn the other cheek” and remain silent, walk away, or simply observe. It is okay to focus on the sensation of a warm cup of tea and appreciate its comfort even when so many struggle. You can’t stop some things in your 3D world. They must play themselves out until the actors in the play choose new roles, but you can stop yourselves from participating in those vibrations.

You have a precious light inside of you. Fuel it with what delights, comforts, uplifts, and inspires you. This light, dear ones, is your heart, your kindness, and your love. It is the Divine within always striving to find that which brings ease, comfort, and joy.

Relax and receive. We are always fanning that flame with our guidance. “Look here. Let us share a beautiful thought. It might be time to take a walk.” In so many small and precious ways, we whisper thoughts, ideas, and inspirations that will help to keep your light alive and bright.

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
— The Angels

You don’t get to control the behaviors or actions of others, but by your vibration, you attract the company you keep and how you feel and deal with the energies of the present moment.

Messages from Ann & the Angels – 10/07/2023 • So many want your attention…

My dear friends, we love you so very much,

There are so many in the world that want your attention. There are movements and ideologies that want you to fuel them. There are television stations and radio broadcasts that want you to watch. Family members, friends, and so-called foes want your agreement, approval, and validation. There are and always will be countless people desiring that you shine your light upon them. You get to pick and choose where you place your focus. You get to choose what to “light up” in your life and what you will look at. In so doing, you focus on a vibration and attract more.

You can look for the beauty in human hearts, and you will begin to notice it more and more. You can look at the chaos and see more and more. You can think of the crazy person yelling in traffic, and you’ll see more of them, or you can think of the hundreds of kind drivers and see plenty of them. You can look at the people doing horrible deeds and feel as if the world is falling apart, or you can look at the billions of quiet, good souls and know they’re holding your world together with their love.

Be careful not to jump to conclusions based only on what you see and know. In a given lifetime, you can see only a small fraction of what is occurring on your earth. You will know only a small percentage of its population. You will only experience a few of the countless things you can experience. You can’t draw conclusions about “the way the world is” or “the way people are” based on the news, the internet, or even the people you see around you. It is a vast and beautiful world. It is a buffet unlike any other in the cosmos! There is more diversity in your body’s cells than in some of the other realities in which you could incarnate.

So what to believe? Believe in love. Believe in the goodness in the majority of human hearts. Have compassion for the souls trying to find their way back to the light. Believe in what you feel and know is right for you in your own heart. Believe that if you focus your attention on anything long enough, you will see more and more of it. Believe, dear ones, that you get to choose what kind of experience you will have on earth. You don’t get to control the behaviors or actions of others, but by your vibration, you attract the company you keep and how you feel and deal with the energies of the present moment.

Coming from love with a focus on what is good and beautiful, you can choose where your attention will go and, thus, where your energy and soul will flow.

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
— The Angels

Alligators on the path :)

Messages from Ann & the Angels – 09/16/23

close up of two nile crocodiles
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My dear friends, we love you so very much,

Suppose you wanted to go for a beautiful walk to a lovely destination. You are eager for the journey. It is a beautiful day. The air is fresh and clear, and you anticipate a wonderful time. However, not far upon the path, you encounter a huge alligator! You can’t believe it. The creature is large and blocks the entire path. There is no way around him. What to do? You wait a bit, but he’s not budging. You get frustrated and start to throw stones, and he becomes menacing. You say, “Get on! Go! Shoo!” and he growls. So here you are. You’ve been anticipating a fantastic walk, and now you’ve got a huge alligator in the path. Fighting him doesn’t work. Wishing he wasn’t there doesn’t make a difference. What to do?

Dear ones, this alligator represents the various things in life that show up and seem to block or thwart you from achieving your dreams. They are the financial challenges that seem to make things impossible for you, the seemingly insurmountable diagnosis, the people whose demands on your time appear to prevent you from having any of your own, and the challenges that seem to interrupt your positive progress. Each one of you has your “alligators on the path,” and like the one we imagined before, wishing they weren’t there doesn’t change them. Fighting them only makes them more challenging.

If you ran across this alligator or your life’s challenges, many of you would be inclined to give up on what you originally wished for. You’d turn back and give up on the walk. You’d tell yourself you can’t have that vacation or home you want. You’ll never enjoy good health again. Your dreams don’t matter because everyone else’s need do. Even as we say these untruths, we feel your energy and your lights dim, so let us quickly help you shift your vibration back to truth. In spite of any “alligator” you encounter, you can turn back to the love that lives within all things and beings and ask for assistance in creating a solution.

In our example, you could back off a bit, sit down, have a snack, and enjoy the beautiful day. You could send love to this alligator on the path, who would sense your good intentions, your love, and your desire for them to move, and they would eventually wander off the trail. Your willingness to believe in the good, in your worthiness, and in the Creator’s desire for all beings to exist in harmony would align you with that reality. You would fulfill your intention to enjoy the day, have a little magic on the path, and reach your destination.

Likewise, if you have a financial challenge, take a step back and enjoy your day. Count the blessings you do have. Look forward to the thing you can’t afford now due to the “alligator on your path” and wait for guidance as to how to proceed or the miracle that will assist. If you believe in the good, in your worthiness, and in the Creator’s desire for you to have all the good you wish, then you will aligned with this reality.

If you have a health challenge that someone has told you you must live with, take a step back from the struggle for a bit. What you can enjoy right here and now? What you can you do? What can you focus on that feels healthier and happier? If you believe in the good, in your worthiness, and in the Creator’s desire for you to experience your wholeness, then in spite of any “alligator on the path,” you will be guided to the solutions.

Even if you have challenges with very unpleasant and intractable individuals, the heavens can help you work around these “alligators on your path.” Perhaps you live with one — someone who snaps at you when you oppose them. Maybe you work with one — someone who won’t budge. Perhaps your child is married to one — someone who guards their “turf,” so to speak. In any case, you can take a step back, avoid opposing them, enjoy what you can, and send love. In this reality, if you believe in the good, in your worthiness to receive help, and in the Creator’s desire for all to exist in peace and harmony, then eventually, solutions will be revealed. Your heart will change. Their heart will change. You will receive guidance on how to communicate with or work around them.

The Creator of universes lives within all things and all beings — you and the “alligators” on your path. No matter how stubborn, unwilling to shift, or impossible they seem, the Divine can work around them. If you get in touch with Divinity, simply through your willingness to look for what feels better, is better, or even to imaging what could be better, then you are in a space to receive help, and to resonate with all good—even the divinity buried deeply within these scary and unpleasant “alligators” that appear to block the path to your dreams.

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
— The Angels

Turning it all to good

Messages from Ann & the Angels – 09/09/2023

My dear friends, we love you so very much,

Everything you have manifested in your life, intentionally or not, can be turned into something good. Even the most unwanted situations you have inadvertently allowed or attracted can be changed for your benefit. The fertilizer can grow roses. The illness can lead to an enhanced quality of life in the future, or bliss beyond reason in heaven. The ugliest relationship you’ve ever experienced can drive you more deeply into self-love. The death of a loved one can catalyze an entire spiritual journey and your own awakening to mystical abilities.

Did you create this unpleasantness to catalyze your growth and lessons? Not really, dear ones. While there are cases when you and other souls decide to help each other grow in some tough ways, God never plunges you into darkness so you can find the light. The angels never guide you into challenging situations so you can find your strength. You—by your decisions to dance with other souls—and by your vibration attract and allow vibrational matches. It is that simple in concept. In reality, your most challenging job is bypassing old conditioning, which teaches you to act first. As you learn to shift your vibration first, your life will continue to progress with ever-increasing ease.

Suppose you want a relationship. You feel desperate. You’ve wanted one for some time, and they’re not here! You’re emanating frustration, fear, doubt, and lack. You don’t realize that you’ve tuned into the exact opposite of all you desire much of the time, and so, in your frustration, you join an online dating site and begin the hunt. At best, you will attract no one. You’ll more likely attract others in a similarly frustrated space who want you to make them feel better. You found vibrational matches. Despite current frustrations, you can shift your vibration and turn this to good. You can tune back into love more consistently, focus on the delicious anticipation of the love you want to share, and, in so doing, change everything.

Likewise, suppose that after years of stuffing feelings, criticizing yourself, or feeling upset, you develop an illness. You weren’t given this illness to develop strength or to heal and help others. You just pinched off the love that was trying to flow to you on numerous small occasions, eventually taking a toll on the body. It is much the same as if you cut off the water to your plants a thousand times a day, and eventually, it begins to wither. However, here is the good news. You can change your vibration to one of love; in that frequency, even the most serious illnesses can shift into a profoundly beautiful reality.

A more difficult scenario is when someone you love dies or is going through a hard time. You didn’t create their reality. You can’t uncreate it for them. You came together in a mutual vibration of love and a desire for expansion and growth. Each of you has chosen—consciously or not—to attune to different realities and, therefore, create different outcomes. You don’t control their vibration or their choices, and they do not control yours.

So here you are, drawn together by love and a desire for expansion. Suppose you have tuned to love and created an easier path. Perhaps they were so hard on themselves that the only way to expand was to leave this brain and body behind and return to the glory of their soul. Perhaps they decided before birth to leave early and catalyze expansion for all. You have both grown. You have both expanded. You both love. But as a human being, you hurt. You miss them. We understand.

Even this, dear ones, can be turned into good, gently, slowly, and organically. The more you can shift away from the unpleasant emotions by focusing instead on how much you love, how magnificent your love is, and how deeply you care—the more you will feel your connection with your dear ones in spirit. If you can appreciate the love in your own heart, you will feel their love for you. Likewise, when you have a friend or family member who is suffering, focus on your love, their light, and all that is good in life. You will become a strong, positive, energetic influence if you can do this. Your influence does not come from words or deeds but rather from you being in a space of confident belief in their goodness and eventual success. You become a tuning fork for their benefit.

No matter how good or how challenging your life, tuning to love will shift reality and turn even the most difficult situation into good. Care about yourselves enough to reach for what feels better—one thought at a time—and in so “being,” you will create more good than all the “doing” in the world can do for you.

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
— The Angels