It is time to shift your thoughts from lack to abundance…No more whining, wishing, or hoping. You are fully alive. Now, start living.

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Start Living – You’re a Creator Angel

Dear Ones,
It is time to shift your thoughts from lack to abundance. Many of you contend you have done something similar previously with limited or no results. And such might remain true only because you are afraid to claim your inner power.
You are creator angels.

You created all aspects of this life – including the good and not-so-good parts – as you have done throughout your preparation for this transition. So instead of believing only special humans have creation skills, that you have a binding agreement to be poor or miserable, or you are not worth the effort to change your life, it is beyond time to tap into your creator skills.
Granted, there might be some bumps along your creation road, but those bumps are like hiccups in your current life – short-lived minor irritations. You pretend to be a meek Clark Kent when, in reality, you are capable of becoming Superman or Superwoman whenever you feel like it.
This creator skillset is not limited by your age, gender, community, country, or any other factor that is most often blamed by you and others for not creating your dreams. Throw away your crutches, toss out your fears, and start displaying what you have always been capable of to yourself and others.
In many of your previous lives, both of the earth and in other locations, you successfully played the role of being incapable of transforming your life or situation. That role is over. It is time to shine, sparkle, and laugh.
You can and need to be fully you – the creator angel you have always been.
The role you play now has little to do with what you are capable of or who you are. Stop limiting yourself to fit in, to be safe, or to be with someone. That Clark Kent role is over and has been for some time. You have been afraid to test yourself because you are unsure if your dreams are possible or merely a tease.
Not only are your dreams your new reality, but it is beyond time to display them.
You are creator angels and always have been.
Come out of hiding. Stop pretending you cannot do or be something. What are your dreams? What are you doing to actualize your dreams? Who do you think you need to connect with to do so? And why do you feel that such is true?
You have forgotten who you are. You even added segments many months ago to help you remember your creator angel skills. But you have neglected to use your angel or creator skills, hoping you would not be that different from others if you continued to be who you have been in this lifetime.
Stop being the you that you are most comfortable with. Wrap yourself fully into new you with all of your creator angel skills.
Will your life change? Of course. Will you prefer new you to the you that you are most comfortable with? Probably not at first because you will feel so out of step with who you thought you were.
What part of new you are you not understanding? You are no longer the meek or even the outer-directed influential person of yesterday. You are NEW YOU with all the skills that entails; most notably, you are a creator angel. Now, start creating.
Create big, create small, or create in between. It does not matter. All that matters is awakening to your complete skillset. Not finding the right guru or person who will help you become a new you, but discovering you within yourself.
No more whining, wishing, or hoping. You are fully alive. Now, start living. So be it. Amen. To receive Brenda’s Blog, subscribe via Or, click the Subscribe Button on the upper part of her “Blog & Subscribe” website page ( and click the –subscribe to Brenda’s Blog by E-mail – line. Complete your subscription by entering your e-mail address and accepting the e-mail confirmation. 
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