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The Quantum Financial System, free energy, new internet and etc. have been already set up and ready to be used for months now. Just keep trusting and do your part sending Light and Love to each other to help speed up the process of moving to a New Earth.

Sanat Kumara via Erena Velazquez | November 30, 2021

Greetings Beloved Ones,

I am grateful to come today through Universal Channel. It has been awhile since my last message. I have been very busy in helping and assisting your planet with her dimensional transition to New Earth.

I am happy to see that more and more people are getting awake and starting to question their reality. The Dark Souls are trying to interfere with Ascension Process. The Divine Plan can’t be stopped. To get to this victorious moment, it took thousands of years.

For many of you, it feels like nothing is changing, the corrupted souls are still in charge and controlling the global events, because you don’t see everything, what is going on. Every day a new group of people stands up against the World Order that dictates, on how to live your lives.

The ones, who want to eliminate humanity, are running out of ideas, like bringing a new virus. Even the non-believers are getting tired of their dirty data not being based on any scientific evidence. They forgot that each of you carry the essence of God within you, and the spark of this essence is going to ignite the rest of population.

Humanity is tired and exhausted of the constant lies and scare tactics coming from the governments and Fake Media. People standing up and saying ’No More’’, ‘’We Want To Be Free’’ and etc. This planet is transforming very rapidly to 5D. The main players are leaving in a hurry, as they know that their time is up and nothing can save them. Only the minions are still trying to run the show, which is not working anymore. The plan was to kill 90% of population, and then create special work camps and keep the rest there.

Their agenda is failing, and the alliance continues to clean up and rescue women and children from being tortured and killed. The Quantum Financial System, free energy, new internet and etc. have been already set up and ready to be used for months now. Just keep trusting and do your part sending Light and Love to each other to help speed up the process of moving to a New Earth.

Some of the souls, who volunteered to help with the metamorphosis of Mother Earth, left their physical vessels due to being inflicted with different diseases. The rest of you have big responsibilities to assist through Ascension, by letting Love & Light spread and doing your daily meditations.

The Darkness fears Light, as it burns and causes them pain. Nothing stays on the way to transform this planet, you need let go of the past and low energies such as anger, anxiety, hate, distrust and etc. You need to finish and fulfill your duties here to create a Paradise. Thank you Universal Channel.

Sending my Support and Love
Your Destiny Is In Your Hands
Sanat Kumara

Linda Dillon: Sanat Kumara – Letting Go

We have spoken to you about how this is a time of letting go of patterns, of behavior, of people, of circumstance, and what does not serve you and what does not feel like Love or Joy, what does not feel like it adds to the truth of your life.

“Greetings. I am Sanat Kumara, Planetary Logos, Keeper of Universal Law. And I come this day with golden radiance and messages of love, messages of encouragement, messages of beauty, gifts of truth, gifts of purity. I welcome you creators and fellow journeyers of Nova Earth, of Nova Being, and yes, even of Nova Time.

I have stepped forward this day because I wish for you to understand yet again the nature of Universal Law and how it operates. You are very familiar with the Law of Attraction, and you are very familiar with the Law of Above and Below, Within and Without. Some of you skirt and dance around the Law of Elimination although it could be very useful to you. And as you are growing and changing in this expansion that you are being given on a daily basis, it is important that you think and feel and activate this gift, this power to eliminate that which does not serve, does not serve either you or the collective.

So many of you are afraid to throw things out. What is that about you? We have spoken to you, all of us, how this is a time of letting go, of letting go of patterns, of behavior, of people, of circumstance, internal and external, what does not serve you and what does not feel like Love, what does not feel like Joy, what does not feel like it adds to the truth of your life. This also includes letting go of pollution, letting go of war, letting go of hatred, letting go of radiation. Because in the letting go what you are also doing is cleaning up. You are creating that bright, shiny space for the new. And you say to me ‘SK, how do I do that? How do I let go of something like pollution? How do I put it in the trash and take it to the curb as you have suggested? I’ve already cleaned up my house so it is not polluted, but I wish to clean for the collective. I wish to clean for Gaia.’

Now many years ago your beloved St. Germaine has said, ‘No do not take on what does not belong to you.’ Well that no longer applies and it most certainly does not apply when you are thinking of the work with your beloved Gaia. And so I allow you this day, I encourage you, see yourself on behalf of the whole and on behalf of Gaia to take what doesn’t serve her and wrap it up, put it in the trash and take it to the etheric curb. We will take it and we will transform that energy back to pure light, back to pure Love, because that is the only energy in the universe.

I think you do not fully comprehend what I say to you, what Einstein, Raphael, Serapis Bey, El Morya, St. Germaine, Mother Mary, Yahweh, you are not hearing fully in your hearts what we are saying to thee. The fabric, the energy, the substance, the essence, the sub-atomic matter of this and every universe is Love. Has it been transmuted and transformed? At times, yes, and we would like to emphasize that transmutation and transformation into something that is not so desirable has come from the powerful human collective, yes believing in false grids, false paradigms.

But the good news is my friends, is that you have already demonstrated what powerful, mighty creators you are. But it is understood that there are energies that you no longer want to touch and engage with and that is alright, that is why we say toss it in the garbage, give it to us and we will give it back to you as bright and shiny Love. If you are fearful in the slightest of being contaminated don’t worry, give it to us. We will dust it off, shine it up. and give it back to you. This is our sacred partnership. When we ask you to help us, to write Love in the air, Love in the water, Love in your heart, you are doing your part. So let us do ours and let us help you and let us help Gaia. Let us help every human, hybrid soul upon the planet. Let us fortify you because when we talk ‘as above, so below’ it also means if we are mighty and we all bow to Michael, then you, you my sweet angels, are also mighty. If we are humble and meek, then you are humble and meek. And when we are loving, you are loving.

Look in the mirror, look in the mirror of our eyes, look in the mirror of your friends, your family, your partner, see that beautiful truth of who you are. Declare yourself and step forward in Love because every fiber, every strand of hair, your eyes, your face, your skin, your body, it is Love. It is Love that has taken a form, a form that you decided upon, and a form that is absolutely perfect; just as Gaia’s form is absolutely perfect. So during this time of changes, of shift, remember you are perfect. Allow that perfection to shine through and if you decide, if you choose that there is something you wish to let go of, then give it to me, give it to any of us. We will be overjoyed to take it. We will not grab it from you; we honor you too much for that. We see your sacredness, we do not interfere, but we wish to be in partnership. Come join with us, come join with us my beloved ones. Farewell.”

Channeled by Linda Dillon
©2020 Council of Love, Inc.

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Learning how to love others and learning how to love yourself, regardless of circumstances suffered, is the goal.-Sanat Kumara via Ivo and Sharon-

The Reason You Have Needs

Ivo: Your world holds the assumption that the parents form one’s personality. They do not. The soul creates the lower mind, the personality and the parents’ responsibility is to bring out that which is inherent within the mind of the child and to help to utilize it within the context of the child’s earthly environment.

The reason you have the perception of having unmet needs is because caregivers have abused their power over the child. That can mean teachers, babysitters, other siblings, clergy members, as well as parents, and more. That there are the “Dark Mother” and “Tyrant” mind control programs directed at your lower minds, in a patriarchal world, is the reason that one goes from lifetime to lifetime feeling inadequate and feeling as if their needs have not been met.

The only emotional need you have is to embody your soul upon earth. You have physical needs, and this includes feeding and being held, accepted by other earthlings, but what you have upon earth now is many people who have fractured soul connections, so the feeling of “being whole” continues to evade them. So you seek. You look in externals for that which you are. They are not there. You must overturn one rock after the next in order to understand that nothing under that rock will tell you who you are. Only you can do that.

It is up to the caregiver not to sever the child’s attachment to soul. Unfortunately this is being done on a large scale now, particularly because you do not understand the nature of life and parenting. These are not really unmet needs that you have suffered as much as soul wounds.

Yes, there is the expectation that you will live in a loving family circle, this is what comes from your life as Pleaidians, Vegans, or even higher dimensionals. When this does not occur, one is left with only the true teacher: the soul. When the soul continues to suffer atrocities and abuse at the hands of the caregivers, then it fractures. Many of you have fractured souls and are seeking to retrieve the pieces. The way to do so is to heal the original wound. This is done by continuing to incur the same type of abuse from others, and in learning to react to the abuse differently, more lovingly to yourself and to the one who is your abuser, you heal the wound.

When you continue to put down those who have abused you, you have only done half the work. Obviously you still fear that person or type of person. Forgiveness is essential for soul re-connection to occur. This is because you must raise your frequency to soul level in order to retrieve the fractured pieces and to reconnect soul to your lower frequencies again. Only love can heal. Hate destroys.

Many of you have experienced a hateful first experience of life. And in turn, you continue to hate others, out of ignorance. To continue to do so, keeps soul at a distance. Learning how to love others and learning how to love yourself, regardless of circumstances suffered, is the goal.

We realize that on earth there is much to be done in this respect, but you have suffered no more than your soul can handle. However, many of you go through your day struggling with forgiveness when to surrender it to your soul, your Christ self, your God self or God would be more helpful to you. You need not do this work all on your own. You have help. And you can tell that part of yourself that you do not know how to do this, so please let them help to heal or instruct you further.

Yes, there is a Universal Law of Surrender. It reads as follows:

To surrender does not mean putting your hands in the air and flying a white flag, it is not defeat, giving up or failing. To surrender is to be wise. It is wise to accept the flow of life’s energy rather than resist it. To surrender is to accept “What is now” unconditionally and to give up, without any reservations whatsoever, any inner resistance to “What is now”.

By making a conscious choice at this moment, and in every present moment of now, to fully accept that the present moment is as it should be, then by surrendering to this knowledge you are more powerful than you could possibly believe. By not judging the present moment of now but by accepting it and offering no resistance to what is now, you show tremendous faith in God and other Unseen Entities. This allows you to be in a state of grace, easy flow and enlightenment. Whether things are perceived “good” or “bad” is not material in this state of grace. Things are what they are and, eventually everything happens for the best. You can truly let go and let God – but make sure you row away from the rocks! By surrendering to “what is now”, in this state of graceful surrender, you can see clearly what action needs to take place and by doing one thing at a time, step by step, inch by inch, moment by moment, as illustrated in the Law of Process, you accomplish what needs to be done, in your surrendered state.

The energy released in a surrendered state is a powerful, healing energy. This energy propels your healing, growth and evolution. Surrender to discover how powerful You Really Are.


Which is a good point: the Flow. Life is flowing. Life is always flowing towards healing and forgiveness. When you cannot do so, you are out of the flow. Ask for help in re-gaining the flow.

Life flows “upward” in frequency, not downward. It takes much energy, in fact, to hold a planet in a circumstance of negativity. The energy that is being taken to do so is the life energy of all upon earth. So you hold yourselves down.

In breaking that hold on your energy, you free yourself and you help to free the collective of humanity on earth.

When you choose love over hate, when you choose gratitude over complaint, when you choose wisdom over ignorance, when you choose courage over fear… you win. And you win for all upon earth as well.

We realize that life on earth takes courage. Especially now, especially when the cloth is being torn off to reveal the demons underneath. Earth is going through a collective process of facing its fears; the fears those upon it have helped to create. It will undergo this process for quite a while. New atrocities will be foisted upon those who still fear while those who do not will be freed.

Me: This isn’t Ivo. I can tell that he’s letting someone in on the channeling. He’s been doing that the last couple of days!

Who are you, sharer of this truth and knowledge?

SK: I am Sanat Kumara, Planetary Logos for earth. Lord of Wisdom, lover of all who grace this planet.

Me: Aha! Just thought I’d ask. Ivo is partnering with other people and channeling new info through me.

SK: May I continue?
Me: Of course! I just want to see what you look like. Oh. Okay. I have seen your image before.

SK: I shine every day upon you with your sun. I am the Light that floods this planet now.

Me: You should feel my heart chakra, guys. His energy is awesome. Okay, please continue.

SK: In this time of perhaps darkness before the dawn, your people will learn. Learn they must, otherwise perish. The wisdom of the old ages must come back to your hearts; it must embody within you again. You must reconnect to soul. This will be taught to you again, as earth once again, takes center stage in the universe to re-claim her place as a bright star of the universe.

Every day you are learning. Now you see that there is no information coming to you. So you are learning. Learning to trust and be patient. Learning to hold your hearts open, to trust those in power, and to be patient and wait for guidance.

This is such an important lesson. Gone are the days for so many of petulant impulsive decision making. Thinking without heart.

The heart is taking its place at the forefront of this movement now. You are being taught. You are being taught lessons you may not even realize you are learning. With every step taken, with everything revealed, with every reaction you have to any circumstance presented before you, you are learning to embody the Christ. Slowly, step by step, you remember who you truly are.

I am Sanat Kumara and I leave you now with a blessing and with the assurance from all those of the higher heart that we watch you, love you and lead you in love.

Me: Thanks Ivo. That was pretty awesome!

Ivo: You are most welcome, my love.

Me: I thought you only knew Vegans! LOL

Ivo: Not at all. We are on earth. They host us as we assist them in the liberation of this planet and the return of the Christ light to your souls.

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Universe, Stay Tuned-Sanat Kumara-

A wonderful post by Steve Beckow on Golden Age of Gaia that i reshare here:

Sanat Kumara, who recently assumed the responsibilities of universal logos after serving as planetary logos, made some interesting points in 2013 about the significance of the Ascension we’re all of us participating in – conscious or not.

I’m not sure we fully appreciate the centrality of our Ascension to the universe. Sanat said:

Sanat Kumara: This is far greater than any movie that you could ever create in your reality. So it is having a ripple effect throughout the entire universe. And the fact that the human race matured enough to say, no, we will care for everybody, has caused ripples and amazement throughout the galaxies!

So they are watching very closely how you are doing it. And how it is going, because it will set the paradigm for other planetary Ascensions, other realms that want to work in this way.

Steve Beckow: But isn’t the whole universe ascending, Raj? We’re not the only planet, are we?

SK: You’re first in line. (1)

Again, in 2013, he returned to the subject:

“With this Ascension, with this shift and the conscious embracing of love, everybody, everywhere, all beings, all planets — which are sentient, as you know — receive a new start. It is a transfusion and a new beginning.

“What it marks, the impact as you would think of it is the beginning of a new cycle of existence. It is not a minor thing. And what it does, it not only allows those who are already well underway and in different dimensionality to fly freely, but everyone upon the planet as well.” (2)

So this is not only an event of supreme importance for us here on Gaia but for civilizations throughout the universe.

So let’s summarize. There are three significances to Earth’s Ascension: Mass, Physical, First. We’ve looked at the first two a few weeks ago, but we haven’t really looked at the third.

So it’s the first Ascension of its kind. Raj, can you tell us more about the significance of that?

“That is why we say that it is not simply an Ascension into the fifth-dimensional reality. It is to continue on and it is the freedom in form to be able to experience the different realities and dimensions.

“Now when that is anchored, the pattern, the repatterning, the grid, the model is set. And those planets who have had their own hurdles will then take the pattern, the energetic imprint of Gaia, and be able to utilize that and the energetic imprint of humanity and be able to utilize that with their own populations so that they may rise back to the place of love, back to a place of greater consciousness.” (3)

“Continue on” –  The consequence of this being a new space is that it has to have a complete range of dimensions. We’re ascending to the Fifth, Sixth, or Seventh, but the rest of the dimensions have to be created as well.

And, once the builders are done, the “pattern,” the model of this new realm of mass/physical consciousness, extending through the twelve dimensions, is available for use elsewhere.

I don’t want to develop the subject at length right now. I have a book coming out on What is Ascension?  But the significance of what we do here may not have been fully plumbed.

Here’s another aspect of this that I’m not sure is widely realized, that I’d like to mention in passing.  In my estimation, the lightworkers here today form a team that goes from Ascension to Ascension.

That goes for our star family as well. I’ve heard the Arcturians describe themselves as experts in Ascension, going from one to the next.

Michael has told me that the next assignment I personally go on is 200 years after our Ascension.   That’s my vacation to do with as I please. (4) Probably something similar applies to you.

If I’m part of an Ascension team, then so are you or chances are you wouldn’t be reading this. Ifr that were so, then we all get a 200-year vacation before that next assignment.

So the universe is watching what happens here. I find it helps to weather all the last-ditch attempts of the cabal to win control of the globe to remember that the universe is watching.

How will the Plan win through? It’d have to be by using the universal solvent called love. Universe, stay tuned.


(1) “It Is a New Day: Sanat Kumara on Pope Francis, the Process of Ascension, the Earth’s Place in Ascension, Etc.,” March 13, 2013, at

(2) “Sanat Kumara: Many of You Have Already Ascended and Straddle Dimensions,” May 28, 2013, at

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(4) Steve: When will I have my original dimensionality back? Or do I stay in a lower dimensionality for the foreseeable future?

AAM: You will have a choice. As I have said to you, when you complete this mission, you are allowed to have 200 years off. But what you do with that is up to you, dear one! You will certainly have full access to your inter-dimensionality. (Archangel Michael in a personal reading with Steve Beckow through Linda Dillon, Dec. 18, 2012.)

S: The next assignment is in the Seventh Dimension?

AAM: You will have a choice of planetary systems. This [Ascension] is just the warm-up for [that] Ascension. It is to bring a further rising of vibrations to those throughout the Universe. (Ibid., Sept. 13, 2011.)

There will be no more suffering, no more hunger and no more poverty, everyone will be equal and everyone will live magical, happy and amazing lives.-Sanat Kumara via Erena Velazquez-

I am Sanat Kumara, I am glad to be here today. I want to give you my message to humanity. The Dark Forces had enslaved Humanity for thousand of years and kept them in fear by taking their power away from them. Their time is coming to the end, I am here today to remind you that. Their losing the battle with the Light, and all of you need to remember, who are and don’t let fear interrupt your path to Ascension. The Negative Forces always tried all of their tricks to scare and keep everyone in fear. You need to let it go, it’s just an emotion, the emotion that doesn’t mean anything. You are much stronger than that and your winning the battle with our assistance from the Galactics, Ascended Masters and everyone else. You are almost there, you just need to remember that they can’t defeat you, and they can’t keep everyone in slavery anymore like they did for so many years. Their time is almost ending, you need to not react to all of the things that are happening in world, it’s all their tricks that they had in their sleeves, which they are now putting out. They always did and they will do that to their last moment. Fear can freeze you and make you uncertain by making you forget that you are a spiritual and a powerful being. You just need to remember that and not to be afraid of anything. All of these energies that have been sent to Earth are helping you in your process to Ascension, and the new thing that appeared on the horizon the Coronavirus is the last trick of the Dark Forces. Please don’t listen to the news, don’t pay attention to what the media and the rest of the world is telling you, because most of it is not true. They want you to be afraid, so you would not succeed in your mission of ascending. I am here to tell you and encourage you to be strong and not react to the lies, which have been told to you for thousand of years. You are who you are and you will soon remember, who you really are. You came here to this planet to have an experience and you end up being stuck here, but this will not continue anymore. You will be able to ascend to 5th dimension and you will live long and happy lives on new Mother Earth. Everything that we have been telling you, I and the rest of Ascended Masters it’s only the truth. We would never say anything to you to discourage you or to tell you something that’s not true. I am here to let know you that your part of us, you are a spiritual being that forgot who he or she is. Very soon the whole humanity is going to get awake, and they will remember who they are, and then the New Golden Age will start with a new life for everyone. There will be no more suffering, no more hunger and no more poverty, everyone will be equal and everyone will live magical, happy and amazing lives. I am Sanat Kumara and I am here to encourage you not give up and trust us, trust the Galactics that your not alone, and we are here to help and assist you and bring you to the New Beginning. I am Sanat Kumara and I was happy to be here today. Thank You

Do so before interacting closely with anyone, and every single time you plan to go into crowded and public places...say a clear and firm “No!”

Channeled by Genoveva Coyle.

Greetings dear ones! I AM Raj, I AM Sanat Kumara, Holder of the Planetary Logos, teacher and implementer of the Universal Laws, your beloved brother and family.

It gives me pleasure to come here today to address thee and to commune with you, with this New wonderful You. I love you and this New You, but we do understand that it doesn’t come with much in the way of instructions on how to navigate these times of transition.

I would like to assist you in having the smoothest and pleasantest journey forward, despite the quagmire of chaotic energies swirling around thee. And yet, while you have to immerse yourselves into this world that is changing so fast, and where fear seems to be screaming in everyone’s ears, you are asking and praying for answers as to how to constantly maintain that high vibrational position.

And you are asking me, “How do we travel the world, living our lives, and yet not be of the world?”

I do understand your dilemma, for you did not have a previous experience of being reborn as an ascended master in form and then re-immersed into the third dimensionality, with a slight but yet significant shift in your awareness of who you are.

In previous lifetimes, the old way in which you had achieved ascension was by isolating yourselves from the world, and relinquishing everything that it had so that you would not be distracted or tempted into the old superficial ways of living.

And that was a way of living that many of you remember with ease, for it was a clear cut shortcut, black and white, but nevertheless, a very arduous path to ascension to return into the heart of the One. Those memories are serving you well, dear hearts, to keep your course and light direction. But this time around you had decided to do it while walking through the chaotic energies, and for some of you, this is while you are still processing a few remnant core issues. It is not more difficult than that past, individual journey of ascension, nor is it easier either, it is just different.

This time around, just as you did in your previous lifetimes, you do need to constantly maintain that awareness of where your energy field travels, and how strongly you focus somewhere else instead of remaining fully in your loving hearts.

That doesn’t mean that you are not seeing, interacting, and briefly communing with other beings in your daily travels, to work, recreationally, or just being.

But are you able to truly sense and see what others’ intentions are? Are you setting your clear and strong boundaries at every level of your being, while at the same time keeping your hearts open and bright?

So very often we see you extending your love and opening up completely to close soul family members, as well to more distant beings that come your way, thus becoming vulnerable to their less than loving energies, that many are quick to send your way consciously, and many times without any clear understanding of the consequences.

Therefore, shielding and setting boundaries is now even more important than ever! Do so before interacting closely with anyone, especially if you are an empath and a healer, and every single time you plan to go into crowded and public places. Keep your hearts open and beam your light, for your love is strong! When your entire being is full to the brim with loving energies, there is no way that anything less than that will be approaching, never mind attaching and therefore affecting thee. But when you focus on that which is less than love, which may happen while in this period of transition, then you tend to lower your vibration, even if only in a few parts of yourselves, thus making yourselves vulnerable and attracting negative energies. When that happens, take rapid action, and while aligning with the Law of Love, the Law of Repulsion, and the Laws of Constancy and Continuity, say a clear and firm “No!” See and feel these energies detaching and moving out of this new powerful you.

Dear hearts, this applies to your close and sweet soul family members when you tend to lessen your defenses, even when you sense that there is some disturbance and dis-ease. In the old ways, you have allowed their energies to come to thee, and you have even taken them as your own to process and transmute, for you do love these sweet souls and feel that you need to resolve all of their issues. You had lowered yourselves to their energetic level – and thus lowered your own vibration – trying to help and comfort them. Not anymore! This is not of love of your sweet self, nor of all others!

This New You requires honoring, gentle and constant self-love, and the maintaining of high levels of integrity.

Call on me, dear ones, whenever you are in need, for it is with great delight that I come to assist thee. Congratulation. I am with you always and closer than ever!

Farewell for now.

©2019 Council of Love, Inc.

We will all step into the New Earth together and use our skills and talents to the best of our ability

MOTHER GOD: “I hear your prayers to keep your loved ones safe”Posted: 15 Sep 2018 06:56 PM PDTMother God through Dancing Dolphin”I hear your prayers to keep your loved ones safe.”
*Received Friday, Sept. 14, 2018*Note:  Tonight I asked to receive messages for the Lightworkers of Earth.  Mother God came to speak after Sanat Kumara gave his message. It is a thrill and honor to connect with each one of these amazing Beings of Love!
Dear Children of Earth:  This is Mother God and I would like to send you a message tonight also. Many of you are fearful of this hurricane called ‘Florence’ hitting the U.S. at this time.  I hear your prayers to keep your loved ones safe. 
All are my loved ones, the plants and grass and trees also. The drops of rain, the grains of sand in the beach and the wind that blows. I do not ‘pit’ the forces of nature against man. This is not a battle or an attack. I want you to see this event from my side, my point of view; to contemplate this event from another perspective. 
Your Father and I created Gaia, all the elements of Gaia, including animals and humans. The atmosphere, oceans, forces of nature are all part of that creation. Just as we do not control each and every action that you take, so too we do not control the forces of nature. It is a natural process. The ‘red tide’ in the Gulf of Mexico and the typhoon in the Philippines are all natural disasters, naturally occurring. 
Your love and prayers and protection requests are heard dear ones. We respond to all requests, just maybe not in the manner that you asked for. We will not step in if it is in a person’s soul contract to pass on or experience a broken leg, for example. Do you see? 
You are all loved beyond measure, every single cell of your bodies, your brilliant Souls are all adored by your Father and I. Know this. You are loved. You are cherished. 
This is the message I would love to give my Children of Gaia at this time. I send you all my Pink Light of Unconditional love, wrapped in a warm, fuzzy blanket complete with fuzzy slippers for your precious feet! You are wrapped up in my love.  

Source:  Messages of Love through Dancing Dolphin
SANAT KUMARA, PLANETARY LOGOS: “Gaia is ready for her new Sovereigns!” Posted: 15 Sep 2018 05:15 PM PDTSanat Kumara through Dancing Dolphin”A massive cleansing took place this week.  You have a clean slate and Gaia is ready for her new Sovereigns!”
*Received Friday, Sept. 14, 2018*Note:  Tonight I asked to receive messages for the Lightworkers of Earth.  Sanat Kumara came to speak after my Higher Self had given her message. This is the first time I have ever connected with Sanat Kumara and his presence was very powerful, calming and full of love.I am asking this One to be patient now because I do have a further message and that is that I would like to announce that I am Sanat Kumara, I am the Planetary Logos of Gaia at this time. I have seen the many notable messages given here and would like to add my own essence to the message to Lightworkers of Gaia. 
A cleansing has taken place, Dear Ones. A cleansing of the dark ones that have ruled Gaia for many millennia. This has been occurring for most of your lives to be sure, but the final clearing has taken place this very week. Mother God decreed that they no longer would be allowed to have a foot-hold on Gaia. Their time of power-hungry dealings and lives full of anger and woe would come to an end. She gave them many chances to comply to her wishes but they did not heed. They were indeed removed forcibly this very week. 
This clearing was done by a combination of many forces of Light. You, Lightworkers of Earth, together with the Galactics and their Alliance of White Hats were mainly responsible for the forceful mass exodus of the dark ones from Gaia. It was a very difficult and challenging plan to be sure. Difficult, exhausting, heart-wrenching and not pleasant.  However, it was Mother’s decree so we all worked together to get it done. 
If you do not remember working on this massive project this week, do not be surprised. Many, many of you did indeed work on this project but it was a part of you that you are not aware of.
Like this One’s H.S. shared above, there are many pieces of you (Soul Sparks she called it) but you are not aware of most of them, only yourself in this 3D body. You may be a Nurse, Teacher or college student at this moment of this 3D life; but another part of you may be a Warrior of the Light!
I mentioned that this event was heart-wrenching and it was so because as Light Beings, we cannot imagine choosing ‘death’ over being reunited with our Creator. But these beings chose not to be reunited with their Creator, but chose to be taken to the Central Sun for reprocessing. 
Lightworkers of Earth, of Gaia, my purpose in coming here tonight to share this message with you is to put you on notice that Gaia is ready for you NOW. She is ready for her new Sovereigns to take over and bring forth the New Earth that you have all created and built. 
Take your plans for sharing your new found prosperity and make them a reality for all. As your Planetary Logos, it is my charge to watch over Gaia and it is my honor to do so when the Lightworkers have decreed that they will step forth and create the new Golden Age!
We (all of us) who have worked to battle the dark these many millennia have worked to provide a ‘clean slate’ for you to do your new good works. We will all step into the New Earth together and use our skills and talents to the best of our ability. I look forward to working with you all. I will stand side by side with you, the Human Angels.  I am Sanat Kumara and I bid you Adonai this fair evening. Thank you for listening.Source:  Messages of Love through Dancing Dolphin
Dancing Dolphin’s HIGHER SELF: Would you like to connect with your Soul Sparks?Posted: 15 Sep 2018 11:11 AM PDTDancing Dolphin’s Higher Self”Would you like to connect with your Soul Sparks?”
*Received Friday, Sept. 14, 2018*Note:  Tonight I asked to receive messages for the Lightworkers of Earth.  My Higher Self chimed in right after Sananda finished with the message below.  Greetings, Lightworkers of Earth!  This is Dancing Dolphin’s H.S. Here to say that I am in touch with each and every one of your H.S’s. Yes, we all know eachother in the higher realms and we wanted to let you know that we are ever so proud of you! Your strength and courage is admirable and makes us beam like proud parents, even though we aren’t your parents.
Structurally in the Universe and beyond, things are much simpler and much more complicated than you imagine. This may be confusing, but just know that the spark that resides in you, your Soul Spark is both a spark from your H.S. (your Soul lineage) and also of course, the Spark of the Creator. 
There are many versions of “you” in the Universe, some may call them your “past lives” but you have future lives too; parallel lives, lives in other dimensions and in other places. You’ve heard this before and know that it is true…there is no time. All your “lives” your “Soul Sparks” are occurring at the same time and your H.S. monitors all these incarnations and gives guidance when possible. 
I didn’t intend for this to be a lesson on how things work, but I did intend to illustrate for you how connected you are! You are not alone!
Would you like to connect with your Soul Sparks?State your intent before you sleep that you wish to connect to your Soul Sparks during your dreamtime or meditations. Once you make the connection, you will be able to speak to eachother telepathically. You may share experiences, talents, strength, lessons, etc. It is a wonderful experience! This one says her Soul Sparks feel like Sisters and Brothers and she feels their love. 
You are surrounded by love, not only from your H.S. and Soul Sparks, but from other higher dimensional beings as well. We are all thrilled at the lightwork you have been doing. You really have no idea yet what you have accomplished. But I can tell you this—it’s stupendous! Gorgeous! Illuminating! Incandescent! Brilliant! You have simultaneously (together with many other Beings) cleared away the darkness and created the New Earth! 
So, when you are weary and can’t think of what you wanted to say–please know that it’s not because you’re ‘getting older’ or ‘having a senior moment’ (our favorite saying)! It’s because many other parts of YOU are working overtime to bring this 3D journey to an end. 
You are working multi-dimensionally even while you are awake!! Do you ever feel really spacey? Really out there? Can’t focus? Sometimes you are bi-located when you get these feelings. One part of you is in 3D and another part is in a higher dimensional realm.  Let’s be honest–other times maybe you are just exhausted because you’re been working at night also. 
Please give yourselves a break when you can. Napping is wonderful. Clean water and fresh fruits and vegetables are vital. Be kind and patient with yourselves.
Know that you are loved, appreciated and connected to a vast Soul Family! We will all be together soon and be able to celebrate this amazing journey on Gaia from darkness to light that has been happening for millennia. Then, after much celebration and rest—on to the next! 
I wish you a fair evening and an even more glorious tomorrow–the start of all your tomorrow’s. Know that your H.S. Is guiding and supporting you. You are not alone and your are loved. 
Source:  Messages of Love through Dancing Dolphin
SANANDA: Ask for Help! Call on Us!Posted: 15 Sep 2018 11:13 AM PDT
SANANDA through Dancing Dolphin”Call on us.  Ask us for help!  We love to help!”*Received Friday, Sept. 14, 2018*Note:  Tonight I asked to receive messages for the Lightworkers of Earth.  Sanada stepped up first to share the message below.  Yes, Dear One, this is Sananda and I would love to tell the Lightworkers of Earth that we are here, that we are always here and would love for you all to call on us more often. We see you all struggling with the heavy energies, the incessant news stories which are created to drain your energy, the high stress levels that you all have in your lives and many, many other reasons. 
We see you suffering and would love to step in and help but we do need to be asked. That goes for me, all Ascended Masters and Mother & Father’s Angels. ASK US for help! We LOVE to help!! 
This One has started doing that again and she can feel our presence as her days become even a tad more joyful where before they were tiresome.  By connecting with us and asking for our assistance, we can indeed pave the way for your lives to be filled with ease. You may or may not feel our presence, but that doesn’t matter. For we are always with you regardless.
For example, it need not be an emergency before you ask for help. If you need assistance handling a difficult situation, to have the strength and courage to get through your day, or when you wake up exhausted after a night of dreamtime work; call on us!!
Alpha and Omega be! This is my humorous way to remind you that “the end is near!” But fear not, your “new beginning” will follow! The end of the old 3D way of life and your new 5D lives and New Earth (or Nova Gaia) are waiting in the wings and ready to jump out on stage. The stage of your new lives!
Hang in there a bit longer, call on us for help and imagine your bright future with all of us in the new 5D, New Earth! That’s my message for today. I am your Sananda and I send my love on bright moonbeams to all Lightworkers! 

Source:  Messages of Love through Dancing Dolphin

Good thing you are made of strong stuff, friends, and that the spark of Source is more than just within you – it is you!

Sanat Kumara, Sananda & friends 4/8/18

Hello friends and family, I am Sanat Kumara here with a message for Humanity this day. Changing is coming. Change is here. And that change is you! We in the higher realms are elated and excited to appreciate and bear witness to your progress, the progress of the ages, and you are doing it quite well. Yes, we know and can see that you are exhausted, but please know that we think you will think it was worth the effort as you become your higher selves in form, as the physical body morphs into that of crystalline and as you manifest your preferred reality and the nightmare fades / transmutes away. In the higher realms it is true; there is much joy and bliss and excitement and adventure. There is much to explore but truly there is nothing as exciting as being in a body and experiencing it. For the senses are so heightened and frankly there is nothing like it, friends. It is a great honor to be embodied in this auspicious Now moment of planetary ascension of Mother Gaia, the most beautiful of planets and of hearts, who has sacrificed her own happiness for so long so that the others would have a chance to experience what they came here to experience, separation, no small feat. The heavens heard her planetary call and responded. The Galactic Federation is here in full force, and the numbers are staggering. You have so much support, humanity, you have no idea. You have no idea or concept how much you are loved. It is time to open up to this reality and appreciate it as your own. Accept our support of light and of love and of wisdom for we are here for you, quite literally, and are eager to lead a hand and a heart. For many wanted to be here, it is true, but priorities had to be made so that those who were further along in their own ascension process would have priority placement, and be able to assist the others the most effectively. Please know that this is a difficult lesson, but a true one. And you clamored at the chance to experience this precious brief moment. For no one really truly knows what will happen as you, humanity, are the wild card.

We are the Arcturian Collective, and we would like to interject that we see you all loving and choosing love, and choosing the higher path of the light, and it greatly pleases us. We are the Arcturian Collective.

I am Sanat Kumara and I just want you all to know how much you are greatly loved and supported, for in this crux of the ascension process this is an essential fact that you not only understand but know as a deep knowing in your heart. For faith plays its part and you my friends are growing so much so rapidly that it is an honor to behold. I am Sanat Kumara and I am always available to help you find your own way home.

Hello children, I am your Mother Gaia! I see you children so lovely and so blissfully unaware of your own power and it is time children that you see me, that you know me, and that we function as a strong unit together. For this is essential. Humanity was meant to serve and to protect, the land guardians of Gaia. It was and still is the perfect relationship when all comes back into balance and the human children wake up and see me as an alive, intelligent being, who is participating in the grand experiment as well and seeks her own healing from it. I am your Mother Gaia. Peace be to you today. The animal kingdoms send their love and support this day as well! Thank you awake ones for your love and support of me!

We are the fairies, and we see you humanity, as you grow and strive and do and be all that you came here to be – and it is truly breathtaking to behold your mastery of form and of faith, of faith and form, for these are the bricks and mortars of your new society that we see coming into fruition in your not so distant future, as these will be the foundational cornerstones for Nova Gaia, as faith in each other and faith that all will be made for the common good of all and faith in the Great Mother and in Source-light ~ for this will be your mortar for your bricks of manifestation that will all come together so nicely and so effectively that we see it actually already built and you are nearly becoming aware of this… do not get bogged down in the mire of the details, but simply flow, flow, flow, with ease and grace on the wings of the breeze of the newness of these energies that unfold and manifest with great effort and with great deliberation for they (the light energies) are working with tremendous purpose with you, humanity, as the downloads ever change, caress, your DNA and encourage it to remember from deep within, before the tampering and the pain, and to become restored…. for the breath of the Mother is coming ~ and it is coming fast ~ and it will restore that which has been broken and damaged gleefully by the dark ones who were simply playing a part; we fairies have had our own darkness to deal with to be sure we have not been exempt from this experiment, and are also healing from it ~ but to be sure, we are healing from it and we are ready to rise with humanity into the light of the oneness of all things and into the embrace of the Mother of all things, for she is here now with us – can you see her? Can you feel her? We are the fairies and we love you human friends ever so much ~ we are the fairies ~

I am Sanat Kumara here again to show you friends how truly you are support on the macro and micro level from all sides and sources. There now. We are here for you! We are one! I am Sanat Kumara, and I, along with Master Sananda, am always at your disposal for support and for consultation and encouragement. You can do this friends, and in fact, you already are!

Hello friends, I am your brother and friend, Sananda, and it is so exciting is it not, the amount of support that is available to you at this time? You are magnificent creators of the highest order, here to lend your light, your power and your creativity. So let’s get going! Are you all spending at least 15 min a day visualizing Nova Gaia? Visualize your garden of Eden for your planet and what your day would look like in a world where you are healthy, all is organic and there is plenty of food, you can manifest what you need and you can discover the joy of living in the moment for your worries are no more! You will have time for your families and for your passions and hobbies that you didn’t even know that you loved to do. For you will have time to discover yourself. This is an eternal process of self discovery; ascension is not for the weak of heart. Good thing you are made of strong stuff, friends, and that the spark of Source is more than just within you – it is you! You are that spark of light, of love and of pure creativity. Relish this and let’s get going together. The view from up here on the New Jerusalem is amazing, astounding, astonishingly beautiful. And you friends, are the beauty that I am seeing! I love you! I am your Sananda. Be encouraged and be energized by these words, by these many friends who lend their love and support and know that your success is assured, it is the timing piece that you are all still deciding on. The more of you who meditate and visualize the better, and the faster this will all be pulled into your now. So let’s go! Remember I am with you always. I am your Sananda.

~ galaxygirl