Peggy Black and the ‘team’ ~ Honor Solitude

We are here. You and many like you right now are living in several realities. You and others are opening more fully to your multi-dimensional aspects and connections. So there is an overload of energy, an overload of information and data to process and integrate.

When you are constantly interacting with others in your 3D reality there is a back-up, a stall in the energy being downloaded; you and the others feel overwhelmed and can feel stuck, anxious and buried with too much to handle.

It is important to remember to rest, meditate, and just be quiet. This is important for several reasons. One, it gives your circuits the opportunity to absorb all that they have received; the rest and quiet times also give us and other celestial beings the opportunity to work with you in gentle ways with less interference.

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Let us put it this way, your planet is undergoing an unprecedented flood of energy, data, and information. The level of energy that is moving in your energetic field has never before been so escalated. This energy is bathing your entire planet, the consciousness of planet-earth and the consciousness of all living things.

There is a speeding up, this energy is a gift from ALL THAT IS. This energy is given to assist humanity and this planet to make the next evolutionary step, a quantum leap to move more fully into the awareness of multi-dimensionality.

As a sensitive, you and others may be feeling wobbly, realizing your physical body is shifting. You may be experiencing strange symptoms, dizziness, floating sensations, disorientation, puzzlement, sleeplessness, exhaustion. There are a variety of physical reactions happening to everyone on many levels. This shift, this energy surge can be welcomed or resisted. Those who resist are experiencing chaos, depression and pain.

We will use the example of your computer. Imagine you are working at your computer; you have many programs operating at the same time, you are going along, doing multi tasks when all of a sudden your machine ‘freezes’. It stops all processes, you are stuck. You cannot access any solution, you cannot move forward, you cannot continue. At last in frustrated desperation you turn the machine off.

There is material that you were working on that will be lost yet you cannot proceed because the capabilities of your machine are overloaded. This is a simple illustration of what happens to you. Your activity in your third dimensional life is busy with excessive interaction with others. You are receiving much information from the other realms, the other dimensions, you are integrating new awareness and remembrances and you have overloaded your circuits.

It is important right now for humans to spend a considerable amount of quality time receiving and integrating all that is going on within their reality. It is important to be alone for periods of time without so much stimulation. This allows for a greater degree of integration and balance in you operating systems.

Think of it this way, the more you interact with others without, the more you need to integrate with time within, in silence, in meditation. Your society does not honor solitude or silence. Everyone is always filling their space with stimulation; you as a person have become addicted to distractions, to visual, emotional and mental stimulation.

We are suggesting that you observe yourself and notice how you use these distractions, rather than allowing yourself to go within in quiet reflection. It is the quiet reflection, the solitude which allows your system to process all the changes and all the energy that you are now experiencing. It is in the quiet reflection, in the quiet stilling of your active mind that we and other celestial beings can connect more fully with you.

Pause throughout your day and still your mind. Allow all information coming in from so many different sources to be integrated. As you begin to see and sense more there is more information to process; you and others will need to give yourselves the quality conscious time to integrate and assimilate all that you are receiving.

Humans are awakening to their multidimensional self, they are now becoming aware of how all the outside stimulation offered by your society is a way to distract and control.

Pull yourselves away from some of those distractions; these distractions fill your time and activate your busy mind. Allow yourselves to drop into a quiet place, practice conscious deep breathing which will support your intention to quiet your mind. It is in the quiet space where you will begin to truly hear guidance and messages from spirit.

Everyone is feeling like things are speeding up, this is true. Your concept of time is shifting. Everyone is expanding, as they are taking in more. Everyone is managing the multifacets of many dimensions. Everyone is reacting differently to these infusions of energy. You can look out and see and sense what others are experiencing. This is high drama. This is the cosmic play, the cosmic dance.

Remember when you feel overwhelmed or even depressed realize your need to be silent, reflective, recognize your need to be within, to be solitary. This silent reflection can be a few moments or hours or even a day. The rewards will be great; your systems will run more smoothly. You will experience peace of mind in the midst of chaos. You will be more open to guidance.

This is an important aspect, a lesson and an awareness for all on your planet right now.

By going within you can more fully move out; out into the universe. We welcome the opportunity to meet you more often in your place of solitude. Be in your joy in this quietness. Be at peace, Beloved.

~ the ‘team’

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