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This was NOT the plan for mankind at the time of our creation!

The year 2012… Prior to the year 2012 there was a directed suppression to mankind’s development. There has been a spiritual war that has been raging prior to the year of 2012. I’ve wrote lots on this time which is called the Precession of the Equinox and Mankind’s push to it’s Awakening brought on by the extremely high frequencies of the Photon Belt. The year 2012 is when all this happened to me before this year I knew none of this.
The ones on their Ascension path leading to this Grand Awakening has had everything thrown at them by the resistance in an effort to prevent you from advancing this far. The strongest ones are/were their ultimate target. Many of you have been spied upon, tracked and targeted.
Since 2012 everything has been ramped up and everything is being thrown at you this is to propel you forward. Remember, nothing evolves and progresses that remains stagnant. There has been special attention to the stronger ones by the resistance trying to hold you back. These are the Dark minions that have controlled Earth and its inhabitants for thousands of years.
These Dark minions know who you are and know your capabilities upon you entering this lifetime. In 2012 the main Dark energies were lifted from Earth diminishing the old timeline only leaving the weakened to continue this 3D facade of the programmed Matrix.
As you are noticing the mundane programming of the heavy 3D reality is unraveling at an increasing speed. Any experiences since 2012 was necessary for your training. They were lessons. It was all to make you aware of how the current global systems unjustly work. You have been made aware of how these systems we’re actually designed to strip you of your rights and control you. These were intentional acts of suppression to make you servants of an enslavement system. This was NOT the plan for mankind at the time of our creation!
Since 2012 the Awakening of Mankind has been fast-tracked at an extremely intense level. These changes are happening at the energy level. This new energy is what’s bringing change which is embedding itself in the human consciousness. It will be like a wave across the planet and there will be no stopping it. The old directive is on its way out and this new energy level will ensure the safe transition of humanity.
Mankind needs to realize that this Human Awakening that’s happening is due to the activation of our DNA brought on by these higher energies since 2012. We began getting hit by low, negative charged pulses at first to prepare those who were not awake to get ready for the next round of activations. Because think about it if the unawakened were to get hit by extremely high frequencies right away their physical bodies could not withstand it and on the mental front would drive people insane. This is the reason initially that these energies had to be sent extremely low to awaken the sleeping population. Baby steps…
These low, negative impulses allowed for the unawakened to be able to handle physically and mentally the triggering of events brought on by these activations. I personally believe we are at the end of this negative charge period. As Mankind keeps advancing you are seeing and being contacted by divine beings that you would have never been able to comprehend before, you are beginning to receive messages that you have never been able to receive before.
The content that you will be receiving as you advance we’ll get more valuable and will suit you at this time and will continue to advance. As the Light grows brighter the clarity of the message will become more and more apparent. Onward we go…
By the wonderful Teri Wade


The Galactic Federation of Light : NESARA , GESARA , Free Energy Technologies,Community Projects

New Earth Vision (Part 2)

This is the 2nd part of where i hold my vision for New Earth as far as my mind and Higher Self can conceive, i know there is so much more to this picture that i am only describing a tiniest fraction of what is to come and each one of in the process of ascending have their codes and plans to be remembered and come forward to co-create with the rest of us.
I see great ease in our travels on the planet or in the planet or in our solar system and galaxy.I feel harmony and balance very present.I feel clarity very present and the sense of responsibility for each and everyone.Telepathic communication is much more developed.Even as i write this i know that our computers are becoming crystallin as well and so the communication with our own created matrix has already begun.I am sure you notice at times that your mac or iPhone may block, thinking that it has a problem when in fact it is all about releasing resistance.Everything around us reflects how we feel within.And so our senses of responsibility has reached new heights we now know collectively how to create without resistance, allowing the divine energies flow through our beings.This is catapulting humanity towards new heights that it is impossible to imagine right now.Yet ,i can feel the enormity of this along with so many gifts coming to the forefront like moving objects with our minds, walking on water or teleporting and shapeshifting for example, less or no need to eat foods as our main source in light, foods are there for the fun of tasting and for the sharing for the ritual of being together.I see a great transformation of our Gaia as we now can perceive with higher awareness what an amazing planet and Archangel she really is.I see Light cities hovering above many big and smaller cities, we can visit them with special vehicles that brings us there.This is where we are being educated for the next phase of our Ascension process after we are successfully done with the restoration process on the planet where each and everyone live in harmonious community one with another with reverence for all life.We are using new technologies where 3D life is far easier than it is now.In fact all technologies are available to all freely from the moment they do no harm.We have learned our lessons and we have turned the page and now we are a young galactic specie joining the rest of our families our there.Some may choose to stay on the planet, some may choose to go to other ones.We are interacting freely with our galactic famlies ,we have a lot to share about our experiences and we have a lot to learn too.

Please feel free to share with us your vision,send me email and i will be happy to repost.(

And to this i am adding here a part from a beautiful post from Golden Age of Gaia by Steve Beckow.

1. The Recovery Phase = Building Nova Earth

There has never been a more opportune time for laying the foundation, infrastructure, and superstructure for Nova Earth than right now.

With countless millions of employees laid off and probably hundreds of thousands of businesses in danger of going under, we need an immediate rescue plan (for me, that would be the Six Point Plan) (3) and we need a long-term plan for planetary recovery that carries on after.

2. We need hard data

We need to know what the true situation of people is around the world and we need ways of keeping track of changes to them – through media uncontaminated by the cabal. We need to be able to transfer, store and display documents and films online safely and securely. And money.

We need search engines and the full range of social media that allow for free speech, short of hate and criminal speech.

3. We need to form citizen commissions similar to the International Tribunal for Natural Justice.

These citizen commissions or tribunals would begin a public process of truth and reconciliation in their field and award compensation if warranted.

When the parties have been reconciled, then the opportunity arises to discuss building new structures and processes for Nova Earth.

We’ll probably need a new system of governance, a new legal system, a new educational system, medicine, finance, on and on it goes.

The World Parliament of Religions is an example of an existing structure that might be interested in discussing building a new world in their area: the area of religion.

I’d suggest a baseline commitment be gotten from everyone concerned that all systems arrived at be built on love, from love, and through love. Nothing else will last.

4. We need to arrive at a citizen plan for building a new world

Then we need people to draw the suggestions of all commissions together and begin devising a plan for world recovery and reconstitution.

In the meantime, I’m not waiting for all of this to happen. I’m enrolled in building Nova Earth now and thus am beginning the discussion.

And The Six Point Plan :
One, universal basic income covering all normal living expenses for every person living in that country, lesser for young children (under twelve). Everyone has their basic expenses in life covered and can choose to work on top of that.

Two, universal medicare. Public health of excellent standards available to all people living in that country, without distinction. Free medicare, pharmacare, and dental care.

Three, universal accessibility to all levels of gender-equal education for all people living in that country.

Fourth, universal elder care, child care, and single-mother care.

Fifth, the elimination of personal debt.

Sixth, the elimination of the national debt. (“The Big Change – Part 1,” May 8, 2020, at

New Earth Vision (Part I)

These images described in words come after doing my meditation practice in the morning and while still in meditation after invoking God’s Light to flow through me remaining an open door in the here and now here are the images of the New Earth coming forward through me and I am sure that you, reading this post, have your own pieces of this tapestry to add, why not sit down and close your eyes and ask for guidance and write down what you see?i will be happy to create for you a blog and share your vision ,you may send me email at here :


Magda Ehlers

Talking Stick to me And here i go!I see a lot of green parks and trees and all kind of colorful birds, butterflies, happy dogs and cats and all animal kingdom, the lion lying next to the lamb ,i see this not only in remote areas and also in cities, nature returns to the cities, i see green buildings and green roof tops with gardens growing organic foods ,i see modern vehicles all over, some on the ground ,some flying in various levels without making noise ,just the sound of the air, i see beautiful communities where people are dancing, celebrating coming together in meditation and eating vegan dishes, i see balanced relationships between men and women as each is balanced within their divine masculine and divine feminine.I see groups of people coming together finding solution for the highest good in meditation and then action being taken with ease grace and flow. I see a smooth evolution process where peace is at all times respected and where each and everyone is forgiving, loving ,kind & sweet to the self and one another.Children are the ones who show the way, children are respected as equal to equal as they come with new ideas that even very simple never thought of before solutions to anything that needs to change in societies for the highest good for all.I see New Earth educational systems where all children and adults can learn with playful ways and where all information is memorised easily as our brains and bodies are becoming more perfected towards the original state of our original human 12 double stranded DNA.

http:// Photo by Retha Ferguson from Pexels

I see amazing machines that create Free Energy, some small and some bigger ones.I see new games that nourish the soul for all ages, i see Celestial Chambers that each and everyone can use free for extra health boost and rejuvenation.I see anti gravity vehicles where distance is no longer important taking us from Ibiza to Honolulu in 15 minutes.I see new landscapes, i see water speaking and i see our star sisters and brothers being in open contact with each and everyone of us.I see many flying to other staR systems to discover other cultures.I feel excitement and joy in the air all rising as one with Gaia and all life upon her towards higher dimensions.Money is still being used from everybody in lesser ways as replicators and other technologies are eradicating slowly that way of means.I see gardens where people share openly their fruits and vegetables with others.I see all African countries truly in their richness, i see all African sisters and brothers prosperous and abundant in all ways, i see also the rest of the planet being so as well as it is now balanced all across the planet and there is 100% fair-trade in all commerce.
Do no Harm is the law understood and integrated by each and everyone.I see all people being very different from one another and all respecting one another and working as one doing what they love most.I see wonderful communities, super colour-full with fashion and art and music and dance and celebrations!
I feel the love everywhere i go, i feel a perfect world where excitement of living in a human body is even more a delightful experience, i feel expansion in creating creations that my mind can not conceive yet and i see Light Cities hovering above the ground all across the planet.I see beauty and Love all over.

And so be it.

Nikos Akrivos

www.Feel More Than

Travel will become almost instantaneous, much like stepping into a cabinet that you program with your destination, and when you step out you will have arrived

Mike Quinsey’s Higher Self Message,

August 10, 2018 



10th August 2018. Mike Quinsey.


You have so much to look forward to and we have given you ample indication with a picture of where you are heading. Time and time again we have informed you that the old energy is dead and you are no longer bound by its dictates, and have relative freedom to choose your own path to Ascension. It therefore follows that matters develop according to the activities taking place on Earth, although encouragement is given to keep you pointed in the right direction. Out of the apparent chaos and uncertainty that presently exists, there are changes taking place to create a basis for a new way of looking at things with a view to achieving permanent peace on Earth.


You cannot achieve total peace overnight as there was and still is much that needs uplifting. Be assured however, that although it has been difficult to dislodge the dark Ones and their minions, good progress is being made and things should really start to slot into place from the time of a revaluation of the currencies. It remains the key to the commencement of many advantageous and welcome changes that are ready to be introduced. Much happens out of sight, and for many reasons is kept secret for safety reasons as the dark Ones are everywhere but not all of them present a danger to the plans for your freedom.


To many peoples surprise President Trump is still in office, and that is because he is making changes that are necessary for the future of not just the USA but the world. It may not seem apparent on the face of it and some of his decisions have caused much concern. But come a time when people look back at his term in office, they will agree that he helped bring in necessary changes that have benefitted the world. Some have not been well received but you have to give sufficient time for the benefits to be appreciated. Major changes nearly always cause much objection and that will always be the case, until the full effects can be fairly judged.


Understand that the appointments of those who handle immense power and wealth are now “helped” by the unseen who have a complete picture of the future, and use their influence to guide mankind. As always the final decision is yours, so ensure that the right people are in power that have your wellbeing at heart and not self-aggrandisement. In the last Age many recent appointments were made simply to promote self-greed and personal power. That time has now passed and the best people will be the ones in office that are able to lead you into a new era of joy and happiness. The future is bright and planned to give you a way of life that you are entitled to without the threat of war.


Be assured that every soul has a certain degree of influence where the future is concerned. There is a collective energy that has an effect far greater than you can possibly imagine, and it is becoming more positive as time passes. Already it has moved beyond the “war” influence, although those with vested interests in selling weaponry, normally to both sides are still hoping for World War Three. Be assured dear Ones that it has been decreed by the Ancient Ones who oversee your progress, that it will not be allowed. You only have to go back a short time to know that when the silos were on red alert and ready to release their nuclear weapons, they were all made inoperative. That has happened more than once and hopefully the message has now sunk in, that nuclear war will not be allowed – never again.

Humans have a habit of looking outside of themselves when things go wrong, and clearly not all problems are necessarily related to their actions. However, some are brought upon them through earlier actions that have incurred a karmic response. So when you question what you have done to deserve problems, realise that nothing of any importance to you happens by chance. The circumstances may appear so, but those who organise karma have to take opportunities as they come up. Often it involves other people and it is not always easy to get them to come together for that purpose. Some situations are so involved that you find it hard to believe that it is pre-arranged.


Yet they are to the extent that even the outcome is intended to comply with the lessons to be learnt. You could say that your Guides work overtime to ensure karma is cleared. Your evolution depends on lessons being learnt, that are repeated if you fail the first time around until you do. Realise that karma can be carried forward from one life to another and sometimes it is because you are more able to cope with it. A sensitive issue would be the break-up of a relationship, and even that is planned in advance where lessons are learnt by all involved. So the message is to take your life experiences seriously and do your best to learn from them, and you will not have to go through such experiences again.


Although you have been seriously held back, in the long run you will not miss out as once the dark Ones can no longer interfere with your evolution, withheld inventions and advancements will be released. It will be done in such a way that you are not overpowered and are allowed to become familiar with the changes that are more personal. Clearly you will soon take to easier and faster forms of travel, and the constant availability of all the things you need for day to day survival. Furthermore there will come a time when you will be sufficiently powerful and knowledgeable, to create all of your needs by the power of your thought.


Travel will become almost instantaneous, much like stepping into a cabinet that you program with your destination, and when you step out you will have arrived. Mention of these advancements is to let you know that the old problems will eventually be put behind you. With extended life and the ability to keep your body in its youthfulness, you will have ample time to fully enjoy it in the higher vibrations. Not least of all travel outside of the Solar System will also be possible. All things come in good time and nothing will be allowed to interfere with your progress and development.


By keeping your focus on what the future will bring, you are helping to draw it nearer to fruition. It will also move your attention away from the last Age, and able to forget the difficulties and problems you faced for millennia of time. There is no point or advantage in holding on to your previous experiences. The important thing is that you will have learnt from them and have no further need of them.


I leave you with love and blessings, and may the Light brighten your days and path to completion. This message comes through my Higher Self, my God Self, and every soul has the same connection to God.


In Love and Light.

Mike Quinsey.


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