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I personally witness many ships cloacked in cloud formations almost on a daily basis,i am in telepathic communication with the Pleiadians and Arcturians among so many more Light Beings ,it takes me now only few minutes to connect with any of them and i feel this is appropriate to post these amazing news as i continue reading Townsend, Genii. SOMETHING’S COMING! Universal Cities of Light, Love and Healing! ,yes,some will believe and some will not,some want to see before they believe and yet those of us who believe before they see , see already before anybody else sees!If you agree read below,if not,come back when you do,in any case you are love and loved at all times!

“This is the year and with The City having now landed on what you call Christmas Eve, 2011 and with the 11-11-11 love wave still active, we smile as we see what you will see very soon. It indeed was a holy production landing. You remember seeing a completed building being set in place from a space vehicle? It was a surprise when you were told that was why you and the Dr. Bill did not have to build a City of Light or anyone else for that matter. “The Sedona area supports such a landing, as through itself it is a power center capable of such an event as the vortexes have power of energy, like a filling gas station for your auto cars. Living there the Genii has felt the power and bliss attached on occasion, which also supports her in these visits.” G: “My first question would be where is the location? Where would we see The City?”

O: “In the vastness of the territory surrounding the little place of Sedona there is much vacant land not used except for local animals. It should be said that no human owns any land, you are all only using it as God holds the papers of ownership. It is not yet time to disclose the exact spot and so must await for the correct timing of demonstration. Patience. “We notice your sensing has been lifted, and you feel the love of The City already as bliss and tears connect like meeting the Christ or God or Spirit (whatever you call this highest Deity of all). Your guidance is to remain in this divine pattern for you are The City of Light and have long since been connected vibrationaly to it. “We recognize that as you elevate much of this human world loses its flavor, but your time here is also to get your sensing out to others, who can get it to others as it is the energy of others that works the connecting. Time has spun into its own vortex thus making the appearance imminent. Today? Tomorrow? Next week? It makes no difference as time is not, but The City of Light is! … And it will demonstrate.

Townsend, Genii. SOMETHING’S COMING! Universal Cities of Light, Love and Healing! (p. 312). Kindle Edition.

Townsend, Genii. SOMETHING’S COMING! Universal Cities of Light, Love and Healing! (p. 313).

Cities of Light

The First City of Light will begin in Sedona:The New Jerusalem.

Guidance for working with and grounding the Cities of Light

From Archangel Michael received through Lorraine McGovern on 7-2-15

We would ask that you visualize the beauty and pristine waters and land surrounding the City of Light and focus on anchoring this reality.

  • Go to the 13thOctave and ground your energies into the heart of Gaia. If you are not familiar with the 13thOctave, consider viewing the following video:
  • We would ask that you call upon the elemental kingdom, the mineral kingdom, and the angels and masters to join with you.
  • See the City as stable, see the City as whole, and then see the City as welcoming the universe.
  • Ask the universe to ground and anchor the City into the heart of Gaia and then into the heart of the universe and then into the multiverse.
  • See the City of Light within and without.
  • See the City of Light surrounded by its light body and its rainbow body.
  • See the City of Light as a reality and the universe rejoicing and centering itself in this area.
  • See the government as balanced internally and externally, as within, so without.
  • See the government balanced and whole and manifesting truth and wisdom and love.
  • See the peoples of the universe within this City building a just and balanced system that benefits one and all & the highest good for all.

Be assured that this can be done.  Be assured that it is already done.