On the road again : Mastering Alignement to Source, Hiking in special locations in North Europe and Ibiza & Vegan Bliss.

a couple drinking tea together
Photo by cottonbro studio on Pexels.com

High vibes everyone, just to share that these upcoming months from tomorrow i am back into my nomadic life, travelling to Belgium, Netherlands and then back to Spain, Ibiza mid october. So if you happen to be around and you maybe wish to combine mastery alignement sharings with your travels, feel free to send me email at : info@feelmorethanfine.eu to organize a meet up. I know my way around pretty good in these countries and Ibiza and we will be hosting many events and workshops on the fly as we move around organically. So maybe this an opportunity for you to be part of our communities and experience something different in your Europe Journey 🙂

So i invite you to also share this with anyone you know is traveling around in Europe that is willing to combine meditation, traveling and amazing vegan bliss along the way.