There is nothing we can not be, do or have.

Everything that we desire in life, can be manifest, if we allow it to take place, keeping our belief and expectation at the same place, which means synchronicity is at hand more and more. Yes, it takes practice but the practice is more into feeling into the state of what we desire than taking physical action unless physical action is inspired from within which then leads to be closer and closer in fulfilling our desire.

I FEEL, I BELIEVE, I EXPECT. This is how one can come out of the circle of same old same old which more often than not has been automated within one’s being as a program believing that one is trapped in the same reality. It is not the case and the proof will come once one begins to practice into feeling into what one wishes to create, manifest, do, be and have in life. There are no limits. You are Source, you are God with a big G.

And so when we ask for something it is already given. So the only thing that remains to do is practice gratitude every step along the way. Happy, happy, happy, happy, happy, happy no matter what. The way one feels is LIFE itself.

So today and every day i invite you to practice feeling into all things you wish to be, do or have in life, as we ascend within our physical bodies and live in gratitude and love the gift of Life knowing fully that ALL IS WELL.

I invite you to make this mantra your daily habit : EVERYTHING ALWAYS WORKS OUT GOOD FOR ME.


and thank you Abraham Hicks for all these beautiful teachings.


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