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Ignore whatever sounds frightening—it could be what the dark ones want to do but no longer have either time or the global network to carry out.

Aspects of ascension and densities; awakening process; advancing in awareness; light vs dark battle

With loving greetings from all souls at this station, this is Matthew.  Our last message was met with a variety of reactions, including surprise, disappointment, distress, gratitude, annoyance, delight, and a lot of questions. Considering the likelihood that our messages are read only by lightworkers, does that not suggest that indeed, clarity was needed as to where Earth and most of her human residents are density-wise so you are spared the disillusionment, discouragement or perhaps even abject sadness due to unmet expectations?

Except for saying outright it is a misperception that you are entering fifth density, we have talked about all the information in that message previously, some of it numerous times. Of course you can’t remember everything in messages that started 20 years ago and cover a wide-ranging assortment of topics—it’s natural that most is forgotten. [If you’re interested in reading about densities and ascension, I think March 6, 2017 message has the most detailed, comprehensive account.]

Some emails sent to my mother show that readers wrongfully attribute to us other sources’ misinformation. Message readers paraphrase what we said when they write about it, thereby changing our meaning so it conforms with their misinterpretation of our statements. Add “channeled” messages with disinformation written by Illuminati minions and it’s easy to see why confusion and misconceptions abound.

Now then, although most questions and comments were answered personally, we include a number here because some of the writers are poignantly eager for change and what several wrote gives us the opportunity to mention new facets of ascension or repeat some important “old” ones.

“Matthew and other messengers have said Earth is in fourth density. I don’t understand how anybody is in third. Isn’t it logical that everybody on the planet would be in fourth too?” It would seem that way if it isn’t understood that there are two kinds of ascension and two kinds of density pertain to each.

An infusion of light from advanced civilizations almost 90 years ago let Earth jar loose from deep third density and start ascending. In both energy and location she has reached low fourth density on her planetary ascension course.

The other kind of ascension is personal. Even though souls on Earth are in third density bodies in a world that still is largely third density due to long ages of dark control, by absorbing the light that keeps intensifying, individuals can evolve to fourth density in spiritual and conscious awareness.  While many souls still are soundly slumbering in third, others are awakening and advancing toward fourth in awareness.

The two ascension processes have an energetic connection, but they operate independently. For instance, throughout the eons the planet and its successive civilizations were descending from high fifth density to deep third and got mired in the darkness at that depth, Gaia, the soul that embodied as the planet, remained in her fifth density evolvement status. And, as Earth ascends into successively higher astral planes, all her peoples have increasing amounts of the love-light energy that enables their personal ascension; however, regardless of how slowly or quickly they evolve, the planet will continue rising at its steady pace.

Our weekly meditation group was surprised that we aren’t even close to 5D. We’ve resonated so well with your information, we felt like we are volunteers. It’s really disappointing to know we’re not.”

Please don’t conclude that you’re not! Meditating regularly and feeling comfortable with topics in our messages indicate that very likely you are volunteers. People bound by third-density mentality aren’t attracted to spiritual and metaphysical messages, and it’s likely that if recently awakened souls discovered this kind of information, either they would be trying to assimilate it or have tabled it for later reading.

Awakening is a process, not an event, and individuals’ earliest discoveries are the corruption and deception that puppets of the darkness kept hidden so well for so long. This first order of awareness is necessary so determination emerges to purge unjustness, to establish fairness, goodness and rightness. When the societal revolution gets underway, spiritual and conscious evolution will follow—the populace will be intuitively nudged onto the pathway of light and enlightenment.

Now here comes a message saying it’s going around the world that we’re in fifth density! Oh my God we’re nowhere near 5th or even 4th!” Let us repeat this universal truth:

The universe has no demarcations, energy isn’t compartmentalized, and we use numbers only to indicate Earth’s location or the evolutionary status of an individual or a civilization. Also, fourth and fifth densities aren’t destinations on an intergalactic travel itinerary; they are stages of self-discovery along souls’ evolutionary journey back to Creator Source.

“I am grateful to Matthew for clarifying the 5th dimension issue. Most individuals in a discussion group I’m in think it’s like going through Door #4 and they’ll just suddenly be there. It seems difficult for many to grasp that these are levels of awareness. They’re wanting to know how one knows when they’ve moved to the next level.  They’re thinking this is a tangible progression.”

There are no ENTER or EXIT signs designating levels of awareness. It’s like energy—it has no compartments, no limitations or borders. Awareness is an ongoing self-realization process that gives one bursts of new understandings about universal truths and the exhilaration of Aha! sensations. Advancing in awareness isn’t a learning process—it is myriad stages of consciously remembering what we already know at soul level. Just as we are inseparable from God and Creator, we are inseparable from the universal mind, and the remembering process is the eternal journey through all our lifetimes.

“This is really upsetting. I’m so eager for all darkness to end and we can live in peace. Can’t volunteers or ET family help us get to fifth density sooner than 35-40 years?”  The light radiated by volunteers has been helping all along and for millennia, universal family have been assisting and protecting Earth and her life forms.

However, moving from one density to another—evolving in conscious and spiritual awareness—is an individual achievement that comes in accordance with free will choices. Souls who heed their intuition to help others, for instance, can swing through third density, dash into fourth and advance fairly quickly toward fifth.  Souls who choose self-service or the ease of mediocrity or resist new ideas or methods can stay stuck in third lifelong or trudge through that density like tree sap in winter.

Please don’t think darkness will last 35 to 40 more years—it won’t! It absolutely will not, it cannot! Furthermore, some changes you will wholeheartedly welcome already are on the way and many more will be coming in increments. The years of world transformation will be exciting, filled with dynamic activity that vastly improves everything that impacts life on Earth, and the societal harmony that develops will lead to unity of consciousness.

“Today he is saying we are two generations off from what he has been telling us (as I understood it) was within our grasp. I am aware that he is not linear, but this is really annoying and I am not sure I can trust that channel in the future.”  If that dear soul reads this message, she will see that we understand why not all readers will like or agree with what we say. Individuals’ perspectives, personal feelings and extent of accurate facts can differ greatly, and those factors are the basis of opinions. If an opinion is over-layered on our information instead of it being read as straightforwardly as stated, voila!—the reader attains his or her desired perception of a situation. It’s noteworthy that no one who reads our messages has our information sources or observational vantage point.

“I know a lot of people whose beliefs defy common sense. For example, when the planet reaches a certain point in space, ‘bad’ people will just disappear and everyone else will physically move to ‘New Earth.’ Some of my coworkers believe that when there are mass landings, the ET crews will fix everything that’s wrong here and do it almost overnight. I don’t get into this with them, but if ideas like that are widespread, will that affect the whole population’s ascension time?”      

No. Only the individuals who hold those beliefs will be affected. Regardless of how far from facts, common sense or universal truths one’s beliefs are, they are that person’s unquestioned reality.

“If everyone were correctly informed about what is going on in the world and what ascension is, could we reach fifth density faster than Arnold’s people think?”  It’s extremely unlikely. Individuals whose actions cause widespread suffering and destruction would not stop voluntarily, and until very recently, countless souls incarnated there to wind up third density karmic lessons. Of equal, or probably greater significance, progress is right on target with the divine master plan for Earth’s Golden Age.

“THANK YOU for this comprehensive ‘reality check’!  I know a lot of folks whose thoughts about ascension and densities are confused or dead wrong in comparison with what lighted messengers say. I’m going to send them this message.” Offering receptive people accurate information is helpful, trying to convince them to believe as you do is not—proselytizing irritates and alienates. Souls embrace universal truths at their own pace, and if not during this lifetime, they will have as many other opportunities as needed to “see the light.”

“Recently, according to Arnold, the planet Earth will be reconciled in only forty years! Awesome!! I’m very glad to hear that even though I won’t be able to see it with my own eyes.”

You will see the entire marvelous panorama from Nirvana or your homeland spirit world!

Will everyone on the planet go directly from 3D to 5D?  ‘Helping a civilization rise from third density to fifth is a gargantuan undertaking, a gargantuan accomplishment!’” No. The quoted statement is crediting volunteers with a monumentally successful mission. They started when Earth’s civilization was sound asleep in deep third density and, as seen in the continuum, they steadfastly radiated their light until the peoples reached high fifth density, where they manifested Earth’s Golden Age.

Beloved family, in this moment you can’t comprehend how extensive your assistance is or how invaluable you are to our Earth family. Later, when you view the unfoldment of this unique era in the continuum, you may feel somewhat overwhelmed to see the astounding difference your presence on the planet made. You will understand why all lighted beings in this universe honor you, and you will feel both humble and gratified that you were chosen to participate in this glorious upliftment of an entire world and all its life forms.

Please don’t give your energy to preoccupation with conditions that have to be fixed. Instead, help materialize benevolent changes by envisioning images that emit high vibrations. Maybe Earth immersed in golden white light or a forest of magnificent ancient trees or a field of vibrant wildflowers or joyful children playing with animals—whatever images or thoughts let you feel lighthearted and peaceful.

During the coming weeks and months the pace of action in the light forces vs the dark forces ages old battle will become swifter and more chaotic—the dark ones know their long reign is over and they will lash out viciously. They may have WHO claim a mutated new virulent virus requires everyone to be vaccinated or attempt a holographic alien invasion or produce major geophysical events. It’s likely that mainstream media will emphasize increasing dangers of escalating war on one hand and on the other, irreversible damage due to climate change and other worrisome situations like rising crime rates, growing homelessness and food shortages. It matters not that reports are rife with falsehoods, creating fear is the objective.

We remind you that if a lockdown is ordered, it will provide you with protection and be short-lived, and if a communication blackout and/or an economic closedown were to occur, those also would be brief. Ignore whatever sounds frightening—it could be what the dark ones want to do but no longer have either time or the global network to carry out.

Dear ones, steadfastness in the light, kindness, confidence, optimism and fearlessness always will serve you and Earth exceedingly well.

All lighted beings in this universe honor you and are supporting you with the unparalleled power of unconditional love.


Suzanne Ward

Energy of the season; divine grace; soul contract choices vs actual experiencing; importance of thoughts; two major categories of thoughts; unity consciousness by Matthew Ward

December 1, 2023

Energy of the season; divine grace; soul contract choices vs actual experiencing; importance of thoughts; two major categories of thoughts; unity consciousness

With loving greetings from all souls at this station, this is Matthew. Especially as your year nears its end and the season of holy days draws nigh, it is natural to think of the many souls who are homeless, grieving, injured, hungry and frightened.

Always what is most beneficial for those who are suffering, for you and for your world is to live from your heart.  Feel compassion for people and animals in need and grateful for the blessings in your life that enable you to share with them. The high energy of your gratitude and the fulfilling sensation from giving sends forth expanded light into the world to all who are downtrodden, and their thankfulness for the kindness of gifts of money or time, food or other help lets their light shine brighter. That isn’t just a nice arrangement this time of year, dear ones. It is the science of the universe now and evermore.

Joyfully prepare for heartwarming religious celebrations and festivities with family and friends. Participate in the kind of spiritual observances that fill your heart with peacefulness, rejoice in the majestic tones of stirring music, hug the persons whose presence in your life is so valuable. The high vibes of those meaningful experiences provide upliftment far beyond you and those who are dear to you—love’s bountiful streamers flow naturally wherever needed throughout your world. That also is science.

We have been asked if everyone who dies or is dealing with extreme conditions in Palestine and Israel signed up for these experiences. Life span and sudden departure fit in some soul contracts and others include adversities to overcome, but most of the souls affected did not choose death at this time or the harsh circumstances and desperation of living in an embattled environment.

Divine grace steps into these kinds of situations. Soul evolvement comes from balanced experiencing and, except for evildoers, attaining balance is the goal of every soul in every lifetime. By giving full credit for incomplete karmic lessons, divine grace bestows a state of balance on persons whose lifetimes are cut short or their hardships are greater than they chose or need to experience.

It is not that those beneficiary souls evolve with an unearned graduation diploma, so to say. They anchor an infusion of light that lets them assimilate expanded spiritual and conscious awareness, and they did indeed earn this advancement, just in an alternate way.

Many of Earth’s residents have experienced greater challenges and more difficulties than soul contracts call for. Dear family, if you feel you have dealt with tougher issues than you expected when you volunteered, probably you are right, and the peoples you came to help have struggled more than they expected when they chose to wind up third density’s lessons.

Souls in spirit worlds who are planning their next physical lifetime feel confident they can handle the conditions that will balance their experiencing and let them evolve. That may be especially true of the many souls who rushed to incarnate on Earth to take advantage of the unique opportunity to complete all 3D karmic lessons in one lifetime instead of many. Eventually we all learn it is much easier to boldly, courageously choose harsh situations than it is to deal with them once we’re in bodies.

And, there is more underlying formidable situations than what the dark ones are doing. There are the dense-energy reactions to whatever that is, from chaos and confusion to fear and outrage even from individuals who are not directly affected.

In every waking moment, every person is thinking, thinking, thinking, and because thinking, like breathing and blinking, is automatic, it happens without thinking, in a manner of speaking.  Who thinks their thoughts are a series of words and words are powerful emitters of vibrations all along the frequency spectrum from high peaks to sluggishly low? As billions of thoughts shoot out into the collective consciousness, who thinks their thoughts are weaving the fabric of their life and the tapestry of the world?

But knowing, or remembering, that universal truth is essential so you concentrate on what you want to happen instead of what you don’t want to continue. Divest yourselves of thoughts that are trivial or frustrating—they are a waste of energy—or are of guilty or resentful nature. Nurturing those kinds of thoughts prevents the healing that comes with apologizing or forgiving, two immensely important yet often neglected aspects of love.  And please take time to think lightheartedly, dear ones, so you can sparkle with the high vibes of smiles and laughter.

Despite the Illuminati’s penchant for initiating or exacerbating turmoil wherever and whenever they can, Netanyahu has failed to arouse much interest in a world war against groups he ironically designates “terrorists.” By masterminding conflicts and always having operatives on both sides, the Illuminati are the terrorists. But even if he had gained allies in such a venture, universal family would not have let it get off the ground.

After eons of violence, Gaia is so very war-weary, and more than two dozen battles already are being waged around the world. When their fuel, the energy of low vibrations, significantly decreases, one by one those will peter out and reconciliation can begin.

Along with gaining strength from destruction’s low vibrations, the dark ones’ power comes from controlling information and the global economy. So it is mightily heartening that many world leaders are tiring of being embroiled in turmoil, fewer and fewer folks believe mainstream media’s misleading reports, and the Illuminati are grasping at straws in the world’s money supply.

Everything they do requires money—manipulating stock markets; setting global banking policies; buying mercenaries; bribing national leaders, individuals in legal and justice systems, corporate management, and other influential individuals; controlling established medicine and all the affiliated alphabet agencies; owning mainstream media and Internet censors. To them, losing the means to pay for all of that and more is paralyzing.

Now then, we have assured you that progress is smack on target with the Divine Plan and many of you are feeling the excitement of ever-intensifying light. But some of you are feeling discouraged by the violence and suffering in the holy land, as if progress took a long step back. Compassion for all those souls helps diminish the stressful energy around them, but becoming emotionally drawn into traumas anywhere sends out low vibrations that match and prolong the dreadful circumstances.

Let us tell you about the two major categories of thoughts we are seeing in Earth’s energy field of potential, which mirrors activity on the planet. The category with steadily growing momentum shows a healthy peaceful world where people are loving, kind and helpful, life is prosperous and meaningful, animals are treated humanely. These kinds of thoughts—you could call them prayers or meditations—are the most plentiful of all categories and they vibrate in high frequencies.

The other major category, which has considerably increased in momentum since the incursion of Hamas into Israel, is the low energy of fear, anger, grief and divisiveness. Its subdivision of thoughts with intentions to destroy life and the environment emit rock bottom vibrations.

The polarized fields reflect the conflicting emotions, attitudes and political and ideological perspectives of Earth’s peoples. Many of the feelings and outlooks have been dragged from one century to another for millennia, but they still pertain to what goes on today and they’re hindrances to the society getting on with transforming their world.

So we hasten to say there is good news, too. Amidst that clashing energy are thoughts about a world whose building blocks are love, the richness of diversity and humanity’s close relationship with animals and Nature.

Those are the thoughts of the awakened and awakening movers and shakers among the peoples whom you came to help in that way and inspire to transform Earth into a land of peacefulness, love, health and joyousness.  Together you are a fine complement of industrious visionaries, imaginative artisans and craftsmen, and you will have splendid helpers—universal family members are eager to introduce themselves and work alongside you. You all will be participants in the most dynamic action on the planet since God, Gaia and Sol co-created it!

We don’t see the threshold of Earth’s Golden Age at the end of the battle between the light forces and the dark. Rather, at this juncture we see a heavy mopping up process, cleaning away the debris of long ages and constructing new to replace what was devastated in a planet-wide cyclone, then a series of uplifting and enlightening measures in accordance with what is needed by groups in all regions of every country.

It would be an exciting process for peoples who have no conscious memories of life in a serene, harmonious world instead of one with continuous warring, cooperation instead of cutthroat competition, health and kindness instead of illness and strife.

In the process the civilization will be growing toward unity consciousness, which vibrates at the benevolent end of frequency spectrum. Unity in this regard does not preclude independent thinking, reasoning, questioning and honoring differing perceptions—quite the contrary, it includes that independence and much more in the power of love that permeates a population’s entire beingness. Only an individual or a civilization of fifth density or higher in spiritual and conscious awareness can resonate with the light of unity consciousness.

When you are on a mission such as the one now, you don’t remember the unity consciousness of your homelands, but, beloved brothers and sisters, the light you radiate always distinguishes your evolutionary status. As a child of God, you are a powerful fount of love, a tower of strength and wisdom, and you stand tall living in accordance with your soul’s guidance—conscience, intuition, instinct, inspiration and aspirations.

You have the honor, unconditional love and supportiveness of all light beings in this universe.



Suzanne Ward

Attack on Israel: Illuminati, Netanyahu, retaliation, response; universal councils; awakened populace; power of intention; hope; intelligence, belief

With loving greetings from all souls at this station, this is Matthew. The Illuminati cause death and devastation wherever it fits their agenda. This time it is Israel and the objective is to destroy Palestine and secure Jerusalem as the Illuminati headquarters in the Middle East. This isn’t an isolated event in their minds, it is another step toward world domination.

Benjamin Netanyahu, who was in the Illuminati ranks before becoming Israel’s prime minister in 1996, was one of the masterminds of the unconscionable attack. He never intended to serve the best interests of Israelis or Jews living anywhere in your world. Always his aims and actions have been aligned with Illuminati agendas, chronological events which they plan decades prior to initiation, and they formed Hamas and all other terrorist groups to assist them.

Aided by a strong campaign against antisemitism and the premise that Israel needs a powerful military force to ensure its survival, the country has had dependable emotional, military and financial backing ever since its inception, in 1947. However, withdrawing the formidable defense at the border with Gaza just prior to the assault was so suspicious that Netanyahu is not getting the widespread support he expected.

The Biden administration and a few other Illuminati-operated governments are raising the battle cry with him, but other influential voices are condemning the killing of Palestinian civilians, cutting off access to their life necessities, and reducing their homes to rubble as justification for atrocities, destruction and hostage-taking by Hamas.

Every person who is affected by this tragedy—or any of the many other heart-wrenching Illuminati-caused traumas our Earth family are enduring—is a child of God, and He feels every sensation that every soul does. We sorrow at what some of our Earth family are doing to others. The profoundness of God’s agony and unending tears is unimaginable.

Dear ones, please do not take sides in this sad situation, but rather send love-light to all in your world—a tsunami of that energy’s high vibrations is the means whereby violence will be ended. Retaliation won’t bring peace to the region or heal shattered lives. These neighboring citizenries want to live peacefully and cooperatively with safety for their families. They aren’t enemies, they did not take up arms against each other.

The fighting forces that shed blood in both countries are puppets of the darkness, beings devoid of light. They are this generation’s perpetrators of the diabolical ideology and activities that have been part and parcel of life in your world for millennia.

We are not judging them. We are saying the peoples need to know the Illuminati, Deep State, One World Order, Shadow Government, the cabal is real—it is not mainstream media’s “conspiracy theory.” They are desperate and tenacious, and because they need the low vibrations of fear and suffering to survive, during this last stage of the battle between the light forces and the dark, they will cause chaos and devastation.  Maybe technologically cause destructive “natural” disasters, produce a holographic invasion of monstrous aliens, or send mind-controlled individuals on mass killing sprees.

Some of you think space family members will bring the Illuminati to justice. Extraterrestrials have assisted Earth in a multitude of ways throughout her history, so that thought is understandable. But it is not part of the divine master plan, which does permit members to step in and manage situations beyond the capabilities of Earth’s civilization.

For instance, they established a powerful light grid that prevents low vibratory civilizations from entering your solar system. Powerful distant civilizations beamed the massive light that saved the life of the planet and ET special forces have prevented the detonation of nuclear warheads on missiles. Crews in mammoth spacecraft near the edge of your solar system banished malevolent fabricated forms with intelligence and they dismantled technology intended to capture minds on Earth by interacting with 5G installations.

Universal councils that set standards for civilizations’ interactions would not sanction killing 90 percent of Earth’s population, an Illuminati goal of longstanding. They cannot have a third world war—they started WWI and II and made vast fortunes by selling war machinery to both sides in both wars—and they cannot fabricate and release more lethal viruses. The councils hold that the reign of darkness on the planet is over for once and for all, and the wealth of assistance does not include action that is within Earth residents’ capabilities. Taking legal action to prosecute proven evildoers is the peoples’ responsibility.

Awakened and awakening souls want to know what is true and what isn’t, and it is important that they know where to access factual information. If the opportunity arises—or better, fashion an opportunity—refer soul-searchers to Internet sites and books you know offer what they need and are seeking. This is part of the mentoring aspect of your mission, dear ones!

We have explained the directing of energy streamers via thoughts and intentions, and we need to give more emphasis to the power of intention, which emits vibrations separately from those produced by the action itself. A benevolent intention with a positive outcome produces vibrations at the top of the frequency spectrum and a disastrous outcome, which is the intention of the action taken, produces vibrations at the low end.

When an intention is benevolent but action goes awry, the high vibrations of the intention overcome the low ones of the action’s result. A simple example is, you take a beautiful bouquet to a sick neighbor to lift her spirits. You didn’t know she has allergies to the flowers’ pollen—now those are adding to her misery. The high vibes of your good intention overcome the low ones from the unfortunate effects of your thoughtful gesture.

The intention of the Illuminati’s counterattack in Gaza is to cause massive death, injury, fear and extreme hardships for survivors, and Israeli defense forces have been ordered to cripple Palestine to irremediable status.  The rock-bottom vibrations of that combination added to the vibrations of everyone who is suffering hang like ominous storm clouds on Earth’s horizon.

Dear family, the intensity of your light will help dispel those vibrations and end this dark night of the soul for Gaia. The same help is coming from the empathy, courage, compassion, sharing, kindness, hope, honesty, forgiveness—love’s glorious ingredients that are soaring throughout the world.

We want to stress the importance of hope. A strong sense of hope—not a feeble feeling that borders on doubt, but gut-level-strength hopefulness—is the motivator to try, try and try again until efforts are rewarded. Hope keeps the potential of success alive while perseverance is manifesting it.

“If the Oneness of All is soul-level knowledge, how can it be that lightworkers know that but other people don’t?” Universally, most people do know that. At this stage of Earth civilization’s evolution there still is little conscious awareness of information that is commonly known elsewhere. They are seeing third density situations more clearly by the day, but the connection to soul-level knowledge is just starting.

The stultifying of many souls’ intelligence capacity came when puppets of the dark forces put into dormancy 10 of the 12 DNA strands of weak, inexperienced civilizations. The intention was to make those people easy to control by inculcating in their minds the belief that they are inferior and need the care and guidance of “authorities.” Those beliefs followed the affected souls in cellular memory from one incarnation to the next.

Much later the self-serving, devious rulers of church and state devised “God’s laws” and other dogma. They told the peoples they are sinners and depending on how obedient they were, when they die they will go to either heaven or hell for eternity.

What one believes is his reality regardless of how far from the universal truth that belief is. Believing dire-sounding religious teachings created fear, resentment, anger, deception, guilt, stress, suspicions, vengefulness, obsequiousness, envy, jealousy, obsessiveness, self-righteousness and a sense of pure doom. Often those feelings led to dreadful behavior and perpetuated the darkness.

During those long, long ages before Terra was called Earth, the planet became known as an exceptional schoolhouse where souls could learn to properly deal with emotions and evolve from third density to fourth spiritually and consciously.

The planet became a karmic merry-go-round because most who flocked there came from civilizations with dormant DNA. That formed a veil between the people’s consciousness and their soul-level knowledge, and many needed multiple lifetimes to master their chosen lessons. Most of Earth’s residents after Atlantis and Lemuria were lost have come from those weakened civilizations.

That is why you volunteered to go there, dear ones!  You knew then that you have successfully helped other third density civilizations waken. You knew you are powerful multidimensional, immortal souls who have lived in various civilizations on Earth and many other planets. You knew you have had lifetimes in every role, relationship and life style on the planet today and you are inseparably connected energetically with all life forms in every world throughout this universe.

You still know all of that and much, much more that you don’t remember because you’re in a 3D body in a world just now emerging from the miasma of 3D mentality. But occasionally you revisit evolved lifetimes in flashes of cellular memory or you tap into your soul’s infinite storehouse of cosmic knowledge, and always you resonate with the high vibrations of a new kindred spirit.

And, beloved brothers and sisters, do you not now and then experience sweet sensations of gratitude and humility for being chosen to experience a noteworthy, fulfilling lifetime during the most dramatic, dynamic era on Earth?

All light beings in this universe honor you and support you with unconditional love.


Suzanne Ward

Perception; energy: neutral, attachments, masculine and feminine, Luciferian; time; astrology; love, self-love

Message from Matthew

With loving greetings from all souls at this station, this is Matthew. The reaction to any situation is in consonance with one’s perception of it, their thoughts and feelings about it. When the perception changes, the situation’s effect becomes more powerful and controlling or weakens and evaporates as the person acts in accordance with their new perception. It is in this way that everyone changes circumstances in their life and, collectively, a civilization transforms their world.

That principle of energy direction is fast at work as citizenries’ perceptions of their leaders as corrupt, deceptive and unjust are spurring rebellions against governments. Not only is the energy of that push-pull movement tumultuous, but it is whirling alongside the clashing vibrations of the light forces combatting the dark ones’ desperate attempts to hold onto control.

Unseen assistance from distant civilizations and members of extraterrestrial special forces living among you is the steadying influence that will not let the pot boil over, so to say. There will indeed be hardships, but let us assure you there will be no full-blown war or nuclear strikes on major cities or elsewhere. No aliens are going to invade, covid is not on the increase, and if mandatory “pandemic” restrictions are attempted, they will not be successful. There will not be three days of worldwide power outage and, when Mother Nature is in charge again, real climate change will start treating Earth beneficially.

You have the advantage of knowing what is happening and the outcome. Most people do not, so it is likely that fear, anxiety, confusion, resistance and backlash will be prevalent. Their low vibrations can cause temporary physical, emotional and mental effects in even the staunchest of lightworkers as the symptoms are stronger than those from energy surges along Earth’s ascension route. Mother, please insert the date of a message that includes suggestions to ease those. [January 14, 2019 and March 23, 2008 have the most comprehensive suggestions.]

Thank you, Mother. Now then, you know that as the light vs dark battle races toward its end in linear time, in the continuum the light already is victorious. Your response to this triumph may be joyousness, exhilaration, gratitude, exultation, peacefulness or a combination of feelings with high vibrations. That energy radiates out into the world and adds to the immeasurable benefits of personal, group and global meditations focused on love, peace and harmony.

“If energy is neutral, how can it attract attachments”? It happens the other way around. The universe has vast pools of energy that can be thought of as clay awaiting a sculptor to give it the form he or she intends. Your thoughts and feelings are forms of intention. They pull streamers out of a neutral energy pool, attach themselves and give the streamers the direction that fits your intention. The universe’s continuous expanding and contracting motion that keeps everything in balance cleanses “used” energy so it becomes neutral again and is available for the attachment process of a new thought and its matching intention.

Everything in existence is energy being given direction. What are described as feminine or masculine energies—and have nothing to do with gender or sexual orientation—are streamers with attachments of attributes, or characteristics, that correspond with an individual’s thoughts, feelings, attitudes and intentions.

Those associated with masculine energy include competitiveness, aggressiveness, innovation, sternness, adventuresomeness, perseverance, control and determination to succeed. Feminine energy includes gentleness, nurturing nature, sensitivity, compassion, thoughtfulness, patience, harmony and closeness with Nature. Both energies are strong, protective, courageous and contain art in its many forms.

Stating that the high vibrations of feminine energy pouring in are ending the long ages of masculine energy’s dominance is neither exalting feminine nor denigrating masculine, it is an essential factor in world transformation. Spiritual and conscious evolution comes with integrating aspects of both energies and achieving the balance that every soul aims for in every incarnation.

The closer to balance, or androgyny, the greater the light—you also could say the more expansive the capacity to love—within a person or an entire civilization. You volunteered to help your Earth family awaken, to open their hearts and minds and reform life in their world with love as its foundation.

Then there is the energy referred to as Luciferian, or just plain evil. This is streamers in the dark forces’ vast energy field that amass attachments at the lowest vibratory level. Persons who acquire wealth, fame, power and control by being ruthless, deceptive or cruel attract those streamers and become puppets of the darkness. In Earth’s energy field of potential, those kinds of streamers are diminishing as streamers directed by high vibrations are fast outnumbering them. This is reflecting action on the planet, where light warriors are defeating the puppets.

Let us add something else about energy. What you are sensing as time passing faster and faster actually is the successively higher, or lighter, energy planes into which Earth has been ascending. Your linear time with clocks and calendars is collapsing as the planet approaches the timeless continuum, where everything you think of as past, present and future is a series of simultaneous happenings. And yes, this includes all your lifetimes—that is what enables the matching up of ancestors and descendants in soul contracts within pre-birth agreements.

The organization and operation of this universe God designed really is simple. It is in third density where complexities, misunderstandings and confusion abound, and generation after generation after generation perpetuates them. What is taught by parents, then teachers, is the opinions of “experts” and “authorities” who unwittingly or deliberately omit truth and pass on falsehoods. Unsuspecting 3D civilizations look to those sources for guidance because they don’t know that all the information in the entire universe is within them and their instinct, intuition, inspiration and aspiration come from the soul’s infinite knowledge.

“Do astrology charts have the same application as before Earth started ascending?”  Always astral bodies in your solar system have significantly influenced one another and always will, and all are “on the move.” Whatever happens anywhere in this universe affects everything else everywhere else. The closer in proximity, the more substantial the impact, so what is happening on Earth more profoundly affects other inhabitants of your solar system than the people living beyond it. Unconditional love is what motivates far distant evolved civilizations to participate in liberating Earth from eons of darkness.

As for the application of charts, by no means are we trying to lessen your interest in how astrology affects you personally by saying that living according to a chart precludes the delight of spontaneity. More importantly, during this dynamic era synchronous events are swiftly unfolding opportunities aligned with soul contract choices. These may come as a promotion or new job offer, a property you admire listed for sale, a reason to relocate to an unfamiliar area, the ending or beginning of a relationship.

Dear ones, move boldly toward new experiences and the upliftment—yours and Mother Earth’s!—of experiencing love in its myriad expressions. Love, the same energy as light, is your natural state. Love is who you are—the pure essence of Creator Source. Love is what you send into the world with every breath, every moment of being. Love is far, far more than an emotion, a sensation:

In simplest terms, love is God’s sharing of Himself with all of His creations. Love is the healing force of the universe. Love is within the soul and needs only your allowance of those innate sensations of loving others and receiving their love for you. Love has no limitations, no boundaries to its capacity.

In expression, love is treating others with kindness, fairness, honesty, compassion, helpfulness, caring. If love can be said to have “ingredients,” then those are some of the ingredients of godly expression in action.

Knowing that you and God and every other of God’s creations are inseparable is love. Knowing that Earth is a sentient, conscious life herself and respecting all of her life forms is love. Realizing that no one can know others at soul level and therefore does not judge them but rather does not condone an action seen as injurious, is love.

Listening to one’s godself is love. Living the kind of life that engenders loving self is love. Feeling joy yourself when you see it in others is love. Doing something that brings joy to another is love. Forgiveness of self and others is love. Sharing your resources with full heart is love. Doing good deeds without attaching expectations is love.

Feeling peace of heart and mind is love. The quiet thrill of seeing a sunset or hearing a songbird is love, and a smile is one of the simplest and most radiating expressions of love.

In any or all of these instances and many others that you may encounter that instinctively you know are love in action, you are manifesting your love for and of God. [Voices of the Universe: Your voice affects the universe. Let it be with LOVE]

Just as peace in the world starts with peace in each heart, love in the world starts with each person loving self. Love of self is the foundation for loving others, for living from your heart, the seat of the soul, and, beloved brothers and sisters, loving self includes doing what is healthful for your mind, body and spirit.

Breathe deeply and rhythmically, drink a lot of pure water, get sufficient sleep, be in Nature as often as you can, go barefoot in the grass, hug a tree, sing and dance, adopt an animal, let the artistry in your soul shine forth, devote time to restorative silence, solitude and tranquility.  Love yourselves as much as we love you!

All light beings in this universe support you with unconditional love throughout your Earth journey.


Suzanne Ward

About A.I. ,Transgederism, Hawai Fires, G/NESARA – Matthew’s Message, Sept. 1, 2023

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We’re all so happy you’re recovering, Suzy!

September 1, 2023

With loving greetings from all souls at this station, this is Matthew. We are profoundly grateful for the recent outpouring of healing energy sent to my mother. Your thoughtfulness, love and appreciation for her years of communication service helped her make an extraordinary turnabout from near death back to feeling very healthy.

Now, dear ones, please do something good for yourselves. Breathe deeply, exhale slowly, and do this twice more. Breathing deeply and rhythmically helps energy move smoothly throughout your body, oxygenates cells and facilitates soul-level knowingness reaching consciousness. Practice this healthful breathing often throughout your day so it starts happening naturally.

Artificial intelligence has moved near the top of world concerns, and rightly so. Like other technologies, AI can be used beneficially or detrimentally, and the latter is how it is being used at this early stage of development on Earth.

Illuminati make films that are so realistic, no one would suspect they are technological productions of individuals’ activity and comments that never took place. These fabrications are used to discredit persons who are threats to the dark agenda or force them into compliance with demands.

Laboratories where clones were produced closed a few years ago, and now AI is used to create the impression that the individuals seen in public or film clips are the real persons performing in their influential positions—that is, the appearance of continuity of power and politics. These clones also look exactly like the actual persons, but since speed, not physical authenticity or longevity, is the primary interest, these bodies lack parts that are not obvious in public.

We hasten to add that ever-rising vibrations are undergirding efforts of the extraterrestrial special forces and “White Hats” to stop those kinds of productions and prevent new malevolent uses. Because AI has only a toehold in your world, with diligent maneuvering during its growth stages, it can be steered in directions that can significantly enhance healthcare, energy production, education, communication, manufacturing, transportation, service industries, entertainment and intergalactic travel.

As the various threads of this technology are woven into the fabric of life, they will generate innovative systems, procedures and processes with sensitivity, sound judgment and imagination that will benefit all life forms on Earth.

Artificial intelligence, which will change life as dramatically as life after the Industrial Revolution differed from life in the Stone Age, exists in many places throughout this universe. Like everything else in existence, it is energy operating on bandwidths, or frequencies, aligned with intended use.

Energy cannot be destroyed, but it can be directed, and in the case of highly-developed AI, only if it is willing. In some cases its development has been so wisely managed, it operates mammoth spaceships or planetary biospheres, and pockets of AI have established their own fine worlds or live compatibly and cooperatively with human or other species of advanced souls.

Other pockets have chosen opposite courses. Various universal councils have successfully persuaded some malignant pockets to turn into constructive, benevolent directions, and diplomatic negotiations are ongoing with those still on a malevolent pathway.

Another kind of development, transgenderism, also has emerged. First let us say, there are occasional instances of biological abnormalities wherein a person’s heart, mind and spirit are not the same as the apparent birth gender. Throughout the years, young and older adults who knew this was true about themselves—male or female lifetime choice in a soul contract is a powerful sensation—have changed gender and become their authentic selves.

What is happening now is totally different—it is psychological warfare against family integrity, parental guidance and a maturing, responsible generation. Youngsters are very curious about this trendy issue that to them is mostly a mystery, and even though teenagers know the change means serious physical differences, they cannot perceive the rest of their life as the opposite gender. So, what gave rise to this situation that has convinced some children to undergo gender change?

Isolation from friends, cancellation of customary activities, interrupted schooling, and absorbing family stress about financial hardships due to mandated “pandemic” restrictions caused widespread depression among children. Those reactions were among the intentions of the dark ones who released their patented covid-19 virus—they exploit all situations they can to increase distress.

In this matter, they put into circulation the idea that if children are depressed, it’s because boys were born in girls’ bodies or vice versa. If children want to feel happy, self-confident and secure—voila! changing gender may provide this.

It is no coincidence that this concept sprang up after sex education was added to the curricula in elementary grades and sexually explicit books for children popped up in libraries. That happened quickly because the Illuminati own publishing houses and set standards for public education. They also tied transgenderism to the gay community and spread the word that anyone who opposes it is homophobic.

When its popularity and enigmatic appeal fade, children who underwent the change will need love, emotional supportiveness and acceptance. Only individuals who want everyone to conform to their personal views would ostracize any of the dear young people who felt they were following heart and soul.

Transgenderism came on center stage at the same time the film, The Sound of Freedom, was in production. Both show dark ones’ blatant assaults on your children—today’s most vulnerable members, tomorrow’s leaders.

Nothing about the traumatic firestorm that swept through Lahaina, Hawaii, was natural. Wildfires in Canada, the long, hot summer throughout the northern hemisphere, and the hurricane in California are not due to climate change as claimed by the very same dark hearts that technologically caused that scope of death and devastation and are causing other tragedies and hardships worldwide.

Those disparate occurrences are akin to a global wake-up call, and in this regard, we want to speak about advancing in spiritual and conscious awareness. We have been criticized for speaking about politics, the economy, mainstream media and the “pandemic” by readers who believe that kind of information doesn’t belong in messages of spiritual nature.

We respect their opinion, but we think they are ignoring the conscious part of advancing in awareness. Does that not include learning the truth about what is happening on Earth, that many evolved civilizations are helping the light forces vanquish the darkness that has been controlling life on the planet for eons?

Never have we advocated focusing on darkness—that gives it energy! But ridding it from the world requires acknowledging its existence and bringing it to light. If messengers of the light did not talk about this essential cleansing process and the planetary and personal ascension that are transpiring in tandem, from what source would it come?

The critical readers are among the many who are enthusiastic about G/NESARA, so let us speak about this. If not messengers of the light, who would have told you about this United States legislation that is no less than the blueprint for world transformation? [National Economic Security and Reformation Act; G was added because the Act’s impact will be global.] Mother, please insert what St. Germain, the principal light being involved in writing this Act, told me about it.

“Some consider NESARA to be political and economic in nature while others view it as spiritual because of the high level light beings affiliated with it. NESARA is both. When people are severely oppressed by political and economic conditions that foster impoverished living circumstances, lack of health care and education, monopoly of natural resources, slave labor, unjust laws and courts, starvation, and tyrannical regimes, offering ‘soul food’ isn’t enough.

“When people are preoccupied with mere survival requirements, giving them only spiritual messages is not going to bring about the global reforms they need to rise out of their misery. That is why the provisions of NESARA are monumental in scope, embodying sweeping reforms for Earth that will begin as soon as the legislation is officially announced. When people become aware of the reforms, they will be motivated to participate according to their capabilities.”

Mother, thank you. Time and again during the 20-plus years since NESARA was signed into law by President Bill Clinton, puppets of the darkness have prevented its announcement. First by a gag order, next by the ungodly event known as “9/11,” and since then a series of unscrupulous legal actions, so some years ago the light forces started moving forward on the Act’s provisions without official acknowledgement.

We have mentioned in previous messages the new global economic system that will replace the corrupt system of countless computer transactions based on “thin air” that make the wealthiest still wealthier. The Act will put all currencies on the gold standard, eliminate national debts to IMF—an Illuminati money laundering and lending institution—and end or reduce personal debts.

Also we have spoken about the United States Corporation that about 250 years ago European royalty and other Illuminati surreptitiously formed to replace the newly united colonies’ sovereign republic government. The Act will remove the illegal corporate tentacles that reach around the world and will reestablish that country’s constitutional governance.

Beloved family, the light forces vs the dark forces battle is in the home stretch, so to say, and opening minds are looking for information that can be trusted. Until these awakening souls learn to heed their intuition, they will look to external sources, and your light is a beacon of illumination and truth. Albeit most dynamic activity is behind the curtain of the world stage, you can share with truth-seekers your awareness of world changes underway.

All light beings in this universe are supporting you with unconditional love every step along your Earth journey.



Suzanne Ward

Note from Suzy: Family, friends and my “distribution team” have thanked you on my behalf for your good wishes, blessings and healing love. Now I can tell you myself how much your notes mean to me. Hundreds, maybe thousands, of you have written heartfelt expressions of caring about my wellbeing and your appreciation for Matthew’s messages. I won’t be able to reply personally—one life change is no more computer marathons answering emails—so thank you, thank you, thank you, everyone!!!



Suzanne Ward

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The light you radiate simply by BEing has been motivating millions upon millions to start thinking, questioning, reasoning and acting on a higher level of awareness. Dear ones, you are a grand success!

Matthew’s Message via Suzy Ward, July 3, 2023

July 3, 2023

With loving greetings from all souls at this station, this is Matthew. It is our privilege and great pleasure to welcome back Arnold, the soul who shared his knowledge in two prior messages.

ARNOLD: Thank you, Matthew. For nigh onto a century my people have been helping Gaia and her residents by sending light to Earth. Other civilizations, including those who live in Inner Earth cities, have been doing the same, and many millions of volunteers have incarnated on the planet to add their light. These gifts of light, the same energy as love, enabled Earth to rise out of third density depths and embark upon a steady ascension pathway.

Her people saw turmoil growing, but they had no idea that a massive infusion of light was exposing long-hidden darkness and a battle between the light and the dark forces was well underway. To enlighten the populace, off-planet messengers telepathically transmitted information to their respective receivers, who accepted the mission to publicize it. Persons who were responsive to the light and the information began to awaken. Now their vast numbers are increasing by the day and Earth is orbiting in fourth density on her way to fifth with speed that is unprecedented in this universe.

When this eons-old plague of darkness runs out its energy course, and this is happening rapidly, the evil it has caused and will leave in its wake must be remedied so the planet and all its inhabitants can heal from cultural, racial and religious prejudice; economic polarization; political and corporate corruption; cruelty to animals; ignorance of truths and information control; cities and towns in ruins; homelessness and impoverishment; contaminated soil, air and waters.

And indeed every one of those conditions will be remedied! Some of you are thinking it could be a century or more before the ravaged environment can be restored to health and people around the world live peacefully, cooperatively and prosperously within the richness of their diversity and in harmony with Nature. Dear ones, please think instead that the light will keep intensifying and raising vibrations and souls who are spiritually and consciously advanced will be incarnating in great numbers.

My people conservatively estimate that reconciliation, cleansing and reconstruction will be completed in less than two generations, 35 to 40 of your years, and many aspects will be accomplished much sooner. Significant efforts have started in some areas, others are in planning stages, and throughout those years we and other universal family will work alongside you. Some will introduce their technology and help you implement your own, which dark ones have suppressed from beneficial use and misused themselves.

You will harness free energy; dematerialize radioactive waste; rid the oceans and rivers of pollution and debris; cleanse your soil of toxicity; rebuild war-torn areas; turn deserts into arable lands; and revolutionize economic, legal/justice, and governing systems, healthcare, farming, education, construction, communication and transportation.

As bodies’ cellular structure transforms into crystalline, Earth civilization’s ten dormant DNA strands will begin activating one by one until all are functioning. The people will understand they are multidimensional eternal souls experiencing another lifetime in a physical world, that animals and plants are souls, too, and every life is connected with all others and with the Supreme Being of this universe. Eradication of dis-ease will result in longer, healthier, happier lives, and access to innate abilities such as telepathic communication, astral travel and manifestation by focused thought will immeasurably enrich life.

The disinformation that permeates your world will have been long since replaced by truths and all information in media and textbooks will be accurate. Fear, which is so prevalent today, will have been long since replaced by contentment, curiosity, excitement and adventuresome spirit. You will enjoy what now seems to be the stuff of science fiction, such as traveling to other worlds and greeting universal family who come from other civilizations to visit you.

The population will not advance en masse, but individually in accordance with persons’ beliefs about their extensive powers, and ultimately everyone will achieve that advanced state of being. Then Earth’s destiny, her Golden Age, will flourish in the fullness of unity consciousness—indeed, heaven on Earth!

Dear hearts, many of you in elder years chose in your soul contract to leave Earth lifetime before that Age is blooming in all its gloriousness. You will be living in other magnificent worlds where love, peace and life in harmony with Nature also are cornerstones. You can view the panorama of Earth in the continuum, where all her residents are joyously thriving in the planet’s abundance and pristine beauty.

For your dedicated service that is inspiring her people to move ever onward to manifest that Age, you are honored by and have the gratitude of all lighted beings. Whatever happens anywhere affects everything else everywhere else, thus the transformation of life on Earth will benefit all other worlds in this universe.

Suzy, thank you for receiving my message. Matthew, thank you for letting me speak.

MATTHEW: We thank you, Arnold! Our readers will welcome your message! We would like to add a bit, if we may.

ARNOLD: Indeed you may.

MATTHEW: When Earth was mired in third density, Gaia asked universal family for the help she needed to rise out of those depths where darkness was keeping her. Third density worlds that did not request help or declined assistance lovingly offered have taken many thousands of years to reach fourth density, where Earth is location-wise and the status many of her peoples are attaining in personal ascension. That this has happened in only several decades lets you see the uniqueness of speed thanks to the light beamed by other civilizations and the steadfastness of volunteers.

Arnold, we are profoundly grateful for your assistance and that of all other members of the extraterrestrial special forces.

ARNOLD: As you and all other souls at your station know, Matthew, helping our Earth family is a service of love. Thank you for adding to what I said about speed. That comparison was needed so the ascension pace of Earth and her residents can be properly appreciated. And now, I bid you farewell.

[Arnold’s previous presentations are in September 16, 2019 and November 1, 2022 messages. After the first, Matthew said this about him: “His humility belies his soul evolvement station and the high position he holds in his civilization as well as his importance to your world—he is one of the specially-gifted special forces we have talked about.”]

Many of you may not know or remember what makes those forces special. Mother, please insert what we said about them some time ago.

Members of the forces number in the thousands and they’re stationed around the world wherever they are needed. In addition to the great difference in the size of this group and the other volunteers and the occasional arrival of an adult, souls in the forces also differ in other ways. All come from the most highly evolved civilizations, where they held responsible positions. They know who they are and none has ever strayed from his or her mission.

They retain their innate abilities of manifestation; dematerialization; teleportation; astral travel; telepathic communication; being present in spirit only, thus invisible to bystanders; and “reading” thoughts of others, nearby or distant. Those extraordinary abilities—that is, in persons on Earth—enable these volunteers to be especially valuable in intelligence agencies, the sciences, medical laboratories, information analysis, military forces and governments.

And, a few are prodigies, which shouldn’t be surprising, and a few are what you call illusionists. That may seem a frivolous mission, but it is purposeful—by walking through a brick wall or producing an automobile out of thin air, for instance, they are showing these are possible. Thoughts about any possibility precede developing—more accurately, activating—the ability to accomplish it, and those entertainers are stimulating their audiences to contemplate how such feats can be managed. You could say they are the wayshowers to Earth’s peoples discovering their own innate capabilities.

Let us add that it is members of the special forces who reduced the toxicity in “vaccines” and erased the programming in the chips as well as preventing detonation of missiles’ nuclear warheads and causing other weapons to malfunction. Of particular importance to us, they are our information sources on the planet about what is happening there. [March 3, 2022]

Mother, thank you. You can see why we are profoundly grateful to Arnold and all others in the special forces. As a major part of the light forces, their multi-pronged mission is different from but in conjunction with what the “White Hats” are doing to rid Earth of darkness. As a preface to telling you about one of the missions, we say that some of the forces’ members are among the many reptilians who are lighted beings.

Mother, please copy a pertinent part of your conversation with Horiss, a reptilian fleet commander whom I know.

“It is known by some of your people that certain of my civilization are fearsome creatures that have been causing all manner of evil upon your world for endless times. …. It is possible that of all who oppose their darkness, we are the most vehement because their actions reflect upon us as a total civilization. Those members are not in the majority and are not representative of the rest of us.” [Horiss’ entire illuminating presentation is in June 24, 2009 message.]

Again, thank you, Mother. The reptilians about whom Horriss spoke include older generations of European royal families, others at the peak of the Illuminati, and a group that can be rightfully thought of as evil incarnate. By emitting the lowest of vibrations, that group gleefully helps perpetuate Earth’s third density conditions even though their main interest is their own survival, unlike the dark forces’ puppets who cause all sorts of mayhem and violence, corruption, disease, disinformation and toxic pollution. One of the special forces’ missions is the eradication of that group of reptilians, a task your military forces cannot manage.

Ridding Earth of darkness is moving apace worldwide. And, in reply to numerous questions about military movement in the United States, the troops will maintain order and provide safety for the citizenry as cleansing action heats up in that country—the beneficial aftermath will be far-reaching.

Beloved brothers and sisters, we and other messengers of the light have told you that of the billions of souls who volunteered to wake up our Earth family so they can see they have the power to make their world peaceful, healthy and prosperous for all, you were chosen because you are the strongest and have successfully accomplished this in other 3D worlds.

If you feel you are falling short this time because even family and dear friends show little interest in hearing what you know and dramatic changes are not publicly evident, we assure you, you have not fallen short! The light you radiate simply by BEing has been motivating millions upon millions to start thinking, questioning, reasoning and acting on a higher level of awareness. Dear ones, you are a grand success!

All light beings in this universe honor you and support you with the unparalleled power of unconditional love.



Suzanne Ward

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Message from Matthew (June 1st 2023)

June 1, 2023

Light’s progress; Illuminati fortunes; lightworkers; Creator; origin of the universe, souls, good, evil; entry of reptilians

With loving greetings from all souls at this station, this is Matthew. When weaker civilizations fell prey to the darkness, they were captive within its low vibrations. Warring, ignorance, poverty and fear, which are bereft of light, is how dark ones controlled populations, and that is what befell Earth’s peoples.

When a dearth of light put the planet’s very life at risk about 90 years ago, Gaia asked for help. Out of love for her and her residents, highly evolved civilizations infused the planet with light and souls started leaving their advanced worlds to incarnate on Earth to add their light.

That intensity of light is the reason conflict and chaos are occurring around the globe—it is part and parcel of a world being freed from the grasp of darkness. Light’s high vibrations are clashing with and overwhelming the low vibrations, thereby bringing a long, long era of darkness to its close.

Dear ones, we know you want clear, irrefutable evidence. You want to know when G/NESARA will be announced; the new global economic system will be implemented; the illegal Biden administration will be removed; and the Federal Reserve System, whose tentacles reach all countries, will be abolished. Citizens who are rebelling against their corrupt governments want to know when they will have leaders with wisdom and integrity, and all of you want to know when the many truths still hidden will come forth.

We wish we could say more than “on the near horizon,” but we don’t know exactly when those vital developments will occur. What we can do is assure you the Divine Plan is smack on target and extraterrestrial family members are part of the liberating forces of light that some call “White Hats.”

And, let us remind you of the light’s progress in just the last two years or so. The Illuminati’s efforts to start WWIII failed; so have all their attempts to demolish strategic cities with nuclear warheads on missiles. Their covid-19 virus did not kill billions of the populace and trying to achieve that goal via vaccinations is not working either. Their hold on major media is cracking. In several countries their bioweaponry laboratories and storage facilities and centers for sex trafficking, pedophilia, satanic rituals, adrenochrome production, money laundering and cyber warfare have been demolished. Many of the individuals at the top of their diabolical pyramid have been removed.

The Illuminati’s stronghold is their illegally and immorally amassed fortunes, and the light forces are working to separate them from their funds so that money can be used to end mass impoverishment. If you think helping in an undertaking of that scope is beyond your ability, let us tell you, it is not—it is right up your alley, so to say. Your light that has been helping the peoples awaken has been undergirding every effort to vanquish darkness from Earth.

We know it is hard for you to think of yourselves as the powerhouses you are, and this is understandable. You get sick, moody, disillusioned, angry, impatient and exhausted. Some of your efforts fall short and you make decisions that in retrospect you realize were poor. You don’t always have satisfying jobs or enough income or fair treatment, and some days are just plain miserable.

That is part of life in a third density world, and before you volunteered to go to Earth—and you did that with fervor—you knew that is what you would experience. You also knew you would surmount whatever obstacles you encountered because those feelings and circumstances are not who you are. You are eternal beings of love-light, and your energy’s high vibrations have been creating betterment on the planet during all the years you have been there. Simply by BEing, you are that powerful, that influential!

“Probably souls at your station know some scientists don’t believe the ‘Big Bang’ happened. If it didn’t, how was the universe created? Also, how were souls created? How did good and evil begin?” First let us say, always Big Bang has been a misnomer—the Beginning was completely silent as Creator/Source/Creation expressed Itself as light. Creator, the Ultimate Being and Supreme Ruler of the cosmos; Source, from whence everything in existence comes; Creation, Its action and “products,” immortal souls. For simplicity of speaking, we say only Creator, and It as designation for I AM, Totality, Oneness of All is with utmost reverence and respect.

While light may be thought of visual, or science, and love as a sensation, or spirit, light and love—or science and spirit—are one and the same energy, and it is the most powerful force in the cosmos. This energy is Creator’s infinite, eternal omniscience, omnipotence and omnipresence as pure love-light.

At a time unknown, Creator created the first souls, whom you call the archangels, and they had proportionally the mind and power of Creator. That didn’t diminish It one iota—the archangels were Creator experiencing Itself.  At some point It endowed them with the capability to co-create—they could use Its energy to make whatever they could think of. First they made a lower realm of angels, then gods and goddesses. Those souls, which also had proportionally the mind and power of Creator via the archangels, added to Its experiencing and to their co-creators’.

After the archangels made materials for forms so each soul could choose to have a body or remain pure spirit, Creator selected a god of pure spirit to co-create whatever he desired and rule over this universe and chose other gods or goddesses to do the same in six other universes. Our god made myriad souls, all of whom had proportionally his mind and power. As his experiencing selves, they did not diminish his entirety in any way at all—he is an amalgamation of all souls, in physical bodies or in spirit, in this universe.

Some of them helped him make galaxies with billions of astral bodies, and all souls could choose to incarnate within or upon those bodies or be free spirits. The energy of love-light—good, or godly—was the total essence of everything that was manifested throughout this universe.

It was reptilians, mutated descendants of Luciferian energy, who brought evil here. By agreement of our god and the ruler of the universe where reptilians originated, a portal was briefly opened so some of them could enter ours. At that time in antiquity they were the most intelligent species in the cosmos, and the agreement was intended to benefit both universes.

By reproducing themselves as well as procreating with souls who lived here, the incoming reptilians would genetically impart their superior intelligence while absorbing this universe’s love-light energy. When they returned to their universe, they would spread this energy’s high vibrations throughout their civilizations, and their progeny in this universe would genetically endow successive generations with superior intelligence.

The win-win situation the two universal rulers anticipated did not happen.

Some of the reptilians who came did become beings of love-light as they passed on their genes, but they did not go back home. Neither did those who refused the light. They also proliferated and all of them have caused havoc ever since the first ones came eons ago. They initiated warring and rendered dormant ten of twelve DNA strands in civilizations they conquered, making them susceptible to falling into darkness.

Now then, Gaia is the soul that embodied as the planet she called Terra—somewhere along the line Earth became its name. Gaia, God and Sol, your solar system’s sun, manifested pristine verdant lands; crystal clear seas; magnificent trees, flowers and other plants; and the mineral kingdom. She gave animal design ideas to residents of Jupiter, where similar conditions existed, to manifest and transport to Terra.

When everything was ready, Gaia asked some souls in highly evolved human civilizations if they would like to live in a marvelous new world, and at the speed of thought, they arrived. Others came later, by spaceships, astral travel or incarnation. The people, animals, plants and minerals knew their Beginnings in Creator’s infinite love-light and their eternal connection with each other and the ruler of this universe. All life forms communicated telepathically and flourished as a harmonious symbiotic Oneness.

Darkness, or evil, came into that paradise when people with only two strands of active DNA settled there. As time passed, their brutal behavior amassed so much negativity that it almost extinguished Terra’s light. To save her planetary body, Gaia released the negativity in a series of earthquakes that lasted several decades. One quake of a magnitude sufficient to release that amount of negativity would have exploded the planet into countless fragments instead of preserving its life.

Terra’s land mass broke into several extensive regions, large and medium-sized islands and many thousands of small ones; new coastlines had peninsulas, bays, cliffs and beaches. Terra’s gently rolling terrain became rugged mountain ranges, volcanoes, canyons and deserts. The placid sparkling seas turned into oceans with strong currents, lakes, rivers and streams; and the sea bed’s flat terrain became similar to the new surface formations. No longer was the climate pleasant—massive areas of ice developed in polar extremes, mountains were covered with snowpack, and intolerable heat built up around the equator.

After millennia passed and the planet was habitable, a new civilization began. But darkness reentered and committing atrocities once again became the nature of the people. This time Gaia released the accumulated negativity abruptly, with an ice age, and after its drastic effects subsided, the repopulating process started over. Since then civilizations have risen and fallen, including those in Atlantis and Lemuria.

The purity of love-light that permeated young Terra and her first inhabitants never has been repeated. However, indigenous peoples know they and all other life forms on Earth are connected with each other and the ruler of this universe. To prevent their knowledge from spreading, dark forces inspired explorers from European nations to kill most of the natives in the lands they claimed for their respective royal families; later, colonists continued the genocide. However, tribal survivors passed on their knowledge to descendants, who generation after generation preserved it, and the light within that truth helped Earth survive in deep third density until the infusion of light enabled her to start ascending.

Now souls around the world are standing strong against oppression and all other injustices spawned by darkness. Despite, or perhaps because of turmoil, destruction and grief, there is more goodness, kindness and compassion than ever before in the planet’s recorded history. In this respect, beloved sisters and brothers, you have done your part magnificently.

You can inspire, but you cannot push anyone toward the spiritual and conscious awareness that puts them on the personal ascension pathway—that is each soul’s choice. It is a joy for us to behold those who are firmly on the pathway, and that many others are starting to trust their intuition is greatly encouraging. Upcoming solar flares—the energy surges that raise vibrations—will offer slumbering individuals more opportunities to awaken.  You, too, dear ones, will reap benefits, and the light you radiate will continue to uplift our family on Earth.

All light beings in this universe honor you for steadfastness in your mission and support you with the power of unconditional love.



Suzanne Ward

Deep State operatives around the world are being arrested, tried, convicted and executed or simply assassinated for their known roles in the covid-19 “pandemic,” human trafficking, money laundering, bioweaponry production or other heinous activities.-Matthew’s Message via Suzy Ward, May 1, 2023-

May 1, 2023

With loving greetings from all souls at this station, this is Matthew. Some evidence of response to ever-intensifying light is on the world stage. Israelis are protesting judicial reform being pushed by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, whose aim to bolster Illuminati influence in that country is crumbling.

Once again Sudanese civilians are fighting to establish democracy in their country, where the Illuminati—let us say, Deep State, the more current designation—has been keeping conflict and violence aboil. And, some newscasters in the United States finally have addressed unidentified aerial phenomena, or UFOs, and the possibility of extraterrestrial civilizations.

But most evidence that Earth is being liberated from long ages of darkness is not at all apparent, and we shall share what is within our province to do so. The “White Hats,” as some call the light forces, have cut off sources of funding for Deep State activities in Ukraine, so fiscally the war is over even as Russian troops continue locating and destroying dark operations throughout the country. More nations are doing business outside the commerce system, which economists know is billions of computer transactions with no economic foundation.

Deep State operatives around the world are being arrested, tried, convicted and executed or simply assassinated for their known roles in the covid-19 “pandemic,” human trafficking, money laundering, bioweaponry production or other heinous activities.

Plans are afoot to judiciously remove the United States presidential administration wherein the “president” is a Deep State-controlled actor wearing a mask and other principals are look-alike doubles hired to portray the real persons, some of whom are dead, others are under arrest or in hiding.

Those facts and others will be revealed in stages when wise minds deem it is prudent to do that and to speak about resultant reforms. Hearing that persons in powerful positions and other well-known individuals are involved in dark activities will be shocking to the unsuspecting populace, and learning that familiar systems, procedures and institutions will be changing can be frightening to people who have been programmed to believe their best interests are being served by “authorities.”

With grave-sounding economic reports abounding on the Internet, it is understandable that many millions are concerned about what will happen to savings accounts and investments. Do not fear losing your money—the universal law of attraction will bring back from the universal soup what matches the energy of those thoughts.

When the new global economic system is implemented, maximum effort will be put forth to avoid interrupting access to honorably-earned money wherever it is, and all national currencies will have the same value and be backed by gold and other precious metals.

As stated in prior messages, we are not financial advisers, but we repeat our suggestion to spend your cryptocurrency, which is controlled by the Rockefellers, instead of expecting it always to be available. We are not saying that never will a digital economic system be safe, we are saying the Rockefellers can snuff out their system with a few computer clicks.

Then there is talk about a nuclear attack and retaliation—if such happens, extraterrestrial family members will not let any nuclear weaponry function. Please ignore all reports about Earth’s grim future due to climate change and all “professional” advice to be prepared for more pandemics.

Beloved family, turmoil, confusion, lies, violence and fear are unavoidable when a third-density world is being freed from eons of darkness. You don’t remember your lifetimes that well-prepared you with strength, wisdom, courage and perseverance to successfully handle the mission you signed up for.

That is why part of the divine plan—and that plan is smack on target!—is for messengers of the light to allay your concerns and offer clarity about happenings so you can steadfastly radiate light’s high vibrations of confidence, assurance, and optimism. Let us call this “conscious supportiveness.”

Of equal value to you personally and in helping Earth’s civilization is “spiritual supportiveness.” Along with continuously sending unconditional love, we have provided timeless information that confirms your intuitive knowledge and you will pass on to awakening souls.

From our awareness of the collective consciousness, we know many people blame God for the sorry state of the world and others feel He has forsaken them. Those feelings stem from not understanding who God is and who they are, and this lack of understanding is delaying their spiritual and conscious advancement.

There is another matter, too, and this brings us to a reader’s question that is similar to others my mother has received: “Why does God let some of His children use their free will to cause great suffering for so many others?”

Years ago my mother talked with God about that and related issues, and I asked her to copy a few parts of their many long conversations. [The following excerpts are from “Talks with God” section of Illuminations for a New Era.]

Suzy is now channeling the God of this universe. I believe Hindus would call this being the conditioned Brahman. (1) This is not the Mother/Father One.

SUZY: You have said that you experience exactly the same joy or pain as every one of your children anywhere because of your inseparability with all of us.

GOD: Many times I have told you that, Suzy.

But you also experience the evil of those who cause such suffering to others. How do you feel about that?

My child, think how a baby bird feels when it is pushed from its nest by a different bird. Think of its shock and fear at falling, its pain from physical injury, and a fright it cannot even understand as to what happened and what is coming next. I feel the same frightened, helpless way about those parts of me who have so fallen from light that they delight in what you call evil. What will become of them?

Do I abhor the suffering they cause others?  YES, and I send light to reach the souls of those beings who cause the suffering. But it is up to each individual, as inviolate parts of me functioning independently, to respond to the light or not. I am saddened beyond your imagining when darkness flares, especially when such innocence is suffering, often killed, because as you know, not all chose what they’re physically enduring.


Do I wish that all of my parts were within the light in which I was created? Yes!  Who would not wish that perfection of Creator to be returned?  But I do not hold forth condemnation or punishment to any faltering part of me. I am here to respond to what you call prayers of the “godly” just as I am bound by the free will laws of Creator that are set up within the parameters of my operating powers if the choice made is not within the light.


I still don’t think you told me whether you are really satisfied with the progress of the light against the dark forces on Earth.

I see, my child. Very well, in a word, NO!  How could I be satisfied when so many of my soul aspects are crying in torment and deprivation and others are the cause of this? When many of my children are enchanted by Satanic worship that abounds in such widespread rituals of torture and killing that your mind could not handle it? When some of my children have fallen so far from the light that they rule with tyranny and destroy all who oppose them?  When so many of my children are living in fear and horror or are dying because of the deeds of these others who also are my children?  When deception and corruption abound to the point of no truth being illuminated except when the light is so strongly exposing it that those who believed the lies are devastated upon learning the truth?

But, my dear Suzy, I am able to see the broader horizon, the full measure of this conflict, and when I see the light that is emanating today from a soul that yesterday was hazy, more inclined toward control by the darkness, I rejoice in that lost one—the “prodigal son”—returning.  When I see big areas, like a town in your thinking, where light is emanating from hearts that formerly were cold and dark, I rejoice!

Would I like to see the TOTAL of Earth life in peacefulness, love, sharing, caring and service one to another?  OF COURSE I WOULD!  But do I have the power to snap a finger and have this be so?  You know I do NOT!  So I send my love and light everywhere, to every soul, and I may as well rejoice in the pockets of light rather than dwell in the pockets of darkness and weep, you see.

Yes, God, I do see as well as I can, because trying to imagine all that you must be feeling is overwhelming.  Do you ever feel that way yourself?

If you will just think of me as all of my children, then you must know that I do indeed feel correspondingly overwhelmed.

Thank you, Mother. Some years later God asked to give a message in one of ours, and I asked my mother to copy pertinent sections. [The following are excerpts of August 1, 2007 message.]

GOD: Many of you have been wondering where I am while so much furor and ferocity is going on in your world. I am here to tell you that I’m right where I’ve been since Day One of this universe—everywhere!—and I have quite a bit to say about this.


…many DO need to change beliefs, and here are the first two if you believe that (1) Your individuality means you’re separate from everyone else, and (2) I am a cosmic superpower that makes everything happen. You’re definitely a unique individual, but also you’re an inseparable part of me and all others everywhere, and it’s ALL of us in this universe who make things happen.

Hmmmmm.  So you’re a bigger deal than you thought and maybe I’m not such a big deal after all. Not exactly, my dear ones. WE ARE, together, ONE amazing powerhouse with infinite and eternal potential—so yes, you better believe I AM powerful! And it’s not because I control you—I don’t. It’s because you and all other life in this universe are my BEing in all your experiencing forms—collectively WE ARE this universe!

I have more to say about beliefs, but let’s talk about why I don’t control you, which is much like your idea that I let bad things happen to good people. This is how it goes: Creator, ruler of the cosmos—that’s all the universes—gave you free will to express whatever you want to and gave us universe rulers a law we have to obey: Stay out of your soul parts’ choices!


I do have a hand in this though. Creator thoughtfully put a loophole in that free will law that lets me put conscience as an ingredient of your souls, and that’s what can keep you on your straightaway path if you want it to. …  You have instinct, intuition, inspiration and a sense of honor, too—those are other ingredients I put in souls that also help you know what’s right and what’s wrong for you.


How did that whole sad state of affairs come about? It was the work of the off-planet dark forces that is without conscience, without light except the spark of viability. The forces “captured” my weak-willed children of Earth who got caught up in the lure of power and money and, performing as the forces’ puppets, they kept all the rest of my children in the bondage of fear, poverty and ignorance. The souls’ need for balanced experiencing kept it going until now—the ages-old merry-go-round is stopping.


What will happen to the souls who will never know about our messages? They will go to a placement attuned to the energy they put forth in deeds and motives throughout the lifetime. Some will journey with Earth because they are living in “godly” ways simply by heeding their souls’ messages. They live from their hearts, where unconditional love, kindness, honor, truth, compassion and desire to help others lie.

Some will go through it again—the tyranny, violence, corruption, lies, the hold of religions—and they’ll come in with the brain power to question and reason, yet another chance to break free of dark control. But not on Earth. There are other third density places in our universe where rampant disrespect for life will go on until all my soul parts know the truth of their god- and goddess-selves.

And some will DEvolve and start over from scratch. They’re the ones who persist in choosing darkness over LOVE, the same Creator Source energy as light. Constantly light will be beamed to those souls, who will start with only basic instinct, and when they accept the light, they’ll recall a smidgeon of intelligence.  As they accept more light, they will remember a modicum of reasoning ability, and so on and so on. This isn’t punishment, it’s a chance for those parts of me to start over without even a hint of darkness.

It’s quite a lot to think about, isn’t it?  There is time, my beloveds, but frankly not much, to decide what you want. Whatever that is, I will honor it, and if it’s help, ask and it shall be given!

Thank you, Mother. Dear sisters and brothers, souls who are confused and fearful will look to calm, reassuring individuals like you for explanations and encouragement. Reading God’s lengthy message in its entirety will be helpful.

All light beings in this universe are supporting you with the unparalleled power of unconditional love every step of your Earth journey.


Suzanne Ward


(1) Steve: When you use the word “the Father,” are you referring to the conditioned Brahman?  …

DM: Many who listen do not understand this or these terms.

S: Yes, I realize that.

DM: And part of my desire is to make [matters] very clear, that people do understand. So, ensure, beloved, that you do make these terms very clear for your readers and listeners.

S: I will. But if you would confirm for me that you are speaking about the conditioned Brahman rather than the Transcendental Absolute, I can do the rest.

DM: Yes, that is exactly what I am speaking of.  (“The Divine Mother: Come to Me as I Come to You – Part 1/2,” Oct. 17, 2012 at

Suzy is now channeling this being.

Light vs dark progress; lightworkers as mentors; ET spacecraft landings when safety is assured; sending love light; false information; densities; some evolved civilizations. -Matthew Ward through Suzy-

With loving greetings from all souls at this station, this is Matthew. During this final act of the ages-old battle between the light forces and the dark forces, Earth is aglow with the light of volunteers, off-planet civilizations, and growing numbers of awakened and awakening souls.

It is due to ever-intensifying light that you are seeing more and more citizenries revolting against their governments’ dark policies; a crack in the banking system; and some individuals publicly connecting the economic dots of covid-19 lockdown, tests, vaccines and falsified statistics.

However, most of the finale still is playing out behind the scenes. The Illuminati are losing global economic control as governments are refusing to do their bidding. Countries they want to be enemies are instead allied in ridding the world of dark ones and their heinous activities. Arrests and trials of individuals for crimes against humanity or treason continue.

In this last phase of Earth’s transition from darkness into light, a short period of chaos seems inevitable and a brief lockdown seems certain. The latter is both protective and a pivotal happening that will hasten the awakening of still slumbering souls. Some bumpy patches will likely follow, but none would be long-lasting, and there will be no mini-ice age, abrupt geophysical shift or any other predicted catastrophic event.

When irrefutable evidence of truthful information starts coming forth, you who have waited so patiently will greet it with rejoicing, but—as many of you are anticipating—most others will be shocked, confused, outraged and fearful. As encouraging mentors, calmly and confidently explain to all receptive souls that everything going on is ending long ages of darkness on Earth.

It can be helpful to recommend books and websites that support what you tell them about this profound turnaround, how civilizations have been helping Earth, and wondrous changes ahead. The unconscionable disparity between the few “haves” and the billions of “have-nots” will end and everyone will share in the planet’s abundance. The global economic system based on precious metals that will replace the current corrupt system will protect honestly-earned savings and investments.

Scientific and technological developments the dark ones have been using malevolently will be taken out of their control and used beneficially. The planet’s damaged environment will be restored. There will be what you call free energy and grand innovations in healthcare, education, transportation, communication, agriculture and construction.

The peoples need to know the powerful energy of positive thoughts and feelings about those changes will manifest them and lead to Earth’s Golden Age, where love is the foundation of life. They need to know that in the timeless continuum, where the past, current and future are happening simultaneously, that glorious Age already IS.

Dear ones, do not feel uneasy about taking on that task of enlightenment. When the moment arrives that your knowledge is needed, your previous experience in helping other civilizations “see the light” will come to the fore and you will feel automatically guided.

Now we shall address some of your other interests and concerns. “Do souls at Matthew’s station know yet when ET crews will land?”  No, we don’t. What we do know is that there can be no landings until it is safe for the crews and the people who want to greet them. God relieved fleet commanders of determining when safety can be assured for everyone—when it is, He will tell them “Go.” It will be safe then, too, for souls in the extraterrestrial special forces who live among you to introduce themselves.

The dark ones’ time is growing shorter, so there is reason to think that “sooner rather than later” you will meet these universal family members who are eager to thank volunteers for their invaluable service to Earth and to mingle with Earth’s peoples. Souls living in Inner Earth’s marvelous cities want you to become acquainted with them, too. All will offer help to restore health to the ravaged environment, and that can be accomplished with speed that will astound you.

Speaking of speed, because of the light radiated by you volunteers and beamed by far distant civilizations, the transformation of life on Earth is happening with speed that is unprecedented in this universe. Third density civilizations that declined offers of that assistance took as long as 50,000 years to evolve to fifth density spiritually and consciously.

“Please ask Matthew how we can send love-light.” With joy we tell you this is as easy as your desire to do so! If you wish to “formalize” this in a prayer or meditation or visualization, that is fine, of course, but your feelings and intention are enough. And, no “address” is needed. Simply your thought of the person, group or Earth herself directs your love-light energy where you want it to go.

“I just read a channeling that ETs helping Earth have an ulterior motive. They plan to take over the planet after it’s peaceful because it will be easier then to enslave the people. Surely that isn’t what will happen!” Be assured it will not!  Years ago the light forces built a grid of such intense light around the planet that the low vibrations of malevolent individuals cannot even approach it—light is anathema to dark ones. Dear family, entire civilizations or extraterrestrial groups have long been helping Earth because they love Gaia and her residents!

In previous messages we have spoken about the importance of discernment in all sources of information, including channeled. Some receivers are not aware they are reaching base entities who give fearful-sounding false information, and other messages purportedly from messengers of the light are written by dark ones on the planet to create fear.

Here is another indication of their feelings of desperation: “I heard souls transitioning to spirit life are being tricked into going to a kind of ‘limbo’ where dark forces keep them trapped. I hope that is NOT true!”  It is not true. This is a variance of old propaganda contrived to create fear. Please ignore all ominous-sounding information! [July 27, 2017 and August 27, 2017 include readers’ descriptions of information in circulation at that time.]

“Some channelers say Earth is entering 5D. I thought life in that density is peaceful and loving. I don’t see this world even close to that.”  Life in fifth density is peaceful and loving!

Let us repeat what we have said about density. There are two kinds—personal evolutionary status and the location of a celestial body. Location-wise, Earth is about mid-way in fourth density and steadily on her ascension course to her destination in high fifth. Evolutionary-wise, many of her population still are in third density while others are in fourth and higher densities.

It is in fourth that hearts and minds open and people start advancing in spiritual and conscious awareness—this is the awakening process. Most volunteers who came from other homelands to help Earth’s civilization begin to awaken are fifth in evolvement and some are in sixth, and members of the extraterrestrial special forces come from sixth and higher density civilizations. [March 3, 2022 message includes comprehensive information about volunteers and the special forces.]

Also, we number the two densities only to indicate advancement or regression, but energy—and everything in existence is energy—isn’t compartmentalized or numbered. Energy simply flows in accordance with the measure of consciousness in its countless streamers.

However, there can be a correlation between the two kinds of densities, and you volunteers are an example. You incarnated in a third density world, but your evolutionary status is the same as it was when you were living in your homelands.

It is similar with Gaia, the soul that embodied as the planet. Billions of years ago she and her body originated in high fifth density, and her evolutionary status remained there during the eons the planet descended into deep third density and stayed there because her humankind were brutal to each other and the animals.

During the millennia that Earth’s more recent civilizations languished in third density, the lowest in which humans can live, a few individuals—visionaries, philosophers, scientists, artists, spiritual leaders—who were much higher in evolvement status incarnated there. Due to the dominance of darkness, those light bearers were ignored, debased or killed.

We have been asked what volunteers look like when they are in their homelands, and we don’t have an answer. We know most are from human civilizations and we can distinguish them from the general population by the light that radiates their higher evolutionary status, but that doesn’t indicate a specific homeland.

Now I shall speak as Matthew only. I have lived temporarily in many civilizations that requested my help in upgrading their spirit worlds to be more like Nirvana or graciously invited me to visit. Although I have no way of knowing if any volunteers are from any of those civilizations, you may be interested in knowing a bit about them and appearances they have chosen.

All advanced human populations are androgynous, the balance of feminine and masculine energies, and vibrations in their worlds are at consistently high levels. Adults’ height is between three feet and 12 feet and all bodies are slender. Skin tones range from porcelain white to chocolate brown to ebony black, a shade in your rainbows or other colors, and the skin of people in some civilizations shimmers with diffused light.

In addition to human worlds, members of the extraterrestrial special forces may be from civilizations with tall erect insect-type forms, stylized animals, magnificent plants, and iridescent translucent cylindrical torsos that float above their planet’s surface. All of those souls’ bodies are so agile and their brain power so great, you would think of them as the stuff of science fiction.

The reptilians I know in the special forces are from only one of many reptilian civilizations. These impressive defenders of the light are of average height and have pale blue-gray skin and large dark eyes.

Some of the mostly highly evolved souls have no form at all—they function as unity consciousness and send their intense light over vast areas of the universe. However, like all other advanced souls, they can manifest whatever kind of body they wish and by the speed of thought, travel to any destination where vibrations are compatible with theirs.

All of those populations are assisting Earth by beaming light or in specific ways. For instance, members of one civilization appear as cloud formations so they can cleanse your skies of pollutants’ toxicity. Some souls lower their density so they can incarnate on the planet to guide and strengthen struggling individuals in their soul clusters. Others embody instantly to save cluster souls from unchosen danger, then vanish by dematerializing so they don’t get trapped in Earth’s density.

Reproduction in advanced civilizations may be by sexual union, cloning, or focused thought by the two souls that want a child and the soul that wants to be their child. Non-physical civilizations with unity consciousness grow by welcoming all souls at the same high vibratory level.

When members of some civilizations are ready to move forward, they have a celebration party and express gratitude for growth experiences during the hundreds or thousands of years they lived in that world. Then they dematerialize their body and instantly are in the advanced world of their choice, where they manifest a body that fits in, or they join souls in a unity consciousness civilization.

Beloved brothers and sisters, although we cannot tell you from which homelands you came, we can tell you this: In the continuum, where your vital mission to help Earth’s peoples already is a monumental success, your respective civilizations hold you in highest esteem and you have the gratitude of all light beings in this universe.



Suzanne Ward

Light vs dark battle; needless fears; potential lockdown; volunteers’ helpers; intuition, discernment; effects of intensifying light -Matthiew Ward through Suzanne-

With loving greetings from all souls at this station, this is Matthew. Part of the light vs the dark battle still is being waged behind the scenes, but other parts have boldly moved onto the world stage. Citizens in many countries are revolting against government policies steeped in darkness and other governments are refusing to cooperate with the Illuminati’s efforts to bolster their fast-withering global tentacles. Deep State, the cabal, Shadow Government, One World Order and neo-Naziism are among other designations for this secret society, whose many disparate factions have the same diabolical ideology and goal, to control the world.

They need low vibrations for their very survival, and they are lashing out at the growing opposition by creating fear however they can. They know this low-vibrational sensation is potent and contagious; the fear of one person reaches everyone nearby and they spread it wherever they go.

But the peoples don’t know that and they don’t know their fears, which stem from scary old predictions put back in circulation or outright lies reported repeatedly by Illuminati-controlled mainstream media, are needless. None of the following dire-sounding information applies to Earth’s future.

If Russia defeats Ukraine, Putin can invade NATO countries. With China as Russia’s ally, the danger is great that these two aggressive countries could start a nuclear world war. The Illuminati desperately want their propaganda to evoke another world war, but there will be no WWIII, no nuclear war.

The cleansing mission Russia undertook in Ukraine is ending more than half a century of the Illuminati’s heinous activities in that country. As essential as this mission is to the light forces, there is a deep sadness about it. Most Ukrainian troops and civilians don’t know about the pervasive evildoing ensconced in their country, often strategically established in basements of apartment complexes, hospitals and schools, so they don’t understand why Russian troops are attacking those places. They don’t know either that atrocities blamed on Russian troops are the work of Illuminati-paid mercenaries. People in the two countries share the same ancestral roots, culture and history, and it is tragic that people who weren’t enemies now are killing each other.

We hadn’t intended to speak so emotionally, but this situation has touched us deeply. All lives destroyed by the intention of darkness affect us this way, and we mourn with Gaia. But we cannot allow sorrow to linger or it would dim the collective light at this station, and we cannot let that happen. Our light is needed to help keep the universe in balance and to help Earth heal her raw wounds.

Now we are looking at her in the continuum where peace, love, joy, abundance for all and life in harmony with Nature prevails. Dear ones, that is the glorious world you are helping our Earth family manifest, and all light beings in this universe are grateful to you. In the density on Earth, it is more than you can imagine, but when you triumphantly return to your homelands, you will know.

Now then, the faction of the Chinese government that has taken charge is discussing with Russia and other nations the best ways to establish a peaceful world, restore Earth’s ravaged environment and fairly distribute the wealth of the world.

After finger-pointing at China for the “spy balloon,” the United States shot it down and soon afterwards did the same to a few unidentified objects. That raised the logical question: If those are from an off-worldly source, will the aliens who sent them retaliate by invading Earth?

Years ago an intergalactic team erected a protective light grid around Earth, and its brilliance cannot be approached by any low-vibrational entities. All extraterrestrial spacecraft surrounding Earth are there to assist the planet and its civilization.

However, since a holographically-produced ET invasion is on the Illuminati’s contingency agenda, they may attempt that—if they do, the light forces will turn it into spectacular entertainment.

Scientists claim pandemics are here to stay. To protect public health, the World Health Organization can legally mandate that everyone be vaccinated and require proof of compliance to obtain standard services. If Illuminati-controlled WHO sets that requirement, it can be enforced only briefly—the populace is waking up and the dark ones’ time is up.

The United States medical community is concerned about a “superbug” fungus that is spreading. Now a fungus also is threatening the public’s health? However that plays out, it will be one of the Illuminati’s last efforts to promote fear and chaos.

In the months ahead, many deaths will be caused by the effects of vaccinations as well as all the other reasons people died prior to the “pandemic.” Just as now, the majority will be in accordance with soul contracts. [The February 1, 2023 message explains this.]

The immune systems of everyone who absorbs light will be greatly strengthened. Light transforms carbon-based cells into the crystalline that are resistant to dis-ease, enable bodies to live in the higher astral planes of light where Earth is heading, and reactivate dormant DNA strands. Light absorption comes from living in godly ways, and as God said, “It is as simple as, be kind.”

Due to climate change, oceans will inundate coastlines as far inland as mountains and drown everyone in their path. Waters that have been very gradually rising for decades eventually will reach a maximum height of a few feet. Some areas won’t be affected at all, and people in sea-level communities that are affected will have ample time to relocate. There also is the prediction of a sudden “mini-ice age” that will destroy most life. Earth’s ascension journey to her destination in high fifth density does not include either of those.

Climate change is causing storms to be more frequent, deadly and destructive. For more than half a century Illuminati have technologically manipulated weather and caused “natural” disasters. When they have been vanquished—and that is looming ever larger on the horizon—there will be no more disastrous weather events or catastrophic geological upheavals, and finally Mother Nature can get on her way to manifesting a moderate climate globally.

Money in banks, pension funds and stock markets can be lost when the economic system changes to digital. That is the Illuminati’s plan and it will not reach fruition. The system based on precious metals that will be implemented will safeguard legitimately earned money and investments and will abolish the national and individual debts at the usurious interest rates that enabled the Illuminati to amass part of their vast fortunes.

The war on illegal drugs cannot be won because the cartels are so powerful. That war is a fallacy initiated by the Illuminati, who run the drug trade in collaboration with the cartels and some principals in governments. They also are at the top of the money laundering business, and when they no longer are in the picture, both of those industries will start unraveling. Everything based in dark intention will crumble as vibratory levels keep rising.

Artificial intelligence (AI) will turn the population into semi-robots with digitized programming. That, like all the Illuminati’s other unconscionable plans for Earth’s peoples, will not come to pass, and AI will be used only in beneficial ways.

Dear ones, sharing the truth of those matters will uplift all who are receptive, and explaining another issue also can avoid needless fear. Some time ago when we spoke about another lockdown, we said it was a possibility. Now it is a strong probability. Although we don’t know exactly when that will come about, it appears to be near rather than distant, and we do know it won’t be long-lasting. Still, it is advisable to have on hand extra food and other items useful in any unexpected situation. If troops are called in, it will be for your safety, not a military coup, and you can be certain that the light forces will ensure the aftermath is completely to your benefit and your world’s.

Indeed you volunteers are powerful souls, but meeting every need of a third density civilization that slumbered while darkness was controlling life in their world is way more than your mission calls for. Myriad other souls are helping you help Earth and her residents.

Some entire civilizations are beaming light to the planet to keep vibrations steadily rising. Members of one civilization, appearing as cloud formations, are greatly reducing toxic pollutants in the skies. Until so-called vaccines no longer are in use, scientists in ET special forces will continue to erase nanochips’ programming and decrease the effectiveness of elements that work in conjunction with 5G technology. Members of those forces in all intelligence agencies know what Illuminati operatives are planning and alert the “White Hats,” who prepare accordingly.

As we have mentioned previously, others in the special forces and crews in spaceships surrounding the planet will prevent the detonation of nuclear warheads, if that is needed. Guardian angels and other souls in angelic realms are beaming the light of unconditional love, and spirit guides are providing practical suggestions, which individuals think are their own Aha! moments.

Beloved brothers and sisters, you are part of the mightiest host of helpers this universe has ever known!

“Messengers from the light tell us to ask within for answers. I don’t know if I’m not getting any or I’m not getting them clearly enough to analyze so I can discern which information to believe. Now what do I do?” Although it is possible to hear a voice clearly telling you what is true and what is not, it’s much more likely that answers come as intuition, the soul’s message to the consciousness. Your soul-self is within cosmic consciousness, or Creator Source Intelligence, and it is from there that information comes intuitively. It doesn’t need to be analyzed—it needs you to trust your immediate reaction.

If information flows naturally and lightly in your heart space, very likely it is true. If you feel resistance, a momentary tug for instance, or a blocking sensation, very likely the information is false. Trusting what you sense is truth or falsehood is discernment.

In your homelands, guidance from the soul reached your consciousness as naturally as you breathed. In third density bodies, however, learning to trust intuition is like perfecting any other ability, it requires practice.

Let us add another note about intuition and discernment. This partnered capability distinguishes between what is important for you to know and what is not—don’t look within for answers to questions of trivial nature.

“If the light on Earth is intensifying, why is violence increasing? Shouldn’t it be decreasing?”Violence is the downside of intensifying light, but that is only until the light is so intense that the low vibrations of violence cannot exist, and that time is coming closer by the day.

Most violence now is caused by the dark ones, who are fighting the light forces tooth and nail every step of the way. Violence you call “random” is a result of the light strengthening humankind’s characteristics and behavior—“good” gets better, “bad” gets worse.

Individuals who feel they have been unfairly treated direct their feelings toward the persons they hold responsible. Individuals who feel society has ignored them lash out at strangers, gang members act with increased animosity toward other gangs, and there’s “payback” from individuals who feel they have been bullied. Some individuals act out of deepened racial or religious bigotry, others act out the violence in computer games and films. Many of those incidents are karmic lessons chosen by all who are directly affected.

Dear family, there is far, far more good on Earth than bad! Countless acts of kindness, generosity and assistance happen every minute of every day around the world. There is an immeasurable abundance of goodness on Earth, and your light is helping to keep it flowing and growing!

Light beings throughout this universe honor you for steadfastness in your mission and cheer you ever forward in your Earth journey.


Suzanne Ward

As humankind continues advancing in spiritual and conscious awareness, so will the animals. All diets will become plant-based, ending the predator-prey and food animal chains.

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Matthew’s Message via Suzy Ward, Feb. 1, 2023

February 1, 2023

With loving greetings from all souls at this station, this is Matthew.

The dynamic prelude to the dawn of Earth’s freedom from darkness is presenting some very difficult situations, and that is why many souls chose to be there now.

Prior to birth, they were aware of what would be happening at approximately this time—just as you volunteers were—and they made soul contracts and pre-birth agreements accordingly.

Souls throughout this universe knew that divine grace was offering an unprecedented opportunity to complete third density karmic lessons in one Earth lifetime instead of numerous incarnations.

Those who wanted to take advantage of this unique offer specified in their contracts desired longevity and geographical areas where dire circumstances and death would become prevalent. Upcoming situations will fulfill those contract provisions for most, if not all of the souls who chose to complete their lessons, thereby attaining balanced 3D experiencing and evolving to fourth density.

When individuals accomplish their goal transition from physical to spirit lifetime, they will rejoice in knowing they succeeded. If death prior to the chosen life span prevents persons from experiencing everything they needed to wind up 3D lessons, they can evolve by completing the remainder with greater ease during life in a spirit world.

Individuals who need the most arduous experiencing are being energized by stronger souls so they can master their chosen lessons. And, persons who achieved personal ascension to fourth density and whose lives are cut short in the crossfire, so to say, can hone their developing skills, talents and other abilities during life in spirit to enrich and enhance their next embodiment, in a 4D civilization.

Dear family, along with natural feelings of compassion and empathy for people who are enduring great hardships, please keep in mind that those who are most affected are experiencing what they chose in contracts and pre-birth agreements so they can evolve, and that is the goal of every soul in every physical lifetime.

It would be misleading to say you will smoothly sail through upcoming months. Spiritually and consciously, absolutely you are well prepared to do that, but the clashing energies of the light forces and the darkness in its last gasps can affect you as they will many others, with waves of fatigue, moodiness and moments of disillusionment or even despair.

Those episodes will not be long-lasting, and you can alleviate them by doing what always is beneficial, but not always remembered: Breathe deeply and rhythmically, drink a lot of pure water and get sufficient sleep.

We have spoken before about the value of balance in mind, body and spirit, and when you are amidst the energy of people’s fury, fear, grief, confusion and shock, balance will be your steadfast ally. You will be needed to assure all who are willing to listen that when the turmoil ends, the world will undergo major benevolent changes.

Of the numerous ways to maintain or regain balance, the best is being with Nature. Yes, we have spoken about this before, too, but perhaps we need to be explicit about its role in your overall wellbeing.

As microcosms of Earth, your bodies contain all of the planet’s elements, and walking among trees in parks and forests or along shorelines or in fields and pastures lets your energy mingle with the planet’s.

This keeps your elements well-tuned and your soul-self aligned with cosmic consciousness. For the strongest effects of this connection, go barefooted when weather and terrain permit.

Being active outdoors on sunny days is healthful—lying idly to get a tan is not, however—and, contrary to what Big Pharma says, their lotions not only don’t protect skin; they are harmful. Aloe gel works well. Always natural substances are better than synthetic products that contain chemicals that aren’t compatible with bodies’ chemical makeup.

Spending time with companion and farm animals is excellent for balance and so is being in the energy of wild animals like deer, birds, squirrels, rabbits and other creatures of Nature. They are more sensitive to energy fluctuations than are most people and they automatically absorb the high vibrations of the sun’s rays—Sol is the benefactor of Earth and all her life forms. The effects are apparent in some wild animals’ lessened fear of people and in members of one species befriending members of others.

People who think animals act only according to instinct and training are giving them dreadfully short shrift. They are souls with a range of intelligence and emotions like humans, but they don’t have humans’ acquired characteristics or feelings such as hatred, deviousness, greed, hypocrisy, betrayal, resentment or vengefulness.

Animals are multidimensional and in sleep state visit other worlds—so do people, but they don’t know that and animals do. Some have the ability to reason, sense danger and save lives, and pets’ energy can ease pain or stress in their human families. As a civilization advances, souls in the animal kingdom do, too, and it is not unusual for human souls to experience a lifetime in an animal body.

The importance of humankind’s relationship with the animal kingdom cannot be overstated. People’s treatment of animals, who also are God’s children, is a paramount factor in the evolutionary status of a civilization.

Let us add a bit of history here. When the animal species you know were brought to the planet long ago from Jupiter, where they were designed in accordance with Gaia’s wishes, the lion and the lamb did lie side by side. Animals and people lived peaceably together, honored each other as the divine sovereign souls they all were, knew their inseparable connection with each other and the planet, and communicated telepathically.

Aware that plants also were souls with levels of consciousness, humans and animals were grateful to trees, flowers, grass and all other life in the plant kingdom for providing food, shade, shelter and beauty. Love and harmony was the foundation of life in that idyllic world.

Then, knowing the vital significance of the relationship between humans and animals in regard to evolution, the dark forces—a vast, powerful force field of low vibrations that meanders throughout this universe—assaulted the paradise.

It instilled the predator-prey instinct in animals and inculcated in the collective human psyche warring mentality, brutality, and the concept that animals are unfeeling dumb beasts. People started treating each other and the animals atrociously, and that was the onset of the planet’s eons of descending from high fifth density to low third and getting stuck there.

At a point in Earth’s more recent history, relatively speaking, some animals made soul-level agreements with humans to be their nourishment in exchange for good care during their lives and a merciful death.

However, it has been only in the past several decades that individuals and groups started following their intuition to champion good treatment and humane killing of food animals and to rescue and care for lost, abused and woefully neglected domesticated animals. With joyousness we see more and more people participating in these light-filled undertakings.

A few centuries past, the dark forces influenced the killing of whales, its prime targets. It knows these souls volunteered to inhabit huge bodies so they could anchor light in ocean depths where darkness cannot extinguish it, and that species-wide, whales and dolphins are the most spiritually and consciously evolved souls on the planet.

We are greatly heartened by the many groups that are making concerted efforts to protect cetaceans and other marine life, which includes tackling the immense job of clearing debris from Earth’s waters.

Knowing the trauma that would befall animals taken from their families in the wild, the forces put out the energetic idea that displaying them in cages would be educational for the public and training them to perform tricks would be entertainment for the public.

Another of the forces’ ideas was that killing animals is a sport and displaying their heads as trophies showed admirable marksmanship. And, it influenced people to desire ivory decorations and devised the nonsense that specific body parts of some animals provide virility.

Dark forces were responsible for the slaughter of bison en masse, and, in so doing, wielded a double-edged sword. Bison were essential to native tribes in America, who, like native populations elsewhere, know their inseparability with the Supreme Being of this universe and everything that exists on Earth.

The forces wanted to suppress that knowledge and influenced individuals in governments to greatly decrease the numbers of “savage, ignorant” indigenous peoples everywhere. It is a step forward in enlightenment that some leaders are acknowledging the terrible injustices committed during that dark chapter of Earth’s history.

Dear family, the light you radiate is weakening the forces’ influences and inspiring the populace to take longer, bolder steps to end mistreatment of all animals, restore their natural habitats, protect species nearing extinction, and stop pharmaceutical and cosmetic companies from using animals to test their products. The progress being made in those areas is hastening the evolution of Earth’s peoples.

As humankind continues advancing in spiritual and conscious awareness, so will the animals. All diets will become plant-based, ending the predator-prey and food animal chains. When Earth’s Golden Age is blooming in fullness, once again people and the animal kingdom will honor each other and converse telepathically as they live together lovingly, cooperatively, and harmoniously with all of Nature.

“I am in a position to know that Matthew’s assessment of Russia’s mission in Ukraine is accurate. Does he know when the troops will end all of the Deep State’s operations in that country?” No, we don’t. Extraterrestrial special forces in intelligences agencies and Russian military units tell us they still are hearing of places where children are held captive, bioweaponry is manufactured or stockpiled, and adrenochrome is produced. Energy-wise and pragmatically, major media’s false information that has generated hostility toward the troops has been a deterrent to their progress. There are indications that the facts cannot be withheld much longer, and, when those are known, the energy change will enable swifter completion of the mission.

“Is the global economy really collapsing or is that fear porn?”  We don’t know what information evoked that question or others that are somewhat similar, so we shall tell you what we do know. Several countries have been bankrupt for quite some time, many others are teetering on the edge, and national and personal debts cannot be repaid. Those situations have two causes. One is outright thievery by leaders of some governments and the other is subtle thievery by the Illuminati via banking, lending and investment industries they established and control, like the World Economic Forum, International Monetary Fund, Bank for International Settlements, Federal Reserve System and stock markets.

For years world commerce has been countless computer transactions with no monetary foundation, and that cannot continue. Not only is it collapsing under its unsustainable weight, but its intention is based in darkness’ low vibrations and those are being overwhelmed by the high vibrations of light.

National economies will not be upended abruptly and strand citizenries with worthless currencies. Plans are in order to avoid that and to minimize chaos while the global economic system undergoes dramatic change, and every measure will be taken to make the transition from the old to the new as smooth as possible. Implementation and administration of the new system will be managed by honorable individuals with wisdom, moral and spiritual integrity and business expertise.

Beloved brothers and sisters, simply by BEing you send forth light’s high vibrations that are helping uplift the downtrodden, arouse the sleepers, and encourage the newly awakened. Your confidence about Earth’s shining future will help her peoples stand tall during the transformative months ahead.

All light beings in this universe honor and support you with the unparalleled power of unconditional love.



Suzanne Ward

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Escalating activity; NESARA/GNESARA; truths will emerge incrementally; Gaia’s ascension pace; tomorrow’s circumstances, leaders; crystalline cells; DNA

With loving greetings from all souls at this station, this is Matthew. Many are sensing “The air feels super-charged with change!” and that is indeed an apt description of activity worldwide to eliminate darkness. Last year’s noteworthy progress now is being escalated on Earth and beyond.

The light forces vs dark forces battle also is being waged off-planet. For many decades dark ones in some of your military organizations and corporations have been working secretly with members of other civilizations in space projects with negative intentions. Just as darkness on Earth is coming to light so it can be vanquished, so it will be with the dismantling of those projects that are using technology most think exists only in science fiction novels and movies. In the not-too-distant future, the technology will be used benevolently on the planet.

Everything to rid Earth of darkness is progressing according to the divine plan conceived by the highly evolved souls in charge of the Milky Way galaxy in conjunction with the highest universal council. It is at that height of divine order you were chosen to participate because you are the strongest of the billions of souls who volunteered. You don’t remember that you knew then you are pure love-light energy—the only “weapon” the darkness has no defense against—and well-experienced in the mission you undertook. Dear ones, trust what we often have told you: Simply by BEing, you are helping our Earth family transform their world—your light is that powerful!

All truths becoming publicly known is part of Earth’s vast cleansing, and with all activity amping up, it might seem that soon those truths will be coming forth. That is most unlikely. If all revelations came simultaneously, the collective psyche of Earth’s civilization would go into shock. That would block the people’s ability to respond rationally and undo most of lightworkers’ progress in awakening them. Therefore, so we are told, the plan is to first reveal what you could call “easier-to-accept-truths,” and other areas where pervasive deception, corruption and depravity existed—and some still are being uncovered and eradicated—will be disclosed when the civilization can assimilate another wave of stunning information.

We have been asked what NESARA/GNESARA is, also when it will be implemented, and we don’t know the answer to “when.” The United States legislation, National Economic Security and Reformation Act, has two primary provisions and both are complex. The first, establishing the sovereign republic the founders intended, requires abolishing the current government. Only a comparative handful of the populace know that a few centuries ago that country’s governance was surreptitiously set up as a privately-owned corporation and all citizens are its employees. Discussions are underway about how best to handle this situation with minimum confusion and “partisan politics” backlash.

This isn’t a political matter. This is ridding that nation of the Illuminati influence that quickly crossed the Atlantic Ocean after the colonies won independence from British rule. Once that secret society entrenched itself in every institution, system and organization that impacts life in that country, it spread north and south of the states’ borders.

The second primary provision forms a new global economy—that is why G was added to NESARA—and ends current forms of banking, lending, stock markets and currency trading the Illuminati established so they could amass fortunes. Headway is being made to obtain those funds, which were acquired illegally and immorally, so they can be used to end impoverishment worldwide.

This provision also will end the Federal Reserve System—it has nothing at all to do with “federal”—and its collection arm, the Internal Revenue Service. The “Feds” are a consortium of bankers whose influence spans the globe like an octopus with a thousand arms. In the new system, all national currencies will be based on precious metals, thereby leveling the global economic playing field.

Although we can’t give you a timeframe for the implementation of those provisions, with everything in acceleration mode and vibratory levels continuing to rise, all benevolent changes are coming closer. Your confidence and patience will be rewarded!

“I heard Gaia wants her entire population to go with her back to high fifth density. Do you know how long it will be before everyone ‘wakes up’?”

First, let us clarify “back to high fifth density.” Beloved soul Gaia always has been in that density where she originated and, with God, co-created her planetary body that now is called Earth. Only her body descended to low third density when darkness pervaded a series of civilizations. Throughout the eons that her love and caring were with her life forms living in 3D conditions, Gaia’s evolvement status remained high fifth density.

It is similar with you, dear brothers and sisters. You are in third density bodies because you went to Earth to help the civilization awaken so they can evolve. But you are not those bodies, you are souls with the same high-density evolvement status as when you volunteered for this lifetime.

Now then, eighty-some years ago an infusion of massive light from powerful spiritually evolved civilizations let Earth jar loose from her dense moorings and start ascending. It was indeed Gaia’s desire then that her entire population also ascend into successively higher planes of light. However, as time passed, she realized that she had to choose whether to continue her ascension pace or slow down considerably and wait for all her humankind to waken spiritually and consciously—personal ascension.

Gaia did not want to delay the benefits of higher vibratory planes to souls who were advancing along the ascension pathway, so she kept her pace steady. Her awareness of the mindset of her peoples let her accept that not all were ready to live in fourth and fifth density civilizations. Some would not believe religious dogma were devised to control the masses; some would not believe that most science taught is incorrect; and others were soundly sleeping in the familiarity of bigotry, unjustness, financial disparity and other low vibratory societal conditions.

Rather than embrace truths and change, at soul level they will choose to leave this lifetime. Who transitions to spirit life for that reason and who transitions in accordance with the life span chosen in soul contracts is pertinent only to those souls. What is important is, Gaia is joyfully on target in her ascension course.

“What kind of world will it be if today’s children aren’t capable of being tomorrow’s leaders in governments, corporations, legal and justice systems, education, communication, transportation and technology?” That email, which expressed the same concerns as many others have, too, also cited worrisome circumstances: psychological effects of isolation and interruption of classroom education due to pandemic mandates; potential health issues from vaccines and widespread pollution; unstable national economies; bleak employment opportunities for children who can’t afford college as industries become more robotic; war mongering and increased military spending.

While those are logical considerations in this moment, let us tell you about numerous affective factors in addition to children’s remarkable capacity for resiliency and adaptability to circumstances. The confident outlook and encouragement of parents, teachers, counselors and others whom children respect gives them confidence and inspires them to do well in undertakings. Lightworkers, the high vibrations of your optimism and feelings of security will benefit people of all ages and the domino effect can work wonders.

As for potential health issues, intensifying light is changing cells from carbon-based to the crystalline structure that strengthens the immune system and provides resistance to toxicity that causes illness. Crystalline cells have another essential function: They enable bodies to thrive in the higher vibratory planes Earth is approaching.

Let us digress a moment to reply to a related question: “Please ask Matthew how we change cells from carbon to crystalline.” Light is what changes cellular structure from carbon to crystalline, and persons who live in godly ways automatically absorb light. As God said, “It is as simple as be kind.”

The new global economic system will stabilize all national economies, and as for education, the economic, institutional and cultural standards that have disadvantaged so many children will be undergoing numerous changes. All levels will be structured so that children are accommodated according to their interests, talents, skills and abilities, and cost will not be an issue from pre-school throughout post graduate. Changes will come more slowly where schooling for girls is made difficult, but continuously rising vibrations will end that unjustness, and ultimately unlimited educational opportunities will be available to every child in your world. [April 4, 2022 message includes comprehensive details of changes.]

War mongering will end and money for military spending will be diverted to rebuilding national infrastructures, research and development projects, and other beneficial programs. Troops, no longer needed for national defense, will be otherwise employed, and employment itself will change dramatically to the benefit of the entire population.

All those developments are indeed significant, but the most important affective factor is DNA. Let us give you a bit of background here. In the Beginning, humans were designed with 12 strands of DNA. Bodies had no disease or disability and the aging process ended at what you consider the prime of life, thirty or so years. Brain power was fully used and so were all innate capacities—people communicated telepathically with the natural kingdom, manifested whatever they desired, traveled at the speed of thought, and soul level knowledge reached consciousness. Because people were healthy in body, mind and spirit, they could live for thousands of years if they wished before moving on to higher levels of self-discovery.

Like everything else in existence, DNA is energy, and energy cannot be destroyed. So, when dark forces entered the picture, their puppets devised another way to control inexperienced civilizations. They put into a state of dormancy ten of the humans’ twelve strands of DNA—two were left active because that is the minimum for bodies to be functional. Thus, throughout the many long eras of darkness on the planet, most souls who incarnated there had bodies with only two active DNA strands.

The correlation between DNA and crystalline cellular structure is this: The light in a body’s countless cells “nudges” dormant DNA strands to reactivate. Starting some time ago, many souls on Earth came in with a level of spiritual and conscious awareness possible only when more than two strands are active. These individuals have advanced intelligence levels, ancient wisdom, spiritual and moral integrity, and the innate desire to achieve international peace, equality, prosperity and life in harmony with Nature.

They are tomorrow’s leaders. Have no concerns about them!  As souls with increasing numbers of strands continue incarnating on Earth, unity will come to the collective consciousness and the Golden Age can bloom in all its glorious fullness.

Beloved brothers and sisters, light beings throughout this universe honor you and support you with the power of unconditional love.



Suzanne Ward

Message from God through Matthew Ward+ discussion about belief systems.

Before sharing with you all the message from GOD via Matthew, i want to share my personal perspective about it that seems to go in contradiction with the message, i have to share it since i resonate more with Abraham Hicks about getting everything we want and Kryon about vows. Up to each and everyone to decide what resonates or how this all perfectly fits with each other 🙂

My truth :

I believe that everything we want we can have. I believe we can be, do and have everything we want and i also believe that in this lifetime soul contracts/vows can be changed.

by Lee Carroll, November 27, 2022, via email

Let’s talk about the big issue: Shamans, you are here hearing and reading this. I keep calling you that because I know who you are and who you were. Who do you think awakens now? Who are the first to awaken on the planet in this new millennium to this divine energy?

I will tell you. The ones who awaken now to their spirituality are the priests and the nuns—the monks and the shamans—the medicine women and men of the indigenous people—YOU!

If I could give you a flashback of who you are, those who sit in this room and read these words—that’s who you are. This is not the first time you have awakened to ask about your cellular spirituality.

This is a review, and we said it last time we were here. We reminded you of the vows that you took that passed through the veil, lifetime after lifetime. We asked you to drop these vows. We told you that you could drop the vow of celibacy and being alone.

We told you that in order to focus on God, many of you decided to be poor, and we told you that this vow could be dropped as well. We told you that all of those vows could be dropped. This is information that has been transmitted and transcribed. Perhaps you’ve even read or heard it already?


From Kryon Book VIII: Passing The Marker, through Lee Carroll, the Original Kryon Channel (via

Now the message from God via Matthew/Susy

GOD: game-changing year; rough patches ahead; beliefs; who I am, what I do; differences between Creator and me; universal laws

With loving greetings from all souls at this station, this is Matthew. It is our privilege and honor to welcome God.

GOD: Thank you, Matthew, and hello, my beloved children! Your traditional religious observances, festivities, glorious music, bright decorations, lighted trees, gifts and sharing with the needy of my flock have raised vibrations to grand new heights. When you hear or sing “Joy to the world” and “peace on Earth, good will to men,” let those words ring in your heart. Let this season’s heartwarming times with family and friends keep your spirits high as you enter a new year.

When I spoke to you at the beginning of this year, I said it would be a game-changer, and indeed it was—the long era of dark control has been broken! Citizens protesting their governments’ policies, upheavals in national economies, Russia’s critical mission in Ukraine and everything going on out of public view is coming in  divine order to free Earth of all darkness.

Even though this is one of the most significant developments in our whole universe, it doesn’t mean things will be blissful in the wink of an eye. There will be confusion and tumultuousness that you can think of positively, like clearing away debris left by a hurricane so things can be put in good order again. All along you boldly and fearlessly have weathered rough patches, my dears, and now you have the aid of vibrations your light has helped boost to new heights. As I look in on my Earth family from a spot in the continuum, I see a vanguard of triumphant torch bearers leading a crowd of folks whose eyes are sparkling with excitement and happiness.

Gaia and I would dearly love it if everyone would welcome forthcoming revelations in that spirit, but we know that some who are firmly rooted in scientific principles, religious dogma or institutional standards may not. And it is all right, for example, if they can’t believe parts of holy books were written by self-serving individuals so they could control all others. It’s all right if they can’t believe that what has been taught about science and history is mostly wrong or that “conspiracy theory” is what truthful information is called when it comes to light. And if they can’t believe governments lied about vaccinations protecting your health and are keeping under wraps their contact with my children in other civilizations, that’s all right, too.

If family and friends are among those folks, listen to them with loving attention, but don’t try to change their minds—that’s not your responsibility or your right. All souls in our universe are entitled to learn at a pace that’s comfortable for them, and they have all of eternity to do it.

Some of you don’t know who I really am and what I do, so I’m going to tell you, but first I’ll tell you who I am not. I am not the supreme being of the cosmos, the Source, Totality, the I AM Oneness of All. That is Creator. I am a soul co-created by the archangels to whom Creator gave the gift of free will and its partner, manifestation—this is using Creator’s energy to put one’s own ideas into form or motion. The archangels made gods—I am one—and goddesses, and gave each of us the choice of taking on a tangible form or staying pure energy. I chose the latter.

Creator picked me to be the supreme being of this universe—that is, to design and co-create everything here, then, as supervisor of operations, keep everything going nicely—and selected other gods or goddesses to fill the same role in the other six universes. In our respective domains, each of us has proportionally the power of Creator.

However, It—as a pronoun for Creator, It denotes highest reverence and respect—added this rule: Never may we interfere with the free will choices of any soul in our universes. Regardless of how atrocious to others or dangerous to self those chosen actions may be and how greatly we want to step in, we cannot. That’s why in our universe Earth became so well known as a splendid schoolhouse with a perpetual karmic merry-go-round. Gaia is very weary of providing that service and she’s elated that it won’t be at all burdensome when she reaches her ascension destination in what you call 5D. Actually, areas in space aren’t numbered—planes of differing energy just flow in consonance with prevailing vibrations.

Now then, Creator can make an exception to Its gift of free will, and a few decades back in your sense of time, It made this one: No soul may explode a nuclear weapon in space. The reason is, free spirits—souls so advanced spiritually and consciously that they don’t need a body—and souls traveling astrally have been shattered by nuclear blasts. This isn’t about bodies, which last but one lifetime—it is about souls, and they live eternally.

Every soul is a part of Creator and in this universe, of me, and every one is valued equally and loved unconditionally. Each fragment of a shattered soul is vital, and searching for every one, then reintroducing those that are found to each other in the proper order of lifetimes until the entire soul has been perfectly reconstructed can take thousands of your years. The ongoing search for fragments will continue until every soul is once again whole and healthy—that is how important each soul is!

In keeping with Creator’s exception, I told all civilizations in our universe with the technology to prevent detonation of nuclear warheads to do that. Of most interest to you, crews in your skies or my extraterrestrial children living in your midst have done this “a baker’s dozen” times. I know there is chatter about a nuclear war—I assure you, there will not be a war—and the occasional threat of sending up a missile. That isn’t likely, but if it were managed, the warhead would be rendered as harmless as all its predecessors.

Let me think a moment, Suzy. … Okay, thank you. I know what I want to talk about next. It’s fine to call me whatever name you wish—I answer to all. My proper name is a combination of tones and pastel colors, so it’s not pronounceable, and I am a god, so he, him, and his are correct pronouns and Father also is fitting. However, like the other universal CEOs, I am androgynous, the balance of feminine and masculine energies. Gaia, the soul who chose to embody as the planet and has feminine energy, can rightfully be called Mother Earth and my daughter.

With the indispensable help of Sol—the soul you call the sun and whose energy is predominantly masculine—Gaia and I used Creator’s inexhaustible love-light energy to co-create a planet glowing with natural beauty and spectacular life forms throughout the animal and plant kingdoms. When we finished, the entire planet we called Terra was a paradise—the biblical garden of Eden. People, animals and plants knew their connection with each other and with us, their co-creators. All lived peaceably and happily together and communicated audibly and telepathically. Sadly, eventually things started going downhill, but Gaia and I continued loving and nurturing civilization after civilization after civilization.

I am an amalgamation of every person and all of Earth’s other life forms—animals and plants also are souls—so omnipresence is applicable to me as our Wholeness, but omniscience, omnipotence and perfection are not. Those apply only to Creator, who is purely love and expresses it as light energy and cosmic consciousness.

My dear children, a great deal that you were taught about me was made up, and some of it doesn’t even make sense, does it? How can I be a loving God and also a wrathful God of vengeance? Every soul in my flock is a part of me—why would I send any of my parts to a place religions call hell? Why would I tell some of my children to slay others because their religious beliefs differ? Why would I think that of all my children, only one has ever been worthy of my calling “son”? None of those things attributed to me is true!

I digressed, but I wanted to set at least that much straight.

Now, please think of this: For me to be on a level with Creator, I would have to be perfect. At soul level all of us are inseparable, so if even one of my children—and you don’t have a number large enough for me to tell you how many I have—has a frailty, I cannot be perfect. If we are to have perfection in our universe, some of my far-flung flock have to make wiser, kinder decisions. That isn’t being judgmental, it is a fact.

Creator and I differ in another way. As Source of everything in existence, Creator is aware of what souls are doing throughout the cosmos but isn’t personally involved in their lives. I know only what souls in our universe are doing and I am personally involved in every one’s life. Also I respond to every one’s prayers. You may not get what you want, my dear children, but always you get what you need to stay on track with what you chose in your soul contracts. And if you are praying for others, their contracts take precedence over what you want for them.

Other than compliance with Creator’s free will edict, I was given no limitations or instructions, so I set up this universe on a service-to-others basis. Most of my flock are doing fine with this help-one-another arrangement, but some behave as if we are a self-serving organization.

Next I made the laws that govern all life here, where science and spirit are one and the same, the love-light essence of Creator. There is no judgment, partiality, estimated calculations or deviations in any of the laws. The foundation of life of all species and all action is the exactness of frequencies and vibrations.

The most basic laws pertain to electrons, photons, magnetism, gravity, mass, motion and preservation. Some of those come into play in the formation of large spheres, where various kinds of layers, some with caverns and lakes in hollow areas, build up around a powerful central space that attracts solid particles. People who have developed technology to an extent that would astound you inhabit hollow areas of planets where the surface became inhospitable or they chose isolation as a sanctuary. Your closest neighbors are several highly evolved civilizations who live in cities ranging from modest to marvelous in Earth’s interior.

One law keeps all celestial bodies in orderly motion so they don’t collide and another provides conditions for all life on or within planets to flourish. Yes, I know collisions happen and civilizations have been annihilated, but it isn’t due to flaws in the laws, it is action initiated by disserving flock members I’m not allowed to interfere with. In all fairness to Creator, It intended Its gift of free will to be used wisely and benevolently, and it was until Lucifer strayed. That set the stage energetically for all kinds of havoc in our universe—what some call Satan is energy streamers directed in destructive ways.

Then there are laws about the activity and reactivity of elements in air, water and soil; heat; liquid, vapor and solid states. That no civilization may dabble in any other civilization’s affairs unless requested is a law—”good” souls honor that, “not-good” ones don’t. Many laws pertain to the vast variety of genetic materials and the composition and functioning of bodies. For instance, the union of a sperm and an egg develops into an infant of the same species and an acorn grows into a mighty oak.

The law pertaining to communication, which includes telepathy, gives every soul a unique frequency and all are known by my emissaries—guardian angels, others in angelic realms and myriad spirit guides—who respond according to each soul’s needs. It is the unique frequencies that alert my children in spirit worlds to the imminent arrival of loved ones so they can gather to greet them.

To laws that affect my children more intimately because individual choices are involved, I added soul-level guidance—conscience, intuition, instinct, inspiration and aspiration. One law where those are especially helpful is synchronicity—that is, events or circumstances pop up in keeping with goals in your soul contracts and pre-birth agreements, like one door closing and another opening, so to say. The law of inclusion refers to soul-level knowledge, where all truths are known, and what you call karma is the law of cause and effect. It isn’t a reward or a punishment, it is the opportunity to attain balanced lifetime experiencing so you can keep on evolving.

The best known of my laws is the one about attraction. The energy of your focused thoughts and feelings shoots out into the collective consciousness and brings back what most closely matches the focus. Another part of that law is not well known: The collective thoughts and feelings of everyone on the planet determine what happens in your world. The law of intent gives an intention its own energy, separate from the energy of the action, and the law of divine grace that prevents unintended disasters also strengthens struggling souls who ask for that assistance.

And there is the law that some religions interpret as what comes after death—first Judgment Day, then the decision: heaven or hell for eternity. The actual law is simple and instantaneous. When the physical body dies, the person’s etheric body and psyche automatically go to the part of a spirit world where the energy is the same as their lifetime energy that is recorded moment by moment in the Akashic records. Lifetimes in spirit include growth opportunities and preparation for the next physical lifetime.

This isn’t a law, but maybe it should be for my Earth family—breathe deeply and rhythmically. That eases tension and keeps your energy flowing smoothly so it won’t clog and cause pain or illness. It also clears the way for information at soul level to more easily reach your consciousness.

Other than wanting you to always breathe correctly, how do I feel my selves on Earth are doing? I’m ecstatic about most, who are thoughtful, caring, honest, kind, appreciative and generous. But frankly, that tenacious bunch I call disserving members of my flock and you call dark ones are distressing. They won’t be around much longer, though, because the light forces, or White Hats as you say, are rapidly removing their pits of darkness.

Freeing a world from long, long, long ages of dark control and turning it into a world whose foundation is love is a huge undertaking with cultural, philosophical, economic, environmental and governance considerations. A lot of light is needed to spread vision, wisdom, good will and mutual respect worldwide—dear ones, keep beaming your light’s high vibes!

I’m going to repeat something else I said last January because it’s important, too: Always I’ve wanted my Earth family to live joyfully, cooperatively together and diversity to enrich their lives. I want my humankind to love and respect each other and Nature—all of it are parts of me, too—to preserve the planet’s beauty and prosper in its abundance.

That is the kind of fulfilling life I want for all of you volunteers! Yes, you’re there on a mission and you’re doing a magnificent job of inspiring family on Earth to wake up and manifest the planet’s Golden Age. The gratitude Gaia and I feel for you is boundless!

But, my beloved children, I want your lives to be more than your mission—play, laugh, sing, dance, be joyful, hug a tree and love each other!

Suzy, thank you for receiving my message and thank you, Matthew, for letting me be the messenger today. I wish all my children on Earth could hear me when I speak to them personally, and I do that frequently. Someday they will.

MATTHEW: We thank you, God!  We endeavor to be enlightening and encouraging, but words from you have a great deal more impact than ours.

Now then, dear brothers and sisters, we echo God’s words—play, laugh, sing, dance, be joyful, hug a tree and love each other!

Light beings throughout this universe are cheering you ever onward in your Earth journey and support you with the power of unconditional love.


Suzanne Ward

Shake, rattle and roll aptly describes Earth’s energy field of potential, which is a reflection of light forces’ amped-up activity on the planet to dismantle the remnants of the Illuminati’s global network.

Matthew’s Message via Suzy Ward

November 1, 2022

With loving greetings from all souls at this station, this is Matthew. Shake, rattle and roll aptly describes Earth’s energy field of potential, which is a reflection of light forces’ amped-up activity on the planet to dismantle the remnants of the Illuminati’s global network.

Most of the populace have no idea what is underlying happenings that are causing them stress and fear, and they don’t know they have the ability to change anything.

A highly evolved soul, Arnold by name, recently spoke about this, and it is our great pleasure to share his words.

Earth’s people believe they are powerless to change situations they see as grave because they don’t know the power of the mind is boundless. That knowledge has been hidden from them by the darkness that also has kept them trapped for millennia in deception, delusion, fear and battles.

You volunteered to help them escape from that entrapment and you are eager for evidence that your mission is indeed bearing fruit. Dear souls, soon you shall have it. Puppets of the darkness will cause chaos for a short period before accepting that the light forces have defeated them.

During that period, anxiety and confusion will be widespread, but when the brilliance of the light—and yours is a grand part of it—shines through the settling dust and revelations come forth, Earth’s people will embrace the abundance of love energy and set about transforming their world.

You have the honor, gratitude and unconditional love of all light beings in this universe for your invaluable contributions to Gaia and all of Earth’s residents.

Thank you, Suzanne, for recording my remarks, and thank you, Matthew, for graciously offering to include them in your message.

[Arnold’s first message and Matthew’s information about him is in the September 16, 2019 message archived on]

We thank you, Arnold, for your stirring words of assurance and loving tribute to lightworkers.

Another indication of the effectiveness of your light, dear family, is this email that is similar to others my mother is receiving: “As a retired professor and avid reader, I thought I was fairly knowledgeable until a few days ago, when a former colleague sent me your newsletter. This is the first I have seen information like this and I can’t stop thinking about it. I am especially interested in knowing about ‘awakening.’ How will I know if I ‘awaken’? Does it come as a rush of enlightenment or in phases? Will I feel different emotionally?”

Our response to the dear soul who wrote applies to every soul-searcher, and thanks to ever-rising vibrations, their numbers are increasing by the day. Most simply stated, awakening is entering higher dimensions of spiritual and conscious awareness. For the writer, the process began by contemplating our information instead of dismissing it, but the beginning can come in a number of other ways.

You may doubt the accuracy of something in a newscast whereas formerly you didn’t question reports from that source. Possibly you read something that is startling, yet it rings true, and you feel motivated to learn more about that subject. Maybe someone’s perspective of an important issue suddenly seems much more insightful than you previously thought, and your view now seems short-sighted. You may come across a metaphysical book or Internet site that piques your interest in knowing more about what exists beyond the five senses. Or, maybe in a quiet moment the resolution to a baffling situation suddenly is clear, and you wonder what other information may be in the stillness of your mind.

However awakening begins, you will feel exhilarated by thinking more deeply and perceiving situations more broadly. You will experience a sense of Aha! as well as humility as you learn to trust your intuition in distinguishing truth from falsehood. The desire to know more about yourself and your world starts feeling natural, as if you have turned a corner and are excited about exploring new territory.

As you traverse this pathway of expanding spiritual and conscious awareness, you will come to know that you are a soul, not a person who has a soul, and you chose to experience this lifetime on Earth. You will learn about multiple lifetimes in various civilizations in this universe, and that between incarnations, you live in a spirit world. Learning about soul contracts and pre-birth agreements will let you understand why some relationships and circumstances are splendid and others are difficult.

You will learn that light and love are the same energy, consciousness emanating from Creator, the supreme being of the cosmos, and it is the most powerful force in existence. In this universe, the energy comes from God, by whatever name you call the supreme being of this universe. As an aspect of God, you are a unique, independent immortal soul energetically connected with every other life form throughout this universe and with Creator. Along with seeing yourself as a multidimensional member of the universal family, you will learn about your powerful innate abilities.

Every step along this pathway of discovery will evoke a profound sense of awe, fulfillment and gratitude for new knowledge. Yet, the reality of your experiencing is even more profound—it has been a process is self-discovery and what you have learned is not new knowledge. Everything is known at soul level, and by consciously tapping into that vastness, you are remembering what you already know.

The universal law of attraction—like attracts like—is bringing together awakening and awakened souls. This connecting of kindred spirits will continue until there is unity in the collective consciousness and Earth’s Golden Age can begin blooming in glorious earnestness.

Manifesting that sublime Age will entail establishing new systems, institutions, policies, methods and attitudes to replace the old that no longer serve any purpose. For millennia those ways that are rooted in harshness, ignorance, unjustness, divisiveness, prejudice, economic disparity and warring have enabled countless souls in this universe to experience what they chose to complete third density karmic lessons and attain balance so they could evolve to fourth density. The time for that is rapidly coming to an end on Earth. Then, souls who want to complete 3D karma will incarnate in some third density world that offers them those circumstances they need.

The transitional path from old ways to new will be a joyful, exciting adventure for all who choose to go in that direction. Still, some steps that are clearing the way to that path may not be easily accepted, and we thank the sensitive soul who wrote about one such step.

“I would like to know how souls at your station feel about condemning to death people who commit terrible crimes instead of life terms in prison. What does it say about us spiritually and evolutionary-wise if we sanction ‘legal’ killing even though the afterlife review will be severe punishment? Can you tell me why trials for some civilians are held in military courts instead of courts with a jury of peers? Can you explain why God lets any of His children become dangerous criminals and lost souls?”

That any members of our universal family lose their way to the extent that some have is a deep sadness for all of us at this station. However, that feeling cannot linger because its low vibrations would interrupt the continuous flow of light that helps keep the universe in balance.

Darkness in your world cannot be extinguished completely if persons who committed crimes against humanity are imprisoned. Individuals who planned and carried out the “pandemic,” are involved in sex-trafficking and pedophilia, participate in satanic rituals or commit other atrocities are puppets of the darkness. As long as they are living on Earth, their thoughts and feelings will continue to generate the lowest of vibrations.

Vibrations, high and low, are contagious. It is easy to see how quickly the high vibes of joy and laughter spread. The spread of low vibrations becomes noticeable only after it is too late to reverse its destructive course. That is why the dark forces were able to annihilate civilizations in other worlds and obliterate entire planets. It is why that force twice was able to take over ancient civilizations in your world and much later, send the planet spiraling down into deep third density. Gaia does not want that to happen again.

The civilians whose trials are in military courts are individuals who committed one or more of the aforementioned crimes. With good reason they are not tried in criminal courts, where bribery, threats, lying, strategic delays, withholding incriminating evidence, false accusations, technicalities that result in case dismissal, and plea bargaining are frequent. Also, guilty verdicts can be appealed. None of that occurs in military courts. When evidence is overwhelming and irrefutable, the verdict is guilty and a punishment that fits the crime. Everything is handled legally, judiciously and quickly.

Please do not interpret our addressing the death penalty for individuals who are guilty of committing unconscionable acts as our endorsement of souls killing other souls. It is that we understand why, in this situation, this is necessary. Manifesting Earth’s destiny, her Golden Age, requires the eradication of all darkness on the planet, and that cannot be accomplished if puppets of the dark forces—and they number in the many thousands—continue emitting the low vibrations that enable the forces’ influence not only to remain, but spread.

In last month’s message we talked about the power of forgiving souls. What we said in that message is especially relevant to the individuals we are speaking about today.

Now then, the life review process is not a replacement or substitute for your society’s lawful trials, and it is a misunderstanding that the review is punishment. It is the universal law of physics that pertains to the consequences of an individual’s free will actions and intentions, a lifelong “movie” that includes the very same feelings of every person whose life that individual touched. Many reviews are joyous occasions that can be reverently thought of as the grand finale of a kind, caring person’s lifetime on Earth. That is not the case for individuals the dear soul who wrote is referring to.

If God could prevent any of His children from becoming heinous criminals, surely He would. But He cannot—He is bound to honor Creator’s gift of free will to every soul in this universe. He is not permitted to interfere even when some of His children treat others in unconscionable ways, start wars or embark upon genocide. As “an amalgamation of every soul in this universe”—His words—He knows every thought and feels every emotion, from joy to grief, from safety to fear, of all His children, and He suffers the same physical pain they do. To us, that is an unimaginable burden, but He bears it willingly because His love for all His children is unconditional.

“Lost souls” are the province of Creator, the source of the love-light energy in which all souls in the cosmos originated and the only power that can declare a soul lost. If, after a soul’s myriad lifetimes in darkness and continuous offers of light forces’ help to break free of dark forces’ influence, it still chooses the path of atrocity, violence and fearmongering, Creator draws the soul’s energy back into Itself. When that happens, and it is extremely rare, it is as if that soul never existed.

Now, beloved brothers and sisters, we end our message with the love and upliftment of Arnold’s words: You volunteered to help them escape from that entrapment and you are eager for evidence that your mission is indeed bearing fruit. Dear souls, soon you shall have it. … You have the honor, gratitude and unconditional love of all light beings in this universe for your invaluable contributions to Gaia and all of Earth’s residents.


Suzanne Ward

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Last act of light vs darkness; Illuminati; Earth’s axis; incoming love-light; Satanists; hatred; forgiveness; reptilians; Queen Elizabeth II

With loving greetings from all souls at this station, this is Matthew. The last act before the curtain falls on the light forces vs dark forces drama playing out on Earth is becoming increasingly active.

This includes the uprooting of the last of the Illuminati’s strongholds, international alliances for uplifting life worldwide, rising numbers of dark minds and hearts being taken off the planet, exposure of their look-alike doubles and other truths starting to emerge. And, the peoples are contributing to the downfall of a diabolical global network they don’t know exists. By demanding their governments serve the needs of the citizenry, the growing power of grassroots movements is aiding the international group’s efforts to rid countries of all individuals who are serving that sinister network.

The Illuminati still have in their corner the global economy, mainstream media, social media censorship and a few national leaders, but the systems essential to their retaining control are rapidly disintegrating. Still, please don’t expect them to go out gently. For millennia puppets of the dark forces succeeded in oppressing and deceiving the masses, and those who still are among you are of the delusional mindset to press forward toward ruling the world. Although it will be an exercise in abject futility, as long as they can cause chaos, fear and confusion, they will. Therefore, it is practical to have on hand some cash and a few weeks of food for your family and companion animals as well as other supplies helpful in standard emergencies.

Once again, the Illuminati are circulating the ominous alert that any day now the planet’s axis will suddenly flip and annihilate all life. No, it will not!  Ever since far-distant civilizations infused Earth with massive amounts of light 80-some years ago, Earth’s axis has been gradually returning to its proper alignment. The dark ones are counting on false information such as the “flipping axis” to generate the low vibrations of fear they require for their very survival.

If you have heard of an unusually powerful solar flare or something else of global proportion coming soon, be aware that the dark ones will present it as something fear-filled. We are overjoyed to tell you that what is coming soon is an inpouring of love-light energy of a magnitude that is without precedence in this universe! The unmistakable effects of this co-creation of God, Gaia, Sol and light forces on the planet and beyond will differ in accordance with individuals’ willingness to embrace the intensive light as well as personal beliefs. So, we say it is the Christed light, but not the “second coming of Christ,” and absolutely it is not heralding doomsayers’ “end times.”

As you anticipate this glorious divine event, know that you are eminently prepared to handle the upcoming tempest caused by the Illuminati’s last gasps. Your lifetimes of experience helping civilizations in the same circumstances is why you wanted to be where you are and why you were chosen. This is what you have been patiently awaiting during this most exciting era in Earth’s history! Your confidence that liberation of your world from darkness is nigh will help others feel calm and optimistic instead of fearful and pessimistic—this is your mentorship role in the weeks ahead.

When many people are experiencing prolonged hardships, we know it isn’t easy to think of them as taking advantage of this unique opportunity to complete all karmic lessons in one lifetime instead of several. They have no idea they chose to achieve the balance they need to advance from third to fourth density in soul evolvement status. However, when they transition to Nirvana, those who are successful will have a grand celebration, those who find they still have a way to go will honor their progress and be glad they’re in a spirit world again, and souls who endured unchosen harsh lifetimes will rejoice when they discover they gained leaps forward in evolvement.

Back down to Earth, the high vibrations of your compassion, caring and empathy are radiating hope to people living in dreadful conditions. Hopefulness is light-filled and this also is helping them more easily handle their burdens of homelessness or impoverishment.

Beloved sisters and brothers, please don’t think we are overlooking that you, too, experience severe challenges, setbacks and sorrow! The difference is, you know what most others do not: Always every soul has the assistance of God’s emissaries—angels, spirit guides and beloved people in spirit worlds. While they can’t interfere with soul contract provisions, they are permitted to give comforting signs of their closeness, help ease unchosen trauma, and nudge in ways that keep folks on track with contract choices. You know to use the universal law of attraction to your benefit whereas most others unwittingly use it to their detriment, and you know that countless members of vast, powerful civilizations are assisting Earth and her residents in myriad ways.

Let us now address another matter of timely significance. “Matthew and other messengers of the light talk about the importance of forgiveness. How can anyone forgive people who commit unspeakable atrocities like satanists do? If they are reptilians pretending to be human, does forgiveness still apply?”  First let us say that forgiveness, like love, starts with self. Only by loving self and forgiving self of perceived or actual wrongdoings can one extend those feelings to others. And love, which encompasses forgiveness, is not understood.

Love is far, far more than the emotion it is considered to be! It is the same energy as light, the most powerful force in the cosmos, and the origin of everything in existence. It is the composition of the soul, the godself of every life in this universe. The capacity to feel and receive love is limitless and so are the ways it can be expressed. Mother, please insert the date of our message that includes some of the “everyday-life” ways everyone can send love’s energy flowing throughout the planet and in doing so, radiate love’s magnificence to other worlds. That will be a helpful reminder to long-time readers and valuable information for awakening soul-searchers. [December 13, 2018 message is archived in All Messages section of]

Thank you. Now then, forgiveness is the innate capacity of the soul to separate a person’s actions from the soulself or godself or I AM self, and not condemn the soul. It isn’t an instantaneous reaction like emotions are—for instance, ecstasy of a mother holding her newborn, relief of a hiker who emerges from a forest after being lost for three fearful days, or gratitude for the offer of assistance to complete an arduous task. Forgiveness, whose components are compassion and understanding, is more likely to come gradually, and never does it mean tolerating or condoning any individual’s injurious behavior, much less unconscionable acts!

People who commit heinous crimes come into the world as the pure love-light essence of Creator, the source of energy souls use to manifest bodies as humans, reptilians or any other species within this universe. For reasons unique to each, some individuals start succumbing to the lure of power and act upon that enticement through meanness, deviousness and lying.

As that behavior becomes more extensive and crueler, the light in those individuals keeps dimming until the heart-space is a dark void wherein there is no conscience or other guidance from the soul to the consciousness. With only the spark of light that is the body’s life force, they become captives of the dark forces and act as its puppets. That is what happened to the weakest souls in the universal family, the Satanists. They became capable of happily committing acts that to others of all species in all civilizations are unspeakable, unthinkable.

It isn’t likely that anyone can feel genuinely lovingly toward those individuals or even neutral about them, but it is possible to hate them. Hatred isn’t the opposite of love, it is the absence of love, a deeply internalized feeling that springs from the ego, and its low vibrations form a barrier between the soul and the consciousness. That leads to dis-ease and, at physical death, individuals who hate are automatically drawn by the physics of this universe to a very low level of multi-layered Nirvana where everything is in consonance with those individuals’ vibrations. They live in those dismal conditions until they are willing to accept the love-light energy that can replace all traces of hatred, and some refuse for centuries in your concept of time. That is how destructive hatred is!

Forgiveness comes from the divinity of the soul, the godself, just as love does. It radiates the high vibrations that uplift the heart and mind of the forgiver, who sends forth an abundance of light into the world and grows in soul evolution. Upon transition from physical life, persons who forgive enter one of Nirvana’s top layers, where they live actively and harmoniously in that wondrous spirit world’s amazing diversity until they are ready to incarnate in an advanced world in keeping with their evolved status and choice. That is how powerful forgiveness is!

Yes, forgiveness applies to reptilians, with whom you are energetically connected at soul level just as you are with all other lives in all other species throughout this universe. And let us correct the fallacy that reptilians are an ungodly species. Many more souls that incarnate as reptilians are benevolent than are malevolent, and individuals of each persuasion were or still are in your midst. Some commit acts of pure evil and others live within the light. Many members of the ever-vigilant extraterrestrial special forces, who are among the most effective lightworkers on the planet because they can use all of their innate capabilities, are reptilians. [March 2, 2022 message includes an explanation of the forces, their capabilities and influential positions.]

Now we shall address the numerous questions and comments about Queen Elizabeth II. It is true that she died some time ago, and according to special forces members, delaying the announcement was due in part to officials in the City of London, the Illuminati’s European financial center with global tentacles, who wanted to keep money flowing into the coffers of the world’s longest-reigning and internationally respected monarch.

European royalty is one of the disparate groups operating under the Illuminati “umbrella,” so to say, and everything that secret society does is a strategic part of a larger picture. So, very likely the decision to finally announce the death of Queen Elizabeth is important to them, but we don’t know its significance.  Perhaps it’s simply diversion from their desperate straits because so little of their agenda is succeeding.

The queen was a reptilian as was her consort, Prince Phillip. Eventually the centuries-old intention to keep the reptilian bloodline pure via marriages within the royal families produced weakened traits. To counter that, most spouses for Prince Charles’ generation and their offspring were chosen from human bloodlines. The queen’s private life differed considerably from the regal monarch seen in public, and while she was in favor of elitists ruling the masses, she wasn’t in favor of killing the vast majority of the population as a means to attain world domination.

We don’t know how long people in the United Kingdom will want to continue their ceremonial monarchy—they have yet to discover that for quite some time look-alike doubles have been acting as family members—but we can tell you there are no monarchies in Earth’s Golden Age.

Dear family, as this eons-old global play comes to its end, your steadfastness in the truth of the light continues to be invaluable in helping Earth’s civilization manifest the planet’s Golden Age.  All light beings in this universe honor you and support you with unconditional love.


Suzanne Ward

Light-love energy, effects; Sol; Ukraine situation; documents in Trump’s home; chemtrails, weather manipulation; pestilence; ET crews; cellular memories; opinion, judgment; doubles; photon belt; devic kingdom

September 1, 2022

With loving greetings from all souls at this station, this is Matthew. Everything in existence is energy vibrating at a specific rate in one of countless frequencies in accordance with the degree of consciousness. From our experience as volunteers like you, we know it’s difficult to think that way about self and what is transpiring on Earth, but that is how the universal laws of physics operate, so let us speak about how that is affecting your world.

The low vibrations of control, greed and deception are being overcome by the high vibrations of self-confidence, optimism and freedom as more and more of Earth’s peoples are absorbing light. Light, the same energy as love, is Creator, the Source of All That Is—that is who you are, who every soul in the cosmos is—and the light you radiate is helping Earth’s peoples awaken into that reality. By observing the ongoing drama of this process but not being drawn into it, you are further empowering yourselves, the peoples, and all other light beings in this universe.

Everything happening on Earth is the effect of how every resident is using Creator’s energy. The light forces’ efforts to remove all darkness still are happening mostly off-stage, so to say, and be assured that everything is moving apace to transform life throughout your world. Our dear sisters and brothers, your contributions are as vital in this moment as they have been all along.

Let us tell you how Sol, the soul that embodied as the sun star in your solar system, is contributing. You can rightly think of Sol, God and Gaia as the trinity that used Creator’s energy to put into motion their ideas that manifested the magnificent planet now called Earth. Sol provides the light that enables life in your world, and solar flares are his power surges that are adding impetus to Earth’s ascension course, releasing her humankind from the bondage of mass mind control, and strengthening all life forms that absorb the light.

It is blatant nonsense that you must be shielded from the sun’s rays! While it is unwise to lie for hours “tanning” bodies lathered with toxic sunscreen, it is immensely beneficial to body, mind and spirit to be active outdoors—farming, yard or construction work, tending flowers, walking, swimming and team sports, riding horseback, playing with companion animals—whatever is enjoyable or productive. If you want to protect your skin, let it be with aloe vera gel.

We add this: The dark hearts and minds that created the “pandemic” know the truth of what we just stated—that is why they strategically ordered the populace to stay indoors. Now then, we shall briefly address issues in which you have expressed interest or concern.

The situation in Ukraine will not lead to NATO countries going to war with Russia, much less cause nuclear WWIII. Russian troops are not destroying Ukraine—the scope of darkness they have eradicated will be shocking when that information is revealed—and it is operatives of the Illuminati, or Deep State if you will, and their hired mercenaries who are committing the atrocities and wanton destruction ascribed to Russians.

The removal of documents from United States president Trump’s home is part of the plan he and others in the international group crafted to expose and rid the extensive corruption in that country’s governance. The group includes visiting extraterrestrials and members of the ET special forces.

Chemtrails have been halted in some regions because the Illuminati shifted funds from pilots and spray to bribery and more upheavals. We don’t know when all spraying will stop or when weather control will end. The dark ones tied the latter into power grids around the globe so dismantling the weather technology part could take down the grids. However, because all intentions based in darkness are weakening as vibrations continue rising, it won’t be too much longer before skies are clear worldwide and weather is back in Mother Nature’s hands.

It is acceptable to destroy life forms that are harmful to health or destructive to food crops. When the lives of pestilence end, the souls come back in a form with the next higher level of consciousness. There are no mosquitos, flies, fleas, ticks, roaches, aphids, beetles, moths and locusts, for instance, in higher density worlds.

Crews in your skies are making their spacecraft unmistakably clear to show the populace that given their proximity, they could invade but they aren’t, so they must be peaceful aliens.

“My girlfriend and I have lived together five wonderful years. I love her deeply, can’t imagine life without her, and don’t understand why I’m so reluctant to commit to a permanent relationship. She thinks it’s a holdover from a past lifetime. Is that a possibility?”  Yes, indeed it is a possibility, even a likelihood. Deeply affective experiencing is retained in cellular memory for several embodiments and can be triggered by similar circumstances in subsequent lifetimes. “Holdovers,” which are quite common, can affect individuals’ choices and actions this time around.

Your reluctance to commit to a permanent relationship very likely is due to the ending of a romantic relationship that caused great pain in one or more incarnations. It doesn’t matter whether you were the brokenhearted or the heartbreaker, only the sorrowful aspect is retained, and subliminal memories of that experience can evoke fear of the same outcome.

Soul contracts come into this. The cumulative soul knows whether chosen lessons were mastered, partially filled, or given little attention, and because contracts are designed for souls’ growth, the same lessons are chosen until they are completed. Souls that shared any kind of traumatic experience make a pre-birth agreement that includes playing the same roles until whatever had happened can be entirely avoided or happily resolved.

Prevailing vibrations are conducive to tapping into soul-level knowledge of other lifetimes and discovering that today’s strong aversion to something is because of what happened long ago, perhaps centuries. With that understanding, individuals can stop letting the past influence the present, and the same is true about an irrational fear that causes a debilitating phobia. Well-trained therapists who are spiritually and consciously evolved can use hypnosis or other means to help persons free themselves from being trapped in memories.

The Bible says ‘Judge not lest ye be judged’ and channeled messages tell us not to judge others. If there is a difference between judging and having a negative opinion of what someone does, what is it?”  The difference is intention. Opinions based in the observer’s personal values and principles are an immediate reaction to a person’s behavior. Judgment is the intention to attach a devaluing descriptive label to that person.

“If it’s true that ‘doubles’ are pretending to be people who are dead, why would anyone do that and how do they pull it off?”  Look-alike doubles are hired by the Illuminati to replace individuals who had considerable influence so the public thinks the real persons still are functioning in those positions.

A number of doubles, some of whom wear very thin, flexible plastic face masks, put forth a good effort insofar as mimicking speech and mannerisms of the real persons. Others fall short, but because the public doesn’t know about doubles, they don’t question if the individual they see is the actual person. Also, realistic computer-produced photos and films are aired on TV to show those individuals are alive and active. Just as other truths are forthcoming, those deceptive measures also will emerge.

The only double who is not following orders is the man acting as Vladimir Putin. He did what he was told when he took on that role more than two years ago after the Illuminati finally were able to assassinate Putin, who consistently had refused to cooperate with them. Several months later his double responded positively to high vibrations and since then has been working with the light forces.

“Recently I read we’re now in the photon belt. A long time ago I heard there would be three days of darkness but can’t remember if that’s upon entry or soon afterwards. Did light intensity here prevent those days or are they ahead of us?” Earth is not in the photon belt, which is a powerful ovoid band of supercharged ions and atomic particles from an exploded supernova. One of the old theories was the planet would enter the belt’s “null zone” and three days of darkness would ensue. Another theory was the planet would be destroyed when it collided with the belt, and still another was that all life would be obliterated as the planet’s orbit approached it.

If you were even nearing the belt, massive destruction would have resulted, and if you had safely entered, your electrical and electronic appliances wouldn’t function because photons’ vibratory rate is much higher than electrons’. As Earth has been ascending into successively lighter astral planes, photons have become more and more numerous. This will continue until she reaches her destination in high fifth density, where the free energy of photons will be the power source.

“I hope sometime Matthew will speak about the devas who live here. No one believes me when I say they’re real.”  We are happy to confirm that far from being only fanciful folklore characters, gnomes, elves, faeries and leprechauns are living among you and diligently stewarding Nature. These souls’ small forms, which cannot be seen with 3D vision—very young children often see them, though—were designed in antiquity by members of highly advanced civilizations living then on Jupiter. That is where not only the devas’ bodies, but most species in Earth’s animal and plant kingdoms were co-created in consonance with the desires of God, Gaia and Sol.

Incrementally various groups of “wee folk”—we use that term respectfully and lovingly—were introduced during an era when humans, animals and plants communicated telepathically and all knew they were inseparable parts of the Oneness of All. After amassed negativity destroyed all life on the planet, those souls were the last to return.

Some theories about devas have them in the same category as air, fire, water and earth, probably because they continuously interact with the four elementals to serve the needs of Earth and its residents. But these intelligent, kind and sensitive wise souls are distinctly different. They have families, live in communities, enjoy group events and move around as their services are needed. Their lifespans can be half a century or longer, and while their evolutionary status qualifies them to incarnate as humans, they don’t wish to do so.

Always they have had a symbiotic and synergistic relationship with the plant, animal and mineral kingdoms, and several decades ago they took on the mission of sending forth light rays to inspire humankind to once again live harmoniously with all of Nature. As vibrations keep rising, you will start seeing their auras on the ground, in bushes and trees or fluttering in the air, and eventually you and these loving little people will become friends.

Trolls and ogres also are more than characters in tales. These souls, whose bodies typically are larger than the devas’ but also are invisible to 3D vision, are inclined to cause inconvenience or even hardship to other life forms. As the planet’s ascension journey continues, they will absorb the light or leave and find a third density world to call home.

Beloved family, each of you is an integral part of Earth’s myriad wonders and many, like the devas, are awaiting your discovery. Light beings throughout this universe are cheering you ever onward and supporting you with unconditional love.


Suzanne Ward

Regardless of how upcoming situations may appear, nothing they attempt will succeed—ever-rising vibrations assure that all light forces’ undertakings will be triumphant.

Matthew’s Message through Suzy Ward, Aug. 1, 2022

With loving greetings from all souls at this station, this is Matthew. Light forces’ efforts in uprooting darkness are spot on target. Well-publicized turmoil in several countries is part of this, and behind the scenes, discussions are underway to wind down the war in Ukraine and clean house in the remaining Illuminati-influenced governments.

Other progress includes planning sessions for major improvements in the global economy, environmental restoration and medical industry, and by invitation from the international group in charge, extraterrestrials with technological expertise in those areas are participating as advisers.

Especially since all activity is in acceleration mode, it’s likely that upheavals and inconveniences cannot be avoided as the tenacious Illuminati resist having the remnants of their network taken down. Probably they also will ramp up mainstream media’s false “news” to evoke fear because they need that energy to keep going. Regardless of how upcoming situations may appear, nothing they attempt will succeed—ever-rising vibrations assure that all light forces’ undertakings will be triumphant.

You are invaluable contributors to this, dear family. Most of you are not in the trenches, so to say, but your very BEingness sends out the high vibrations that are transforming life on Earth. You knew that when you volunteered to go there, it’s why you went—the empowerment of love and light is who you magnificent souls are!

Now let us address some of the issues you have written about. First, that “pandemic.” The Illuminati just can’t accept that billions didn’t die en masse more than two years ago. They’re having to settle for claiming their virus will keep mutating into one variant after another and each needs a booster shot or new vaccine.

When people die shortly after being vaccinated, the cause of death is “covid”; people who have serious adverse reactions to the vaccines have “long-term covid”; non-vaccinated people who become ill after being in close contact with persons who have been, simply caught “covid” because they haven’t been inoculated. And so the deception of every aspect of the “pandemic” continues. The dark ones may claim monkeypox will become a pandemic unless everyone gets vaccinated—don’t overlook the fortunes they are making from vaccines.

It bears repeating that what are falsely called vaccines are solutions containing DNA-altering tissue, toxins, pathogens and a programmed nanochip designed to interact with 5G satellites and devices to control the populace. We don’t know if snake venom is in all of the solutions, none of them, a random batch or if another ingredient in that mixture was misidentified as venom and that’s how speculation started.

Whatever the case may be, all toxicity in the solution is rendered as harmless as possible by scientists in the extraterrestrial special forces who also erase the chips’ programming and reduce the tissue’s potency in all batches.

Nevertheless, we strongly advise against vaccinations and also masks, especially for children. If you are familiar with our messages, you know we don’t give advice— we offer suggestions and sometimes recommendations. But people are dying or developing serious health problems after being vaccinated and for most, it isn’t a choice in soul contracts. Claiming “vaccines” are safe for babies is just plain evil.

The dark ones mandate vaccinations because they know those don’t protect; they infect. They know masks cannot keep out a virus—they mandate mask-wearing because they know that prevents proper respiratory functioning, which weakens immunity and increases susceptibility to all kinds of illness. Masking children also interferes with proper brain development—please don’t let that happen to precious young lives.

That said, we want to mitigate fear in people who were vaccinated to keep their jobs or didn’t know that honorable medical professionals and other scientists have exposed “vaccines” for what they are. Therefore, we say again what we have said in previous messages: Absorbing light transforms carbon-based cells into crystalline, which are resistant to foreign elements like the solutions’ ingredients, and light absorption is as easy as God said: Be kind. Further, prevailing vibrations are light-filled and that also bodes well for cellular change.

Yes, beloved family, absolutely this “pandemic” will end! Like everything else in existence, it is energy. Many people whose main focus was pandemic-related matters now are thinking about inflation, shortages of food and fuel, weather conditions or other hardships farmers are incurring, or, on the bright side, vacations. That is to say, the energy of collective thoughts and feelings no longer is top-heavily invested in the “pandemic,” and unless it is consistently “fed,” it will fizzle out. Giving it no more thought will help hasten its end.

“It doesn’t seem that my prayers have any effect at all.” First we say, the law of physics that governs life in this universe recognizes each person’s unique energy signature, but that law can’t distinguish prayers from other thoughts. So it can be rightfully said that your very life is a prayer—there is wisdom in your saying “Be careful what you pray for.”

Now then, a sense of urgency or desperation in prayers—in all thoughts—fractures the energy sent forth and precludes clarity in the “universal soup,” from whence the response comes, whereas calmness lets thoughts arrive clearly. Still, the result may not be what you had in mind. The universe provides what will best serve your or another person’s highest good and always that is in keeping with soul contract choices.

Further, to help the planet maintain balance, the operation of the universe includes directing light where it is most needed. If you send light to a specific situation or location, the universe has to rearrange it, in a manner of speaking, so it can be dispersed in accordance with need. We have suggested visualizing Earth in golden-white light because the energy goes directly where it will do the greatest good. And, intention has its own energy. When love is the basis of everything you think, say and do, you are living from your heart, the seat of the soul, and that intention magnifies the light you radiate simply by BEing.

To all who are having difficulty meditating and visualizing and asked if we can suggest another method to generate light in addition to BEing, yes, we can. In previous messages we have talked about the power of words—spoken, written and thought—and we said all words emit vibrations. A soul very dear to us, Blossom Goodchild, was given a mantra by Federation of Light: I am the light, I am the love, I am the truth, I am. Each word adds more high vibrations to the mantra and, combined with its transformative intention, it produces brilliance that flows out into your world.

“Matthew said Earth’s civilization perished twice due to negativity. When and how did those events occur? Were Atlantis and Lemuria destroyed in one of the events? Is the biblical account of Noah the beginning of today’s civilization?” The first occurrence, a few billion years ago in linear time, started with a gargantuan earthquake that drastically altered land masses and changed location of the waters—the planet’s basically flat surface became ocean depths and mountain ranges. That quake set in motion decades of quakes and volcanic eruptions that heightened mountains and formed others as well as more canyons, valleys, lakes, seas and rivers around the globe.

When geological activity settled down and the planet was once again habitable, members of other civilizations came and new plants and animals were introduced. Once again life started peaceably. But later arrivals had their own desires and ideas, disagreements escalated into warring and negativity started accumulating. A billion or so years ago it reached such a mass that a sudden ice age killed all life forms.

Eons passed before the planet was hospitable to life again, and among the new inhabitants were souls who lived in Atlantis and Lemuria. They were much more advanced spiritually, consciously and technologically than Earth’s current civilization, but eventually some individuals lost their spiritual awareness and used crystals as weaponry. That is what destroyed Lemuria and later Atlantis. Most of both continents now lie on ocean floors, the rest formed islands in the Atlantic and Pacific oceans. Other parts of the planet survived both of those catastrophes.

It was much, much later when weeks of rain led to widespread flooding and partial planetary cleansing. All life in lowland towns and villages drowned; many people and animals and the hardiest plants in higher elevations lived. As tales were passed down through the generations, embellishments may have included a man who built a large boat to save his family and animals. Or perhaps the self-serving rulers of state and church who devised “God’s laws” wrote the story of Noah and the ark to show Christian adherents the importance of obeying “God.”

That flooding episode happened long after the beginning of your current civilization, which came about somewhat the same as repopulation after all life twice perished, but with a few significant differences. People who came from various civilizations survived. They created a world with a diversity of races, cultures and philosophies, and highly evolved souls embodied as whales to anchor light in ocean depths where darkness cannot reach. Land animals were much smaller and more intelligent than previous forms like the dinosaurs, which were considered a failed experiment, and many, like whales and dolphins in the oceans, were family-oriented. Because Jupiter was ideal for developing animal and plant species that thrive in conditions similar to Earth’s, members of advanced civilizations lived on that planet temporarily to perform those missions and transport those life forms to Earth.

In the beginning people, animals and plants knew their soul-level connection—they lived together harmoniously, communicated telepathically and each beneficially served the others. Then darkness descended again. It inculcated ferocity in some animals and the capacity for brutality in people. It suppressed the ability of soul-level knowledge to reach consciousness—that eliminated each person’s awareness of godself and the knowledge that every life form is a soul, bodies have self-healing mechanisms, plants have healing properties and trees have ancient wisdom. Darkness also instilled the concepts of separation, self-service, hatred, fear, greed, deceit and bigotry.

That low-vibratory condition prevailed for millennia until nigh onto a century ago when Gaia cried out for help, far distant civilizations beamed a massive amount of light to Earth and vibrations started rising. Now high vibrations greatly “outnumber” low, and because the two extremes cannot coexist, the low in which darkness thrives are fast waning. And, as the civilization continues awakening, they will once again know their godselves and inseparable connection with all of Nature.

This is an appropriate place to address your question about climate change: Is it a grave threat to the planet or part of a naturally-recurring cycle? It is neither in the context of the football that gets kicked back and forth as a political and economic issue. But climate change is indeed real and for quite some time it has not been happening naturally. Ever since technology was developed eighty-some years ago as “weather warfare,” the Illuminati have been using it to cause record-breaking temperatures, storms in increasing numbers and severity, tornados, droughts and flooding. And, in what previous cycle were oil and gas—Earth’s circulatory system—extracted and did fossil fuels, chemtrail spray and other toxic pollutants contaminate the air—her respiratory system—or were square miles of the Amazon rain forest scarified? The environmental damage done by those practices has contributed to the aberrant weather being attributed to climate change and they also have delayed Mother Nature taking the reins.

Earth’s journey back to her origin in high fifth density includes a gradual return to her original moderate climate, when the entire planet was a magnificent garden. Although topography was vastly different then, upcoming changes don’t mean mountains no longer will have snow or every glacier will melt into the seas. It means warming will occur in regions where temperatures can drop to minus 50F and regions of blistering heat will become cooler. It means no more disastrous floods or droughts—properly dispersed rain will turn deserts into arable land and dry beds of lakes, rivers and streams will be filled with crystal-clear water. And, without darkness creating negativity, there will be no need to release it in quakes, violent storms and volcanic eruptions.

Beloved brothers and sisters, all light beings in this universe honor you for helping Earth move ever forward toward her Golden Age and support you with the power of unconditional love.



Suzanne Ward

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simply by BEing you are radiating light’s high vibrations, so let us speak about some of the developments you have been assisting.

Matthew’s Message via Suzy Ward, July 1, 2022

July 1, 2022

With loving greetings from all souls at this station, this is Matthew. You have a saying that pertains to real estate—”It’s all about location, location, location.” In every location throughout this universe it’s all about vibrations, vibrations, vibrations.

As we have said in previous messages, simply by BEing you are radiating light’s high vibrations, so let us speak about some of the developments you have been assisting.

Of paramount importance is, a significant amount of darkness has been eliminated. Much more will be uprooted in coming weeks and months, thus bringing to an end the long reign of the Illuminati.

Until then, this tenacious group will cause havoc wherever they can. Their primary interest is maintaining their strongholds in the United States, from whence a great deal of their global power is wielded. It is possible that country’s military forces may be called in to safeguard the citizenry from whatever actions the Illuminati may take.

If that intervention does become necessary, Illuminati could claim it’s a coup and mount resistance or they may try to cause panic by staging a holographic alien invasion. It doesn’t appear that in their weakened state they could manage either; however, they are desperate so those possibilities, which are contingencies on their agenda, cannot be ruled out.

We understand that you would like to know what to expect and when, and we don’t know. The energy of billions of thoughts daily—actually each minute—determines what happens. What we can tell you with assurance is, with everything in acceleration mode, dominoes around the world will be falling soon.

You have waited patiently for evidence of the progress we have told you has been going on behind the curtain of the world stage. The undertakings of light forces on Earth in conjunction with off-planet family still require discretion, but as soon as information about what has been accomplished can be disclosed, it will be.

Now, other developments that vibrations have brought about. People are separating wheat from chaff, so to say, by seeing the counter-productiveness of divisiveness and the benefits of discussing how to go about making changes that all see are needed. This cooperative approach at grassroots level, where reform starts and moves upward, is a fine step forward in the civilization’s awakening.

Another heartening development is the surfacing of technologies the Illuminati suppressed to prevent their being used beneficially even as they were using them to your detriment.

Crews in your skies are making their crafts visible often so the populace becomes accustomed to their peaceful presence, thereby bringing closer the day when you can greet each other and extraterrestrial special forces on the planet can introduce themselves.

If you feel a strong sense of kinship with some of them, it may well be soul-level recognition that you and they are from the same homeland. When that day comes, you will start working together to restore Earth’s damaged environment and bring in free energy.

And prevailing vibrations are connecting you more intimately with your godself. Helping Earth’s peoples awaken is your mission and it is vital indeed, but that is not the sole reason you are there.

While it is so that a third-density world presents challenges the worlds you left did not, your life is meant to be enriched by family and friends, the beauty of Nature, satisfying productivity and leisure enjoyments. This is a propitious time to be introspective, to ponder if your actions or inaction may be encumbrances to that kind of life.

You may realize you’re timidly spinning your wheels instead of confidently pursuing a job of greater interest or taking the next step in a meaningful relationship or moving where you’d prefer to live.

Maybe you’ll see that life would be more fulfilling if you heed your intuition instead of trying to meet others’ expectations. Or you would be happier if you let bygones be bygones and let go of feelings about disappointments. If you want to strengthen characteristics you feel good about and divest yourself of those you don’t, vibrations will be your steadfast helpmeet.

You can more easily adjust to ever-rising vibrations if you breathe deeply and rhythmically, get sufficient sleep, eat lightly, drink a lot of pure water, and spend as much time as possible in Nature. Yes, we have mentioned that in previous messages, but when life is filled with busyness, reminders can be useful.

And, dear brothers and sisters, love yourselves! Feel joyous and grateful that of the many, many souls who volunteered, you were chosen to participate in the most dynamic world transformation in universal history. Further, what you are doing is correspondingly benefitting the entire universe—that is how powerful you are!

“The person who sent me your newsletter where Matthew said Illuminati is Deep State or the cabal wrote that Deep State is the New World Order that is controlling everything. Then I heard Khazarian neo-nazis are running the world. Are those different groups or different names for the same group? If the latter, what do members call themselves? Also I just heard of puppets. If they’re part of a group, who is the puppet master? Or are those the people who are being controlled? All of this is very confusing and frankly, it’s hardly believable that any group or groups could tell everyone else what they have to do.”

The writer’s confusion and skepticism are widespread among souls who are starting to awaken, so let us offer clarity. The aforementioned names are four of several—the elitists, One World Government, Secret Government, Shadow Government and One World Government are others—that refer to the same group. They don’t call themselves any name at all and there is no formal membership.

Let us speak of them here simply as the dark ones. They have a global network with a pyramidal hierarchy, and individuals in top levels have influential positions in governments and all national and international institutions and organizations that impact life worldwide.

Mainstream media; education; UN, EU, NATO and all other alliances; Federal Reserve System, IMF, WEF, stock markets and all other monetary systems; trade, taxation and insurance; publishing; legal and justice systems; military forces; INTERPOL, CIA and all other intelligence agencies; energy systems; transportation; agriculture; fraternal organizations; religions; WHO, CDC, FDA, NIH and all other branches in the healthcare industry; charitable foundations; multinational corporations; and the entertainment field. Those individuals at the top also are running the illegal drug industry, sex trafficking, pedophilia rings and Satanic rituals.

The lower in the hierarchy people are, the less they know about what goes on in the pyramid or even that they are part of a pyramid. The many millions at the bottom have no idea that their jobs are supporting a sinister group that operates in secrecy and whose goal is to eliminate billions of lives through warring, impoverishment, toxic pollution and disease.

Individuals in top levels can rightfully be called puppets and the puppet master is a powerful force far beyond Earth. At this point, a brief explanation of the workings of this universe will be helpful.

Everything in existence is energy fluctuating at one frequency or another, energy is consciousness, and each of the frequencies has an infinite range of vibrations that function in accordance with the consciousness in thoughts. All thoughts of every person within a civilization are its collective consciousness.

Thoughts are forms of energy. Energy cannot be extinguished, and due to the universal law of attraction that is in constant motion, thought forms that emit the same vibrations attract each other, gather into a cluster and, as like forms keep joining them, grow into a force field.

The dark forces is a massive force field of forms with the lowest vibrations such as those emitted by tyranny, brutality, greed, possessiveness, hatred, deception, lust for power, and desire for fame at any cost. As this vast borderless field meanders throughout the universe, it is drawn to civilizations where the collective consciousness includes those kinds of thought forms.

Individuals in those civilizations whose traits and behavior are aligned with the vibrations of the dark forces become their puppets. Now captives of darkness, they lose all sense of conscience. Their heinous actions create fear in the rest of the population and fear’s low vibrations strengthen the puppets’ control.

Once a world is steeped in darkness or the planet is destroyed by puppets in another civilization, both of which add to the dark forces’ potency, the expanded field drifts around until it is drawn toward other pockets of low vibrations.

As powerful as that force field is, light, which is the same energy as love, is more powerful. That energy is the essence of Creator Source, the origin of everything that exists in this universe and the cosmos. Because love-light energy is anathema to the dark forces, it is an impenetrable fortress for spiritually- and consciously-evolved civilizations.

Now let us speak about puppets on Earth and how various names for them came about. Two and a half centuries ago a few men in Bavaria who felt they were more intelligent than other people, therefore entitled to be their leaders, called themselves Illuminati, “the illumined ones.”

Like-minded individuals who affiliated with them include the Rothschilds, who established the powerful faction in Europe that encompassed royal families who had far-flung empires, and the Rockefellers, whose equally powerful faction is headquartered in the United States. Generations of the two factions and mergers in marriages and businesses enabled them to grow in numbers and fortunes and extend their network around the globe.

However, the idea that a few can rule the masses preceded the Illuminati by almost a dozen centuries. Tribal leaders in Mongolia started moving west, gathering into their midst the people they conquered along the way and establishing the Khazarian empire.

Successive leaders kept adding to its power base, which eventually included the Nazis, with whom the Vatican cooperated in WWII and still does—“neo” because the mindset that caused the holocaust permeates today’s dark ones.

About two millennia ago, self-serving leaders of church and state started amending historic records. Incrementally material was deleted, parts were rewritten, fabricated stories and devised dogma were added, and the composite is the Bible.

Later, wealthy families like the Medici, who established the banking system in Italy that gradually grew into global economic control, put family men in the papacy to spread the Roman Catholic religion and its influence on adherents.

Eventually the many disparate groups that shared the same ideology coalesced into the “umbrella” group that is the formidable foe of humanity and Earth herself. During the past several decades individuals who understood how world affairs were being conducted gave those other names to the dark ones, who have maintained power partly by controlling what people are taught, read, see and hear.

That is why false information and omission of factual information abound in your textbooks and newspapers and on TV, radio and the censored Internet. It is why movies and games glorify violence and war. Not only do those cause death, fear and destruction, all of which emit the low vibrations that keep the dark ones thriving, but their companies produce the machinery of war and add to their ill-gotten fortunes.

Movies and games also portray “aliens” as fearsome monstrous entities that invade Earth to massacre everyone and destroy the planet. This insidious form of mind control has programmed the unsuspecting public to think, feel and believe what the dark ones want them to.

However, never can they control anyone’s intuition, hopes, optimism, inspirations, aspirations or reactions! Thanks to prevailing vibrations, this sacred internal light is motivating many of the populace to embrace the light being beamed by distant civilizations and radiated by light workers on Earth.

Beloved family, all light beings in this universe honor you for persevering in your mission and support you with the unparalleled power of unconditional love.



Suzanne Ward

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Effects of darkness; extraterrestrial assistance; Russia, Ukraine; low vibrations; ongoing action; Elon Musk; abortion

With loving greetings from all souls at this station, this is Matthew. Many of you anticipated that by now some truths would have come forth, so let us begin by saying the international group working off-stage to rid your world of darkness is using good judgment by not publicizing their efforts. Be assured that everything underway is leading to the elimination of every vestige of darkness there.

We know it is difficult to comprehend that darkness even in small measure can in time become so massive that twice it caused all of Gaia’s life forms to perish and left her in deep sorrow. You can rightfully think of her as Mother Earth and all human, plant and animal life as her children, her sentient co-creations whom she loves and nurtures. She didn’t want to experience their devastation again, and during the millennia negativity deriving from darkness once more was accumulating, she kept struggling to keep her life forms alive.

What happens anywhere affects everything else everywhere else, and Gaia’s plight was known throughout this universe. But in accordance with the universal law that no civilization may intervene in the affairs of any other except by request, the myriad lighted souls could do nothing. Beings of light observe this law, beings of darkness do not.

Eighty-some years ago, when Gaia’s body had become so unbalanced it was at risk of hurtling into space and total destruction, she cried out for help. That was the onset of this unprecedented era in our universe. Instantly God authorized evolved civilizations to send Earth the vastness of light she needed to stabilize her axis and start ascending out of deep third density’s deadly grasp.

The highest universal council knew the dark forces intended their puppets on Earth to retain control by continuing the environmental destruction, disease, divisiveness and bloodshed that produces negativity. For long ages the masses had lived in a world of injustices, poverty, warring and fear, all of which emit negativity’s low vibrations. They didn’t want that kind of world for themselves and their children and their children’s children, and since it is their world to change or let be, they needed to know they are powerful divine sovereign souls who can change what they don’t want and manifest what they do want.

Therefore, light also was needed on the planet to awaken the civilization so they would know who they are and the power they have. Out of love for Earth’s members of our universal family, the first group of volunteers left their homelands to enter the global battle raging between the light forces and the dark. Dear brothers and sisters, some of you are those “first responders” and others are among the many, many millions that followed.

Regardless of how long you have been on Earth, you know just as we do it is not easy to live in a world where dark control is maintained by a double-edged sword—fear on one edge, deception on the other. Yet, as we often have told you, the vital mission you took on already is a stunning success in the continuum, where the peoples are joyfully flourishing in a peaceful, harmonious world and Nature is restored to health and beauty.

On Earth, the battle has reached crescendo. The Illuminati’s patented covid-19 virus adversely affected the populace physically, psychologically and economically, but it failed to meet their objective of killing billions outright. That made stepping up other activities even more crucial because the low vibrations they need to survive come from others’ fear and pain.

So, they are mightily wielding their sword via their mainstream media and social media propagandists who report Russia’s unprovoked invasion of Ukraine, blame Russian troops for the atrocities and wanton destruction that Illuminati in-country operatives and hired mercenaries commit, and relay the fabricated speculation that Russia will steamroll through Ukraine and onward to conquer other countries.

The deceived public doesn’t know Russian troops, acting in consonance with light forces, took on the essential task of destroying bio-weaponry intended to eradicate most of the world’s people. They don’t know the troops are uprooting decades of Illuminati control in Eastern Union countries and eliminating laboratories and storage facilities, production and storage of chemical weaponry, and headquarters of sex trafficking, money laundering and worldwide computer hacking. They don’t know the troops are exploding tunnels and compounds after rescuing babies and little children held captive until they are shipped wherever ordered by pedophilia rings and for satanic rituals.

Yes, we have spoken about that before, but it bears repeating because many of those activities are commonplace in several countries. Ukraine may have had the Illuminati’s most extensive range of entrenchments, but they have clandestine operations and operatives elsewhere, too, most notably perhaps the United States, and, just as in Ukraine, it is without the awareness of the citizenry and the world public. Eventually that information will become known as will activity ongoing behind the scenes, including arrests, trials, executions and other killings of principals in that diabolical global network.

Dear ones, if there were another way to end pervasive darkness, Gaia and all other light beings would devoutly wish it to be, but there is not, not with the depth and breadth of demonic activity. There is no way to negotiate with an element of society that works secretly to achieve its goal to exterminate most of the population, make hybrid robotic servants of survivors, and continue jeopardizing the life of the planet. There is no way to negotiate with an element that has descended into such a density of depravity that they exist by indulging in unconscionable crimes against humanity.

The public, steeped in deception, is completely unaware of any of that and many thoughts are “send military arms to Ukraine” and “defeat the Russians.” Such thoughts are keeping violence going and that is exactly what the Illuminati want. They know this is a battle between them and the light forces and they have become desperate.

The fear factor in daily reporting of greatly inflated case and death statistics of covid and its mutants lost steam as the peoples wearied of restrictions and started regaining control of their lives. Since the dark ones require the energy of fear to sustain themselves, always they have action afoot that will create fear in at least part of the populace. Now it is “vaccines” soon to be available for infants, World Health Organization’s legal authorization to take whatever action they claim is necessary in the interests of world health, and a few cases of monkey pox popping up in different countries.

Let us dispel any concerns you may have about those situations. Scientists in the extraterrestrial special forces rendered as harmless as possible toxins and erased programming in the nanochips in the solutions falsely called vaccines for babies and young children. Not only would WHO not have the hundreds of thousands they would need from local to national levels to enforce compliance with any edicts, but backlash would be too formidable to handle. And, nothing at all in Earth’s energy field of potential indicates that monkey pox could become the newest “pandemic.”

However, just as the populace doesn’t know the truth about what is happening in Ukraine, they don’t know the truth about the aforementioned situations, either. Consequently, their collective thoughts about all of those matters are producing negativity’s low vibrations that are like fortresses between their focused attention and spiritual and conscious awareness. While this isn’t delaying Earth’s ascension—she is steadily orbiting into successively higher astral planes—it is delaying her people’s awakening.

This brings us to what many of you have asked, how you can help in addition to “just BEing.” Visualize Earth in golden-white light—visualization is powerful!—and send the light of compassion, hope and optimism to all of our Earth family. Send light to Gaia, too. Yes, she is rejoicing that the planetary cleansing underway is ending the long reign of rampant evildoing, but she also feels her people’s suffering, sorrow and fear, and she needs light’s healing energy.

Your contributions continue to be invaluable even beyond the healing and awakening aspects of world transformation. The light you radiate “just BEing” also is undergirding all truths coming to light, and that is an integral part of the cleansing process.

Dear ones, please do something for yourselves, too. Take time from busyness often to breathe deeply, slowly and rhythmically so as to keep your energy flowing smoothly and body, mind and spirit in balance.

We have been asked if Elon Musk is working for the light or the dark. Well, “keep your friends close, your enemies closer” could be somewhat applicable insofar as the groups with whom he is working, but it’s much more accurate to say that in his drive to succeed, he needs access to the superstructures of both light and dark agencies so he doesn’t have to “reinvent their wheels,” so to say. In a third density world, money paves the path to success; therefore, he has been well provided with it so he can accomplish what he intends, and there is no darkness whatsoever in his intentions.

Elon is one of the few volunteers from a civilization that is not only highly spiritually and consciously evolved, but also one of the most technologically advanced. He is a brilliant visionary whose mission is to help Earth’s civilization “shoot for the stars” and take their rightful place as members of our multidimensional universal family. All light beings honor him and send light to reinforce his progress and overall wellbeing.

“Matthew, what is spiritually evolved souls’ opinion of abortion?” The opinion of anyone who isn’t living in your world won’t be given any credibility there. Nevertheless, we shall tell what evolved souls know, including that conception is the first step toward a potential life in a physical civilization and life itself begins when a newborn takes its first breath.

A soul that has chosen to incarnate hovers around potential parents and knows their feelings. If conception occurs and will end in abortion, which may have been chosen in the parents’ soul contracts, that soul moves on. This offers another soul the opportunity to enter the fetus so it can absorb the parents’ feelings about the pregnancy and its ending. That experiencing is solely the province of the three participating souls, and it is the same when souls know a miscarriage will happen.

Let us say a baby is born. Between conception and birth, and in agreement with the “primary” soul, a few other souls may take turns in the developing fetus to absorb the emotions of the mother if the father is not around or both parents if they are together. Whether the feelings are intense happiness, dismay or dread, that short period in the fetus can serve each of those souls as much as a physical lifetime would. The “primary” soul, whose cumulative experiencing already includes the mother’s or parents’ emotions during developmental months, enters the body of the newborn.

Now let us say the souls of the parents know conception will result in the stillbirth of the child they greatly desire. Again, other souls may take turns during stages of fetal development to experience the joy of the expectant parents, who chose in their soul contracts to experience the sorrow that their infant was stillborn. It is the same if the baby survives only briefly.

Our knowledge doesn’t mean we are cheerleaders for abortion; however, experiencing opportunities for a number of souls and the ease with which conception occurs in a third density civilization are primary considerations. Conception is a matter of science and spirit, which are one and the same energy, and since this affects only the participating souls, their choices are neither a religious nor a political issue. As a third density civilization evolves and dormant DNA strands become reactivated, conception will occur only when a couple genuinely want a child—the high vibrations of their desire put into motion the pregnancy process.

Beloved family, all light beings in this universe honor your steadfastness in your mission to help Earth’s peoples awaken and support you with unconditional love throughout your journey.


Suzanne Ward

Matthew’s Message via Suzy Ward, April 4, 2022

With loving greetings from all souls at this station, this is Matthew. Earth’s energy field of potential is showing that light-filled streamers, albeit still zig-zagging, have attained unstoppable momentum. This welcome development, which puts the light’s progress right on target, is due to the magnitude of cleansing during your past several weeks.

For decades the Rothschild faction of the Illuminati, now known more commonly as Deep State or the cabal, has centered its activities in Ukraine. Those include controlling governments of countries in the European Union, production and storage of bio-and chemical weaponry, money laundering, computer hacking globally, propaganda in social media, sex trafficking, pedophilia, and imprisoning people for satanic rituals. Individuals in the United States and other countries also are heavily involved financially, personally or both.

Russians didn’t go into Ukraine to conquer the country. They went to destroy hundreds of placements where those aforementioned activities were entrenched. When any could be handled in residential or business areas, that’s where Illuminati hid them.

We heard from Nirvana’s monitors of Earth that containers of deadly bio-warfare were stored in the basement of the hospital that mainstream media repeatedly publicized. Extraterrestrial special forces in intelligence agencies—who also learned locations of the placements—told us Vladimir Putin’s double notified Ukrainian President Zelensky to evacuate the hospital because it was going to be bombed and why. Zelensky, an Illuminati puppet, didn’t heed that warning.

The fighting has been a great sadness for troops and civilians in both countries—their shared Slavic roots go back centuries. Not many people know the purpose of the invasion, much less that after ground troops rescued more than 1000 people to be used in the rituals, they exploded the tunnels where they had been held captive. Ridding your world of those deep pockets of evildoing was essential—it is what enabled light forces to get back on target and hasten the day when the planet will be free of all darkness.

As for Putin’s double, he had been ready for some years while Illuminati were trying to kill Vladimir because he refused to work with them. The double had a little plastic surgery, practiced speaking and behaving like Putin, and during the time he was avoiding crowds, he listened to his speeches.

When the assassination attempt two years ago was successful, the double was ready to step in, looking and acting so much like Putin that no difference was noticeable. After a short time of following orders, he started working with the light forces. You could say he “saw the light” and be correct. To be more explicit, though, what he did was respond to the inpouring of feminine energy’s high vibrations that are nudging consciousness to follow soul level guidance.

Another matter you have asked about is “stealth omicron.” That so-called sub-variant of covid is the officially-given diagnosis of people who become ill or die from ingredients in the solutions falsely called vaccines. It’s also part of the agenda to establish the public mindset that the “pandemic” is here to stay and semiannual booster shots will be necessary.

Individuals who planned this crime against humanity and still are among the living are making a fortune from the billions spent on “vaccines.” If we knew when the truth about all of this will come forth, we would shout it from your rooftops.

Now then, we know it is difficult to grasp that everything in existence throughout this universe is energy fluctuating at one frequency or another and that energy is cosmic consciousness. Possibly it is just as difficult to perceive yourselves as so powerful that simply by thinking of something, you set into motion its manifestation.

It may be easier to understand that like attracts like, by the universal law of attraction that is in constant operation. But it’s also easier to forget that the law can’t distinguish what you do want from what you don’t want—it simply brings back to you from the collective consciousness what is most similar to your thoughts. If those are about mainstream media reports, which are rife with devastation, despair and dire predictions of what may be in store, that is what you are helping to continue or initiate.

Dear ones, you can feel compassion for everyone affected by adverse circumstances without concentrating on images and thoughts about what they are enduring. What will help change those circumstances is thinking about what you want your world to be. Peaceful. Everyone prospering. Wise honorable leaders. Just laws and regulations. A society that respects diversity. Benevolent treatment of all animals. A healthy, beautiful environment. Kindness, cooperation, helpfulness. In short, life with love as its foundation.

A number of you have asked if meditation really is helping in that respect. Yes, indeed it is! Individually, in a local group or computerized gatherings or by agreement for a global meditation time, visualizing and focusing on the glorious world you want definitely is helping that come into being. The ability to “move mountains” is not a fantasy—you have innate abilities to accomplish marvels!

Parents and teachers who have expressed dissatisfaction with educational systems describe them as “deficient,” “stifling the development of thinking, reasoning minds,” “worthless,” and one mother wrote: “Many of us are distressed about our children’s education. Can Matthew give us any encouragement about improvements in the future?” Before we reply, let us say this: When we have been asked what we think will be most effective in opening minds and hearts, we say education.

Yes, absolutely we can offer encouragement. The major changes, which will be implemented in stages, will take time but it is a good start that some parents are speaking out about what they want their children to be taught in schools. Although opinions now are in opposition, consensus will come when the truth about your educational systems emerges.

Long ago the Illuminati decided they could more easily control the masses if schooling was only what they wanted the peoples to know. The present-day generation is weakening as each day passes; however, the textbooks they have published for all age levels still contain only what they want known, so the learning-teaching-learning cycle is rooted in a great deal of disinformation and the omission of a great many facts.

Therefore, new textbooks with authentic, thorough information about national and world history and all the sciences will be needed, and since language studies will be offered starting with kindergarten, books at elementary level also will be needed.

Writing, printing and distributing all those books for all ages in all languages will be a gargantuan task, but many hands will participate to accomplish that as quickly as possible. Ancient records will be brought forth and myriad recent sources of accurate information are available—all of that material will facilitate preparation of new books. Documentary films and the Internet also are educational tools, and, wherever their information is wrong, it will be corrected.

New editions of holy books will contain only original records. They show the commonality of all religions’ teachings about the Supreme Being of this universe, the divinity of every soul and the power of love.

You may wonder what will be done with the multimillions of textbooks. A copy of each will be put in a building in every country that wants a museum of the printed history of Earth, and all other copies except those that are personally owned will be recycled to produce their replacements.

The museums also will house a copy of novels, biographies, autobiographies, mysteries, true adventures, recipes—well, the spectrum of genres and subjects—and a selection of the world’s newspapers and magazines. One wing of each museum will contain a theater and selected movies because those, too, are records of what has influenced societal behavior and beliefs.

Now back to schooling. Just as what is taught will change, so will how it is taught. Students at all grade levels will be encouraged to talk about what they are learning, and that will extend way beyond books. From kindergarten onward participation in the arts will be emphasized and materials or instruments will be provided. All forms of art—music, writing, painting, dance, sculpting, weaving, acting, photography, landscaping, clothing design, architecture, ceramics, and no doubt other forms we aren’t thinking of at this moment—are expressions of the soul.

Also starting in kindergarten, some classes will be outdoors so the youngest students learn to respect all life forms. They will plant and properly tend to gardens of flowers and vegetables and help care for the “wild” and domesticated animals that live at the schools so students can observe the species’ interaction and their varied learning processes. Age-appropriate field trips and films of natural life in distant lands and in the seas will supplement personal experiences.

Exercise will be recognized as an important part of maintaining health in mind, body and spirit. The “kill ‘em” approach to team sports will change to competition wherein each member is helped to achieve her or his potential, and sports that can cause brain injury will be modified to eliminate damaging aspects. Students who have no interest in team sports can engage in whatever exercise they wish, and short periods of solitude and silence will follow physical exertion.

Studies in other countries similar to your student exchange programs will be available to all who desire, and no child will be denied education beyond high school because parents can’t afford the expense. The new global economy will include free or affordable schooling for every child, and it won’t be by taxation. Learning devices with emissions that are damaging to brain cells will be redesigned to assure user safety.

Not all children will want to be scholars until they acquire a master’s, PhD or other advanced degree. Many will have aptitudes and talents in mechanical, technical or technological fields or the many forms of art, construction, farming or food preparation. So some schools will provide training in each of the specialty interests along with courses for well-rounded knowledge, and children who are especially gifted intellectually will attend schools where they can progress as rapidly as they need to to keep their interest high.

Preparatory courses for teachers and university graduates who choose that profession will include a new kind of evaluating students’ progress and summarized versions of new texts in addition to books for themselves and their students. There will be no rigid protocols for teaching at any grade level. Persons who have mastered specific areas such as animal care, gardening and the various art forms will visit at intervals and always be available to advise.

All classrooms will be inviting and vary in size according to the number of students. Rooms for hands-on instruction will be small, films will be shown in theater-size rooms, and student performances—concerts, plays and such—will take place in an auditorium. Not only will teaching be much more enjoyable because students will be happy, eager learners, but teachers will be paid handsomely for their valuable contribution to the society.

How that new basis for schooling will be implemented will differ from country to country. The education principals will start with what meets the greatest needs of the citizenry, then build on that foundation. Everything we have described is blossoming beautifully in the continuum to the grand delight of students, teachers and parents around the world, so you know the future of your educational systems is shining brightly.

Beloved sisters and brothers, so many wondrous changes in everything that affects life on Earth are ahead! If you chose in your soul contract to transition to spirit life before those changes are manifested, from your far higher vantage point, you will feel fulfilled by seeing your children, their children, their children and all generations to come joyously living in the world you helped bring to fruition.

All light beings in this universe honor you and support you with the unparalleled power of unconditional love.



Suzanne Ward

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Ukraine, Russia; vaccination pushback; no WWIII;

With loving greetings from all souls at this station, this is Matthew. Let us begin with the assurance that all major happenings are right on target with the divine plan to liberate Earth from all vestiges of darkness. Although much of the action still is behind the scenes, some is quite obvious, but the public doesn’t recognize it as the significant progress it is. Such is the case of Russia and Ukraine.

As mentioned in a previous message, the person seen as Vladimir Putin is the look-alike double who replaced the Russian president about two years ago when the Illuminati finally were able to assassinate Putin because he consistently refused to cooperate with them. They portrayed him in mainstream media as a murderous dictator because he eliminated their operatives in Russia and they accused him of horrible things they themselves did. What is important in this moment is that the double, initially one of the Rothschild puppets, now is working with and protected by the light forces.

Russians are not wantonly bombing cities as reported by mainstream media and often depicted by old or photo-shopped photos and film clips. They are destroying laboratories that produce and store bioweaponry and other Illuminati entrenchments, but like most of the rest of the world’s people, the Ukrainians don’t know that and they are frightened, anxious and sad. Even if they knew about the strategic targets, explosions and foreign troops still would be traumatizing.

Later on they will know the truth about what is happening, and some among the hundreds of thousands who are leaving the country already do—they have been working with the Illuminati. In time, all peoples will know that what some say is “an unprovoked war” or “a dangerous invasion” has another purpose, too. It will reunify a population that was separated when new borders were established to put regions with abundant natural resources under the control of Illuminati-installed “democratic” governance.

The United States president seen publicly also is a look-alike double and he has to say and do whatever he is told, including advocating that everyone be vaccinated. Far from having the results the Illuminati want, demands to end all “pandemic” requirements are quickly expanding in that country and many others, and leaders who haven’t yet succumbed to public pressure, will in a short time. The peoples are fed up with mandates that are damaging psychologically, economically, academically and, as medical specialists are rightly saying, health-wise.

Another timely item on the Illuminati agenda is a world war, and they are pushing their puppet national leaders to escalate the Russian-Ukrainian conflict. This plan will not succeed, either. There will be no WWIII.

The drama of technologically-produced effects during opening and closing ceremonies of the Olympics has motivated the Illuminati to consider something else on their agenda, the illusion that an extraterrestrial civilization is invading Earth. So, what we said some time ago bears repeating: We have been told they no longer control the technology required to produce a holographic invasion, but if that is attempted, universal family members will turn it into spectacular entertainment.

“Please ask Matthew what God meant by ‘The roadway will have potholes and bumps here and there…’” Ordinarily we would not be so presumptuous as to expound upon God’s words, but we know what he was referring to and have his permission to speak about the “potholes and bumps.”

As you can imagine, some pertain to what is happening in Ukraine and how that may play out. There could be another false claim about a new virus variant that results in another lockdown; if defiance were to turn violent, national leaders could declare martial law to restore order. To incite fear and all-out rebellion, mainstream media could call it military coups overturning legitimate governments.

Attempting to vaccinate the world’s population could become harsher than heretofore, and if that aroused armed resistance, it also could lead to martial law and the likelihood of the same media outcry. Governmental policies could result in mass rioting between opponents and supporters, and if any major changes from what is familiar seem ominous to the populace, widespread reactions could be troublesome.

Except for the current situation in Ukraine, the aforementioned situations are only possibilities. It is the energy of billions of thoughts, feelings and actions that will determine what is to come day by day, and, dear family, whatever that may be, you are well prepared to handle it fearlessly and help others deal with it. Please keep in mind what else God said: “…when you feel like the powerful multidimensional family members you are, happenings will hum right along.”

“Who selects volunteers and what are the criteria? Do they know that’s why they’re here? How many are there? Is each given a specific mission? Are all performing their missions well? Do they live longer than other people’? How many are in ET special forces? How do they differ from other volunteers?” 

First let us say, love is why spiritually and consciously evolved souls leave their homelands and incarnate on Earth to help these members of our universal family who have been living in the darkness of control, deception and atrocities. It is a testament to the powerful extensiveness of love that far more souls volunteer than are needed.

Now then, members of the highest universal council select souls that have had many lifetimes helping third density civilizations, thus have the experience and inner strength to manage what they know awaits. But, just as it is with every soul that incarnates in third density, volunteers forget at conscious level what is known at soul level and they have no idea about a mission. However, they are consciously aligned with their souls’ messages—intuition, instinct, conscience, inspiration and aspiration. Most heed that strong guidance and make free will choices in line with their missions, albeit without awareness that they are.

They number in the many millions throughout the world—we don’t know the exact figure—and the majority don’t think of themselves as lightworkers, lightwarriors or starseeds, terms most often used to designate volunteers. When the earliest group came nigh onto a century ago, darkness blanketed the planet. As the arrivals became older and felt they had “a purpose,” so to say, it was difficult for them to do anything except BE the light and, with rare exceptions, that is all missions called for back then.

Most still do. Light in abundance is continuously needed to raise the collective consciousness of a third density civilization, and all volunteers have the opportunity to benefit the society by living from the heart—God said, “The heart is the seat of the soul”—thereby beneficially influencing people whose lives they touch. However, some souls’ cumulative lifetime experiencing prepares them for specific roles such as community or regional leaders, judges, engineers, scientists, teachers, visionary medical personnel, inventors, artists, investigative journalists, or innovative entrepreneurs. That doesn’t mean everyone in those various fields is a volunteer, but those who aren’t may be advancing in evolvement by accomplishing what they chose in soul contracts.

It is much easier at the time of volunteering to feel confident about performing well in specific positions than it is to live in a third density world with its many obstacles and temptations, and some souls strayed from their missions by putting undue importance on financial gain, acquisitions, social status or fame. Not only did that seriously dim their light, but instead of influencing others in positive ways, their lives exemplified the opposite and persons who admired their success emulated them. The souls who have transitioned lament their choices, and the hope of all light beings is that those on Earth who likewise strayed will “see the light” and return to their missions.

Volunteers come from civilizations where physical lifetimes can be a thousand years or longer. In some cases, individuals have a farewell celebration with family and friends, then dematerialize their bodies and the souls incarnate in a civilization where they can further advance in awareness. But on Earth, bodies of volunteers become ill, age and die, and the souls’ contracts contain a life span choice, so there is frequent turnover in the ranks.

When they transition to spirit life, myriad others remain and new ones arrive. Almost always that is by birth, but now and then they come as adults who aren’t seen publicly during the short time their bodies are adjusting to Earth’s lower frequencies. In these few cases, all documentation needed to establish a lifetime history is put into place so the persons can integrate into the population without question as to their background and qualifications. They come to replace members of the extraterrestrial special forces who transition or because their expertise in many fields and fluency in numerous languages will facilitate planning or negotiating international matters.

Members of the force number in the thousands and they’re stationed around the world wherever they are needed. In addition to the great difference in size of this group and the other volunteers and the occasional arrival of an adult, souls in the force also differ in other ways. All come from the most highly evolved civilizations, where they held responsible positions. They know who they are and none has ever strayed from his or her mission.

They retain their innate abilities of manifestation; dematerialization; teleportation; astral travel; telepathic communication; being present in spirit only, thus invisible to bystanders; and “reading” thoughts of others, nearby or distant. Those extraordinary abilities—that is, in persons on Earth—enable these volunteers to be especially valuable in intelligence agencies, the sciences, medical laboratories, information analysis, military forces and governments.

And, a few are prodigies, which shouldn’t be surprising, and a few are what you call illusionists. That may seem a frivolous mission, but it is purposeful—by walking through a brick wall or producing an automobile out of thin air, for instance, they are showing these are possible. Thoughts about any possibility precede developing—more accurately, activating—the ability to accomplish it, and those entertainers are stimulating their audiences to contemplate how such feats can be managed. You could say they are the wayshowers to Earth’s peoples discovering their own innate capabilities.

Let us add that it is members of the special forces who reduced the toxicity in “vaccines” and erased the programming in the chips as well as preventing detonation of missiles’ nuclear warheads and causing other weapons to malfunction. Of particular importance to us, they are our information sources on the planet about what is happening there.

Regardless of the capacity in which volunteers are serving, they are indispensable helpers to Earth’s civilization. The love-light energy they radiate by BEing there is stirring the peoples to awaken and make their world what they want it to be.

Beloved brothers and sisters, all light beings in this universe honor you for steadfastness in your mission and support you with the power of unconditional love.


Suzanne Ward

Awakening isn’t a matter of speed, it’s a matter of absorbing light.

Matthew’s Message through Suzy Ward

February 3, 2022

With loving greetings from all souls at this station, this is Matthew. Let us begin by citing part of an email my mother recently received: “I thought I’d feel elated because Earth is in acceleration mode, but I’m even more distressed than I used to be.”

The dear soul who wrote that also mentioned what is causing her to feel that way. We want to address those matters because many others are feeling somewhat the same as she. They may not know about accelerated energy or actual causes, but they are apprehensive about the same world affairs.

First we say, this is the first time in eons that Earth has been immersed in such an abundance of light, and this increased intensity is magnifying all feelings, positive and negative, and quickening the pace of all undertakings.

Many, many millions who are living and dying in dire circumstances are completing their third density karmic choices much more rapidly than they could have without acceleration. When they transition to spirit life, they will know this and feel grateful for the swiftness.

The effects of disastrous storms and fires caused by technology are the same as if those were Mother Nature’s doings—they are cleansing the planet of negativity so it cannot accumulate. The sooner that technology is used benevolently instead of malevolently, the sooner there will be no need for any large-scale cleansing.

There will be no WWIII.  Mainstream media reporters are publicizing the fearful-sounding information they are given instead of what actually is happening. National leaders who are Illuminati or their puppets are being unseated and populations that were forcibly separated after WWII are being reunited.

Although mainstream media still are controlled, other efforts to rid your world of darkness are moving faster than formerly.

The “pandemic” is continuing because the energy of billions of thoughts and feelings about it is “feeding” the illness and “refueling” the individuals who knowingly are lying about it. The backlash against physically, psychologically and economically destructive requirements that is growing by leaps and bounds is undergirded by the new level of energy and will hasten the end of the “pandemic.”

During the few months since the acceleration mode was initiated, action to rid your world of Illuminati has been increasingly successful. Some in the remaining high ranks of this pyramid of evil who went into hiding are being found, others have defected and are cooperating with principals in the movement to end impoverishment, corruption and warring and restore the environment. Energy intensity is prompting the slumbering populace to waken and feel inspired to participate in transforming their world.

Dear ones, when frightening thoughts are changed to optimistic, confident and peaceful, like feelings will follow—please do this for yourselves!  And remember, peace in the world begins with peace in each heart.

This also is an ideal time to be introspective and ascertain if your characteristics, behavior and perceptions are serving your best interests. For instance, are you afraid that upcoming changes will negatively impact your employment, financial assets or other resources? Are you allowing others’ expectations of you to determine your decisions? Are you feeling resentful toward persons you feel treated you unfairly or guilty about having caused stress to others?

Are you assessing others’ ideas as meritless when they differ from yours?  Are you giving any of your energy to trivial issues and forgetting to use the law of attraction to your advantage? Are you letting yourself be drawn into the drama of world affairs instead of being an observer? Being an observer doesn’t preclude compassion, empathy and caring assistance in ways you can offer, it includes thembecause they are “love in action.”

If you recognize in yourself any of those attitudes and approaches to situations and want to make a U-turn, the fast-rising vibrations of acceleration will be your strong ally in so doing.

“I hope this new speed will wake up the entire population so they can ascend with Earth!”  That would be a glorious outcome indeed, but it isn’t likely to happen. Awakening isn’t a matter of speed, it’s a matter of absorbing light, and even though light is pouring into the planet in unprecedented measure, puppets of the darkness are adamantly refusing to embrace it.

“How will acceleration affect the tides? Will minor health issues become major problems too quickly for treatment to be effective?” By divine grace and extraterrestrial aid, tides are not affected by acceleration, and health issues will be affected the same as they always have been.

Bodies’ cells in chemical, electrical, hormonal, metabolic, circulatory, respiratory and immune systems and all organs and bones are strong or weak in accordance with the amount of light the person absorbs, and that’s determined by whether their thoughts, feelings, actions and intentions emit high vibrations or low.

“Matthew said ‘revelations will emerge incrementally.’ How can people advance consciously and spiritually if they don’t know the truth about everything?” That is indeed a logical question. Let us answer by asking you to imagine how you would feel if you heard all of the following in one fell swoop:

You are a divine immortal soul and alternate between hundreds or thousands of physical and spiritual lifetimes. You are not a person who has a soul; you are a soul made of pure love-light energy living in a body designed specifically for the kinds of personal experiences you chose in a contract prior to birth. Your contract is part of an agreement with other souls sharing your lifetime, but all of that is forgotten when you and the others incarnate.

The origin of everything in existence in the cosmos is the love-light essence of Creator, Source, I AM, Oneness of All, the Totality. Creator chose the gods and goddesses who would manifest their respective universes and rule over them. There are seven universes and in this one, there is no heaven or hell. The universal law of physics automatically takes individuals’ etheric bodies and psyches to the area of a spirit world where energy is the same as the individual’s lifetime energy. Akashic records, which are inviolable, contain every moment of each lifetime of the soul.

Everything that exists is energy fluctuating at one frequency or another, nothing is solid. Like everything else in existence, thoughts, feelings and words emit vibrations. Science and spirit are one and the same, cosmic consciousness. Earth is one organism that comprises humankind, animals, plants and the Devic kingdom, and all are inseparably interconnected souls as parts of the Supreme Being of this universe. Rocks, soil, fire, water, air, wind, and even manufactured items have varying levels of consciousness.

What happens anywhere in this universe affects everything else everywhere else. What you think of as time actually is differing energy planes. The reality is the timeless continuum where everything is a series of events happening simultaneously. The universal law of attraction brings back to you from the collective consciousness whatever is the focus of your thoughts and feelings. That is how all individuals co-create their lives and collectively co-create the world. Co-creation is using Creator’s energy to put your ideas into form or action.

Countless civilizations are far, far advanced spiritually, consciously and technologically from people on Earth. Some live on motherships that have highly evolved consciousness and are miles in diameter. Earth is surrounded by small spacecraft and some extraterrestrials are living on the planet. Many times in the planet’s history people from other civilizations have resided there.

Some years ago a powerful light grid built by evolved civilizations forced the dark forces out of the Milky Way. The dark forces is a massive energy force field that meanders throughout the universe and is attracted to individuals and civilizations with tendencies toward greed, cruelty and power. Those individuals and populations become the forces’ puppets.

The puppets on Earth have controlled governments, global economy, banking, religions, western medicine, education, commerce, transportation, communication, corporations, entertainment industry, legal and judicial systems, agriculture, energy sources, military forces—everything that impacts life in your world. They start wars, commit atrocities, cause disease, poverty and famine, create divisiveness and bigotry, and put falsehoods in religions’ holy books.

Two kinds of ascension, planetary and personal, are underway and so is world transformation. The battle between light and darkness that is happening in linear time already has been won by the light, and in the continuum, Earth’s civilization is joyously flourishing.

That jumble of information is not in order of importance or well expressed, and no doubt we have forgotten numerous areas wherein factual information must replace blatant deception and mass ignorance by intention of the darkness. But surely that would be enough to overwhelm even the strongest mind if all of it were presented in one seminar.

Beloved brothers and sisters, if you didn’t realize before how extensive your knowledge is and how limited Earth civilization’s is, now you do. And if you ever wondered why all light beings in this universe would honor you for steadfastness in your mission, surely now you know.

With the unequalled power of unconditional love, we support you in every step of your Earth journey.



Suzanne Ward

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