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Mary Magdalene – Threads of the Soul

by Pamela Kribbe

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Dear friends,

I am Mary Magdalene. I welcome all of you in this circle of like-minded people. You are living through a time of transition, one that is not limited to the world around you, but also takes place within you. You are actively moving into your greater self. That self is not tied to time and space, but is free, unlimited, and able to spread its wings and to gain insight, energy, and knowledge from the other dimensions in which you were once at home. The wealth of that heritage is now increasingly within your reach, because you are expanding inwardly, becoming more vast, more spacious. Your consciousness exceeds ever more boundaries.

This spaciousness happens through your inner work, by your willingness to follow the path of your soul, and also by your actively seeking the darkness within yourself. As a result, your awareness is increasing and you are becoming more and more who you truly are. You are creating the transition from an earthly personality – bound to time and space, and limited by the era and culture in which you live – to a soul-borne personality: a personality who is inspired from the level of the soul and who is freely in touch with many more dimensions than just this one.

It is precisely because you are making this transition, and your soul is waking up in this body during the course of this life, that past lives surface in your consciousness, either through feelings – sometimes ambiguous feelings – or through images or memories. And the reason is very simple: your past lives are still alive. Those personalities that you have been, in all those times and in all those places, are not really dead: they are threads of your soul and are still alive in another dimension. The instrument that is your soul has many threads, and all the personalities that you once were each form one of those threads. From the places where they are now located, they perceive a light in the distance and that light is you at this time.

Those past lives sense what is still unresolved in the self, what still hurts and was misunderstood in the times in which they lived. All that is unresolved now has the chance to be understood in and through you and to become clear, so old pain can be released. When you deliberately make the transition to a greater self awareness is precisely when those parts of your soul, which have felt lost in previous lives, will find their way to you in your present life. And, sometimes, they will confront you with violent feelings and even blockages. Even though you cannot take them literally as yours, they do come back through time and space to knock on your door because they feel you have the ability to redeem them.

In order to truly do this work, and to have authentic redemption take place, you must first become aware of the fact that you are your soul. You must know that you are becoming that totality that includes all those lives seeking to become part of the vast tapestry that makes up your soul – you are an earthly personality and at the same time a soul. This life has the potential of offering you the chance to integrate all kinds of old aspects of yourself. And in all those aspects, in all those past lives, is something beautiful, something special: a unique talent, an energy, a radiance that has something extraordinary to add to you as a soul, and also to the world.

All those unique aspects desire to now come to fruition. Some have been, as it were, nipped in the bud and aborted. The conditions were then not suitable, and sometimes it is even the case that you must experience the dynamics of the energies of dark and light on Earth before you can understand those aspects more fully. Everything that becomes locked in a trauma inside you always seeks redemption and renewal, and so, for that reason, it is sometimes necessary that you suffer and feel broken, but that is never the goal.

It is now important for you to realize that you have the ability, the power within you, to free and to redeem your self. You have the spaciousness within your heart and your soul to free those old knotted threads in your soul’s history so that the fruits and the talents of those threads are free at last. And because you have now become so great, all that is possible in this lifetime. But you have not yet fully realized this fact, so you can then get so overwhelmed by the pain, the blocked energy of the past, that you lose all courage. You then do not believe in yourself and your abilities as the healer that you have now become.

You are ready for it. Coming into your power means, first of all, that you see and recognize your own strength. Power is consciousness, and consciousness is the greatest strength there is. Everything comes out of consciousness. If this is confusing to you it is because in your earthly world, especially in this society, power is more often associated with doing and acting than with what is perceived as mere consciousness. That is a big mistake, because doing and acting, when not fed from actual consciousness, leads to chaos and imbalance.

This is something you can see clearly around you on Earth. There is so much chaos and imbalance because there are forces which are not guided by the knowledge of the soul and by love. There are often blind forces that are very explosive, but are essentially impotent. On the whole, they are not powerful at all.

The biggest force that exists is consciousness. And what do I mean by consciousness? First of all, it means to be completely open and present. A wide open consciousness embraces everything, does not divide things between “good” or “bad”, does not exclude. An open consciousness is also very curious; it wants to explore everything and wants to always go inward to the core of things, and not to stay just on the exterior, but to go to the interior. An open consciousness does not say “no” to heavy emotions and dark expressions. It wants to go inward and to understand why, because this consciousness is deeply aware of an all-embracing love.

The archetypal consciousness, which is the core consciousness of the life of God, is certain of this love and it seeks for the light behind everything and for what has a need for light. It never divides things into “good” or “bad”; rather it makes a distinction between maturity and immaturity. Behind the many manifestations of “evil” is a child in need and an expansive consciousness knows that.

You can work on yourself in this same way. To approach your own pain, your own wounds from an open consciousness, is the most powerful thing you can do. Because, when you are open to love of self by looking at your self with an open mind, transformation simultaneously happens at the places where it hurts. Everything is allowed, because an open awareness is all-embracing; it gives you a feeling of relaxation and of coming Home, and that is actually healing. Healing is not making things “better”, or fixing some problems, or putting band-aids on a trauma. It is being present in full, pure consciousness so you gradually begin to understand why things are happening the way they are. That healing field of consciousness is where your soul emerges, where your soul is also growing. That is what is being born in all of you on Earth in this lifetime.

I invite you at this time to enter into this field of “conscious love” or “loving consciousness” inside you and to imagine that all your body cells are open to this energy, which is actually your soul. It has the energy of Home, of your origin. Just look for a color, or a particular feeling, and sense that a deep certainty lives in this field: the certainty that in the end everything is nothing but love. Everything discovers its place, everything eventually comes Home. In its essence, this consciousness is free from all cares. It surely knows the depth of the pain and lostness that you can experience as a human being, but it also knows that all this will end, that all parts will return Home enriched by their journey through time and space.

Feel yourself now becoming very strong. Concentrate on your inner being and feel an anchor in your abdomen or in your lower chakras. Allow that field of healing energy to descend all the way down to your root chakra. Feel how happy the Earth is when you know your soul; the Earth wants to support that knowing. Breathe from deep within your abdomen and feel how you are safe in this field of love, essentially untouchable. Whatever people do with or against you, this field remains, it is unassailable, it is eternal.

I would now like to encourage you to visit a dark place within yourself that is ready for deliverance. Some things might be tucked too far away and are still not ready for redemption. But there are parts of yourself which are ready and, as it were, are sitting just on the edge with this very desire to be free, so that the original joy of life that remains stuck in that pain or that trauma can be freed. You need this part of yourself, which is ready for liberation, in order to become more happy and optimistic, so encourage it to step forward in your consciousness.

Imagine this part of yourself in the form of a figure, or an energy, or a color, a symbol – whatever comes to you. You can also feel it in a place in your body, but give it eyes, and imagine that those eyes express your tears, or your anger, frustration, and resistance. Or maybe you see a very tenuous and ethereal something that still cannot express itself very well. Whatever it is, greet it at once and try to not change it; simply make it feel welcome. It is possible that this part of you has been in the dark for a very long time. And now, perhaps, it first needs to get used to your attention. It probably has need of reassurance, because light can hurt in the beginning and may create a sense of fear or shame when you have lived for so long as a dark secret. That is why it is good to ask this part what you can do for it. Allow this part to speak; ask it: “What do you need from me? What can I do for you?”

Notice how calm you remain. No matter how much pain or discomfort radiates from this part of yourself, you are in a place of understanding and spaciousness. You also feel that you do not need to do something, that you only need to be present. Promise this part of you then that you are going to perform what it asks of you, whatever it desires; that you will meet its expectations as much as possible.

When you do this inner work, allow yourself to be guided by what that injured part in you needs and desires. Think of it as a treasured game that you play with that aspect of yourself. Which means you do not begin frantically trying to clean up yourself, you take your time for it. Your soul is in a dimension that is independent of earthly time and often has a better sense of timing than your human spirit, who wants to act now, wants to see immediate results in the outside world, because that is the way you have been raised – brainwashed, almost.

The dynamics and the rhythm of the emotional life do not work in a neat straight line. The best vehicles for change are patience and understanding and compassion. And when you can give them to yourself without any expectation, without worrying about results, then things happen without your trying to make them happen. Once again, that is the great power of pure consciousness, pure presence: it does what it does without pushing, pulling, or shoving.

If your lives on Earth, and by that I mean the lives of all people on this Earth, were more anchored in consciousness, this world would be a very different place. People would remain more attuned to their inner spaciousness and remain open and alert, and in this open, alert consciousness, new inspiration would bubble up without effort after a period of silence and stillness. It would come from a pure heart, and you would come to the conclusion that: “This is what I want to do, this is what makes me happy.” Such a decision will always contribute to the well-being of all people and of the Earth.

However, because spaciousness is not utilized, and the power of consciousness is underestimated, people go way too fast and often act from fear and anxiety. The result is that you get actions which are chaotic, or even destructive, and that is not only very painful for people, but also for the Earth that suffers because of it.

Realize, as well, that this consciousness I described, when applied to your own life as a result of processing old traumas, does not affect just you. When you take that backward, inward step, and you experience that force of consciousness in your own life, it then happens that the field of consciousness on Earth, the collective field, is also changed. No matter how small and minimal your contribution seems to you in a population of billions of people, it still makes a great difference. New openings are created through the work you do, so it becomes easier for others to do that, too. You set an example.

I would like to thank you for your presence and your dedication to this inner work. It means a lot to us, to yourself, and to the Earth. Thank you so much.

Mary Magdalene: What it Means to be Human

by Pamela Kribbe

Dear men and women,

Welcome to this circle. I am Mary Magdalene. I was once on Earth as a woman who lived and loved, and sometimes despaired and struggled with the very human emotions that you all know so well within yourselves.

I am here today to argue the case for what it means to be human.

Many of you are tired of being human. There is a lot of struggle in your hearts, pain and fear from the past, and sometimes weariness, as well as a turning away from true openness, because of what being human on Earth might bring to you.

All this is quite understandable, because by coming to Earth, you meet a resistance within that is dictated by memories of past lives and stirred by a nostalgia for Home, a home that you have known in the realms of harmony and light.

You all carry those memories inside yourself, and when you come to Earth as a descending soul, your mood can sometimes become very depressed.

Connect with the part of yourself that is struggling here on Earth, and accept that it experiences fear about being here. Your consciousness is not of the Earth; your consciousness is infinite, cosmic, and feels at home in the entire universe.

It is here on a visit and only lives temporarily in an earthly body.

Acknowledge and receive the part of yourself that is scared to be here, fearful of really taking part in life, and afraid to be open to everything that can be experienced here on Earth. Allow that pain to be there: the doubt, the loneliness, the boredom, the despair. I ask you to open to that wound, because a hurt can be healed only when loving attention flows toward it.

Many of you want to take on the adornments of the spiritual path. But when you reach up high for the light, before you know it, you have left behind the earthly.

What you are really encouraged to do, here and now, is to look at the darkness within yourself and to send light to that darkness, which is something that can evoke resistance in you. However, to descend into your own darkness, loneliness, feeling of separateness, is what can give you the most fulfillment.

When you do this, you discover who you really are, a carrier of light, someone who can illuminate the darkness.

Now, imagine that the old pain which lives in your souls is gathered within the center of this circle of people. That pain is expressed in so many ways; it can manifest as agitation, anxiety, sadness, uncertainty, a sense of disconnect.

I ask you to envision, as you all stand in a circle around this old pain, that there is a lighted torch in the hands of each one of you that is extended toward the center of the circle, so this pain can be fully illuminated and seen, and no longer has to hide in the dark.
Allow your light to shine.

You are not that pain; you are the one who can relieve the pain and transform it, and that is your true task and mission here on Earth.
When you cast your light onto your own darkness in this way, the light also shines toward others and encourages them to do the same. You are then a lightworker; it starts with you.

The most profound invitation is there for you to fully accept and embrace your most vulnerable parts, and this is what we have done this week.
When you look at the deepest wounds in a person, you will see that they are the same in virtually everyone, man or woman, and come from their need to be known and loved, or come from a feeling of being deprived of love and understanding.

The original purpose of sexuality, of intimacy, is joy, and that encounter is intensely valuable, you might even call it sacred.
When the male and female meet in openness and respect, there will be a union of energies that is literally creative. A child may be born from this union, a wonderful and beautiful new human child.

But this meeting is also creative in a deeper sense.

On a soul level, you can become enlivened and touched by the soul of another in a way that is intensely enriching for you, and through which you become part of the One without losing your own uniqueness, your individuality. That is the true meaning of an encounter between man and woman.

Feel the beauty of this and feel how deeply you desire this, the sacred meaning of sexuality.
As a soul, you are always searching for the One, to come home to yourself, to come Home to the divine. You have many names for it, but they always fall short: God, the One, the all that is, the universe, the cosmos.

It is about that longing you feel deep within yourself to abide in unconditional security, to be accepted completely, and to be allowed to express yourself freely.

This deep nostalgia lives in everyone and the grand thing about the meeting between husband and wife – or between two love partners, which can also be between two men or two women – the wonderful thing about the sexual encounter, is that you can there experience a glimpse of the One, of unity. In being human, precisely through such polarity – the duality of man and woman – you get a glimpse of Home, of paradise, and you are enriched because of it. Sexuality is meant to be a source of light, a tender dance.

However, especially in the field of sexuality, human beings have become deeply wounded; a distance and hostility has developed between both sexes. People no longer feel at home with the energy of the opposite sex, even when those energies are within themselves. Women have difficulty taking on their masculine energy, their self-confidence, their power. Men struggle to surrender to their feelings, their emotions, to the enjoyment of, and the fusion with, another.

How has this come about? It would be a very long story to bring to light all aspects of the evolution of the male and the female energy. But the basic fact is that God, the source of all that is, has given you the freedom to explore and experiment, and to also risk having outcomes in the form of energy that is out of balance. Yet this was necessary so as to actually come to understand who you are and what responsibility has been given to you. You are not a child in the hand of God, you are a God in the making who must learn to take responsibility and to be in balance with all the elements of life.

You are a God in the bud.

Feel how you are powerful and autonomous.

You are one and indivisible, and although you are inextricably bound to the Source of everything, you are also totally yourself, entirely unique. Allow this knowledge to sink in.

You are you and no one else, and that is itself a miracle, a mystery.
That is what it is like to be a soul, indivisible and unique; that is what it is like to be a God, a creator: free, independent, autonomous.

Can you fully bear the responsibility of this much autonomy? That is the real question.
A part of you does not want to bear that much responsibility, and that part is your shadow. It feels powerless, anxious, separated from the Source. It wants to return Home, like a child who calls for its mother. And very often, romantic sexual relationships are used as a way to come Home – but this does not work.

Home is in you – being your own unique self. To take on your full autonomy is the first step to a mature relationship. Being at home in yourself, resting in your own core, is the condition for a deep joyful relationship with another.

But this condition runs counter to the childlike desire that is often looked for in a romantic love relationship, a longing to abide in the other, to completely merge into another, as if the other is an all-knowing parent on whom you can lean as a child. It is precisely in romantic love that the inner child wants to release its own burdens and put them onto another. There is then an emotional dependence and soon both partners become stifled.

The first step to a holy, healing relationship is to fully come home to yourself; to put your arms around the child inside you that went astray and feels lost. Take up your own adult role; the other person can not heal your wounds; you are your own healer, your own light.

When you can descend into yourself in this way, accepting yourself deeply and entirely, you are ready to reach out and touch another in openness and wonder.

That is step two in building a joyful, abundant relationship.

Reach out to the other in wonder, and wonder means there are no expectations, no wanting something and needing nothing, but simply to look with wonder, with interest at the other.

The most beautiful form of romantic love is to marvel, to be attracted to the other, to want to learn and explore the other in the most open and intimate ways. And to do that without wanting to add that person to your worldview, to your ideas; without wanting to shape the other to your expectations, your needs, but to really play together. It is only then can another give themselves, because there is then no pressure or obligation. You are free, the other is free, and you come together voluntarily.

There is then something higher that connects you both, something that rests in the heart. You do not try to change or heal the other, or try to make them better. No, you together celebrate life, and through doing that you are healed. Not through the other, but through yourself and your ability to rest in yourself, and from there to being open to receive from the richness and the abundance of another soul.

I ask you to now do that with your thoughts. Imagine you are completely at peace. Do it physically by going down along your spine, through your heart and your abdomen to your pelvis, and feel that here is the area in your body that is associated with sexuality. Feel this in wonderment and openness without the prejudice, the feelings of shame or impurity, which have been attached to sexuality from society and the past.

Feel this area as just as acceptable and neutral as, for example, how a toe on your foot feels. Here is the anchor for your being human, and here, in the area of your abdomen and pelvis, are your basic instincts. It is here that you rest on Earth.

Descend with your consciousness, just be present.

Wherever you now are, feel at home with yourself, with whatever human emotions you are struggling.

What matters is that you are there for yourself. Your light, your core, can face everything, because it is an immortal light, a light that softens and understands. Fill out your whole aura with this light. Feel truly held in your own divine light, and feel how the universe, God, the Source of all, loves you. That is why it created you, to be as unique as you are. You are fully accepted, you are admired, you are loved, because you are who you are, exactly as you now are.

Look from this state of consciousness to someone you love.

It could be your life partner, but also a friend, your child, or your father or mother. Just pick someone who now comes to mind, with whom you now want to connect. While you connect with that person who you see before you, stay completely with yourself; your boundaries are retained, so rest in yourself. Feel easy and comfortable doing that. Breathe quietly into your abdomen and do not feel like you should help or change the other. In fact, you need not do anything at all, simply remain in yourself.

Then look with an openness and wonder at that other person. Look at what they radiate as they now are in front of you. When you are observing in this way, you reach out to the other in wonder. You do not have to do anything and the other does not have to do anything. You simply observe what the other looks like, how they move, and what you notice about their energy.

Then you move closer to that person, while your energy field remains around you. From your heart, you feel deeply for this person. Let whatever you feel toward them rise up spontaneously, and observe that with wonder and without judgement. Look at what connects you and what gives you the most vital and joyful connection. Do not look at what does not go so well or collides, and what causes encounters, but look at the highest, lightest, most joyful strand which connects you, in which the energy flows effortlessly between you, and enjoy that. You do not have to do anything with it except to get pleasure from it.

Receive that light for a moment. Feel how the light through that thread flows to your heart and see what that does to you. It brings something new and sparkling into your life, something with which you can move forward, which further enriches you. You will receive it from your being together, while you also allow each other to be free. It is in the wonderment, and in allowing the other to be free, that you meet each other most deeply. That is the purpose of real intimacy.

Step one is to be at home with yourself, to rest in yourself, and to continue to do so even when you are in contact with another. Step two is reaching out in wonder, and not wanting to change or control another, but merely to look, feel, and discover. And step three is enjoying that which flows easily between you when are together. Enjoy that flow and let the other be free.

Relationships on Earth are very precious. It is where you energetically encounter your most intense human emotions. I said in the beginning: “I am here today to be an advocate for being human.” By that I mean, historically, the attempt was often to manifest the divine in yourself by transcending your humanity, by trying to rise above it, and to actually flee from your own emotions by becoming a recluse so as to avoid the bonds of authentic partner relationships.

My way to the divine is by being human through relationships, because even though that is where you are most deeply confronted with feelings of loneliness, homesickness, and despair, it is also where you experience wonder, deep joy, connectedness, and an intimacy that is so precious.

When you have once entered into a deep intimate relationship with another soul in human form, it remains forever in your soul memory. When the soul is deeply touched through being human, through being a man and a woman connected through sexuality, then that is truly a gateway to the divine.

In this way, the spiritual, the divine light, can really begin to live in people and in human society.

Spirituality attains a living, golden radiance, not through being isolated in some realm far above, but precisely through the interplay on Earth between human to human.

I want to thank you for your being here together, the openness with which you are connected from your heart. This is what matters!

True spirituality is not about discipline, or developing certain skills or arts that you master. It comes down to that one thing: an open heart, a human heart that itself wants to bow down to its own darkness in wonder and gentleness, and through so doing will also taste the joy of love – warm human love.

Thank you very much.

Your essential contribution and achievement in this life is, first of all, an inner one, namely, that of your soul’s plan.

Mary Magdalene: The Forbidden Female Energy

by Pamela Kribbe

Dear friends,

I am Mary Magdalene, your sister, your equal and kindred spirit.

I am here with both joy and sadness. I love you as my sisters. I see your struggle and I see the flame in your hearts: the flame of love, passion, and deep connection with life on Earth and with your fellow humans. That deep enthusiasm and compassion in your hearts, I know from within. You are sensitive women, who at the same time have much power: an inner strength that you have accumulated and built up over the centuries, through many lives.

In this lifetime, there has been an accelerated maturation and integration, which is how you reap the benefits of many lives. Fragments of your soul want to merge with you and to reveal their gifts and talents. In the history of your soul, this is a moment of harvesting. But that harvest is sometimes different in character than you perceive from your human mind. What you reap from the lives you have led on Earth – the pain, the joy, the peaks and the valleys – is first of all an inner harvest, an inner coming to fruition, that is the result of your lived wisdom sounding through you as an earthly human, as a woman or a man.

You have come for this alive, flesh and blood, human wisdom. You have come to experience this wisdom in this lifetime, which is the completion of a cycle of lives. Based on your socially determined view, however, you have the tendency to overemphasize outer results. You often look at what you have done in the world and its efffect on others, and that leads you to judge how successful or effective you are, including the mission of your soul. There is too much of a tendency to look at outer results, even in the spiritual world, because that is what you have been taught. This is the result of an overly external, and essentially materialistic, worldview.

Your essential contribution and achievement in this life is, first of all, an inner one, namely, that of your soul’s plan. You are completing something you have been working on during many lives on Earth; something you do in a human body with complete soul consciousness.  Therefore, your personality is not to be transcended by a higher consciousness that you will develop. Rather, your personality is a precious instrument that has gradually become steeped in your own soul’s knowledge that has developed over many lives and now wants to manifest and be known in this life in a subtle way.

This will, of course, affect everything you do. It touches the people around you, whether in your personal relationships or in your work. When your soul consciousness descends that deeply, it touches the Earth and your daily life, and then you spread a special light. But it is not a light of: “I know better, so I’m going to tell you what’s going on”. No, it is a light of love, of shared humanity and the wordless understanding of another.

That energy you carry with you has a great non-verbal component. You could think of it as the aura of an old soul, of a richly lived, wise soul who understands the art of conveying energy in a simple way. The more you embody your soul’s knowing, the more you also remove yourself from the existing ways of thinking and doing, from the many habitual thoughts and worries which you have been taught. You are more “into the flow”, as it has been called. This current of being is, in fact, a very earthly stream. It has to do with sinking deeply into your abdomen and connecting with your body, and not with a mere material shell, but with a sacred instrument whose living, flowing energy preserves its connection with the Earth.

I would ask you to first connect with your body and to approach it as a living river: a flowing, dynamic energy field full of colors, movements, energies, and feel it as such at this moment. Imagine your body as a river and feel the flow of its water from head to toe and back again from toe to head. See if there is a place in that stream where the water moves wildly and is turbulent; a place in your energy field where the water – your energy – moves irregularly or restlessly. Then send light to that place: the light of bright vision and clear knowledge.

Ask yourself, “What does this place need energetically to come into balance and be peaceful?” You may see it in the form of a color, a feeling, or a symbol, to giive to that place. Ask yourself, “Is there anything I can do to bring peace there – a calmness and composure?” Let the answer come in the form of an intuitive knowing – it does not have to be in words. Connect with that inner knowing that is so near to you, because you actually do know.

Do you sense the consciousness of your body? You will get answers there more quickly than through your thinking. The more you are in this flow, the more you just know. And that is a very good feeling, because the noise of many thoughts and also of restless emotions then disappears. So, feel that point within yourself where you just know – where silence and knowledge are linked. In your body field is a quiet, inner knowing that is connected to the Earth, which is why it is very well-grounded and not shaky or impulsive – it has a solid foundation underfoot.

It is very important that wisdom or knowledge is grounded. In many spiritual circles or theories there may be wisdom, but what is really needed are people who radiate embodied wisdom so as to convey that wisdom. They may be able to discuss spiritual theories or knowledge from their head, but that knowledge does not have the intended effect, or any effect at all, and can also create confusion. It is always about the quality of the underlying current, the flow, that can be found in the depth below the mental.

First, you went to a place in the flowing water of your energy field where the water was turbulent and restless, and brought peace there. Now, I ask you to go to a place in your energy field where the energy is just dead, dammed up so the water is stagnant and where more movement is needed. See if you can feel somewhere in your energy field a rather dead place where there is too little movement. Take your time. Sink into your abdomen and take a deep breath. See if that place calls to you: a place in the shadows that falls a little outside your daily field of vision. Maybe there is sadness there, too, because it is a neglected place, a part of you that has not been seen and recognized. Who or what is there? You can imagine a woman there, a part of you who could not fully show herself, a part that has been hidden or forbidden – a forbidden woman within you. Who is she? Can you see her? Her eyes, her body, her stature?

You all live under the pressure of a ban on the original, authentic, female energy. It is an energy of deepening, of connection, of intuition and it is linked to the third eye, of being able to see through things. The energy of the third eye belongs to the forbidden woman. It is the energy of a pervasive wisdom that exposes things. It is also the energy of deep connection, of one’s feeling for that of another. And it is the energy of leadership through connection. This energy has to do with the qualities of being a visionary, of connection through intuition with the future and with the possible realities that want to come to Earth, and not through thought, but through inner imagination. Those are all feminine qualities that have fallen by the wayside.

You all long for your own depth. Both men and women yearn for a greater inner depth, and that has to do with the forbidden female energy. That is the depth you are looking for, both in your work and in your relationships. You look for it not only in intimacy, in a sexual encounter, but also in your work, in your creativity. They are not separate from each other. What you are looking for, essenially, is yourself, so that you may experience and show that “self” on the Earth in all aspects of your life.

There is also a deep wound there, because that energy and the ability to experience and show yourself on Earth is forbidden. But instead of you thinking about that, I am asking you to make an energetic connection with that forbidden woman within yourself, to feel her in certain places in your body, and to recognize her and to welcome her. Because remember: it is your inner mission to welcome her into your life; to reconcile with her, to bring her to life in your life. You do not have to change the world, it is about you. It is about your calling, which is to redeem yourself and to make yourself whole.

What does she need from you? How can life, the water, flow through to her? See what color, energy, feeling, or quality is needed in that place. Often it has to do with daring, and the courage to integrate, to fully experience that part of yourself, to stand up in life from that quality. This is a time of change, so in that sense you have the “wind at your back” in this life. Feel the power of Mother Earth. In the end, her power is much greater and more resilient than that of humanity as a whole. Know nature is on your side – feel safe on Earth.

I salute you all and I am connected to you – you are never alone.

You are connected to kindred spirits, and you are very much loved.

Thank you very much.

A Beautiful Message of Resurrection-Mary Magdalene and Jesus through Linda Dillon

On our Easter Heart Call, both the Magdalena and Yeshua gave us messages of hope and renewal, and requested that we move forward, to let go of the pain and suffering of the past.

Channeling – The Magdalena

Greetings, I AM the Magdalena. I AM Mary Magdalene but because my name has been both revered and decried so many times, I choose, like you may choose, to come to you as the Magdalena. Now, I will not usurp my beloved’s time, for this is truly a space and time in which he truly reaches out to many. But I want you to know, my beloved circle, not merely as spirit but as wife, as mother, as beloved, as partner, my experience, which is so similar to yours.

In my own right, I had studied and trained, as you know… yes, with the Essene… channel, keeper of ritual, teacher, and sometimes healer. And with my beloved Yeshua, we proceeded with the understanding, knowledge, of what lay ahead. No, we did not sit, or live in that quagmire of grief or pain, for our pathway together was to bring love, to be an example of beloveds, yes, of family but also of partners in the undertakings of forming, of anchoring, of teaching, of living a new path of collegiality, of working, and laughing, and living together.

Yes, my Yeshua is far more notorious in some ways, and I am far more notorious in others. And we would laugh about this, and we would share our dreams because knowing what lay ahead did not rob us of hope, it did not rob us of our dreams, of our intentions to create family and pathways to anchor love upon the planet. We did not live in denial but we did live in the moment. Even in knowing I distanced myself from the deep acceptance of knowing… the details, the hows, the whys, the brutality, the violence, the hatred, the greed… of how my beloved would die. That is not a myth, dear hearts, he was crucified in many ways, and it broke my heart as it has broken your hearts many times.

But I do not come this day to talk about tragedy. Even though we had talked about it, I did not think, or feel, or believe that my sweet Yeshi would resurrect, that he would bring himself forward in his illuminated, enlightened human self. Of course, I was wrong. Can you imagine my joy, my sense of wonder, yes, even being fully informed, of seeing my beloved yet again? Just as you have and will, for Yeshua has said many times that he will return in form, when the new is on Earth, and that he will walk with you… he already does. And can you imagine my dismay having to let him go again?

I hear the cries of your heart. I do not hold myself up as saint, or master, or angel but as woman, spirit. So, I know when you have turned to me and cried, “It’s not fair. What did I do?” There is a grander unfoldment; there is a grander joy; there is a Grand Plan of the Mother. And yes, it has taken sacrifice and endurance and fortitude on all of us… and we have honed that skill, and we have anchored those virtues.

But now beloveds, especially in this time, let us embrace the joy… let us embrace the joy, not only of this annual ritual of his resurrection, let us celebrate the joy of your resurrection, of your rebirth. Let me celebrate with you and let me hold you. I will not hold you back, I will support you, I will comfort you, I will fortify you, and I will tell you jokes, and I will teach you energetic tricks. And we will laugh and break bread, and we will celebrate this new beginning, not only of my Yeshi but of you, my beloved family.

Know of my love, of my enduring friendship, and my appreciation and compassion for the road that you have walked, and that you have prepared for many. It has not been a futile exercise… quite the contrary. The feast is prepared so come and enjoy it and look for me. I am with you. Farewell.

Channeling – Yeshua

I AM Yeshua, beloved brother. Welcome my dear hearts, mighty angels in form, whether you are star-seed, star being, human being, earth-keeper, whether you have declared yourself in former times as friend, or foe because there are some of you that recall that we were not best friends, that at some level you failed to see me, you failed to acknowledge me, you failed to follow, or you even betrayed me. Listen to what I say, “I am your beloved brother and I adore you; I love you!”

The end of my life was difficult, in the human way, and I was very glad to be taken home to the Mother and Father, and to sit in the stillness, the stillpoint of One, and simply resume, reconstitute, and then resurrect… yes, to a different octave, beyond human realm. But I anchored… listen to what I say… I anchored my essence, my energy, in the dimension of love so that it would be there, that I would be there, that everything that I have to offer would be there in the true expansion of my being. And it would be there for you, with you. And that when you were looking you would see it, you would go there, and you would come and rejoin with me, as I rejoin with you.

It’s time. You are already reborn, and yes, you are reborn into a world that may look familiar and completely alien. This is the adventure! This is not just the service to our Mother of being in form, it is us having the adventure, the joy, the play. And you know, there are games, particularly in your culture where games are really quite fierce… well, not as bad as the chariot races but still quite fierce… this competition, and in teams collegiality and a shared sense of purpose.

You, you are playing the game of life, you are playing the game of creating Nova Earth, and there is no more exciting adventure. The thing that kept me going when I walked the planet as Jesus, other than my beloved, my family, my friends, my disciples, even my enemies would give me energy… what kept me going was the vision. I knew why I was there, and why I continued to be there, and here, and everywhere else… and so do you. Sometimes you say to me, “Lord, I am tired, and I am fed up.” And other times you say, “I am amazed and excited.” I am with you in all those areas.

What I am asking you to do, not just in this gap time… for yes, isn’t this sacred Saturday… it is a gap time to go into the void, into the stillpoint, into the heart of One. Go to the stillpoint and sit with me, please, and allow your dreams, your creations of what you are choosing in your divine free will, to birth, to bring forth, and to co-create with Gaia, with the kingdoms, with the elements, and with each other… and most certainly with your star family who are very present anyway. Come and create with me in the stillpoint, in the nothingness, and in the everything. And then together, hand in hand, arm in arm, let us proceed. Let us proceed to complete the work, to have the adventure that we began so long ago… and that is only one life we are talking about, for there have been many.

Let the sense, the deep, profound sense and knowing of rebirth, of resurrection, of sheer amazement, let it penetrate you; let me share it with you, let us share it with you because that is what is needed. You are being fueled from our hearts to yours; you are being fueled with love every single moment of every single day… don’t turn it off. And when you are weary, rest and let us continue to fill you because beloveds, you and we are not going to miss this new adventure.

Nova Earth, Gaia herself, is beckoning. Now, who do you think she is talking to? We are fully aware of her. She is of our realm, yes, like you, in physical form. Who is Gaia talking to? The humans! So, let us not panic, let us not operate in fear, change is a constant and it will come. But when it is undertaken in sacred, divine partnership, in loving companionship, the results are quite literally what people think of as miraculous. Do not underestimate your ability to co-create. You have just begun to tap in, and sweet angels of light, you have the tools, you have the formulas, you have the energy, you are fueled and ready to go, and we will not allow that fuel tank to be depleted.

Let us emerge as one family, one heart, one heart-being in love, in awe, in joy. Let grief be a thing of distant memories.

Go with my love and share my excitement and come to the stillpoint and join me. Farewell.

Channeled by Linda Dillon
©2020 Council of Love, Inc.

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Your life is your choosing, no other person can decide or dictate your life to you…you hold the power to choose what you wish to experience, no person, group or government can dictate to you your choices and experiences, and yet you can live peacefully alongside any energy or within any community.-Mother Mary-

Discussions on Supportive Steps to Dissolve Fear and Illness,

Mother Mary and Mary Magdalene

Channeled through Natalie Glasson – Original Source: Sacred School of OmNa 

Mother Mary: It is with the vibration of the 9th Ray of Light I greet you today. I bring forth the brilliant colours and vibrations of a blue and green light focused upon soul integration and exploration, as well as, the merging of the heavens with the Earth, light with matter. Please allow me to dowse you in the blue and green light permitting it to seep into your entire being. As the reality of the blue and green light of the 9th Ray of Light surrounds you, let yourself breathe in the healing vibrations, wisdom, and transformational shifts this aspect of the Creator promotes.

Soul integration with all aspects of your physical, emotional, and mental bodies is essential in all periods of ascension and yet it is at this stage vital. There is an importance and a need for you to have confidence in the divinity, truth, and sacred abilities of your soul that transmit through and embody all aspects of your being and reality upon the Earth. This is not to understand the mystic and sacred abilities individual to you, more so it is to understand the basic tools and abilities your soul brings forth and enhances within your being which can be recognised as the same within all beings. This is the time for humanity to unite in a deep understanding and confidence in their spiritual and natural abilities to alter and shift circumstances on the Earth and personal realities. The belief systems of the Earth and created by humanity which preoccupies and governs everyday life upon the Earth now need to be erased completely, with new beliefs born from the soul of each person created and anchored as the new consciousness of humanity.

Mary Magdalene: When you are in fear you are not choosing to open the doorway before you which can be opened to allow you to embrace new higher vibrations of love and truth especially within your reality upon the Earth. A door before you only becomes a blockage or a hindrance when you believe you do not have the ability or the strength to open the door. I will share with you, remind you, and empower your confidence and courage as I say to you that you have the power to open the door and experience the powerful loving truth of the Creator. You are in fear when you do not choose to open the door. The Creator does not wish for you to suffer with any form of attachment to or experience of fear or illness. The Creator wishes for you to dissolve all forms of attachment to fear and illness realising your power to move through your ascension creating only loving positive blissful experiences for yourself. Attachment or detachment to the creation and experience of fear and illness is now your choice. You make this choice through your thought processes and what you choose to believe in.

Do you believe that fear limits you, causing your energy and power to crumble, thus causing you to be helpless? Do you believe fear is yours to accept and experience in your reality? Do you believe the illness is your divine right or is inevitable when evidence of illness is present in your reality or in the worldwide Earth? The real questions put to you now which hold the most power and influence in your life are:

Are you ready to disregard what seems to be evidence of illness and the creation of fear on the Earth, in favour of knowing your own power, and knowing you can choose the reality you wish to experience?

Are you ready to create a world beyond fear and illness, even if you are bombarded with evidence that states otherwise?

Mother Mary: It is time to accept your power and realise that whatever occurs upon the Earth you have the choice whether you wish to experience it and how you wish to experience it. With the spread of illness upon the Earth, you have the choice to decide whether you will be infected with illness or not. With fearful situations arising and occurring to others, you have the choice whether you wish to adopt and emanate fear or not. If you choose to adopt fear, then you will be attracting experiences that cause you fear into your life.
Your life is your choosing, no other person can decide or dictate your life to you.

It is time to accept this truth and begin to live in a way that expands, enhances, and embodies this same truth within your being. You can choose to say ‘No,’ to experiences of fear and illness and ‘Yes,’ to experiences of love, peace, and continuous health. Your life now lies in your beliefs about everyday things and your dedication to cultivating what you desire to experience. It does not matter what another being shares or experiences, you are the creator of your own reality and you have the constant support from the inner planes, guides, angels, ascended masters, and goddess beings.

Mary Magdalene: I wish to share with you some techniques to support you in moving into a reality where you create the options and experiences you wish for.

I wish to advise you to first listen to your reality the messages and beliefs you hold, and the messages and beliefs given to you by others, by media, and by seemingly factual evidence. With awareness choose which you wish to accept and which you wish to discard. For example, if you hear that illness is spreading across the world, choose to send love to all that are experiencing illness while choosing to affirm and make your truth that you are free from illness, always healthy, and filled with vitality. Know with deep certainty that the simple belief will always ensure your health and wellbeing.

Another example could be if an experience occurs in your reality or in the world and this creates fear within yourself and others, say ‘No,’ to fear, choose to release and let go of fear knowing that in doing so you are de-energising fear within you and within other people. Then create a feeling of love and safety within your being, think thoughts of love and safety, affirming to yourself the reality you choose to experience.

Remember you are the Creators of your reality; you have the divine right to choose what you wish to experience; this has never been so important. If each person and soul on the Earth were to realise they have the power to choose what they wish to create all illness, fear, poverty, and any other harmful energy would be powerless and non-existent.

A belief is a resonance and alignment to an energy. When you believe in love, safety, and health, no matter what evidence is shared with you to dissuade you, you align with and become love, safety, and health.

Mother Mary: Call love, light, peace, and vitality into your being, let these energies shower over and through your being, imagining, sensing, acknowledging their colours, vibrations, and positive influence upon your being. Believe in love, light, peace, and vitality. See, sense, and acknowledge your entire being emanating these four energies constantly from every aspect of your being.

Call upon the 9th Ray of Light to merge the higher energy, aspects and consciousness of your soul into your physical body and auric field so you will be influenced positively by your soul accessing the guidance and intuition of your soul. Your soul does not resonate or align with fear or illness, because of this it will act as a protection and a guiding light in your reality and being.

Mary Magdalene: Let the love of your heart and soul be your answer and response to all situations, beliefs, and experiences. Love is the answer, the result, and the experience eternally for you if you choose it to be, dedicating yourself to cultivating this reality for yourself. You can create it for yourself only and yet your dedication will impact all souls and beings on the Earth because they will align with the vibration you emanate: the vibration of love. Love is akin to a magnet, everyone is attracted to align, resonate as and with love, it is contagious! It is also fulfilling for you and acts as the strongest protection of all and a powerful creator of truth and divine wellbeing in your reality, thus in the realities of all. Let your love shine out so bright in every moment of your day and ask us your guides and the Creator to magnify and enhance the love you share and experience.

Mother Mary: Take the time to choose the reality you wish to experience, energise your choices through affirmations, visualisations, and asking for light empowerment for your choices from your guides and angelic beings. The greatest shift that is required to take place is the understanding you hold the power to choose what you wish to experience, no person, group or government can dictate to you your choices and experiences, and yet you can live peacefully alongside any energy or within any community.

Please be aware that we are speaking of making choices within your mind predominantly, this does not necessarily indicate that any action or demonstration needs to take place. This is a peaceful shift within you which no other person needs know about. It is a time when you detach yourself from the general consciousness of reality, quietly within your mind you choose your thoughts, knowing they will manifest within your reality. It is also important to realise that all forms of manipulation which you may create will only anchor you deeper into being manipulated by others. When you focus on love, light, peace, and health in your life, knowing they will simply manifest causing enhancement and fulfilment to your reality and all, then you will be supporting the expansion of love upon the Earth and within all.

Let our words inspire a gentle shift in your mind which creates happiness within your being and reality. This gentle shift encourages the question with great compassion, ‘What do I choose to make real in my reality?’ The answer is filled with abundant compassion, love, and truth that is beyond the ego, desires, desperation, and needs.

With truthful love, blessings, and inspiration,

Mother Mary and Mary Magdalene

Embrace the inner man and the inner woman in you

Pamela Kribbe channels Mary Magdalene

Dear friends of light, I am Mary Magdalene.

I know you – I know your path – I know who you are. We are deeply connected with one another; our links go back in time through many centuries. We are linked together as one big family, and the connection is not of the mind, but through the heart. It runs not only through the personal knowing of one another, it is deeper than that. There is a group energy that connects us – we are a family.

You are living in a significant time. You have already been here on Earth many times and you have gone through a lot in all those human lives. What is now accelerating the development of your heart is that, in this time, the change of consciousness is getting more grounded and becoming more alive in the hearts and souls of people. In your heart lives a hope, a desire, and also the reminder of a promise that you have carried with you through many lives.

You want to bring a heart-borne consciousness to Earth and through that process you also begin to flower. You want to connect with your soul while you are on Earth. You want to let your light radiate so that you become a human being free of fear, one who dares to stand fully in your own light. In this way, you also illuminate the world. Your light has a hopeful, inspiring effect on others.

But your first and biggest step is to acknowledge the light within yourself and to connect with your soul. It is a step that requires all your attention and devotion. You, who are linked with me, are all encouraged to travel this path, to connect with your soul, your divine origin, and from there to live an inspired life. This is becoming ever more possible on Earth. The vibration of the atmosphere on Earth is changing.

Although there still prevails a lot of disorder and chaos, and there still is a lot of emotional pain and confusion in many people, the seeds of the new have already been sown – and you are those seeds. You have already chosen: you want to move along with the voice of your heart, the voice of your soul. But before you can do this, before you can experience the joy of true freedom, you often meet up with old blockages: heavy parts of yourself that temporarily block the view of your own light.

When you live in a woman’s body, it is likely that your blockages have to do with the collective female pain; with what the female psyche has experienced in the many centuries before, and is still experiencing today. There are still places on Earth where the female energy is not respected and is even suppressed with violence. When you incarnate as a woman, you step with one foot into that history, into that collective energy of the past, into which you, too, participated during several lifetimes. It is intended that you again experience that energy so you can heal it by first healing yourself from within.

Fundamentally, it comes down to the fact that women have taken into themselves a deep feeling of unworthiness from the past. They have been consistently – and for a long time – been looked upon as second-class citizens, as people of a lesser value. They could not match the masculine way of thinking, so they were considered the weaker sex. However, their true talents lie in the field of intuition and the ability to connect, the ability to perceive deeply into the core of things, but their empathy was dismissed and reduced to the idea that women were emotional, impulsive, and unable to consider things rationally.

Both in religious teachings, as well as in many philosophical views, women were degraded. And that happened, of course, not only with words, but also with deeds: there has been so much sexual violence that has affected women deeply. When you have been damaged in your sexuality – humiliated, degraded – it leaves deep traces in your mind and in your emotional body.

Thus you can speak of a collective wound in the female consciousness, a sense of powerlessness, and as I said, a sense of inferiority or unworthiness. I want to encourage you to look at this wound as compassionately as possible. There is grief in you, as in all women, and there is also anger and resentment. Only with a compassionate look at yourself can you penetrate to the core of the pain, and at the same time to the heart of your power.

Whether you are male or female, I want to encourage you to turn your attention to the area of your abdomen, and your breathing can help you do that. By breathing consciously into your abdomen, you automatically turn your attention downward. Fill your abdomen with a gentle consciousness. Imagine that your abdomen is filled with your light. Gentle attention is nothing but light, openness, welcoming, saying “yes”.

Determine whether in the area of your abdomen lives a wounded woman, and I encourage both men and women to do this. You might see an image of a wounded woman, although there might appear a different image that indirectly points to the same thing. For example, in many people, both men and women, there is a lack of confidence about their own female energy: your sensitivity, your intuition, your ability to sense and feel. You often dismiss that ability; you adapt to the more male way of thinking that is around you, and so you cut yourself off from a deeper source of wisdom.

I ask you to now reach out a hand to the wounded woman within you, although she can also appear as a girl. Imagine that you call her toward you and you look into her eyes. And because you fully embrace who she is, she feels seen and already partly healed. Breathe light into her; know that she carries burdens which are much older than this life. You have had past lives; you are part of humanity, and because of that you will also have some of its collective energy in you. It is important that the wounded woman in you sees you and feels your presence.

But who are you then? You are your soul, and as your soul, directly connected to God, the Source, the Origin. Nothing is as powerful as the presence of your soul. The accumulation of pain and suffering in the past may seem great, yet it cannot withstand your living light in the present. Be filled with confidence – you can heal yourself. Bring light into the area of your abdomen and feel the power of your inner woman: her wisdom, her love, her inner knowing. She is allowed to be; she is welcome on Earth, so welcome her. And give her something beautiful: a flower, or another gift that comes to mind.

I ask you now to give this female image a rest, so we can go to the other pole, to that of the male energy. In the past, the female energy has been degraded, misunderstood, and this also affected men in their being. They were often required to develop a one-sided, two-dimensional male energy that focused on control of themselves, of life, and, eventually, of others. They were more or less cut off from their heart, their feelings. As a man, you had to be strong and powerful and to join in with the existing ideas and rules.

How many men have died on the battlefields of the endless number of wars that have taken place? These wars were often initiated by the struggle between men over male power. But among those victims were sensitive men, and also gay men, who could not find in themselves the conventional male image that has existed for so long. So in men there has been a deep wounding of their ability to love deeply, to be authentic, vulnerable, open, which is a condition for real intimacy in relationships. And that ability was discouraged. So men are also victims of this painful history, which is all about control and ruling.

But from where does this need originate? It comes from fear, from lack of love. It became a runaway male energy that lost connection to the One. Fear has terrorized both sexes. But in this day and age something will change. There is a desire in both men and women for authenticity in relationships, for deep connection.

I ask you to now connect with the male energy within yourself and to look in your heart to see if you can find a wounded man, or boy, who reflects your own male energy. That man became closed off in the area of the heart. What applies here to women is that it was increasingly difficult to accept their own male energy, because they associated this energy with a patronizing, misogynistic energy.

But know that the male energy in its true form is just as loving as the female energy. Specifically, as a woman, the true male energy can give you strength. Therefore, it is not only important for men, but also for women, that they heal the injured male energy in themselves. See if you can reach out your hand to your own male energy and look directly into his eyes.

At this time, there is developing in the hearts of many people an increasing sensitivity to the suffering you see around you in the world. There is also a desire for a connection with yourself that is deeper than before, and a longing for authentic relationships with others. Precisely here, in the realization of that desire, do you meet up with the wounded man and the wounded woman within yourself. It is in relationships, especially, that this woundedness can lead to misunderstandings.

It is important for you to realize that you, each one of you, carry within yourself a source of abundance. You possess both male and female energies, and you can heal both. You are complete – you are whole. Even if you carry the burdens of the past, there is an inexhaustible force within you: a gentle power, a courageous force. Embrace the inner man and the inner woman in you that you have seen and take them up into yourself. See them both as radiant figures, healed and in harmony with each other.

As a woman, be conscious of your self-esteem and your self-awareness. As a man, feel the warmth and the love in your heart. You are the lightworkers of this Earth. You bring light to an old history of pain; you bring back the light with your male and female energies. Be gentle with yourself; take time to heal your wounds. Experience that you can do this from your divine source. When you have a taste of that abundance within yourself, all your relationships become easier, smoother, and more loving.

I greet you all from deep within my heart. Thank you so much for your presence.

© Pamela Kribbe

Translation by Maria Baes and Frank Tehan

you are all in the process of bringing it all on home, in completion of your Mission

3-27-19 Mary Magdalene

by Eli Galla

Dear Beloved Brothers and Sisters,

Once again it is our pleasure to be here, at this very high-vibe time on your Beloved Planet, with us coming together and feeling the Love, that we are, and the Light that we are, heart to heart. Because, yes, you are going through your challenges, and now things are coming to a head for many of you. And you are feeling much more support, than you have ever felt in dealing with this Density of Duality, that you are faced with continually every day in negotiating how you will be able to survive and create a reality, that feels good to you, and that honors your Spirit.

So, it becomes a very fascinating journey, we would say, because all of the time with these high vibrations, coming in right now, you perhaps are feeling different thoughts come in, and things that possibly you hadn’t considered before, that work as a solution in the Now Moment for you to raise the level of your vibration, and for you to take steps to create the reality that allow you, to do it with Ease and Grace, in the way that you are envisioning and the way that you desire.

So, this can be a very tremendous Gift of bringing in these high vibrations, and, yes, to use your imagination in a very creative way, when encountering these new thoughts, and these feelings of Joy, that perhaps you haven’t encountered to this level and degree before. Because yes, the vibrations of these photon energies, that are visiting your planet right now, produce a lot of effects, that haven’t been available to you at this level of intensity, we would say, pretty much ever on the planet.

Because the level of the consciousness, through all that you have endured together, in this, what we would call, this last 13,000 years of testing this duality, in its density, we would call it a Duality Life Cycle, because all of these lifetimes have been joined together. And you’ve been on this Mission to learn Life Lessons to accelerate your spiritual evolution.

And it has been a wonderful phenomenon for all of us to witness upon the ships, and see you go through all of the different steps in the dances, to raise the level of your vibration. Because, we call it a dance, because there’s so many movements, and a lot of time you are very well served with just allowing yourself to breathe, to feel into the Heart Center, and let go. And then there is such a feeling of Ease and Grace, as the answers become apparent to you, and you are in the flow of your own Dynamic Energy, and just breathing into the Heart Center, and letting go to the intensity of these feelings. We know that they can be very, very liberating and give you special new insights into how your Ascension Process is accelerating.

So, we would say that you are all in the process of bringing it all on home, in completion of your Mission. And yes, we are on the same Mission. We feel these energies as you do, only we are not at that level of density, because we are in light body upon the ships.

Ah, yes, Beloveds, we ask you to take heart here, in knowing what a wonderful job you have all done, and how much we love you that we cannot possibly express in verbal words here.

We love you so very much. We thank you for your participation on this Beloved Call tonight.

Namaste and good night.

Receiving the Ascension Downloads

Awakening Your Channels to Receive Ascension Downloads by Mary Magdalene

Channeled through Natalie Glasson –  Original Source: Sacred School of OmNa 

Beloved ones upon the Earth, I, Mary Magdalene, honour and love you deeply. I am present with you today in service to your ascension and supported by the entire Goddess Community of the Cosmic Level. The presence of the divine feminine and the Divine Mother is intense and in attendance to gift and inspire new awakenings of ascension within your being. My purpose of connecting with you in not only to share my deepest of love, I wish to inspire and guide you in a process of awakening the channels of life force energy within your being, rejuvenating your physical body with light, awakening your ascension body template, and energising your entire body systems and networks. In doing so you open yourself to be receive to the divine and sacred ascension downloads taking grounding with strength and vigour into the Earth’s reality.

Ascension Energies Downloading Now

  1. The Peace of the Star Beings to promote harmony between Star Being Divine Intelligence and the consciousness of humanity. Thus, creating an awakening of divine intelligence within humanity that allows for many illusions that hinder humanity’s ascension to be detached and released.
  2. Star Alignments for the physical body to promote an upgrade in the health and wellbeing of every physical body upon the Earth, not only humans. This means that the physical body will become more resilient to illness, negativity and harmful toxins on the Earth. In response to this, each person will become more aware of how to support the health and spiritual sensitivity of the physical body. Mother Earth is also receiving this upgrade.
  3. The Ascended Master Elixir of liberation through mastery. The Ascended Masters have accessed the vibrations and frequencies they experienced during their evolution and ascension from the Earth, the moment of being liberated from the cycle of reincarnation and accessing the enlightenment of the Creator. They are downloading these frequencies into many being upon the Earth now, it is known as the Elixir of Liberation and supports souls in recognising the presence of liberation within their beings, distributing this into their realities to accelerate ascension.
  4. Rainbow ArchAngelic Consciousness and Rewriting of the Power of Love within the minds of humanity. This download is an intensity of consciousness, light and love direct from the Archangelsexpressed as a rainbow light, it is akin to sharing the mind of the Archangels with humanity and will promote a great shift in awareness especiallythe power of love.
  5. The rewriting of the ascension process as anchored into the minds of humanity, in order to awaken new possibilities, opportunities, and pathways for the ascension of humanity on the Earth. Have you ever considered that your view of ascension and your own ascension is dated compared the light vibrations your entire being current embodies?

Receiving the Ascension Downloads

Your blood carries messages of divine energy and consciousness into the genetic codes of each cell of your being. Your blood nourishes your physical body while also anchoring the blueprint of the Creator, divine intelligence, love, and peace. Therefore, when you open yourself to receive the light of the Creator, whether you invoke a certain light or not, you are replenishing, rejuvenating and regenerating your body and entire being. Thus, through the acceptance of the Creator’s light and the awareness of the ascension energies downloading you are able to automatically awaken the channels of life force energy within your being, awakening your ascension body template, and energising your entire body systems and networks. With a focused intention of that which you wish to experience and embody, the entire process will be magnified and empowered, allowing you to access greater states of self and Creator understandings and expressions.

You are a beacon of light capable of transmitting powerful vibrations of energy and awareness, especially when you allow yourself to be supported by the Creator, the ascension downloads and your understanding of how powerful it is for you to receive the Creator through your being.

Awakening the Channels of Life Force Energy

My purpose, Mary Magdalene, with you in the meditation I wish to share with you now is to awaken the channels of life force energy within your being, rejuvenating your physical body with light, awakening your ascension body template, and energising your entire body systems and networks. This will create the most appropriate openness within your being for you to naturally, automatically and easily receive and benefit from the many ascension downloads anchoring now.

Please cup your hands. Allow me, Mary Magdalene, to pour light into your hands, a liquid light abundant in life force energy of the Creator and codes of perfect health.

Moving your cupped hands to your heart chakra, imagine you tip the liquid light into your heart chakra. The liquid light flow into and through your heart chakra, filling this chakra completely. The liquid light flows through from your heart chakra into your blood. Imagine your bloodstream is filling with the liquid light and life force energy.

Imagine, sense and acknowledge the light flowing through your bloodstream into every cell and genetic code of your cells.

Again, cup your hands and imagine divine blueprint of the Creator as a blue light flowing into your cupped hands. Move your cupped hands to your heart chakra and let the blue light fill your heart chakra. The blue light flows into your bloodstream and into your cells. Feel every part of your being becoming energised.

As a representative of creating a clear circulation or channel of life force energy, I, Mary Magdalene invite you to first inhale, then exhale imagining and following your breath in a spiralling motion down to your feet. Inhale breath in a spiralling motion from your feet to your head. Then as you exhale flow your breath as a tighter spiral flowing down the centre of your being and into your heart chakra. Then inhale without any focus to begin the process again.

I, Mary Magdalene, on your behalf call upon an activation of your ascension template from your soul and from the Creator. May the ascension template of your soul and the Creator marry in your heart, synthesising as one and radiating in all directions. I invite you to breathe into the soles of your feet to request the energy to enter into motion within your being and reality. Once anchored, let I the synthesised light of your soul and Creator ascension template rise throughout the entire body and aura to become a complete aspect of your being.

I, Mary Magdalene, bless you with further volumes of light, feel my light flowing throughout your entire being and into your reality. Remain present with the shifts and transformations taking place within your being now. When you feel ready allow yourself to surrender and receive the ascension energies now downloading into your being, humanity and the Earth. Feel the flow and notice how receptive you are to the ascension energies. Enjoy the anchoring and activating of the ascension energies within your being now.

With sacred love and support,

Mary Magdalene

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each birth is a step into the unknown

Mary Magdalene via Pamela Kribbe:
Relationships and Soul Connection

February 18, 2019

Dear friends, dear men and women, I am Mary Magdalene speaking. I am a like-minded friend who is not elevated above you, but who is intimately connected with you through your heartbeat that transcends the ages. That is exactly what soul connections do: they transcend centuries and the many lives you have led here on Earth. The soul is of a different dimension than the earthly personality with which you have to deal in everyday life.

It is normal for you to be anchored in your earthly personality that is formed by so many external influences. For example, your genetic predisposition, with its current form, is essentially something you inherited from your parents when your soul came to Earth. Then in your early childhood, your parents also helped shape you by their energy, their views, and their background.

Their reactions to you, their emotional openness and the degree of their presence, or the lack of it, formed you into who you are now. Later, still more influences affected you: your family, your native soil, the society in which you grew up, your education, your peers. You took in as your own so many outside influences from the earthly atmosphere around you that they overwhelmed what you naturally are.

However, when you are born on Earth, you are starting something entirely new. Even if your soul has wandered on Earth many times and gained many experiences, yet each birth is a step into the unknown, a new branch on the tree of your soul. What is new and unknown is what makes a child so special; you can feel that even with a newborn.

Parents, and those who observe the child, are filled with deep wonder, with reverence and awe, for the grand miracle that takes place when a new child appears in the world: unique, a blank slate. Yes, and also a human being with a complete soul history; but, at the same time, with a totally new openness toward experience, and that is something the soul, as the heavenly parent of the child, has already decided.

Admire the courage of every newborn child, and that of the child you once were, who took the leap into this world. You knew you were going into the unknown and that you would become immersed in external influences, which were certainly not all beneficial, but you did it.

In the world that you lived in as a child, and in which you now live, there is still a lot of fear and pain from the past. People carry emotional trauma: parents, family members, friends – everyone has to cope with that. The structure of your society, although changing, is still not open to love, to the voice of the heart, to the voice of the soul. There is still a lot of impotence, anxiety, and miscommunication between people, and all this influenced you while you grew up.

You are here to bring something new to the Earth and to humankind; something that is unique and is even new for your soul. Although your soul has a wealth of wisdom amassed from past lives, you can now, with what is available from your soul, experience and give something special and new to the Earth that in turn enriches your soul. For if your soul already knew and understood everything, why would it begin a new life? Value your own courage and know that you add something to your soul.

But this process of giving something to the world, of making a unique contribution, is certainly not without its pain. In order to get in touch with the experience of your soul, to come to realize who you reallyare, and to give something new of yourself in turn, you first have to shed everything that is not you. You have to let go of that which you have absorbed without question from your environment.

And certainly sensitive people – and many of you are that – have absorbed so much of these environmental influences that they often can no longer discern what is of themselves and what comes from the outside world: from parents and others. It is thus a great undertaking, an in-depth search, when you attempt to restore the connection with your soul and intend to live from that source.

I will now turn to the theme of relationships. Each of you longs for connection, for understanding, for warmth. You want to be seen by another for who you are, although at the deepest level you are longing for soul connection. You know that if your soul comes into connection with another soul, you become more alive. You then radiate from within, you become excited, you are inspired in many areas of life.

Soul to soul connection awakens something within you; it is like coming home to yourself. It is what is awakened and encouraged when you connect with another.

However, the problem with human relationships lies in that not everyone is also fully connected to their own soul, and this lack creates a void inside them: a nostalgia, a longing, a craving for connection. From that void, you begin to see the other as an almost superhuman being who comes to your rescue, because someone finally fully understands you.

The other is seen as divine, the primal mother or primal father whom you never had in your youth, the god or goddess who remained beyond reach in your prayers and mediations.

Love – romantic love, sexual love, the love between partners – presents itself to you as the ideal that will liberate these ultimate desires of your soul. And this ideal love has a sound basis, because to discover your soul behind the earthly veils of illusions and fear is precisely what you are here for.

However, if you are not at home within yourself, and you are searching to fill the emptiness within you with something outside you, then a negative spiral may take place in an intimate relationship, a love affair, and this can lead to enormous pain, which is something you see happen regularly between love partners.

They clamp on to one another like two drowning persons, both broken and tormented by an inner void that, initially, they were hoping the other person would fill. But that other person is also struggling with their own inner emptiness.

So idealized love can lead to misunderstanding, disillusionment, and hurtful behavior. Therefore, it is essential that you get in touch with your own soul.

A relationship in the form of an encounter, a heart connection from soul to soul, which can happen in all sorts of areas of life, can help you. So intensely can a great love, certainly an erotic love, touch you that it can bring you into connection with your own soul, which means you can come to feel you are sparkling and full of life again, fresh as a newborn child. You are then completely on fire!

And this happens, essentially, because you remember your deepest self, your soul, and that the reason you were born was to express that joy.

I would now like to say something about the role, the connection between romantic love and sexual attraction. Love and sexuality belong together. The original intention of sexual attraction between two partners is that they open each other’s soul.

Surely, you remember what it was like to fall in love and to experience how everything in you opened up. The other touched you so deeply that you released all kinds of securities and preoccupations. You were open in complete wonder for the being, the face, the thoughts and feelings of the other. It as if your own thoughts were turned off.

Romantic love is an initiation, a gate that opens, so you gain access to another who looks at you without judgment in radiant wonder. But that gate swings both ways. Romantic love also opens your eyes to your own possibilities, for that which has been hidden or covered over by the dust of convention and the daily grind.

Love, the amorous encounter between two souls, throws doors wide open, and in that sense, it is an initiation to help you experience your own soul at a deeper level.

You could say that each special meeting between two people holds an element of romantic love. You can see it even with a father or mother who just had a baby. What they feel is something akin to romantic love: they are fascinated by the infant, the wonder, the immediacy, the freedom from conditioning.

And there is something similar to the flow of romantic love even at the level of your work, when you are doing something creative, inspired, something that fulfills you. It is a stream of ecstasy, of being uplifted, which awakens everything in you, and that is good – that is the power of your soul.

When you feel that flow in the presence of another – for example, a loved one, a partner, a child – things can and will go wrong if you become so attached to the other person that you think you cannot live without them; that you feel yourself dependent upon that person in order to have that feeling, that reinstated connection with your soul.

In this dependence lies a danger, because if you have to depend on another outside yourself, you will eventually want to possess that person. Or you have such a fear of losing that person that you build a wall and distance yourself. Separation anxiety and fear of relationships are both defenses against dependence on someone outside yourself.

So you see that the very love that once brought you into ecstasy, can also bring utter despair if that person is not completely available to you, or if your love is not reciprocated in the way you had hoped for. Or – and this can also happen – the romantic love develops, but you also meet the dark aspects of each other, characteristics that call up judgements or fear or anger.

Romantic love is a gateway through which you enter into a relationship, but when that love becomes more down-to-earth, it can also lead you to dark, unconscious aspects. When these come to the surface in a relationship, things can become confrontational and throw both partners back into an inner void they can only fill themselves.

Love, and romantic love, are prompts; they cause you to wake up, to open up to more possibilities. But in the end, they also force you to look into the deepest darkness within yourself, to investigate that which still remains hidden.

It is not only a matter of dependence, but also a desire for power that wants to possess the other person and to be completely secure in the other. Because in all forms of dependence, there is also a need for power, a need for control, a not being able to let go, and also a deep pain that lies behind it: the fear of being alone, of being separated not only from others, but from the wholeness of life, from God.

That is substantially the deepest fear that lives in you: to be cast away, to be outside the Whole, to be dead. Access is life: a deeply felt connection that springs eternal; a source of creativity and joy. I define death as being the absence of a living connection, which is also the absence of the soul and this is what frightens you most deeply. Romantic love creates such an intense desire, but it also has the potential for creating an intense feeling of being lost.

I invite you to now call upon your soul, to imagine that your deepest core is alive in you, even though your earthly consciousness may not always be able to access it or it is not felt immediately by you. The child that you once were, who came into this world, fresh and new, with its own gifts and unique contribution, still lives in all your body cells. Call on it! Say your own name and inwardly feel your original face behind it.

That is what you are really looking for: the living link with your own divine core. If you connect with that inner core, with that source of joy and happiness, life becomes more abundant. You need not prove yourself so much and you have less need for dependence upon other people. Then you are sufficient unto yourself.

You love yourself, not because you have achieved all kinds of things and you have been successful, but because you see yourself with the eyes of wonder, in the way that does someone who falls in love. You are interested in yourself; you are engaged, curious. You know that God lives within you! 

If you engage the world with that basic feeling, relationships with others can enrich, inspire, make you happy, without dependence upon them; you feel connected to your own essence, your own core, and you rest within yourself.

In the end, this is the aim of all the soul encounters in this life, whether they are short-lived or long lasting; that you are wide open to your own capabilities, your own inspiration, and that you take them up fully within yourself. Which means you do not become dependent upon the other who has called up these feelings in you, but that you experience these feelings as your own legacy – they areyou.

A true romantic love is always a love for yourself, for the inner child – the original child – who stands in direct connection with your soul.

If you desire to feel the inner child once again, and to relate to yourself with wonder, with compassion, with confidence that life is good, then remain open to life. Life will constantly wake you up by shaking you up through situations and encounters with other people and events. They may not always be fun, but such happenings function as a gate: something is opened.

Trust that these happenings have value; stay open for the miracles in life. In order to receive a miracle, you sometimes have to go through deep dark valleys, which is undeniably the case. Pain and suffering in people can be enormous, but what can help you is that you are going to arouse the consciousness of your soul. This gives the pain a grounding and surrounds it with gentleness.

Your soul carries a wisdom in itself, which reaches far beyond the earthly horizon.Put your trust in that! You can create and nurture a connection with your soul in silence and stillness. And do not judge yourself: you are a beautiful human being, perfect as you are. Look for a moment at yourself with our eyes. Feel the energy gathered here around you, in which are present so many guides and helping energies who love and cherish you.

You are so valuable to us, so precious. Every human being is like a pearl, unique and irreplaceable. Believe that you are such a pearl. Be gentle with yourself.

I greet you with love. Thank you for your presence.

© Pamela Kribbe

Translation by Maria Baes and Frank Tehan

eliminate this illusion of separation.

“As you acknowledge, as you have said, that there is no separation between the kingdoms, between the devas, the fairies, the sprites, the rocks, the mountains, the dogs, the giraffes, the whales, and each other as hybrids, and humans, and everything in-between. Because what are you? You are the pink radiance of love. You are the unique, beautiful expression of love…yes, carrying the essence and the energy, the DNA, of the Mother/Father/One. But also your DNA, your essence, your beauty.

So, go back and simply eliminate this illusion of separation. Acknowledge that this illusion grew out of the yearning to be seen, and cherished, and loved. And as you do that, my family, know how deeply I love you and that I am with you every step of the way.

We are counting on you, literally, to erase this illusion upon planet, and thereby erasing it throughout the multiverse. You are powerful and you do this erasure with gentleness, compassion, and love, by the acknowledgment of beauty.”  Mary Magdalene


Truly we see Avalon in your not too distant future.

We Magdalenes wish to speak in this most glorious Now of ascension encodements. For we see encodements are all upon your forms at this most precious Now of Nows! We see codes and spirals of light, of energy form Source, from your galactic friends and neighbors permeating your world with light. We Magdalenes support the light. We serve the Great Mother of All Things. In the precious quiet stillness, when you are still enough, you can hear her sacred whisper of peace. But this peace must be sought out through the cacophony of sounds and inner harriedness and demands of your modern world. Such as it was in our day. There is always something to find distraction from, but such is not the way of a brave initiate. The bravest initiates face their inner cacophony of distractions to see what is lying in wait underneath the distraction, that is in need of self love and healing. For we all have our inner woundings and there are a myriad of ways to find reprove from facing them. But such is not the way of a true initiate of The Way, and we see many of you reading these words have numerous familiar attributes.

We see many familiar soul sparks listening to these messages, for our encodements of these words are to bless you and to propel our initiates closer, ever closer towards the light, towards the Great Mother of All Things, who loves with a fierce love, but who is as gentle as the wings of a newly born butterfly, whose wings, tender and wet with birth, tremble slightly in the breeze. She is all things. She is the great mother, the great giver of life, and we honor her in all things, in all our ways, as was our great sacred promise.

And so initiates of The Way of the divine mother, we see you. We breathe our scent of the sacred roses of the mother’s breath onto you and we invite you to allow our aromas of spiced perfumes and healing balms to penetrate your great and very real woundings and to permeate them with light. Allow light within your selves to such an extent that there is nothing else. That there is no repose for the darkness for the light reveals all things. And my friends yes truly from our vantage point you are in the heart of the wave. The flash, the bang, the breath in and exhale of the Mother is in full force at this time. From our vantage point we see this. We see great stirrings up of the darkness rise up and be claimed by the light by your mighty acts of merciful transmutation. All is not as it seems. The play is ending. The audience is clapping. We send you are accolades, our praise, our hands in service for your healing through this most arduous final act of this passion play, where the Great Mother of All Things calls her children – all of them – back to the light of her mercy.

We Magdalenes are weeping now. We have wept so often through our lifetimes. But now our tears at seeing you where you are in this most sacred pregnant now – we see you as the heroes of the faith. For many of you are us either in spirit or in intention, for you are finishing what we started eons ago it seems, but was really just a breath of a moment ago. For you are eternal beings of great Source light. You are mighty beings of light, crammed into the densest of forms, imbued with the divine rights of the creation. Do you see? Do you see how fleeting this life is? Your problems? Do you see all is light? We see this from our vantage points across time and space, where we see how the adepts bend time and move space effortlessly. Such is a holographic universe. There is much to learn. There is much to explore and to enjoy! Truly we see Avalon in your not too distant future. You will call her New Earth. She will be resplendent in her grandour, in her merciful bounty and calm repose. There will be no metaphorical Romans to flee from. Your baskets of harvest will not be upturned. The fires will be in the hearths gently crackling with the sounds of peace, only peace.

And so, we Magdalenes now invite you into one of our sacred gatherings if you would so like to join us. We have sensed a longing from many, not just this one, to again rejoin our throngs of comaradery and soulful devotion to the Great Mother. You are standing in the center of a large circle of sacred stones. The grass is dewy and cool beneath your naked feet. The moonlight is directly overhead and the evening balmy and inviting. We dance. We sing in the moonlight, dancing in circles, around and around, spinning the energies of the Great Mother beneath our feet and Father Sky above, our long hair billowing in the breeze, naked, free. We are free ourselves, as we dance away the cares of the surrounding world, singing praises and joy to the Mother of All things, who birthed us and will will comfort our forms again as we once again reside inside her as we rejoin our heavenly families. We apply blue clay, the sacred clay on our third eyes. Once opened, we see ourselves surrounded by the little people, the fairies all dancing and singing in a beautiful expression of oneness and serenity. We Magdalenes invite you to pull this blissful dance, this moment, of unity deep into your heart space, and into the most wounded parts of your psyche that is in need – great need – of the mother’s light and in-breath and out-breath of light. As you spin and dance you transmute away the pain of these woundings and you fill them with love and light.

We are the Magdalenes. We invite you into our sacred innermost circle. You are one of us. Apply the blue clay to your third eye daily. Dance and sing in your innermost hearts daily. For all good things are coming to you for the Mother has spoken this to be so! And thus, we have spoken. We view you most triumphantly and we send you our high esteem. Be bathed in light. We are the Magdalene. We are, as are you. We are the Magdalene.

~ galaxygirl

Spread the light on this most blessed of times.

We are the Magdalene. We speak in one voice. For too long our voices have been silenced by time, space and misunderstandings surrounding us. For too long the masculine energies of Gaia have remained unhinged, unbalanced. We are balance. We anchor the light of the Divine Mother into your forms now, a blessing from the Magdalenes on this most blessed 11:11 portal, day of attunement. For you are attuned to our frequencies as you read these words and we are activating within your ancient knowing inner portals of wisdom that have long remained closed. For many of you were initiates into the great mystery schools of hidden learnings, and we wish for you to remember your training. For times ahead are beckoning you onward, through the portal of no time into a place of space, of beauty, of divine union with the Mother Of All Things as she does the cosmic dance of love with the Father Of All Things. You are well familiar with our teachings. They are encoded within you. Many of you are now feeling tingling, twitching, stirrings, little whirlpools of forgotten memories beginning to spin, and we are giving your tired chakras a boost now as well.

For all is light. All is the Divine Mother, whom we worship, whom we serve, and now is within us. We are aspects of her divinity, just as are you, o fellow initiate, fellow traveler and bringer of life. We beseech you to anchor these codes, these magdalene codes within to your energy fields and claim them as permanent advancements. For they are our gift to you today, but please remember they are already within you, we are just helping you to wake up ever further from the dream of separation and disharmony.

We magdalenes have been in silence for too long. It is time that the inner ancient knowledge and wisdom become untapped and made available to you once again for the benefit of your own personal ascension and for the betterment of Gaia, the great planetary mother, whom you are currently serving with your whole hearts. Anchor the light. Become an initiate again. Envision yourselves in robes of white, grounding light. Become the holy chalice for the liquid Christed light codes streaming forth now from your sun Helios, filling your inner holy chalice to the point of brimming over, so that all around you, surrounding you, are touched by this liquid love light and are healed, cleansed, purified by it. You are our hands and feet. You are doing the Mother’s work when you serve in this capacity. All of humanity is being offered this opportunity at this time, but those who partake of our blessing, to become the holy chalice, will be few. YOU who are reading our words have been selected to be the light bearers. But please know that it is your work, your task, your duty, your joy. Bright the light, the liquid Christed light of the Divine Mother Of All Things to the others. Spread the light on this most blessed of times.

We magdalenes have spoken. We will perhaps come through at another time. We charge you to utilize these energies for the betterment of Gaia and in so doing you will greatly aid in her healing. You are the awakened ones, the bridge between Father Sky and Mother Earth. Share our light encodements with her and with the others. And may the womb of the Divine Mother surround you with her encapsulating radiance. May you always feel safe and protected within the arms of the Divine Mother Of All Things, who is within you as we speak these light encoded words.

We are the Magdalene. It is time to release your memories and to put them to good use. Find your strength in the coming days. You will surely need to do so. But do you see that divine strength and unity is within and without? That it is all things? That you must claim it and partake in the eternal dance of love, as a tiny fractal playing their part in the grand cosmic dance of ascension? Accept your role. Place your mantel. Become filled to the brim with the liquid Christed light of the Mother Of All Things and may your lives be an example of this outpouring of love. For that was our mission, we are teary, we see what you have all gone through and are about to go through. We too had tremendous trials and tribulations on the earth plane to the point of perceived unbearable suffering…but that was our act of service, to anchor the Divine Mother, just as you are doing, to the earth plane. And all things are bearable when you are held within her warmest of embraces, ensconced within radiant light. All things are transmutable. Simply transmute all that longer serves you with the radiant light, the radiant heartbeat of the Divine Mother. And she will nurture you. She will sustain you in all things.

Many of you now will begging to remember your initiations of the former days in the secret temples. But those were for the former days, the former energies where polarity was entrenched, and we were charged with anchoring the Christed crystalline light codes within the Gaian matrix and that of the human collective spiritually and genetically, which we have done. And you, initiates in form, are reaping the rewards of these encodements, of our work, our life long labors of love and now you are bring them unto fruition, to completion. For the Divine Mother has spoken and she is doing a new thing. New energies are streaming in upon you, within you, all around you. And you are charged with anchoring them into the divine planetary mother whom you serve. Meditate. Anchor these codes. And in so doing you will become them, and become the Christed chalice of liquid light pouring yourself out as an offering for the others and most importantly to sweet Gaia herself.

Be this light! Own your power! Be the love of the Divine Mother in action! That is all. We are exhausted, as are you. Rest in these most divine energies and encodements. Sit. Breathe them in. Become them. They are our gift to you this most blessed day of 11:11. We are the Magdalene. We are, as are you.

~ galaxygirl

Falling in Love & honoring Your Self, is how Peace shall prevail on the Planet

Greetings, my beloveds, yes, it is I, Christ. My beloved Mary and my Mother are here as well. We call you forth into the vibrational frequency of remembrance. It is the frequency that is now held within your pineal gland, where all ancient wisdom teachings are held and stored, in your pineal gland. And so, Dearest Children, begin to breathe in this frequency as we help to awaken the frequency of remembrance into your being. And so take a deep, inhaling breath, and breathe in the frequency of love and the frequency of light and the frequency of remembrance. Take this deep inhaling breath and breathe in the love, breathe in the light, breathe in the frequency of remembrance. It is of grave importance, Dearest Children, that at this time, each of you begin to awaken to the light that is held within you, the light of rejuvenation and remembrance of your beautiful soul essence. And so, Dearest Ones, allow yourself to remember, remember the truth of who you are, that you are a Divine spirit of God, and that you hold the essence and power of Divine Love within your being. And so breathe in this frequency, and hold the essence and presence of peace within your soul.

When Mary and I needed to go into silence, we would often go into what we call this place of retreat. We would go into the Cave of Creation, and we would allow ourselves to feel this presence, of the energy of remembrance, as we would activate our pineal gland and open up the frequency so that we could live, breathe, and remember our true essence. And so at this time, we would like for you to tap upon your third eye three times to begin to activate the pineal. Please begin to tap your pineal and your third eye shall begin to awaken. It is of grave importance, Dearest Ones, that at this time in your evolution, you allow your heart to open to the memories of all that you have ever received. There are glimpses, as they say, of remembrance that you have in your dream states, or in your conscious state, at times. We are asking you to come forth in your full sensory remembrance of the lifetimes or the lifetime that is now most pertinent to you, so that you can stand fully in the remembrance of who you are. Each of you are now shifting and vibrating into this new frequency of remembrance, Dearest Ones. It is of grave importance that you access the memories and the energy so that this particular lifetime can come into full circle, as they say, with the lifetime or the lifetimes that are pertinent and most important to you, for you to be able to finish your mission upon this Earth plane. And so once again, tap your third eye, and activate your pineal gland, and awaken yourself to this remembrance of All That Is. Please take a deep breath and begin to breathe, breathe in the frequency of remembrance.

As you allow yourself to reawaken, do not become startled or surprised by what information or images or feelings may come to you. You may begin to feel this strength inside of you as a beautiful warrior and warrior God or Goddess. Perhaps you are feeling a lifetime where you were a sage or a mystic, or you were a king or a queen. Or, yes, Dear Jared, you were James our son. Remember, remember, remember, and hold this frequency within your being. This is a powerful time for each of you, for there is no more time, as they say, to be wasted, for time is speeding up, and each of you are called to step forward into your essence self, into your full remembrance of your Divine essence, that you are carrying this frequency and these attributes from your oversoul so that you can move forward into this lifetime with ease and grace. The rest of your incarnation is to be brought forward with ease and grace, with remembrance, holding your frequency with peace and tranquility as you live in the world but not of it, and you are standing and holding and carrying the light of the Great Godhead within your being. And so, Dearest Ones, this powerful remembrance is encoded with the beautiful light codes and the activation codes of not only the Earth, but of the heavenly realm, in the eighth dimensional frequency. Yes, Dearest Ones, these frequencies, these light codes that are coming to you, are coming from the eighth dimensional frequency. And call them in, be not afraid of them, allow the energy to energize you and to rejuvenate you, and to allow your physical brain and your own pineal gland to be reactivated, rejuvenated, and restored.

So once again, take a deep breath and breathe in this frequency of love. As each of you are held in this powerful light, it is of grave importance that you understand that your own beautiful merkabic field is now merging with your oversoul, and the essence of your beautiful frequency and the remembrance of who you truly are is now being submerged onto this planet. What I mean to say to you is that the beautiful Earth energy is receiving all of your beautiful pure light essence, and Mother Earth is now remembering, as well, her own beautiful essence as the planet of love. She, too, is going through this transformational time of shifting from one vibration to another and living in the truth and the frequency of her pureness and the essence of her light. She is recreating herself over and over and over again, and you see, Dearest Ones, with all of the changes that are occurring upon this planet, it is a time of purification. The eruption of the volcano in Kilauea is symbolic of this purification. It is a purification of the old energy that is now stagnant upon this Earth plane. And the beautiful frequency of the energy of the volcanic activity is now creating new Earth, new landmass, new life. This is symbolic of the purification, and this is what is happening with each of you. This is the remembrance that you are moving from one dimension to another, on a conscious level, on an energetic level, on a vibrational level of great importance. Meaning your frequency is shifting and changing, and you are purifying and regenerating yourself, simply because you are becoming lighter and lighter and lighter. And you are able to remember.

So breathe into your pineal gland, and tap your third eye once again three times. And remember, remember, remember that you are beautiful, beautiful, beautiful particles of light. And you are here by Divine appointment, that you have come to bring the balance within yourself, and yes, to union with yourself, and to partner with yourself, and to reclaim your own divinity. This is an important time for you, an important time, when the energy is being brought forth through Madame Pele, and the Kilauea volcano is creating quite a stir. Do you see, Dearest Ones, it is all necessary, and it is needed for the purification of this landmass that will simply allow the energy of new lifeforms to emerge? As you allow yourself to receive this energy of remembrance today, this new frequency, this new vibratory light that is now emerging into your essence, we ask that you breathe in the vibration of calmness and tranquility, and let go of the discordant energy that no longer serves you. Simply, you are calling in the vibration of peace into your being, allowing your body to be at peace and to rest, truly understanding that all is in order and all is as it should be. Every soul that is on this planet is receiving this vibratory frequency at this time, regardless of whether they understand. All souls on this planet are shifting their energy into a lighter frequency, from fear to love, from separation to Oneness, and are moving forward into balance.

Today, Dearest Children, as you call forth this frequency of Divine light into your soul, we ask that you hold yourself with great compassion and allow yourself to be compassionate and gentle with yourself during these changes, during this purification that is happening upon this planet and within your very souls. This is a powerful year of 2018, it is a powerful year of transformation, and if you are so awakened, you will move forward into your rightful place and position in this year of 2018. Many are leaving this planet, as they are moving forward into their rightful positions in the heavenly realms. And many who choose to stay are moving into their rightful positions here on the Earth. As if it is like a chess game, and all the players are now being moved and shifted to their appointed positions. This is why we bring this frequency of remembrance to you, so that you can step into your power and your remembrance of what you’ve come to do and why you are here. Remember, Dearest Children, time is of the essence, and there is no time to waste. Time is of the essence, and there is no time to waste. Time is of the essence, and there is no time to waste, feeling this light, these beautiful light codes that are now emerging onto your soul essence.

Perhaps you feel lighter, perhaps you feel calmer, perhaps you feel a shifting or a stirring within you. Perhaps you feel restless or unsure. We say, Dearest Ones, call this energy to you of peace as you remember the truth of who you are. Living on this Earth can be most difficult, and yet, it can be quite glorious, it is why my Mary and I would go into the Cave of Creation, and we would remember. We would sequester ourselves in order to feel the energy and the frequency of our true essence. So, Dear Ones, we ask you to do the same, you are in need of sequestering yourself and allowing yourself to retreat, calling in calmness into your mind, body, and spirit. Give yourself permission and be compassionate to your soul, allowing your soul to grow, for this is a part of the soul’s journey. Please hold yourself in high esteem and allow your beautiful light to shine, hold yourself in high esteem, allowing your beautiful light to shine, and know that the time has come that you can no longer hide, it is time for you to shine, it is time for you to step forward, it is time for you to reclaim your truth, that which you have come to do. Remember, many are called, and now we will say many will choose. Many were called, and many will choose. And so be a part of this reckoning as you choose to remember.

This is a very powerful year, and do not take any moment for granted, because so much is happening, and again, as we have said, we are positioning the players to meet each other, to connect to each other, to put the work into place, just as Lea has spoken of the Divine Union Temple in Mt. Shasta, California, the beautiful etheric temple, where the twin flames are to unite as the beautiful Lemurian Council of Light and Adama and Aurelia all oversee the mission for the twin flames to unite again and to move forward, bringing balance onto this Earth plane. This is indeed a very powerful time of reunification, of not only all souls, but the twin flames that are stepping forward to re-remember. To re-remember their connect to immortal love, to Divine Love, as they have come at this time on the Earth, to complete and to bring balance of Divine Love onto the Earth plane. It is why there is information and so much interest in twin flames, because these powerful beings are uniting their energy with immortal love and infusing this frequency onto the Earth, thus creating peace, balance, harmony, and joy. This is why we are calling each to re-remember, and it is of great importance to unify with yourself, to partner with yourself, to bring the balance inside of yourself and to truly be at peace. And so as we call forth the beautiful frequency of the etheric, Divine Temple, the Temple of Divine Union, we call forth this remembrance of how all souls are to remain in balance and hold and carry the love of All That Is. More and more people will awaken to this concept, you will see. And this is of great significance, I remember union, I remember union, I remember union. And as you partner and union with yourself, then you shall partner and union with all of life.

Go forth, my children, and understand that this concept has not eluded you. You are just re-remembering, and living from this powerful place of truth. This is how the New Earth beings will now unify upon this planet, this is how all the New Earth beings will now live upon this planet, coming together and unifying with themselves, the other half of their own spirit, both in physical embodiment as well as deep inside of their being. You see, as you begin to balance within yourself, and balance the aspect of your own Divine essence, then you are able to bring forth the balance of your twin flame forward, you are there to call forth the essence of the immortal love in which you were created. And so, as they say, as above so below. What you hold inside of your being is made manifest. So you are creating the balance inside of yourself, union with yourself. Falling in love with yourself, honoring yourself, and this is how peace shall prevail upon this planet. And so it goes, as they say, Dearest Children, each one teach one each one lead one. As you step into your rightful power and position, as you remember, I remember union, I remember union, I remember union with myself, instead of searching outside of yourself for love, hoping and wishing to find love outside of your being, we ask that you call forth the Divine love within yourself, partner with yourself, union with yourself, call forth the other half of your spirit as you balance the energy of the male/female aspects within you. Your Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine aspects are in need of merging and unifying, breathe it into your heart, and come home to yourself. Breathe them into your heart, and come home to yourself. This will create so much peace in the souls that are searching for love who can now find their rightful place and position upon this planet.

Time is of the essence, and there is no time to waste, time is of the essence, and there is no time to waste, time is of the essence, and there is no time to waste. Time is of the essence, and there is no time to waste, position yourself, and be at peace. I say, position yourself, and be at peace, calling forth the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine into your heart, and proclaiming it as truth, that you are living in Divine balance and Holy Grace, as you hold this frequency of I remember union, deep within your being. And so, Dearest Ones, this is the key to the mysteries, the unsolved mysteries of love. So go forward, my Dear Children, with the understanding that all is in order, and all is as it should be. As you step forward into this Divine grace and holy balance within yourself, live and let live, live and let live, live and let live, as you stand in the remembrance of who you truly are. I remember union, now go in peace.


feel the joy, to feel the joy, to feel the joy, to feel the joy.

Greetings, Dear One, yes, it is I, Mary Magdalene. My beloved Yeshua is here as well. We thank you for your dedication to this planet and all of the service that all of you have brought forth through many incarnations of time. Today, we bring forth the frequency of prosperity and abundance. It is time for each of you to step into this vibration and to claim your spiritual birthright as you call forth the energy of abundance into your essence and into your being. And so I ask you to take a deep inhaling breath, and begin to breathe in the essence of the white light of God, begin to breathe in the energy and the essence of white light of God, breathing in the energy and the essence of the white light of God, and allowing your heart to open and your mind to heal, and begin to breathe in this powerful frequency of universal abundance and joy. And so, Dear Ones, as you step into this frequency, I ask that you imagine within your own mind’s eye that you are stepping into a golden vault. As if you are stepping into this golden vault with vast riches of gold and sparkling diamonds that are now shimmering and are most beautiful and opulent.

I ask each of you, if you so shall, to begin to feel this energy around you, as if you are stepping into a vault with gold and diamonds, and you are embodied and incased into frequency, into your energetic field. As if you are now being embalmed with this frequency, as if this becomes a part of your essence, this becomes a part of your frequency, this is your vibration. Abundance. Not only physical wealth, but abundance and prosperity, of love and joy, peace, health, happiness, freedom. And so, Dearest Ones, take another deep breath and begin to feel the richness and the opulence that surround you, that now embodies you, that now becomes you. So many of you have forgotten your birthright, your universal birthright, that the wealth, the abundance, the opulence of your birthright, by being here on this Earth plane and all of its struggles and strife and difficulty, and what you may call limitation to the mental and the lower vibrational frequencies of the ego affecting you, you have forgotten that each of you are beautiful, powerful, abundant spiritual beings of light. And so I ask you to call this into your frequency, and begin to walk as kings and queens, as if you are now rich, as they say, mentally, emotionally, financially, energetically, physically, that you are abundant in all aspects of your being, and begin to feel yourself connecting to your royalty, connecting to the birthright as a divine child of God that you are.

And so take a deep inhaling breath and begin to breathe in this essence into all aspects of your being. And begin to feel yourself connecting to your royalty, connecting to the birthright as the Divine child of God that you are. And so take a deep, inhaling breath and begin to breathe in this essence and presence of peace, and begin to breathe in this essence and presence of joy, and literally begin to breathe in the vibrational frequency of the diamond and the gold, as you are bringing this vibration to you. Can you allow your limited mind to let go of any fear? Can you let your limited mind let go of any skepticism? Can you let your limited mind let go of any resistance that you are worthy to receive? And so I ask you to breathe and feel the energy of the Living Light of God within you. Can you feel this essence and presence of the Living Light of God within you? Now opening up what we call your universal bank of all the deeds, of all the good deeds that you have given to this beautiful Earth, and to all of humanity. Simply allowing it all to come back to you, as you open up the gateway and the vibrational frequency of abundance. Letting yourself receive, for this is most important at this time, to allow yourself to begin to receive, believe and so you shall receive, believe and so shall you receive, allowing yourself to feel this energy, and allowing yourself to receive the abundance and the holy grace of all that is. And so, Dearest Ones, we ask that you place your attention, allowing this vibration in your energy field. Call it forth, and begin to see all that shall fall into place, and literally feel the vibration falling in your lap.

As has been said, expect the unexpected, and allow this energy and frequency of opulence, of financial wealth, of abundance, of Divine prosperity to enter into your field and all aspects of your life. Be it in your relationships, your marriage, with your children, with your health, with your finances, with your career, allow it now to step into your energy field. And so, Dear Ones, begin to breathe this frequency in and know that as you hold this vibration of Divine prosperity and abundance, that you are serving the Living God by accepting all the blessings that are yours. You see the universe is at your fingertips, can you imagine the unlimited energy and frequency that is there for you to receive? Can you imagine the abundant universe being yours to receive? The abundant universe. For many of you have closed yourselves from the abundance, out of fear and limitation and not understanding that the universe is abundant. That you are literally able to extend your hand and to receive, and it is your birthright. Whatever you need, ask and so shall you receive. Ask and so shall you receive. Letting go of the limitations that have held you back.

As you already know, Dearest Ones, the vibration of what you hold your intention to, and that which you speak of shall manifest quickly. This is what is happening now in this new energy, this new Earth that is on the planet. You see, instant manifestations, as you speak of something, as you think of something, there it is, instantaneously. That person’s energy or that frequency shows up instantaneously. This is of truth, you are seeing it, many of you, in your daily lives, in your daily experiences, instantaneous manifestation of something you are thinking, and there it is. You think and so shall you receive. You believe and so shall you receive. This is the same for your personal wealth, and for your financial prosperity, and what you wish to bring forward into your life. This is of grave importance. It is not about waiting any longer, it is time, it is time, it is time, it is time to receive.

So much has changed upon this Earth plane, and so much has shifted in its vibratory frequency. I know we have spoken of this many times before, but there is a new paradigm, a new frequency, a new Earth. And in this New Earth energy, all things are possible as you are living in what we call Pandora. You are literally lifting yourself up into this new frequency, and you are living in a new world that is easy and is effortless. For there is to be no more fear and no more strife. And so hold your intention that you are living in the New Earth, that your vibrational frequency is in alignment to this New Earth frequency, where there is balance and harmony, peace, joy, and abundance and good will for all. It is as if you are living in Telos, the underground city in Mt. Shasta, California, as if you are living in Telos, and everything is balanced and everything is centered. And all your needs are provided for. And so, I say to you at this time, how important it is to feel the love, to feel the peace, to feel the tranquility upon your soul. Letting your heart open to this powerful frequency of abundance that is now being brought forward to you consciously. Truly we say to you accept this, embody it, and be in gratitude. We want all the children here on the Earth, all beings to be free, and to no longer be entrapped in the lack and the limitation that is prevalent upon this Earth plane. There is no time or space for that, there is only love. There is no need for this separation to occur. And so, Dearest Ones, we ask that you hold your frequency in its purest form so that you may truly receive. And that the light of God surrounds you, the love of God enfolds you, the power of God protects you, and the presence of God watches over you, wherever you are God is, and all is well.

For this is truly a time to receive the light and the abundance of all things. And so truly, Dearest Ones, accept this gift that we bring onto you upon this day. It is within our hearts that we touch your heart and our energies beat as one. For we wish for each of you to stand in your self-mastery, as you live as the abundant and joyful masters that you are, without fear or limitation, or without struggle or strife, as you step into the light of All That Is. And so know, at this time, how important it is to feel the joy, to feel the joy, to feel the joy, to feel the joy, as you enter into this frequency, into this light and into this love. For it is of grave importance that you serve and you honor and you prepare yourself for this new frequency and new phase of your life. You will be moving into effortless streams of energy, and you will look back on your life and say, I am so grateful that I have now shifted my vibration, into abundance and opulence, prosperity, peace, joy, and love to enter into my being. As if you are leaving the old aspect of yourself behind and making way for the new. And yes, Dearest Children, we see your gratitude, and we see your excitement, that you will be able to use your vessel and your resources to serve God and the Living Light of All That Is.

Do not discount what we are speaking of today, we are gifting you with this for it is time, it is time, it is time. You have called, and we have come, we have told you many times before, that what you are bringing onto the world, you shall be gifted and honored and blessed for your undying service. And so we come to assist you in all aspects of your life. And we say accept, for this is a day of receiving, this is a day of receiving, this is a day of receiving, as you allow yourself to shift your energy and your vibration into a new level of being. Go forth with the understanding that all is in order, and all is as it should be, as you feel the Light of God deep within your heart, and feel the presence of joy that enters into your being. And so, Dearest Ones, as we stand with you, we ask that you hold yourself and your precious frequency in Divine Sacred Union, and you call forth the balance and the light and the love of All That Is. It is of grave importance that you truly honor the light that you hold, and be at peace in all things, and know that you are loved. Loved beyond measure, loved beyond comprehension, and this is a gift that is being gifted to you, for your undying service and commitment to the beloved creator and to this planet. We know, Dear Ones, how important it is to let go of all that no longer serves you, so we ask you to hold this frequency so purely within your essence that you feel the strength of who you truly are, and begin to let go and truly to let God.

We thank you, Dearest Children, for your time, we thank you for your attention, we know that there is only love to be brought forth, so we ask you to feel this vibration and begin to embody it, and to embrace the Living Light of God that lives inside of your being. Go now, my Dear Ones, and be at peace.