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Not only are there no batteries in the future, but no charging anything. Every electronic thing you have has its own tiny, spinning generator built-in. -Kryon-

Don’t be surprised if the most advanced discoveries that you’re going to make, which are going to change this planet profoundly, have nothing to do with artificial intelligence or massive amounts of computing. You might say, it’s “back to basics” because some of the best inventions will be using patterns and basic physics that were always there, but which you just haven’t thought of yet.

The End of Batteries ~ and the Grid

Let me talk about the magnetic energy wheel. It might be two, or even three wheels, but there is a simple pattern, an array of magnets that, when placed correctly, can keep a wheel spinning ~ forever.

You’re aware, are you not, that natural magnets are very powerful, and they push and they pull with a great deal of force, with no rest or refresh time, and no side effects, and no fuel.

This is a huge secret! Why have you not seen this before? Put them together in an array where they will push and pull against each other and spin whatever size wheel you wish ~ until the end of time!

Dear Ones, listen: If you can make something spin, you can connect it to an electric generator. Electricity, in any quantity, forever!

I want you to think of what this means. Imagine: No batteries. “Kryon, what are you talking about? You’ve got to have batteries.”

Dear Ones, that statement is soooo yesterday!

Imagine your favorite device. A phone, perhaps? What if, instead of a battery, it had a tiny, miniature, spinning magnetic motor that powered the device in real-time ~ forever!

Not only are there no batteries in the future, but no charging anything. Every electronic thing you have has its own tiny, spinning generator built-in.

And so it is,

Excerpt channeled by Lee Carroll during a Healing Wednesday livestream ~ Coming Discoveries, August 25, 2021

Message from God through Matthew Ward+ discussion about belief systems.

Before sharing with you all the message from GOD via Matthew, i want to share my personal perspective about it that seems to go in contradiction with the message, i have to share it since i resonate more with Abraham Hicks about getting everything we want and Kryon about vows. Up to each and everyone to decide what resonates or how this all perfectly fits with each other 🙂

My truth :

I believe that everything we want we can have. I believe we can be, do and have everything we want and i also believe that in this lifetime soul contracts/vows can be changed.

by Lee Carroll, November 27, 2022, via email

Let’s talk about the big issue: Shamans, you are here hearing and reading this. I keep calling you that because I know who you are and who you were. Who do you think awakens now? Who are the first to awaken on the planet in this new millennium to this divine energy?

I will tell you. The ones who awaken now to their spirituality are the priests and the nuns—the monks and the shamans—the medicine women and men of the indigenous people—YOU!

If I could give you a flashback of who you are, those who sit in this room and read these words—that’s who you are. This is not the first time you have awakened to ask about your cellular spirituality.

This is a review, and we said it last time we were here. We reminded you of the vows that you took that passed through the veil, lifetime after lifetime. We asked you to drop these vows. We told you that you could drop the vow of celibacy and being alone.

We told you that in order to focus on God, many of you decided to be poor, and we told you that this vow could be dropped as well. We told you that all of those vows could be dropped. This is information that has been transmitted and transcribed. Perhaps you’ve even read or heard it already?


From Kryon Book VIII: Passing The Marker, through Lee Carroll, the Original Kryon Channel (via

Now the message from God via Matthew/Susy

GOD: game-changing year; rough patches ahead; beliefs; who I am, what I do; differences between Creator and me; universal laws

With loving greetings from all souls at this station, this is Matthew. It is our privilege and honor to welcome God.

GOD: Thank you, Matthew, and hello, my beloved children! Your traditional religious observances, festivities, glorious music, bright decorations, lighted trees, gifts and sharing with the needy of my flock have raised vibrations to grand new heights. When you hear or sing “Joy to the world” and “peace on Earth, good will to men,” let those words ring in your heart. Let this season’s heartwarming times with family and friends keep your spirits high as you enter a new year.

When I spoke to you at the beginning of this year, I said it would be a game-changer, and indeed it was—the long era of dark control has been broken! Citizens protesting their governments’ policies, upheavals in national economies, Russia’s critical mission in Ukraine and everything going on out of public view is coming in  divine order to free Earth of all darkness.

Even though this is one of the most significant developments in our whole universe, it doesn’t mean things will be blissful in the wink of an eye. There will be confusion and tumultuousness that you can think of positively, like clearing away debris left by a hurricane so things can be put in good order again. All along you boldly and fearlessly have weathered rough patches, my dears, and now you have the aid of vibrations your light has helped boost to new heights. As I look in on my Earth family from a spot in the continuum, I see a vanguard of triumphant torch bearers leading a crowd of folks whose eyes are sparkling with excitement and happiness.

Gaia and I would dearly love it if everyone would welcome forthcoming revelations in that spirit, but we know that some who are firmly rooted in scientific principles, religious dogma or institutional standards may not. And it is all right, for example, if they can’t believe parts of holy books were written by self-serving individuals so they could control all others. It’s all right if they can’t believe that what has been taught about science and history is mostly wrong or that “conspiracy theory” is what truthful information is called when it comes to light. And if they can’t believe governments lied about vaccinations protecting your health and are keeping under wraps their contact with my children in other civilizations, that’s all right, too.

If family and friends are among those folks, listen to them with loving attention, but don’t try to change their minds—that’s not your responsibility or your right. All souls in our universe are entitled to learn at a pace that’s comfortable for them, and they have all of eternity to do it.

Some of you don’t know who I really am and what I do, so I’m going to tell you, but first I’ll tell you who I am not. I am not the supreme being of the cosmos, the Source, Totality, the I AM Oneness of All. That is Creator. I am a soul co-created by the archangels to whom Creator gave the gift of free will and its partner, manifestation—this is using Creator’s energy to put one’s own ideas into form or motion. The archangels made gods—I am one—and goddesses, and gave each of us the choice of taking on a tangible form or staying pure energy. I chose the latter.

Creator picked me to be the supreme being of this universe—that is, to design and co-create everything here, then, as supervisor of operations, keep everything going nicely—and selected other gods or goddesses to fill the same role in the other six universes. In our respective domains, each of us has proportionally the power of Creator.

However, It—as a pronoun for Creator, It denotes highest reverence and respect—added this rule: Never may we interfere with the free will choices of any soul in our universes. Regardless of how atrocious to others or dangerous to self those chosen actions may be and how greatly we want to step in, we cannot. That’s why in our universe Earth became so well known as a splendid schoolhouse with a perpetual karmic merry-go-round. Gaia is very weary of providing that service and she’s elated that it won’t be at all burdensome when she reaches her ascension destination in what you call 5D. Actually, areas in space aren’t numbered—planes of differing energy just flow in consonance with prevailing vibrations.

Now then, Creator can make an exception to Its gift of free will, and a few decades back in your sense of time, It made this one: No soul may explode a nuclear weapon in space. The reason is, free spirits—souls so advanced spiritually and consciously that they don’t need a body—and souls traveling astrally have been shattered by nuclear blasts. This isn’t about bodies, which last but one lifetime—it is about souls, and they live eternally.

Every soul is a part of Creator and in this universe, of me, and every one is valued equally and loved unconditionally. Each fragment of a shattered soul is vital, and searching for every one, then reintroducing those that are found to each other in the proper order of lifetimes until the entire soul has been perfectly reconstructed can take thousands of your years. The ongoing search for fragments will continue until every soul is once again whole and healthy—that is how important each soul is!

In keeping with Creator’s exception, I told all civilizations in our universe with the technology to prevent detonation of nuclear warheads to do that. Of most interest to you, crews in your skies or my extraterrestrial children living in your midst have done this “a baker’s dozen” times. I know there is chatter about a nuclear war—I assure you, there will not be a war—and the occasional threat of sending up a missile. That isn’t likely, but if it were managed, the warhead would be rendered as harmless as all its predecessors.

Let me think a moment, Suzy. … Okay, thank you. I know what I want to talk about next. It’s fine to call me whatever name you wish—I answer to all. My proper name is a combination of tones and pastel colors, so it’s not pronounceable, and I am a god, so he, him, and his are correct pronouns and Father also is fitting. However, like the other universal CEOs, I am androgynous, the balance of feminine and masculine energies. Gaia, the soul who chose to embody as the planet and has feminine energy, can rightfully be called Mother Earth and my daughter.

With the indispensable help of Sol—the soul you call the sun and whose energy is predominantly masculine—Gaia and I used Creator’s inexhaustible love-light energy to co-create a planet glowing with natural beauty and spectacular life forms throughout the animal and plant kingdoms. When we finished, the entire planet we called Terra was a paradise—the biblical garden of Eden. People, animals and plants knew their connection with each other and with us, their co-creators. All lived peaceably and happily together and communicated audibly and telepathically. Sadly, eventually things started going downhill, but Gaia and I continued loving and nurturing civilization after civilization after civilization.

I am an amalgamation of every person and all of Earth’s other life forms—animals and plants also are souls—so omnipresence is applicable to me as our Wholeness, but omniscience, omnipotence and perfection are not. Those apply only to Creator, who is purely love and expresses it as light energy and cosmic consciousness.

My dear children, a great deal that you were taught about me was made up, and some of it doesn’t even make sense, does it? How can I be a loving God and also a wrathful God of vengeance? Every soul in my flock is a part of me—why would I send any of my parts to a place religions call hell? Why would I tell some of my children to slay others because their religious beliefs differ? Why would I think that of all my children, only one has ever been worthy of my calling “son”? None of those things attributed to me is true!

I digressed, but I wanted to set at least that much straight.

Now, please think of this: For me to be on a level with Creator, I would have to be perfect. At soul level all of us are inseparable, so if even one of my children—and you don’t have a number large enough for me to tell you how many I have—has a frailty, I cannot be perfect. If we are to have perfection in our universe, some of my far-flung flock have to make wiser, kinder decisions. That isn’t being judgmental, it is a fact.

Creator and I differ in another way. As Source of everything in existence, Creator is aware of what souls are doing throughout the cosmos but isn’t personally involved in their lives. I know only what souls in our universe are doing and I am personally involved in every one’s life. Also I respond to every one’s prayers. You may not get what you want, my dear children, but always you get what you need to stay on track with what you chose in your soul contracts. And if you are praying for others, their contracts take precedence over what you want for them.

Other than compliance with Creator’s free will edict, I was given no limitations or instructions, so I set up this universe on a service-to-others basis. Most of my flock are doing fine with this help-one-another arrangement, but some behave as if we are a self-serving organization.

Next I made the laws that govern all life here, where science and spirit are one and the same, the love-light essence of Creator. There is no judgment, partiality, estimated calculations or deviations in any of the laws. The foundation of life of all species and all action is the exactness of frequencies and vibrations.

The most basic laws pertain to electrons, photons, magnetism, gravity, mass, motion and preservation. Some of those come into play in the formation of large spheres, where various kinds of layers, some with caverns and lakes in hollow areas, build up around a powerful central space that attracts solid particles. People who have developed technology to an extent that would astound you inhabit hollow areas of planets where the surface became inhospitable or they chose isolation as a sanctuary. Your closest neighbors are several highly evolved civilizations who live in cities ranging from modest to marvelous in Earth’s interior.

One law keeps all celestial bodies in orderly motion so they don’t collide and another provides conditions for all life on or within planets to flourish. Yes, I know collisions happen and civilizations have been annihilated, but it isn’t due to flaws in the laws, it is action initiated by disserving flock members I’m not allowed to interfere with. In all fairness to Creator, It intended Its gift of free will to be used wisely and benevolently, and it was until Lucifer strayed. That set the stage energetically for all kinds of havoc in our universe—what some call Satan is energy streamers directed in destructive ways.

Then there are laws about the activity and reactivity of elements in air, water and soil; heat; liquid, vapor and solid states. That no civilization may dabble in any other civilization’s affairs unless requested is a law—”good” souls honor that, “not-good” ones don’t. Many laws pertain to the vast variety of genetic materials and the composition and functioning of bodies. For instance, the union of a sperm and an egg develops into an infant of the same species and an acorn grows into a mighty oak.

The law pertaining to communication, which includes telepathy, gives every soul a unique frequency and all are known by my emissaries—guardian angels, others in angelic realms and myriad spirit guides—who respond according to each soul’s needs. It is the unique frequencies that alert my children in spirit worlds to the imminent arrival of loved ones so they can gather to greet them.

To laws that affect my children more intimately because individual choices are involved, I added soul-level guidance—conscience, intuition, instinct, inspiration and aspiration. One law where those are especially helpful is synchronicity—that is, events or circumstances pop up in keeping with goals in your soul contracts and pre-birth agreements, like one door closing and another opening, so to say. The law of inclusion refers to soul-level knowledge, where all truths are known, and what you call karma is the law of cause and effect. It isn’t a reward or a punishment, it is the opportunity to attain balanced lifetime experiencing so you can keep on evolving.

The best known of my laws is the one about attraction. The energy of your focused thoughts and feelings shoots out into the collective consciousness and brings back what most closely matches the focus. Another part of that law is not well known: The collective thoughts and feelings of everyone on the planet determine what happens in your world. The law of intent gives an intention its own energy, separate from the energy of the action, and the law of divine grace that prevents unintended disasters also strengthens struggling souls who ask for that assistance.

And there is the law that some religions interpret as what comes after death—first Judgment Day, then the decision: heaven or hell for eternity. The actual law is simple and instantaneous. When the physical body dies, the person’s etheric body and psyche automatically go to the part of a spirit world where the energy is the same as their lifetime energy that is recorded moment by moment in the Akashic records. Lifetimes in spirit include growth opportunities and preparation for the next physical lifetime.

This isn’t a law, but maybe it should be for my Earth family—breathe deeply and rhythmically. That eases tension and keeps your energy flowing smoothly so it won’t clog and cause pain or illness. It also clears the way for information at soul level to more easily reach your consciousness.

Other than wanting you to always breathe correctly, how do I feel my selves on Earth are doing? I’m ecstatic about most, who are thoughtful, caring, honest, kind, appreciative and generous. But frankly, that tenacious bunch I call disserving members of my flock and you call dark ones are distressing. They won’t be around much longer, though, because the light forces, or White Hats as you say, are rapidly removing their pits of darkness.

Freeing a world from long, long, long ages of dark control and turning it into a world whose foundation is love is a huge undertaking with cultural, philosophical, economic, environmental and governance considerations. A lot of light is needed to spread vision, wisdom, good will and mutual respect worldwide—dear ones, keep beaming your light’s high vibes!

I’m going to repeat something else I said last January because it’s important, too: Always I’ve wanted my Earth family to live joyfully, cooperatively together and diversity to enrich their lives. I want my humankind to love and respect each other and Nature—all of it are parts of me, too—to preserve the planet’s beauty and prosper in its abundance.

That is the kind of fulfilling life I want for all of you volunteers! Yes, you’re there on a mission and you’re doing a magnificent job of inspiring family on Earth to wake up and manifest the planet’s Golden Age. The gratitude Gaia and I feel for you is boundless!

But, my beloved children, I want your lives to be more than your mission—play, laugh, sing, dance, be joyful, hug a tree and love each other!

Suzy, thank you for receiving my message and thank you, Matthew, for letting me be the messenger today. I wish all my children on Earth could hear me when I speak to them personally, and I do that frequently. Someday they will.

MATTHEW: We thank you, God!  We endeavor to be enlightening and encouraging, but words from you have a great deal more impact than ours.

Now then, dear brothers and sisters, we echo God’s words—play, laugh, sing, dance, be joyful, hug a tree and love each other!

Light beings throughout this universe are cheering you ever onward in your Earth journey and support you with the power of unconditional love.


Suzanne Ward

The perceptions of humanity are that you must somehow please God with your goodness. -Kryon-

The perceptions of humanity are that you must somehow please God with your goodness. I want to tell you, angels, you’ve already pleased God because you’re here!

It’s the reason there are going to be healings here today because you’re sitting here ~ because you are waking up to who you are and you are finding the divinity inside.

You’ve already pleased God! You don’t have to think about being fearful or worry about what you might do to displeased God because of some kind of a super reward and punishment system on the other side of the veil. There isn’t one.

It’s hard enough while you’re here, isn’t it? If you ever knew how much you were loved, you would never think for a moment there’d be punishment on the other side of the veil, even for the darkest among you.

Yet your major religions are all based around this feature. A billion of you feel that you arrived “dirty,” already broken and carrying the burden of humanity’s darkest deeds.

Then, if you join and perform certain rituals and beliefs, you can overcome this horrible fate. In the process, those who never find out about how it works go to Hell! Does this make any spiritual sense to you?

It’s time to understand how Human this concept is.


From Kryon Book Eleven – Lifting the Veil, through Lee Carroll, the Original Kryon Channel (via

You can change what your Akashic energy gives to you in these new times! That’s “changing the past.”

There are some who have said, “I don’t want to wait a generation for some of these evolved ideas to start working in my consciousness. I don’t want to wait until I’m reborn, perhaps in another body, to start gleaning the wisdom from the past. I don’t want to wait!”

So if you’re one of those here now, you’re way ahead of the curve. You don’t have to wait.

You really don’t have to wait at all. You’ve got to cognize (believe) that you can do this now.

“Can you do this?” Question: “Is it possible for a Human Being to rewrite the energy they remember from a thousand lives? Does humanity have that power?” The answer is yes, oh yes. More now than ever before.

Oh, Dear Ones, in ancient times you have sat at the feet of the gurus who could do this and more. They had control over that which is both esoteric and physical.

Now, each one of you is learning that mastery and changing the Akash is part of that. Do you believe that you could take that which is lurking in your Akash, which is poking and prodding you in so many different ways because an old energy has allowed it to, and change that?

It includes the energy of the ways that you died, the children that you’ve lost, the wars that you’ve died in, the others you have killed, and the ones that killed you. You have been in all of those circumstances that were this dramatic and more. There were lives so horrible that you never ever experienced joy.

“What about the good things, Kryon?”

Well, they’re in there, too, Dear One! There was celebration, joy, beauty and love.

THIS is the subject of this message.

You can change what your Akashic energy gives to you in these new times! That’s “changing the past.”

And so it is,

~ Kryon of Magnetic Service

Excerpt channeled by Lee Carroll during a Live Kryon Channelling in Phoenix, Arizona on March 4, 2018

When you discover the divinity inside, your DNA changes to accommodate the reality of your discovery. This is also called “creating your own reality,” a subject we have explored before.

by Lee Carroll

October 2, 2022, via email

What does a grand avatar have that you seem not to? The answer to that question is: COMPLETE SELF-AWARENESS.

When you discover the divinity inside, your DNA changes to accommodate the reality of your discovery. This is also called “creating your own reality,” a subject we have explored before.

Your DNA is perfect, but you have allowed restrictors to be placed in your body that provides for short lifetimes, disease, and imbalance.

With intent, these restrictors are lessened, and the DNA is allowed to become closer to what it was designed to be. All of this was created by you and for you.

Now you are being enabled to bring the DNA into a state that will respond to your consciousness.


Your future is bright.

by Lee Carroll, May 5, 2022, via email

white structure
Photo by Martin Péchy on

There’s a door I want you to go through that leads to a place that you’ve been before. You go into this room, and there’s a person you have met before. You will humanize it. Even though it’s an energy, because for you it needs to be a person with a personality.

You’re going to meet this person, one person, who’s about to show you something spectacular.

This is an entity; this is a combination of a Star Master and Time Master. You’ve always heard of space and time. But this day, this Star Master you’ve met before will take you back in time and show you the stars. You’re going to see the cycle of the Earth represented in other times and other places in your galaxy.

Is it possible that what you are going through right now on this Planet others have gone through before, or perhaps you have gone through before?

Is it possible your Soul has been on other planets? If that’s true for you, and if you see it today, you remember it at some level. That’s part of an awakening, Dear Ones.

Meet the Star Master, who is also a Time Master. This Star Master is going to take you somewhere far away. A galaxy, a series of planets, which today you call Orion, the star. It’s the planets around the star – and there’s more than one, just like with your particular solar system.

If you took a look at their history, you would’ve seen that there were wars between wars, and there are not now.

The Star Master is showing you something, and he’s speeding up the time to show you that this planet went into an Ascension status.

That only means that light and dark changed so much that there was much more light than dark. It represented a change in consciousness. Those on this planet grew up, and they started to understand the same physics that the Creator has – the kind of physics that allows you to travel anywhere you want to with your consciousness instead of your body.

They went someplace else and planted the seed that they had. I want to take you to where they planted it. I’d like to take you to where the Arcturians live.

Dear Ones, the Arcturians, had a very similar history to yours. They went through the same thing, from low consciousness to high. They had to go through these things in order to grow up – and they did.

They went to a place that’s very close to you, called the Seven Sisters, the Pleiadians. If you want to take a look at them, we had told you before that they had several habitable planets, and it was a mess, and there was horror there. They even had mass genocide.

They came from the darkest place, and they made it.

When the Pleiadians reached the point of the ones who preceded them, and those who preceded them, they also sent their consciousness somewhere else. We call it Earth.

Your DNA is stuff from the stars. You were not here by accident. There was an influence that got you here, Dear Ones, and kept you here for you to go through this cycle if you chose.

We have said this before; your history will not be what you are going into anymore. It’s not going to repeat itself. You’re going into uncharted territory that no one has seen on this Planet, but your ancestors have seen it on the other stars.

Blessed are the Human Beings who see the light at the end of this tunnel you are going through right now, which would seem so dark, but it has the seeds of magnificence.

Your future is bright.

And so it is,

~Kryon of Magnetic Service

Excerpt channeled by Lee Carroll on April 6, 2022 during Healing Wednesday.

Can you imagine such a thing when you wake up in the morning? Hearing the laughter of the child within, before you go to sleep at night. It’s going to change your life!

a young girl and a boy reading a book while under the blanket
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As you approach the room you’re going to be in; there’s noise in that room, a lot of noise. As you enter that room, suddenly it stops and there’s a breath that becomes one that’s taken by all. There are so many in the room. They all stopped, the noise stopped, and they are looking at you.

Let me explain what’s going to happen right now.

You just walked into a big group of children, and they see you, and now it erupts again, they laugh, and they applaud, and they’re so happy to see you. They crowd around you as you enter the room, trying to take your hand. They’re so pleased to see you.

It’s hard not to laugh at those beautiful children, what they say, what they do, and how joyful they are. Look at all of them. There are so many of them. It’s an odd thing to recognize yourself in every single child. Who is this? Who could they be?

boy wearing red t shirt and blue pants
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They surround you with laughter. They are pulling upon you and your hands, “Come this way. We want to show you this. We have all these drawings we’ve made, expecting you to be here. We would love to share some time with you.”

And you go with them willingly.

I want to introduce you to joy. But who’s giving it to you? Every one of these children is you; it’s your inner child from every lifetime you’ve ever lived.

Those beginning years before the responsibilities, before you had anything to worry about. They are you, and in that, they want to share an unbridled joy with you.

What would that mean? For you, it erases fear. While you’re joyful, laughing, and giddy, you don’t fear much; you have so much peace, laughter, and joy. It erases so many things; it even tends to erase disease. This has been documented, Dear Ones.

This is infectious, and it’ll go into your cellular structure, all of this laughing, all of these beautiful faces. All of them together almost in one consciousness, in one voice, listening to you, and you’re listening to them. You laugh, and you cry because you’re joyful.

Here’s what I want. I want you to cognize this and take it home with you. I want you to be able to think of this particular metaphor, this Circle of Twelve, every single time you can.

When you wake up in the morning to rekindle the inner children, they are all you. In this Circle of Twelve, all are in your Soul.

Can you imagine such a thing when you wake up in the morning? Hearing the laughter of the child within, before you go to sleep at night. It’s going to change your life!

I want you to stay here, stay, and be imbued with joy—all of the ones that you’ve experienced all your life, and all of those lives before. Stay, stay and laugh, stay and have the joy of the inner child.

And so it is,

~Kryon of Magnetic Service

You alone can affect the light-dark balance of the planet as your Merkabah moves from place to place with a very high vibration.

You Alone…

Your spirituality is evolving. Why would you spend hours looking into each other’s eyes or chanting mantras when every bit of energy you create can now be done in the blink of an eye? Your very time frame has changed!

Could it be you are stuck in a system you felt was static and forever—and very comfortable? Do you really believe that peace on Earth at this point in time will be created by those who sit in small groups and spend hours in an alpha state?

Think: This is what the ancients did, and you are wishing to still be in that ancient system. Your profound spiritual DNA is evolving, allowing you to accomplish far more for the Earth by becoming quantum in your life. You now possess the power of hundreds of chanting new agers who just want to sit and “be.”

You alone can affect the light-dark balance of the planet as your Merkabah moves from place to place with a very high vibration.


From Kryon Book Twelve ~ The Twelve Layers of DNA through Lee Carroll, the Original Kryon Channel (via

those of you who have crossed the Bridge of Swords, this new energy gives you permission to drop all vows!

Kryon ~ Relationships

by Lee Carroll, June 27, 2021, via email

How many of you remember being the shaman and the medicine man? Remember what the attributes of the medicine man were? So many times, the medicine man lived on the outskirts of the village. The medicine man lived alone. Remember?

Listen to what I am saying. This is important. Did you take a vow that in order to be spiritual, you were never going to enjoy the intimate company of another Human Being? Did you? Did you take the vow of celibacy? I have new information for you.

A vow to God-given in pure intent in ANY lifetime is taken into the next lifetime and carries through the veil over and over. You could not easily drop the vow because your inner soul is committed to God.

If you were going to spiritually awaken and be the shaman in those past lifetimes, you had to sacrifice many things back then. Lightworker, are you having trouble with keeping and holding relationships? Abundance? Having a normal life? This could be why!

Let me tell you now that for those of you who have crossed the Bridge of Swords, this new energy gives you permission to drop all vows! Perhaps some of you thought you would be alone forever? You do not have to forsake relationships anymore.


From Kryon Book VIII – Passing The Marker – Page 213 through Lee Carroll, the Original Kryon Channel (via and edited by the Kryon Masters Team)

Scenarios of future -Kryon-

3 scenarios of future about Healing:the first scenario it involves inventions that have not yet occurred processes understood yet by you which are on the way….the next one may have a sign that says the V Group complete and total healing one-stop,a virtual world where you feel the joy of healing,the virtual experience is so intense that you are healed,the 3rd one: where you’re going by yourself without any machinery using the 24th strand of DNA .