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New Financial System (NESARA) confirmed by Michelle Fielding

This confirms my previous posts and some more.

Also another great video by Michelle about Elon Musk and all his amazing humanitarian work among some more uplifting news including Healing Tech, Awesome Mobility and Smart cities…the future is here, now in process already 🙂

Starlink -Michelle Fielding and Michael Jaco

Great sharing here from Michelle and Michael about Starlink Internet System and how it will positively affect our world in so many ways as we transition to The Golden Age. Also some big disclosures here including that it was the Industrial Military Complex that is at the origin of vote steal in the 2020 elections and how it will play out till 2022 for all to see and witness. By that time of course we will be a little more advanced as a collective in being aware of our Self Governance for as citizens of Earth 2,0