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The Most Important $#!T you’ll Read this Year | Don Spectacularis

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Greetings, light gang! Your very own (and all time favourite!) Don Spectacularis is BACK! Back with yet another long-ass article (but it’ll be worth it and you know it) about spirituality, galactic roller coasters and sex! Alright alright, I’ll leave the sex talk to Tunia as usual (don’t we all?)

So, straight to the point. I’ve been smelling a fair amount of victim consciousness spreading around these here parts as of late. Ideas such as “the Galactics need to come save us”, and “When will the ascended masters come over and rescue us” and “Jesus take the wheel!”

Jesus didn’t even know the difference between a steering wheel and a pinwheel, folks.

But, that’s besides the point. The point is that, a LOT of people within the spiritual community have lately been getting DEPENDENT. HOPELESS. VICTIMISED.

Well then, reminder reminder! You, dearest sir (or ma’am), are an ETERNAL facet and expression of GOD. Aka the REAL “Top G”. The One Infinite Creator. The Source of all things. The Alpha and the Omega. The One.

In other words, it is YOU who are supposed to take your life by the wheel (and leave Jesus to do them wheelies instead, as and when he sees fit).

Yes, the Galactics and the Ascended Masters and the Inner Earthers and the Angels and the Archangels and the Elohim and the Source Creator are ALL there to ASSIST YOU indeed (as and when you ASK them for it); but they’re not, and I repeat, NOT here to do YOUR JOB for you! Nope. Nada. Nahin. Not happening. Ever.


You are NOT weak.

You are NOT helpless.

You are NOT hopeless.

You are NOT here to be rescued.

You did NOT come here to be spoonfed your own ASCENSION.

You, my friends, are beings of INFINITE POWER.





The first power you have is that of FREE WILL. This isn’t just the power to “do this when you want to” and “do that when you don’t.” It’s also very much so the power to CHOOSE how you feel in any given moment.

So, how do you even USE IT?

One, if you have something fun and exciting to do already, like a hobby or absolutely anything you enjoy spending time on (could literally be watching the telly or sleeping), then you go do THAT and find your joy.

But what if you don’t? Or simply have no access to what you truly desire?

Then, my friends, you dive into your God-gifted IMAGINATION.

That ONE PLACE in which you can experience any and all fantasies and fetishes of yours and find joy (no matter how very wild) 24x7x365.

Alternatively, you can simply be GRATEFUL for anything that you DO HAVE at this moment and find joy there. Have eyes to read this text? Express gratitude for it. Drank a glass of refreshing water? Express gratitude for it. Found the best porn clip ever? Express gratitude for it.

No, the CREATOR of all realities does not judge or condemn you for watching porn or engaging in prostitution or doing absolutely ANY. FUCKING. THING. No matter how “wrong” as per human beings’ standards. One, because the fucking CREATOR has better things to do.

And two, because you’re ITS ASPECT and hence, IT loves you UNCONDITIONALLY and INFINITELY.

You couldn’t piss it off if you tried.

And anyone, absolutely ANYONE telling you otherwise is just manipulating you. (Manipulating you into hating yourself, becoming a victim, feeling guilt etc. is VERY profitable, research suggests).

Which brings me to another VERY IMPORTANT point.

A lot of channelled messages are attempting to guilt trip you into ascending yourself or helping others or whatnot.

That if you “don’t assist others”, or “don’t grow spiritually”, or that if the Earth (or its peoples) don’t ascend because you’re not “committed enough”, something terrible will happen and that YOU will be responsible for it.

My dear friends, the CREATOR of all realities does NOT give a SINGLE FUCK as to whether this project so-called “succeeds” or not.


Because LIFE is ETERNAL.



And there are no such things as “failures” in Source’s vocabulary. Only LEARNINGS.

Don’t get me wrong here. It’s not that the CREATOR (who is YOU) does not “desire” Ascension of all upon this world.

But that’s its DESIRE, and NOT its ATTACHMENT.

SOURCE (and wise/enlightened beings all throughout the cosmos) are NOT attached to outcomes.

Yes, they may “want” something to happen; but they’re fine if it doesn’t.

Because, and let me state this loud and clear, if SOURCE did NOT “want you” to fail, IT could EASILY strip you off of your free will and get it done regardless.

The fact that IT has still not done so should speak volumes.

And above all, and this thing bears repeating, Source is NOT a human.

Again, GOD is NOT a human.

So don’t mistake it for one.

For it is ALL. ALL. THAT. IS.


And will stay such. FOREVER.

And various (“pleasant” and “unpleasant”) experiments will continue throughout the cosmos, likely ETERNALLY.

Because what else is even there to do?

So when I say “no pressure”, I fucking MEAN IT. No sarcasm. No bullshitting.

You’re not here to save the world. You’re only here to live your best life (without intruding upon others’ Free Will unless you or someone innocent is threatened). And you’re here to help others while you’re at it (if you would even LIKE TO, that is — for even THAT’S not a compulsion or anything).




That’s all there even is to it.

And yes, the light is winning. Not with violence or weapons, but with LOVE.


Yeah, all that good shit.

That’s what it takes for the light to win, and the Earth to spin.

Which brings me to the MOST IMPORTANT PART of my message: PLEASE follow your joy. Do what excites you. Go out into nature. Smell flowers. Enjoy hobbies. Or a cup of tea. Or gaming. Or naps. Or porn (no, Jesus isn’t watching you when you whack off). Or helping others. Or smiling. Or laughing. Or making others smile. Or spreading wisdom (as and when such an opportunity presents itself — with respect for others’ Free Will). Or writing articles such as this one. Or SHARING articles such as this one. Or TRANSLATING articles such as this one. Or MAKING VIDEOS of articles such as this one. Or listening to beautiful music whilst playing an HD tourism video of your favourite experience or travel destination and adding in your very own IMAGINATION to it. Or going on exciting journeys and adventures. Or just sitting in silence and peace. Or meditating. Or simply enjoying breathing. Or going on an LSD trip (hopefully, in an informed, way, and only IF it’s your highest excitement — and not like some impulsive psycho). Or hugging trees. Or cuddling cats. Or just having a chat with your loved ones. Or exercising. Or cycling. Or playing sports. Or doing art. Or making music. Or doing whatever the FUCK makes you happy or SPREADS some happiness/light/love around. Even watching a stand-up comedy special will do.

Because when you discover Love, Joy, Bliss, or Peace; the universe simply HAS TO match your vibration by bringing you things that BRING said Love, Joy, Bliss, or Peace back to you. Alternatively, when you express GRATITUDE (for what you already HAVE), all of creation MUST match your vibration by bringing you absolutely EVERYTHING that you’d truly be GRATEFUL FOR (in other words, all of your wildest desires), for the creation/universe knows EXACTLY what you want.

Because you are a CREATOR, and you CREATE the reality that you VIBRATE TO.

For yourself, and for all others in this world of yours.

As a creator, you shall ETERNALLY have the FREE WILL to CHOOSE your emotion – at any given moment – and hence, choose your VIBRATION.

Because every happy (or sad etc.) emotion that you’ve EVER felt, has been generated from WITHIN you, and not from OUTSIDE you.

To know this, imagine being held tight by someone you really love, just for one fleeting moment. Or biting into something you find truly delicious. Or visiting a place that makes you happy, or revisiting a happy memory.

Imagine it AS INTENSELY as you possibly can.

And you’ll feel JOY. Or LOVE. Or HAPPINESS. All over again.

WITHOUT EVEN having had that experience “for reals”, as they put it, upon this world.

See? You generated the happiness that you were seeking from ANOTHER PERSON or PLACE or THING (which is OUTSIDE OF YOU and EXTERNAL to you), entirely, and I repeat, ENTIRELY from WITHIN!

That’s because you are a GENERATOR of your EMOTION – and hence your VIBRATION – and hence your very REALITY itself.

HENCE why you are a CREATOR of your REALITY, through your very own FREE WILL!

So if you are angry, sad, or afraid; all you need to do to get past it is to simply become AWARE of said emotion/energy emanating from you, and be INTENSELY PRESENT with it until it vanishes utterly and COMPLETELY! Yes, this can be somewhat painful, but is it not WORTH IT? Or you can simply FORGIVE that which is causing you anger or pain or sadness or what-else-have-you, and you’re FREE, yet again! And then, simply choose and move to a thought/imagination, memory, or actual life experience that you truly ENJOY, and you’ll be back in BLISS and radiating the vibration of JOY, LOVE, PEACE and PLANETARY TRANSFORMATION to the very highest DENSITY/DIMENSIONS of life!

Please remember, the ON and OFF switches for ALL of your emotions (and hence vibrations), is entirely with YOU and YOU ALONE!

Remember, NOTHING and NO ONE (person, event or thing) that is EXTERNAL to you – that is OUTSIDE of you – can ultimately make you “feel” a THING!

For when you choose your REACTIONS to life, you choose how to VIBRATE to life.

That is ALL there is to it. To being a literal CREATOR of your reality.

This is the reason why some ordinary object, say, a doorknob, elicits no emotional response from you; whereas losing a special gift from a loved one does. Because both are equally illusory; mere configurations of atoms and molecules in specific shapes, sizes, and colours, if you will. But upon one, you, yes YOU placed a negative/neutral emotional value. And upon another, YOU PLACED a positive emotional value.

This is why a MASTER is one who – at ALL TIMES – CHOOSES what emotion to feel (and therefore what VIBRATION to radiate) at ANY GIVEN TIME – CONSCIOUSLY – for a MASTER is also a CREATOR (and not a VICTIM).

The reality matches said vibrations by bringing the master things, people, and experiences (that match their vibration) accordingly.

DO NOT expect this change to happen within a day. For with all things, doing this takes PRACTICE and ENDLESS PERSEVERANCE, DEDICATION, SINCERITY, and HONEST SELF-EXAMINATION.

Also, do not expect the “results” of it to come to you in a day.

Remember, if you have to change the direction in which a fan is rotating, you have to first switch off the fan. Then, eventually its PREVIOUSLY GENERATED MOMENTUM comes to a (slow) halt. And then, and ONLY THEN, is the opportunity for it to go in a different direction, and eventually, gather MOMENTUM towards spinning/moving in said direction.

A MASTER understands that all of what’s “out there” is ultimately illusory. Just a configuration of molecules in one way or another. So they do not place much importance upon any of these things. For they know that regardless of what configuration the molecules of the outer world take — in other words, regardless of what “circumstance” is out there — it is THEM, who, as a CREATOR, has the FREE WILL to choose how to REACT, and thus, how to VIBRATE to it.

And no, this does not mean being naive, helpless, or not defending oneself, a loved one, or someone innocent (using whatever means necessary) as and when the situation calls for it.

Remember – even fear and anger serve their own purposes – when we use them as guiding mechanisms, instead of mechanisms that CONTROL us (aka CREATOR beings).

So if the latest news or conspiracy theory or event is causing you to feel fear or anger or any other pointless negative emotion that you DO NOT wish to experience, or worse, CREATE YOUR REALITY / TIMELINE for you (and your world); then just please, BECOME AWARE as to what is ACTUALLY HAPPENING, see the ILLUSION for what it is, and then, CHOOSE how to REACT/VIBRATE to it!

And THAT’S EXACTLY HOW you (eventually) ascend to the 4th Density (5th Dimension) and MASTER this density/dimension too, while you’re at it.


Become a MASTER.

And finally, one last thing. As a DIVINE CREATOR INCARNATE, you have it in you to literally overcome ANY and ALL ODDS placed against you. If you couldn’t, you wouldn’t be here at this time. So, when you’re stuck, ASK. Ask for ASSISTANCE. Ask God, ask your Guides, ask the Galactics, ask the Angels, ask the Ascended Masters, ask the Archangels, ask the Inner Earthers, ask everyone and their cousin to help you out.

Also, feel free to (also!) ask the Internet, your friends, parents, relatives, colleagues, neighbours, or whoever else is in a position (and even a little bit of willingness) to help you out for ACTUAL. FUCKING. HELP. Don’t be shy. And definitely don’t feel discouraged if one or more doors close upon you. Go knock on some more. And keep knocking until you have a way to bring your truest, deepest desire just that ONE. STEP. closer.

Don’t be afraid to start projects. Whether they are for your own benefit, for this planet’s benefit, for humanity’s benefit, for animals’ benefit, or for what-else-have-you. Don’t be afraid to communicate. Don’t be afraid to CARE.

You have one life (yes, I know you’re eternal; but this exact life won’t come again either). Live it GRAND. And make THE MOST of it all, in every last way imaginable.


In Infinite Love and Light,

Don Spectacularis