The most powerful way to manifest.

The most powerful way to manifest is by feeling more than fine in the present moment which means to tangibly experience in the now the IAM Presence in its fullness resulting in unconditional love, authentic joy, amazing inner peace and knowing from within that there is nothing i can not be, do or have. And how do we get there?

First comes the daily practice of finding alignement with Source of at least 15-20′.

Then comes the practice of feeling into the the desired outcome in a deliberate way every time i feel there is some kind of resistance within, sometimes 2 minutes is more than enough, some other times the practice gets prolonged into writing down how it feels and writing down all details from the very small to the biggest, as many as possible. Then comes the practice of imagining a scene or many scenes of all the things i wish to experience in as much as possible details. The art of creation at its best. After few days of practice it becomes a habit and it feels so good that i tend to want to go back over and over again.

So today, i am inviting you to take your time in connecting with your higher self asking the support of Source/Universe/God and all Light Beings you resonate with and then during your day deliberately feel into the desired outcome and describe with all details what is that you want.

You want a new house? describe it with all details, the smell of it, the surroundings, who is there with you, is your beautiful electric car parked in the garage? what clothes are you wearing? what time is it? what words are you exchanging with others around you? etc.

And for anything else do the same. Get into the habit of creation in this way and you ll witness an incredible progression in your manifestations.

Much Love and High Vibes

Feel More Than Fine

Nikos Akrivos