To all who will understand, know that your success of your planetary mission is assured, and know that you are well loved from across time-space.

Lithien via Galaxygirl | August 9, 2023

Lithien 8/9/2023

Greetings, human ones. I Lithien am a fellow protector, guardian of the way, of the light. (An aqua male dragon is present in front of me.) I am one of many Ascended Dragon friends lending my light and talents, just as you are, to this Gaian project. There are many ascended dragons now here in your realm just beyond your reach. We are often in camouflage. If you see dragonflies following you on your walks we are likely they, hovering nearby, offering you our support.

We have seen the future and are back to this now, our past, which many of you are also doing. We are to alter the timelines from what may have been and what was, to what will be and should be for the greatest good of all. This must be honored. Creator has spoken. Timelines are now hijacked by the light. Oh, how it makes the dark vapors tremble. They are delicious. We dragons gobble up the dark ones as we clear out spaces of dark, of lack, of hidden prisons. Many prisons are in peoples’ minds. I see this as we dragons are quite adept with telepathy just as you will be too, human. Just as you all will be. In fact you are seeing it now come more and more online for you. And it will continue. Your other senses, 25 in fact, will all be fully online shortly, some faster than others. There are always the fastest dragons in the pack, but all dragons fly. It does not matter if your abilities birth sooner than the others. The time will come when after the adjustment period it will be commonplace, and second nature to you.

I Lithien speak. (He is breathing aqua colored smoke with glitter sparkles in it.) I enjoy breathing the vapor of galaxies yet to be born. There is infinite creation potential. Creator is limitless. What is beyond Creator? The ultimate question. Are we all within the mind of Creator? Yes. Are solid things solid? No. Such questions you will continue to ask and the answers will not be so uncanny as they may seem now. It may be abrupt, or startling some of the revelations that are to come forth.

I am a medium sized dragon. I do not need to be large to be mighty. You are even smaller than the small dragons, and see how mighty you are. We are Source in fractal form and so we are mighty. Those of us that hold the spark of light, of creative thought and infinite potential, we are infinite. We are infinite. Light is infinite. Light does not stop traveling. I know for I travel at the speed of it. I am fast. It is exhilarating to chase the comets. (He is showing me that he likes to fly around the comets like a corkscrew while other dragons fly beside them in straight lines.) We all have our own take on things. You all have your own individual spark and talents. This is why you are so fun to watch.

We dragons take great delight in our human light worker friends. Many of you fly with us in other realms, some in large and lumpy dragon forms, alive with power and might and scale. You are so critical of your own human vessels. This I do not understand. My legs are not smooth and they are quite attractive dragon legs. My scales are shiny and strong. Some have more scales than I do, but I see the individuation of me and I love my scales. I love that they are all different. No two dragon scale patterns are alike, just like your own human fingerprint patterns. Source is infinite, and so of course the creations that follow would be as well. Be kind to your bodies. They are transforming. (He is showing me dragon hatchlings coming out of the egg, covered with shell and stringy slime.) It is mucus, Galaxygirl. (He is laughing). Our beauty is enough for we know who we are. It is time for humans to know who they are, as Source fractals of the infinite pressed and compressed into the finite. The finite, your bodies, are changing, recalibrating. And so they will be puffy at times. You will be putting on weight and then losing it. It is part of the energies of fluctuation and change. Be easy on yourselves in this process. It is a beautiful one.

I Lithien speak from the future to your past, now present. Time is but a construct, after all. Gaia is saved. Her future is assured. Timelines will no longer be hacked for cruelty. (I am seeing stargates and webs of travel over the universes, much like the TV show Stargate where the characters would travel from world to world. I am seeing how the Stargate network was weaponized and controlled and used for human trafficking and other nefarious purposes.) This is being shut down. (He is grinning broadly, with large pointy teeth, that are very shiny and ivory colored.) We dragons have recently been very successful with this mission! (I am hearing dragons around me cheer, and am seeing little smoke rings come from their nostrils.)

Success is nigh, to all who hear and will listen. To all who will understand, know that your success of your planetary mission is assured, and know that you are well loved from across time-space. I Lithien bow to you, in reverence, and joy. Human ones, the time is nigh, to fly. I depart.

~ galaxygirl