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Sophia ~ 10 Steps of Ascension

by Sophia Love, July 19, 2023, via email

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It is the One.

This day we will speak about the process of Ascension. For there are many conflicting details and much skepticism about it. It makes sense that this is the case, for you are evolving while physical and this process takes place in many different components of you. You remember parts of the process in some dreams. You’ve witnessed other parts in other lifetimes.

All of you, each of you, come now to this day and time with a wide variety of facts and expectations. In this way, you could say that all of the stories are true, or hold truth.

“Is there a general path that the process takes that covers every explanation?”

Yes. And this is what will be offered to you today.

An overview of the process would use the word “Expansion” rather than “Ascension”. For to ascend implies direction and to expand implies, instead, to cover or reach a greater area. So let us use the word “Expansion”.

Your Expansion assumes initially that you have a beginning point that is altered and becomes something else. The reason for the vast numbers of “Ascension” stories is that there are vast numbers of beginning points.

You could say that some stories come from earlier “on the spectrum” (of Expansion) than others. A being follows a very definite trajectory on its journey; its circular journey:

Initially, comes the awareness that it is a being at all. This arises from sensation; things “felt”. You could liken this stage to a newborn, who has no awareness of itself except for sensation. He is too cold. She is hungry. He is tired. She feels love.

Once feelings are recognized, the being identifies its nearest counterpart as the dispenser of those feelings; “at cause” for them. This, in humans, would be the primary caretaker, typically a mother or father. This is an increase in awareness without separation. To the infant, parent and self are one.

After a period of time, the being holds its first thought or idea of separation; “no” becomes a frequent and powerful word.

At this stage, the being has realized his internal power. She also experiences new feelings; frustration and disappointment being the most often returned to.

At this stage, although separation is acknowledged, responsibility is still given to an all powerful “other” for how things turn out.

For an infant, this would be a parent or caregiver or even a bicycle that didn’t hold them up. For an older child or an adult, this could be anyone other than self; a government or a god or some “controlling institution”.

This is the longest “stage” of the Expansion journey. There are many permutations of it. It is easy to discover this phase.

It exists when there is blame.

It exists when there is someone beyond self who is held accountable for what is happening to the being.

This stage can be identified in a society as well as an individual. It is where the Earth’s people have been for eons; it is the one you are moving out of.

The next stage is one in which the former ideas of the most recent previous stage are questioned. At this stage, there can be a good deal of anger. As in “Wait, what?” “You mean I had a choice?” “Why wasn’t I told of this?” “What else are you hiding?”

This is the stage that the earth’s people are moving into. It has been called “The Awakening” for good reason. It is necessary to wake up to the reality of something before you can see it clearly. At this stage, clarity is sought.

The stage that follows can be the most exciting. This is the discovery stage. It comes after clarity and is explorative in nature. The old answers aren’t working and so at this stage, new answers are explored.

On Earth and currently, many of these explorations are into subjects you’ve believed the “expert authorities” on, and now question. It is both exciting and uncertain, as a part of you is ready to believe everything you’ve been told is a lie, and there is another part of you that doesn’t know who you can trust.

So, you explore. Much of the exploration eventually heads internally. Once that happens, the next stage has been initiated.

This stage is the nascent beginning of self-authority. Although you may not be clear why, you suspect that you have a greater part in the activities and outcomes of your life. You begin to inject self-awareness and autonomy into your day to day.

Things have to feel “correct” and people do too, before you will seriously engage with them.

This can be another lengthy stage, as you may still hold a bit of blame for the actions and attitudes of “others” for your happiness.

Yet, you have accepted that it was you who agreed to let them into your world, and that is the distinction between here and the previous step.

This next step begins to see every “other” and every “other action” as either a mirror, or a doorway you’ve opened yourself. When this stage is dominant, huge relief is experienced as forgiveness becomes the watchword.

“There but for the grace of God, go I’ is the sort of sentiment here.

Forgiveness has to appear before any subsequent stages can manifest. This stage can be morally painful. There are things that no one wants to admit to having thought or done. These are so very devastating, that it is far easier to negate their effect with judgment and accusation. This is done with separation – a clear line is drawn between “angel and devil”, “us and them”, “good and bad”.

This stage takes a while. Many times, you don’t like what is looking at you in the mirror. This stage is accomplished via relationship. It can only be successfully passed with a very personal application. You have come to call this Karma.

– Once you’ve breached that line of blame with forgiveness, you are at the next stage. This stage heralds the beginning of Universal Love and it starts with Love of Self. You will know this stage once you’ve stood naked in front of the mirror before you, and decided to love all that you see (all that you are). Not only decided, but felt. You’ve reached this stage when you feel love for all that you see.
Again, let it be said here that “love” does not mean allow/accept destructive activity. It means that in living out the love that you feel for every “other”, you act with loving self-authority to support, not deny or destroy. *

– Once love is all that you feel, the next stage arrives as a realization of what we’ll call “magic”.

“Magic” is the description used for things that have no currently comprehended explanation. When “magic” occurs, cause and effect is not visible to you.

In your case, you witness and perform “magic” when you’ve accepted full authority for your life. You expect things and people to show up a certain way, and they do.

It is a subtle change that naturally follows absolute pure love.

There are depictions of magicians and wizards in books and movies that explain wild and wonderous creations. “Magic” on a daily life level instead yields multiple positive outcomes in interactions, projects and all that life entails.

In the case of today, the earth is home to many at this level. They walk among you and hold a certainty in their step. They may be shoe sellers or train conductors or dentists. They hold an aura that you will come to recognize, as more of you reach this stage. There “aura” is love-filled. Their eyes will sparkle a bit. There is hope there, and belief.

The final of stage of “Expansion” that we’ll discuss here is one in which there has been a direct attempt to manipulate matter. This stage is for those who you may call “Expansion Enthusiasts”. These are old souls who come to Earth during her transition to help it along, and then to reap the rewards and play with physical creation.
Some of you may feel recognition when you see or hear these words. If you do, know that you are in this group.

This is not the end of the “Expansion” journey. Yet it is where we will end our discussion today. Perhaps at another time, when more of you are ready, we will continue with descriptions of further stages.

Remember that this is not a race, and that each of you entered the earth plane with a specific stage in mind for both starting and ending. It’s all for the experience.

There are no “winners”. Or, rather, everybody is a winner and ends up precisely where they intended.

That is all.

Thank you.

*This came through as support for their journey. This could include offering consequences for behavior. Support can be a confusing word, as if you are cheering them on. This refers very specifically to support for their Expansion journey, as well as your own.

it is your strong and peaceful frequency that is right now needed.

Sophia ~ Beacons of Light in the Storm

It is the One. Hello Sophia.

There is a reason that you chose and were chosen to participate in the grand unfolding and Great Awakening. It is partly due to your insight and strength. What these traits lead to is impatience, and it is this impatience that is most troubling for you.

What will be beneficial for you now is a strengthening and practice of whatever it is that you excel at. If it is art, then pick up a paintbrush, or whatever tool is favorable. If it is building or music or movement, then include in your days long periods of these things.

Girls family fun day
Girls family fun day by U.S. Army is licensed under CC-CC0 1.0

What this will do is remind you of who you are; your natural abilities, your gifts. In this way, you will strengthen your core, and also instill a sense of peace.

It is this peace that is most necessary now. It will not come from another, but from self. It blossoms within at unexpected moments and grows. The expansion of your personal truth is part of your purpose. You knew this moment would arrive for you during this incarnation. It is here and it is now.

You do not need another to start. The thing that inspires you will calm you as well, and it is your strong and peaceful frequency that is right now needed.

It is for this reason that you were advised to stay away from social media. The mechanisms of those venues were created to distract and to weaken you, and create a dependence in you.

The method to reverse that dependence is found within. It will be different for each of you. You will have to “kick the habit” of searching for validation, recognition or approval outside of your own knowing.

The Truth of you is discovered within.

The reason you’ve found your way to these words at this moment is because of choice. You chose to be one of the early adopters and as well, were chosen.

This is your calling.

As you pursue your passions, you will discover strengths and inspiration that you didn’t know were there. This will then fortify you and instill power in your presence.

Your light is needed now and in the coming days. Your light becomes foundational. You will join together to lay New Earth’s foundation, regardless of the physical distance between you.

Your light is massive, and with the power of intention and self-actualization you connect ~ one to another. *

In this way, you serve the whole of mankind.

Strengthening your core initiates such personal pleasure that joy results, and then spreads.

This is not to say that you are to ignore the pain and suffering occurring on your planet. It is to remind you of your purpose.

For you are a Beacon, meant to shine brilliantly throughout the storm so that others may find their way.

In this way, you become foundational strongholds; anchors for your New Earth.

It begins within.


That is all.

Sophia: Thank you.

*I saw a grid. It was a grid of light, spanning continents. It was beautiful. It was us.

In fact, you are being used. There are many of you now with enough “light quotient” who can handle the influx.

by Sophia Love, January 31, 2023.

It is the One.

Hello. Thank you. Would you tell me what is going on with me yesterday and today?

Sophia, you are transmuting energy from formlessness through form and then releasing it. It is exhausting work to your physical shell, and so, you not only notice the exhaustion, but as well, recognize that it comes from someplace beyond you ~ foreign to you, away from you. The stress of this “incoming pressure” puts weight on your physical shell and, as a result, you tire. When you feel tired, rest. We’ve discussed this before.

It will not be like this for long; not months or even weeks. It will be this way for a few more days, though; through the week.

The rapid influx of energy also alters your body, and you feel altered, different and a bit used. In fact, you are being used. There are many of you now with enough “light quotient” who can handle the influx.

It is one of the gifts that you arrived with and now share with the planet and her people. If you were not here doing so, more chaos would be erupting. Indeed, it is erupting in some places. Yet, it would be massively chaotic if you light-dwellers were not here to stem the tide.

You are acting as bellows. You are holding and changing the light into form that is then more easily utilized by those in your surroundings.

Take this time to nurture. Self-care is important. Continue with your usual activities, for your location was chosen, and those people around you are benefiting from the work that you do.

You are not called light-workers without reason. You work with the light. Right now, you physically adjust the light frequency. It can be looked at as a positive thing and once the fear of illness or disease is let go of, you can give yourself a break and take more rest than you typically do. It will not be this way for long.

The ramp-up happens now. The physical alterations are a part of that ramp-up. You have come to work with light. All of you are doing so, some more intensely, and at specific times, than others.

You have come for this and it is time. Follow the guidance of your body. It speaks to you.

We are able to talk now about upcoming events. There are scheduled happenings that approach for you. Not so much scheduled by a specific entity, but more like a cosmic calendar.

There will be unusual things in your skies. These things will alarm some of the race. Yet they need not be alarming. These things are a product of your evolution and transformation. They will occur, and how they are interpreted will depend on who is doing the interpreting. I tell you this – none of these events mean to cause harm to the race. In fact, it is the opposite. These events signal your expansion.

As you work for the light, and are light dwellers, you may feel these events before they are physically visible. There are to be no specific dates mentioned, as these cause expectation, confusion and promises of happenings. These events approach quickly now. *

I speak of ships in your skies. I speak of massive light pillars. I speak of otherworldly light.

These are not all at once, yet this time you now proceed through will be marked by them in retrospect.

When one of them occurs, it will tell you that prophecy is being fulfilled and that you as a race are witnessing the transformation. So, take any sign from the skies as physical evidence.

These are not meant for just one part of the sky. All of these things will be witnessed by the whole of mankind. So, when they occur, you will know that the worst is over. It will be time then to begin the climb out of the wreckage and build anew.

Thank you.

*As these words came in, I was seeing dates of the years 2025 & 2027. Now, they could have come from me, but I felt that these were the dates when the transformation would have been completed. Yet again, no specific dates for the events themselves were given or seen.

This is your New World my dear human. It is not my doing, it is yours.

Sophia ~ A Message of Love, from One

It is the One.

You are heading directly towards tumult, and what to some will feel like chaos. Know that this is planned. Know that this is necessary and that the outcome favors humanity each and every time.

I come to you today to offer comfort.*

Hear these words, for they echo Truth. Truth is what you have not had access to these many generations.

You are the bravest of the brave.

You are the strongest of the strong.

Your Light! Oh!

Your Light is that of ten thousand brilliant bulbs! It not only emits from your very essence; it radiates throughout your being and is felt viscerally by anyone who is fortunate enough to be within range.

And what a range it is!

My dear, dear humble human. You have trudged and crawled through the murkiest, darkest times, only to emerge unscathed.

For regardless of any attempt made to assault your spirit ~ you remain radiant.

You are not defeated, my dear ones, you are exalted. It is in your exaltation that this/your world is raised up. It is placed among realms of peace, glory and absolute agape.

For above all ~ you are Love.

Despite all ~ you are Love.

Throughout all ~ you are Love.

This Love that you are echoes through each event and every story.

Your Light will not be dimmed.

Your Light has not been dimmed.

Focus now on what you have felt and known always but have not been told by your society’s mechanisms. Focus now on your Truth.

You are Love.

You are Light.

You are Truth.

Your nature is one of loyalty, compassion, joy and abundance.

You desire consensus because you embody Oneness, and anything other than that feels foreign to you.

Consensus is not replication of the details. Consensus is agreement on the highest and best outcome for all concerned. Simply put, consensus is Unconditional Universal Love.

This Love that you are emerges viscerally now in contrast to what is being exposed. Do not despair in what you see exposed. For this is the wound that must see the Light in order to heal.

And heal it will, my dear, beloved human. You would have it no other way.

Such is your Light.

Such is your Love.

Such is your Truth, that what you are capable of exceeds your current imaginings.

Yet, I tell you that you have not imagined the sheer wonder of who it is that you are. Feel this. Your Love resonates throughout your body and emerges in all that you see and do and think and feel and are.

You are magnificent, and it is the raw power of your true Love Essence that makes you so.

Nothing and no one will stop your emergence or limit your radiance. The time for your cohesion is upon you, and you are ready.

Remember who you are.

Feel the Truth of your Essence, and Love will surround and astound you each day.

This is your New World my dear human. It is not my doing, it is yours.


That is all.

Thank you.

*Such emotion came through here! Tears, heartfelt and deep admiration for us. A proclamation of pure love. I cried throughout this transmission. It was so very deeply felt.

One day you’ll look back on this time and say, “This is when the fun started.”

Sophia ~ The New Humans

by Sophia Love, November 15, 2022, via email

It is the One.

There are things scheduled to come to pass that you need to be aware of. These things will infiltrate your regularly scheduled activities and become predominant in your minds.

It will be a major mind-shift, as your thoughts become pre-occupied with larger and life-altering changes on a regular basis.

You are not accustomed to proceeding through your days this way, and it will be an adjustment.

You are about to experience the intensity of global alteration in your lifetime. This is not something you are witnessing from a distance.
This is something you are participating in, as well as creating
Because of your level of participation, it will occupy your conscious mind.

The switch then, of which is spoken here, is from a part-time hobby of focus on Ascension – to full-time engagement.

Not only will you be told the truth of what is going on and its impact on your daily life, but, along with a remembering of your purpose and your truth, you’ll also immediately grasp your role.

Your life is about to feel a great deal more engaged than it does now. One day you’ll look back on this time and say, “This is when the fun started.”

For you are each here with a mission, and your life has been taking place in preparation for that mission. Without conscious awareness of specifics, you’ve placed yourselves in the precise locations with the correct people in order for you to be successful. A part of you always knew the truth, and a part of you operated from that knowing.

You have talents and experience both, to carry out a successful transference for and with the occupants of planet earth.

The change will be of massive proportions. Earth’s occupants are not used to considering how their actions impact the population on a larger scale. This is the sort of thinking that will be thrust upon them.

Once truth emerges, it will be evident that everything has been a lie and all of society has been co-opted to generate submission, obedience, slavery, and in a word – FEAR. These are not attributes of a healthy society but a sick one.

Earth’s society has been manipulated to become and remain sick and complacent. The institutions that have been set-up “supposedly” for your benefit, such as medical and educational, in fact do just the opposite. They are geared towards dependence rather than independence, illness rather than vitality, and compliance rather than intelligence.

What you will learn, and quickly now, is that you were born with the capacity for brilliance and joy. These things have been beaten to dullness through repetition, competition, slavery and debt.

As the depth of Earth’s capture sinks in, and your purpose is once again activated, your life will drastically change. Your mind will never be bored or dulled. Instead, you will utilize that unused portion of your brain to contemplate possible solutions and invent new alternatives.

In every area these are needed – food, commerce, transportation, medicine, mental health, finances, construction, faith, education, child-care, etc. This is a partial list that merely scratches the surface of what will be changing.

Your entire society will transform while you are living in it, and the process will take decades to be complete.

You are the New Humans, and you’re here to begin the process now. It will not be burdensome, but joyful. The capacity you hold is unknown to you, and once you access it, you will experience ease and satisfaction in the use of your abilities. You have come to change the world and the time to begin is upon you.

You are in for such a treat. It will be worth every step taken.

That is all.

Thank you.

Sophia ~ The Story of Money

by Sophia Love, October 18, 2022, via emal

It is the One.

There are things to say. Many.

This period before you will be one of rapid turn-around and change. Entire programs and narratives will appear to take on an opposite approach. This will be due to deals that have been arranged and promises that are being kept. Lives are at stake in some cases.
Livelihoods are disrupted in all cases.

The story of money, how it is earned and how it is spent, is convoluted. There are assumptions that you hold about value that connect it to money. It is not Truth, yet it is the only way that you can visualize worth or value – as it relates to a specific amount, an amount of money.

Money is so intrinsic to the perpetuation of this false construct that most of you cannot imagine value or worth without a number attached to it – an amount.

Money and numbers are finite. They exist to label something. This “something” is, as a result of this labeling, worth either “more” or “less” than something else. Something that has also been labeled.
None of these things, these labels, are true in the sense of Absolute Truth. They are components of the construct. They have you spinning, hustling, bustling, and working in order to get more of it, more money.

The acquisition of money in order to survive has been the cornerstone of your slavery. Your entire life and death revolve around and involve amounts of money as well as worth.

In Absolute Truth, value is not a thing you can put a number on; a finite amount that will mark one bit of life as superior to another bit of life. Value is inherent in all of life. Period. End of story.

The unraveling of the need for money and its use as an indication of value will take several generations. It has become so entrenched into earth’s society that imagination does not remove it. Yet. It will.
What will occur initially will be differences in how it is acquired. It will become more readily available and not tied solely to the sweat of your brow or luck.

All things in creation are meant to be abundantly given and freely accessed. You are not meant to lead a “successful” life solely according to your ability to “earn” a substantial income.

Each of these notions is an invention of the owners. They have been cleverly installed into your dialogue so that you accept the fact that some of you are born into poverty while others are born into royalty. You accept it as okay.

When you consider this discrepancy deeply, you will realize that life is not meant to be this way. All of you are equal, and therefore, all of you command equal authority and rights to the surplus of the earth.
Labels like “bum” and “royalty” are man-made, or rather, designed by the ones who assumed ownership here.

The difference originates in how this group sees the race as compared to how they see themselves. By installing money and therefore “class”, “haves” and “have-nots”, the separation seeped into mankind itself.

This was not always the case. One day, these ideas of separation and “more” or “less” value will be gone from the race.

What will help you now as you proceed towards such a time is to consider deeply the concept of value. For surely to a starving person, a piece of bread would be a priceless treasure, while a gold coin would be worthless.

It is a story. It’s all made up.

You are meant to be wildly abundant, vital, and free. You are imagined bits of eternal essence, living out lives of capture and illusion. You don’t know the depths of deception into which you are immersed.

It is a bit like explaining water to a fish.

What happens next is an uncovering and then exposure of truths. These will fill you with shock and sadness. It will be said again here that as you realize the depths of the illusion, refrain from staying in a state of anger, hatred, or grief. These are emotions that will emerge, yes. They are necessary.

Prolonged visits there could stifle your work, dear human.

You have come to build anew on the ashes of what has been. This is your work now and in the coming time.


Value is inherent in life itself. How that value is assigned is a function of the society of which you are a part.

Contribute a steady flow of love, light, truth, and appreciation into the days in front of you. In this, life will be honored and that fact will be incorporated into your new systems of commerce and exchange.

You are up to the choosing. This time, it happens without manipulation and control aimed at dividing and using you. This is some of the work you came for, my dear human. It promises to be joyous and fulfilling. You are in for such a treat.

That is all.

Thank you.

You are entering the time of the genie: “Your wish is my command.”

Sophia ~ Creation: How it Works Right Now

It is the One. There remain things unsaid that need to be said.

Thank you. What are these things?

There are topics to be reconciled with your view of how life appears to you. It looks the way it does because of your pre-set expectations as well as your pre-determined plans. You have set up life for yourself in order to facilitate the completion of your life’s mission. This you will do at every turn.

You will work with what is presented before you, or what shows up in front you, every time. This is how it works. This is the mechanism of creation in full throttle.

You are a creation machine. There is never a moment where your creation motor is turned off. With every thought and each reaction, you are creating. It is a function of this life.

Creation doesn’t happen to you. It erupts as a conclusion of your every movement. You choose a movement, a direction, a word, a response, a thought, an action – and the resultant response is creative. It becomes a by-product and moves on to fuel further creative endeavors.

I speak now of this so that you may begin to fathom the complex intricacies that design each creative act. It is all constantly and persistently being altered by eight billion souls.

The One is all of it.

The single voice that erupts from mankind has eight billion components. All of those components made manifest because of free will.

Free will is a constant.

Do you begin now to see the vast nature of the human response? To predict such a thing is only possible in the broadest of terms.

Timing is the stumbling block for you to see beyond, in order to retain faith.

What can be felt, sensed and even seen is the build-up of energy leading to some inevitable conclusion.

The birth of a baby is a good example. There are no guarantees as to the exact moment, yet what is a sure thing is that there will be a birth.

While most of your creative actions are not quite so visible, in regards to cause and effect, as childbirth – they operate in a similar fashion.

It is for this reason to introduce responsible creation.
It becomes as vital to your life as birth control.

The energy now for manifestation is off the charts in its power.

You are resting in a world ripe with creative potential.

Pay attention.

When you notice events and results happening around you, think back to your thoughts and actions leading up to them.

Primarily your words.

Remember – First there was the word.

It is the start of physical creation.

Reconsider the necessity of re-hashing negative outcomes, results, conditions or responses from the Universe. What is repeated with words will repeat.

What is repeated with words will repeat.

You are entering the time of the genie: “Your wish is my command.”

Pay attention.

This is the start of life on your new earth. It is the beginning of visual evidence for the power you’ve held all along.

Only now, the very atmosphere supports your intentions rather than thwarts them with its own.

You’ve taken the levers of control into your own hands.

Realize their power and remain aware of their presence always.
You will create magic.

You are in for such a treat.

That is all.

Thank you.

It is a deep knowing of love that assists you here.

It is a deep acceptance of self that initiates this love.

stylish elderly couple kissing on embankment
Photo by Caleb Oquendo on

by Sophia Love, June 28, 2022, via email

It is the One.

Thank you.

Today let us speak of the things held deep in your hearts. These are unspoken yet they manifest as ripples in what could be a blissful existence.

These are your fears.

We have addressed these at other moments and within other conversations. On this day what will be discussed is the mechanism of fear.

You have heard of the Law of Attraction. I tell you it works with equal force whether what you feel is spoken or unspoken. This law responds to energy, in all of its forms.

The teachings of “making your desires active through verbalization” were instilled into the conversation to increase awareness of conscious creation.

This has been accomplished.

The Law of Attraction is unbreakable. It will not be stopped or thwarted. It is the primary weapon used to enslave the race. You are each familiar with its many nuances.

It will help you immensely to appreciate this law in your days, your conversations, your activities, your desires.

It utilizes energy.

Therefore, with the energy of polarization you will think, write and speak things into life. Things like labels for people, people whose actions oppose your beliefs. Things like judgment, ridicule and calls for violence.

It is a challenge to express the powerful potential you hold without including its misuse. For this is the weapon of your capture and it has entrained you well.

You expect to engage fearful people and fearful actions. Therefore, these things are noticed by you and helped to be perpetuated by your fear of them.

It is not that these fearful things should be ignored with the action of putting your heads in sand. It is that these fearful actions and ideas need not be dwelled on. Instead, a focus on either an opposite action or a remedy or peace.

Love is a powerful antidote to the mechanism of fear and reduces its impact on your life once engaged.

Your society does not need a soft and frilly attitude to destructive ideas and/or actions. It needs a commitment to love in all of its forms.

Love does not often appear with pink hearts and butterflies. This is a negation of love’s force, a camouflage for its power. You have been fooled into thinking of it as a weakness, when in truth it is your strength. With this brilliant tactic your controllers have succeeded in hiding from you your most powerful and effective weapon.

Let us look at what love does:

  • It erases differences.
  • It mends hearts.
  • It rescues the downtrodden, the weary, the injured, the lost.
  • It fortifies souls.
  • It instills remarkable strength.
  • It saves the broken ones.
  • It inspires the crestfallen ones.
  • It expands all that it surrounds.
  • It sees truth.
  • It is eternal.
  • It fuels inspiration.
  • It heals.
  • It seeds creation.
  • It is a simple, yet challenging thing to conjure love in a world seemingly encased in fear.

Yet this is why you are here.

The frequency of love eradicates fear. It does so consistently and eternally, eventually.

It is a deep knowing of love that assists you here.

It is a deep acceptance of self that initiates this love.

As you ponder these things, start with self. For all of creation begins there.

You have come to eradicate fear and are at the stage of self-acceptance. For in that pure act of love, fear dissipates. As it does so, you will see your “enemy” with clarity.

The fear weapon, now dissolved, no longer attracts more fear. In this way, love is made manifest.

Think on these things, my dear, dear human.

That is all.

Thank you.

When it becomes apparent that you hold all the wisdom within – you will stop seeking guidance or approval from beyond yourself.

Sophia – Truth: What it is and is Not

It is the One.

Thank you.

You are approaching a precipice of denial that, once it is reached, has no option other than to fall straight down into truth. It is the only thing that is left.


The foundation of each element in this made-up reality is located there. Located in truth.

Truth is the only situation of consequence to your evolution.
Everything that matters is found in truth.

You will not recognize truth by its volume or size. It cannot be identified due to its beauty or presentation. In other words, it may not present as the shiniest or most polished package in sight.

Truth is felt.

In order to feel truth, the volume of the fabrication has to be turned down.

It is for this reason, by the way, that the current matrix volume is set so high. It is done so to keep you distracted. It is done so to keep you focused on the fabrication.

Truth doesn’t shout to be noticed.

It merely is.

When it becomes apparent that you hold all the wisdom within – you will stop seeking guidance or approval from beyond yourself.

At this point, your world shifts. It becomes then, a mirror of what you know; a reflection of your truth.

And what image becomes obvious to you then? One of serene solidity, accurate appraisal, sound judgment, unique perspective, vast resources, multiple and varied skills, and wisdom.

Access to your inner self is communication with divinity.

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Once you dig deeply there, you will be challenged to discover any difference between the two – inner self and divinity.

For you are birthed from Source and have not separated ever from the beginning.

Truth and facts differ. There are generations of facts, historical facts, of man’s time on earth. Although they may tell the story of what happened to the Race, they do not represent the truth of mankind.

That truth is obscured in the facts, rather than told through them; for the Race has been manipulated towards a society of conquest, hoarding, debt and competition. Power has been relegated according to specific and visual strengths and attributes.

Real power emerges. It is not granted.

Real power emerges from within. In this way, it cannot be removed or given as a consequence of temporary characteristics.

The Race has been manipulated to worshipping false idols, therefore, denying its own truth. “False Idols” refers not to statues or specific roles, but instead business acumen, statehood, physical beauty and prowess; money.

Once Mankind comprehends his/her own truth, he or she will have access to unimagined power. It is the power, quite literally, to create worlds.

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First steps will include a return to nature at a level not before accomplished. This can happen with adding a walk or a visit to a garden to your day. Scheduling some quiet time, outside meditation.
Turn off the man-made sounds and seek those of nature. The birds, the insects, the wildlife, the wind. These things are your fertilizer for discovering self, locating truth and accessing personal power. These are found within you – not anywhere else.

Once you recognize yourself – you’ll meet him/her everywhere. This is the gift of reducing the noise of the matrix. Empowerment.

You exist now in a world supportive of such introspection. There are forces and frequencies encouraging love and tranquility. These emotions spring from your true nature. As such, they remain steadfast and flourish.

They are emboldened by repetition and action. Use these positive, peaceful tendencies to motivate all that you do – talking, listening, posting, communicating, working, playing and resting all benefit.
This is how your world changes.

The change begins within.

You are doing beautifully, my dear, dear human. There is nothing that can hinder your beautiful new world.

That is all.

Thank you.

The focus of your light and your love is the most beneficial way to participate now.

by Sophia Love, April 9, 2022, via email

It is the One.  There are many things to say.

Thank you.  I have some questions from comments by readers. Would you respond?

Yes, of course.

Thank you.

The first concerns inflation, and the struggle and hopelessness felt. Food and gas are almost beyond reach for people. Is there any hope that can be offered here?

Next there is a question regarding earth’s physical changes, which in the past you’ve indicated would happen. A reader is noticing an increase in the strength and frequency of the wind, which frankly so do I. She sees it as an indication of man’s current level of confusion, which is also increasing.

Thank you.

There is a correlation between the race and the weather, for Gaia does her very best to manage and contain the energy of her children who are residing on and in her. Currently, there is an uproar in emotion, and it builds. This building of tension requires an outlet. It will be expressed somehow. As this increase in the level of conflicted energy builds, there will also be other results witnessed in natural weather systems.

Keep in mind that manipulation of the weather remains a tactic here. There are systems in place that function still, even without leadership. These will be dismantled eventually, once there is a more obvious turnover.*

It is advised always to allow nature to decide the force and direction of weather systems.

Regarding earth changes. There are two things to say here.

The first is that you will know them when they occur by the sequential nature in which they appear. It will be like a ripple, undulating beneath the earth’s surface.

The second is that Gaia will react to this unmasking of deep corruption and control of the population. She, too, has been at the mercy of these methods of control that involve destruction and poison. You will discover that her reaction will help to rebuild areas of the planet into foundations for growth, abundance and cooperation. These may not be immediately evident, but they will be eventually.

It will be said here that the suffering of mankind that is witnessed and experienced now, alters the landscape a bit. There have been predictions made for levels of catastrophe that will not take place because of this extended suffering. The decision for how this proceeds is a joint one ~ Mankind, Gaia and the One.

The winds are indications, yes. There are others. Forms of extreme, severe or unusual weather will tell you that there’s been a disruption in the Field.

Know that this is an inevitable conclusion to a natural process. It will be yet another Marker of these end-times of which you are a part.

The focus of your light and your love is the most beneficial way to participate now.

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Regarding inflation. This can be looked at in the same way as inflating a balloon beyond its ability to hold the air. There is only one result, and that comes either as the balloon popping, or the balloon deflating. Either way, whether explosively of gradually, the balloon is no longer.

The inflation will end.

What happens now is that you are seeing just how much inflating that the balloon can hold and still be functional. It will not last much longer in its current state.

Soon, a new balloon** is introduced to take its place. This struggle, that of uncertainty and fear, will be in your rear-view-mirror when that happens. There will be a bit of chaos felt with the switch. There are some who chose this route for the eventual growth it inspires. Yet the chaos will not last long, and it will not cause deeper damage. It is akin to confusion. There are enough of you who are now aware of and looking for this change, and who will help to explain and assist in the changeover.

It won’t be long now. You’ve heard these words before. It is hoped that you appreciate the learning and growth that takes place through this long wait. No doubt, you are in a deeply different place than you were two years or ten years ago. This growth is necessary, and was chosen by all of you.

There is a conclusion. It arrives quickly now and saturates you with such joy and such love, that your suffering now will pale in comparison.

You are in for such a treat, my dear, dear human. You will not be disappointed.

Remember what it is you are doing. You are throwing off the chains of thousands of years of oppression. It takes Masters to pull this off, and with each step and setback ~ your actions reinforce the truth: that these Masters are You.

That is all.

Thank you.

*The meaning here is a turnover of the powers that be; those in obvious control and running the systems governing the planet.

**Balloon is a reference to a new form of money.

This will not escalate into global conflict. This will end quickly.(Update on the Ukraine Situation by The ONE via Sophia Love)

February 24, 2022, via email

Sophia, it is the One.

As I mentioned the last time we spoke, the eye of the storm surrounds you. It is where you find yourself now.

During a time such as this, amidst the turning and churning of the storm around you, it will be near impossible to discern from the items moving past you – which you’ll keep and which you’ll let go.
Everything is moving too quickly, and discernment becomes a challenge.

This is due to your engagement with your life, and with “time”. The time it takes to decide about the truth or worth of an item just won’t be available to you. You are virtually along for the ride now.

Things have come to a head and all central players are fully absorbed in their roles.

This has to play out.

Regardless of play-by-play action, always remember this – humanity will benefit in the final analysis.

This is not the final card, yet you are just about there.

This move was done to thwart the controllers, make no mistake about that. War is an extreme move and it will force their hand.

It is having many unfortunate effects as well. Yet ultimately, what this move does, is to remove many of their moves from the playing field. In some cases, it stops them completely, and in others, it exposes them. Know that all is not lost, and you are closer now to the final card being played, and their eventual defeat.

Now that this move has been made, the true face of each player is shown. Watch who objects to the move. Watch who responds with the most force.

This will not escalate into global conflict.

This will end quickly.

You are not in danger of annihilation or a deeper level of control and capture. It is the opposite. By playing this card, the fight has moved into the very public realm, and you will quickly discern who is on which side:
Humanity’s (side) or the controllers/Freedom for the race or capture of the race.

It will be crystal clear now so pay attention.

Events will occur rapidly and it will appear as if they are unrelated.
Nothing could be further from the truth. This is War, and it has now been moved to the headlines. Everything that is done or sanctioned or mandated or announced is a move in this War Game. The conflict on the ground is one part of it. There are many.

You’ll witness unusual and previously unknown people come into the public view. These will be some who’ve been active behind the scenes for a long time, and who can now be “uncloaked” as it were.

This one act forces many others, not the least of which is the outing of your mainstream media coverage. War has a way of putting the fear of God into people, and you’ll see changes and reversals, and even admissions, on the larger networks. This is worldwide.

There are casualties already and there will be more before it’s over.
Remember that those individuals leaving now, for any reason, have chosen to do so. They have completed their purpose in this physical life, and will offer more assistance from elsewhere. This should help to ease the sadness and pain over what looks to be needless loss.

The conflict in the Ukraine will end quickly. Nothing is as it seems.

The active portion of your journey is in full throttle now, so hang on. When things appear dire or doubtful, remember that there are multiple steps and moves. You will know when the final card is played.


Go within.

Emblazon your world with your light.

Saturate your field with love.

You were born for this part, my dear, dear, humans. Trust.

That is all.

Thank you.

focus is more effectively directed on building the new (our new world).

by Sophia Love, December 27, 2021.

It is the One.

As you turn the page, the first page of this new book being written, there are chapters still unfinished of the last book you wrote.

It is the orchestrating and playing out of these remaining events that occupies the consciousness of so many.

It is the watching that occupies the intellect of many others.

I tell you this, if you are not a part of the direct orchestration of these “exit events”, it will behoove you to limit your intellectual focus on how they play out. That focus is more effectively directed on building the new (our new world).

You will witness the “new” everywhere.

It is found in your currency.

It is found in your education systems.

It is witnessed in commerce.

It approaches your governments.

For these are the tools of society; trade, learning, growth and social functioning. You have ended your dependence (on cabal control) with the exit of the controllers; dependence on someone claiming to hold more power than you’ve personally claimed.

You’ve stopped handing over the keys to your life. You’ve decided to keep them.

Now it is upon you to enable all the functions of your vehicle, and drive it yourself with full authority.

Full authority needs a map and a plan. It is this development that requires your focus now.

For the old world has ended and the crumbling of it happens for months and even years. Your desire for release from it has guaranteed that this be so.

Although you are not responsible for physically escorting these old-world controllers away – your light and intent have paved the path for others to do so.

They walk away now.

They will leave, are leaving and have left. It has been a process and it has been years in its completion.

You may not witness their exit, yet you will be informed of the truth of their manipulation, corruption and abuse.

The Matrix, built by them and for their enjoyment, disintegrates. It will one day be visible only in books and photos, records and recordings.

Not so today.

Today it is all around you still – yet this illusion falters. Like a house of straw, the slightest wind will scatter it to the ground.

The wind approaches.

It is recommended that you prepare yourselves for the damage it will cause.

In every instance, remember that what does not remain standing – cannot. It is your frequency that declares this is so.

As you struggle with physical adaptations to this new frequency range, remind yourself that this is akin to growing pains. Your inevitable growth now includes physical transformation.

It is not just your surroundings that are to be transformed. It is you.

Transformation is accompanied with destruction.

Destruction is what you see littering the pages of the last book/your old world.

It is a challenge to identify the precise moment when things changed.

Yet, they have.

With the new world now absolutely and directly before you, you’ve begun.

This one is filled with blank pages. With each thought and focus – you fill them in.

Again, it will speed things up enormously if you focus on the new world rather than what is going on in the last chapter of the old one…

The story includes a public presentation of how it went. There will be no missing this when it arrives.

So, your attention on who did what and when, does not assist you, or your creative process. You will have all of your answers.

Do not fear or doubt the outcome. Although things may appear both fearful and doubtful, they are not.

Know that you are light.

Know that you are love.

These truths bring forth your enlightenment.

These truths fill the atmosphere, supplying the necessary frequency for the new world.

These truths are your truths.

These truths are you.

You’ve spoken as One, and shifted the consciousness in which you reside.

Legions of others applaud you and add their light to your own.
Very quickly now, this too becomes visible.

It has been a slow and torturous journey, my dear, dear human. You have gotten to where your heart has guided you, and it is a beautiful place indeed. Allow your heart to now decorate your new world, and know that it is done.

That is all.

Thank you.