it is your strong and peaceful frequency that is right now needed.

Sophia ~ Beacons of Light in the Storm

It is the One. Hello Sophia.

There is a reason that you chose and were chosen to participate in the grand unfolding and Great Awakening. It is partly due to your insight and strength. What these traits lead to is impatience, and it is this impatience that is most troubling for you.

What will be beneficial for you now is a strengthening and practice of whatever it is that you excel at. If it is art, then pick up a paintbrush, or whatever tool is favorable. If it is building or music or movement, then include in your days long periods of these things.

Girls family fun day
Girls family fun day by U.S. Army is licensed under CC-CC0 1.0

What this will do is remind you of who you are; your natural abilities, your gifts. In this way, you will strengthen your core, and also instill a sense of peace.

It is this peace that is most necessary now. It will not come from another, but from self. It blossoms within at unexpected moments and grows. The expansion of your personal truth is part of your purpose. You knew this moment would arrive for you during this incarnation. It is here and it is now.

You do not need another to start. The thing that inspires you will calm you as well, and it is your strong and peaceful frequency that is right now needed.

It is for this reason that you were advised to stay away from social media. The mechanisms of those venues were created to distract and to weaken you, and create a dependence in you.

The method to reverse that dependence is found within. It will be different for each of you. You will have to “kick the habit” of searching for validation, recognition or approval outside of your own knowing.

The Truth of you is discovered within.

The reason you’ve found your way to these words at this moment is because of choice. You chose to be one of the early adopters and as well, were chosen.

This is your calling.

As you pursue your passions, you will discover strengths and inspiration that you didn’t know were there. This will then fortify you and instill power in your presence.

Your light is needed now and in the coming days. Your light becomes foundational. You will join together to lay New Earth’s foundation, regardless of the physical distance between you.

Your light is massive, and with the power of intention and self-actualization you connect ~ one to another. *

In this way, you serve the whole of mankind.

Strengthening your core initiates such personal pleasure that joy results, and then spreads.

This is not to say that you are to ignore the pain and suffering occurring on your planet. It is to remind you of your purpose.

For you are a Beacon, meant to shine brilliantly throughout the storm so that others may find their way.

In this way, you become foundational strongholds; anchors for your New Earth.

It begins within.


That is all.

Sophia: Thank you.

*I saw a grid. It was a grid of light, spanning continents. It was beautiful. It was us.