Bountiful Self-Reward …The new world reality is if one person creates their joy, others will remember how to or dare to create theirs.

Dear Ones,

Maybe you tried to create your dreams in the past without success. Or maybe you did not think it was possible to do so, so you never tried. It does not matter what happened before because you are a different being in different times.

What is it you wish for or dream of? What do you feel you need? What are you lacking? Those questions have the same base – the need to feel fully alive and joyful.

It is time to acknowledge your creation skills and use them.

Your first response might be, “I’m not lucky like that,” or “Someone or something is stopping me from creating what I need.” Or thousands of other invalid excuses because you can no longer hide from who you are.

Maybe you believe that if you create what you need, you will stand out, be lonely, or some other reason you developed to ensure you will always remain small in a creator’s body.

You are a creator and always have been.

If you are a part of the creator of all and you are, then you have the same capabilities as the creator. Maybe not in the same direction, if you will, for you are the creator of you, and the creator of all is more expansive. Even so, your ability to create is part of your elemental skill set.

You could not have prepared for this life without a creation skill set. Nor could you have helped shift the earth and then yourself.

You are no longer a 3D being, yet you often wish to remain anonymous by hiding behind that 3D curtain.

Perhaps you wonder why remaining silent or hidden is important to you now. Even though you are a new you adult, you want to pretend you are not that skilled or mature. As was sometimes true when you were a 3D adult wishing to return to a less complicated childhood.

You are no longer a 3D or new you child. You are a mature Universal being. And one of the most important tasks you can initiate as an adult is to create the life you need or want. A concept that likely seems selfish because you have trained for eons to be less than others. Training that has worked so well that you now believe creating what you need or want is selfish, wrong, self-centered, or thousands of other labels telling you that you must endure as you have for eons preparing for this life.

Your enduring phase is over. It is time to play. Perhaps you remember the times we of the Universes alluded to your new adult childhood. That time is now.

Even the thought of creation freedom likely feels wrong. Not because you cannot trust yourself, but because you have denied yourself for so many eons in various frequencies or dimensions, and most of all, while of the earth, that you cannot conceive of the “rightness” of creating a joyful life.

In your mind, a joyful life should be postponed for a few more decades, eons, or lifetimes. It cannot be as easy as it appears in this message.

You completed all you wished to complete in less earth time than we of the Universes or you thought possible. As is true in fairytales, you accomplished the almost impossible tasks required of you. It is now time to reward yourself with your eons-long dream of experiencing undiluted earthful joy.

There is no need to feel you must hide to protect relationships, for anyone who decides to transition beyond 3D has the same creation skill set – as has always been true. A truth that was denied so you could maintain your fearful earth lives.

Your waiting time, self-denial, fear, pain, and angst are over. It is time to create what you need or desire as an example to yourself and others. You deserve ongoing rewards. Rewards you create. What is the most bountiful self-reward you can think of at this moment? Create it. You have the skills.

Create it as your first reward for becoming you. Or maybe create a tribute to the Universes and then create just for fun. There are no limits or shoulds.

Ignore those who tell you creating your joy is not possible or is wrong or selfish.

The new world reality is if one person creates their joy, others will remember how to or dare to create theirs.

Start creating small, big, or in-between. It does not matter. What is it you most desire at this very moment? And so it is. Amen. To receive Brenda’s Blog, subscribe via Or, click the Subscribe Button on the upper part of her “Blog & Subscribe” website page ( and click the –subscribe to Brenda’s Blog by E-mail – line. Complete your subscription by entering your e-mail address and accepting the e-mail confirmation. 

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