Messages from Ann & the Angels – 11/25/2023 • Appreciate your sweet self

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My dear friends, we love you so very much,

Take a moment. Put your hands on your heart and simply sit in appreciation for yourself. Each of you is a brave soul who chose to incarnate upon this Earth at an incredible time in the evolution of humanity. Before you came to Earth, you knew you would be in perhaps one of the most intense, beautiful, fast-paced, and challenging times your planet has seen. You are connected as never before by your devices and your internet. News that once took months to reach you now flashes in front of you within seconds. You barely have time to integrate one idea when the next is presented.

Before coming to Earth, you knew that the incredible buffet of life experiences would catalyze all sorts of desires to create. You knew you wanted to create more light, love, and joy in many different forms. Some of you were so excited about raising children who would easily know their worth after you worked to find your own. Some of you knew that you’d engage in relationships that would challenge you but would also catalyze you to forge ahead bravely, learn to love yourself, and step out of age-old roles that no longer served you. Some of you incarnated to preserve the most beautiful elements of those age-old roles. Some of you wanted to be humanitarians. Others wanted to nurture an animal. Some of you love to play with plants and coax forth their finest fruits. Others of you love reading, dreaming, or planting seeds in the energetic realms for others to find and grow.

Each of you has contributed love to this planet in your own unique way. No matter how much or how little you think you have accomplished in the 3D world, each of you has contributed to the vibration of love. Material objects come and go. Money comes and goes. Everything you do in this 3D world will come and go, but the energy of love you create here on this Earth lasts forever.

You may not think much of the love you leave behind daily, but we see you emitting it like a lighthouse all the time. Even when you feel down, you take a moment to snuggle under a blanket, appreciate its softness, and love goes out into the world. Even when you sit at home in the house you admire, puttering around, you are admiring your home, feeling cozy, and emitting love. When you are kind to someone, you are emitting love. And when you took the few seconds to appreciate yourself, you were emitting a mighty beacon of love.

So be gentle and kind to yourselves. Acknowledge yourselves often and criticize less. You deserve your own love, dear ones. You deserve your own appreciation. You deserve whatever it is your heart desires. The more often you can be kind to yourself, the more you let in the desires that are trying to reach you on a high vibrational frequency of love.

This holiday season, give thanks for the gift that you are upon this Earth. Unwrap the present that is you by sharing a smile, a kind thought, or a prayer. You are all lights on this Earth. As you look at the lights in your holiday decorations, imagine how we see you. You are all bright bulbs on the tree of life. You are all here with one purpose alone and do it without even thinking, far more often than you realize. You are here to love.

We give thanks for you, for you are Earth Angels bringing this love into your 3D world.

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
— The Angels