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Merlin 10/28/2022 via Galaxygirl

Hi-ho students, what a pleasure to see you all this evening! For it is evening where galaxygirl is, and it is almost time for your lessons, is it not? Have you been studying, and preparing? Why yes indeed you have, every day here on your earth field is more of a minefield at times and so of course you are learning how to work with these highly cosmically charged energies! It is invigorating, isn it? This one just took a bath with Epsom salts and enjoyed a shot of whiskey. While that may not be the most contemporary approach to cleansing, it worked! We see the creativity of you Lightworkers on our side of the curtain and it is most entertaining! Your tenacity, your determination to succeed and to blast light wherever you are and in whatever situation. It is most remarkable indeed.

That is why the earth school is such a marvelous playing field, and it is a hologram, and we are watching from the holodeck in a way, although there are so many holodecks watching right now it would be mind boggling to you. And isn’t that a wonderful word? Boggling. To boggle. To boggle the mind. Hm. Most interesting. Words fascinate me. (He is sitting in his tall scholarly upholstered chair, fiddling with his long wizard’s pipe, which he always seems to have with him.) I most certainly do not always have it with me, galaxygirl (he winks) but I do like my pipe. It gives me comfort, and provides busy hands something to toy with while my mind is unraveling life mysteries. Oh my, I do go on.

Where was I? (He puffs purple glittery smoke in a cloud above his head. Pictures begin to form. He is showing me a young planet, earth. I am seeing peaceful galactic civilizations land their craft and lovingly bring plants and other seedlings from their own star systems, and they are showing me books, encoded in with their plants. I am seeing this is like a genetic library from the cosmos, that is why we have so many variations of species. I am seeing humanity’s growth, and fall of Lumeria and Atlantis. I am seeing a grey smog fill the sky and am sensing a plunge into darkness. I am seeing Yeshua and others come as comets of light from the stars and they illuminate their areas around them on the planet. I am seeing a great flash of light eject out from the sun and bathe earth in light. I am hearing cheering, a great celebration. The purple glittery smoke begins to fade away.)

Now then, galaxygirl, was that too extravagant for an old wizard? See, this pipe can be quite a useful teaching tool. (His eyes crinkle around the edges and he is smiling at me.) You Lightworkers have not much yet to go, you know. And yet in the eternal scheme of the eternal, why the hurry? Why the rush? Oh many of you will get their feathers in a wrinkle about that one, but really, each day, each moment is so precious. It is a gift from the Great Scientist, after all. There are so many questions to ponder, it is delightful to have the time. I am here if you have any further questions after class. Your lessons tonight begin sharply on time. But I see you have all well prepared. Perhaps you will teach me a thing or two? (He puffs on his pipe and I see a blue shining butterfly with pink edges burst forth followed by another and then another. They are landing the foreheads of those who welcome them. A little gift from Merlin. Thank you Merlin.)

The pleasure is all mine, it is a delight to spend the time together. Your bodies and minds must be upgraded for the great unraveling. Experience is the greatest teacher. And you have experienced so much on the earth plane. So much sadness for ones so small. But only in the depths of the darkness can one truly see their light. I see many lights shining brightly for you have found yourselves and your purpose.

(He blows out the candle in an antique holder on his desk and stands to leave, pauses and lights the tip of his pipe as a light. I see his illuminated wizened face.) A parting remark, as the excellent students that you are, you are well prepared. You have studied, and practiced. Many of you are wondering what to expect? What will happen? Why do you think that I would know? I am witnessing your graduation, and the graduation of all that we have known, really. It is a marvelous time to be alive, marvelous. Do not worry, you have taken many tests, and done very well. You will do well again, and as always I am available for tutoring, although know that you are becoming the tutors to us all, that is true. The enlightening ones awaken the others, and so it will be. And so it is. I am Merlin. Thank you for listening to an old man’s thoughts tonight.

~ galaxygirl

How do I have a positive effect on the world around me? -Merlin and Arthur-

A:”How do I have a positive effect on the world around me?” :

M:You start on the inside. You sit quietly, close your eyes

and look up inside your head.

A:“And what do I do when I get there?”

M:“You change the film, my friend. You’re the one in the projection

room, and you can replace the old movie with a new one that reflects

the best possible ending you can think of. You work from the inside

out, not the outside in.

You change your outer world

by first changing your inner world.

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Conversation extract between Arthur and Merlin in a book written by Intender of the highest good Tony Burroughs:

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~An Excerpt from Stay Above It All on Positive Thinking and Health
~The Intenders 3 Handbook Trilogy
~A Vision for Wellness and Healing from Carol Petranovich
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Merlin on Mind Magic and Miscreation

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You are stronger than you think. -Merlin via Erena Velasquez-

Good morning Humanity,

I am Merlin, legendary wizard and adviser to King Arthur, and I am delighted to send this message to humankind. Many stories and fairytales were created about my birth and my life, which are far from the truth in most of them.

I volunteered to come here to help with the fight against Dark Creatures, who were openly walking between humans during my presence. My mission was to assist as adviser to King Arthur in the fight with Evil and Light. No one knows the real truth about the history of this planet. All historical events have been altered by the creatures. They burned books and recordings that portrayed truthful events.

When tree’s spirit leaves, you usually take out the empty shell including the roots. Same goes to the Darkness, if you don’t remove every one, then they spread again around Mother Gaia.

I want to remind everyone that you were pre-selected to arrive here, you are not ordinary souls and went through the process of being preselected to arrive to Mother Gaia. You are souls with many powers, which are dormant in the moment and you forgot about your origins. Magic is real and exists within us in high dimensions. Dark Creatures purposely superficially keep low vibrational energies on the planet to keep humanity asleep.

Awaken ones in future will be able to unlock their full potential including magic abilities. Right now, Mother Earth receives daily high vibrations from Cosmos to help your civilization to become stronger spiritually and physically to prepare for Ascension process and awake others.

As you know by now, the Matrix was created a long time ago, and now is cracking down, despite Evil attempts to save it. I have seen many atrocities and murders by these creatures. They love destruction, torture and to mess with your minds. Open your heart to magic within yourselves and embrace your surroundings with Love and Light. Stop believing and following imposters.

As soon you open yourself to the truth, your hidden powers will start to surface. Release 3D shell of illusionary reality to the Cosmos and focus on building New Gaia in high dimensions. Thank you Universal Channel. Please, receive my Blessings and Love.

You are stronger than you think.

We are simply alchemizing your bodies into a more suitable indestructible higher dimensional form, into the body of a god. -MERLIN through galaxygirl-

Merlin 11/16/2021

Hello, students! My, what bright shiny faces, such eager listeners! I am your professor of magic and science, which is really all the same, but I digress. I am Merlin. And I have been asked to prepare a quick lesson today for you, by this one. Many of you are my pupils at night, or have been at least over the eons. We learn this and that in various lifetimes. In these realms you remember what your lave learned, which is most helpful indeed, is it not? Such a pity that one does not remember entirely in the realm of mist and shadows. But that is clearing up rapidly. And that is part of the game, of the experience, of the learning. For with every perspective, with every lifetime and surrounding experience, lessons can be learned in a different way. Is that not correct? For you would see the same lesson differently from the viewpoint of a king or a pauper, would you not? You would see humanity and the value of it differently depending on your viewpoint. You would feel love differently as a lover or one who was spurned by love. Ah, there I go again.

(Merlin sits down and starts to smoke his long twisted wizard’s pipe.) No, I like to refer to this as my teaching tool. (He begins to blow purple sparkly smoke. I love that. I am seeing twinkling stars, planets form, animal shapes birthing from the ground and running along smoky fields.) There was always a beginning, except how can there be a beginning in an infinite universe? That one has stumped me for many a millennia. (He is laughing, his eyes are wrinkled and twinkling). Well, galaxygirl you seem to have questions?

(Me: Oh Merlin, we are all trying so hard down here, and we are so tired. Can you talk about the physicality of our change from carbon to crystalline?)

Alchemy, my dear. Have you forgot your lessons already? That’s alright. We are simply alchemizing your bodies into a more suitable indestructible higher dimensional form, into the body of a god. Really that’s what is going on. Your cultures have called ‘gods’ extraterrestrials who likely had a higher dimensional form, as you will. Who likely had higher dimensional understandings of the mathematical and scientific formulations, of magnetic propulsion and endothermic converters and on and on – as you will. Because you will be able to hold to vibrate with – yes – the higher dimensional concepts. The Stone Age of Earth will be no longer. And so of course you are tired. Are you taking care of your physical vessel with love and tender care? Are you encoding your own universe of you and filling it with nutrient rich foods and energies? Are you alchemizing your food and water before you partake of their blessings? Simply put you are becoming crystalline but so is Gaia. That is the exciting part. You are rising in vibrational frequency with her, and all upon her. I like this question and answer session, galaxygirl. Good idea! Do you have another?

(Me: I would like to know about our twin flames, but I don’t know how to ask that, for I know it would be a different story for each of us.)

I know many of you have had deep pain and healing is needed with your other halves. Yes, it has been a painful realm. But pain brings growth and growth brings healing. This entire realm is being healed and so of course the twin flame relationships will be healed as well. You need not worry about this really, as all is in divine timing and all will work out. Your perception will be broadened, and so you will be more compassionate, more open, more whole. And when you are whole you are in vibrational alignment for your wholeness to meet you. But really there is nothing wrong with being delightfully content with where you are and who you are with. Never underestimate the power of the love of soul family. You have all been together likely for hundreds of lifetimes and your ties are deep. And so, students of the light, we are all aspects of Source, we are all an eye of the Seraphim in a way, having our own uniques perspective of life, of love, of truly living a grand adventure. Life is grand. It will be expanded upon your realm into magic and wonder again.

(Me: Merlin, can you teach us some magic?)

Students, the magic is not only within you, it is you. You are the magic. Your intention creates the ripples. Your intention, your action, your good faith, your high vibrational frequencies – that is the magic for that vibration pulls it towards you. Be at peace with this knowing. Practice the ancient arts. You are an ancient being. You likely already know them. Just remember.

(Merlin is blowing the purple smoke animals back into his pipe and the purple glittery smoke is sucked back in the pipe.) Remember, galaxygirl, this is purely a teaching aid. Ah, but I do love my pipe! I create the images I wish to see. Just like you create the images in your life that you need to see or learn from. Remember the smoke and mirrors are being removed. Your realm has been drenched in shadow. This is lifting. Clear breezes, beautiful skies, crystalline bodies. Now students, this is very important. Know that you can create the reality that you wish to see. Just as I do with my pipe. In my mind’s eye I have the image and I create the picture. Be specific about what you want, and feel that it is already yours and feel that gratitude. Gratitude is an enormous magnet. I am grateful for you. Now I’m having another class tonight. Be prompt.

(Me: Thank you for this question answer session, Merlin!)

Yes, yes, galaxygirl, always a pleasure. (He pats my head and departs.)

~ galaxygirl

Jenny Schiltz ~ Message from Merlin on the Changes taking Place

September 20, 2021,

I was with Merlin today as he was walking in fields, harvesting wild plants. I was talking to him about what was going on in our world. He gave me a message that I felt was important to share. He said to me:

”You are familiar with Avalon, how, due to the lowering frequency of the world and the encroachment of belief systems; magic and particularly female empowered worship were seen as evil. This created a need for a veil, a separation of worlds.

Throughout history, there have been groups that have pulled away from the lowered vibration, and for their safety went vibrationally beyond their current reality. You may see this as a seamless process. I can assure you that it was not. It took considerable time. Many could not believe what was happening, they thought that reason would return, and therefore stood in resistance and were washed away by the changing tides.

Now that the Earth is raising her vibration, the veil that was put in place is lifting. We are on a new cycle, a new wheel, a return to a reality filled with more wonder and magic. The change is in front of every person. The opportunity to reclaim within themselves all that was lost behind the veil is present. Yet, here again, many are still holding on to what was, while etherically dreaming of a future. I ask you, who will physically create the new?

Each person must ask themselves if they want to expend their energy watching the collapse of the old or in building the new.”

I questioned this and was told ~

“Your world is changing drastically. Your medical system, for example, can no longer adequately support the needs of the ascending human. You can either watch the collapse or you can create structures for the people to move into when the time comes. Change is coming.  There will be chaos, but much can be mitigated by the creation of new structures or systems for them to access.

If one system fails and there is nothing to take its place, chaos will reign longer. In that space, it’ll be harder to create the new as it would be created in reaction instead of passion.

Many of you have ideas, passions, and visions. Yet so much of your energy is taken by focusing on the collapse. We urge you now, build the new. Follow your dreams, follow your passion, follow the urgings, and create!

Being present and not in resistance allows for the flow of information and ideas to come through, now is the time to plan, to organize, to visualize your garden for the spring. Why lament over the dying crops when there is a whole new garden to plan?

I thanked Merlin for the message and went about my way.

Thank you to all that support and share this work. It really means the world.


Expect miracles and they shall come. Hopeful expectation and a firm belief in the possible is a good start. You will be the builders of a new realm filled with hope and miracles. Yes.-Merlin via Galaxygirl-

Merlin 11/21/2020

Greetings, young students. I am Merlin. I come through this medium today for she is one of my pupils, as are many of you reading these words. You are very busy when you slumber. You are learning, you are growing, and many of you are fighting of late. I am showing this one images of underground bases being filled with light, for that is what is happening in many instances upon your world. The deep is coming to the surface for the light to cleanse.

I am Merlin. I wish to ignite the word ‘tenacity’ within you. You are weary from your journey. It has been a long road for you. This incarnation is not for the faint of heart. It is for the awakening, the great awakening of Gaia and those who wish to awaken at this time will do so. The others will leave, they will chose their embodiment in another location, another simulation program of the lower dimensional frequencies. They will choose this for they are not yet complete in the lower realms and they will have massive karma to deal with. But I do not speak of them further, for I am addressing another audience, those who have embraced the higher pathways of learning the light language codes of ascension. As my pupils, who I assume are still bright and eager learners, as my pupils, it is my delight to share further with you the encodements and hidden mysteries. There are many mystery schools. Mine is above Mt. Shasta currently, but as it is on the inner planes it is mobile, a great delight. I so enjoy travel, seeing Earth’s great beauties up close. Such a wonder to behold. Her peace is all around to those who will listen and commune with her presence. My students become great communicators for the oral language is a precise one. So many intricate word selections, such a delight is the gift of language. But I digress. Please allow an old man a moment to settle in and tell a good story. (He is sitting now in a tall wingback chair and beside on the right is a circular wooden table with a white lit candle. There are spectacles and an ancient book. He is smoking a long, interesting pipe). Yes, galaxygirl, in the higher dimensions we do not have to muddle around with coughing and side effects. It relaxes me. (I see that he has put some sparkling dust in the smoke and there are pictures emerging from it). Yes, it is much more interesting to tell stores in this fashion. Shall I continue?

In the beginning was a beginning before that, and a beginning before that. But all was and has been and will always be Source, the great mystery. (In the pipe’s now purple smoke cloud I am seeing the sparkles are individuating and becoming galaxies, each fully conscious and each very much alive). Yes indeed. All is one. All is Source. And then the great division happened. Some aspects of Source flirted with antimatter, with the opposite of creative potential and explored destructive potential, and chaos ensued. Thus in a way Source was fractured within itself. (I am seeing wars and feeling heartbreak. I am seeing armies of light beings watching from above the great divide. It is as if swirling blackness was coming into the glittering purple cloud of life potential). As all is Source, this antithesis of love must be dealt with. The dark has tried to escape, elusive, scheming for eons, for much longer than your millennia, more like millennia of millennia of star solar years, but that is besides the point. The point is, the great division of light and dark happened. The great cosmic play began. In this interface of dimensions increased stratification occurred. Souls became trapped in the cycle. The dark ones capitalized upon this entrapment. You are here to witness the opening of the cage and the complete destruction of that which was holding humanity back for so long. Thus, Source heals further.

(I am seeing the black inky line within the purple glittering cloud in the smoke above his head being filled with light. I am feeling tremendous light behind the cloud now. The entire cloud is pulsing with light. It is love). Yes, galaxygirl. It is love. You are this love. You and those who align with this love light, you warriors of the way as you like to be called, some of you anyways, there are always one or two that do not, but I digress. You light anchors are holding this frequency fo love, of light. You are holding this. You are the glue for this anchoring of the higher dimensional energies. This is why some of you have gained weight, trying to physically enfold this vibration. Grounding deeply into Gaia has been no easy task for you have never felt at home here. For you are at home here. (He is pointing to the cloud of Source that is pulsing with love light). Yes. And you have been here. (He is pointing to the inky black absence of light that is now being filled with love). Yes, you are healing humanity and in so doing you assist with healing the inter-dimensional artificially created rift that has torn space-time fabric and affected the All. This is why as Earth rises all else shall rise. For the time continuum as we have discussed in classes, it is like a living breathing fabric, that gets wrinkled once in awhile. The wrinkles create short cuts, and wormholes, basic science really. But vibrationally speaking this is a tremendous boon to the energies that are surrounding. For you are in the photon belt. And as you know, do you remember, that it is a critically charged area in our space quadrant, where the central suns are all lined up, creating a massive portal of light. This is what you are and will be feeling further. It is why this is a glorious time for humanity for quite literally this is where the space fabric is bunched up, this is where the light is felt most keenly. (I am seeing a seamstress fold fabric up accordion style). Yes, just as this occurs, then the needle and thread can go through all the the wrinkles at once, correct? This is what the light is doing. This is why you empaths are so twitchy and touchy lately. You are feeling this grand tingling anticipation of something big. And you are watching it. It is a glorious time. This is the culmination chapter of many sordid years of pain. We are all eagerly watching.

I am not currently embodied. I assist my pupils from the ethers and in other clever ways. I do enjoy magic from time to time. I see all things as magical potential, for in truth that is what it is. Life is magical. You are magical beings living within a society that longs for subjugation of it. No, no, not quite right. Let me see, let us say that magic is returning. It is returning through you. Those who are awake and aware are more than capable with focused intention of dismantling the matrix and you are doing so. Well done. Now do look around you with the eyes of one who expects magic to continue to happen for the greater good. For this realm is being freed. The darkness is being filled with light and that light is love. It is a tremendous opportunity for growth and expansion. I think I shall write a book about it. Yes! Another lecture, another time.

I am Merlin. Did you enjoy my lesson? See the world with your own magical vision. Create the magic of love light wherever you go. And it will foil many a plan. Things are really going quite well. Creator is pleased. Expect miracles and they shall come. Hopeful expectation and a firm belief in the possible is a good start. You will be the builders of a new realm filled with hope and miracles. Yes. For the light can’t be stopped. It is already here. It is within you. Harvest it. Share it. That is the lesson for the day. I hope you took good notes and took it to heart, for there – there – is where your magic lies. It is your soul. It is the breath of hope of your soul and it is your future. Source will never stop expanding. (He is getting up from his chair and stretching, patting his stomach). We all expand in our own way. (He is laughing). Students, be of good cheer. The light has won. You are simply seeing it play out. Shine your light. You are the glue in this magical play. The light fills you, all things are made from it. I am Merlin.

~ galaxygirl

experience and enjoy the transitions fully-Lord Merlin-

The Magic Of This Time Revisited by Lord Merlin

Channeled through Natalie Glasson – Original Source: Sacred School of OmNa

The world that you currently acknowledge as your reality is ablaze with magic. The very air you breathe into your body is filled with the presence of magic and your body is preparing to act out the energy of magic in your daily life.

Magic is a label for the life force energy, the essence, and truth of the Creator. It is an active energy. Magic is the process of intentions and energy that creates miracles, possibilities, and potentials. There is so much magic on the Earth now as the attention of all aspects of the Creator’s universe is upon you and the humanity of the Earth. Everyone is watching the miracle which is the Earth at this very moment. Even your soul, the essence energy within your physical body is watching you, observing the Earth and looking for the beauty of magic as it manifests. With so much attention being placed upon the Earth, there are vast quantities of energy, intentions, and light being focused into your reality. This truly is a blessing; you are being supported by the entire universe of all aspects of the Creator. The energy that is being anchored acts as a magnifier to develop your intentions and encourage all your truth to blossom.

It is not only the Earth that is attracting attention, all aspects, stars, and civilisations within the Creator’s universe are looking to each other, waiting, wondering and feeling the support that they send each other. They like you are acknowledging the lift in vibration, the increase in light, sensitivity, and awareness as well as respecting the wisdom within them which indicates that positive change is on the horizon. Those who are not aware or sensitive to energy may not be aware of the great magic that is occurring, but there is excitement, anticipation and hope building in the energy of many, creating a tremendous power of magic where anything is possible, where dreams can truly manifest. Many of you have longed to be on the Earth at this time, you have waited patiently for this time to come and it is here, so there is a need to continue to awaken your being as much as possible and allow your soul to guide you forward.

Your soul in itself is a form of magic; it is the only energy that can truly guide you through the transitions occurring now. So much light is being anchored onto the Earth, it is throwing the sunshine into all dark corners, the energy of negativity is being shed by all. The heaviness of the Earth is being altered into a higher vibration, it is impossible to hide from the power that the light currently holds, and this light is naturally igniting as well as magnifying the light within your being. It is appropriate to realise you can no longer hide the light within you, who you truly are, what you believe in and how you wish to exist on the Earth. If you continue to hide your truth even a small amount you will find your experiences thrust you forward to awaken and ignite your light further. You may wonder why you have been waiting for this time on the Earth?

The Earth is being re-coded to manifest a greater source and vibration of the Creator. Many new energy patterns of love are activating flowing gradually into the reality and consciousness of humanity. Some may feel it as an abundant wave of love extending from their being connecting with all. As new energy patterns activate from within your being, you may find a deep desire to first embody the energies before expressing them. You will be guided to delve deep within your being to explore the unique and diverse energies awakening through you to serve your reality and humanity. As the energy activates from your DNA and from your soul it will change your programming, the way in which you think, the way in which you perceive the world and your reality. As many people experience this, they will naturally alter the reality of the Earth into an expression and experience of the Creator. This process to me, Lord Merlin, is like magic. You couldn’t ask for a greater magic as the activation and the expression will be totally blissful for many. Some may not even realise the transition that is occurring but will naturally change their mindset to hold and express greater love and an expression of the Creator. Thus, greater unity, respect, honour, and truth between people will manifest, however, it may take time to be perceived and manifested.

A shift in consciousness may be experienced as many are encouraged to align with the Creator’s light and source, as well as, the Creator’s numerous aspects in order to encourage a greater awareness, understanding, and perception of what is occurring. Greater sensitivity to your soul and your spiritual being is being guided. You may, therefore, experience a shift from physical thinking and perceptions to spiritual soul understandings and expressions. The shift in consciousness is also to incorporate a greater unity between humanity, as every soul unites their energies to create what they truly desire and feel inspired to manifest on the Earth. Each of you is missing parts of your consciousness, your wisdom, and understanding. This is because you haven’t recognised these parts yet. With the uniting of humanity’s consciousness, aspects and parts of your consciousness and wisdom will be restored as you show to each other the information you need to acknowledge. Not only will this make humanity stronger as a united energy, it will allow for a true blossoming of the understanding humanity holds. This action in itself will pave the way forward for a greater embodiment and manifestation of love.

This time will activate a feeling of power and leadership from the soul. It is almost as if the souls of humanity are presented with a tool or a certificate that offers them permission to become leaders in their own reality. This is not to allow the personality or ego to lead as it has done before, it is to allow your soul to take a greater role of leadership in your reality. This will only occur when the individual is ready and has achieved a level of acknowledgment of the soul. For those who already feel a strong connection with their soul, then this will be magnified as new experiences and understandings of their soul and soul group manifest.

Through my communication today, it is my wish that you grasp the magic and the wonderful experiences that are manifesting into your reality. There is a need to acknowledge and appreciate the time you exist in and how you have placed yourself in the very centre of this experience for a reason, this reason is for you to experience and enjoy the transitions fully. Many of you feel as if you do not know what you must be achieving now, the spiritual practices that you need to integrate into your reality, I would say to you at this special time:

  • Acknowledge the magic, the beauty within everything and everyone, including yourself.
  • Focus on embodying love as this will mean that when the new energy patterns of love activate your experience will be greater. And it will be easier for you to recognise the activation taking place within you.
  • Constantly align your energies to the Creator and ask to accept the consciousness that is most appropriate for you.
  • Send love to the consciousness of humanity.
  • Bring your attention to your soul, listen to and radiate the light of your soul in preparation for the greater role it will play in your reality.
  • Take time to focus within on feeling the power and leadership from the soul waiting to blossom.
  • Call upon my energies, Lord Merlin, to assist you in recognising the energies activating within you with ease as well as, embodying these same energies with ease. Ask me to assist you in then expressing these activated energies appropriately through your being into your reality.
  • Meditate with the intention to remember the magic within your being, remember the magic within your reality and remember the magic of this time.

With love always,
I am Lord Merlin

More Lord Merlin

Charge! Charge forward! Embrace your light!

Merlin, the Wizard  ~ galaxygirl~ 11/22/2019 (Part 2) 

(I am seeing Merlin riding on the back of Elthor, flying high. He is summoning the ascended dragons and the ascending ones – you and me). Greetings! Arise! From dust into light! (I am seeing Merlin’s staff send moonbeams of bright light onto the dark places).

I am Merlin, returned. For eons I have been the seer of the unseen, the elder of time, the alchemist of change. I am igniting you, ground team, to do the same, to be this, in this most pregnant of times, of possibilities exploding into light. Do not be timid! For the time of timidity is as faded as an old shirt. Now is the time to stand tall, staffs in hand, surrounded by the angels, the ascended dragons, the elementals who all stand at the ready. Lend your light. Charge! Charge forward! Embrace your light! For the dark is diminishing, retreating into the darkness of itself. Send it light! Extend your right hands in service and feel the flame through your fingertips. For too long has this realm been in the shadow grips! It is now in the embrace of the light! No longer!

I am Merlin. Feel your power. Feel your strength rush through you. Timid no more, warriors once again. Be in joy, be in peace, be in perfection of grace. Feel the pulse and spin of your inner galaxies explode into yet more light. Ignite your light body. Ignite the light body of Mother Gaia. We send rainbow light, igniting the codes. Feel the magic in the air.

I am Merlin. This is not a cheap parlor trick. This is you toe-dipping into the lake of old memories, of time beyond time when you were strong and free. Be strong and be free once again, human friends. There are no shackles on your feet. Pronounce your freedom and it shall be so. The matrix is crumbling, the shadows being exposed for the smoke and mirrors that they always were. We send the light of the Christed flame to all archon programming, shattering it. We blast the yellow cube with the violet fire. We blast the programming of all of ages past, of darkness and despair into the light of the Christed one. Be the Christed one. Be the creator that you are. Be the fierce warrior god or goddess of love that you have always been. Your weapon is love, is light.

I am Merlin. There is a disturbance in the force, as you say. That disturbance is love, is you. The energies swirl and spin, like a bubbling cauldron pot. It is time to spice up the magic in this sector to remove the sludge and to replace it with golden possibilities. I am an alchemist, as are you. It is time to remember. Your slate before you is a beautiful blank one. You can create on it what you wish. See, your palate is full of the most beautiful colors. Mercury retrograde is at an end. It has been a brutal chapter for many as the darkest of sludge has come up for staring at, for clearing. Many of you have had rough days and nights. Send the memories – your teachers – light. Send the darkness – your memories of lifetimes resurfacing for clearing – light. Send the lost ones – your brothers and sisters – light. Send healing to the realm.

I am Merlin. (He is no longer with the dragons, he is sitting, smoking a wizard pipe.) Yes, galaxygirl, I do love my wizard pipe. I do love that phrase. In the higher realms you can enjoy all sorts of habits that do not cause harm, of course. You dare devils reading this will be delighted to know that there are no blown out knees in the higher realms. Healing is quick and effortless. I choose to smoke my pipe with violet fire mixed with unicorn steam. Yes, they stream a bit when they are angry, it adds a certain spice to the mixture. (I am seeing white horses steaming in the sunlight). I like things hot and spicy. When embodied I enjoyed the foods that created a reaction. For life is all about reactions. How are you reacting? This beginning message shows that we are lending our light, our magic, our power, our strength to create a reaction. It is better to create than react to a situation of someone else’s creation to control or manipulate. That is the old way. Creators arise. I am puffing my smoke over your crown, reigniting your ability to see and feel magic. For magic is all around you. (I am seeing dark blue smoke with points of light like a starry night sky).

Become en-magic-ed once again, children of the light, of the way, of the breath of the Mother and Father. Have you noticed now that more puzzle pieces are fitting into the the final picture? Have you appreciated the depth of change on the global scene today? Know that all is proceeding quite nicely. (He is lying back puffing his pipe in huge circles, with pictures forming in them. (I am seeing viking ships). You are seeing the old way. (I am seeing flying ships). You are seeing the new way. For humanity was meant to fly and shall fly high again beyond the constraints of this society of darkness. No more darkness. Let there be light. (The smoke becomes yellow golden light with sparkles and now white). You see the solar flash is to become a turning point, but the tipping point must be reached first and we see this as happening quite nicely. (I am seeing the sun in the middle of the smoke circle suddenly expanding out so that the entire circle is white light. I am seeing Mother’s pretty face and hands around it, with Father standing behind). You see truly. Now, what was it that you were fretting about today? Is it really so big as being beyond healing? Ah, yes. Trust. It is time to trust the grand design. Mother and Father have this in their very capable hands. And so, you see that is why I am not worried. I grew rather tired of worrying in my incarnations – what a waste of energy, when one could be tinkering up new spells, new creations, new joys to be had. I gave that up long ago. Perhaps you too are ready to give up the enticement of worry? For worry is a creation of a false projection or reality you do not want. Why would you lend your energy to this? It does not suit a child of the creator, I can tell you that. It is easily manipulated by those who would delight in your pain, this I know. Their days are coming to a rapid demise. (He is laughing.) And you were worried? Why? No more. People will feel pain in this time, some will feel anxious. Send them light. Transmute on the spot and you will help many more than you know. That is your job, light workers. It is light and it is work. It is not easy work. That is why you were chosen. Remember, that is why you came. You came to lend your light, and lend it, you have, you are, and you will continue for it is your very nature to serve the light, for you are of it.

I am Merlin. Have I given you enough to think about tonight? Did you like my grand entrance? I do so love partnering with Source in all forms. Such excitement! (He is rubbing his hands together, and opening them. Inside is a beautiful electric blue butterfly). This is an Arcturian butterfly. It is lovely isn’t it? So many are near to help you, to guide you, to love you. Just let them. I am Merlin. My class is about to start. Will you join me ?

~ galaxygirl

The Magic of Merlin by Lord Merlin

Channeled through Natalie Glasson –  Original Source: Sacred School of OmNa

Greetings and Love I, Lord Merlin, extend to all beings of light aware and awake to connect with my energy and listen to my words. It is a gracious time upon the planet Earth now, as well as the Universe of the Creator. A time of deep blossoming and powerful transitions from duality to integration. A time when love becomes the foundation rather than the goal. For me, Lord Merlin, when love becomes the foundation of all that you are, this is when you recognise the magic within you and that of the Creator. Take a moment to contemplate, is love your goal or your foundation? If love is your goal, then you are continuing to focus upon the embodiment and expression of love. If love is your foundation then you have progressed beyond the conscious awareness of embodiment and expression of love, instead you recognise yourself as love in action within every moment of your reality. Remember that no one can be love in action all the time, there may be times when you feel the opposite of love, notice this as a healing and release process only and not a reflection on how well you are doing in your spiritual evolution.

Merlin’s School

Upon the inner planes, I, Lord Merlin, hold an ashram which is akin to a school of divine magic. My purpose is to guide and enrol souls who feel drawn to me into the divine magic of the Creator, within and around them. To do so is to open their awareness into the divine flow of the Creator, experiencing and integrating this flow into all they create. To be as one with the divine flow of the Creator is a magical and empowering experience which requires the process of mastery to allow for full involvement. Within my ashram we engage with the divine flow of the Creator, contemplate duality and aid transitions connected to and associated with duality. Deep blossoming of the truth of the Creator are encouraged as well as deep blossoming and the release of false ideas and energies. A focus on love as a foundation is at the core of my teachings, encouraging you to live and create from this deep-seated space of love. Thus, with my support you recognise the divine magic of the Creator emerging from within and pouring into all that you are and create.

My school appears to be within a magical woodland upon the inner planes, the elementals are always present. As are beings that you deem purely magical or fictional. To walk through my ashram is to feel as if you have been transported to another world, akin to a portal where every sight is magical and awe-inspiring. This is of course exactly what happens in my ashram. You will feel a surge as you enter into my ashram on the inner planes, this surge is an awakening of your divine innocence which allows memories of the Creator to flood forth into your awareness.

Lord Merlin’s Six Week Program

Due to the blossoming transition, of which I have spoken, occurring for souls upon the Earth, I wish to open my ashram and school to all souls upon the Earth for a six week transition and ascension awakening program. To enrol in my program of spiritual advancement I share with you an invocation:

‘Lord Merlin, I invite you forth to share in my presence as I share in your presence. It is my wish from my conscious mind to enrol myself in your six week transition and awakening program. If it is my soul’s sacred wish as well, please may my soul give its consent now. I understand that by enrolling in Lord Merlin’s six week program that I am giving my consent for Lord Merlin to work with me at an energetic level for six weeks and for me to visit his ashram during my sleep state for tuition, guidance and support. In enrolling in Lord Merlin’s six week program I wish to engage with the divine flow of the Creator, contemplate duality and aid transitions connected to and associated with duality thus experiencing integration and oneness with the Creator. I wish to experience a deep blossoming of the truth of the Creator as well as deep blossoming and the release of any false ideas and energies. A focus on love as a foundation so I may live and create from this deep-seated space of love. Thus, my goal is to recognise the divine magic of the Creator emerging from within and pouring into all that I am and create.

I understand that Lord Merlin will assist me sometimes with my conscious awareness such as during meditation and other times without my awareness, whichever is most appropriate and valuable for me. I realise that my role is to call upon Lord Merlin as much as I feel guided in the coming weeks, to meditate calling forth Lord Merlin and to hold in my focus the key transitions Lord Merlin wishes to assist me with.

I express my deepest gratitude and appreciation for the love and support shared with me during this time. Thank you.’

What to Expect

During the six week period from when you first affirm the invocation shared, you may not experience anything different within your reality, being and spiritual evolution, instead transitions will take place within your higher self. Alternatively, you may experience my guidance strongly encouraging you to make changes within your life or being to aid ascension or assist in the transformation of Mother Earth. The more you read the invocation shared and focus on the purpose of the invocation, the easier it will be to recognise transitions within your being. The outcome of my six weeks with you will be precisely what you need to further your spiritual evolution. This may not be the same as what you desire and you may not be able to recognise the transitions taking place, however, everything your soul wishes to manifest, and embodiment will come about.

The Purpose of the Six Week Program

  • I, Lord Merlin, work personally with you to aid your ascension, this can take place within your reality and within my ashram on the inner planes during your sleep state.
  • Connect with and experience the divine flow of the Creator.
  • Contemplate duality and aid transitions connected to and associated with duality thus experiencing integration and oneness with the Creator.
  • Experience a deep blossoming of the truth of the Creator from within your being as well as deep blossoming and the release of false ideas and energies currently hindering you.
  • A focus on love as a foundation rather than a goal, therefore being able to live and create from this deep-seated space of love.
  • The ultimate goal, I, Lord Merlin, wish to support you in embodying is the recognition of the divine magic of the Creator emerging from within and pouring into all that you are and create.

Meditation for Use During the Six Week Program

First focus upon breathing deeply, then allow yourself to repeat the following words: ‘Lord Merlin, I invite you forth to share in my presence as I share in your presence. Please allow me to remain physically present upon the Earth as you transport my awareness to your ashram on the inner planes. Let us enter together into your Chamber of Divine Magic. As we sit together support me in seeing, sensing or acknowledging the divine magic of the Creator within and around me. Please intensify my abilities to recognise the divine magic of the Creator, enhancing my inner trust and inner connection with the truth of the Creator. With each breath I inhale I am connecting on a deeper level with you Lord Merlin, divine magic and the Creator. Thank you.’

I am here to support you in the coming weeks if you wish to invite me forth,

Lord Merlin