Expect miracles and they shall come. Hopeful expectation and a firm belief in the possible is a good start. You will be the builders of a new realm filled with hope and miracles. Yes.-Merlin via Galaxygirl-

Merlin 11/21/2020

Greetings, young students. I am Merlin. I come through this medium today for she is one of my pupils, as are many of you reading these words. You are very busy when you slumber. You are learning, you are growing, and many of you are fighting of late. I am showing this one images of underground bases being filled with light, for that is what is happening in many instances upon your world. The deep is coming to the surface for the light to cleanse.

I am Merlin. I wish to ignite the word ‘tenacity’ within you. You are weary from your journey. It has been a long road for you. This incarnation is not for the faint of heart. It is for the awakening, the great awakening of Gaia and those who wish to awaken at this time will do so. The others will leave, they will chose their embodiment in another location, another simulation program of the lower dimensional frequencies. They will choose this for they are not yet complete in the lower realms and they will have massive karma to deal with. But I do not speak of them further, for I am addressing another audience, those who have embraced the higher pathways of learning the light language codes of ascension. As my pupils, who I assume are still bright and eager learners, as my pupils, it is my delight to share further with you the encodements and hidden mysteries. There are many mystery schools. Mine is above Mt. Shasta currently, but as it is on the inner planes it is mobile, a great delight. I so enjoy travel, seeing Earth’s great beauties up close. Such a wonder to behold. Her peace is all around to those who will listen and commune with her presence. My students become great communicators for the oral language is a precise one. So many intricate word selections, such a delight is the gift of language. But I digress. Please allow an old man a moment to settle in and tell a good story. (He is sitting now in a tall wingback chair and beside on the right is a circular wooden table with a white lit candle. There are spectacles and an ancient book. He is smoking a long, interesting pipe). Yes, galaxygirl, in the higher dimensions we do not have to muddle around with coughing and side effects. It relaxes me. (I see that he has put some sparkling dust in the smoke and there are pictures emerging from it). Yes, it is much more interesting to tell stores in this fashion. Shall I continue?

In the beginning was a beginning before that, and a beginning before that. But all was and has been and will always be Source, the great mystery. (In the pipe’s now purple smoke cloud I am seeing the sparkles are individuating and becoming galaxies, each fully conscious and each very much alive). Yes indeed. All is one. All is Source. And then the great division happened. Some aspects of Source flirted with antimatter, with the opposite of creative potential and explored destructive potential, and chaos ensued. Thus in a way Source was fractured within itself. (I am seeing wars and feeling heartbreak. I am seeing armies of light beings watching from above the great divide. It is as if swirling blackness was coming into the glittering purple cloud of life potential). As all is Source, this antithesis of love must be dealt with. The dark has tried to escape, elusive, scheming for eons, for much longer than your millennia, more like millennia of millennia of star solar years, but that is besides the point. The point is, the great division of light and dark happened. The great cosmic play began. In this interface of dimensions increased stratification occurred. Souls became trapped in the cycle. The dark ones capitalized upon this entrapment. You are here to witness the opening of the cage and the complete destruction of that which was holding humanity back for so long. Thus, Source heals further.

(I am seeing the black inky line within the purple glittering cloud in the smoke above his head being filled with light. I am feeling tremendous light behind the cloud now. The entire cloud is pulsing with light. It is love). Yes, galaxygirl. It is love. You are this love. You and those who align with this love light, you warriors of the way as you like to be called, some of you anyways, there are always one or two that do not, but I digress. You light anchors are holding this frequency fo love, of light. You are holding this. You are the glue for this anchoring of the higher dimensional energies. This is why some of you have gained weight, trying to physically enfold this vibration. Grounding deeply into Gaia has been no easy task for you have never felt at home here. For you are at home here. (He is pointing to the cloud of Source that is pulsing with love light). Yes. And you have been here. (He is pointing to the inky black absence of light that is now being filled with love). Yes, you are healing humanity and in so doing you assist with healing the inter-dimensional artificially created rift that has torn space-time fabric and affected the All. This is why as Earth rises all else shall rise. For the time continuum as we have discussed in classes, it is like a living breathing fabric, that gets wrinkled once in awhile. The wrinkles create short cuts, and wormholes, basic science really. But vibrationally speaking this is a tremendous boon to the energies that are surrounding. For you are in the photon belt. And as you know, do you remember, that it is a critically charged area in our space quadrant, where the central suns are all lined up, creating a massive portal of light. This is what you are and will be feeling further. It is why this is a glorious time for humanity for quite literally this is where the space fabric is bunched up, this is where the light is felt most keenly. (I am seeing a seamstress fold fabric up accordion style). Yes, just as this occurs, then the needle and thread can go through all the the wrinkles at once, correct? This is what the light is doing. This is why you empaths are so twitchy and touchy lately. You are feeling this grand tingling anticipation of something big. And you are watching it. It is a glorious time. This is the culmination chapter of many sordid years of pain. We are all eagerly watching.

I am not currently embodied. I assist my pupils from the ethers and in other clever ways. I do enjoy magic from time to time. I see all things as magical potential, for in truth that is what it is. Life is magical. You are magical beings living within a society that longs for subjugation of it. No, no, not quite right. Let me see, let us say that magic is returning. It is returning through you. Those who are awake and aware are more than capable with focused intention of dismantling the matrix and you are doing so. Well done. Now do look around you with the eyes of one who expects magic to continue to happen for the greater good. For this realm is being freed. The darkness is being filled with light and that light is love. It is a tremendous opportunity for growth and expansion. I think I shall write a book about it. Yes! Another lecture, another time.

I am Merlin. Did you enjoy my lesson? See the world with your own magical vision. Create the magic of love light wherever you go. And it will foil many a plan. Things are really going quite well. Creator is pleased. Expect miracles and they shall come. Hopeful expectation and a firm belief in the possible is a good start. You will be the builders of a new realm filled with hope and miracles. Yes. For the light can’t be stopped. It is already here. It is within you. Harvest it. Share it. That is the lesson for the day. I hope you took good notes and took it to heart, for there – there – is where your magic lies. It is your soul. It is the breath of hope of your soul and it is your future. Source will never stop expanding. (He is getting up from his chair and stretching, patting his stomach). We all expand in our own way. (He is laughing). Students, be of good cheer. The light has won. You are simply seeing it play out. Shine your light. You are the glue in this magical play. The light fills you, all things are made from it. I am Merlin.

~ galaxygirl