Message from Ann & the Angels – November 4, 2023 • Nothing is impossible…You want to surrender to love more than anything else on earth. The health, the money, the self-expression, the relationships, and the possessions you want are all wanted because you feel you will experience love when you have them

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My dear friends, we love you so very much,

You have all heard the phrase, “Nothing is impossible with God.” This is absolutely true but often misunderstood. “Nothing is impossible with God” translates into, “Nothing is impossible when you are surrendered to the vibration of love.” God is pure love, dear friends, and surrendering to the vibration of love is the key to receiving miracles and solutions you seek.

You want to surrender to love more than anything else on earth. The health, the money, the self-expression, the relationships, and the possessions you want are all wanted because you feel you will experience love when you have them. You will feel better in your new, safe car. You will feel more loved in the house that pleases you. You will feel more worthy of love and, therefore, more open to it when your spouse, child, or new partner shines their light upon you. You will feel more able to love when you feel good in your body.

You come to earth to play with creating love and experiencing love in many forms, which is beautiful. However, you can experience love here, now, and at any given moment. At any point in your life, in any breath, you can open to the eternal, unceasing presence of love that lies within all creation. As you do so, you open to the miraculous. You open to all that is beautiful. You open to the grace, guidance, and goodness that abound.

Even when you’re in pain, you can take a moment to turn your face to the sun, to feel its warmth, and to marvel at the miracle of feeling the love of a star so far from your planet. In the midst of financial ruin, you can stop and listen to the birds singing with appreciation for life and remember the eternal cycles that will bring you back up again. After experiencing the loss of a loved one, you can shut your eyes, feel your love and appreciation for them for a minute without the longing and loss, and in that moment, open to experience their great love for you.

These “magic moments” of opening to love’s presence cannot be underestimated. Each one is a doorway to the Divine. Each one is you turning on the faucet to receive the healing waters of love. Each one is you tuning out of the chaos and becoming quiet enough to perceive peace. Dear ones, your connection to the Divine — to Love itself — is not something that can ever disappear, nor is it something you are likely to feel all the time. It is, however, something you can practice opening to again and again until it is easy to open to love. The more often you surrender to love in this fashion, the more momentum you will gain as you allow it to flow into your heart, body, mind, and life. In time, if you practice this often, you will see your miracles and manifestations begin to take shape.

The quickest path to healing any situation is to distract yourself from the pain, fear, doub, and frustration as best you can and find things to feel genuinely good about. You can sleep as often as possible. You can watch movies or read books that take your mind off the pain. You can sit and breathe with spirit and trust that we will guide you to the proper help and healers without you agonizing over figuring this out yourselves. Dear ones, you can even surrender to love by going into your imagination and feeling all that is beautiful in the realms of fantasy — thereby creating blueprints for your future 3D reality.

You are capable of so much more than you believe. As you open to love, you open to the Creator of universes, who will always aim this loving energy towards all your heart desires.

We cannot emphasize this often enough:

You are worthy because you exist.
You are worthy because you exist.
You are worthy because you exist.

You do not earn this love. It is given freely. You do not have to prove your value. The Creator already knows. You do not have to be a “good person” to merit love. No healthy parent on earth stops loving their child even if their actions are not likable. The Creator loves dear ones because the Creator is Love. The sun cannot stop shining. It is its nature to shine. The Creator cannot stop loving. It is Divine nature to love. You do not have to earn the sunshine. You do not have to earn Divine love.

We repeat this because you have learned in so many ways that you must earn love. For many humans, this is true. Often, you are “rewarded” with love when you please others and punished with its withdrawal when you do not. Dear ones, this type of love is conditional.

Divine love is not conditional. Divine love is constant.

Breathe this in. “I am worthy because I exist. I do not have to earn love. I am always loved. It is only my job to let it in.”

You do not earn your water in the faucet. You do not prove to the sink you are worthy of its flow. So much more so, dear ones, the love of the Divine is ever present, waiting for you to open to its flow. In love and appreciation, the faucet is on. In doubt, fear, and anger, the faucet is closed. You decide. In just a moment of appreciating the cool flow of the water over your hands, you open the “faucet” to Divine love as well.

Rather than stressing and striving for solutions, reach for an open “faucet” by opening your heart to the good in the moment. Open to the smallest satisfying detail in the space around you. Open to the tiniest bit of inspiration. Take a tiny bite of a food you like and experience the exquisite miracle of taste and texture. Put on a soothing song and let its frequencies wrap you in a loving embrace.

Dear ones, nothing is impossible with God. Nothing is impossible when you exist in a vibration of love. Give your problems to the Creator and be open to love in every way possible. In so doing, you are open to the healing, nurturing, life-giving, solution-producing flow of existence. It is there for you always, no matter how impossible the answer to your prayers might seem.

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
— The Angels