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TR-3B.The free energy device that powers that is the size of a shoe box. (From Nikola Tesla)

Two years ago Gene Decode informed us of the following:

“The cabal have been living high & mighty
on technology a million years ahead of us.
They went to Mars in 1903
& then in 1947 with Tesla’s anti-gravitics.
They used it in a TR-3B.
The free energy device that powers that is the size of a shoe box,
zero-point energy
Or it uses the Casimir effect..
We’re using fossil fuel, solar energy, windmills,
all this ridiculous stuff.
We didn’t have to rape our planet.
A shoe box with a trillion watts of power,
What do you need for your home?
Something like the size of the head of a pin!
And you’ve got more power for your home then you’ll ever need.
Don’t have to have wires, strip-mining, all of this running wires.
Tesla spoke against that in the 1890’s.
He thought it was a travesty to rig power lines all over Earth.
Imagine the beauty of this world if we had allowed people like Tesla
to give us his technology?
You can go faster than the speed of light.
The cabal are going to places 100 light years away in half an hour
& we’re traveling in an aluminum tin can at 600 mph
with wings full of explosive fuel, kerosene,
stuff that was archaic 100 years ago.
We’re driving around using an internal combustion
that we had in the 1800’s, a century later we’re still using it.
Imagine what it would be like if we had all worked together
& the Human Race would be out there with our Galactic Family?
But they’ve gotta hoard this stuff
& live in opulence…
I’m wanting to see all of this come down
& bring healing & abundance to the people.”

Thank you to Kat for this reminder. (Kat IstheSea3 @katisthesea3)

Very soon the public is going to witness with their own eyes what changes are taking place in this reality -Nikola Tesla via Erena Velasquez-

March 18, 2021

Good Morning America and the World,

I am Nikola Tesla and I am glad to be here today and speak to all of you. It has been a while since I left this dimension about 78 years ago. I was called an electrical and mechanical engineer during my life on Earth, I viewed myself more as an inventor.

I was fortunate and blessed to live a long human life to the age 86. During my time being here, I was a very busy man, who kept creating new inventions. Some of them were burned in the fire in my lab in 1895, which was set on purpose by the Negative Side and others were hidden from humanity after my departure. They will do anything to stop or slowdown the progress and evolution of the Human Civilization.

My discoveries could make this part of the Galaxy very modern and advanced like making any flying object extremely fast. Everyone by now would have their own spacecraft to travel in, you would be able to keep the weather in balance and safe for everyone, free energy would be used everywhere on Earth for different things, and you would be able to protect yourselves from unwelcome guests from other galaxies, etc.

These technologies Instead of helping to improve your lives now are collecting dust on the shelves. The controllers of this planet don’t want anyone to benefit from them and they want this world to keep using primitive science and machinery.

During my life here, I was having visions that lead me to many inventions. It was said to me that I had a mental disease just to cover up the real truth about it, why I had them. I was receiving information from the Universal Consciousness, to which we are all connected.

Soon all of the hidden innovations made by others and me are going to see the Light and will serve humanity. This world will be free and will be using clean energy, water and food, with no more pollution. The Dark Side goal was always to control and not allow any positive development around the globe that can lead them to lose their power over mankind.

The point I want to make that throughout the history we inventors or pioneers always struggled emotionally and financially because the Negative Ones suppressed everything that can be beneficial for the people. It serves their Dark Agenda to keep away technology that can help you to see the Light and awaken everyone.

Back in those days when I was here, I was trying to convince investors like J.P. Morgan to try to use and experiment with my discoveries like wireless energy. Believe me, it was very challenging to get money during those times needed to experiment and develop your inventions.

The times all of you are living are momentous and incredible because of the upcoming transformation that is on the way to a new phase in the history of this planet. Finally, the oppression by the Darkness is going to vanish like it never existed before. Peace and freedom are going to be the only atmosphere on Mother Earth.

Human beings will be pleasantly surprised by how quickly their life is going to change just in a short period of time with amazing and futuristic gadgets devices, new types of transportation, etc., which were made by many unique creators including me in that group. Every part and function in your society is going to be modernized, and all of the negative things will be either healed or completely removed from your daily lives.

The advanced technology is going to simplify your life and bring joy; no more doing thousands tasks everyday that everyone does. Your time will be spent more on productive and creative assignments instead of wasting time on meaninglessness and boring things.

I am very happy that I am participating in your Ascension from the other side of the veil as a messenger and observer. The timing is preplanned by the Divine Forces, so the process is happening behind closed doors.

Very soon the public is going to witness with their own eyes what changes are taking place in this reality. All of the lies and deception are going to disappear like water that evaporates during hot temperatures.

Your patience will be rewarded for waiting so long for your freedom. Please, don’t forgot many of you suffered globally a lot, and the liberation is coming from the Heavens from the Father, Galactics, Ascended Masters, etc. LOVE AND LIGHT ARE COMING HERE AND WILL BE STAYING FOREVER ON MOTHER EARTH.

I am so happy for you and I am celebrating the upcoming victory for humankind. I am sending my Blessings and Light to everyone. Thank you.

Be Determined in Anything You Do, And Please, Don’t Forget We Are All One.
Nikola Tesla

Channeled by Erena Velazquez