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You are to be commended for your efforts. Know this, the Light shines upon you all now. You are the love of God, and God loves you all.-Athena through Sharon-

A War of Compassion

I am Athena, Goddess of War and Wisdom. I come to you with this message of love for all.

Now you see more clearly, you have been shown all along, through the years, all developments upon your earthly world, and you have been told of the developments between extraterrestrial factions governing your planet.

Now you see more clearly that you are in a fight for your lives. So many see this now, and so many attempt to help others to see this as well. Any way you can, be it through a movie or a video, supposedly entertainment, you put the message that they must pay attention to in front of their eyes and ears.

Your world was once a zone of annihilation. Earth was dominated and fought over by oppressive factions, or one faction that would pay for both sides of the same war. Not any more.

So many are standing up and saying, “We must take our world back. We must govern ourselves. We must choose our leaders who will care for us and represent our well being and we must stand up to oppression.” And this you have done.

We smile with joy as we watch the developments on earth. We watch as you take your world back, as you take your minds back, as you take your power back, as you do so with compassion for the others who are yet to come, the unborn as well as the living children. You do so with a vision of what your future will hold, you do so with optimism.

Finally, it has happened. You have woken up to the truth of your world and now you embrace it with love. Finally. Love can only win, it cannot lose.

You have seen how the others live in other countries, and you strive to help them as well. Those dominated by evil forces, you work to set free while you work to set yourselves free.

So many are saying they are tired and have to work long hours. Yes, you do. But remember, you are stopping a projectile that was on a destructive path, you are slowing the train down that did not have brakes to stop, you are stopping the life that was on a collision path with death. It takes a lot of work, and so many are stepping up, doing whatever they can, to project enough force to turn the projectile around.

This is a time for rejoicing. Rejoice and celebrate every step. Every positive step. Every step in the direction of love is worth noting and expressing appreciation of. Your white house is dark, there are no more evil ones working within its walls. Is this not cause for celebration? Your governors are standing up to the evil agenda and saying “No!” Is this not cause for rejoicement? You are all waking up to a true understanding of what it means to be a human. Is this not a wonderment to give thanks for? Take time to savour the progress, otherwise you will feel that it is all work. So many of you are hard workers who never stop to take time to praise your accomplishments. Do not do this. Stop and smell the flowers along the way as you grow the garden back. I see in your video’s, in your discussions with others – you are always doing the work, because you are dedicated and this is wonderful, but do stop and smell the flowers along the way. Be pleased over your progress – you have earned it.

Take time to savour the love that comes from so many people in achieving the turn around of this juggernaut. You have stopped it, you have deflated its power, you have used your love of others to create a new world from your old one.

Do not focus on the hate that you see. This hate is fading. It is fading into the darkness from whence it came. It is trying to re-assert its dominance but it cannot. Let it go. The Light will heal those who do not understand.

You are to be commended for your efforts. Know this, the Light shines upon you all now. You are the love of God, and God loves you all.

I am Athena. I loved your world once and I have returned to love her again.

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