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A Hathor Planetary Message: The Cave of Altruin | Tom Kenyon

You and your Earth are undergoing massive transformations along with all of its sentient beings.

You have clearly entered the Sixth Mass Extinction. And the relative stability of the Holocene era has given way to the Anthropocene (i.e., human-induced changes to the ecosystem).

Increasing instability of the ecosystem will continue to generate abnormal weather patterns. And increased global warming will put undue stress on all biological life. Indeed, the very underpinnings of life itself, the vast complex networks of botanical lifeforms are being and will continue to be stressed to their breaking point. This will obviously have ominous effects on agriculture. But botanical stress includes not just plant forms you eat or feed to your beasts, but also includes other land-based and aquatic plants that are indispensable for the survival of most animal species.

Extinction events have happened to lifeforms on your planet before, but in this instance, it has been harbingered by human activity.

To be clear here, by Mass Extinction we do not mean the eradication of all lifeforms. Rather we are referring to the high probability that all species will be detrimentally affected and many of these (but not all of them) will become extinct.

Viewing the probable timeline of your planet from our perspective, we predict that as a whole, humanity will survive but a massive loss of human life will be unavoidable (unless a miracle of international cooperation arises in a quick and effective manner).

From the standpoint of higher dimensions and certainly from our bias as light beings, the purpose of human life is not biological survival. Rather human life offers a unique niche within the Multiverse to rapidly evolve spiritually by experiencing the crosshairs of time and space whereby one directly perceives the dynamic flux of the cosmos. This hyper state of constant change within the cosmos is nothing less than the eternal transformations of energy-into-light-into-matter and then back again like an infinite Mobius strip that turns back upon itself like a serpent swallowing its tail.

From a distance, this dance of existence is marvelous to behold. But if you are in the middle of it, it can be something altogether—quite distressing actually, unless you have learned how to reside in a state of consciousness that transcends all phenomena.

The pressures upon an embodied being (especially now) are immense. And while this metaphor borders on being cliché, it is nonetheless valid. A human being is much like a lump of coal. And like coal, when pressure is exerted upon the psyche of a human, he or she will either shatter or be transformed into a diamond.

As you move deeper into the 21st Century with all of its attendant technological advances, you are at the same time confronted by growing evidence of the Sixth Mass Extinction.

How odd and ironic!

It is certainly possible (and even probable) that highly creative individuals and groups of thought-tribes (a collection of persons who share similar perspectives and passions) will create new technologies that will help to mitigate many of the devastating effects of the Sixth Mass Extinction. From a practical standpoint, this is what is needed. And we see this unfolding in surprising ways as humanity wakes up to its existential dilemma.

This time in human history, while fraught with dire difficulties, need not spell the end of human history, rather, it can usher in a new renaissance of creativity and cooperation as humanity rises to the occasion and meets the challenges head-on. Indeed, despite itself, humanity has a tremendous reserve of creativity and adaptability under stress.

One key to flourishing under duress is the art of increasing both your outer awareness (what is actually going on around you) and your inner awareness (what you are holding in consciousness— i.e., your thought-creation-patterns, the emotional patterns that you are creating in yourself and how you project these into your “external environments”). We put the words external environment in quotes because from our perspective there is no real inner versus outer. Your perceived outer reality is actually a projection and a magical display of energy-light-matter that originates from the deepest levels of your own consciousness.


There are innumerable ways to enhance awareness. And with increased awareness (both outer awareness and inner awareness) you can accomplish great things.

We have, in the past, offered various means to attain many types of internal awareness. And we would refer you to the Archives to read about them, many of which include the use of sound—for we are Sound Crafters who use sound and vibration for the purpose of affecting positive outcomes.

In this message, we are sharing a new sound meditation for attaining increased inner awareness, while providing you with energetic restoration through the flow of subtle light energies. We call this sound meditation The Cave of Altruin, which is a kind of pun as in All-True-In.

The sound field is only 11 minutes in length, but in this short time it can profoundly alter your consciousness and open to you a vast world of magical transformations.

There are a few elements to consider when engaging The Cave of Altruin.

The sound field is a rotating acoustic vortex that will alter your consciousness if you focus your relaxed attention on the sounds themselves. When your mind wanders simply and gently, bring your focus back to the constantly changing architecture of the sound patterns.

A deeper level of healing and transformation is available to you if you listen to the sounds while resting in The Cave of Altruin, which you create in the imaginal realms of your mind.

Imagine and feel that you are in a beautiful spacious cave. The walls are lapis lazuli, a deep dark blue. And embedded throughout the walls, ceiling, and floor of the cave are innumerable precious jewels, semi-precious stones, and Wish-Fulfilling Gems. These types of Wish-Fulfilling Gems are nowhere to be found in your 3D reality rather they reside in the subtle realms of light. By the term Wish-Fulfilling Gems, we are not implying that they grant your mundane wishes. Rather, their emanations bring forward your higher attributes and qualities. It is these higher aspects of your nature that need to be brought forward for your own good and for the good of all beings, including the great being—the Goddess Gaia—who now needs your help as much as you need her help to survive and thrive.

All of these jewels, semi-precious stones, and gems are from another timeline than yours. They are from a far distant future Earth that has passed through The Great Turmoil, and her ecology has been healed and restored with new vibrational realities in the mineral kingdom.

When you conjoin your focus of attention on the sounds and relax into a self-created sensory experience of the Cave, you will enter a potent transformational field of subtle energy. The minerals embedded within the lapis lazuli walls of the Cave will then spontaneously, without any effort on your part, project to you their extraordinary healing and transformational potencies.

Release yourself from the malaise of striving and grasping. Don’t try to make anything happen. Don’t try to direct the subtle energies that flow to you from the light realms. Let them come into you of their own accord. Surrender to the child-like innocence of relaxed curiosity.

The Cave of Altruin is a multidimensional oasis for restoration and a sanctuary for receiving high vibrational energies. The energies that emanate from the Cave can enliven you physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. Rest in the Cave whenever you feel the need for deep restoration and magical transformation.

From the deepest space within our collective hearts and minds, we send to you—our currently Earth-bound brothers and sisters—a multifaceted gemstone of clear-white luminous light. This gemstone is nothing less than the innate clear awareness, that although often hidden by grasping and striving, is always present in the heart/minds of all beings throughout the Multiverse.

It is time to wake up and embrace the extraordinary opportunities that exist upon your planet as the Great Goddess Gaia shifts into new vibrational realities. And may The Cave of Altruin be a true sanctuary for you.

The Hathors
May 15, 2022
Orcas Island