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Alcyone Portal 2021

”…just as the negative polarity are given permissions for certain acts shall we say so too are the positive polarity given permissions to provide antidotes for those acts…”

”…at this time therefore one must use all their powers of discernment to differentiate between the dark artificial technology life extension black box programs designed to enslave humanity and humanity’s collective consciousness and the neutral working alongside the light artificial technology utilized as assistance to natural organic evolution of 12th dimensional consciousness and organic longevity programs aside from your own empathic awareness psychic site…”

”…we shall therefore say that you are the shepherds the three wise Kings are within each and every one of you follow that star the true guiding light the Polaris North Star Star of David and star of Christ that which is celestial Christ and stellar Krista and Christo’s this star shall show you the way…”

Lyran Lightship: Blessing and Activation

Lyran Lightship: Blessing and Activation

Blessings Beloved Light Tribe ~

The Lyrans are Feline BEings from the Vega star system, where the original experiments for creating a Divine HUman DNA template began. They have been a consistent part of my journey, and were the first to show me  interdimensional stargates. Sometimes they are referred to as white lion BEings, since they have white hair and have a very regal lion-like appearance.

Two pairs of Lyrans presented while doing Gatework on Mount Shasta; two female and two male. They offered a blessing and Divine HUman DNA activation for this transformational passage. After I recorded this, I heard choirs of them singing these tones and words when I went to bed – all night long. My cells quivered with the harmonics, and I felt a deep sense of peace, unity and unconditional love.

They asked to begin with Lightship tones; the sounds we hear when the ships and BEings are near. They work closely with the Sirians, and I feel the language reflects that influence. Light language is not translatable word-by word. In my experience it is tones, sensations or geometry interpreted by the conduit to convey messages, activations, or intentions. ET contacts speak telepathically, and yet this language has flowed through us for decades. It seems to be shifting, taking on a new level with the presence of Source codes. These harmonics are a crystalline bridge of their own kind.

This message contains codes of balance for this powerful phase, embodiment and DNA restoration. The Lyrans remind us to practice toning and harmonics, in order to remember how to alter form with our pure intent and voices. The skill of moving, building, creating reality through sound is returning to us.

Hopefully this transmission captures the harmony which many of us have with this kind of contact. This sound journey is light-encoded to assist your Ascension process.

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Lyran Lightship

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