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Touch & Play: Returns!

2021 is about making a conscious choice.The big question is…. “Do you want to shift into higher-vibrations and live in-love, joy and peace everyday, or do you want to live in the lower vibrations and be disappointed, annoyed, jealous, angry, upset and suffering from depression and anxiety?”It’s a simple choice that requires action, determination and a conscious effort to make it happen. I am choosing LOVE. This year “Touch & Play – It’s Magic” returns! And this is our first new video of our new collaboration in 7 years. It’s an aurasome mix of high vibing techno beats and aura painting that makes you shine!The aura painting has now been transformed into colourful smart phone covers (biodegradable for iPhone) and all the profits from the sales of these items will be donated to the children of Mbarara orphanage in Uganda! 🙂

You can follow them on:

You can purchase the Touch and Play smart phone covers at:

Here is our first YouTube video together in 7 years! Keep on shining Love Rebels!