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Update Energies Right Now.

That’s right now. Maybe some amongst you feel it. Some will feel it later, some will get happy and some will get upset with no apparent reason…it is all about being aware = developping sensitivity to the incoming energies. And when you know, you can allow yourself to chill a little more, even if you just woke up, even if it is for just 5′ lying down to receive this extra supercharge…The transformation of carbon based cells to crystalin based cells happens right now more and more in our bodies as our cells learn to be receivers of light through the breath. The more one pays attention, the more one also acts a channel for all around the planet to receive these energies. You, the ones who innerstand this message are on the leading edge. To be a lightworker you don’t need to specifically do ‘spiritual work’ for others to see or be teached. Just being present with the incoming Light and you assist much more than you can ever imagine all around you and the whole planet. So today and every day, give yourself a treat and a tap on your back for doing just this. This is co-creation at its best with the higher dimensional beings from our Higher Selves to our Guardian Angels, Unicorns, Dragons, Ascended Masters and Galactics…we are multidimensional and all it takes is to connect with the higher dimensional beings and create/work with them. Believe you me, your life will be more magic filled every step along the way. Yes, Magic, Weird ,Mysterious 😉.

All you need to do is ask and feel and listen.



The most powerful way to manifest.

The most powerful way to manifest is by feeling more than fine in the present moment which means to tangibly experience in the now the IAM Presence in its fullness resulting in unconditional love, authentic joy, amazing inner peace and knowing from within that there is nothing i can not be, do or have. And how do we get there?

First comes the daily practice of finding alignement with Source of at least 15-20′.

Then comes the practice of feeling into the the desired outcome in a deliberate way every time i feel there is some kind of resistance within, sometimes 2 minutes is more than enough, some other times the practice gets prolonged into writing down how it feels and writing down all details from the very small to the biggest, as many as possible. Then comes the practice of imagining a scene or many scenes of all the things i wish to experience in as much as possible details. The art of creation at its best. After few days of practice it becomes a habit and it feels so good that i tend to want to go back over and over again.

So today, i am inviting you to take your time in connecting with your higher self asking the support of Source/Universe/God and all Light Beings you resonate with and then during your day deliberately feel into the desired outcome and describe with all details what is that you want.

You want a new house? describe it with all details, the smell of it, the surroundings, who is there with you, is your beautiful electric car parked in the garage? what clothes are you wearing? what time is it? what words are you exchanging with others around you? etc.

And for anything else do the same. Get into the habit of creation in this way and you ll witness an incredible progression in your manifestations.

Much Love and High Vibes

Feel More Than Fine

Nikos Akrivos

in Awe of the magic occurring in my life

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Synchronicities are happening in such magical ways and so frequently that it is impossible to share all in detail. Just 10 days ago, my higher self voice told me to come to Belgium and even though this was not at all logic i trusted my heart’s call and booked a flight to Belgium only to discover a beautiful new world every step along the way. My intention to feel more than fine works the miracle in these uncertain Ascension times. I have many objectives that i desire to see manifest and now i am enjoying this journey so much that more than ever i don’t care when and how those will happen. The only thing i am doing is following the thread of choosing all things that feel good, which of course includes getting out of my ‘comfort’ zone more often than ever before as i keep the daily habit of going within, putting the puzzle of my desires together in as much detail i can while leaving space for the Universe to surprise me cause that’s where the magic truly is and that’s how i am getting to recognize with elation and eagerness more and more as days go by. It feels i am reaching rapidly a crescendo in my life and an exaltation never experienced before. There are simply no words to express the intensity of how i perceive reality around me, more presence in all things, more beauty, more love, more peace, more kidness, more amazing people surrounding me, more bliss, more appreciation, more manifestations confirming my connection to the Divine. For example just today when i visited an amazing Spa and Sauna Resort in Maasmechelen, Belgium a friend guided me to a room that i knew i was intended to be at and truly recognize it…since March i have been doing an amazing practice with the support of AA Metatron and entire Company of Heaven to bring more abundance in my life and on a planetary level for all and today, one of the rooms the swimming pool was enveloped by a metatronic cube which represents also our Merkaba and i was like wow, AA Metatron is really showing me physical signs that we work together, where attention goes energy flows…i knew right away where to stand and what to do to activate even further the opulence infusion for the highest good for all. It is just is. Magic. Showing me i am on the right path. The path of least resistance. The path of Abundance and flow of all good things in life during the uncertain times of Ascension. I hope this serves you in your journey.

Nikos Akrivos

You think you are the only one who couldn’t fall asleep last night?

These are the most amazing times we go through. This is the first time humanity goes through this. This has never happened before and not even Universe knows how it plays out. It is all up in our hands as a collective to do the work. Or you are into resistance of why you can’t sleep or you become friends with what is. Become a friend with incoming Light by accepting what is and absorb light through the breath and meditation, it s the best way to deal with this. The old system is collapsing. Accept this and stay aligned with the new at all times. Here is a diagram of the latest hours of incoming Light. This is a fact as you can see. #feelmorethanfine#ascension

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On the road again : Mastering Alignement to Source, Hiking in special locations in North Europe and Ibiza & Vegan Bliss.

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High vibes everyone, just to share that these upcoming months from tomorrow i am back into my nomadic life, travelling to Belgium, Netherlands and then back to Spain, Ibiza mid october. So if you happen to be around and you maybe wish to combine mastery alignement sharings with your travels, feel free to send me email at : to organize a meet up. I know my way around pretty good in these countries and Ibiza and we will be hosting many events and workshops on the fly as we move around organically. So maybe this an opportunity for you to be part of our communities and experience something different in your Europe Journey 🙂

So i invite you to also share this with anyone you know is traveling around in Europe that is willing to combine meditation, traveling and amazing vegan bliss along the way.

Compliance with who we really are.

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To comply with our true nature of Oneness with God means to choose to feel good. And the more we sustain that inner talk, after doing our daily inner work in meditation for at least 15-20′, the more we realize that the purpose of Life is joyful expansion.

Practicing gratitude all day long for all things allows to sustain that flow with ease and grace. In fact just a minute or 2 being in the present moment, appreciating the smell of coffee in the morning or the breeze of fresh air in a hot summer etc. all these ‘small’ things makes the big difference in allowing all the well being, awesome relations and supply of money to come easily because simply Oneness with God becomes integrated as we keep on playing and having fun in life…because the child wants to play and our inner child is one and the same. So it is up to you and me to listen that inner voice and pay attention on what gives excitement in the now. And then the next and the next moment. If you have specific times you must work, it is also about the ability of appreciating all these small things in between and the ability to listen that voice within and play. Yes play at work! More efficiency in less time will follow and colleagues and coworkers and friends will comply to our inner compliance with our God within. We will rendez-vous only with those that in the same vibe so to speak. There is so much excitement to witness our days enfolding in such way, each and every day once we find the sweet spot within and do the playful fun work to sustain that inner talk. So i wish and all humanity today and every day to comply to your Higher Self/IAM Presence and God within so you can witness The Magic Gift of Life that i like to call Feel More Than Fine 🙂

Nikos Akrivos

Creating Abundance in Ascension times.

Inner-standing that we are here in a co-creation process with all Light Beings across the multiverse makes Abundance creation a very easy process.

When we ask something it is given. And the time it takes to show up in our experience is only a question of aligning with Source that we really are and be in Joy and appreciation all along the way, all along the journey.

And in the accelerating times of Ascension there are 2 powerful streams where we can choose from. One is the stream of not believing the self as one with Source and the other is the stream of knowing the self as Source.


And when i know i am source, i also know that everything source has, is also mine. So the practice is to first align for about 15-20′ in meditation on a daily basis while asking entire company of Heaven to assist in our magic creation and the trust and have faith that it is already given.

The Golden White Unicorns and Saint Germain are 2 of the many Light beings that can bring incredible magic in our intentions and abundance creation.

So i am inviting you to work with them directly, ask for their support and feel in the depths of your being how the connections are being established more and more. And then witness the miracle unfolding, moment by moment.

Make sure to send the intention for abundance for all humanity and practice this creation exercise every time you feel in lack and limitation in your money supply. It works!!! and it also works with anything else you need support.

Trust, Believe and Be in Joy and Appreciation 24/7.

Feel More Than Fine