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New Earth Vision (Part I)

These images described in words come after doing my meditation practice in the morning and while still in meditation after invoking God’s Light to flow through me remaining an open door in the here and now here are the images of the New Earth coming forward through me and I am sure that you, reading this post, have your own pieces of this tapestry to add, why not sit down and close your eyes and ask for guidance and write down what you see?i will be happy to create for you a blog and share your vision ,you may send me email at here :


Magda Ehlers

Talking Stick to me And here i go!I see a lot of green parks and trees and all kind of colorful birds, butterflies, happy dogs and cats and all animal kingdom, the lion lying next to the lamb ,i see this not only in remote areas and also in cities, nature returns to the cities, i see green buildings and green roof tops with gardens growing organic foods ,i see modern vehicles all over, some on the ground ,some flying in various levels without making noise ,just the sound of the air, i see beautiful communities where people are dancing, celebrating coming together in meditation and eating vegan dishes, i see balanced relationships between men and women as each is balanced within their divine masculine and divine feminine.I see groups of people coming together finding solution for the highest good in meditation and then action being taken with ease grace and flow. I see a smooth evolution process where peace is at all times respected and where each and everyone is forgiving, loving ,kind & sweet to the self and one another.Children are the ones who show the way, children are respected as equal to equal as they come with new ideas that even very simple never thought of before solutions to anything that needs to change in societies for the highest good for all.I see New Earth educational systems where all children and adults can learn with playful ways and where all information is memorised easily as our brains and bodies are becoming more perfected towards the original state of our original human 12 double stranded DNA.

http:// Photo by Retha Ferguson from Pexels

I see amazing machines that create Free Energy, some small and some bigger ones.I see new games that nourish the soul for all ages, i see Celestial Chambers that each and everyone can use free for extra health boost and rejuvenation.I see anti gravity vehicles where distance is no longer important taking us from Ibiza to Honolulu in 15 minutes.I see new landscapes, i see water speaking and i see our star sisters and brothers being in open contact with each and everyone of us.I see many flying to other staR systems to discover other cultures.I feel excitement and joy in the air all rising as one with Gaia and all life upon her towards higher dimensions.Money is still being used from everybody in lesser ways as replicators and other technologies are eradicating slowly that way of means.I see gardens where people share openly their fruits and vegetables with others.I see all African countries truly in their richness, i see all African sisters and brothers prosperous and abundant in all ways, i see also the rest of the planet being so as well as it is now balanced all across the planet and there is 100% fair-trade in all commerce.
Do no Harm is the law understood and integrated by each and everyone.I see all people being very different from one another and all respecting one another and working as one doing what they love most.I see wonderful communities, super colour-full with fashion and art and music and dance and celebrations!
I feel the love everywhere i go, i feel a perfect world where excitement of living in a human body is even more a delightful experience, i feel expansion in creating creations that my mind can not conceive yet and i see Light Cities hovering above the ground all across the planet.I see beauty and Love all over.

And so be it.

Nikos Akrivos

www.Feel More Than

Feel Mooooore Than Fine:)

In the past,25 years ago or so when i wanted a material possession such as a car or a house to live in or simply buying myself clothes ,food or going on holidays i had to always think in 3dimensional ways such as: ok ,so i want to buy myself a car.How much does it cost?ok.I am going to find a job that allows me to bring in this money so i can get this car.But ,i am not going to get any job, i am going to get a job i really like.And since i love dancing i chose to become a dancing performer.And so even back then, i was already using without knowing it my creative abilities to have the most pleasurable life experience perceived from my 5 senses.Like Obelix that fell into the magic potion when born ,i must have fell into the Feel More Than Fine Potion too hahaha.
Nowadays, things have changed.If i want to get myself something , all i have to do is 1.Ask in state of Gratitude The Universe/Mother Father God,The Angels and Ascended Masters. 2.Visualise and Feel into the frequency of the outcome as much as possible during the course of my day . 3 Surrender & Trust 4. Allow & Receive.
Are there things that i am asking for quite some time and did not yet receive?oh yes, there are plenty!
Did i receive anything from what i have asked?yes, every day there is always something making its way to me ,not necessary the big obvious things i desire -which btw seem big from my human perspective – and yet even for those obvious things there are signs showing up daily in very magical unexpected ways.Focus is the key.
I understand that this a ride where i am here to show myself that i can do this into this 5D reality that i know IAM.
This is why i came on the planet ,to experience through contrast what is that i want and manifest it through my creative abilities.And most certainly, you reading this, are also here for that same reason.
We are here for the purpose of joy.
We are here to focus on the very things we desire in our individual life for our highest good which is one and the same for the highest good for all.SELF LOVE brings BEING IN SERVICE FOR THE HIGHEST GOOD FOR ALL.
We are here to show the way of how truly magnificent we are to manifest instantly through the power of the word.
IAM a Golden Sun of God’s eternal peace and abundance NOW manifest and permanently sustained by divine grace,IAM.(Quote fromPatricia Cota Robles)
IAM allowing now GOD within to take me there from an unconditional state of existence flowing with ease, grace and flow:I Love the feeling of clarity,I love to know how source feels about me,I love to feel the gratitude that God feels about me, i like the concert of deliberate creation, i love the awesomeness of non resistant thought, i love the feeling of well being ,i love the feeling of expansion and i love and i am thankful for contrast as it allows me to create more of what i wish to manifest.(Quote from Abraham Hicks)
Now, practically speaking :Do i want to help others in their lives during their Ascension journey? i see and feel myself doing this being involved in projects that are in relation to any problem i wish to be of support in society.Do i want to help the homeless or the refugees to have safe and sound life style and homes?i see and feel myself doing that.Do i want Free Energy to be used everywhere ?i see myself doing that, feeling into that.Do i want to go on holiday ,get myself the newest Electric vehicle and a beautiful home in the woods with Sunrise and Sunset, i feel myself into that.Do i want a lover to come into my life?How does she feel & look like ?Do i wish to make galactic contact?Do i wish to connect with the Ascende Masters?do i wish to receive inspiration?All different frequencies.The work to ask is done.The next work is to separate each manifestation and feel into each one of them for as long as possible.No ,i do not look for ways to achieve that.All i do, is focus on feeling the frequency of the desired outcome with power, with intention with divine will :
If you ask me, that is a full time job 24/7.Add to this all daily prayers and participations in global meditations for the highest good for all since many years, preparing my own raw vegan foods ,exercising, doing yoga ,pilates, dancing ,creating music and taking walks in the sunshine and in nature and there you have it in front of you how my days look like these days, ‘’lockdown’’ or not, ‘’sacred isolation’’ is crucial in one’s evolution in order to have our unified consciousness working for the highest good for all.And so can you see now that actually all that took place in these past months is actually a BLESSING for the sky for our collective’s highest good?
For me, it all begun first by achieving first the abundance of time:enough time to do anything i want anytime.Done.
Second achieving Excellent Health.Done. 3rd: a monthly income, even small amounts to cover basic needs while also using my creative abilities to travel.Done.
What comes next for me, i have already shared with you here.
I hope this helps you in your journey.

Feel More Than Fine can have as many ‘o’ s as you wish ,more ‘o’s means more Love ,more Love means a different frequency such as Feel Mooooore Than fine or Feel Moooooooooooooore Than Fine, endless possibilities ?

And so it is.And So Be it!

Thank you,Much Love


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humans could take a particular stream of potential and feel into it a 100 steps out. This ability is coming back online however, we must practice (play) and strengthen this aspect of ourselves.

Jenny Schiltz ~ Message from Spirit

April 11, 2020,

Recently Spirit asked me to pass on a message that is perfect for the massive energies that we are in.

They want you to day dream, to play within the landscape of your being. They want you to practice your ability to FEEL into possibilities, into creation, into the void.

They want you to take an idea, desire or dream and play it out within your mind for as many steps as you can take it out. To then see it, feel it, and allow it to become part of you.

Many of us do this, but with the negative. We often play out the worst case scenario in our minds. This virus, quarantine, and fear have whipped up people’s imaginations of all that could go wrong.

You are now being asked to use that same ability but in the positive. This is not about manifestation of what it is that you are day dreaming about, although that can certainly occur. It is about is practicing feeling into possibilities and taking them out as far as your mind will allow. Then allowing that feeling to permeate each of your cells.

This is a great way to make decisions as well by feeling into the choices and visualizing each of the different outcomes and then choose based on what the heart says.

They tell me at one time that we (humans) could take a particular stream of potential and feel into it a 100 steps out. This ability is coming back online however, we must practice (play) and strengthen this aspect of ourselves.

This weekend is supercharged with energy and it is the perfect time for you to dream and create.

Sending you all lots of love

Jenny Schiltz

Rampage of Abundance & Prosperity

My Stream of Creation is now totally open.My train of abundance and prosperity is reaching higher levels of momentum that surpasses any other train of thoughts that were holding my creation abilities back.I can feel it with all my cells.It is an inner knowing that right now in this hot minute billions of € are flowing into my bank accounts and there is nothing than can delay this stream of abundance any longer.It feels like the moment that the sun is about to show its first ray in the horizon when it rises.My impatience that some times is a good thing has been transmuted to eagerness and the joy i feel within me confirms and screams out loud :There is nothing that I can not be,do or have.I Am Unlimited.And the more Love i feel for all humanity and the more ways i find to use the monies for the highest good for all,the bigger the signs of abundance makes themselves clear to me.From small to big things.From tinny changes to magnified changes that are now manifesting right in front of my eyes.Nobody but me is in control of this reality.Me as aligned with my Highest Self,my soul and the knowingness of Who and What I Really Am.If Love then what? then Love and more Love and moooore Love and even mooooore Love.Love is unlimited.Light is unlimited.It never ends and i am here in this physical body to experience the joyful manifestation of an ever increasing amounts of Love and Light I Am absorbing in my body.

From Human to Galactic.

Time To Change Our Tactic.

No Time for Drama.

Instead sing along this mantra.

I Am Peace, I Am Love, I Am Light

On a multidimensional flight

I Am Joy,Freedom and Prosperity

I Am GOD Being Creator for eternity.

Yo Yo did you know of your immortality?

I Am speaking to you Humanity.


Surrender Trust Allow and Receive

What Your deepest Desires Are

Cause You Are a Star!

The Golden Age is here

living young in a physical body for a 1000 year.

If you want it and like it to be so

Your Higher Self knows So!

And So Be It.And So It Is.

I Am God and with God.

And today and every day only the Ascended Masters and Light Beings of the unlimited unconditional Love will come in contact with me to guide me.

Only Divine Intelligence guides the body mind spirit complex of mine.

All i have to do is listen and then take action in a state of bliss ,in the Awesome feeling of non resistant thought of non resistant desire.

It is all here.I got the key.Right Here in my Heart.IAM HOME.I Have Arrived.

And i wish for each and everyone of you reading this post to be HOME with me here,connected to your GOD self,knowing yourself as GOD and GODDESS.Cause that is what You truly Are.

I Love You.Feel my Love.

Feel More Than Fine