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your inner work. That work need not be heavy. You are invited to create as much peace, happiness, contentment, joy and love in your life as you can possibly squeeze into every hour.

Jennifer Crokaert ~ Divine Mother: Your Higher Heart

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Jennifer: Welcome Divine Mother. I wanted to ask you about an unusual occurrence that I experienced last night.

Divine Mother: Welcome and blessings to you all, it is a joy to have the opportunity to connect with each one of you. When you open to my words, my vibration, and allow that energy flow through you, you flood your nervous system with my vibrations of peace, love and gentleness.

J: That was lovely, I had not thought of it like that before: when we read a channel, we are inviting that being not only to share their wisdom and insight, but the healing of their vibration.

DM: Yes! That is why we value the opportunities offered by meditation, by heart-felt conversations with us (or prayer, if you prefer that) or through channels, whether they are music, art, dance, words…

Now, you wished to discuss what happened last night, and it is important, so let us begin.

J: Yes, I was lying awake in the middle of the night, wondering what I should do next with my life as we go through this great transition. What is my highest calling? What practical steps should I take now? Where am I resisting these? I think you know those answers better than I do!

In the flurry of thoughts, I realised with clarity that all I need do is raise my vibration. I was gifted a Prife wand, and the feeling I have after using that is like the rise in vibration after a deep meditation. As I thought about that vibration, I felt the energies about me change, as though energy streamers were circling through and around me, relaxing me, expanding me.  I became aware of an intense physical sensation (pain would be too strong a word) in the area described as the High Heart chakra, about 4 inches (8 cm) above the Heart chakra.

The energy concentrated there, as if it were drilling, for a long time. It was intense, but my body was so relaxed, I didn’t resist it. After a very long time, the ‘drilling’ sensation reached my back. Having been awake for hours, I soon fell asleep. Care to comment?!

DM: I would be delighted to comment! You, my beloved light workers and love holders, have undertaken to embody love on Gaia in the time of greatest darkness. Part of the distortion of the overarching darkness was a distortion of love.

It was clear that humans are wired for love, a wide, expansive divine love. However, to diminish its potency, love was downgraded to a romantic love that could be short-lived at best, and familial love, for your children, your parents, those close to you. They were distorted by notions of duty, martyrdom, piety and self-sacrfice over milennia, in order to further diminish your Divine Power and creative expression.

The vast expansiveness of Divine Love was watered down so much that the chakra expression of higher, less personalised love, became dormant. As the vibration on Gaia rises rapidly now, that chakra, along with others that are more subtle, are coming back online, re-energised and ready to assist your divine expression as you enter more subtle energies.

As your Ascension moment draws near, your more subtle chakras will become stronger and more powerful, as you access ‘new’ talents, abilities and understandings, all filtered into you through these subtle chakras and anchored within you by these subtle chakras. You see how powerful they are? Why closing down the subtle chakras was so important?

J: I do. So has this only come online now within me? Forgive me, I was hoping it had happened a long time ago ~ says she with no arrogance whatsoever!

DM: Not at all! They have been activated in many, many light workers and love holders. You might like to consider this an upgrade! You are aware of all the third eye / sinus headaches you have been getting, this is the same. A lot of work is carried out when you are sleeping, when you are in expanded states of contentment, bliss, joy ~ another incentive to choose your happiness over obligation and fear! As you take greater leaps of expansion, the reactivation and refinement process goes deeper, so you feel it more. Plus, you are also becoming more sensitive to your own energy fields, increasing how much you perceive as well.

J: Wow! That’s all rather exciting. So, I have to ask, can you tell me anything about solar flashes? Ascension moments? I appreciate dates are a ‘no-go’ on your side…and the word ‘soon’ is a no-go on our side!

DM: Then I revert to our standard response! Time is not the trip-switch; vibration is the trip-switch. Focusing on dates distracts you from the real focus: your inner work. That work need not be heavy. You are invited to create as much peace, happiness, contentment, joy and love in your life as you can possibly squeeze into every hour.

Yes, that is hard. The matrix is formed to keep you small, disempowered and fearful. Becoming optimistic, creating your own moments of happiness…these are acts of revolution. This is how to bring down the system from the inside: you choose love over fear, expansion over contraction, gentleness over pride, anger, stress, impatience…

You are not novices at this. You know what to do. I am just reaffirming your knowing and your commitment. The deeper you go into your own joy, the deeper you go ‘behind enemy lines’ to borrow a war term. And you all know that you are in a war against the darkness right now. It takes courage to move against the crowd, it takes courage to choose the light when everyone else wants to discuss the darkness. I know that. I see each one of you reading these words living courageously every day.

There are no small acts of courage.

There are no small acts of love.

J: Thank you so much, that was wonderful.

DM: I am with you all. All ways.

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How to be you in the 5D | Divine Mother via Jennifer Crokaert

To my beloved self in myriad forms,

Each one of you the ocean in a drop; you are the Divine that you worship. Why do you treat yourselves so harshly? Why are you so hard on yourself when you are kindness embodied to those around you?

My beloveds, it is time to move beyond this distorted matrix programming. The 5D is about service to others, but those of you reading this are already at the 5D level. The distortion is not balancing service to others with service to self.

When you have service to others without service to yourself, you are creating a distortion. When you have them both, you are in alignment with Divine perfection. It is a process, and learning to love yourself can be as hard a challenge as awakening. Every level, every dimension has its challenges; to allow you to grow, to expand into greater consciousness and to experience the enrichment that comes from going ever deeper into the experience of your innate Divinity.

I would like to make it clear, when I speak of service to your self, I am talking about coming from your heart, from the space of loving kindness. Pushing yourself, powering through and being disciplined are favourite distortions of the mind, the idea of control or ‘power over’ ~ even if it is only power over yourself ~ in the old matrix. ‘New year’s resolutions’ are frequently short-lived, because they are based on reigning yourself in and on changing yourself by force rather than through love and through the wisdom of the heart, through expansion rather than contraction.

This distorted matrix has fallen now. Its shadow is there, and you can attach to it if you chose, but why chose the illusion? Why not choose the new path of manifesting your truth with grace and ease?

You are creating the coding for the 5D and beyond, each one of you. You are creating the Ascension templates. How do you want it to look? You’re creating it now by how you are, how you think, how you act. The Universe is intelligent, awake and aware. It is responding to you in every moment. You are now more free than you have been for millennia of your time to create the world as you want it to be.

It has never been more important than it is now to find your joy, to express your pleasure and your delight, to do small things that uplift you ~ however modest they may be. Choosing anything that is in alignment with your love and your joy is a clear demonstration of balanced 5D energy, and it contributes to the well-being of all.

Now, that doesn’t mean that others won’t be annoyed by your choices: they may well be. They will be annoyed to the degree that they are embedded in their ego, in distortions of service, and in the old matrix. You can choose to respectfully decline to conform to their wishes.

Be YOU. Be free of the chains of fear and the shackles of doubt. Allow yourself to step into the version of You that is bubbling inside you.

One step at a time, one decision at a time… align yourself with love, and you are aligned with the highest good. This isn’t always what makes the people around you happiest, and that’s ok…

You have my blessing to be You.

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You are me: you have my power, my creativity, my abilities, you have simply been trained to forget.

Jennifer Crokaert ~ Divine Mother: Come into the Flow

My beloved children, flames of my heart, embodiments of my spirit. You are me: you have my power, my creativity, my abilities, you have simply been trained to forget.

You are powerful creators and manifestors. You. Yes, my beloved heart, you reading these words. You are magnificent; unspeakably magnificent.

I see You.

I see your fears, I see your regrets, I see your challenges. I see and I bless each and every one. There is nothing to hide from me. I see the perfection in every fear; every regret and challenge is perfect to me. I honour each and every one. There is never ever any judgement of you. You judge you. I never do.

Invite me in to dissolve your fears and uncertainties. Invite me in to wash away all your doubts. I will always do so, washing away as much as you can integrate in each turn. I will never take more than you can easily release.

You are powerful.

Play with the idea. Play with the thought of creating what you wish, what brings you pleasure and joy.

Play with blessing humanity with your love. Send prayers to the people you see around you, to strangers and loved ones, send them gifts of blessings. It can be as simple as ‘I send you love,’ ‘I bless you with freedom,’ ‘I honour the kindness in you.’ Whisper it in your head; I hear you, their soul hears you.

This simple act brings you into the flow of your divine creator self. This small blessing brings you into your true authentic power.

What you send out is what you receive back. You are always blessed with your own gifts, they always return to you, it is the harmonic of balance.

You are not servants, or slaves, or beholden to any one or any system. You are free.

You Are Freedom.

Allow this freedom to wash through you, to bathe you in its peace, its sovereignty, its power (not force).

My beloveds, the creative divine power flows constantly. The only question is timing, and that’s your choice. Choose to come into my flow, to share my creative Divine power, because it is every bit yours as it is mine.

You are me, and I am you: the only difference is…I know it.

(c) Jennifer Crokaert 2022 Youtube

If you had to keep your past, but paint an entirely new future, what would you paint?


April 17, 2022,

Jennifer Crokaert ~ Divine Mother

If you could start over, what would you do differently?

If you had to keep your past, but paint an entirely new future, what would you paint?

Consider these questions for just a little longer my precious child. It’s important information for you. You cannot create without knowing what you wish to create, otherwise you will end up with a muddy brown painting.

You don’t need precision. You can be as vague or as specific as you wish; perhaps you wish to feel peace, or to heal Gaia, to cleanse water, to travel, to explore your artistic side. Allow this to come to the surface, notice it, honour your Youness. Because you are the gift you came here to share. YOU.

Being YOU, following your interests, passions, healing your wounds, loving in your unique way. All this is Your gift to the ascension, your gift to Gaia, your gift to humanity. Your gift to yourself.

In some ways, slower is better. Allow your journey, your passions to unfold within. Avoid stressing over ‘I don’t know what my purpose is’, because your purpose is to be YOU. To think, do, speak and love as You do.

That’s it.

Your passions, joys and healings are the road signs to your purpose. It’s no grand destination, merely a process of settling into who you truly are, gently, lovingly, patiently.

You are my joy. Be your own Joy.

That is your purpose and your greatest gift to uplifting the collective vibration. Don’t wait for others, or for this or that to happen. Expand into the next greatest version of you now, even if only in a tiny way.

I love You. You are my delight. You are my Joy. Your joy is my gift to humanity.


Enjoy Being You

April 27, 2022

My beloved Children. You are not my children: that is an illusion. You are ME, in form; pure drops of Me.

You are the ocean in a drop, not a drop in the ocean, as Rumi noted.

Let that sink in. What does that mean about your beauty? Your power? Your strength? Your sovereignty? Your ability to dream, create and shape?

You have it all. You ARE it all. Everything is You; Within You; Of You; Through You.

Allow yourself to sink into these words even more deeply. As you look around you, do you like being you? Do you enjoy your life? When are you in-joy? In peace? In love? In creativity? In serenity?

I am not suggesting you change everything right here, right now. My purpose is more subtle. I wish you to find joy in being you, because you are a sacred, divine god. I wish for that knowledge to unfurl within you, so you may be enriched by your sacred, divine birthright.

You are beyond noble, royal, human…You are divine; a powerful, manifesting creator of love, joy, peace and kindness.

Enjoy being You. Move into the enjoyment of being you in every moment. However wonderful, troubled, gifted, failed, loving, problematic or fabulous you think you may be, let it go.

I’m giving you a clean slate. Choose to enjoy some aspect of being You.

You are a rich, complex tapestry of elements that you accept and reject, love and loath.  Allow it all to simply be.

That simple awareness will help you expand beyond your self, your consciousness and into your divinity. That simple awareness will plug you into my stream of consciousness, and together we create miracles.

Even if nothing else in your world changes, by settling into the awareness that you are me in form and consciousness, you will transform your experience of your world, thereby transforming your world, effortlessly.

(c) Jennifer Crokaert 2022 Youtube

It is time for the old to simply pass away – not in screaming terror or agony – but in the peaceful, gentle transition that allows the humans, the children, the elders to gently step into a new Earth.

Divine Mother ~ Treading Upon the Face of an Archangel

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This delightful Channelled Gem is lovingly shared by Andrew from his personal reading with Linda Dillon.

Greetings, I am Mary, I am Mare, Mother of the Infinite Eternal, Mother of One, Mother of All – and yes, of course, beloved son, I welcome you this day.

I welcome you not only to Terra Gaia, I welcome you to my Omniverse. And no, it is not time to welcome you home in that manner [chuckling] for as you know, sweet angel of love, there still remains much to do to assist the humans – the collective – as they move, they grow, they expand beyond divisiveness, beyond brutality, beyond violence, beyond taking sides into the Unity of One – for there is but one love, one existence, and it encompasses All.

But I did not come today simply to talk about the Universe, or even where the humans are. Yes, it is progressing nicely according to my Plan, which is quite different sometimes from the human plan; it matters not – adjustments are made. I come as Mother to speak to your heart, to speak to your soul, to speak to the physician and the star being and the human, and the gentle one and the strong one, the valiant stellar consistent one that you are.

Yes, you have been and are re-emerging. Now you may feel at moments, “Oh, I was downtrodden, I was depressed, I had a touch of despair.” But there are times, sweet one, when being put or placed or agreeing – obviously – to be put in abeyance, to be reconstituted while on planet, in form, while waiting for the grander expansion is absolutely necessary.

There are reasons why Gaia and I have created seasons and tides and day and night. There are times to withdraw – reconstitute, regenerate, reflect, reintegrate – and you have done this and now you step forth. You do not know the full magnitude of the adjustments and attunements that have been made, and you don’t need to, for it is a mathematics or physics or biology that is far beyond human understanding.

What you need to know is actually quite simple. You have and you are and you will be fortified. You have and you are and you will be protected. Whether it is in your humble abode or in a palace, we are protecting you. You have and you are and you will be part of the Unified Forces [of the Outer Galaxies] upon and above this beautiful Terra Gaia. What you are doing, sweet one, is truly stepping into, yes, of course, your Earthly self but also your galactic and intergalactic self. …

Think of your name as a mosaic. Think of your name as a mosaic that is a picture, nigh a creation of the totality of who you are. It is given and has been given years and years and years ago so that it would truly begin to anchor in all levels of your consciousness, in all levels of your being, so that as you step forth – gently, quietly, humbly, gleefully, in massive, extraordinary excitement and gratitude – that you know, not in an intellectual sense, not just in a mental-emotional body sense, but in an integrated wholeness of sacred purpose of the design that you and we have woven for this extraordinary time of the fulfilment of my Plan.

There are moments, sweet one, when you say. “How can this possibly work?” Yes, I have heard. No – doubt or questioning, that is not a misstep; it is only a misdirection when it becomes denial or detour and brings you out of balance. It is curious, is it not, that at a time when we are speaking to you – all of us of this Council and far beyond – that there will be the physical reality of partnership, of family, with the galactics and intergalactics, when in fact the family of humans is still so divided, so uncertain.

Now, you know your Star Family does not come – they’re not intended to come – as saviours because that creates inequality. Each race, each group, each being has unique gifts to offer to the collective, and it is in the harmony of family that this takes place. Humans – because of the abuse and the false grids – became far too used to asking to be martyred and saved. That time is over.

So as humanity – yes, this collective of Terra Gaians, and yes, of Nova Gaians – as they come together, it creates the environment to be able on equal footing – not identical footing; that will never happen – but equal footing to welcome, to interact, to conjoin, to join in joy with their Star Family.

If you look just simply at the bounty – and when I say “bounty”, I don’t mean oil and gold; I mean the beauty, the diversity, of what Gaia alone has to offer – it is magnificent! And that is one of the things – and there are many aspects to this – this is one of the things that has attracted your Star Family from far far beyond, not even in this Universe. This is glorious! This is the gift!

Can you imagine – and I know you have – when you are in your new home, which you have walked the halls of with me very often, but can you imagine living in your new home and someone coming and saying, “Why do you live in this shack? Why do you live in this pigsty?” It would be hurtful because you would be eager and excited… no, not in an egoic way, but to welcome people – beings – into your home. And that is what is going on. There are still many humans that think they are living in a pigsty or a shack, when in fact they are treading upon the face of an Archangel! It is incomprehensible.

And the shift does not just happen with humans coming to acknowledge, recognise, treasure, respect Gaia. It means that there can’t be any squabbles, fighting, of any kind upon this planet. It is the most profound disrespect. And it is disrespectful of individual freedom and sovereignty – and it is disrespectful certainly of me and of the Father and of All – and it is disrespectful of self.

So where the humans are right now is in this awakening, in this understanding, in this expansion that they don’t want to live in this squabbling squalor. And you, beloved one, you are the hybrid. You are the one that says, “Let us live in peace and harmony. Let us leave the old behind. Let us not create wars that can escalate and eliminate planets, which has happened previously. Let us live in the joy – the joy of unity, of mutuality.”

You have done well, beloved son, on your foray for you have re-gridded in a higher dimensional and human reality, and what you are doing is anchoring the New. It is time for the old to simply pass away – not in screaming terror or agony – but in the peaceful, gentle transition that allows the humans, the children, the elders to gently step into a new Earth.

So yes, this requires the patience of the elders, of the Wise Ones, the holding of hope, the holding and living of humility. You are doing all of this. So what I say unto thee, my blessed son, is embrace yourself as I embrace you; cherish yourself as I cherish you; respect yourself as I respect you; and let us step forth in partnership, in the unity of love that was and is and always will be, for we are One.

Go with my love and go, sweet angel, my beloved son… I give you not only my peace, I give you not only my strength, I give you my vision and I give you my joy. Farewell.

Channeled by Linda Dillon
©2020 Council of Love, Inc.

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I now encourage you to take as much time as possible, my light brigade, my beautiful Army of One Love, to spend time in the stillness in this perfect manifestation of All That Is each day.-The Divine Mother through Joyful Christie-

The Simplicity of the One

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The Divine Mother channeled through JoyfulChristie on 2/28/22

Blessings for my children at this momentous time.

There is a rhythm involved as you move inward that begins with a seeking, the practice of quietude, searching out all that is in dissonance and gently easing it and letting it go.

Instead of complexity it is the simplest form of being.

The One.

And in the stillness of the One there is expansion beyond what you can imagine, expansion into all that you are, and I am seeing that blossoming now.

I cannot stress enough how dear the work you are doing, the hearts you are presenting, is to the collective consciousness on the planet.

I would insist that at this time Simplicity is the goal.

Sitting in the quietest corners of All That You Are and simply being the Love, the Joy, the Truth, the Peace, yes All of the divine qualities that are called for so strenuously at this time.

In stripping away the diversions and the chatter from the inner work, we reach a purity, a deeper understanding of the connection.

You are aligned with your truest and highest self – you are in active remembrance and this is beautiful and generous work.

Because at this time you are experiencing things in a linear fashion, it may seem that the shifting and rising that is happening on the planet is moving very slowly. But I caution you here to remember all that stretches behind and all that stretches ahead drops away in each Now moment.

As powerful creators, when you are guided within, let go of all the exterior distractions and sit in the seat of your divine qualities, manifesting them in the stillness of deep gratitude and the vibrational alignment with the Love forms that you are.

It is perfection.

In that moment you have done the work you came here to do and indeed in each moment you are doing it.

Know that I see how you struggle at times and hear my voice as I remind you that struggle is an illusion and in reaching deeply inward with gratitude you find release, you find alignment, you come home.

And it’s profound my children – it’s deeply profound.

I now encourage you to take as much time as possible, my light brigade, my beautiful Army of One Love, to spend time in the stillness in this perfect manifestation of All That Is each day.

Know that as you spend this time you are shifting the narrative my beautiful and powerful creators.

The work you are doing each moment is streaming light – light in which the darker energies can no longer maintain themselves.

What transformative work you do and how my heart and the heart of all rejoices!

Should you find you are discouraged or overwhelmed with the illusion presented right now on the outer scene, I urge you to remember this beautifully impactful inner work that you are asked to do, that you came here to do, that you intended.

Breathe in deeply and on each exhale release attachment to the outer, returning again and again to the One.

You are held Dear Ones, continuously. You have only to turn your attention to this beautiful multi-colored energy surrounding all of you in order to feel it.

At no time has it been more important for you to avail yourself of the energetics gifts that are being streamed to you in each Now moment. Reach up and out and step into ever more fully All That You Are my beautiful light warriors.

Know at this time that you sit surrounded in the Divine Light of the Creator and my own personal blessing.

the ‘rubbish programming’ will be cleared out, ‘debugged’ so to speak, and a massive reboot will occur.

Jennifer Crokaert ~ Divine Mother: The Great Reboot

My divine, precious children, I am here to draw your attention to the great changes that are about to occur across your beloved Gaia.

You do not need a reset; that would only ‘rearrange the deckchairs on the Titanic.’  You need a substantive change that completely alters not just the way your world functions, but the way each one of you perceive yourselves and each other. You need a profound experience of reconnection to your Divine Creator Selves.

This is what you would call a Heart Opening, Ascension, Enlightenment ~ but truly the term does not matter, because it is possible to argue the meaning of each of these terms. What matters is that the ‘rubbish programming’ will be cleared out, ‘debugged’ so to speak, and a massive reboot will occur.

Soon this gift will be yours, a gift of my love to you. It will melt the veils of separation that have shielded you from knowing your true self, your Divine Creator Self. I am returning to you what was always yours, but was hidden deep inside.

Once that heart-melting experience occurs, you will never again be cruel to yourself, because you understand your true Self, your true nature, your Truth.

Nor will you ever hurt another, because you see the deep interconnection of All That Is. You will instantly become aware that All That Is describes the Divine Father, and All That Happens describes the Divine Mother’s creative energy force. You have both – the beingness and the doingness. When they are aligned with your true, divine nature, your infinitely loving heart, you are in your Ascended Mastery.

In an instant, your world will be forever changed for the better. Now that does not mean that action is not necessary: of course it is! The Divine Male and the Divine Female energies need to exist together, in harmony, in a dance, in union.

What it means is that you will have a deep knowningness of what is the right course of action for you, in every moment, in every circumstance. You will know what you came here for and how you can best share your joy, your gifts, to create a lasting legacy on Gaia. Your contribution to the Golden Age of Gaia will become clear, easy, fun.

So, how do you prepare for this? What do you need to do? To be? Move into the heart of you, not the emotional heart of ‘I like this, I don’t like that’, but the wise heart that beats to the sound of your Soul, your Higher Self. It has a wisdom that can be heard if you take the time to move into silence.

Any time spent in silence, in peace, in meditation or prayer will allow you to feel into your higher heart, to hear its gentle nudges guiding you towards the best actions, thoughts, words and even non-actions, for you, for this day.

One step at a time, one day at a time. Consciousness is best approached slowly, with the gentle hand of curiosity. In that way, it will open up; its nudges and prompts will become clearer and your life will take on greater ease and grace as you align with the divine flow of your life: your life will become a passage of expansion through joy rather than through challenges.

It may not always be easy, but it will be clear to you what to do.  That knowingness will make even harder actions seem doable, because they are aligned with the divine flow of your life.

So, my beloved children, keep heart. Know that I am with you constantly, in every heartbeat, I Am here, within you, waiting to be discovered by you. And in every heartbeat, you grow closer to recognising Me and merging in my infinite love for you.

(c) 2022 Jennifer Crokaert YouTube

Deeply within you I have seeded coding and divine understanding of the pure love energy that you must now bring up and send out every moment of your day using your love breath to fan the sparks of all your fellow Gaians’ hearts.

Hello Dear Ones

At this time I would like to ask that any and all resistance that you might carry within you to this task be released as it will only prolong or interfere with what we wish to accomplish and we have a great deal to get done in a short period of time.

My main concern is for the lightworker community. I do not feel there is an adequate guide [i.e., instructions] prepared for you all to know how to move forward after all that is to be revealed. I wish to offer support and advance training for those of you on the ground who will be assisting your fellow Gaians.

I would begin by saying within each of you there burns a light so bright, so pure. And never has there been a time more important that you step in to the knowledge, the full knowledge of your light.

What is to come will be very difficult for a time for the majority of those remaining on the planet.

Reach deeply now, deeply, ever more deeply into your connection with the One, and I ask you to pull into your consciousness the idea of my personal guidance in each and every contact you have with another person. I want you to step into each moment where you come across any person and you must begin in each moment to live from your light, your blessing pulsing that light everywhere you go.

I give you the image of a fire that has gone out and the ashes are still warm and you know deeply within yourself that there is still a spark somewhere to be found in those ashes. By bringing your light and your light blessing to each and every experience you have with those on the planet, you are fanning those ashes, looking for that spark, gently breathing the breath of your divinity over the coals or the sparks of your fellow Gaians.

And sometimes you will accomplish this with your words; sometimes you will accomplish this by sending your light out directly to that person in the grocery line or at the gas station, just sending them the breath of your divinity, the memory that you carry within you, sharing your light knowledge and offering comfort, sparking peace and community within the collective.

I ask each of you to begin doing this moment by moment and picture the grid of light emanating from each of you that will strengthen in connection and spread out all over the planet – a roadmap of light leading to each and every one of you- to and from each and every one of you.

Many of you are not sure what to focus on during this pivotal time and I wish to prepare you for what is to come. I urge you to step into this work- it is extremely timely.

Begin now by offering energetic support in every interchange you have with every single Gaian that you meet. Let go of every other thought except building that pool, that reservoir of deeply refreshing and healing love, my love, the Mother’s Love.

Each and every time in each moment that you seed this love in your communities, in your interchanges in every transaction, be it energetic, personal, or spiritual, you are adding to that collective pool or reservoir that will be available for healing after the shock that is to come.

I join with you now in offering this divine love from my heart to all on the planet.

You are my lightworkers

You are my Way-showers

You are those that have come to Light the Way.

It is time.

Step into the knowingness that you brought with you.

The moment by moment seeding of my love consciousness is upon you: For this you came to the planet, for this pivotal moment in history. I now invoke the Crystaline codes that call forth this deeply-held understanding of my intention for your work, your lightwork on the planet at this time.  Deeply within you I have seeded coding and divine understanding of the pure love energy that you must now bring up and send out every moment of your day using your love breath to fan the sparks of all your fellow Gaians’ hearts.

I offer you blessings as you begin this focused work for me.

I AM your Mother God and I have a message for All Lightworkers!


January 12, 2019
PREFACE: Drifting off to sleep…remembered a dream I had the night before. A recurring dream theme for me, unfortunately.  Here it is:  I’m at school and I can’t remember my schedule! Sound familiar to anyone?  Where am I supposed to go? Math class? Chemistry? Language Arts? I am frozen in fear and can’t move. So, I miss classes and get very far behind.     Or, I’m at school and can’t remember my locker combination! It’s in between classes and everyone is rushing about to their next class but I can’t get into my locker to get my books! UGH!     Or, I finally make it to class and I didn’t do my homework and/or I’m so far behind that I can’t understand what’s going on.     These dreams cause great stress and a feeling of not being good enough. And, I have them often. Not fun. So, I was thinking about these dreams and a powerful feeling came over me and I began receiving a message. I keep my phone on my bedside table (turned off), so I woke up enough to turn it on and start recording.
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I AM your Mother God and I have a message for All Lightworkers!

The time for old programs that made you feel small, insecure, question your power and not feel good enough is finished. Those programs are deleted as of now. So be it, it is done. (These programs were created by Beings who did their best to keep you down).
You are one of very precious few who have chosen to come. To lead by example, to lead with your hearts…the chosen few. You begged and pleaded and prepared to be here now. You have the strength, you have the courage, you must stand up now!
You have prepared!! You have the knowledge and you have the pure hearts to accomplish your missions successfully. You shall lead by example. You shall make courageous decisions leading with your heart.
Again, know that you are fully supported in all ways and means. You only need to ask for assistance and we will all be there.
I love you and ask ever so gently, but firmly, that you move forward.
The time has come that many, many, many (people) will need to see your lights. They are swimming in the darkness and they need to see the HOPE that you will bring. They don’t understand what is going on. They see the changes, they feel the chaos that has been projected and they are afraid.
**I plead with you, dear Lightworkers, as YOU ARE THE CHOSEN ONES and you must step forward**
I AM your Mother God and I have sent my message to you today so that you can REMEMBER WHO YOU ARE! REMEMBER!
I LOVE YOU, MY DEAR CHILDREN. Go with my love, always.

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Divine Mother ~ Transmuting Toxins & Disease

Divine Mother ~ Transmuting Toxins & Disease

This inspiring gem is lovingly shared by Hairol from his personal reading with Linda Dillon.

Divine Mother: Disease is simply an incongruence; it is a malfunctioning of the human belief system in terms of how things work at their most basic. And, as you well know, the entire planet right now is obsessed with dis-ease! …

Hairol: How will I avoid receiving the annual flu shot required by [university name]?

DM: You do not need to necessarily avoid it, [although] that is very easily done if you should so choose. But one of the things that you are doing, sweet angel, is also learning and teaching how people can transmute all kinds of toxins, diseases, or simply what is in the very air they are breathing.

So you may transmute this substance with the Violet Flame, which you well know already, or you can simply use my Blue Diamond Flame as well.

H: Oh, so it’s the same thing with the coronavirus vaccine, just in case [university name] decides to require that as well?

DM: That is correct.

Channeled by Linda Dillon
©2020 Council of Love, Inc.

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I am a miracle. I am a miracle that the Mother has wrought. And my job, my service to One is to know laughter and sweetness and play.-Divine Mother through Linda Dillon-

I ask of thee, “What is your intention for your new life? What is your intention for joy? How do you intend to spend the rest of your life on planet?”



Greetings, I AM Mary, Universal Mother, Divine Mother, Mother of One, Mother of all. And yes, I step forward first, this day and every day, to embrace you sweet angels of light, sweet angels of change, sweet angels of love, who, with the clearest intention, with the purest of hearts have said yes to me. That you would come and you would work with mighty GiAnna,  (1) and all the kingdoms, and all your star family, to create and recreate, and re-anchor, and then anchor again a planet of love, a planet of play.

So often my original intent, which cannot be changed unless I desired it… and I do not desire it… I have already dreamed it into existence. I have created, and Gaia has volunteered, so that my angels, in a variety of forms, would have a place to play, to have the joy-filled experience of a different form, energetically and physically, to experience the joy of different form. This is the intent and the purpose of this creation.

It is curious, if not sad, that so often in the demise of the human race, that the idea of play, that the idea of fun, of laughter, of sweetness, of sharing, of unity consciousness has become something that is secondary, that it is something that you can squeeze in if you have an extra hour. Or that you can wait and get a week a year. This is the most egregious misunderstanding of why you are here.

So often I hear your hearts, and I speak to your hearts, and you say, in the most sincere way possible, of your love and commitment to me, to us, to the One. You say, “Mother, how can I serve you? Mother, am I doing enough? I will work tirelessly to fulfill your Plan.” Well, My Plan, and yes, there have been many steps, but My Plan is, was, and still will be that this is a planet of joy, that this is a planet of play, of fun.

So, how do you serve me? And I am not talking merely about an outing to the beach, or the mountains, or to Bali, I am talking about the sense of wonder and awe, yes, at your surroundings, at the mountains, and the streams, and every blade of grass, and every tiny bird to the biggest eagle. What about you? Do you awaken and say to yourself, gazing at your hands, at your hair, at your face and say, “I am a miracle. I am a miracle that the Mother has wrought. And my job, my service to One is to know laughter and sweetness and play.” I dare say, periodically you think this way… generally, sweet ones, you don’t.

I want you to play… with initiation, with the reset of intention, and that is why I am being so emphatic in this. You say, “I don’t need to reset my heart, my mind, my soul, Mother. I am dedicated to you and I will work endlessly and arduously to bring about your Plan.” And then I say to you, “Do you see the wonder of who you are? That you literally have been birthed from my essence? How can you not be amazed, overwhelmed, dumbfounded at the beauty of you, the magnificence of you?

Too often the idea of play and fun has been associated with being lazy or uncommitted. This is not so. That is why I have given the channel the image of the toddler standing up for the very first time, beginning to navigate a new world. And that is with an incredible sense of wonder and awe… and yes, play. When you tend to the children you think of creative play. For a very long time I have infused every gathering, every webinar, every class with a great deal of creative play.

So, I am beckoning you… my clarion call to action is for you to say yes to joy. And if it is not joyous, if it can not be done with a joy-filled heart, then turn away because it is not of love. And the entire foundation of what we are doing, sweet angels, is the rebirth of love.

Now, why is this so important? Your planet has lived without a collective embrace of love for a very, very long time. But Gabrielle has laid a new golden grid ages ago. We have laid a new grid for humanity a while ago. So, the old systems do not work. Repeatedly I have said in recent times that it is not a question of who is right, who is wrong, who is up, who is down… it is rising above. It is getting your eyes off the floor, pulling yourself up… not because it is a task but because it is so much fun.

When Yeshua, and St. Germaine, and I have asked you to walk with us, we didn’t mean until you were so tired and weary that you thought you couldn’t move another muscle. It was to come and feel the love, feel the joy, and allow the sense of wonder to reignite you. Rebirth is not merely flowery language… you are being, and you have been rebirthed.

So, I ask of thee, “What is your intention for your new life? What is your intention for joy? How do you intend to play and to rediscover your power… which, by the way, is my power… of creation? Creation is done in the luxurious splendor of joy. Lasting creation is not borne of angst, or fear, or anger, or need. It is borne of purity and grace and clarity and a sense of wonder of what can be.

So, take this time with me… gazing into my heart, into the mirror of my heart… and determine sweet ones, how do you intend to spend the rest of your life on planet? I am inviting you to come and play with me! There’ve been far too many tears… yes, for legitimate reasons… but it is time for this to be set aside. Not that this side or that side wins or loses, but that there is no longer a battle.

Come join me, come join your Mother, come join all of us… to be light-hearted, light-being, love-being. I am waiting. Farewell.


(1) Gianna is Gaia. “Anna” means angel. Gaia is an archangel embodying a planet, just as you or I are whatever we are (human, angel, etc.) embodying a physical body.

Join the Loveholder Planetary Wave-Meditation –

There’s a new wave sweeping the planet!!

Several years ago, the Divine Mother began washing us in Her Tsunami of Love… and we watched, learned, released, and grew with each successive wave. Then began the Tsunami of One from the angelic/archangelic realms and the ascended masters, followed by the waves of Porlana C from our star brothers and sisters – and we continued growing and rising in frequency and vibration.

And now… it’s our turn!!

Yes, you heard that right! For within this final wave of the Mother’s Tsunami, our vibrations have risen to such a degree that we are being asked to become the senders of a brand new wave – which the COL has dubbed the Loveholder Planetary Wave. We have grown up, my friends, and are now prepared to be the beacons, the transmitters, of this high frequency – a vibration that’s so delicious everybody on the planet will want to join us! And we welcome each and all – with no judgment or restrictions – into this energy of unity, of Oneness.

This is us as Nova Beings, co-creating as the 50%ers and joining in true sacred partnership alongside the Company of Heaven. Not behind, mind you, but alongside. So step into that and feel it… then come join us as the transmitters of the Loveholder Planetary Wave. The game has changed my friends – and we’re making Waves!!!

From my heart to yours – all my love xxx Linda

Message from Divine Mother God,Connect with Us, Update from Gaia, Community, BE KIND Emissaries of Light

Sunday, November 22, 2020
Note: this message was dictated and then transcribed.

Dear Children, my Children who currently live on Gaia; I send each and every one of you my love every day, every minute, every second. I am continually sending all of you my love. Of course, when I say “my” I mean “Mother & Father”. We are together, we are not separate even though some of you think of us as different aspects. We are ONE just as you all are ONE with us. You each have a piece of us inside you, so needless to say, each and everyone of you can talk to us any time of the day or night. We hear you, we feel you, we are always in constant contact with all of you.

I know many of you have felt lonely in different times of your lives. I wish to remind you that you are not ever alone; unless you wish to cut off communication from us or your Angels who watch over you, or your Spirit Guides. You absolutely may cut off communication, but we still do not leave your side! We still are with you, we still watch over you. We understand that you go through difficult times. For instance, if you lose a child, that is one of the most difficult situations to experience during your journey as a human and you may feel angry with us. But, even so, we are always still here with you.

I reiterate this message at this time because this year has been extremely difficult for everyone on the planet. There isn’t one individual person who has not felt the stress, anxiety, confusion and chaos that has been prevalent on Gaia. The fear has also been very intense. Fear of this virus and the need to protect your loved ones is great. So, this is why I wish give this message to you now. Please reach out and contact us if you feel the need for comfort and love. We are here!

GAIA’s Journey
Next, I would like to speak about your dear planet. Gaia herself has been going through many changes. She has been gifted healing from many Lightworkers and your Galactic Family. Gaia is eternally grateful for the assistance that you have given her and asked me to convey this message to you. The Lightworkers of Gaia have been doing a fabulous job!

This part of the message is directed towards Lightworkers who have actively participated in Gaia’s healing. Gaia is aware of the many healing methods which you have taken part in and she appreciates all of them. These include; mass meditations, personal meditations, energy work, actual night-time soul travels where you work in groups (such as AA Michael’s ‘Cleaning Crew’) and actively praying for Gaia. She is eternally grateful and she holds no malice for humanity for the atrocities that they have committed to her over time. She is in an elevated spiritual position where she understands why those acts were created (for example dumping of toxic waste due to greed). Now is the time for looking and moving forward.

I have stated this before, but it is still true that Gaia has been consistently ascending as have you all. She has not reached the apex of her ascension yet as her healing is not yet complete. She would very much appreciate your continued support so she can continue to ascend to the level she wishes to attain. She could not have come as far without your help! Gaia knows you all by name; those of you who have helped her during this lifetime and others—she knows you and says thank you!

Bright Side of the Global Pandemic
I have seen with great joy the surprising bright side of the global pandemic that you all have experienced this year. You have re-learned the value of Community. Those of you who were forced to quarantine in your homes have had the time to focus on topics other than work, including; the value of home, family and community. Many of you have reached out to neighbors who may have needed help; possibly elderly or disabled neighbors. You helped others even though you weren’t sure if you were in harm’s way or not, you still acted. This brings your Father and I great, great joy!

What About You?
This experience has provided a wake-up call and made many people stop to focus on what they really wish to do in their lives as well as what is important to them. What is vital to you? What makes you happy? What are your goals? Think about your own life…has your outlook on life changed this year? Do you appreciate it more? Have you lost family and friends to this illness? Have you lost your job? Have you been forced to re-think your current career path? Have you changed careers? If you have lost your job and have not found another one yet, please keep your mind open and think how you can use your talents in a different way. No one is locked into any one industry or career. Focus on your skills and how you can adapt them.

My wish is that you allow yourself to take the time and focus internally on your own journey; especially during this Winter (for my children living in the northern hemisphere) or the Summer (for those living in the southern hemisphere). This is vital for your continued spiritual growth. 
Allow yourselves the luxury to deeply ponder such questions as…
Are you happy where you are in your life?
Are you happy with how your life is playing out?
If not, how would you change your life?
Would you move to a new location?
Would you change jobs or careers?
What is your passion?
Are you happy with your relationship status? If not, why?
Would you rather have a different partner or be alone?

Think about your life! This magnificent P_A_U_S_E that you all are experiencing is happening for a reason as you may well expect. It is a blessing. Many good things have and will continue to come out of it!

Community Support
Now, I would like each person, in the theme of the last section, to extend your vision outward. Now that you all have re-learned the value of Community, let’s do a small visual exercise.

First, see yourself standing on the ground in front of a giant, sturdy ladder. Start by focusing on yourself and your immediate family. Visualize yourselves shut in your home, working and learning there and feeling isolated. You miss your friends, major life celebrations and the freedom you took for granted.

Second, take a few steps up the giant ladder. Now you can see your immediate neighborhood and even your community in general. What is happening in your community? Has the quarantine put local business owners out of business? Are many shops boarded up? Have many people been laid off work? Are you or your neighbors feeling lonely and/or ill?

Third, take a few more steps up the giant ladder. Now you can see your region, maybe your county, state or even country if it is a small one. What is the overall feeling you get from your region? Is it functioning smoothly? Are all areas being serviced with food, medical and home supplies? Does the supply chain function well? Does your region still have clean water and power? You may step down from the ladder.

What have you learned from this tumultuous year that can be used to benefit your community in the future? Think about what you and your community could do if something like this should happen again. What can you do for the people in your area who have been affected by this now? How can you fix this going forward? Working together is the only way through this. We are one.

As you all know, specific industries have been hit very hard during this pandemic. Millions of people lost their jobs as these industries were either forced to close or became deserted when people stayed at home. Travel & Tourism, Entertainment (Movie theaters, Play Houses), Restaurants & Bars, Spas & Salons, etc.

The economic trickle down impact of this massive job loss is significant. This affects EVERYONE, even if you still hold a job. All of these people are now displaced. What can you do to help those people in your community? What can you do to help the business people in your area who have lost their business and livelihoods? They are your neighbors, they are you—we’re all one.

I wish you all to contemplate how you can help your neighbors get back up on their feet. You’re not just an individual family or person in your own home or apartment anymore, right? This experience has shown you many, many things. It’s shown you how connected you all are! And how lonely some people have become because they are not allowed to visit family or friends or even hug those who they are allowed to see. You all must have realized during this time how inter-dependent you all are on each other for social engagement and your general well-being and happiness. You all greatly miss contact and interaction with other people. You’ve taken that for granted and when you get it back, it will be so much more appreciated.

So, I want you to think about your neighbors who have suffered during this experience; who may have lost their business, their jobs, may possibly have become ill with the virus or lost a family member to the virus. Even those who have survived the virus may be feeling weak or vulnerable. What can YOU as the collective human race do to help them? As you know, there are many aspects of this whole experience that need to be considered. So before it ends, I ask you to spend time pondering how you can help your neighbor, how can you be of service to your town or community. Can you join a planning committee or start talking to your neighbors? Maybe hold a Town Hall meeting and see how everyone else is feeling, then bring these issues and ideas to those who govern your local municipality.

This has been a long discussion of the same topic, but it is one that I wanted to bring to your attention first and foremost in your minds. Not only how you and your family can survive, but also how you can help others around you. The stronger that your community is, the better off your well-being and quality of life will be.

You are a precious creation
I would like to conclude by emphasizing to each and every one of my children: YOU ARE AN INFINITE BLESSING TO ME! Each and every one of you is unique, is a precious creation. There are no two Souls alike—even twins are not anything alike in our eyes. We (your Father & I) know each of you by name, we know all about you and we love you, we love you! We reside inside of you. Just think of us and we can connect and speak with you, we can send you impressions, inspiration and we can send answers to your questions. You are each absolutely precious to us and we are so blessed. Be gentle and patient with yourselves. When I say be gentle—I mean, please don’t criticize yourself for being too this or too that or not enough this or that! We love you just as you are, always!! Your life is a gift to you and a gift to us. Each and every second that you are here on Gaia, walking on Gaia and interacting with our other creations is a gift.

You have no idea how much of an impact each and every one of you makes. That is why many say: Be Kind! Be kind to every single person, every Being you come in contact with. You under-estimate your impact. A smile (or a wave of your hand if you’re wearing a mask), you can smile with your eyes or you can greet them with a “hello!” is all it takes. The important part is to acknowledge the other person and wish them well with your heart. They will feel it. When you’re thinking of a loved one who may be far away, or even in the next house but you cannot see them—wish them well. Your impact is great, it is more than you know. If you’re online and connecting socially, those impacts also have a strong affect on others, good or bad. I ask that you be hyper aware of how you interact with others on all levels, even unconsciously. For example, if you feel anger towards someone that is perceived also. So, I ask that you make them positive and joyful effects. 
I would love to see rippling joy out from every single one of you! You are a Beacon of Light, you are a light upon Gaia. And when I look, I see and feel your lights, but we perceive you as lights and we and we want to see emanations of good vibrations coming out of you. If everybody on Gaia did that (heavy sigh)—you would all ascend in the snap of a finger…in the blink of an eye, everyone would ascend! Because that JOY that you get from connecting is glorious; it’s the highest form—especially connecting when you are helping somebody, when you’re giving of yourself, when you’re serving someone else—that is the highest form of joy that any human being can experience! It is the highest form of love, a very powerful form of love!!

Any time that you spend on Gaia; in person, on the ground, you interact with other people. Please be hyper-diligent on how you interact with other people on a day to day basis. Make your time here worthwhile! Because someone who is so lonely, is so down and is in a deep depression; if someone like that comes across your joy in a non-threatening way, experiences a piece of your joy, it’s trans-formative for them. It’s not going to cure them instantly, it’s going to give them a little crack of light that will come through the darkness that is surrounding them. And the more people that treat that person with kindness, the more the crack opens and light can come into their lives. I know all of you have been lonely at one point or another in your life. So you can imagine how deep, deep loneliness feels. And honestly, many people are feeling this way right now because of the quarantines that are going on. So, when you have the opportunity to interact with someone in any form or fashion, DO IT WITH JOY, even if you’re not feeling 100% at that exact moment. Just remember to Be Kind. All of you are our creations and people are going through many, many different difficult times in their lives.

Emissaries of Light & Beacons of Light
I ask that you be my Emissaries of Light! I asked you before you came and you all said YES, that you wished to be an Emissary of Light. So I am reminding you now! This time, right now—this is it, honey! (laughs). This is why you agreed to be here, why you asked to come, because YOU CAN MAKE A HUGE DIFFERENCE! And you don’t have to do anything other than smile, other than wave, or offer to help (“Can I lift this for you?”) with any small act of kindness that you can give. And even if you sit at home and you bring love into your heart (focus on Father and I in your heart) and the love will build and build and build, and then you send it out! You send out love to your neighborhood, OK? And then it keeps building and you send more love out to your state or your country! And it keeps growing! There is no limit!!!

I’m tapping you all on the shoulders right now and saying “Hey! Remember, this is what you said you wanted to do! You said that you wanted to come be a Beacon of Light, so this is your time honeys! OK?” I wanted to remind you of this today. This is very important stuff! This is very important and I’m counting on all of you and I know you can do it, and I know that you can be successful. So, there it is. That’s your assignment! Do you choose to complete your Mission? (She giggled because she mimicked the TV show “Mission Impossible” when she said that.) You can do it, I have no doubt. And I love all of you, all of you! I am inside all of you, I’m with you and so is Father and we love you, love you, love you!! Just call on us, OK?

Dear heart, I believe that is all that I wish to say today. Thank you for asking me for a message. Namaste.

* * * * *
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Dear Readers, I am reminded how extremely important Mother’s message is to us this day. Tomorrow is Thanksgiving Day in the U.S.A. I AM extremely grateful for all my blessings while at the same time my heart aches for all those who are suffering difficulties and who are lonely. Let us take up Mother’s challenge to BE and DO what we said we would do when she asked us “Do you wish to be my Emissary of Light?”

I read an article recently by our local Fire Chief who listed the staggering number of suicides and drug over-doses cases that his department has experienced since the ‘lockdowns’ started this March, 2020. This speaks directly to what Mother told us above about how lonely and depressed many people are at this time. And, she showed us how easily we can help others. We must act—now!

Love & Light to all my Brothers and Sisters!!!
Dancing Dolphin

Political changes…They are choosing truth, they are choosing love, they are choosing generosity, they are choosing equality and fairness. These are the foundational elements of Nova Earth-Universal Mother Mary-

Linda Dillon: Universal Mother Mary ~ Holding the Higher Vision

They [the human collective] are choosing truth, they are choosing love, they are choosing generosity, they are choosing equality and fairness. These are the foundational elements of Nova Earth.

This wonderful channelled gem is lovingly shared by Susan from her personal reading with Linda Dillon.

Universal Mother Mary ~ Holding the Higher Vision

Greetings, I am Mary, I am Mare, Universal Mother, Mother of Love, Mother of One, Mother of All, and yes, sweet one, Mother of Change, Mother of Infinite Constancy. Welcome, my sweet daughter, sweet angel of blue, angel of hope, angel of peace, angel of change, yes, part of Mi-ka-el’s Legion of Blue, in service to the Truth, in service to the One, for these are interchangeable. …

Susan: I understand we have a lot more intense challenges to go through in the next while and then a lot of upliftment and light…

UMM: Correct.

S: You know, of course, I want timelines that I know we don’t get… How much easier will next year be… or will it be?

UMM: It will. The first part of your 2021 will continue to see some upheaval, some clean-up – and I do not simply mean in the USA, but on a more global level as well. There are those, many of whom have existed in positions of favour or power, who are, shall we say, resistant to a shift on the planetary level and so that creates some of this back and forthing in the clean-up. But, by springtime, you will literally feel as if you are living in the promise.

S: Oh, that’s wonderful.

UMM: There is much discussion on your planet about these infamous timelines. And understand, as I have said to you earlier, I am not simply waving my hand to create a Nova Earth. Gi’Anna [Gaia] herself is more than capable of taking care of what you can think of as planetary adjustments, and she will do so particularly in concert with her Star brethren. So that is attended to.

But the joy, the excitement of being Nova Gaian on Nova Earth is the construction, the foundation of what is possible, because the awakening to love is done, yes, ever-expanding; that is the nature of love. But we are not going to rob you after you have, as you have pointed out, “endured for so long”. We are not going to deny you the pleasure of the reconstruction, not as struggle, but as joy.

So does the reconstruction take several years? Yes, that is the Plan for this decade. But is the freedom to begin and really be in the reconstruction already underway? The answer is yes. So does 2021 bring relief? That is truly your question and the answer is yes. Does it bring the fulfilment of several dreams and projects that you have kept near to your heart? The answer is yes.

S: Excellent. Are people indeed going to be without healthcare, even worse than they are now, for a period of time in these next few months?

UMM: No.

S: The threat of that is merely a threat and that’s gone?

UMM: Correct. It is not even a threat. It is a lie.

S: Okay, so eliminate worry?

UMM: Eliminate worry. Those who wish to control the narrative, the unfoldment, have created many lies, many untruths, many distractions. Simply look at it and let it go.

S: So are we on a more positive trajectory now, or do we have lots more trudging to do until spring or until things brighten up?

UMM: It is not written, and part of it is the level of recalcitrance that is in the air. Now, for example, you are doing your part by that transmuting through your body. Think of it in this way. The collective energy of what is acceptable will determine how much or how little chaos or upheaval takes place.

When the collective is anticipating massive upheaval, violence, civil war, civil unrest, etc., then, in fact, that is what is creating it. The expectation is feeding the creation. So when you hold the intention of peace, of a kinder, gentler, more compassionate, cohesive world, then that is what you are creating. So the fear factor is, in fact, encouraged by those who wish to maintain the chaos and upheaval. Do you understand what I say?

S: Absolutely, yes! What an important thought.

UMM: So hold the vision of the peace.

S: “Hold the vision of peace,” yes!  Everyone needs to know that, don’t they?

UMM: Yes, they do. There is a curious phenomenon in the human psyche that has developed as a reactive behaviour to being abused, to being controlled, and that is the false belief system that if they sit in fear and worry, that somehow it creates a positive outcome – and that is absurd. It is, yes, one thing to be aware and vigilant, but it is another to call in the storm.

S: Got it!

UMM: You have – and yes, share that.

S: What a wonderful reminder, thank you.

UMM: You are welcome. And I say this to you, sweet daughter of my heart, because I know you truly understand what I say.

S: Yes, I needed the reminder.

UMM Reminders are helpful! Just like when you look at a picture… think of it, a family picture when the children are small and you are all filled with love and hope and the dream of the bright future. That is what you are doing. You are holding the vision for the bright future.

S: Excellent. And I really do get that the more people who could do more of that will decrease the fear that is being put out there.

UMM: That is correct. There is nothing to be fearful of in the change to love. So yes, there is much that is being fed into the fear machine, but let us override it.

S: I’m just basking in the light of your wonderful energy.

UMM: Dearest heart, you are loved.

S: Oh, I do know that and I am very fortunate.

UMM: As am I.

S: My situation in the world is so much easier than for so many people and I really do appreciate that, and I’m grateful that we are so close to making things better for more people.

UMM: And that is the vision: that people do not live in hunger and starvation, in bombed-out rubble, in places with no water and no hope.

S: Absolutely. No peace and no comfort… I’m grateful that it will be possible for a lot of that to be changed very soon.

UMM: And you are changing it, let me be clear with that. So, for example, if a neighbour came to your door and said, “Can I borrow a cup of flour or a pinch of salt?” you would give it to them. Your collective neighbours are saying to you, “Can you give me a pinch of hope? Can you give me a cup of comfort?” And make no mistake about it, sweet daughter – you are! So you are sharing it.

You have had the discussions with my beloved Mi-ka-el about how you beam, how you transmit, and that is what you are doing. You say, “Well yes, I see the turbulence in my country and in the politics and societies and chaos. So to those in your country or those in Yemen, you say, “Well, let me give you a cup of comfort, let me give you a pinch of hope,” and you send it to them.

And they don’t know the how or the why, and they do not need to. But all of a sudden, they wake up the next day and the world seems more hopeful, a little bit brighter. And that is what you are all doing and that is what makes the difference. That is the sharing of the love and the real creation of Nova Earth.

S: Excellent. I guess there are many more people doing that now.

UMM: Yes, there are. The feelings that many have had of hopelessness is significantly shifted, and that has actually been one of the gifts of my Pause: that in travelling within to see what is worthy, what is valuable, what needs to be maintained, many have realised that their situation and what they have to offer, and what they value, is in fact this type of love. And then that is how they wish the world, the planet, the galaxy, the universe to be.

So with that reawakening literally changes, shifts, into a new reality. So many more, each in their own way, are doing this energy of holding and shifting the perspective not only of what is possible but of what is. …

S: Excellent. So the political changes that so many people are putting energy toward really are creating a positive?

UMM: Correct. They are choosing truth, they are choosing love, they are choosing generosity, they are choosing equality and fairness. These are the foundational elements of Nova Earth.

S: And so we’re creating that, putting that in place?

UMM: Correct. You are claiming it and you are also, at the same time, saying… not with giving it too much attention… but you are saying there is no room for anything else. …

S: And your Plan is my plan.

UMM: Yes, it is, dearest heart. The privilege of leadership, the honour of leadership, is a sacred trust. The leadership of Nova Earth is like a shepherd gathering unto themselves those who are lost or forgotten, not forgetting about the rest of the flock but attending to everybody.

It is a trust that is placed not only in an individual but in a group that they will come together to create a cohesive community. Note what I say: not government, not institution, not society. That they create community and the unity of heart, the unity of purpose. That is the future of my Gaia.

S: Excellent.

UMM: So yes, beloved, hold the vision, share the vision. When the fear or trepidation rises up, give it to me. I am capable of taking care of it and so is my beloved Mi-ka-el, as you well know!

Channeled by Linda Dillon
©2020 Council of Love, Inc.

This channeled material is protected by copyright. We invite you to share it on condition that it is used in its entirety, that no alteration is made, that it is free of charge, and that the copyright notice, channel credit, website link, and this statement are posted. [Full terms of copyright at]

Reval Monies-Divine Mother-

August 26, 2020,

My dearest children, many of you are aware that the time of the Reval is drawing closer. Enormous strides are currently being made and that time is very near indeed.

Some of you are making great plans about what you will do with your windfall; some of these plans reflect the highest vibrations of love and light, some less so.

It is for this reason, to discuss the subject of money, of pure, creative energy, that I wish to draw close to you today, my cherished children.

Many imagine that when you finally have money, significant amounts of money, perhaps for the first time, you will finally feel able to breathe, to be free, to choose, to rebalance and realign.

Some of you have thought of wonderful ways of sharing your bounty with your loved ones. Even more commendable, some of you wish to share with those that you have never met and will never meet, simply because they are in need and, whether you know it deep in your bones or not, they are You; every bit as much as you are Me.

Now, I wish to gently draw your attention to a few points, in the way that a Mother does, when she knows the pitfalls ahead of her children.

It is widely known that money is not good or bad; it is the way you use it that reflects the light and the shadow within you. It is to this point I would like to draw your attention.

As much as you can, use your money so that it may reflect the light within you, the divine within you, the qualities and virtues that you have nourished throughout your lifetimes. Let it uplift you and others, may it free you and others, rather than bind you.

When you consider how to create with this great good fortune, consider how aligned your creation is with the best of who you are.

It can be tempting to wish to show off, or to teach others ‘a lesson’; these are parts that require healing, love and nourishment. They do not need to be condemned, nor do they need to be in the driving seat when considering how to use your new financial energy.

This money will act like a magic wand; it will transform lives – not least of all, your physical and spiritual life. Let that transformation carry within it the quantum power of the light, of divine love, not the binding, limiting power of darkness, for the time of darkness is fast drawing to a close.

You are now being given a chance to act, to create as the divine spark within you, to have the energy to manifest and birth your ideas into life. EnJoy it! Create in ways that bring joy to you and others.

When there is – and yes, we talk about sex – when there is true engagement, not simply physical release… when there is heart, mind, body, soul engagement with another… then there is a common ground, a meeting point, where the energies are merged and the result of that is expansion, not contraction. This is something that humans are re-learning.-Divine Mother-

I say “be teacher, be love, be partner, be parent, be friend, be ally” because this is what the human design was about.

Another beautiful gem shared by Hairol from his personal reading with Linda Dillon.

Divine Mother ~ The Truth of Sacred Union and Partnership

Hairol: I have this stereotype thinking that one cannot be a teacher and be in a relationship at the same time. I don’t know why I have this…

Divine Mother: You are incorrect!

H: I know I am!

DM: If you had an entrenched belief system that this was the truth, I would not speak to you this way. And that is also why, sweet one, I have said to you that this is not the same paradigm as when so many who have sought enlightenment went into the monastery, because that is based – and it was wholly based – in wanting to proceed, but it is a belief system of lack and limitation.

It is a belief system that you cannot engage not only in friendships, in relationships, in collegial activities, but in sacred partnership and still be a teacher. That is a very limited point of view. And sweet one, you have come with and on my behalf not only to dispel these myths but to change them, to eradicate them.

Now, does the mental/emotional/spiritual level of balance, of maturity, of groundedness and elevation required to maintain what you think of as being your teaching role and to be in sacred union, does it require this theme that we are talking about this day of balance? It most certainly does! Because so often what happens is that rather than expanding – and this is what I am asking you to do – rather than expanding what you know is possible, what you know you are capable of, what happens is there is a shrinking, a myopic shrinking, of attention and focus.

Too often in the history of human affairs, what is termed as partnership could just as easily be termed as obsession, because what happens is there is a limited belief system that all the attention must go into one’s partner, one’s family. And very often that obsession is based historically and this has been a great downfall; it is based on the addiction and the participation in drama, so that a human being becomes so engaged in the drama of a relationship that the expansiveness – the fact that it adds, not subtracts – gets lost.

When there is – and yes, we talk about sex – when there is true engagement, not simply physical release… when there is heart, mind, body, soul engagement with another… then there is a common ground, a meeting point, where the energies are merged and the result of that is expansion, not contraction. This is something that humans are re-learning.

When I create – let us be very clear about this – when I create… and I am actually quite good at this! [chuckling]… I expand into what you would think of as the New; I do not contract. And in this… think of you and I, beloved… in that union, the expansion I have is you conjoining me and me conjoining you, so I am within you – and it does not shrink you; it expands you.

So when you are thinking of sacred union, partnership – and I do not simply mean romances or casual affairs; I mean the truth of sacred union – then what you are doing is you are replicating your union with me, and then it is replicated and replicated and replicated, expanded, expanded, expanded – and it is joy-full! It does not become an obsession with control or drama or orgasm or anything else, because what you have done is you are engaging the totality of your being.

Too often, what has happened with these humans is they have segmented themselves, and it is a very curious thing. They have segmented themselves: “Well, this is what I do in relationship… and this is what I do as parent… and this is what I do as professional… and this is what I do as teacher.”

There is no separation; it is the grandest illusion. And my beloved one, I want you, I ask you – you have asked me – to blow that illusion out of the water!

Is it done casually? No. Will you have some trials, some false starts, to begin to experiment? Yes! Because what you are doing is clarifying for your sacred self what this really means. So, do I guide you and say, “be teacher, be pure, be solitary”? No! I say, “be teacher, be love, be partner, be parent, be friend, be ally” because this is what the human design was about.

It was for my angels to have a physical place to play. And I did not say to them “go to planet and just experience one thing”; I gave everything to them, to you, including free will.

And you say to me: “But Mother, what if I make a mistake?” And what I say to thee is: “What if you don’t? What if you don’t make mistakes? What if you come to learn, to see, and to embrace in a truly sacred manner, whether it is soul partner or friend or simply the stranger in the street? What if you come to see them as me?”

This is what I dream for you – not to struggle, beloved, about whether you are sacred… to struggle with “whether I should be in relationship”.

I have deep, profound knowing of thee, obviously, but what you do not feel and what I want you to know is: as much trust that you have in me, I have in you. I revere you. I honour you. I am not going to allow you to slide into oblivion.

No, I do not override your free will, but if I see you slipping off the cliff, do you not think that I reach out and catch you?  Of course, I do!  I always have and I always will.

Channeled by Linda Dillon
©2020 Council of Love, Inc.

This channeled material is protected by copyright. We invite you to share it on condition that it is used in its entirety, that no alteration is made, that it is free of charge, and that the copyright notice, channel credit, website link, and this statement are posted. [Full terms of copyright at

‘Mary’s Shield’:This week Mother Mary started talking and referring to it as ‘Mary’s Shield’ and that’s what this diamond around us is. It’s this layer of protection that we’ve really never had before and it’s this level of reinforcement that is absolutely huge. So, as you recall how this shield works is that its’s like a diamond around us, and it’s clear… it’s not her Blue Diamond… it’s an absolutely clear glass, or diamond, a thick storm glass, or plexiglass. And absolutely everything that is not of love is bouncing off.-Universal Mother-

Universal Mother Mary – What It Means To Be A Mother

You have said, “Mother, I will go and I will be a birther. I will be an agent of change and renewal, and I will anchor love, in form, on planet, in my ascended self.”

May is the month of the Mother, whether you think of the Divine Mother, or Mother Mary, or Quan Yin, her presence is really being felt.

If you remember during our last call, I started talking to you about this new form of diamond shield. This week Mother Mary started talking and referring to it as ‘Mary’s Shield’ and that’s what this diamond around us is. It’s this layer of protection that we’ve really never had before and it’s this level of reinforcement that is absolutely huge. So, as you recall how this shield works is that its’s like a diamond around us, and it’s clear… it’s not her Blue Diamond… it’s an absolutely clear glass, or diamond, a thick storm glass, or plexiglass. And absolutely everything that is not of love is bouncing off. And then what I am seeing at the four corners of that diamond is Mi-ka-el, Raphael, Uriel, Jophiel… they are posted, and their wings are full out in terms of this level of new protection. And, of course, Gabrielle is inside with us, as is the Mother, for that matter.

There is one theme front and center right now, and it is support… reach out and support one another… and take care of yourself. Then, always use your discernment front and center… does it feel like love? If not, step back and be the observer.

So, we can’t start the month of Mary without working with the blue…


So, close your eyes and feel yourself drifting, anchoring, zooming into your heart. And it doesn’t matter whether you’re going down, sliding a fire pillar for firemen, or you’re a penny drifting on the water to your heart. And let go, let go of the week, of the month, of the year… heck, let go of the decade… and go deeper.

Today we’re going to go inside. So, feel within the center of your heart that tiny pin-prick of light, and just like Superman or Wonder Woman, fly through that pin-prick of light, that portal to your heart, and go deep within. And as you stand at the entranceway to your sacred vault, which is usually golden, feel how it’s been washed by Blue Diamond, that the interior of your heart is gold and sparkly blue… sapphires, tanzanite, aqua, lapis, blue topaz. The interior of your heart is absolutely beautiful.

And before you go and sit down, take a moment, take a moment to look around to see what you put on those interior walls. What have you etched… what symbols, what phrases, what paintings, or sculpture? What did you put there to remind yourself of who you are and why you’re here?

We know that our job as lightworkers and love-holders is to hold the center, to be the transmitters of the highest frequency and the highest vibration of love. But each of us has a beautiful, unique way in which we’re doing this. So, look around, look around and take a moment to appreciate your sweet self and at how far you’ve come… and how you’ve never given up, how you’ve always returned to your mission and purpose to fulfill your promise to yourself, and to the Mother/Father/One.

Now, go and find your seat. For some of you it’s a beautiful layered bed, a chair, a throne, a cushion, a hassock. Allow yourself to go and sit down and relax. Bring those shoulders down, relax your jaw, your hips, your knees, your ankles. Feel your feet on the floor of your heart.

And let’s take a couple of deep breaths of the beautiful Mary Blue, that dark midnight blue velvet, in through your nose and hold it… and then blow out, blow out anything that doesn’t feel like love, that doesn’t feel like Mother. Again, in through your nose… [and out]… and feel yourself with each breathe going deeper. Again, one more time…

[breathe in]

, hold it, [and let it out].

And from that depth of your sweet heart we call the Mother forward, and our question to Her this day is really simple… “Mother, what else can I do? Mom, what else can I do to help? What can I do?” And stay within and simply listen, open, and receive. You may hear it. You may intuit it, or simply know it. What else can I do?

And when you have that, staying in your heart, declare yourself, declare your intention which is your prayer. If you’re not sure how you’re going to do it, what’s being asked of you, simply ask Her… She always has the answers. And receive. And I’m simply going to step aside and allow Her to address us…


Greetings, I AM Mare’, Universal Mother, Divine Mother, Mother of One, Mother of All, Mother of Change, Mother of Constancy, and yes, sweet angels of light, make no mistake about it… Mother of you, children of my heart, children of my womb, children of my energy birthed from love, children of change.

This is what you have come for, to implement the change and not merely to hold but to be the constancy of love, of truth, of peace, of joy, of One. I wish to speak to you this day about what it means to be a mother. Soon you will have this celebration called Mother’s Day, and I invite each and every one of you, male, female, child, grandparent, to celebrate your sacred self. Of course, to celebrate your mother, if you so choose, your sisters, your brothers, but to celebrate you as mother.

So often this title, this honor of ‘mother’ is couched in gentleness, and kindness, and comfort, and nurturing, and all of this is true. But what does it mean, the totality of being a mother? First and foremost, it means that you are a willing birther, male or female, that you are willing to birth the new. Yes, my plan is ancient, far beyond anything you can conceive of. But you have turned to me as I have turned to you, and you have said, “Mother, I will go and I will be a birther. I will be an agent of change and renewal, and I will anchor love, in form, on planet, in my ascended self.”

You are not the same person, individual, that you were yesterday, or a year ago, or ten years ago. And you most certainly are not the same person you were ten thousand years ago; and that is not, in any way, to diminish this journey that you have been taking back to me. Has it been easy? No. And that is why I speak of what does it mean to be a mother. It is not merely birthing. Yes, it most certainly is the nurturing. But it is also the sternness, the willingness as a parent to course correct. When you see your children veering in one direction or another that is not in keeping, not just with your vision but with theirs, the most difficult task of a mother is to be that voice of redirection.

One of the most difficult experiences of being a mother is to witness your children going awry or turning away from you, not in the way of assuming their path, their divine authority, their right to a life, but even that is sometimes difficult. To birth, to nurture, to feed, to water, and let go knowing that you have instilled within that being the love, the knowing, the trust that is required. And even when it is difficult to stand back and know in your inner self that the detour is not beneficial… you allow because that is what love does. After surrender comes acceptance, and after acceptance comes further surrender.

When I speak to you of unity and connectedness, of unity consciousness, I am not saying replicas are all march in the same line. I am saying the divine honoring of another’s choices, of another’s experiences, even perceptions, and the trusting that their discernment and their divine authority will lead them back to you, to me, to love. If it is not the choice of any being to not chose the love, or be the love in any given moment, this calls for greater, not lesser trust and love. Because as mother, as birther, you know what you have created; you know, and you trust that this is coming to fulfillment.

So, stand back as mother, as birther, and allow the choices, the decisions… knowing that love will win… it always does. And if you are waffling, if you are uncertain, turn to me as your Mother, as one who knows the trials and the triumphs of being the mother.

I am with you always, and in all ways. Go with my love. Go with my trust. And go with my joy. Farewell.

Channeled by Linda Dillon
©2020 Council of Love, Inc.

This channeled material is protected by copyright. We invite you to share it on condition that it is used in its entirety, that no alteration is made, that it is free of charge, and that the copyright notice, channel credit, website link, and this statement are posted. [Full terms of copyright at

Universal Mother Mary – You are the Fulfillment of The Promise

Greetings, I am Mary, I am Mare’, Universal Mother, Mother of love. Yes, I can give you a litany of the names I go by, but does it not suffice, beloved ones, to simply say I am the Mother of love, and in that I say I am the Mother of all, and in that I say I am the Mother of each and every one of you.

I welcome you and I gather you into my arms and around me, around us, around all, to have this quiet conversation in what some of you have thought of as in the midst of chaos, and what I would say to thee is in the realm of new existence, in the realm of higher octave, in the realm of new beginnings of new cycles of existence.

I ask you, I open the doorway, I invite you, I guide you to enter through this portal, this doorway and to leave what is old and what is truly non-existent behind. Many times I have spoken to thee about what is non-existent, about what is illusion, and what does not have substance that is in any way useful to you. I speak to you about my infinite ocean of time and the fluidity of time where you may swim backwards and forwards. But in this moment, in this eternal moment of my infinite now, I am suggesting to you, I am requesting of thee…do not look back!

There are times for the contemplation of what has gone beforehand, and you have had such a period of time, and you will have that again. But in this day, in this moment, I ask you to gaze forward and to gaze forward with clear intent and the acuity of your inner vision and knowing.

We have spent years, and indeed we have spent eons sharing and guiding and teaching, retooling, uplifting, attuning, infusing each and every one of you with the energy of love and that which is necessary for you to go forth…each of you…as Nova Beings, as Creator Race, as angels in form, as hybrids in form, as portals and gatekeepers and Earthkeepers. It matters not, beloveds, how you identify yourselves or even how you are identified throughout the multiverse, the omniverse.

What is important as you take this forward thrust is that you know and you embrace the truth of who you are. No more self-sabotage, no more group sabotage, no more embrace of that which is truly illusion and of the old false grids and paradigms, for they do not serve you and you have come to your own realization and a depth of heart knowing that, in fact, those old illusions do not serve you and you embrace the new. And what is the new except the essential that has always been.

There are times when you have said to me or to my beloved archangels, “Well, I work within the old grid. I work with the old paradigms because that is simply the way things are.” What I suggest to thee, beloved, is that is not of truth. That is not how things are! The truth of love, the truth of creation, the truth of your essence, the truth of my essence has never been of disarray, of hatred or greed or selfishness or fear, of lack or limitation, so that is not the way things are. That has been an absolute misconception of reality. And you have grown and you have matured and some of you would say, “Yes, I have seen through the chaos and I have seen through the illusion.”

It is not adequate to simply see through it or recognize it. It is vitally important, essential, to see what is ahead of you, underneath that illusion…inside. And of course the only way to truly discover and embrace that truth, that reality, that love, is through the knowing of your beautiful sweet self, of the immutable self that does not truly shift or change.

Your essence is and always has been love and that everything else in this journey of being in form and of being the truth and the implementers of the Divine Plan is you in form being the love.

Now, I may speak this clearly because you are at the level of existence where you can truly understand, comprehend, integrate, anchor, and bring into action and form that which I speak of. So often when I have said to you, “If it does not look like love, if it does not feel like love, if it does not smell like love, then why would you engage it, why would you proceed?” And you have truly come to a place, yes, through your own growth, might I suggest with a little help from your friends – human and otherwise – to come to a place in your Divine Authority, in your essential truth and right, in your birthright, where you do not want, choose, decide, anything that is abhorrent, that is not of love. You are placing yourself by choice, in alignment with Divine Will beyond choice.

Now, that does not mean that the direction of the human race is to become robotic, mechanical. If anything, sweet ones, you have become far more electrical and your light bodies are shining brightly.

What do you choose to do as you enter and truly begin to anchor this new realm of existence, this new expanded way of being, where you think with your heart and act from your will? What do you choose to do? When I pose this question to you I do not think, my beloveds, there is a single one of you that would say to me, “Well, Mother, what I would like to do is to continue in the path of endurance, in a path of struggle because that has made me so strong.” And, yes, that is in many ways true and it has certainly assisted in your desire and choice to receive the gifts of clarity that I have given you. But you were never intended, indefinitely or infinitely, to struggle, to practice endurance.

Fortitude is not a struggle; it is a strength. It is a way of being. Faith and Trust are not struggles, they are simply a form of existence that are the various reflections of love and joy. And so, in this time of new beginnings, I ask of each of you, in your infinite wisdom which we respect and love and cherish, “What do you choose? What is your intention? What is your heart’s desires?”

When I pose this query to thee I am not suggesting…in fact, I do not truly wish to hear a response that is pat, a response that is “Well, I wish to heal the world; I wish to save the world.” Your world is your inner landscape and the mechanics of such a statement do not speak to the beginning point of your heart, your choices, your decisions, your actions, and your truth. So, let me phrase this in a different way…My beloved children, creations of my heart, what do you hold dear to you?

I am encouraging you, I am guiding you to make this beginning point of your new beginning very personal. What is dear to your heart? What is dear to your life? What is of ultimate importance to you? Your answer is close to you. Yes, for many of you it is to simply feel the divine presence within thee and your connection, your infinite, ultimate connection to us – the Godhead – more clearly, more perfectly, more consistently. It is also to be in divine union, in sacred union, more deeply with yourself, with your partner, with your family, with your friends, with your community.

You do not go about saving the world and have no regard for those you cherish. That is how you express, how you experience love, and what it looks like, what this paradigm of Nova Being in Nova Community on Nova Earth looks like. So, before you jump over the moon, take time to identify what is dear to you, what is the reflection that, in fact, builds upon your quintessential truth? What is the love that, in fact, acts as the catalyst for your quantum leap? It has need to be in that expansion of your heart wisdom, in the expansion of your wisdom vision.

We did not spend years speaking to you about Divine Union, Divine Authority, Divine Knowing, your Inspired Self, the New You, we did not spend years speaking of these things so they could be set aside. No, it is to be integrated and in this integration, the starting point of creation, which you are in this phase – this is the next chapter, is what is dear to you.

What is so precious to yourself, not merely as divine being but as man and woman and human being, what is so dear to you, so precious to you, that you wish to expand upon it and you want that experience of that miraculous sense to be shared far and wide? What are you choosing in the personal realm to build upon, to bring your attention to, to align your will with? That is the intention!

These choices are not merely universal, it is your expression of the universe within your sacred heart, and that is how you carry forth. You have done…even as I have said to you “do not look back”…I would be remiss if I did not acknowledge, praise, commend, celebrate victories of this past year where you have gone forth. And the biggest victory is the ability to expand your discernment. This is why in my tsunami, that I have focused the gifts of clarity and purity…purity of thought, purity of discernment, the purity of grace, the sense of child-like wonder and awe and inspiration…that you have learned to stand back from “that is not of truth” and send the energy of love into the melee.

In this new chapter, this new realm of existence, there are still going to be incidents of chaos but it is not internal; it is not something you are engaging in. You are the participant observer insofar as you send the purity of what is dear to you into those situations and you stand back and you watch them dissolve. This is the power of creation!

Think of it…do you really think, sweet angels of light, that I reached down and engaged the fullness of my energy in what is abomination, that I involve myself in hatred? No. There are times when it has spun around while some have learned very critical lessons. I have always, and always will, send my love, send my emissaries, send my warriors of light, to penetrate that darkness, for that is nothing short of the fulfillment of My Plan, but I do not engage it. Why would I put my Divine energy into something that is not of love?

And so I say to you, these are lessons and approaches to creation that you have very well learned in the past years. That is not where energies are focused as we go forward because you are reaching for what is dear, until such time as the entire planet, not some amorphous idea but the entire planet, every baby, every hair, every blade of grass, every pebble, every drop of water in every ocean, is dear to you. But first, what is personally dear to you.

Creation is not hasty. If you have learned one thing gathered around me, that is it. Creation is instantaneous and immediate but it is never hasty. There is such jubilation at this time, not merely of fulfillment, but of the new. You are the fulfillment of the promise and the promise, the word, the energy, has always been love.

Channeled by Linda Dillon
©2020 Council of Love, Inc.

This channeled material is protected by copyright. We invite you to share it on condition that it is used in its entirety, that no alteration is made, that it is free of charge, and that the copyright notice, channel credit, website link, and this statement are posted. [Full terms of copyright at

The moment when children are respected as wise beings, equal to adults, with voices that speak Truth, is soon to be upon you.-Divine Mother: To all Children-

May 3, 2020,

My beloved children, and when I say this, I speak not to the grown ups, but to the children of the planet. You are truly among the bravest and the purest of souls.

You have ventured into physical birth – a first for very many of you – to help this precious planet ascend and take her rightful place as a spiritually evolved home for spiritually evolved souls.

The barbarism and cruelty that is currently leaching out of all corners of life on earth is extremely difficult for your delicate psyches to endure. The cruelty, thoughtlessness, aggressive and, sometimes, barbarism that you are experiencing in your homes is even more difficult for your to endure.

You are not alone. You are never alone. A condition upon which you were allowed to incarnate was that you would have about you, at all times, a team – not just one guardian angel – but a small team of beings dedicated to you and your mission in this period.

Your sleep is the most valuable, productive time in your day/night cycle. It is then that you are cleared of the energetics of the day, healed, reaffirmed and tutored, so that you can continue to shine your pure light, in the face of almost overwhelming odds.

If you are feeling overwhelmed or underwhelmed, bored, angry, agonised or indifferent, optimistic or excited, all this is the result of your deep inner knowledge of the trajectory of planet. You were born with a blueprint for this time and for your role in it.

You are already creating true and profound energetic differences around you. Why do you think you have barely been affected by the current virus? It is because your energetic frequency is too high for it to affect you.

It is your pure, refined energy that is adding the ignition fuel to the current clearing process. Soon, this quarantine will end, truths will be revealed from which no one on the planet can hide, and it will feel as though the sewers are running through your streets and homes.

My precious children, it is your energy and your infinite love of humanity that will rapidly transform the pain, shock and horror that is to come into acceptance and forgiveness. Because you come from higher planes, compassion, forgiveness and understanding are the natural calibration of your soul’s DNA.

You will teach your parents and elders how to love unconditionally and how to forgive unconditionally, for many of them cannot do it without you. You came to teach, to show by example.

The moment when children are respected as wise beings, equal to adults, with voices that speak Truth, is soon to be upon you.

You are ready for this. This is the time for which you were born. As your loving Mother, I could not be more expansive about my love for each one of you, your teams and the magnificent work you are all undertaking.

The moment when you are no longer owned by the shame and fear; in that moment, you have awakened to the power of love.-Divine Mother-

April 28, 2020,

My dearest children, there is not one of you who has not been deeply hurt. There is not one of you who is free of the scars of a human lifetime.

The Earth School has been a brutal learning ground; a place where each one of you has been brought to your knees so that you would be forced to turn within to discover your inner healer, your divine source, your eternally free, pure and liberated Self.

For every victim, there is a transgressor. For every right taken, for every blow inflicted, for every abuse perpetrated, there was a perpetrator. The children of mine who perform these actions are among the most bruised and wounded of my children.

They have sought to hide their pain – from others and themselves – by lashing out, by taking what they seek for themselves, not realising that this leaves them feeling even more hollow and alone than they were before.

You, my dearest children, are deeply loved and cherished by me. There is nothing I haven’t seen. There is nothing I haven’t already forgiven. You are forgiven by me, for I know the agony, the shame and the fear you are trying to bury.

You are not lost.

You are not invisible or forgotten.

You are constantly present in my heart, every minute of every day; in the vast timelessness of Divine Love you are nourished and nurtured within me.

I sit in vigil, constantly by your side, awaiting the awakening with you, the moment when the fear is finally dissolved, when you can take the pain of the shadow no more and you surrender, crumbling inside as the pain flows through you.

This is the moment that must occur in every soul journey. The Turning Point. The moment when you are no longer owned by the shame and fear; in that moment, you have awakened to the power of love.

You fear that you are too bad, too sinning, too violent to be acceptable and lovable, to be forgiven. Indeed, your shame may be so great that you fear asking for forgiveness from those you have hurt.

Turn first to me. You are already forgiven. I have seen it all. I have experienced every moment of it and you are already forgiven. I have waited for you so long, I have yearned to share my unquestioning, unwavering love with you since forever.

You are now home. Together, we will heal the fear, the scars of agony that you tried to avoid. Together we will make good the fear, the pain and the agony that you forced on others. There is only acceptance here.

I know your journey intimately. I knew it before you even began, so nothing is a surprise to me. Nothing shocks me. Nothing is beyond my ability to love and heal. It is all within me. Everything is Me, both the shadow and the light.

So, come to Me. Rest in me. Surrender your pain and shame to Me. Let me heal you, even when you fear you are unworthy of healing.

Every child of mine is worthy and deserving of my love, because every single child of mine is a part of me.

Jennifer Crokaert ~ Divine Mother: To all My Children in Abusive Situations

My blessed, beautiful child, it is easy to believe that you are at fault, that there is something you should have done better or differently. Yet you could be nowhere other than where you are now, and the person who has to help you first will always be you.

You are your own hero, but not in the way that you may think.

Violence and abuse are oozing to the surface in ways never anticipated and on a scale never imagined or seen before. All violence and abuse is born of two factors: the broken heart of a child in this lifetime and experience of violence in previous lives. These two factors are coming together in ways that were designed for this to manifest in this lifetime.

The good news is that despite all the pain, this is the moment for breakthroughs, even if you feel that it is the last thing that is possible for you right now.

The meeting point of past life violence and a child’s broken heart in this lifetime create a low energy connection is extremely visible to low vibrational energies and entities. The energies find these ‘node points’ – people who carry this energetic signature – as the low energy signature matches their low energy.

Imagine a football match with two equal teams; one team is the inner voice of the good that seeks to love and respect others. The other team is the inner voice of the broken, wounded violence, which wants to lash out and hurt others in order to make the intense inner pain they are suffering ease even for just a moment.

When there is no one in the stadium for the match, both teams appear relatively equal. Now imagine that hundreds low vibration energies and entities come to cheer for the side that is broken. The teams are no longer even. The violent team is fuelled by the energy of support, it is glorying in being dominant and powerful.

The other team is crushed by the weight of the opponent; even if the person on the other team it is not a big person, the weight of their energy seems overwhelming. It feels as though all is lost, as though there is no escape, like a caged animal that is being hurt for pleasure.

This is where I, the Divine Mother, come in. My pure, blessed, sweet child, you are not alone.

I see you suffer and I feel your pain as clearly as my own pain. When you are in pain, we both suffer. You may feel like you are lost, like you are unseen, invisible and unworthy; nothing could be further from the truth.

And there is a way out, even while you feel you must share a cage with your enemy. Much violence is caused by these ‘low energy connections.’ Consider a dark room, if you open a door, the light dissolves the darkness; the dark does not absorb the light. Light is more powerful than darkness.

I will help you bring that light into your dark room. My prayer is that you turn to me. You are not alone. Call on your loving mother who sits with you, cradling you in every moment, most especially when you feel as though you are completely alone and abandoned.

Calling on me is a prayer. Calling on me is bringing light to the darkness. Calling on me is bringing supporters to cheer your team in that football match. As you call upon me, you deepen your prayer and you intensify the light around you, which gradually weakens the darkness.

I am not saying that this will create miracles from the first prayer. I am saying that you will be building a light force, an energy of light that will become increasingly powerful, helping to give you true inner strength, helping you find courage where you thought you had none, helping you discover peace where you thought it had died, helping you expand compassion and grace beyond the limits of what you imagined.

In ordinary times, the advice is to never stay in an abusive relationship. Even in ordinary times, that advice can seem impossible to follow; you feel that you have no strength, you fear there is nowhere safe for you to escape, no one who will accept you, and you have no resources to survive.

In this extraordinary times, that advice is even harder to action. I see many of my dearest children feel utterly trapped and lost, hidden and worthless.

So I invite you this very moment, in your heart, for you and me alone: talk to me. Tell me everything in your heart: rage at me, cry at me, hurt me, let it all out. Let it all out as many times as you want to… repeat yourself as often as you have to… write it out, draw it out, dance it out, sing it out, I don’t mind how you express yourself, I ask only that you communicate with me.

Then, when you have left it all out, feel your chest expand as my peace and love flood into you.
You have done it! You have taken the first steps towards bringing in the light; you have opened the door. Now, let us strengthen the light together.

You are my physical incarnation; I cannot do this without your physical presence and without your assistance.

We are on the same team, increasing the light in a room where there was once only darkness. We will carry on together, because we are one, you and me. I am you. You are me. We are one. Together, we will nourish your heart and your soul, we will make you feel stronger and more resilient. We will relight the embers of your hope; hope for yourself, hope for you situation and hope for your loved ones.

We are together in this, let me help you as much as I can, let me strengthen you, so that when the time is right, you will have the self-love to take your life in a new direction, trusting that I will be there with you, helping you every breath of the way.

You are me. I am You. We are one. We are love.

Divine Mother ~ Ask for the antibody to be downloaded into you and all

March 28, 2020,

My beloved children,

I address you all in a solemn manner today, for I see the pain, hardship, turmoil and fear that rages in so many of my children’s hearts. Even those among you who are the bravest, clearest and most steadfast have had moments when you have wobbled.

This is entirely natural and normal. There is a great, indeed the greatest ever, explosion of stored negativity rushing out from humanity and Gaia at the same time. And it is you, my beloved children of light and love, who are clearing it.

No matter how spiritually developed you are, you will have moments where you feel overwhelmed, apprehensive or uncomfortable. It is so, because the last shreds of your lineage’s clearing is also happening through you.

Never have so many done such powerful, such invisible or such courageous work, all in plain sight yet utterly cloaked. You are my light bearers, dissolving the darkness of millenia.

My love for you, my appreciation for your work and my joy as your adoring mother knows no bounds. When you feel weak, dissolve into my arms, I will hold you, nurture you and bring you back to full strength, that is my promise to each and every one of my children.

I have come here this day to share with you that this man made vehicle of hate cannot exist in the higher dimensions and frequencies of love. It feeds on negativity and causes so much pain so that it can exist.

But hate not the virus, that was not born, but constructed. It is not ‘organic’ in that sense. If you hate it, or fear it, you create negative power channels, which was the ulterior purpose for which it was created – apart from the painful loss of life.

Its secondary purpose was to create an energy for those who feed off negative energy. They believe that they are feasting now, but it is an illusion.

There are two ways that I invite you to become ‘first responders’ to this emergent moment. The first is to send love to the virus and to all within its field of influence. This practice, with dedicated attention, can dissolve the spread of the virus, the severity of the symptoms and the death toll, because it effectively cuts it off at its roots.

The second way is to invite the download of the antibodies into your system and into the population in general. At a certain frequency, a specific light quotient, this is entirely possible, because you are crystalline and not carbon, therefore you may alter your DNA at will. The more of you who consciously invite in this attunement, the faster you will reach what has been called the ‘hundreth monkey effect’ or ‘herd immunity’.

My beloved children, you are no more a herd to me than your loved ones are to you. Each and every one of you is precious to me in a way that is beyond your wildest imaginings. For this reason, I am giving you concrete ways that you may begin today, to halt the spread of this sickness in a much briefer time-frame than the experts predict.

The experts are focusing on the 3D to make their assumptions and calculations. You are calling in and igniting the 5D, you are activating the crystalline element of the holographic matrix of your entire universe; because you are taking quantum action, your results will have exponential effects that defy the experts’ opinions.

You have this power to change life on earth now. I have not gifted it to you. The Father has not given it to you. It is Yours, because We Are All One. I am YOU. You ARE Me. We are One.

With my infinite love to you all, my dearest hearts.