Messages from Ann & the Angels – 08/12/2023 • Receive

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My dear friends, we love you so very much,

The energies on your planet are swirling intensely right now. So many of you are working diligently to stay in a higher vibration. We see and celebrate every kind and loving choice you make. From the briefest moment of appreciation to the heroic act of switching your focus after someone has wronged you, each and every loving choice makes a difference. Each and every kindness—to self or another—matters. Even a simple loving thought ripples out into the One.

We know this is challenging right now, and today, we gently remind you that we are here to help. We are here to love you, soothe you, help you, heal you, and assist you in stabilizing in the vibrations that will allow what you are seeking to come to you.

We must, however, honor your free will. If you choose to receive our help and are open to it, we are ready and waiting. You don’t receive with your words, however. You don’t receive with your thoughts. If you say impatiently, “Of course, I’m open to receive! Bring me what I want,” then dear ones, we will try, but in a vibration of impatient lack of faith and upset, it is difficult for us to get through to you. We live and exist in a frequency of love. You must open to receive love to receive our help. We cannot broadcast on any other frequency.

You will understand this concept if you have ever tried to speak to a person who is upset or nervous to the point that they cannot even hear your soothing words. If they were to breathe for just a moment or two, you would be able to bring your loving energy into their field. Conversely, if a person is happy and eager for advice, open and willing, and intending to receive it, they will calmly listen to your words.

We are having an energetic conversation with you all the time. We whisper frequencies of love, healing, soothing, kindness, and all you need. You need only calm yourselves a little to receive it.

It is actually quite easy. Getting yourself in the right frequency to receive is as simple as making a decision to sit, breathe, and receive. Giving yourself a few minutes a day to sit with us is an act of self-love. Conscious breathing is an act of self-love. Receiving intentionally is an act of self-love. As you sit in your chair and breathe—slowly in and more slowly out—you deliberately and scientifically relax your body, mind, and soul so you can surrender to our love. You are open and allow us to assist.

When we work with you in this fashion, we tune you as a master musician would tune a guitar. We hold a vibration that is purely aligned with all you want in life and who you want to be. In this state of relaxation, you can start to feel this love. You can begin to resonate with this love. You can start to experience the frequency of the future you want, the clarity you seek, and above all, the love you seek in all of your wishes and endeavors.

Our recommendation for any problem or challenge is a simple one. Go to God. Surrender to love. Sit and breathe intentionally, and you will receive that love. If you have concerns about the world, go to God. If you have a health challenge, breathe and receive. If you have a disagreement with a friend, family member, or coworker, breathe and receive. Go to God. Open to the incredible loving Presence that sources all of life. Don’t try to receive. Just breathe. Slow inhale. Slower exhale. Repeat. That’s it, dear ones. Do this a few minutes a day and trust. Watch your feelings and mind change first, and then your life.

You are loved whether you are open to it or not. You are loved no matter what you do or don’t do. You are loved in your glorious positive moments and in your hateful moments of bitterness and resignation. There is nothing ever that you can do or not do to disconnect yourself from this love, but you can detach yourself from the experience.

Consider the broadcast of your radio and television stations. It continues whether you tune into them or not.

Consider the depth of the ocean. It exists whether or not a wave is conscious of its roots in this depth.

Consider the bright shine of the sun. It exists whether or not you pull the shades.

Love shines constantly, whether or not you believe or receive it. It waits for you to open.

Dear ones, you are not, have never been, and cannot be alone. You are part of something so much larger. You can open to that love and have your lives flow much more easily. You can do something as simple as a few minutes of breathing a day and receive tremendous help. You can try to find your own solutions, connection, healing, and answers, or you can open to love and enjoy the assistance.

You are worthy of this help.
You are worthy of this ease.
You are worthy of this grace.
You are worthy.

In these times, many of you need nurturing, soothing, kindness, compassion, and reassurance. Our frequency of love is here, waiting for you to open to it any time you choose. Allow us to help you, simply by sitting, breathing, and receiving.

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
— The Angels