Compliance with who we really are.

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To comply with our true nature of Oneness with God means to choose to feel good. And the more we sustain that inner talk, after doing our daily inner work in meditation for at least 15-20′, the more we realize that the purpose of Life is joyful expansion.

Practicing gratitude all day long for all things allows to sustain that flow with ease and grace. In fact just a minute or 2 being in the present moment, appreciating the smell of coffee in the morning or the breeze of fresh air in a hot summer etc. all these ‘small’ things makes the big difference in allowing all the well being, awesome relations and supply of money to come easily because simply Oneness with God becomes integrated as we keep on playing and having fun in life…because the child wants to play and our inner child is one and the same. So it is up to you and me to listen that inner voice and pay attention on what gives excitement in the now. And then the next and the next moment. If you have specific times you must work, it is also about the ability of appreciating all these small things in between and the ability to listen that voice within and play. Yes play at work! More efficiency in less time will follow and colleagues and coworkers and friends will comply to our inner compliance with our God within. We will rendez-vous only with those that in the same vibe so to speak. There is so much excitement to witness our days enfolding in such way, each and every day once we find the sweet spot within and do the playful fun work to sustain that inner talk. So i wish and all humanity today and every day to comply to your Higher Self/IAM Presence and God within so you can witness The Magic Gift of Life that i like to call Feel More Than Fine 🙂

Nikos Akrivos