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We are in the final stages of the passage way to a New and more Magical Reality on Earth.

Celia Fenn: Wesak Moon, Lunar Eclipse and Taurus Gate Portal on May 5th

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The passage to the Full Moon/Wesak Moon with Lunar Eclipse and the 5/5 Taurus Gate Portal on May 5th

Yes, it is a momentous week and we are in the final stages of the passage way to a New and more Magical Reality on Earth.

As we pass out of old worn out Dualistic modes of thinking, we open out and discover more possibilities.

We discover a Magical world that exists within our world, a world of Elemental energies and Fairies and Elves and Dragons and Unicorns. And they are real! Because we allow them to be and we recognize them in our new way of thinking and being beyond Duality.

We allow for a third option beyond Physical and Spiritual, and that is Magical. So be prepared for some special and sparkly Magic along the way!

The Scorpio Full Moon also has a special meaning in Asia and to Buddhists around the world as it celebrates the awakening of the Buddha!

We can expect that with this focus, there will be lots of Light and Joy around too.

The Eclipse will help us to finally complete the grounding of the Emerald Codes and their connection to the Emerald Star Garden as we celebrate New Earth/New Lemuria.

And of course the Taurus Gate, where together with the Sirians, the Pleiadians, the Royal Star Lions and the Divine Feminine Christos energies, we will raise our consciousness and our frequencies as we transit the portal on Friday!

It all sounds so delicious and something to be celebrated for those of us who love the Earth and are on this journey with her.
So… lets dance and sing and meditate and gather in Circles of Light……whatever we do to celebrate the return of the Sacred and Magical energies to Earth.

Love to you all!

Have a wonderful Solstice week and remember to flow with Light and BE the Love and Joy!

by Celia Fenn

19th -21st December : Galactic Center alignment and the December Solstice Ascension activations

We are entering a really powerful few days as we move towards the finale of 2022.

On the 19th December, the Earth aligns with the Galactic center at 27 degrees of Sagittarius.

This powerful transit is bringing in waves of Golden Christ Light and Diamond Light that is moving us into ever Higher levels of Consciousness.

The Energy of the Golden Heart activates the 8th dimensional Solar aspects of our being and pours in the Golden Christ Consciousness.

The Energy of the Diamond Heart activates the Diamond Light Codes and the energy of the Divine Mother as we enter the 9th Dimension of Consciousness.

These waves of energy are creating a powerful physical alignment in the Human Body, and especially the Spine, where all distortions of the flow of energy/kundalini are being released to allow the spinal flow to become perfectly aligned, and the chakras to be perfectly aligned.

This is especially taking place in the Solar Chakra and the Throat Chakra areas, as we take back our creative power and our ability to express our soul’s light on Earth.

For some people this can be a difficult process, with pain in the pelvic area, back aches and pains. and pain in the neck and shoulders. You are releasing deep level ancestral pain, so these feelings may be felt deep in the physical.

This is preparing you to birth the “golden child/christ child”, a new version of you that will step forth in 2023 to claim your Mastery and your Crown of Sovereignty!

Have a wonderful Solstice week and remember to flow with Light and BE the Love and Joy!

Archangel Michael: The New Consciousness – Dolphins, Whales and Angelsby Celia Fenn.

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Beloveds, this is a time of deep expansion on your Earth. As a result of your transits and transitions of the last 6 months, you are now ready to align more fully with Higher Consciousness and Multi-Dimensional experience.

You are now moving into the state of consciousness where you can experience the sixth dimensional frequency level which is associated with magical creation and manifestation. This powerful frequency is activating changes and transformations in the human brain physiology. The frequency shifts the brain into what is known as the Alpha brain wave cycle, which is activated in humans generally in states of meditation and deep creativity. This will become a more normal state of being that can be accessed at will in the New Earth.

Now, you may know, that Dolphins have a much larger brain than humans, and that their natural brain frequency is the Alpha. That is why the Dolphins have come forward to work with you at this time.

Dolphin Dreaming : The Next Level

Dolphins take physical form on the Earth in your oceans, but they also have higher etheric and spiritual forms that are connected to Sirius, the Pleiades and other Galactic and Stellar locations. There are also Angelic Dolphins, known as the “Golden Dolphins” who work closely with the Angelic families, especially the Elohim.

The Dolphins have a very extensive and clear understanding of the Human Hologram and Physiology, and so are able to assist as moments of evolutionary transition like the present moment.

You may have heard of people who swim with Dolphins or work with them and experience powerful shifts and spontaneous healings. At this time when you are adapting to this deep shift of consciousness, they are stepping forward to help you to adjust to these new frequencies. They are the Masters of 6D consciousness and are able to hold it in their Earth home.

Dolphins communicate through sound, and the sound frequencies carry compressed information in holographic form. This information can be downloaded into your cells as Light Codes or Light Language and will help to recode the physical body for the next steps of evolution.

Many of you who are healers, channels and teachers will feel the magnetic attraction to work with these evolved interstellar beings to assist in the emergence of Multidimensional Human Beings who will activate the “Dolphin Brain” or the ability to function in deep states of creative meditation in daily life.

The Galactic Connection : The Whales, Theta Frequency and Whale Songs

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Beloveds, the Cosmic/Galactic Whales are also stepping forward to be of extended service to you! Like the Dolphins, the Whales are both incarnated on Earth and existing in Higher Angelic and Galactic forms.

The Whales are very Ancient Beings and have been part of Earth’s story since the beginning of creation. They hold the “Song Lines” or Holographic Creation matrix within the oceans and their Songs create new pathways for evolution and expression. They are also the Keepers of the Earth’s Akashic Records, which is the record of the Earth’s journey through Time and Space.

In their Cosmic and Galactic roles, the Whales function in Theta frequency with their brain. structure which is much larger than even the Dolphins. Theta is a deep state of consciousness that you would call “deep trance”. In Theta frequency, you can move beyond material limitations into fluid plasma creation and manifestation, creating holographic worlds that manifest into reality in the New Earth Time Spiral.

This is the next step in conscious evolution, being able to work with the Theta frequency while still in physical form. The problem for you is that the human brain associates Theta frequency with sleep and dreaming states, and so you struggle to achieve Theta mastery in a conscious way. The Whales Masters will assist you to learn to hold these energies and become Cosmic Creators. Many of you will feel drawn to work with the Whale Song lines on Earth and in the Galactic spaces in co-creation with the Whales.

Conscious Breathing and Living Between Worlds

The Cetaceans (Dolphins and Whales) are Conscious Breathers. They live in a fluid medium (water) but they breathe air (gas). They have to be able to move between these states and to be conscious of their breathing so that they can maintain this awareness and ability to exist between worlds.

Your Ascension Journey and Evolution has taught you to become aware of yourself as existing between worlds, between the Physical and Spiritual. Now, with this conscious awareness, you can begin to become Masters of Multidimensional awareness as you move between worlds, dimensions and frequencies.

The first Key is Conscious Breathing. Like the Whales and Dolphins, you will come to understand the link between the Heart, the Lungs and the Pulsations of Cosmic and Divine Light. You will learn to access different frequencies and levels through conscious breathing techniques that you will learn from the Whale and Dolphin “experts” and teachers.

There is so much to look forward to as you continue your journey of Being and Becoming on your Beautiful New Earth.

I Am Archangel Michael.

If you would like to learn more about the New Consciousness and the work of the Whales and Dolphins, please join our 5 part webinar series where you can share with our community of light in the transit through the two Eclipse portals and the Scorpio Gate. To learn more and to book your place please click here.

AA Michael Through Celia Fenn: Lions Gate 8/8

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by Celia Fenn

Channel from Archangel Michael about the Lions Gate 8/8. Posted in entirety as that seems to be the best way these days.

Beloved Light Family on Earth, it has been a time of rapid change and transition on the Earth in the last six months! Since the Aquarius Gate in February, you entered into a period of accelerated frequency and personal “expansion”. This was felt at the big shifts of the 22nd February and the 22nd March, as well as the Eclipses and the Equinox and the Solstice, and more recently the 6/6/6 and 7/7 Portals.

Each shift has brought you to a higher and finer frequency, so that you are ready to make a quantum “leap” as you transit the Lions Gate in late July and August. The 8/8 will be a pinnacle moment when you will step forward into the “expanded” version of yourself.

Many of you have had this feeling, in the last months, that you are on the threshold of something wonderful and miraculous. Others have felt an intense desire to open up their service to the light and really express the mission of their Soul for the New Earth. Indeed, Beloveds, this is the time when you will be able to spread your “angelic wings” as Human Angels and step into this new version of yourself.

At this time, as as so many of you are holding the higher frequencies, the Soul families and tribes are coming together in a significant way. The intense magnetism that is set up by the Soul as it reaches a frequency where it transmits the Divine Feminine energies, means that such Souls are being attracted to each other and are making connections. These connections are becoming Communities that will form the Foundations of the New Earth Sacred Communities of Light on Earth.

The Earth is returning to her original blueprint as a Sacred Planet in the Galaxy, and those who are entering New Earth service are becoming the Sacred Keepers of the New Earth and the Sacred Spaces of the New Earth. You are now connected to your Angelic and Galactic families, to the Christ Consciousness and to Nature and its elemental powers. You are ready to connect together to create communities that will express these connections.

Leadership from the Heart and Soul

Beloved Ones, these New Earth communities will be founded on Love and Compassion, and integrity and clarity. They will be an expression of the “Shining Ones” and the “Pure Ones” of the Christ Consciousness and the Magdalene Avatar line.

They will be an expression of a new form of Leadership on Earth. This will be Leadership from the Heart and Soul. The energies will be inclusive and compassionate, and there will not be judgment and aggression or competition for places and position.

Those who form these communities will focus on their “Being” and the Energy of the Community, rather than any expression of Power or Wealth. These communities will be infused by the Divine Feminine energy of Beauty, Harmony and Support, and of sharing with all. There will be balance and flow and abundance, and `a new understanding of how “community” works when people are not given status through economic success but through their Heart and Soul energy.

Beloved Ones, you will come to honor the path of each one and the place where they are on their journey. You will honour the Young People for their innocence and their strength and their dreams and ambitions. You will teach them to connect with their Angelic and Galactic families and to honor their Spiritual Gifts as they grow to adult life.

You will honor those who are in their mid-life path, where they are mothers and fathers and community leaders who serve through their ability to be loving and compassionate providers for their own families and for the greater family that is their community. Each Man or Woman, whether single or married, whether a biological parent or not, will become a “Mother” or “Father” for those who are vulnerable in their Community. And they will do so with empowered compassion and from the Heart and Soul.

And then you will honor the Wise Men and Women, and the Elders, who hold the wisdom for the communities and contribute the experience of their life path for the greater good. You will come to recognise this part of your life as the most powerful expression of who you are as a Soul.

This is your Golden time in the Golden Age as you step forward to gift to the community all that you have learned and all the you are. You will see yourself as the “Crone” which actually means “Crown” or “Crowned One”, crowned with Wisdom and Beauty and Soul Light!

The Lions Gate 2022

Beloved Family of Light, this year’s Lions Gate will indeed be powerful, and we urge you to come together with your Soul Family and Tribes to celebrate and ground and anchor these new energies.

The keys words are Expansion and Transformation. Becoming All that you can BE at this time and expanding your service to the Divine according to your Soul Blueprint.

The Elohim Angels and the Royal Star Lions will be present to assist you and help you to find your personal power.

The Sirian Star Teachers will also be present to bring the Sirian Star Teachings on Ascension and to help you to remember who you are at this time. Mary Magdalene as the Avatar of the Feminine Christ energy will be with you, as will Yeshua as the Avatar of the Masculine Christ energy. As will many other Angelic Beings and Galactic Beings and Ascended Masters.

It will be a Grand Celebration of Higher Frequency and Love and the New Earth!

We wish you all a wonderful Lions Gate Journey and powerful Creations and Manifestations.


If you would like to know more about the Lions Gate 8/8 and to join a Light Community for the Lions Gate, please consider joining our online webinar series for the Lions Gate.
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Galactic Wisdom : Star Navigation 101 and the Lions Gate

As we enter Cancer Season and head towards the Lions Gate, there is so much happening on the Galactic levels. The Royal Star Lions have become much more active and are teaching us the “skills” of Galactic Navigation that we will need for the Lions Gate, where we will make a massive “leap” forward.

Star Navigation is an ancient skill where the Shaman, or Priestess/Priest would hold a specific consciousness to guide the Earth’s path in a certain direction. At the Lions Gate we are called to hold our Consciousness at a high frequency so that we can guide the Earth into a higher frequency at her next cycle. Together we are creating a Grid of Light that will lift Consciousness on the Earth through the Gate and into the next cycle of Creation and Manifestation.

To do this we need to keep our focus in the Heart and on Love, Compassion and Peace. We cannot be distracted by any of the issues of the descending old earth which are creating anger and fear. We are needed to hold steady and help to create the big leap forward!

As we prepare for this transit, we are also experiencing the physical effects of this alignment into our role as Star Navigators. There is what Archangel Michael calls a “triangulation” going on between the Galactic Center and the Pineal and Pituitary Glands, and between the Pituitary and Pineal and the Thymus Gland (High Heart). This creates an etheric octahedron which functions in the navigation process.

This powerful process has created physical symptoms of clearing and expansion in the Head/Sinus and Ears. Especially the ears, since as you may know the “Galactic Antenna” are in the Inner Ears in a bone structure that looks like the Galactic spiral. You may be experiencing blocked ears or intense ringing in the ears, or blocked sinuses as these parts of the body are cleared and aligned.

There may also be Heart Center issues with intense feelings flooding the heart as the High Heart is activated. You may feel “all over the place” as you align as a Navigator. BUT…the idea is to be able to hold your center and hold your pattern of Peace and Love, knowing that you are holding for the Earth.

The Sirian Star Teachers taught that the Earth was like a boat, which they called the “Boat of Millions of Years” that traversed the Cosmos. The Gods/Neters were the Navigators. Now, in the New Earth, we have become the Navigators as we assume responsibility for our course!

So, this is a time to be awake and aware and to focus on holding balance so that the “boat” can move smoothly on the flow and not pitching up and down and making us dizzy!

The 3rd image here shows a triangular Tachyon pendent in deep Indigo that I was guided to wear to assist this process. It has both triangular shapes and helps to move the energy to zero point and then into the octahedron.

Have a good week everyone!

This is a miracle of light and love and it is happening right now!

by Celia Fenn

The expansion of love and the deep dive… New Earth timelines and new light codes

The last few days have been strangely crazy for me. The energy filled with anxiety, sadness and crazy dreams, especially last night.

Archangel Michael says that two things are at play here: the integration of eclipse codes reaching the crescendo and the Sun entering Gemini as opposed to the galactic center as we approach the 6/6/6 portal on Monday . This will be an intense triple-digit portal.

The energy of number six (6) is always about love. We are expanding the field of love as we ground ourselves in our new identity and Energetic Signature as “Luminous” or “Bright”. We are the new species that will create the New Earth.

In this important change, we were forced to allow for some oddities as timelines reconfigured.

One is the deep dive within, as we pull out some more “debris” from past miscreations in older timelines.

Speaking of timelines, I’ve been looking at the “Mandela effect” recently. I was amused to discover that Henry Kissinger and Willie Nelson are still alive in this timeline. I remember Henry Kissinger dying at least twice in previous timelines. Also Vangelis, who died a few weeks ago. I remember he died about two years ago, because at the time I was spending a lot of time trying to locate a recording of his “China” album, which I really loved back in the cassette days. So yes, profoundly strange to shift timelines and get here where we are needed in this New Earth timeline.

Please don’t let the weirdness get you down. All of this is fine in a Quantum Reality. Time is not solid, it slips and slides and moves in a spiral and does the fandango. Just flow…

As love expands, the reality of love also expands. We will begin to make real connections with the Soul Tribes (other Luminous Ones) and begin to create the wonder of love that will be the Holy Planet of Light of the New Earth. This is a miracle of light and love and it is happening right now!

You are becoming part of the miraculous expansion of love!

May everyone have a blessed day!

Yes indeed the energy flows are so strong…the Phoenix Adventure!

snow light city dawn
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by Celia Fenn

With the Solar Eclipse coming up on Saturday 30th the Taurus energies are intensifying.

Many people reporting difficulties in sleeping and symptoms like heart palpitations and anxiety.

Yes indeed the energy flows are so strong. Although the Solar flares have slowed, a little, we are still receiving strong interstellar downloads.

Not only is there a planetary alignment in Taurus, but our Earth is in the part of the Galaxy where we transit Aldebaran, Sirius, Orion and the Pleiades.

All these Stellar bodies have close connections with the Earth and our evolution, with traditions of Galactic Wisdom teaching, and are now transmitting Star Codes to us!

We are being prepared for the big “leap” we will be making at the Phoenix Lunar Eclipse on May 16, 2022.

But the Taurus Solar Eclipse now is opening the doorway for this Lunar Eclipse that is coming!

So please try to remember that the symptoms are caused by an excess of light code/plasma energy in your system, which impacts on your nervous system and your muscular system.

The best way to cope with these powerful flows is to open the heart and balance the system and the chakras so that energy flows freely and is grounded as it needs to.

Drink lots of water, as old toxic energies are being released and need to flushed out of the body and system.

Oh yes, it is quite a ride…..

That is why I call it the Phoenix Adventure!

All aboard for the next exciting phase of the Soul Jouney on Planet Earth!

Express train……..

For myself ( and my cat) we are sleeping a lot at the moment. Lots of rest required and lots of self care.

sun fire hot research
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by Celia Fenn


Energy is just pouring in.

I feel distinctly weird/wired and my ears are hurting.

We can expect this to continue for most of the week as we head into equinox shifting on the week-end.

The image was taken in Australia and shows the delicate and beautiful Feminine Heart energies that are flowing in at this time.

So soft and gentle, yet so powerful and packing such a wollop!

We are moving back into our connection with the Divine Mother and with our multi-dimensional self.

Our DNA is activating, our Original Human Angelic Template is buzzing and our New Human Light Body Template is vibrating powerfully.

Such a powerful Integration that is happening now as we head towards Equinox where we will balance all these energies.

For myself ( and my cat) we are sleeping a lot at the moment. Lots of rest required and lots of self care.

Go gently.

This is not the time for pushing forward.

Just gently flow with the energies.

You are loved and supported by your Angelic and Galactic families and you are never alone!

The Energy right now is deep and profound.

by Celia Fenn

Within Us Something Beautiful is Being Born

The Energy right now is deep and profound.

I almost feel like a huge wave is about to crash down on a beach somewhere out in the Galaxy…and that this will change everything.

It is that moment before a deep in breath.

The moment before you exhale.

And everything changes!

So we are feeling energy surges, difficulty sleeping, anxiety.

Many people are feeling emotionally stretched and tearful.

And yet….
Within us something beautiful is being born.

These waves of Golden and Rose Light are making huge shifts within us, within our cells and within the Earth. The entire Galaxy is shifting to another Octave of Light.

It is not going to create a dystopia on Earth.

Freedom is being born and we will rise into the New Earth frequencies as a Human (Angelic) Family.

Stay strong.

Be (Em)powered.

You are Loved!

Have a great Day Everyone.